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{ "log": [ { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Submodules bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 22:01:29 2019" }, "commit": "939f4ad28341d128d0402dcddc2630684aa30776", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Submodules bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 22:01:29 2019" }, "message": "Synthetic commit for submodules\n", "parents": [ "6abc3675fba3160dabe86894f869f900d2056a65" ], "tree": "f7df6ed4727d870f07df8d4409ebfc78b48e48d8" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Joone Hur", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:59:39 2019" }, "commit": "6abc3675fba3160dabe86894f869f900d2056a65", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:59:39 2019" }, "message": "Remove ui_scale_factor from AshWindowTreeHostInitParams struct\n\nChange-Id: I32d6f96792ce4ba5548891844874410abf9008cf\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Mitsuru Oshima <>\nCommit-Queue: Joone Hur <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641307}", "parents": [ "a3807853280fbed12e92d4156d67a38f8bdc7e8b" ], "tree": "125ae6ce11f660c22feed759db769e9ab3e09b98" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Peng Huang", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:57:45 2019" }, "commit": "a3807853280fbed12e92d4156d67a38f8bdc7e8b", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:57:45 2019" }, "message": "SkiaOutputSurface: call flush() after releasing skimages.\n\nWe need call flush() after releasing skimages to make sure release\nand done callbacks are called. So the shared image backing can be\nreused.\n\nBug: 942547\nChange-Id: I1fec108d7404ade33a20629da1cea60412d14d13\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Brian Salomon <>\nCommit-Queue: Peng Huang <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641306}", "parents": [ "90cb7f1f12807327978b2047f7e157b151561228" ], "tree": "9715319926907bce3919f0ffde27e87116892fc8" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Moe Ahmadi", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:56:57 2019" }, "commit": "90cb7f1f12807327978b2047f7e157b151561228", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:56:57 2019" }, "message": "[iOS][Translate] Fixes crash in language selection dismissal.\n\nFixes the crash by not animating the dismissal of the language selector.\n\nBug: 942421\nChange-Id: I5c8124014c87b9dfb7441d5893de4ebb87604f1a\nReviewed-on:\nAuto-Submit: Moe Ahmadi <>\nReviewed-by: Sergio Collazos <>\nCommit-Queue: Moe Ahmadi <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641305}", "parents": [ "2cc6c7f979b10ed5e1d8f7e9e3f3792cc45c393b" ], "tree": "cd1717f0b7ace9c02a82f4dc06fbb0305408fd5d" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Bruno Santos", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:56:40 2019" }, "commit": "2cc6c7f979b10ed5e1d8f7e9e3f3792cc45c393b", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:56:40 2019" }, "message": "Give KioskNextHome app access to IdentityAccessor via KioskNextHomeInterfaceBroker Mojo service.\n\nThis allows KioskNextHome platform app to access IdentityAccessor mojo\nservice via its generated JS bindings as if it were bundled with the app.\n\nBug: 927809\nChange-Id: I3833b2422ce98d07e634b9a38b60e1078c624a26\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Bruno Santos <>\nReviewed-by: Tom Sepez <>\nReviewed-by: Michael Giuffrida <>\nReviewed-by: Colin Blundell <>\nReviewed-by: Mitsuru Oshima <>\nReviewed-by: Ken Rockot <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641304}", "parents": [ "104e1355d44da283db616ee143eccb4de127c48f" ], "tree": "74e182544ccbda5b08e759284c7cc415a038e9c4" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Nick Burris", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:53:40 2019" }, "commit": "104e1355d44da283db616ee143eccb4de127c48f", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:53:40 2019" }, "message": "Make Element::scrollIntoView scroll the visual viewport.\n\nscrollIntoView() should also scroll the visual viewport instead of just\nthe layout viewport. This was previously disabled out of caution when\nInert Visual Viewport was introduced.\n\nBug: 914450\nChange-Id: Ief541de518ff03ea1dafca11e4d187a064c22f31\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Nick Burris <>\nReviewed-by: Yaron Friedman <>\nReviewed-by: David Bokan <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641303}", "parents": [ "a3c635bb37ea2b4b3939c48a7c765bf43925ce56" ], "tree": "685c3731dc019d0d476f18ea2ae260ef2e86696b" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Peter Mayo", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:51:31 2019" }, "commit": "a3c635bb37ea2b4b3939c48a7c765bf43925ce56", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:51:31 2019" }, "message": "Code cleanup\n\nRemove hanging block intertwined with switch statement in\ncompositor element selection code.\n\nBug: None\nChange-Id: I7dc057101a939e2bbba0c2ef3f34bd3f7da15c9c\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Robert Flack <>\nCommit-Queue: Peter Mayo <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641302}", "parents": [ "d96da30a0dd94e4ddf0904764d8a2baae57259de" ], "tree": "66a58ccbb4ea0bf221b7de04c33d910585939553" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Michael Thiessen", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:47:24 2019" }, "commit": "d96da30a0dd94e4ddf0904764d8a2baae57259de", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:47:24 2019" }, "message": "Allow downstream targets to intercept PWA intents.\n\nBug: 914828\nChange-Id: I3ff198f934a232c1080fe6c7b7dc86944b1c58ee\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Yaron Friedman <>\nCommit-Queue: Michael Thiessen <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641301}", "parents": [ "5b5a85eca9285e8b09199484e49aa9dca8847354" ], "tree": "e089dcb2b535979a3ab52f9b7b26c463d66af807" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Becca Hughes", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:46:32 2019" }, "commit": "5b5a85eca9285e8b09199484e49aa9dca8847354", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:46:32 2019" }, "message": "[Media Controller] Add id to observer\n\nAdds a new method to the MediaControllerObserver that\nallows a client to observe which session the controller\nis currently bound to.\n\nAlso removes a similar method from AudioFocusObserver\nwhich could not be reused and is not used anymore.\n\nThis is for assistant so they can differentiate between\nthe AssistantMediaSession and other sessions when\ncontrolling them.\n\nBUG=941578\n\nChange-Id: I9ba74bad0ff0f394e653de2a9d9dde267d5f91e7\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Becca Hughes <>\nReviewed-by: John Rummell <>\nReviewed-by: Daniel Cheng <>\nReviewed-by: Tommy Steimel <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641300}", "parents": [ "c5983e29cdad61723ea2caa40e547f7d217f1bd0" ], "tree": "9f3e15c2af132eba2b7432a290c28bea48640f04" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Christian Fremerey", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:45:43 2019" }, "commit": "c5983e29cdad61723ea2caa40e547f7d217f1bd0", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:45:43 2019" }, "message": "[Video Capture] Copy documentation from media::VideoFrameReceiver to video_capture::mojom::Receiver\n\nvideo_capture::mojom::Receiver did not yet have any documentation, because\nof redundancy with the equivalent C++ interface media::VideoFrameReceiver.\nThe plan was to eventually move everything to video_capture::mojom::Receiver\nand delete media::VideoFrameReceiver. It however turned out infeasible to\ndo this.\n\nThis CL copies the (mostly redundant) documentation from\n\nmore likely to be read. It also adds explanation in a class-level comment\nas for why these almost identical interfaces cannot be collapsed into one.\n\nmedia: :VideoFrameReceiver to video_capture::mojom::Receiver where it is\nChange-Id: I9d5da3f3c24018a0b69c24c9704a7b732443d6c5\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Christian Fremerey <>\nReviewed-by: Robert Sesek <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641299}", "parents": [ "835066fce5e03cdf92248d3d3b51e7533bcbfacc" ], "tree": "0a1333e3531fbeb46efb6cbdc2228698050daf2f" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Natalie Chouinard", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:43:57 2019" }, "commit": "835066fce5e03cdf92248d3d3b51e7533bcbfacc", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:43:57 2019" }, "message": "Enable histograms for RemoteSuggestionsDatabase\n\nAdd LevelDBClient suffixes for the two ProtoDatabases in\nRemoteSuggestionsDatabase, so the metrics provided by default are\nactually logged.\n\nHaving these histograms available will help us track the success of the\nmigration from unique to shared Proto database.\n\nBug: 941731\nChange-Id: I9e978a9dbd4491b822f75230c9f1659b50ce10c5\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Steven Holte <>\nCommit-Queue: Natalie Chouinard <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641298}", "parents": [ "be9d8e81e8c3ac82d25597e653d929dfff2d8ec1" ], "tree": "e08c6246d654d91b39cee971313c03af5c8fb02d" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Matt Mueller", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:38:44 2019" }, "commit": "be9d8e81e8c3ac82d25597e653d929dfff2d8ec1", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:38:44 2019" }, "message": "Use a weakptr on the URLRequestHttpJob::OnHeadersReceivedCallback callback.\n\nAlthough this doesn't protect the out-params passed to\nNotifyHeadersReceived, it does prevent a case where the\nURLRequestHttpJob tries to access a null transaction_ if the callback is\ncalled immediately after the job is killed but before it is destroyed.\n\nBug: 934588\nChange-Id: I6d92e30e311e820d99dac3b438274ecd43fe544b\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Matt Menke <>\nCommit-Queue: Matt Mueller <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641297}", "parents": [ "5e61d4cc36c8b9cef19af789020a7ae77fbceff1" ], "tree": "7e1e1c978b2b756a5ddaf50795c27ff7cd404a50" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Aleks Totic", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:37:11 2019" }, "commit": "5e61d4cc36c8b9cef19af789020a7ae77fbceff1", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:37:11 2019" }, "message": "[Sheriff] fix obsolete image baseline\n\nIn\ncouple of baselines were not removed.\n\nBug: 942580\nChange-Id: I7f0a57be617d1fffd09ec58f11dbd3837420ed0e\nReviewed-on:\nAuto-Submit: Aleks Totic <>\nReviewed-by: Roger Tawa <>\nCommit-Queue: Aleks Totic <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641296}", "parents": [ "4152f97874932fd5d423ee7d878ba156a40afc88" ], "tree": "9ed68170a4e2386a79123a37c66587656f5cf960" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Luciano Pacheco", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:34:26 2019" }, "commit": "4152f97874932fd5d423ee7d878ba156a40afc88", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:34:26 2019" }, "message": "Move all Files app translations to //ui/chromeos/\n\nFollow up from CL: 1476887 where we moved only 1 translation because it\nwas after branch freeze.\n\nThis CL moves all Files app translations to //ui/chromeos/ so it can be\nshared with //components/arc and //chromeos/components/drivefs.\n\nChange-Id: I3a99e8f398eefe93e19503b5682b4e25182f75ee\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: James Cook <>\nReviewed-by: Sam McNally <>\nReviewed-by: Scott Violet <>\nAuto-Submit: Luciano Pacheco <>\nCommit-Queue: Scott Violet <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641295}", "parents": [ "daac54e347ccdc0be4c40d940eb0ad58d44a33e0" ], "tree": "2ef52a1c5daa2ef924c18309fd13a946fb82522f" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Mario Sanchez Prada", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:33:52 2019" }, "commit": "daac54e347ccdc0be4c40d940eb0ad58d44a33e0", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:33:52 2019" }, "message": "Migrate Socket::Write() to net::CompletionOnceCallback\n\nIn order to do this , we need to replace the explicit copy constructor\nwith a move constructor, so that the CompletionOnceCallback can be\nmoved along with the other members of WriteRequest, which happens\nwhenever the |write_queue_| needs to resize the underlying storage.