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/b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/build/android/ -a -s -w --adb-path /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/third_party/android_tools/sdk/platform-tools/adb in dir /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w: allow_subannotations: False base_name: 'stack_tool_for_tombstones' cmd: ['/b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/build/android/', '-a', '-s', '-w', '--adb-path', '/b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/third_party/android_tools/sdk/platform-tools/adb'] env: {'CHROMIUM_OUTPUT_DIR': '/b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release', 'PATH': '/b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/third_party/android_tools/sdk/platform-tools:/b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/build/android:%(PATH)s'} env_prefixes: {'PATH': '/b/cipd_client:/b/cipd_path_tools:/b/cipd_path_tools/bin'} env_suffixes: {} infra_step: True name: 'stack_tool_for_tombstones' nest_level: 0 ok_ret: frozenset([0]) trigger_specs: () full environment: AWS_CREDENTIAL_FILE: /b/build/site_config/.boto BOTO_CONFIG: /b/build/site_config/.boto BUILDBOT_BLAMELIST: [u'', u'', u'', u''] BUILDBOT_BRANCH: master BUILDBOT_BUILDBOTURL: BUILDBOT_BUILDERNAME: Android Cronet KitKat Builder BUILDBOT_BUILDNUMBER: 9159 BUILDBOT_CLOBBER: BUILDBOT_GOT_REVISION: None BUILDBOT_MASTERNAME: BUILDBOT_REVISION: 92f07957eaa84ae463fab871b4a2bbda0da79e1b BUILDBOT_SCHEDULER: chromium_commits BUILDBOT_SLAVENAME: build69-b1 CHROME_HEADLESS: 1 CHROMIUM_OUTPUT_DIR: /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release CIPD_CACHE_DIR: /b/c/cipd DISPLAY: :0.0 GIT_USER_AGENT: git/2.11.0 linux2 HOME: /home/chrome-bot INFRA_BUILDBOT_MASTER_CLASS_NAME: ChromiumAndroid INFRA_BUILDBOT_SLAVE_ACTIVE_SUBDIR: INFRA_BUILDBOT_SLAVE_NAME: build69-b1 LANG: en_US.UTF-8 LOGDOG_COORDINATOR_HOST: LOGDOG_STREAM_PREFIX: bb/ LOGDOG_STREAM_PROJECT: chromium LOGDOG_STREAM_SERVER_PATH: unix:/b/build/rr/tmp9loTMc/butler.sock LOGNAME: chrome-bot PAGER: cat PATH: /b/cipd_client:/b/cipd_path_tools:/b/cipd_path_tools/bin:/b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/third_party/android_tools/sdk/platform-tools:/b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/build/android:/b/cipd_path_tools:/b/cipd_path_tools/bin:/b/cipd_client:/home/chrome-bot/slavebin:/b/depot_tools:/usr/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin PWD: /b/build/slave/Android_Cronet_KitKat_Builder/build PYTHONIOENCODING: UTF-8 PYTHONUNBUFFERED: 1 SHELL: /bin/bash USER: chrome-bot VPYTHON_VIRTUALENV_ROOT: /b/c/vpython I 0.004s TimeoutThread-1-for-MainThread condition '<lambda>' met (0.0s) I 0.891s Thread-1 tombstone_00 created on 1971-10-17 12:36:00, about this long ago: 17290 days, 1:17:11 Device: 05c34aa83444c162 I 0.891s Thread-1 Resolving... I 0.892s Thread-2 tombstone_01 created on 1971-10-17 12:36:00, about this long ago: 17290 days, 1:17:11 Device: 05c34aa83444c162 I 0.892s Thread-2 Resolving... I 1.190s Main Total time spent symbolizing: 0.39s I 1.190s Main tombstone_00 created on 1971-10-17 12:36:00, about this long ago: 17290 days, 1:17:11 Device: 05c34aa83444c162 I 1.190s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src I 1.190s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release I 1.191s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmpIezp2S I 1.191s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 1.191s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release I 1.191s Main pid: 581, tid: 581, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 1.191s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 1.191s Main r0 00000000 r1 00000245 r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 1.191s Main r4 00000006 r5 0000000d r6 00000245 r7 0000010c I 1.191s Main r8 00000004 r9 bee56b91 sl bee56b9d fp bee56b85 I 1.191s Main ip 401de438 sp bee56628 lr 40078fe5 pc 40087f90 I 1.191s Main I 1.191s Main Stack Trace: I 1.191s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.191s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.191s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.191s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.191s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.191s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.191s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.191s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.191s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.191s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.191s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.191s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.191s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.191s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.191s Main I 1.191s Main Stack Data: I 1.191s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.191s Main bee565e8 401d1168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.191s Main bee565ec 00000002 I 1.191s Main bee565f0 401de438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.191s Main bee565f4 00000004 I 1.191s Main bee565f8 bee56b91 [stack] I 1.191s Main bee565fc bee56b9d [stack] I 1.191s Main bee56600 bee56b85 [stack] I 1.191s Main bee56604 4008c159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.191s Main bee56608 34203020 I 1.191s Main bee5660c 20323136 I 1.191s Main bee56610 bee56684 [stack] I 1.191s Main bee56614 00000000 I 1.191s Main bee56618 00000000 I 1.191s Main bee5661c 37312030 I 1.191s Main bee56620 00004000 I 1.191s Main bee56624 bee56692 [stack] I 1.191s Main bee56628 00000006 I 1.191s Main bee5662c 0000000d I 1.191s Main bee56630 00000245 I 1.191s Main bee56634 401de438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.191s Main bee56638 401de438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.191s Main bee5663c 40078fe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.191s Main bee56640 00000006 I 1.191s Main bee56644 00000000 I 1.191s Main bee56648 00000002 I 1.191s Main bee5664c 400791f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.191s Main bee56650 bee5665c [stack] I 1.191s Main bee56654 40077f2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.191s Main bee56658 00000000 I 1.191s Main bee5665c ffffffdf I 1.191s Main bee56660 400b02c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.192s Main bee56664 400b022c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.192s Main bee56668 00000000 I 1.192s Main bee5666c 4007aaef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.192s Main bee56670 415431f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.192s Main bee56674 415431f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.192s Main bee56678 401d1168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.192s Main bee5667c 40087848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.192s Main bee56680 00000000 I 1.192s Main bee56684 414d9ccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.192s Main bee56688 400be324 I 1.192s Main bee5668c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.192s Main bee56690 0000296c I 1.192s Main bee56694 00000000 I 1.192s Main bee56698 00000000 I 1.192s Main bee5669c 00000000 I 1.192s Main bee566a0 00000000 I 1.192s Main bee566a4 00000000 I 1.192s Main bee566a8 00000000 I 1.192s Main bee566ac 00000000 I 1.192s Main bee566b0 00000000 I 1.192s Main bee566b4 00000000 I 1.192s Main bee566b8 00000000 I 1.192s Main bee566bc 00000000 I 1.192s Main bee566c0 00000000 I 1.192s Main bee566c4 00000000 I 1.192s Main bee56898 000000c8 I 1.192s Main bee5689c 6e80d0d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.192s Main bee568a0 41491f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.192s Main bee568a4 00000000 I 1.192s Main bee568a8 000000c8 I 1.192s Main bee568ac 401d4560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.192s Main bee568b0 401d4740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.192s Main bee568b4 41491f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.192s Main bee568b8 4003d328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.192s Main bee568bc 40179d27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.192s Main bee568c0 41491f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.192s Main bee568c4 00000000 I 1.192s Main bee568c8 bee56988 [stack] I 1.192s Main bee568cc 4017a015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.192s Main bee568d0 4003d3cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.192s Main bee568d4 4017aa65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.192s Main bee568d8 41491f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.192s Main bee568dc 00000000 I 1.192s Main bee568e0 41546004 I 1.192s Main bee568e4 414e1a8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.192s Main bee568e8 414e1abd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.192s Main bee568ec 414e1a95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.192s Main bee568f0 000000bb I 1.192s Main bee568f4 00000000 I 1.192s Main bee568f8 41491e08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.192s Main bee568fc 40076e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.192s Main bee56900 000000b0 I 1.192s Main bee56904 00000000 I 1.192s Main bee56908 40075dcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.192s Main bee5690c 000000a0 I 1.192s Main bee56910 00000014 I 1.192s Main bee56914 401d63d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.192s Main bee56960 00000000 I 1.192s Main bee56964 00000000 I 1.192s Main bee56968 00000000 I 1.192s Main bee5696c bee56a7c [stack] I 1.193s Main bee56970 400b4384 I 1.193s Main bee56974 4003d372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.193s Main bee56978 4003d300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.193s Main bee5697c 4003d37b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.193s Main bee56980 4003d391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.193s Main bee56984 4003d39f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.193s Main bee56988 4003ee08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.193s Main bee5698c 401d4520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.193s Main bee56990 41491e18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.193s Main bee56994 00000013 I 1.193s Main bee56998 00000000 I 1.193s Main bee5699c 00000008 I 1.193s Main bee56a40 00000000 I 1.193s Main bee56a44 00000000 I 1.193s Main bee56a48 00000000 I 1.193s Main bee56a4c 00000000 I 1.193s Main bee56a50 00000000 I 1.193s Main bee56a54 4003cd80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.193s Main bee56a58 4003ede8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.193s Main bee56a5c 4003edf0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.193s Main bee56a60 4003edf8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.193s Main bee56a64 bee56a70 [stack] I 1.193s Main bee56a68 00000000 I 1.193s Main bee56a6c 40041881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 1.193s Main bee56a70 00000005 I 1.193s Main bee56a74 bee56b85 [stack] I 1.193s Main bee56a78 bee56b91 [stack] I 1.193s Main bee56a7c bee56b9d [stack] I 1.193s Main bee56a80 bee56bb8 [stack] I 1.193s Main bee56a84 bee56bbd [stack] I 1.193s Main bee56a88 00000000 I 1.193s Main bee56a8c bee56bc5 [stack] I 1.193s Main bee56a90 bee56bdf [stack] I 1.193s Main bee56a94 bee56c0b [stack] I 1.193s Main I 1.193s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.193s Main I 1.193s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000245 (code=-6), thread 581 (app_process) I 1.193s Main I 1.193s Main pid: 581, tid: 626, name: ReferenceQueueD I 1.193s Main r0 415483c8 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.193s Main r4 415483c8 r5 415483b8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.193s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4042b0 sl 00000000 fp 415631d0 I 1.193s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fc95ba0 lr 40074ec8 pc 40087904 I 1.193s Main I 1.193s Main Stack Trace: I 1.193s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.193s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.193s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.193s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.193s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.193s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.193s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.193s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.193s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.193s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.193s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.193s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.193s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.193s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.193s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.194s Main I 1.194s Main Stack Data: I 1.194s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.194s Main 6fc95b60 0000002b I 1.194s Main 6fc95b64 00000050 I 1.194s Main 6fc95b68 41548f90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.194s Main 6fc95b6c 40076e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.194s Main 6fc95b70 00000020 I 1.194s Main 6fc95b74 00000008 I 1.194s Main 6fc95b78 00000021 I 1.194s Main 6fc95b7c 00000020 I 1.194s Main 6fc95b80 00000020 I 1.194s Main 6fc95b84 4154e640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.194s Main 6fc95b88 00000001 I 1.194s Main 6fc95b8c 41548038 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.194s Main 6fc95b90 415483c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.194s Main 6fc95b94 415483b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.194s Main 6fc95b98 00000000 I 1.194s Main 6fc95b9c 40074eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.194s Main 6fc95ba0 00000000 I 1.194s Main 6fc95ba0 00000000 I 1.194s Main 6fc95ba4 415483b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.194s Main 6fc95ba8 415483c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.194s Main 6fc95bac 41548028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.194s Main 6fc95bb0 41548f90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.194s Main 6fc95bb4 40074f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.194s Main 6fc95bb8 415483b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.194s Main 6fc95bbc 00000000 I 1.194s Main 6fc95bc0 415483b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.194s Main 6fc95bc4 415483b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.194s Main 6fc95bc8 00000000 I 1.194s Main 6fc95bcc 414e6d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.194s Main 6fc95bd0 41548028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.194s Main 6fc95bd4 41548f90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.194s Main 6fc95bd8 6fb97f74 I 1.194s Main 6fc95bdc 6fb97f78 I 1.194s Main 6fc95be0 4154e640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.194s Main 6fc95be4 41548028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.194s Main 6fc95be8 41548038 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.194s Main 6fc95bec 6fb97f74 I 1.194s Main 6fc95bf0 4153ec74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.194s Main 6fc95bf4 414fb655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.194s Main 6fc95bf8 00000000 I 1.194s Main 6fc95bfc 00000001 I 1.194s Main 6fc95c00 00000000 I 1.194s Main 6fc95c04 00000000 I 1.194s Main 6fc95c08 6d4042b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.194s Main 6fc95c0c 41549890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.194s Main 6fc95c10 414fb62f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.194s Main 6fc95c14 414e3acf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.194s Main 6fc95c18 6fb97f74 I 1.194s Main 6fc95c1c 41548038 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.194s Main 6fc95c20 6e48ee8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.194s Main 6fc95c24 6fb97f98 I 1.194s Main 6fc95c28 41548028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.194s Main 6fc95c2c 41549890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.194s Main 6fc95c30 414b1d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.195s Main 6fc95c34 00000000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95c38 6fb97f60 I 1.195s Main 6fc95c3c 414bafe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.195s Main 6fc95c40 00000000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95c44 41548028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.195s Main 6fc95c48 414c1f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.195s Main 6fc95c4c 00000000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95c50 6fc95d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:626] I 1.195s Main 6fc95c54 41548028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.195s Main 6fc95c58 6fc95c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:626] I 1.195s Main 6fc95c5c 6d408eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.195s Main 6fc95c60 415631d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.195s Main 6fc95c64 414c1fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.195s Main 6fc95c68 00000000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95c6c 00000000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95c70 00000000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95c74 00000000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95c78 00000000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95c7c fffffea0 I 1.195s Main 6fc95c80 414c1f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.195s Main 6fc95c84 414bf63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.195s Main 6fc95c88 00000000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95c8c 00000000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95c90 00000000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95c94 00000000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95c98 6fb97fe4 I 1.195s Main 6fc95c9c 00000000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95ca0 00000000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95ca4 00000000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95ca8 00000000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95cac 00000000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95cb0 00000000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95cb4 00000000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95cb8 00000000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95cbc 00000000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95cc0 00000000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95cc4 00000000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95d18 0000001d I 1.195s Main 6fc95d1c 0000001c I 1.195s Main 6fc95d20 0000001c I 1.195s Main 6fc95d24 41548028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.195s Main 6fc95d28 400b4384 I 1.195s Main 6fc95d2c 41503ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.195s Main 6fc95d30 6fb98000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95d34 6fc95d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:626] I 1.195s Main 6fc95d38 415431f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.195s Main 6fc95d3c 400b4384 I 1.195s Main 6fc95d40 41543500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.195s Main 6fc95d44 415434fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.195s Main 6fc95d48 6fb98000 I 1.195s Main 6fc95d4c bee55e14 [stack] I 1.195s Main 6fc95d50 400b22ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.195s Main 6fc95d54 414f45a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.195s Main 6fc95d58 6fc95d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:626] I 1.195s Main 6fc95d5c 6fc95d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:626] I 1.195s Main 6fc95d60 41548028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.196s Main 6fc95d64 6fc95d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:626] I 1.196s Main 6fc95d68 400b4384 I 1.196s Main 6fc95d6c 41548028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.196s Main 6fc95d70 414e928f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.196s Main 6fc95d74 6fc95d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:626] I 1.196s Main 6fc95d78 00000003 I 1.196s Main 6fc95d7c 41548480 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.196s Main 6fc95d80 00000000 I 1.196s Main 6fc95d84 4148d9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.196s Main 6fc95d88 41548028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.196s Main 6fc95d8c 400730ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.196s Main 6fc95d90 00000000 I 1.196s Main 6fc95d94 4148d9f4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.196s Main 6fc95d98 4148d9e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.196s Main 6fc95d9c 9b5a0f0a I 1.196s Main 6fc95da0 6fc95dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:626] I 1.196s Main 6fc95da4 41548480 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.196s Main 6fc95da8 414e91ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.196s Main 6fc95dac 41548028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.196s Main 6fc95db0 414e91ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.196s Main 6fc95db4 40073174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.196s Main 6fc95db8 41548028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.196s Main 6fc95dbc 41548480 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.196s Main 6fc95dc0 6fc95dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:626] I 1.196s Main 6fc95dc4 0000000d I 1.196s Main 6fc95dc8 00000078 I 1.196s Main 6fc95dcc 4007330c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.196s Main 6fc95dd0 6fc95dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:626] I 1.196s Main 6fc95dd4 41548480 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.196s Main 6fc95dd8 00000000 I 1.196s Main 6fc95ddc 00000000 I 1.196s Main 6fc95de0 00000000 I 1.196s Main 6fc95de4 9b5a0f0a I 1.196s Main 6fc95de8 00000000 I 1.196s Main 6fc95dec 00000000 I 1.196s Main 6fc95df0 00000000 I 1.196s Main 6fc95df4 00000000 I 1.196s Main 6fc95df8 00000000 I 1.196s Main 6fc95dfc 00000000 I 1.196s Main 6fc95e00 00000000 I 1.196s Main 6fc95e04 00000000 I 1.196s Main 6fc95e08 00000000 I 1.196s Main 6fc95e0c 41548028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.196s Main I 1.196s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.196s Main I 1.196s Main I 1.196s Main pid: 581, tid: 627, name: FinalizerDaemon I 1.196s Main r0 41548c70 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.196s Main r4 41548c70 r5 41548c60 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.196s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4042b0 sl 00000000 fp 415634a0 I 1.196s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fd99ba0 lr 40074ec8 pc 40087904 I 1.196s Main I 1.196s Main Stack Trace: I 1.196s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.196s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.196s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.197s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.197s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.197s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.197s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.197s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.197s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.197s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.197s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.197s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.197s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.197s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.197s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.197s Main I 1.197s Main Stack Data: I 1.197s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.197s Main 6fd99b60 0000002b I 1.197s Main 6fd99b64 00000040 I 1.197s Main 6fd99b68 6d3f7fa0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.197s Main 6fd99b6c 40076e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.197s Main 6fd99b70 00000020 I 1.197s Main 6fd99b74 00004000 I 1.197s Main 6fd99b78 00000021 I 1.197s Main 6fd99b7c 00000020 I 1.197s Main 6fd99b80 00000020 I 1.197s Main 6fd99b84 4154e718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.197s Main 6fd99b88 00000001 I 1.197s Main 6fd99b8c 415488e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.197s Main 6fd99b90 41548c70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.197s Main 6fd99b94 41548c60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.197s Main 6fd99b98 00000000 I 1.197s Main 6fd99b9c 40074eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.197s Main 6fd99ba0 00000000 I 1.197s Main 6fd99ba0 00000000 I 1.197s Main 6fd99ba4 41548c60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.197s Main 6fd99ba8 41548c70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.197s Main 6fd99bac 415488d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.197s Main 6fd99bb0 6d3f7fa0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.197s Main 6fd99bb4 40074f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.197s Main 6fd99bb8 41548c60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.197s Main 6fd99bbc 00000000 I 1.197s Main 6fd99bc0 41548c60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.197s Main 6fd99bc4 41548c60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.197s Main 6fd99bc8 00000000 I 1.197s Main 6fd99bcc 414e6d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.197s Main 6fd99bd0 415488d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.197s Main 6fd99bd4 6d3f7fa0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.197s Main 6fd99bd8 6fc9bf10 I 1.197s Main 6fd99bdc 6fc9bf14 I 1.197s Main 6fd99be0 4154e718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.197s Main 6fd99be4 415488d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.197s Main 6fd99be8 415488e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.197s Main 6fd99bec 6fc9bf10 I 1.197s Main 6fd99bf0 4153ec74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.197s Main 6fd99bf4 414fb655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.197s Main 6fd99bf8 00000000 I 1.197s Main 6fd99bfc 00000001 I 1.198s Main 6fd99c00 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99c04 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99c08 6d4042b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.198s Main 6fd99c0c 41549890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.198s Main 6fd99c10 414fb62f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.198s Main 6fd99c14 414e3acf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.198s Main 6fd99c18 6fc9bf10 I 1.198s Main 6fd99c1c 415488e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.198s Main 6fd99c20 6e48eea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.198s Main 6fd99c24 6fc9bf34 I 1.198s Main 6fd99c28 415488d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.198s Main 6fd99c2c 41549890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.198s Main 6fd99c30 414b1d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.198s Main 6fd99c34 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99c38 6fc9befc I 1.198s Main 6fd99c3c 414bafe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.198s Main 6fd99c40 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99c44 415488d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.198s Main 6fd99c48 414c1f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.198s Main 6fd99c4c 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99c50 6fd99d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:627] I 1.198s Main 6fd99c54 415488d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.198s Main 6fd99c58 6fd99c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:627] I 1.198s Main 6fd99c5c 6d408eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.198s Main 6fd99c60 415634a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.198s Main 6fd99c64 414c1fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.198s Main 6fd99c68 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99c6c 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99c70 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99c74 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99c78 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99c7c fffffea0 I 1.198s Main 6fd99c80 414c1f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.198s Main 6fd99c84 414bf63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.198s Main 6fd99c88 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99c8c 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99c90 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99c94 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99c98 6fc9bfe4 I 1.198s Main 6fd99c9c 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99ca0 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99ca4 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99ca8 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99cac 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99cb0 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99cb4 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99cb8 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99cbc 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99cc0 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99cc4 00000000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99d18 0000001d I 1.198s Main 6fd99d1c 0000001c I 1.198s Main 6fd99d20 0000001c I 1.198s Main 6fd99d24 415488d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.198s Main 6fd99d28 400b4384 I 1.198s Main 6fd99d2c 41503ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.198s Main 6fd99d30 6fc9c000 I 1.198s Main 6fd99d34 6fd99d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:627] I 1.199s Main 6fd99d38 415431f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.199s Main 6fd99d3c 400b4384 I 1.199s Main 6fd99d40 41543500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.199s Main 6fd99d44 415434fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.199s Main 6fd99d48 6fc9c000 I 1.199s Main 6fd99d4c bee55e3c [stack] I 1.199s Main 6fd99d50 400b22ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.199s Main 6fd99d54 414f45a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.199s Main 6fd99d58 6fd99d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:627] I 1.199s Main 6fd99d5c 6fd99d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:627] I 1.199s Main 6fd99d60 415488d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.199s Main 6fd99d64 6fd99d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:627] I 1.199s Main 6fd99d68 400b4384 I 1.199s Main 6fd99d6c 415488d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.199s Main 6fd99d70 414e928f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.199s Main 6fd99d74 6fd99d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:627] I 1.199s Main 6fd99d78 00000003 I 1.199s Main 6fd99d7c 41548d28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.199s Main 6fd99d80 00000000 I 1.199s Main 6fd99d84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-1 I 1.199s Main 6fd99d88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.199s Main 6fd99d8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.199s Main 6fd99d90 006e6f6d I 1.199s Main 6fd99d94 6fd99d93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:627] I 1.199s Main 6fd99d98 6fd99d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:627] I 1.199s Main 6fd99d9c 9b5a0f0a I 1.199s Main 6fd99da0 6fd99dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:627] I 1.199s Main 6fd99da4 41548d28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.199s Main 6fd99da8 414e91ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.199s Main 6fd99dac 415488d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.199s Main 6fd99db0 414e91ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.199s Main 6fd99db4 40073174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.199s Main 6fd99db8 415488d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.199s Main 6fd99dbc 41548d28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.199s Main 6fd99dc0 6fd99dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:627] I 1.199s Main 6fd99dc4 0000000d I 1.199s Main 6fd99dc8 00000078 I 1.199s Main 6fd99dcc 4007330c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.199s Main 6fd99dd0 6fd99dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:627] I 1.199s Main 6fd99dd4 41548d28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.199s Main 6fd99dd8 00000000 I 1.199s Main 6fd99ddc 00000000 I 1.199s Main 6fd99de0 00000000 I 1.199s Main 6fd99de4 9b5a0f0a I 1.199s Main 6fd99de8 00000000 I 1.199s Main 6fd99dec 00000000 I 1.199s Main 6fd99df0 00000000 I 1.199s Main 6fd99df4 00000000 I 1.199s Main 6fd99df8 00000000 I 1.199s Main 6fd99dfc 00000000 I 1.200s Main 6fd99e00 00000000 I 1.200s Main 6fd99e04 00000000 I 1.200s Main 6fd99e08 00000000 I 1.200s Main 6fd99e0c 415488d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.200s Main I 1.200s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.200s Main I 1.200s Main I 1.200s Main pid: 581, tid: 628, name: FinalizerWatchd I 1.200s Main r0 6e8085c8 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.200s Main r4 6e8085c8 r5 6e8085b8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.200s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4042b0 sl 00000000 fp 41563740 I 1.200s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fe9dbc8 lr 40074ec8 pc 40087904 I 1.200s Main I 1.200s Main Stack Trace: I 1.200s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.200s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.200s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.200s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.200s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.200s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.200s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.200s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.200s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.200s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.201s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.201s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.201s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.201s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.201s Main I 1.201s Main Stack Data: I 1.201s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.201s Main 6fe9db88 0000002b I 1.201s Main 6fe9db8c 00000150 I 1.201s Main 6fe9db90 6e407e90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.201s Main 6fe9db94 40076e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.201s Main 6fe9db98 00000020 I 1.201s Main 6fe9db9c 00000000 I 1.201s Main 6fe9dba0 00000021 I 1.201s Main 6fe9dba4 00000020 I 1.201s Main 6fe9dba8 00000020 I 1.201s Main 6fe9dbac 41563730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.201s Main 6fe9dbb0 00000001 I 1.201s Main 6fe9dbb4 414b1d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.201s Main 6fe9dbb8 6e8085c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.201s Main 6fe9dbbc 6e8085b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.201s Main 6fe9dbc0 00000000 I 1.201s Main 6fe9dbc4 40074eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.201s Main 6fe9dbc8 00000000 I 1.202s Main 6fe9dbc8 00000000 I 1.202s Main 6fe9dbcc 6e8085b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.202s Main 6fe9dbd0 6e8085c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.202s Main 6fe9dbd4 6e808228 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.202s Main 6fe9dbd8 6e407e90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.202s Main 6fe9dbdc 40074f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.202s Main 6fe9dbe0 6e8085b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.202s Main 6fe9dbe4 00000000 I 1.202s Main 6fe9dbe8 6e8085b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.202s Main 6fe9dbec 6e8085b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.202s Main 6fe9dbf0 00000000 I 1.202s Main 6fe9dbf4 414e6d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.202s Main 6fe9dbf8 6e808228 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.202s Main 6fe9dbfc 6e407e90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.202s Main 6fe9dc00 6fd9ff54 I 1.202s Main 6fe9dc04 6fd9ff58 I 1.202s Main 6fe9dc08 41563730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.202s Main 6fe9dc0c 41549890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.202s Main 6fe9dc10 414b1d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.202s Main 6fe9dc14 00000000 I 1.202s Main 6fe9dc18 6fd9ff40 I 1.202s Main 6fe9dc1c 414fb655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.202s Main 6fe9dc20 00000000 I 1.202s Main 6fe9dc24 00000001 I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc28 00000000 I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc2c 00000000 I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc30 6e48ee8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc34 6fd9ff78 I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc38 6e808228 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc3c 414bafe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc40 00000000 I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc44 6e808228 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc48 414c1f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc4c 00000000 I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc50 6fe9dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:628] I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc54 6e808228 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc58 6fe9dc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:628] I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc5c 6d408eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc60 41563740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc64 414c1fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc68 00000000 I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc6c 00000000 I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc70 00000000 I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc74 00000000 I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc78 00000000 I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc7c fffffea0 I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc80 414c1f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc84 414bf63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.203s Main 6fe9dc88 00000000 I 1.204s Main 6fe9dc8c 00000000 I 1.204s Main 6fe9dc90 00000000 I 1.204s Main 6fe9dc94 00000000 I 1.204s Main 6fe9dc98 6fd9ffe4 I 1.204s Main 6fe9dc9c 00000000 I 1.204s Main 6fe9dca0 00000000 I 1.204s Main 6fe9dca4 00000000 I 1.204s Main 6fe9dca8 00000000 I 1.204s Main 6fe9dcac 00000000 I 1.204s Main 6fe9dcb0 00000000 I 1.204s Main 6fe9dcb4 00000000 I 1.204s Main 6fe9dcb8 00000000 I 1.204s Main 6fe9dcbc 00000000 I 1.204s Main 6fe9dcc0 00000000 I 1.204s Main 6fe9dcc4 00000000 I 1.204s Main 6fe9dd18 0000001d I 1.204s Main 6fe9dd1c 0000001c I 1.204s Main 6fe9dd20 0000001c I 1.204s Main 6fe9dd24 6e808228 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.204s Main 6fe9dd28 400b4384 I 1.204s Main 6fe9dd2c 41503ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.204s Main 6fe9dd30 6fda0000 I 1.204s Main 6fe9dd34 6fe9dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:628] I 1.204s Main 6fe9dd38 415431f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd3c 400b4384 I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd40 41543500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd44 415434fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd48 6fda0000 I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd4c bee55e3c [stack] I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd50 400b22ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd54 414f45a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd58 6fe9dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:628] I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd5c 6fe9dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:628] I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd60 6e808228 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd64 6fe9dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:628] I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd68 400b4384 I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd6c 6e808228 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd70 414e928f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd74 6fe9dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:628] I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd78 00000003 I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd7c 6e808680 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd80 00000000 I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd84 4148da10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd88 6e808228 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd8c 400730ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd90 00000000 I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd94 4148da0f <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd98 4148d9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.205s Main 6fe9dd9c 9b5a0f0a I 1.206s Main 6fe9dda0 6fe9ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:628] I 1.206s Main 6fe9dda4 6e808680 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.206s Main 6fe9dda8 414e91ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.206s Main 6fe9ddac 6e808228 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.206s Main 6fe9ddb0 414e91ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.206s Main 6fe9ddb4 40073174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.206s Main 6fe9ddb8 6e808228 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.206s Main 6fe9ddbc 6e808680 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.206s Main 6fe9ddc0 6fe9ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:628] I 1.206s Main 6fe9ddc4 0000000d I 1.206s Main 6fe9ddc8 00000078 I 1.206s Main 6fe9ddcc 4007330c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.206s Main 6fe9ddd0 6fe9ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:628] I 1.206s Main 6fe9ddd4 6e808680 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.206s Main 6fe9ddd8 00000000 I 1.206s Main 6fe9dddc 00000000 I 1.206s Main 6fe9dde0 00000000 I 1.206s Main 6fe9dde4 9b5a0f0a I 1.206s Main 6fe9dde8 00000000 I 1.206s Main 6fe9ddec 00000000 I 1.206s Main 6fe9ddf0 00000000 I 1.206s Main 6fe9ddf4 00000000 I 1.206s Main 6fe9ddf8 00000000 I 1.206s Main 6fe9ddfc 00000000 I 1.207s Main 6fe9de00 00000000 I 1.207s Main 6fe9de04 00000000 I 1.207s Main 6fe9de08 00000000 I 1.207s Main 6fe9de0c 6e808228 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.207s Main I 1.207s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.207s Main I 1.207s Main I 1.207s Main pid: 581, tid: 629, name: GC I 1.207s Main r0 414933d4 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.207s Main r4 414933d4 r5 414933d0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.207s Main r8 41545100 r9 41545100 sl 414933c8 fp 400b22ec I 1.207s Main ip 00000000 sp 6ff9dd40 lr 40074ec8 pc 40087904 I 1.207s Main I 1.207s Main Stack Trace: I 1.207s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.207s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.207s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.207s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.207s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.207s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.207s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.207s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.207s Main I 1.208s Main Stack Data: I 1.208s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.208s Main 6ff9dd00 00000000 I 1.208s Main 6ff9dd04 6ff9dca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:629] I 1.208s Main 6ff9dd08 6ff9dcb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:629] I 