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/b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/build/android/ -a -s -w --adb-path /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/third_party/android_tools/sdk/platform-tools/adb in dir /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w: allow_subannotations: False base_name: 'stack_tool_for_tombstones' cmd: ['/b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/build/android/', '-a', '-s', '-w', '--adb-path', '/b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/third_party/android_tools/sdk/platform-tools/adb'] env: {'CHROMIUM_OUTPUT_DIR': '/b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release', 'PATH': '/b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/third_party/android_tools/sdk/platform-tools:/b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/build/android:%(PATH)s'} env_prefixes: {'PATH': '/b/cipd_client:/b/cipd_path_tools:/b/cipd_path_tools/bin'} env_suffixes: {} infra_step: True name: 'stack_tool_for_tombstones' nest_level: 0 ok_ret: frozenset([0]) trigger_specs: () full environment: AWS_CREDENTIAL_FILE: /b/build/site_config/.boto BOTO_CONFIG: /b/build/site_config/.boto BUILDBOT_BLAMELIST: [u'', u''] BUILDBOT_BRANCH: master BUILDBOT_BUILDBOTURL: BUILDBOT_BUILDERNAME: Android Cronet KitKat Builder BUILDBOT_BUILDNUMBER: 9154 BUILDBOT_CLOBBER: BUILDBOT_GOT_REVISION: None BUILDBOT_MASTERNAME: BUILDBOT_REVISION: d9d1e307d722ff37636c3c02355070ed20bc3d6b BUILDBOT_SCHEDULER: chromium_commits BUILDBOT_SLAVENAME: build69-b1 CHROME_HEADLESS: 1 CHROMIUM_OUTPUT_DIR: /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release CIPD_CACHE_DIR: /b/c/cipd DISPLAY: :0.0 GIT_USER_AGENT: git/2.11.0 linux2 HOME: /home/chrome-bot INFRA_BUILDBOT_MASTER_CLASS_NAME: ChromiumAndroid INFRA_BUILDBOT_SLAVE_ACTIVE_SUBDIR: INFRA_BUILDBOT_SLAVE_NAME: build69-b1 LANG: en_US.UTF-8 LOGDOG_COORDINATOR_HOST: LOGDOG_STREAM_PREFIX: bb/ LOGDOG_STREAM_PROJECT: chromium LOGDOG_STREAM_SERVER_PATH: unix:/b/build/rr/tmpzRD9gQ/butler.sock LOGNAME: chrome-bot PAGER: cat PATH: /b/cipd_client:/b/cipd_path_tools:/b/cipd_path_tools/bin:/b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/third_party/android_tools/sdk/platform-tools:/b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/build/android:/b/cipd_path_tools:/b/cipd_path_tools/bin:/b/cipd_client:/home/chrome-bot/slavebin:/b/depot_tools:/usr/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin PWD: /b/build/slave/Android_Cronet_KitKat_Builder/build PYTHONIOENCODING: UTF-8 PYTHONUNBUFFERED: 1 SHELL: /bin/bash USER: chrome-bot VPYTHON_VIRTUALENV_ROOT: /b/c/vpython I 0.005s TimeoutThread-1-for-MainThread condition '<lambda>' met (0.0s) I 1.018s Thread-2 tombstone_00 created on 1971-10-16 13:24:00, about this long ago: 17290 days, 1:16:51 Device: 05c34aa83444c162 I 1.018s Thread-1 tombstone_01 created on 1971-10-16 13:24:00, about this long ago: 17290 days, 1:16:51 Device: 05c34aa83444c162 I 1.019s Thread-2 Resolving... I 1.019s Thread-1 Resolving... I 1.317s Main Total time spent symbolizing: 0.44s I 1.317s Main tombstone_00 created on 1971-10-16 13:24:00, about this long ago: 17290 days, 1:16:51 Device: 05c34aa83444c162 I 1.317s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src I 1.317s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release I 1.317s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmpPwKHvE I 1.317s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 1.317s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release I 1.317s Main pid: 556, tid: 556, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 1.317s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 1.317s Main r0 00000000 r1 0000022c r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 1.317s Main r4 00000006 r5 00000000 r6 0000022c r7 0000010c I 1.317s Main r8 00000004 r9 bef21b91 sl bef21b9d fp bef21b85 I 1.318s Main ip 40267438 sp bef21628 lr 40101fe5 pc 40110f90 I 1.318s Main I 1.318s Main Stack Trace: I 1.318s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.318s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.318s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.318s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.318s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.318s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.318s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.318s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.318s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.318s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.318s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.318s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.318s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.318s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.318s Main I 1.318s Main Stack Data: I 1.318s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.318s Main bef215e8 4025a168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.318s Main bef215ec 00000002 I 1.318s Main bef215f0 40267438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.318s Main bef215f4 00000004 I 1.318s Main bef215f8 bef21b91 [stack] I 1.318s Main bef215fc bef21b9d [stack] I 1.318s Main bef21600 bef21b85 [stack] I 1.318s Main bef21604 40115159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.318s Main bef21608 34203020 I 1.318s Main bef2160c 20323136 I 1.318s Main bef21610 bef21684 [stack] I 1.318s Main bef21614 00000000 I 1.318s Main bef21618 00000000 I 1.318s Main bef2161c 37312030 I 1.318s Main bef21620 00004000 I 1.318s Main bef21624 bef21692 [stack] I 1.319s Main bef21628 00000006 I 1.319s Main bef2162c 00000000 I 1.319s Main bef21630 0000022c I 1.319s Main bef21634 40267438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main bef21638 40267438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main bef2163c 40101fe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main bef21640 00000006 I 1.319s Main bef21644 00000000 I 1.319s Main bef21648 00000002 I 1.319s Main bef2164c 401021f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main bef21650 bef2165c [stack] I 1.319s Main bef21654 40100f2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main bef21658 00000000 I 1.319s Main bef2165c ffffffdf I 1.319s Main bef21660 401392c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main bef21664 4013922c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main bef21668 00000000 I 1.319s Main bef2166c 40103aef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main bef21670 415c61f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main bef21674 415c61f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main bef21678 4025a168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main bef2167c 40110848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main bef21680 00000000 I 1.319s Main bef21684 4155cccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main bef21688 40147324 I 1.319s Main bef2168c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.319s Main bef21690 0000296c I 1.319s Main bef21694 00000000 I 1.319s Main bef21698 00000000 I 1.319s Main bef2169c 00000000 I 1.319s Main bef216a0 00000000 I 1.319s Main bef216a4 00000000 I 1.319s Main bef216a8 00000000 I 1.319s Main bef216ac 00000000 I 1.319s Main bef216b0 00000000 I 1.319s Main bef216b4 00000000 I 1.320s Main bef216b8 00000000 I 1.320s Main bef216bc 00000000 I 1.320s Main bef216c0 00000000 I 1.320s Main bef216c4 00000000 I 1.320s Main bef21898 000000c8 I 1.320s Main bef2189c 41e8cb78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.320s Main bef218a0 41fa5f28 [heap] I 1.320s Main bef218a4 00000000 I 1.320s Main bef218a8 000000c8 I 1.320s Main bef218ac 4025d560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.320s Main bef218b0 4025d740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.320s Main bef218b4 41fa5f28 [heap] I 1.320s Main bef218b8 400c6328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.320s Main bef218bc 40202d27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.320s Main bef218c0 41fa5f28 [heap] I 1.320s Main bef218c4 00000000 I 1.320s Main bef218c8 bef21988 [stack] I 1.320s Main bef218cc 40203015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.320s Main bef218d0 400c63cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.320s Main bef218d4 40203a65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.320s Main bef218d8 41fa5f28 [heap] I 1.320s Main bef218dc 00000000 I 1.320s Main bef218e0 415c9004 I 1.320s Main bef218e4 41564a8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.320s Main bef218e8 41564abd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.320s Main bef218ec 41564a95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.320s Main bef218f0 000000bb I 1.320s Main bef218f4 00000000 I 1.320s Main bef218f8 41fa5dd8 [heap] I 1.320s Main bef218fc 400ffe6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.320s Main bef21900 000000b0 I 1.320s Main bef21904 00000000 I 1.320s Main bef21908 400fedcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.320s Main bef2190c 000000a0 I 1.320s Main bef21910 00000014 I 1.320s Main bef21914 4025f3d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.320s Main bef21960 00000000 I 1.321s Main bef21964 00000000 I 1.321s Main bef21968 00000000 I 1.321s Main bef2196c bef21a7c [stack] I 1.321s Main bef21970 4013d384 I 1.321s Main bef21974 400c6372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.321s Main bef21978 400c6300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.321s Main bef2197c 400c637b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.321s Main bef21980 400c6391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.321s Main bef21984 400c639f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.321s Main bef21988 400c7e08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.321s Main bef2198c 4025d520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.321s Main bef21990 41fa5de8 [heap] I 1.321s Main bef21994 00000013 I 1.321s Main bef21998 00000000 I 1.321s Main bef2199c 00000008 I 1.321s Main bef21a40 00000000 I 1.321s Main bef21a44 00000000 I 1.321s Main bef21a48 00000000 I 1.321s Main bef21a4c 00000000 I 1.321s Main bef21a50 00000000 I 1.321s Main bef21a54 400c5d80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.321s Main bef21a58 400c7de8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.321s Main bef21a5c 400c7df0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.321s Main bef21a60 400c7df8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.321s Main bef21a64 bef21a70 [stack] I 1.321s Main bef21a68 00000000 I 1.321s Main bef21a6c 400ca881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 1.321s Main bef21a70 00000005 I 1.321s Main bef21a74 bef21b85 [stack] I 1.321s Main bef21a78 bef21b91 [stack] I 1.321s Main bef21a7c bef21b9d [stack] I 1.321s Main bef21a80 bef21bb8 [stack] I 1.321s Main bef21a84 bef21bbd [stack] I 1.321s Main bef21a88 00000000 I 1.321s Main bef21a8c bef21bc5 [stack] I 1.321s Main bef21a90 bef21bdf [stack] I 1.322s Main bef21a94 bef21c0b [stack] I 1.322s Main I 1.322s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.322s Main I 1.322s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x0000022c (code=-6), thread 556 (app_process) I 1.322s Main I 1.322s Main pid: 556, tid: 614, name: ReferenceQueueD I 1.322s Main r0 41e1d9b8 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.322s Main r4 41e1d9b8 r5 41e1d9a8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.322s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d6552b0 sl 00000000 fp 41fc21d0 I 1.322s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fc8fba0 lr 400fdec8 pc 40110904 I 1.322s Main I 1.322s Main Stack Trace: I 1.322s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.322s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.322s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.322s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.322s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.322s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.322s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.322s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.322s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.322s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.322s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.322s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.322s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.322s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.322s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.322s Main I 1.322s Main Stack Data: I 1.322s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.322s Main 6fc8fb60 0000002b I 1.322s Main 6fc8fb64 00000060 I 1.322s Main 6fc8fb68 41ddcf80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.322s Main 6fc8fb6c 400ffe6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.322s Main 6fc8fb70 00000020 I 1.322s Main 6fc8fb74 00001004 I 1.323s Main 6fc8fb78 00000021 I 1.323s Main 6fc8fb7c 00000020 I 1.323s Main 6fc8fb80 00000020 I 1.323s Main 6fc8fb84 41fad640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.323s Main 6fc8fb88 00000001 I 1.323s Main 6fc8fb8c 41e1d628 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.323s Main 6fc8fb90 41e1d9b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.323s Main 6fc8fb94 41e1d9a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.323s Main 6fc8fb98 00000000 I 1.323s Main 6fc8fb9c 400fdeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.323s Main 6fc8fba0 00000000 I 1.323s Main 6fc8fba0 00000000 I 1.323s Main 6fc8fba4 41e1d9a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.323s Main 6fc8fba8 41e1d9b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.323s Main 6fc8fbac 41e1d618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.323s Main 6fc8fbb0 41ddcf80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.323s Main 6fc8fbb4 400fdf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.323s Main 6fc8fbb8 41e1d9a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.323s Main 6fc8fbbc 00000000 I 1.323s Main 6fc8fbc0 41e1d9a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.323s Main 6fc8fbc4 41e1d9a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.323s Main 6fc8fbc8 00000000 I 1.323s Main 6fc8fbcc 41569d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.323s Main 6fc8fbd0 41e1d618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.323s Main 6fc8fbd4 41ddcf80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.323s Main 6fc8fbd8 41e21f74 I 1.323s Main 6fc8fbdc 41e21f78 I 1.323s Main 6fc8fbe0 41fad640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.323s Main 6fc8fbe4 41e1d618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.323s Main 6fc8fbe8 41e1d628 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.323s Main 6fc8fbec 41e21f74 I 1.323s Main 6fc8fbf0 415c1c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.323s Main 6fc8fbf4 4157e655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.323s Main 6fc8fbf8 00000000 I 1.323s Main 6fc8fbfc 00000001 I 1.323s Main 6fc8fc00 00000000 I 1.323s Main 6fc8fc04 00000000 I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc08 6d6552b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc0c 41fa8890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc10 4157e62f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc14 41566acf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc18 41e21f74 I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc1c 41e1d628 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc20 6e6c8e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc24 41e21f98 I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc28 41e1d618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc2c 41fa8890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc30 41534d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc34 00000000 I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc38 41e21f60 I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc3c 4153dfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc40 00000000 I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc44 41e1d618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc48 41544f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc4c 00000000 I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc50 6fc8fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc54 41e1d618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc58 6fc8fc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc5c 6d659eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc60 41fc21d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc64 41544fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc68 00000000 I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc6c 00000000 I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc70 00000000 I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc74 00000000 I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc78 00000000 I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc7c fffffea0 I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc80 41544f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc84 4154263c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc88 00000000 I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc8c 00000000 I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc90 00000000 I 1.324s Main 6fc8fc94 00000000 I 1.325s Main 6fc8fc98 41e21fe4 I 1.325s Main 6fc8fc9c 00000000 I 1.325s Main 6fc8fca0 00000000 I 1.325s Main 6fc8fca4 00000000 I 1.325s Main 6fc8fca8 00000000 I 1.325s Main 6fc8fcac 00000000 I 1.325s Main 6fc8fcb0 00000000 I 1.325s Main 6fc8fcb4 00000000 I 1.325s Main 6fc8fcb8 00000000 I 1.325s Main 6fc8fcbc 00000000 I 1.325s Main 6fc8fcc0 00000000 I 1.325s Main 6fc8fcc4 00000000 I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd18 0000001d I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd1c 0000001c I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd20 0000001c I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd24 41e1d618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd28 4013d384 I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd2c 41586ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd30 6fb92000 I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd34 6fc8fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd38 415c61f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd3c 4013d384 I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd40 415c6500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd44 415c64fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd48 6fb92000 I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd4c bef20e14 [stack] I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd50 4013b2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd54 415775a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd58 6fc8fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd5c 6fc8fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd60 41e1d618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd64 