\n\nBug: 807724\nChange-Id: I3b0f80253411a2e7feee03db34fd6f14d44daba5\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Mario Sanchez Prada <>\nReviewed-by: Bence B\u00e9ky <>\nReviewed-by: Ken Rockot <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641294}", "parents": [ "53f0b3008323328afdba81c7482594305dd101f3" ], "tree": "350990c42113a0b22fbea9ca9898d4336a03524d" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Wei-Yin Chen (\u9673\u5a01\u5c39)", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:33:20 2019" }, "commit": "53f0b3008323328afdba81c7482594305dd101f3", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:33:20 2019" }, "message": "Fix crash in thumbnail resizing for Grid Tab Switcher\n\nWhen height < width, cropping a \"width x width\" area from a\n\"width x height\" image would trigger a DCHECK or crash.\n\nBug: 939679\nChange-Id: Ie71b00d43a1b6c57e7c744b2954e90f3c6f0b948\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Matthew Jones <>\nReviewed-by: Yusuf Ozuysal <>\nCommit-Queue: Wei-Yin Chen (\u9673\u5a01\u5c39) <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641293}", "parents": [ "5a93e99dbb504f44a9ed5dec026ddb43ec369dd8" ], "tree": "fc0ee75798936395ddc193b645e573f6640484a4" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Joe DeBlasio", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:29:10 2019" }, "commit": "5a93e99dbb504f44a9ed5dec026ddb43ec369dd8", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:29:10 2019" }, "message": "Reland \"Cleanup Lookalike interstitial browser tests.\"\n\nThis is a reland of bfa0a0c554a4dfa356cd56545ab5fd0f4bbc05b7\n\nOriginal change's description:\n> Cleanup Lookalike interstitial browser tests.\n>\n> This is a cleanup CL to add a few missing, and simplify existing,\n> interstitial tests. It also includes a few unaddressed nits from earlier\n> CLs.\n>\n> Bug: 927924\n> Change-Id: Iaa177d8dfc69d127b6ba2af5c8f508d5e5d8db83\n> Reviewed-on:\n> Commit-Queue: Joe DeBlasio <>\n> Auto-Submit: Joe DeBlasio <>\n> Reviewed-by: Michael Wasserman <>\n> Reviewed-by: Mustafa Emre Acer <>\n> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#638286}\n\nBug: 927924\nChange-Id: Ibd006d788549ab1df7612127a9523d301487bfe3\nTBR:\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Mustafa Emre Acer <>\nAuto-Submit: Joe DeBlasio <>\nReviewed-by: Mustafa Emre Acer <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641292}", "parents": [ "54c8a54eb2b9d8ebf8332da9a50ef3a9e37553a3" ], "tree": "fc4b853ac0ec748ecb00cd1817f0fee4985b7325" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Daniel Rubery", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:28:32 2019" }, "commit": "54c8a54eb2b9d8ebf8332da9a50ef3a9e37553a3", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:28:32 2019" }, "message": "Add histogram recording encryption of RAR archive headers\n\nWe cannot do any meaningful content analysis on RAR archives with\nencrypted headers, so record how often that occurs.\n\nBug: 936119\nChange-Id: Ia970fb0e0df2d1428e3c30232ccb1d5fec4a6130\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Daniel Rubery <>\nReviewed-by: Varun Khaneja <>\nReviewed-by: Mark Pearson <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641291}", "parents": [ "4600ca56c07927c21b19fc673a4f7f0d2c584e34" ], "tree": "96568a47e325134faa5d6ec67a35e03727f2ca77" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Xiaohui Chen", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:23:36 2019" }, "commit": "4600ca56c07927c21b19fc673a4f7f0d2c584e34", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:23:36 2019" }, "message": "assistant: work around libassistant crash\n\nThere is a bug in libassistant that would crash if starting a voice\nsession without any previous audio data. This works around the bug\nuntil we can roll a real fix in.\n\nBug: 942268\nTest: locally build and test with no crash\nChange-Id: I7d5ba1246c789cb7fd4bfbfd540212f44ddc4f1e\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Yue Li <>\nCommit-Queue: Xiaohui Chen <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641290}", "parents": [ "6c1e7b5608816fefcf6d362269ecedfc55946953" ], "tree": "211b1c1f59fe515ade7b5e9229dbd6c52b88a7fc" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "John Delaney", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:21:46 2019" }, "commit": "6c1e7b5608816fefcf6d362269ecedfc55946953", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:21:46 2019" }, "message": "Add page foreground state to PLMO Delegate\n\nExpose the currently_in_foreground_ flag on the visibility tracker\nto the PageLoadMetricsObserverDelgate. Refactor observer to remove\nit's own implementation of the flag. This should help move observers\nto a single source of truth.\n\nBug: 937298\nChange-Id: I3d94b16dc97dc6b854f1dab38dc41059c44da03f\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: John Delaney <>\nReviewed-by: Charlie Harrison <>\nReviewed-by: Avi Drissman <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641289}", "parents": [ "464d6f6e5243d9b754cd2caa629fd83f3b3a6ec6" ], "tree": "617ea00dbaa4d9c95d02ac1cdb8da94ceb64dc3b" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Vladislav Kaznacheev", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:20:00 2019" }, "commit": "464d6f6e5243d9b754cd2caa629fd83f3b3a6ec6", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:20:00 2019" }, "message": "Ash Tray: Fix tray bubble opening on another display.\n\nAn off-by-one error caused the anchor bounds of the bubble to be inside\nthe bounds of the next display rather than the current display, causing\nthe bubble to be shown on the wrong display.\n\nThis regression was caused by http://crrev/c/1474278.\n\nTEST=manually verified & new unit test case\nBUG=937420\n\nChange-Id: I6a248a785ea1ee36bdbb8ab75853efba71938272\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Vladislav Kaznacheev <>\nCommit-Queue: Xiyuan Xia <>\nAuto-Submit: Vladislav Kaznacheev <>\nReviewed-by: Michael Wasserman <>\nReviewed-by: Xiyuan Xia <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641288}", "parents": [ "447f22268ced83b914233365ae1c8ebc7fa8aa73" ], "tree": "94de301c2e88b52058f8cd1ca3eeadf22b1c6c47" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Elly Fong-Jones", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:19:57 2019" }, "commit": "447f22268ced83b914233365ae1c8ebc7fa8aa73", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:19:57 2019" }, "message": "macviews: switch to Views media picker on Mac\n\nThis change:\n1) Adds a Mac implementation of DesktopMediaWindowRegistry, which is\n essentially a stub because Mac windows already have identifying\n numbers;\n2) Makes DesktopMediaID::RegisterNativeWindow and ::GetNativeWindowById\n available on Mac, backed by the new DesktopMediaWindowRegistryMac;\n3) Builds all the Views DesktopMediaPicker code on Mac, including tests;\n4) Removes all the Cocoa DesktopMediaPicker code;\n5) Fixes DesktopMediaPickerViews to not try to use MODAL_TYPE_CHILD on\n Mac when there is no parent window - this isn't allowed, so it now\n falls back to MODAL_TYPE_WINDOW;\n6) Adds a Mac codepath in DesktopMediaPickerViews to ignore the picker\n window in the media sources list;\n7) Disables modal animations on Mac in DesktopMediaPickerViewTest.*,\n since these animations can otherwise make the tests flakily hang\n during teardown;\n\nTo test the new UI:\n* Install this helper extension:\n* Navigate to this test page:\n* Click the big blue button :)\n\nWork still to be done:\n* The TableView used for selecting tabs has some odd appearance glitches\n* The focus ring on windows in the source list is an old-style Views\n ring\n* Accessibility has not been tested thoroughly\n\nBug: 726005\nChange-Id: I0927dd94ede9b9315ffa41ac5ecc83579d456161\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Avi Drissman <>\nReviewed-by: Weiyong Yao <>\nCommit-Queue: Elly Fong-Jones <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641287}", "parents": [ "739ca7189abe559486b93d6487b8e4658e525297" ], "tree": "dc3ab27d6a38202ee818165a13745709937c7b20" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Becky Zhou", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:18:06 2019" }, "commit": "739ca7189abe559486b93d6487b8e4658e525297", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:18:06 2019" }, "message": "[Dark] Update popup background color on dark mode\n\n+ Update popup background to grey 900 with 10% white\n\nBug: 934527, 940527\nChange-Id: Icbcbcd1e59959618da708d6500bdb274de1a9394\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Becky Zhou <>\nReviewed-by: Theresa <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641286}", "parents": [ "3c3b2fa2c0a9bf0684b99b788fbd53a8de0f2fe2" ], "tree": "cefde4aee039e5fe1a5fb60585aaa186289994d3" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Raphael Kubo da Costa", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:15:55 2019" }, "commit": "3c3b2fa2c0a9bf0684b99b788fbd53a8de0f2fe2", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:15:55 2019" }, "message": "sensors: Move SensorReader::thread_checker_ to PollingSensorReader\n\nThis does not have any visible effects, but it improves design: whether to\nuse a ThreadChecker, a SequenceChecker or nothing at all is part of the\nimplementation strategy of each SensorReader subclass, so |thread_checker_|\nshouldn't be in SensorReader itself.\n\nBug: 941559\nChange-Id: Ifb9eb5a8460077ae7ae96d7ade79537257c63812\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Raphael Kubo da Costa <>\nCommit-Queue: Reilly Grant <>\nAuto-Submit: Raphael Kubo da Costa <>\nReviewed-by: Reilly Grant <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641285}", "parents": [ "512a24da877a5916875a11b55d0a043e09fb0be7" ], "tree": "9839d26b679d89a97d1cd3e5a6ea9b6a7c79e494" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Xianzhu Wang", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:14:10 2019" }, "commit": "512a24da877a5916875a11b55d0a043e09fb0be7", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:14:10 2019" }, "message": "Add metrics about number of display items, subsequences and paint chunks\n\nThe existing metrics about percentages of cached display items and\nsubsequences show that LayoutNG is painting more uncached display items\nand subsequences. This might mean that we are invalidating more in\nLayoutNG, but might also mean that we are painting more.\n\nAdd metrics about the numbers of display items, subsequences and paint\nchunks so see how they differ between LayoutNG and legacy. The number\nof paint chunks may also helpful for analyzing performance of\nCompositeAfterPaint.\n\nBug: 940806\nChange-Id: If3dbaee9eeb0dad9fea70b9206922c48d69847a9\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Philip Rogers <>\nReviewed-by: Stephen Chenney <>\nCommit-Queue: Xianzhu Wang <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641284}", "parents": [ "c2f7f0a97b615657ea6e1e4dfc4084170aa0d376" ], "tree": "4c7e4736190135745ddeb383e5e0ae6621647e89" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Mirko Bonadei", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:13:36 2019" }, "commit": "c2f7f0a97b615657ea6e1e4dfc4084170aa0d376", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:13:36 2019" }, "message": "Remove workaround.\n\nRemoves code that should've been removed\nin\n\nBug: 904400\nChange-Id: I43ead0e293117a7292d761085c3aa3cec41d49d5\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Mirko Bonadei <>\nReviewed-by: Nico Weber <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641283}", "parents": [ "0209d8d2c67bcbe798c12ba293975536460387a3" ], "tree": "35ba7b489e0479c94cda20e3408b9b3eca25771a" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Saman Sami", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:12:47 2019" }, "commit": "0209d8d2c67bcbe798c12ba293975536460387a3", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:12:47 2019" }, "message": "Improve logs in ExternalVkImageBacking when BeginAccess fails\n\nAdd logs to BeginGlReadAccess, and split BeginGlWriteAccess logs into\ntwo.