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{ "log": [ { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Submodules bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 06:44:37 2019" }, "commit": "d6024fb624e268957aa0f02724bd9404fc42d62a", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Submodules bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 06:44:37 2019" }, "message": "Synthetic commit for submodules\n", "parents": [ "ef02d41b19e5c2cf79f35a588b72d2f5ebbb9fcc" ], "tree": "15f1801a52d096a023dd53161104959af41ee2c5" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Nicholas Verne", "time": "Tue Mar 19 06:42:34 2019" }, "commit": "ef02d41b19e5c2cf79f35a588b72d2f5ebbb9fcc", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 06:42:34 2019" }, "message": "Allows any USB device with an ADB interface to connect to a VM.\n\nSome Samsung phones have multiple USB interfaces, the presence of which formerly\nsuppressed our notification on Add. The notifications are no longer suppressed,\nnor are ADB-supporting devices blocked from sharing with a VM.\n\nBug: 943429\nChange-Id: I203d80d38529010bb8ddb1e7427db3dd0620537e\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Nicholas Verne <>\nReviewed-by: Joel Hockey <>\nReviewed-by: Timothy Loh <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641821}", "parents": [ "ebc4ba22f6f1dac3dceddbc5cc5aad966fe431a2" ], "tree": "ea1476f8e2c09380d2e46f57882e9617ec78ed0a" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Yoichi Osato", "time": "Tue Mar 19 06:22:19 2019" }, "commit": "ebc4ba22f6f1dac3dceddbc5cc5aad966fe431a2", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 06:22:19 2019" }, "message": "Disable flaky DriveIntegrationServiceTest.ServiceInstanceIdentity\n\nIt is flaky on chromeos. See the bug for detail.\n\\n\nBug: 943376\nChange-Id: I6b39c06c077d66d6299deab79221d1fb52eb6344\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Yoichi Osato <>\nCommit-Queue: Yoichi Osato <>\nAuto-Submit: Yoichi Osato <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641820}", "parents": [ "fc679db8fe81512852e1671bc9133c4401a46ae1" ], "tree": "d8178824ce73d99995a6e5a42a7718bfb198066e" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Cliff Smolinsky", "time": "Tue Mar 19 06:05:32 2019" }, "commit": "fc679db8fe81512852e1671bc9133c4401a46ae1", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 06:05:32 2019" }, "message": "Fix the retrieval of DwmIsCompositionEnabled.\n\nCalling DwmIsCompositionEnabled has a non-neglible perf impact so on\nWin8+ we just return true since the API is guaranteed to return true.\nIn addition, the code didn't properly check the return value of the\ncall and therefore it could have accessed uninitialized memory, so\nthis change adds an important SUCCEEDED call when the API is called.\n\nBug: 942258,942165\nChange-Id: I21f75ad1e756f0f5b92e7c35f69b5ba07595e5ba\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Bruce Dawson <>\nReviewed-by: Sadrul Chowdhury <>\nCommit-Queue: Cliff Smolinsky <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641819}", "parents": [ "d824c424bbf0a68d406a938d4ea91c8bf3cf9e93" ], "tree": "65c532a5bdf766617a4763362974f6afe4289b63" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "yoshiki iguchi", "time": "Tue Mar 19 06:00:49 2019" }, "commit": "d824c424bbf0a68d406a938d4ea91c8bf3cf9e93", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 06:00:49 2019" }, "message": "Disable lock screen notification\n\nWe have decided not to ship this at least for M74, so this CL disables it by default. I will merge this to the M74 branch as well.\n\nR=\\nCC=\,\\n\nBug: 943423\nChange-Id: Iad61f219b2b4f9b5f2561b68ddeb28a9dadb3266\nTest: none\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Tim Song <>\nCommit-Queue: Yoshiki Iguchi <>\nAuto-Submit: Yoshiki Iguchi <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641818}", "parents": [ "8434953afa9590b4e38999e06283e1f7ecbb01f0" ], "tree": "4ad7358c79fde8023db2144d88e2850c155760b5" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Joel Hockey", "time": "Tue Mar 19 05:55:18 2019" }, "commit": "8434953afa9590b4e38999e06283e1f7ecbb01f0", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 05:55:18 2019" }, "message": "CrostiniSharePath small fixes\n\nUse const ref for strings in all functions.\nFix set_mount_event_seneschal_callback_for_testing to match style guide.\n\nChange were made as part of adding FileWatchers to unshare when\npaths are deleted but have been split into separate CL.\n\nBug: 933564\nChange-Id: I250c22449b1d2d51c4333ac4c4b13f840f3eb421\nReviewed-on:\nAuto-Submit: Joel Hockey <>\nCommit-Queue: Timothy Loh <>\nReviewed-by: Timothy Loh <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641817}", "parents": [ "d48cc9e26fa6e5a18dd26066eebe3d301516bdfc" ], "tree": "9666f4887fa9d8cd6dd8d70676505987d08e6b67" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Sinan Sahin", "time": "Tue Mar 19 05:52:07 2019" }, "commit": "d48cc9e26fa6e5a18dd26066eebe3d301516bdfc", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 05:52:07 2019" }, "message": "Changing \"Clear browsing data...\" button ripple color\n\nBug: 934886\nChange-Id: Ibe5a2332219c6736a653e97a21a0f130afcb53a3\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Theresa <>\nReviewed-by: Becky Zhou <>\nCommit-Queue: Sinan Sahin <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641816}", "parents": [ "4cd379370dfa7db2a49bcebe0abb6935b6bde02d" ], "tree": "99c85fae13aff3c9b1e41cf2760dd7cf01d90b74" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Karan Bhatia", "time": "Tue Mar 19 05:31:32 2019" }, "commit": "4cd379370dfa7db2a49bcebe0abb6935b6bde02d", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 05:31:32 2019" }, "message": "Docserver: Bump version.\n\nUpdate docserver version to ensure multi-device docs changes are reflected.\n\nBUG=None\\n\nChange-Id: Id84f7bc04abc1758f65bec3b793741cbfda65224\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Karan Bhatia <>\nCommit-Queue: Karan Bhatia <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641815}", "parents": [ "f9f6c22dcd9a16da1dd433c229b3797a84229d88" ], "tree": "4b7c37708101f5b94cae6e99a8a01ad4e01c3a3d" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Austin Eng", "time": "Tue Mar 19 05:31:10 2019" }, "commit": "f9f6c22dcd9a16da1dd433c229b3797a84229d88", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 05:31:10 2019" }, "message": "Skip WebGPU tests on Linux AMD\n\nWebGPU tests are failing on Linux FYI Release (AMD R7 240).\nSkipped tests are still considered as test failures.\nChange GTEST_SKIP() to an early return.\n\nBug: 941685\nChange-Id: I98238456c30d7fa2a9816a5809e85155a78e8892\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Austin Eng <>\nReviewed-by: Kenneth Russell <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641814}", "parents": [ "65dfc9333406a44ab4b90543abb1dd28caeba3ee" ], "tree": "5fe1af2c02d408bce3079a59022ea1f991141642" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Joel Hockey", "time": "Tue Mar 19 05:23:47 2019" }, "commit": "65dfc9333406a44ab4b90543abb1dd28caeba3ee", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 05:23:47 2019" }, "message": "Removed TestServiceManagerContext from FileManagerPathUtilTests\n\nRemoved TestServiceManagerContext from\nExtractMountNameFileSystemNameFullPath and\nConvertFileSystemURLToPathInsideCrostini since they don't require it.\n\nTestServiceManagerContext is causing flakes for\nExtractMountNameFileSystemNameFullPath. The network thread that it\nspawns is putting work on the queue just as TestBrowserThreadBundle is\nclosing down and violating checks.\n\nBug: 942371\nChange-Id: Idc5ec2bfd807a4bdc9f0f0e978bf1434f80034c0\nReviewed-on:\nAuto-Submit: Joel Hockey <>\nReviewed-by: Sam McNally <>\nCommit-Queue: Joel Hockey <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641813}", "parents": [ "5fd8949a37ac9ebcb950d5c331c1b484b697322d" ], "tree": "784a5f5abd54ad82a61a1ed59bf57fb07b066fc6" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Darren Shen", "time": "Tue Mar 19 04:49:50 2019" }, "commit": "5fd8949a37ac9ebcb950d5c331c1b484b697322d", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 04:49:50 2019" }, "message": "chromeos: Whitelist input method prefs for virtual keyboard.\n\nWe want to eventually write tests that test multiple languages. The\nlist of available input methods are controlled by the\n'settings.language.preload_engines' pref, so we'll whitelist it so that\nTast tests can set them.\n\nBug: 879073\nChange-Id: Ia8c315d9bacb267f3f8a77790aeb73f18d78e56f\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Darren Shen <>\nAuto-Submit: Darren Shen <>\nReviewed-by: Dan Erat <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641812}", "parents": [ "0ede8368a230f4689490ba21aee992bfe8a3e0b4" ], "tree": "66f43196e8d1c0f80bf8f370aab62117ada206ef" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Moe Ahmadi", "time": "Tue Mar 19 04:45:34 2019" }, "commit": "0ede8368a230f4689490ba21aee992bfe8a3e0b4", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 04:45:34 2019" }, "message": "[iOS][Translate] Adds EarlGrey tests for the new translate infobar (part 1)\n\nAdds tests for:\n\n1. show/hide feature in fullscreen mode and dismissal.\n2. translation and revertion (incl. incognito mode).\n3. In navigation translation.\n4. changing source and target languages.\n5. Always translate.\n\nBug: 910994\nChange-Id: I0bee5714a309e0457d1fadcf470262e6cd9e9ee0\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Moe Ahmadi <>\nReviewed-by: Sergio Collazos <>\nReviewed-by: anthonyvd <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641811}", "parents": [ "495fa19d19763030b152b3988729a48939c37f49" ], "tree": "a8067dbdc24e1dc74098be66caca06afdd8a93a8" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Yoichi Osato", "time": "Tue Mar 19 04:36:39 2019" }, "commit": "495fa19d19763030b152b3988729a48939c37f49", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 04:36:39 2019" }, "message": "Revert \"Photo Picker: Convert filePaths to URIs.\"\n\nThis reverts commit a8e2801b69c05f0109b50ec8d6513356bd982203.\n\nReason for revert: Findit suspects this CL with 100% confidence\n\nOriginal change's description:\n> Photo Picker: Convert filePaths to URIs.\n> \n> Bug: 905257, 656015\n> Change-Id: I903872fdb0d0ff59db61db427809893c5773e98e\n> Reviewed-on:\n> Commit-Queue: Finnur Thorarinsson <>\n> Reviewed-by: Theresa <>\n> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641556}\n\,\n\nChange-Id: I45da2b58bd8ff9c5b12d69d160afaf19b26beec6\nNo-Presubmit: true\nNo-Tree-Checks: true\nNo-Try: true\nBug: 905257, 656015, 942625\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Yoichi Osato <>\nCommit-Queue: Yoichi Osato <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641810}", "parents": [ "dfbd0e55870faded1679a1c6d2eb56774d593690" ], "tree": "55c20d84278d801c7072859bf2f430de350839b1" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "chromium-autoroll", "time": "Tue Mar 19 04:02:05 2019" }, "commit": "dfbd0e55870faded1679a1c6d2eb56774d593690", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 04:02:05 2019" }, "message": "Roll Fuchsia SDK from 3e59cb1001cf to 032385d9bec7\n\n\nThe AutoRoll server is located here:\n\nDocumentation for the AutoRoller is here:\n\n\nIf the roll is causing failures, please contact the current sheriff, who should\nbe CC'd on the roll, and stop the roller if necessary.\n\n\nCQ_INCLUDE_TRYBOTS=luci.chromium.try:fuchsia-arm64-cast;luci.chromium.try:fuchsia-x64-cast\\n\nChange-Id: Ib9ea500fdb8337d11f6e6841611ed38f0c1bdbda\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: chromium-autoroll <>\nCommit-Queue: chromium-autoroll <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641809}", "parents": [ "e65c2890667dd6e1ea1fb5696f873df9d7cb52ce" ], "tree": "9491dfd584f01f8eb5cc29f25266f291f712af2f" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Pedro Amaral", "time": "Tue Mar 19 03:53:32 2019" }, "commit": "e65c2890667dd6e1ea1fb5696f873df9d7cb52ce", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 03:53:32 2019" }, "message": "Fixing NTP logo top margin\n\nThe default NTP logo top margin is 26dp and I had been setting it to 0.\nThis CL fixes that.