6fc8fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd68 4013d384 I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd6c 41e1d618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd70 4156c28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd74 6fc8fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.325s Main 6fc8fd78 00000003 I 1.326s Main 6fc8fd7c 41ddcc90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.326s Main 6fc8fd80 00000000 I 1.326s Main 6fc8fd84 41fa0e38 [heap] I 1.326s Main 6fc8fd88 41e1d618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.326s Main 6fc8fd8c 400fc0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.326s Main 6fc8fd90 00000000 I 1.326s Main 6fc8fd94 41fa0e34 [heap] I 1.326s Main 6fc8fd98 41fa0e20 [heap] I 1.326s Main 6fc8fd9c fee6d118 I 1.326s Main 6fc8fda0 6fc8fdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.326s Main 6fc8fda4 41ddcc90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.326s Main 6fc8fda8 4156c1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.326s Main 6fc8fdac 41e1d618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.326s Main 6fc8fdb0 4156c1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.326s Main 6fc8fdb4 400fc174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.326s Main 6fc8fdb8 41e1d618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.326s Main 6fc8fdbc 41ddcc90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.326s Main 6fc8fdc0 6fc8fdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.326s Main 6fc8fdc4 0000000d I 1.326s Main 6fc8fdc8 00000078 I 1.326s Main 6fc8fdcc 400fc30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.326s Main 6fc8fdd0 6fc8fdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.326s Main 6fc8fdd4 41ddcc90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.326s Main 6fc8fdd8 00000000 I 1.326s Main 6fc8fddc 00000000 I 1.326s Main 6fc8fde0 00000000 I 1.326s Main 6fc8fde4 fee6d118 I 1.326s Main 6fc8fde8 00000000 I 1.326s Main 6fc8fdec 00000000 I 1.326s Main 6fc8fdf0 00000000 I 1.326s Main 6fc8fdf4 00000000 I 1.326s Main 6fc8fdf8 00000000 I 1.326s Main 6fc8fdfc 00000000 I 1.326s Main 6fc8fe00 00000000 I 1.326s Main 6fc8fe04 00000000 I 1.326s Main 6fc8fe08 00000000 I 1.327s Main 6fc8fe0c 41e1d618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.327s Main I 1.327s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.327s Main I 1.327s Main I 1.327s Main pid: 556, tid: 615, name: FinalizerDaemon I 1.327s Main r0 41e84ea0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.327s Main r4 41e84ea0 r5 41e84e90 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.327s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d6552b0 sl 00000000 fp 41fc24a0 I 1.327s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fd8dbc8 lr 400fdec8 pc 40110904 I 1.327s Main I 1.327s Main Stack Trace: I 1.327s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.327s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.327s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.327s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.327s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.327s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.327s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.327s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.327s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.327s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.327s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.327s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.327s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.327s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.327s Main I 1.327s Main Stack Data: I 1.327s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.327s Main 6fd8db88 0000002b I 1.327s Main 6fd8db8c 00000078 I 1.327s Main 6fd8db90 41e1df68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.327s Main 6fd8db94 400ffe6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.327s Main 6fd8db98 00000020 I 1.327s Main 6fd8db9c 00001084 I 1.327s Main 6fd8dba0 00000021 I 1.328s Main 6fd8dba4 00000020 I 1.328s Main 6fd8dba8 00000020 I 1.328s Main 6fd8dbac 41fad718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.328s Main 6fd8dbb0 00000001 I 1.328s Main 6fd8dbb4 41534d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.328s Main 6fd8dbb8 41e84ea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.328s Main 6fd8dbbc 41e84e90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.328s Main 6fd8dbc0 00000000 I 1.328s Main 6fd8dbc4 400fdeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.328s Main 6fd8dbc8 00000000 I 1.328s Main 6fd8dbc8 00000000 I 1.328s Main 6fd8dbcc 41e84e90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.328s Main 6fd8dbd0 41e84ea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.328s Main 6fd8dbd4 41e84b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.328s Main 6fd8dbd8 41e1df68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.328s Main 6fd8dbdc 400fdf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.328s Main 6fd8dbe0 41e84e90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.328s Main 6fd8dbe4 00000000 I 1.328s Main 6fd8dbe8 41e84e90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.328s Main 6fd8dbec 41e84e90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.328s Main 6fd8dbf0 00000000 I 1.328s Main 6fd8dbf4 41569d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.328s Main 6fd8dbf8 41e84b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.328s Main 6fd8dbfc 41e1df68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.328s Main 6fd8dc00 41ec5f10 I 1.328s Main 6fd8dc04 41ec5f14 I 1.328s Main 6fd8dc08 41fad718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.328s Main 6fd8dc0c 41fa8890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.328s Main 6fd8dc10 41534d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.328s Main 6fd8dc14 00000000 I 1.328s Main 6fd8dc18 41ec5efc I 1.328s Main 6fd8dc1c 4157e655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.328s Main 6fd8dc20 00000000 I 1.328s Main 6fd8dc24 00000001 I 1.328s Main 6fd8dc28 00000000 I 1.328s Main 6fd8dc2c 00000000 I 1.328s Main 6fd8dc30 6e6c8ea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc34 41ec5f34 I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc38 41e84b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc3c 4153dfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc40 00000000 I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc44 41e84b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc48 41544f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc4c 00000000 I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc50 6fd8dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc54 41e84b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc58 6fd8dc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc5c 6d659eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc60 41fc24a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc64 41544fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc68 00000000 I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc6c 00000000 I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc70 00000000 I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc74 00000000 I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc78 00000000 I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc7c fffffea0 I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc80 41544f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc84 4154263c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc88 00000000 I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc8c 00000000 I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc90 00000000 I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc94 00000000 I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc98 41ec5fe4 I 1.329s Main 6fd8dc9c 00000000 I 1.329s Main 6fd8dca0 00000000 I 1.329s Main 6fd8dca4 00000000 I 1.329s Main 6fd8dca8 00000000 I 1.329s Main 6fd8dcac 00000000 I 1.329s Main 6fd8dcb0 00000000 I 1.329s Main 6fd8dcb4 00000000 I 1.329s Main 6fd8dcb8 00000000 I 1.329s Main 6fd8dcbc 00000000 I 1.329s Main 6fd8dcc0 00000000 I 1.330s Main 6fd8dcc4 00000000 I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd18 0000001d I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd1c 0000001c I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd20 0000001c I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd24 41e84b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd28 4013d384 I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd2c 41586ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd30 6fc90000 I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd34 6fd8dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd38 415c61f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd3c 4013d384 I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd40 415c6500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd44 415c64fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd48 6fc90000 I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd4c bef20e3c [stack] I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd50 4013b2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd54 415775a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd58 6fd8dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd5c 6fd8dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd60 41e84b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd64 6fd8dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd68 4013d384 I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd6c 41e84b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd70 4156c28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd74 6fd8dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd78 00000003 I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd7c 41e1dc78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd80 00000000 I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd90 006e6f6d I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd94 6fd8dd93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd98 6fd8dd84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.330s Main 6fd8dd9c fee6d118 I 1.330s Main 6fd8dda0 6fd8ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.330s Main 6fd8dda4 41e1dc78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.331s Main 6fd8dda8 4156c1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.331s Main 6fd8ddac 41e84b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.331s Main 6fd8ddb0 4156c1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.331s Main 6fd8ddb4 400fc174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.331s Main 6fd8ddb8 41e84b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.331s Main 6fd8ddbc 41e1dc78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.331s Main 6fd8ddc0 6fd8ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.331s Main 6fd8ddc4 0000000d I 1.331s Main 6fd8ddc8 00000078 I 1.331s Main 6fd8ddcc 400fc30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.331s Main 6fd8ddd0 6fd8ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.331s Main 6fd8ddd4 41e1dc78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.331s Main 6fd8ddd8 00000000 I 1.331s Main 6fd8dddc 00000000 I 1.331s Main 6fd8dde0 00000000 I 1.331s Main 6fd8dde4 fee6d118 I 1.331s Main 6fd8dde8 00000000 I 1.331s Main 6fd8ddec 00000000 I 1.331s Main 6fd8ddf0 00000000 I 1.331s Main 6fd8ddf4 00000000 I 1.331s Main 6fd8ddf8 00000000 I 1.331s Main 6fd8ddfc 00000000 I 1.331s Main 6fd8de00 00000000 I 1.331s Main 6fd8de04 00000000 I 1.331s Main 6fd8de08 00000000 I 1.331s Main 6fd8de0c 41e84b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.331s Main I 1.331s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.331s Main I 1.331s Main I 1.331s Main pid: 556, tid: 616, name: FinalizerWatchd I 1.331s Main r0 41e85500 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.331s Main r4 41e85500 r5 41e854f0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.331s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d6552b0 sl 00000000 fp 41fc2740 I 1.331s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fe8bbc8 lr 400fdec8 pc 40110904 I 1.331s Main I 1.331s Main Stack Trace: I 1.332s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.332s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.332s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.332s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.332s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.332s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.332s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.332s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.332s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.332s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.332s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.332s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.332s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.332s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.332s Main I 1.332s Main Stack Data: I 1.332s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.332s Main 6fe8bb88 41ddcfc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.332s Main 6fe8bb8c 41fa7d68 [heap] I 1.332s Main 6fe8bb90 41ddcfa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.332s Main 6fe8bb94 400ffe6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.332s Main 6fe8bb98 00000020 I 1.332s Main 6fe8bb9c 00001084 I 1.332s Main 6fe8bba0 00000021 I 1.332s Main 6fe8bba4 00000020 I 1.332s Main 6fe8bba8 00000020 I 1.332s Main 6fe8bbac 41fc2730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.332s Main 6fe8bbb0 00000001 I 1.332s Main 6fe8bbb4 41534d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.332s Main 6fe8bbb8 41e85500 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.332s Main 6fe8bbbc 41e854f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.332s Main 6fe8bbc0 00000000 I 1.332s Main 6fe8bbc4 400fdeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.332s Main 6fe8bbc8 00000000 I 1.332s Main 6fe8bbc8 00000000 I 1.332s Main 6fe8bbcc 41e854f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.332s Main 6fe8bbd0 41e85500 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.333s Main 6fe8bbd4 41e85160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.333s Main 6fe8bbd8 41ddcfa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.333s Main 6fe8bbdc 400fdf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.333s Main 6fe8bbe0 41e854f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.333s Main 6fe8bbe4 00000000 I 1.333s Main 6fe8bbe8 41e854f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.333s Main 6fe8bbec 41e854f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.333s Main 6fe8bbf0 00000000 I 1.333s Main 6fe8bbf4 41569d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.333s Main 6fe8bbf8 41e85160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.333s Main 6fe8bbfc 41ddcfa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc00 41ecbf54 I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc04 41ecbf58 I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc08 41fc2730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc0c 41fa8890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc10 41534d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc14 00000000 I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc18 41ecbf40 I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc1c 4157e655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc20 00000000 I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc24 00000001 I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc28 00000000 I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc2c 00000000 I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc30 6e6c8e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc34 41ecbf78 I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc38 41e85160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc3c 4153dfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc40 00000000 I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc44 41e85160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc48 41544f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc4c 00000000 I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc50 6fe8bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc54 41e85160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc58 6fe8bc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc5c 6d659eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.333s Main 6fe8bc60 41fc2740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.334s Main 6fe8bc64 41544fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.334s Main 6fe8bc68 00000000 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bc6c 00000000 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bc70 00000000 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bc74 00000000 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bc78 00000000 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bc7c fffffea0 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bc80 41544f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.334s Main 6fe8bc84 4154263c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.334s Main 6fe8bc88 00000000 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bc8c 00000000 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bc90 00000000 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bc94 00000000 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bc98 41ecbfe4 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bc9c 00000000 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bca0 00000000 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bca4 00000000 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bca8 00000000 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bcac 00000000 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bcb0 00000000 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bcb4 00000000 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bcb8 00000000 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bcbc 00000000 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bcc0 00000000 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bcc4 00000000 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bd18 0000001d I 1.334s Main 6fe8bd1c 0000001c I 1.334s Main 6fe8bd20 0000001c I 1.334s Main 6fe8bd24 41e85160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.334s Main 6fe8bd28 4013d384 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bd2c 41586ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.334s Main 6fe8bd30 6fd8e000 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bd34 6fe8bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.334s Main 6fe8bd38 415c61f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.334s Main 6fe8bd3c 4013d384 I 1.334s Main 6fe8bd40 415c6500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.335s