\n\nBug: 930333\nChange-Id: Iba1a78262ae4c40444ea38a708202903ea8f2e16\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Antoine Labour <>\nCommit-Queue: Saman Sami <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641282}", "parents": [ "41bde581e91d08d30991ab63dab2fe18eb1d074f" ], "tree": "b1e5fb37ae4f8bfe5f1d8ad9a3174ee6599c8dcf" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Mike Wittman", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:11:01 2019" }, "commit": "41bde581e91d08d30991ab63dab2fe18eb1d074f", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:11:01 2019" }, "message": "[Sampling profiler] Hoist top frame bool manipulation\n\nMoves manipulation of the top frame boolean into a separate function to minimize\nchance of forgetting to set the state before returning from the unwinding\nfunction. Also, make the implementation static and pass all dependent state via\nparameters to make depencies explicit. No functional change is intended.\n\nBug: 931418\nChange-Id: I6b73405ed4142a8bc4af0325f6b417546534a689\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Mike Wittman <>\nReviewed-by: Charlie Andrews <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641281}", "parents": [ "7a50610bb0146a001c5bbae126445186e7c36b05" ], "tree": "0300fcf3d18f555e485b3e75c0239303fbc2a531" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Sigurdur Asgeirsson", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:09:09 2019" }, "commit": "7a50610bb0146a001c5bbae126445186e7c36b05", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:09:09 2019" }, "message": "PM: Fix a crash on GPU process exit notification.\n\nBug: 942500\nChange-Id: I1af70d04081db1fb1a4f1880f00dee1406e55de5\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Sigur\u00f0ur \u00c1sgeirsson <>\nCommit-Queue: Chris Hamilton <>\nReviewed-by: Chris Hamilton <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641280}", "parents": [ "dc2c91d1d1cf5aeac19b25210e470909f175b160" ], "tree": "62ab286f37d2bb9dbc294b7162311802a5ad25b2" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Samuel Huang", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:08:23 2019" }, "commit": "dc2c91d1d1cf5aeac19b25210e470909f175b160", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:08:23 2019" }, "message": "[Zucchini] Add helpers for 2 byte and 4 byte alignment.\n\nThis CL adds specialized versions of AlignCeil():\n {IncrementForAlignCeil2(), IncrementForAlignCeil4()}.\n\nGiven a value to be aligned, these functions return an increment that\nthe caller can add to the given value to cause alignment. This scheme\nadmits iterator alignment. e.g., by:\n aligned_it = it + IncrementForAlignCeil4(it - base_it);\n\nThese functions will be used by code to add ARM support.\n\nBug: 918867\nChange-Id: I6da038a748a29cde82e4c82e597455644213abd9\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Samuel Huang <>\nReviewed-by: Etienne Pierre-Doray <>\nCommit-Queue: Samuel Huang <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641279}", "parents": [ "386583bbe5a57761ff36bf925066f281b57d9d26" ], "tree": "3baf5d707b372d0cd0d238691d0a9843dba6ccbf" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Kevin Ellis", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:06:57 2019" }, "commit": "386583bbe5a57761ff36bf925066f281b57d9d26", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:06:57 2019" }, "message": "Support international characters in animation worklets.\n\nCode in cc/ is not permitted to use wtf::String. Thus, we perform conversions between wtf::String and std::string. The later is not aware of encodings. This is OK provided a consistent encoding is used for round tripping, where the encoding supports the set of allowed characters. The UTF-8 encoding is adequate for this task and supported by wtf::String.\n\nBug: 940493\nChange-Id: Ie2b994412f502ea11df06713439b8cf8ffedc885\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Robert Flack <>\nCommit-Queue: Kevin Ellis <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641278}", "parents": [ "e5737708dcead1b3e031fabfb05a4f518ee727b2" ], "tree": "975c4df6c7c5dd45b66f886465649d6abe95c138" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "rbpotter", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:04:24 2019" }, "commit": "e5737708dcead1b3e031fabfb05a4f518ee727b2", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:04:24 2019" }, "message": "PDF Viewer: Use HTML imports polyfill\n\n- Imports the HTML imports polyfill into the PDF viewer, and adjusts\nas needed to allow the polyfill to finish loading before creating\nPolymer elements that require imports.\n- Reverts\n,\nwhich created an exception for the PDF viewer to use HTML imports after\nthey are deprecated.\n- Testing: PDF viewer + Print Preview with and browser_tests with filter\n*PDFExtension* with the --disable-blink-features=HTMLImports.\n\nBug: 924031\nChange-Id: Ife1c2402933f3eec399927212c6738955cdb8b0e\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Yoichi Osato <>\nReviewed-by: Devlin <>\nReviewed-by: Demetrios Papadopoulos <>\nCommit-Queue: Rebekah Potter <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641277}", "parents": [ "d8951befac58618473a3ea2db3c423dd3753fc8a" ], "tree": "8c1ecbe72fcbc278438c48c83dd0df3cecd06215" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Henrique Grandinetti", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:04:05 2019" }, "commit": "d8951befac58618473a3ea2db3c423dd3753fc8a", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:04:05 2019" }, "message": "Add different lock screen messages to each Time Limit policy.\n\nPreviously, a single message was displayed independently of what was\nlocking the device.\n\nPreview of the new screens:\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nBug: 930099\nChange-Id: If73c2255e0c5dc87a9fbf11879130e09c388083a\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Aga Wronska <>\nReviewed-by: Robert Sesek <>\nReviewed-by: Jacob Dufault <>\nReviewed-by: Xiyuan Xia <>\nReviewed-by: Michael Giuffrida <>\nCommit-Queue: Henrique Grandinetti <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641276}", "parents": [ "40dcab153baa8a94a6a5fcbdabd1d0ab327e3343" ], "tree": "e81a246e80dc9fd45a5f7532b2b4c777794502c9" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "dalyk", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:03:15 2019" }, "commit": "40dcab153baa8a94a6a5fcbdabd1d0ab327e3343", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:03:15 2019" }, "message": "Downgrade DoH hostname lookups to plaintext DNS.\n\nUsing secure or automatic mode for DoH hostname lookups can lead to\nnever-ending recursion. For example, if we had two DoH servers, neither of\nwhich had cached results for their hostnames, we would create a long\nchain of DoH transactions where each DoH server is trying to resolve the\nother DoH server's hostname.\n\nBug: 878582\nChange-Id: I58f5445d8deeae1e8988dfdd604eb26c7ba5b79c\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Matt Menke <>\nCommit-Queue: Katharine Daly <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641275}", "parents": [ "a8ebf47163711054ee24e4cd327c390a9763d43c" ], "tree": "a9dca5aa833aada1f88285e9b68e411afca51cda" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "James Darpinian", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:01:53 2019" }, "commit": "a8ebf47163711054ee24e4cd327c390a9763d43c", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 21:01:53 2019" }, "message": "gpu: Disable sampler/texture type validation\n\nThe sampler/texture type validation validation added in\n did not correctly\nconsider sampler objects. This is a minimal change to disable the\nvalidation temporarily, which I intend to merge back to 74. A fix\nfor the validation is in progress at:\n\n\nBug: 940080, 809237\nChange-Id: I1c2ed6ca7ad1e0b48f8e1a997dd8f34eb23a6c77\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Kenneth Russell <>\nCommit-Queue: James Darpinian <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641274}", "parents": [ "0e4807ab97bd4442b6766f721c1f8f1bef3db8d0" ], "tree": "1821219db3a48596ca2c3ea505d0623bff70b56e" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Tommy Steimel", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:53:58 2019" }, "commit": "0e4807ab97bd4442b6766f721c1f8f1bef3db8d0", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:53:58 2019" }, "message": "[Media Controls] Prevent panel from getting stuck in transparent state\n\nThis CL makes the MediaControlPanelElement remove it's \"transparent\"\nclass even when the controls are hidden. This prevents the panel from\ngetting stuck in a transparent state and remaining hidden even once the\ncontrols are shown.\n\nBug: 933428\nChange-Id: Ide89d5e347831f7f68b18df0d22376574b9061ab\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Becca Hughes <>\nCommit-Queue: Tommy Steimel <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641273}", "parents": [ "1fb0bb493b993ddf771f9aa957aa97d9aefe29bd" ], "tree": "398afe944d158c8f47075cb9ec3b6554c165e09c" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Kim Paulhamus", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:51:59 2019" }, "commit": "1fb0bb493b993ddf771f9aa957aa97d9aefe29bd", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:51:59 2019" }, "message": "Fix caBLE regression on Mac.\n\ncaBLE was successfully establishing a connection to an external authenticator\nby correctly advertising and receiving advertisements, but never continued\nsending actual CTAP2 requests.\n\nThe regression looks like it was introduced\nby as an unintended side effect of re-enabling caBLE on\nWindows.\n\nThe embedder mistakenly thought it was responsible for handling the\nCTAP2 requests to the caBLE authenticator, and as there is no further UI\ninvolved to drive the request handling after the caBLE connection is\nestablished, the requests were never dispatched.\n\nThis CL adds helpful logs as well.\n\nBug: 941732\nChange-Id: I5b34fbdee8bfd1e2c6d68b32554d25e524e152f9\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Martin Kreichgauer <>\nCommit-Queue: Kim Paulhamus <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641272}", "parents": [ "18ae9d500280b5521458286e00c5e4c84c7a7627" ], "tree": "51258976481903756243968efff4a009af08e047" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Miguel Casas-Sanchez", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:50:17 2019" }, "commit": "18ae9d500280b5521458286e00c5e4c84c7a7627", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:50:17 2019" }, "message": "Barcode Detection Mac: Use CIDetector ISO Vision on 10.14.{0,1,2}\n\nThe Vision API we use for Barcode detection on Mac is broken\non 10.14.{0,1,2} (and I didn't know we have to consider the\n|patchVersion| explicitly and beyond the @available() check).\n\nThis CL adds a static method\n BarcodeDetectionImplMacVision::IsBlockedMacOSVersion()\nand calls it appropriately to avoid using Vision and fallback\nto the CoreImage API on those Mac OS versions.\n\nBug: 921968\nChange-Id: I1c3f456cffd281842e7c68cfc9ee69f39f8d01b2\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Miguel Casas <>\nReviewed-by: Reilly Grant <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641271}", "parents": [ "bbdac6ac5970f31a1fcc671248ad361d8c3f23be" ], "tree": "f8517e2b514e488db62f8a33d5722fad40f40f43" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Steven Bennetts", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:49:40 2019" }, "commit": "bbdac6ac5970f31a1fcc671248ad361d8c3f23be", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:49:40 2019" }, "message": "Move SessionManagerClient::EmitAshInitialized call to Chrome\n\nBug: 644350\nChange-Id: I14196a6a6ad6f84d7243fb12540a1b8402c10e16\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Toni Bar\u017ei\u0107 <>\nReviewed-by: Xiyuan Xia <>\nReviewed-by: Tom Sepez <>\nCommit-Queue: Steven Bennetts <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641270}", "parents": [ "7ecdbf4c8077bd529eec13ce83f551f782be2099" ], "tree": "08e79cebff123610a00df0e86fcc15c67b0bd8ae" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "W. James MacLean", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:45:53 2019" }, "commit": "7ecdbf4c8077bd529eec13ce83f551f782be2099", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:45:53 2019" }, "message": "Fix flakey test by building in retries.\n\nRenderWidgetHostTouchEmulatorBrowserTest.TouchEmulatorPinchWithGestureFling\nfails sometimes due to unfortunate event timing on slow bots. The failure\nis infrequent and not expected to persist from one run to the next.