\n\nBug: 943074\nChange-Id: I2212c3dc20431315bfd66a84e127707310061077\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Theresa <>\nCommit-Queue: Pedro Amaral <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641808}", "parents": [ "8cd4e8cdd633e63354d6249c082043e287ed6473" ], "tree": "6a1073c2c181956d30d01ffab6e1c13ecc756779" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Wez", "time": "Tue Mar 19 03:40:15 2019" }, "commit": "8cd4e8cdd633e63354d6249c082043e287ed6473", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 03:40:15 2019" }, "message": "[Fuchsia] Migrate ApplicationConfigManager from using struct to table.\n\nReturning a table will allow new fields to be added without breaking\nexisting clients in future.\n\nBug: 914610\nChange-Id: I88544844e394c6524fc130544299221be1c948e6\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Fabrice de Gans-Riberi <>\nCommit-Queue: Wez <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641807}", "parents": [ "1476a0bfe4f8455c4657e901d76b1c4ac9e1f71c" ], "tree": "b9f0d2163ce0109f6032b91a1f44130f586faaeb" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "chrome-release-bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 03:12:21 2019" }, "commit": "1476a0bfe4f8455c4657e901d76b1c4ac9e1f71c", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "", "time": "Tue Mar 19 03:12:21 2019" }, "message": "Updating trunk VERSION from 3738.0 to 3739.0\n\n# This is an automated release commit.\n# Do not revert without consulting\nNOAUTOREVERT=true\\n\nChange-Id: Ifb1d14cb4ec4129371c1bd10d30436581545b5e9\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641806}", "parents": [ "7c8a9e2934de72f274034ea32875b9a780387676" ], "tree": "cb64cea69abd62d4fa5d23a8a9ded0d0148c17aa" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Luciano Pacheco", "time": "Tue Mar 19 03:10:15 2019" }, "commit": "7c8a9e2934de72f274034ea32875b9a780387676", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 03:10:15 2019" }, "message": "JS clang format ui/file_manager/file_manager/background/\n\nBug: 778674\nChange-Id: Ib7c1baa98135cab762dd43cd8da7bccbfadd87c5\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Noel Gordon <>\nCommit-Queue: Luciano Pacheco <>\nAuto-Submit: Luciano Pacheco <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641805}", "parents": [ "effa4f2579e13d25556dac5a83300fb64a547768" ], "tree": "fe630dfba4f42df223307c869f16da7094677b76" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Theresa", "time": "Tue Mar 19 03:07:38 2019" }, "commit": "effa4f2579e13d25556dac5a83300fb64a547768", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 03:07:38 2019" }, "message": "Attempt to deflake ExampleUiCaptureTest\n\nDirectly enter overview mode rather than trying to tap the tab switcher\nbutton.\n\nBUG=924128\n\nChange-Id: Id92e059ebf68166e69188a079142570cb8cb67d8\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Ted Choc <>\nCommit-Queue: Theresa <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641804}", "parents": [ "09d9018225e023680c2dc4c1c1841aa9e0b8fd86" ], "tree": "d73c5a96075c83d90d15a31e293af655340c3c25" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Kuo-Hsin Yang", "time": "Tue Mar 19 02:33:04 2019" }, "commit": "09d9018225e023680c2dc4c1c1841aa9e0b8fd86", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 02:33:04 2019" }, "message": "Disable system_health.memory_desktop/browse:news:hackernews:2018\n\nDisable the test on Chrome OS because it's flaky.\n\nBug: 942952\nChange-Id: I843f8cf786ceccbfc5bb8e3b66606c894ab4e99d\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Juan Antonio Navarro P\u00e9rez <>\nCommit-Queue: Kuo-Hsin Yang <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641803}", "parents": [ "03549cb3eb3423e03496109c61a65e2bd20e58f3" ], "tree": "7bb2e7618536895ccc7ac912fc73d93b368d6920" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Kunihiko Sakamoto", "time": "Tue Mar 19 02:32:41 2019" }, "commit": "03549cb3eb3423e03496109c61a65e2bd20e58f3", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 02:32:41 2019" }, "message": "Revert \"Looks like these tests pass on my box, on Linux, with this flag.\"\n\nThis reverts commit 8545fb3d07bdd6e0281e7aa5d72f79b63556305a.\n\nReason for revert: These tests are still failing on Linux Tests (dbg)(1):\n\n\nOriginal change's description:\n> Looks like these tests pass on my box, on Linux, with this flag.\n> So I think it's ok to remove the lines.\n> \n> Bug:942517\n> \n> Change-Id: Ia74812fcd2df55af77bbfb36290918cb87e3d765\n> Reviewed-on:\n> Commit-Queue: Johannes Henkel <>\n> Reviewed-by: Andrey Kosyakov <>\n> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641713}\n\,\n\nChange-Id: Id9081bb5454ff16abd24a1255081df320105b4d8\nNo-Presubmit: true\nNo-Tree-Checks: true\nNo-Try: true\nBug: 942517\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Kunihiko Sakamoto <>\nCommit-Queue: Kunihiko Sakamoto <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641802}", "parents": [ "d0310b0c0221e3f44da813443ca11c9869620cb4" ], "tree": "86befb4880485c1cce9891cf83488596f646fd1e" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Robbie McElrath", "time": "Tue Mar 19 02:22:25 2019" }, "commit": "d0310b0c0221e3f44da813443ca11c9869620cb4", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 02:22:25 2019" }, "message": "Use NetworkChangeNotifier to initialize the connection type in NetworkChangeManagerClient.\n\nBug: 942782\nChange-Id: Ia2971348153d54cd87a48e8045efc9d31948db8a\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Steven Bennetts <>\nCommit-Queue: Robbie McElrath <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641801}", "parents": [ "8eecee458153e0a0537209788b68832d5d915af7" ], "tree": "f4acf3b8f7f5d3b6ce886ce61320b2a90fb0a68c" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Eliot Courtney", "time": "Tue Mar 19 01:51:55 2019" }, "commit": "8eecee458153e0a0537209788b68832d5d915af7", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 01:51:55 2019" }, "message": "Plumb transparent values for MUS.\n\nThis is a follow-up fix to The occlusion\ntracker also uses the transparent flag on each window to decide if it\ncan affect occlusion. Plumb this value through, and set the layer draw\ntype property for each remote layer. This will let the occlusion tracker\nfunction the same for remote windows as it does for local.\n\nBug: 937323\nTest: Bug 908629 does not regress.\nTest: Android window can be occluded by Browser window in SPM.\nTest: Added unit test\nChange-Id: Ib7875355346563b2c83447bf8b685d58130ab74a\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Scott Violet <>\nReviewed-by: Dominick Ng <>\nReviewed-by: Xiyuan Xia <>\nCommit-Queue: Eliot Courtney <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641800}", "parents": [ "e62e8c4249b89b9c6f002d4cddb536d5db8ac067" ], "tree": "342aa7beaaf8ae9c6044f4cb2e16941aa4ccb9c0" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "John Budorick", "time": "Tue Mar 19 01:49:32 2019" }, "commit": "e62e8c4249b89b9c6f002d4cddb536d5db8ac067", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 01:49:32 2019" }, "message": "Disable a batch of flaky layout tests.\n\nThese are all contributing to webkit_layout_tests' high flake rate\non Win7 Tests (1) and thus likely win7-rel.\n\nBug: 934818,941482,943390,943388\nNo-Try: true\nTbr:\nChange-Id: I9c2f6df6c8504bd08ca94b28413e3d645d774134\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: John Budorick <>\nCommit-Queue: John Budorick <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641799}", "parents": [ "e38dfa276d9b31d8f4ebc314a457e9ba1653eb25" ], "tree": "a13042ecad69e5d8a4cb005bd63a327a58abf1cb" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Min Chen", "time": "Tue Mar 19 01:46:24 2019" }, "commit": "e38dfa276d9b31d8f4ebc314a457e9ba1653eb25", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 01:46:24 2019" }, "message": "Animate only top window during mode transition.\n\nAdd EnterAnimtionType{DEFAULT, IMMEDIATE, STEP_END} in WindowState::State\nto track the bounds update animation for entering current State. Used to\ndo corresponding animation for top window and others during transition.\n\nTwo exceptions:\n1. Keep the current animation if leaving tablet mode from overview,\n since still need to do more investigation for windows' transform\n animation and update bounds animation in this case. And to confirm\n with UX for the expect behavior as well.\n\n2. We allow_set_bounds_direct for arc windows. This make arc windows\n will not be handled by TabletModeWindowState. And we don't go through\n Detach and Attach for arc window during mode change. This cl doesn't\n include arc windows first.\n\nBug: 916331\nChange-Id: If187798a950f62705b0c4e9db5e7229a78f567ff\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Min Chen <>\nReviewed-by: Mitsuru Oshima <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641798}", "parents": [ "ca4568c9b61cffd89ace1fdba90fc4db1901d058" ], "tree": "3e43575d00223c4e76860a252d19d160fd730ddf" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "David Black", "time": "Tue Mar 19 01:23:20 2019" }, "commit": "ca4568c9b61cffd89ace1fdba90fc4db1901d058", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 01:23:20 2019" }, "message": "Fix Assistant embedded UI dialog plate and thinking dot dimensions.\n\nCurrently the thinking dots are being clipped in embedded Assistant UI\nand the dialog plate dimension is incorrect because it fails to account\nfor the padding around the horizontal seperator.\n\nThis CL:\n- Increases the size of the progress indicator so that the thinking dots\n are not clipped.\n- Modifies the vertical padding of the dialog plate so that it has the\n appearance of being 56dp tall even though a portion of that height is\n actually coming from the padding around the horizontal separator/\n progress indicator views.\n\nBefore:\nAfter:\n\nBug: b:128857878\nChange-Id: I0ab4bbce7883a12c1d92d1dcd0e80478c008453f\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: David Black <>\nReviewed-by: Xiaohui Chen <>\nReviewed-by: Xiyuan Xia <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641797}", "parents": [ "8f3a2cb4c540e64c97a801eff1e52268a104f3fc" ], "tree": "e09c97dc752101d587da7c83283202f020ff1840" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Donn Denman", "time": "Tue Mar 19 01:01:48 2019" }, "commit": "8f3a2cb4c540e64c97a801eff1e52268a104f3fc", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 01:01:48 2019" }, "message": "[TTS] Refactor: java ResolvedSearchTerm immutable.\n\nAdds an encapsulation of the server response into a new immutable\njava class: ResolvedSearchTerm. We have a native encapsulation of\nthis but nothing on the Java side. It would be even better to\nhave the Java and native classes linked, but I'm not sure how to\ndo that or if it's worth it.\n\nBug=942663\n\nChange-Id: I6492b63f7b74787d493b2c2aee2db59129881cd1\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Donn Denman <>\nReviewed-by: Theresa <>\nAuto-Submit: Donn Denman <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641796}", "parents": [ "550671a28c9a2bf536af574653c1733a15b87201" ], "tree": "d4c787a03b3e9467f5e7df413c677ec5739efcbf" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Lan Wei", "time": "Tue Mar 19 00:59:24 2019" }, "commit": "550671a28c9a2bf536af574653c1733a15b87201", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 00:59:24 2019" }, "message": "Transfer user activation in browser and renderer side\n\nThis change is to implement this API:\n\n\nThis Cl transfers user activation state in the frame tree in browser\nwhen |transfer_user_activation| is true, and target's renderer, the\nfollowing CL will transfer user activation in other (non-source\nnon-destination) renderers.\n\nBug: 928838\nChange-Id: I4f07a056616cf2628163d1a059c99923a80789fc\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Daniel Cheng <>\nReviewed-by: Avi Drissman <>\nReviewed-by: Mustaq Ahmed <>\nCommit-Queue: Lan Wei <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641795}", "parents": [ "61ae0931da3c6779e6f7b3397dabe17f1c43baeb" ], "tree": "42c0396a623f57d8844ff4948585710dbd5286b5" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Luciano Pacheco", "time": "Tue Mar 19 00:54:35 2019" }, "commit": "61ae0931da3c6779e6f7b3397dabe17f1c43baeb", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 00:54:35 2019" }, "message": "[Files app] Add ARIA landmarks for file list and top bar\n\nFiles app already have landmark \"navigation\" for directory tree on the\nright hand side. This CL adds 2 more landmarks \"contentinfo\" for the\ntop bar that has the breadcrumbs and additional actions like delete.