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{ "log": [ { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Submodules bot", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:32:25 2019" }, "commit": "6bced1917cda40106ccc13760637bda04abbc025", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Submodules bot", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:32:25 2019" }, "message": "Synthetic commit for submodules\n", "parents": [ "9a06dca620672138e6ff33399730f121d86adf9c" ], "tree": "3e6c900eec06c748044c5953e8ad5ee007480abe" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Yusuf Ozuysal", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:31:49 2019" }, "commit": "9a06dca620672138e6ff33399730f121d86adf9c", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:31:49 2019" }, "message": "Multi thumbnail support for GridTabSwitcher\n\nThis pulls out the ThumbnailProvider so that individual parent\ncomponents can create more customized ones. Makes sure we don't update\nthumbnails in the strip.\n\nUsing the above plumbing adds a new MultiThumbnailCardProvider that\nbuilds a Bitmap laying out all related tabs in a single card.\n\nAlso adjusts tab_grid_card_item so that it avoids resizing the image\ninside (which wouldn't work for these multi-thumbnail bitmaps).\n\nBUG=943876\n\nChange-Id: Ifb42d9c48ed8fe5b8ff1d7f263a6b33461bfb392\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Wei-Yin Chen (\u9673\u5a01\u5c39) <>\nCommit-Queue: Yusuf Ozuysal <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643193}", "parents": [ "7dbc88ea9b3adb6ba6abe3b77033f1b5ba432579" ], "tree": "512c13c35b962be79fea7472c3d1794dc5e85238" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Yuly Novikov", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:31:08 2019" }, "commit": "7dbc88ea9b3adb6ba6abe3b77033f1b5ba432579", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:31:08 2019" }, "message": "Add manually triggered trybots for Win and Linux GPU.FYI CI bots\n\nRenames gpu_manual_try_win7_nvidia_rel to gpu-manual-try-win7-nvidia-rel.\n\nMarks all Android, Linux and Windows GPU bots as gpu-slow-bot,\nto accomodate running the manual trybots.\n\nUse android-optional-gpu-try mixin for Android manual trybots for consistency.\n\nBug: 908949\nChange-Id: Iff08b0012c8e2fa9a73e2a73165c5075448b8e98\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Yuly Novikov <>\nReviewed-by: Kenneth Russell <>\nReviewed-by: Ben Pastene <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643192}", "parents": [ "855e1dc231ff571cac3e2577e0ebd604e25eefbe" ], "tree": "6ec687af8324282466ecb599ba72521234407d27" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Shu Chen", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:27:03 2019" }, "commit": "855e1dc231ff571cac3e2577e0ebd604e25eefbe", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:27:03 2019" }, "message": "Moves some types from services/ws/public/mojom/ime to ui/base/ime/mojo.\n\n - ImeTextSpanType\n - ImeTextSpanThickness\n - ImeTextSpan\n - CompositionText\n - FocusReason\n\nBug: 937167\nChange-Id: I25f53bd2ea24b232952d75a061209bbd26bc6ec6\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Scott Violet <>\nReviewed-by: Dominick Ng <>\nCommit-Queue: Shu Chen <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643191}", "parents": [ "52f920094e126037d7f15f0743bf5cde04626b1c" ], "tree": "17ffa0e695368c77ae4cdbb9d2681cd233804cdf" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Dominic Mazzoni", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:26:32 2019" }, "commit": "52f920094e126037d7f15f0743bf5cde04626b1c", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:26:32 2019" }, "message": "Re-enable disabled image annotation tests and address flakiness.\n\nThe flakiness was due to the fact that we were waiting until one\nannotation appeared in the accessibility tree and then asserting that\nall annotations were there. However, due to timing issues it's possible\nthat the annotations might not all arrive at once.\n\nThe new version just blocks until there are 8 annotations in the tree,\nthen asserts that they're correct. This means that if the test succeeds\nit will succeed quickly, but if it fails it might just time out.\n\nI created a new helper, WaitForAccessibilityTreeToChange(), to facilitate\nwriting this type of test.\n\nBug: 940043\nChange-Id: I0d4b784f0b95666cf5b25cdfb6a2ec056f80dd6b\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Dominic Mazzoni <>\nReviewed-by: Katie Dektar <>\nReviewed-by: Avi Drissman <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643190}", "parents": [ "74061539448a4258327e2338adcfa14970c79a3d" ], "tree": "80abfee8300b0258cf4c31ca4ca79ef709a88bd6" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Anand K. Mistry", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:23:23 2019" }, "commit": "74061539448a4258327e2338adcfa14970c79a3d", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:23:23 2019" }, "message": "Reject SMB URLs that don't have a share name.\n\nAlthough these are valid URLs, they cause Samba to browse the server,\nwhich isn't a supported use case (yet). Instead, reject them and show\nthe user the same error as other invalid URLs.\n\nBUG=907207\n\nChange-Id: I287363cf71504f624c27e42e5a0af1adfe5c4c30\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Anand Mistry <>\nReviewed-by: Bailey Berro <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643189}", "parents": [ "61b4d8c01170967c26a33137a7ee4a137ad92831" ], "tree": "840b4877d7976762555b537b4446303d9152fc06" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Andrew Xu", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:22:14 2019" }, "commit": "61b4d8c01170967c26a33137a7ee4a137ad92831", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:22:14 2019" }, "message": "Hide the rounded corners when the virtual keyboard shows\n\nIn clamshell mode, if the app list view is in HALF state and the\nvirtual keyboard shows, the app list view is moved upward to avoid\nthe overlapping area with the virtual keyboard. As a result, its bottom\nside may be on the display edge. Stop showing the rounded corners under\nthis circumstance.\n\nTest: ash_unitests\nBug: 942084\nChange-Id: Iac9b47dbc140afa2cc2cc3f558148e73f9228e0f\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Andrew Xu <>\nReviewed-by: Alex Newcomer <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643188}", "parents": [ "c22e62268be75301990b025e38c43c7c9295af5c" ], "tree": "4dc969990cdee8b69eb35387782108954ca333da" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Brian Sheedy", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:18:57 2019" }, "commit": "c22e62268be75301990b025e38c43c7c9295af5c", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:18:57 2019" }, "message": "Roll goldctl revision\n\nRolls the CIPD revision that gets DEPSed in for goldctl in order to\npick up the fix for trybots not receiving the correct baselines.\n\\n\nBug: 850107\nChange-Id: If3ea0ca96facdcc295dfb3fc236a2344732e7c46\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Brian Sheedy <>\nCommit-Queue: Brian Sheedy <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643187}", "parents": [ "3d0d36c1900957d422c1d173017c114205e1e2fd" ], "tree": "eee55ec1715a8ba3c76db7e9e9452c988ae108c7" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "v8-ci-autoroll-builder", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:06:15 2019" }, "commit": "3d0d36c1900957d422c1d173017c114205e1e2fd", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:06:15 2019" }, "message": "Update V8 to version 7.5.86.\n\nSummary of changes available at:\n\n\nPlease follow these instructions for assigning/CC'ing issues:\n\n\nPlease close rolling in case of a roll revert:\n\nThis only works with a Google account.\n\nCQ_INCLUDE_TRYBOTS=luci.chromium.try:linux-blink-rel;luci.chromium.try:linux_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:mac_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:win_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:android_optional_gpu_tests_rel\n\,\n\nChange-Id: I03574bbe9c7a2be68970d0c3d3200a8e5421e924\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: v8-ci-autoroll-builder <>\nCommit-Queue: v8-ci-autoroll-builder <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643186}", "parents": [ "19e92f6a6088ac35a31d74cbf4d64b32ef54957c" ], "tree": "c829edde9093502d65be221f504970918e1a7439" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "David Benjamin", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:04:49 2019" }, "commit": "19e92f6a6088ac35a31d74cbf4d64b32ef54957c", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:04:49 2019" }, "message": "Use UniquePtrComparator in JobControllerSet.\n\nC++14 extends std::set to fix the std::unique_ptr problem. No sense in\npaying an O(N) removal when we have a std::set.\n\nBug: none\nChange-Id: Ia1f3e352b0e1a9b2344ffff928adb1fd1b87977b\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Zhongyi Shi <>\nAuto-Submit: David Benjamin <>\nReviewed-by: Zhongyi Shi <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643185}", "parents": [ "8b707b83303fb0622abeccc873b84197f646e183" ], "tree": "c3f1c3bda8fb501d9f4de89011a8f45628c0f7f7" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Michael Giuffrida", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:02:30 2019" }, "commit": "8b707b83303fb0622abeccc873b84197f646e183", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:02:30 2019" }, "message": "Change Home button behavior in Kiosk Next\n\nRenames AppListShelfItemDelegate to HomeButtonDelegate and makes it\nuse the AppListController or HomeScreenController depending on whether\nKiosk Next is enabled.\n\nBug: 937549\nTest: AppListShelfItemDelegateTest renamed to HomeScreenControllerTest\n Other app list button functionality already tested in\n\n\nChange-Id: I31f145ff1aabee200e17aa7994fe5a997b05c8ea\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Michael Giuffrida <>\nReviewed-by: James Cook <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643184}", "parents": [ "3c1d1fcfb91f62fd0daffbf8eb3c163793c79b7d" ], "tree": "d3100aa1ea40616f5d765273bf4fd844b2590c43" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Nasko Oskov", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:01:33 2019" }, "commit": "3c1d1fcfb91f62fd0daffbf8eb3c163793c79b7d", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:01:33 2019" }, "message": "Check WebUI on failures only when error page isolation is enabled.\n\nWhen a navigation is blocked with ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT and when\nerror page isolation is disabled, the commit is sent to the process\nthat initiated the navigation. The navigation code also checks\nto ensure we don't send non-WebUI URLs to processes with WebUI\nbindings. However, if the user adds a subframe to a Chrome WebUI\npage through DevTools, this results in hitting the check and\ncrashing the browser. It is suboptimal outcome, so this CL changes\nthe behavior such that we only check for WebUI mismatch if error\npage isolation is enabled, since we are guaranteed to commit the\nnavigation in the error page process, which doesn't have WebUI\nbindings.\n\nBug: 944086\nChange-Id: I060387eb4be5e2a62c25e6261eb5c60d04bf8f7f\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Nasko Oskov <>\nCommit-Queue: Charlie Reis <>\nReviewed-by: Charlie Reis <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643183}", "parents": [ "61abdd038bf0597abf857d3dedfc1fc89a10cbcb" ], "tree": "7c6aa94e52b2fdce4e60d962d3212ee2fbec560e" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Tommy Nyquist", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:01:24 2019" }, "commit": "61abdd038bf0597abf857d3dedfc1fc89a10cbcb", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:01:24 2019" }, "message": "[leveldb_proto] Change factory to be a SimpleKeyedServiceFactory.\n\nUp until now, the leveldb_proto component had two factories for its\nKeyedService, one based on BrowserContext, and one based on BrowserState\n(for iOS). This CL changes the BrowserContext based one to be based\non the SimpleKeyedServiceFactory instead, to make it possible to use\nthe database in reduced mode.\n\nThe new API uses std::unique_ptr<...> instead of raw pointers and\nWrapUnique which the iOS code already did, so now we use that\neverywhere. In addition, the constructor is made public so it can\neasily be used with std::make_unique instead of base::WrapUnique.\n\nAs part of this, its dependencies needed to be updated to retrieve\nthe SimpleFactoryKey from the profile, and also pass in the PrefService,\nsince that's how the API currently works (and there are upcoming plans\nto use the PrefService from leveldb_proto).\n\nLastly, this CL fixes a memory leak in the ProtoDatabaseImpl\nunit tests, and removes unnecessary leveldb_proto namespace usage.\n\nBug: 943354\nChange-Id: I4dd5826ff917ad151a966c57dd7ea00d61b6261d\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: ssid <>\nReviewed-by: Sylvain Defresne <>\nReviewed-by: Xi Han <>\nCommit-Queue: Tommy Nyquist <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643182}", "parents": [ "6839c4fb8d46ae242e2173c0b9d6e77086f0cd8f" ], "tree": "8cb011dbe18acf671d048dfc233b336e6be0c220" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Kyle Horimoto", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:00:24 2019" }, "commit": "6839c4fb8d46ae242e2173c0b9d6e77086f0cd8f", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Fri Mar 22 00:00:24 2019" }, "message": "[CrOS Network] Remove flash of \"Not Connected\" from network detail page.