1.208s Main 6ff9dd0c 00000018 I 1.208s Main 6ff9dd10 6d40866c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.208s Main 6ff9dd14 6ff9dd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:629] I 1.208s Main 6ff9dd18 415431f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.208s Main 6ff9dd1c 6e407eb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.208s Main 6ff9dd20 41563940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.208s Main 6ff9dd24 415639b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.208s Main 6ff9dd28 41563940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.208s Main 6ff9dd2c 400892d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.208s Main 6ff9dd30 414933d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.208s Main 6ff9dd34 414933d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.208s Main 6ff9dd38 00000000 I 1.208s Main 6ff9dd3c 40074eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.208s Main 6ff9dd40 00000000 I 1.208s Main 6ff9dd40 00000000 I 1.208s Main 6ff9dd44 414933d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.208s Main 6ff9dd48 414933d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.208s Main 6ff9dd4c 00000000 I 1.208s Main 6ff9dd50 41545100 I 1.208s Main 6ff9dd54 40074f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.209s Main 6ff9dd58 4153ec74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.209s Main 6ff9dd5c 415431f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.209s Main 6ff9dd60 bee55f10 [stack] I 1.209s Main 6ff9dd64 4153ec74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.209s Main 6ff9dd68 415431f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.209s Main 6ff9dd6c 41506783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.209s Main 6ff9dd70 00000000 I 1.209s Main 6ff9dd74 00000000 I 1.209s Main 6ff9dd78 41506735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.209s Main 6ff9dd7c 41548fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.209s Main 6ff9dd80 415431f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.209s Main 6ff9dd84 bee55f10 [stack] I 1.209s Main 6ff9dd88 41548fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.209s Main 6ff9dd8c 414e8921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.209s Main 6ff9dd90 6fea0000 I 1.209s Main 6ff9dd94 414e896f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.209s Main 6ff9dd98 41548fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.209s Main 6ff9dd9c 00010002 I 1.209s Main 6ff9dda0 6d3f7fc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.209s Main 6ff9dda4 41558880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.209s Main 6ff9dda8 6ff9ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:629] I 1.209s Main 6ff9ddac 6e808ad0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.209s Main 6ff9ddb0 414e8921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.209s Main 6ff9ddb4 40073174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.210s Main 6ff9ddb8 41548fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.210s Main 6ff9ddbc 6e808ad0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.210s Main 6ff9ddc0 6ff9ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:629] I 1.210s Main 6ff9ddc4 0000000d I 1.210s Main 6ff9ddc8 00000078 I 1.210s Main 6ff9ddcc 4007330c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.210s Main 6ff9ddd0 6ff9ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:629] I 1.210s Main 6ff9ddd4 6e808ad0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.210s Main 6ff9ddd8 00000000 I 1.210s Main 6ff9dddc 00000000 I 1.210s Main 6ff9dde0 00000000 I 1.210s Main 6ff9dde4 9b5a0f0a I 1.210s Main 6ff9dde8 00000000 I 1.210s Main 6ff9ddec 00000000 I 1.210s Main 6ff9ddf0 00000000 I 1.210s Main 6ff9ddf4 00000000 I 1.210s Main 6ff9ddf8 00000000 I 1.210s Main 6ff9ddfc 00000000 I 1.210s Main 6ff9de00 00000000 I 1.210s Main 6ff9de04 00000000 I 1.210s Main 6ff9de08 00000000 I 1.210s Main 6ff9de0c 6e808d18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.210s Main I 1.210s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.210s Main I 1.211s Main I 1.211s Main pid: 581, tid: 630, name: Signal Catcher I 1.211s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 1.211s Main r4 700a1d08 r5 700a1d48 r6 bee55f20 r7 000000b1 I 1.211s Main r8 6e8095c0 r9 4153ec74 sl 41543694 fp 41522cdc I 1.211s Main ip 700a1d44 sp 700a1d08 lr 40079351 pc 40087170 I 1.211s Main I 1.211s Main Stack Trace: I 1.211s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.211s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.211s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.211s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.211s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.211s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.211s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.211s Main I 1.211s Main Stack Data: I 1.211s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.211s Main 700a1cc8 00000000 I 1.211s Main 700a1ccc 00000000 I 1.211s Main 700a1cd0 00000000 I 1.211s Main 700a1cd4 00000000 I 1.211s Main 700a1cd8 700a1d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:630] I 1.211s Main 700a1cdc 00000000 I 1.212s Main 700a1ce0 6e8095c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.212s Main 700a1ce4 700a7fc4 I 1.212s Main 700a1ce8 00000000 I 1.212s Main 700a1cec 700a1d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:630] I 1.212s Main 700a1cf0 00000000 I 1.212s Main 700a1cf4 414f458b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.212s Main 700a1cf8 41524239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.212s Main 700a1cfc 00000000 I 1.212s Main 700a1d00 00000000 I 1.212s Main 700a1d04 700a1ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:630] I 1.212s Main 700a1d08 00000204 I 1.212s Main 700a1d08 00000204 I 1.212s Main 700a1d0c 00000000 I 1.212s Main 700a1d10 fffffea0 I 1.212s Main 700a1d14 6e407f60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.212s Main 700a1d18 415431f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.212s Main 700a1d1c 414e5f57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.212s Main 700a1d20 41563a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.212s Main 700a1d24 41563a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.212s Main 700a1d28 41563a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.212s Main 700a1d2c 400892d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.212s Main 700a1d30 6e80992c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.212s Main 700a1d34 414e59a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.212s Main 700a1d38 6e8095c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.212s Main 700a1d3c 414e994b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.213s Main 700a1d40 41563a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.213s Main 700a1d44 00000204 I 1.213s Main 700a1d48 00000004 I 1.213s Main 700a1d4c 6e8095c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.213s Main 700a1d50 415431f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.213s Main 700a1d54 414e7e11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.213s Main 700a1d58 41558880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.213s Main 700a1d5c 41563a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.213s Main 700a1d98 6e407f60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.213s Main 700a1d9c 00010002 I 1.213s Main 700a1da0 6e407f80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.213s Main 700a1da4 41558880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.213s Main 700a1da8 700a1dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:630] I 1.213s Main 700a1dac 6e809378 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.213s Main 700a1db0 414e8921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.213s Main 700a1db4 40073174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.213s Main 700a1db8 6e407f60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.213s Main 700a1dbc 6e809378 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.213s Main 700a1dc0 700a1dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:630] I 1.213s Main 700a1dc4 0000000d I 1.213s Main 700a1dc8 00000078 I 1.213s Main 700a1dcc 4007330c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.213s Main 700a1dd0 700a1dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:630] I 1.213s Main 700a1dd4 6e809378 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.214s Main 700a1dd8 00000000 I 1.214s Main 700a1ddc 00000000 I 1.214s Main 700a1de0 00000000 I 1.214s Main 700a1de4 9b5a0f0a I 1.214s Main 700a1de8 00000000 I 1.214s Main 700a1dec 00000000 I 1.214s Main 700a1df0 00000000 I 1.214s Main 700a1df4 00000000 I 1.214s Main 700a1df8 00000000 I 1.214s Main 700a1dfc 00000000 I 1.214s Main 700a1e00 00000000 I 1.214s Main 700a1e04 00000000 I 1.214s Main 700a1e08 00000000 I 1.214s Main 700a1e0c 6e8095c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.214s Main I 1.214s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.214s Main I 1.214s Main I 1.214s Main pid: 581, tid: 631, name: JDWP I 1.214s Main r0 00000012 r1 701a5d10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 1.214s Main r4 6e809d60 r5 400b4384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 1.214s Main r8 6e80bd80 r9 000003e8 sl 6e809cfc fp 400b22ec I 1.214s Main ip 6e80bd60 sp 701a5cf8 lr 414f5087 pc 400873d8 I 1.214s Main I 1.214s Main Stack Trace: I 1.215s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.215s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.215s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.215s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.215s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.215s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.215s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.215s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.215s Main I 1.215s Main Stack Data: I 1.215s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.215s Main 701a5cb8 6e80bd60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.215s Main 701a5cbc 6e80bd80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.215s Main 701a5cc0 000003e8 I 1.215s Main 701a5cc4 6e809cfc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.215s Main 701a5cc8 400b22ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.215s Main 701a5ccc 4008c159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.215s Main 701a5cd0 00000000 I 1.215s Main 701a5cd4 00000000 I 1.215s Main 701a5cd8 701a5d4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:631] I 1.215s Main 701a5cdc 00000000 I 1.215s Main 701a5ce0 00000000 I 1.215s Main 701a5ce4 701abfc4 I 1.215s Main 701a5ce8 00004000 I 1.216s Main 701a5cec 701a5d54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:631] I 1.216s Main 701a5cf0 00000000 I 1.216s Main 701a5cf4 00000000 I 1.216s Main 701a5cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[vectors] I 1.216s Main 701a5cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[vectors] I 1.216s Main 701a5cfc 701a5d50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:631] I 1.216s Main 701a5d00 00000004 I 1.216s Main 701a5d04 211a5ca8 I 1.216s Main 701a5d08 701a5d07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:631] I 1.216s Main 701a5d0c 00000001 I 1.216s Main 701a5d10 00000000 I 1.216s Main 701a5d14 00000000 I 1.216s Main 701a5d18 701a5d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:631] I 1.216s Main 701a5d1c 00000001 I 1.216s Main 701a5d20 701a5d2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:631] I 1.216s Main 701a5d24 00000010 I 1.216s Main 701a5d28 00000000 I 1.216s Main 701a5d2c 00000010 I 1.216s Main 701a5d30 00000001 I 1.216s Main 701a5d34 00000001 I 1.216s Main 701a5d50 35343230 I 1.216s Main 701a5d54 414f5100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.216s Main 701a5d58 00000001 I 1.216s Main 701a5d5c 6e809ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.216s Main 701a5d60 6e809cf0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.217s Main 701a5d64 bee55f00 [stack] I 1.217s Main 701a5d68 6e407fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.217s Main 701a5d6c 4152d7c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.217s Main 701a5d70 4152e910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.217s Main 701a5d74 414f7f89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.217s Main 701a5d78 00000000 I 1.217s Main 701a5d7c 6e407fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.217s Main 701a5d80 415431f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.217s Main 701a5d84 bee55f00 [stack] I 1.217s Main 701a5d88 6e407fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.217s Main 701a5d8c 414e8921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.217s Main 701a5d90 700a8000 I 1.217s Main 701a5d94 414e896f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.217s Main 701a5d98 6e407fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.217s Main 701a5d9c 00010002 I 1.217s Main 701a5da0 6e80bdf8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.217s Main 701a5da4 41558880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.217s Main 701a5da8 701a5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:631] I 1.217s Main 701a5dac 6e80be08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.217s Main 701a5db0 414e8921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.217s Main 701a5db4 40073174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.217s Main 701a5db8 6e407fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.217s Main 701a5dbc 6e80be08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.217s Main 701a5dc0 701a5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:631] I 1.217s Main 701a5dc4 0000000d I 1.218s Main 701a5dc8 00000078 I 1.218s Main 701a5dcc 4007330c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.218s Main 701a5dd0 701a5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:631] I 1.218s Main 701a5dd4 6e80be08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.218s Main 701a5dd8 00000000 I 1.218s Main 701a5ddc 00000000 I 1.218s Main 701a5de0 00000000 I 1.218s Main 701a5de4 9b5a0f0a I 1.218s Main 701a5de8 00000000 I 1.218s Main 701a5dec 00000000 I 1.218s Main 701a5df0 00000000 I 1.218s Main 701a5df4 00000000 I 1.218s Main 701a5df8 00000000 I 1.218s Main 701a5dfc 00000000 I 1.218s Main 701a5e00 00000000 I 1.218s Main 701a5e04 00000000 I 1.218s Main 701a5e08 00000000 I 1.218s Main 701a5e0c 6e80c050 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.218s Main I 1.218s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.218s Main I 1.218s Main I 1.218s Main pid: 581, tid: 632, name: Compiler I 1.218s Main r0 41543704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.219s Main r4 41543704 r5 415436fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.219s Main r8 414e8921 r9 701ac000 sl 415436f8 fp 400b22ec I 1.219s Main ip 00000000 sp 702a9c10 lr 40074ec8 pc 40087904 I 1.219s Main I 1.219s Main Stack Trace: I 1.219s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.219s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.219s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.219s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.219s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.219s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.219s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.219s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.219s Main I 1.219s Main Stack Data: I 1.219s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.219s Main 702a9bd0 00000000 I 1.219s Main 702a9bd4 00000000 I 1.219s Main 702a9bd8 415431f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.219s Main 702a9bdc 00000000 I 1.219s Main 702a9be0 00000000 I 1.219s Main 702a9be4 00000000 I 1.219s Main 702a9be8 41529f31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.219s Main 702a9bec 414e8bc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.219s Main 702a9bf0 fffffe0c I 1.220s Main 702a9bf4 41548028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.220s Main 702a9bf8 41548050 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.220s Main 702a9bfc ffffffef I 1.220s Main 702a9c00 41543704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.220s Main 702a9c04 415436fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.220s Main 702a9c08 00000000 I 1.220s Main 702a9c0c 40074eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.220s Main 702a9c10 00000000 I 1.220s Main 702a9c10 00000000 I 1.220s Main 702a9c14 415436fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.220s Main 702a9c18 41543704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.220s Main 702a9c1c 6e812b40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.220s Main 702a9c20 00001000 I 1.220s Main 702a9c24 40074f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.220s Main 702a9c28 415436c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.220s Main 702a9c2c 70427008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.220s Main 702a9c30 41522cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.220s Main 702a9c34 415436c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.220s Main 702a9c38 70427008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.220s Main 702a9c3c 41507d03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.220s Main 702a9c40 702a9d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:632] I 1.220s Main 702a9c44 414c1fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.220s Main 702a9c48 00000000 I 1.220s Main 702a9c4c 4153ec74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.221s Main 702a9c50 41533901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.221s Main 702a9c54 41522cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.221s Main 702a9c58 00000000 I 1.221s Main 702a9c5c fffffea0 I 1.221s Main 702a9c60 414c1f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.221s Main 702a9c64 414bf63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.221s Main 702a9c68 00000000 I 1.221s Main 702a9c6c 00000000 I 1.221s Main 702a9c70 00000000 I 1.221s Main 702a9c74 00000000 I 1.221s Main 702a9c78 702affa0 I 1.221s Main 702a9c7c 00000000 I 1.221s Main 702a9d98 6e80c758 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.221s Main 702a9d9c 00010002 I 1.221s Main 702a9da0 6e80c778 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.221s Main 702a9da4 41558880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.221s Main 702a9da8 702a9dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:632] I 1.221s Main 702a9dac 6e80c788 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.221s Main 702a9db0 414e8921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.221s Main 702a9db4 40073174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.221s Main 702a9db8 6e80c758 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.221s Main 702a9dbc 6e80c788 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.221s Main 702a9dc0 702a9dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:632] I 1.221s Main 702a9dc4 0000000d I 1.221s Main 702a9dc8 00000078 I 1.222s Main 702a9dcc 4007330c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.222s Main 702a9dd0 702a9dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:632] I 1.222s Main 702a9dd4 6e80c788 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.222s Main 702a9dd8 00000000 I 1.222s Main 702a9ddc 00000000 I 1.222s Main 702a9de0 00000000 I 1.222s Main 702a9de4 9b5a0f0a I 1.222s Main 702a9de8 00000000 I 1.222s Main 702a9dec 00000000 I 1.222s Main 702a9df0 00000000 I 1.222s Main 702a9df4 00000000 I 1.222s Main 702a9df8 00000000 I 1.222s Main 702a9dfc 00000000 I 1.222s Main 702a9e00 00000000 I 1.222s Main 702a9e04 00000000 I 1.222s Main 702a9e08 00000000 I 1.222s Main 702a9e0c 6e80c9d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.222s Main I 1.222s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.222s Main I 1.222s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 1.222s Main I 1.222s Main Stack Trace: I 1.222s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.223s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.223s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.223s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.223s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.223s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.223s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.223s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.223s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.223s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.223s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.223s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.223s Main I 1.223s Main Stack Data: I 1.223s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.223s Main 58744224 61723641 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/139 I 1.223s Main I 1.223s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.223s Main I 1.223s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000245 (code=-6), thread 581 (app_process) I 1.223s Main tombstone_01 created on 1971-10-17 12:36:00, about this long ago: 17290 days, 1:17:11 Device: 05c34aa83444c162 I 1.223s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src I 1.223s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release I 1.223s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmpEouQuN I 1.223s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 1.223s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release I 1.224s Main pid: 832, tid: 832, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 1.224s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 1.224s Main r0 00000000 r1 00000340 r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 1.224s Main r4 00000006 r5 00000000 r6 00000340 r7 0000010c I 1.224s Main r8 00000004 r9 bef73b91 sl bef73b9d fp bef73b85 I 1.224s Main ip 401a7438 sp bef73628 lr 40041fe5 pc 40050f90 I 1.224s Main I 1.224s Main Stack Trace: I 1.224s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.224s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.224s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.224s Main I 1.224s Main Stack Data: I 1.225s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.225s Main bef735e8 4019a168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.225s Main bef735ec 00000002 I 1.225s Main bef735f0 401a7438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.225s Main bef735f4 00000004 I 1.225s Main bef735f8 bef73b91 [stack] I 1.225s Main bef735fc bef73b9d [stack] I 1.225s Main bef73600 bef73b85 [stack] I 1.225s Main bef73604 40055159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.225s Main bef73608 20302030 I 1.225s Main bef7360c 32313634 I 1.225s Main bef73610 bef73684 [stack] I 1.225s Main bef73614 00000000 I 1.225s Main bef73618 00000000 I 1.225s Main bef7361c 31203020 I 1.225s Main bef73620 00004000 I 1.225s Main bef73624 bef73692 [stack] I 1.225s Main bef73628 00000006 I 1.225s Main bef7362c 00000000 I 1.225s Main bef73630 00000340 I 1.225s Main bef73634 401a7438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.225s Main bef73638 401a7438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.225s Main bef7363c 40041fe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.225s Main bef73640 00000006 I 1.225s Main bef73644 00000000 I 1.226s Main bef73648 00000002 I 1.226s Main bef7364c 400421f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.226s Main bef73650 bef7365c [stack] I 1.226s Main bef73654 40040f2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.226s Main bef73658 00000000 I 1.226s Main bef7365c ffffffdf I 1.226s Main bef73660 400792c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.226s Main bef73664 4007922c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.226s Main bef73668 00000000 I 1.226s Main bef7366c 40043aef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.226s Main bef73670 415061f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.226s Main bef73674 415061f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.226s Main bef73678 4019a168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.226s Main bef7367c 40050848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.226s Main bef73680 00000000 I 1.226s Main bef73684 4149cccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.226s Main bef73688 40087324 I 1.226s Main bef7368c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.226s Main bef73690 0000296c I 1.226s Main bef73694 00000000 I 1.226s Main bef73698 00000000 I 1.226s Main bef7369c 00000000 I 1.226s Main bef736a0 00000000 I 1.226s Main bef736a4 00000000 I 1.227s Main bef736a8 00000000 I 1.227s Main bef736ac 00000000 I 1.227s Main bef736b0 00000000 I 1.227s Main bef736b4 00000000 I 1.227s Main bef736b8 00000000 I 1.227s Main bef736bc 00000000 I 1.227s Main bef736c0 00000000 I 1.227s Main bef736c4 00000000 I 1.227s Main bef73898 000000c8 I 1.227s Main bef7389c 7173dcb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.227s Main bef738a0 415f0f28 [heap] I 1.227s Main bef738a4 00000000 I 1.227s Main bef738a8 000000c8 I 1.227s Main bef738ac 4019d560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.227s Main bef738b0 4019d740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.227s Main bef738b4 415f0f28 [heap] I 1.227s Main bef738b8 40006328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.227s Main bef738bc 40142d27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.227s Main bef738c0 415f0f28 [heap] I 1.227s Main bef738c4 00000000 I 1.227s Main bef738c8 bef73988 [stack] I 1.227s Main bef738cc 40143015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.227s Main bef738d0 400063cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.227s Main bef738d4 40143a65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.227s Main bef738d8 415f0f28 [heap] I 1.228s Main bef738dc 00000000 I 1.228s Main bef738e0 41509004 I 1.228s Main bef738e4 414a4a8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.228s Main bef738e8 414a4abd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.228s Main bef738ec 414a4a95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.228s Main bef738f0 000000bb I 1.228s Main bef738f4 00000000 I 1.228s Main bef738f8 415f0dd8 [heap] I 1.228s Main bef738fc 4003fe6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.228s Main bef73900 000000b0 I 1.228s Main bef73904 00000000 I 1.228s Main bef73908 4003edcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.228s Main bef7390c 000000a0 I 1.228s Main bef73910 00000014 I 1.228s Main bef73914 4019f3d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.228s Main bef73960 00000000 I 1.228s Main bef73964 00000000 I 1.228s Main bef73968 00000000 I 1.228s Main bef7396c bef73a7c [stack] I 1.228s Main bef73970 4007d384 I 1.228s Main bef73974 40006372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.228s Main bef73978 40006300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.228s Main bef7397c 4000637b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.228s Main bef73980 40006391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.229s Main bef73984 4000639f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.229s Main bef73988 40007e08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.229s Main bef7398c 4019d520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.229s Main bef73990 415f0de8 [heap] I 1.229s Main bef73994 00000013 I 1.229s Main bef73998 00000000 I 1.229s Main bef7399c 00000008 I 1.229s Main bef73a40 00000000 I 1.229s Main bef73a44 00000000 I 1.229s Main bef73a48 00000000 I 1.229s Main bef73a4c 00000000 I 1.229s Main bef73a50 00000000 I 1.229s Main bef73a54 40005d80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.229s Main bef73a58 40007de8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.229s Main bef73a5c 40007df0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.229s Main bef73a60 40007df8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.229s Main bef73a64 bef73a70 [stack] I 1.229s Main bef73a68 00000000 I 1.229s Main bef73a6c 4000a881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 1.229s Main bef73a70 00000005 I 1.229s Main bef73a74 bef73b85 [stack] I 1.229s Main bef73a78 bef73b91 [stack] I 1.229s Main bef73a7c bef73b9d [stack] I 1.229s Main bef73a80 bef73bb8 [stack] I 1.229s Main bef73a84 bef73bbd [stack] I 1.230s Main bef73a88 00000000 I 1.230s Main bef73a8c bef73bc5 [stack] I 1.230s Main bef73a90 bef73bdf [stack] I 1.230s Main bef73a94 bef73c0b [stack] I 1.230s Main I 1.230s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.230s Main I 1.230s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000340 (code=-6), thread 832 (app_process) I 1.230s Main I 1.230s Main pid: 832, tid: 837, name: ReferenceQueueD I 1.230s Main r0 4150c3b0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.230s Main r4 4150c3b0 r5 4150c3a0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.230s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4a02b0 sl 00000000 fp 4160d1d0 I 1.230s Main ip 00000000 sp 71124ba0 lr 4003dec8 pc 40050904 I 1.230s Main I 1.230s Main Stack Trace: I 1.230s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.230s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.230s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.230s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.230s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.230s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.230s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.230s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.231s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.231s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.231s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.231s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.231s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.231s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.231s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.231s Main I 1.231s Main Stack Data: I 1.231s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.231s Main 71124b60 0000002b I 1.231s Main 71124b64 00000038 I 1.231s Main 71124b68 415cefa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.231s Main 71124b6c 4003fe6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.231s Main 71124b70 00000020 I 1.231s Main 71124b74 00000000 I 1.231s Main 71124b78 00000021 I 1.231s Main 71124b7c 00000020 I 1.231s Main 71124b80 00000020 I 1.231s Main 71124b84 415f8640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.231s Main 71124b88 00000001 I 1.231s Main 71124b8c 4150c020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.231s Main 71124b90 4150c3b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.231s Main 71124b94 4150c3a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.231s Main 71124b98 00000000 I 1.232s Main 71124b9c 4003deb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.232s Main 71124ba0 00000000 I 1.232s Main 71124ba0 00000000 I 1.232s Main 71124ba4 4150c3a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.232s Main 71124ba8 4150c3b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.232s Main 71124bac 4150c010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.232s Main 71124bb0 415cefa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.232s Main 71124bb4 4003df28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.232s Main 71124bb8 4150c3a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.232s Main 71124bbc 00000000 I 1.232s Main 71124bc0 4150c3a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.232s Main 71124bc4 4150c3a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.232s Main 71124bc8 00000000 I 1.232s Main 71124bcc 414a9d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.232s Main 71124bd0 4150c010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.232s Main 71124bd4 415cefa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.232s Main 71124bd8 6f7d2f74 I 1.232s Main 71124bdc 6f7d2f78 I 1.232s Main 71124be0 415f8640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.232s Main 71124be4 4150c010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.232s Main 71124be8 4150c020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.232s Main 71124bec 6f7d2f74 I 1.232s Main 71124bf0 41501c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.232s Main 71124bf4 414be655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.233s Main 71124bf8 00000000 I 1.233s Main 71124bfc 00000001 I 1.233s Main 71124c00 00000000 I 1.233s Main 71124c04 00000000 I 1.233s Main 71124c08 6d4a02b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.233s Main 71124c0c 415f3890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.233s Main 71124c10 414be62f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.233s Main 71124c14 414a6acf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.233s Main 71124c18 6f7d2f74 I 1.233s Main 71124c1c 4150c020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.233s Main 71124c20 6e513e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.233s Main 71124c24 6f7d2f98 I 1.233s Main 71124c28 4150c010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.233s Main 71124c2c 415f3890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.233s Main 71124c30 41474d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.233s Main 71124c34 00000000 I 1.233s Main 71124c38 6f7d2f60 I 1.233s Main 71124c3c 4147dfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.233s Main 71124c40 00000000 I 1.233s Main 71124c44 4150c010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.233s Main 71124c48 41484f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.233s Main 71124c4c 00000000 I 1.233s Main 71124c50 71124d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.233s Main 71124c54 4150c010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.233s Main 71124c58 71124c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.234s Main 71124c5c 6d4a4eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.234s Main 71124c60 4160d1d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.234s Main 71124c64 41484fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.234s Main 71124c68 00000000 I 1.234s Main 71124c6c 00000000 I 1.234s Main 71124c70 00000000 I 1.234s Main 71124c74 00000000 I 1.234s Main 71124c78 00000000 I 1.234s Main 71124c7c fffffea0 I 1.234s Main 71124c80 41484f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.234s Main 71124c84 4148263c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.234s Main 71124c88 00000000 I 1.234s Main 71124c8c 00000000 I 1.234s Main 71124c90 00000000 I 1.234s Main 71124c94 00000000 I 1.234s Main 71124c98 6f7d2fe4 I 1.234s Main 71124c9c 00000000 I 1.234s Main 71124ca0 00000000 I 1.234s Main 71124ca4 00000000 I 1.234s Main 71124ca8 00000000 I 1.234s Main 71124cac 00000000 I 1.234s Main 71124cb0 00000000 I 1.234s Main 71124cb4 00000000 I 1.234s Main 71124cb8 00000000 I 1.235s Main 71124cbc 00000000 I 1.235s Main 71124cc0 00000000 I 1.235s Main 71124cc4 00000000 I 1.235s Main 71124d18 0000001d I 1.235s Main 71124d1c 0000001c I 1.235s Main 71124d20 0000001c I 1.235s Main 71124d24 4150c010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.235s Main 71124d28 4007d384 I 1.235s Main 71124d2c 414c6ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.235s Main 71124d30 71027000 I 1.235s Main 71124d34 71124d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.235s Main 71124d38 415061f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.235s Main 71124d3c 4007d384 I 1.235s Main 71124d40 41506500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.235s Main 71124d44 415064fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.235s Main 71124d48 71027000 I 1.235s Main 71124d4c bef72e14 [stack] I 1.235s Main 71124d50 4007b2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.235s Main 71124d54 414b75a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.235s Main 71124d58 71124d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.235s Main 71124d5c 71124d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.235s Main 71124d60 4150c010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.235s Main 71124d64 71124d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.235s Main 71124d68 4007d384 I 1.235s Main 71124d6c 4150c010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.236s Main 71124d70 414ac28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.236s Main 71124d74 71124d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.236s Main 71124d78 00000003 I 1.236s Main 71124d7c 4150c468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.236s Main 71124d80 00000000 I 1.236s Main 71124d84 415ebe38 [heap] I 1.236s Main 71124d88 4150c010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.236s Main 71124d8c 4003c0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.236s Main 71124d90 00000000 I 1.236s Main 71124d94 415ebe34 [heap] I 1.236s Main 71124d98 415ebe20 [heap] I 1.236s Main 71124d9c 3c62e7dc I 1.236s Main 71124da0 71124dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.236s Main 71124da4 4150c468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.236s Main 71124da8 414ac1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.236s Main 71124dac 4150c010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.236s Main 71124db0 414ac1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.236s Main 71124db4 4003c174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.236s Main 71124db8 4150c010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.236s Main 71124dbc 4150c468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.236s Main 71124dc0 71124dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.236s Main 71124dc4 0000000d I 1.236s Main 71124dc8 00000078 I 1.236s Main 71124dcc 4003c30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.237s Main 71124dd0 71124dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.237s Main 71124dd4 4150c468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.237s Main 71124dd8 00000000 I 1.237s Main 71124ddc 00000000 I 1.237s Main 71124de0 00000000 I 1.237s Main 71124de4 3c62e7dc I 1.237s Main 71124de8 00000000 I 1.237s Main 71124dec 00000000 I 1.237s Main 71124df0 00000000 I 1.237s Main 71124df4 00000000 I 1.237s Main 71124df8 00000000 I 1.237s Main 71124dfc 00000000 I 1.237s Main 71124e00 00000000 I 1.237s Main 71124e04 00000000 I 1.237s Main 71124e08 00000000 I 1.237s Main 71124e0c 4150c010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.237s Main I 1.237s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.237s Main I 1.237s Main I 1.237s Main pid: 832, tid: 838, name: FinalizerDaemon I 1.237s Main r0 415e5ea0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.237s Main r4 415e5ea0 r5 415e5e90 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.237s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4a02b0 sl 00000000 fp 4160d4a0 I 1.237s Main ip 00000000 sp 71226bc8 lr 4003dec8 pc 40050904 I 1.238s Main I 1.238s Main Stack Trace: I 1.238s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.238s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main I 1.238s Main Stack Data: I 1.238s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.238s Main 71226b88 0000002b I 1.238s Main 71226b8c 000000b0 I 1.238s Main 71226b90 4150c768 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.238s Main 71226b94 4003fe6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main 71226b98 00000020 I 1.239s Main 71226b9c 00000004 I 1.239s Main 71226ba0 00000021 I 1.239s Main 71226ba4 00000020 I 1.239s Main 71226ba8 00000020 I 1.239s Main 71226bac 415f8718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.239s Main 71226bb0 00000001 I 1.239s Main 71226bb4 41474d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.239s Main 71226bb8 415e5ea0 [heap] I 1.239s Main 71226bbc 415e5e90 [heap] I 1.239s Main 71226bc0 00000000 I 1.239s Main 71226bc4 4003deb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.239s Main 71226bc8 00000000 I 1.239s Main 71226bc8 00000000 I 1.239s Main 71226bcc 415e5e90 [heap] I 1.239s Main 71226bd0 415e5ea0 [heap] I 1.239s Main 71226bd4 415e5b00 [heap] I 1.239s Main 71226bd8 4150c768 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.239s Main 71226bdc 4003df28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.239s Main 71226be0 415e5e90 [heap] I 1.239s Main 71226be4 00000000 I 1.239s Main 71226be8 415e5e90 [heap] I 1.239s Main 71226bec 415e5e90 [heap] I 1.239s Main 71226bf0 00000000 I 1.239s Main 71226bf4 414a9d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.239s Main 71226bf8 415e5b00 [heap] I 1.240s Main 71226bfc 4150c768 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.240s Main 71226c00 71128f10 I 1.240s Main 71226c04 71128f14 I 1.240s Main 71226c08 415f8718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.240s Main 71226c0c 415f3890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.240s Main 71226c10 41474d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.240s Main 71226c14 00000000 I 1.240s Main 71226c18 71128efc I 1.240s Main 71226c1c 414be655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.240s Main 71226c20 00000000 I 1.240s Main 71226c24 00000001 I 1.240s Main 71226c28 00000000 I 1.240s Main 71226c2c 00000000 I 1.240s Main 71226c30 6e513ea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.240s Main 71226c34 71128f34 I 1.240s Main 71226c38 415e5b00 [heap] I 1.240s Main 71226c3c 4147dfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.240s Main 71226c40 00000000 I 1.240s Main 71226c44 415e5b00 [heap] I 1.240s Main 71226c48 41484f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.240s Main 71226c4c 00000000 I 1.240s Main 71226c50 71226d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.240s Main 71226c54 415e5b00 [heap] I 1.240s Main 71226c58 71226c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.241s Main 71226c5c 6d4a4eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.241s Main 71226c60 4160d4a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.241s Main 71226c64 41484fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.241s Main 71226c68 00000000 I 1.241s Main 71226c6c 00000000 I 1.241s Main 71226c70 00000000 I 1.241s Main 71226c74 00000000 I 1.241s Main 71226c78 00000000 I 1.241s Main 71226c7c fffffea0 I 1.241s Main 71226c80 41484f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.241s Main 71226c84 4148263c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.241s Main 71226c88 00000000 I 1.241s Main 71226c8c 00000000 I 1.241s Main 71226c90 00000000 I 1.241s Main 71226c94 00000000 I 1.241s Main 71226c98 71128fe4 I 1.241s Main 71226c9c 00000000 I 1.241s Main 71226ca0 00000000 I 1.241s Main 71226ca4 00000000 I 1.241s Main 71226ca8 00000000 I 1.241s Main 71226cac 00000000 I 1.241s Main 71226cb0 00000000 I 1.241s Main 71226cb4 00000000 I 1.241s Main 71226cb8 00000000 I 1.241s Main 71226cbc 00000000 I 1.242s Main 71226cc0 00000000 I 1.242s Main 71226cc4 00000000 I 1.242s Main 71226d18 0000001d I 1.242s Main 71226d1c 0000001c I 1.242s Main 71226d20 0000001c I 1.242s Main 71226d24 415e5b00 [heap] I 1.242s Main 71226d28 4007d384 I 1.242s Main 71226d2c 414c6ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.242s Main 71226d30 71129000 I 1.242s Main 71226d34 71226d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.242s Main 71226d38 415061f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.242s Main 71226d3c 4007d384 I 1.242s Main 71226d40 41506500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.242s Main 71226d44 415064fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.242s Main 71226d48 71129000 I 1.242s Main 71226d4c bef72e3c [stack] I 1.242s Main 71226d50 4007b2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.242s Main 71226d54 414b75a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.242s Main 71226d58 71226d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.242s Main 71226d5c 71226d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.242s Main 71226d60 415e5b00 [heap] I 1.242s Main 71226d64 71226d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.242s Main 71226d68 4007d384 I 1.242s Main 71226d6c 415e5b00 [heap] I 1.243s Main 71226d70 414ac28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.243s Main 71226d74 71226d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.243s