\nAnd \"main\" for the file list on the right hand side.\n\nARIA landmark helps users to quickly navigate through those sections\nwith \"Search + ;\" shortcut.\n\nChange-Id: I70e9c29538d44a5c5a499d7608549df17321bc7a\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Noel Gordon <>\nReviewed-by: Noel Gordon <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641794}", "parents": [ "5bf43a6528d5e46ff4293ec6a64c8946861f8904" ], "tree": "d26dc56e759563c55dc1942c283d6147c5e3b159" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "John Budorick", "time": "Tue Mar 19 00:43:50 2019" }, "commit": "5bf43a6528d5e46ff4293ec6a64c8946861f8904", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 00:43:50 2019" }, "message": "Remove blink_unittests from Win7 bots.\n\nNo-Try: true\nTbr:\nBug: 943372\nChange-Id: I992884e57f3d567c966853fd57ad8a845e637d18\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: John Budorick <>\nCommit-Queue: John Budorick <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641793}", "parents": [ "d0a6697395961603d8a3e110f77ccb4e22305c5c" ], "tree": "1342b256956407c489911eac2eeea1871b64a71b" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Luciano Pacheco", "time": "Tue Mar 19 00:43:41 2019" }, "commit": "d0a6697395961603d8a3e110f77ccb4e22305c5c", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 00:43:41 2019" }, "message": "[Files app] Add page title and body aria-label\n\nAdd page title to have the application name (translated). This fixes\nChromevox reading Files app startup as \"WebContents WebContents...\",\ninstead it will read \"WebContents Files...\".\n\nAdd body aria-label. This fixes when the focus is forced to body like\nwhen closing some dialogs Chromevox was reading the whole content of\nFiles app, which doesn't make sense, now it will read \"Files\" or its\ntranslated term.\n\nChange-Id: I8566bae97b91b51ea09a2571047bc3790d29f385\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Noel Gordon <>\nReviewed-by: Noel Gordon <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641792}", "parents": [ "a9b401a3b9b9f9ed5099eff7a511856b7c7d427c" ], "tree": "878d535ade614aca1e0205ff94012b7c317341bf" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Yuwei Huang", "time": "Tue Mar 19 00:19:06 2019" }, "commit": "a9b401a3b9b9f9ed5099eff7a511856b7c7d427c", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 00:19:06 2019" }, "message": "[remoting][FTL] Fix race condition in GrpcAsyncDispatcher\n\nThis CL:\n\n* Moves the GrpcAsyncCallData initialization code (which enqueues them\n into the completion queue) out of their constructors, and call them\n within RegisterRpcData() that is guarded by lock. Previously\n GrpcAsyncCallData enqueues itself to CQ before it is added to\n |pending_rpcs_|. If the response comes quick enough then the\n dispatcher might get a call data that has not been enqueued into\n |pending_rpcs_|.\n* Makes it silently drop pending RPCs when the dispatcher or the\n ScopedGrpcServerStream is destroyed, rather than feeding them with\n CANCELLED status. It's generally not useful to report CANCELLED when\n the RPC is explicitly canceled by the user, and can cause concurrency\n problems when the caller receives a CANCELLED status from a\n previously closed ScopedGrpcServerStream.\n\nBug: 927962\nChange-Id: I7f6373b1cf9ff5fb9fd6d63f7583e1c1fb388d29\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Yuwei Huang <>\nReviewed-by: Joe Downing <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641791}", "parents": [ "9c931a2802a5ff9f8db610390eb8258634be1698" ], "tree": "0ecf69a6ea11a4c9e6d72d6a6448f7bb7eabcbaa" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Luciano Pacheco", "time": "Tue Mar 19 00:15:53 2019" }, "commit": "9c931a2802a5ff9f8db610390eb8258634be1698", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Tue Mar 19 00:15:53 2019" }, "message": "Add context menu test for Media View\n\nAdd 3 new volumes for integration test: audio, images and videos to\nemulate the Media View roots. Add a test command to mount these 3\nvolumes together.\n\nChange-Id: I9468aaf40be337d73b5018f8b2ea172d1e9c8136\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Luciano Pacheco <>\nReviewed-by: Naoki Fukino <>\nReviewed-by: Sam McNally <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641790}", "parents": [ "c6cf928b6c820cb2d09747cdf32397f8c20dac43" ], "tree": "eadb62213cbf56f8c7f74d25e7122c2491b2d845" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Pedro Amaral", "time": "Mon Mar 18 23:52:41 2019" }, "commit": "c6cf928b6c820cb2d09747cdf32397f8c20dac43", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 23:52:41 2019" }, "message": "The incognito app theme for the Grid Tab Switcher should be dark\n\nBug: 942764\nChange-Id: I02b3b307b80b8f3331de4aa20b7da51d977693e5\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Pedro Amaral <>\nReviewed-by: Yusuf Ozuysal <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641789}", "parents": [ "4cae7b0e9833f493676a6818ab115cd349de747c" ], "tree": "90d855970169362114a2c8abd71b2ee259c225ed" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Aleks Totic", "time": "Mon Mar 18 23:50:50 2019" }, "commit": "4cae7b0e9833f493676a6818ab115cd349de747c", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 23:50:50 2019" }, "message": "Revert \"Copy error over after glCopySubTexture\"\n\nThis reverts commit d8abfbe952b96b832856004ba52987c94c123114.\n\nReason for revert:\n\nTest failure at\n\nOriginal change's description:\n> Copy error over after glCopySubTexture\n> \n> ANGLE does the validation if passthrough is enabled, so copy over the\n> error state to expose to client.\n> \n> Bug: 942658\n> Change-Id: I16c657bba1603849da3882f4f19575c78bb8f1f7\n> Reviewed-on:\n> Reviewed-by: Antoine Labour <>\n> Commit-Queue: Jonathan Backer <>\n> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641728}\n\,\n\nChange-Id: I2bba737fcfdf11414538a9628258d9cf54ca6b1c\nNo-Presubmit: true\nNo-Tree-Checks: true\nNo-Try: true\nBug: 942658\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Aleks Totic <>\nCommit-Queue: Aleks Totic <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641788}", "parents": [ "2d4991ecbdf8da38fd5473359de13171e20feac9" ], "tree": "2992f19da453ba3472663cfa28f33a2c8d4ffab7" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Marcin Wi\u0105cek", "time": "Mon Mar 18 23:40:26 2019" }, "commit": "2d4991ecbdf8da38fd5473359de13171e20feac9", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 23:40:26 2019" }, "message": "Remove unnecessary enum inside\n\nBUG=919666\n\nChange-Id: I73949aaa0a66df3c6ca9f44caccfd60669c266d6\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Sami Ky\u00f6stil\u00e4 <>\nCommit-Queue: Marcin Wi\u0105cek <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641787}", "parents": [ "e7bbfa1fbc892de48da68e3af259863a997796aa" ], "tree": "937d63d6ef6fa21566450e1c20759b6c90ab55df" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Pedro Amaral", "time": "Mon Mar 18 23:30:52 2019" }, "commit": "e7bbfa1fbc892de48da68e3af259863a997796aa", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 23:30:52 2019" }, "message": "Use theme color provider for tinting in top toolbars minus CCT toolbar\n\nThis CL has ToolbarPhone/ToolbarTablet listen to onTintChanged() events\nand tint the top toolbar buttons according to the provided tint. CCT\ntheming is more complex (has an animation) so we don't use the\nThemeColorProvider in CCT yet.\n\nBug: 938668\n\nChange-Id: I0b2ad4e002823adfa68e1eba9a876b8eb0be0760\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Pedro Amaral <>\nReviewed-by: Theresa <>\nReviewed-by: Becky Zhou <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641786}", "parents": [ "84192b04518afe28aa04e77796e4307b293935a5" ], "tree": "1d35dbf12e5a42a2a427a49c9fccf5e14fac7a31" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Sean Topping", "time": "Mon Mar 18 23:29:43 2019" }, "commit": "84192b04518afe28aa04e77796e4307b293935a5", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 23:29:43 2019" }, "message": "[Chromecast] Fix Grant/RevokeScreenAccess crash\n\nMitigates a rare race condition where we try to use screen access\nmethods partway through CastWebView destruction, when the window object\nhas already been destroyed.\n\nBug: internal b/128842152\nTest: CQ\nChange-Id: I5ad31b10edfe9ceecd92bb0ae3079e7ac2291fdd\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Sean Topping <>\nReviewed-by: Yuchen Liu <>\nCommit-Queue: Sean Topping <>\nCommit-Queue: Yuchen Liu <>\nAuto-Submit: Sean Topping <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641785}", "parents": [ "b51f4e151b1968c535fa52a7e25f99991504e3df" ], "tree": "6fa091de9335080243d05f9ee0bed94fc9025698" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Aleks Totic", "time": "Mon Mar 18 23:29:18 2019" }, "commit": "b51f4e151b1968c535fa52a7e25f99991504e3df", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 23:29:18 2019" }, "message": "Revert \"Added perfetto test suite to Linux, Mac, and Windows bots.\"\n\nThis reverts commit 0e03fcf2648bc8e84402a7099a143d815165ff64.\n\nReason for revert: ASAN failures\n\n\nOriginal change's description:\n> Added perfetto test suite to Linux, Mac, and Windows bots.\n> \n> Added perfetto unittests to Linux, Mac, and Windows bots.\n> Removed tests from Android bots because they were failing.\n> Reland of with a few adjustments.\n> \n> Bug: 931138\n> Change-Id: Ic4e844f0008e5a267ee28db627c3c4086e0fdfbc\n> Reviewed-on:\n> Commit-Queue: Karen Qian <>\n> Reviewed-by: John Budorick <>\n> Reviewed-by: Eric Seckler <>\n> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641658}\n\,,,\n\nChange-Id: I7be122ecebd1b00cf5305b37df99857a32c0c590\nNo-Presubmit: true\nNo-Tree-Checks: true\nNo-Try: true\nBug: 931138\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Aleks Totic <>\nCommit-Queue: Aleks Totic <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641784}", "parents": [ "ddf870ba8d01cd04357db9ae6a480d75a7e2f398" ], "tree": "7e2fb8bd53d340b51af480159ad3908a119b1320" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Patrick Noland", "time": "Mon Mar 18 23:06:10 2019" }, "commit": "ddf870ba8d01cd04357db9ae6a480d75a7e2f398", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 23:06:10 2019" }, "message": "[Chromeshine] Hook up in-memory components to persistence\n\n(the correct patch this time)\nThis CL makes a large number changes to account for the\nfact that UsageStatsService operations are now async. The major upshot\nis that promises are used instead of actual values. If data has been loaded,\nthen promises are fulfilled immediately. Otherwise, they're fulfilled once\nthe database is loaded. There is a corresponding downstream change that\nadjusts UsageStatsBrowserService to account for this.\n\nThere are also a couple bug fixes; usage stats database needs to split its\ndatabases into different folders, so that is fixed.\n\nBug: 939456\nChange-Id: I63ed0a33b0545f017af48d9a4e1f0ec9b2381a6f\nTBR:\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Patrick Noland <>\nCommit-Queue: Patrick Noland <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641783}", "parents": [ "b485ce0d14da468eae2e0042cb110f86af51c692" ], "tree": "32b53c3694afba03736544ae1360003d08cbc021" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Miyoung Shin", "time": "Mon Mar 18 23:00:38 2019" }, "commit": "b485ce0d14da468eae2e0042cb110f86af51c692", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 23:00:38 2019" }, "message": "Change unsigned long to uint32_t/size_t in third_party/blink/renderer/modules/indexeddb/\n\n- unsigned long -> uint32_t/size_t\n- Reference:\n\nBug: 930252\nChange-Id: I62b8f0114b9202f1bfdee2f8993be331adc894b5\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Kentaro Hara <>\nCommit-Queue: Miyoung Shin <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641782}", "parents": [ "034404fdfa28b23c87729ea83dda01c0f3c5d7c5" ], "tree": "e77bfe79e199cd58bd9e03c7709d3753cef2aba5" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Miyoung Shin", "time": "Mon Mar 18 23:00:35 2019" }, "commit": "034404fdfa28b23c87729ea83dda01c0f3c5d7c5", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 23:00:35 2019" }, "message": "Fix the crash bug by the overflow in LayoutFrameSet.