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{ "439598eb9164bb10/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1552578284, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 12, \n \"PASS\": 74, \n \"SKIP\": 13\n }, \n \"num_regressions\": 12, \n \"tests\": {\n \"telemetry\": {\n \"benchmark_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkTest\": {\n \"testCanRunOnPlatformReturnFalse\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0002\n ]\n }\n }\n }, \n ", "contents[-512:]": " \"times\": [\n 0.0\n ]\n }\n }\n }, \n \"page_run_end_to_end_unittest\": {\n \"ActualPageRunEndToEndTests\": {\n \"testTrafficSettings\": {\n \"is_unexpected\": true, \n \"is_regression\": true, \n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"FAIL FAIL\", \n \"times\": [\n 66.1259, \n 66.1314\n ]\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "7352db9b831a5b471755a2ce439e06e36c676cee", "size": 29478, "type": "text" }, "439598ef909aa810/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1552578263, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 13, \n \"PASS\": 73, \n \"SKIP\": 13\n }, \n \"num_regressions\": 13, \n \"tests\": {\n \"telemetry\": {\n \"benchmark_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkTest\": {\n \"testCanRunOnPlatformReturnTrue\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0003\n ]\n }\n }\n }, \n ", "contents[-512:]": " \"times\": [\n 0.0\n ]\n }\n }\n }, \n \"page_run_end_to_end_unittest\": {\n \"ActualPageRunEndToEndTests\": {\n \"testWebPageReplay\": {\n \"is_unexpected\": true, \n \"is_regression\": true, \n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"FAIL FAIL\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0058, \n 0.0032\n ]\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "0cec8531a9d8b05cf1e9df710408516daa7c296e", "size": 29732, "type": "text" }, "439598f526193510/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1552578293, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 12, \n \"PASS\": 74, \n \"SKIP\": 13\n }, \n \"num_regressions\": 12, \n \"tests\": {\n \"telemetry\": {\n \"benchmark_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkTest\": {\n \"testChromeTraceOptionsUpdateFilterString\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0009\n ]\n }\n }\n ", "contents[-512:]": "atch\": {\n \"expected\": \"SKIP\", \n \"actual\": \"SKIP\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0\n ]\n }\n }\n }, \n \"page_run_end_to_end_unittest\": {\n \"FakePageRunEndToEndTests\": {\n \"testNoScreenShotTakenForFailedPageDueToNoSupport\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.4566\n ]\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "c80057e87611a79f3e89e5c650732f005e35467a", "size": 30427, "type": "text" }, "439598f99d1a6b10/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1552578145, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 11, \n \"PASS\": 74, \n \"SKIP\": 13\n }, \n \"num_regressions\": 11, \n \"tests\": {\n \"telemetry\": {\n \"benchmark_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkTest\": {\n \"testEnableSystrace\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0008\n ]\n }\n }\n }, \n \"core\": {\n ", "contents[-512:]": "n\": {\n \"expected\": \"SKIP\", \n \"actual\": \"SKIP\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0\n ]\n }\n }\n }, \n \"page_run_end_to_end_unittest\": {\n \"FakePageRunEndToEndTests\": {\n \"testScreenShotTakenForFailedPageOnSupportedPlatform\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.4609\n ]\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "04144378f9c79afa1f16ec7fc51beeb68b65559a", "size": 29947, "type": "text" }, "439598fe83903c10/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1552578689, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 15, \n \"PASS\": 70, \n \"SKIP\": 13\n }, \n \"num_regressions\": 15, \n \"tests\": {\n \"telemetry\": {\n \"benchmark_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkTest\": {\n \"testGetBugComponents\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0004\n ]\n }\n }\n }, \n \"core\": {\n", "contents[-512:]": " \"times\": [\n 0.0003\n ]\n }\n }\n }, \n \"page_run_end_to_end_unittest\": {\n \"ActualPageRunEndToEndTests\": {\n \"testBrowserBeforeLaunch\": {\n \"is_unexpected\": true, \n \"is_regression\": true, \n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"FAIL FAIL\", \n \"times\": [\n 66.0968, \n 66.1149\n ]\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "26132f3dfe7a25b76b1a16adfe0cd4ed3c833f1d", "size": 30433, "type": "text" }, "43959902b27ee410/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1552578416, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 13, \n \"PASS\": 72, \n \"SKIP\": 13\n }, \n \"num_regressions\": 13, \n \"tests\": {\n \"telemetry\": {\n \"benchmark_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkTest\": {\n \"testGetOwners\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0002\n ]\n }, \n \"testAdditionalAtraceCategories", "contents[-512:]": "\": [\n 0.0003\n ]\n }\n }\n }, \n \"page_run_end_to_end_unittest\": {\n \"ActualPageRunEndToEndTests\": {\n \"testBrowserRestartsAfterEachPage\": {\n \"is_unexpected\": true, \n \"is_regression\": true, \n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"FAIL FAIL\", \n \"times\": [\n 66.0766, \n 66.1138\n ]\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "44fa7443e86063d7a588ec3e5b2b1d9605a77999", "size": 