\n\nWhen InternetDetailPage's init() was called, we would set the connection\nstatus for the network to disconnected and wait until we received the\nactual connection state before setting it. In the time between these two\nevents, the page would display \"Not Connected\", which updates in a\njarring fashion when the actual status comes in.\n\nThis CL leaves the connection status empty until it is assigned to\neliminate this jarring transition.\n\nBug: 905986\nChange-Id: Ic8dd0823018e77dfb4707045e5677de582b84ece\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Steven Bennetts <>\nCommit-Queue: Kyle Horimoto <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643181}", "parents": [ "1f6d371ca93c06b1d9390410314e49141875c136" ], "tree": "9c20077391f8c3afe8720ce85c13fdc0923bbb4a" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "chromium-autoroll", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:49:25 2019" }, "commit": "1f6d371ca93c06b1d9390410314e49141875c136", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:49:25 2019" }, "message": "Roll src/third_party/swiftshader 4ecc9d4073ce..b55772e6e7dd (3 commits)\n\n\n\n\ngit log 4ecc9d4073ce..b55772e6e7dd --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'\n2019-03-21 Use Kokoro configs/scripts for SwiftShader under tests/kokoro/ directory\n2019-03-21 Remove remaining UBO & constants junk from DrawData\n2019-03-21 Rename Intermediate::emplace() to move()\n\n\nCreated with:\n gclient setdep -r src/third_party/swiftshader@b55772e6e7dd\n\nThe AutoRoll server is located here:\n\nDocumentation for the AutoRoller is here:\n\n\nIf the roll is causing failures, please contact the current sheriff, who should\nbe CC'd on the roll, and stop the roller if necessary.\n\nCQ_INCLUDE_TRYBOTS=luci.chromium.try:android_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:linux_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:mac_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:win_optional_gpu_tests_rel\\n\nChange-Id: I7aa17ee19d2cf7c17e750473f7d362b9203b82e7\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: chromium-autoroll <>\nCommit-Queue: chromium-autoroll <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643180}", "parents": [ "6aef01e7a53b592d3d80ba5f84ed9ca103cd2d66" ], "tree": "5e7710b028640037d49220217f5abf5665b275ba" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Yann Dago", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:49:14 2019" }, "commit": "6aef01e7a53b592d3d80ba5f84ed9ca103cd2d66", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:49:14 2019" }, "message": "Policy conflicts: Overwriting default policies is not a conflict\n\nBug: 940463\nChange-Id: Ic52ed11f6b4d4aa237f2c58d1c11e974f411507a\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Yann Dago <>\nReviewed-by: Julian Pastarmov <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643179}", "parents": [ "ef92072e7819db939d53ac6ca853308e8d5db38f" ], "tree": "122600c4121273998139d92019949c191ffb5fc1" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Dan Beam", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:43:23 2019" }, "commit": "ef92072e7819db939d53ac6ca853308e8d5db38f", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:43:23 2019" }, "message": "WebUI Dark Mode: update some text colors on Incognito NTP\n\n* Make general page text color GG200 (instead of GG300) to match other\n WebUI pages (asked for by pkasting@/namratakannan@)\n\nNote: I looked into useing NTP_COLOR_{BACKGROUND,LINK} in more places,\nbut it yielded this yucky look in some cases:\n\nScreenshot:\n\\nBUG=925384\n\nChange-Id: I673283696a2efc3fb51eda4e5bc51cd0a4175861\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Dan Beam <>\nReviewed-by: Demetrios Papadopoulos <>\nCommit-Queue: Demetrios Papadopoulos <>\nAuto-Submit: Dan Beam <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643178}", "parents": [ "8b7d776419f7f0ae551b074a82fb7cdf92b40850" ], "tree": "84a0f543a2a64877c4e58b2fd07f089ff0a6d4fb" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "chromium-autoroll", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:42:45 2019" }, "commit": "8b7d776419f7f0ae551b074a82fb7cdf92b40850", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:42:45 2019" }, "message": "Roll Fuchsia SDK from eaac7b7f5bb5 to 0aba3e826b31\n\n\nThe AutoRoll server is located here:\n\nDocumentation for the AutoRoller is here:\n\n\nIf the roll is causing failures, please contact the current sheriff, who should\nbe CC'd on the roll, and stop the roller if necessary.\n\n\nCQ_INCLUDE_TRYBOTS=luci.chromium.try:fuchsia-arm64-cast;luci.chromium.try:fuchsia-x64-cast\\n\nChange-Id: I2de21321714f0e1506d484d1319c918130d83674\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: chromium-autoroll <>\nCommit-Queue: chromium-autoroll <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643177}", "parents": [ "ba8ab3d048f2432d7efc5c84eda80b9b020cd03e" ], "tree": "f8caf9ec4d8370ca97735f4edbf7fe31024d15a4" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Steven Bennetts", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:41:42 2019" }, "commit": "ba8ab3d048f2432d7efc5c84eda80b9b020cd03e", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:41:42 2019" }, "message": "Extract AuthPolicyClient from DBusThreadManager\n\nBug: 644350\nChange-Id: I02fe8831543049a6b90b552679bf25240b386ba9\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Roman Sorokin [CET] <>\nCommit-Queue: Steven Bennetts <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643176}", "parents": [ "00a78cf7c69be970cc4cfc12833c85df3a564309" ], "tree": "bdcda1ac2754899fee6d805914959437b4184f35" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Ken Rockot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:37:06 2019" }, "commit": "00a78cf7c69be970cc4cfc12833c85df3a564309", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:37:06 2019" }, "message": "[mojo-core] Fix transmission of deferred messages\n\nFixes a bug where we lose track of FDs in a message whose transmission\nhad to be deferred beyond a single WriteNoLock call. This issue was\ncaused by a non-default move-constructor not being updated when landing\n\n\nBug: 944566\nChange-Id: I419471907c549715bf2b32eb6f049b7ba4bed5cd\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Steven Bennetts <>\nCommit-Queue: Ken Rockot <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643175}", "parents": [ "f27e981819775efb261aad41cd5e77e0590e32aa" ], "tree": "9a71bac1f47c8b97a3db8ea186ec4424367cb1ad" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Alexei Filippov", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:37:03 2019" }, "commit": "f27e981819775efb261aad41cd5e77e0590e32aa", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:37:03 2019" }, "message": "[heap profiler] Fix ProfileCollectionsScheduler on Android\n\nBUG=884147\n\nChange-Id: I61d04f4e935cb2062b8d5e3cd6d2d8712f3f254a\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: ssid <>\nCommit-Queue: ssid <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643174}", "parents": [ "4757fb83896b551376e320bce458e06108059a05" ], "tree": "e1c77278486bd129af2360af6076d0f32666bc99" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "chromium-autoroll", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:33:25 2019" }, "commit": "4757fb83896b551376e320bce458e06108059a05", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:33:25 2019" }, "message": "Roll src/third_party/skia 0e9401dafeb3..5ad6fd31601a (22 commits)\n\n\n\n\ngit log 0e9401dafeb3..5ad6fd31601a --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'\n2019-03-21 Put SkImageInfo on SkImage to avoid cost of reconstructing for queries.\n2019-03-21 Roll third_party/externals/swiftshader 7bc4f45a391f..603a1b53f72e (2 commits)\n2019-03-21 In viewer measure and show full frame times.\n2019-03-21 de-common some flags\n2019-03-21 Revert \"Fix blurry edges on large ovals.\"\n2019-03-21 Add maksing to SkSL byte code generator to please MSVC's RTC\n2019-03-21 [canvaskit] npm version 0.5.1\n2019-03-21 fix Google3 roll\n2019-03-21 Add font scale and skew in x to viewer.\n2019-03-21 Always draw emoji with GPU.\n2019-03-21 Check for null parameter to SkOffsetSimplePolygon\n2019-03-21 Add new AndroidOne SkottieTracing bot\n2019-03-21 Use YUV effect in drawEdgeAAImageSet\n2019-03-21 DEFINE_int32 + DEFINE_uint32 -> DEFINE_int\n2019-03-21 Remove SkColorSpaceXformCanvas, and supporting code:\n2019-03-21 Fix blurry edges on large ovals.\n2019-03-21 moar static flags\n2019-03-21 New perf-skottietrace recipe\n2019-03-21 refactor for saner constness\n2019-03-21 update SkShader appendStages() fallback plan\n2019-03-21 restore .clang-format\n2019-03-21 Roll third_party/externals/swiftshader 9041bb7c0011..7bc4f45a391f (2 commits)\n\n\nCreated with:\n gclient setdep -r src/third_party/skia@5ad6fd31601a\n\nThe AutoRoll server is located here:\n\nDocumentation for the AutoRoller is here:\n\n\nIf the roll is causing failures, please contact the current sheriff, who should\nbe CC'd on the roll, and stop the roller if necessary.\n\nCQ_INCLUDE_TRYBOTS=luci.chromium.try:android_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:linux-blink-rel;luci.chromium.try:linux-chromeos-compile-dbg;luci.chromium.try:linux_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:mac_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:win_optional_gpu_tests_rel\n\nBUG=chromium:b/110380864,chromium:b/110380864\\n\nChange-Id: Ia6638460a1e34bcb524f78464c30e8da4bd06e52\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: chromium-autoroll <>\nCommit-Queue: chromium-autoroll <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643173}", "parents": [ "f09e9464bfd44184f1c6a3e0481192cb868b7108" ], "tree": "f86608e21fbaf4646d867a34dc10377840700fec" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Dominick Ng", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:33:21 2019" }, "commit": "f09e9464bfd44184f1c6a3e0481192cb868b7108", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:33:21 2019" }, "message": "Convert InstallableCallback to be a OnceCallback.\n\nThis CL makes InstallableCallback a OnceCallback instead of a\nRepeatingCallback. In particular, significant changes are required in\nInstallableTaskQueue to ensure it can handle move-only tasks rather than\ncopyable tasks.\n\nBUG=915945\n\nChange-Id: I4b5c35b20f489ebbbd91149bd0ac382738b93979\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Dominick Ng <>\nReviewed-by: Alan Cutter <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643172}", "parents": [ "7c328879f9abad4fa04d39bd07f1b5325d378df1" ], "tree": "01a6490a43b97098a480827da4440deae56d39f6" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Alexei Filippov", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:31:38 2019" }, "commit": "7c328879f9abad4fa04d39bd07f1b5325d378df1", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:31:38 2019" }, "message": "[heap profiler] Remove profiler start code from HeapProfilerController\n\nThe patch unifies heap profiler startup workflow.\nIt is now controlled through --memlog flag set.\n\nChange-Id: I7bc51925896a1e1be6157920f20f12c9629c259a\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Mike Wittman <>\nReviewed-by: Scott Violet <>\nCommit-Queue: Alexei Filippov <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643171}", "parents": [ "4c499cfaeb0acf254965bb0112de6e9bd21cd8a4" ], "tree": "db54d203ffa1d6f98d0696a064e004082fdcb2b9" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Christopher Grant", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:28:35 2019" }, "commit": "4c499cfaeb0acf254965bb0112de6e9bd21cd8a4", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:28:35 2019" }, "message": "crashpad_stackwalker: Tolerate leading whitespace when finding libs\n\nMinidumps generated by some Monochrome builds have leading whitespace\nahead of the library entries (specifically, a 64-bit bundle build).\nThe existing regex targets the beginning of the line, so just do more\nstripping ahead of time.\n\nChange-Id: Id3ad6adfe693604702c903a80a6cc46d35c6f5ed\nReviewed-on:\nAuto-Submit: Christopher Grant <>\nReviewed-by: Egor Pasko <>\nCommit-Queue: Christopher Grant <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643170}", "parents": [ "56df5cd16b61cb71103f0541be9710a78885b840" ], "tree": "ad0fc1d265cd191ae194e3c05565949c9c0d5dcd" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Christian Biesinger", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:25:30 2019" }, "commit": "56df5cd16b61cb71103f0541be9710a78885b840", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:25:30 2019" }, "message": "Revert \"[css-flexbox] Try changing min-content contribution for overflow: non-visible\"\n\nThis reverts commit 3b177346245b4427d3baf03cfdffd8c877ea5f57.\n\nReason for revert: Not web compatible. Three bugs filed within two weeks of landing. See bug list below. Use counter is pretty high, too.