\n\nThe overflow of the integer type would make the crash since\nbase::CheckedNumeric was added at,\nand the previous patch pulled out the potential crash issue by\nclusterfuzz.\nThis patch changes int type to int64_t for a total fixed size of\nthe grid's columns because each column could have a maximum value\nof |int| type.\n\nFuzzer report:\n\nBug: 942821\nChange-Id: If64e91dd940a5e6d8d4c5b42fc94776074c7a61c\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Steve Kobes <>\nReviewed-by: Kentaro Hara <>\nCommit-Queue: Miyoung Shin <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641781}", "parents": [ "9e8687f45cee16d54fb14e25eccdb2b9277a9b30" ], "tree": "5ce2d67aea7d13967c2cbbc188368bd121994f93" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Tiansong Cui", "time": "Mon Mar 18 22:51:14 2019" }, "commit": "9e8687f45cee16d54fb14e25eccdb2b9277a9b30", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 22:51:14 2019" }, "message": "[Chromecast][BLE] Enable change GATT Client connectability\n\nThis CL also fixes the issue that callback never gets executed if\nremote device Connect fails at initial request.\n\nBug: internal b/128708044\nBug: internal b/128536732\nBug: internal b/128464672\nTest: cast_bluetooth_unittests, manual\nChange-Id: I3ce09b18275d8aaac46a74310fe99414eac45488\nReviewed-on:\nAuto-Submit: Tiansong Cui <>\nReviewed-by: Yuchen Liu <>\nReviewed-by: Bailey Forrest <>\nCommit-Queue: Tiansong Cui <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641780}", "parents": [ "8edbbaf99bf4c5a644f2791aae0912bf1392f456" ], "tree": "9385cc4728a6ff1ce4fc399e28875bd9b067b16f" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Trent Apted", "time": "Mon Mar 18 22:32:21 2019" }, "commit": "8edbbaf99bf4c5a644f2791aae0912bf1392f456", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 22:32:21 2019" }, "message": "Ensure BaseView correctly processes captured NSLeftMouseUp.\n\nBaseView provides a -mouseEvent: override that funnels all mouse event\nsubtypes into one method, after some subtype-specific pre-processing.\nSubclasses override -mouseEvent:, but do not call the base class\nimplementation (which does nothing).\n\nMouse events received via Widget::SetCapture() currently bypass the\npre-processing done by BaseView. An important step missed is the one\nthat handles logic around the suppression of NSMouseExited until a\nmouse-up is observed. Currently, an NSLeftMouseUp in SetCapture()\nincorrectly leaves the suppression in place.\n\nTo fix, provide -handleLeftMouseUp: so that events received via capture\ncan apply the correct logic.\n\nPrincipally, this affects the OverlayWindowViews Widget subclass used\nfor Picture-in-Picture. Native mouse-enter/exit events don't normally\npropagate to individual Views, but PiP has hooks into views::Widget via\nthis subclass to observe them.\n\nBug: 942452\nTest: views_unittests NativeWidgetMacTest.CapturedMouseUpClearsDrag\nChange-Id: I3d256dca295f374f70dd11844a4848b6b68feec8\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: ccameron <>\nCommit-Queue: Trent Apted <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641779}", "parents": [ "e613f9e78b0f43a2eff084aab079b00b4083ec11" ], "tree": "df654a6685dcbbc67a64d89abadb6e9b3957c563" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "sczs", "time": "Mon Mar 18 22:28:42 2019" }, "commit": "e613f9e78b0f43a2eff084aab079b00b4083ec11", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 22:28:42 2019" }, "message": "[ios] Sets badge to Selected state while InfobarBanner is being presented.\n\n- The InfobarBadge will now be on selected State when the InfobarBanner\nis being presented.\n\nScreenshot:\n\n\nBug: 911864\nChange-Id: Ic5e32ec78c835f86d4200033486f0d7d3da4d8df\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Chris Lu <>\nCommit-Queue: Sergio Collazos <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641778}", "parents": [ "3c2c55134ec4613d23965df322926fa3beaf6100" ], "tree": "edd6987ca913b6c2fe16515f0e1d27ce2c5ebfe9" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Luke Sorenson", "time": "Mon Mar 18 22:27:55 2019" }, "commit": "3c2c55134ec4613d23965df322926fa3beaf6100", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 22:27:55 2019" }, "message": "Uprev min env version for rtanalytics-light and rtanalytics-full.\n\nWill merge back to M74 since M73 was env version 9.0\n\nBug: 943281\nTest: Not necessary.\nChange-Id: I3a3cd16b2aca2073d4b13a9e02c32ac0a0226269\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Joshua Pawlicki <>\nCommit-Queue: Luke Sorenson <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641777}", "parents": [ "25530944fc15bd97c9820623f559cc5783d29551" ], "tree": "822a433eee60ba510aea9f13d756bce607826312" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Kenichi Ishibashi", "time": "Mon Mar 18 22:23:51 2019" }, "commit": "25530944fc15bd97c9820623f559cc5783d29551", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 22:23:51 2019" }, "message": "Update ServiceWorkerAggressiveCodeCache fieldtrial testing config\n\nRe-enabling the experiment on beta.\n\nBug: 915081\nChange-Id: I98cef800047ea502bf46eb7f15dc2a5dd6876b22\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Jesse Doherty <>\nCommit-Queue: Kenichi Ishibashi <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641776}", "parents": [ "89403f2679a259daf76c3c35f93085b0d21f8535" ], "tree": "0e7c8a7977bcebb146963abb073fa06dda923436" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Mohamed Heikal", "time": "Mon Mar 18 22:06:58 2019" }, "commit": "89403f2679a259daf76c3c35f93085b0d21f8535", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 22:06:58 2019" }, "message": "Revert \"[Android] Inflate toolbar stub on a BG thread\"\n\nThis reverts commit 4f0ac5703fb84e357fd43736589e84b87385f7ee.\n\nReason for revert: Experiment showed not-so-good results\n\nOriginal change's description:\n> [Android] Inflate toolbar stub on a BG thread\n>\n> Toolbar inflation currently takes around 200-300ms on the critical path during\n> startup. This cl creates the class AsyncViewStub so that the toolbar stub is\n> inflated on a background thread outside of the critical path. This leads to an\n> improvement of 60ms for startup and 50ms for startup to contentful paint.\n>\n> Improvements are less than the 200ms being saved due to the remeasure+redraw\n> caused by adding new views to the view hierarchy after startup.\n>\n> Design doc\n>\n> Change-Id: I1841f5adbb01a853e952b2e61dedfd4c951e125e\n> Bug: 762120\n> Reviewed-on:\n> Reviewed-by: Ted Choc <>\n> Commit-Queue: Mohamed Heikal <>\n> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#584551}\n\n\nBug: 762120\nChange-Id: I5f85b20a796b8bf5d0bfdd4b8962cf3342700e00\nReviewed-on:\nAuto-Submit: Mohamed Heikal <>\nReviewed-by: Ted Choc <>\nCommit-Queue: Mohamed Heikal <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641775}", "parents": [ "44049eb7a2da9f01fb618c226ef99d7c0d3ffcc2" ], "tree": "b7ad0c605ca363c0f70cb4ec8ea1994c096a06a5" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Sky Malice", "time": "Mon Mar 18 22:03:25 2019" }, "commit": "44049eb7a2da9f01fb618c226ef99d7c0d3ffcc2", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 22:03:25 2019" }, "message": "Revert \"[Background Sync] Use min_delay across storage partitions.\"\n\nThis reverts commit 8a68b23250d180283739eca8ef95dd2f44f1e112.\n\nReason for revert: DCHECK in on x86 Android emulators, see\n\nOriginal change's description:\n> [Background Sync] Use min_delay across storage partitions.\n> \n> This is a reland of the CL:\n>\n> with a fix for, which was happening because\n> BackgroundSyncManager should be accessed on the IO thread only.\n> The fix was to post a task from the UI to the IO thread to access\n> BackgroundSyncManager and post a response back to the UI thread.\n> \n> Verified through manual testing on a Pixel device.\n> \n> Original change:\n> \n> Background Sync currently schedules Chrome to be woken up on Android to\n> fire Background Sync events. We're currently scheduling/cancelling this\n> task based on soonest_wakeup_delta from one storage partition, which\n> means that the last storage partition to be processed overwrites these\n> values. The task could also be cancelled by the last storage partition\n> to be processed, if it had no pending background sync registrations.\n> \n> This CL fixes that by calculating soonest_wakeup_delta across all\n> storage partitions for the profile. If this is set to MAX by all of\n> them, we cancel the task, else we use the minimum wakeup delta to\n> schedule when Chrome should be woken up.\n> \n> It also adds BackgroundSyncLauncher unit tests.\n> \n> Bug: 924490, 933849,\n> Change-Id: I1017d822997ab96f6dc12aad8b210a1665465f08\n> Reviewed-on:\n> Commit-Queue: Mugdha Lakhani <>\n> Reviewed-by: David Trainor <>\n> Reviewed-by: Rayan Kanso <>\n> Reviewed-by: Peter Beverloo <>\n> Reviewed-by: Avi Drissman <>\n> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641587}\n\,,,,\n\nChange-Id: I37b58efd8f88538ea1ea8dc0b088d2a34e252849\nNo-Presubmit: true\nNo-Tree-Checks: true\nNo-Try: true\nBug: 924490, 933849\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Sky Malice <>\nCommit-Queue: Sky Malice <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641774}", "parents": [ "1523cdb4849797bc4b7467e290970468c8ca8f07" ], "tree": "f7eb1bd0b9c163995ca1fdeaedf12ef30eda888d" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Michael Spang", "time": "Mon Mar 18 22:01:55 2019" }, "commit": "1523cdb4849797bc4b7467e290970468c8ca8f07", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 22:01:55 2019" }, "message": "ozone: demo: Initialize mojo\n\nWe need to initialize mojo for platforms that use it such as scenic,\notherwise we'll crash on the first call to a mojo API.\n\nBug: 942745\n\nChange-Id: I7b181f41b79933a81d46eb49fed4dc38dd32ba5b\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Sergey Ulanov <>\nReviewed-by: Ken Rockot <>\nCommit-Queue: Michael Spang <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641773}", "parents": [ "670d282df5559c9e4c9d64c739623a7f2723d018" ], "tree": "55f74a8fddb3dda7d5b3031921888fd50a53b7dd" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Mario Sanchez Prada", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:52:41 2019" }, "commit": "670d282df5559c9e4c9d64c739623a7f2723d018", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:52:41 2019" }, "message": "Migrate //remoting/protocol to net::CompletionRepeatingCallback\n\nWhile working on CL1524492, I've found that nearly all the occurrences of\nnet::CompletionCallback required repeating callbacks, so this is a quick\nCL to make that explicit, and use net::CompletionRepeatingCallback().\n\nBug: 714018, 807724\nChange-Id: Ib5e05a3ff4da15206e63f8d0eff545919d9e9b6b\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Jamie Walch <>\nCommit-Queue: Mario Sanchez Prada <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641772}", "parents": [ "5f2c980fe1adc62e5da788f829c84c075d891473" ], "tree": "6060e76d9a8e7c1bda97a803592a6cfa657fc441" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Mario Sanchez Prada", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:52:18 2019" }, "commit": "5f2c980fe1adc62e5da788f829c84c075d891473", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:52:18 2019" }, "message": "Migrate //remoting/base and //remoting/protocol to net::CompletionOnceCallback\n\nReplace usage of net::CompletionCallback as well as replace usages of\nbase::Bind() with base::BindOnce(), which are just a few occurrences since\nmost of the completion callbacks used in //remoting are repeating callbacks,\nwhich will be explicitly declared as such in a follow-up CL.