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flutter doctor in dir /b/s/w/ir/k/flutter: allow_subannotations: False base_name: 'flutter doctor' cmd: ['flutter', 'doctor'] cwd: '/b/s/w/ir/k/flutter' env: {'ANDROID_HOME': '/b/s/w/ir/k/flutter/dev/bots/android_tools', 'DEPOT_TOOLS': '/b/s/w/ir/kitchen-checkout/depot_tools', 'PATH': '/b/s/w/ir/k/flutter/bin:/b/s/w/ir/k/flutter/bin/cache/dart-sdk/bin:/b/s/w/ir/k/flutter/dev/bots/gradle/gradle-4.10.2-all/bin:%(PATH)s', 'PUB_CACHE': '/b/s/w/ir/k/flutter/.pub-cache'} env_prefixes: {} env_suffixes: {} infra_step: False name: 'flutter doctor' nest_level: 0 ok_ret: frozenset([0]) trigger_specs: () full environment: ANDROID_HOME: /b/s/w/ir/k/flutter/dev/bots/android_tools Apple_PubSub_Socket_Render: /private/tmp/ BOTO_CONFIG: /b/s/w/ir/tmp/gsutil_task/.boto BUILDBUCKET_EXPERIMENTAL: FALSE CIPD_CACHE_DIR: /b/s/cipd_cache/cache CIPD_PROTOCOL: v2 DEPOT_TOOLS: /b/s/w/ir/kitchen-checkout/depot_tools DEVSHELL_CLIENT_PORT: 52093 DOCKER_CONFIG: /b/s/w/ir/tmp/docker_cfg_task DOCKER_TMPDIR: /b/s/w/ir/tmp/docker_tmp_task GIT_CONFIG_NOSYSTEM: 1 GIT_TERMINAL_PROMPT: 0 HOME: /Users/chrome-bot INFRA_GIT_WRAPPER_HOME: /b/s/w/ir/tmp/git_home_task LOGDOG_COORDINATOR_HOST: LOGDOG_STREAM_PREFIX: buildbucket/ LOGDOG_STREAM_PROJECT: flutter LOGDOG_STREAM_SERVER_PATH: unix:/b/s/w/ir/tmp/ld.sock LOGNAME: chrome-bot LUCI_CONTEXT: /b/s/w/itPMP_yA/luci_context.516425704 MAC_CHROMIUM_TMPDIR: /b/s/w/ir/tmp/t NO_GCE_CHECK: False PATH: /b/s/w/ir/k/flutter/bin:/b/s/w/ir/k/flutter/bin/cache/dart-sdk/bin:/b/s/w/ir/k/flutter/dev/bots/gradle/gradle-4.10.2-all/bin:/b/s/w/ir/cipd_bin_packages:/b/s/w/ir/cipd_bin_packages/bin:/b/s/cipd_cache/bin:/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/git/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin PUB_CACHE: /b/s/w/ir/k/flutter/.pub-cache PWD: /b/s/w/ir/k PYTHONIOENCODING: UTF-8 PYTHONUNBUFFERED: 1 SHELL: /bin/bash SHLVL: 1 SSH_AUTH_SOCK: /private/tmp/ SWARMING_BOT_ID: build293-m9 SWARMING_HEADLESS: 1 SWARMING_SERVER: SWARMING_TASK_ID: 432cae023212be11 TEMP: /b/s/w/ir/tmp/t TEMPDIR: /b/s/w/ir/tmp/t TMP: /b/s/w/ir/tmp/t TMPDIR: /b/s/w/ir/tmp/t USER: chrome-bot VERSIONER_PYTHON_PREFER_32_BIT: no VERSIONER_PYTHON_VERSION: 2.7 VPYTHON_VIRTUALENV_ROOT: /b/s/w/ir/cache/vpython XPC_FLAGS: 0x0 XPC_SERVICE_NAME: 0 _: /b/s/w/ir/cipd_bin_packages/vpython __CF_USER_TEXT_ENCODING: 0x1F4:0x0:0x0 Downloading Dart SDK from Flutter engine f1f19bba8f0089490962316867bd222727510ac5... % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 0 0 71.3M 0 30540 0 0 181k 0 0:06:42 --:--:-- 0:06:42 180k 46 71.3M 46 33.2M 0 0 29.1M 0 0:00:02 0:00:01 0:00:01 29.1M 96 71.3M 96 69.0M 0 0 32.1M 0 0:00:02 0:00:02 --:--:-- 32.1M 100 71.3M 100 71.3M 0 0 32.2M 0 0:00:02 0:00:02 --:--:-- 32.1M Building flutter tool... Downloading Material fonts... 0.3s Downloading package sky_engine... 0.1s Downloading common tools... 0.4s Downloading darwin-x64 tools... 0.8s Downloading android-arm-profile/darwin-x64 tools... 0.1s Downloading android-arm-release/darwin-x64 tools... 0.1s Downloading android-arm64-profile/darwin-x64 tools... 0.1s Downloading android-arm64-release/darwin-x64 tools... 0.1s Downloading android-arm-dynamic-profile/darwin-x64 tools... 0.1s Downloading android-arm-dynamic-release/darwin-x64 tools... 0.1s Downloading android-arm64-dynamic-profile/darwin-x64 tools... 0.1s Downloading android-arm64-dynamic-release/darwin-x64 tools... 0.1s Downloading android-x86 tools... 0.5s Downloading android-x64 tools... 0.5s Downloading android-arm tools... 0.2s Downloading android-arm-profile tools... 0.2s Downloading android-arm-release tools... 0.1s Downloading android-arm64 tools... 0.2s Downloading android-arm64-profile tools... 0.2s Downloading android-arm64-release tools... 0.1s Downloading android-arm-dynamic-profile tools... 0.2s Downloading android-arm-dynamic-release tools... 0.1s Downloading android-arm64-dynamic-profile tools... 0.2s Downloading android-arm64-dynamic-release tools... 0.2s Downloading ios tools... 0.8s Downloading ios-profile tools... 0.7s Downloading ios-release tools... 0.5s Downloading Gradle Wrapper... 0.0s Doctor summary (to see all details, run flutter doctor -v): [✓] Flutter (Channel unknown, v1.2.2-pre.55, on Mac OS X 10.13.6 17G65, locale en-US) [✗] Android toolchain - develop for Android devices ✗ ANDROID_HOME = /b/s/w/ir/k/flutter/dev/bots/android_tools but Android SDK not found at this location. [✗] iOS toolchain - develop for iOS devices ✗ Xcode installation is incomplete; a full installation is necessary for iOS development. Download at: Or install Xcode via the App Store. Once installed, run: sudo xcode-select --switch /Applications/ ✗ libimobiledevice and ideviceinstaller are not installed. To install with Brew, run: brew update brew install --HEAD usbmuxd brew link usbmuxd brew install --HEAD libimobiledevice brew install ideviceinstaller ✗ ios-deploy not installed. To install: brew install ios-deploy ✗ Brew can be used to install tools for iOS device development. Download brew at [!] Android Studio (not installed) [!] Connected device ! No devices available ! Doctor found issues in 4 categories.