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CASE exceptions_tests [STARTED] job_set_close_set_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) process_set_close_set_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) process_debugger_set_close_set_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) thread_set_close_set_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) non_running_process_set_close_set_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) non_running_process_debugger_set_close_set_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) non_running_thread_set_close_set_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) dead_process_matched_unbind_succeeds_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (5 ms) dead_process_mismatched_unbind_fails_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (5 ms) dead_process_debugger_matched_unbind_succeeds_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (5 ms) dead_process_debugger_mismatched_unbind_fails_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (5 ms) dead_thread_matched_unbind_succeeds_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) dead_thread_mismatched_unbind_fails_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) job_handler_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (5 ms) grandparent_job_handler_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (5 ms) process_handler_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (5 ms) thread_handler_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (5 ms) packet_pid_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (5 ms) job_debug_handler_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (4 ms) nested_job_debug_handler_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (4 ms) thread_state_when_starting_or_exiting_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (5 ms) process_start_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (4 ms) process_exit_notification_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (4 ms) thread_exit_notification_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) trigger_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (24 ms) unbind_walkthrough_by_reset_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (5 ms) unbind_walkthrough_by_close_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (5 ms) unbind_while_stopped_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (4 ms) kill_while_stopped_at_start_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (1 ms) death_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) self_death_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) multiple_threads_registered_death_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (1 ms) exit_closing_excp_handle_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (4 ms) full_queue_sending_exception_packet_test [RUNNING] Note: We're intentionally crashing a thread in a way that cannot be handled. The kernel will detect this and may print a helpful message, which can be ignored. [PASSED] (11 ms) CASE exceptions_tests [PASSED] ==================================================== Results for test binary "/boot/test/sys/exception-test": SUCCESS! All test cases passed! CASES: 1 SUCCESS: 1 FAILED: 0 ====================================================