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using /run/user/1041/goma_chrome-bot as tmpdir request: total=1750 success=1750 failure=0 compiler_proxy: fail=0 compiler_info: stores=26 store_dups=0 miss=0 fail=0 goma: finished=1704 cache_hit=1702 local_cachehit=0 aborted=8 retry=0 fail=0 fallback_in_setup: parse_fail=0 no_remote=35 http_disabled=0 compiler_info_fail=0 compiler_disabled=0 requested_by_user=0 update_required_files=0 local: run=49 killed=2 finished=38 local run reason: fast goma, but wait for local.=2 fast goma, local not started=1 local idle=5 should fallback=35 should not run while delaying subproc=2 slow goma=1 slow goma, local run started in FILE_REQ=3 files: requested=250437 uploaded=10282 missed=0 dropped=0 outputs: files=3408 rename=0 buf=3408 peak_req=66644382 memory: consuming=345055232 time: uptime=114 include_processor: total=710437 skipped=352688 total_wait_time=361926 total_run_time=37876 includecache: entries=1485 hit=353081 missed=1585 updated=0 evicted=0 http_rpc: query=1786 retry=0 timeout=0 error=0 burst_mode: by_network=0 by_compiler_disabled=0