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Success. clobber scons [passed] checkdeps [passed] hello_world arm [passed] build_all arm [passed] build_all subzero arm [passed] smoke_tests arm [passed] large_tests arm [passed] smoke_tests subzero arm [passed] large_tests subzero arm [passed] nonpexe_tests arm [passed] build_all_irt arm [passed] smoke_tests_irt arm [passed] large_tests_irt arm [passed] build_nacl_clang arm [passed] smoke_tests_nacl_clang arm [passed] large_tests_nacl_clang arm [passed] sandboxed_translator_tests arm [passed] sandboxed_translator_fast_tests arm [passed] nonsfi_tests arm [passed] nonsfi_tests_nopnacl_generate_pexe arm [passed] nonsfi_tests_host_libc arm [passed] Build succeeded. ++ NAME_ARM_TRY_UPLOAD ++ echo -n nacl-arm_opt_panda/ buildbot/ line 57: BUILDBOT_SLAVENAME: unbound variable + archive-for-hw-bots nacl-arm_opt_panda/ try + local name=nacl-arm_opt_panda/ + local try=try + echo '@@@BUILD_STEP tar_generated_binaries@@@' + prune-scons-out