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/b/swarming/w/ir/cache/builder/src/build/ /b/swarming/w/ir/cache/builder/src src in dir /b/swarming/w/ir/k: allow_subannotations: False cmd: ['/b/swarming/w/ir/cache/builder/src/build/', '/b/swarming/w/ir/cache/builder/src', 'src'] env: {'CHROME_HEADLESS': '1'} env_prefixes: {} env_suffixes: {} infra_step: False name_tokens: ('tree truth steps',) ok_ret: frozenset([0]) trigger_specs: () full environment: ADDRFAM: inet BOTO_CONFIG: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/gsutil_task/.boto BUILDBUCKET_EXPERIMENTAL: FALSE CHROME_HEADLESS: 1 CIPD_CACHE_DIR: /b/swarming/cipd_cache/cache CIPD_PROTOCOL: v2 DEVSHELL_CLIENT_PORT: 37294 DOCKER_CONFIG: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/docker_cfg_task DOCKER_TMPDIR: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/docker_tmp_task GIT_CONFIG_NOSYSTEM: 1 GIT_TERMINAL_PROMPT: 0 HOME: /home/chrome-bot IFACE: eth0 INFRA_GIT_WRAPPER_HOME: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/git_home_task LOGDOG_COORDINATOR_HOST: LOGDOG_STREAM_PREFIX: buildbucket/ LOGDOG_STREAM_PROJECT: chromium LOGDOG_STREAM_SERVER_PATH: unix:/b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/ld.sock LOGICAL: eth0 LUCI_CONTEXT: /b/swarming/w/itwTh52A/luci_context.617805705 MAC_CHROMIUM_TMPDIR: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/t METHOD: dhcp NO_GCE_CHECK: False PATH: /b/swarming/w/ir/cipd_bin_packages:/b/swarming/w/ir/cipd_bin_packages/bin:/b/swarming/cipd_cache/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin PWD: /b/swarming/w/ir/k PYTHONIOENCODING: UTF-8 PYTHONUNBUFFERED: 1 ROOT_SETUP_LOG: /var/log/messages/chromebuild/root-setup.log SHLVL: 1 STARTUP_LOG: /var/log/messages/chromebuild/startup.log SWARMING_BOT_ID: swarm1359-c4 SWARMING_EXTERNAL_BOT_SETUP: 1 SWARMING_HEADLESS: 1 SWARMING_SERVER: SWARMING_TASK_ID: 43a9acff6140aa11 TEMP: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/t TEMPDIR: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/t TERM: linux TMP: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/t TMPDIR: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/t UPSTART_EVENTS: net-device-up UPSTART_INSTANCE: UPSTART_JOB: chromebuild-startup USER: chrome-bot USERNAME: chrome-bot VPYTHON_VIRTUALENV_ROOT: /b/swarming/w/ir/cache/vpython _: /b/swarming/w/ir/cipd_bin_packages/vpython !@@@BUILD_STEP Brief summary of recent CLs in every branch@@@ src: 532a82810a40d3bbdbe66eafc6de66ec01252210 heap: Remove build flag for incremental marking Michael Lippautz, Mon Mar 18 12:50:33 2019 +0000 5641808113f19f46496c10a672dd73d6fc493257 Make sure Sync options are shown after dashboard reset Marc Treib, Mon Mar 18 12:48:21 2019 +0000 7716476b42d379a5d3f94225c21ed2b33b65da14 Roll src/third_party/webrtc 69008a871859..df644be3536b (10 commits) chromium-autoroll, Mon Mar 18 12:47:34 2019 +0000 9c114589108abefc8dffb8f8844a84ff23b16708 Roll src/third_party/skia dca4c43291ce..2c043c288169 (1 commits) chromium-autoroll, Mon Mar 18 12:44:30 2019 +0000 47dff11fe12b4f13323e473980d1baf4972e122f Roll src/third_party/swiftshader 4af8826ee423..62758f581672 (1 commits) chromium-autoroll, Mon Mar 18 12:37:17 2019 +0000 3d8e2c2aa3646c4a5507eead750b8e1e1d4e29c6 [AudioOutputDevices] Check frame before checking device authorization. Guido Urdaneta, Mon Mar 18 12:37:13 2019 +0000 b8ead26ca6aa34b602f58d312d211a8d27b2a47b Navigation: Factoring early commit returns into a function. Arthur Hemery, Mon Mar 18 12:13:46 2019 +0000 2de0fc37102421467f49df1cc53f7cb293a35a94 Mark first contentful paint with a global instant event Sami Kyostila, Mon Mar 18 12:05:23 2019 +0000 4c5972d0803678e6310c1326608669c6b1d53bc5 Roll src-internal 625d12824e4b..00563b3061f5 (4 commits) chromium-internal-autoroll, Mon Mar 18 12:02:53 2019 +0000 614036213969f920c72c75d6493db17b13e38a14 Automated Commit: LKGM 11945.0.0 for chromeos., Mon Mar 18 11:59:14 2019 +0000 ================================================================= !@@@BUILD_STEP New commits in repo src@@@ commit 532a82810a40d3bbdbe66eafc6de66ec01252210 Author: Michael Lippautz <> Date: Mon Mar 18 12:50:33 2019 +0000 heap: Remove build flag for incremental marking The flag has been defaulted on for some time now and we will only disable incremental marking for debugging purposes, for which there's still a runtime flag (HeapIncrementalMarking). Change-Id: I4b71ae4a51cffb01f203163bc798cad34cc3088a Reviewed-on: Commit-Queue: Michael Lippautz <> Commit-Queue: Kentaro Hara <> Auto-Submit: Michael Lippautz <> Reviewed-by: Kentaro Hara <> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641568} third_party/blink/renderer/platform/heap/ | 11 +---------- third_party/blink/renderer/platform/heap/heap_allocator.h | 4 ---- .../blink/renderer/platform/heap/ | 4 ---- third_party/blink/renderer/platform/heap/marking_visitor.h | 4 ---- third_party/blink/renderer/platform/heap/member.h | 2 -- third_party/blink/renderer/platform/heap/ | 4 ---- 6 files changed, 1 insertion(+), 28 deletions(-) commit 5641808113f19f46496c10a672dd73d6fc493257 Author: Marc Treib <> Date: Mon Mar 18 12:48:21 2019 +0000 Make sure Sync options are shown after dashboard reset When Sync is reset from the dashboard, usually the user is also signed out. However, on ChromeOS or for managed (enterprise) accounts, sign-out isn't possible. So in this cases, the user can get into a special state where there is a primary account, but Sync is disabled (IsSyncRequested() returns false). Before this CL, PeopleHandler (which implements the Sync settings page) handled this case poorly: Before actually calling SetSyncRequested(), it detected a spurious Sync startup error due to IsSyncRequested() being false, and immediately closed itself again. This means the user had no way of actually configuring Sync before it started up again. This CL fixes that by moving the instantiation of SyncStartupTracker *after* SetSyncRequested. This lets the page open as it should. Bug: 936886 Change-Id: I362bc9496735ba9ba763e19557859ee4d8ff430c Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Thomas Tangl <> Commit-Queue: Marc Treib <> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641567} chrome/browser/ui/webui/settings/ | 16 ++++++++-------- chrome/browser/ui/webui/settings/people_handler.h | 2 +- .../browser/ui/webui/settings/ | 9 ++++----- 3 files changed, 13 insertions(+), 14 deletions(-) Updated tag 'tree_truth' (was 7716476b42d3)