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{ "42e36c32e3110110/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"tests\": {\n \"gpu_tests\": {\n \"webgl_conformance_integration_test\": {\n \"WebGLConformanceIntegrationTest\": {\n \"WebglConformance_conformance_ogles_GL_swizzlers_swizzlers_057_to_064\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 10.6097\n ]\n }, \n \"WebglConformance_conformance_extensions_oes_vertex_array_object\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n", "contents[-512:]": " 0.4563\n ]\n }, \n \"WebglConformance_conformance_textures_image_data_tex_2d_alpha_alpha_unsigned_byte\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.8494\n ]\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }, \n \"num_regressions\": 0, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"version\": 3, \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1549587984, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 0, \n \"SKIP\": 5, \n \"PASS\": 152\n }\n}", "sha1": "a0a9ee56fb48cea94e4ba66fed8cdf72bd96a650", "size": 34548, "type": "text" }, "42e36c34e6e7d510/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"tests\": {\n \"gpu_tests\": {\n \"webgl_conformance_integration_test\": {\n \"WebGLConformanceIntegrationTest\": {\n \"WebglExtension_WEBGL_color_buffer_float\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.2748\n ]\n }, \n \"WebglConformance_conformance_ogles_GL_reflect_reflect_001_to_006\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 6.531\n ", "contents[-512:]": " \"times\": [\n 1.8302\n ]\n }, \n \"WebglConformance_conformance_glsl_functions_glsl_function\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 1.1859\n ]\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }, \n \"num_regressions\": 0, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"version\": 3, \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1549588006, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 0, \n \"SKIP\": 2, \n \"PASS\": 153\n }\n}", "sha1": "6ce12b4e8677d8dddd524deb977f08f6eac303f1", "size": 34359, "type": "text" }, "42e36c3609bf2010/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"tests\": {\n \"gpu_tests\": {\n \"webgl_conformance_integration_test\": {\n \"WebGLConformanceIntegrationTest\": {\n \"WebglConformance_conformance_textures_image_bitmap_from_blob_tex_2d_luminance_luminance_unsigned_byte\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.9113\n ]\n }, \n \"WebglConformance_conformance_textures_image_bitmap_from_image_bitmap_tex_2d_rgba_rgba_unsigned_short_4_4_4_4\": {\n ", "contents[-512:]": " 10.3172\n ]\n }, \n \"WebglConformance_conformance_context_context_eviction_with_garbage_collection\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 2.5264\n ]\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }, \n \"num_regressions\": 0, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"version\": 3, \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1549587885, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 0, \n \"SKIP\": 1, \n \"PASS\": 155\n }\n}", "sha1": "1d4970dc68646a7ed2ef1a93bb31e6fbddf42aa9", "size": 34768, "type": "text" }, "42e36c375c668510/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"tests\": {\n \"gpu_tests\": {\n \"webgl_conformance_integration_test\": {\n \"WebGLConformanceIntegrationTest\": {\n \"WebglConformance_conformance_glsl_misc_non_ascii_vert\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.3603\n ]\n }, \n \"WebglConformance_conformance_misc_functions_returning_strings\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.33", "contents[-512:]": "[\n 0.2912\n ]\n }, \n \"WebglConformance_conformance_ogles_GL_swizzlers_swizzlers_025_to_032\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 10.5031\n ]\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }, \n \"num_regressions\": 0, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"version\": 3, \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1549587891, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 0, \n \"SKIP\": 1, \n \"PASS\": 157\n }\n}", "sha1": "0be3c0923450af85b35c218a654f00d26a42fe28", "size": 34776, "type": "text" }, "42e36c392d498210/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"tests\": {\n \"gpu_tests\": {\n \"webgl_conformance_integration_test\": {\n \"WebGLConformanceIntegrationTest\": {\n \"WebglConformance_conformance_typedarrays_array_large_array_tests\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.2643\n ]\n }, \n \"WebglConformance_conformance_rendering_gl_drawarrays\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.", "contents[-512:]": " [\n 0.004\n ]\n }, \n \"WebglConformance_conformance_ogles_GL_normalize_normalize_001_to_006\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 10.2128\n ]\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }, \n \"num_regressions\": 0, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"version\": 3, \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1549587781, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 0, \n \"SKIP\": 1, \n \"PASS\": 155\n }\n}", "sha1": "3363f659f3e6418bcbc070c5bb2381ff71b1e551", "size": 34563, "type": "text" }, "42e36c3a8cb4ff10/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"tests\": {\n \"gpu_tests\": {\n \"webgl_conformance_integration_test\": {\n \"WebGLConformanceIntegrationTest\": {\n \"WebglConformance_conformance_glsl_implicit_divide_int_vec3_vert\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.316\n ]\n }, \n \"WebglConformance_conformance_limits_gl_min_uniforms\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.415", "contents[-512:]": " \"times\": [\n 0.2929\n ]\n }, \n \"WebglConformance_conformance_misc_shader_precision_format\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.3044\n ]\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }, \n \"num_regressions\": 0, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"version\": 3, \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1549587887, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 0, \n \"SKIP\": 1, \n \"PASS\": 155\n }\n}", "sha1": "44c0b52c332b04ff4a3cc461392f4d05cbb985bc", "size": 34484, "type": "text" } }