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/b/s/w/ir/cache/builder/src/build/ /b/s/w/ir/cache/builder/src src in dir /b/s/w/ir/k: allow_subannotations: False cmd: ['/b/s/w/ir/cache/builder/src/build/', '/b/s/w/ir/cache/builder/src', 'src'] env: {'CHROME_HEADLESS': '1'} env_prefixes: {} env_suffixes: {} infra_step: False name_tokens: ('tree truth steps',) ok_ret: frozenset([0]) trigger_specs: () full environment: BOTO_CONFIG: /b/s/w/ir/tmp/gsutil_task/.boto BUILDBUCKET_EXPERIMENTAL: FALSE CHROME_HEADLESS: 1 CIPD_CACHE_DIR: /b/s/cipd_cache/cache CIPD_PROTOCOL: v2 DEVSHELL_CLIENT_PORT: 34822 DOCKER_CONFIG: /b/s/w/ir/tmp/docker_cfg_task DOCKER_TMPDIR: /b/s/w/ir/tmp/docker_tmp_task GIT_CONFIG_NOSYSTEM: 1 GIT_TERMINAL_PROMPT: 0 HOME: /home/chrome-bot INFRA_GIT_WRAPPER_HOME: /b/s/w/ir/tmp/git_home_task LOGDOG_COORDINATOR_HOST: LOGDOG_STREAM_PREFIX: buildbucket/ LOGDOG_STREAM_PROJECT: chromium LOGDOG_STREAM_SERVER_PATH: unix:/b/s/w/ir/tmp/ld.sock LOGNAME: chrome-bot LUCI_CONTEXT: /b/s/w/itZUCamT/luci_context.380349238 MAC_CHROMIUM_TMPDIR: /b/s/w/ir/tmp/t MAIL: /var/mail/chrome-bot NO_GCE_CHECK: False PATH: /b/s/w/ir/cipd_bin_packages:/b/s/w/ir/cipd_bin_packages/bin:/b/s/cipd_cache/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/snap/bin PWD: /b/s/w/ir/k PYTHONIOENCODING: UTF-8 PYTHONUNBUFFERED: 1 SHELL: /bin/bash SHLVL: 1 SUDO_COMMAND: /usr/bin/python /b/s/ start_bot SUDO_GID: 0 SUDO_UID: 0 SUDO_USER: root SWARMING_BOT_ID: trusty-webrtc-d2a17ac3-us-central1-b-t6k2 SWARMING_EXTERNAL_BOT_SETUP: 1 SWARMING_HEADLESS: 1 SWARMING_SERVER: SWARMING_TASK_ID: 43ab69f1a307b011 TEMP: /b/s/w/ir/tmp/t TEMPDIR: /b/s/w/ir/tmp/t TERM: linux TMP: /b/s/w/ir/tmp/t TMPDIR: /b/s/w/ir/tmp/t USER: chrome-bot USERNAME: chrome-bot VPYTHON_VIRTUALENV_ROOT: /b/s/w/ir/cache/vpython _: /b/s/w/ir/cipd_bin_packages/vpython !@@@BUILD_STEP Brief summary of recent CLs in every branch@@@ src: 5381a53cc54b24fdcd08ec72b8669554386d014e Move observable changes into InkDropEventHandler Peter Boström, Mon Mar 18 20:43:35 2019 +0000 fa556b475748f2e6f2aeff230952c92f1ea17aa2 Roll src/third_party/skia 252996c72d2c..4a20dbeaf31a (13 commits) chromium-autoroll, Mon Mar 18 20:40:06 2019 +0000 fabbb29429ff490291c636e42d4ad68783f38c07 Removing mathp@ from owners of components/leveldb_proto Mathieu Perreault, Mon Mar 18 20:34:45 2019 +0000 484648051f4fd3a11fce9e0caf70848c0c576eef Removed expired metric PasswordManager.SendPasswordFormToBrowserProcess. Vadym Doroshenko, Mon Mar 18 20:34:06 2019 +0000 9294fcf1591dcc10e69ffddb70890d0e3c5b6594 Revert "Move the getUserMedia gating of mDNS protection to FilteringNetworkManager." Qingsi Wang, Mon Mar 18 20:21:52 2019 +0000 f9c0b1eca6b69172d4530ecd8e842c73bc338823 Detect RSA-PSS support in NSS keys. David Benjamin, Mon Mar 18 20:21:04 2019 +0000 8ff1d2b7351cd8a931fec5a4c003b231ccedb742 Add mnissler as TPM firmware update owner James Cook, Mon Mar 18 20:18:56 2019 +0000 d1a6a2b70245dee786d6229fcdaacc6f41992dee Android: Add M74 to Andrew Grieve, Mon Mar 18 20:18:17 2019 +0000 d7bc037170d0851b9f67c49aaab6f88fb2a3e7a3 Updates auto alt strings per request. Katie D, Mon Mar 18 20:17:43 2019 +0000 ba1db3499f2693ae37f5b44e754cdd3d01a07aea Remove simulated DNS errors from SetPriority ConnectJob tests. Matt Menke, Mon Mar 18 20:14:38 2019 +0000 ================================================================= !