Main 6fe8bd44 415c64fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.335s Main 6fe8bd48 6fd8e000 I 1.335s Main 6fe8bd4c bef20e3c [stack] I 1.335s Main 6fe8bd50 4013b2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.335s Main 6fe8bd54 415775a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.335s Main 6fe8bd58 6fe8bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.335s Main 6fe8bd5c 6fe8bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.335s Main 6fe8bd60 41e85160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.335s Main 6fe8bd64 6fe8bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.335s Main 6fe8bd68 4013d384 I 1.335s Main 6fe8bd6c 41e85160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.335s Main 6fe8bd70 4156c28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.335s Main 6fe8bd74 6fe8bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.335s Main 6fe8bd78 00000003 I 1.335s Main 6fe8bd7c 41e855b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.335s Main 6fe8bd80 00000000 I 1.335s Main 6fe8bd84 41fa0e50 [heap] I 1.335s Main 6fe8bd88 41e85160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.335s Main 6fe8bd8c 400fc0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.335s Main 6fe8bd90 00000000 I 1.335s Main 6fe8bd94 41fa0e4f [heap] I 1.335s Main 6fe8bd98 41fa0e38 [heap] I 1.335s Main 6fe8bd9c fee6d118 I 1.335s Main 6fe8bda0 6fe8bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.335s Main 6fe8bda4 41e855b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.335s Main 6fe8bda8 4156c1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.335s Main 6fe8bdac 41e85160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.335s Main 6fe8bdb0 4156c1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.335s Main 6fe8bdb4 400fc174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.335s Main 6fe8bdb8 41e85160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.335s Main 6fe8bdbc 41e855b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.335s Main 6fe8bdc0 6fe8bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.335s Main 6fe8bdc4 0000000d I 1.335s Main 6fe8bdc8 00000078 I 1.335s Main 6fe8bdcc 400fc30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.335s Main 6fe8bdd0 6fe8bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.335s Main 6fe8bdd4 41e855b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.336s Main 6fe8bdd8 00000000 I 1.336s Main 6fe8bddc 00000000 I 1.336s Main 6fe8bde0 00000000 I 1.336s Main 6fe8bde4 fee6d118 I 1.336s Main 6fe8bde8 00000000 I 1.336s Main 6fe8bdec 00000000 I 1.336s Main 6fe8bdf0 00000000 I 1.336s Main 6fe8bdf4 00000000 I 1.336s Main 6fe8bdf8 00000000 I 1.336s Main 6fe8bdfc 00000000 I 1.336s Main 6fe8be00 00000000 I 1.336s Main 6fe8be04 00000000 I 1.336s Main 6fe8be08 00000000 I 1.336s Main 6fe8be0c 41e85160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.336s Main I 1.336s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.336s Main I 1.336s Main I 1.336s Main pid: 556, tid: 617, name: GC I 1.336s Main r0 41fa7384 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.336s Main r4 41fa7384 r5 41fa7380 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.336s Main r8 415c8100 r9 415c8100 sl 41fa7378 fp 4013b2ec I 1.336s Main ip 00000000 sp 6ff89d40 lr 400fdec8 pc 40110904 I 1.336s Main I 1.336s Main Stack Trace: I 1.336s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.336s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.336s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.336s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.336s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.336s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.336s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.336s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.336s Main I 1.336s Main Stack Data: I 1.336s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.336s Main 6ff89d00 00000000 I 1.337s Main 6ff89d04 6ff89ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:617] I 1.337s Main 6ff89d08 6ff89cb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:617] I 1.337s Main 6ff89d0c 00000018 I 1.337s Main 6ff89d10 6d65966c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.337s Main 6ff89d14 6ff89d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:617] I 1.337s Main 6ff89d18 415c61f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.337s Main 6ff89d1c 41e86338 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.337s Main 6ff89d20 41fc2940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.337s Main 6ff89d24 41fc29b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.337s Main 6ff89d28 41fc2940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.337s Main 6ff89d2c 401122d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.337s Main 6ff89d30 41fa7384 [heap] I 1.337s Main 6ff89d34 41fa7380 [heap] I 1.337s Main 6ff89d38 00000000 I 1.337s Main 6ff89d3c 400fdeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.337s Main 6ff89d40 00000000 I 1.337s Main 6ff89d40 00000000 I 1.337s Main 6ff89d44 41fa7380 [heap] I 1.337s Main 6ff89d48 41fa7384 [heap] I 1.337s Main 6ff89d4c 00000000 I 1.337s Main 6ff89d50 415c8100 I 1.337s Main 6ff89d54 400fdf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.337s Main 6ff89d58 415c1c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.337s Main 6ff89d5c 415c61f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.337s Main 6ff89d60 bef20f10 [stack] I 1.337s Main 6ff89d64 415c1c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.337s Main 6ff89d68 415c61f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.337s Main 6ff89d6c 41589783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.337s Main 6ff89d70 00000000 I 1.337s Main 6ff89d74 00000000 I 1.337s Main 6ff89d78 41589735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.337s Main 6ff89d7c 41e1dfb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.337s Main 6ff89d80 415c61f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.337s Main 6ff89d84 bef20f10 [stack] I 1.337s Main 6ff89d88 41e1dfb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.337s Main 6ff89d8c 4156b921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.337s Main 6ff89d90 6fe8c000 I 1.338s Main 6ff89d94 4156b96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.338s Main 6ff89d98 41e1dfb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.338s Main 6ff89d9c 00010002 I 1.338s Main 6ff89da0 41fa7cc8 [heap] I 1.338s Main 6ff89da4 41fb7880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.338s Main 6ff89da8 6ff89dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:617] I 1.338s Main 6ff89dac 41e85a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.338s Main 6ff89db0 4156b921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.338s Main 6ff89db4 400fc174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.338s Main 6ff89db8 41e1dfb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.338s Main 6ff89dbc 41e85a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.338s Main 6ff89dc0 6ff89dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:617] I 1.338s Main 6ff89dc4 0000000d I 1.338s Main 6ff89dc8 00000078 I 1.338s Main 6ff89dcc 400fc30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.338s Main 6ff89dd0 6ff89dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:617] I 1.338s Main 6ff89dd4 41e85a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.338s Main 6ff89dd8 00000000 I 1.338s Main 6ff89ddc 00000000 I 1.338s Main 6ff89de0 00000000 I 1.338s Main 6ff89de4 fee6d118 I 1.338s Main 6ff89de8 00000000 I 1.338s Main 6ff89dec 00000000 I 1.338s Main 6ff89df0 00000000 I 1.338s Main 6ff89df4 00000000 I 1.338s Main 6ff89df8 00000000 I 1.338s Main 6ff89dfc 00000000 I 1.338s Main 6ff89e00 00000000 I 1.338s Main 6ff89e04 00000000 I 1.338s Main 6ff89e08 00000000 I 1.338s Main 6ff89e0c 41e85cd8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.338s Main I 1.338s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.338s Main I 1.338s Main I 1.338s Main pid: 556, tid: 618, name: Signal Catcher I 1.339s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 1.339s Main r4 70087d08 r5 70087d48 r6 bef20f20 r7 000000b1 I 1.339s Main r8 41e86608 r9 415c1c74 sl 415c6694 fp 415a5cdc I 1.339s Main ip 70087d44 sp 70087d08 lr 40102351 pc 40110170 I 1.339s Main I 1.339s Main Stack Trace: I 1.339s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.339s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.339s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.339s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.339s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.339s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.339s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.339s Main I 1.339s Main Stack Data: I 1.339s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.339s Main 70087cc8 00000000 I 1.339s Main 70087ccc 00000000 I 1.339s Main 70087cd0 00000000 I 1.339s Main 70087cd4 00000000 I 1.339s Main 70087cd8 70087d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:618] I 1.339s Main 70087cdc 00000000 I 1.339s Main 70087ce0 41e86608 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.339s Main 70087ce4 41ed9fc4 I 1.339s Main 70087ce8 00000000 I 1.339s Main 70087cec 70087d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:618] I 1.339s Main 70087cf0 00000000 I 1.339s Main 70087cf4 4157758b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.339s Main 70087cf8 415a7239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.339s Main 70087cfc 00000000 I 1.339s Main 70087d00 00000000 I 1.339s Main 70087d04 70087ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:618] I 1.339s Main 70087d08 00000204 I 1.339s Main 70087d08 00000204 I 1.339s Main 70087d0c 00000000 I 1.339s Main 70087d10 fffffea0 I 1.339s Main 70087d14 41dcc7d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.340s Main 70087d18 415c61f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main 70087d1c 41568f57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main 70087d20 41fc2a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.340s Main 70087d24 41fc2a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.340s Main 70087d28 41fc2a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.340s Main 70087d2c 401122d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main 70087d30 41e86974 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.340s Main 70087d34 415689a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main 70087d38 41e86608 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.340s Main 70087d3c 4156c94b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main 70087d40 41fc2a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.340s Main 70087d44 00000204 I 1.340s Main 70087d48 00000004 I 1.340s Main 70087d4c 41e86608 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.340s Main 70087d50 415c61f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main 70087d54 4156ae11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main 70087d58 41fb7880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.340s Main 70087d5c 41fc2a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.340s Main 70087d98 41dcc7d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.340s Main 70087d9c 00010002 I 1.340s Main 70087da0 41dcc7f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.340s Main 70087da4 41fb7880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.340s Main 70087da8 70087dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:618] I 1.340s Main 70087dac 41e863c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.340s Main 70087db0 4156b921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main 70087db4 400fc174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main 70087db8 41dcc7d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.340s Main 70087dbc 41e863c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.340s Main 70087dc0 70087dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:618] I 1.340s Main 70087dc4 0000000d I 1.340s Main 70087dc8 00000078 I 1.340s Main 70087dcc 400fc30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main 70087dd0 70087dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:618] I 1.340s Main 70087dd4 41e863c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.340s Main 70087dd8 00000000 I 1.340s Main 70087ddc 00000000 I 1.341s Main 70087de0 00000000 I 1.341s Main 70087de4 fee6d118 I 1.341s Main 70087de8 00000000 I 1.341s Main 70087dec 00000000 I 1.341s Main 70087df0 00000000 I 1.341s Main 70087df4 00000000 I 1.341s Main 70087df8 00000000 I 1.341s Main 70087dfc 00000000 I 1.341s Main 70087e00 00000000 I 1.341s Main 70087e04 00000000 I 1.341s Main 70087e08 00000000 I 1.341s Main 70087e0c 41e86608 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.341s Main I 1.341s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.341s Main I 1.341s Main I 1.341s Main pid: 556, tid: 619, name: JDWP I 1.341s Main r0 0000000f r1 70185d10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 1.341s Main r4 41e86dc8 r5 4013d384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 1.341s Main r8 41e88de8 r9 000003e8 sl 41e86d64 fp 4013b2ec I 1.341s Main ip 41e88dc8 sp 70185cf8 lr 41578087 pc 401103d8 I 1.341s Main I 1.341s Main Stack Trace: I 1.341s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.341s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.341s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.341s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.341s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.341s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.341s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.341s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.341s Main I 1.341s Main Stack Data: I 1.341s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.341s Main 70185cb8 41e88dc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.341s Main 70185cbc 41e88de8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.341s Main 70185cc0 000003e8 I 1.342s Main 70185cc4 41e86d64 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.342s Main 70185cc8 4013b2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.342s Main 70185ccc 40115159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.342s Main 70185cd0 00000000 I 1.342s Main 70185cd4 00000000 I 1.342s Main 70185cd8 70185d4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:619] I 1.342s Main 70185cdc 00000000 I 1.342s Main 70185ce0 00000000 I 1.342s Main 70185ce4 41edffc4 I 1.342s Main 70185ce8 00004000 I 1.342s Main 70185cec 70185d54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:619] I 1.342s Main 70185cf0 00000000 I 1.342s Main 70185cf4 00000000 I 1.342s Main 70185cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[vectors] I 1.342s Main 70185cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[vectors] I 1.342s Main 70185cfc 70185d50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:619] I 1.342s Main 70185d00 00000004 I 1.342s Main 70185d04 21185ca8 I 1.342s Main 70185d08 70185d07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:619] I 1.342s Main 70185d0c 00000001 I 1.342s Main 70185d10 00000000 I 1.342s Main 70185d14 00000000 I 1.342s Main 70185d18 70185d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:619] I 1.342s Main 70185d1c 00000001 I 1.342s Main 70185d20 70185d2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:619] I 1.342s Main 70185d24 00000010 I 1.342s Main 70185d28 00000000 I 1.342s Main 70185d2c 00000010 I 1.342s Main 70185d30 00000001 I 1.342s Main 70185d34 00000001 I 1.342s Main 70185d50 63323230 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.342s Main 70185d54 41578100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.342s Main 70185d58 00000001 I 1.342s Main 70185d5c 41e86d10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.342s Main 70185d60 41e86d58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.342s Main 70185d64 bef20f00 [stack] I 1.343s Main 70185d68 41e88e60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.343s Main 70185d6c 415b07c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.343s Main 70185d70 415b1910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.343s Main 70185d74 4157af89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.343s Main 70185d78 00000000 I 1.343s Main 70185d7c 41e88e60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.343s Main 70185d80 415c61f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.343s Main 70185d84 bef20f00 [stack] I 1.343s Main 70185d88 41e88e60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.343s Main 70185d8c 4156b921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.343s Main 70185d90 70088000 I 1.343s Main 70185d94 4156b96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.343s Main 70185d98 41e88e60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.343s Main 70185d9c 00010002 I 1.343s Main 70185da0 41ddcfd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.343s Main 70185da4 41fb7880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.343s Main 70185da8 70185dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:619] I 1.343s Main 70185dac 41e88e80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.343s Main 70185db0 4156b921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.343s Main 70185db4 400fc174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.343s Main 70185db8 41e88e60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.343s Main 70185dbc 41e88e80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.343s Main 70185dc0 70185dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:619] I 1.343s Main 70185dc4 0000000d I 1.343s Main 70185dc8 00000078 I 1.343s Main 70185dcc 400fc30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.343s Main 70185dd0 70185dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:619] I 1.343s Main 70185dd4 41e88e80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.343s Main 70185dd8 00000000 I 1.343s Main 70185ddc 00000000 I 1.343s Main 70185de0 00000000 I 1.343s Main 70185de4 fee6d118 I 1.343s Main 70185de8 00000000 I 1.343s Main 70185dec 00000000 I 1.343s Main 70185df0 00000000 I 1.343s Main 70185df4 00000000 I 1.343s Main 70185df8 00000000 I 1.343s Main 70185dfc 00000000 I 1.344s Main 70185e00 00000000 I 1.344s Main 70185e04 00000000 I 1.344s Main 70185e08 00000000 I 1.344s Main 70185e0c 41e890c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.344s Main I 1.344s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.344s Main I 1.344s Main I 1.344s Main pid: 556, tid: 620, name: Compiler I 1.344s Main r0 415c6704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.344s Main r4 415c6704 r5 415c66fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.344s Main r8 4156b921 r9 70186000 sl 415c66f8 fp 4013b2ec I 1.344s Main ip 00000000 sp 70283c10 lr 400fdec8 pc 40110904 I 1.344s Main I 1.344s Main Stack Trace: I 