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{ "0/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1512539405, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 0, \n \"PASS\": 25, \n \"SKIP\": 3\n }, \n \"tests\": {\n \"benchmarks\": {\n \"benchmark_smoke_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkSmokeTest\": {\n \"v8\": {\n \"runtime_stats\": {\n \"top_25\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 56.5842\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n ", "contents[-512:]": " \"timeline_unittest\": {\n \"ThreadTimesTimelineMetricUnittest\": {\n \"testResults\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0012\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }, \n \"scripts_smoke_unittest\": {\n \"ScriptsSmokeTest\": {\n \"testRunTelemetryBenchmarkAsGoogletest\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 16.9958\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "12ffa1bab5387c5c0e31c9025d45a37d1c25d987", "size": 7097, "type": "text" }, "1/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1512539374, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 0, \n \"PASS\": 27, \n \"SKIP\": 1\n }, \n \"tests\": {\n \"benchmarks\": {\n \"benchmark_smoke_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkSmokeTest\": {\n \"dromaeo\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 40.7351\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }, \n \"wasm\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n ", "contents[-512:]": " \"story_set_unittest\": {\n \"StorySetUnitTest\": {\n \"testNoStorySetDefinedWithUnnamedStories\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0563\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }, \n \"scripts_smoke_unittest\": {\n \"ScriptsSmokeTest\": {\n \"testRunTrybotWithTypo\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.4958\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "25b81f0bc799ef5ca6565cc9ea84927fecf7e26e", "size": 7173, "type": "text" }, "10/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1512539421, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 0, \n \"PASS\": 22, \n \"SKIP\": 3\n }, \n \"tests\": {\n \"benchmarks\": {\n \"benchmark_smoke_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkSmokeTest\": {\n \"thread_times\": {\n \"tough_scrolling_cases\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 37.8046\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n ", "contents[-512:]": " \"metrics\": {\n \"timeline_unittest\": {\n \"ThreadTimesTimelineMetricUnittest\": {\n \"testBasic\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0016\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }, \n \"scripts_smoke_unittest\": {\n \"ScriptsSmokeTest\": {\n \"testRunRecordWprHelp\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.3083\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "e9d10fcbdadd344dd6e81766fb993078b2e5a083", "size": 6435, "type": "text" }, "11/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1512539350, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 0, \n \"PASS\": 23, \n \"SKIP\": 2\n }, \n \"tests\": {\n \"benchmarks\": {\n \"benchmark_smoke_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkSmokeTest\": {\n \"tracing\": {\n \"tracing_with_background_memory_infra\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 18.587\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }", "contents[-512:]": " {\n \"timeline_unittest\": {\n \"ThreadTimesTimelineMetricUnittest\": {\n \"testOverheadIsRemoved\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0015\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }, \n \"scripts_smoke_unittest\": {\n \"ScriptsSmokeTest\": {\n \"testRunRecordWprList\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.9371\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "a1f33541385851e4518a396e09fda00a6309260e", "size": 6369, "type": "text" }, "2/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1512539416, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 0, \n \"PASS\": 23, \n \"SKIP\": 3\n }, \n \"tests\": {\n \"benchmarks\": {\n \"benchmark_smoke_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkSmokeTest\": {\n \"webrtc\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 85.1239\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }, \n \"dummy_benchmark\": {\n \"noisy_benchmark_1\":", "contents[-512:]": "est\": {\n \"MeasurementSmokeTest\": {\n \"testAllMeasurementInstance\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.2512\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }, \n \"page_sets\": {\n \"story_set_unittest\": {\n \"StorySetUnitTest\": {\n \"testSmoke\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.9657\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "40215ea47e2d1cc738d9601dab7700bb8634e981", "size": 6657, "type": "text" }, "3/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1512539356, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 0, \n \"PASS\": 24, \n \"SKIP\": 2\n }, \n \"tests\": {\n \"benchmarks\": {\n \"benchmark_smoke_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkSmokeTest\": {\n \"loading\": {\n \"mobile\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 6.0991\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }", "contents[-512:]": " }\n }, \n \"v8_gc_times_unittest\": {\n \"V8GCTimesTests\": {\n \"testWithNoTraceEvents\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0022\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }, \n \"perf_device_trigger_unittest\": {\n \"PerfDeviceTriggerUnittest\": {\n \"testBasic\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0034\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "0cb22132c5a6fca79eb4a84fe24bf99330e4c640", "size": 6665, "type": "text" }, "4/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1512539356, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 0, \n \"PASS\": 24, \n \"SKIP\": 2\n }, \n \"tests\": {\n \"benchmarks\": {\n \"benchmark_smoke_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkSmokeTest\": {\n \"media\": {\n \"mobile\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 3.0939\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }, ", "contents[-512:]": "ricTest\": {\n \"testSubtractCpuStats\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0005\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }, \n \"profile_creators\": {\n \"cookie_profile_extender_unittest\": {\n \"CookieProfileExtenderTest\": {\n \"testCookieCount\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0118\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "9d14e08357191ea9cac9d51c3465d0505ac839bb", "size": 6667, "type": "text" }, "5/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1512539354, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 0, \n \"PASS\": 24, \n \"SKIP\": 2\n }, \n \"tests\": {\n \"benchmarks\": {\n \"benchmark_smoke_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkSmokeTest\": {\n \"power\": {\n \"typical_10_mobile\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 3.1015\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n ", "contents[-512:]": " \"testBlankPage\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.193\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }, \n \"profile_creators\": {\n \"fast_navigation_profile_extender_unittest\": {\n \"FastNavigationProfileExtenderTest\": {\n \"testPerformNavigations\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.002\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "5cea3e1cf782430725259de4a4f232772e6b335c", "size": 6742, "type": "text" }, "6/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1512539494, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 0, \n \"PASS\": 24, \n \"SKIP\": 2\n }, \n \"tests\": {\n \"benchmarks\": {\n \"benchmark_smoke_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkSmokeTest\": {\n \"smoothness\": {\n \"tough_webgl_cases\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 13.841\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n ", "contents[-512:]": "ndexImplTest\": {\n \"testVideoCompleteness\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0012\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }, \n \"profile_creators\": {\n \"profile_generator_unittest\": {\n \"ProfileGeneratorUnitTest\": {\n \"testIsPseudoFile\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0013\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "9d6fa4cd56353c4507250475e30cbde845036e14", "size": 6733, "type": "text" }, "7/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1512539526, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 0, \n \"PASS\": 25, \n \"SKIP\": 1\n }, \n \"tests\": {\n \"benchmarks\": {\n \"benchmark_smoke_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkSmokeTest\": {\n \"speedometer2-future\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 128.2275\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }, \n \"benchmark_unittest\": {\n ", "contents[-512:]": " \"metrics\": {\n \"timeline_unittest\": {\n \"LoadTimesTimelineMetric\": {\n \"testCounterSanitizing\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.001\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }, \n \"scripts_smoke_unittest\": {\n \"ScriptsSmokeTest\": {\n \"testRunBenchmarkHelp\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.4626\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "f7fbde5c3c190b1c74eceac77b9107ceeebfb706", "size": 6506, "type": "text" }, "8/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1512539381, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 0, \n \"PASS\": 23, \n \"SKIP\": 3\n }, \n \"tests\": {\n \"benchmarks\": {\n \"benchmark_smoke_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkSmokeTest\": {\n \"start_with_url\": {\n \"warm\": {\n \"startup_pages\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 9.0982\n ], \n \"expected\": \"P", "contents[-512:]": "test\": {\n \"ExtensionProfileExtenderUnitTest\": {\n \"testExtensionProfileCreation\": {\n \"actual\": \"SKIP\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.0001\n ], \n \"expected\": \"SKIP\"\n }\n }\n }\n }, \n \"scripts_smoke_unittest\": {\n \"ScriptsSmokeTest\": {\n \"testRunBenchmarkRunListsOutBenchmarks\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 7.3994\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "d0a6e3f043803197b664a03fe0732a8de11012b7", "size": 6665, "type": "text" }, "9/output.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"version\": 3, \n \"interrupted\": false, \n \"path_delimiter\": \".\", \n \"seconds_since_epoch\": 1512539415, \n \"num_failures_by_type\": {\n \"FAIL\": 0, \n \"PASS\": 25, \n \"SKIP\": 0\n }, \n \"tests\": {\n \"benchmarks\": {\n \"benchmark_smoke_unittest\": {\n \"BenchmarkSmokeTest\": {\n \"system_health\": {\n \"webview_startup\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 6.1077\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n ", "contents[-512:]": "imeline_unittest\": {\n \"LoadTimesTimelineMetric\": {\n \"testTimelineBetweenRange\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.001\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }, \n \"scripts_smoke_unittest\": {\n \"ScriptsSmokeTest\": {\n \"testRunBenchmarkRunNonExistingBenchmark\": {\n \"actual\": \"PASS\", \n \"times\": [\n 0.7242\n ], \n \"expected\": \"PASS\"\n }\n }\n }\n }\n}\n", "sha1": "5a8ea28ba0349cce9e8a0f23c2028f4dc714fde1", "size": 6297, "type": "text" }, "summary.json": { "contents[ :512]": "{\n \"shards\": [\n {\n \"bot_dimensions\": [\n {\n \"key\": \"cores\", \n \"value\": [\n \"8\"\n ]\n }, \n {\n \"key\": \"cpu\", \n \"value\": [\n \"x86\", \n \"x86-64\", \n \"x86-64-Broadwell_GCE\", \n \"x86-64-avx2\"\n ]\n }, \n {\n \"key\": \"gpu\", \n \"value\": [\n \"none\"\n ]\n }, \n {\n \"key\": \"id\", \n \"value\": [\n \"gce-trusty-dd", "contents[-512:]": "d18bd605038889d690a\", \n \"gpu:none\", \n \"master:chromium.linux\", \n \"name:telemetry_perf_unittests\", \n \"os:Ubuntu-14.04\", \n \"pool:Chrome\", \n \"priority:25\", \n \"project:chromium\", \n \"purpose:CI\", \n \"purpose:post-commit\", \n \"service_account:none\", \n \"slavename:vm906-m1\", \n \"stepname:telemetry_perf_unittests\", \n \"user:None\"\n ], \n \"task_id\": \"3a432f24fa04a310\", \n \"try_number\": \"1\", \n \"user\": \"\"\n }\n ]\n}", "sha1": "9ccfa6afcd4d091dcacf0153db926e294439b77a", "size": 2571173, "type": "text" } }