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/b/swarming/w/ir/cache/builder/src/build/ /b/swarming/w/ir/cache/builder/src src in dir /b/swarming/w/ir/k: allow_subannotations: False cmd: ['/b/swarming/w/ir/cache/builder/src/build/', '/b/swarming/w/ir/cache/builder/src', 'src'] env: {'CHROME_HEADLESS': '1'} env_prefixes: {} env_suffixes: {} infra_step: False name_tokens: ('tree truth steps',) ok_ret: frozenset([0]) trigger_specs: () full environment: ADDRFAM: inet BOTO_CONFIG: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/gsutil_task/.boto BUILDBUCKET_EXPERIMENTAL: FALSE CHROME_HEADLESS: 1 CIPD_CACHE_DIR: /b/swarming/cipd_cache/cache CIPD_PROTOCOL: v2 DEVSHELL_CLIENT_PORT: 44600 DOCKER_CONFIG: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/docker_cfg_task DOCKER_TMPDIR: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/docker_tmp_task GIT_CONFIG_NOSYSTEM: 1 GIT_TERMINAL_PROMPT: 0 HOME: /home/chrome-bot IFACE: eth0 INFRA_GIT_WRAPPER_HOME: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/git_home_task LOGDOG_COORDINATOR_HOST: LOGDOG_STREAM_PREFIX: buildbucket/ LOGDOG_STREAM_PROJECT: chromium LOGDOG_STREAM_SERVER_PATH: unix:/b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/ld.sock LOGICAL: eth0 LUCI_CONTEXT: /b/swarming/w/itbqNANE/luci_context.376935119 MAC_CHROMIUM_TMPDIR: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/t METHOD: dhcp NO_GCE_CHECK: False PATH: /b/swarming/w/ir/cipd_bin_packages:/b/swarming/w/ir/cipd_bin_packages/bin:/b/swarming/cipd_cache/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin PWD: /b/swarming/w/ir/k PYTHONIOENCODING: UTF-8 PYTHONUNBUFFERED: 1 ROOT_SETUP_LOG: /var/log/messages/chromebuild/root-setup.log SHLVL: 1 STARTUP_LOG: /var/log/messages/chromebuild/startup.log SWARMING_BOT_ID: swarm2910-c4 SWARMING_EXTERNAL_BOT_SETUP: 1 SWARMING_HEADLESS: 1 SWARMING_SERVER: SWARMING_TASK_ID: 444bd44c2cc76911 TEMP: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/t TEMPDIR: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/t TERM: linux TMP: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/t TMPDIR: /b/swarming/w/ir/tmp/t UPSTART_EVENTS: net-device-up UPSTART_INSTANCE: UPSTART_JOB: chromebuild-startup USER: chrome-bot USERNAME: chrome-bot VPYTHON_VIRTUALENV_ROOT: /b/swarming/w/ir/cache/vpython _: /b/swarming/w/ir/cipd_bin_packages/vpython !@@@BUILD_STEP Brief summary of recent CLs in every branch@@@ src: 53a914eac9ec6d2f53b4c17730e2eae348088bcc Fix dav1d Windows arm64 + roll dav1d ace3855a6..589e96a1f (29 commits) Dale Curtis, Fri Apr 19 00:32:07 2019 +0000 fda44632071bd2c4feb54afc3004e5166b6eb4e9 Update dummyiap.crx to CRX3. Joshua Pawlicki, Fri Apr 19 00:25:19 2019 +0000 d2a84714990038ea79c43ffd22a91fe7895d615c Disable SyncUIUtilTest.DistinctCasesReportUniqueMessageSets Chan, Fri Apr 19 00:18:49 2019 +0000 30bfc5f3cfbefb21b1607c164e01eaebef61fa06 DevTools: aXe core linting for Elements - Properties pane Rob Paveza, Fri Apr 19 00:17:21 2019 +0000 9256ed57b35eb27125e8fe9efee7dadf942b81ef Hide duplicate management disclosure in about page Yann Dago, Fri Apr 19 00:16:23 2019 +0000 fa6ac1518ae74273da1014d3fdb30dada1f825d7 Remove All dismissed dialog and image Sinan Sahin, Fri Apr 19 00:15:04 2019 +0000 f0cb8e6eb3828210b851a4e92a9299c9f26462ca Transfer user activation in other renderer processes through IPC Lan Wei, Fri Apr 19 00:14:53 2019 +0000 0136849d385efaa62ba01fd14a44106b38ca72de Add PresentationTimeRecorder For Tablet Mode Andrew Xu, Fri Apr 19 00:12:13 2019 +0000 35be52ae9f230d3567ab565d76f3d28555b29396 [auto] Update FlagExpectations for LayoutNG Koji Ishii, Fri Apr 19 00:06:01 2019 +0000 b8d18a872c9164db96bc786c0d707ba82db00bb7 Implemented ITextRangeProvider::FindAttribute Victor Fei, Fri Apr 19 00:05:07 2019 +0000 ================================================================= !