\n\nOriginal change's description:\n> [css-flexbox] Try changing min-content contribution for overflow: non-visible\n>\n> This is an experiment for a spec change the CSSWG is considering:\n>\n>\n> The plan is to land this shortly after the branch point and see what, if any,\n> bug reports we get, as it is otherwise difficult to tell if there is any\n> real-world impact of this change (particular considering that nested\n> flexboxes would hit this codepath).\n>\n> We can revert before the stable release if necessary.\n>\n> Change-Id: I0278653c231be53f3b5123d4915b53c82ee24437\n> Reviewed-on:\n> Commit-Queue: Christian Biesinger <>\n> Reviewed-by: David Grogan <>\n> Reviewed-by: Emil A Eklund <>\n> Auto-Submit: Christian Biesinger <>\n> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#639345}\n\nBug: 944614, 941975, 943496\,,\n\n# Not skipping CQ checks because original CL landed > 1 day ago.\n\nChange-Id: Ia0c17f79eda68025613d2ffa65ec3921c81c5f45\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Christian Biesinger <>\nCommit-Queue: Christian Biesinger <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643169}", "parents": [ "c10c8a70d02c0630790ded9f521ffeb081849f21" ], "tree": "309b1d79220489d04c32056ab807d34d07dab146" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Chris Lu", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:20:37 2019" }, "commit": "c10c8a70d02c0630790ded9f521ffeb081849f21", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:20:37 2019" }, "message": "[ios] Update Find In Page Highlight JavaScript Logic\n\nUpdate //ios/web/ Find In Page JavaScript highlight logic\nnow that JavaScript will be only responsible for highlighting\nmatch for index passed in new function.\n\nBug: 919685\nChange-Id: Ia27cfd05f752123106cd31a0843ea8fa756e6f83\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Eugene But <>\nReviewed-by: Mike Dougherty <>\nCommit-Queue: Chris Lu <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643168}", "parents": [ "8dc94636727bfc824b05ea9502409d85677c174b" ], "tree": "fae377f8286df178d2b40366645f5cbed3eb517e" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Yashar Dabiran", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:18:57 2019" }, "commit": "8dc94636727bfc824b05ea9502409d85677c174b", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:18:57 2019" }, "message": "Add the missing line break for origin trials functions\n\nChanged the code generation script to change the generated code from\n\nif (RuntimeEnabledFeatures::AutoPictureInPictureEnabledByRuntimeFlag())\n return true; if (!RuntimeEnabledFeatures::PictureInPictureAPIEnabled())\n return false;\n\nto\n\nif (RuntimeEnabledFeatures::AutoPictureInPictureEnabledByRuntimeFlag())\n return true;\nif (!RuntimeEnabledFeatures::PictureInPictureAPIEnabled())\n return false;\n\nChange-Id: Ia66013ee44db6125ff78766daadbc138cc721862\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Ian Clelland <>\nCommit-Queue: Yashar Dabiran <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643167}", "parents": [ "defff8a6468761b97e8cddc15a63861ba167ba3f" ], "tree": "fb78a1a11963041f946e05e13e2dc234e16751d6" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "chromium-autoroll", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:16:55 2019" }, "commit": "defff8a6468761b97e8cddc15a63861ba167ba3f", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:16:55 2019" }, "message": "Roll src/third_party/catapult 7849944279a3..f85f3beeea22 (2 commits)\n\n\n\n\ngit log 7849944279a3..f85f3beeea22 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'\n2019-03-21 Dashboard - Remove deprecated telemetry isolate target\n2019-03-21 Fix ecmaVersion and vulcanize redirects in deploy.\n\n\nCreated with:\n gclient setdep -r src/third_party/catapult@f85f3beeea22\n\nThe AutoRoll server is located here:\n\nDocumentation for the AutoRoller is here:\n\n\nIf the roll is causing failures, please contact the current sheriff, who should\nbe CC'd on the roll, and stop the roller if necessary.\n\nCQ_INCLUDE_TRYBOTS=luci.chromium.try:android_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:linux_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:mac_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:win_optional_gpu_tests_rel\n\nBUG=chromium:936039,chromium:918193\\n\nChange-Id: I44b0798dc2aecf71584b5eb8e579c7bbc1f8603f\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: chromium-autoroll <>\nCommit-Queue: chromium-autoroll <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643166}", "parents": [ "3513f7c9dbb841af3e14f5a8a5ddaa2e2ceb559b" ], "tree": "5dc5252ebc91544141cfb6f23044bf8f41dda26b" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Xiao Yang", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:12:03 2019" }, "commit": "3513f7c9dbb841af3e14f5a8a5ddaa2e2ceb559b", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:12:03 2019" }, "message": "Update Assistant feedback string\n\n1. Add a period afer \"..debug info\".\n\nBug: 127351552\nChange-Id: I5e419fd2552ab1f210f53357cf33728cfbc29e54\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Carlos Pizano <>\nCommit-Queue: Xiao Yang <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643165}", "parents": [ "b81ff0324ffa2aff4f7eb6c4c1ace8d92d0bbc4d" ], "tree": "3877c10787da88cf627a7b612b203c17b446bac6" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Ian Prest", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:01:48 2019" }, "commit": "b81ff0324ffa2aff4f7eb6c4c1ace8d92d0bbc4d", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 23:01:48 2019" }, "message": "UIA: Property-changes for new generated events\n\n1. Adds new AXEventGenerator events for all properties that it has easy\naccess to (i.e., properties that already appear in the various\n`ax::mojom::XXXAttribute` enums).\n\n2. Added unit-tests for all new AXEventGenerator events.\n\n3. Generate UIA events based on the new generated events.\n\n4. Update all UIA event-test expectation files.\n\nBug: 928949\nChange-Id: I4d91216ad0ea7dc6a43157e30edf16f2dc17ebdd\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Ian Prest <>\nReviewed-by: Luke Halliwell <>\nReviewed-by: Dominic Mazzoni <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643164}", "parents": [ "e75bb63c6973c3b24a4813cd155947887736f6c1" ], "tree": "c7228a4ddd59679cc26f99e3fcef258943c8e9fd" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Hwanseung Lee", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:55:43 2019" }, "commit": "e75bb63c6973c3b24a4813cd155947887736f6c1", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:55:43 2019" }, "message": "Convert enum to enum class for MenuAnchorPosition\n\nUse enum class instead of enum for MenuAnchorPosition.\nenum class is more type safety.\n\nBug: 940736\nChange-Id: Id7381fc1b04da10680bb4a72b84256ec7e5645c8\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Scott Violet <>\nReviewed-by: Peter Kasting <>\nCommit-Queue: Hwanseung Lee <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643163}", "parents": [ "4bca1c327b22547bd2f28d08b8af1459dd6b42af" ], "tree": "e09fc4ab54be6dfb9ff0c48a69432d15a92a7296" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "May Lippert", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:54:28 2019" }, "commit": "4bca1c327b22547bd2f28d08b8af1459dd6b42af", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:54:28 2019" }, "message": "Settings: Change Add User dialog to not set the input field as invalid initially.\n\nOn first open, the user has not typed anything yet so the input field should not\nbe marked as invalid.\n\nBUG=798058\nTEST=Run manually on reks, run unit test\n\nChange-Id: I1f84c95d87000cd3cadb119a6a2893c44d9690e1\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: May Lippert <>\nReviewed-by: Dan Beam <>\nAuto-Submit: May Lippert <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643162}", "parents": [ "f1c8d4f5752ed8ab43babb602fa86121f8b14dbb" ], "tree": "9f348e0dff7a715da71cf70ae8df4a0a831e5727" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Mandy Chen", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:52:54 2019" }, "commit": "f1c8d4f5752ed8ab43babb602fa86121f8b14dbb", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:52:54 2019" }, "message": "DevTools: Add devtools localizability check to presubmit\n\nThis PR adds devtools frontend localizability check to the presubmit\nscript as reqeusted in\n\n\nThe new script, check_localizability.js, which run on frontend files\nchanged as part of the devtools presubmit check. In addition, you can\nrun $ npm run check-loc inside devtools/ to run the check on all\nfrontend js files.\n\n**Note: Errors identified will be fixed and submitted as a separate\nPR. **\n\ncheck_localizability.js usage:\n\n$ node check_localizability.js [-a | <.js file path>*]\n\n-a: scan all devtools frontend js files\n<.js file path>*: List of .js files with space-separated absolute paths\n\nLocalizability violations that it scans for:\n\n- First argument to Common.UIString / UI.formatLocalized is not a string\n- Conditional argument (e.g. cond ? trueCase : falseCase) found in\n Common.UIString / UI.formatLocalized / ls tagged template literal\n- String concatenation is used with\n Common.UIString / UI.formatLocalized / ls``\n- A specific argument to function is not localized (i.e. not wrapped in\n Common.UIString / UI.formatLocalized / ls``)\n - Currently, the script checks the third argument to createInput()\n\nHere are a few examples of errors the script can output:\n\nthird_party\\blink\\renderer\\devtools\\front_end\\resources\\IndexedDBViews.js\n Line 1456: string concatenation should be changed to variable\nsubstitution with ls: ' (' + Common.UIString('Key path: ')\n\nthird_party\\blink\\renderer\\devtools\\front_end\\timeline\\TimelineUIUtils.js\n Line 559-560: conditional(s) found in Common.UIString(\n'%s [%s\\u2026%s]', url, event.args['beginData']['startLine'] + 1,\nendLine >= 0 ? endLine + 1 : ''). Please extract conditional(s) out\nof the localization call.\n\nChange-Id: I3243787ad5920b9b873f2feac7ed50a9c69bbe7e\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Dmitry Gozman <>\nReviewed-by: Joel Einbinder <>\nCommit-Queue: Mandy Chen <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643161}", "parents": [ "50575018aeb2b52f8e9fff84a77600a562e06deb" ], "tree": "6847fb4f79734e4aebb94ba93aae4e7297893659" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "chromium-autoroll", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:52:51 2019" }, "commit": "50575018aeb2b52f8e9fff84a77600a562e06deb", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:52:51 2019" }, "message": "Roll src/third_party/pdfium fbecffccd534..93806d32050b (4 commits)\n\n\n\n\ngit log fbecffccd534..93806d32050b --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'\n2019-03-21 Add test for FX_DATETIMETYPE_DateTime formatting.\n2019-03-21 Roll buildtools/ 106e9fce3..62f9eb0d6 (12 commits)\n2019-03-21 Change the location of buildtools.\n2019-03-21 Fix a crash in CXFA_FFDocView::RunBindItems().\n\n\nCreated with:\n gclient setdep -r src/third_party/pdfium@93806d32050b\n\nThe AutoRoll server is located here:\n\nDocumentation for the AutoRoller is here:\n\n\nIf the roll is causing failures, please contact the current sheriff, who should\nbe CC'd on the roll, and stop the roller if necessary.\n\n\\n\nChange-Id: I927380a05bd7afde9e173961170b51410efcd980\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: chromium-autoroll <>\nCommit-Queue: chromium-autoroll <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643160}", "parents": [ "924f2a69aeccc11a7f64e10dfe79b94fba806ad0" ], "tree": "3e8dd83fc818cfdddbd28dd2689ed91d14456452" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Dmitry Gozman", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:50:38 2019" }, "commit": "924f2a69aeccc11a7f64e10dfe79b94fba806ad0", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:50:38 2019" }, "message": "FrameLoader: replace ad-hoc boolean guards with FrameNavigationDisabler\n\nThis patch makes FrameLoader::StopAllLoaders() to have no effect when\nFrameNavigationDisabler is on the stack. We currently disable navigation\nin the following cases:\n- committing provisional navigation, which does already detach all children\n and stops existing document load if any;\n- dispatching unload event which means the frame is closing and we'll\n detach soon;\n- shutting down the document which happens on detach and commit (same as above).\nIn all of these it's safe to ignore StopAllLoaders, unless the frame is\ndetaching. To cover the latter, we inline relevant parts of StopAllLoaders\nto FrameLoader::Detach.\n\nAll uses of in_stop_all_loaders_ are already checking IsNavigationAllowed(),\nso we can just remove it.\n\nprotect_provisional_loader_ becomes noop since we only set it in\nPrepareForCommit, which also has FrameNavigationDisabler.\n\nThis also removes the last way to detach provisional document loader\nfrom inside PrepareForCommit, so we can DCHECK that. That unblocks\nremoving provisional_document_loader_, since it will not change\nbetween creating and commiting the same document loader and thus can\nbe safely moved to a local variable.