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To repro this locally, run the following line from the root of a 'build' checkout: .\scripts/slave\ run --properties-file - chromium <<EOF {"recipe": "chromium", "builder_id": " Win Builder (dbg)", "luci_migration": {"status": "ok"}, "$recipe_engine/path": {"cleanup_dir": "E:\\b\\build\\slave\\GPU_Win_Builder__dbg_\\build.dead"}, "buildnumber": 67405, "git_revision": "78972596c84dc12a84a0a928d9860d4fc08a43be", "slavename": "vm81-m1", "blamelist": ["", "", ""], "branch": "master", "use_gitiles": false, "revision": "78972596c84dc12a84a0a928d9860d4fc08a43be", "build_id": "buildbot/ Win Builder (dbg)/67405", "workdir": "E:\\b\\build\\slave/GPU_Win_Builder__dbg_", "repository": "", "buildername": "GPU Win Builder (dbg)", "mastername": "", "$recipe_engine/runtime": {"is_experimental": false, "is_luci": false}, "scheduler": "chromium_commits", "buildbotURL": "", "$recipe_engine/step": {"prefix_path": ["E:\\b\\cipd_client", "E:\\b\\cipd_path_tools", "E:\\b\\cipd_path_tools\\bin"]}, "build_data_dir": "E:\\b\\rr\\tmpjnjs2s", "recipe_repository": "", "project": "src", "requestedAt": 1518528521, "path_config": "kitchen", "bot_id": "vm81-m1"} EOF To run on Windows, you can put the JSON in a file and redirect the contents of the file into, with the < operator.