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using /run/user/1001/goma_chrome-bot as tmpdir request: total=1100 success=1100 failure=0 compiler_proxy: fail=0 compiler_info: stores=0 store_dups=0 miss=0 fail=0 goma: finished=1099 cache_hit=0 local_cachehit=0 aborted=0 retry=0 fail=0 fallback_in_setup: parse_fail=0 no_remote=1 http_disabled=0 compiler_info_fail=0 compiler_disabled=0 requested_by_user=0 update_required_files=0 local: run=1 killed=0 finished=1 local run reason: should fallback=1 files: requested=487390 uploaded=4669 missed=0 dropped=0 outputs: files=2198 rename=0 buf=2198 peak_req=23530741 memory: consuming=313274368 time: uptime=420 include_processor: total=1945439 skipped=1270734 total_wait_time=19063 total_run_time=22661 includecache: entries=2383 hit=673547 missed=1155 updated=0 evicted=0 depscache: table_size=1595 max=641 total=547767 average=343 idtable=3431 hit=105 updated=994 missed=0 http_rpc: query=1135 retry=0 timeout=0 error=0 burst_mode: by_network=0 by_compiler_disabled=0