1.344s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.344s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.344s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.344s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.344s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.344s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.344s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.344s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.344s Main I 1.344s Main Stack Data: I 1.344s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.344s Main 70283bd0 00000000 I 1.344s Main 70283bd4 00000000 I 1.344s Main 70283bd8 415c61f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.344s Main 70283bdc 00000000 I 1.344s Main 70283be0 00000000 I 1.344s Main 70283be4 00000000 I 1.344s Main 70283be8 415acf31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.344s Main 70283bec 4156bbc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.344s Main 70283bf0 fffffe0c I 1.344s Main 70283bf4 41e1d618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.344s Main 70283bf8 41e1d640 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.345s Main 70283bfc ffffffef I 1.345s Main 70283c00 415c6704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.345s Main 70283c04 415c66fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.345s Main 70283c08 00000000 I 1.345s Main 70283c0c 400fdeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.345s Main 70283c10 00000000 I 1.345s Main 70283c10 00000000 I 1.345s Main 70283c14 415c66fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.345s Main 70283c18 415c6704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.345s Main 70283c1c 41e8c268 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.345s Main 70283c20 00001000 I 1.345s Main 70283c24 400fdf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.345s Main 70283c28 415c66c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.345s Main 70283c2c 41ee6008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.345s Main 70283c30 415a5cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.345s Main 70283c34 415c66c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.345s Main 70283c38 41ee6008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.345s Main 70283c3c 4158ad03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.345s Main 70283c40 70283d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:620] I 1.345s Main 70283c44 41544fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.345s Main 70283c48 00000000 I 1.345s Main 70283c4c 415c1c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.345s Main 70283c50 415b6901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.345s Main 70283c54 415a5cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.345s Main 70283c58 00000000 I 1.345s Main 70283c5c fffffea0 I 1.345s Main 70283c60 41544f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.345s Main 70283c64 4154263c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.345s Main 70283c68 00000000 I 1.345s Main 70283c6c 00000000 I 1.345s Main 70283c70 00000000 I 1.345s Main 70283c74 00000000 I 1.345s Main 70283c78 41ee5fa0 I 1.345s Main 70283c7c 00000000 I 1.345s Main 70283d98 41e897d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.345s Main 70283d9c 00010002 I 1.346s Main 70283da0 41e1dfd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.346s Main 70283da4 41fb7880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.346s Main 70283da8 70283dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:620] I 1.346s Main 70283dac 41e897f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.346s Main 70283db0 4156b921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.346s Main 70283db4 400fc174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.346s Main 70283db8 41e897d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.346s Main 70283dbc 41e897f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.346s Main 70283dc0 70283dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:620] I 1.346s Main 70283dc4 0000000d I 1.346s Main 70283dc8 00000078 I 1.346s Main 70283dcc 400fc30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.346s Main 70283dd0 70283dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:620] I 1.346s Main 70283dd4 41e897f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.346s Main 70283dd8 00000000 I 1.346s Main 70283ddc 00000000 I 1.346s Main 70283de0 00000000 I 1.346s Main 70283de4 fee6d118 I 1.346s Main 70283de8 00000000 I 1.346s Main 70283dec 00000000 I 1.346s Main 70283df0 00000000 I 1.346s Main 70283df4 00000000 I 1.346s Main 70283df8 00000000 I 1.346s Main 70283dfc 00000000 I 1.346s Main 70283e00 00000000 I 1.346s Main 70283e04 00000000 I 1.346s Main 70283e08 00000000 I 1.346s Main 70283e0c 41e89a38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.346s Main I 1.346s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.346s Main I 1.346s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 1.346s Main I 1.346s Main Stack Trace: I 1.346s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.346s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.346s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.347s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.347s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.347s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.347s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.347s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.347s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.347s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.347s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.347s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.347s Main I 1.347s Main Stack Data: I 1.347s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.347s Main 60891615 50814637 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/170 I 1.347s Main I 1.347s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.347s Main I 1.347s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x0000022c (code=-6), thread 556 (app_process) I 1.347s Main tombstone_01 created on 1971-10-16 13:24:00, about this long ago: 17290 days, 1:16:51 Device: 05c34aa83444c162 I 1.347s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src I 1.347s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release I 1.347s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmpiEtMKA I 1.347s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 1.347s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release I 1.347s Main pid: 831, tid: 831, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 1.347s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 1.347s Main r0 00000000 r1 0000033f r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 1.347s Main r4 00000006 r5 00000000 r6 0000033f r7 0000010c I 1.347s Main r8 00000004 r9 bef2ab92 sl bef2ab9e fp bef2ab86 I 1.347s Main ip 401c0438 sp bef2a628 lr 4005afe5 pc 40069f90 I 1.347s Main I 1.347s Main Stack Trace: I 1.347s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.347s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.347s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.347s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.347s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.347s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.348s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.348s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.348s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.348s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.348s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.348s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.348s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.348s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.348s Main I 1.348s Main Stack Data: I 1.348s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.348s Main bef2a5e8 401b3168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.348s Main bef2a5ec 00000002 I 1.348s Main bef2a5f0 401c0438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.348s Main bef2a5f4 00000004 I 1.348s Main bef2a5f8 bef2ab92 [stack] I 1.348s Main bef2a5fc bef2ab9e [stack] I 1.348s Main bef2a600 bef2ab86 [stack] I 1.348s Main bef2a604 4006e159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.348s Main bef2a608 34203020 I 1.348s Main bef2a60c 20323136 I 1.348s Main bef2a610 bef2a684 [stack] I 1.348s Main bef2a614 00000000 I 1.348s Main bef2a618 00000000 I 1.348s Main bef2a61c 37312030 I 1.348s Main bef2a620 00004000 I 1.348s Main bef2a624 bef2a692 [stack] I 1.348s Main bef2a628 00000006 I 1.348s Main bef2a62c 00000000 I 1.348s Main bef2a630 0000033f I 1.348s Main bef2a634 401c0438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.348s Main bef2a638 401c0438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.348s Main bef2a63c 4005afe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.348s Main bef2a640 00000006 I 1.348s Main bef2a644 00000000 I 1.348s Main bef2a648 00000002 I 1.348s Main bef2a64c 4005b1f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.349s Main bef2a650 bef2a65c [stack] I 1.349s Main bef2a654 40059f2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.349s Main bef2a658 00000000 I 1.349s Main bef2a65c ffffffdf I 1.349s Main bef2a660 400922c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.349s Main bef2a664 4009222c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.349s Main bef2a668 00000000 I 1.349s Main bef2a66c 4005caef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.349s Main bef2a670 415251f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.349s Main bef2a674 415251f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.349s Main bef2a678 401b3168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.349s Main bef2a67c 40069848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.349s Main bef2a680 00000000 I 1.349s Main bef2a684 414bbccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.349s Main bef2a688 400a0324 I 1.349s Main bef2a68c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.349s Main bef2a690 0000296c I 1.349s Main bef2a694 00000000 I 1.349s Main bef2a698 00000000 I 1.349s Main bef2a69c 00000000 I 1.349s Main bef2a6a0 00000000 I 1.349s Main bef2a6a4 00000000 I 1.349s Main bef2a6a8 00000000 I 1.349s Main bef2a6ac 00000000 I 1.349s Main bef2a6b0 00000000 I 1.349s Main bef2a6b4 00000000 I 1.349s Main bef2a6b8 00000000 I 1.349s Main bef2a6bc 00000000 I 1.349s Main bef2a6c0 00000000 I 1.349s Main bef2a6c4 00000000 I 1.349s Main bef2a898 000000c8 I 1.349s Main bef2a89c 6f7bdd38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.349s Main bef2a8a0 41473f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.350s Main bef2a8a4 00000000 I 1.350s Main bef2a8a8 000000c8 I 1.350s Main bef2a8ac 401b6560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.350s Main bef2a8b0 401b6740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.350s Main bef2a8b4 41473f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.350s Main bef2a8b8 4001f328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.350s Main bef2a8bc 4015bd27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.350s Main bef2a8c0 41473f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.350s Main bef2a8c4 00000000 I 1.350s Main bef2a8c8 bef2a988 [stack] I 1.350s Main bef2a8cc 4015c015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.350s Main bef2a8d0 4001f3cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.350s Main bef2a8d4 4015ca65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.350s Main bef2a8d8 41473f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.350s Main bef2a8dc 00000000 I 1.350s Main bef2a8e0 41528004 I 1.350s Main bef2a8e4 414c3a8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.350s Main bef2a8e8 414c3abd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.350s Main bef2a8ec 414c3a95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.350s Main bef2a8f0 000000bb I 1.350s Main bef2a8f4 00000000 I 1.350s Main bef2a8f8 41473e08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.350s Main bef2a8fc 40058e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.350s Main bef2a900 000000b0 I 1.350s Main bef2a904 00000000 I 1.351s Main bef2a908 40057dcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.351s Main bef2a90c 000000a0 I 1.351s Main bef2a910 00000014 I 1.351s Main bef2a914 401b83d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.351s Main bef2a960 00000000 I 1.351s Main bef2a964 00000000 I 1.351s Main bef2a968 00000000 I 1.351s Main bef2a96c bef2aa7c [stack] I 1.351s Main bef2a970 40096384 I 1.351s Main bef2a974 4001f372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.351s Main bef2a978 4001f300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.351s Main bef2a97c 4001f37b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.351s Main bef2a980 4001f391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.351s Main bef2a984 4001f39f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.351s Main bef2a988 40020e08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.351s Main bef2a98c 401b6520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.351s Main bef2a990 41473e18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.351s Main bef2a994 00000013 I 1.351s Main bef2a998 00000000 I 1.351s Main bef2a99c 00000008 I 1.351s Main bef2aa40 00000000 I 1.351s Main bef2aa44 00000000 I 1.351s Main bef2aa48 00000000 I 1.351s Main bef2aa4c 00000000 I 1.352s Main bef2aa50 00000000 I 1.352s Main bef2aa54 4001ed80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.352s Main bef2aa58 40020de8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.352s Main bef2aa5c 40020df0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.352s Main bef2aa60 40020df8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.352s Main bef2aa64 bef2aa70 [stack] I 1.352s Main bef2aa68 00000000 I 1.352s Main bef2aa6c 40023881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 1.352s Main bef2aa70 00000005 I 1.352s Main bef2aa74 bef2ab86 [stack] I 1.352s Main bef2aa78 bef2ab92 [stack] I 1.352s Main bef2aa7c bef2ab9e [stack] I 1.352s Main bef2aa80 bef2abb9 [stack] I 1.352s Main bef2aa84 bef2abbe [stack] I 1.352s Main bef2aa88 00000000 I 1.352s Main bef2aa8c bef2abc6 [stack] I 1.352s Main bef2aa90 bef2abe0 [stack] I 1.352s Main bef2aa94 bef2ac0c [stack] I 1.352s Main I 1.352s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.352s Main I 1.352s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x0000033f (code=-6), thread 831 (app_process) I 1.352s Main I 1.352s Main pid: 831, tid: 837, name: ReferenceQueueD I 1.353s Main r0 6e3e9bb0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.353s Main r4 6e3e9bb0 r5 6e3e9ba0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.353s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3e62b0 sl 00000000 fp 415451d0 I 1.353s Main ip 00000000 sp 7113eba0 lr 40056ec8 pc 40069904 I 1.353s Main I 1.353s Main Stack Trace: I 1.353s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.353s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.353s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.353s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.353s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.353s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.353s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.353s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.353s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.353s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.353s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.353s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.353s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.353s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.353s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.353s Main I 1.353s Main Stack Data: I 1.353s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.353s Main 7113eb60 0000002b I 1.354s Main 7113eb64 00000130 I 1.354s Main 7113eb68 6e3e9eb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.354s Main 7113eb6c 40058e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.354s Main 7113eb70 00000020 I 1.354s Main 7113eb74 00000010 I 1.354s Main 7113eb78 00000021 I 1.354s Main 7113eb7c 00000020 I 1.354s Main 7113eb80 00000020 I 1.354s Main 7113eb84 41530640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.354s Main 7113eb88 00000001 I 1.354s Main 7113eb8c 6e3e9820 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.354s Main 7113eb90 6e3e9bb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.354s Main 7113eb94 6e3e9ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.354s Main 7113eb98 00000000 I 1.354s Main 7113eb9c 40056eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.354s Main 7113eba0 00000000 I 1.354s Main 7113eba0 00000000 I 1.354s Main 7113eba4 6e3e9ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.354s Main 7113eba8 6e3e9bb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.354s Main 7113ebac 6e3e9810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.354s Main 7113ebb0 6e3e9eb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.354s Main 7113ebb4 40056f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.354s Main 7113ebb8 6e3e9ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.354s Main 7113ebbc 00000000 I 1.355s Main 7113ebc0 6e3e9ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.355s Main 7113ebc4 6e3e9ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.355s Main 7113ebc8 00000000 I 1.355s Main 7113ebcc 414c8d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.355s Main 7113ebd0 6e3e9810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.355s Main 7113ebd4 6e3e9eb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.355s Main 7113ebd8 6f7ecf74 I 1.355s Main 7113ebdc 6f7ecf78 I 1.355s Main 7113ebe0 41530640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.355s Main 7113ebe4 6e3e9810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.355s Main 7113ebe8 6e3e9820 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.355s Main 7113ebec 6f7ecf74 I 1.355s Main 7113ebf0 41520c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.355s Main 7113ebf4 414dd655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.355s Main 7113ebf8 00000000 I 1.355s Main 7113ebfc 00000001 I 1.355s Main 7113ec00 00000000 I 1.355s Main 7113ec04 00000000 I 1.355s Main 7113ec08 6d3e62b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.355s Main 7113ec0c 4152b890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.355s Main 7113ec10 414dd62f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.355s Main 7113ec14 414c5acf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.355s Main 7113ec18 6f7ecf74 I 1.355s Main 7113ec1c 6e3e9820 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.356s Main 7113ec20 6e470e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.356s Main 7113ec24 6f7ecf98 I 1.356s Main 7113ec28 6e3e9810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.356s Main 7113ec2c 4152b890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.356s Main 7113ec30 41493d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.356s Main 7113ec34 00000000 