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To repro this locally, run the following line from the root of a 'infra' checkout: ./ run --properties-file - ovmf <<EOF {"$recipe_engine/path": {"cache_dir": "/b/s/w/ir/cache", "temp_dir": "/b/s/w/ir/tmp/rt"}, "remote": "", "buildername": "ovmf-x64", "recipe": "ovmf", "manifest": "fuchsia", "$recipe_engine/runtime": {"is_experimental": false, "is_luci": true}, "buildbucket": {"hostname": "", "build": {"created_ts": 1536877066401981, "tags": ["builder:ovmf-x64", "scheduler_invocation_id:9100891371345557440", "scheduler_job_id:fuchsia/ovmf-x64", "user_agent:luci-scheduler"], "bucket": "", "created_by": "", "project": "fuchsia", "id": "8935461309180102240"}}, "path_config": "generic", "packages": ["topaz/packages/buildbot"], "bot_id": "fuchsia-debian-16-1451439a-us-central1-b-vlkl"} EOF To run on Windows, you can put the JSON in a file and redirect the contents of the file into, with the < operator.