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{ "44557d6d5962d510\\output.json": "{\"successes\": [], \"failures\": [], \"valid\": true}", "44557d6d5962d510\\views_perftests\\benchmark_log.txt": "IMPORTANT DEBUGGING NOTE: batches of tests are run inside their\r\nown process. For debugging a test inside a debugger, use the\r\n--gtest_filter=<your_test_name> flag along with\r\n--single-process-tests.\r\nUsing sharding settings from environment. This is shard 0/1\r\nUsing 1 parallel jobs.\r\nNote: Google Test filter = LabelPerfTest.GetPreferredSize\r\n[==========] Running 1 test from 1 test suite.\r\n[----------] Global test environment set-up.\r\n[----------] 1 test from LabelPerfTest\r\n[ RUN ] LabelPerfTest.GetPreferredSize\r\n*RESULT LabelPerfTest: GetPreferredSize= 62817.2265625 runs/s\r\n[ OK ] LabelPerfTest.GetPreferredSize (109 ms)\r\n[----------] 1 test from LabelPerfTest (109 ms total)\r\n\r\n[----------] Global test environment tear-down\r\n[==========] 1 test from 1 test suite ran. (109 ms total)\r\n[ PASSED ] 1 test.\r\n[1/1] LabelPerfTest.GetPreferredSize (109 ms)\r\nSUCCESS: all tests passed.\r\nTests took 0 seconds.\r\n", "44557d6d5962d510\\views_perftests\\perf_results.json": "{\"LabelPerfTest\": {\"traces\": {\"GetPreferredSize\": [\"62817.2265625\", \"0.0\"]}, \"units\": \"runs/s\", \"important\": [\"GetPreferredSize\"]}}", "44557d6d5962d510\\views_perftests\\test_results.json": "{\"failures\": [], \"valid\": true}" }