I 1.356s Main 7113ec38 6f7ecf60 I 1.356s Main 7113ec3c 4149cfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.356s Main 7113ec40 00000000 I 1.356s Main 7113ec44 6e3e9810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.356s Main 7113ec48 414a3f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.356s Main 7113ec4c 00000000 I 1.356s Main 7113ec50 7113ed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.356s Main 7113ec54 6e3e9810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.356s Main 7113ec58 7113ec94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.356s Main 7113ec5c 6d3eaeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.356s Main 7113ec60 415451d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.356s Main 7113ec64 414a3fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.356s Main 7113ec68 00000000 I 1.356s Main 7113ec6c 00000000 I 1.356s Main 7113ec70 00000000 I 1.356s Main 7113ec74 00000000 I 1.356s Main 7113ec78 00000000 I 1.356s Main 7113ec7c fffffea0 I 1.356s Main 7113ec80 414a3f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.357s Main 7113ec84 414a163c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.357s Main 7113ec88 00000000 I 1.357s Main 7113ec8c 00000000 I 1.357s Main 7113ec90 00000000 I 1.357s Main 7113ec94 00000000 I 1.357s Main 7113ec98 6f7ecfe4 I 1.357s Main 7113ec9c 00000000 I 1.357s Main 7113eca0 00000000 I 1.357s Main 7113eca4 00000000 I 1.357s Main 7113eca8 00000000 I 1.357s Main 7113ecac 00000000 I 1.357s Main 7113ecb0 00000000 I 1.357s Main 7113ecb4 00000000 I 1.357s Main 7113ecb8 00000000 I 1.357s Main 7113ecbc 00000000 I 1.357s Main 7113ecc0 00000000 I 1.357s Main 7113ecc4 00000000 I 1.357s Main 7113ed18 0000001d I 1.357s Main 7113ed1c 0000001c I 1.357s Main 7113ed20 0000001c I 1.357s Main 7113ed24 6e3e9810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.357s Main 7113ed28 40096384 I 1.357s Main 7113ed2c 414e5ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.357s Main 7113ed30 71041000 I 1.358s Main 7113ed34 7113ed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.358s Main 7113ed38 415251f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.358s Main 7113ed3c 40096384 I 1.358s Main 7113ed40 41525500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.358s Main 7113ed44 415254fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.358s Main 7113ed48 71041000 I 1.358s Main 7113ed4c bef29e14 [stack] I 1.358s Main 7113ed50 400942ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.358s Main 7113ed54 414d65a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.358s Main 7113ed58 7113ed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.358s Main 7113ed5c 7113ed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.358s Main 7113ed60 6e3e9810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.358s Main 7113ed64 7113ed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.358s Main 7113ed68 40096384 I 1.358s Main 7113ed6c 6e3e9810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.358s Main 7113ed70 414cb28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.358s Main 7113ed74 7113ed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.358s Main 7113ed78 00000003 I 1.358s Main 7113ed7c 6e3e9c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.358s Main 7113ed80 00000000 I 1.358s Main 7113ed84 4146f9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.358s Main 7113ed88 6e3e9810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.358s Main 7113ed8c 400550ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.358s Main 7113ed90 00000000 I 1.359s Main 7113ed94 4146f9f4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.359s Main 7113ed98 4146f9e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.359s Main 7113ed9c ff1640d9 I 1.359s Main 7113eda0 7113edd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.359s Main 7113eda4 6e3e9c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.359s Main 7113eda8 414cb1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.359s Main 7113edac 6e3e9810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.359s Main 7113edb0 414cb1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.359s Main 7113edb4 40055174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.359s Main 7113edb8 6e3e9810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.359s Main 7113edbc 6e3e9c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.359s Main 7113edc0 7113edd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.359s Main 7113edc4 0000000d I 1.359s Main 7113edc8 00000078 I 1.359s Main 7113edcc 4005530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.359s Main 7113edd0 7113edd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.359s Main 7113edd4 6e3e9c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.359s Main 7113edd8 00000000 I 1.359s Main 7113eddc 00000000 I 1.359s Main 7113ede0 00000000 I 1.359s Main 7113ede4 ff1640d9 I 1.359s Main 7113ede8 00000000 I 1.359s Main 7113edec 00000000 I 1.359s Main 7113edf0 00000000 I 1.359s Main 7113edf4 00000000 I 1.360s Main 7113edf8 00000000 I 1.360s Main 7113edfc 00000000 I 1.360s Main 7113ee00 00000000 I 1.360s Main 7113ee04 00000000 I 1.360s Main 7113ee08 00000000 I 1.360s Main 7113ee0c 6e3e9810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.360s Main I 1.360s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.360s Main I 1.360s Main I 1.360s Main pid: 831, tid: 838, name: FinalizerDaemon I 1.360s Main r0 4152a5d0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.360s Main r4 4152a5d0 r5 4152a5c0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.360s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3e62b0 sl 00000000 fp 415454a0 I 1.360s Main ip 00000000 sp 71240bc8 lr 40056ec8 pc 40069904 I 1.360s Main I 1.360s Main Stack Trace: I 1.360s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.360s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.360s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.360s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.360s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.360s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.360s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.361s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.361s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.361s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.361s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.361s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.361s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.361s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.361s Main I 1.361s Main Stack Data: I 1.361s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.361s Main 71240b88 0000002b I 1.361s Main 71240b8c 00000080 I 1.361s Main 71240b90 6e3e9f60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.361s Main 71240b94 40058e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.361s Main 71240b98 00000020 I 1.361s Main 71240b9c 00000000 I 1.361s Main 71240ba0 00000021 I 1.361s Main 71240ba4 00000020 I 1.361s Main 71240ba8 00000020 I 1.361s Main 71240bac 41530718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.361s Main 71240bb0 00000001 I 1.361s Main 71240bb4 41493d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.361s Main 71240bb8 4152a5d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.361s Main 71240bbc 4152a5c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.361s Main 71240bc0 00000000 I 1.362s Main 71240bc4 40056eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.362s Main 71240bc8 00000000 I 1.362s Main 71240bc8 00000000 I 1.362s Main 71240bcc 4152a5c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.362s Main 71240bd0 4152a5d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.362s Main 71240bd4 4152a230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.362s Main 71240bd8 6e3e9f60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.362s Main 71240bdc 40056f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.362s Main 71240be0 4152a5c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.362s Main 71240be4 00000000 I 1.362s Main 71240be8 4152a5c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.362s Main 71240bec 4152a5c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.362s Main 71240bf0 00000000 I 1.362s Main 71240bf4 414c8d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.362s Main 71240bf8 4152a230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.362s Main 71240bfc 6e3e9f60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.362s Main 71240c00 71142f10 I 1.362s Main 71240c04 71142f14 I 1.362s Main 71240c08 41530718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.362s Main 71240c0c 4152b890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.362s Main 71240c10 41493d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.362s Main 71240c14 00000000 I 1.362s Main 71240c18 71142efc I 1.362s Main 71240c1c 414dd655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.363s Main 71240c20 00000000 I 1.363s Main 71240c24 00000001 I 1.363s Main 71240c28 00000000 I 1.363s Main 71240c2c 00000000 I 1.363s Main 71240c30 6e470ea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.363s Main 71240c34 71142f34 I 1.363s Main 71240c38 4152a230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.363s Main 71240c3c 4149cfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.363s Main 71240c40 00000000 I 1.363s Main 71240c44 4152a230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.363s Main 71240c48 414a3f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.363s Main 71240c4c 00000000 I 1.363s Main 71240c50 71240d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.363s Main 71240c54 4152a230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.363s Main 71240c58 71240c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.363s Main 71240c5c 6d3eaeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.363s Main 71240c60 415454a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.363s Main 71240c64 414a3fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.363s Main 71240c68 00000000 I 1.363s Main 71240c6c 00000000 I 1.363s Main 71240c70 00000000 I 1.363s Main 71240c74 00000000 I 1.363s Main 71240c78 00000000 I 1.363s Main 71240c7c fffffea0 I 1.364s Main 71240c80 414a3f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.364s Main 71240c84 414a163c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.364s Main 71240c88 00000000 I 1.364s Main 71240c8c 00000000 I 1.364s Main 71240c90 00000000 I 1.364s Main 71240c94 00000000 I 1.364s Main 71240c98 71142fe4 I 1.364s Main 71240c9c 00000000 I 1.364s Main 71240ca0 00000000 I 1.364s Main 71240ca4 00000000 I 1.364s Main 71240ca8 00000000 I 1.364s Main 71240cac 00000000 I 1.364s Main 71240cb0 00000000 I 1.364s Main 71240cb4 00000000 I 1.364s Main 71240cb8 00000000 I 1.364s Main 71240cbc 00000000 I 1.364s Main 71240cc0 00000000 I 1.364s Main 71240cc4 00000000 I 1.364s Main 71240d18 0000001d I 1.364s Main 71240d1c 0000001c I 1.364s Main 71240d20 0000001c I 1.364s Main 71240d24 4152a230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.364s Main 71240d28 40096384 I 1.364s Main 71240d2c 414e5ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.365s Main 71240d30 71143000 I 1.365s Main 71240d34 71240d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.365s Main 71240d38 415251f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.365s Main 71240d3c 40096384 I 1.365s Main 71240d40 41525500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.365s Main 71240d44 415254fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.365s Main 71240d48 71143000 I 1.365s Main 71240d4c bef29e3c [stack] I 1.365s Main 71240d50 400942ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.365s Main 71240d54 414d65a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.365s Main 71240d58 71240d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.365s Main 71240d5c 71240d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.365s Main 71240d60 4152a230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.365s Main 71240d64 71240d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.365s Main 71240d68 40096384 I 1.365s Main 71240d6c 4152a230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.365s Main 71240d70 414cb28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.365s Main 71240d74 71240d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.365s Main 71240d78 00000003 I 1.365s Main 71240d7c 4152a688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.365s Main 71240d80 00000000 I 1.365s Main 71240d84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-1 I 1.365s Main 71240d88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.365s Main 71240d8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.365s Main 71240d90 006e6f6d I 1.366s Main 71240d94 71240d93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.366s Main 71240d98 71240d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.366s Main 71240d9c ff1640d9 I 1.366s Main 71240da0 71240dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.366s Main 71240da4 4152a688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.366s Main 71240da8 414cb1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.366s Main 71240dac 4152a230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.366s Main 71240db0 414cb1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.366s Main 71240db4 40055174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.366s Main 71240db8 4152a230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.366s Main 71240dbc 4152a688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.366s Main 71240dc0 71240dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.366s Main 71240dc4 0000000d I 1.366s Main 71240dc8 00000078 I 1.366s Main 71240dcc 4005530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.366s Main 71240dd0 71240dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.366s Main 71240dd4 4152a688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.366s Main 71240dd8 00000000 I 1.366s Main 71240ddc 00000000 I 1.366s Main 71240de0 00000000 I 1.366s Main 71240de4 ff1640d9 I 1.366s Main 71240de8 00000000 I 1.366s Main 71240dec 00000000 I 1.366s Main 71240df0 00000000 I 1.367s Main 71240df4 00000000 I 1.367s Main 71240df8 00000000 I 1.367s Main 71240dfc 00000000 I 1.367s Main 71240e00 00000000 I 1.367s Main 71240e04 00000000 I 1.367s Main 71240e08 00000000 I 1.367s Main 71240e0c 4152a230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.367s Main I 1.367s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.367s Main I 1.367s Main I 1.367s Main pid: 831, tid: 839, name: FinalizerWatchd I 1.367s Main r0 4152ae78 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.367s Main r4 4152ae78 r5 4152ae68 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.367s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3e62b0 sl 00000000 fp 41545740 I 1.367s Main ip 00000000 sp 71344bc8 lr 40056ec8 pc 40069904 I 1.367s Main I 1.367s Main Stack Trace: I 1.367s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.367s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.367s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.367s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.367s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.367s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.367s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.368s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.368s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.368s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.368s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.368s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.368s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.368s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.368s Main I 1.368s Main Stack Data: I 1.368s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.368s Main 71344b88 00000028 I 1.368s Main 71344b8c 00000028 I 1.368s Main 71344b90 6e3e9fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.368s Main 71344b94 40058e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.368s Main 71344b98 00000020 I 1.368s Main 71344b9c 00000000 I 1.368s Main 71344ba0 00000021 I 1.368s Main 71344ba4 00000020 I 1.368s Main 71344ba8 00000020 I 1.368s Main 71344bac 41545730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.368s Main 71344bb0 00000001 I 1.368s Main 71344bb4 41493d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.368s Main 71344bb8 4152ae78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.368s Main 71344bbc 4152ae68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.369s Main 71344bc0 00000000 I 1.369s Main 71344bc4 40056eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.369s Main 71344bc8 00000000 I 1.369s Main 71344bc8 00000000 I 1.369s Main 71344bcc 4152ae68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.369s Main 71344bd0 4152ae78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.369s Main 71344bd4 4152aad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.369s Main 71344bd8 6e3e9fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.369s Main 71344bdc 40056f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.369s Main 71344be0 4152ae68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.369s Main 71344be4 00000000 I 1.369s Main 71344be8 4152ae68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.369s Main 71344bec 4152ae68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.369s Main 71344bf0 00000000 I 1.369s Main 71344bf4 414c8d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.369s Main 71344bf8 4152aad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.369s Main 71344bfc 6e3e9fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.369s Main 71344c00 71246f54 I 1.369s Main 71344c04 71246f58 I 1.369s Main 71344c08 41545730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.369s Main 71344c0c 4152b890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.369s Main 71344c10 41493d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.369s Main 71344c14 00000000 I 1.369s Main 71344c18 71246f40 I 1.369s Main 71344c1c 414dd655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.370s Main 71344c20 00000000 I 1.370s Main 71344c24 00000001 I 1.370s Main 71344c28 00000000 I 1.370s Main 71344c2c 00000000 I 1.370s Main 71344c30 6e470e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.370s Main 71344c34 71246f78 I 1.370s Main 71344c38 4152aad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.370s Main 71344c3c 4149cfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.370s Main 71344c40 00000000 I 1.370s Main 71344c44 4152aad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.370s Main 71344c48 414a3f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.370s Main 71344c4c 00000000 I 1.370s Main 71344c50 71344d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.370s Main 71344c54 4152aad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.370s Main 71344c58 71344c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.370s Main 71344c5c 