\n\nThis CL attempts to make the test more reliable by re-designing it to\nretry if the desired test condition isn't achieved. This is done at the\nexpense of making the test failure mode timing out, but since we don't\nexpect that to occur this change should not make the test significantly\nslower.\n\nThe alternative is to plumb test-specific code into TouchEmulator to\nset the minimum fling detection velocity to be negative, which is a tad\nugly, so we'll try this first.\n\nBug: 941222\nChange-Id: I7ef103cef64d181bc73d65a2899130c9dc19832e\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Alex Moshchuk <>\nCommit-Queue: James MacLean <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641269}", "parents": [ "3e8f4a4e6b55fcab6f0e1558a871cbaa81310f6a" ], "tree": "3cb6d241cad3c21c6d424bcbaa3d39cff00ec449" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Dan Harrington", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:44:37 2019" }, "commit": "3e8f4a4e6b55fcab6f0e1558a871cbaa81310f6a", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:44:37 2019" }, "message": "Fix bug in content-on-dino\n\nWe were hitting a javascript exception, which affected the presentation of\ncontent-on-dino. Fixing the exception fixes the presentation.\n\nBug: 942361\nChange-Id: Iaaed4ae5e8e2585923838a04e70e2d50cd5ddc4a\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Carlos Knippschild <>\nReviewed-by: Cathy Li <>\nCommit-Queue: Dan H <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641268}", "parents": [ "3dadd915d489cd5ec929e71937e2a6489f5064cb" ], "tree": "07c905304a95f0aa6748e0226f3d023a7c11ffbd" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "David Bertoni", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:44:11 2019" }, "commit": "3dadd915d489cd5ec929e71937e2a6489f5064cb", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:44:11 2019" }, "message": "[Extensions] Enable context menu APIs for Service Workers.\n\nBug: 939664\nChange-Id: I26723c7d7769700a79f16af23b6644f265c17386\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: David Bertoni <>\nReviewed-by: Devlin <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641267}", "parents": [ "481beb4e92a2070353657e69412a5ee1c9c8b762" ], "tree": "9d37bf18ef33d5d23ba1624c2bab37d441f3e648" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Joe DeBlasio", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:41:48 2019" }, "commit": "481beb4e92a2070353657e69412a5ee1c9c8b762", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:41:48 2019" }, "message": "Let SecurityInterstitialTabHelper notify of visible security state changes.\n\nThis CL modifies SecurityInterstitialTabHelper to inform the web\ncontents that visible security state may have changed whenever an\ninterstitial is added/removed. Interstitials may choose to display/hide\nthe URL with ShouldDisplayURL, and this CL ensures that omnibox is\nupdated.\n\nBug: 942608\nChange-Id: I4d55f39acbd73be1c8c7667dd96f3f5fa83247bd\nReviewed-on:\nAuto-Submit: Joe DeBlasio <>\nReviewed-by: Mustafa Emre Acer <>\nCommit-Queue: Joe DeBlasio <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641266}", "parents": [ "ae6cc2f394338787fd53e0620a4d81bd948add86" ], "tree": "e078588154fe145ea14a4b4899048bf775205248" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "chromium-autoroll", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:39:40 2019" }, "commit": "ae6cc2f394338787fd53e0620a4d81bd948add86", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:39:40 2019" }, "message": "Roll src/third_party/depot_tools 04600b4f26bd..e5c289fde0a1 (1 commits)\n\n\n\n\ngit log 04600b4f26bd..e5c289fde0a1 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'\n2019-03-15 Deploy git 2.21.0 to depot_tools on a bleeding edge\n\n\nCreated with:\n gclient setdep -r src/third_party/depot_tools@e5c289fde0a1\n\nThe AutoRoll server is located here:\n\nDocumentation for the AutoRoller is here:\n\n\nIf the roll is causing failures, please contact the current sheriff, who should\nbe CC'd on the roll, and stop the roller if necessary.\n\n\n\nBUG=chromium:887141\\n\nChange-Id: Ie9eea1bb9af11b0c9a4f22cc64dfd335e0b361ae\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: chromium-autoroll <>\nCommit-Queue: chromium-autoroll <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641265}", "parents": [ "4758780b7fa16b11fef1a7021225af0aa872b68d" ], "tree": "d1a8a59658487df310def1a2e15be3088063d1db" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Brian Sheedy", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:38:57 2019" }, "commit": "4758780b7fa16b11fef1a7021225af0aa872b68d", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:38:57 2019" }, "message": "Disable several VR infobar tests on WAA\n\nDisables several of the VR install/update infobar tests on\nWebappActivity since that particular test/activity combination has been\nflaky.\n\\n\nBug: 941117\nChange-Id: I003fa62c2164211fff88ef158342c463bfb98d27\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Brian Sheedy <>\nCommit-Queue: Brian Sheedy <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641264}", "parents": [ "8ff9bb72e99cb8d24e23c9d0c63454fe1b5fe966" ], "tree": "0915c45ef14e1c00471c22f9eeaf7c5f7639e701" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Mehran Mahmoudi", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:38:31 2019" }, "commit": "8ff9bb72e99cb8d24e23c9d0c63454fe1b5fe966", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:38:31 2019" }, "message": "Add progress bar for NoTouchActivity\n\nThis CL adds a loading bar overlay in NoTouchActivity which is displayed\nwhen a website is loading. The eTLD+1 for the website is also shown on\nthe overlay. Screenshots are included in the bug.\n\nDesign deck:\n\nBug: 932663\nChange-Id: I2d85b0403071dedac472cf316253a6ae7adfb8b7\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Mehran Mahmoudi <>\nReviewed-by: Sam Maier <>\nReviewed-by: Michael Thiessen <>\nReviewed-by: Matthew Jones <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641263}", "parents": [ "f006e4030ba9129df440c280cf4febc18f7b94cd" ], "tree": "fda8f32221f328f0b2ff6f10240a2c49047ba21c" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "chromium-autoroll", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:37:53 2019" }, "commit": "f006e4030ba9129df440c280cf4febc18f7b94cd", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:37:53 2019" }, "message": "Roll src/third_party/swiftshader e37ce613d1c7..f3b57974620d (4 commits)\n\n\n\n\ngit log e37ce613d1c7..f3b57974620d --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'\n2019-03-15 Reactor: Add tests for casts from C to Reactor types\n2019-03-15 SpirvRoutine: Add activeLaneMask to conditionally load / store per lane.\n2019-03-15 Reactor: Fix cast from bool -> RValue<Bool>.\n2019-03-15 VkDebug: Update macros to address issues in b/127433389\n\n\nCreated with:\n gclient setdep -r src/third_party/swiftshader@f3b57974620d\n\nThe AutoRoll server is located here:\n\nDocumentation for the AutoRoller is here:\n\n\nIf the roll is causing failures, please contact the current sheriff, who should\nbe CC'd on the roll, and stop the roller if necessary.\n\nCQ_INCLUDE_TRYBOTS=luci.chromium.try:android_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:linux_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:mac_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:win_optional_gpu_tests_rel\n\nBUG=chromium:b/126871859,chromium:b/128527271,chromium:b/128636885,chromium:b/127433389\\n\nChange-Id: Ibbb1c00b8af2505248849d6bed595abb02b6612d\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: chromium-autoroll <>\nCommit-Queue: chromium-autoroll <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641262}", "parents": [ "c32a1bd3b9384d0ce12cc88d5dc9ae8e1bf952fd" ], "tree": "3b5d9dccac087d0b9055f1392005de6418858865" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Fabrice de Gans-Riberi", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:37:24 2019" }, "commit": "c32a1bd3b9384d0ce12cc88d5dc9ae8e1bf952fd", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:37:24 2019" }, "message": "[Fuchsia] Remove transitional APIs for LoadUrl() and CreateContext().\n\nThe out-of-tree callers for these APIs have been updated to use the\nfinal APIs.\n\nBug: 931831\nChange-Id: I37fa899fc4e69f6ece92ad8e405871bbb866d7fb\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Wez <>\nCommit-Queue: Fabrice de Gans-Riberi <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641261}", "parents": [ "d1490aa99c5f63f9391c0e74bc23f5a9063c1498" ], "tree": "53b9ed52139fa5d8ab5e205da699e6444674d366" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Daniel Clark", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:36:46 2019" }, "commit": "d1490aa99c5f63f9391c0e74bc23f5a9063c1498", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:36:46 2019" }, "message": "Rename blink::ScriptModule to blink::ModuleRecord\n\nScriptModule is not ideally named; it is particularly confusing when\nintermingled with usage of the ModuleScript class. Given ScriptModule's\nrole as a sort of proxy for Blink to the corresponding Module Record that\nlives over in V8, a better name for the class is simply ModuleRecord.\n\nTherefore, this change renames ScriptModule to ModuleRecord. For\nconsistency's sake, the following renames are also performed:\n\nScriptModuleProduceCacheData --> ModuleRecordProduceCacheData\nScriptModuleHash --> ModuleRecordHash\nScriptModuleResolver --> ModuleRecordResolver\nModulator::ModuleRequestsFromScriptModule --> Modulator::ModuleRequestsFromModuleRecord\n\nChange-Id: I81a11731b509fa00e0113887e3b050d804483a40\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Dan Clark <>\nReviewed-by: Hiroshige Hayashizaki <>\nReviewed-by: Kouhei Ueno <>\nReviewed-by: Kentaro Hara <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641260}", "parents": [ "774a60465e0c5a61c542d1b67bf2cc2d6c9d4398" ], "tree": "15d51212f9661907290daf65bfd8b7e731439317" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Xiaohui Chen", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:36:17 2019" }, "commit": "774a60465e0c5a61c542d1b67bf2cc2d6c9d4398", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:36:17 2019" }, "message": "assistant: only provide audio timestamp when eraser is enabled\n\n hotword is disabled, clicking mic button still works.\n\nBug: b:79496686\nTest: locally build and test when audio eraser is disabled and\nChange-Id: I38ec6ddd01a7498b355662c46890672ce93e78ef\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Yue Li <>\nCommit-Queue: Xiaohui Chen <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641259}", "parents": [ "4f3ab6ad8bb6dbe4715a707a14c5ba3c44a31aee" ], "tree": "48390877d8266b3c230ea405bbd5f5ad436a6e6a" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Becky Zhou", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:35:36 2019" }, "commit": "4f3ab6ad8bb6dbe4715a707a14c5ba3c44a31aee", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:35:36 2019" }, "message": "Fix default theme color on dark mode on tab restore\n\n\naccidentally removed the logic for not saving default theme color\nin TabState so that it doesn't get restored persistently in either\nlight or dark mode. Bringing back the check for whether default theme\ncolor is used.\n\nBug: 942605\nChange-Id: Ieddae24331369e9bceb95992bb891255ace4a413\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Theresa <>\nCommit-Queue: Becky Zhou <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641258}", "parents": [ "f23b8b73cc84de0172c990dc83dcba69ce887c20" ], "tree": "0356c2564d7c46a5f3daa07b18a45688035bfb48" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Joe DeBlasio", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:35:13 2019" }, "commit": "f23b8b73cc84de0172c990dc83dcba69ce887c20", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:35:13 2019" }, "message": "Prevent lookalike throttle from running on prerender.\n\nAllowing the Lookalike URL throttle to run on prerender requests results\nin skewed metrics reporting. This CL prevents the throttle from being\ninstalled on those requests.