Main 71226d78 00000003 I 1.243s Main 71226d7c 415e5f58 [heap] I 1.243s Main 71226d80 00000000 I 1.243s Main 71226d84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-1 I 1.243s Main 71226d88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.243s Main 71226d8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.243s Main 71226d90 006e6f6d I 1.243s Main 71226d94 71226d93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.243s Main 71226d98 71226d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.243s Main 71226d9c 3c62e7dc I 1.243s Main 71226da0 71226dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.243s Main 71226da4 415e5f58 [heap] I 1.243s Main 71226da8 414ac1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.243s Main 71226dac 415e5b00 [heap] I 1.243s Main 71226db0 414ac1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.243s Main 71226db4 4003c174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.243s Main 71226db8 415e5b00 [heap] I 1.243s Main 71226dbc 415e5f58 [heap] I 1.243s Main 71226dc0 71226dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.243s Main 71226dc4 0000000d I 1.243s Main 71226dc8 00000078 I 1.243s Main 71226dcc 4003c30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.243s Main 71226dd0 71226dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.244s Main 71226dd4 415e5f58 [heap] I 1.244s Main 71226dd8 00000000 I 1.244s Main 71226ddc 00000000 I 1.244s Main 71226de0 00000000 I 1.244s Main 71226de4 3c62e7dc I 1.244s Main 71226de8 00000000 I 1.244s Main 71226dec 00000000 I 1.244s Main 71226df0 00000000 I 1.244s Main 71226df4 00000000 I 1.244s Main 71226df8 00000000 I 1.244s Main 71226dfc 00000000 I 1.244s Main 71226e00 00000000 I 1.244s Main 71226e04 00000000 I 1.244s Main 71226e08 00000000 I 1.244s Main 71226e0c 415e5b00 [heap] I 1.244s Main I 1.244s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.244s Main I 1.244s Main I 1.244s Main pid: 832, tid: 839, name: FinalizerWatchd I 1.244s Main r0 415e6748 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.244s Main r4 415e6748 r5 415e6738 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.244s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4a02b0 sl 00000000 fp 4160d740 I 1.244s Main ip 00000000 sp 7132abc8 lr 4003dec8 pc 40050904 I 1.245s Main I 1.245s Main Stack Trace: I 1.245s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.245s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main I 1.245s Main Stack Data: I 1.245s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.245s Main 7132ab88 0000002b I 1.245s Main 7132ab8c 00000198 I 1.245s Main 7132ab90 41562e48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.245s Main 7132ab94 4003fe6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 7132ab98 00000020 I 1.245s Main 7132ab9c 00000004 I 1.246s Main 7132aba0 00000021 I 1.246s Main 7132aba4 00000020 I 1.246s Main 7132aba8 00000020 I 1.246s Main 7132abac 4160d730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.246s Main 7132abb0 00000001 I 1.246s Main 7132abb4 41474d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.246s Main 7132abb8 415e6748 [heap] I 1.246s Main 7132abbc 415e6738 [heap] I 1.246s Main 7132abc0 00000000 I 1.246s Main 7132abc4 4003deb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.246s Main 7132abc8 00000000 I 1.246s Main 7132abc8 00000000 I 1.246s Main 7132abcc 415e6738 [heap] I 1.246s Main 7132abd0 415e6748 [heap] I 1.246s Main 7132abd4 415e63a8 [heap] I 1.246s Main 7132abd8 41562e48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.246s Main 7132abdc 4003df28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.246s Main 7132abe0 415e6738 [heap] I 1.246s Main 7132abe4 00000000 I 1.246s Main 7132abe8 415e6738 [heap] I 1.246s Main 7132abec 415e6738 [heap] I 1.246s Main 7132abf0 00000000 I 1.246s Main 7132abf4 414a9d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.246s Main 7132abf8 415e63a8 [heap] I 1.246s Main 7132abfc 41562e48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.247s Main 7132ac00 7122cf54 I 1.247s Main 7132ac04 7122cf58 I 1.247s Main 7132ac08 4160d730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.247s Main 7132ac0c 415f3890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.247s Main 7132ac10 41474d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.247s Main 7132ac14 00000000 I 1.247s Main 7132ac18 7122cf40 I 1.247s Main 7132ac1c 414be655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.247s Main 7132ac20 00000000 I 1.247s Main 7132ac24 00000001 I 1.247s Main 7132ac28 00000000 I 1.247s Main 7132ac2c 00000000 I 1.247s Main 7132ac30 6e513e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.247s Main 7132ac34 7122cf78 I 1.247s Main 7132ac38 415e63a8 [heap] I 1.247s Main 7132ac3c 4147dfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.247s Main 7132ac40 00000000 I 1.247s Main 7132ac44 415e63a8 [heap] I 1.247s Main 7132ac48 41484f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.247s Main 7132ac4c 00000000 I 1.247s Main 7132ac50 7132ad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.247s Main 7132ac54 415e63a8 [heap] I 1.247s Main 7132ac58 7132ac94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.247s Main 7132ac5c 6d4a4eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.248s Main 7132ac60 4160d740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.248s Main 7132ac64 41484fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.248s Main 7132ac68 00000000 I 1.248s Main 7132ac6c 00000000 I 1.248s Main 7132ac70 00000000 I 1.248s Main 7132ac74 00000000 I 1.248s Main 7132ac78 00000000 I 1.248s Main 7132ac7c fffffea0 I 1.248s Main 7132ac80 41484f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.248s Main 7132ac84 4148263c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.248s Main 7132ac88 00000000 I 1.248s Main 7132ac8c 00000000 I 1.248s Main 7132ac90 00000000 I 1.248s Main 7132ac94 00000000 I 1.248s Main 7132ac98 7122cfe4 I 1.248s Main 7132ac9c 00000000 I 1.248s Main 7132aca0 00000000 I 1.248s Main 7132aca4 00000000 I 1.248s Main 7132aca8 00000000 I 1.248s Main 7132acac 00000000 I 1.248s Main 7132acb0 00000000 I 1.248s Main 7132acb4 00000000 I 1.248s Main 7132acb8 00000000 I 1.248s Main 7132acbc 00000000 I 1.248s Main 7132acc0 00000000 I 1.249s Main 7132acc4 00000000 I 1.249s Main 7132ad18 0000001d I 1.249s Main 7132ad1c 0000001c I 1.249s Main 7132ad20 0000001c I 1.249s Main 7132ad24 415e63a8 [heap] I 1.249s Main 7132ad28 4007d384 I 1.249s Main 7132ad2c 414c6ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.249s Main 7132ad30 7122d000 I 1.249s Main 7132ad34 7132ad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.249s Main 7132ad38 415061f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.249s Main 7132ad3c 4007d384 I 1.249s Main 7132ad40 41506500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.249s Main 7132ad44 415064fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.249s Main 7132ad48 7122d000 I 1.249s Main 7132ad4c bef72e3c [stack] I 1.249s Main 7132ad50 4007b2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.249s Main 7132ad54 414b75a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.249s Main 7132ad58 7132ad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.249s Main 7132ad5c 7132ad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.249s Main 7132ad60 415e63a8 [heap] I 1.249s Main 7132ad64 7132ad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.249s Main 7132ad68 4007d384 I 1.249s Main 7132ad6c 415e63a8 [heap] I 1.249s Main 7132ad70 414ac28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.250s Main 7132ad74 7132ad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.250s Main 7132ad78 00000003 I 1.250s Main 7132ad7c 415e6800 [heap] I 1.250s Main 7132ad80 00000000 I 1.250s Main 7132ad84 415ebe50 [heap] I 1.250s Main 7132ad88 415e63a8 [heap] I 1.250s Main 7132ad8c 4003c0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.250s Main 7132ad90 00000000 I 1.250s Main 7132ad94 415ebe4f [heap] I 1.250s Main 7132ad98 415ebe38 [heap] I 1.250s Main 7132ad9c 3c62e7dc I 1.250s Main 7132ada0 7132add0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.250s Main 7132ada4 415e6800 [heap] I 1.250s Main 7132ada8 414ac1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.250s Main 7132adac 415e63a8 [heap] I 1.250s Main 7132adb0 414ac1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.250s Main 7132adb4 4003c174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.250s Main 7132adb8 415e63a8 [heap] I 1.250s Main 7132adbc 415e6800 [heap] I 1.250s Main 7132adc0 7132add0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.250s Main 7132adc4 0000000d I 1.250s Main 7132adc8 00000078 I 1.250s Main 7132adcc 4003c30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.250s Main 7132add0 7132add0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.250s Main 7132add4 415e6800 [heap] I 1.251s Main 7132add8 00000000 I 1.251s Main 7132addc 00000000 I 1.251s Main 7132ade0 00000000 I 1.251s Main 7132ade4 3c62e7dc I 1.251s Main 7132ade8 00000000 I 1.251s Main 7132adec 00000000 I 1.251s Main 7132adf0 00000000 I 1.251s Main 7132adf4 00000000 I 1.251s Main 7132adf8 00000000 I 1.251s Main 7132adfc 00000000 I 1.251s Main 7132ae00 00000000 I 1.251s Main 7132ae04 00000000 I 1.251s Main 7132ae08 00000000 I 1.251s Main 7132ae0c 415e63a8 [heap] I 1.251s Main I 1.251s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.251s Main I 1.251s Main I 1.251s Main pid: 832, tid: 840, name: GC I 1.251s Main r0 415f2384 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.251s Main r4 415f2384 r5 415f2380 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.251s Main r8 41508100 r9 41508100 sl 415f2378 fp 4007b2ec I 1.251s Main ip 00000000 sp 7142ad40 lr 4003dec8 pc 40050904 I 1.251s Main I 1.252s Main Stack Trace: I 1.252s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.252s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.252s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.252s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.252s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.252s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.252s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.252s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.252s Main I 1.252s Main Stack Data: I 1.252s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.252s Main 7142ad00 00000000 I 1.252s Main 7142ad04 7142aca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.252s Main 7142ad08 7142acb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.252s Main 7142ad0c 00000018 I 1.252s Main 7142ad10 6d4a466c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.252s Main 7142ad14 7142ad68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.252s Main 7142ad18 415061f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.252s Main 7142ad1c 41562e70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.252s Main 7142ad20 4160d940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.252s Main 7142ad24 4160d9b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.252s Main 7142ad28 4160d940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.252s Main 7142ad2c 400522d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.252s Main 7142ad30 415f2384 [heap] I 1.253s Main 7142ad34 415f2380 [heap] I 1.253s Main 7142ad38 00000000 I 1.253s Main 7142ad3c 4003deb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.253s Main 7142ad40 00000000 I 1.253s Main 7142ad40 00000000 I 1.253s Main 7142ad44 415f2380 [heap] I 1.253s Main 7142ad48 415f2384 [heap] I 1.253s Main 7142ad4c 00000000 I 1.253s Main 7142ad50 41508100 I 1.253s Main 7142ad54 4003df28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.253s Main 7142ad58 41501c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.253s Main 7142ad5c 415061f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.253s Main 7142ad60 bef72f10 [stack] I 1.253s Main 7142ad64 41501c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.253s Main 7142ad68 415061f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.253s Main 7142ad6c 414c9783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.253s Main 7142ad70 00000000 I 1.253s Main 7142ad74 00000000 I 1.253s Main 7142ad78 414c9735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.253s Main 7142ad7c 4150c738 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.253s Main 7142ad80 415061f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.253s Main 7142ad84 bef72f10 [stack] I 1.253s Main 7142ad88 4150c738 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.253s Main 7142ad8c 414ab921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main 7142ad90 7132d000 I 1.254s Main 7142ad94 414ab96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main 7142ad98 4150c738 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.254s Main 7142ad9c 00010002 I 1.254s Main 7142ada0 415cefd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.254s Main 7142ada4 41602880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.254s Main 7142ada8 7142add0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.254s Main 7142adac 415e6c50 [heap] I 1.254s Main 7142adb0 414ab921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main 7142adb4 4003c174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main 7142adb8 4150c738 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.254s Main 7142adbc 415e6c50 [heap] I 1.254s Main 7142adc0 7142add0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.254s Main 7142adc4 0000000d I 1.254s Main 7142adc8 00000078 I 1.254s Main 7142adcc 4003c30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main 7142add0 7142add0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.254s Main 7142add4 415e6c50 [heap] I 1.254s Main 7142add8 00000000 I 1.254s Main 7142addc 00000000 I 1.254s Main 7142ade0 00000000 I 1.254s Main 7142ade4 3c62e7dc I 1.254s Main 7142ade8 00000000 I 1.254s Main 7142adec 00000000 I 1.254s Main 7142adf0 00000000 I 1.255s Main 7142adf4 00000000 I 1.255s Main 7142adf8 00000000 I 1.255s Main 7142adfc 00000000 I 1.255s Main 7142ae00 00000000 I 1.255s Main 7142ae04 00000000 I 1.255s Main 7142ae08 00000000 I 1.255s Main 7142ae0c 415e6e98 [heap] I 1.255s Main I 1.255s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.255s Main I 1.255s Main I 1.255s Main pid: 832, tid: 841, name: Signal Catcher I 1.255s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 1.255s Main r4 7152ed08 r5 7152ed48 r6 bef72f20 r7 000000b1 I 1.255s Main r8 415e7740 r9 41501c74 sl 41506694 fp 414e5cdc I 1.255s Main ip 7152ed44 sp 7152ed08 lr 40042351 pc 40050170 I 1.255s Main I 1.255s Main Stack Trace: I 1.255s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.255s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.255s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.255s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.255s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.255s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.256s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.256s Main I 1.256s Main Stack Data: I 1.256s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.256s Main 7152ecc8 00000000 I 1.256s Main 7152eccc 00000000 I 1.256s Main 7152ecd0 00000000 I 1.256s Main 7152ecd4 00000000 I 1.256s Main 7152ecd8 7152ed68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.256s Main 7152ecdc 00000000 I 1.256s Main 7152ece0 415e7740 [heap] I 1.256s Main 7152ece4 71534fc4 I 1.256s Main 7152ece8 00000000 I 1.256s Main 7152ecec 7152ed68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.256s Main 7152ecf0 00000000 I 1.256s Main 7152ecf4 414b758b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.256s Main 7152ecf8 414e7239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.256s Main 7152ecfc 00000000 I 1.256s Main 7152ed00 00000000 I 1.256s Main 7152ed04 7152eca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.256s Main 7152ed08 00000204 I 1.256s Main 7152ed08 00000204 I 1.256s Main 7152ed0c 00000000 I 1.256s Main 7152ed10 fffffea0 I 1.256s Main 7152ed14 41562f18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.257s Main 7152ed18 415061f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.257s Main 7152ed1c 414a8f57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.257s Main 7152ed20 4160da20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.257s Main 7152ed24 4160da90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.257s Main 7152ed28 4160da20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.257s Main 7152ed2c 400522d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.257s Main 7152ed30 415e7aac [heap] I 1.257s Main 7152ed34 414a89a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.257s Main 7152ed38 415e7740 [heap] I 1.257s Main 7152ed3c 414ac94b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.257s Main 7152ed40 4160da90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.257s Main 7152ed44 00000204 I 1.257s Main 7152ed48 00000004 I 1.257s Main 7152ed4c 415e7740 [heap] I 1.257s Main 7152ed50 415061f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.257s Main 7152ed54 414aae11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.257s Main 7152ed58 41602880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.257s Main 7152ed5c 4160da90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.257s Main 7152ed98 41562f18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.257s Main 7152ed9c 00010002 I 1.257s Main 7152eda0 41562f38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.257s Main 7152eda4 41602880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.257s Main 7152eda8 7152edd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.257s Main 7152edac 415e74f8 [heap] I 1.257s Main 7152edb0 414ab921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.258s Main 7152edb4 4003c174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.258s Main 7152edb8 41562f18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.258s Main 7152edbc 415e74f8 [heap] I 1.258s Main 7152edc0 7152edd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.258s Main 7152edc4 0000000d I 1.258s Main 7152edc8 00000078 I 1.258s Main 7152edcc 4003c30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.258s Main 7152edd0 7152edd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.258s Main 7152edd4 415e74f8 [heap] I 1.258s Main 7152edd8 00000000 I 1.258s Main 7152eddc 00000000 I 1.258s Main 7152ede0 00000000 I 1.258s Main 7152ede4 3c62e7dc I 1.258s Main 7152ede8 00000000 I 1.258s Main 7152edec 00000000 I 1.258s Main 7152edf0 00000000 I 1.258s Main 7152edf4 00000000 I 1.258s Main 7152edf8 00000000 I 1.258s Main 7152edfc 00000000 I 1.258s Main 7152ee00 00000000 I 1.258s Main 7152ee04 00000000 I 1.258s Main 7152ee08 00000000 I 1.258s Main 7152ee0c 415e7740 [heap] I 1.258s Main I 1.259s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.259s Main I 1.259s Main I 1.259s Main pid: 832, tid: 842, name: JDWP I 1.259s Main r0 00000018 r1 71632d10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 1.259s Main r4 415e7e78 r5 4007d384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 1.259s Main r8 415e9e98 r9 000003e8 sl 415e7e14 fp 4007b2ec I 1.259s Main ip 415e9e78 sp 71632cf8 lr 414b8087 pc 400503d8 I 1.259s Main I 1.259s Main Stack Trace: I 1.259s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.259s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.259s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.259s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.259s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.259s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.259s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.259s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.259s Main I 1.259s Main Stack Data: I 1.259s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.259s Main 71632cb8 415e9e78 [heap] I 1.259s Main 71632cbc 415e9e98 [heap] I 1.259s Main 71632cc0 000003e8 I 1.259s Main 71632cc4 415e7e14 [heap] I 1.260s Main 71632cc8 4007b2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.260s Main 71632ccc 40055159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.260s Main 71632cd0 00000000 I 1.260s Main 71632cd4 00000000 I 1.260s Main 71632cd8 71632d4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:842] I 1.260s Main 71632cdc 00000000 I 1.260s Main 71632ce0 00000000 I 1.260s Main 71632ce4 71638fc4 I 1.260s Main 71632ce8 00004000 I 1.260s Main 71632cec 71632d54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:842] I 1.260s Main 71632cf0 00000000 I 1.260s Main 71632cf4 00000000 I 1.260s Main 71632cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[vectors] I 1.260s Main 71632cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[vectors] I 1.260s Main 71632cfc 71632d50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:842] I 1.260s Main 71632d00 00000004 I 1.260s Main 71632d04 21632ca8 I 1.260s Main 71632d08 71632d07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:842] I 1.260s Main 71632d0c 00000001 I 1.260s Main 71632d10 00000000 I 1.260s Main 71632d14 00000000 I 1.260s Main 71632d18 71632d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:842] I 1.260s Main 71632d1c 00000001 I 1.260s Main 71632d20 71632d2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:842] I 1.261s Main 71632d24 00000010 I 1.261s Main 71632d28 00000000 I 1.261s Main 71632d2c 00000010 I 1.261s Main 71632d30 00000001 I 1.261s Main 71632d34 00000001 I 1.261s Main 71632d50 30343330 I 1.261s Main 71632d54 414b8100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.261s Main 71632d58 00000001 I 1.261s Main 71632d5c 415e7dc0 [heap] I 1.261s Main 71632d60 415e7e08 [heap] I 1.261s Main 71632d64 bef72f00 [stack] I 1.261s Main 71632d68 415e9f10 [heap] I 1.261s Main 71632d6c 414f07c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.261s Main 71632d70 414f1910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.261s Main 71632d74 414baf89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.261s Main 71632d78 00000000 I 1.261s Main 71632d7c 415e9f10 [heap] I 1.261s Main 71632d80 415061f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.261s Main 71632d84 bef72f00 [stack] I 1.261s Main 71632d88 415e9f10 [heap] I 1.261s Main 71632d8c 414ab921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.261s Main 71632d90 71535000 I 1.261s Main 71632d94 414ab96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.261s Main 71632d98 415e9f10 [heap] I 1.261s Main 71632d9c 00010002 I 1.262s Main 71632da0 4150c758 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.262s Main 71632da4 41602880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.262s Main 71632da8 71632dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:842] I 1.262s Main 71632dac 415e9f30 [heap] I 1.262s Main 71632db0 414ab921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.262s Main 71632db4 4003c174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.262s Main 71632db8 415e9f10 [heap] I 1.262s Main 71632dbc 415e9f30 [heap] I 1.262s Main 71632dc0 71632dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:842] I 1.262s Main 71632dc4 0000000d I 1.262s Main 71632dc8 00000078 I 1.262s Main 71632dcc 4003c30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.262s Main 71632dd0 71632dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:842] I 1.262s Main 71632dd4 415e9f30 [heap] I 1.262s Main 71632dd8 00000000 I 1.262s Main 71632ddc 00000000 I 1.262s Main 71632de0 00000000 I 1.262s Main 71632de4 3c62e7dc I 1.262s Main 71632de8 00000000 I 1.262s Main 71632dec 00000000 I 1.262s Main 71632df0 00000000 I 1.262s Main 71632df4 00000000 I 1.262s Main 71632df8 00000000 I 1.262s Main 71632dfc 00000000 I 1.263s Main 71632e00 00000000 I 1.263s Main 71632e04 00000000 I 1.263s Main 71632e08 00000000 I 1.263s Main 71632e0c 415ea178 [heap] I 1.263s Main I 1.263s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.263s Main I 1.263s Main I 1.263s Main pid: 832, tid: 843, name: Compiler I 1.263s Main r0 41506704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.263s Main r4 41506704 r5 415066fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.263s Main r8 414ab921 r9 71639000 sl 415066f8 fp 4007b2ec I 1.263s Main ip 00000000 sp 71736c10 lr 4003dec8 pc 40050904 I 1.263s Main I 1.263s Main Stack Trace: I 1.263s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.263s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.263s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.263s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.263s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.263s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.263s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.263s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.263s Main I 1.263s Main Stack Data: I 1.264s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.264s Main 71736bd0 00000000 I 1.264s Main 71736bd4 00000000 I 1.264s Main 71736bd8 415061f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.264s Main 71736bdc 00000000 I 1.264s Main 71736be0 00000000 I 1.264s Main 71736be4 00000000 I 1.264s Main 71736be8 414ecf31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.264s Main 71736bec 414abbc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.264s Main 71736bf0 fffffe0c I 1.264s Main 71736bf4 4150c010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.264s Main 71736bf8 4150c038 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.264s Main 71736bfc ffffffef I 1.264s Main 71736c00 41506704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.264s Main 71736c04 415066fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.264s Main 71736c08 00000000 I 1.264s Main 71736c0c 4003deb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.264s Main 71736c10 00000000 I 1.264s Main 71736c10 00000000 I 1.264s Main 71736c14 415066fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.264s Main 71736c18 41506704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.264s Main 71736c1c 7173d3a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.264s Main 71736c20 00001000 I 1.264s Main 71736c24 4003df28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.264s Main 71736c28 415066c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.265s Main 71736c2c 718b6fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.265s Main 71736c30 414e5cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.265s Main 71736c34 415066c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.265s Main 71736c38 718b6fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.265s Main 71736c3c 414cad03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.265s Main 71736c40 71736d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:843] I 1.265s Main 71736c44 41484fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.265s Main 71736c48 00000000 I 1.265s Main 71736c4c 41501c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.265s Main 71736c50 414f6901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.265s Main 71736c54 414e5cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.265s Main 71736c58 00000000 I 1.265s Main 71736c5c fffffea0 I 1.265s Main 71736c60 41484f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.265s Main 71736c64 4148263c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.265s Main 71736c68 00000000 I 1.265s Main 71736c6c 00000000 I 1.265s Main 71736c70 00000000 I 1.265s Main 71736c74 00000000 I 1.265s Main 71736c78 7173cfa0 I 1.265s Main 71736c7c 00000000 I 1.265s Main 71736d98 415ea880 [heap] I 1.265s Main 71736d9c 00010002 I 1.265s Main 71736da0 415ea8a0 [heap] I 1.266s Main 71736da4 41602880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.266s Main 71736da8 71736dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:843] I 1.266s Main 71736dac 415ea8b0 [heap] I 1.266s Main 71736db0 414ab921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.266s Main 71736db4 4003c174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.266s Main 71736db8 415ea880 [heap] I 1.266s Main 71736dbc 415ea8b0 [heap] I 1.266s Main 71736dc0 71736dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:843] I 1.266s Main 71736dc4 0000000d I 1.266s Main 71736dc8 00000078 I 1.266s Main 71736dcc 4003c30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.266s Main 71736dd0 71736dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:843] I 1.266s Main 71736dd4 415ea8b0 [heap] I 1.266s Main 71736dd8 00000000 I 1.266s Main 71736ddc 00000000 I 1.266s Main 71736de0 00000000 I 1.266s Main 71736de4 3c62e7dc I 1.266s Main 71736de8 00000000 I 1.266s Main 71736dec 00000000 I 1.266s Main 71736df0 00000000 I 1.266s Main 71736df4 00000000 I 1.266s Main 71736df8 00000000 I 1.266s Main 71736dfc 00000000 I 1.266s Main 71736e00 00000000 I 1.266s Main 71736e04 00000000 I 1.267s Main 71736e08 00000000 I 1.267s Main 71736e0c 415eaaf8 [heap] I 1.267s Main I 1.267s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.267s Main I 1.267s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 1.267s Main I 1.267s Main Stack Trace: I 1.267s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.267s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.267s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.267s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.267s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.267s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.267s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.267s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.267s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.267s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.267s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.267s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.267s Main I 1.267s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.267s Main I 1.267s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000340 (code=-6), thread 832 (app_process) I 1.761s Thread-9 tombstone_00 created on 1973-06-12 10:41:00, about this long ago: 16686 days, 3:12:12 Device: 06596466005cab1a I 1.762s Thread-8 tombstone_01 created on 1973-06-12 10:41:00, about this long ago: 16686 days, 3:12:12 Device: 06596466005cab1a I 1.762s Thread-9 Resolving... I 1.763s Thread-8 Resolving... I 2.061s Main Total time spent symbolizing: 0.43s I 2.062s Main tombstone_00 created on 1973-06-12 10:41:00, about this long ago: 16686 days, 3:12:12 Device: 06596466005cab1a I 2.062s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src I 2.062s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release I 2.062s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmpftv9wX I 2.062s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 2.062s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release I 2.062s Main pid: 532, tid: 532, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 2.062s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 2.062s Main r0 00000000 r1 00000214 r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 2.062s Main r4 00000006 r5 0000000d r6 00000214 r7 0000010c I 2.062s Main r8 00000004 r9 bee5ab92 sl bee5ab9e fp bee5ab86 I 2.062s Main ip 401a3438 sp bee5a628 lr 4003dfe5 pc 4004cf90 I 2.062s Main I 2.062s Main Stack Trace: I 2.062s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.062s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.062s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.062s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.062s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.062s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.062s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.062s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.062s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.062s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.062s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.062s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.062s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.062s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.062s Main I 2.062s Main Stack Data: I 2.062s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.062s Main bee5a5e8 40196168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.062s Main bee5a5ec 00000002 I 2.062s Main bee5a5f0 401a3438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.062s Main bee5a5f4 00000004 I 2.062s Main bee5a5f8 bee5ab92 [stack] I 2.063s Main bee5a5fc bee5ab9e [stack] I 2.063s Main bee5a600 bee5ab86 [stack] I 2.063s Main bee5a604 40051159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.063s Main bee5a608 30203633 I 2.063s Main bee5a60c 31363420 I 2.063s Main bee5a610 bee5a684 [stack] I 2.063s Main bee5a614 00000000 I 2.063s Main bee5a618 00000000 I 2.063s Main bee5a61c 20302030 I 2.063s Main bee5a620 00004000 I 2.063s Main bee5a624 bee5a692 [stack] I 2.063s Main bee5a628 00000006 I 2.063s Main bee5a62c 0000000d I 2.063s Main bee5a630 00000214 I 2.063s Main bee5a634 401a3438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.063s Main bee5a638 401a3438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.063s Main bee5a63c 4003dfe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.063s Main bee5a640 00000006 I 2.063s Main bee5a644 00000000 I 2.063s Main bee5a648 00000002 I 2.063s Main bee5a64c 4003e1f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.063s Main bee5a650 bee5a65c [stack] I 2.063s Main bee5a654 4003cf2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.063s Main bee5a658 00000000 I 2.063s Main bee5a65c ffffffdf I 2.063s Main bee5a660 400752c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.063s Main bee5a664 4007522c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.063s Main bee5a668 00000000 I 2.063s Main bee5a66c 4003faef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.063s Main bee5a670 415021f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.063s Main bee5a674 415021f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.063s Main bee5a678 40196168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.063s Main bee5a67c 4004c848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.063s Main bee5a680 00000000 I 2.063s Main bee5a684 41498ccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.063s Main bee5a688 40083324 I 2.063s Main bee5a68c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.063s Main bee5a690 0000296c I 2.063s Main bee5a694 00000000 I 2.063s Main bee5a698 00000000 I 2.063s Main bee5a69c 00000000 I 2.063s Main bee5a6a0 00000000 I 2.063s Main bee5a6a4 00000000 I 2.063s Main bee5a6a8 00000000 I 2.063s Main bee5a6ac 00000000 I 2.063s Main bee5a6b0 00000000 I 2.063s Main bee5a6b4 00000000 I 2.063s Main bee5a6b8 00000000 I 2.063s Main bee5a6bc 00000000 I 2.063s Main bee5a6c0 00000000 I 2.063s Main bee5a6c4 00000000 I 2.064s Main bee5a898 000000c8 I 2.064s Main bee5a89c 6e799140 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.064s Main bee5a8a0 41939f28 [heap] I 2.064s Main bee5a8a4 00000000 I 2.064s Main bee5a8a8 000000c8 I 2.064s Main bee5a8ac 40199560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.064s Main bee5a8b0 40199740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.064s Main bee5a8b4 41939f28 [heap] I 2.064s Main bee5a8b8 40002328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.064s Main bee5a8bc 4013ed27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.064s Main bee5a8c0 41939f28 [heap] I 2.064s Main bee5a8c4 00000000 I 2.064s Main bee5a8c8 bee5a988 [stack] I 2.064s Main bee5a8cc 4013f015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.064s Main bee5a8d0 400023cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.064s Main bee5a8d4 4013fa65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.064s Main bee5a8d8 41939f28 [heap] I 2.064s Main bee5a8dc 00000000 I 2.064s Main bee5a8e0 41505004 I 2.064s Main bee5a8e4 414a0a8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.064s Main bee5a8e8 414a0abd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.064s Main bee5a8ec 414a0a95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.064s Main bee5a8f0 000000bb I 2.064s Main bee5a8f4 00000000 I 2.064s Main bee5a8f8 41939dd8 [heap] I 2.064s Main bee5a8fc 4003be6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.064s Main bee5a900 000000b0 I 2.064s Main bee5a904 00000000 I 2.064s Main bee5a908 4003adcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.064s Main bee5a90c 000000a0 I 2.064s Main bee5a910 00000014 I 2.064s Main bee5a914 4019b3d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.064s Main bee5a960 00000000 I 2.064s Main bee5a964 00000000 I 2.064s Main bee5a968 00000000 I 2.064s Main bee5a96c bee5aa7c [stack] I 2.064s Main bee5a970 40079384 I 2.064s Main bee5a974 40002372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.064s Main bee5a978 40002300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.064s Main bee5a97c 4000237b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.064s Main bee5a980 40002391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.064s Main bee5a984 4000239f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.064s Main bee5a988 40003e08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.064s Main bee5a98c 40199520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.065s Main bee5a990 41939de8 [heap] I 2.065s Main bee5a994 00000013 I 2.065s Main bee5a998 00000000 I 2.065s Main bee5a99c 00000008 I 2.065s Main bee5aa40 00000000 I 2.065s Main bee5aa44 00000000 I 2.065s Main bee5aa48 00000000 I 2.065s Main bee5aa4c 00000000 I 2.065s Main bee5aa50 00000000 I 2.065s Main bee5aa54 40001d80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.065s Main bee5aa58 40003de8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.065s Main bee5aa5c 40003df0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.065s Main bee5aa60 40003df8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.065s Main bee5aa64 bee5aa70 [stack] I 2.065s Main bee5aa68 00000000 I 2.065s Main bee5aa6c 40006881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 2.065s Main bee5aa70 00000005 I 2.065s Main bee5aa74 bee5ab86 [stack] I 2.065s Main bee5aa78 bee5ab92 [stack] I 2.065s Main bee5aa7c bee5ab9e [stack] I 2.065s Main bee5aa80 bee5abb9 [stack] I 2.065s Main bee5aa84 bee5abbe [stack] I 2.065s Main bee5aa88 00000000 I 2.065s Main bee5aa8c bee5abc6 [stack] I 2.065s Main bee5aa90 bee5abe0 [stack] I 2.065s Main bee5aa94 bee5ac0c [stack] I 2.065s Main I 2.065s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.065s Main I 2.065s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000214 (code=-6), thread 532 (app_process) I 2.065s Main I 2.065s Main pid: 532, tid: 611, name: ReferenceQueueD I 2.065s Main r0 419249b8 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.065s Main r4 419249b8 r5 419249a8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.065s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3e82b0 sl 00000000 fp 419561d0 I 2.065s Main ip 00000000 sp 6faf5ba0 lr 40039ec8 pc 4004c904 I 2.065s Main I 2.065s Main Stack Trace: I 2.065s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.065s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.065s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.065s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.065s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.065s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.065s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.065s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.065s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.066s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.066s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.066s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.066s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.066s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.066s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.066s Main I 2.066s Main Stack Data: I 2.066s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.066s Main 6faf5b60 0000002b I 2.066s Main 6faf5b64 00000060 I 2.066s Main 6faf5b68 41919f80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.066s Main 6faf5b6c 4003be6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.066s Main 6faf5b70 00000020 I 2.066s Main 6faf5b74 00001004 I 2.066s Main 6faf5b78 00000021 I 2.066s Main 6faf5b7c 00000020 I 2.066s Main 6faf5b80 00000020 I 2.066s Main 6faf5b84 41941640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.066s Main 6faf5b88 00000001 I 2.066s Main 6faf5b8c 41924628 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.066s Main 6faf5b90 419249b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.066s Main 6faf5b94 419249a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.066s Main 6faf5b98 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6faf5b9c 40039eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.066s Main 6faf5ba0 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6faf5ba0 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6faf5ba4 419249a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.066s Main 6faf5ba8 419249b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.066s Main 6faf5bac 41924618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.066s Main 6faf5bb0 41919f80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.066s Main 6faf5bb4 40039f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.066s Main 6faf5bb8 419249a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.066s Main 6faf5bbc 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6faf5bc0 419249a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.066s Main 6faf5bc4 419249a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.066s Main 6faf5bc8 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6faf5bcc 414a5d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.066s Main 6faf5bd0 41924618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.067s Main 6faf5bd4 41919f80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.067s Main 6faf5bd8 41928f74 I 2.067s Main 6faf5bdc 41928f78 I 2.067s Main 6faf5be0 41941640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.067s Main 6faf5be4 41924618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.067s Main 6faf5be8 41924628 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.067s Main 6faf5bec 41928f74 I 2.067s Main 6faf5bf0 414fdc74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.067s Main 6faf5bf4 414ba655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.067s Main 6faf5bf8 00000000 I 2.067s Main 6faf5bfc 00000001 I 2.067s Main 6faf5c00 00000000 I 2.067s Main 6faf5c04 00000000 I 2.067s Main 6faf5c08 6d3e82b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.067s Main 6faf5c0c 4193c890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.067s Main 6faf5c10 414ba62f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.067s Main 6faf5c14 414a2acf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.067s Main 6faf5c18 41928f74 I 2.067s Main 6faf5c1c 41924628 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.067s Main 6faf5c20 6e45be8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.067s Main 6faf5c24 41928f98 I 2.067s Main 6faf5c28 41924618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.067s Main 6faf5c2c 4193c890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.067s Main 6faf5c30 41470d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.067s Main 6faf5c34 00000000 I 2.067s Main 6faf5c38 41928f60 I 2.067s Main 6faf5c3c 41479fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.067s Main 6faf5c40 00000000 I 2.067s Main 6faf5c44 41924618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.067s Main 6faf5c48 41480f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.067s Main 6faf5c4c 00000000 I 2.067s Main 6faf5c50 6faf5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.067s Main 6faf5c54 41924618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.067s Main 6faf5c58 6faf5c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.067s Main 6faf5c5c 6d3eceb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.067s Main 6faf5c60 419561d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.067s Main 6faf5c64 41480fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.067s Main 6faf5c68 00000000 I 2.067s Main 6faf5c6c 00000000 I 2.067s Main 6faf5c70 00000000 I 2.067s Main 6faf5c74 00000000 I 2.067s Main 6faf5c78 00000000 I 2.067s Main 6faf5c7c fffffea0 I 2.067s Main 6faf5c80 41480f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.067s