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[P36558 14:40:46.381 action_plan.go:140 I] In root: [P36558 14:40:46.381 action_plan.go:146 I] to install: [P36558 14:40:46.381 action_plan.go:148 I] infra/tools/mac_toolchain/mac-amd64:1065f97353165dfafa89b64bfdaf9b424d705bc7 [P36558 14:40:46.381 client.go:572 I] cipd: using instance cache at "/b/s/cipd_cache/cache/instances" [P36558 14:40:46.383 client.go:1333 I] cipd: instance cache hit for infra/tools/mac_toolchain/mac-amd64:1065f97353165dfafa89b64bfdaf9b424d705bc7 [P36558 14:40:46.383 deployer.go:288 I] Deploying infra/tools/mac_toolchain/mac-amd64:1065f97353165dfafa89b64bfdaf9b424d705bc7 into /b/s/w/ir/cache/osx_sdk(/) [P36558 14:40:46.385 reader.go:325 I] cipd: about to extract 14.4 MB (3 files) [P36558 14:40:46.619 reader.go:364 I] cipd: extracting - 99% [P36558 14:40:46.621 reader.go:364 I] cipd: extracting - 100% [P36558 14:40:46.621 deployer.go:361 I] Moving files to their final destination... [P36558 14:40:46.623 deployer.go:376 I] Cleaning up... [P36558 14:40:46.623 deployer.go:381 I] Deployed infra/tools/mac_toolchain/mac-amd64:1065f97353165dfafa89b64bfdaf9b424d705bc7 [P36558 14:40:46.623 client.go:1575 I] All changes applied.