\n\nBug: 942613\nChange-Id: Idb849464d0746de292b53fd1a987e973eff06b4c\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Joe DeBlasio <>\nCommit-Queue: Mustafa Emre Acer <>\nAuto-Submit: Joe DeBlasio <>\nReviewed-by: Mustafa Emre Acer <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641257}", "parents": [ "6e2aa35029e62f37ee286f3df8afcde43b0243cb" ], "tree": "f1233e3f3ef811ca845f091fee917efd2d04067d" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Christian Fremerey", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:33:28 2019" }, "commit": "6e2aa35029e62f37ee286f3df8afcde43b0243cb", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:33:28 2019" }, "message": "[Video Capture, Mac] Improve UMA logging for investigating no camera found on MacBook\n\nThis CL replaces histogram\nMedia.VideoCapture.MacBook.NumberOfDevicesAfterServiceRestart\nwith\nMedia.VideoCapture.MacBook.RetryGetDeviceInfosEvent.\nIt adds additional histogram\nMedia.VideoCapture.MacBook.AttempCountWhenNoCamera\n\nBug: 643068\nChange-Id: I245c01e3b5e727db6dcf49826c721015919a15b8\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Robert Sesek <>\nReviewed-by: Emircan Uysaler <>\nReviewed-by: Jesse Doherty <>\nCommit-Queue: Christian Fremerey <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641256}", "parents": [ "024afb89267a5eb6200cc22e1e752f70ef22b674" ], "tree": "6fd41e00584723ddd0324e7bcfe980a307b5c308" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Wei Li", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:26:35 2019" }, "commit": "024afb89267a5eb6200cc22e1e752f70ef22b674", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:26:35 2019" }, "message": "Change GetTooltipText() to return the value directly\n\nInstead of using an output parameter of pointer type, this CL changes\nGetTooltipText() function to directly return the tooltip's value.\n\nThere is one case where the return value is used by ChromeOS\nShelfButton to indicate whether the tooltip should not be drawn by View.\nWe added one API for such case.\n\nBUG=155933\n\nChange-Id: Ie190c04c26b5d004857e9441994f12ebe84124a3\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Scott Violet <>\nReviewed-by: Peter Kasting <>\nCommit-Queue: Wei Li <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641255}", "parents": [ "86cb4f63c94a2b973c2b73a1918183d4176a19f6" ], "tree": "b375eb044d5d2f37d80a1a104832f8eb819e1e7b" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Philip Rogers", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:26:27 2019" }, "commit": "86cb4f63c94a2b973c2b73a1918183d4176a19f6", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:26:27 2019" }, "message": "Ensure clip changes are propagated in PrePaintTreeWalk\n\nWhen a clip changes, PrePaintTreeWalkContext::clip_changed is set and\npropagated to all descendants to ensure they update. There was a simple\nbug where the clip_changed bit was not initialized from the parent\ncontext in the PrePaintTreeWalkContext constructor. This was only\nobservable in an edge-case when\nPrePaintTreeWalkContext::tree_builder_context was not present to handle\nthe propagation. This bug was masked in builds with DCHECKs enabled\nbecause PrePaintTreeWalkContext::tree_builder_context is always created.\n\nBug: 936720, 933555\nChange-Id: I0599e9f530f4db2c1a3566443cfece3ef319f2a4\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Xianzhu Wang <>\nCommit-Queue: Philip Rogers <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641254}", "parents": [ "15e9ef40767fb7ab10e92aa0b566864ddaf95e15" ], "tree": "79ee7c8e24356b458a4d957cf050180d744ca22e" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Gayane Petrosyan", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:24:16 2019" }, "commit": "15e9ef40767fb7ab10e92aa0b566864ddaf95e15", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:24:16 2019" }, "message": "[Chrome Colors] Persist Chrome colors.\n\nPersist Chrome colors using prefs. If chrome colors is set,\nit will be preserved and previous themes will be properly reset. It\nwill be also possible to revert to chrome colors through infobar if\nnew theme is installed.\n\nBug: 930206\nChange-Id: I413744f12b12680998e4e0aa1352f3ba2f8e4780\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Devlin <>\nReviewed-by: Peter Kasting <>\nCommit-Queue: Gayane Petrosyan <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641253}", "parents": [ "3330b9f2eaa1f4b35abff8914a8c20ed9c7e63b5" ], "tree": "d55dea14c87a27967fecbac231846ebd658c3170" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Steven Bennetts", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:24:13 2019" }, "commit": "3330b9f2eaa1f4b35abff8914a8c20ed9c7e63b5", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:24:13 2019" }, "message": "Move chromeos/dbus power manager files to subdir\n\nThis is a mostly mechanical move, with a small additional change to\nash/DEPS:\n\n./tools/git/ chromeos/dbus/ chromeos/dbus/power/\n./tools/git/ chromeos/dbus/native_timer.h chromeos/dbus/power/\n./tools/git/ chromeos/dbus/ chromeos/dbus/power/\n./tools/git/ chromeos/dbus/power_manager_client.h chromeos/dbus/power/\n./tools/git/ chromeos/dbus/ chromeos/dbus/power/\n./tools/git/ chromeos/dbus/ chromeos/dbus/power/\n./tools/git/ chromeos/dbus/power_policy_controller.h chromeos/dbus/power/\n./tools/git/ chromeos/dbus/ chromeos/dbus/power/\n./tools/git/ chromeos/dbus/ chromeos/dbus/power/\n./tools/git/ chromeos/dbus/fake_power_manager_client.h chromeos/dbus/power/\n./tools/git/ chromeos/dbus/ chromeos/dbus/power/\n\nBug: 647367\n\nFor mechanical changes to chrome/browser/chromeos/policy\\n\nChange-Id: I8946abc43dbd1bdef77693b3d5b6fb4f4bdce708\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Steven Bennetts <>\nReviewed-by: Evan Stade <>\nReviewed-by: Dan Erat <>\nReviewed-by: Scott Violet <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641252}", "parents": [ "96ae0ddd1e80ca172cb6700bf29bb3b45fa593d6" ], "tree": "d70bfc336648c09f66c4f3765661df9cfa5ba24b" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Rohit Rao", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:19:21 2019" }, "commit": "96ae0ddd1e80ca172cb6700bf29bb3b45fa593d6", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:19:21 2019" }, "message": "[ios] Adds documentation for running against ToT WebKit.\n\nBUG=934252\n\nChange-Id: Id73fde7e782ecaf88361a200ecd25b272f0db793\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Rohit Rao <>\nReviewed-by: Ali Juma <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641251}", "parents": [ "b781759a4e8e2ed9033bfa46a246241489ed5718" ], "tree": "e3718ede637c155caa21229ec702c08d299eb0f5" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Sunny Sachanandani", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:19:00 2019" }, "commit": "b781759a4e8e2ed9033bfa46a246241489ed5718", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:19:00 2019" }, "message": "Add crash key for video dynamic texture size\n\nSpeculative crash key to see if cause of crashes in dynamic texture Map\nis using an incorrect NV12 texture size.\n\nBug: 890227\nChange-Id: I730c04f2c68d5d936a7a284fc9eecb2d66323ad9\nReviewed-on:\nAuto-Submit: Sunny Sachanandani <>\nReviewed-by: Zhenyao Mo <>\nReviewed-by: Robert Sesek <>\nCommit-Queue: Robert Sesek <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641250}", "parents": [ "119a270a66c0c28dce74ccad9e24f0feeb878b2e" ], "tree": "dde21cfb30d2375f6e353080e4543763c4d17879" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Becky Zhou", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:17:40 2019" }, "commit": "119a270a66c0c28dce74ccad9e24f0feeb878b2e", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:17:40 2019" }, "message": "[Dark] Update filled button text color\n\n+ Update filled button text color to grey 900 in dark mode\n\nBug: 934550\nChange-Id: Ic10d35b130b6d2e8a47cc033f5c3e886e0dd0926\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Becky Zhou <>\nReviewed-by: Theresa <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641249}", "parents": [ "cf0e519f89265c00c306c31a04fe60610291af76" ], "tree": "5f22350911c21a9cf4e320dd9daedf222018adcb" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Guillaume Jenkins", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:15:38 2019" }, "commit": "cf0e519f89265c00c306c31a04fe60610291af76", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:15:38 2019" }, "message": "Fix assert message in grit build\n\nThe \"extra\" and \"missing\" lists in the output file assert message are swapped\n\nThis is how it should be:\nExtra = files that are actually there but I did not expect\n = files that are left when I take what I actually have and remove what I expected\n = actual - expected\n\nMissing = files that are expected but are not actually there\n = files that are left when I take what I expected and remove what I actually have\n = expected - actual\n\nChange-Id: Iea5ad5a6f3718e937e14e2fa0e1876e30530c3a7\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Mustafa Emre Acer <>\nReviewed-by: Nico Weber <>\nCommit-Queue: Guillaume Jenkins <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641248}", "parents": [ "90ca09a7b80332acb398e6172670b6c8853caaa1" ], "tree": "0dfdc71363ace2ea853303e4077a6f1a9791665c" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Mina Almasry", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:10:23 2019" }, "commit": "90ca09a7b80332acb398e6172670b6c8853caaa1", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:10:23 2019" }, "message": "[Chromecast] Allow vendors to disable specific media tests\n\nBUG=124013079\nTEST=Manual\n\nChange-Id: I1aa87e4c1939980a5e9648cde2130f0059be7583\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Kenneth MacKay <>\nReviewed-by: Yuchen Liu <>\nCommit-Queue: Yuchen Liu <>\nCommit-Queue: Mina Almasry <>\nAuto-Submit: Mina Almasry <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641247}", "parents": [ "fd720d09aaa825bcc3952d567e29b02683e8f59b" ], "tree": "8218596cf7fe868533ec170c1efbbf83e113eb5a" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Boris Sazonov", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:09:37 2019" }, "commit": "fd720d09aaa825bcc3952d567e29b02683e8f59b", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:09:37 2019" }, "message": "[Signin][Android] Always send notifications from OAuth2TokenServiceDelegateAndroid\n\nThis CL modifies OAuth2TokenServiceDelegateAndroid::ValidateAccounts so\nit always sends OnRefreshTokenAvailable notifications for all accounts\non the device. force_notifications flag controlling this behavior is\nremoved. ValidateAccounts is renamed to UpdateAccountList. Also,\n\"Signin.AndroidTimeBetweenUpdateAccountList\" histogram is added and\nrecorded.\n\nBug: 939470\nChange-Id: I25d0b24bc783e5e2de8c3393a58bb81d9f3926b8\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Brian White <>\nReviewed-by: David Roger <>\nCommit-Queue: Boris Sazonov <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641246}", "parents": [ "a964d8a97db603a2ae4ff9ac9667868d45b23f5a" ], "tree": "7f181673049a175590529ebe73741364080a2ac5" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Xida Chen", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:09:19 2019" }, "commit": "a964d8a97db603a2ae4ff9ac9667868d45b23f5a", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:09:19 2019" }, "message": "Enable CompositorTouchAction by default\n\nAll the implementation is ready, we have done finch study and the results\nshows positive impact. This CL enables this feature by default.\n\nBug: 772130\nChange-Id: I710625a707330978113417aa6756ee7f34431ffa\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Xida Chen <>\nReviewed-by: Alex Moshchuk <>\nReviewed-by: Navid Zolghadr <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641245}", "parents": [ "4d811b18dbd84334fd4b0fad0fd4a9513328f913" ], "tree": "832fc813be768149b7a8e6e05158ee89b14a92d6" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "v8-ci-autoroll-builder", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:08:30 2019" }, "commit": "4d811b18dbd84334fd4b0fad0fd4a9513328f913", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:08:30 2019" }, "message": "Update V8 to version 7.5.54.\n\nSummary of changes available at:\n\n\nPlease follow these instructions for assigning/CC'ing issues:\n\n\nPlease close rolling in case of a roll revert:\n\nThis only works with a Google account.