Main 6faf5c84 4147e63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.067s Main 6faf5c88 00000000 I 2.068s Main 6faf5c8c 00000000 I 2.068s Main 6faf5c90 00000000 I 2.068s Main 6faf5c94 00000000 I 2.068s Main 6faf5c98 41928fe4 I 2.068s Main 6faf5c9c 00000000 I 2.068s Main 6faf5ca0 00000000 I 2.068s Main 6faf5ca4 00000000 I 2.068s Main 6faf5ca8 00000000 I 2.068s Main 6faf5cac 00000000 I 2.068s Main 6faf5cb0 00000000 I 2.068s Main 6faf5cb4 00000000 I 2.068s Main 6faf5cb8 00000000 I 2.068s Main 6faf5cbc 00000000 I 2.068s Main 6faf5cc0 00000000 I 2.068s Main 6faf5cc4 00000000 I 2.068s Main 6faf5d18 0000001d I 2.068s Main 6faf5d1c 0000001c I 2.068s Main 6faf5d20 0000001c I 2.068s Main 6faf5d24 41924618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.068s Main 6faf5d28 40079384 I 2.068s Main 6faf5d2c 414c2ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.068s Main 6faf5d30 6f9f8000 I 2.068s Main 6faf5d34 6faf5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.068s Main 6faf5d38 415021f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.068s Main 6faf5d3c 40079384 I 2.068s Main 6faf5d40 41502500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.068s Main 6faf5d44 415024fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.068s Main 6faf5d48 6f9f8000 I 2.068s Main 6faf5d4c bee59e14 [stack] I 2.068s Main 6faf5d50 400772ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.068s Main 6faf5d54 414b35a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.068s Main 6faf5d58 6faf5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.068s Main 6faf5d5c 6faf5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.068s Main 6faf5d60 41924618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.068s Main 6faf5d64 6faf5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.068s Main 6faf5d68 40079384 I 2.068s Main 6faf5d6c 41924618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.068s Main 6faf5d70 414a828f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.068s Main 6faf5d74 6faf5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.068s Main 6faf5d78 00000003 I 2.068s Main 6faf5d7c 41919c90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.068s Main 6faf5d80 00000000 I 2.068s Main 6faf5d84 41934e38 [heap] I 2.068s Main 6faf5d88 41924618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.068s Main 6faf5d8c 400380ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.068s Main 6faf5d90 00000000 I 2.068s Main 6faf5d94 41934e34 [heap] I 2.069s Main 6faf5d98 41934e20 [heap] I 2.069s Main 6faf5d9c bab62d94 I 2.069s Main 6faf5da0 6faf5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.069s Main 6faf5da4 41919c90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.069s Main 6faf5da8 414a81ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.069s Main 6faf5dac 41924618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.069s Main 6faf5db0 414a81ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.069s Main 6faf5db4 40038174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.069s Main 6faf5db8 41924618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.069s Main 6faf5dbc 41919c90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.069s Main 6faf5dc0 6faf5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.069s Main 6faf5dc4 0000000d I 2.069s Main 6faf5dc8 00000078 I 2.069s Main 6faf5dcc 4003830c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.069s Main 6faf5dd0 6faf5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.069s Main 6faf5dd4 41919c90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.069s Main 6faf5dd8 00000000 I 2.069s Main 6faf5ddc 00000000 I 2.069s Main 6faf5de0 00000000 I 2.069s Main 6faf5de4 bab62d94 I 2.069s Main 6faf5de8 00000000 I 2.069s Main 6faf5dec 00000000 I 2.069s Main 6faf5df0 00000000 I 2.069s Main 6faf5df4 00000000 I 2.069s Main 6faf5df8 00000000 I 2.069s Main 6faf5dfc 00000000 I 2.069s Main 6faf5e00 00000000 I 2.069s Main 6faf5e04 00000000 I 2.069s Main 6faf5e08 00000000 I 2.069s Main 6faf5e0c 41924618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.069s Main I 2.069s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.069s Main I 2.069s Main I 2.069s Main pid: 532, tid: 612, name: FinalizerDaemon I 2.069s Main r0 6e793ea0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.069s Main r4 6e793ea0 r5 6e793e90 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.069s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3e82b0 sl 00000000 fp 419564a0 I 2.069s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fbf3bc8 lr 40039ec8 pc 4004c904 I 2.069s Main I 2.069s Main Stack Trace: I 2.069s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.069s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.069s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.069s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main I 2.070s Main Stack Data: I 2.070s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.070s Main 6fbf3b88 0000002b I 2.070s Main 6fbf3b8c 00000078 I 2.070s Main 6fbf3b90 41924f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.070s Main 6fbf3b94 4003be6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 6fbf3b98 00000020 I 2.070s Main 6fbf3b9c 00001084 I 2.070s Main 6fbf3ba0 00000021 I 2.070s Main 6fbf3ba4 00000020 I 2.070s Main 6fbf3ba8 00000020 I 2.070s Main 6fbf3bac 41941718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.070s Main 6fbf3bb0 00000001 I 2.070s Main 6fbf3bb4 41470d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 6fbf3bb8 6e793ea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.070s Main 6fbf3bbc 6e793e90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.070s Main 6fbf3bc0 00000000 I 2.070s Main 6fbf3bc4 40039eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 6fbf3bc8 00000000 I 2.070s Main 6fbf3bc8 00000000 I 2.070s Main 6fbf3bcc 6e793e90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.070s Main 6fbf3bd0 6e793ea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.070s Main 6fbf3bd4 6e793b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.070s Main 6fbf3bd8 41924f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.070s Main 6fbf3bdc 40039f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 6fbf3be0 6e793e90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.070s Main 6fbf3be4 00000000 I 2.070s Main 6fbf3be8 6e793e90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.070s Main 6fbf3bec 6e793e90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.070s Main 6fbf3bf0 00000000 I 2.070s Main 6fbf3bf4 414a5d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 6fbf3bf8 6e793b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.070s Main 6fbf3bfc 41924f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.070s Main 6fbf3c00 4192ff10 [heap] I 2.070s Main 6fbf3c04 4192ff14 [heap] I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c08 41941718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c0c 4193c890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c10 41470d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c14 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c18 4192fefc [heap] I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c1c 414ba655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c20 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c24 00000001 I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c28 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c2c 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c30 6e45bea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c34 4192ff34 [heap] I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c38 6e793b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c3c 41479fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c40 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c44 6e793b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c48 41480f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c4c 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c50 6fbf3d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c54 6e793b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c58 6fbf3c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c5c 6d3eceb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c60 419564a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c64 41480fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c68 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c6c 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c70 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c74 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c78 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c7c fffffea0 I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c80 41480f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c84 4147e63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c88 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c8c 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c90 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c94 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c98 4192ffe4 [heap] I 2.071s Main 6fbf3c9c 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fbf3ca0 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fbf3ca4 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fbf3ca8 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fbf3cac 00000000 I 2.072s Main 6fbf3cb0 00000000 I 2.072s Main 6fbf3cb4 00000000 I 2.072s Main 6fbf3cb8 00000000 I 2.072s Main 6fbf3cbc 00000000 I 2.072s Main 6fbf3cc0 00000000 I 2.072s Main 6fbf3cc4 00000000 I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d18 0000001d I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d1c 0000001c I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d20 0000001c I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d24 6e793b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d28 40079384 I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d2c 414c2ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d30 6faf6000 I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d34 6fbf3d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d38 415021f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d3c 40079384 I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d40 41502500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d44 415024fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d48 6faf6000 I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d4c bee59e3c [stack] I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d50 400772ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d54 414b35a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d58 6fbf3d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d5c 6fbf3d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d60 6e793b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d64 6fbf3d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d68 40079384 I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d6c 6e793b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d70 414a828f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d74 6fbf3d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d78 00000003 I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d7c 41924c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d80 00000000 I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d90 006e6f6d I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d94 6fbf3d93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d98 6fbf3d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.072s Main 6fbf3d9c bab62d94 I 2.072s Main 6fbf3da0 6fbf3dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.072s Main 6fbf3da4 41924c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.072s Main 6fbf3da8 414a81ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.073s Main 6fbf3dac 6e793b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.073s Main 6fbf3db0 414a81ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.073s Main 6fbf3db4 40038174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.073s Main 6fbf3db8 6e793b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.073s Main 6fbf3dbc 41924c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.073s Main 6fbf3dc0 6fbf3dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.073s Main 6fbf3dc4 0000000d I 2.073s Main 6fbf3dc8 00000078 I 2.073s Main 6fbf3dcc 4003830c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.073s Main 6fbf3dd0 6fbf3dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.073s Main 6fbf3dd4 41924c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.073s Main 6fbf3dd8 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fbf3ddc 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fbf3de0 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fbf3de4 bab62d94 I 2.073s Main 6fbf3de8 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fbf3dec 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fbf3df0 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fbf3df4 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fbf3df8 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fbf3dfc 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fbf3e00 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fbf3e04 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fbf3e08 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fbf3e0c 6e793b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.073s Main I 2.073s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.073s Main I 2.073s Main I 2.073s Main pid: 532, tid: 613, name: FinalizerWatchd I 2.073s Main r0 6e794500 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.073s Main r4 6e794500 r5 6e7944f0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.073s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3e82b0 sl 00000000 fp 41956740 I 2.073s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fcf5bc8 lr 40039ec8 pc 4004c904 I 2.073s Main I 2.073s Main Stack Trace: I 2.073s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.073s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.073s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.073s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.073s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.073s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.073s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.073s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.074s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.074s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.074s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.074s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.074s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.074s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.074s Main I 2.074s Main Stack Data: I 2.074s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.074s Main 6fcf5b88 41919fc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.074s Main 6fcf5b8c 4193bd68 [heap] I 2.074s Main 6fcf5b90 41919fa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.074s Main 6fcf5b94 4003be6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.074s Main 6fcf5b98 00000020 I 2.074s Main 6fcf5b9c 00001084 I 2.074s Main 6fcf5ba0 00000021 I 2.074s Main 6fcf5ba4 00000020 I 2.074s Main 6fcf5ba8 00000020 I 2.074s Main 6fcf5bac 41956730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.074s Main 6fcf5bb0 00000001 I 2.074s Main 6fcf5bb4 41470d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.074s Main 6fcf5bb8 6e794500 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.074s Main 6fcf5bbc 6e7944f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.074s Main 6fcf5bc0 00000000 I 2.074s Main 6fcf5bc4 40039eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.074s Main 6fcf5bc8 00000000 I 2.074s Main 6fcf5bc8 00000000 I 2.074s Main 6fcf5bcc 6e7944f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.074s Main 6fcf5bd0 6e794500 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.074s Main 6fcf5bd4 6e794160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.074s Main 6fcf5bd8 41919fa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.074s Main 6fcf5bdc 40039f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.074s Main 6fcf5be0 6e7944f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.074s Main 6fcf5be4 00000000 I 2.074s Main 6fcf5be8 6e7944f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.074s Main 6fcf5bec 6e7944f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.074s Main 6fcf5bf0 00000000 I 2.074s Main 6fcf5bf4 414a5d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.074s Main 6fcf5bf8 6e794160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.074s Main 6fcf5bfc 41919fa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c00 6fbf7f54 I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c04 6fbf7f58 I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c08 41956730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c0c 4193c890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c10 41470d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c14 00000000 I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c18 6fbf7f40 I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c1c 414ba655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c20 00000000 I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c24 00000001 I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c28 00000000 I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c2c 00000000 I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c30 6e45be8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c34 6fbf7f78 I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c38 6e794160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c3c 41479fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c40 00000000 I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c44 6e794160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c48 41480f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c4c 00000000 I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c50 6fcf5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c54 6e794160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c58 6fcf5c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c5c 6d3eceb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c60 41956740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c64 41480fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c68 00000000 I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c6c 00000000 I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c70 00000000 I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c74 00000000 I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c78 00000000 I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c7c fffffea0 I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c80 41480f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c84 4147e63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c88 00000000 I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c8c 00000000 I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c90 00000000 I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c94 00000000 I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c98 6fbf7fe4 I 2.075s Main 6fcf5c9c 00000000 I 2.075s Main 6fcf5ca0 00000000 I 2.076s Main 6fcf5ca4 00000000 I 2.076s Main 6fcf5ca8 00000000 I 2.076s Main 6fcf5cac 00000000 I 2.076s Main 6fcf5cb0 00000000 I 2.076s Main 6fcf5cb4 00000000 I 2.076s Main 6fcf5cb8 00000000 I 2.076s Main 6fcf5cbc 00000000 I 2.076s Main 6fcf5cc0 00000000 I 2.076s Main 6fcf5cc4 00000000 I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d18 0000001d I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d1c 0000001c I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d20 0000001c I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d24 6e794160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d28 40079384 I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d2c 414c2ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d30 6fbf8000 I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d34 6fcf5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d38 415021f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d3c 40079384 I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d40 41502500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d44 415024fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d48 6fbf8000 I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d4c bee59e3c [stack] I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d50 400772ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d54 414b35a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d58 6fcf5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d5c 6fcf5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d60 6e794160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d64 6fcf5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d68 40079384 I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d6c 6e794160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d70 414a828f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d74 6fcf5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d78 00000003 I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d7c 6e7945b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d80 00000000 I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d84 41934e50 [heap] I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d88 6e794160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d8c 400380ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d90 00000000 I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d94 41934e4f [heap] I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d98 41934e38 [heap] I 2.076s Main 6fcf5d9c bab62d94 I 2.076s Main 6fcf5da0 6fcf5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.076s Main 6fcf5da4 6e7945b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.077s Main 6fcf5da8 414a81ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main 6fcf5dac 6e794160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.077s Main 6fcf5db0 414a81ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main 6fcf5db4 40038174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main 6fcf5db8 6e794160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.077s Main 6fcf5dbc 6e7945b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.077s Main 6fcf5dc0 6fcf5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.077s Main 6fcf5dc4 0000000d I 2.077s Main 6fcf5dc8 00000078 I 2.077s Main 6fcf5dcc 4003830c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main 6fcf5dd0 6fcf5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.077s Main 6fcf5dd4 6e7945b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.077s Main 6fcf5dd8 00000000 I 2.077s Main 6fcf5ddc 00000000 I 2.077s Main 6fcf5de0 00000000 I 2.077s Main 6fcf5de4 bab62d94 I 2.077s Main 6fcf5de8 00000000 I 2.077s Main 6fcf5dec 00000000 I 2.077s Main 6fcf5df0 00000000 I 2.077s Main 6fcf5df4 00000000 I 2.077s Main 6fcf5df8 00000000 I 2.077s Main 6fcf5dfc 00000000 I 2.077s Main 6fcf5e00 00000000 I 2.077s Main 6fcf5e04 00000000 I 2.077s Main 6fcf5e08 00000000 I 2.077s Main 6fcf5e0c 6e794160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.077s Main I 2.077s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.077s Main I 2.077s Main I 2.077s Main pid: 532, tid: 614, name: GC I 2.077s Main r0 4193b384 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.077s Main r4 4193b384 r5 4193b380 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.077s Main r8 41504100 r9 41504100 sl 4193b378 fp 400772ec I 2.077s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fdf3d40 lr 40039ec8 pc 4004c904 I 2.077s Main I 2.077s Main Stack Trace: I 2.077s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.077s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main I 2.078s Main Stack Data: I 2.078s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d00 00000000 I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d04 6fdf3ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d08 6fdf3cb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d0c 00000018 I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d10 6d3ec66c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d14 6fdf3d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d18 415021f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d1c 6e795338 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d20 41956940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d24 419569b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d28 41956940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d2c 4004e2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d30 4193b384 [heap] I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d34 4193b380 [heap] I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d38 00000000 I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d3c 40039eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d40 00000000 I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d40 00000000 I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d44 4193b380 [heap] I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d48 4193b384 [heap] I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d4c 00000000 I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d50 41504100 I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d54 40039f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d58 414fdc74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d5c 415021f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d60 bee59f10 [stack] I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d64 414fdc74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d68 415021f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d6c 414c5783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d70 00000000 I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d74 00000081 I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d78 414c5735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d7c 41924f90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d80 415021f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d84 bee59f10 [stack] I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d88 41924f90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d8c 414a7921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d90 6fcf6000 I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d94 414a796f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d98 41924f90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.078s Main 6fdf3d9c 00010002 I 2.079s Main 6fdf3da0 4193bcc8 [heap] I 2.079s Main 6fdf3da4 4194b880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.079s Main 6fdf3da8 6fdf3dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.079s Main 6fdf3dac 6e794a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.079s Main 6fdf3db0 414a7921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.079s Main 6fdf3db4 40038174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.079s Main 6fdf3db8 41924f90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.079s Main 6fdf3dbc 6e794a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.079s Main 6fdf3dc0 6fdf3dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.079s Main 6fdf3dc4 0000000d I 2.079s Main 6fdf3dc8 00000078 I 2.079s Main 6fdf3dcc 4003830c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.079s Main 6fdf3dd0 6fdf3dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.079s Main 6fdf3dd4 6e794a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.079s Main 6fdf3dd8 00000000 I 2.079s Main 6fdf3ddc 00000000 I 2.079s Main 6fdf3de0 00000000 I 2.079s Main 6fdf3de4 bab62d94 I 2.079s Main 6fdf3de8 00000000 I 2.079s Main 6fdf3dec 00000000 I 2.079s Main 6fdf3df0 00000000 I 2.079s Main 6fdf3df4 00000000 I 2.079s Main 6fdf3df8 00000000 I 2.079s Main 6fdf3dfc 00000000 I 2.079s Main 6fdf3e00 00000000 I 2.079s Main 6fdf3e04 00000000 I 2.079s Main 6fdf3e08 00000000 I 2.079s Main 6fdf3e0c 6e794cd8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.079s Main I 2.079s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.079s Main I 2.079s Main I 2.079s Main pid: 532, tid: 615, name: Signal Catcher I 2.079s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 2.079s Main r4 6fef7d08 r5 6fef7d48 r6 bee59f20 r7 000000b1 I 2.079s Main r8 6e795608 r9 414fdc74 sl 41502694 fp 414e1cdc I 2.079s Main ip 6fef7d44 sp 6fef7d08 lr 4003e351 pc 4004c170 I 2.079s Main I 2.079s Main Stack Trace: I 2.079s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.079s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.079s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.079s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.079s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.079s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.079s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.080s Main I 2.080s Main Stack Data: I 2.080s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.080s Main 6fef7cc8 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fef7ccc 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fef7cd0 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fef7cd4 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fef7cd8 6fef7d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.080s Main 6fef7cdc 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fef7ce0 6e795608 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.080s Main 6fef7ce4 6fefdfc4 I 2.080s Main 6fef7ce8 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fef7cec 6fef7d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.080s Main 6fef7cf0 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fef7cf4 414b358b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.080s Main 6fef7cf8 414e3239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.080s Main 6fef7cfc 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fef7d00 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fef7d04 6fef7ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.080s Main 6fef7d08 00000204 I 2.080s Main 6fef7d08 00000204 I 2.080s Main 6fef7d0c 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fef7d10 fffffea0 I 2.080s Main 6fef7d14 419097d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.080s Main 6fef7d18 415021f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.080s Main 6fef7d1c 414a4f57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.080s Main 6fef7d20 41956a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.080s Main 6fef7d24 41956a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.080s Main 6fef7d28 41956a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.080s Main 6fef7d2c 4004e2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.080s Main 6fef7d30 6e795974 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.080s Main 6fef7d34 414a49a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.080s Main 6fef7d38 6e795608 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.080s Main 6fef7d3c 414a894b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.080s Main 6fef7d40 41956a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.080s Main 6fef7d44 00000204 I 2.080s Main 6fef7d48 00000004 I 2.080s Main 6fef7d4c 6e795608 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.080s Main 6fef7d50 415021f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.081s Main 6fef7d54 414a6e11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.081s Main 6fef7d58 4194b880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.081s Main 6fef7d5c 41956a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.081s Main 6fef7d98 419097d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.081s Main 6fef7d9c 00010002 I 2.081s Main 6fef7da0 419097f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.081s Main 6fef7da4 4194b880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.081s Main 6fef7da8 6fef7dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.081s Main 6fef7dac 6e7953c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.081s Main 6fef7db0 414a7921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.081s Main 6fef7db4 40038174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.081s Main 6fef7db8 419097d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.081s Main 6fef7dbc 6e7953c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.081s Main 6fef7dc0 6fef7dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.081s Main 6fef7dc4 0000000d I 2.081s Main 6fef7dc8 00000078 I 2.081s Main 6fef7dcc 4003830c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.081s Main 6fef7dd0 6fef7dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.081s Main 6fef7dd4 6e7953c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.081s Main 6fef7dd8 00000000 I 2.081s Main 6fef7ddc 00000000 I 2.081s Main 6fef7de0 00000000 I 2.081s Main 6fef7de4 bab62d94 I 2.081s Main 6fef7de8 00000000 I 2.081s Main 6fef7dec 00000000 I 2.081s Main 6fef7df0 00000000 I 2.081s Main 6fef7df4 00000000 I 2.081s Main 6fef7df8 00000000 I 2.081s Main 6fef7dfc 00000000 I 2.081s Main 6fef7e00 00000000 I 2.081s Main 6fef7e04 00000000 I 2.081s Main 6fef7e08 00000000 I 2.081s Main 6fef7e0c 6e795608 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.081s Main I 2.081s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.081s Main I 2.081s Main I 2.081s Main pid: 532, tid: 616, name: JDWP I 2.081s Main r0 0000000f r1 6fffbd10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 2.081s Main r4 6e795dc8 r5 40079384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 2.081s Main r8 6e797de8 r9 000003e8 sl 6e795d64 fp 400772ec I 2.081s Main ip 6e797dc8 sp 6fffbcf8 lr 414b4087 pc 4004c3d8 I 2.081s Main I 2.081s Main Stack Trace: I 2.081s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.081s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.081s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.081s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.081s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.082s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.082s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.082s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.082s Main I 2.082s Main Stack Data: I 2.082s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.082s Main 6fffbcb8 6e797dc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.082s Main 6fffbcbc 6e797de8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.082s Main 6fffbcc0 000003e8 I 2.082s Main 6fffbcc4 6e795d64 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.082s Main 6fffbcc8 400772ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.082s Main 6fffbccc 40051159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.082s Main 6fffbcd0 00000000 I 2.082s Main 6fffbcd4 00000000 I 2.082s Main 6fffbcd8 6fffbd4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.082s Main 6fffbcdc 00000000 I 2.082s Main 6fffbce0 00000000 I 2.082s Main 6fffbce4 70001fc4 I 2.082s Main 6fffbce8 00004000 I 2.082s Main 6fffbcec 6fffbd54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.082s Main 6fffbcf0 00000000 I 2.082s Main 6fffbcf4 00000000 I 2.082s Main 6fffbcf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[vectors] I 2.082s Main 6fffbcf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[vectors] I 2.082s Main 6fffbcfc 6fffbd50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.082s Main 6fffbd00 00000004 I 2.082s Main 6fffbd04 21ffbca8 I 2.082s Main 6fffbd08 6fffbd07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.082s Main 6fffbd0c 00000001 I 2.082s Main 6fffbd10 00000000 I 2.082s Main 6fffbd14 00000000 I 2.082s Main 6fffbd18 6fffbd08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.082s Main 6fffbd1c 00000001 I 2.082s Main 6fffbd20 6fffbd2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.082s Main 6fffbd24 00000010 I 2.082s Main 6fffbd28 00000000 I 2.082s Main 6fffbd2c 00000010 I 2.082s Main 6fffbd30 00000001 I 2.082s Main 6fffbd34 00000001 I 2.082s Main 6fffbd50 34313230 I 2.082s Main 6fffbd54 414b4100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.082s Main 6fffbd58 00000001 I 2.082s Main 6fffbd5c 6e795d10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.082s Main 6fffbd60 6e795d58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.082s Main 6fffbd64 bee59f00 [stack] I 2.082s Main 6fffbd68 6e797e60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.082s Main 6fffbd6c 414ec7c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.083s Main 6fffbd70 414ed910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.083s Main 6fffbd74 414b6f89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.083s Main 6fffbd78 00000000 I 2.083s Main 6fffbd7c 6e797e60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.083s Main 6fffbd80 415021f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.083s Main 6fffbd84 bee59f00 [stack] I 2.083s Main 6fffbd88 6e797e60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.083s Main 6fffbd8c 414a7921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.083s Main 6fffbd90 6fefe000 I 2.083s Main 6fffbd94 414a796f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.083s Main 6fffbd98 6e797e60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.083s Main 6fffbd9c 00010002 I 2.083s Main 6fffbda0 41919fd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.083s Main 6fffbda4 4194b880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.083s Main 6fffbda8 6fffbdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.083s Main 6fffbdac 6e797e80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.083s Main 6fffbdb0 414a7921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.083s Main 6fffbdb4 40038174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.083s Main 6fffbdb8 6e797e60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.083s Main 6fffbdbc 6e797e80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.083s Main 6fffbdc0 6fffbdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.083s Main 6fffbdc4 0000000d I 2.083s Main 6fffbdc8 00000078 I 2.083s Main 6fffbdcc 4003830c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.083s Main 6fffbdd0 6fffbdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.083s Main 6fffbdd4 6e797e80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.083s Main 6fffbdd8 00000000 I 2.083s Main 6fffbddc 00000000 I 2.083s Main 6fffbde0 00000000 I 2.083s Main 6fffbde4 bab62d94 I 2.083s Main 6fffbde8 00000000 I 2.083s Main 6fffbdec 00000000 I 2.083s Main 6fffbdf0 00000000 I 2.083s Main 6fffbdf4 00000000 I 2.083s Main 6fffbdf8 00000000 I 2.083s Main 6fffbdfc 00000000 I 2.083s Main 6fffbe00 00000000 I 2.083s Main 6fffbe04 00000000 I 2.083s Main 6fffbe08 00000000 I 2.084s Main 6fffbe0c 6e7980c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.084s Main I 2.084s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.084s Main I 2.084s Main I 2.084s Main pid: 532, tid: 617, name: Compiler I 2.084s Main r0 41502704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.084s Main r4 41502704 r5 415026fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.084s Main r8 414a7921 r9 70002000 sl 415026f8 fp 400772ec I 2.084s Main ip 00000000 sp 700ffc10 lr 40039ec8 pc 4004c904 I 2.084s Main I 2.084s Main Stack Trace: I 2.084s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.084s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.084s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.084s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.084s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.084s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.084s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.084s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.084s Main I 2.084s Main Stack Data: I 2.084s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.084s Main 700ffbd0 00000000 I 2.084s Main 700ffbd4 00000000 I 2.084s Main 700ffbd8 415021f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.084s Main 700ffbdc 00000000 I 2.084s Main 700ffbe0 00000000 I 2.084s Main 700ffbe4 00000000 I 2.084s Main 700ffbe8 414e8f31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.084s Main 700ffbec 414a7bc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.084s Main 700ffbf0 fffffe0c I 2.084s Main 700ffbf4 41924618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.084s Main 700ffbf8 41924640 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.084s Main 700ffbfc ffffffef I 2.084s Main 700ffc00 41502704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.084s Main 700ffc04 415026fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.084s Main 700ffc08 00000000 I 2.084s Main 700ffc0c 40039eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.084s Main 700ffc10 00000000 I 2.084s Main 700ffc10 00000000 I 2.084s Main 700ffc14 415026fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.084s Main 700ffc18 41502704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 700ffc1c 7028afc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.085s Main 700ffc20 00001000 I 2.085s Main 700ffc24 40039f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 700ffc28 415026c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 700ffc2c 7027efc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.085s Main 700ffc30 414e1cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 700ffc34 415026c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 700ffc38 7027efc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.085s Main 700ffc3c 414c6d03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 700ffc40 700ffd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:617] I 2.085s Main 700ffc44 41480fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 700ffc48 00000000 I 2.085s Main 700ffc4c 414fdc74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 700ffc50 414f2901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 700ffc54 414e1cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 700ffc58 00000000 I 2.085s Main 700ffc5c fffffea0 I 2.085s Main 700ffc60 41480f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 700ffc64 4147e63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 700ffc68 00000000 I 2.085s Main 700ffc6c 00000000 I 2.085s Main 700ffc70 00000000 I 2.085s Main 700ffc74 00000000 I 2.085s Main 700ffc78 70105fa0 I 2.085s Main 700ffc7c 00000000 I 2.085s Main 700ffd98 6e7987d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.085s Main 700ffd9c 00010002 I 2.085s Main 700ffda0 41924fd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.085s Main 700ffda4 4194b880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.085s Main 700ffda8 700ffdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:617] I 2.085s Main 700ffdac 6e7987f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.085s Main 700ffdb0 414a7921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 700ffdb4 40038174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 700ffdb8 6e7987d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.085s Main 700ffdbc 6e7987f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.085s Main 700ffdc0 700ffdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:617] I 2.085s Main 700ffdc4 0000000d I 2.085s Main 700ffdc8 00000078 I 2.085s Main 700ffdcc 4003830c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 700ffdd0 700ffdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:617] I 2.085s Main 700ffdd4 6e7987f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.085s Main 700ffdd8 00000000 I 2.085s Main 700ffddc 00000000 I 2.085s Main 700ffde0 00000000 I 2.085s Main 700ffde4 bab62d94 I 2.086s Main 700ffde8 00000000 I 2.086s Main 700ffdec 00000000 I 2.086s Main 700ffdf0 00000000 I 2.086s Main 700ffdf4 00000000 I 2.086s Main 700ffdf8 00000000 I 2.086s Main 700ffdfc 00000000 I 2.086s Main 700ffe00 00000000 I 2.086s Main 700ffe04 00000000 I 2.086s Main 700ffe08 00000000 I 2.086s Main 700ffe0c 6e798a38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.086s Main I 2.086s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.086s Main I 2.086s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 2.086s Main I 2.086s Main Stack Trace: I 