\n\nBug: 807724\nChange-Id: Ifb9c0fea63bfbd316c0d9ba0aee32851782f3699\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Jamie Walch <>\nCommit-Queue: Mario Sanchez Prada <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641771}", "parents": [ "ad078a43e7f3ce9333114b947c14b9cc489d1b72" ], "tree": "0d698dd2a604bc03e17fa4cd4463edf6fe0bf5fb" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Andrew Grieve", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:35:56 2019" }, "commit": "ad078a43e7f3ce9333114b947c14b9cc489d1b72", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:35:56 2019" }, "message": "SuperSize: Print out coverage for WhereHasComponent() in stats\n\nSection .text:\n* 590186 have a component assigned. Accounts for 33813461 bytes (83.9%).\nSection .rodata:\n* 117119 have a component assigned. Accounts for 4424595 bytes (67.8%).\nSection\n* 27468 have a component assigned. Accounts for 1745384 bytes (85.0%).\nSection .data:\n* 2617 have a component assigned. Accounts for 147982 bytes (94.8%).\nSection .bss:\n* 19198 have a component assigned. Accounts for 5535364 bytes (99.0%).\nSection .dex:\n* 30037 have a component assigned. Accounts for 608366 bytes (66.2%).\nSection .dex.method:\n* 41086 have a component assigned. Accounts for 4502289 bytes (65.9%).\nSection .pak.translations:\n* 1562 have a component assigned. Accounts for 1604374 bytes (89.8%).\nSection .pak.nontranslated:\n* 388 have a component assigned. Accounts for 1138251 bytes (78.9%).\nSection .other:\n* 1578 have a component assigned. Accounts for 2964134 bytes (18.7%).\n\nChange-Id: I3669fe09966f108559d26dd360ac4ebe113e1386\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Eric Stevenson <>\nCommit-Queue: Andrew Grieve <>\nAuto-Submit: Andrew Grieve <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641770}", "parents": [ "f57cceafd496c8d5daa274813df817fb9b4470f5" ], "tree": "7370a3f693312eac5d09cc019924c1da5d404d52" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Yun Liu", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:31:23 2019" }, "commit": "f57cceafd496c8d5daa274813df817fb9b4470f5", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:31:23 2019" }, "message": "Change Android SDK path to third_party/android_sdk/public\n\nthird_party/android_tools/sdk will be gradually deprecated and replaced with third_party/android_sdk/public\n\nBug: 659808\nChange-Id: I7e006f12723cf9a4dbce3c9d87b728e4e662b6c8\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Yun Liu <>\nReviewed-by: Bo <>\nReviewed-by: Brian Sheedy <>\nReviewed-by: Misha Efimov <>\nReviewed-by: Carlos Knippschild <>\nReviewed-by: Ben Pastene <>\nReviewed-by: Sami Ky\u00f6stil\u00e4 <>\nReviewed-by: Andrew Grieve <>\nReviewed-by: Peter Wen <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641769}", "parents": [ "4fd9317c1dfee20b7647cbf0f0c51be9f8d6f511" ], "tree": "b72916a4ca2bbcebfccf7c49f5631603b29f8f59" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Miguel Casas", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:30:26 2019" }, "commit": "4fd9317c1dfee20b7647cbf0f0c51be9f8d6f511", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:30:26 2019" }, "message": "VaAPI JDA unit test: s/visible_/coded_/ where appropriate\n\ns/visible_/coded_/ where appropriate\n\nTest: jpeg_decode_accelerator_unittest on nocturne\nBug: 942813\nChange-Id: Id6ff39f3f916fe4fd3844be96890be7b2f135131\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Miguel Casas <>\nReviewed-by: Andres Calderon Jaramillo <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641768}", "parents": [ "ce26bb2c47f60cf5fb309d8c6cc228e2d7dde743" ], "tree": "fc849769874410185dc1964ff18af21591fac6ac" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Robert Ogden", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:29:18 2019" }, "commit": "ce26bb2c47f60cf5fb309d8c6cc228e2d7dde743", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:29:18 2019" }, "message": "Update DRP OWNERS ASCII Art with new icon\n\nBug: 909915\nChange-Id: Id5ce252f681a97b0a38bb8db1dd77611e287c836\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Ryan Sturm <>\nCommit-Queue: Robert Ogden <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641767}", "parents": [ "d93b0c9f0cffc731fd71345ba040a414c1258d28" ], "tree": "245771fa15675665cbf417e5cde1ccc94733fd45" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Mina Almasry", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:29:02 2019" }, "commit": "d93b0c9f0cffc731fd71345ba040a414c1258d28", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:29:02 2019" }, "message": "[Chromecast] Delete obsolete AV sync unittests\n\nChecks for AV sync are integrated into cast_media_unittests now.\n\nBug: 109701656\nTest: CQ\nChange-Id: I412253b03f3e25beff928690812a96245c09f276\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Kenneth MacKay <>\nReviewed-by: Yuchen Liu <>\nCommit-Queue: Mina Almasry <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641766}", "parents": [ "86c01ed2cacfbe1ac62673593d882628fb76a7d7" ], "tree": "02aaed408e25d1916a3d4db45fe355178b60cdb0" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Nate Fischer", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:27:15 2019" }, "commit": "86c01ed2cacfbe1ac62673593d882628fb76a7d7", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:27:15 2019" }, "message": "AW: don't use URLRequestContextGetter\n\nThis removes content/'s and android_webview/'s dependencies on\nAwURLRequestContextGetter.\n\nThis removes ContentBrowserClient::NeedURLRequestContext() since the API\nonly existed so WebView could continue to rely on\nAwURLRequestContextGetter. After removing this (and the chrome/\noverride), content layer no longer requests the\nURLRequestContext{Getter} from the embedder.\n\nThis removes android_webview/'s dependency on AwURLRequestContextGetter\nand nulls it out. This also cleans up some code in\nAwURLRequestContextGetter (as that class is now only used when the\nNetwork Service is disabled). This adds TODOs in dependent code to\nimplement the Network Service path (this code was already\nnon-functional).\n\nThis also updates Chrome for Android code (specifically,\ncontent_suggestions_service_factory) to stop calling\nGetURLRequestContext (since we previously didn't DCHECK for Android OS).\n\nBug: 936735, 902658\nTest: run_webview_instrumentation_test_apk \\\nTest: --enable-features=NetworkService,NetworkServiceInProcess\nChange-Id: I5e3276d98c9b8b86aaa8bbfaa52a60a52aa42e40\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Nate Fischer <>\nReviewed-by: Patrick Noland <>\nReviewed-by: Changwan Ryu <>\nReviewed-by: John Abd-El-Malek <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641765}", "parents": [ "68d16e435d9e78f63020cc266fe23e181247275f" ], "tree": "4070d0571375ef013b5da9abd377ac98ed42937c" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Piotr Bialecki", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:25:50 2019" }, "commit": "68d16e435d9e78f63020cc266fe23e181247275f", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:25:50 2019" }, "message": "Fix crash in AR instrumentation tests\n\nThe issue is that we attempt to reuse mojo bindings in ArCoreGl. Fix for\nnow is to close all bindings when ArCoreGl::CreateSession() gets\ninvoked. Additionally, this patch will also make ArCoreGl register an\nerror handler for its mojo bindings.\n\nBug: 942692\nChange-Id: Iadd982c97f499bd95e968c109a2535ec2901da4c\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Bill Orr <>\nCommit-Queue: Piotr Bialecki <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641764}", "parents": [ "e4152da0abed8675d13039c46b81a89a3ed0dd9d" ], "tree": "93fa01dc0ca43828c28059513cb1fe54245f87fe" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Michael Lippautz", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:21:23 2019" }, "commit": "e4152da0abed8675d13039c46b81a89a3ed0dd9d", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:21:23 2019" }, "message": "histograms: Add labels for unified heap GC\n\nBug: 843903\nChange-Id: I1d325d18f8ff1aea1b36dd117a7ee4bc143e7cbe\nReviewed-on:\nAuto-Submit: Michael Lippautz <>\nCommit-Queue: Robert Kaplow <>\nReviewed-by: Robert Kaplow <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641763}", "parents": [ "e1cbda8a3f3287a2a3ea264c0c7659d66b8a8b0f" ], "tree": "aa57400bdf6225923fda9eb90972c6f611389fc6" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Johannes Henkel", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:17:03 2019" }, "commit": "e1cbda8a3f3287a2a3ea264c0c7659d66b8a8b0f", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:17:03 2019" }, "message": "Make HttpServer interface more precise to reduce copying.\n\nOnWebSocketMessage receives an std::string, so now it can be moved.\nSendOverWebSocket accepts a base::StringPiece data, so now it can\ncome from anything that provides such bytes (e.g. a vector of bytes),\nnot just from std::string.\n\nThis change is similar to\n\nand\n\nwhich I submitted earlier.\n\nChange-Id: I8a4eed11f46867158b67f24953ffcf801b6bf4b7\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Tom Sepez <>\nReviewed-by: Dmitry Gozman <>\nCommit-Queue: Johannes Henkel <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641762}", "parents": [ "3316358ad559f3cf2cb57fed7bbee36dc13d41c1" ], "tree": "2c3c7959e0fad22ed36a407da206375b8e569efe" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Xianzhu Wang", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:16:35 2019" }, "commit": "3316358ad559f3cf2cb57fed7bbee36dc13d41c1", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:16:35 2019" }, "message": "[Non-BGPT] Don't invalidate raster on start/end of animation\n\nIn non-BGPT, don't induce effect and filter nodes for transform\nanimation, and don't induce filter node for opacity animation.\n\nThis reverts non-BGPT to the state before\n which accidentally\nchanged the condition for non-BGPT effect and filter nodes.\n\nBug: 942681\nChange-Id: I9a289f2eb3cd1a1f111e3d76f53be324d08ef68f\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Philip Rogers <>\nCommit-Queue: Xianzhu Wang <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641761}", "parents": [ "8fa44e8b6f939cee5f03ce25a239901ad4295013" ], "tree": "8232f17a79b5f5634637fc14c16855e09306ad74" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Toni Barzic", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:12:54 2019" }, "commit": "8fa44e8b6f939cee5f03ce25a239901ad4295013", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:12:54 2019" }, "message": "Delay public session login until associated policy store load\n\nPublic session login fails if attempted before the cloud policy store is\nloaded, which might happen if login is attempted with short delay (e.g.\n0) auto login policy.\n\nBUG=938973, 942689\n\nChange-Id: I3a64a0dda2ab9b5a98525dee508fc457e478401d\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Toni Bar\u017ei\u0107 <>\nReviewed-by: Jacob Dufault <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641760}", "parents": [ "6a0038632bc08750f20df1574d078bdb173b9643" ], "tree": "c8a427c3f4fb663188c856019e492bbc7ce45327" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Patrick Noland", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:09:35 2019" }, "commit": "6a0038632bc08750f20df1574d078bdb173b9643", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:09:35 2019" }, "message": "Revert \"[Chromeshine] Hook up in-memory components to persistence\"\n\nThis reverts commit 5e4ec2489fb091b79055fe8748530fb82b76becb.\n\nReason for revert: Bad merge caused wrong patchset to get committed\n\nOriginal change's description:\n> [Chromeshine] Hook up in-memory components to persistence\n> \n> This CL makes a large number changes to account for the\n> fact that UsageStatsService operations are now async. The major upshot\n> is that promises are used instead of actual values. If data has been loaded,\n> then promises are fulfilled immediately. Otherwise, they're fulfilled once\n> the database is loaded. There is a corresponding downstream change that\n> adjusts UsageStatsBrowserService to account for this.\n> \n> There are also a couple bug fixes; usage stats database needs to split its\n> databases into different folders, so that is fixed.