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CASE spaceship_tests_cpp [STARTED] fidl.test.spaceship.SpaceShip test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (16 ms) fidl.test.spaceship.SpaceShip async test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (11 ms) CASE spaceship_tests_cpp [PASSED] CASE spaceship_tests [STARTED] fidl.test.spaceship.SpaceShip test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (8 ms) CASE spaceship_tests [PASSED] CASE server_tests [STARTED] fuchsia.crash.Analyzer dispatch test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (2 ms) fuchsia.crash.Analyzer reply test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) fuchsia.crash.Analyzer error test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) CASE server_tests [PASSED] CASE ldsvc_tests [STARTED] fuchsia.ldsvc.Loader test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (14 ms) fuchsia.ldsvc.Loader ordinals [RUNNING] [PASSED] (0 ms) fuchsia.ldsvc.Loader requests are the same as FIDL [RUNNING] [PASSED] (1 ms) fuchsia.ldsvc.Loader replies are the same as FIDL [RUNNING] [PASSED] (1 ms) CASE ldsvc_tests [PASSED] CASE fakesocket_tests [STARTED] basic test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (7 ms) CASE fakesocket_tests [PASSED] CASE client_tests [STARTED] fuchsia.crash.Analyzer test [RUNNING] [PASSED] (6 ms) CASE client_tests [PASSED] ==================================================== Results for test binary "/boot/test/sys/fidl-simple-test": SUCCESS! All test cases passed! CASES: 6 SUCCESS: 6 FAILED: 0 ====================================================