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CASE ramdisk_tests [STARTED] RamdiskTestWaitForDevice [RUNNING]invalid device path '' failed to bind '': ZX_ERR_BAD_PATH invalid args: path='/dev/misc/ramctl/ramdisk-79/block', timeout=0 invalid args: path='(null)', timeout=1000000000 [PASSED] (26 ms) RamdiskGrowTestDimensionsChange [RUNNING] [PASSED] (4 ms) RamdiskGrowTestReadFromOldBlocks [RUNNING] [PASSED] (7 ms) RamdiskGrowTestWriteToAddedBlocks [RUNNING] [PASSED] (7 ms) RamdiskTestSimple [RUNNING] [PASSED] (7 ms) RamdiskTestStats [RUNNING] [PASSED] (7 ms) RamdiskTestGuid [RUNNING] [PASSED] (7 ms) RamdiskTestVmo [RUNNING] [PASSED] (7 ms) RamdiskTestFilesystem [RUNNING] [PASSED] (7 ms) RamdiskTestRebind [RUNNING] [PASSED] (7 ms) RamdiskTestBadRequests [RUNNING] [PASSED] (7 ms) RamdiskTestReleaseDuringAccess [RUNNING] [PASSED] (18 ms) RamdiskTestMultiple [RUNNING] [PASSED] (8 ms) RamdiskTestFifoNoOp [RUNNING] [PASSED] (7 ms) RamdiskTestFifoBasic [RUNNING] [PASSED] (7 ms) RamdiskTestFifoNoGroup [RUNNING] [PASSED] (9 ms) RamdiskTestFifoMultipleVmo [RUNNING] [PASSED] (13 ms) RamdiskTestFifoMultipleVmoMultithreaded [RUNNING] [PASSED] (15 ms) RamdiskTestFifoUncleanShutdown [RUNNING] [PASSED] (19 ms) RamdiskTestFifoLargeOpsCount [RUNNING] [PASSED] (10 ms) RamdiskTestFifoLargeOpsCountShutdown [RUNNING] [PASSED] (9 ms) RamdiskTestFifoIntermediateOpFailure [RUNNING] [PASSED] (10 ms) RamdiskTestFifoBadClientVmoid [RUNNING] [PASSED] (11 ms) RamdiskTestFifoBadClientUnalignedRequest [RUNNING] [PASSED] (9 ms) RamdiskTestFifoBadClientOverflow [RUNNING] [PASSED] (7 ms) RamdiskTestFifoBadClientBadVmo [RUNNING] [PASSED] (12 ms) RamdiskTestFifoSleepUnavailable [RUNNING] [PASSED] (10 ms) RamdiskTestFifoSleepDeferred [RUNNING] [PASSED] (206 ms) CASE ramdisk_tests [PASSED] ==================================================== Results for test binary "/boot/test/sys/ramdisk-test": SUCCESS! All test cases passed! CASES: 1 SUCCESS: 1 FAILED: 0 ====================================================