\n> \n> Bug: 939456\n> Change-Id: I0869318b5733ea6cb496af31224c6e9c93030fb5\n> Reviewed-on:\n> Commit-Queue: Patrick Noland <>\n> Reviewed-by: Filip Gorski <>\n> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641699}\n\,,\n\nChange-Id: Ic8d6b7d66bbd630e729fb2882ab2afc23875dea5\nNo-Presubmit: true\nNo-Tree-Checks: true\nNo-Try: true\nBug: 939456\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Patrick Noland <>\nCommit-Queue: Patrick Noland <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641759}", "parents": [ "39586ceb77b77e4ccc44d77828c52c5e0da3ca31" ], "tree": "7152ca095de30717b19984bf91bd5082668c2e8a" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Lutz Justen", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:08:14 2019" }, "commit": "39586ceb77b77e4ccc44d77828c52c5e0da3ca31", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 21:08:14 2019" }, "message": "Add Kerberos client\n\nAdds a real and a fake implementation of a D-Bus client that talks to\nthe Kerberos daemon in Chrome OS.\n\nBUG=chromium:933798\nTEST=Validated the fake and real implementation with custom test code\n\nChange-Id: Ic4f025c87ed17f242c383c42d00972e9c5606c4a\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Steven Bennetts <>\nReviewed-by: Dan Erat <>\nReviewed-by: Roman Sorokin [CET] <>\nCommit-Queue: Lutz Justen <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641758}", "parents": [ "d37748b81e3872f110b767da94178d9cc26c7c55" ], "tree": "438783f3a1d665e887e0225a50912e259100cc24" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Devlin Cronin", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:59:31 2019" }, "commit": "d37748b81e3872f110b767da94178d9cc26c7c55", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:59:31 2019" }, "message": "[Extensions Bindings] Remove obsolete native handlers from //extensions\n\nWith Native Extension Bindings, some native handlers are no longer used\n(because the JS resources that called into them are also obsolete).\nRemove the methods and classes that are unnecessary from //extensions.\n\nBug: 938998\nChange-Id: Ic9978fe467613312a4ad633cfdec3759f94f168f\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Jeremy Roman <>\nReviewed-by: Luke Halliwell <>\nCommit-Queue: Devlin <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641757}", "parents": [ "d88a116b1050d76a59ae4d85c31bc7b561d35200" ], "tree": "7d23f7dc147eb22781e4b06110bb5718eeb57382" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Eugene But", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:59:15 2019" }, "commit": "d88a116b1050d76a59ae4d85c31bc7b561d35200", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:59:15 2019" }, "message": "Fix WKBasedNavigationManagerImpl::CommitPendingItem for back forward navigations.\n\nThe change mirrors LegacyNavigationManagerImpl::CommitPendingItem\nimplementation by calling CommitPendingItem() if pending item index\nis not -1.\n\nBug: 899827\nChange-Id: Iab6459b6673e2a2d0e413728de4b870affb30956\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Justin Cohen <>\nCommit-Queue: Eugene But <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641756}", "parents": [ "37ab79b64b18c68a048ffd03f8ada0d62494d104" ], "tree": "7bcce3ca632af96d30a1bc1dca4745507722c34f" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Nate Fischer", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:54:37 2019" }, "commit": "37ab79b64b18c68a048ffd03f8ada0d62494d104", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:54:37 2019" }, "message": "AW: simplify JNI in cookie_manager\n\nNo expected change to behavior, this should be a refactor.\n\nThis leverages RunBooleanCallbackAndroid to simplify the JNI callback\ncode in\n\nIt also avoids passing in null Callback Java instances, so this adds a\nDCHECK to enforce the JavaRef is non-null.\n\nBug: 932535\nTest: run_webview_instrumentation_test_apk -f=CookieManagerTest#*\nChange-Id: I3f0616bbc141603ac20e912d8b235d2cb5d2736d\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Nate Fischer <>\nReviewed-by: Richard Coles <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641755}", "parents": [ "424f33edffd4e873ee0983d9067b33ce6fe49cfe" ], "tree": "fd92137f29dcd11e1ca45b6eb869dabec2cec046" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Oksana Zhuravlova", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:53:21 2019" }, "commit": "424f33edffd4e873ee0983d9067b33ce6fe49cfe", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:53:21 2019" }, "message": "Reland \"Move credential_manager.mojom to third_party/blink/public/mojom/\"\n\nThis is a reland of ee9a12a0b094cb187c53ecd180580cb93d0ffa40\n\nThe reland adds a missed update to\nto include the credential_manager header from the new location.\n\nOriginal change's description:\n> Move credential_manager.mojom to third_party/blink/public/mojom/\n>\n> This change moves credential_manager.mojom to\n> third_party/blink/public/mojom. This allows making a follow-up change\n> where document_interface_broker.mojom depends on credential_manager.mojom\n> without creating a circular dependency:\n> //third_party/blink/public:mojo_bindings ->\n> //third_party/blink/public/mojom:mojom_platform\n> (document_interface_broker) ->\n> //third_party/blink/public:mojo_bindings\n> (credential_manager).\n>\n> Also there is a # TODO: Move these into blink/public/mojom.\n>\n> Bug: 936482\n>\n> Change-Id: Ia160559a665d74a77a1b20b506812b6b7c6536b1\n> Reviewed-on:\n> Reviewed-by: Kentaro Hara <>\n> Reviewed-by: Tom Sepez <>\n> Reviewed-by: Vasilii Sukhanov <>\n> Commit-Queue: Oksana Zhuravlova <>\n> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641503}\n\\n\nBug: 936482\nChange-Id: Ib2fed536124094d1fdde49d142b3ce0b0bedc45b\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Kentaro Hara <>\nReviewed-by: Vasilii Sukhanov <>\nReviewed-by: Tom Sepez <>\nCommit-Queue: Oksana Zhuravlova <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641754}", "parents": [ "5381a53cc54b24fdcd08ec72b8669554386d014e" ], "tree": "1c5eefea0b4f871dba0806fc6b213519696fb969" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Peter Bostr\u00f6m", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:43:35 2019" }, "commit": "5381a53cc54b24fdcd08ec72b8669554386d014e", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:43:35 2019" }, "message": "Move observable changes into InkDropEventHandler\n\nThis specifically moves InkDropHostView::OnBoundsChanged and\n::VisibilityChanged into InkDropEventHandler, using the corresponding\nViewObserver APIs.\n\nNote that there's no API corresponding to ::ViewHierarchyChanged so a\nTODO is left to make sure that we can observe when the host gets removed\nfrom the hierarchy.\n\nBug: chromium:939419\nChange-Id: Iec2d36cd1977afe9ede897e753fd95b3069986dd\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Collin Baker <>\nCommit-Queue: Peter Bostr\u00f6m <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641753}", "parents": [ "fa556b475748f2e6f2aeff230952c92f1ea17aa2" ], "tree": "e60a3c68fdec0b9fa539401155890fe5a09dcf0a" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "chromium-autoroll", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:40:06 2019" }, "commit": "fa556b475748f2e6f2aeff230952c92f1ea17aa2", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:40:06 2019" }, "message": "Roll src/third_party/skia 252996c72d2c..4a20dbeaf31a (13 commits)\n\n\n\n\ngit log 252996c72d2c..4a20dbeaf31a --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'\n2019-03-18 Revert \"Add small offset to t in GrLinearGradientLayout.\"\n2019-03-18 Mark tmp path in shadow utils as volatile\n2019-03-18 shard failing bots\n2019-03-18 rework --ignoreSigInt\n2019-03-18 Roll third_party/externals/swiftshader 036614c8468c..1cef4e693fc3 (1 commits)\n2019-03-18 Reland \"Disable coverage counting by default\"\n2019-03-18 Revert \"Disable coverage counting by default\"\n2019-03-18 [canvaskit] Various cleanups around docs/build\n2019-03-18 Unblock Flutter\n2019-03-18 Roll ../src ad85caa87461..69be71e10036 (116 commits)\n2019-03-18 Suppress /RTCc error about losing information during case to smaller type\n2019-03-18 Add small offset to t in GrLinearGradientLayout.\n2019-03-18 Roll third_party/externals/swiftshader 00424c1bc233..036614c8468c (2 commits)\n\n\nCreated with:\n gclient setdep -r src/third_party/skia@4a20dbeaf31a\n\nThe AutoRoll server is located here:\n\nDocumentation for the AutoRoller is here:\n\n\nIf the roll is causing failures, please contact the current sheriff, who should\nbe CC'd on the roll, and stop the roller if necessary.\n\nCQ_INCLUDE_TRYBOTS=luci.chromium.try:android_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:linux-blink-rel;luci.chromium.try:linux-chromeos-compile-dbg;luci.chromium.try:linux_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:mac_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:win_optional_gpu_tests_rel\n\nBUG=chromium:938592,chromium:938592\\n\nChange-Id: Id6541dde1c2536ae7a9d93db16ecdac5c950b8bf\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: chromium-autoroll <>\nCommit-Queue: chromium-autoroll <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641752}", "parents": [ "fabbb29429ff490291c636e42d4ad68783f38c07" ], "tree": "f414300db89b8d6eefd90041e1b651161ca564bb" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Mathieu Perreault", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:34:45 2019" }, "commit": "fabbb29429ff490291c636e42d4ad68783f38c07", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:34:45 2019" }, "message": "Removing mathp@ from owners of components/leveldb_proto\n\nChange-Id: If897648b06eba5ced5c81afbaae72d2850407758\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Tommy Nyquist <>\nCommit-Queue: Tommy Nyquist <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641751}", "parents": [ "484648051f4fd3a11fce9e0caf70848c0c576eef" ], "tree": "9ec7c9982c2a84b2c93887f6b80000a9e6570372" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Vadym Doroshenko", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:34:06 2019" }, "commit": "484648051f4fd3a11fce9e0caf70848c0c576eef", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:34:06 2019" }, "message": "Removed expired metric PasswordManager.SendPasswordFormToBrowserProcess.\n\nBug: 930919\nChange-Id: I1d546809b1e47c0a51367c3945ca61fbd607b946\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Maxim Kolosovskiy <>\nReviewed-by: Steven Holte <>\nCommit-Queue: Vadym Doroshenko <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641750}", "parents": [ "9294fcf1591dcc10e69ffddb70890d0e3c5b6594" ], "tree": "98893f830307b8959b6facdd1fdbd30ad5bae1f0" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Qingsi Wang", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:21:52 2019" }, "commit": "9294fcf1591dcc10e69ffddb70890d0e3c5b6594", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:21:52 2019" }, "message": "Revert \"Move the getUserMedia gating of mDNS protection to FilteringNetworkManager.\"\n\nThis reverts commit 6130949eaaf724cec6c90b2b54515b9e3dfe81e1.\n\nReason for revert: this change breaks the canary.\n\\n\nOriginal change's description:\n> Move the getUserMedia gating of mDNS protection to FilteringNetworkManager.\n>\n> Our previous implementation would destroy the connection to the mDNS\n> responder service host when the media capture permission is granted.\n> As a result, any mDNS candidate created before the grant would become\n> unresolvable. This issue is particularly evident when we have multiple\n> peer connections of the same origin, where a newly created peer\n> connection would temporarily toggle the permission to blocked before\n> restoring the granted status if the user did give the permission. This\n> could cause a peer connection created earlier and in the process of ICE\n> candidate gathering to perform unnecessary mDNS obfuscation. After this\n> change, the connection to the mDNS responder service host keeps alive,\n> but just becomes unavailable for registration of new names when we have\n> permissions granted.\n>\n> Bug: 930339, 937992\n> Change-Id: I8ccdf0e6b578bc9e327337c6fbd102cdc542d15c\n> Reviewed-on:\n> Commit-Queue: Qingsi Wang <>\n> Reviewed-by: Sergey Ulanov <>\n> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641046}\n\,\n\n# Not skipping CQ checks because original CL landed > 1 day ago.