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[P13328 06:25:55.132 action_plan.go:140 I] In root: [P13328 06:25:55.132 action_plan.go:146 I] to install: [P13328 06:25:55.132 action_plan.go:148 I] dart/browsers/chrome/windows-amd64:72dd9bc30ff8d2a4db061b7f32bbb32f67bb8676 [P13328 06:25:55.132 client.go:572 I] cipd: using instance cache at "C:\\b\\s\\cipd_cache\\cache\\instances" [P13328 06:25:55.144 client.go:1333 I] cipd: instance cache hit for dart/browsers/chrome/windows-amd64:72dd9bc30ff8d2a4db061b7f32bbb32f67bb8676 [P13328 06:25:55.145 deployer.go:288 I] Deploying dart/browsers/chrome/windows-amd64:72dd9bc30ff8d2a4db061b7f32bbb32f67bb8676 into C:\b\s\w\ir\cache\builder\sdk\browsers(/) [P13328 06:25:55.150 reader.go:325 I] cipd: about to extract 398.0 MB (104 files) [P13328 06:25:55.150 reader.go:364 I] cipd: extracting - 0% [P13328 06:25:57.453 reader.go:364 I] cipd: extracting - 88% [P13328 06:25:57.993 reader.go:364 I] cipd: extracting - 100% [P13328 06:25:58.009 deployer.go:361 I] Moving files to their final destination... [P13328 06:25:58.804 deployer.go:376 I] Cleaning up... [P13328 06:25:58.810 deployer.go:381 I] Deployed dart/browsers/chrome/windows-amd64:72dd9bc30ff8d2a4db061b7f32bbb32f67bb8676 [P13328 06:25:58.810 client.go:1575 I] All changes applied.