\n\nBug: 855189\nChange-Id: Ifb22122d4a6e6e18638cde1b9b285c1867a5e596\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Dmitry Gozman <>\nReviewed-by: Nate Chapin <>\nReviewed-by: Daniel Cheng <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643159}", "parents": [ "ec74c22f0e9efc439687a0cf369849df7faec13c" ], "tree": "3cbf8e082f309d49c1e9f29853e9d42485c8845a" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "chromium-autoroll", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:49:56 2019" }, "commit": "ec74c22f0e9efc439687a0cf369849df7faec13c", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:49:56 2019" }, "message": "Roll src/third_party/chromite aa84257222b6..0d7495118526 (1 commits)\n\n\n\n\ngit log aa84257222b6..0d7495118526 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'\n2019-03-21 Revert \"chromeos_config: Set Samus Chrome PFQ to CHROME_PFQ_TYPE\"\n\n\nCreated with:\n gclient setdep -r src/third_party/chromite@0d7495118526\n\nThe AutoRoll server is located here:\n\nDocumentation for the AutoRoller is here:\n\n\nIf the roll is causing failures, please contact the current sheriff, who should\nbe CC'd on the roll, and stop the roller if necessary.\n\nCQ_INCLUDE_TRYBOTS=luci.chromium.try:chromeos-kevin-rel\\n\nChange-Id: I10e47c8edd1deb74a8af5d615c91e57bb952afdb\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: chromium-autoroll <>\nCommit-Queue: chromium-autoroll <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643158}", "parents": [ "868a39866019a30674e01b458de925223e619505" ], "tree": "73510f71aebe7bd7d93166d49788f4f63f637dda" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Anand K. Mistry", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:44:53 2019" }, "commit": "868a39866019a30674e01b458de925223e619505", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:44:53 2019" }, "message": "Early out on SMB mount requests when the user enters an invalid URL.\n\nIf the user enters an invalid URL, that shouldn't be counted as an\nauthentication method because the auth was never attempted by Samba.\n\nBUG=907207\n\nChange-Id: I2736e97b4f4609ae80509c2ba698dfdc0ddc970c\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Bailey Berro <>\nCommit-Queue: Anand Mistry <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643157}", "parents": [ "618a3b716b4f77eff7a43346dfe4ad420fea799c" ], "tree": "ef612bd22ddc6df238cf442722c8b3449cab59b9" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Kyle Horimoto", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:44:04 2019" }, "commit": "618a3b716b4f77eff7a43346dfe4ad420fea799c", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:44:04 2019" }, "message": "[CrOS Network] Update quick settings UI when Wi-Fi is turned on.\n\nPreviously, we would only update the settings UI immediately when Wi-Fi\nis turned off; in all other cases, we would batch updates and wait up to\n1 second before showing the update in the UI. This led to a confusing UI\nin which settings would display the update immediately but quick\nsettings would not.\n\nThis CL fixes this issue by also updating the UI immediately when Wi-Fi\nis turned on as well as off. Additionally, because this UI contains a\ntoggle for Mobile data as well, this CL updates the UI immediately for\nchanges in Cellular/Tether status.\n\nBug: 917325\nChange-Id: I6228909c99de08774bfc9599c07b87ecd6dd20bc\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Steven Bennetts <>\nCommit-Queue: Kyle Horimoto <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643156}", "parents": [ "fa8b6a9b83480a8f14c0baf7b65cb16eab8af51b" ], "tree": "a6977eda3b52d31e96d14256ad9263f61f8e204a" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Jenny Zhang", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:43:12 2019" }, "commit": "fa8b6a9b83480a8f14c0baf7b65cb16eab8af51b", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:43:12 2019" }, "message": "Put the query removal dialog in the right postion when vk closes.\n\nBug: 942653\nChange-Id: Idc1e4311dad0ab68375f26f635aaf6afce2c5f17\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Xiyuan Xia <>\nCommit-Queue: Jenny Zhang <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643155}", "parents": [ "a0265bde2e3a980c0d3c0646d95aa73f33673e68" ], "tree": "6be23aa1a6c4c916b0fc92e692e051f7cfaf896c" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Maks Orlovich", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:41:24 2019" }, "commit": "a0265bde2e3a980c0d3c0646d95aa73f33673e68", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:41:24 2019" }, "message": "Cookie tests: use the new MakeCallback helpers\n\nHopefully makes it a bit easier to read since there is no need to parse the\nbig complicated bind expression every time.\n\nChange-Id: I71ffaf0635cdd0206ba4931e4cf1196640d6e310\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Eric Orth <>\nCommit-Queue: Maks Orlovich <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643154}", "parents": [ "767ddb2c76ca309f3538b911bd93885de38ff2dc" ], "tree": "ec0dca28c6826236dc9b4a84467d7aa47f8fe5f7" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Nikunj Bhagat", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:40:20 2019" }, "commit": "767ddb2c76ca309f3538b911bd93885de38ff2dc", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:40:20 2019" }, "message": "Add update cohort name during Chrome update as an enum histogram\n\nBug: 943641\n\nChange-Id: I4580b76970567b99cc942a2b27c26facd44c675f\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Nik Bhagat <>\nReviewed-by: Alexei Svitkine <>\nReviewed-by: Robert Kaplow <>\nReviewed-by: Joshua Pawlicki <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643153}", "parents": [ "c0d9e6fb635067afd79d76f226a22944e373d409" ], "tree": "19af00b3e5a32f59a8efb57699760f232cf22328" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Kyle Milka", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:35:04 2019" }, "commit": "c0d9e6fb635067afd79d76f226a22944e373d409", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:35:04 2019" }, "message": "Remove theme properties for the detached bookmark bar\n\nThe detached bookmark bar has been removed, also remove\nthe theme properties associated with it.\n\nBug: 941196\nChange-Id: I30e659d48adc49ea2ab2b1939ca55db439718ae2\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Peter Kasting <>\nCommit-Queue: Kyle Milka <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643152}", "parents": [ "2cc69f043ef24c60b70429bea058b4bf95e098b4" ], "tree": "8ed4637f21f28e605aee1535f586ae6e4490450c" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Mike Wittman", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:22:47 2019" }, "commit": "2cc69f043ef24c60b70429bea058b4bf95e098b4", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:22:47 2019" }, "message": "[Sampling profiler] Move CONTEXT initialization into CopyStack()\n\nMoves the initialization closer to the setting of the CONTEXT from the\nregister state, to facilitate future encapsulation and cross-platform\nabstraction.\n\nBug: 909957\nChange-Id: I375160269ebe87bd754faa4eb08a3b486d9df1e7\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Mike Wittman <>\nReviewed-by: Charlie Andrews <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643151}", "parents": [ "a21a0f413e767a6bbf9bed3bbab8d0ed5658031a" ], "tree": "732903e829395a1111856985c3ee94a9332c4e6c" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Francois Doray", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:19:50 2019" }, "commit": "a21a0f413e767a6bbf9bed3bbab8d0ed5658031a", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:19:50 2019" }, "message": "Record Discarding.(Discards|Reloads)Per10Minutes.Urgent histograms.\n\nAn off-by-one error caused these histograms not to be recorded.\n\nChange-Id: I7ad781d7419998f5eb21d94b90b2116c2ceeab36\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Jesse Doherty <>\nCommit-Queue: Fran\u00e7ois Doray <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643150}", "parents": [ "bbef759a99de64e0af3898d4ed99628ce9ca4e24" ], "tree": "df3057f95835cf3da82da7e691f6aa6f8f148155" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Charles Zhao", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:10:47 2019" }, "commit": "bbef759a99de64e0af3898d4ed99628ce9ca4e24", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:10:47 2019" }, "message": "TabDiscarder: stop populating WindowMetrics.\n\nSince WindowMetrics is now directly recorded in TabMetrics, we stop\npopulating them independently.\n\n(1) WindowActivityWatcher is deleted; except the logic of\ncalculating WindowMetrics from given Browser* is moved to\nTabMetricsLogger.\n\n(2) All tests are also moved to TabMetricsLogger and modified to\nverify that WindowMetrics is calculated correctly.\n\nChange-Id: I3a34af19af4e0f30b1d0db60d5b347f669b032d8\nBug: 942423,938055\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Scott Violet <>\nReviewed-by: Jia Meng <>\nReviewed-by: Michael Giuffrida <>\nCommit-Queue: Charles . <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643149}", "parents": [ "01adeb07b9337623a0dfc1266afc6a6dfc9145a8" ], "tree": "efeb03a2b2ae9f5f436533edcedf412f5eedaab4" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Michael Giuffrida", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:05:30 2019" }, "commit": "01adeb07b9337623a0dfc1266afc6a6dfc9145a8", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:05:30 2019" }, "message": "Separate AppListButton view from business logic\n\nAppListButton observes several global states to change how it draws\nitself, based on Tablet Mode, App List visibility, etc. It also has\ncomplex Assistant-related logic.\n\nThis CL moves this business logic to AppListButtonController, so that\nAppListButton only has to know how to paint. The controller observes\nglobal state and directs AppListButton to animate itself to different\nstates as needed.\n\nThis will allow changing the controller logic without affecting the\nbutton, and changing the button style (and how different states are\nrepresented) without affecting the controller logic.\n\nBug: 937549\nChange-Id: I8bededc22e06675da46e6fa8b91f7eea46ed87cb\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Michael Giuffrida <>\nReviewed-by: James Cook <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643148}", "parents": [ "4422d0647b12fcc7852838cef8ffb83b238a66ce" ], "tree": "8374a86705810c26a22c98ea6ba8ca0c693ac352" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "siyua", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:05:08 2019" }, "commit": "4422d0647b12fcc7852838cef8ffb83b238a66ce", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:05:08 2019" }, "message": "[AF][Status Chip] Move save card icon into toolbar status chip\n\n1) Change is similar to the one moving LocalCardMigrationIconView into\nthe status chip.\n\n2) In the browsertes I used card local save flow to verify.\nDidn't add more browsertests since all bubbles update icon through\nthe same UpdateIcon() function, if one bubble works fine then all\ntypes of bubbles and their related save card icon should work fine.\n\n3) Uploaded implementation screenshot in bug comment#3\n\nBug: 932818\nChange-Id: Ibc49c58b5074fbc40022480a88369ae3b665857b\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Siyu An <>\nReviewed-by: Alan Cutter <>\nReviewed-by: Peter Bostr\u00f6m <>\nReviewed-by: Fabio Tirelo <>\nReviewed-by: Jared Saul <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643147}", "parents": [ "b9450c73c7d475d010c66fa0fd644cb4077bbc06" ], "tree": "4918a5e6e80d5f0eeb7919584d263335931cc73b" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Giovanni Ortu\u00f1o Urquidi", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:00:34 2019" }, "commit": "b9450c73c7d475d010c66fa0fd644cb4077bbc06", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 22:00:34 2019" }, "message": "desktop-pwas: Introduce WebAppUrlLoader\n\nSmall helper class that wraps loading URLs into a callback based\nfunction.\n\nBug: 916381\nChange-Id: I76519caadb1248e41408cb803c59145dfd1db2f3\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Alexey Baskakov <>\nCommit-Queue: Giovanni Ortu\u00f1o Urquidi <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643146}", "parents": [ "f0a142f3d409b0f1a2a776f4cb1f5913ffaeebd0" ], "tree": "8e2f7f4a8964bad7c58367cb801a34968ff75d15" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Robert Liao", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:57:30 2019" }, "commit": "f0a142f3d409b0f1a2a776f4cb1f5913ffaeebd0", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:57:30 2019" }, "message": "Run clang-tidy modernize-use-default-member-init+modernize-use-equals-default on //ui/views/examples/*\n\nThis is a run of\ -checks=\"-*,modernize-use-default-member-init\" -config=\"{\\\"CheckOptions\\\":[{\\\"key\\\":\\\"modernize-use-default-member-init.UseAssignment\\\",\\\"value\\\":\\\"1\\\"}]}\" -header-filter=ui/views/* \\\\src\\\\ui\\\\views\\\\\nfollowed by\ -checks=\"-*,modernize-use-equals-default\" -header-filter=ui/views/* \\\\src\\\\ui\\\\views\\\\\n\nBUG=940732\\n\nChange-Id: I6817643f98ecf43bc8f0522c72800e7c6f4225d4\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Robert Liao <>\nCommit-Queue: Robert Liao <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643145}", "parents": [ "9f3e60904c03880714553064d3eeecbf600f6a85" ], "tree": "32ff7f64487f15710d8c177cd1acb025fbf43d14" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Jeffrey Cohen", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:55:01 2019" }, "commit": "9f3e60904c03880714553064d3eeecbf600f6a85", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:55:01 2019" }, "message": "[SendTabToSelf] add second receiving flag for multistage rollout\n\nSince we can not use finch to experiment directly on a per user basis,\nin order to ensure that the user's devices that are not sending the tab\nare in the experiment group, we'll need to roll out the experiment in two\nstages\n\nBug: 937004\nChange-Id: I28db7d6cdce2122995403ada99e02311c2d1f71e\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Jeffrey Cohen <>\nReviewed-by: Sebastien Seguin-Gagnon <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643144}", "parents": [ "0ef9626315a64d994a4ca6ac64e784d2ccb7269b" ], "tree": "224a003f3ff8b5a943ca5733dacaffa683c30a67" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Marcin Wi\u0105cek", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:53:43 2019" }, "commit": "0ef9626315a64d994a4ca6ac64e784d2ccb7269b", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:53:43 2019" }, "message": "Start for NUM_ENTRIES cleanup for @IntDef from\n\nBefore CL: there is no standard for enums handled by for saving number of entries and there is used COUNT, MAX and other names, which later are part of IntDef (Android code in the same time is using consistent NUM_ENTRIES).