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Test 'LogoServiceImplTest.ClearLogoOnSignOut' completed with the following status(es): 'FAILURE','SUCCESS' Test 'LogoServiceImplTest.ClearLogoOnSignOut' had the following logs when run: ================================================================================ [ RUN ] LogoServiceImplTest.ClearLogoOnSignOut unknown file: error: Unexpected mock function call - taking default action specified at: ../../components/search_provider_logos/ Function call: SetCachedLogo(NULL) Google Mock tried the following 1 expectation, but it didn't match: ../../components/search_provider_logos/ EXPECT_CALL(*this, SetCachedLogo(Pointee(DecodesTo(*expected_logo))))... Expected arg #0: points to a value that decodes to image size: 2x5 on_click_url: source_url: animated_url: alt_text: A logo about potatoes mime_type: image/png fingerprint: 8bc33a80 can_show_after_expiration: 0 Actual: NULL Expected: to be called once Actual: never called - unsatisfied and active Stack trace: Backtrace: StackTraceGetter::CurrentStackTrace [0x00000001414C5D7B+59] testing::internal::UnitTestImpl::CurrentOsStackTraceExceptTop [0x00000001414CF007+87] [ FAILED ] LogoServiceImplTest.ClearLogoOnSignOut (156 ms) [ RUN ] LogoServiceImplTest.ClearLogoOnSignOut [ OK ] LogoServiceImplTest.ClearLogoOnSignOut (0 ms) ================================================================================