@@@BUILD_STEP New commits in repo src@@@ commit 53a914eac9ec6d2f53b4c17730e2eae348088bcc Author: Dale Curtis <> Date: Fri Apr 19 00:32:07 2019 +0000 Fix dav1d Windows arm64 + roll dav1d ace3855a6..589e96a1f (29 commits) Adds support for Windows ARM64 by cloning the x64 config and turning it into a arm64 one. Unfortunately meson (the build system dav1d uses) doesn't support clang-cl + arm64, so this is the best we can do for now. Also removes the need for wine when generating Windows configurations, since we don't care about running the tests anyways. Fixes typo in the win64 config which didn't matter too. $ git log ace3855a6..589e96a1f --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s' 2019-04-18 liwei Add SSSE3 implementation for the {16, 32, 64}x64 and 64 x{16, 32} blocks in itx 2019-04-16 rsbultje Over-allocate level array by 3-bytes 2019-03-30 martin arm64: loopfilter: Implement NEON loop filters 2019-02-24 martin arm64: looprestoration: Add a NEON implementation of SGR 2019-04-16 martin msac: Add a cast to indicate intended narrowing from size_t to unsigned 2019-04-11 gramner x86-64: Add msac_decode_symbol_adapt SSE2 asm 2019-04-10 xuefeng Add SSSE3 implementation for ipred_paeth 2019-04-08 martin arm: Add a _neon suffix to all internal functions 2019-04-08 martin arm: Fix typos in comments 2019-04-03 martin arm: Consistently use 8/24 columns indentation for assembly 2019-04-04 xuefeng Add SSSE3 implementation for ipred_cfl_ac_444 2019-03-28 gramner CI: Check for newline at end of file 2019-03-21 victorien.lecouviour.tuffet x86: cdef_dir: optimize best cost finding for SSE 2019-03-19 victorien.lecouviour.tuffet x86: cdef_filter: use 8-bit arithmetic for SSE 2019-03-12 victorien.lecouviour.tuffet x86: cdef_filter: use a better constant for SSE4 2019-03-26 victorien.lecouviour.tuffet x86: cdef_filter: fix macro case (lower to upper) 2019-03-25 liwei Add SSSE3 implementation for the 16x32,32x16 and 32x32 blocks in itx 2019-03-25 gramner build: Split x86 asm files per bitdepth 2019-03-24 martin Only define DAV1D_API to dllexport when building dav1d itself 2019-03-24 gramner Simplify C for inverse transforms 2019-03-20 gramner x86: Add minor CDEF AVX2 optimizations 2019-03-15 liwei Add SSSE3 implementation for the 8x32 and 32x8 blocks in itx 2019-03-18 xuefeng Add SSSE3 implementation for ipred_cfl_ac_420 and ipred_cfl_ac_422 2019-03-16 jamrial decode: add a frame tile data buffer size check 2019-03-16 jamrial decode: don't realloc the tile data buffer when it needs to be enlarged 2019-03-13 janne-vlc tools/dav1d/md5: bswap big endian high bit depth pixel data 2019-02-27 janne-vlc tools/dav1d: make the md5 muxer endian-aware 2019-03-13 jb On the road to 0.2.2 2019-03-09 jamrial build: use the project version as product version in the windows resource file Created with: roll-dep src/third_party/dav1d/libdav1d BUG=938190,941022 R=chcunningham Change-Id: Id0e4545219009e18b1bb0011ae616301ed50a98d Reviewed-on: Commit-Queue: Dale Curtis <> Commit-Queue: Chrome Cunningham <> Auto-Submit: Dale Curtis <> Reviewed-by: Chrome Cunningham <> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#652417} DEPS | 2 +- media/media_options.gni | 11 ++------ third_party/dav1d/README.chromium | 6 ++--- third_party/dav1d/config/linux-noasm/x64/config.h | 2 ++ third_party/dav1d/config/linux/arm/config.h | 2 ++ third_party/dav1d/config/linux/arm64/config.h | 2 ++ third_party/dav1d/config/linux/x64/config.h | 2 ++ third_party/dav1d/config/linux/x86/config.h | 2 ++ third_party/dav1d/config/win/arm64/config.h | 32 +++++++++++++++++++++++ third_party/dav1d/config/win/x64/config.h | 2 ++ third_party/dav1d/config/win/x86/config.h | 2 ++ third_party/dav1d/crossfiles/win32.crossfile | 2 -- third_party/dav1d/crossfiles/win64.crossfile | 4 +-- third_party/dav1d/dav1d_generated.gni | 5 +++- third_party/dav1d/ | 32 ++++++++++++++++++----- 15 files changed, 83 insertions(+), 25 deletions(-) Updated tag 'tree_truth' (was fda44632071b)