\n\nAfter CL: is not making NUM_ENTRIES part of @IntDef like in Android + there are two example @IntDef migrated to this style.\n\nBUG=919666\n\nChange-Id: I72ad439bcacde50bbda2fc38d3348693d9b05e7b\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Mihai Sardarescu <>\nReviewed-by: Bo <>\nReviewed-by: David Turner <>\nCommit-Queue: Marcin Wi\u0105cek <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643143}", "parents": [ "e1d46e1a96d31f35ab08a82a07a878bc6f1d6a3c" ], "tree": "67397ef010494e93d08f88bbdc375645c6293e61" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "David Roger", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:53:38 2019" }, "commit": "e1d46e1a96d31f35ab08a82a07a878bc6f1d6a3c", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:53:38 2019" }, "message": "[signin] Bump Signin.RefreshTokenRevocationCompleted histogram expiration date\n\nThis histogram is checked from time to time to ensure that our requests\nto Gaia are working well, and it can also be useful to have it around in\ncase of problems because it can help finding the cause or debugging.\n\nBug: 938043\nChange-Id: If700160bfb5241d015e9669ed4ea04c5cb2a7ddc\nReviewed-on:\nAuto-Submit: David Roger <>\nReviewed-by: Jesse Doherty <>\nCommit-Queue: Jesse Doherty <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643142}", "parents": [ "492a4099f70b110065d0e2c0185ce5f07ec16f7d" ], "tree": "e42f3182f3ddf08681f0a06a5c79db8780f4d407" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Brave Yao", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:44:38 2019" }, "commit": "492a4099f70b110065d0e2c0185ce5f07ec16f7d", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:44:38 2019" }, "message": "String change on CrOS notification for presenting\n\nChange the string on CrOS notification for presenting to \"You're sharing\nyour screen\" from \"You are sharing your screen\", which is from UI review\nfor changing source feature,\n\n\nBug: 941028\nChange-Id: I7f0f7b12fbd741ba14707208d74b99099be33a0b\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Weiyong Yao <>\nReviewed-by: Xiyuan Xia <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643141}", "parents": [ "31e60b244b39cda84f3fcabad4083457462ad3bd" ], "tree": "ef074ab449b0e446d69c0b2b39d180179d49fcdc" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Caitlin Fischer", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:43:37 2019" }, "commit": "31e60b244b39cda84f3fcabad4083457462ad3bd", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:43:37 2019" }, "message": "Changed feature name to AutofillUseImprovedLabelDisambiguation.\n\n\nBug: 944565\nChange-Id: I426acdb543b7a10d929c17c5d02ca1e9045303b3\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Caitlin Fischer <>\nReviewed-by: Fabio Tirelo <>\nReviewed-by: Tommy Martino <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643140}", "parents": [ "c958d480d256e67d2c9f153c94daebe4dc0f8162" ], "tree": "f1af0f828ef6f804e4cb43ad785aed1df7092f0f" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "chromium-autoroll", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:43:32 2019" }, "commit": "c958d480d256e67d2c9f153c94daebe4dc0f8162", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:43:32 2019" }, "message": "Roll src/third_party/swiftshader 603a1b53f72e..4ecc9d4073ce (2 commits)\n\n\n\n\ngit log 603a1b53f72e..4ecc9d4073ce --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'\n2019-03-21 Ensure image strides are always suitable for the rasterizer\n2019-03-21 vkCmdExecuteCommands implementation\n\n\nCreated with:\n gclient setdep -r src/third_party/swiftshader@4ecc9d4073ce\n\nThe AutoRoll server is located here:\n\nDocumentation for the AutoRoller is here:\n\n\nIf the roll is causing failures, please contact the current sheriff, who should\nbe CC'd on the roll, and stop the roller if necessary.\n\nCQ_INCLUDE_TRYBOTS=luci.chromium.try:android_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:linux_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:mac_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:win_optional_gpu_tests_rel\n\nBUG=chromium:b/129069789\\n\nChange-Id: I371e1a3cbae0e70703801e27d96c9d717640486f\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: chromium-autoroll <>\nCommit-Queue: chromium-autoroll <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643139}", "parents": [ "3f320a28b873e4dd65b5fdd4f444bebcd510be48" ], "tree": "a2f3099d3ab81bdfff93d314d48a5c0acef05008" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Jacob DeWitt", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:40:13 2019" }, "commit": "3f320a28b873e4dd65b5fdd4f444bebcd510be48", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:40:13 2019" }, "message": "Cache XRRigidTransform inverse matrix.\n\nBecause the origin offset of a session's reference space usually does not change on every frame, caching the inverse matrix can avoid many additional matrix inversion operations when XRFrame.getPose or getViewerPose are called on a per-frame basis. The XRRigidTransform matrix does not change once the object is constructed, so the caching is safe.\n\nBug: 944294\nChange-Id: I6d35a7120e89d511942ff9ea67cf96e377769bce\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Klaus Weidner <>\nReviewed-by: Brandon Jones <>\nCommit-Queue: Jacob DeWitt <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643138}", "parents": [ "38044ecabfd76b57a5adc1c5be59d79fed4a7f2a" ], "tree": "94d5da85e6db9ade6bac0aeaf75b88ea39820874" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Tarun Bansal", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:39:51 2019" }, "commit": "38044ecabfd76b57a5adc1c5be59d79fed4a7f2a", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:39:51 2019" }, "message": "Add NetUnusedIdleSocketTimeout feature to field trial testing\n\nChange-Id: I6865d1ffe3f7c4500bf0e90914b8635837ab10fc\nBug: 928560\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Robert Kaplow <>\nCommit-Queue: Tarun Bansal <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643137}", "parents": [ "13ae50f3578da1bef4e648140ea75fa22b1927d0" ], "tree": "8e9628f9ed4e9dc3135365495902455a4d4cc0cd" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Natalie Chouinard", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:38:22 2019" }, "commit": "13ae50f3578da1bef4e648140ea75fa22b1927d0", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:38:22 2019" }, "message": "[Feed Internals] Add report of all Feed histograms\n\nThis internals page is used to surface debugging information useful to\ndevelopers of the NTP Interest Feed.\n\nAdd button to load report of all Feed histograms currently logged.\n\n\n\nBug: 943819\nChange-Id: I05401f3cc2e93375b1e4f323f64cf2d96d49f7d3\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Patrick Noland <>\nReviewed-by: Daniel Cheng <>\nCommit-Queue: Natalie Chouinard <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643136}", "parents": [ "57f19d05c591772c561c4c2ce65a4125b1aa2634" ], "tree": "a914d6385353b4ea1b13d5432ac9d9d52643f5c8" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Alexis Savery", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:38:03 2019" }, "commit": "57f19d05c591772c561c4c2ce65a4125b1aa2634", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:38:03 2019" }, "message": "histograms: Add histogram for stateful partition lifetime writes\n\nAdd UMA histogram \"Platform.StatefulLifetimeWrites\" for Chrome OS.\n This tracks the lifetime writes for the stateful partition.\n\nImplementation CL:\n\n\nBug: chromium:923110\nTest: ran\nChange-Id: I1d4d8531d37c1e207d37d44c4813cabf4c667ed4\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Alexis Savery <>\nReviewed-by: Ilya Sherman <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643135}", "parents": [ "37b1fff50439292b7904f7965e69ee0e3d5e4e7f" ], "tree": "2e078747b8e6e15fbb654da7bf558b2ffa7d0592" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "David Benjamin", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:37:18 2019" }, "commit": "37b1fff50439292b7904f7965e69ee0e3d5e4e7f", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:37:18 2019" }, "message": "Use UniquePtrComparator in XboxDataFetcher.\n\nC++14 extends std::set to fix the std::unique_ptr problem. No sense\nin paying an O(N) removal when we have a std::set.\n\nBug: none\nChange-Id: Ib8dd2b041e2526946a01a6d4a27a7a8c77c67472\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Brandon Jones <>\nAuto-Submit: David Benjamin <>\nReviewed-by: Brandon Jones <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643134}", "parents": [ "bf7e0c478ded813bdbc3c09ccb4506b7598aef72" ], "tree": "da10daa300db40677dd72afb894fff9d4ffef86a" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "v8-ci-autoroll-builder", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:36:57 2019" }, "commit": "bf7e0c478ded813bdbc3c09ccb4506b7598aef72", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:36:57 2019" }, "message": "Update V8 to version (cherry-pick).\n\nSummary of changes available at:\n\n\nPlease follow these instructions for assigning/CC'ing issues:\n\n\nPlease close rolling in case of a roll revert:\n\nThis only works with a Google account.\n\nCQ_INCLUDE_TRYBOTS=luci.chromium.try:linux-blink-rel;luci.chromium.try:linux_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:mac_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:win_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:android_optional_gpu_tests_rel\n\,\n\nChange-Id: I2a63b53e7094d2d634402a1b69d22c2cde1c18b3\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: v8-ci-autoroll-builder <>\nCommit-Queue: v8-ci-autoroll-builder <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643133}", "parents": [ "c80892accb266a4d1540bd24a73ac06f530f2d20" ], "tree": "175a8c985e0c66539bc0981e06d6f1cdb1e9e3d5" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "sebsg", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:36:13 2019" }, "commit": "c80892accb266a4d1540bd24a73ac06f530f2d20", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:36:13 2019" }, "message": "[SendTabToSelf] Add unit test for EntriesAddedRemotely function.\n\nWe recently modified SendTabToSelfClientService::EntriesAddedRemotely\nso that it notifies the UI handlers for each new entry. This cl adds a\nunit test for that.\n\nBug: 944264\nChange-Id: Icd76569c39038063325d08295681006e49ddfc27\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Sebastien Seguin-Gagnon <>\nAuto-Submit: Sebastien Seguin-Gagnon <>\nReviewed-by: Jeffrey Cohen <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643132}", "parents": [ "a7c7b773ac225f494713a3ea916e9070694a73fd" ], "tree": "1844370d477cd1f91431228b7bff2162f80b9c13" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Tommy C. Li", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:33:53 2019" }, "commit": "a7c7b773ac225f494713a3ea916e9070694a73fd", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:33:53 2019" }, "message": "Omnibox: Correct OmniboxView's handling of non-URL display text\n\nPreviously, OmniboxView::UpdateTextStyle would not consistently respect\nthe text_is_url == false case, and apply some URL styling to non-URL\ndisplay text.\n\nThis incorrect behavior only affected Query in Omnibox though.\n\nThis CL corrects that by early exiting the whole method if the text\nis not a URL.\n\nBug: 942945\nChange-Id: I322f9e7481336618b398c5006ce00197e8b9cd83\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Kevin Bailey <>\nCommit-Queue: Tommy Li <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643131}", "parents": [ "1e8a8136ed145c7428d52e78f16d768373caacb0" ], "tree": "c070de5b905f75c7e8a67ec173d04fcd3ef54a60" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Alex Newcomer", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:33:04 2019" }, "commit": "1e8a8136ed145c7428d52e78f16d768373caacb0", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:33:04 2019" }, "message": "cros:Enable moving apps via keyboard within folders.