6d3eaeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.370s Main 71344c60 41545740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.370s Main 71344c64 414a3fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.370s Main 71344c68 00000000 I 1.370s Main 71344c6c 00000000 I 1.370s Main 71344c70 00000000 I 1.370s Main 71344c74 00000000 I 1.370s Main 71344c78 00000000 I 1.370s Main 71344c7c fffffea0 I 1.371s Main 71344c80 414a3f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.371s Main 71344c84 414a163c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.371s Main 71344c88 00000000 I 1.371s Main 71344c8c 00000000 I 1.371s Main 71344c90 00000000 I 1.371s Main 71344c94 00000000 I 1.371s Main 71344c98 71246fe4 I 1.371s Main 71344c9c 00000000 I 1.371s Main 71344ca0 00000000 I 1.371s Main 71344ca4 00000000 I 1.371s Main 71344ca8 00000000 I 1.371s Main 71344cac 00000000 I 1.371s Main 71344cb0 00000000 I 1.371s Main 71344cb4 00000000 I 1.371s Main 71344cb8 00000000 I 1.371s Main 71344cbc 00000000 I 1.371s Main 71344cc0 00000000 I 1.371s Main 71344cc4 00000000 I 1.371s Main 71344d18 0000001d I 1.371s Main 71344d1c 0000001c I 1.371s Main 71344d20 0000001c I 1.371s Main 71344d24 4152aad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.371s Main 71344d28 40096384 I 1.371s Main 71344d2c 414e5ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.372s Main 71344d30 71247000 I 1.372s Main 71344d34 71344d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.372s Main 71344d38 415251f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.372s Main 71344d3c 40096384 I 1.372s Main 71344d40 41525500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.372s Main 71344d44 415254fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.372s Main 71344d48 71247000 I 1.372s Main 71344d4c bef29e3c [stack] I 1.372s Main 71344d50 400942ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.372s Main 71344d54 414d65a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.372s Main 71344d58 71344d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.372s Main 71344d5c 71344d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.372s Main 71344d60 4152aad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.372s Main 71344d64 71344d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.372s Main 71344d68 40096384 I 1.372s Main 71344d6c 4152aad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.372s Main 71344d70 414cb28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.372s Main 71344d74 71344d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.372s Main 71344d78 00000003 I 1.372s Main 71344d7c 6f7b88f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.372s Main 71344d80 00000000 I 1.372s Main 71344d84 4146fa10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.372s Main 71344d88 4152aad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.372s Main 71344d8c 400550ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.372s Main 71344d90 00000000 I 1.373s Main 71344d94 4146fa0f <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.373s Main 71344d98 4146f9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.373s Main 71344d9c ff1640d9 I 1.373s Main 71344da0 71344dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.373s Main 71344da4 6f7b88f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.373s Main 71344da8 414cb1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.373s Main 71344dac 4152aad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.373s Main 71344db0 414cb1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.373s Main 71344db4 40055174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.373s Main 71344db8 4152aad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.373s Main 71344dbc 6f7b88f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.373s Main 71344dc0 71344dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.373s Main 71344dc4 0000000d I 1.373s Main 71344dc8 00000078 I 1.373s Main 71344dcc 4005530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.373s Main 71344dd0 71344dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.373s Main 71344dd4 6f7b88f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.373s Main 71344dd8 00000000 I 1.373s Main 71344ddc 00000000 I 1.373s Main 71344de0 00000000 I 1.373s Main 71344de4 ff1640d9 I 1.373s Main 71344de8 00000000 I 1.373s Main 71344dec 00000000 I 1.373s Main 71344df0 00000000 I 1.374s Main 71344df4 00000000 I 1.374s Main 71344df8 00000000 I 1.374s Main 71344dfc 00000000 I 1.374s Main 71344e00 00000000 I 1.374s Main 71344e04 00000000 I 1.374s Main 71344e08 00000000 I 1.374s Main 71344e0c 4152aad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.374s Main I 1.374s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.374s Main I 1.374s Main I 1.374s Main pid: 831, tid: 840, name: GC I 1.374s Main r0 414753d4 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.374s Main r4 414753d4 r5 414753d0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.374s Main r8 41527100 r9 41527100 sl 414753c8 fp 400942ec I 1.374s Main ip 00000000 sp 71444d40 lr 40056ec8 pc 40069904 I 1.374s Main I 1.374s Main Stack Trace: I 1.374s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.374s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.374s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.374s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.374s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.374s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.375s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.375s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.375s Main I 1.375s Main Stack Data: I 1.375s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.375s Main 71444d00 00000000 I 1.375s Main 71444d04 71444ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.375s Main 71444d08 71444cb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.375s Main 71444d0c 00000018 I 1.375s Main 71444d10 6d3ea66c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.375s Main 71444d14 71444d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.375s Main 71444d18 415251f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.375s Main 71444d1c 6e3f9e28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.375s Main 71444d20 41545940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.375s Main 71444d24 415459b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.375s Main 71444d28 41545940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.375s Main 71444d2c 4006b2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.375s Main 71444d30 414753d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.375s Main 71444d34 414753d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.375s Main 71444d38 00000000 I 1.375s Main 71444d3c 40056eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.375s Main 71444d40 00000000 I 1.375s Main 71444d40 00000000 I 1.375s Main 71444d44 414753d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.375s Main 71444d48 414753d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.376s Main 71444d4c 00000000 I 1.376s Main 71444d50 41527100 I 1.376s Main 71444d54 40056f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.376s Main 71444d58 41520c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.376s Main 71444d5c 415251f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.376s Main 71444d60 bef29f10 [stack] I 1.376s Main 71444d64 41520c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.376s Main 71444d68 415251f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.376s Main 71444d6c 414e8783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.376s Main 71444d70 00000000 I 1.376s Main 71444d74 00000000 I 1.376s Main 71444d78 414e8735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.376s Main 71444d7c 6e3e9f88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.376s Main 71444d80 415251f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.376s Main 71444d84 bef29f10 [stack] I 1.376s Main 71444d88 6e3e9f88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.376s Main 71444d8c 414ca921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.376s Main 71444d90 71347000 I 1.376s Main 71444d94 414ca96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.376s Main 71444d98 6e3e9f88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.376s Main 71444d9c 00010002 I 1.376s Main 71444da0 6e3e9fa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.376s Main 71444da4 4153a880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.376s Main 71444da8 71444dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.377s Main 71444dac 6f7b8d48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.377s Main 71444db0 414ca921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.377s Main 71444db4 40055174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.377s Main 71444db8 6e3e9f88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.377s Main 71444dbc 6f7b8d48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.377s Main 71444dc0 71444dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.377s Main 71444dc4 0000000d I 1.377s Main 71444dc8 00000078 I 1.377s Main 71444dcc 4005530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.377s Main 71444dd0 71444dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.377s Main 71444dd4 6f7b8d48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.377s Main 71444dd8 00000000 I 1.377s Main 71444ddc 00000000 I 1.377s Main 71444de0 00000000 I 1.377s Main 71444de4 ff1640d9 I 1.377s Main 71444de8 00000000 I 1.377s Main 71444dec 00000000 I 1.377s Main 71444df0 00000000 I 1.377s Main 71444df4 00000000 I 1.377s Main 71444df8 00000000 I 1.377s Main 71444dfc 00000000 I 1.377s Main 71444e00 00000000 I 1.377s Main 71444e04 00000000 I 1.377s Main 71444e08 00000000 I 1.378s Main 71444e0c 6f7b8f90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.378s Main I 1.378s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.378s Main I 1.378s Main I 1.378s Main pid: 831, tid: 841, name: Signal Catcher I 1.378s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 1.378s Main r4 71548d08 r5 71548d48 r6 bef29f20 r7 000000b1 I 1.378s Main r8 6f7b9838 r9 41520c74 sl 41525694 fp 41504cdc I 1.378s Main ip 71548d44 sp 71548d08 lr 4005b351 pc 40069170 I 1.378s Main I 1.378s Main Stack Trace: I 1.378s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.378s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.378s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.378s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.378s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.378s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.378s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.378s Main I 1.378s Main Stack Data: I 1.378s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.378s Main 71548cc8 00000000 I 1.378s Main 71548ccc 00000000 I 1.378s Main 71548cd0 00000000 I 1.379s Main 71548cd4 00000000 I 1.379s Main 71548cd8 71548d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.379s Main 71548cdc 00000000 I 1.379s Main 71548ce0 6f7b9838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.379s Main 71548ce4 7154efc4 I 1.379s Main 71548ce8 00000000 I 1.379s Main 71548cec 71548d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.379s Main 71548cf0 00000000 I 1.379s Main 71548cf4 414d658b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.379s Main 71548cf8 41506239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.379s Main 71548cfc 00000000 I 1.379s Main 71548d00 00000000 I 1.379s Main 71548d04 71548ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.379s Main 71548d08 00000204 I 1.379s Main 71548d08 00000204 I 1.379s Main 71548d0c 00000000 I 1.379s Main 71548d10 fffffea0 I 1.379s Main 71548d14 6e3f9ed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.379s Main 71548d18 415251f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.379s Main 71548d1c 414c7f57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.379s Main 71548d20 41545a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.379s Main 71548d24 41545a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.379s Main 71548d28 41545a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.379s Main 71548d2c 4006b2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.380s Main 71548d30 6f7b9ba4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.380s Main 71548d34 414c79a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.380s Main 71548d38 6f7b9838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.380s Main 71548d3c 414cb94b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.380s Main 71548d40 41545a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.380s Main 71548d44 00000204 I 1.380s Main 71548d48 00000004 I 1.380s Main 71548d4c 6f7b9838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.380s Main 71548d50 415251f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.380s Main 71548d54 414c9e11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.380s Main 71548d58 4153a880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.380s Main 71548d5c 41545a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.380s Main 71548d98 6e3f9ed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.380s Main 71548d9c 00010002 I 1.380s Main 71548da0 6e3f9ef0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.380s Main 71548da4 4153a880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.380s Main 71548da8 71548dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.380s Main 71548dac 6f7b95f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.380s Main 71548db0 414ca921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.380s Main 71548db4 40055174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.380s Main 71548db8 6e3f9ed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.380s Main 71548dbc 6f7b95f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.380s Main 71548dc0 71548dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.380s Main 71548dc4 0000000d I 1.380s Main 71548dc8 00000078 I 1.381s Main 71548dcc 4005530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.381s Main 71548dd0 71548dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.381s Main 71548dd4 6f7b95f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.381s Main 71548dd8 00000000 I 1.381s Main 71548ddc 00000000 I 1.381s Main 71548de0 00000000 I 1.381s Main 71548de4 ff1640d9 I 1.381s Main 71548de8 00000000 I 1.381s Main 71548dec 00000000 I 1.381s Main 71548df0 00000000 I 1.381s Main 71548df4 00000000 I 1.381s Main 71548df8 00000000 I 1.381s Main 71548dfc 00000000 I 1.381s Main 71548e00 00000000 I 1.381s Main 71548e04 00000000 I 1.381s Main 71548e08 00000000 I 1.381s Main 71548e0c 6f7b9838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.381s Main I 1.381s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.381s Main I 1.381s Main I 1.381s Main pid: 831, tid: 842, name: JDWP I 1.381s Main r0 0000001c r1 7164cd10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 1.381s Main r4 6f7b9f50 r5 40096384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 1.382s Main r8 6f7bbf70 r9 000003e8 sl 6f7b9eec fp 400942ec I 1.382s Main ip 6f7bbf50 sp 7164ccf8 lr 414d7087 pc 400693d8 I 1.382s Main I 1.382s Main Stack Trace: I 1.382s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.382s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.382s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.382s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.382s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.382s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.382s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.382s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.382s Main I 1.382s Main Stack Data: I 1.382s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.382s Main 7164ccb8 6f7bbf50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.382s Main 7164ccbc 6f7bbf70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.382s Main 7164ccc0 000003e8 I 1.382s Main 7164ccc4 6f7b9eec <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.382s Main 7164ccc8 400942ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.382s Main 7164cccc 4006e159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.382s Main 7164ccd0 00000000 I 1.382s Main 7164ccd4 00000000 I 1.382s Main 7164ccd8 7164cd4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:842] I 1.383s Main 7164ccdc 00000000 I 1.383s Main 7164cce0 00000000 I 1.383s Main 7164cce4 71652fc4 I 1.383s Main 7164cce8 00004000 I 1.383s Main 7164ccec 7164cd54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:842] I 1.383s Main 7164ccf0 00000000 I 1.383s Main 7164ccf4 00000000 I 1.383s Main 7164ccf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[vectors] I 1.383s Main 7164ccf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[vectors] I 1.383s Main 7164ccfc 7164cd50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:842] I 1.383s Main 7164cd00 00000004 I 1.383s Main 7164cd04 2164cca8 I 1.383s Main 7164cd08 7164cd07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:842] I 1.383s Main 7164cd0c 00000001 I 1.383s Main 7164cd10 00000000 I 1.383s Main 7164cd14 00000000 I 1.383s Main 7164cd18 7164cd08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:842] I 1.383s Main 7164cd1c 00000001 I 1.383s Main 7164cd20 7164cd2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:842] I 1.383s Main 7164cd24 00000010 I 1.383s Main 7164cd28 00000000 I 1.383s Main 7164cd2c 00000010 I 1.383s Main 7164cd30 00000001 I 1.383s Main 7164cd34 00000001 I 1.383s Main 7164cd50 66333330 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.384s Main 7164cd54 414d7100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.384s Main 7164cd58 00000001 I 1.384s Main 7164cd5c 6f7b9e98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.384s Main 7164cd60 6f7b9ee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.384s Main 7164cd64 bef29f00 [stack] I 1.384s Main 7164cd68 6e3f9fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.384s Main 7164cd6c 4150f7c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.384s Main 7164cd70 41510910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.384s Main 7164cd74 414d9f89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.384s Main 7164cd78 00000000 I 1.384s Main 7164cd7c 6e3f9fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.384s Main 7164cd80 415251f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.384s Main 7164cd84 bef29f00 [stack] I 1.384s Main 7164cd88 6e3f9fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.384s Main 7164cd8c 414ca921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.384s Main 7164cd90 7154f000 I 1.384s Main 7164cd94 414ca96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.384s Main 7164cd98 6e3f9fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.384s Main 7164cd9c 00010002 I 1.384s Main 7164cda0 6e3f9fd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.384s Main 7164cda4 4153a880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.384s Main 7164cda8 7164cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:842] I 1.384s Main 