@@@BUILD_STEP New commits in repo src@@@ commit 5381a53cc54b24fdcd08ec72b8669554386d014e Author: Peter Boström <> Date: Mon Mar 18 20:43:35 2019 +0000 Move observable changes into InkDropEventHandler This specifically moves InkDropHostView::OnBoundsChanged and ::VisibilityChanged into InkDropEventHandler, using the corresponding ViewObserver APIs. Note that there's no API corresponding to ::ViewHierarchyChanged so a TODO is left to make sure that we can observe when the host gets removed from the hierarchy. Bug: chromium:939419 Change-Id: Iec2d36cd1977afe9ede897e753fd95b3069986dd Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Collin Baker <> Commit-Queue: Peter Boström <> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641753} ui/views/animation/ | 14 ++++++++++++++ ui/views/animation/ink_drop_event_handler.h | 5 +++++ ui/views/animation/ | 20 +++++++------------- ui/views/animation/ink_drop_host_view.h | 3 +-- 4 files changed, 27 insertions(+), 15 deletions(-) commit fa556b475748f2e6f2aeff230952c92f1ea17aa2 Author: chromium-autoroll <> Date: Mon Mar 18 20:40:06 2019 +0000 Roll src/third_party/skia 252996c72d2c..4a20dbeaf31a (13 commits) git log 252996c72d2c..4a20dbeaf31a --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s' 2019-03-18 Revert "Add small offset to t in GrLinearGradientLayout." 2019-03-18 Mark tmp path in shadow utils as volatile 2019-03-18 shard failing bots 2019-03-18 rework --ignoreSigInt 2019-03-18 Roll third_party/externals/swiftshader 036614c8468c..1cef4e693fc3 (1 commits) 2019-03-18 Reland "Disable coverage counting by default" 2019-03-18 Revert "Disable coverage counting by default" 2019-03-18 [canvaskit] Various cleanups around docs/build 2019-03-18 Unblock Flutter 2019-03-18 Roll ../src ad85caa87461..69be71e10036 (116 commits) 2019-03-18 Suppress /RTCc error about losing information during case to smaller type 2019-03-18 Add small offset to t in GrLinearGradientLayout. 2019-03-18 Roll third_party/externals/swiftshader 00424c1bc233..036614c8468c (2 commits) Created with: gclient setdep -r src/third_party/skia@4a20dbeaf31a The AutoRoll server is located here: Documentation for the AutoRoller is here: If the roll is causing failures, please contact the current sheriff, who should be CC'd on the roll, and stop the roller if necessary. CQ_INCLUDE_TRYBOTS=luci.chromium.try:android_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:linux-blink-rel;luci.chromium.try:linux-chromeos-compile-dbg;luci.chromium.try:linux_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:mac_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:win_optional_gpu_tests_rel BUG=chromium:938592,chromium:938592 Change-Id: Id6541dde1c2536ae7a9d93db16ecdac5c950b8bf Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: chromium-autoroll <> Commit-Queue: chromium-autoroll <> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#641752} DEPS | 2 +- 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-) Updated tag 'tree_truth' (was fabbb29429ff)