\n\nBug: 887996\nChange-Id: I46ee2f82b0cdf13091c36caad4b13b078fbaef79\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Alex Newcomer <>\nReviewed-by: Xiyuan Xia <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643130}", "parents": [ "937c8af2f1d2993207b6b92f22dae5f182f29730" ], "tree": "84fa69adacf6f97575747519c3e116998ef80eee" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Rohit Rao", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:32:47 2019" }, "commit": "937c8af2f1d2993207b6b92f22dae5f182f29730", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:32:47 2019" }, "message": "[ios] Disables OverscrollActionsTabHelperTest on device.\n\nBUG=944599\n\nChange-Id: I2b09b77ceec8e62cfba7e6ca3cc57655862d28d2\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Rohit Rao <>\nCommit-Queue: Mohammad Refaat <>\nAuto-Submit: Rohit Rao <>\nReviewed-by: Mohammad Refaat <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643129}", "parents": [ "0bb3b41b206bca8e262cd1d48aca6d7582a82cbf" ], "tree": "4760726fd5e6d2a769c40e14b43d1bc0ca18745f" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Brian Sheedy", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:32:00 2019" }, "commit": "0bb3b41b206bca8e262cd1d48aca6d7582a82cbf", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:32:00 2019" }, "message": "Remove pre-test uses of VrModuleProvider\n\nRemoves any uses of VrModuleProvider before a test is run (i.e. when\nchecking whether a device meets various requirements to run a VR tests).\nThis is because using VrModuleProvider instantiates various Java classes\nthat should only be instantiated when a module actually gets installed.\n\nThis is problematic for the VR DFM module tests that expect the DFM to\nnot be installed, as the pre-test checks dirty the test environment.\n\nAlso adds a check to make sure that modules aren't being requested to\nbe marked as uninstalled after the module API has already been used, as\ndoing so could potentially cause a module to go from installed to\nuninstalled, which is an unsupported use case.\n\nBug: 944216, 944223\nChange-Id: Icfe8628068dd8a8cf68f2b2699a9da07bfb2587e\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: David Trainor <>\nReviewed-by: Tibor Goldschwendt <>\nCommit-Queue: Brian Sheedy <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643128}", "parents": [ "6e2f6358f7fd33cbbc93e3ebf25d4ff9bfb19a47" ], "tree": "6244dac1e0a8ccb5467613c1bd93d31c2c1872fc" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Mugdha Lakhani", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:31:42 2019" }, "commit": "6e2f6358f7fd33cbbc93e3ebf25d4ff9bfb19a47", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:31:42 2019" }, "message": "[Background Sync] Reschedule wakeup task if onStopTask() called.\n\nonStopTask* methods are called when the task is interrupted due to\nchanges in prerequisite conditions or other interruptions. It isn't\ncalled when the task successfully completes.\n\nThis CL reschedules the Chrome wakeup task from the onStopTask* methods.\nIt also fixes two asserts that verify that the onStopTask* methods are\ncalled with the right Job ID.\n\nBug: 924490\nChange-Id: I9dc5dedf04e434ef24218a1db6780f3436dd3055\nReviewed-on:\nAuto-Submit: Mugdha Lakhani <>\nCommit-Queue: David Trainor <>\nReviewed-by: David Trainor <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643127}", "parents": [ "77bc309e4333f7b8523d4b3fd100cd9027942f80" ], "tree": "9d9c8b2af8007d34476988b82dd8cf70ea2e20c7" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "chromium-autoroll", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:30:55 2019" }, "commit": "77bc309e4333f7b8523d4b3fd100cd9027942f80", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:30:55 2019" }, "message": "Roll src/third_party/angle f2bf49e20849..3e8a8d5b8567 (2 commits)\n\n\n\n\ngit log f2bf49e20849..3e8a8d5b8567 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'\n2019-03-21 Force new displays on each Windows 7 end2end test.\n2019-03-21 Work around line loop streaming bug.\n\n\nCreated with:\n gclient setdep -r src/third_party/angle@3e8a8d5b8567\n\nThe AutoRoll server is located here:\n\nDocumentation for the AutoRoller is here:\n\n\nIf the roll is causing failures, please contact the current sheriff, who should\nbe CC'd on the roll, and stop the roller if necessary.\n\nCQ_INCLUDE_TRYBOTS=luci.chromium.try:android_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:linux_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:mac_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:win_optional_gpu_tests_rel\n\nBUG=chromium:944454,chromium:943087\\n\nChange-Id: I440c87a236ba78746a51bc74ca733e4f2518704d\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: chromium-autoroll <>\nCommit-Queue: chromium-autoroll <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643126}", "parents": [ "6eaa87928339aaa02420d87e5e5736a3430178fe" ], "tree": "70c00fb52052cbb6617b3c8c4ea7ba58dea554a2" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Chromium WPT Sync", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:30:38 2019" }, "commit": "6eaa87928339aaa02420d87e5e5736a3430178fe", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:30:38 2019" }, "message": "Import wpt@5a1fcd36c83b5966ba1fee33a6359898d5ccf9ad\n\nUsing wpt-import in Chromium 849b6234000683e6c46f5b4cd580be127cba1010.\nWith Chromium commits locally applied on WPT:\n68d5240e06 \"[ChromeDriver] Set key modifiers with mouse actions\"\n73fa2b382e \"[wpt] Fix actionsWithKeyPressed.html.ini\"\n20edccd790 \"Add tests for pixel-snapping under 3d transform\"\n\n\nNote to sheriffs: This CL imports external tests and adds\nexpectations for those tests; if this CL is large and causes\na few new failures, please fix the failures by adding new\nlines to TestExpectations rather than reverting. See:\n\n\nDirectory owners for changes in this CL:\,\n external/wpt/media-source\n\nNOAUTOREVERT=true\nTBR=foolip\n\nNo-Export: true\nChange-Id: I3f98cddaf1af03125136bb198d33cfa77efa0b19\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: WPT Autoroller <>\nCommit-Queue: WPT Autoroller <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643125}", "parents": [ "f8d9101c9f9e91456df28c8a96edcc462ecce1d3" ], "tree": "e5967d1ece9d52208d5abac99276f7f9951da284" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Julien Isorce", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:28:56 2019" }, "commit": "f8d9101c9f9e91456df28c8a96edcc462ecce1d3", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:28:56 2019" }, "message": "Screen and window capture show the wrong colors when bound to a <video>\n\nWhen capturing screen or a window, it is always converted to yuv using\nlibyuv::ConvertToI420. But then when sent through ipc the other end\nis not aware of what colorspace to use so it often defaults to Rec709.\nBut libyuv converts RGB formats to YUV using Rec601 coefficients.\nThis CL pass this information through the existing gfx.mojom.ColorSpace\nfield in video_capture_types.mojom::VideoFrameInfo.\n\nVery noticeable with the green color from (Tested on Linux).\n\nBug: 758057\nChange-Id: I3e57ada3c88c58dfb5a3f0ed47707537a5389f33\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Christian Fremerey <>\nReviewed-by: Robert Sesek <>\nReviewed-by: Yuri Wiitala <>\nReviewed-by: ccameron <>\nCommit-Queue: Julien Isorce <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643124}", "parents": [ "a744e5ab08cf59b2f7a868c3df4672bb8cadf216" ], "tree": "a8bff985298b18cbd2088727bcf4fcf398a91a84" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Dan Beam", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:28:23 2019" }, "commit": "a744e5ab08cf59b2f7a868c3df4672bb8cadf216", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:28:23 2019" }, "message": "WebUI Dark Mode: update ThemeHandler to safely update on native theme changes\n\nThis affects:\n * incognito new tab page\n * chrome://apps\n\\nBUG=925384\n\nChange-Id: Ia2a88a433a58a176127d3ae8a92338ac0909868f\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Dan Beam <>\nCommit-Queue: Demetrios Papadopoulos <>\nAuto-Submit: Dan Beam <>\nReviewed-by: Demetrios Papadopoulos <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643123}", "parents": [ "bfe3e09a7a699520d9689b5f3924371df4f0b626" ], "tree": "c44e3bf641656c0b2083583a8071d09a0735a570" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "John Rummell", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:27:05 2019" }, "commit": "bfe3e09a7a699520d9689b5f3924371df4f0b626", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:27:05 2019" }, "message": "Minor cleanups in\n\nBUG=943226\n\nChange-Id: Iff015dcf505675028c6bfd33a2eaa32770660140\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Xiaohan Wang <>\nCommit-Queue: John Rummell <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643122}", "parents": [ "98e909c9b60d30e5b507bd96e4804cc145dc411e" ], "tree": "6271183c022b6aefffcdd42a79ca063236deeada" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Nicol\u00e1s Pe\u00f1a Moreno", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:26:02 2019" }, "commit": "98e909c9b60d30e5b507bd96e4804cc145dc411e", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:26:02 2019" }, "message": "Clean up duplicate NotifyImagePaint and NotifyTextPaint methods\n\nPaintTimingDetector has two NotifyImagePaint, one of them is unused. It\nalso has two NotifyTextPaint, one of them being used to convert from the\nLayoutObject in LineLayoutItem to its Node and then back to the\nLayoutObject in PaintTimingDetector. Thus, the duplicated are removed.\n\nChange-Id: Ib93d840f3b3386728efce3f21ca50929ccaed487\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Nicol\u00e1s Pe\u00f1a Moreno <>\nReviewed-by: Steve Kobes <>\nReviewed-by: Liquan (Max) Gu <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643121}", "parents": [ "c90f935f8186c9501f90637f61adb72694432eea" ], "tree": "d531d27be054e15713d5ff0893d5131bb9a572f3" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Robert Ogden", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:25:43 2019" }, "commit": "c90f935f8186c9501f90637f61adb72694432eea", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:25:43 2019" }, "message": "Fully remove usage of prefs::kDataSaverEnabled in CCBC\n\nAdds a new method to DRP, IsDataSaverEnabledByUser, which is used for\nBlink (for now...).\n\nOne of several CLs to clean up usage of the DRP Enabled pref.\n\nBug: 934399\nChange-Id: Ib81250df64295182cce39a5472b907d6b8d2dd63\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Tarun Bansal <>\nCommit-Queue: Robert Ogden <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643120}", "parents": [ "a5a5adabf954b985a9431a9ecafb695a4cbb9f0c" ], "tree": "b68b691ce7ccb5ebb9b9d1270a12c4fb3c0028d7" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "chromium-internal-autoroll", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:24:56 2019" }, "commit": "a5a5adabf954b985a9431a9ecafb695a4cbb9f0c", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:24:56 2019" }, "message": "Roll src-internal 847dfe2143dc..00c5601ee11a (2 commits)\n\n\n\n\nCreated with:\n gclient setdep -r src-internal@00c5601ee11a\n\nThe AutoRoll server is located here:\n\nDocumentation for the AutoRoller is here:\n\n\nIf the roll is causing failures, please contact the current sheriff, who should\nbe CC'd on the roll, and stop the roller if necessary.\n\\,,,\n\nChange-Id: Ie0b62889da9e1b734c25cf622821eb0c38762e79\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: chromium-internal-autoroll <>\nCommit-Queue: chromium-internal-autoroll <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643119}", "parents": [ "598a7480c6cb114be587df296b377b899bd814da" ], "tree": "ec1e046f04367e59b543eff04e7adcde842ffc5f" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "David Benjamin", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:20:45 2019" }, "commit": "598a7480c6cb114be587df296b377b899bd814da", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:20:45 2019" }, "message": "Use UniquePtrComparator in P2PSocketManager.\n\nC++14 extends std::set to fix the std::unique_ptr problem. No sense in\npaying an O(N) removal when we have a std::set.\n\nBug: none\nChange-Id: I6d38ddd34dd1c6f7206f3e962ec27f855d2802c4\nReviewed-on:\nAuto-Submit: David Benjamin <>\nReviewed-by: Sergey Ulanov <>\nCommit-Queue: David Benjamin <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643118}", "parents": [ "ab2081bb0f3d17b462bcc8e3ae11c796226167e8" ], "tree": "c4a47c8d13938cb798f339f26b1d431667a667d7" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "chromium-autoroll", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:17:07 2019" }, "commit": "ab2081bb0f3d17b462bcc8e3ae11c796226167e8", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:17:07 2019" }, "message": "Roll src/third_party/chromite 7192683560fe..aa84257222b6 (1 commits)\n\n\n\n\ngit log 7192683560fe..aa84257222b6 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'\n2019-03-21 config: Drop logic for partially moving paladin for unibuild to Skylab\n\n\nCreated with:\n gclient setdep -r src/third_party/chromite@aa84257222b6\n\nThe AutoRoll server is located here:\n\nDocumentation for the AutoRoller is here:\n\n\nIf the roll is causing failures, please contact the current sheriff, who should\nbe CC'd on the roll, and stop the roller if necessary.