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To repro this locally, run the following line from the root of a 'build' checkout: ./scripts/slave/ run --properties-file - chromium.chromedriver.recipe_autogen <<EOF { "recipe": "chromium.chromedriver.recipe_autogen", "builder_id": "master.chromium.chromedriver:Linux", "luci_migration": { "status": "ok" }, "build_id": "buildbot/chromium.chromedriver/Linux/41020", "project": "src", "git_revision": "4b57a9a245312367713160787ccddbd466b165f3", "slavename": "slave108-c1", "blamelist": [ "", "", "", "", "", "", "" ], "branch": "master", "revision": "4b57a9a245312367713160787ccddbd466b165f3", "workdir": "/b/build/slave/Linux", "repository": "", "buildername": "Linux", "mastername": "chromium.chromedriver", "$recipe_engine/runtime": { "is_experimental": false, "is_luci": false }, "scheduler": "chromium", "buildbotURL": "", "build_data_dir": "/b/build/slave/Linux/.recipe_runtime/tmpvQbtWf/build_data", "buildnumber": 41020, "requestedAt": 1547279787, "path_config": "buildbot", "bot_id": "slave108-c1" } EOF To run on Windows, you can put the JSON in a file and redirect the contents of the file into, with the < operator.