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{ "43904a0001f25410\\output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\r\n \"version\": 3, \r\n \"interrupted\": false, \r\n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \r\n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1552487829, \r\n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\r\n \"FAIL\": 0, \r\n \"PASS\": 266, \r\n \"SKIP\": 28\r\n }, \r\n \"num_regressions\": 0, \r\n \"tests\": {\r\n \"telemetry\": {\r\n \"benchmark_unittest\": {\r\n \"BenchmarkTest\": {\r\n \"testCanRunOnPlatformReturnFalse\": {\r\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"times\": [\r\n 0.0\r\n ]\r\n }, \r\n ", "contents[-512:]": "SS\", \r\n \"times\": [\r\n 1.674\r\n ]\r\n }, \r\n \"testWebPageReplay\": {\r\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"times\": [\r\n 4.274\r\n ]\r\n }, \r\n \"testCleanUpPage\": {\r\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"times\": [\r\n 2.431\r\n ]\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n}\r\n", "sha1": "7f04e7377e1119aad6ccda8151320c9efc9f35bd", "size": 76004, "type": "text" }, "43904a0604e55a10\\output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\r\n \"version\": 3, \r\n \"interrupted\": false, \r\n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \r\n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1552487962, \r\n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\r\n \"FAIL\": 0, \r\n \"PASS\": 267, \r\n \"SKIP\": 27\r\n }, \r\n \"num_regressions\": 0, \r\n \"tests\": {\r\n \"telemetry\": {\r\n \"benchmark_unittest\": {\r\n \"BenchmarkTest\": {\r\n \"testGetOwners\": {\r\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"times\": [\r\n 0.0\r\n ]\r\n }, \r\n \"testPageTest", "contents[-512:]": " }, \r\n \"testOneTab\": {\r\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"times\": [\r\n 4.296\r\n ]\r\n }\r\n }, \r\n \"FakePageRunEndToEndTests\": {\r\n \"testNoScreenShotTakenForFailedPageDueToNoSupport\": {\r\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"times\": [\r\n 0.703\r\n ]\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n}\r\n", "sha1": "e3ffb0c6c882035058e3d4b0ae66f3ffaa36a40a", "size": 75267, "type": "text" }, "43904a0c1f05ca10\\output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\r\n \"version\": 3, \r\n \"interrupted\": false, \r\n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \r\n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1552487892, \r\n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\r\n \"FAIL\": 0, \r\n \"PASS\": 267, \r\n \"SKIP\": 26\r\n }, \r\n \"num_regressions\": 0, \r\n \"tests\": {\r\n \"telemetry\": {\r\n \"benchmark_unittest\": {\r\n \"BenchmarkTest\": {\r\n \"testGetTBMOptionsBothAsserts\": {\r\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"times\": [\r\n 0.0\r\n ]\r\n }, \r\n ", "contents[-512:]": " \"testBrowserBeforeLaunch\": {\r\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"times\": [\r\n 2.823\r\n ]\r\n }\r\n }, \r\n \"FakePageRunEndToEndTests\": {\r\n \"testScreenShotTakenForFailedPageOnSupportedPlatform\": {\r\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"times\": [\r\n 0.796\r\n ]\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n}\r\n", "sha1": "2e9d35c8fcfc92e4defe4ecc45ba47bbca2c1413", "size": 75454, "type": "text" }, "43904a11aa1a3710\\output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\r\n \"version\": 3, \r\n \"interrupted\": false, \r\n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \r\n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1552487867, \r\n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\r\n \"FAIL\": 0, \r\n \"PASS\": 264, \r\n \"SKIP\": 27\r\n }, \r\n \"num_regressions\": 0, \r\n \"tests\": {\r\n \"telemetry\": {\r\n \"benchmark_unittest\": {\r\n \"BenchmarkTest\": {\r\n \"testGetTBMOptionsSupportsLegacyName\": {\r\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"times\": [\r\n 0.0\r\n ]\r\n }, \r\n ", "contents[-512:]": " \"times\": [\r\n 5.29\r\n ]\r\n }, \r\n \"testScreenShotTakenForFailedPage\": {\r\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"times\": [\r\n 5.215\r\n ]\r\n }, \r\n \"testUserAgent\": {\r\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \r\n \"times\": [\r\n 3.326\r\n ]\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n}\r\n", "sha1": "66d74f43e03543fe4b0ab9eaf7fc75fa4b5e67c6", "size": 74819, "type": "text" } }