\n\nCQ_INCLUDE_TRYBOTS=luci.chromium.try:chromeos-kevin-rel\\n\nChange-Id: I7c4945e1d438b1210981c73b071eb302a328419c\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: chromium-autoroll <>\nCommit-Queue: chromium-autoroll <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643117}", "parents": [ "377aab6edb20f41fa5fe98de29ee1e4f6d56a5ba" ], "tree": "509567aed446d625db2f9309e8d4e533988d981f" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Robert Ogden", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:12:48 2019" }, "commit": "377aab6edb20f41fa5fe98de29ee1e4f6d56a5ba", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:12:48 2019" }, "message": "Disable ClientLoFi by default\n\nBug: 944286\nChange-Id: I5977adec6507d7b9c292958465945cd0552c2853\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Robert Ogden <>\nReviewed-by: Tarun Bansal <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643116}", "parents": [ "2829d0d5618dd7e4c2cc60fcd6b87d5bf5c74b04" ], "tree": "d88a83889f4a03098e547c6e35d65366c0ff6ebb" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Michael Spang", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:10:25 2019" }, "commit": "2829d0d5618dd7e4c2cc60fcd6b87d5bf5c74b04", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:10:25 2019" }, "message": "ozone: Include <memory> and <utility> where necessary\n\nThe code review server is now complaining about this, so try to fix it\nthroughout //ui/ozone.\n\nChange-Id: I5fff8906fc2d035287ffcf5e9092ff6f25778107\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Michael Spang <>\nReviewed-by: Sergey Ulanov <>\nReviewed-by: Maksim Sisov <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643115}", "parents": [ "82b9475d64580a41a34181a062fedb393cc83836" ], "tree": "17148fffad8f73e68f99a2051df9070656013b3b" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "PKH", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:09:10 2019" }, "commit": "82b9475d64580a41a34181a062fedb393cc83836", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:09:10 2019" }, "message": "[Android WebAPK] Check whether a browser fallback URL launches a WebAPK\n\nPreviously, for intent:// navigations ExternalNavigationHandler would\n1) try launching the intent URL\n2) if that failed navigate the browser to the browser fallback URL.\nAn intent:// URL can specify which app should handle the URL regardless\nof which app is the default handler for the URL. Sending an intent://\nURL currently does not allow a web page to send an intent to one of two\napps, whichever is installed (e.g. Maps or Maps Go).\n\nThis CL modifies the algorithm for handling intent:// navigations to:\n1) try launching the intent URL\n2) if that failed, launch a WebAPK which handles the browser fallback\nURL\n3) if that failed navigate the browser to the browser fallback URL.\n\nBUG=941436\nTEST=ExternalNavigationHandlerTest.*\n\nChange-Id: I0b2076a95483fdbef8bfdfe47eb4b4735036be1e\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Peter Kotwicz <>\nReviewed-by: Yaron Friedman <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643114}", "parents": [ "dc804585d338fd3c0b8a36a5eb6428fe7f09e65b" ], "tree": "519e5576604b4a4c71926a36374c3741c0253b4d" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "chromium-autoroll", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:05:32 2019" }, "commit": "dc804585d338fd3c0b8a36a5eb6428fe7f09e65b", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:05:32 2019" }, "message": "Roll src/third_party/catapult 869dc82afef9..7849944279a3 (1 commits)\n\n\n\n\ngit log 869dc82afef9..7849944279a3 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'\n2019-03-21 Log exception that causes browser connection gone\n\n\nCreated with:\n gclient setdep -r src/third_party/catapult@7849944279a3\n\nThe AutoRoll server is located here:\n\nDocumentation for the AutoRoller is here:\n\n\nIf the roll is causing failures, please contact the current sheriff, who should\nbe CC'd on the roll, and stop the roller if necessary.\n\nCQ_INCLUDE_TRYBOTS=luci.chromium.try:android_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:linux_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:mac_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:win_optional_gpu_tests_rel\n\nBUG=chromium:940075\\n\nChange-Id: I5316f4e485a23a64cd2fa2e0abdf37c8e449c23f\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: chromium-autoroll <>\nCommit-Queue: chromium-autoroll <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643113}", "parents": [ "0fb13e52046ad0d88abb15043c7bf63c294e0a9e" ], "tree": "cff72cff95c13c09602d81215539638ab9790ee9" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Josh Nohle", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:05:01 2019" }, "commit": "0fb13e52046ad0d88abb15043c7bf63c294e0a9e", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:05:01 2019" }, "message": "Simplify CryptAuth v2 enrollment manager unit tests\n\nMove a lot of logic out of the test bodies and into helper functions.\nAnother test with multiple enrollment attempts was also added.\n\nBug: 899080\nChange-Id: If95a442672e490ff0699ff991d3da39688834e18\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Josh Nohle <>\nReviewed-by: Kyle Horimoto <>\nAuto-Submit: Josh Nohle <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643112}", "parents": [ "9ba136948587d54cf489e15035b059979e4bee15" ], "tree": "c5c115728e175c4a1c95b674cb427fbefa2ec6bd" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Manas Verma", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:01:00 2019" }, "commit": "9ba136948587d54cf489e15035b059979e4bee15", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 21:01:00 2019" }, "message": "Splitting AuthenticatorImpl into AuthenitcatorCommon.\n\nThis CL introduces, which performs most of the functionality in AuthenticatorImpl. This class is meant to reduce code repetition when introducing ChromeInternalAuthenticatorImpl.\n\nSee go/authenticator-util and go/autofill-auth-client-dd for more information.\n\nBug: 941873\nChange-Id: Idd3c535714c69146ee5094e201de301d3da41dee\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Manas Verma <>\nReviewed-by: Kim Paulhamus <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643111}", "parents": [ "0f9f96d22b6b5fcd466f7e453d9ca4e51d219ac1" ], "tree": "320188e4cdb254771474850083c137175f7928b4" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Ivan Sandrk", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:58:40 2019" }, "commit": "0f9f96d22b6b5fcd466f7e453d9ca4e51d219ac1", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:58:40 2019" }, "message": "[Locked Fullscreen] Move Chrome OS specific code out of tabs_api\n\nCreate a new tabs_util file and move the platform specific code there.\n\nAdditionally, add myself as an owner for this file (since it does locked\nfullscreen related stuff).\n\nBug: 937786\nChange-Id: I89678386121522d4b5c6d709973ff32c3624d525\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Ivan \u0160andrk <>\nReviewed-by: Karan Bhatia <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643110}", "parents": [ "b9005e2af3628378dc3eb003c41d0a12138339c5" ], "tree": "7bde4de4da5bb6d1d864520134a6cfeeb968c8c6" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Dmitry Iljinskiy", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:57:23 2019" }, "commit": "b9005e2af3628378dc3eb003c41d0a12138339c5", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:57:23 2019" }, "message": "History WebUI: Remove unused variable in history_focus_test.js\n\nChange-Id: I8ba3cd9673eea1a97fb17e878123fe2c1377eff5\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Demetrios Papadopoulos <>\nCommit-Queue: Dmitry Iljinskiy <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643109}", "parents": [ "12b19b1a3f7eb4bd1964df20bcad58ba6c985a72" ], "tree": "d4b52ca4a5772c517263821e5484e8ec642033e3" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Devlin Cronin", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:57:06 2019" }, "commit": "12b19b1a3f7eb4bd1964df20bcad58ba6c985a72", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:57:06 2019" }, "message": "[Extensions Bindings] Remove guards around bindingUtil in //chrome\n\nCustom bindings in JS files used to require guards around bindingUtil,\nsince it was only set if native extension bindings were used. Now that\nnative extension bindings are the only form of bindings, we can remove\nthe guards and JS versions of the same invocations.\n\nBug: 938998\n\nChange-Id: I971155cd514222264d8df4a3d6878f8f0d7ca0b4\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Karan Bhatia <>\nCommit-Queue: Devlin <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643108}", "parents": [ "d4e7513f548f21e41cc6dc0012b462fff12836df" ], "tree": "ea427dfba25dcd597330d380ee661bb843494127" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Antonio Gomes", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:55:57 2019" }, "commit": "d4e7513f548f21e41cc6dc0012b462fff12836df", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:55:57 2019" }, "message": "Remove ununsed error handling classes\n\nThis CL removes the following classes:\n- ErrorCallbackBase\n- ScriptErrorCallback\n- PromiseErrorCallback\n\n... and as well the left over ReportError overloads in\nDOMFileSystemBase, DOMFileSystem and DOMFileSystemSync classes.\n\nNote that in order to remove the ReportError overloaded methods,\nsome left-over calls to them in\nand were converted to using BindOnce error callbacks.\n\\\n\nBUG=933878\n\nChange-Id: I20c9e8ebce9c1d723b95e2d98121425059a5ef7d\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Antonio Gomes <>\nReviewed-by: Marijn Kruisselbrink <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643107}", "parents": [ "56aa396c1e99ece23b711fb831c5505225b0b1b1" ], "tree": "8ff96e34ce39a828a3d23eb891ee46e76b8aa532" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Yi Su", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:55:24 2019" }, "commit": "56aa396c1e99ece23b711fb831c5505225b0b1b1", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:55:24 2019" }, "message": "Fix crash caused by dup-sections in Passwords VC.\n\nCurrently, activating search bar in PasswordsTableViewController will\nremove the \"save passwords\" switch section, and deactivating the search\nbar will add it back.\n\nHowever, PasswordsTableViewController.loadModel doesn't check the\nstatus of search bar when adding switch section, so dup-sections\nwill happen in this scenario:\n\n1. PasswordsTableViewController is inited;\n2. Switch section is added in |loadModel|;\n3. User activates the search bar;\n4. Switch section is removed in |willPresentSearchController|;\n5. |onGetPasswordStoreResults| is called, which will call |loadModel|;\n6. |loadModel| adds the switch section;\n7. User deactivates the search bar;\n8. Another switch section is added back in |willDismissSearchController|.\n\nAnd dup switch sections will cause a crash in following steps:\n1. User taps \"Edit\";\n2. User selects the switch item in the second switch section;\n3. User taps \"Delete\".\n\nThe crash happens because the SettingsSwitchItem will be cast to\nPasswords SavedFormContentItem, which leads to corrupted memory.\n\nBug: 943649\nChange-Id: Ic486886cefb1aceda3a8a986502a8ffb1a34e019\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Yi Su <>\nAuto-Submit: Yi Su <>\nReviewed-by: Sergio Collazos <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643106}", "parents": [ "4685a848c08a5e0a0597066abb156b4eecfa5ef6" ], "tree": "cf239e713028a54b50094947db747fd3bdab0f18" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Jeff Fisher", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:54:36 2019" }, "commit": "4685a848c08a5e0a0597066abb156b4eecfa5ef6", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:54:36 2019" }, "message": "DevTools: Fix initial position of DevTools window in certain configs\n\nWhen DevTools opens in particular monitor configurations, the tools are\npositioned incorrectly, which results on them slowly migrating offscreen\nwith each successive close and open.\n\nThis is caused when the last known location of the tools is on a\nsecondary display that has a different scale factor than the primary\ndisplay.\n\nWhen window bounds are saved in prefs::kAppWindowPlacement, their pixel\ncooridinates are first normalized to density independent pixels (DIPs.)\nWhen a window is restored to its last saved position, these coordinates\nare supposed to be translated back, but this was not happening\ncorrectly, resulting in the devtools window being positioned offset\nfrom its last location.\n\nWhy this was happening had to do with a nuance of how and when window\nplacement is retrieved. DevToolsWindow::CreateDevToolsBrowser() creates\na Browser object, but it does not actually pass in the saved bounds at\nthis time. Instead, BrowserFrame::InitBrowserFrame() calls its super\nmethod Widget::Init() with its own set of Widget::InitParams that has a\ndefault empty bounds.\n\nThe way this was supposed to work is that Widget::SetInitialBounds\nretrieves any previously saved bounds with\nWidget::GetSavedWindowPlacement and applies them with a call to\nSetBounds().\n\nHowever, the timing of operations inside Widget::Init() created\nundesired behavior. Before Widget::SetInitialBounds() is called,\nInit() first calls into InitNativeWidget(), which ends up calling into\nDesktopWindowTreeHostWin::Init, which takes in the initial bounds,\ntranslates them into real screen coordinates, and creates the window\nvia the HwNDMessageHandler.