30078, "type": "text" }, "43959906db441f10/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1552578566, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 14, \n \"PASS\": 70, \n \"SKIP\": 13\n }, \n \"num_regressions\": 14, \n \"tests\": {\n \"telemetry\": {\n \"benchmark_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkTest\": {\n \"testAtraceOptionsTurnsOnAtrace\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0008\n ]\n }, \n \"testGetTBMOpt", "contents[-512:]": "ts\": {\n \"testUserAgent\": {\n \"expected\": \"SKIP\", \n \"actual\": \"SKIP\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0\n ]\n }, \n \"testCleanUpPage\": {\n \"is_unexpected\": true, \n \"is_regression\": true, \n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"FAIL FAIL\", \n \"times\": [\n 66.1054, \n 66.1076\n ]\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "dfca562db6cab6c0a2bdced5e7c13443db7a0294", "size": 29520, "type": "text" }, "4395990b42e01a10/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1552578292, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 12, \n \"PASS\": 72, \n \"SKIP\": 12\n }, \n \"num_regressions\": 12, \n \"tests\": {\n \"telemetry\": {\n \"benchmark_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkTest\": {\n \"testGetTBMOptionsSupportsLegacyName\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0002\n ]\n }, \n \"testAugm", "contents[-512:]": " \n \"times\": [\n 0.0002\n ]\n }\n }\n }, \n \"page_run_end_to_end_unittest\": {\n \"ActualPageRunEndToEndTests\": {\n \"testOneTab\": {\n \"is_unexpected\": true, \n \"is_regression\": true, \n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"FAIL FAIL\", \n \"times\": [\n 66.0884, \n 66.0928\n ]\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "09c11fa24828e6a3ceeec2728be5c7e4213c7bd6", "size": 29043, "type": "text" }, "4395990f54c9de10/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1552578293, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 12, \n \"PASS\": 72, \n \"SKIP\": 12\n }, \n \"num_regressions\": 12, \n \"tests\": {\n \"telemetry\": {\n \"benchmark_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkTest\": {\n \"testGetTBMOptionsSupportsNewName\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0001\n ]\n }, \n \"testAugment", "contents[-512:]": " 0.0001\n ]\n }\n }\n }, \n \"page_run_end_to_end_unittest\": {\n \"ActualPageRunEndToEndTests\": {\n \"testPageResetWhenBrowserReusedBetweenStories\": {\n \"is_unexpected\": true, \n \"is_regression\": true, \n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"FAIL FAIL\", \n \"times\": [\n 66.08, \n 66.1404\n ]\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "c90923e9ed4691b2fbc04670450808781d16402a", "size": 28821, "type": "text" }, "439599141e309210/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1552578286, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 12, \n \"PASS\": 72, \n \"SKIP\": 12\n }, \n \"num_regressions\": 12, \n \"tests\": {\n \"telemetry\": {\n \"benchmark_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkTest\": {\n \"testPageTestWithCompatibleStory\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0107\n ]\n }, \n \"testBenchmar", "contents[-512:]": "mes\": [\n 0.0\n ]\n }\n }\n }, \n \"page_run_end_to_end_unittest\": {\n \"ActualPageRunEndToEndTests\": {\n \"testScreenShotTakenForFailedPage\": {\n \"is_unexpected\": true, \n \"is_regression\": true, \n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"FAIL FAIL\", \n \"times\": [\n 66.0744, \n 66.1182\n ]\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "ff274e9be3800c05565c015a35be1fb878c10241", "size": 28707, "type": "text" }, "43959918239e7810/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1552578307, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 12, \n \"PASS\": 72, \n \"SKIP\": 12\n }, \n \"num_regressions\": 12, \n \"tests\": {\n \"telemetry\": {\n \"benchmark_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkTest\": {\n \"testPageTestWithIncompatibleStory\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.024\n ]\n }, \n \"testBenchma", "contents[-512:]": " [\n 0.0\n ]\n }\n }\n }, \n \"page_run_end_to_end_unittest\": {\n \"ActualPageRunEndToEndTests\": {\n \"testSharedPageStateCannotRunOnBrowser\": {\n \"is_unexpected\": true, \n \"is_regression\": true, \n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"FAIL FAIL\", \n \"times\": [\n 66.1053, \n 66.1151\n ]\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "cb2a59a5457421a6718fc602e3fe9a40bb0985b1", "size": 28722, "type": "text" }, "4395991c7a768a10/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1552578297, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 12, \n \"PASS\": 72, \n \"SKIP\": 12\n }, \n \"num_regressions\": 12, \n \"tests\": {\n \"telemetry\": {\n \"benchmark_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkTest\": {\n \"testUnknownTestTypeRaises\": {\n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0004\n ]\n }, \n \"testBenchmarkWithO", "contents[-512:]": "\n 0.0\n ]\n }\n }\n }, \n \"page_run_end_to_end_unittest\": {\n \"ActualPageRunEndToEndTests\": {\n \"testSingleTabMeansCrashWillCauseFailure\": {\n \"is_unexpected\": true, \n \"is_regression\": true, \n \"expected\": \"PASS\", \n \"actual\": \"FAIL FAIL\", \n \"times\": [\n 66.1104, \n 66.1326\n ]\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "32d1c40cf2e776aed598243e9fb61319ef386de4", "size": 28769, "type": "text" } }