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Running command: C:\b\s\w\ir\cache\vpython\ad35bb\Scripts\python.exe C:\b\s\w\ir\kitchen-workdir\native_client\tools\checkdeps\ Using base directory: C:\b\s\w\ir\kitchen-workdir\native_client Checking: C:\b\s\w\ir\kitchen-workdir\native_client INFO:root:Running: C:\b\s\w\ir\cache\vpython\ad35bb\Scripts\python.exe toolchain_build\ --verbose --clobber --packages-file C:\b\s\w\ir\kitchen-workdir\native_client\toolchain_build\out\packages.txt --buildbot --disable-llvm-assertions --goma=C:\b\s\w\ir\cache\goma\client --sync --canonical-only SUCCESS Command return code: 0 INFO:root:Running: ['C:\\b\\s\\w\\ir\\cache\\vpython\\ad35bb\\Scripts\\python.exe', 'C:\\b\\s\\w\\ir\\kitchen-checkout\\depot_tools\\', 'cp', 'gs://nativeclient-mingw/', 'file://C:/b/s/w/ir/kitchen-workdir/native_client/'] Copying gs://nativeclient-mingw/ / [0 files][ 0.0 B/321.3 MiB] ==> NOTE: You are downloading one or more large file(s), which would run significantly faster if you enabled sliced object downloads. This feature is enabled by default but requires that compiled crcmod be installed (see "gsutil help crcmod"). - - [0 files][ 48.2 MiB/321.3 MiB] \ | | [0 files][152.1 MiB/321.3 MiB] / - - [0 files][238.2 MiB/321.3 MiB] \ | | [0 files][290.3 MiB/321.3 MiB] | [1 files][321.3 MiB/321.3 MiB] Operation completed over 1 objects/321.3 MiB. INFO:root:Extracting