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CASE StringMapTest [STARTED] TestEmpty [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) TestGetAndSet [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) TestBeginAndNext [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) TestEraseAndClear [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) CASE StringMapTest [PASSED] CASE StringListTest [STARTED] TestEmpty [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) TestPushFrontAndBack [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) TestKeepIf [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) TestEraseIf [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) TestClear [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) CASE StringListTest [PASSED] CASE PathTest [STARTED] TestJoin [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) TestPushAndPop [RUNNING] [PASSED] (1 ms) TestGetSizeAndExists [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) TestList [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) TestEnsureAndRemove [RUNNING] [PASSED] (1 ms) TestRename [RUNNING] [PASSED] (1 ms) TestReset [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) CASE PathTest [PASSED] CASE FuzzerTest [STARTED] TestSetOption [RUNNING] [PASSED] (8 ms) TestRebasePath [RUNNING] [PASSED] (8 ms) TestGetPackagePath [RUNNING] [PASSED] (8 ms) TestFindFuzzers [RUNNING] [PASSED] (25 ms) TestCheckProcess [RUNNING] [PASSED] (8 ms) TestInvalid [RUNNING] [PASSED] (26 ms) TestHelp [RUNNING] [PASSED] (16 ms) TestList [RUNNING] [PASSED] (48 ms) TestSeeds [RUNNING] [PASSED] (28 ms) TestStart [RUNNING] [PASSED] (47 ms) TestCheck [RUNNING] [PASSED] (38 ms) TestStop [RUNNING] [PASSED] (48 ms) TestRepro [RUNNING] [PASSED] (38 ms) TestMerge [RUNNING] [PASSED] (48 ms) CASE FuzzerTest [PASSED] ==================================================== Results for test binary "/boot/test/sys/fuzz-utils-test": SUCCESS! All test cases passed! CASES: 4 SUCCESS: 4 FAILED: 0 ====================================================