2.086s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.086s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.086s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.086s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.086s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.086s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.086s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.086s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.086s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.086s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.086s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.086s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.086s Main I 2.086s Main Stack Data: I 2.086s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.086s Main 67171464 84269630 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/208 I 2.086s Main I 2.086s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.086s Main I 2.086s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000214 (code=-6), thread 532 (app_process) I 2.086s Main tombstone_01 created on 1973-06-12 10:41:00, about this long ago: 16686 days, 3:12:12 Device: 06596466005cab1a I 2.086s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src I 2.086s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release I 2.086s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmpnhF7yH I 2.086s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 2.086s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release I 2.086s Main pid: 829, tid: 829, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 2.086s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 2.086s Main r0 00000000 r1 0000033d r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 2.087s Main r4 00000006 r5 00000000 r6 0000033d r7 0000010c I 2.087s Main r8 00000004 r9 be89cb91 sl be89cb9d fp be89cb85 I 2.087s Main ip 40274438 sp be89c628 lr 4010efe5 pc 4011df90 I 2.087s Main I 2.087s Main Stack Trace: I 2.087s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.087s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.087s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.087s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.087s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.087s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.087s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.087s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.087s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.087s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.087s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.087s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.087s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.087s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.087s Main I 2.087s Main Stack Data: I 2.087s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.087s Main be89c5e8 40267168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.087s Main be89c5ec 00000002 I 2.087s Main be89c5f0 40274438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.087s Main be89c5f4 00000004 I 2.087s Main be89c5f8 be89cb91 [stack] I 2.087s Main be89c5fc be89cb9d [stack] I 2.087s Main be89c600 be89cb85 [stack] I 2.087s Main be89c604 40122159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.087s Main be89c608 34203020 I 2.087s Main be89c60c 20323136 I 2.087s Main be89c610 be89c684 [stack] I 2.087s Main be89c614 00000000 I 2.087s Main be89c618 00000000 I 2.087s Main be89c61c 37312030 I 2.087s Main be89c620 00004000 I 2.087s Main be89c624 be89c692 [stack] I 2.087s Main be89c628 00000006 I 2.087s Main be89c62c 00000000 I 2.087s Main be89c630 0000033d I 2.087s Main be89c634 40274438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.087s Main be89c638 40274438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.087s Main be89c63c 4010efe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.087s Main be89c640 00000006 I 2.087s Main be89c644 00000000 I 2.087s Main be89c648 00000002 I 2.087s Main be89c64c 4010f1f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.088s Main be89c650 be89c65c [stack] I 2.088s Main be89c654 4010df2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.088s Main be89c658 00000000 I 2.088s Main be89c65c ffffffdf I 2.088s Main be89c660 401462c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.088s Main be89c664 4014622c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.088s Main be89c668 00000000 I 2.088s Main be89c66c 40110aef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.088s Main be89c670 415d91f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.088s Main be89c674 415d91f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.088s Main be89c678 40267168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.088s Main be89c67c 4011d848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.088s Main be89c680 00000000 I 2.088s Main be89c684 4156fccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.088s Main be89c688 40154324 I 2.088s Main be89c68c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.088s Main be89c690 0000296c I 2.088s Main be89c694 00000000 I 2.088s Main be89c698 00000000 I 2.088s Main be89c69c 00000000 I 2.088s Main be89c6a0 00000000 I 2.088s Main be89c6a4 00000000 I 2.088s Main be89c6a8 00000000 I 2.088s Main be89c6ac 00000000 I 2.088s Main be89c6b0 00000000 I 2.088s Main be89c6b4 00000000 I 2.088s Main be89c6b8 00000000 I 2.088s Main be89c6bc 00000000 I 2.088s Main be89c6c0 00000000 I 2.088s Main be89c6c4 00000000 I 2.088s Main be89c898 000000c8 I 2.088s Main be89c89c 6f871d38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.088s Main be89c8a0 41527f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.088s Main be89c8a4 00000000 I 2.088s Main be89c8a8 000000c8 I 2.088s Main be89c8ac 4026a560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.088s Main be89c8b0 4026a740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.088s Main be89c8b4 41527f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.088s Main be89c8b8 400d3328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.088s Main be89c8bc 4020fd27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.088s Main be89c8c0 41527f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.088s Main be89c8c4 00000000 I 2.088s Main be89c8c8 be89c988 [stack] I 2.088s Main be89c8cc 40210015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.088s Main be89c8d0 400d33cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.088s Main be89c8d4 40210a65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.089s Main be89c8d8 41527f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.089s Main be89c8dc 00000000 I 2.089s Main be89c8e0 415dc004 I 2.089s Main be89c8e4 41577a8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.089s Main be89c8e8 41577abd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.089s Main be89c8ec 41577a95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.089s Main be89c8f0 000000bb I 2.089s Main be89c8f4 00000000 I 2.089s Main be89c8f8 41527e08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.089s Main be89c8fc 4010ce6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.089s Main be89c900 000000b0 I 2.089s Main be89c904 00000000 I 2.089s Main be89c908 4010bdcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.089s Main be89c90c 000000a0 I 2.089s Main be89c910 00000014 I 2.089s Main be89c914 4026c3d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.089s Main be89c960 00000000 I 2.089s Main be89c964 00000000 I 2.089s Main be89c968 00000000 I 2.089s Main be89c96c be89ca7c [stack] I 2.089s Main be89c970 4014a384 I 2.089s Main be89c974 400d3372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.089s Main be89c978 400d3300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.089s Main be89c97c 400d337b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.089s Main be89c980 400d3391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.089s Main be89c984 400d339f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.089s Main be89c988 400d4e08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.089s Main be89c98c 4026a520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.089s Main be89c990 41527e18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.089s Main be89c994 00000013 I 2.089s Main be89c998 00000000 I 2.089s Main be89c99c 00000008 I 2.089s Main be89ca40 00000000 I 2.089s Main be89ca44 00000000 I 2.089s Main be89ca48 00000000 I 2.089s Main be89ca4c 00000000 I 2.089s Main be89ca50 00000000 I 2.089s Main be89ca54 400d2d80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.089s Main be89ca58 400d4de8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.089s Main be89ca5c 400d4df0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.089s Main be89ca60 400d4df8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.089s Main be89ca64 be89ca70 [stack] I 2.089s Main be89ca68 00000000 I 2.089s Main be89ca6c 400d7881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 2.089s Main be89ca70 00000005 I 2.089s Main be89ca74 be89cb85 [stack] I 2.089s Main be89ca78 be89cb91 [stack] I 2.089s Main be89ca7c be89cb9d [stack] I 2.089s Main be89ca80 be89cbb8 [stack] I 2.090s Main be89ca84 be89cbbd [stack] I 2.090s Main be89ca88 00000000 I 2.090s Main be89ca8c be89cbc5 [stack] I 2.090s Main be89ca90 be89cbdf [stack] I 2.090s Main be89ca94 be89cc0b [stack] I 2.090s Main I 2.090s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.090s Main I 2.090s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x0000033d (code=-6), thread 829 (app_process) I 2.090s Main I 2.090s Main pid: 829, tid: 835, name: ReferenceQueueD I 2.090s Main r0 6e49dbb0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.090s Main r4 6e49dbb0 r5 6e49dba0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.090s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d49a2b0 sl 00000000 fp 415f91d0 I 2.090s Main ip 00000000 sp 711f2ba0 lr 4010aec8 pc 4011d904 I 2.090s Main I 2.090s Main Stack Trace: I 2.090s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.090s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.090s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.090s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.090s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.090s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.090s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.090s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.090s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.090s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.090s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.090s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.090s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.090s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.090s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.090s Main I 2.090s Main Stack Data: I 2.090s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.090s Main 711f2b60 0000002b I 2.090s Main 711f2b64 00000108 I 2.090s Main 711f2b68 6e49ded8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.090s Main 711f2b6c 4010ce6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.090s Main 711f2b70 00000020 I 2.091s Main 711f2b74 00000010 I 2.091s Main 711f2b78 00000021 I 2.091s Main 711f2b7c 00000020 I 2.091s Main 711f2b80 00000020 I 2.091s Main 711f2b84 415e4640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.091s Main 711f2b88 00000001 I 2.091s Main 711f2b8c 6e49d820 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.091s Main 711f2b90 6e49dbb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.091s Main 711f2b94 6e49dba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.091s Main 711f2b98 00000000 I 2.091s Main 711f2b9c 4010aeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.091s Main 711f2ba0 00000000 I 2.091s Main 711f2ba0 00000000 I 2.091s Main 711f2ba4 6e49dba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.091s Main 711f2ba8 6e49dbb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.091s Main 711f2bac 6e49d810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.091s Main 711f2bb0 6e49ded8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.091s Main 711f2bb4 4010af28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.091s Main 711f2bb8 6e49dba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.091s Main 711f2bbc 00000000 I 2.091s Main 711f2bc0 6e49dba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.091s Main 711f2bc4 6e49dba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.091s Main 711f2bc8 00000000 I 2.091s Main 711f2bcc 4157cd77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.091s Main 711f2bd0 6e49d810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.091s Main 711f2bd4 6e49ded8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.091s Main 711f2bd8 6f8a0f74 I 2.091s Main 711f2bdc 6f8a0f78 I 2.091s Main 711f2be0 415e4640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.091s Main 711f2be4 6e49d810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.091s Main 711f2be8 6e49d820 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.091s Main 711f2bec 6f8a0f74 I 2.091s Main 711f2bf0 415d4c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.091s Main 711f2bf4 41591655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.091s Main 711f2bf8 00000000 I 2.091s Main 711f2bfc 00000001 I 2.091s Main 711f2c00 00000000 I 2.091s Main 711f2c04 00000000 I 2.091s Main 711f2c08 6d49a2b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.091s Main 711f2c0c 415df890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.091s Main 711f2c10 4159162f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.091s Main 711f2c14 41579acf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.091s Main 711f2c18 6f8a0f74 I 2.091s Main 711f2c1c 6e49d820 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.091s Main 711f2c20 6e524e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.092s Main 711f2c24 6f8a0f98 I 2.092s Main 711f2c28 6e49d810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.092s Main 711f2c2c 415df890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.092s Main 711f2c30 41547d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.092s Main 711f2c34 00000000 I 2.092s Main 711f2c38 6f8a0f60 I 2.092s Main 711f2c3c 41550fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.092s Main 711f2c40 00000000 I 2.092s Main 711f2c44 6e49d810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.092s Main 711f2c48 41557f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.092s Main 711f2c4c 00000000 I 2.092s Main 711f2c50 711f2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.092s Main 711f2c54 6e49d810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.092s Main 711f2c58 711f2c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.092s Main 711f2c5c 6d49eeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.092s Main 711f2c60 415f91d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.092s Main 711f2c64 41557fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.092s Main 711f2c68 00000000 I 2.092s Main 711f2c6c 00000000 I 2.092s Main 711f2c70 00000000 I 2.092s Main 711f2c74 00000000 I 2.092s Main 711f2c78 00000000 I 2.092s Main 711f2c7c fffffea0 I 2.092s Main 711f2c80 41557f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.092s Main 711f2c84 4155563c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.092s Main 711f2c88 00000000 I 2.092s Main 711f2c8c 00000000 I 2.092s Main 711f2c90 00000000 I 2.092s Main 711f2c94 00000000 I 2.092s Main 711f2c98 6f8a0fe4 I 2.092s Main 711f2c9c 00000000 I 2.092s Main 711f2ca0 00000000 I 2.092s Main 711f2ca4 00000000 I 2.092s Main 711f2ca8 00000000 I 2.092s Main 711f2cac 00000000 I 2.092s Main 711f2cb0 00000000 I 2.092s Main 711f2cb4 00000000 I 2.092s Main 711f2cb8 00000000 I 2.092s Main 711f2cbc 00000000 I 2.092s Main 711f2cc0 00000000 I 2.092s Main 711f2cc4 00000000 I 2.092s Main 711f2d18 0000001d I 2.092s Main 711f2d1c 0000001c I 2.092s Main 711f2d20 0000001c I 2.092s Main 711f2d24 6e49d810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.093s Main 711f2d28 4014a384 I 2.093s Main 711f2d2c 41599ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.093s Main 711f2d30 710f5000 I 2.093s Main 711f2d34 711f2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.093s Main 711f2d38 415d91f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.093s Main 711f2d3c 4014a384 I 2.093s Main 711f2d40 415d9500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.093s Main 711f2d44 415d94fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.093s Main 711f2d48 710f5000 I 2.093s Main 711f2d4c be89be14 [stack] I 2.093s Main 711f2d50 401482ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.093s Main 711f2d54 4158a5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.093s Main 711f2d58 711f2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.093s Main 711f2d5c 711f2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.093s Main 711f2d60 6e49d810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.093s Main 711f2d64 711f2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.093s Main 711f2d68 4014a384 I 2.093s Main 711f2d6c 6e49d810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.093s Main 711f2d70 4157f28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.093s Main 711f2d74 711f2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.093s Main 711f2d78 00000003 I 2.093s Main 711f2d7c 6e49dc68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.093s Main 711f2d80 00000000 I 2.093s Main 711f2d84 415239f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.093s Main 711f2d88 6e49d810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.093s Main 711f2d8c 401090ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.093s Main 711f2d90 00000000 I 2.093s Main 711f2d94 415239f4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.093s Main 711f2d98 415239e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.093s Main 711f2d9c 73235394 I 2.093s Main 711f2da0 711f2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.093s Main 711f2da4 6e49dc68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.093s Main 711f2da8 4157f1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.093s Main 711f2dac 6e49d810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.093s Main 711f2db0 4157f1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.093s Main 711f2db4 40109174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.093s Main 711f2db8 6e49d810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.093s Main 711f2dbc 6e49dc68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.093s Main 711f2dc0 711f2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.093s Main 711f2dc4 0000000d I 2.093s Main 711f2dc8 00000078 I 2.093s Main 711f2dcc 4010930c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.093s Main 711f2dd0 711f2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.093s Main 711f2dd4 6e49dc68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.093s Main 711f2dd8 00000000 I 2.093s Main 711f2ddc 00000000 I 2.093s Main 711f2de0 00000000 I 2.093s Main 711f2de4 73235394 I 2.094s Main 711f2de8 00000000 I 2.094s Main 711f2dec 00000000 I 2.094s Main 711f2df0 00000000 I 2.094s Main 711f2df4 00000000 I 2.094s Main 711f2df8 00000000 I 2.094s Main 711f2dfc 00000000 I 2.094s Main 711f2e00 00000000 I 2.094s Main 711f2e04 00000000 I 2.094s Main 711f2e08 00000000 I 2.094s Main 711f2e0c 6e49d810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.094s Main I 2.094s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.094s Main I 2.094s Main I 2.094s Main pid: 829, tid: 836, name: FinalizerDaemon I 2.094s Main r0 415de5d0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.094s Main r4 415de5d0 r5 415de5c0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.094s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d49a2b0 sl 00000000 fp 415f94a0 I 2.094s Main ip 00000000 sp 712f4bc8 lr 4010aec8 pc 4011d904 I 2.094s Main I 2.094s Main Stack Trace: I 2.094s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.094s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.094s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.094s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.094s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.094s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.094s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.094s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.094s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.094s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.094s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.094s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.094s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.094s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.094s Main I 2.094s Main Stack Data: I 2.094s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.094s Main 712f4b88 4014a1d0 I 2.094s Main 712f4b8c 00000020 I 2.094s Main 712f4b90 6e49deb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.094s Main 712f4b94 4010ce6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.094s Main 712f4b98 00000020 I 2.094s Main 712f4b9c 00000020 I 2.094s Main 712f4ba0 00000021 I 2.094s Main 712f4ba4 00000020 I 2.095s Main 712f4ba8 00000020 I 2.095s Main 712f4bac 415e4718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.095s Main 712f4bb0 00000001 I 2.095s Main 712f4bb4 41547d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.095s Main 712f4bb8 415de5d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.095s Main 712f4bbc 415de5c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.095s Main 712f4bc0 00000000 I 2.095s Main 712f4bc4 4010aeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.095s Main 712f4bc8 00000000 I 2.095s Main 712f4bc8 00000000 I 2.095s Main 712f4bcc 415de5c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.095s Main 712f4bd0 415de5d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.095s Main 712f4bd4 415de230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.095s Main 712f4bd8 6e49deb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.095s Main 712f4bdc 4010af28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.095s Main 712f4be0 415de5c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.095s Main 712f4be4 00000000 I 2.095s Main 712f4be8 415de5c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.095s Main 712f4bec 415de5c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.095s Main 712f4bf0 00000000 I 2.095s Main 712f4bf4 4157cd77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.095s Main 712f4bf8 415de230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.095s Main 712f4bfc 6e49deb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.095s Main 712f4c00 711f6f10 I 2.095s Main 712f4c04 711f6f14 I 2.095s Main 712f4c08 415e4718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.095s Main 712f4c0c 415df890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.095s Main 712f4c10 41547d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.095s Main 712f4c14 00000000 I 2.095s Main 712f4c18 711f6efc I 2.095s Main 712f4c1c 41591655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.095s Main 712f4c20 00000000 I 2.095s Main 712f4c24 00000001 I 2.095s Main 712f4c28 00000000 I 2.095s Main 712f4c2c 00000000 I 2.095s Main 712f4c30 6e524ea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.095s Main 712f4c34 711f6f34 I 2.095s Main 712f4c38 415de230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.095s Main 712f4c3c 41550fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.095s Main 712f4c40 00000000 I 2.095s Main 712f4c44 415de230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.095s Main 712f4c48 41557f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.096s Main 712f4c4c 00000000 I 2.096s Main 712f4c50 712f4d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.096s Main 712f4c54 415de230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.096s Main 712f4c58 712f4c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.096s Main 712f4c5c 6d49eeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.096s Main 712f4c60 415f94a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.096s Main 712f4c64 41557fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.096s Main 712f4c68 00000000 I 2.096s Main 712f4c6c 00000000 I 2.096s Main 712f4c70 00000000 I 2.096s Main 712f4c74 00000000 I 2.096s Main 712f4c78 00000000 I 2.096s Main 712f4c7c fffffea0 I 2.096s Main 712f4c80 41557f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.096s Main 712f4c84 4155563c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.096s Main 712f4c88 00000000 I 2.096s Main 712f4c8c 00000000 I 2.096s Main 712f4c90 00000000 I 2.096s Main 712f4c94 00000000 I 2.096s Main 712f4c98 711f6fe4 I 2.096s Main 712f4c9c 00000000 I 2.096s Main 712f4ca0 00000000 I 2.096s Main 712f4ca4 00000000 I 2.096s Main 712f4ca8 00000000 I 2.096s Main 712f4cac 00000000 I 2.096s Main 712f4cb0 00000000 I 2.096s Main 712f4cb4 00000000 I 2.096s Main 712f4cb8 00000000 I 2.096s Main 712f4cbc 00000000 I 2.096s Main 712f4cc0 00000000 I 2.096s Main 712f4cc4 00000000 I 2.096s Main 712f4d18 0000001d I 2.096s Main 712f4d1c 0000001c I 2.096s Main 712f4d20 0000001c I 2.096s Main 712f4d24 415de230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.096s Main 712f4d28 4014a384 I 2.096s Main 712f4d2c 41599ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.096s Main 712f4d30 711f7000 I 2.096s Main 712f4d34 712f4d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.096s Main 712f4d38 415d91f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.096s Main 712f4d3c 4014a384 I 2.096s Main 712f4d40 415d9500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.096s Main 712f4d44 415d94fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.096s Main 712f4d48 711f7000 I 2.096s Main 712f4d4c be89be3c [stack] I 2.096s Main 712f4d50 401482ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.096s Main 712f4d54 4158a5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.096s Main 712f4d58 712f4d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.096s Main 712f4d5c 712f4d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.096s Main 712f4d60 415de230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.097s Main 712f4d64 712f4d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.097s Main 712f4d68 4014a384 I 2.097s Main 712f4d6c 415de230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.097s Main 712f4d70 4157f28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.097s Main 712f4d74 712f4d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.097s Main 712f4d78 00000003 I 2.097s Main 712f4d7c 415de688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.097s Main 712f4d80 00000000 I 2.097s Main 712f4d84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-1 I 2.097s Main 712f4d88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.097s Main 712f4d8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.097s Main 712f4d90 006e6f6d I 2.097s Main 712f4d94 712f4d93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.097s Main 712f4d98 712f4d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.097s Main 712f4d9c 73235394 I 2.097s Main 712f4da0 712f4dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.097s Main 712f4da4 415de688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.097s Main 712f4da8 4157f1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.097s Main 712f4dac 415de230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.097s Main 712f4db0 4157f1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.097s Main 712f4db4 40109174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.097s Main 712f4db8 415de230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.097s Main 712f4dbc 415de688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.097s Main 712f4dc0 712f4dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.097s Main 712f4dc4 0000000d I 2.097s Main 712f4dc8 00000078 I 2.097s Main 712f4dcc 4010930c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.097s Main 712f4dd0 712f4dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.097s Main 712f4dd4 415de688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.097s Main 712f4dd8 00000000 I 2.097s Main 712f4ddc 00000000 I 2.097s Main 712f4de0 00000000 I 2.097s Main 712f4de4 73235394 I 2.097s Main 712f4de8 00000000 I 2.097s Main 712f4dec 00000000 I 2.098s Main 712f4df0 00000000 I 2.098s Main 712f4df4 00000000 I 2.098s Main 712f4df8 00000000 I 2.098s Main 712f4dfc 00000000 I 2.098s Main 712f4e00 00000000 I 2.098s Main 712f4e04 00000000 I 2.098s Main 712f4e08 00000000 I 2.098s Main 712f4e0c 415de230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.098s Main I 2.098s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.098s Main I 2.098s Main I 2.098s Main pid: 829, tid: 837, name: FinalizerWatchd I 2.098s Main r0 415dee78 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.098s Main r4 415dee78 r5 415dee68 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.098s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d49a2b0 sl 00000000 fp 415f9740 I 2.098s Main ip 00000000 sp 713f8bc8 lr 4010aec8 pc 4011d904 I 2.098s Main I 2.098s Main Stack Trace: I 2.098s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.098s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.098s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.098s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.098s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.098s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.098s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.098s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.098s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.098s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.098s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.098s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.098s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.098s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.098s Main I 2.099s Main Stack Data: I 2.099s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.099s Main 713f8b88 00000028 I 2.099s Main 713f8b8c 00000028 I 2.099s Main 713f8b90 6e49dfb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.099s Main 713f8b94 4010ce6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.099s Main 713f8b98 00000020 I 2.099s Main 713f8b9c 00000000 I 2.099s Main 713f8ba0 00000021 I 2.099s Main 713f8ba4 00000020 I 2.099s Main 713f8ba8 00000020 I 2.099s Main 713f8bac 415f9730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.099s Main 713f8bb0 00000001 I 2.099s Main 713f8bb4 41547d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.099s Main 713f8bb8 415dee78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.099s Main 713f8bbc 415dee68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.099s Main 713f8bc0 00000000 I 2.099s Main 713f8bc4 4010aeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.099s Main 713f8bc8 00000000 I 2.099s Main 713f8bc8 00000000 I 2.099s Main 713f8bcc 415dee68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.099s Main 713f8bd0 415dee78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.099s Main 713f8bd4 415dead8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.099s Main 713f8bd8 6e49dfb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.099s Main 713f8bdc 4010af28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.099s Main 713f8be0 415dee68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.099s Main 713f8be4 00000000 I 2.099s Main 713f8be8 415dee68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.099s Main 713f8bec 415dee68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.099s Main 713f8bf0 00000000 I 2.099s Main 713f8bf4 4157cd77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.099s Main 713f8bf8 415dead8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.099s Main 713f8bfc 6e49dfb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.099s Main 713f8c00 712faf54 I 2.099s Main 713f8c04 712faf58 I 2.099s Main 713f8c08 415f9730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.100s Main 713f8c0c 415df890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.100s Main 713f8c10 41547d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.100s Main 713f8c14 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8c18 712faf40 I 2.100s Main 713f8c1c 41591655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.100s Main 713f8c20 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8c24 00000001 I 2.100s Main 713f8c28 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8c2c 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8c30 6e524e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.100s Main 713f8c34 712faf78 I 2.100s Main 713f8c38 415dead8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.100s Main 713f8c3c 41550fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.100s Main 713f8c40 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8c44 415dead8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.100s Main 713f8c48 41557f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.100s Main 713f8c4c 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8c50 713f8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.100s Main 713f8c54 415dead8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.100s Main 713f8c58 713f8c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.100s Main 713f8c5c 6d49eeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.100s Main 713f8c60 415f9740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.100s Main 713f8c64 41557fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.100s Main 713f8c68 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8c6c 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8c70 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8c74 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8c78 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8c7c fffffea0 I 2.100s Main 713f8c80 41557f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.100s Main 713f8c84 4155563c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.100s Main 713f8c88 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8c8c 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8c90 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8c94 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8c98 712fafe4 I 2.100s Main 713f8c9c 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8ca0 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8ca4 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8ca8 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8cac 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8cb0 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8cb4 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8cb8 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8cbc 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8cc0 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8cc4 00000000 I 2.100s Main 713f8d18 0000001d I 2.100s Main 713f8d1c 0000001c I 2.100s Main 713f8d20 0000001c I 2.100s Main 713f8d24 415dead8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.100s Main 713f8d28 4014a384 I 2.101s Main 713f8d2c 41599ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.101s Main 713f8d30 712fb000 I 2.101s Main 713f8d34 713f8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.101s Main 713f8d38 415d91f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.101s Main 713f8d3c 4014a384 I 2.101s Main 713f8d40 415d9500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.101s Main 713f8d44 415d94fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.101s Main 713f8d48 712fb000 I 2.101s Main 713f8d4c be89be3c [stack] I 2.101s Main 713f8d50 401482ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.101s Main 713f8d54 4158a5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.101s Main 713f8d58 713f8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.101s Main 713f8d5c 713f8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.101s Main 713f8d60 415dead8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.101s Main 713f8d64 713f8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.101s Main 713f8d68 4014a384 I 2.101s Main 713f8d6c 415dead8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.101s Main 713f8d70 4157f28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.101s Main 713f8d74 713f8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.101s Main 713f8d78 00000003 I 2.101s Main 713f8d7c 6f86c8f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.101s Main 713f8d80 00000000 I 2.101s Main 713f8d84 41523a10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.101s Main 713f8d88 415dead8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.101s Main 713f8d8c 401090ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.101s Main 713f8d90 00000000 I 2.101s Main 713f8d94 41523a0f <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.101s Main 713f8d98 415239f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.101s Main 713f8d9c 73235394 I 2.101s Main 713f8da0 713f8dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.101s Main 713f8da4 6f86c8f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.101s Main 713f8da8 4157f1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.101s Main 713f8dac 415dead8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.101s Main 713f8db0 4157f1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.101s Main 713f8db4 40109174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.101s Main 713f8db8 415dead8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.101s Main 713f8dbc 6f86c8f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.101s Main 713f8dc0 713f8dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.101s Main 713f8dc4 0000000d I 2.101s Main 713f8dc8 00000078 I 2.101s Main 713f8dcc 4010930c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.101s Main 713f8dd0 713f8dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.101s Main 713f8dd4 6f86c8f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.101s Main 713f8dd8 00000000 I 2.101s Main 713f8ddc 00000000 I 2.101s Main 713f8de0 00000000 I 2.101s Main 713f8de4 73235394 I 2.101s Main 713f8de8 00000000 I 2.101s Main 713f8dec 00000000 I 2.101s Main 713f8df0 00000000 I 2.101s Main 713f8df4 00000000 I 2.101s Main 713f8df8 00000000 I 2.101s Main 713f8dfc 00000000 I 2.101s Main 713f8e00 00000000 I 2.101s Main 713f8e04 00000000 I 2.101s Main 713f8e08 00000000 I 2.101s Main 713f8e0c 415dead8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.101s Main I 2.101s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.101s Main I 2.101s Main I 2.102s Main pid: 829, tid: 838, name: GC I 2.102s Main r0 415293d4 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.102s Main r4 415293d4 r5 415293d0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.102s Main r8 415db100 r9 415db100 sl 415293c8 fp 401482ec I 2.102s Main ip 00000000 sp 714f8d40 lr 4010aec8 pc 4011d904 I 2.102s Main I 2.102s Main Stack Trace: I 2.102s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.102s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main I 2.102s Main Stack Data: I 2.102s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.102s Main 714f8d00 00000000 I 2.102s Main 714f8d04 714f8ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.102s Main 714f8d08 714f8cb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.102s Main 714f8d0c 00000018 I 2.102s Main 714f8d10 6d49e66c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.102s Main 714f8d14 714f8d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.102s Main 714f8d18 415d91f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main 714f8d1c 6e4ade28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.102s Main 714f8d20 415f9940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.102s Main 714f8d24 415f99b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.102s Main 714f8d28 415f9940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.102s Main 714f8d2c 4011f2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main 714f8d30 415293d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.102s Main 714f8d34 415293d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.102s Main 714f8d38 00000000 I 2.102s Main 714f8d3c 4010aeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main 714f8d40 00000000 I 2.102s Main 714f8d40 00000000 I 2.102s Main 714f8d44 415293d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.102s Main 714f8d48 415293d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.102s Main 714f8d4c 00000000 I 2.102s Main 714f8d50 415db100 I 2.102s Main 714f8d54 4010af28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main 714f8d58 415d4c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main 714f8d5c 415d91f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main 714f8d60 be89bf10 [stack] I 2.102s Main 714f8d64 415d4c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main 714f8d68 415d91f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main 714f8d6c 4159c783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main 714f8d70 00000000 I 2.102s Main 714f8d74 00000000 I 2.102s Main 714f8d78 4159c735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main 714f8d7c 6e49df88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.102s Main 714f8d80 415d91f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main 714f8d84 be89bf10 [stack] I 2.102s Main 714f8d88 6e49df88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.102s Main 714f8d8c 4157e921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main 714f8d90 713fb000 I 2.102s Main 714f8d94 4157e96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main 714f8d98 6e49df88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.102s Main 714f8d9c 00010002 I 2.102s Main 714f8da0 6e49dfa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.102s Main 714f8da4 415ee880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.103s Main 714f8da8 714f8dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.103s Main 714f8dac 6f86cd48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.103s Main 714f8db0 4157e921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.103s Main 714f8db4 40109174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.103s Main 714f8db8 6e49df88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.103s Main 714f8dbc 6f86cd48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.103s Main 714f8dc0 714f8dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.103s Main 714f8dc4 0000000d I 2.103s Main 714f8dc8 00000078 I 2.103s Main 714f8dcc 4010930c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.103s Main 714f8dd0 714f8dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.103s Main 714f8dd4 6f86cd48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.103s Main 714f8dd8 00000000 I 2.103s Main 714f8ddc 00000000 I 2.103s Main 714f8de0 00000000 I 2.103s Main 714f8de4 73235394 I 2.103s Main 714f8de8 00000000 I 2.103s Main 714f8dec 00000000 I 2.103s Main 714f8df0 00000000 I 2.103s Main 714f8df4 00000000 I 2.103s Main 714f8df8 00000000 I 2.103s Main 714f8dfc 00000000 I 2.103s Main 714f8e00 00000000 I 2.103s Main 714f8e04 00000000 I 2.103s Main 714f8e08 00000000 I 2.103s Main 714f8e0c 6f86cf90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.103s Main I 2.103s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.103s Main I 2.103s Main I 2.103s Main pid: 829, tid: 839, name: Signal Catcher I 2.103s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 2.103s Main r4 715fcd08 r5 715fcd48 r6 be89bf20 r7 000000b1 I 2.103s Main r8 6f86d838 r9 415d4c74 sl 415d9694 fp 415b8cdc I 2.103s Main ip 715fcd44 sp 715fcd08 lr 4010f351 pc 4011d170 I 2.103s Main I 2.103s Main Stack Trace: I 2.103s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.103s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.103s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.103s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.103s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.103s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.103s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.103s Main I 2.103s Main Stack Data: I 2.103s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.103s Main 715fccc8 00000000 I 2.103s Main 715fcccc 00000000 I 2.103s Main 715fccd0 00000000 I 2.103s Main 715fccd4 00000000 I 2.103s Main 715fccd8 715fcd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.103s Main 715fccdc 