\n\nBug: 930339, 937992\nChange-Id: I6f07087bceb320300e536a8c867fac8d8cd5a557\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Steve Anton <>\nReviewed-by: Sergey Ulanov <>\nCommit-Queue: Qingsi Wang <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641749}", "parents": [ "f9c0b1eca6b69172d4530ecd8e842c73bc338823" ], "tree": "a2f35a26bc0e5d49fe334927be7f69f5ba400ae3" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "David Benjamin", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:21:04 2019" }, "commit": "f9c0b1eca6b69172d4530ecd8e842c73bc338823", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:21:04 2019" }, "message": "Detect RSA-PSS support in NSS keys.\n\nThis will change the error from ERR_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_SIGNATURE_FAILED to\nERR_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_NO_COMMON_ALGORITHMS and allow us to consider doing\nsomething more clever, if we can find an arrangement that doesn't\nintroduce a downgrade vulnerability.\n\nTested manually with a PKCS#11 module that didn't support PSS.\n\nBug: 924284\nChange-Id: Ia49ddd3d9a2ee5e0a9af177e3af1cafe63447bcd\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Ryan Sleevi <>\nAuto-Submit: David Benjamin <>\nReviewed-by: Ryan Sleevi <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641748}", "parents": [ "8ff1d2b7351cd8a931fec5a4c003b231ccedb742" ], "tree": "e9b055ec01ee7ad8a9e96eff4fc8e6efc1e98ec7" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "James Cook", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:18:56 2019" }, "commit": "8ff1d2b7351cd8a931fec5a4c003b231ccedb742", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:18:56 2019" }, "message": "Add mnissler as TPM firmware update owner\n\nBug: none\nChange-Id: I16a94d1ddeecf6b31d150cad23c6e6ed33c70902\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Dan Erat <>\nReviewed-by: Mattias Nissler <>\nCommit-Queue: James Cook <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641747}", "parents": [ "d1a6a2b70245dee786d6229fcdaacc6f41992dee" ], "tree": "5bcaa5240b74085cbb48067bdf24d8aacbcb0452" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Andrew Grieve", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:18:17 2019" }, "commit": "d1a6a2b70245dee786d6229fcdaacc6f41992dee", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:18:17 2019" }, "message": "Android: Add M74 to\n\nChange-Id: I0657cffa9c08358fbb2e922176d6c5aba8b1c488\nReviewed-on:\nAuto-Submit: Andrew Grieve <>\nReviewed-by: Eric Stevenson <>\nCommit-Queue: Andrew Grieve <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641746}", "parents": [ "d7bc037170d0851b9f67c49aaab6f88fb2a3e7a3" ], "tree": "53d4e7a236c337176c1c406c8a8b327ece85da90" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Katie D", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:17:43 2019" }, "commit": "d7bc037170d0851b9f67c49aaab6f88fb2a3e7a3", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:17:43 2019" }, "message": "Updates auto alt strings per request.\n\nBug: 943160\nChange-Id: I316d1432510c22eb5aeb4b6888c48f256a744e6b\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Nektarios Paisios <>\nCommit-Queue: Nektarios Paisios <>\nCommit-Queue: Katie Dektar <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641745}", "parents": [ "ba1db3499f2693ae37f5b44e754cdd3d01a07aea" ], "tree": "7e1abfd0656b09f903cee3dd10f134721b5357df" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Matt Menke", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:14:38 2019" }, "commit": "ba1db3499f2693ae37f5b44e754cdd3d01a07aea", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:14:38 2019" }, "message": "Remove simulated DNS errors from SetPriority ConnectJob tests.\n\nConnectJobs used to sit on top of lower layer socket pools, so a number\nof SetPriority tests with multiple loop iterations had to simulate a DNS\nerror at the end of each iteration to remove a pending ConnectJob from\na lower layer pool, to avoid affecting the next loop iterations. Now\nthat ConnectJobs no longer call into lower layer SocketPools, that logic\ncan safely be removed.\n\nBug: 927088, 472729\nChange-Id: I42e70b01dc21c9c1933775cc6694459a39abf8b4\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Asanka Herath <>\nCommit-Queue: Matt Menke <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641744}", "parents": [ "f3d3c67414d3add04bf95004336dd2ca835b8a95" ], "tree": "0daff9da3c5fd6ef9993f8b912549eeb77133542" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Philip Rogers", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:10:27 2019" }, "commit": "f3d3c67414d3add04bf95004336dd2ca835b8a95", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:10:27 2019" }, "message": "Remove ProxyImpl::input_throttled_until_commit_ and associated code\n\nThis patch removes ProxyImpl::input_throttled_until_commit_ and\n\nused.\n\nProxyImpl: :SetInputThrottledUntilCommitOnImpl and\nProxyMain: :NotifyInputThrottledUntilCommit because the code is no longer\nChange-Id: Ic73f9177d8a42e4e84a8265855550976b01e2021\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: enne <>\nCommit-Queue: Philip Rogers <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641743}", "parents": [ "e00f5d872ad856f8882c730a06ca212fab5b9904" ], "tree": "72b95194c2a93f8aafb8e70c0fcbb2ee293e9ce7" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "sczs", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:09:51 2019" }, "commit": "e00f5d872ad856f8882c730a06ca212fab5b9904", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:09:51 2019" }, "message": "[ios] InfobarBanner UI tweaks\n\n- Makes the drop shadow more prominent.\n- Fades in the banner during its presentation animation.\n\nBug: 911864\nChange-Id: Ie43af0862e428872100456317afcd53c2ccd259c\nReviewed-on:\nAuto-Submit: Sergio Collazos <>\nReviewed-by: Chris Lu <>\nCommit-Queue: Sergio Collazos <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641742}", "parents": [ "c160aed58b050d7501852f3a60952c84b7aed2d0" ], "tree": "34256e0611c5be401d7d554ea25122932a2f5ec8" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "David Bokan", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:06:51 2019" }, "commit": "c160aed58b050d7501852f3a60952c84b7aed2d0", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:06:51 2019" }, "message": "Fix Spatial Navigation Looping\n\nNodeRectInRootFrame returns the bounding box of a given node in root\nframe coordinates. This is used to intersect with the root frame rect to\ndetermine when an element is on or off screen.\n\nUnfortunately, in some cases the bounding box returned by\nContainerNode::BoundingBox() is empty (but with location). This leads to\nfalse-positives when checking if an element is offscreen causing spatial\nnavigation to start the search from the viewport's top, trapping the\nuser in a loop.\n\nBoundingBox calls LayoutObject::AbsoluteBoundingBoxRectHelper. This\nmethod uses the upper-left and lower right corner of the first and\nlast child of the node. In the provided test case, this fails as the\nfirst child is positioned way to the right of the last child (text node)\nand clipped. This results in an empty rect being returned.\n\nThis CL fixes the issue by simply ensuring the rect has some size so\nthat the location (which should be approximately correct) is still used.\nI tried using the AbsoluteBoundingBoxRect instead which handles this case\ncorrectly but broke the snav-imagemap-overlapped-areas.html test. It\nappears to not correctly compute bounding boxes for image elements inside\nan anchor (for e.g.).\n\nBug: 920578\nChange-Id: I059ea0d91b08be86d001876725a667c38f01fa78\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Emil A Eklund <>\nCommit-Queue: David Bokan <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641741}", "parents": [ "6a1297e45f59190121cd4b43be7fc96eb4196506" ], "tree": "fee779ddc667e0ba615312699eda508a111dcb05" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "chromium-autoroll", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:05:24 2019" }, "commit": "6a1297e45f59190121cd4b43be7fc96eb4196506", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:05:24 2019" }, "message": "Roll src/third_party/depot_tools efe902b20b6a..b542cca26697 (1 commits)\n\n\n\n\ngit log efe902b20b6a..b542cca26697 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'\n2019-03-18 git_test_utils: Copy os.environ in get_git_commit_env()\n\n\nCreated with:\n gclient setdep -r src/third_party/depot_tools@b542cca26697\n\nThe AutoRoll server is located here:\n\nDocumentation for the AutoRoller is here:\n\n\nIf the roll is causing failures, please contact the current sheriff, who should\nbe CC'd on the roll, and stop the roller if necessary.\n\n\\n\nChange-Id: Ie4b30987a35939f3256e3636af456a9db5587f94\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: chromium-autoroll <>\nCommit-Queue: chromium-autoroll <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641740}", "parents": [ "eff4bc6dd37a296e2a9b1ea44d21b1797178e46f" ], "tree": "8b18c8d9673d63cfa0b1b041f39ea81745811249" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Mitsuru Oshima", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:04:23 2019" }, "commit": "eff4bc6dd37a296e2a9b1ea44d21b1797178e46f", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:04:23 2019" }, "message": "Do not check if reporting has started.\n\nThe overview animation can continue from the previous one,\nso it shouldn't check if it's started.\n\nBug: 923159\nTest: none\nChange-Id: Iec70a1ffff8a070073fe887c3a594c9577a695d7\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Alex Newcomer <>\nCommit-Queue: Mitsuru Oshima <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641739}", "parents": [ "739786a9677f1de5506abc794d035e1d92a7ab56" ], "tree": "ef747d628e4ea886f61268b1dd297f751c11c25e" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "chromium-internal-autoroll", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:01:22 2019" }, "commit": "739786a9677f1de5506abc794d035e1d92a7ab56", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 20:01:22 2019" }, "message": "Roll src-internal 28645ae1d8fb..b97f27935ca1 (5 commits)\n\n\n\n\nCreated with:\n gclient setdep -r src-internal@b97f27935ca1\n\nThe AutoRoll server is located here:\n\nDocumentation for the AutoRoller is here:\n\n\nIf the roll is causing failures, please contact the current sheriff, who should\nbe CC'd on the roll, and stop the roller if necessary.\n\\n\nBUG=chromium:942176\,,,,\n\nChange-Id: Ie1ffd0425e39406e673047c2d8c776c04d2b3dd2\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: chromium-internal-autoroll <>\nCommit-Queue: chromium-internal-autoroll <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641738}", "parents": [ "7feadb2d0b65a8d09beee807cd48af727b0260c4" ], "tree": "cb1cc23a1d73bc8655bccb213667d406179014dc" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "dpapad", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:58:01 2019" }, "commit": "7feadb2d0b65a8d09beee807cd48af727b0260c4", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:58:01 2019" }, "message": "Replace i18n-values with $i18n{} mechanism in chrome://slow debug page.\n\nAlso minor cleanups:\n - Remove invalid width=100% HTML attribute\n - Remove unnecessary CSS classes.\n - Remove unnecessary <script> dependencies\n - Remove unnecessary usage of Grit's flattenhtml=\"true\"\n - Add compress=\"gzip\" for chrome://slow resources.\n\nBug: 677338\nChange-Id: I1879e414e845809e2d778a23961e379c9a2b74a5\nReviewed-on:\nAuto-Submit: Demetrios Papadopoulos <>\nReviewed-by: Steven Bennetts <>\nCommit-Queue: Demetrios Papadopoulos <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641737}", "parents": [ "ce0a3246c81341897a41f789f777999e7ccf616d" ], "tree": "ff6a8bc0f7816e2c5119442b12f0fa4c34c9703e" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "David Black", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:56:51 2019" }, "commit": "ce0a3246c81341897a41f789f777999e7ccf616d", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:56:51 2019" }, "message": "Add unique prefix to Assistant alarm/timer notifications.\n\nWhen we uprev the new Alarm/Timer APIs from LibAssistant, alarm/timer\nIDs are expected to be of the form \"1\"...\"n\". This is not unique enough\nto be used directly as notification ID without risking collision.