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CASE llcpp_interface_dirent_tests [STARTED] client: CountNumDirectories, C-flavor [RUNNING] [PASSED] (84 ms) client: CountNumDirectories, caller-allocating [RUNNING] [PASSED] (87 ms) client: ReadDir, caller-allocating [RUNNING] [PASSED] (60 ms) client: ReadDir, in-place [RUNNING] [PASSED] (60 ms) client: ConsumeDirectories, C-flavor [RUNNING] [PASSED] (4 ms) client: ConsumeDirectories, caller-allocating [RUNNING] [PASSED] (3 ms) client: ConsumeDirectories, in-place [RUNNING] [PASSED] (4 ms) client: OneWayDirents, C-flavor [RUNNING] [PASSED] (4 ms) client: OneWayDirents, caller-allocating [RUNNING] [PASSED] (4 ms) client: OneWayDirents, in-place [RUNNING] [PASSED] (64 ms) server: CountNumDirectories, C-flavor [RUNNING] [PASSED] (78 ms) server: CountNumDirectories, caller-allocating [RUNNING] [PASSED] (83 ms) server: CountNumDirectories, in-place [RUNNING] [PASSED] (64 ms) server: CountNumDirectories, async [RUNNING] [PASSED] (84 ms) server: ReadDir, C-flavor [RUNNING] [PASSED] (51 ms) server: ReadDir, caller-allocating [RUNNING] [PASSED] (47 ms) server: ReadDir, in-place [RUNNING] [PASSED] (49 ms) server: ReadDir, async [RUNNING] [PASSED] (66 ms) server: ConsumeDirectories, C-flavor [RUNNING] [PASSED] (3 ms) server: ConsumeDirectories, async [RUNNING] [PASSED] (4 ms) server: OneWayDirents, C-flavor [RUNNING] [PASSED] (4 ms) server: Send OnDirents event, C-flavor [RUNNING] [PASSED] (1 ms) server: Send OnDirents event, caller-allocating [RUNNING] [PASSED] (1 ms) server: Send OnDirents event, in-place [RUNNING] [PASSED] (1 ms) CASE llcpp_interface_dirent_tests [PASSED] CASE llcpp_controlflow_tests [STARTED] shutdown [RUNNING] [PASSED] (56 ms) send epitaph from a call with no reply [RUNNING] [PASSED] (53 ms) send epitaph from a call with reply [RUNNING] [PASSED] (46 ms) CASE llcpp_controlflow_tests [PASSED] CASE llcpp_basictypes_tests [STARTED] client: raw channel call (passing struct) [RUNNING] [PASSED] (31 ms) client: raw channel call (passing union) [RUNNING] [PASSED] (3 ms) client: generated binding (passing struct) [RUNNING] [PASSED] (31 ms) client: generated binding (passing union) [RUNNING] [PASSED] (3 ms) client: generated binding (passing struct, caller allocating) [RUNNING] [PASSED] (31 ms) client: generated binding (passing union, caller allocating) [RUNNING] [PASSED] (3 ms) server: passing union [RUNNING] [PASSED] (42 ms) server: passing struct [RUNNING] [PASSED] (33 ms) CASE llcpp_basictypes_tests [PASSED] ==================================================== Results for test binary "/boot/test/sys/fidl-llcpp-interop-test": SUCCESS! All test cases passed! CASES: 3 SUCCESS: 3 FAILED: 0 ====================================================