00000000 I 2.103s Main 715fcce0 6f86d838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.103s Main 715fcce4 71602fc4 I 2.103s Main 715fcce8 00000000 I 2.103s Main 715fccec 715fcd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.103s Main 715fccf0 00000000 I 2.104s Main 715fccf4 4158a58b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.104s Main 715fccf8 415ba239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.104s Main 715fccfc 00000000 I 2.104s Main 715fcd00 00000000 I 2.104s Main 715fcd04 715fcca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.104s Main 715fcd08 00000204 I 2.104s Main 715fcd08 00000204 I 2.104s Main 715fcd0c 00000000 I 2.104s Main 715fcd10 fffffea0 I 2.104s Main 715fcd14 6e4aded0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.104s Main 715fcd18 415d91f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.104s Main 715fcd1c 4157bf57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.104s Main 715fcd20 415f9a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.104s Main 715fcd24 415f9a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.104s Main 715fcd28 415f9a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.104s Main 715fcd2c 4011f2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.104s Main 715fcd30 6f86dba4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.104s Main 715fcd34 4157b9a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.104s Main 715fcd38 6f86d838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.104s Main 715fcd3c 4157f94b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.104s Main 715fcd40 415f9a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.104s Main 715fcd44 00000204 I 2.104s Main 715fcd48 00000004 I 2.104s Main 715fcd4c 6f86d838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.104s Main 715fcd50 415d91f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.104s Main 715fcd54 4157de11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.104s Main 715fcd58 415ee880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.104s Main 715fcd5c 415f9a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.104s Main 715fcd98 6e4aded0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.104s Main 715fcd9c 00010002 I 2.104s Main 715fcda0 6e4adef0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.104s Main 715fcda4 415ee880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.104s Main 715fcda8 715fcdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.104s Main 715fcdac 6f86d5f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.104s Main 715fcdb0 4157e921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.104s Main 715fcdb4 40109174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.104s Main 715fcdb8 6e4aded0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.104s Main 715fcdbc 6f86d5f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.104s Main 715fcdc0 715fcdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.104s Main 715fcdc4 0000000d I 2.104s Main 715fcdc8 00000078 I 2.104s Main 715fcdcc 4010930c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.104s Main 715fcdd0 715fcdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.104s Main 715fcdd4 6f86d5f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.104s Main 715fcdd8 00000000 I 2.104s Main 715fcddc 00000000 I 2.104s Main 715fcde0 00000000 I 2.104s Main 715fcde4 73235394 I 2.104s Main 715fcde8 00000000 I 2.104s Main 715fcdec 00000000 I 2.104s Main 715fcdf0 00000000 I 2.104s Main 715fcdf4 00000000 I 2.104s Main 715fcdf8 00000000 I 2.104s Main 715fcdfc 00000000 I 2.104s Main 715fce00 00000000 I 2.104s Main 715fce04 00000000 I 2.104s Main 715fce08 00000000 I 2.104s Main 715fce0c 6f86d838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.105s Main I 2.105s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.105s Main I 2.105s Main I 2.105s Main pid: 829, tid: 840, name: JDWP I 2.105s Main r0 0000001c r1 71700d10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 2.105s Main r4 6f86df50 r5 4014a384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 2.105s Main r8 6f86ff70 r9 000003e8 sl 6f86deec fp 401482ec I 2.105s Main ip 6f86ff50 sp 71700cf8 lr 4158b087 pc 4011d3d8 I 2.105s Main I 2.105s Main Stack Trace: I 2.105s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.105s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.105s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.105s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.105s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.105s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.105s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.105s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.105s Main I 2.105s Main Stack Data: I 2.105s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.105s Main 71700cb8 6f86ff50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.105s Main 71700cbc 6f86ff70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.105s Main 71700cc0 000003e8 I 2.105s Main 71700cc4 6f86deec <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.105s Main 71700cc8 401482ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.105s Main 71700ccc 40122159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.105s Main 71700cd0 00000000 I 2.105s Main 71700cd4 00000000 I 2.105s Main 71700cd8 71700d4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.105s Main 71700cdc 00000000 I 2.105s Main 71700ce0 00000000 I 2.105s Main 71700ce4 71706fc4 I 2.105s Main 71700ce8 00004000 I 2.105s Main 71700cec 71700d54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.105s Main 71700cf0 00000000 I 2.105s Main 71700cf4 00000000 I 2.105s Main 71700cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[vectors] I 2.105s Main 71700cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[vectors] I 2.105s Main 71700cfc 71700d50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.105s Main 71700d00 00000004 I 2.105s Main 71700d04 21700ca8 I 2.105s Main 71700d08 71700d07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.105s Main 71700d0c 00000001 I 2.105s Main 71700d10 00000000 I 2.105s Main 71700d14 00000000 I 2.105s Main 71700d18 71700d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.105s Main 71700d1c 00000001 I 2.105s Main 71700d20 71700d2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.105s Main 71700d24 00000010 I 2.105s Main 71700d28 00000000 I 2.105s Main 71700d2c 00000010 I 2.105s Main 71700d30 00000001 I 2.105s Main 71700d34 00000001 I 2.105s Main 71700d50 64333330 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.106s Main 71700d54 4158b100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.106s Main 71700d58 00000001 I 2.106s Main 71700d5c 6f86de98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.106s Main 71700d60 6f86dee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.106s Main 71700d64 be89bf00 [stack] I 2.106s Main 71700d68 6e4adfb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.106s Main 71700d6c 415c37c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.106s Main 71700d70 415c4910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.106s Main 71700d74 4158df89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.106s Main 71700d78 00000000 I 2.106s Main 71700d7c 6e4adfb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.106s Main 71700d80 415d91f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.106s Main 71700d84 be89bf00 [stack] I 2.106s Main 71700d88 6e4adfb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.106s Main 71700d8c 4157e921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.106s Main 71700d90 71603000 I 2.106s Main 71700d94 4157e96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.106s Main 71700d98 6e4adfb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.106s Main 71700d9c 00010002 I 2.106s Main 71700da0 6e4adfd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.106s Main 71700da4 415ee880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.106s Main 71700da8 71700dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.106s Main 71700dac 6f86ffe8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.106s Main 71700db0 4157e921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.106s Main 71700db4 40109174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.106s Main 71700db8 6e4adfb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.106s Main 71700dbc 6f86ffe8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.106s Main 71700dc0 71700dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.106s Main 71700dc4 0000000d I 2.106s Main 71700dc8 00000078 I 2.106s Main 71700dcc 4010930c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.106s Main 71700dd0 71700dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.106s Main 71700dd4 6f86ffe8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.106s Main 71700dd8 00000000 I 2.106s Main 71700ddc 00000000 I 2.106s Main 71700de0 00000000 I 2.106s Main 71700de4 73235394 I 2.106s Main 71700de8 00000000 I 2.106s Main 71700dec 00000000 I 2.106s Main 71700df0 00000000 I 2.106s Main 71700df4 00000000 I 2.106s Main 71700df8 00000000 I 2.106s Main 71700dfc 00000000 I 2.106s Main 71700e00 00000000 I 2.106s Main 71700e04 00000000 I 2.106s Main 71700e08 00000000 I 2.106s Main 71700e0c 6f870230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.106s Main I 2.106s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.106s Main I 2.107s Main I 2.107s Main pid: 829, tid: 841, name: Compiler I 2.107s Main r0 415d9704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.107s Main r4 415d9704 r5 415d96fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.107s Main r8 4157e921 r9 71707000 sl 415d96f8 fp 401482ec I 2.107s Main ip 00000000 sp 71804c10 lr 4010aec8 pc 4011d904 I 2.107s Main I 2.107s Main Stack Trace: I 2.107s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.107s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main I 2.107s Main Stack Data: I 2.107s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.107s Main 71804bd0 00000000 I 2.107s Main 71804bd4 00000000 I 2.107s Main 71804bd8 415d91f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 71804bdc 00000000 I 2.107s Main 71804be0 00000000 I 2.107s Main 71804be4 00000000 I 2.107s Main 71804be8 415bff31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 71804bec 4157ebc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 71804bf0 fffffe0c I 2.107s Main 71804bf4 6e49d810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.107s Main 71804bf8 6e49d838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.107s Main 71804bfc ffffffef I 2.107s Main 71804c00 415d9704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 71804c04 415d96fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 71804c08 00000000 I 2.107s Main 71804c0c 4010aeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 71804c10 00000000 I 2.107s Main 71804c10 00000000 I 2.107s Main 71804c14 415d96fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 71804c18 415d9704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 71804c1c 6f871428 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.107s Main 71804c20 00001000 I 2.107s Main 71804c24 4010af28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 71804c28 415d96c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 71804c2c 71983fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.107s Main 71804c30 415b8cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 71804c34 415d96c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 71804c38 71983fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.107s Main 71804c3c 4159dd03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 71804c40 71804d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.107s Main 71804c44 41557fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 71804c48 00000000 I 2.107s Main 71804c4c 415d4c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 71804c50 415c9901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.108s Main 71804c54 415b8cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.108s Main 71804c58 00000000 I 2.108s Main 71804c5c fffffea0 I 2.108s Main 71804c60 41557f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.108s Main 71804c64 4155563c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.108s Main 71804c68 00000000 I 2.108s Main 71804c6c 00000000 I 2.108s Main 71804c70 00000000 I 2.108s Main 71804c74 00000000 I 2.108s Main 71804c78 7180afa0 I 2.108s Main 71804c7c 00000000 I 2.108s Main 71804d98 6f870938 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.108s Main 71804d9c 00010002 I 2.108s Main 71804da0 6f870958 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.108s Main 71804da4 415ee880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.108s Main 71804da8 71804dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.108s Main 71804dac 6f870968 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.108s Main 71804db0 4157e921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.108s Main 71804db4 40109174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.108s Main 71804db8 6f870938 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.108s Main 71804dbc 6f870968 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.108s Main 71804dc0 71804dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.108s Main 71804dc4 0000000d I 2.108s Main 71804dc8 00000078 I 2.108s Main 71804dcc 4010930c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.108s Main 71804dd0 71804dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.108s Main 71804dd4 6f870968 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.108s Main 71804dd8 00000000 I 2.108s Main 71804ddc 00000000 I 2.108s Main 71804de0 00000000 I 2.108s Main 71804de4 73235394 I 2.108s Main 71804de8 00000000 I 2.108s Main 71804dec 00000000 I 2.108s Main 71804df0 00000000 I 2.108s Main 71804df4 00000000 I 2.108s Main 71804df8 00000000 I 2.108s Main 71804dfc 00000000 I 2.108s Main 71804e00 00000000 I 2.108s Main 71804e04 00000000 I 2.108s Main 71804e08 00000000 I 2.108s Main 71804e0c 6f870bb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.108s Main I 2.108s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.108s Main I 2.108s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 2.108s Main I 2.108s Main Stack Trace: I 2.108s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.108s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.108s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.108s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.108s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.108s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.108s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.108s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.108s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.108s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.108s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.108s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.108s Main I 2.108s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.109s Main I 2.109s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x0000033d (code=-6), thread 829 (app_process) I 2.503s Thread-16 tombstone_00 created on 1972-12-02 17:30:00, about this long ago: 16877 days, 20:23:13 Device: 0aa6b19043e4b976 I 2.504s Thread-16 Resolving... I 2.504s Thread-15 tombstone_01 created on 1972-12-02 17:30:00, about this long ago: 16877 days, 20:23:13 Device: 0aa6b19043e4b976 I 2.504s Thread-15 Resolving... I 2.704s Main Total time spent symbolizing: 0.35s I 2.704s Main tombstone_00 created on 1972-12-02 17:30:00, about this long ago: 16877 days, 20:23:13 Device: 0aa6b19043e4b976 I 2.704s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src I 2.704s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release I 2.704s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmptLS5W4 I 2.704s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 2.704s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release I 2.704s Main pid: 534, tid: 534, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 2.704s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 2.704s Main r0 00000000 r1 00000216 r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 2.704s Main r4 00000006 r5 00000000 r6 00000216 r7 0000010c I 2.704s Main r8 00000004 r9 bedb0b91 sl bedb0b9d fp bedb0b85 I 2.704s Main ip 401d0438 sp bedb0628 lr 4006afe5 pc 40079f90 I 2.704s Main I 2.704s Main Stack Trace: I 2.704s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.704s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.704s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.704s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.704s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.704s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.704s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.705s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.705s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.705s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.705s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.705s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.705s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.705s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.705s Main I 2.705s Main Stack Data: I 2.705s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.705s Main bedb05e8 401c3168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.705s Main bedb05ec 00000002 I 2.705s Main bedb05f0 401d0438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.705s Main bedb05f4 00000004 I 2.705s Main bedb05f8 bedb0b91 [stack] I 2.705s Main bedb05fc bedb0b9d [stack] I 2.705s Main bedb0600 bedb0b85 [stack] I 2.705s Main bedb0604 4007e159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.705s Main bedb0608 20302036 I 2.705s Main bedb060c 32313634 I 2.705s Main bedb0610 bedb0684 [stack] I 2.705s Main bedb0614 00000000 I 2.705s Main bedb0618 00000000 I 2.705s Main bedb061c 31203020 I 2.705s Main bedb0620 00004000 I 2.705s Main bedb0624 bedb0692 [stack] I 2.705s Main bedb0628 00000006 I 2.705s Main bedb062c 00000000 I 2.705s Main bedb0630 00000216 I 2.705s Main bedb0634 401d0438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.705s Main bedb0638 401d0438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.705s Main bedb063c 4006afe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.705s Main bedb0640 00000006 I 2.705s Main bedb0644 00000000 I 2.706s Main bedb0648 00000002 I 2.706s Main bedb064c 4006b1f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.706s Main bedb0650 bedb065c [stack] I 2.706s Main bedb0654 40069f2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.706s Main bedb0658 00000000 I 2.706s Main bedb065c ffffffdf I 2.706s Main bedb0660 400a22c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.706s Main bedb0664 400a222c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.706s Main bedb0668 00000000 I 2.706s Main bedb066c 4006caef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.706s Main bedb0670 415351f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.706s Main bedb0674 415351f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.706s Main bedb0678 401c3168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.706s Main bedb067c 40079848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.706s Main bedb0680 00000000 I 2.706s Main bedb0684 414cbccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.706s Main bedb0688 400b0324 I 2.706s Main bedb068c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.706s Main bedb0690 0000296c I 2.706s Main bedb0694 00000000 I 2.706s Main bedb0698 00000000 I 2.706s Main bedb069c 00000000 I 2.706s Main bedb06a0 00000000 I 2.706s Main bedb06a4 00000000 I 2.707s Main bedb06a8 00000000 I 2.707s Main bedb06ac 00000000 I 2.707s Main bedb06b0 00000000 I 2.707s Main bedb06b4 00000000 I 2.707s Main bedb06b8 00000000 I 2.707s Main bedb06bc 00000000 I 2.707s Main bedb06c0 00000000 I 2.707s Main bedb06c4 00000000 I 2.707s Main bedb0898 000000c8 I 2.707s Main bedb089c 6f64d4b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.707s Main bedb08a0 41483f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.707s Main bedb08a4 00000000 I 2.707s Main bedb08a8 000000c8 I 2.707s Main bedb08ac 401c6560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.707s Main bedb08b0 401c6740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.707s Main bedb08b4 41483f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.707s Main bedb08b8 4002f328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.707s Main bedb08bc 4016bd27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.707s Main bedb08c0 41483f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.707s Main bedb08c4 00000000 I 2.707s Main bedb08c8 bedb0988 [stack] I 2.707s Main bedb08cc 4016c015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.707s Main bedb08d0 4002f3cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.707s Main bedb08d4 4016ca65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.707s Main bedb08d8 41483f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.708s Main bedb08dc 00000000 I 2.708s Main bedb08e0 41538004 I 2.708s Main bedb08e4 414d3a8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.708s Main bedb08e8 414d3abd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.708s Main bedb08ec 414d3a95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.708s Main bedb08f0 000000bb I 2.708s Main bedb08f4 00000000 I 2.708s Main bedb08f8 41483e08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.708s Main bedb08fc 40068e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.708s Main bedb0900 000000b0 I 2.708s Main bedb0904 00000000 I 2.708s Main bedb0908 40067dcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.708s Main bedb090c 000000a0 I 2.708s Main bedb0910 00000014 I 2.708s Main bedb0914 401c83d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.708s Main bedb0960 00000000 I 2.708s Main bedb0964 00000000 I 2.708s Main bedb0968 00000000 I 2.708s Main bedb096c bedb0a7c [stack] I 2.708s Main bedb0970 400a6384 I 2.708s Main bedb0974 4002f372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.708s Main bedb0978 4002f300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.708s Main bedb097c 4002f37b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.708s Main bedb0980 4002f391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.709s Main bedb0984 4002f39f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.709s Main bedb0988 40030e08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.709s Main bedb098c 401c6520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.709s Main bedb0990 41483e18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.709s Main bedb0994 00000013 I 2.709s Main bedb0998 00000000 I 2.709s Main bedb099c 00000008 I 2.709s Main bedb0a40 00000000 I 2.709s Main bedb0a44 00000000 I 2.709s Main bedb0a48 00000000 I 2.709s Main bedb0a4c 00000000 I 2.709s Main bedb0a50 00000000 I 2.709s Main bedb0a54 4002ed80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.709s Main bedb0a58 40030de8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.709s Main bedb0a5c 40030df0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.709s Main bedb0a60 40030df8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.709s Main bedb0a64 bedb0a70 [stack] I 2.709s Main bedb0a68 00000000 I 2.709s Main bedb0a6c 40033881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 2.709s Main bedb0a70 00000005 I 2.709s Main bedb0a74 bedb0b85 [stack] I 2.709s Main bedb0a78 bedb0b91 [stack] I 2.709s Main bedb0a7c bedb0b9d [stack] I 2.709s Main bedb0a80 bedb0bb8 [stack] I 2.709s Main bedb0a84 bedb0bbd [stack] I 2.710s Main bedb0a88 00000000 I 2.710s Main bedb0a8c bedb0bc5 [stack] I 2.710s Main bedb0a90 bedb0bdf [stack] I 2.710s Main bedb0a94 bedb0c0b [stack] I 2.710s Main I 2.710s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.710s Main I 2.710s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000216 (code=-6), thread 534 (app_process) I 2.710s Main I 2.710s Main pid: 534, tid: 817, name: ReferenceQueueD I 2.710s Main r0 4153aeb0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.710s Main r4 4153aeb0 r5 4153aea0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.710s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3f62b0 sl 00000000 fp 415551d0 I 2.710s Main ip 00000000 sp 709a6ba0 lr 40066ec8 pc 40079904 I 2.710s Main I 2.710s Main Stack Trace: I 2.710s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.710s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.710s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.710s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.710s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.710s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.710s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.710s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.711s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.711s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.711s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.711s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.711s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.711s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.711s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.711s Main I 2.711s Main Stack Data: I 2.711s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.711s Main 709a6b60 0000002b I 2.711s Main 709a6b64 00000110 I 2.711s Main 709a6b68 6e7f8ed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.711s Main 709a6b6c 40068e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.711s Main 709a6b70 00000020 I 2.711s Main 709a6b74 01008004 I 2.711s Main 709a6b78 00000021 I 2.711s Main 709a6b7c 00000020 I 2.711s Main 709a6b80 00000020 I 2.711s Main 709a6b84 41540640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.711s Main 709a6b88 00000001 I 2.711s Main 709a6b8c 4153ab20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.711s Main 709a6b90 4153aeb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.711s Main 709a6b94 4153aea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.711s Main 709a6b98 00000000 I 2.712s Main 709a6b9c 40066eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.712s Main 709a6ba0 00000000 I 2.712s Main 709a6ba0 00000000 I 2.712s Main 709a6ba4 4153aea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.712s Main 709a6ba8 4153aeb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.712s Main 709a6bac 4153ab10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.712s Main 709a6bb0 6e7f8ed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.712s Main 709a6bb4 40066f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.712s Main 709a6bb8 4153aea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.712s Main 709a6bbc 00000000 I 2.712s Main 709a6bc0 4153aea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.712s Main 709a6bc4 4153aea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.712s Main 709a6bc8 00000000 I 2.712s Main 709a6bcc 414d8d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.712s Main 709a6bd0 4153ab10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.712s Main 709a6bd4 6e7f8ed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.712s Main 709a6bd8 6e7fef74 I 2.712s Main 709a6bdc 6e7fef78 I 2.712s Main 709a6be0 41540640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.712s Main 709a6be4 4153ab10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.712s Main 709a6be8 4153ab20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.712s Main 709a6bec 6e7fef74 I 2.712s Main 709a6bf0 41530c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.712s Main 709a6bf4 414ed655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.713s Main 709a6bf8 00000000 I 2.713s Main 709a6bfc 00000001 I 2.713s Main 709a6c00 00000000 I 2.713s Main 709a6c04 00000000 I 2.713s Main 709a6c08 6d3f62b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.713s Main 709a6c0c 4153b890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.713s Main 709a6c10 414ed62f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.713s Main 709a6c14 414d5acf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.713s Main 709a6c18 6e7fef74 I 2.713s Main 709a6c1c 4153ab20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.713s Main 709a6c20 6e480e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.713s Main 709a6c24 6e7fef98 I 2.713s Main 709a6c28 4153ab10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.713s Main 709a6c2c 4153b890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.713s Main 709a6c30 414a3d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.713s Main 709a6c34 00000000 I 2.713s Main 709a6c38 6e7fef60 I 2.713s Main 709a6c3c 414acfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.713s Main 709a6c40 00000000 I 2.713s Main 709a6c44 4153ab10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.713s Main 709a6c48 414b3f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.713s Main 709a6c4c 00000000 I 2.713s Main 709a6c50 709a6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:817] I 2.713s Main 709a6c54 4153ab10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.713s Main 709a6c58 709a6c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:817] I 2.714s Main 709a6c5c 6d3faeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.714s Main 709a6c60 415551d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.714s Main 709a6c64 414b3fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.714s Main 709a6c68 00000000 I 2.714s Main 709a6c6c 00000000 I 2.714s Main 709a6c70 00000000 I 2.714s Main 709a6c74 00000000 I 2.714s Main 709a6c78 00000000 I 2.714s Main 709a6c7c fffffea0 I 2.714s Main 709a6c80 414b3f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.714s Main 709a6c84 414b163c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.714s Main 709a6c88 00000000 I 2.714s Main 709a6c8c 00000000 I 2.714s Main 709a6c90 00000000 I 2.714s Main 709a6c94 00000000 I 2.714s Main 709a6c98 6e7fefe4 I 2.714s Main 709a6c9c 00000000 I 2.714s Main 709a6ca0 00000000 I 2.714s Main 709a6ca4 00000000 I 2.714s Main 709a6ca8 00000000 I 2.714s Main 709a6cac 00000000 I 2.714s Main 709a6cb0 00000000 I 2.714s Main 709a6cb4 00000000 I 2.714s Main 709a6cb8 00000000 I 2.715s Main 709a6cbc 00000000 I 2.715s Main 709a6cc0 00000000 I 2.715s Main 709a6cc4 00000000 I 2.715s Main 709a6d18 0000001d I 2.715s Main 709a6d1c 0000001c I 2.715s Main 709a6d20 0000001c I 2.715s Main 709a6d24 4153ab10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.715s Main 709a6d28 400a6384 I 2.715s Main 709a6d2c 414f5ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.715s Main 709a6d30 708a9000 I 2.715s Main 709a6d34 709a6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:817] I 2.715s Main 709a6d38 415351f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.715s Main 709a6d3c 400a6384 I 2.715s Main 709a6d40 41535500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.715s Main 709a6d44 415354fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.715s Main 709a6d48 708a9000 I 2.715s Main 709a6d4c bedafe14 [stack] I 2.715s Main 709a6d50 400a42ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.715s Main 709a6d54 414e65a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.715s Main 709a6d58 709a6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:817] I 2.715s Main 709a6d5c 709a6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:817] I 2.715s Main 709a6d60 4153ab10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.715s Main 709a6d64 709a6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:817] I 2.715s Main 709a6d68 400a6384 I 2.715s Main 709a6d6c 4153ab10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.716s Main 709a6d70 414db28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.716s Main 709a6d74 709a6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:817] I 2.716s Main 709a6d78 00000003 I 2.716s Main 709a6d7c 6e7edcd8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.716s Main 709a6d80 00000000 I 2.716s Main 709a6d84 4147f9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.716s Main 709a6d88 4153ab10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.716s Main 709a6d8c 400650ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.716s Main 709a6d90 00000000 I 2.716s Main 709a6d94 4147f9f4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.716s Main 709a6d98 4147f9e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.716s Main 709a6d9c dc6b3802 I 2.716s Main 709a6da0 709a6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:817] I 2.716s Main 709a6da4 6e7edcd8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.716s Main 709a6da8 414db1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.716s Main 709a6dac 4153ab10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.716s Main 709a6db0 414db1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.716s Main 709a6db4 40065174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.716s Main 709a6db8 4153ab10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.716s Main 709a6dbc 6e7edcd8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.716s Main 709a6dc0 709a6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:817] I 2.716s Main 709a6dc4 0000000d I 2.716s Main 709a6dc8 00000078 I 2.716s Main 709a6dcc 4006530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.717s Main 709a6dd0 709a6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:817] I 2.717s Main 709a6dd4 6e7edcd8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.717s Main 709a6dd8 00000000 I 2.717s Main 709a6ddc 00000000 I 2.717s Main 709a6de0 00000000 I 2.717s Main 709a6de4 dc6b3802 I 2.717s Main 709a6de8 00000000 I 2.717s Main 709a6dec 00000000 I 2.717s Main 709a6df0 00000000 I 2.717s Main 709a6df4 00000000 I 2.717s Main 709a6df8 00000000 I 2.717s Main 709a6dfc 00000000 I 2.717s Main 709a6e00 00000000 I 2.717s Main 709a6e04 00000000 I 2.717s Main 709a6e08 00000000 I 2.717s Main 709a6e0c 4153ab10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.717s Main I 2.717s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.717s Main I 2.717s Main I 2.717s Main pid: 534, tid: 818, name: FinalizerDaemon I 2.717s Main r0 6e3f9db8 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.717s Main r4 6e3f9db8 r5 6e3f9da8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.717s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3f62b0 sl 00000000 fp 415554a0 I 2.717s Main ip 00000000 sp 70aa4bc8 lr 40066ec8 pc 40079904 I 2.718s Main I 2.718s Main Stack Trace: I 2.718s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.718s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.718s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.718s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.718s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.718s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.718s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.718s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.718s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.718s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.718s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.718s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.718s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.718s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.718s Main I 2.718s Main Stack Data: I 2.718s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.718s Main 70aa4b88 0000002b I 2.718s Main 70aa4b8c 00000040 I 2.718s Main 70aa4b90 6e7f8fa0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.718s Main 70aa4b94 40068e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.718s Main 70aa4b98 00000020 I 2.719s Main 70aa4b9c 01008004 I 2.719s Main 70aa4ba0 00000021 I 2.719s Main 70aa4ba4 00000020 I 2.719s Main 70aa4ba8 00000020 I 2.719s Main 70aa4bac 41540718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.719s Main 70aa4bb0 00000001 I 2.719s Main 70aa4bb4 414a3d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.719s Main 70aa4bb8 6e3f9db8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.719s Main 70aa4bbc 6e3f9da8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.719s Main 70aa4bc0 00000000 I 2.719s Main 70aa4bc4 40066eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.719s Main 70aa4bc8 00000000 I 2.719s Main 70aa4bc8 00000000 I 2.719s Main 70aa4bcc 6e3f9da8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.719s Main 70aa4bd0 6e3f9db8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.719s Main 70aa4bd4 6e3f9a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.719s Main 70aa4bd8 6e7f8fa0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.719s Main 70aa4bdc 40066f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.719s Main 70aa4be0 6e3f9da8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.719s Main 70aa4be4 00000000 I 2.719s Main 70aa4be8 6e3f9da8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.719s Main 70aa4bec 6e3f9da8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.719s Main 70aa4bf0 00000000 I 2.719s Main 70aa4bf4 414d8d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.720s Main 70aa4bf8 6e3f9a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.720s Main 70aa4bfc 6e7f8fa0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.720s Main 70aa4c00 6e804f10 I 2.720s Main 70aa4c04 6e804f14 I 2.720s Main 70aa4c08 41540718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.720s Main 70aa4c0c 4153b890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.720s Main 70aa4c10 414a3d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.720s Main 70aa4c14 00000000 I 2.720s Main 70aa4c18 6e804efc I 2.720s Main 70aa4c1c 414ed655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.720s Main 70aa4c20 00000000 I 2.720s Main 70aa4c24 00000001 I 2.720s Main 70aa4c28 00000000 I 2.720s Main 70aa4c2c 00000000 I 2.720s Main 70aa4c30 6e480ea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.720s Main 70aa4c34 6e804f34 I 2.720s Main 70aa4c38 6e3f9a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.720s Main 70aa4c3c 414acfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.720s Main 70aa4c40 00000000 I 2.720s Main 70aa4c44 6e3f9a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.720s Main 70aa4c48 414b3f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.720s Main 70aa4c4c 00000000 I 2.720s Main 70aa4c50 70aa4d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:818] I 2.720s Main 70aa4c54 6e3f9a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.720s Main 70aa4c58 70aa4c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:818] I 2.721s Main 70aa4c5c 6d3faeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.721s Main 70aa4c60 415554a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.721s Main 70aa4c64 414b3fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.721s Main 70aa4c68 00000000 I 2.721s Main 70aa4c6c 00000000 I 2.721s Main 70aa4c70 00000000 I 2.721s Main 70aa4c74 00000000 I 2.721s Main 70aa4c78 00000000 I 2.721s Main 70aa4c7c fffffea0 I 2.721s Main 70aa4c80 414b3f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.721s Main 70aa4c84 414b163c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.721s Main 70aa4c88 00000000 I 2.721s Main 70aa4c8c 00000000 I 2.721s Main 70aa4c90 00000000 I 2.721s Main 70aa4c94 00000000 I 2.721s Main 70aa4c98 6e804fe4 I 2.721s Main 70aa4c9c 00000000 I 2.721s Main 70aa4ca0 00000000 I 2.721s Main 70aa4ca4 00000000 I 2.721s Main 70aa4ca8 00000000 I 2.721s Main 70aa4cac 00000000 I 2.721s Main 70aa4cb0 00000000 I 2.721s Main 70aa4cb4 00000000 I 2.721s Main 70aa4cb8 00000000 I 2.722s Main 70aa4cbc 00000000 I 2.722s Main 70aa4cc0 00000000 I 2.722s Main 70aa4cc4 00000000 I 2.722s Main 70aa4d18 0000001d I 2.722s Main 70aa4d1c 0000001c I 2.722s Main 70aa4d20 0000001c I 2.722s Main 70aa4d24 6e3f9a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.722s Main 70aa4d28 400a6384 I 2.722s Main 70aa4d2c 414f5ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.722s Main 70aa4d30 709a7000 I 2.722s Main 70aa4d34 70aa4d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:818] I 2.722s Main 70aa4d38 415351f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.722s Main 70aa4d3c 400a6384 I 2.722s Main 70aa4d40 41535500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.722s Main 70aa4d44 415354fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.722s Main 70aa4d48 709a7000 I 2.722s Main 70aa4d4c bedafe3c [stack] I 2.722s Main 70aa4d50 400a42ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.722s Main 70aa4d54 414e65a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.722s Main 70aa4d58 70aa4d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:818] I 2.722s Main 70aa4d5c 70aa4d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:818] I 2.722s Main 70aa4d60 6e3f9a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.722s Main 70aa4d64 70aa4d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:818] I 2.722s Main 70aa4d68 400a6384 I 2.722s Main 70aa4d6c 6e3f9a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.723s Main 70aa4d70 414db28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.723s Main 70aa4d74 70aa4d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:818] I 2.723s Main 70aa4d78 00000003 I 2.723s Main 70aa4d7c 6f645828 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.723s Main 70aa4d80 00000000 I 2.723s Main 70aa4d84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-1 I 2.723s Main 70aa4d88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.723s Main 70aa4d8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.723s Main 70aa4d90 006e6f6d I 2.723s Main 70aa4d94 70aa4d93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:818] I 2.723s Main 70aa4d98 70aa4d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:818] I 2.723s Main 70aa4d9c dc6b3802 I 2.723s Main 70aa4da0 70aa4dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:818] I 2.723s Main 70aa4da4 6f645828 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.723s Main 70aa4da8 414db1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.723s Main 70aa4dac 6e3f9a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.723s Main 70aa4db0 414db1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.723s Main 70aa4db4 40065174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.723s Main 70aa4db8 6e3f9a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.723s Main 70aa4dbc 6f645828 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.723s Main 70aa4dc0 70aa4dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:818] I 2.723s Main 70aa4dc4 0000000d I 2.723s Main 70aa4dc8 00000078 I 2.723s Main 70aa4dcc 4006530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.724s Main 70aa4dd0 70aa4dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:818] I 2.724s Main 70aa4dd4 6f645828 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.724s Main 70aa4dd8 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70aa4ddc 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70aa4de0 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70aa4de4 dc6b3802 I 2.724s Main 70aa4de8 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70aa4dec 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70aa4df0 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70aa4df4 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70aa4df8 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70aa4dfc 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70aa4e00 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70aa4e04 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70aa4e08 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70aa4e0c 6e3f9a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.724s Main I 2.724s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.724s Main I 2.724s Main I 2.724s Main pid: 534, tid: 819, name: FinalizerWatchd I 2.724s Main r0 6f646018 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.724s Main r4 6f646018 r5 6f646008 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.724s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3f62b0 sl 00000000 fp 41555740 I 2.724s Main ip 00000000 sp 70ba6bc8 lr 40066ec8 pc 40079904 I 2.725s Main I 2.725s Main Stack Trace: I 2.725s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.725s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main I 2.725s Main Stack