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CASE guest [STARTED] vcpu_resume [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vcpu_read_write_state [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vcpu_interrupt [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) guest_set_trap_with_mem [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) guest_set_trap_with_bell [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vcpu_interrupt_priority [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vcpu_nmi [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vcpu_nmi_priority [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vcpu_exception [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vcpu_hlt [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vcpu_pause [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vcpu_write_cr0 [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vcpu_compat_mode [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vcpu_syscall [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vcpu_sysenter [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vcpu_sysenter_compat [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vcpu_vmcall [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vcpu_extended_registers [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) guest_set_trap_with_io [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) CASE guest [PASSED] ==================================================== Results for test binary "/boot/test/sys/hypervisor-test": SUCCESS! All test cases passed! CASES: 1 SUCCESS: 1 FAILED: 0 ====================================================