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running 12 tests test logger::tests::convert_to_log_message_test ... ok test logger::tests::abi_test ... ok test tests::memory_bounded_buffer::test_simple ... ok test tests::memory_bounded_buffer::test_bound ... ok DEBUG: test_filter_by_combination: setup test DEBUG: test_filter_by_min_severity: setup test DEBUG: test_filter_by_combination: call connect DEBUG: test_filter_by_min_severity: call connect DEBUG: test_filter_by_combination: call setup_listener DEBUG: test_filter_by_min_severity: call setup_listener DEBUG: test_filter_by_min_severity: call write DEBUG: test_filter_by_min_severity: write returned DEBUG: test_filter_by_min_severity: wait on executor DEBUG: test_filter_by_combination: call write DEBUG: test_filter_by_combination: write returned DEBUG: test_filter_by_combination: wait on executor DEBUG: test_filter_by_min_severity: log called DEBUG: test_filter_by_min_severity: setting done=true DEBUG: test_filter_by_pid: setup test DEBUG: test_filter_by_pid: call connect DEBUG: test_filter_by_pid: call setup_listener DEBUG: test_filter_by_pid: call write DEBUG: test_filter_by_pid: write returned DEBUG: test_filter_by_pid: wait on executor DEBUG: test_filter_by_combination: log called DEBUG: test_filter_by_combination: setting done=true DEBUG: test_filter_by_pid: log called DEBUG: test_filter_by_pid: setting done=true DEBUG: test_filter_by_min_severity: executor returned DEBUG: test_filter_by_min_severity: assert done DEBUG: test_filter_by_combination: executor returned DEBUG: test_filter_by_combination: assert done test tests::test_filter_by_min_severity ... ok test tests::test_filter_by_combination ... ok DEBUG: test_filter_by_tags: setup test DEBUG: test_filter_by_tags: call connect DEBUG: test_filter_by_tags: call setup_listener DEBUG: test_filter_by_tags: call write DEBUG: test_filter_by_tags: write returned DEBUG: test_filter_by_tags: wait on executor DEBUG: test_filter_by_tid: setup test DEBUG: test_filter_by_tid: call connect DEBUG: test_filter_by_tid: call setup_listener DEBUG: test_filter_by_tid: call write DEBUG: test_filter_by_tid: write returned DEBUG: test_filter_by_tid: wait on executor DEBUG: test_filter_by_tags: log called DEBUG: test_filter_by_tags: log called DEBUG: test_filter_by_tags: setting done=true DEBUG: test_filter_by_tid: log called DEBUG: test_filter_by_tid: setting done=true DEBUG: test_filter_by_pid: executor returned DEBUG: test_filter_by_pid: assert done test tests::test_filter_by_pid ... ok DEBUG: log_manager_test: done called test logger::tests::logger_stream_test ... ok DEBUG: log_manager_test: log called DEBUG: log_manager_test: log called DEBUG: log_manager_test: log called DEBUG: log_manager_test: setting done=true DEBUG: test_filter_by_tags: executor returned DEBUG: test_filter_by_tags: assert done test tests::test_filter_by_tags ... ok DEBUG: test_filter_by_tid: executor returned DEBUG: test_filter_by_tid: assert done test tests::test_filter_by_tid ... ok test tests::test_log_manager_dump ... ok test tests::test_log_manager_simple ... ok test result: ok. 12 passed; 0 failed; 0 ignored; 0 measured; 0 filtered out