Data: I 2.725s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.725s Main 70ba6b88 0000002b I 2.725s Main 70ba6b8c 00000058 I 2.725s Main 70ba6b90 4153af88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.725s Main 70ba6b94 40068e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 70ba6b98 00000020 I 2.726s Main 70ba6b9c 00000008 I 2.726s Main 70ba6ba0 00000021 I 2.726s Main 70ba6ba4 00000020 I 2.726s Main 70ba6ba8 00000020 I 2.726s Main 70ba6bac 41555730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.726s Main 70ba6bb0 00000001 I 2.726s Main 70ba6bb4 414a3d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.726s Main 70ba6bb8 6f646018 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.726s Main 70ba6bbc 6f646008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.726s Main 70ba6bc0 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70ba6bc4 40066eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.726s Main 70ba6bc8 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70ba6bc8 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70ba6bcc 6f646008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.726s Main 70ba6bd0 6f646018 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.726s Main 70ba6bd4 6f645c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.726s Main 70ba6bd8 4153af88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.726s Main 70ba6bdc 40066f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.726s Main 70ba6be0 6f646008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.726s Main 70ba6be4 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70ba6be8 6f646008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.726s Main 70ba6bec 6f646008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.726s Main 70ba6bf0 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70ba6bf4 414d8d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.726s Main 70ba6bf8 6f645c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.727s Main 70ba6bfc 4153af88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.727s Main 70ba6c00 70aa8f54 I 2.727s Main 70ba6c04 70aa8f58 I 2.727s Main 70ba6c08 41555730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.727s Main 70ba6c0c 4153b890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.727s Main 70ba6c10 414a3d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.727s Main 70ba6c14 00000000 I 2.727s Main 70ba6c18 70aa8f40 I 2.727s Main 70ba6c1c 414ed655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.727s Main 70ba6c20 00000000 I 2.727s Main 70ba6c24 00000001 I 2.727s Main 70ba6c28 00000000 I 2.727s Main 70ba6c2c 00000000 I 2.727s Main 70ba6c30 6e480e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.727s Main 70ba6c34 70aa8f78 I 2.727s Main 70ba6c38 6f645c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.727s Main 70ba6c3c 414acfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.727s Main 70ba6c40 00000000 I 2.727s Main 70ba6c44 6f645c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.727s Main 70ba6c48 414b3f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.727s Main 70ba6c4c 00000000 I 2.727s Main 70ba6c50 70ba6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:819] I 2.727s Main 70ba6c54 6f645c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.727s Main 70ba6c58 70ba6c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:819] I 2.728s Main 70ba6c5c 6d3faeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.728s Main 70ba6c60 41555740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.728s Main 70ba6c64 414b3fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.728s Main 70ba6c68 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ba6c6c 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ba6c70 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ba6c74 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ba6c78 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ba6c7c fffffea0 I 2.728s Main 70ba6c80 414b3f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.728s Main 70ba6c84 414b163c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.728s Main 70ba6c88 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ba6c8c 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ba6c90 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ba6c94 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ba6c98 70aa8fe4 I 2.728s Main 70ba6c9c 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ba6ca0 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ba6ca4 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ba6ca8 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ba6cac 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ba6cb0 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ba6cb4 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ba6cb8 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ba6cbc 00000000 I 2.729s Main 70ba6cc0 00000000 I 2.729s Main 70ba6cc4 00000000 I 2.729s Main 70ba6d18 0000001d I 2.729s Main 70ba6d1c 0000001c I 2.729s Main 70ba6d20 0000001c I 2.729s Main 70ba6d24 6f645c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.729s Main 70ba6d28 400a6384 I 2.729s Main 70ba6d2c 414f5ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.729s Main 70ba6d30 70aa9000 I 2.729s Main 70ba6d34 70ba6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:819] I 2.729s Main 70ba6d38 415351f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.729s Main 70ba6d3c 400a6384 I 2.729s Main 70ba6d40 41535500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.729s Main 70ba6d44 415354fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.729s Main 70ba6d48 70aa9000 I 2.729s Main 70ba6d4c bedafe3c [stack] I 2.729s Main 70ba6d50 400a42ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.729s Main 70ba6d54 414e65a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.729s Main 70ba6d58 70ba6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:819] I 2.729s Main 70ba6d5c 70ba6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:819] I 2.729s Main 70ba6d60 6f645c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.729s Main 70ba6d64 70ba6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:819] I 2.729s Main 70ba6d68 400a6384 I 2.729s Main 70ba6d6c 6f645c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.730s Main 70ba6d70 414db28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.730s Main 70ba6d74 70ba6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:819] I 2.730s Main 70ba6d78 00000003 I 2.730s Main 70ba6d7c 6f6460d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.730s Main 70ba6d80 00000000 I 2.730s Main 70ba6d84 4147fa10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.730s Main 70ba6d88 6f645c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.730s Main 70ba6d8c 400650ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.730s Main 70ba6d90 00000000 I 2.730s Main 70ba6d94 4147fa0f <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.730s Main 70ba6d98 4147f9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.730s Main 70ba6d9c dc6b3802 I 2.730s Main 70ba6da0 70ba6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:819] I 2.730s Main 70ba6da4 6f6460d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.730s Main 70ba6da8 414db1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.730s Main 70ba6dac 6f645c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.730s Main 70ba6db0 414db1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.730s Main 70ba6db4 40065174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.730s Main 70ba6db8 6f645c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.730s Main 70ba6dbc 6f6460d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.730s Main 70ba6dc0 70ba6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:819] I 2.730s Main 70ba6dc4 0000000d I 2.730s Main 70ba6dc8 00000078 I 2.730s Main 70ba6dcc 4006530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.730s Main 70ba6dd0 70ba6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:819] I 2.731s Main 70ba6dd4 6f6460d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.731s Main 70ba6dd8 00000000 I 2.731s Main 70ba6ddc 00000000 I 2.731s Main 70ba6de0 00000000 I 2.731s Main 70ba6de4 dc6b3802 I 2.731s Main 70ba6de8 00000000 I 2.731s Main 70ba6dec 00000000 I 2.731s Main 70ba6df0 00000000 I 2.731s Main 70ba6df4 00000000 I 2.731s Main 70ba6df8 00000000 I 2.731s Main 70ba6dfc 00000000 I 2.731s Main 70ba6e00 00000000 I 2.731s Main 70ba6e04 00000000 I 2.731s Main 70ba6e08 00000000 I 2.731s Main 70ba6e0c 6f645c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.731s Main I 2.731s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.731s Main I 2.731s Main I 2.731s Main pid: 534, tid: 820, name: GC I 2.731s Main r0 414853d4 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.731s Main r4 414853d4 r5 414853d0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.731s Main r8 41537100 r9 41537100 sl 414853c8 fp 400a42ec I 2.731s Main ip 00000000 sp 70ca6d40 lr 40066ec8 pc 40079904 I 2.732s Main I 2.732s Main Stack Trace: I 2.732s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.732s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.732s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.732s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.732s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.732s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.732s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.732s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.732s Main I 2.732s Main Stack Data: I 2.732s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.732s Main 70ca6d00 00000000 I 2.732s Main 70ca6d04 70ca6ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:820] I 2.732s Main 70ca6d08 70ca6cb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:820] I 2.732s Main 70ca6d0c 00000018 I 2.732s Main 70ca6d10 6d3fa66c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.732s Main 70ca6d14 70ca6d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:820] I 2.732s Main 70ca6d18 415351f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.732s Main 70ca6d1c 6e3f9e70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.732s Main 70ca6d20 41555940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.732s Main 70ca6d24 415559b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.732s Main 70ca6d28 41555940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.732s Main 70ca6d2c 4007b2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70ca6d30 414853d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.733s Main 70ca6d34 414853d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.733s Main 70ca6d38 00000000 I 2.733s Main 70ca6d3c 40066eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70ca6d40 00000000 I 2.733s Main 70ca6d40 00000000 I 2.733s Main 70ca6d44 414853d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.733s Main 70ca6d48 414853d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.733s Main 70ca6d4c 00000000 I 2.733s Main 70ca6d50 41537100 I 2.733s Main 70ca6d54 40066f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70ca6d58 41530c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70ca6d5c 415351f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70ca6d60 bedaff10 [stack] I 2.733s Main 70ca6d64 41530c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70ca6d68 415351f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70ca6d6c 414f8783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70ca6d70 00000000 I 2.733s Main 70ca6d74 00000000 I 2.733s Main 70ca6d78 414f8735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70ca6d7c 4153af68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.733s Main 70ca6d80 415351f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70ca6d84 bedaff10 [stack] I 2.733s Main 70ca6d88 4153af68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.734s Main 70ca6d8c 414da921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 70ca6d90 70ba9000 I 2.734s Main 70ca6d94 414da96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 70ca6d98 4153af68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.734s Main 70ca6d9c 00010002 I 2.734s Main 70ca6da0 41485db0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.734s Main 70ca6da4 4154a880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.734s Main 70ca6da8 70ca6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:820] I 2.734s Main 70ca6dac 6f646520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.734s Main 70ca6db0 414da921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 70ca6db4 40065174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 70ca6db8 4153af68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.734s Main 70ca6dbc 6f646520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.734s Main 70ca6dc0 70ca6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:820] I 2.734s Main 70ca6dc4 0000000d I 2.734s Main 70ca6dc8 00000078 I 2.734s Main 70ca6dcc 4006530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 70ca6dd0 70ca6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:820] I 2.734s Main 70ca6dd4 6f646520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.734s Main 70ca6dd8 00000000 I 2.734s Main 70ca6ddc 00000000 I 2.734s Main 70ca6de0 00000000 I 2.734s Main 70ca6de4 dc6b3802 I 2.734s Main 70ca6de8 00000000 I 2.734s Main 70ca6dec 00000000 I 2.735s Main 70ca6df0 00000000 I 2.735s Main 70ca6df4 00000000 I 2.735s Main 70ca6df8 00000000 I 2.735s Main 70ca6dfc 00000000 I 2.735s Main 70ca6e00 00000000 I 2.735s Main 70ca6e04 00000000 I 2.735s Main 70ca6e08 00000000 I 2.735s Main 70ca6e0c 6f646768 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.735s Main I 2.735s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.735s Main I 2.735s Main I 2.735s Main pid: 534, tid: 821, name: Signal Catcher I 2.735s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 2.735s Main r4 70daad08 r5 70daad48 r6 bedaff20 r7 000000b1 I 2.735s Main r8 6f647010 r9 41530c74 sl 41535694 fp 41514cdc I 2.735s Main ip 70daad44 sp 70daad08 lr 4006b351 pc 40079170 I 2.735s Main I 2.735s Main Stack Trace: I 2.735s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.735s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.735s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.735s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.735s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.736s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.736s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.736s Main I 2.736s Main Stack Data: I 2.736s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.736s Main 70daacc8 00000000 I 2.736s Main 70daaccc 00000000 I 2.736s Main 70daacd0 00000000 I 2.736s Main 70daacd4 00000000 I 2.736s Main 70daacd8 70daad68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:821] I 2.736s Main 70daacdc 00000000 I 2.736s Main 70daace0 6f647010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.736s Main 70daace4 70db0fc4 I 2.736s Main 70daace8 00000000 I 2.736s Main 70daacec 70daad68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:821] I 2.736s Main 70daacf0 00000000 I 2.736s Main 70daacf4 414e658b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.736s Main 70daacf8 41516239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.736s Main 70daacfc 00000000 I 2.736s Main 70daad00 00000000 I 2.736s Main 70daad04 70daaca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:821] I 2.736s Main 70daad08 00000204 I 2.736s Main 70daad08 00000204 I 2.736s Main 70daad0c 00000000 I 2.737s Main 70daad10 fffffea0 I 2.737s Main 70daad14 6e3f9f18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.737s Main 70daad18 415351f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main 70daad1c 414d7f57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main 70daad20 41555a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.737s Main 70daad24 41555a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.737s Main 70daad28 41555a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.737s Main 70daad2c 4007b2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main 70daad30 6f64737c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.737s Main 70daad34 414d79a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main 70daad38 6f647010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.737s Main 70daad3c 414db94b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main 70daad40 41555a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.737s Main 70daad44 00000204 I 2.737s Main 70daad48 00000004 I 2.737s Main 70daad4c 6f647010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.737s Main 70daad50 415351f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main 70daad54 414d9e11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main 70daad58 4154a880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.737s Main 70daad5c 41555a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.737s Main 70daad98 6e3f9f18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.737s Main 70daad9c 00010002 I 2.737s Main 70daada0 6e7edfc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.737s Main 70daada4 4154a880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.737s Main 70daada8 70daadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:821] I 2.738s Main 70daadac 6f646dc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.738s Main 70daadb0 414da921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.738s Main 70daadb4 40065174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.738s Main 70daadb8 6e3f9f18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.738s Main 70daadbc 6f646dc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.738s Main 70daadc0 70daadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:821] I 2.738s Main 70daadc4 0000000d I 2.738s Main 70daadc8 00000078 I 2.738s Main 70daadcc 4006530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.738s Main 70daadd0 70daadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:821] I 2.738s Main 70daadd4 6f646dc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.738s Main 70daadd8 00000000 I 2.738s Main 70daaddc 00000000 I 2.738s Main 70daade0 00000000 I 2.738s Main 70daade4 dc6b3802 I 2.738s Main 70daade8 00000000 I 2.738s Main 70daadec 00000000 I 2.738s Main 70daadf0 00000000 I 2.738s Main 70daadf4 00000000 I 2.738s Main 70daadf8 00000000 I 2.738s Main 70daadfc 00000000 I 2.738s Main 70daae00 00000000 I 2.738s Main 70daae04 00000000 I 2.738s Main 70daae08 00000000 I 2.739s Main 70daae0c 6f647010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.739s Main I 2.739s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.739s Main I 2.739s Main I 2.739s Main pid: 534, tid: 822, name: JDWP I 2.739s Main r0 00000015 r1 70eaed10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 2.739s Main r4 6f647728 r5 400a6384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 2.739s Main r8 6f649748 r9 000003e8 sl 6f6476c4 fp 400a42ec I 2.739s Main ip 6f649728 sp 70eaecf8 lr 414e7087 pc 400793d8 I 2.739s Main I 2.739s Main Stack Trace: I 2.739s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.739s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.739s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.739s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.739s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.739s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.739s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.739s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.739s Main I 2.739s Main Stack Data: I 2.739s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.739s Main 70eaecb8 6f649728 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.739s Main 70eaecbc 6f649748 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.740s Main 70eaecc0 000003e8 I 2.740s Main 70eaecc4 6f6476c4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.740s Main 70eaecc8 400a42ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.740s Main 70eaeccc 4007e159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.740s Main 70eaecd0 00000000 I 2.740s Main 70eaecd4 00000000 I 2.740s Main 70eaecd8 70eaed4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:822] I 2.740s Main 70eaecdc 00000000 I 2.740s Main 70eaece0 00000000 I 2.740s Main 70eaece4 70eb4fc4 I 2.740s Main 70eaece8 00004000 I 2.740s Main 70eaecec 70eaed54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:822] I 2.740s Main 70eaecf0 00000000 I 2.740s Main 70eaecf4 00000000 I 2.740s Main 70eaecf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[vectors] I 2.740s Main 70eaecf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[vectors] I 2.740s Main 70eaecfc 70eaed50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:822] I 2.740s Main 70eaed00 00000004 I 2.740s Main 70eaed04 21eaeca8 I 2.740s Main 70eaed08 70eaed07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:822] I 2.740s Main 70eaed0c 00000001 I 2.740s Main 70eaed10 00000000 I 2.740s Main 70eaed14 00000000 I 2.740s Main 70eaed18 70eaed08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:822] I 2.741s Main 70eaed1c 00000001 I 2.741s Main 70eaed20 70eaed2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:822] I 2.741s Main 70eaed24 00000010 I 2.741s Main 70eaed28 00000000 I 2.741s Main 70eaed2c 00000010 I 2.741s Main 70eaed30 00000001 I 2.741s Main 70eaed34 00000001 I 2.741s Main 70eaed50 36313230 I 2.741s Main 70eaed54 414e7100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.741s Main 70eaed58 00000001 I 2.741s Main 70eaed5c 6f647670 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.741s Main 70eaed60 6f6476b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.741s Main 70eaed64 bedaff00 [stack] I 2.741s Main 70eaed68 4153afb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.741s Main 70eaed6c 4151f7c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.741s Main 70eaed70 41520910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.741s Main 70eaed74 414e9f89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.741s Main 70eaed78 00000000 I 2.741s Main 70eaed7c 4153afb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.741s Main 70eaed80 415351f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.741s Main 70eaed84 bedaff00 [stack] I 2.741s Main 70eaed88 4153afb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.741s Main 70eaed8c 414da921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.741s Main 70eaed90 70db1000 I 2.742s Main 70eaed94 414da96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.742s Main 70eaed98 4153afb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.742s Main 70eaed9c 00010002 I 2.742s Main 70eaeda0 6e7f8fc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.742s Main 70eaeda4 4154a880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.742s Main 70eaeda8 70eaedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:822] I 2.742s Main 70eaedac 6f6497c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.742s Main 70eaedb0 414da921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.742s Main 70eaedb4 40065174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.742s Main 70eaedb8 4153afb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.742s Main 70eaedbc 6f6497c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.742s Main 70eaedc0 70eaedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:822] I 2.742s Main 70eaedc4 0000000d I 2.742s Main 70eaedc8 00000078 I 2.742s Main 70eaedcc 4006530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.742s Main 70eaedd0 70eaedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:822] I 2.742s Main 70eaedd4 6f6497c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.742s Main 70eaedd8 00000000 I 2.742s Main 70eaeddc 00000000 I 2.742s Main 70eaede0 00000000 I 2.742s Main 70eaede4 dc6b3802 I 2.742s Main 70eaede8 00000000 I 2.742s Main 70eaedec 00000000 I 2.742s Main 70eaedf0 00000000 I 2.742s Main 70eaedf4 00000000 I 2.743s Main 70eaedf8 00000000 I 2.743s Main 70eaedfc 00000000 I 2.743s Main 70eaee00 00000000 I 2.743s Main 70eaee04 00000000 I 2.743s Main 70eaee08 00000000 I 2.743s Main 70eaee0c 6f649a08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.743s Main I 2.743s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.743s Main I 2.743s Main I 2.743s Main pid: 534, tid: 823, name: Compiler I 2.743s Main r0 41535704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.743s Main r4 41535704 r5 415356fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.743s Main r8 414da921 r9 70eb5000 sl 415356f8 fp 400a42ec I 2.743s Main ip 00000000 sp 70fb2c10 lr 40066ec8 pc 40079904 I 2.743s Main I 2.743s Main Stack Trace: I 2.743s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.743s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.744s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.744s Main I 2.744s Main Stack Data: I 2.744s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.744s Main 70fb2bd0 00000000 I 2.744s Main 70fb2bd4 00000000 I 2.744s Main 70fb2bd8 415351f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.744s Main 70fb2bdc 00000000 I 2.744s Main 70fb2be0 00000000 I 2.744s Main 70fb2be4 00000000 I 2.744s Main 70fb2be8 4151bf31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.744s Main 70fb2bec 414dabc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.744s Main 70fb2bf0 fffffe0c I 2.744s Main 70fb2bf4 4153ab10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.744s Main 70fb2bf8 4153ab38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.744s Main 70fb2bfc ffffffef I 2.744s Main 70fb2c00 41535704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.744s Main 70fb2c04 415356fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.744s Main 70fb2c08 00000000 I 2.744s Main 70fb2c0c 40066eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.744s Main 70fb2c10 00000000 I 2.744s Main 70fb2c10 00000000 I 2.744s Main 70fb2c14 415356fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.744s Main 70fb2c18 41535704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 70fb2c1c 6f64cba8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.745s Main 70fb2c20 00001000 I 2.745s Main 70fb2c24 40066f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 70fb2c28 415356c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 70fb2c2c 71130008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.745s Main 70fb2c30 41514cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 70fb2c34 415356c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 70fb2c38 71130008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.745s Main 70fb2c3c 414f9d03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 70fb2c40 70fb2d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:823] I 2.745s Main 70fb2c44 414b3fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 70fb2c48 00000000 I 2.745s Main 70fb2c4c 41530c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 70fb2c50 41525901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 70fb2c54 41514cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 70fb2c58 00000000 I 2.745s Main 70fb2c5c fffffea0 I 2.745s Main 70fb2c60 414b3f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 70fb2c64 414b163c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 70fb2c68 00000000 I 2.745s Main 70fb2c6c 00000000 I 2.745s Main 70fb2c70 00000000 I 2.745s Main 70fb2c74 00000000 I 2.745s Main 70fb2c78 70fb8fa0 I 2.745s Main 70fb2c7c 00000000 I 2.746s Main 70fb2d98 6f64a110 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.746s Main 70fb2d9c 00010002 I 2.746s Main 70fb2da0 4153afd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.746s Main 70fb2da4 4154a880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.746s Main 70fb2da8 70fb2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:823] I 2.746s Main 70fb2dac 6f64a130 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.746s Main 70fb2db0 414da921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.746s Main 70fb2db4 40065174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.746s Main 70fb2db8 6f64a110 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.746s Main 70fb2dbc 6f64a130 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.746s Main 70fb2dc0 70fb2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:823] I 2.746s Main 70fb2dc4 0000000d I 2.746s Main 70fb2dc8 00000078 I 2.746s Main 70fb2dcc 4006530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.746s Main 70fb2dd0 70fb2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:823] I 2.746s Main 70fb2dd4 6f64a130 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.746s Main 70fb2dd8 00000000 I 2.746s Main 70fb2ddc 00000000 I 2.746s Main 70fb2de0 00000000 I 2.746s Main 70fb2de4 dc6b3802 I 2.746s Main 70fb2de8 00000000 I 2.746s Main 70fb2dec 00000000 I 2.746s Main 70fb2df0 00000000 I 2.746s Main 70fb2df4 00000000 I 2.747s Main 70fb2df8 00000000 I 2.747s Main 70fb2dfc 00000000 I 2.747s Main 70fb2e00 00000000 I 2.747s Main 70fb2e04 00000000 I 2.747s Main 70fb2e08 00000000 I 2.747s Main 70fb2e0c 6f64a378 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.747s Main I 2.747s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.747s Main I 2.747s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 2.747s Main I 2.747s Main Stack Trace: I 2.747s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.747s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.747s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.747s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.747s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.747s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.747s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.747s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.747s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.747s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.747s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.747s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.748s Main I 2.748s Main Stack Data: I 2.748s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.748s Main 61745620 24836665 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/176 I 2.748s Main I 2.748s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.748s Main I 2.748s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000216 (code=-6), thread 534 (app_process) I 2.748s Main tombstone_01 created on 1972-12-02 17:30:00, about this long ago: 16877 days, 20:23:13 Device: 0aa6b19043e4b976 I 2.748s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src I 2.748s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release I 2.748s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmp_lgaBY I 2.748s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 2.748s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/out/Release I 2.748s Main pid: 835, tid: 835, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 2.748s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 2.748s Main r0 00000000 r1 00000343 r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 2.748s Main r4 00000006 r5 00000000 r6 00000343 r7 0000010c I 2.748s Main r8 00000004 r9 be87cb91 sl be87cb9d fp be87cb85 I 2.748s Main ip 401b9438 sp be87c628 lr 40053fe5 pc 40062f90 I 2.748s Main I 2.748s Main Stack Trace: I 2.748s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.748s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.748s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.749s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.749s Main I 2.749s Main Stack Data: I 2.749s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.749s Main be87c5e8 401ac168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main be87c5ec 00000002 I 2.749s Main be87c5f0 401b9438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main be87c5f4 00000004 I 2.749s Main be87c5f8 be87cb91 [stack] I 2.749s Main be87c5fc be87cb9d [stack] I 2.749s Main be87c600 be87cb85 [stack] I 2.749s Main be87c604 40067159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main be87c608 34203020 I 2.749s Main be87c60c 20323136 I 2.750s Main be87c610 be87c684 [stack] I 2.750s Main be87c614 00000000 I 2.750s Main be87c618 00000000 I 2.750s Main be87c61c 37312030 I 2.750s Main be87c620 00004000 I 2.750s Main be87c624 be87c692 [stack] I 2.750s Main be87c628 00000006 I 2.750s Main be87c62c 00000000 I 2.750s Main be87c630 00000343 I 2.750s Main be87c634 401b9438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main be87c638 401b9438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main be87c63c 40053fe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main be87c640 00000006 I 2.750s Main be87c644 00000000 I 2.750s Main be87c648 00000002 I 2.750s Main be87c64c 400541f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main be87c650 be87c65c [stack] I 2.750s Main be87c654 40052f2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main be87c658 00000000 I 2.750s Main be87c65c ffffffdf I 2.750s Main be87c660 4008b2c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main be87c664 4008b22c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main be87c668 00000000 I 2.750s Main be87c66c 40055aef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.751s Main be87c670 4151e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.751s Main be87c674 4151e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.751s Main be87c678 401ac168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.751s Main be87c67c 40062848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.751s Main be87c680 00000000 I 2.751s Main be87c684 414b4ccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.751s Main be87c688 40099324 I 2.751s Main be87c68c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.751s Main be87c690 0000296c I 2.751s Main be87c694 00000000 I 2.751s Main be87c698 00000000 I 2.751s Main be87c69c 00000000 I 2.751s Main be87c6a0 00000000 I 2.751s Main be87c6a4 00000000 I 2.751s Main be87c6a8 00000000 I 2.751s Main be87c6ac 00000000 I 2.751s Main be87c6b0 00000000 I 2.751s Main be87c6b4 00000000 I 2.751s Main be87c6b8 00000000 I 2.751s Main be87c6bc 00000000 I 2.751s Main be87c6c0 00000000 I 2.751s Main be87c6c4 00000000 I 2.751s Main be87c898 000000c8 I 2.751s Main be87c89c 6f7b6d38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.751s Main be87c8a0 4146cf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.752s Main be87c8a4 00000000 I 2.752s Main be87c8a8 000000c8 I 2.752s Main be87c8ac 401af560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.752s Main be87c8b0 401af740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.752s Main be87c8b4 4146cf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.752s Main be87c8b8 40018328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.752s Main be87c8bc 40154d27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.752s Main be87c8c0 4146cf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.752s Main be87c8c4 00000000 I 2.752s Main be87c8c8 be87c988 [stack] I 2.752s Main be87c8cc 40155015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.752s Main be87c8d0 400183cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.752s Main be87c8d4 40155a65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.752s Main be87c8d8 4146cf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.752s Main be87c8dc 00000000 I 2.752s Main be87c8e0 41521004 I 2.752s Main be87c8e4 414bca8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.752s Main be87c8e8 414bcabd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.752s Main be87c8ec 414bca95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.752s Main be87c8f0 000000bb I 2.752s Main be87c8f4 00000000 I 2.752s Main be87c8f8 4146ce08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.752s Main be87c8fc 40051e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.752s Main be87c900 000000b0 I 2.753s Main be87c904 00000000 I 2.753s Main be87c908 40050dcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.753s Main be87c90c 000000a0 I 2.753s Main be87c910 00000014 I 2.753s Main be87c914 401b13d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.753s Main be87c960 00000000 I 2.753s Main be87c964 00000000 I 2.753s Main be87c968 00000000 I 2.753s Main be87c96c be87ca7c [stack] I 2.753s Main be87c970 4008f384 I 2.753s Main be87c974 40018372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.753s Main be87c978 40018300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.753s Main be87c97c 4001837b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.753s Main be87c980 40018391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.753s Main be87c984 4001839f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.753s Main be87c988 40019e08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.753s Main be87c98c 401af520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.753s Main be87c990 4146ce18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.753s Main be87c994 00000013 I 2.753s Main be87c998 00000000 I 2.753s Main be87c99c 00000008 I 2.753s Main be87ca40 00000000 I 2.753s Main be87ca44 00000000 I 2.753s Main be87ca48 00000000 I 2.754s Main be87ca4c 00000000 I 2.754s Main be87ca50 00000000 I 2.754s Main be87ca54 40017d80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.754s Main be87ca58 40019de8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.754s Main be87ca5c 40019df0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.754s Main be87ca60 40019df8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.754s Main be87ca64 be87ca70 [stack] I 2.754s Main be87ca68 00000000 I 2.754s Main be87ca6c 4001c881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 2.754s Main be87ca70 00000005 I 2.754s Main be87ca74 be87cb85 [stack] I 2.754s Main be87ca78 be87cb91 [stack] I 2.754s Main be87ca7c be87cb9d [stack] I 2.754s Main be87ca80 be87cbb8 [stack] I 2.754s Main be87ca84 be87cbbd [stack] I 2.754s Main be87ca88 00000000 I 2.754s Main be87ca8c be87cbc5 [stack] I 2.754s Main be87ca90 be87cbdf [stack] I 2.754s Main be87ca94 be87cc0b [stack] I 2.754s Main I 2.754s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.754s Main I 2.754s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000343 (code=-6), thread 835 (app_process) I 2.754s Main I 2.754s Main pid: 835, tid: 836, name: ReferenceQueueD I 2.755s Main r0 6e3e2bb0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.755s Main r4 6e3e2bb0 r5 6e3e2ba0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.755s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3df2b0 sl 00000000 fp 4153e1d0 I 2.755s Main ip 00000000 sp 71137ba0 lr 4004fec8 pc 40062904 I 2.755s Main I 2.755s Main Stack Trace: I 2.755s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.755s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.755s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.755s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.755s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.755s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.755s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.755s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.755s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.755s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.755s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.755s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.755s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.755s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.755s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.755s Main I 2.755s Main Stack Data: I 2.755s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.756s Main 71137b60 0000002b I 2.756s Main 71137b64 00000130 I 2.756s Main 71137b68 6e3e2eb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.756s Main 71137b6c 40051e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.756s Main 71137b70 00000020 I 2.756s Main 71137b74 00000010 I 2.756s Main 71137b78 00000021 I 2.756s Main 71137b7c 00000020 I 2.756s Main 71137b80 00000020 I 2.756s Main 71137b84 41529640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.756s Main 71137b88 00000001 I 2.756s Main 71137b8c 6e3e2820 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.756s Main 71137b90 6e3e2bb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.756s Main 71137b94 6e3e2ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.756s Main 71137b98 00000000 I 2.756s Main 71137b9c 4004feb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.756s Main 71137ba0 00000000 I 2.756s Main 71137ba0 00000000 I 2.756s Main 71137ba4 6e3e2ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.756s Main 71137ba8 6e3e2bb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.756s Main 71137bac 6e3e2810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.756s Main 71137bb0 6e3e2eb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.756s Main 71137bb4 4004ff28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.756s Main 71137bb8 6e3e2ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.757s Main 71137bbc 00000000 I 2.757s Main 71137bc0 6e3e2ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.757s Main 71137bc4 6e3e2ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.757s Main 71137bc8 00000000 I 2.757s Main 71137bcc 414c1d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.757s Main 71137bd0 6e3e2810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.757s Main 71137bd4 6e3e2eb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.757s Main 71137bd8 6f7e5f74 I 2.757s Main 71137bdc 6f7e5f78 I 2.757s Main 71137be0 41529640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.757s Main 71137be4 6e3e2810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.757s Main 71137be8 6e3e2820 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.757s Main 71137bec 6f7e5f74 I 2.757s Main 71137bf0 41519c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.757s Main 71137bf4 414d6655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.757s Main 71137bf8 00000000 I 2.757s Main 71137bfc 00000001 I 2.757s Main 71137c00 00000000 I 2.757s Main 71137c04 00000000 I 2.757s Main 71137c08 6d3df2b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.757s Main 71137c0c 41524890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.757s Main 71137c10 414d662f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.757s Main 71137c14 414beacf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.757s Main 71137c18 6f7e5f74 I 2.757s Main 71137c1c 6e3e2820 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.758s Main 71137c20 6e469e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.758s Main 71137c24 6f7e5f98 I 2.758s Main 71137c28 6e3e2810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.758s Main 71137c2c 41524890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.758s Main 71137c30 4148cd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.758s Main 71137c34 00000000 I 2.758s Main 71137c38 6f7e5f60 I 2.758s Main 71137c3c 41495fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.758s Main 71137c40 00000000 I 2.758s Main 71137c44 6e3e2810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.758s Main 71137c48 4149cf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.758s Main 71137c4c 00000000 I 2.758s Main 71137c50 71137d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.758s Main 71137c54 6e3e2810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.758s Main 71137c58 71137c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.758s Main 71137c5c 6d3e3eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.758s Main 71137c60 4153e1d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.758s Main 71137c64 4149cfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.758s Main 71137c68 00000000 I 2.758s Main 71137c6c 00000000 I 2.758s Main 71137c70 00000000 I 2.758s Main 71137c74 00000000 I 2.758s Main 71137c78 00000000 I 2.758s Main 71137c7c fffffea0 I 2.759s Main 71137c80 4149cf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.759s Main 71137c84 4149a63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.759s Main 71137c88 00000000 I 2.759s Main 71137c8c 00000000 I 2.759s Main 71137c90 00000000 I 2.759s Main 71137c94 00000000 I 2.759s Main 71137c98 6f7e5fe4 I 2.759s Main 71137c9c 00000000 I 2.759s Main 71137ca0 00000000 I 2.759s Main 71137ca4 00000000 I 2.759s Main 71137ca8 00000000 I 2.759s Main 71137cac 00000000 I 2.759s Main 71137cb0 00000000 