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/b/swarming/w/ir/cache/builder/src/build/ /b/swarming/w/ir/cache/builder/src src in dir /b/swarming/w/ir/k: allow_subannotations: False cmd: ['/b/swarming/w/ir/cache/builder/src/build/', '/b/swarming/w/ir/cache/builder/src', 'src'] env: {'CHROME_HEADLESS': '1'} env_prefixes: {} env_suffixes: {} infra_step: False name_tokens: ('tree truth steps',) ok_ret: frozenset([0]) trigger_specs: () full environment: ADDRFAM: inet BOTO_CONFIG: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/gsutil_task/.boto BUILDBUCKET_EXPERIMENTAL: FALSE CHROME_HEADLESS: 1 CIPD_CACHE_DIR: /b/swarming/cipd_cache/cache CIPD_PROTOCOL: v2 DEVSHELL_CLIENT_PORT: 40685 DOCKER_CONFIG: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/docker_cfg_task DOCKER_TMPDIR: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/docker_tmp_task GIT_CONFIG_NOSYSTEM: 1 GIT_TERMINAL_PROMPT: 0 HOME: /home/chrome-bot IFACE: eth0 INFRA_GIT_WRAPPER_HOME: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/git_home_task LOGDOG_COORDINATOR_HOST: LOGDOG_STREAM_PREFIX: buildbucket/ LOGDOG_STREAM_PROJECT: chromium LOGDOG_STREAM_SERVER_PATH: unix:/b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/ld.sock LOGICAL: eth0 LUCI_CONTEXT: /b/swarming/w/itDwD2iM/luci_context.423385458 MAC_CHROMIUM_TMPDIR: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/t METHOD: dhcp NO_GCE_CHECK: False PATH: /b/swarming/w/ir/cipd_bin_packages:/b/swarming/w/ir/cipd_bin_packages/bin:/b/swarming/cipd_cache/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin PWD: /b/swarming/w/ir/k PYTHONIOENCODING: UTF-8 PYTHONUNBUFFERED: 1 ROOT_SETUP_LOG: /var/log/messages/chromebuild/root-setup.log SHLVL: 1 STARTUP_LOG: /var/log/messages/chromebuild/startup.log SWARMING_BOT_ID: swarm2907-c4 SWARMING_EXTERNAL_BOT_SETUP: 1 SWARMING_HEADLESS: 1 SWARMING_SERVER: SWARMING_TASK_ID: 43ba08d6ca6a0f11 TEMP: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/t TEMPDIR: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/t TERM: linux TMP: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/t TMPDIR: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/t UPSTART_EVENTS: net-device-up UPSTART_INSTANCE: UPSTART_JOB: chromebuild-startup USER: chrome-bot USERNAME: chrome-bot VPYTHON_VIRTUALENV_ROOT: /b/swarming/w/ir/cache/vpython _: /b/swarming/w/ir/cipd_bin_packages/vpython !@@@BUILD_STEP Brief summary of recent CLs in every branch@@@ src: 7944ca17fb6416e7df83a5de8ec75559c79ca8cc DevTools: Network - Request response doesn't render contents with no mimeType Mike Jackson, Thu Mar 21 17:03:42 2019 +0000 30207c4a9a76ce6d601dee8a25e25b83f95dd8fb Do not add placeholder if page is already loaded. Mike Dougherty, Thu Mar 21 17:02:47 2019 +0000 c3d2cb19e51c797e9c043ab43ecf073ef36649b2 [scheduler] Migrating some more browser tests to TestThreadUtils. Karolina Soltys, Thu Mar 21 17:01:58 2019 +0000 873568ce3d22d103de73ddbe0439effc58babe14 Implement ITextProvider::RangeFromChild Alison Maher, Thu Mar 21 17:01:00 2019 +0000 f7ff3f3af444c48b23dd6867b745c59731f352ed Delete TreeView::CreateParentIfNecessary and add TreeView::CreateScrollViewWithTree(). Allen Bauer, Thu Mar 21 16:59:52 2019 +0000 cbc56e99e31f303e87ac5ef9122ea3e6c798da37 Rename cups_add_printer_dialog_util to cups_printer_dialog_util Jimmy Gong, Thu Mar 21 16:57:36 2019 +0000 0a2c5737033a1cb6c4572bbd3223b82b046adb89 Make the ModuleDatabase fully sequence-affine Patrick Monette, Thu Mar 21 16:57:31 2019 +0000 19431fe6d7a82a96e15008421946f4fbeddeb005 Fix misplaced text for discovering printers Jimmy Gong, Thu Mar 21 16:54:18 2019 +0000 e10b0f92ad15466af1a49eb80120fb91272bf3c9 [Autofill] Added focused field type as a formatter data member. Caitlin Fischer, Thu Mar 21 16:53:46 2019 +0000 c01ac7a9d2ae1943d966f0cdaea20124e9242eba Put GamepadHand enum behind the related flag David Dorwin, Thu Mar 21 16:50:22 2019 +0000 ================================================================= !@@@BUILD_STEP New commits in repo src@@@ commit 7944ca17fb6416e7df83a5de8ec75559c79ca8cc Author: Mike Jackson <> Date: Thu Mar 21 17:03:42 2019 +0000 DevTools: Network - Request response doesn't render contents with no mimeType If a network request is blocked or cancelled, the mimeType field remains 'undefined' because the 'responseReceived' event is never raised. If a user then clicks on this blocked/cancelled network request in the network tool, any attempt to view the Response will result in a white window, instead of 'Failed to load response data'. This occurs because the RequestResponseView assumes that a mimeType is present, and consequently throws a JS exception: Cannot read property 'startsWith' of undefined shell.js:720:43 Function.fromMimeType network_module.js:785:114 Function._hasTextContent network_module.js:792:97 Function.sourceViewForRequest network_module.js:798:91 async Network.RequestResponseView.createPreview network_module.js:797:40 async Network.RequestResponseView.showPreview The fix here is to update _hasTextContent, so that the call into fromMimeType always has a valid string. I've also updated the JSDoc comment to indicate that a string is required and not nullable. Change-Id: Ib6e89ef6f7cc45387cb25a7c10e01432f8855199 Reviewed-on: Auto-Submit: Mike Jackson <> Reviewed-by: Joel Einbinder <> Reviewed-by: Dmitry Gozman <> Commit-Queue: Mike Jackson <> Commit-Queue: Dmitry Gozman <> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#642980} .../devtools/front_end/common/ResourceType.js | 2 +- .../front_end/network/RequestResponseView.js | 2 +- .../failed-request-response-mimetype-expected.txt | 8 +++++ .../network/failed-request-response-mimetype.js | 38 ++++++++++++++++++++++ 4 files changed, 48 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-) commit 30207c4a9a76ce6d601dee8a25e25b83f95dd8fb Author: Mike Dougherty <> Date: Thu Mar 21 17:02:47 2019 +0000 Do not add placeholder if page is already loaded. Bug: 943038 Change-Id: I61cc89ad0539b5285f081d156da459ca93395f5e Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Eugene But <> Commit-Queue: Mike Dougherty <> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#642979} .../browser/web/page_placeholder_tab_helper.h | 3 +++ .../browser/web/ | 30 ++++++++++++---------- 2 files changed, 20 insertions(+), 13 deletions(-) Updated tag 'tree_truth' (was c3d2cb19e51c)