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CASE vmo_tests [STARTED] vmo_create_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vmo_read_write_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vmo_read_write_range_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vmo_map_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vmo_read_only_map_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vmo_no_perm_map_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (1 ms) vmo_no_perm_protect_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (9 ms) vmo_resize_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vmo_no_resize_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vmo_no_resize_clone_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vmo_size_align_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (64 ms) vmo_resize_align_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (5 ms) vmo_clone_size_align_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (41 ms) vmo_rights_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vmo_commit_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vmo_decommit_misaligned_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vmo_cache_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vmo_cache_map_test [IGNORED] vmo_cache_op_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vmo_cache_flush_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vmo_zero_page_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vmo_clone_test_1 [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vmo_clone_test_2 [RUNNING] [PASSED] (1 ms) vmo_clone_test_3 [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vmo_clone_test_4 [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vmo_clone_decommit_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vmo_clone_commit_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vmo_clone_rights_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vmo_resize_hazard [RUNNING] [PASSED] (1 ms) vmo_clone_resize_clone_hazard [RUNNING] [PASSED] (92 ms) vmo_clone_resize_parent_ok [RUNNING] [PASSED] (8 ms) vmo_info_test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) vmo_unmap_coherency [IGNORED] CASE vmo_tests [PASSED] ==================================================== Results for test binary "/boot/test/sys/vmo-test": SUCCESS! All test cases passed! CASES: 1 SUCCESS: 1 FAILED: 0 ====================================================