\n\nCQ_INCLUDE_TRYBOTS=luci.chromium.try:linux-blink-rel;luci.chromium.try:linux_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:mac_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:win_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:android_optional_gpu_tests_rel\n\,\n\nChange-Id: I7368bd819ecb0f3ff9e8c926fd5f75b75bd485ec\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: v8-ci-autoroll-builder <>\nCommit-Queue: v8-ci-autoroll-builder <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641244}", "parents": [ "3e4adf72ce9875751f8e1bb5155197dce1ef2eaf" ], "tree": "83d7e0aeca49db0d3205f1ba700d244546f00516" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Joe Mason", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:07:53 2019" }, "commit": "3e4adf72ce9875751f8e1bb5155197dce1ef2eaf", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:07:53 2019" }, "message": "Stop hardcoding the default chrome_cleaner engine\n\n- Splits engine_settings.h out of engine_resources.h. It contains\n functions that only depend on constants and settings so it can be\n included from the settings/ subdir without causing a dependency cycle.\n- Adds a GetDefaultEngine function to engine_settings.h. Calls it from\n the Settings class to get the default engine.\n- Links chrome_cleaner_unittests to dummy implementations of\n the engine_resources and engine_settings functions, that always use\n the TEST_ONLY engine. Internal builds of the tool will link with\n implementations that expose third-party engines.\n- Moves engine_resources.h and the implementation in\n to the engines/common subdir to prepare for\n adding other engines subdirs.\n\nR=proberge\n\nBug: 830892\nChange-Id: If687034dc8f7d2ba7279bcdc280ea9f0ee3d6c66\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: proberge <>\nCommit-Queue: Joe Mason <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641243}", "parents": [ "688019f5ac8624f84e694640373aaff6bef6ac67" ], "tree": "8d1dc18f24f3e2d445facbc4735a7d891d8c901f" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Christian Fremerey", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:04:17 2019" }, "commit": "688019f5ac8624f84e694640373aaff6bef6ac67", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:04:17 2019" }, "message": "[Video Capture, Win] Update MediaFoundation Blacklist\n\nAs per report at, the cameras on\nLenovo Thinkpad Model 20CG0006FMZ do not appear to work\ncorrectly using MediaFoundation.\n\nBug: 924528\nChange-Id: I61422cd5cb85089213a01f6f358ddb7cf4177769\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Emircan Uysaler <>\nCommit-Queue: Christian Fremerey <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641242}", "parents": [ "9b918356d8e943a2f51456a3ba7246df22c56ade" ], "tree": "8c8f6309f13c78799ca03e00627df8f379ca3510" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "chromium-autoroll", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:01:48 2019" }, "commit": "9b918356d8e943a2f51456a3ba7246df22c56ade", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 20:01:48 2019" }, "message": "Roll src/third_party/catapult f8e231582d6a..0a33de82760c (1 commits)\n\n\n\n\ngit log f8e231582d6a..0a33de82760c --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'\n2019-03-15 [py_utils] Add more tempfile_ext helper context managers\n\n\nCreated with:\n gclient setdep -r src/third_party/catapult@0a33de82760c\n\nThe AutoRoll server is located here:\n\nDocumentation for the AutoRoller is here:\n\n\nIf the roll is causing failures, please contact the current sheriff, who should\nbe CC'd on the roll, and stop the roller if necessary.\n\nCQ_INCLUDE_TRYBOTS=luci.chromium.try:android_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:linux_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:mac_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:win_optional_gpu_tests_rel\\n\nChange-Id: I5d622f06041db7fe88c4082553242cdb4cebeb68\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: chromium-autoroll <>\nCommit-Queue: chromium-autoroll <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641241}", "parents": [ "b6c2195f70cfbfe079af6533f556fb61f52c758a" ], "tree": "0de115d24311e7712f6b6801552a4f60f2f04b44" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Jan Krcal", "time": "Fri Mar 15 19:58:30 2019" }, "commit": "b6c2195f70cfbfe079af6533f556fb61f52c758a", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 19:58:30 2019" }, "message": "[AF Wallet Sync] Commit changes to WebDB on remote update\n\nThis CL adds the missing commit call to the wallet_data sync bridge.\nThe open transaction is normally closed on shutdown but it does not get\nclosed on Android when the process gets killed.\n\nThis situation was never dealt with in any of the autofill sync code.\nThus this CL introduces a CommitChanges() function that is accessible\nby the sync code.\n(The bug affects all USS and Directory autofill sync data types; Wallet\nis the most affected one because the payments backend has a very\nlimited traffic capacity. Further data types will be addressed by\nseparate CLs.)\n\nThis CL is a merge candidate. The bug is causing a traffic increase to\nthe Payments backend on Stable so it needs to get fixed soon.\n\nBug: 942435\nChange-Id: I48b88d3c3ed646b7dc8c6c3b0394bf33e342c097\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Jan Krcal <>\nReviewed-by: Sebastien Seguin-Gagnon <>\nReviewed-by: Marc Treib <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641240}", "parents": [ "ceb2ba8161dfb893dbe43d13f51b82c44b9ed899" ], "tree": "77c4c816384e9ff556e7d39e63ce0bba79c2403b" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Tim Volodine", "time": "Fri Mar 15 19:57:19 2019" }, "commit": "ceb2ba8161dfb893dbe43d13f51b82c44b9ed899", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 19:57:19 2019" }, "message": "[AW NS] Remove fixed WebViewClientTest#testOnReceivedError CTS test from the filter.\n\nThis is now fixed by:\n\n(Add support for custom intercept-only URLLoaderFactory when handling\nexternal protocols.)\n\nBUG=937388,923938,841556\n\nTest: run cts -m CtsWebkitTestCases --test \\\nTest: android.webkit.cts.WebViewClientTest#testOnReceivedError\n\\n\nChange-Id: I6141fb9e7a1bff3faa7243a9b587f5225937210a\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Tim Volodine <>\nReviewed-by: Nate Fischer <>\nAuto-Submit: Tim Volodine <>\nCommit-Queue: Tim Volodine <>\nCommit-Queue: Nate Fischer <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641239}", "parents": [ "ff41357970946c77704136ba42d8eae1c6f79a43" ], "tree": "100c1a40c27cbc4d10141b32371bd6a67b3c41b8" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "sczs", "time": "Fri Mar 15 19:52:18 2019" }, "commit": "ff41357970946c77704136ba42d8eae1c6f79a43", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 19:52:18 2019" }, "message": "[ios] Creates InfobarPasswordTableViewController\n\n- Creates InfobarPasswordTableViewController which represents the content\nfor the Passwords InfobarModal.\n- The InfobarPasswordTableViewController content is hardcoded for now. I'll fix\nthis in the next CL.\n- Adds modalInfobarButtonWasPressed: so the InfobarModal can also accept\nthe Infobar action.\n- Fixes the bannerInfobarButtonWasPressed: parameter from ViewController\nto UIButton.\n\nScreenshot:\n\n\nBug: 911864\nChange-Id: I5f42a5c518d27b271169d81c9b221c737c89ac4c\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Sergio Collazos <>\nReviewed-by: Chris Lu <>\nReviewed-by: Peter Lee <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641238}", "parents": [ "2da431ed8319da2e712030cac42592a541eeb4b1" ], "tree": "07ec06dffb37b6445f412be8aa15e6e9b421dda6" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Joe Mason", "time": "Fri Mar 15 19:52:09 2019" }, "commit": "2da431ed8319da2e712030cac42592a541eeb4b1", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 19:52:09 2019" }, "message": "Add deprecated progress_stats fields to chrome_cleaner protos\n\nAlso remove old reference to progress callback in function comments\n\nR=csharp\n\nBug: 830892\nChange-Id: Id83d6a59f4689bbaf3c311fef4cd40ff79baf24f\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Chris Sharp <>\nCommit-Queue: Joe Mason <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641237}", "parents": [ "3b87696f41558455838c2242c6d925a2490b7b89" ], "tree": "d5b7846b840929d37c63a66d6489bfb8860d9025" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Brian Sheedy", "time": "Fri Mar 15 19:48:31 2019" }, "commit": "3b87696f41558455838c2242c6d925a2490b7b89", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 19:48:31 2019" }, "message": "Remove acondor from VR test owners\n\nRemoves acondor from chrome/test/vr/OWNERS since they are no longer on\nthe team nor reviewing code.\n\nChange-Id: Icf01b31a2f7fd127edc423a36fa4ecb5213363c4\nReviewed-on:\nAuto-Submit: Brian Sheedy <>\nReviewed-by: Michael Thiessen <>\nReviewed-by: Brian Sheedy <>\nCommit-Queue: Brian Sheedy <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641236}", "parents": [ "1c94b99828e898ac5320bfa1aeafb519ad2b515c" ], "tree": "0b939a09a8ba4b92019ae64c46eb31b573c743bd" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Sammie Quon", "time": "Fri Mar 15 19:44:13 2019" }, "commit": "1c94b99828e898ac5320bfa1aeafb519ad2b515c", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 19:44:13 2019" }, "message": "overview: Do overview blurring and dimming in ash.\n\nThis will save us a fullscreen blit by moving the dimming into the\nwallpaper painting code. The blurring will happen on a downsampled\nimage to make it more perfomant.\n\nThe before after comparisons are listed inside the linked bug.\n\nTest: manual\nBug: 905428\nChange-Id: Ifaaadaf1f953f1d8f69eecfa5f4f119886cb74b8\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Sammie Quon <>\nReviewed-by: Mitsuru Oshima <>\nReviewed-by: Daniele Castagna <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641235}", "parents": [ "47513d1f9a037dea3f5feaf634190ada1d29c705" ], "tree": "b96faf63c9db8ba30b87bb8c271e066eff5c6f32" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Joe Mason", "time": "Fri Mar 15 19:39:14 2019" }, "commit": "47513d1f9a037dea3f5feaf634190ada1d29c705", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 19:39:14 2019" }, "message": "Update saved result code on chrome_cleaner watchdog timeout\n\nR=proberge\n\nBug: 830892\nChange-Id: Ie1f9632ea2c700347a6e94f03c347cad7c8c0e4b\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: proberge <>\nCommit-Queue: Joe Mason <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641234}", "parents": [ "ca582abb70b1cdc7ca13aa844327fd1b910b89c7" ], "tree": "3354d5f22834ea4d4c779bb2e4026e9e63b4133e" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Elly Fong-Jones", "time": "Fri Mar 15 19:20:16 2019" }, "commit": "ca582abb70b1cdc7ca13aa844327fd1b910b89c7", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 19:20:16 2019" }, "message": "mac a11y: migrate BrowserWindowDefaultTouchBar to new API\n\nThis change replaces the previous use of the NSAccessibilityChildrenAttribute\nlegacy attribute with the accessibilityChildren property and adds test\ncoverage for this control's accessibility labels.\n\nBug: 386671\nChange-Id: I3fc00bc70c7c56af1a9e52495308ee8a3e30fe8a\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Elly Fong-Jones <>\nAuto-Submit: Elly Fong-Jones <>\nReviewed-by: Sidney San Mart\u00edn <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641233}", "parents": [ "4895683c6921d4c5ae526b995d8396ab668aa0ad" ], "tree": "6964ee11173c8d9a6a71a7b4bb5c3ef5fdef229c" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "chromium-autoroll", "time": "Fri Mar 15 19:14:29 2019" }, "commit": "4895683c6921d4c5ae526b995d8396ab668aa0ad", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 19:14:29 2019" }, "message": "Roll src/third_party/webrtc d841ea6b586a..35816cc9a150 (23 commits)\n\n\n\n\ngit log d841ea6b586a..35816cc9a150 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'\n2019-03-15 Revert \"Log an error if the RTT is negative\"\n2019-03-15 Roll chromium_revision 31e0a71127..cf85bf419e (641033:641142)\n2019-03-15 Increase the default maximum jitter buffer size to 200 packets.\n2019-03-15 Qualify cmath functions.\n2019-03-15 Roll chromium_revision 5cef02b5fd..31e0a71127 (640862:641033)\n2019-03-15 Fixes ClangTidy errors in audio/\n2019-03-15 ClangTidy fixes for common_audio/\n2019-03-14 ClangTidy fixes for examples/\n2019-03-14 Roll chromium_revision b2075e83fd..5cef02b5fd (640732:640862)\n2019-03-14 Revert \"SeqNumUnwrapper::Unwrap now returns int64_t instead of uint64_t.\"\n2019-03-14 CNAME is missing in simulcast layers.