\n\nThis means that, initially, there is an invisible window created at\n(0,0) on the primary display. After this window is created, the call\nto Widget::SetInitialBounds() happens, and the saved bounds is passed\nalong to DesktopWindowTreeHost::SetBoundsInDIP. This method translates\nthe coordinates from DIP to real screen pixels using\nScreenWin::DIPToScreenRectInWindow.\n\nScreenWin::DIPToScreenRectInWindow then calls ScreenWin::DIPToScreenRect\nto do the translation. This is where one problem arises, since\nDIPToScreenRect uses the HWND of the already created window to retrieve\nscaling information. Since the HWND was created on the primary display,\nif the saved position is not on the primary display, it is now\nretrieving the incorrect scale factor and translates the DIP coorindates\nincorrectly for the target display.\n\nMy original solution to this problem was to ignore the HWND in this case\nand determine the appropriate ScreenWinDisplay using only the\ndip_bounds. This resulted in the coordinates being mapped correctly,\nhowever when the window position was updated with SetWindowPos(),\nHWNDMessageHandler::OnDpiChanged would get called because the window\nmoved to a different screen and the window's size would get up-scaled\nagain, even though DIPToScreenRect had already calculated the proper\nfinal size.\n\nInstead, this fix modifies BrowserFrame::InitBrowserFrame to ensure that\nthe Widget::InitParams of the frame pull the correct kAppWindowPlacement\nbounds from prefs before the window is positioned initially. This makes\nsure that the HWND is created on the appropriate screen from the start\nand avoids any trouble from moving the window after creation.\n\nBug: 783199\nChange-Id: Ie3cc24378054111d4e5d4103ce984362dc7581d5\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Jeff Fisher <>\nReviewed-by: Scott Violet <>\nReviewed-by: Peter Kasting <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643105}", "parents": [ "e430b8a332b8e9e39cb490cf16f120ae812393ac" ], "tree": "a92e47b1fa45c06cdba5db6c9a2d64af7bcac03e" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "David Benjamin", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:46:27 2019" }, "commit": "e430b8a332b8e9e39cb490cf16f120ae812393ac", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:46:27 2019" }, "message": "Use UniquePtrComparator in content/public/test.\n\nC++14 extends std::set to fix the std::unique_ptr problem. No sense\nin paying an O(N) removal when we have a std::set.\n\nBug: none\nChange-Id: I4377b45106ff53b711b71316dbf4fa230c53e900\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Scott Violet <>\nAuto-Submit: David Benjamin <>\nReviewed-by: Scott Violet <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643104}", "parents": [ "49e7949ededaa81be876983fed2cefa834516901" ], "tree": "0f56019d68043baedac2b8e401abcce5cec5e67f" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Dominic Mazzoni", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:46:16 2019" }, "commit": "49e7949ededaa81be876983fed2cefa834516901", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:46:16 2019" }, "message": "AccessibilityNotificationWaiter should listen to all frames\n\nThis tries to simplify AccessibilityNotificationWaiter in order to make\nit easier to make some future changes that will reduce flakiness.\n\nThe main change is that now you always pass a WebContents and you always\nlisten to all frames.\n\nPreviously you could construct an AccessibilityNotificationWaiter with either\na WebContents or a RenderFrameHost, but either way you had to do extra work to\nlisten to all frames. It had five constructors and it still often required\nextra loops to set it up.\n\nInstead, all of the code to listen to all frames is now part of\nAccessibilityNotificationWaiter and it's always run. It makes the\nclass easier to use, and it's harmless to listen for changes on\nadditional frames even for tests that don't strictly need it.\n\nBug: 944537\nChange-Id: Ic72abe809348b3349cb461e673de4453f56a74a8\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Avi Drissman <>\nCommit-Queue: Dominic Mazzoni <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643103}", "parents": [ "328fccb1759e19336253d579e56387ac2d609ee4" ], "tree": "b0545b337342906fd005b5424f9c4fa52c5d9897" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Karan Bhatia", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:44:33 2019" }, "commit": "328fccb1759e19336253d579e56387ac2d609ee4", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:44:33 2019" }, "message": "DNR: Have RulesetSource constructor take in the ID and priority.\n\nThis helps get rid of a couple of \"for_testing\" methods.\n\nBUG=930961\n\nChange-Id: I1b3aa05a1e755a8009aa7888af8ddccf5339ae4a\nReviewed-on:\nAuto-Submit: Karan Bhatia <>\nReviewed-by: Devlin <>\nCommit-Queue: Karan Bhatia <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643102}", "parents": [ "7faa3dac67e72463e9e81b69c4ae2d6e406cb6f2" ], "tree": "1264511668520d7fc212418d9146d74cdfc774d0" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Albert J. Wong", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:43:43 2019" }, "commit": "7faa3dac67e72463e9e81b69c4ae2d6e406cb6f2", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:43:43 2019" }, "message": "Move RenderWidget creation out of RenderViewImpl constructor.\n\nSets the stage to begin detangling Widget lifetime and\ninitialization from RenderViewImpl.\n\nChange-Id: I597938fcdfbef29b5e6835adefb9a490b231e224\nReviewed-on:\nAuto-Submit: Albert J. Wong <>\nCommit-Queue: Daniel Cheng <>\nReviewed-by: Daniel Cheng <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643101}", "parents": [ "049425c19c99b70e5ef2259f43f7465ac5992f9c" ], "tree": "e1236c1e08152f5debdcd03e73bfc448a2fe7a88" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Antonio Gomes", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:43:26 2019" }, "commit": "049425c19c99b70e5ef2259f43f7465ac5992f9c", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:43:26 2019" }, "message": "Migrate EntriesCallback to use simple success/failure callbacks\n\nThis CL is a continuation of the effort to simplify the callbacks\nimplementation in t_p/b/renderer/modules/filesystem/file_system_callbacks.h\nAt this time, EntriesCallbacks wrapper class is migrated to use\nsimple (BindOnce) callbacks, one for success, another for failure.\n\nNote that EntriesCallbacks closures did not share the same callback\ncompletion implementation as some other methods that use the templates\nin async_callback_helper.h. Additionally, the success callback can be\ncalled more than once for the same object. Hence\n\n1) WTF::BindRepeating is used for EntriesCallbacks::SuccessCallback .\n2) The callback completion bodies were inlined (eg\, and\\n\nAdditionally, that EntriesCallbacks was the last class in file_system_callbacks.h\nto be migrated to success/failures callbacks, instead of wrapper classes.\nIts switch over to simple callbacks for success/failure closures allowed\nthe following classes to be removed:\n\n- DirectoryReader::EntriesCallbackHelper and ErrorCallbackHelper.\n- DirectoryReaderSync::EntriesCallbackHelper and ErrorCallbackHelper.\n- FileSystemDirectoryIterator::EntriesCallbackHelper and ErrorCallbackHelper.\n- EntriesCallbacks::OnDidGetEntriesCallback\n\nFollow up tasks:\n- Remove ErrorCallbackBase and ScriptErrorCallback altogether.\n- Remove the (now) unused ReportError overloads in\n dom_file_system_base.h|cc, dom_file_system.h|cc and\n dom_file_system_sync.h|cc.\n- Experiment with approaches to remove FileSystemCallbacksBase,\n and invoke callbacks from directly.\n\\nCC=\\n\nBUG=933878\n\nChange-Id: I3d6505fa49f05a3bd2cd72db69ecb6f7bb983ed0\nReviewed-on:\nCommit-Queue: Antonio Gomes <>\nCommit-Queue: Marijn Kruisselbrink <>\nAuto-Submit: Antonio Gomes <>\nReviewed-by: Marijn Kruisselbrink <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643100}", "parents": [ "d117241618f7416f6e4d9808c2d12d0aba48fd81" ], "tree": "db2b51df58e541fc186e28683133ce6b67e21413" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Christian Fremerey", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:41:05 2019" }, "commit": "d117241618f7416f6e4d9808c2d12d0aba48fd81", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:41:05 2019" }, "message": "[Video Capture Service] Enable by default on Android\n\nThis is the next step in the process of rolling out the\nservice on Android.\n\nBug: 792621\nChange-Id: I53b47e146e86f9729cf569f86b9cba2c96982539\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Antoine Labour <>\nCommit-Queue: Christian Fremerey <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643099}", "parents": [ "47fef62aa7626d9a47fc1986b8e51e6e866570d1" ], "tree": "b47598cd898a8df855cbc46909a61ad2a99b5371" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Samuel Huang", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:40:55 2019" }, "commit": "47fef62aa7626d9a47fc1986b8e51e6e866570d1", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:40:55 2019" }, "message": "[Zucchini] Rel32Finder: Make rel32 accept / reject semantics explicit.\n\nZucchini heuristically scans assembly code byte-by-byte for rel32\nreferences. When found, the result needs validation, and on X86 / X64,\nthis directs where to scan next: If accepted, scan resumes after the\ninstruction containing the rel32 found; if rejected, scan resumes on\nthe next byte.\n\nRel32Finder implements the above interactively: GetNext() emits the\nnext candidate rel32, and the caller needs to call Accept() to signal\nacceptance (else rejection is assumed).\n\nInherited classes of Rel32Finder implements architecture-specific code\nvia Scan(), which caches results. Previously, Scan() also returns a\nrange for the instruction found. If accepted, scan resumes after the\nrange; if rejected, scan resumes 1 byte after the start of range.\n\nProblem: The \"scan 1 byte after\" scheme works well for X86 / X64 and\nfixed-size instructions (by aligning in Scan()). However, for THUMB2\ninstructions in ARM, which has easily discernible 2-byte and 4-byte\nop codes, for both \"accept\" and \"reject\", scan should resume on the\nnext instruction.\n\nThis CL refactors Rel32Finder to solve the above, with other cleanup.\nDetails:\n* Change Scan() to return (new struct) NextIterators, which stores\n iterator for \"accept\" and \"reject\" cases.\n* Rename Reset() to SetRegion() to assign |region_|, and remove the\n |region_| assignment via constructor.\n* Add Rel32FinderIntel::SetResult().\n* Move more code from .h to .cc.\n* Rename |next_cursor_| to |accept_it_|.\n* Extensive comment updates.\n\nBug: 943315,918867\nChange-Id: Ie0a0b380975c35b0aedb013037f8d69673c9697c\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Etienne Pierre-Doray <>\nReviewed-by: Samuel Huang <>\nCommit-Queue: Samuel Huang <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643098}", "parents": [ "fb34521d26c67cf7055af50fa634c63cf9cad3c4" ], "tree": "104b0ece223b4c1665860afb4a6df47a109e6393" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Bo Liu", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:39:47 2019" }, "commit": "fb34521d26c67cf7055af50fa634c63cf9cad3c4", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:39:47 2019" }, "message": "Remove debug code for\n\nCrash is fixed. Remove debug code / logging.\n\nBug: 758186\nChange-Id: I4c0633820005e7f28cf16b8c26fab60758ac1b14\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Andrew Grieve <>\nReviewed-by: Alex Moshchuk <>\nCommit-Queue: Bo <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643097}", "parents": [ "2e98c9382c9c90e66e76f1acbdce427aeb2e7842" ], "tree": "613eff1964125a0947ec33df62d7c9691488da6c" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Eric Robinson", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:39:33 2019" }, "commit": "2e98c9382c9c90e66e76f1acbdce427aeb2e7842", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:39:33 2019" }, "message": "Capture interactive duration when interactive not hit.\n\nThis is a follow-up to crrev/1512494 to fix the case where a page never\nhits interactive. In this case, the entire duration of the page should\nbe pre-interactive (it was reporting as post due to the error). This\nfixes that error and adds a unit test for that case.\n\nBug: 937298\nChange-Id: I1590729dac404378d037ef03d1d2022bd583c109\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Charlie Harrison <>\nCommit-Queue: Eric Robinson <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643096}", "parents": [ "616b29b262970d49c187d634dca92bbb334b056f" ], "tree": "6ffeb7762ea8f2e9efb75deffc39b77b49a0a3aa" }, { "author": { "email": "", "name": "Sammie Quon", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:38:23 2019" }, "commit": "616b29b262970d49c187d634dca92bbb334b056f", "committer": { "email": "", "name": "Commit Bot", "time": "Thu Mar 21 20:38:23 2019" }, "message": "tab dragging: Blur and dim wallpaper same way as overview.\n\nThis will save us a fullscreen blit for the dimming. And the wallpaper\nblurring will be more optimized.\n\nTest: manual\nBug: 905428\nChange-Id: I4b4cde0046dedab752247f5318a61f07cc573d0c\nReviewed-on:\nReviewed-by: Xiaoqian Dai <>\nReviewed-by: Xiyuan Xia <>\nCommit-Queue: Sammie Quon <>\nCr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#643095}", "parents": [ "4da45adfa0b104402c12414a71eaabb2553848ed" ], "tree": "9c7ebc0b648645a28ef3d1d7cbc0b2f4560c5089" } ], "next": "4da45adfa0b104402c12414a71eaabb2553848ed" }