I 2.759s Main 71137cb4 00000000 I 2.759s Main 71137cb8 00000000 I 2.759s Main 71137cbc 00000000 I 2.759s Main 71137cc0 00000000 I 2.759s Main 71137cc4 00000000 I 2.759s Main 71137d18 0000001d I 2.759s Main 71137d1c 0000001c I 2.759s Main 71137d20 0000001c I 2.759s Main 71137d24 6e3e2810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.759s Main 71137d28 4008f384 I 2.759s Main 71137d2c 414dead3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.760s Main 71137d30 7103a000 I 2.760s Main 71137d34 71137d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.760s Main 71137d38 4151e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.760s Main 71137d3c 4008f384 I 2.760s Main 71137d40 4151e500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.760s Main 71137d44 4151e4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.760s Main 71137d48 7103a000 I 2.760s Main 71137d4c be87be14 [stack] I 2.760s Main 71137d50 4008d2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.760s Main 71137d54 414cf5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.760s Main 71137d58 71137d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.760s Main 71137d5c 71137d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.760s Main 71137d60 6e3e2810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.760s Main 71137d64 71137d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.760s Main 71137d68 4008f384 I 2.760s Main 71137d6c 6e3e2810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.760s Main 71137d70 414c428f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.760s Main 71137d74 71137d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.760s Main 71137d78 00000003 I 2.760s Main 71137d7c 6e3e2c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.760s Main 71137d80 00000000 I 2.760s Main 71137d84 414689f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.760s Main 71137d88 6e3e2810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.760s Main 71137d8c 4004e0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.760s Main 71137d90 00000000 I 2.761s Main 71137d94 414689f4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.761s Main 71137d98 414689e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.761s Main 71137d9c a6c9b883 I 2.761s Main 71137da0 71137dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.761s Main 71137da4 6e3e2c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.761s Main 71137da8 414c41ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.761s Main 71137dac 6e3e2810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.761s Main 71137db0 414c41ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.761s Main 71137db4 4004e174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.761s Main 71137db8 6e3e2810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.761s Main 71137dbc 6e3e2c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.761s Main 71137dc0 71137dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.761s Main 71137dc4 0000000d I 2.761s Main 71137dc8 00000078 I 2.761s Main 71137dcc 4004e30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.761s Main 71137dd0 71137dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.761s Main 71137dd4 6e3e2c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.761s Main 71137dd8 00000000 I 2.761s Main 71137ddc 00000000 I 2.761s Main 71137de0 00000000 I 2.761s Main 71137de4 a6c9b883 I 2.761s Main 71137de8 00000000 I 2.761s Main 71137dec 00000000 I 2.761s Main 71137df0 00000000 I 2.762s Main 71137df4 00000000 I 2.762s Main 71137df8 00000000 I 2.762s Main 71137dfc 00000000 I 2.762s Main 71137e00 00000000 I 2.762s Main 71137e04 00000000 I 2.762s Main 71137e08 00000000 I 2.762s Main 71137e0c 6e3e2810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.762s Main I 2.762s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.762s Main I 2.762s Main I 2.762s Main pid: 835, tid: 837, name: FinalizerDaemon I 2.762s Main r0 415235d0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.762s Main r4 415235d0 r5 415235c0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.762s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3df2b0 sl 00000000 fp 4153e4a0 I 2.762s Main ip 00000000 sp 71239bc8 lr 4004fec8 pc 40062904 I 2.762s Main I 2.762s Main Stack Trace: I 2.762s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.762s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.762s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.762s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.762s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.762s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.763s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.763s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.763s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.763s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.763s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.763s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.763s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.763s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.763s Main I 2.763s Main Stack Data: I 2.763s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.763s Main 71239b88 0000002b I 2.763s Main 71239b8c 00000080 I 2.763s Main 71239b90 6e3e2f60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.763s Main 71239b94 40051e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.763s Main 71239b98 00000020 I 2.763s Main 71239b9c 00000000 I 2.763s Main 71239ba0 00000021 I 2.763s Main 71239ba4 00000020 I 2.763s Main 71239ba8 00000020 I 2.763s Main 71239bac 41529718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.763s Main 71239bb0 00000001 I 2.763s Main 71239bb4 4148cd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.763s Main 71239bb8 415235d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.763s Main 71239bbc 415235c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.764s Main 71239bc0 00000000 I 2.764s Main 71239bc4 4004feb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.764s Main 71239bc8 00000000 I 2.764s Main 71239bc8 00000000 I 2.764s Main 71239bcc 415235c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.764s Main 71239bd0 415235d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.764s Main 71239bd4 41523230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.764s Main 71239bd8 6e3e2f60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.764s Main 71239bdc 4004ff28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.764s Main 71239be0 415235c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.764s Main 71239be4 00000000 I 2.764s Main 71239be8 415235c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.764s Main 71239bec 415235c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.764s Main 71239bf0 00000000 I 2.764s Main 71239bf4 414c1d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.764s Main 71239bf8 41523230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.764s Main 71239bfc 6e3e2f60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.764s Main 71239c00 7113bf10 I 2.764s Main 71239c04 7113bf14 I 2.764s Main 71239c08 41529718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.764s Main 71239c0c 41524890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.764s Main 71239c10 4148cd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.764s Main 71239c14 00000000 I 2.764s Main 71239c18 7113befc I 2.765s Main 71239c1c 414d6655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.765s Main 71239c20 00000000 I 2.765s Main 71239c24 00000001 I 2.765s Main 71239c28 00000000 I 2.765s Main 71239c2c 00000000 I 2.765s Main 71239c30 6e469ea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.765s Main 71239c34 7113bf34 I 2.765s Main 71239c38 41523230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.765s Main 71239c3c 41495fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.765s Main 71239c40 00000000 I 2.765s Main 71239c44 41523230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.765s Main 71239c48 4149cf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.765s Main 71239c4c 00000000 I 2.765s Main 71239c50 71239d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.765s Main 71239c54 41523230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.765s Main 71239c58 71239c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.765s Main 71239c5c 6d3e3eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.765s Main 71239c60 4153e4a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.765s Main 71239c64 4149cfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.765s Main 71239c68 00000000 I 2.765s Main 71239c6c 00000000 I 2.765s Main 71239c70 00000000 I 2.765s Main 71239c74 00000000 I 2.765s Main 71239c78 00000000 I 2.766s Main 71239c7c fffffea0 I 2.766s Main 71239c80 4149cf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.766s Main 71239c84 4149a63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.766s Main 71239c88 00000000 I 2.766s Main 71239c8c 00000000 I 2.766s Main 71239c90 00000000 I 2.766s Main 71239c94 00000000 I 2.766s Main 71239c98 7113bfe4 I 2.766s Main 71239c9c 00000000 I 2.766s Main 71239ca0 00000000 I 2.766s Main 71239ca4 00000000 I 2.766s Main 71239ca8 00000000 I 2.766s Main 71239cac 00000000 I 2.766s Main 71239cb0 00000000 I 2.766s Main 71239cb4 00000000 I 2.766s Main 71239cb8 00000000 I 2.766s Main 71239cbc 00000000 I 2.766s Main 71239cc0 00000000 I 2.766s Main 71239cc4 00000000 I 2.766s Main 71239d18 0000001d I 2.766s Main 71239d1c 0000001c I 2.766s Main 71239d20 0000001c I 2.766s Main 71239d24 41523230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.766s Main 71239d28 4008f384 I 2.766s Main 71239d2c 414dead3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.767s Main 71239d30 7113c000 I 2.767s Main 71239d34 71239d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.767s Main 71239d38 4151e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.767s Main 71239d3c 4008f384 I 2.767s Main 71239d40 4151e500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.767s Main 71239d44 4151e4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.767s Main 71239d48 7113c000 I 2.767s Main 71239d4c be87be3c [stack] I 2.767s Main 71239d50 4008d2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.767s Main 71239d54 414cf5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.767s Main 71239d58 71239d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.767s Main 71239d5c 71239d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.767s Main 71239d60 41523230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.767s Main 71239d64 71239d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.767s Main 71239d68 4008f384 I 2.767s Main 71239d6c 41523230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.767s Main 71239d70 414c428f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.767s Main 71239d74 71239d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.767s Main 71239d78 00000003 I 2.767s Main 71239d7c 41523688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.767s Main 71239d80 00000000 I 2.767s Main 71239d84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-1 I 2.767s Main 71239d88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.767s Main 71239d8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.768s Main 71239d90 006e6f6d I 2.768s Main 71239d94 71239d93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.768s Main 71239d98 71239d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.768s Main 71239d9c a6c9b883 I 2.768s Main 71239da0 71239dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.768s Main 71239da4 41523688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.768s Main 71239da8 414c41ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.768s Main 71239dac 41523230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.768s Main 71239db0 414c41ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.768s Main 71239db4 4004e174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.768s Main 71239db8 41523230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.768s Main 71239dbc 41523688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.768s Main 71239dc0 71239dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.768s Main 71239dc4 0000000d I 2.768s Main 71239dc8 00000078 I 2.768s Main 71239dcc 4004e30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.768s Main 71239dd0 71239dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.768s Main 71239dd4 41523688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.768s Main 71239dd8 00000000 I 2.768s Main 71239ddc 00000000 I 2.768s Main 71239de0 00000000 I 2.768s Main 71239de4 a6c9b883 I 2.768s Main 71239de8 00000000 I 2.768s Main 71239dec 00000000 I 2.769s Main 71239df0 00000000 I 2.769s Main 71239df4 00000000 I 2.769s Main 71239df8 00000000 I 2.769s Main 71239dfc 00000000 I 2.769s Main 71239e00 00000000 I 2.769s Main 71239e04 00000000 I 2.769s Main 71239e08 00000000 I 2.769s Main 71239e0c 41523230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.769s Main I 2.769s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.769s Main I 2.769s Main I 2.769s Main pid: 835, tid: 838, name: FinalizerWatchd I 2.769s Main r0 41523e78 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.769s Main r4 41523e78 r5 41523e68 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.769s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3df2b0 sl 00000000 fp 4153e740 I 2.769s Main ip 00000000 sp 7133dbc8 lr 4004fec8 pc 40062904 I 2.769s Main I 2.769s Main Stack Trace: I 2.769s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.769s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.769s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.769s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.769s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.769s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.770s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.770s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.770s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.770s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.770s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.770s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.770s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.770s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.770s Main I 2.770s Main Stack Data: I 2.770s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.770s Main 7133db88 00000028 I 2.770s Main 7133db8c 00000028 I 2.770s Main 7133db90 6e3e2fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.770s Main 7133db94 40051e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.770s Main 7133db98 00000020 I 2.770s Main 7133db9c 00000000 I 2.770s Main 7133dba0 00000021 I 2.770s Main 7133dba4 00000020 I 2.770s Main 7133dba8 00000020 I 2.770s Main 7133dbac 4153e730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.770s Main 7133dbb0 00000001 I 2.770s Main 7133dbb4 4148cd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.770s Main 7133dbb8 41523e78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.771s Main 7133dbbc 41523e68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.771s Main 7133dbc0 00000000 I 2.771s Main 7133dbc4 4004feb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.771s Main 7133dbc8 00000000 I 2.771s Main 7133dbc8 00000000 I 2.771s Main 7133dbcc 41523e68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.771s Main 7133dbd0 41523e78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.771s Main 7133dbd4 41523ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.771s Main 7133dbd8 6e3e2fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.771s Main 7133dbdc 4004ff28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.771s Main 7133dbe0 41523e68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.771s Main 7133dbe4 00000000 I 2.771s Main 7133dbe8 41523e68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.771s Main 7133dbec 41523e68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.771s Main 7133dbf0 00000000 I 2.771s Main 7133dbf4 414c1d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.771s Main 7133dbf8 41523ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.771s Main 7133dbfc 6e3e2fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.771s Main 7133dc00 7123ff54 I 2.771s Main 7133dc04 7123ff58 I 2.771s Main 7133dc08 4153e730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.771s Main 7133dc0c 41524890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.771s Main 7133dc10 4148cd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.771s Main 7133dc14 00000000 I 2.771s Main 7133dc18 7123ff40 I 2.772s Main 7133dc1c 414d6655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.772s Main 7133dc20 00000000 I 2.772s Main 7133dc24 00000001 I 2.772s Main 7133dc28 00000000 I 2.772s Main 7133dc2c 00000000 I 2.772s Main 7133dc30 6e469e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.772s Main 7133dc34 7123ff78 I 2.772s Main 7133dc38 41523ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.772s Main 7133dc3c 41495fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.772s Main 7133dc40 00000000 I 2.772s Main 7133dc44 41523ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.772s Main 7133dc48 4149cf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.772s Main 7133dc4c 00000000 I 2.772s Main 7133dc50 7133dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.772s Main 7133dc54 41523ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.772s Main 7133dc58 7133dc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.772s Main 7133dc5c 6d3e3eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.772s Main 7133dc60 4153e740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.772s Main 7133dc64 4149cfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.772s Main 7133dc68 00000000 I 2.772s Main 7133dc6c 00000000 I 2.772s Main 7133dc70 00000000 I 2.772s Main 7133dc74 00000000 I 2.772s Main 7133dc78 00000000 I 2.773s Main 7133dc7c fffffea0 I 2.773s Main 7133dc80 4149cf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.773s Main 7133dc84 4149a63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.773s Main 7133dc88 00000000 I 2.773s Main 7133dc8c 00000000 I 2.773s Main 7133dc90 00000000 I 2.773s Main 7133dc94 00000000 I 2.773s Main 7133dc98 7123ffe4 I 2.773s Main 7133dc9c 00000000 I 2.773s Main 7133dca0 00000000 I 2.773s Main 7133dca4 00000000 I 2.773s Main 7133dca8 00000000 I 2.773s Main 7133dcac 00000000 I 2.773s Main 7133dcb0 00000000 I 2.773s Main 7133dcb4 00000000 I 2.773s Main 7133dcb8 00000000 I 2.773s Main 7133dcbc 00000000 I 2.773s Main 7133dcc0 00000000 I 2.773s Main 7133dcc4 00000000 I 2.773s Main 7133dd18 0000001d I 2.773s Main 7133dd1c 0000001c I 2.773s Main 7133dd20 0000001c I 2.773s Main 7133dd24 41523ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.773s Main 7133dd28 4008f384 I 2.774s Main 7133dd2c 414dead3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.774s Main 7133dd30 71240000 I 2.774s Main 7133dd34 7133dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.774s Main 7133dd38 4151e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.774s Main 7133dd3c 4008f384 I 2.774s Main 7133dd40 4151e500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.774s Main 7133dd44 4151e4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.774s Main 7133dd48 71240000 I 2.774s Main 7133dd4c be87be3c [stack] I 2.774s Main 7133dd50 4008d2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.774s Main 7133dd54 414cf5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.774s Main 7133dd58 7133dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.774s Main 7133dd5c 7133dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.774s Main 7133dd60 41523ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.774s Main 7133dd64 7133dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.774s Main 7133dd68 4008f384 I 2.774s Main 7133dd6c 41523ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.774s Main 7133dd70 414c428f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.774s Main 7133dd74 7133dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.774s Main 7133dd78 00000003 I 2.774s Main 7133dd7c 6f7b18f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.774s Main 7133dd80 00000000 I 2.774s Main 7133dd84 41468a10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.774s Main 7133dd88 41523ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.774s Main 7133dd8c 4004e0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.775s Main 7133dd90 00000000 I 2.775s Main 7133dd94 41468a0f <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.775s Main 7133dd98 414689f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.775s Main 7133dd9c a6c9b883 I 2.775s Main 7133dda0 7133ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.775s Main 7133dda4 6f7b18f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.775s Main 7133dda8 414c41ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.775s Main 7133ddac 41523ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.775s Main 7133ddb0 414c41ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.775s Main 7133ddb4 4004e174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.775s Main 7133ddb8 41523ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.775s Main 7133ddbc 6f7b18f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.775s Main 7133ddc0 7133ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.775s Main 7133ddc4 0000000d I 2.775s Main 7133ddc8 00000078 I 2.775s Main 7133ddcc 4004e30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.775s Main 7133ddd0 7133ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.775s Main 7133ddd4 6f7b18f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.775s Main 7133ddd8 00000000 I 2.775s Main 7133dddc 00000000 I 2.775s Main 7133dde0 00000000 I 2.775s Main 7133dde4 a6c9b883 I 2.775s Main 7133dde8 00000000 I 2.775s Main 7133ddec 00000000 I 2.776s Main 7133ddf0 00000000 I 2.776s Main 7133ddf4 00000000 I 2.776s Main 7133ddf8 00000000 I 2.776s Main 7133ddfc 00000000 I 2.776s Main 7133de00 00000000 I 2.776s Main 7133de04 00000000 I 2.776s Main 7133de08 00000000 I 2.776s Main 7133de0c 41523ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.776s Main I 2.776s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.776s Main I 2.776s Main I 2.776s Main pid: 835, tid: 839, name: GC I 2.776s Main r0 4146e3d4 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.776s Main r4 4146e3d4 r5 4146e3d0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.776s Main r8 41520100 r9 41520100 sl 4146e3c8 fp 4008d2ec I 2.776s Main ip 00000000 sp 7143dd40 lr 4004fec8 pc 40062904 I 2.776s Main I 2.776s Main Stack Trace: I 2.776s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.776s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.776s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.776s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.776s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.776s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.777s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.777s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.777s Main I 2.777s Main Stack Data: I 2.777s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.777s Main 7143dd00 00000000 I 2.777s Main 7143dd04 7143dca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.777s Main 7143dd08 7143dcb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.777s Main 7143dd0c 00000018 I 2.777s Main 7143dd10 6d3e366c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.777s Main 7143dd14 7143dd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.777s Main 7143dd18 4151e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.777s Main 7143dd1c 6e3f2e28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.777s Main 7143dd20 4153e940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.777s Main 7143dd24 4153e9b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.777s Main 7143dd28 4153e940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.777s Main 7143dd2c 400642d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.777s Main 7143dd30 4146e3d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.777s Main 7143dd34 4146e3d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.777s Main 7143dd38 00000000 I 2.777s Main 7143dd3c 4004feb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.777s Main 7143dd40 00000000 I 2.777s Main 7143dd40 00000000 I 2.777s Main 7143dd44 4146e3d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.778s Main 7143dd48 4146e3d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.778s Main 7143dd4c 00000000 I 2.778s Main 7143dd50 41520100 I 2.778s Main 7143dd54 4004ff28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.778s Main 7143dd58 41519c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.778s Main 7143dd5c 4151e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.778s Main 7143dd60 be87bf10 [stack] I 2.778s Main 7143dd64 41519c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.778s Main 7143dd68 4151e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.778s Main 7143dd6c 414e1783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.778s Main 7143dd70 00000000 I 2.778s Main 7143dd74 00000000 I 2.778s Main 7143dd78 414e1735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.778s Main 7143dd7c 6e3e2f88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.778s Main 7143dd80 4151e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.778s Main 7143dd84 be87bf10 [stack] I 2.778s Main 7143dd88 6e3e2f88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.778s Main 7143dd8c 414c3921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.778s Main 7143dd90 71340000 I 2.778s Main 7143dd94 414c396f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.778s Main 7143dd98 6e3e2f88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.778s Main 7143dd9c 00010002 I 2.778s Main 7143dda0 6e3e2fa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.778s Main 7143dda4 41533880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.779s Main 7143dda8 7143ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.779s Main 7143ddac 6f7b1d48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.779s Main 7143ddb0 414c3921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.779s Main 7143ddb4 4004e174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.779s Main 7143ddb8 6e3e2f88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.779s Main 7143ddbc 6f7b1d48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.779s Main 7143ddc0 7143ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.779s Main 7143ddc4 0000000d I 2.779s Main 7143ddc8 00000078 I 2.779s Main 7143ddcc 4004e30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.779s Main 7143ddd0 7143ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.779s Main 7143ddd4 6f7b1d48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.779s Main 7143ddd8 00000000 I 2.779s Main 7143dddc 00000000 I 2.779s Main 7143dde0 00000000 I 2.779s Main 7143dde4 a6c9b883 I 2.779s Main 7143dde8 00000000 I 2.779s Main 7143ddec 00000000 I 2.779s Main 7143ddf0 00000000 I 2.779s Main 7143ddf4 00000000 I 2.779s Main 7143ddf8 00000000 I 2.779s Main 7143ddfc 00000000 I 2.779s Main 7143de00 00000000 I 2.779s Main 7143de04 00000000 I 2.779s Main 7143de08 00000000 I 2.780s Main 7143de0c 6f7b1f90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.780s Main I 2.780s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.780s Main I 2.780s Main I 2.780s Main pid: 835, tid: 840, name: Signal Catcher I 2.780s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 2.780s Main r4 71541d08 r5 71541d48 r6 be87bf20 r7 000000b1 I 2.780s Main r8 6f7b2838 r9 41519c74 sl 4151e694 fp 414fdcdc I 2.780s Main ip 71541d44 sp 71541d08 lr 40054351 pc 40062170 I 2.780s Main I 2.780s Main Stack Trace: I 2.780s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.780s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.780s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.780s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.780s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.780s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.780s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.780s Main I 2.780s Main Stack Data: I 2.780s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.780s Main 71541cc8 00000000 I 2.780s Main 71541ccc 00000000 I 2.781s Main 71541cd0 00000000 I 2.781s Main 71541cd4 00000000 I 2.781s Main 71541cd8 71541d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.781s Main 71541cdc 00000000 I 2.781s Main 71541ce0 6f7b2838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.781s Main 71541ce4 71547fc4 I 2.781s Main 71541ce8 00000000 I 2.781s Main 71541cec 71541d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.781s Main 71541cf0 00000000 I 2.781s Main 71541cf4 414cf58b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.781s Main 71541cf8 414ff239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.781s Main 71541cfc 00000000 I 2.781s Main 71541d00 00000000 I 2.781s Main 71541d04 71541ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.781s Main 71541d08 00000204 I 2.781s Main 71541d08 00000204 I 2.781s Main 71541d0c 00000000 I 2.781s Main 71541d10 fffffea0 I 2.781s Main 71541d14 6e3f2ed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.781s Main 71541d18 4151e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.781s Main 71541d1c 414c0f57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.781s Main 71541d20 4153ea20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.781s Main 71541d24 4153ea90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.781s Main 71541d28 4153ea20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.781s Main 71541d2c 400642d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.782s Main 71541d30 6f7b2ba4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.782s Main 71541d34 414c09a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.782s Main 71541d38 6f7b2838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.782s Main 71541d3c 414c494b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.782s Main 71541d40 4153ea90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.782s Main 71541d44 00000204 I 2.782s Main 71541d48 00000004 I 2.782s Main 71541d4c 6f7b2838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.782s Main 71541d50 4151e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.782s Main 71541d54 414c2e11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.782s Main 71541d58 41533880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.782s Main 71541d5c 4153ea90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.782s Main 71541d98 6e3f2ed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.782s Main 71541d9c 00010002 I 2.782s Main 71541da0 6e3f2ef0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.782s Main 71541da4 41533880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.782s Main 71541da8 71541dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.782s Main 71541dac 6f7b25f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.782s Main 71541db0 414c3921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.782s Main 71541db4 4004e174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.782s Main 71541db8 6e3f2ed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.782s Main 71541dbc 6f7b25f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.782s Main 71541dc0 71541dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.782s Main 71541dc4 0000000d I 2.783s Main 71541dc8 00000078 I 2.783s Main 71541dcc 4004e30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.783s Main 71541dd0 71541dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.783s Main 71541dd4 6f7b25f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.783s Main 71541dd8 00000000 I 2.783s Main 71541ddc 00000000 I 2.783s Main 71541de0 00000000 I 2.783s Main 71541de4 a6c9b883 I 2.783s Main 71541de8 00000000 I 2.783s Main 71541dec 00000000 I 2.783s Main 71541df0 00000000 I 2.783s Main 71541df4 00000000 I 2.783s Main 71541df8 00000000 I 2.783s Main 71541dfc 00000000 I 2.783s Main 71541e00 00000000 I 2.783s Main 71541e04 00000000 I 2.783s Main 71541e08 00000000 I 2.783s Main 71541e0c 6f7b2838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.783s Main I 2.783s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.783s Main I 2.783s Main I 2.783s Main pid: 835, tid: 841, name: JDWP I 2.783s Main r0 0000001c r1 71645d10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 2.784s Main r4 6f7b2f50 r5 4008f384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 2.784s Main r8 6f7b4f70 r9 000003e8 sl 6f7b2eec fp 4008d2ec I 2.784s Main ip 6f7b4f50 sp 71645cf8 lr 414d0087 pc 400623d8 I 2.784s Main I 2.784s Main Stack Trace: I 2.784s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.784s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.784s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.784s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.784s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.784s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.784s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.784s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.784s Main I 2.784s Main Stack Data: I 2.784s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.784s Main 71645cb8 6f7b4f50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.784s Main 71645cbc 6f7b4f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.784s Main 71645cc0 000003e8 I 2.784s Main 71645cc4 6f7b2eec <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.784s Main 71645cc8 4008d2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.784s Main 71645ccc 40067159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.784s Main 71645cd0 00000000 I 2.784s Main 71645cd4 00000000 I 2.784s Main 71645cd8 71645d4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.785s Main 71645cdc 00000000 I 2.785s Main 71645ce0 00000000 I 2.785s Main 71645ce4 7164bfc4 I 2.785s Main 71645ce8 00004000 I 2.785s Main 71645cec 71645d54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.785s Main 71645cf0 00000000 I 2.785s Main 71645cf4 00000000 I 2.785s Main 71645cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[vectors] I 2.785s Main 71645cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[vectors] I 2.785s Main 71645cfc 71645d50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.785s Main 71645d00 00000004 I 2.785s Main 71645d04 21645ca8 I 2.785s Main 71645d08 71645d07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.785s Main 71645d0c 00000001 I 2.785s Main 71645d10 00000000 I 2.785s Main 71645d14 00000000 I 2.785s Main 71645d18 71645d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.785s Main 71645d1c 00000001 I 2.785s Main 71645d20 71645d2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.785s Main 71645d24 00000010 I 2.785s Main 71645d28 00000000 I 2.785s Main 71645d2c 00000010 I 2.785s Main 71645d30 00000001 I 2.785s Main 71645d34 00000001 I 2.786s Main 71645d50 33343330 I 2.786s Main 71645d54 414d0100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.786s Main 71645d58 00000001 I 2.786s Main 71645d5c 6f7b2e98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.786s Main 71645d60 6f7b2ee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.786s Main 71645d64 be87bf00 [stack] I 2.786s Main 71645d68 6e3f2fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.786s Main 71645d6c 415087c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.786s Main 71645d70 41509910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.786s Main 71645d74 414d2f89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.786s Main 71645d78 00000000 I 2.786s Main 71645d7c 6e3f2fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.786s Main 71645d80 4151e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.786s Main 71645d84 be87bf00 [stack] I 2.786s Main 71645d88 6e3f2fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.786s Main 71645d8c 414c3921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.786s Main 71645d90 71548000 I 2.786s Main 71645d94 414c396f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.786s Main 71645d98 6e3f2fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.786s Main 71645d9c 00010002 I 2.786s Main 71645da0 6e3f2fd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.786s Main 71645da4 41533880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.786s Main 71645da8 71645dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.786s Main 71645dac 6f7b4fe8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.786s Main 71645db0 414c3921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.787s Main 71645db4 4004e174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.787s Main 71645db8 6e3f2fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.787s Main 71645dbc 6f7b4fe8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.787s Main 71645dc0 71645dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.787s Main 71645dc4 0000000d I 2.787s Main 71645dc8 00000078 I 2.787s Main 71645dcc 4004e30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.787s Main 71645dd0 71645dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.787s Main 71645dd4 6f7b4fe8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.787s Main 71645dd8 00000000 I 2.787s Main 71645ddc 00000000 I 2.787s Main 71645de0 00000000 I 2.787s Main 71645de4 a6c9b883 I 2.787s Main 71645de8 00000000 I 2.787s Main 71645dec 00000000 I 2.787s Main 71645df0 00000000 I 2.787s Main 71645df4 00000000 I 2.787s Main 71645df8 00000000 I 2.787s Main 71645dfc 00000000 I 2.787s Main 71645e00 00000000 I 2.787s Main 71645e04 00000000 I 2.787s Main 71645e08 00000000 I 2.787s Main 71645e0c 6f7b5230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.787s Main I 2.788s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.788s Main I 2.788s Main I 2.788s Main pid: 835, tid: 842, name: Compiler I 2.788s Main r0 4151e704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.788s Main r4 4151e704 r5 4151e6fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.788s Main r8 414c3921 r9 7164c000 sl 4151e6f8 fp 4008d2ec I 2.788s Main ip 00000000 sp 71749c10 lr 4004fec8 pc 40062904 I 2.788s Main I 2.788s Main Stack Trace: I 2.788s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.788s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.788s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.788s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.788s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.788s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.788s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.788s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.788s Main I 2.788s Main Stack Data: I 2.788s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.788s Main 71749bd0 00000000 I 2.788s Main 71749bd4 00000000 I 2.788s Main 71749bd8 4151e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.788s Main 71749bdc 00000000 I 2.789s Main 71749be0 00000000 I 2.789s Main 71749be4 00000000 I 2.789s Main 71749be8 41504f31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.789s Main 71749bec 414c3bc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.789s Main 71749bf0 fffffe0c I 2.789s Main 71749bf4 6e3e2810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.789s Main 71749bf8 6e3e2838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.789s Main 71749bfc ffffffef I 2.789s Main 71749c00 4151e704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.789s Main 71749c04 4151e6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.789s Main 71749c08 00000000 I 2.789s Main 71749c0c 4004feb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.789s Main 71749c10 00000000 I 2.789s Main 71749c10 00000000 I 2.789s Main 71749c14 4151e6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.789s Main 71749c18 4151e704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.789s Main 71749c1c 6f7b6428 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.789s Main 71749c20 00001000 I 2.789s Main 71749c24 4004ff28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.789s Main 71749c28 4151e6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.789s Main 71749c2c 718c8fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.789s Main 71749c30 414fdcdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.789s Main 71749c34 4151e6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.789s Main 71749c38 718c8fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.790s Main 71749c3c 414e2d03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.790s Main 71749c40 71749d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:842] I 2.790s Main 71749c44 4149cfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.790s Main 71749c48 00000000 I 2.790s Main 71749c4c 41519c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.790s Main 71749c50 4150e901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.790s Main 71749c54 414fdcdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.790s Main 71749c58 00000000 I 2.790s Main 71749c5c fffffea0 I 2.790s Main 71749c60 4149cf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.790s Main 71749c64 4149a63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.790s Main 71749c68 00000000 I 2.790s Main 71749c6c 00000000 I 2.790s Main 71749c70 00000000 I 2.790s Main 71749c74 00000000 I 2.790s Main 71749c78 7174ffa0 I 2.790s Main 71749c7c 00000000 I 2.790s Main 71749d98 6f7b5938 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.790s Main 71749d9c 00010002 I 2.790s Main 71749da0 6f7b5958 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.790s Main 71749da4 41533880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.790s Main 71749da8 71749dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:842] I 2.790s Main 71749dac 6f7b5968 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.790s Main 71749db0 414c3921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.791s Main 71749db4 4004e174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.791s Main 71749db8 6f7b5938 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.791s Main 71749dbc 6f7b5968 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.791s Main 71749dc0 71749dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:842] I 2.791s Main 71749dc4 0000000d I 2.791s Main 71749dc8 00000078 I 2.791s Main 71749dcc 4004e30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.791s Main 71749dd0 71749dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[stack:842] I 2.791s Main 71749dd4 6f7b5968 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.791s Main 71749dd8 00000000 I 2.791s Main 71749ddc 00000000 I 2.791s Main 71749de0 00000000 I 2.791s Main 71749de4 a6c9b883 I 2.791s Main 71749de8 00000000 I 2.791s Main 71749dec 00000000 I 2.791s Main 71749df0 00000000 I 2.791s Main 71749df4 00000000 I 2.791s Main 71749df8 00000000 I 2.791s Main 71749dfc 00000000 I 2.791s Main 71749e00 00000000 I 2.791s Main 71749e04 00000000 I 2.791s Main 71749e08 00000000 I 2.791s Main 71749e0c 6f7b5bb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.791s Main I 2.791s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.792s Main I 2.792s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 2.792s Main I 2.792s Main Stack Trace: I 2.792s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.792s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.792s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.792s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.792s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.792s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.792s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.792s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.792s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.792s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.792s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.792s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.792s Main I 2.792s Main Stack Data: I 2.792s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.792s Main 91032651 16622974 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp5YtS3Q/w/src/89 I 2.792s Main I 2.792s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.792s Main I 2.792s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000343 (code=-6), thread 835 (app_process)