\n2019-03-14 ClangTidy fixes for logging/\n2019-03-14 Roll chromium_revision fc637deb51..b2075e83fd (640618:640732)\n2019-03-14 Support different capture resolutions in new video_loopback.\n2019-03-14 Qualify cmath functions.\n2019-03-14 SeqNumUnwrapper::Unwrap now returns int64_t instead of uint64_t.\n2019-03-14 AEC3: Removing unused parameters\n2019-03-14 Let threads opt in to having their stack traces printed\n2019-03-14 AEC3: Redesign delay headroom\n2019-03-14 ClangTidy fixes for call/\n2019-03-14 Delete EncodedImage::GetBufferPaddingBytes\n2019-03-14 Fix ClangTidy issues in video/\n2019-03-14 Log an error if the RTT is negative\n\n\nCreated with:\n gclient setdep -r src/third_party/webrtc@35816cc9a150\n\nThe AutoRoll server is located here:\n\nDocumentation for the AutoRoller is here:\n\n\nIf the roll is causing failures, please contact the current sheriff, who should\nbe CC'd on the roll, and stop the roller if necessary.\n\nCQ_INCLUDE_TRYBOTS=luci.chromium.try:linux_chromium_archive_rel_ng;luci.chromium.try:mac_chromium_archive_rel_ng\n\nBUG=chromium:None,chromium:None,chromium:None,chromium:None,chromium:None,chromium:None,chromium:941949,chromium:119942\\n\nChange-Id: I59f7b5b1b06aae5679a96d82d8e8dc65713c8f9b\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: chromium-autoroll <>\nCommit-Queue: chromium-autoroll <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641232}", "parents": [ "073a497acfcbca899ba2018b9ec7b2221a3acca2" ], "tree": "0f82b206c55416f4a7ce0a72d3b0196ff5319a69" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Mohamed Amir Yosef", "time": "Fri Mar 15 18:47:24 2019" }, "commit": "073a497acfcbca899ba2018b9ec7b2221a3acca2", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 18:47:24 2019" }, "message": "[Sync::USS] Fix for privacy with USS Sync Password metadata persistence\n\nBefore this CL:\nUSS Sync stores a serilaized sync metadata proto, which contains a hash\nof the specifics that contains the password in plain text.\n\nAfter this CL:\nSync uses the same mechanism to encrypt password values to encrypt\nsync metadata.\n\\n\nBug: 941988\nChange-Id: Ib5c8d27e1f5beecb1e5c7fa9c1a5fe70ed765b14\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Mohamed Amir Yosef <>\nReviewed-by: Vasilii Sukhanov <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641231}", "parents": [ "03b511ff76cb8814937b1418684b695bf5318432" ], "tree": "bc1e1807255a2c2d60f3759ee410ad651db71168" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "John Williams", "time": "Fri Mar 15 18:47:00 2019" }, "commit": "03b511ff76cb8814937b1418684b695bf5318432", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 18:47:00 2019" }, "message": "[Cast MRP] Implement leave_session.\n\nleave_session will cause the originating client as well as other clients\nwith matching origin and/or tab ID (depending on autojoin policy) to\nleave the session.\n\nBug: 809249\nChange-Id: Ia0a85c09b691cb4ed41bef65d35fe511ac6cacf9\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: John Williams <>\nReviewed-by: Takumi Fujimoto <>\nReviewed-by: mark a. foltz <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641230}", "parents": [ "e7a2a5c4dd86f8fffe1cd39e3383940d2f96d9d1" ], "tree": "5feab2d24d28d80256e939ee5c52f82239d10130" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Lei Zhang", "time": "Fri Mar 15 18:40:45 2019" }, "commit": "e7a2a5c4dd86f8fffe1cd39e3383940d2f96d9d1", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 18:40:45 2019" }, "message": "Fix nits in feature_engagement::SessionDurationUpdater.\n\n- Mark methods const.\n- Put includes in the right places.\n- Remove unneeded explicit / virtual keywords.\n- Declare a variable where used.\n- Add comments were needed; Remove useless comments.\n\nChange-Id: Ie342d8712f9a7e7a542401352371f7d348555e6b\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Collin Baker <>\nReviewed-by: Collin Baker <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641229}", "parents": [ "73a048d13b20a5cfe5d3045926b7c609766a7d79" ], "tree": "d82ea1d5dd71e5e4fb9266712810388f990a8358" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Eugene But", "time": "Fri Mar 15 18:37:27 2019" }, "commit": "73a048d13b20a5cfe5d3045926b7c609766a7d79", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 18:37:27 2019" }, "message": "Add integration test for loading about://newtab.\n\nThis test simulates loading NTP and quickly navigating to a page. The\ntest does not use ios/chrome concepts and operates on ios/web\nabstraction level.\n\nBug: 899827\nChange-Id: Ifb6f86e32a927557716bc990a2350ae9b30bfd13\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Eugene But <>\nAuto-Submit: Eugene But <>\nReviewed-by: Justin Cohen <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641228}", "parents": [ "fa3203dff6d4ca3b7ad21cff525604501642f323" ], "tree": "5a40a0d29a81897b445faddf71da284a44fe3293" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Eugene But", "time": "Fri Mar 15 18:34:05 2019" }, "commit": "fa3203dff6d4ca3b7ad21cff525604501642f323", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 18:34:05 2019" }, "message": "Remove RequestTracker usage from Chrome for iOS.\n\nRequestTracker was used for UIWebView-based Sign In.\nAfter moving Sign In to WKWebView RequestTracker is\nnot needed in Chrome anymore.\n\nBug: 585700, 665036, 546171\nChange-Id: I9c9c575ec13ebe6f4ea4d3b39a04710994cff341\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Eugene But <>\nReviewed-by: Mark Cogan <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641227}", "parents": [ "298292fc61226e0e23a52522ceb148d3d2c9f2ad" ], "tree": "e392344d4a6aedc6387cf9e13798a133a91c7a7c" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Tiansong Cui", "time": "Fri Mar 15 18:33:33 2019" }, "commit": "298292fc61226e0e23a52522ceb148d3d2c9f2ad", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 18:33:33 2019" }, "message": "[Chromecast][BLE] Queue disconnect requests and add API DisconnectAll\n\nBug: internal b/128536732\nBug: internal b/128464672\nTest: cast_bluetooth_unittests, manual\nChange-Id: I0a9234076d15296fe35edd0976b303a04a79cd5e\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Yuchen Liu <>\nCommit-Queue: Tiansong Cui <>\nAuto-Submit: Tiansong Cui <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641226}", "parents": [ "b3477beb5ad65b28ac7c539cd94f709f777f9aed" ], "tree": "453fe309805a2509c9bc14083ed52cf3aa214f56" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Mike Wasserman", "time": "Fri Mar 15 18:00:45 2019" }, "commit": "b3477beb5ad65b28ac7c539cd94f709f777f9aed", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 18:00:45 2019" }, "message": "views: Store the global set of desktop capture clients as weak pointers\n\nThis supports destruction of capture clients during the SetCapture loop.\nCached pointers should be invalidated when objects are destroyed mid-loop.\n\nAfter, StatusBubbleViews destroys itself when hidden.\nContext menus take capture from browsers, destroying the bubble and its capture client mid-loop.\n\nBug: 938127\nTest: No status bubble UAFs when right-clicking links.\nChange-Id: I147fc880410e216864699595a983c592ec84f040\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Scott Violet <>\nCommit-Queue: Michael Wasserman <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641225}", "parents": [ "2697f592ef0be9b2c4b7c501a481f11e85accfca" ], "tree": "a39b37095f4c32eb4b488895963ba857c043e10f" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Siddhartha S", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:56:52 2019" }, "commit": "2697f592ef0be9b2c4b7c501a481f11e85accfca", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:56:52 2019" }, "message": "Add browsertest for startup tracing\n\nStartup tracing can be enabled by command line or by background tracing\nsetting. So, add a test for startup tracing, to make sure it works\nthrough migration to perfetto.\n\nBUG=839084\n\nChange-Id: If8e18e21b8932dad1077e523a4ca9457860cf273\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Bo <>\nReviewed-by: oysteine <>\nCommit-Queue: ssid <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641224}", "parents": [ "f030c082444aa312092e2638da06195d73602404" ], "tree": "28dc22bf6c01a8fce1a4916b4fa5efaffa482204" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Nate Fischer", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:51:17 2019" }, "commit": "f030c082444aa312092e2638da06195d73602404", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:51:17 2019" }, "message": "AW: add tests for cookies across redirects\n\nNo change to production logic.\n\nThis adds tests to ensure we apply the correct cookie policy across\nredirects. Across redirects, a resource may change from a first-party to\na third-party URL (or vice-versa). Our cookie policy should update to\nreflect whatever the resource's URL is at the time we try to set/get\ncookies.\n\nThe tests in this CL only check when the resource tries to set cookies\nafter all redirects. Ideally, we would also check that we apply the\ncorrect policy *during* the redirects as well, but this is difficult.\n\nThis makes a non-functional change to TestWebServer. This renames\ntargetPath to targetLocation and updates the javadoc to clarify this may\nbe a full URL (as we need for these tests). This functionality already\nworks, and is guaranteed by the \"Location\" response header, but was not\nguaranteed by the Java method's doc.\n\nThis functionality is broken for the Network Service path, so this adds\nthe tests to the filter.\n\,\n\nBug: 941337\nTest: run_webview_instrumentation_test_apk \\\nTest: -f=CookieManagerTest#testThirdPartyCookie_*\nCq-Include-Trybots: luci.chromium.try:android_mojo\nChange-Id: I08469ad74af14949f4e1ee7884e2db19e9485978\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Nate Fischer <>\nReviewed-by: Paul Jensen <>\nReviewed-by: Tobias Sargeant <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641223}", "parents": [ "f46a16d5d60ab6e9b75f62b360ec9d7981550918" ], "tree": "0491820cf6b3ffb1b2da40268a50e8f8be0f48f2" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Nate Fischer", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:39:40 2019" }, "commit": "f46a16d5d60ab6e9b75f62b360ec9d7981550918", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:39:40 2019" }, "message": "AW: add helper methods in CookieManagerTest\n\nNo change to production logic, minor changes to test logic.\n\nThis adds more helper methods for common assertions in\nCookieManagerTest. Some of the helper methods provide clearer assertion\noutput, although some are abstraction layers for what used to be several\nstatements (such as blockThirdPartyCookies()).\n\nBug: 941891\nTest: run_webview_instrumentation_test_apk -f=CookieManagerTest#*\nCq-Include-Trybots: luci.chromium.try:android_mojo\nChange-Id: I66bc6c70b635437ee227b0c07fc19753ed3f4989\nReviewed-on:\nAuto-Submit: Nate Fischer <>\nReviewed-by: Tobias Sargeant <>\nCommit-Queue: Nate Fischer <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641222}", "parents": [ "2b2d9cfd91440e69f9ecd0dd9f23ecb356799f8f" ], "tree": "87332dd4a144bf842bd066167687e36e1a8c18bd" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Steven Bennetts", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:36:31 2019" }, "commit": "2b2d9cfd91440e69f9ecd0dd9f23ecb356799f8f", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:36:31 2019" }, "message": "Make base/ui/idle a separate component\n\ depends on SessionManagerClient which is being removed\nfrom Ash. This code is not currently used in ash, so this CL extracts\nthat code to a separate component explicitly disallowed in Ash.\n\nBug: 644350\nChange-Id: Ia32515f1d12c25b7a9c1459a344e2321facb3202\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Steven Bennetts <>\nReviewed-by: Scott Violet <>\nReviewed-by: Dan Erat <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641221}", "parents": [ "b8df00d1497ba63af9322095b539e5908b8eac58" ], "tree": "bbb7b52ca5f7fd4cdc0daa108c092abc456be04a" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Steven Bennetts", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:35:40 2019" }, "commit": "b8df00d1497ba63af9322095b539e5908b8eac58", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:35:40 2019" }, "message": "DBus: Update Hammerd and SystemClockClient to new pattern\n\nThus updates HammerdClient and SystemClockClient to use the pattern\nestablieshed for UpstartClient in\n\nNotably:\n* Initialize(bus) expects a non null |bus| argument.