7164cdac 6f7bbfe8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.384s Main 7164cdb0 414ca921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.385s Main 7164cdb4 40055174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.385s Main 7164cdb8 6e3f9fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.385s Main 7164cdbc 6f7bbfe8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.385s Main 7164cdc0 7164cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:842] I 1.385s Main 7164cdc4 0000000d I 1.385s Main 7164cdc8 00000078 I 1.385s Main 7164cdcc 4005530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.385s Main 7164cdd0 7164cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:842] I 1.385s Main 7164cdd4 6f7bbfe8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.385s Main 7164cdd8 00000000 I 1.385s Main 7164cddc 00000000 I 1.385s Main 7164cde0 00000000 I 1.385s Main 7164cde4 ff1640d9 I 1.385s Main 7164cde8 00000000 I 1.385s Main 7164cdec 00000000 I 1.385s Main 7164cdf0 00000000 I 1.385s Main 7164cdf4 00000000 I 1.385s Main 7164cdf8 00000000 I 1.385s Main 7164cdfc 00000000 I 1.385s Main 7164ce00 00000000 I 1.385s Main 7164ce04 00000000 I 1.385s Main 7164ce08 00000000 I 1.385s Main 7164ce0c 6f7bc230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.385s Main I 1.385s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.386s Main I 1.386s Main I 1.386s Main pid: 831, tid: 843, name: Compiler I 1.386s Main r0 41525704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.386s Main r4 41525704 r5 415256fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.386s Main r8 414ca921 r9 71653000 sl 415256f8 fp 400942ec I 1.386s Main ip 00000000 sp 71750c10 lr 40056ec8 pc 40069904 I 1.386s Main I 1.386s Main Stack Trace: I 1.386s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.386s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.386s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.386s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.386s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.386s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.386s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.386s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.386s Main I 1.386s Main Stack Data: I 1.386s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.386s Main 71750bd0 00000000 I 1.386s Main 71750bd4 00000000 I 1.386s Main 71750bd8 415251f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.386s Main 71750bdc 00000000 I 1.387s Main 71750be0 00000000 I 1.387s Main 71750be4 00000000 I 1.387s Main 71750be8 4150bf31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.387s Main 71750bec 414cabc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.387s Main 71750bf0 fffffe0c I 1.387s Main 71750bf4 6e3e9810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.387s Main 71750bf8 6e3e9838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.387s Main 71750bfc ffffffef I 1.387s Main 71750c00 41525704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.387s Main 71750c04 415256fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.387s Main 71750c08 00000000 I 1.387s Main 71750c0c 40056eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.387s Main 71750c10 00000000 I 1.387s Main 71750c10 00000000 I 1.387s Main 71750c14 415256fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.387s Main 71750c18 41525704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.387s Main 71750c1c 6f7bd428 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.387s Main 71750c20 00001000 I 1.387s Main 71750c24 40056f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.387s Main 71750c28 415256c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.387s Main 71750c2c 718cffc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.387s Main 71750c30 41504cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.387s Main 71750c34 415256c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.387s Main 71750c38 718cffc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.388s Main 71750c3c 414e9d03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.388s Main 71750c40 71750d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:843] I 1.388s Main 71750c44 414a3fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.388s Main 71750c48 00000000 I 1.388s Main 71750c4c 41520c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.388s Main 71750c50 41515901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.388s Main 71750c54 41504cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.388s Main 71750c58 00000000 I 1.388s Main 71750c5c fffffea0 I 1.388s Main 71750c60 414a3f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.388s Main 71750c64 414a163c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.388s Main 71750c68 00000000 I 1.388s Main 71750c6c 00000000 I 1.388s Main 71750c70 00000000 I 1.388s Main 71750c74 00000000 I 1.388s Main 71750c78 71756fa0 I 1.388s Main 71750c7c 00000000 I 1.388s Main 71750d98 6f7bc938 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.388s Main 71750d9c 00010002 I 1.388s Main 71750da0 6f7bc958 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.388s Main 71750da4 4153a880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.388s Main 71750da8 71750dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:843] I 1.388s Main 71750dac 6f7bc968 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.388s Main 71750db0 414ca921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.388s Main 71750db4 40055174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.389s Main 71750db8 6f7bc938 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.389s Main 71750dbc 6f7bc968 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.389s Main 71750dc0 71750dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:843] I 1.389s Main 71750dc4 0000000d I 1.389s Main 71750dc8 00000078 I 1.389s Main 71750dcc 4005530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.389s Main 71750dd0 71750dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:843] I 1.389s Main 71750dd4 6f7bc968 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.389s Main 71750dd8 00000000 I 1.389s Main 71750ddc 00000000 I 1.389s Main 71750de0 00000000 I 1.389s Main 71750de4 ff1640d9 I 1.389s Main 71750de8 00000000 I 1.389s Main 71750dec 00000000 I 1.389s Main 71750df0 00000000 I 1.389s Main 71750df4 00000000 I 1.389s Main 71750df8 00000000 I 1.389s Main 71750dfc 00000000 I 1.389s Main 71750e00 00000000 I 1.389s Main 71750e04 00000000 I 1.389s Main 71750e08 00000000 I 1.389s Main 71750e0c 6f7bcbb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.389s Main I 1.389s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.390s Main I 1.390s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 1.390s Main I 1.390s Main Stack Trace: I 1.390s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.390s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.390s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.390s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.390s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.390s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.390s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.390s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.390s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.390s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.390s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.390s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.390s Main I 1.390s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.390s Main I 1.390s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x0000033f (code=-6), thread 831 (app_process) I 1.854s Thread-8 tombstone_00 created on 1973-06-11 11:29:00, about this long ago: 16686 days, 3:11:52 Device: 06596466005cab1a I 1.854s Thread-8 Resolving... I 1.854s Thread-9 tombstone_01 created on 1973-06-11 11:29:00, about this long ago: 16686 days, 3:11:52 Device: 06596466005cab1a I 1.854s Thread-9 Resolving... I 2.055s Main Total time spent symbolizing: 0.35s I 2.055s Main tombstone_00 created on 1973-06-11 11:29:00, about this long ago: 16686 days, 3:11:52 Device: 06596466005cab1a I 2.055s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src I 2.055s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release I 2.055s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmpCirW0u I 2.055s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 2.055s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release I 2.055s Main pid: 497, tid: 497, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 2.055s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 2.055s Main r0 00000000 r1 000001f1 r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 2.055s Main r4 00000006 r5 00000000 r6 000001f1 r7 0000010c I 2.056s Main r8 00000004 r9 beccfb92 sl beccfb9e fp beccfb86 I 2.056s Main ip 401a3438 sp beccf628 lr 4003dfe5 pc 4004cf90 I 2.056s Main I 2.056s Main Stack Trace: I 2.056s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.056s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.056s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.056s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.056s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.056s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.056s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.056s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.056s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.056s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.056s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.056s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.056s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.056s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.056s Main I 2.056s Main Stack Data: I 2.056s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.056s Main beccf5e8 40196168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.056s Main beccf5ec 00000002 I 2.056s Main beccf5f0 401a3438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.057s Main beccf5f4 00000004 I 2.057s Main beccf5f8 beccfb92 [stack] I 2.057s Main beccf5fc beccfb9e [stack] I 2.057s Main beccf600 beccfb86 [stack] I 2.057s Main beccf604 40051159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.057s Main beccf608 20302036 I 2.057s Main beccf60c 32313634 I 2.057s Main beccf610 beccf684 [stack] I 2.057s Main beccf614 00000000 I 2.057s Main beccf618 00000000 I 2.057s Main beccf61c 31203020 I 2.057s Main beccf620 00004000 I 2.057s Main beccf624 beccf692 [stack] I 2.057s Main beccf628 00000006 I 2.057s Main beccf62c 00000000 I 2.057s Main beccf630 000001f1 I 2.057s Main beccf634 401a3438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.057s Main beccf638 401a3438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.057s Main beccf63c 4003dfe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.057s Main beccf640 00000006 I 2.057s Main beccf644 00000000 I 2.057s Main beccf648 00000002 I 2.057s Main beccf64c 4003e1f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.057s Main beccf650 beccf65c [stack] I 2.057s Main beccf654 4003cf2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.058s Main beccf658 00000000 I 2.058s Main beccf65c ffffffdf I 2.058s Main beccf660 400752c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.058s Main beccf664 4007522c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.058s Main beccf668 00000000 I 2.058s Main beccf66c 4003faef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.058s Main beccf670 415081f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.058s Main beccf674 415081f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.058s Main beccf678 40196168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.058s Main beccf67c 4004c848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.058s Main beccf680 00000000 I 2.058s Main beccf684 4149eccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.058s Main beccf688 40083324 I 2.058s Main beccf68c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.058s Main beccf690 0000296c I 2.058s Main beccf694 00000000 I 2.058s Main beccf698 00000000 I 2.058s Main beccf69c 00000000 I 2.058s Main beccf6a0 00000000 I 2.058s Main beccf6a4 00000000 I 2.058s Main beccf6a8 00000000 I 2.058s Main beccf6ac 00000000 I 2.058s Main beccf6b0 00000000 I 2.058s Main beccf6b4 00000000 I 2.059s Main beccf6b8 00000000 I 2.059s Main beccf6bc 00000000 I 2.059s Main beccf6c0 00000000 I 2.059s Main beccf6c4 00000000 I 2.059s Main beccf898 000000c8 I 2.059s Main beccf89c 6e3da200 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.059s Main beccf8a0 41456f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.059s Main beccf8a4 00000000 I 2.059s Main beccf8a8 000000c8 I 2.059s Main beccf8ac 40199560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.059s Main beccf8b0 40199740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.059s Main beccf8b4 41456f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.059s Main beccf8b8 40002328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.059s Main beccf8bc 4013ed27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.059s Main beccf8c0 41456f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.059s Main beccf8c4 00000000 I 2.059s Main beccf8c8 beccf988 [stack] I 2.059s Main beccf8cc 4013f015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.059s Main beccf8d0 400023cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.059s Main beccf8d4 4013fa65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.059s Main beccf8d8 41456f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.059s Main beccf8dc 00000000 I 2.059s Main beccf8e0 4150b004 I 2.059s Main beccf8e4 414a6a8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.060s Main beccf8e8 414a6abd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.060s Main beccf8ec 414a6a95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.060s Main beccf8f0 000000bb I 2.060s Main beccf8f4 00000000 I 2.060s Main beccf8f8 41456e08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.060s Main beccf8fc 4003be6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.060s Main beccf900 000000b0 I 2.060s Main beccf904 00000000 I 2.060s Main beccf908 4003adcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.060s Main beccf90c 000000a0 I 2.060s Main beccf910 00000014 I 2.060s Main beccf914 4019b3d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.060s Main beccf960 00000000 I 2.060s Main beccf964 00000000 I 2.060s Main beccf968 00000000 I 2.060s Main beccf96c beccfa7c [stack] I 2.060s Main beccf970 40079384 I 2.060s Main beccf974 40002372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.060s Main beccf978 40002300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.060s Main beccf97c 4000237b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.060s Main beccf980 40002391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.060s Main beccf984 4000239f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.060s Main beccf988 40003e08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.060s Main beccf98c 40199520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.060s Main beccf990 41456e18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.061s Main beccf994 00000013 I 2.061s Main beccf998 00000000 I 2.061s Main beccf99c 00000008 I 2.061s Main beccfa40 00000000 I 2.061s Main beccfa44 00000000 I 2.061s Main beccfa48 00000000 I 2.061s Main beccfa4c 00000000 I 2.061s Main beccfa50 00000000 I 2.061s Main beccfa54 40001d80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.061s Main beccfa58 40003de8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.061s Main beccfa5c 40003df0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.061s Main beccfa60 40003df8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.061s Main beccfa64 beccfa70 [stack] I 2.061s Main beccfa68 00000000 I 2.061s Main beccfa6c 40006881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 2.061s Main beccfa70 00000005 I 2.061s Main beccfa74 beccfb86 [stack] I 2.061s Main beccfa78 beccfb92 [stack] I 2.061s Main beccfa7c beccfb9e [stack] I 2.061s Main beccfa80 beccfbb9 [stack] I 2.061s Main beccfa84 beccfbbe [stack] I 2.061s Main beccfa88 00000000 I 2.061s Main beccfa8c beccfbc6 [stack] I 2.061s Main beccfa90 beccfbe0 [stack] I 2.062s Main beccfa94 beccfc0c [stack] I 2.062s Main I 2.062s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.062s Main I 2.062s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x000001f1 (code=-6), thread 497 (app_process) I 2.062s Main I 2.062s Main pid: 497, tid: 610, name: ReferenceQueueD I 2.062s Main r0 6e3d1eb8 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.062s Main r4 6e3d1eb8 r5 6e3d1ea8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.062s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3c92b0 sl 00000000 fp 415281d0 I 2.062s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fa88ba0 lr 40039ec8 pc 4004c904 I 2.062s Main I 2.062s Main Stack Trace: I 2.062s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.062s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.062s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.062s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.062s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.062s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.062s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.062s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.062s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.062s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.062s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.062s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.063s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.063s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.063s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.063s Main I 2.063s Main Stack Data: I 2.063s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.063s Main 6fa88b60 0000002b I 2.063s Main 6fa88b64 00000158 I 2.063s Main 6fa88b68 6d3bcbd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.063s Main 6fa88b6c 4003be6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.063s Main 6fa88b70 00000020 I 2.063s Main 6fa88b74 00002004 I 2.063s Main 6fa88b78 00000021 I 2.063s Main 6fa88b7c 00000020 I 2.063s Main 6fa88b80 00000020 I 2.063s Main 6fa88b84 41513640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.063s Main 6fa88b88 00000001 I 2.063s Main 6fa88b8c 6e3d1b28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.063s Main 6fa88b90 6e3d1eb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.063s Main 6fa88b94 6e3d1ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.063s Main 6fa88b98 00000000 I 2.063s Main 6fa88b9c 40039eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.063s Main 6fa88ba0 00000000 I 2.063s Main 6fa88ba0 00000000 I 2.064s Main 6fa88ba4 6e3d1ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.064s Main 6fa88ba8 6e3d1eb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.064s Main 6fa88bac 6e3d1b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.064s