\n\nTo address this, we prefix alarm/timer notifications with a statically\ndefined string sequence that is (hopefully) unique. This notification\nID, not the true alarm/timer ID, is used when creating or checking for\nthe existence of alarm/timer notifications.\n\nBug: b:128035835\nChange-Id: I416c89f1e852da3a82d7aaf08d2b52ad2dc32177\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: David Black <>\nReviewed-by: Xiaohui Chen <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641736}", "parents": [ "cf3ea8cfbd1d09699fbfccf340152a5e2f0a2aee" ], "tree": "455a586a8322aa53d66ad6788675059999ff9a64" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "David Black", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:56:45 2019" }, "commit": "cf3ea8cfbd1d09699fbfccf340152a5e2f0a2aee", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:56:45 2019" }, "message": "Renames Assistant's BaseLogoView to LogoView.\n\nThis is the second part of an effort to perform the following rename:\nLogoView --> LogoViewImpl\nBaseLogoView --> LogoView\n\nThe first part of the effort was reviewed in:\n\n\nBug: b:b:111571925\nChange-Id: I280002fe89d68bb337583528da4bb52070ba3452\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: David Black <>\nReviewed-by: Xiyuan Xia <>\nReviewed-by: Xiaohui Chen <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641735}", "parents": [ "42808cce55a8f6155d967af255a19f2b72e4c5b5" ], "tree": "d620a45af9138a5f69f0d429c4c91d4f8f33db55" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "kylechar", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:49:25 2019" }, "commit": "42808cce55a8f6155d967af255a19f2b72e4c5b5", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:49:25 2019" }, "message": "Call SetActiveURL() from InProcessCommandBuffer.\n\nWith OOP-D the display compositor context was never setting the active\nURL. The \"active URL\" is really just a string added as crash key to help\ndiagnose GPU process crashes. Implement this functionality for\nInProcessCommandBuffer for OOP-D display compositor.\n\nAdd ContextUrl to hold GURL + hash used for setting active URL. Also\nmove the logic to set the crash key into a static function in ContextUrl\nto avoid virtual function calls.\n\nBug: 941806\nChange-Id: I294f8247e50544934a1a2eb1ef77a3bcac00d50c\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: kylechar <>\nReviewed-by: Antoine Labour <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641734}", "parents": [ "343d8acc0594186efabe62f7641acf4da438ddd9" ], "tree": "9baa83debc20d4614f6a26236159d60301c0b0a7" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Staphany Park", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:48:01 2019" }, "commit": "343d8acc0594186efabe62f7641acf4da438ddd9", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:48:01 2019" }, "message": "Roll src/third_party/googletest/src/ efecb0bfa..8b6d3f9c4 (5 commits)\n\n\n\n$ git log efecb0bfa..8b6d3f9c4 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'\n2019-03-04 absl-team Googletest export\n2019-03-04 absl-team Googletest export\n2019-02-28 absl-team Googletest export\n2019-02-26 absl-team Googletest export\n2019-03-01 carlo Minor build system fixes.\n\nCreated with:\n roll-dep src/third_party/googletest/src\n\nChange-Id: I8d79d6846ef8ebb8e6f62c32364fff6800f60ab2\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Victor Costan <>\nAuto-Submit: Staphany Park <>\nReviewed-by: Victor Costan <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641733}", "parents": [ "d03101846af0aa638f1aa75e33336047d388be39" ], "tree": "8b3bc6d9d9bfad512978e760bb98f575cd27b1ce" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Andrew Grieve", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:44:52 2019" }, "commit": "d03101846af0aa638f1aa75e33336047d388be39", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:44:52 2019" }, "message": "Add COMPONENT for //services/net\n\nUseful for binary size attribution\n\nChange-Id: Ic17fe16c30e3a09995ea8732cabbf9a6849c93cf\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Matt Menke <>\nCommit-Queue: Matt Menke <>\nAuto-Submit: Andrew Grieve <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641732}", "parents": [ "60874868817c4d4369d75f371a45e6ee1b07e152" ], "tree": "7ed9e1014596846730e07a0aaac91bc988663b29" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Ahmed Fakhry", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:41:08 2019" }, "commit": "60874868817c4d4369d75f371a45e6ee1b07e152", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:41:08 2019" }, "message": "Revert \"Remove unnecessary looping over all root windows\"\n\nThis reverts commit 822d38eacde7849678cc7cca74b75d0c5f4ed773.\n\nReason for revert: Breaks window magnetism when dragging to an external display.\n\nOriginal change's description:\n> Remove unnecessary looping over all root windows\n> \n> We don't need to check magnitism between windows\n> on different roots/displays. We should just use\n> the same root of the window being dragged.\n> \n> BUG=942728\n> \n> Change-Id: Iffbdcc9fef29c84fe090a8c50dde88e4a387dc2f\n> Reviewed-on:\n> Reviewed-by: Mitsuru Oshima <>\n> Commit-Queue: Ahmed Fakhry <>\n> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641370}\n\,\n\n# Not skipping CQ checks because original CL landed > 1 day ago.\n\nBug: 942728\nChange-Id: If557ff47c288dd3b091aa2a80c81b7b0cd66481f\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Ahmed Fakhry <>\nCommit-Queue: Ahmed Fakhry <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641731}", "parents": [ "a621903d53cf5e8751ddbfbd51a55495b9f2177d" ], "tree": "0a1f9efe22aa4d6aac6c2e481bd502d030201ace" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Avi Drissman", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:39:50 2019" }, "commit": "a621903d53cf5e8751ddbfbd51a55495b9f2177d", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:39:50 2019" }, "message": "Convert to modern JSONReader Value usage in transport_security_state_unittest.\n\nBUG=925165\n\nChange-Id: I0d2689e26f2421f0c56a3e8601e11288e5359907\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Matt Mueller <>\nReviewed-by: Matt Mueller <>\nAuto-Submit: Avi Drissman <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641730}", "parents": [ "b38e0fd839dd2d368c221bf2f1555eeec4377903" ], "tree": "8d6e7d768f3166999c93311320feea116d2fe180" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Etienne Pierre-doray", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:35:38 2019" }, "commit": "b38e0fd839dd2d368c221bf2f1555eeec4377903", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:35:38 2019" }, "message": "[TaskScheduler]: Implement simplified TaskSource.\n\nThis CL implements TaskSource and derives Sequence from it with\nminimal changes.\nTo allow incremental changes:\n- PriorityQueue still uses Sequence. This change will be done as a\n follow-up and is mostly mechanical.\n- TaskSource supports only 1 concurrent worker, so registration logic\n is simplified and Scheduler mostly unchanged.\n\nChange-Id: Ie19833235197e3c4c350b803878be8b546641325\nBug: 839091\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Etienne Pierre-Doray <>\nReviewed-by: Fran\u00e7ois Doray <>\nReviewed-by: Gabriel Charette <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641729}", "parents": [ "d8abfbe952b96b832856004ba52987c94c123114" ], "tree": "8cc39a2a6862e889a134c6c94e076caca182f017" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Jonathan Backer", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:34:53 2019" }, "commit": "d8abfbe952b96b832856004ba52987c94c123114", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:34:53 2019" }, "message": "Copy error over after glCopySubTexture\n\nANGLE does the validation if passthrough is enabled, so copy over the\nerror state to expose to client.\n\nBug: 942658\nChange-Id: I16c657bba1603849da3882f4f19575c78bb8f1f7\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Antoine Labour <>\nCommit-Queue: Jonathan Backer <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641728}", "parents": [ "f56c096a76665f85b620b2d5911d05ca9c76dcf7" ], "tree": "1ed650995de37008e500e8f01ad7e1054369db0a" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Hongchan Choi", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:33:51 2019" }, "commit": "f56c096a76665f85b620b2d5911d05ca9c76dcf7", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:33:51 2019" }, "message": "Remove redundant codes for Autoplay from BaseAudioContext\n\nBug: 942666\nChange-Id: I6160b61308f171abdcc01fa23f219a26c3c97de0\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Raymond Toy <>\nCommit-Queue: Hongchan Choi <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641727}", "parents": [ "6c60031bead34f7557972a7207da5dbf561041d4" ], "tree": "f915dd21d7cdc6debb8f5273c3ee6707fd1ad849" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Daniele Castagna", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:33:45 2019" }, "commit": "6c60031bead34f7557972a7207da5dbf561041d4", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:33:45 2019" }, "message": "exo: Align texture target with SharedImages\n\nExo currently assumes all the dma-buf backed GpuMemoryBuffer should\nuse TEXTURE_EXTERNAL_OES as texture target.\nThis CL removes that assumptions and aligns the texture target to\nwhat SharedImages use.\n\n\nChange-Id: I9165e1d80a7ef29f03eb5e92eb02ab4cf9e7d0c3\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Daniele Castagna <>\nReviewed-by: Andres Calderon Jaramillo <>\nReviewed-by: Antoine Labour <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641726}", "parents": [ "5cfbe4d23a071904244c2914b5777aad1c470a8b" ], "tree": "d6ad85831d68b761c1324e9047620080916a698c" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "James Cook", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:32:40 2019" }, "commit": "5cfbe4d23a071904244c2914b5777aad1c470a8b", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:32:40 2019" }, "message": "Move chromeos JS browser tests to chromeos section in\n\nThen remove GEN(\"#if defined(OS_CHROMEOS)\") blocks.\n\nThis should slightly reduce the amount of generated C++ test code on\nnon-Chrome OS platforms.\n\nBug: none\nChange-Id: I5fbecf575babd0694118e7590030941054900d15\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: James Cook <>\nReviewed-by: Demetrios Papadopoulos <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641725}", "parents": [ "a36fe0bcbda8b2718cd8b9bc72a078afe29df477" ], "tree": "12672b2c623c613901c3748f0587a664998e727e" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Jacob Dufault", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:32:36 2019" }, "commit": "a36fe0bcbda8b2718cd8b9bc72a078afe29df477", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:32:36 2019" }, "message": "cros: Remove ScreenContext usage in UpdateScreen.\n\nBug: 926511\nChange-Id: I0be2550a23984481135a999fa989e2bd33d4c078\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Jacob Dufault <>\nReviewed-by: Toni Bar\u017ei\u0107 <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641724}", "parents": [ "7c9ef91abf1f7feeca6bf891b73b2c7ffd7c3c0d" ], "tree": "2ecd7be83f59003a0b5b31aebcb80a8daa1041ca" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Maksym Onufriienko", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:27:32 2019" }, "commit": "7c9ef91abf1f7feeca6bf891b73b2c7ffd7c3c0d", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Mon Mar 18 19:27:32 2019" }, "message": "Fixed build with disable_brotli_filter=True\n\nI have been working on the issue with\n\n\nERROR at //net/socket/ Include not allowed.\n#include \"third_party/brotli/include/brotli/decode.h\"\n ^-----------------------------------------\nIt is not in any dependency of\n //net:net\nThe include file is in the target(s):\n //third_party/brotli:headers\nwhich should somehow be reachable.\n\nBug: 942672\nChange-Id: If92f904984223eef0d431f990228092ebbadf594\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Maksym Onufriienko <>\nReviewed-by: Adam Langley <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641723}", "parents": [ "dbe6eca48eb5a8352bd336eb0fde2d0824e19b1b" ], "tree": "57766d500d38ce0a735c603aa1e54a5bb3ba7da8" } ], "next": "dbe6eca48eb5a8352bd336eb0fde2d0824e19b1b" }