\n* InitializeFake() is used to explicitly initialize a fake client.\n* g_instance is set/cleared in the constructor/destructor to prevent\n multiple instances.\n\nBug: 647367\n\nFor trivial change to c/b/chromeos/policy/off_hours:\\n\nChange-Id: I7c45e070b1ea4d450271a2426507ca8fa2c775df\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Steven Bennetts <>\nReviewed-by: Evan Stade <>\nReviewed-by: James Cook <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641220}", "parents": [ "dba8543d8d3daea1595f9fa6680e462996fe7000" ], "tree": "fec8e6d94a1ec456215e50f395a360f3d6f0109b" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Tom McKee", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:32:01 2019" }, "commit": "dba8543d8d3daea1595f9fa6680e462996fe7000", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:32:01 2019" }, "message": "Dropping a stale command line switch.\n\nWe had a command-line switch to disable UKM reporting from the renderer\ncomposistor. As denoted by the switch's name, it was only intended to be\nused as a workaround for some browser tests. As noted in\, once was fixed, we\nexpected to be able to remove this switch. At least on my machine,\nremoving the flag doesn't break any of the content_browsertests.\n\nBug: 761524\nChange-Id: If5835c6319186c2697afe2852563b07718ee2219\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: John Abd-El-Malek <>\nCommit-Queue: Tom McKee <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641219}", "parents": [ "4e09745339bcc6dcf722d32dceb49c87d7a97407" ], "tree": "9970623e4bbcd4e2189d3b16503fddffb3a836f2" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "chromium-autoroll", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:27:24 2019" }, "commit": "4e09745339bcc6dcf722d32dceb49c87d7a97407", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:27:24 2019" }, "message": "Roll Fuchsia SDK from 644d5b59c068 to 4a56f4ef93ff\n\n\nThe AutoRoll server is located here:\n\nDocumentation for the AutoRoller is here:\n\n\nIf the roll is causing failures, please contact the current sheriff, who should\nbe CC'd on the roll, and stop the roller if necessary.\n\n\nCQ_INCLUDE_TRYBOTS=luci.chromium.try:fuchsia-arm64-cast;luci.chromium.try:fuchsia-x64-cast\\n\nChange-Id: Iec48d1280b82ad4766fb055bc3829b9ff8fea9c0\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: chromium-autoroll <>\nCommit-Queue: chromium-autoroll <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641218}", "parents": [ "ebcc5d6a700415f748fdf0f7b8e59105cc34d6ab" ], "tree": "6caf8559b327e6a26bb3ea2bb0ec73b033f9aac2" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Yuly Novikov", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:16:43 2019" }, "commit": "ebcc5d6a700415f748fdf0f7b8e59105cc34d6ab", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:16:43 2019" }, "message": "Balance WebGL tests with validating CB between Intel and Nvidia bots\n\nRun WebGL2 with validating CB on Intel and WebGL1 on Nvidia.\nAlso switches WebGL1 D3D11 validating to default on AMD.\n\nIntel FYI, ANGLE and Optional run:\nwebgl2_conformance_tests\nwebgl_conformance_d3d9_passthrough_tests\nwebgl_conformance_gl_passthrough_tests\nwebgl_conformance_vulkan_passthrough_tests\nwebgl_conformance_tests\nIntel FYI and ANGLE also run\nwebgl2_conformance_d3d11_validating_tests\nwebgl2_conformance_gl_passthrough_tests\n\nNvidia FYI, ANGLE and Optional run:\nwebgl2_conformance_tests\nwebgl_conformance_d3d11_validating_tests\nwebgl_conformance_d3d9_passthrough_tests\nwebgl_conformance_d3d9_validating_tests\nwebgl_conformance_gl_passthrough_tests\nwebgl_conformance_tests\nNvidia FYI and ANGLE also run\nwebgl2_conformance_gl_passthrough_tests\n\nAMD FYI and ANGLE run:\nwebgl_conformance_d3d9_passthrough_tests\nwebgl_conformance_vulkan_passthrough_tests\nwebgl_conformance_tests\nAMD FYI also runs:\nwebgl2_conformance_tests\nwebgl_conformance_d3d9_validating_tests\n\nBug: 942287, 882580\nTBR=kbr\n\nChange-Id: I66f00bf9e9b7d1757b0f630a0151fed88bbc6dc2\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Yuly Novikov <>\nCommit-Queue: Yuly Novikov <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641217}", "parents": [ "ac1706874aa24c9db79aabae09b28af866489ac5" ], "tree": "3e415f33885776b9bc54773ec9887fbcdcd95345" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Scott Violet", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:14:58 2019" }, "commit": "ac1706874aa24c9db79aabae09b28af866489ac5", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:14:58 2019" }, "message": "chromeos: reset old capture client when capture changes\n\nWith mus clients there is a CaptureClient per top-level. When a new top-level\nrequests capture, the old one has to be expliclity told it lost capture,\notherwise state is never updated.\n\nBUG=933102\nTEST=covered by test\n\nChange-Id: Ibae7b2aaab4e97bf08877f1e8853d0c061aa174c\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Xiyuan Xia <>\nCommit-Queue: Scott Violet <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641216}", "parents": [ "c190d118b6c2cf5c636f855ecd3b2ee00da458e7" ], "tree": "4fc5b6052afd4bb377d5d30a098f74ff0f01f5d4" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Yuke Liao", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:13:29 2019" }, "commit": "c190d118b6c2cf5c636f855ecd3b2ee00da458e7", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:13:29 2019" }, "message": "[code coverage] Add code_coverage mixin to linux-chromeos-code-coverage\n\nThe code_coverage mixin is required to execute the code coverage\nworkflows.\n\nNOTRY=true\n\nChange-Id: I95d7b4dba5529d05688db98e3d03ce62f5957480\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Yuke Liao <>\nReviewed-by: Ben Pastene <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641215}", "parents": [ "4d3859c95ac9887f75f2ee68cd9ed131d17171de" ], "tree": "70fb0a632e3b12ed84f98265af4203c5e03e4848" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Xing Liu", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:08:40 2019" }, "commit": "4d3859c95ac9887f75f2ee68cd9ed131d17171de", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:08:40 2019" }, "message": "Notification: Use new API for web notiications.\n\nThis CL converts web push notification, web APK notifications and\ntrusted web activity notifications to use the new API.\n\nThe action button tracking will be done in a separate CL.\n\nMobile.SystemNotification.Content.Click\nMobile.SystemNotification.Dismiss\n\nBug: 941241,898269\nChange-Id: I4e13cd3ba0692c25a45e1cebf0b46bbefc5e4058\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: David Trainor <>\nReviewed-by: Peter Beverloo <>\nCommit-Queue: Xing Liu <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641214}", "parents": [ "45bcac82eb11e7701cfcfc70a0ccd673e2aeb516" ], "tree": "32e40519eef3dedf8894affddbb0f807c354aee6" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Xiyuan Xia", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:05:36 2019" }, "commit": "45bcac82eb11e7701cfcfc70a0ccd673e2aeb516", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:05:36 2019" }, "message": "SPM: Fix EmbedRoot focus\n\n- Notify FocusSynchronizer when a window in EmbedRoot is focused\n so that WS side would focused its proxy window;\n- Observe FocusSynchronizer to reset the focused window in EmbedRoot\n when the FocusSynchronizer changes to different focus client so\n that the observers of the focused window gets the expected \"blur\"\n call;\n\nBug: b/127864880\nChange-Id: I00f76dd36040b3fdff05a8130093596aa5be6ffa\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Scott Violet <>\nCommit-Queue: Xiyuan Xia <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641213}", "parents": [ "76ee79eb33a381f4fbaa023c1fc8ee8b4ddc46c8" ], "tree": "638288a0e2eb3fcf043611a4b97827bec8bbbce7" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "David Benjamin", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:02:09 2019" }, "commit": "76ee79eb33a381f4fbaa023c1fc8ee8b4ddc46c8", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 17:02:09 2019" }, "message": "Don't set PYTHONPATH in the parent process in tests.\n\nSpawnedTestServer and related classes currently set PYTHONPATH by\nmutating the environment itself before calling base::LaunchProcess.\nThis means that running one test leaves side effects for another.\n\nIt is also not threadsafe. setenv in one thread will mutate a buffer\nreturned out of getenv in another one (see bug). Even if getenv\nreturned a copy and the functions internally locked, the environment\nobserved by the reading thread would depend on how it raced with\nthe writing thread. Instead, environment changes should be applied\nonly to the child process. (Mutating environ after fork, evecve, or\nthe lpEnvironment paramter to CreateProcess.)\n\nFix this by doing the following:\n\n1. Rename LaunchProcess::environ to environment. environ is a macro\n on Windows.\n\n2. Implement the option on Windows too. Test by porting\n ProcessUtilTest.LaunchProcess to Windows. In doing so, fix a bug\n that caused clear_environ[ment] to only be tested on Linux. That\n revealed that's implementation didn't work at all,\n so fix that.\n\n3. Rework SpawnedTestServer, python_utils.h, and friends to use\n this option instead of mutating the current process's\n environment.\n\nRemoving the TSan suppression will be done in a follow-up change.\nGiven how long it's been there, it's possible other bugs have cropped\nup, and I'd rather the revert be targeted to the suppression.\n\nBug: 719633, 942215\nChange-Id: If6d086924617b17db3459dd9d7f423874ca8577f\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: David Benjamin <>\nReviewed-by: Will Harris <>\nReviewed-by: Antoine Labour <>\nReviewed-by: Nico Weber <>\nReviewed-by: Toni Bar\u017ei\u0107 <>\nReviewed-by: Mark Seaborn <>\nReviewed-by: Matt Menke <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641212}", "parents": [ "fa5c2827378c4bda8b480e51b38fae92265ff1cc" ], "tree": "4d6825a2c1949daaef3d771c530cc243fbc6e5a9" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Nazerke", "time": "Fri Mar 15 16:54:51 2019" }, "commit": "fa5c2827378c4bda8b480e51b38fae92265ff1cc", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 16:54:51 2019" }, "message": "[iOS] keyboard commands\n\nAdded keyboard command:\nCommand + \u2190 and Command + \u2192 should triggered backward and forward\nhistory buttons on chrome app.\n\nBug: 840662\nChange-Id: I749428a6dd0cb8ebc33cc4fc60b6285ea31421af\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Mark Cogan <>\nCommit-Queue: Nazerke Kalidolda <>\nAuto-Submit: Nazerke Kalidolda <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641211}", "parents": [ "4725bd990c49522a9400f4cba9837731385770f0" ], "tree": "10b54c1764962a4d8a2352c3d4a714dae1f89de4" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Robert Liao", "time": "Fri Mar 15 16:54:09 2019" }, "commit": "4725bd990c49522a9400f4cba9837731385770f0", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 16:54:09 2019" }, "message": "Convert NativeWidgetMacTest.OrderFrontAfterMiniaturize To Use RunLoop::QuitWhenIdleClosure\n\nBUG=940130\n\nChange-Id: I4efe45f62de1c7fb97ce01c8e088f44c893e434e\nReviewed-on:\nAuto-Submit: Robert Liao <>\nReviewed-by: Elly Fong-Jones <>\nCommit-Queue: Robert Liao <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641210}", "parents": [ "fc035e39a2346cf55d0fe83db1b6beaae706f6f4" ], "tree": "704ad1699f46f7995ad6f261cb862693df6502fa" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Charlie Harrison", "time": "Fri Mar 15 16:46:44 2019" }, "commit": "fc035e39a2346cf55d0fe83db1b6beaae706f6f4", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 15 16:46:44 2019" }, "message": "Fix Security.TimeOnPage histograms\n\nThe PageLoadMetricsDelegate now keeps track of foreground duration,\nso observers don't need to do so on their own.\n\nThis fixes a bug, since in the current code foreground_duration_ is\nonly updated in OnHidden.\n\nBug: 942326\nChange-Id: I34d64b0369c033a8545ddd2552a7e5dd061c0ef3\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Christopher Thompson <>\nCommit-Queue: Charlie Harrison <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641209}", "parents": [ "da3af402dab8fd1974232cc5f7fc8370f3523936" ], "tree": "af01ed9b5490c84735dae5273cb9893389d017ea" } ], "next": "da3af402dab8fd1974232cc5f7fc8370f3523936" }