Main 6fa88bb0 6d3bcbd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.064s Main 6fa88bb4 40039f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.064s Main 6fa88bb8 6e3d1ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.064s Main 6fa88bbc 00000000 I 2.064s Main 6fa88bc0 6e3d1ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.064s Main 6fa88bc4 6e3d1ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.064s Main 6fa88bc8 00000000 I 2.064s Main 6fa88bcc 414abd77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.064s Main 6fa88bd0 6e3d1b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.064s Main 6fa88bd4 6d3bcbd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.064s Main 6fa88bd8 6f98af74 I 2.064s Main 6fa88bdc 6f98af78 I 2.064s Main 6fa88be0 41513640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.064s Main 6fa88be4 6e3d1b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.064s Main 6fa88be8 6e3d1b28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.064s Main 6fa88bec 6f98af74 I 2.064s Main 6fa88bf0 41503c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.064s Main 6fa88bf4 414c0655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.064s Main 6fa88bf8 00000000 I 2.064s Main 6fa88bfc 00000001 I 2.064s Main 6fa88c00 00000000 I 2.064s Main 6fa88c04 00000000 I 2.065s Main 6fa88c08 6d3c92b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.065s Main 6fa88c0c 4150e890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.065s Main 6fa88c10 414c062f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.065s Main 6fa88c14 414a8acf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.065s Main 6fa88c18 6f98af74 I 2.065s Main 6fa88c1c 6e3d1b28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.065s Main 6fa88c20 6e453e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.065s Main 6fa88c24 6f98af98 I 2.065s Main 6fa88c28 6e3d1b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.065s Main 6fa88c2c 4150e890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.065s Main 6fa88c30 41476d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.065s Main 6fa88c34 00000000 I 2.065s Main 6fa88c38 6f98af60 I 2.065s Main 6fa88c3c 4147ffe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.065s Main 6fa88c40 00000000 I 2.065s Main 6fa88c44 6e3d1b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.065s Main 6fa88c48 41486f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.065s Main 6fa88c4c 00000000 I 2.065s Main 6fa88c50 6fa88d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:610] I 2.065s Main 6fa88c54 6e3d1b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.065s Main 6fa88c58 6fa88c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:610] I 2.065s Main 6fa88c5c 6d3cdeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.065s Main 6fa88c60 415281d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.065s Main 6fa88c64 41486fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.066s Main 6fa88c68 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6fa88c6c 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6fa88c70 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6fa88c74 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6fa88c78 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6fa88c7c fffffea0 I 2.066s Main 6fa88c80 41486f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.066s Main 6fa88c84 4148463c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.066s Main 6fa88c88 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6fa88c8c 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6fa88c90 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6fa88c94 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6fa88c98 6f98afe4 I 2.066s Main 6fa88c9c 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6fa88ca0 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6fa88ca4 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6fa88ca8 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6fa88cac 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6fa88cb0 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6fa88cb4 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6fa88cb8 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6fa88cbc 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6fa88cc0 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6fa88cc4 00000000 I 2.066s Main 6fa88d18 0000001d I 2.067s Main 6fa88d1c 0000001c I 2.067s Main 6fa88d20 0000001c I 2.067s Main 6fa88d24 6e3d1b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.067s Main 6fa88d28 40079384 I 2.067s Main 6fa88d2c 414c8ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.067s Main 6fa88d30 6f98b000 I 2.067s Main 6fa88d34 6fa88d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:610] I 2.067s Main 6fa88d38 415081f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.067s Main 6fa88d3c 40079384 I 2.067s Main 6fa88d40 41508500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.067s Main 6fa88d44 415084fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.067s Main 6fa88d48 6f98b000 I 2.067s Main 6fa88d4c beccee14 [stack] I 2.067s Main 6fa88d50 400772ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.067s Main 6fa88d54 414b95a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.067s Main 6fa88d58 6fa88d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:610] I 2.067s Main 6fa88d5c 6fa88d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:610] I 2.067s Main 6fa88d60 6e3d1b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.067s Main 6fa88d64 6fa88d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:610] I 2.067s Main 6fa88d68 40079384 I 2.067s Main 6fa88d6c 6e3d1b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.067s Main 6fa88d70 414ae28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.067s Main 6fa88d74 6fa88d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:610] I 2.067s Main 6fa88d78 00000003 I 2.067s Main 6fa88d7c 4150dd88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.068s Main 6fa88d80 00000000 I 2.068s Main 6fa88d84 414529f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.068s Main 6fa88d88 6e3d1b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.068s Main 6fa88d8c 400380ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.068s Main 6fa88d90 00000000 I 2.068s Main 6fa88d94 414529f4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.068s Main 6fa88d98 414529e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.068s Main 6fa88d9c fa7083d7 I 2.068s Main 6fa88da0 6fa88dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:610] I 2.068s Main 6fa88da4 4150dd88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.068s Main 6fa88da8 414ae1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.068s Main 6fa88dac 6e3d1b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.068s Main 6fa88db0 414ae1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.068s Main 6fa88db4 40038174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.068s Main 6fa88db8 6e3d1b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.068s Main 6fa88dbc 4150dd88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.068s Main 6fa88dc0 6fa88dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:610] I 2.068s Main 6fa88dc4 0000000d I 2.068s Main 6fa88dc8 00000078 I 2.068s Main 6fa88dcc 4003830c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.068s Main 6fa88dd0 6fa88dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:610] I 2.068s Main 6fa88dd4 4150dd88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.068s Main 6fa88dd8 00000000 I 2.068s Main 6fa88ddc 00000000 I 2.069s Main 6fa88de0 00000000 I 2.069s Main 6fa88de4 fa7083d7 I 2.069s Main 6fa88de8 00000000 I 2.069s Main 6fa88dec 00000000 I 2.069s Main 6fa88df0 00000000 I 2.069s Main 6fa88df4 00000000 I 2.069s Main 6fa88df8 00000000 I 2.069s Main 6fa88dfc 00000000 I 2.069s Main 6fa88e00 00000000 I 2.069s Main 6fa88e04 00000000 I 2.069s Main 6fa88e08 00000000 I 2.069s Main 6fa88e0c 6e3d1b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.069s Main I 2.069s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.069s Main I 2.069s Main I 2.069s Main pid: 497, tid: 611, name: FinalizerDaemon I 2.069s Main r0 6e3d2310 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.069s Main r4 6e3d2310 r5 6e3d2300 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.069s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3c92b0 sl 00000000 fp 415284a0 I 2.069s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fb8cbc8 lr 40039ec8 pc 4004c904 I 2.069s Main I 2.069s Main Stack Trace: I 2.069s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.069s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main I 2.070s Main Stack Data: I 2.070s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.070s Main 6fb8cb88 0000002b I 2.070s Main 6fb8cb8c 00000058 I 2.070s Main 6fb8cb90 6d3bccd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.070s Main 6fb8cb94 4003be6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.070s Main 6fb8cb98 00000020 I 2.070s Main 6fb8cb9c 00002004 I 2.070s Main 6fb8cba0 00000021 I 2.070s Main 6fb8cba4 00000020 I 2.070s Main 6fb8cba8 00000020 I 2.071s Main 6fb8cbac 41513718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.071s Main 6fb8cbb0 00000001 I 2.071s Main 6fb8cbb4 41476d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.071s Main 6fb8cbb8 6e3d2310 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.071s Main 6fb8cbbc 6e3d2300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.071s Main 6fb8cbc0 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fb8cbc4 40039eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.071s Main 6fb8cbc8 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fb8cbc8 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fb8cbcc 6e3d2300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.071s Main 6fb8cbd0 6e3d2310 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.071s Main 6fb8cbd4 6e3d1f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.071s Main 6fb8cbd8 6d3bccd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.071s Main 6fb8cbdc 40039f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.071s Main 6fb8cbe0 6e3d2300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.071s Main 6fb8cbe4 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fb8cbe8 6e3d2300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.071s Main 6fb8cbec 6e3d2300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.071s Main 6fb8cbf0 00000000 I 2.071s Main 6fb8cbf4 414abd77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.071s Main 6fb8cbf8 6e3d1f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.071s Main 6fb8cbfc 6d3bccd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.071s Main 6fb8cc00 6fa8ef10 I 2.071s Main 6fb8cc04 6fa8ef14 I 2.071s Main 6fb8cc08 41513718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc0c 4150e890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc10 41476d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc14 00000000 I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc18 6fa8eefc I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc1c 414c0655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc20 00000000 I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc24 00000001 I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc28 00000000 I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc2c 00000000 I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc30 6e453ea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc34 6fa8ef34 I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc38 6e3d1f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc3c 4147ffe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc40 00000000 I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc44 6e3d1f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc48 41486f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc4c 00000000 I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc50 6fb8cd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc54 6e3d1f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc58 6fb8cc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc5c 6d3cdeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc60 415284a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc64 41486fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.072s Main 6fb8cc68 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fb8cc6c 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fb8cc70 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fb8cc74 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fb8cc78 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fb8cc7c fffffea0 I 2.073s Main 6fb8cc80 41486f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.073s Main 6fb8cc84 4148463c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.073s Main 6fb8cc88 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fb8cc8c 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fb8cc90 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fb8cc94 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fb8cc98 6fa8efe4 I 2.073s Main 6fb8cc9c 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fb8cca0 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fb8cca4 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fb8cca8 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fb8ccac 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fb8ccb0 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fb8ccb4 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fb8ccb8 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fb8ccbc 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fb8ccc0 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fb8ccc4 00000000 I 2.073s Main 6fb8cd18 0000001d I 2.073s Main 6fb8cd1c 0000001c I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd20 0000001c I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd24 6e3d1f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd28 40079384 I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd2c 414c8ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd30 6fa8f000 I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd34 6fb8cd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd38 415081f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd3c 40079384 I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd40 41508500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd44 415084fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd48 6fa8f000 I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd4c beccee3c [stack] I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd50 400772ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd54 414b95a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd58 6fb8cd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd5c 6fb8cd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd60 6e3d1f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd64 6fb8cd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd68 40079384 I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd6c 6e3d1f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd70 414ae28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd74 6fb8cd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd78 00000003 I 2.074s Main 6fb8cd7c 6e3d23c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.075s Main 6fb8cd80 00000000 I 2.075s Main 6fb8cd84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-1 I 2.075s Main 6fb8cd88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.075s Main 6fb8cd8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.075s Main 6fb8cd90 006e6f6d I 2.075s Main 6fb8cd94 6fb8cd93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.075s Main 6fb8cd98 6fb8cd84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.075s Main 6fb8cd9c fa7083d7 I 2.075s Main 6fb8cda0 6fb8cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.075s Main 6fb8cda4 6e3d23c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.075s Main 6fb8cda8 414ae1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.075s Main 6fb8cdac 6e3d1f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.075s Main 6fb8cdb0 414ae1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.075s Main 6fb8cdb4 40038174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.075s Main 6fb8cdb8 6e3d1f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.075s Main 6fb8cdbc 6e3d23c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.075s Main 6fb8cdc0 6fb8cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.075s Main 6fb8cdc4 0000000d I 2.075s Main 6fb8cdc8 00000078 I 2.075s Main 6fb8cdcc 4003830c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.075s Main 6fb8cdd0 6fb8cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.075s Main 6fb8cdd4 6e3d23c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.075s Main 6fb8cdd8 00000000 I 2.075s Main 6fb8cddc 00000000 I 2.075s Main 6fb8cde0 00000000 I 2.076s Main 6fb8cde4 fa7083d7 I 2.076s Main 6fb8cde8 00000000 I 2.076s Main 6fb8cdec 00000000 I 2.076s Main 6fb8cdf0 00000000 I 2.076s Main 6fb8cdf4 00000000 I 2.076s Main 6fb8cdf8 00000000 I 2.076s Main 6fb8cdfc 00000000 I 2.076s Main 6fb8ce00 00000000 I 2.076s Main 6fb8ce04 00000000 I 2.076s Main 6fb8ce08 00000000 I 2.076s Main 6fb8ce0c 6e3d1f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.076s Main I 2.076s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.076s Main I 2.076s Main I 2.076s Main pid: 497, tid: 612, name: FinalizerWatchd I 2.076s Main r0 6e3d2bb8 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.076s Main r4 6e3d2bb8 r5 6e3d2ba8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.076s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3c92b0 sl 00000000 fp 41528740 I 2.076s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fc90bc8 lr 40039ec8 pc 4004c904 I 2.076s Main I 2.076s Main Stack Trace: I 2.076s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.076s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main I 2.077s Main Stack Data: I 2.077s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.077s Main 6fc90b88 6d3bcf98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.077s Main 6fc90b8c 4150dfc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.077s Main 6fc90b90 6d3bcf78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.077s Main 6fc90b94 4003be6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.077s Main 6fc90b98 00000020 I 2.077s Main 6fc90b9c 00002004 I 2.077s Main 6fc90ba0 00000021 I 2.077s Main 6fc90ba4 00000020 I 2.077s Main 6fc90ba8 00000020 I 2.077s Main 6fc90bac 41528730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.078s Main 6fc90bb0 00000001 I 2.078s Main 6fc90bb4 41476d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.078s Main 6fc90bb8 6e3d2bb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.078s Main 6fc90bbc 6e3d2ba8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.078s Main 6fc90bc0 00000000 I 2.078s Main 6fc90bc4 40039eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.078s Main 6fc90bc8 00000000 I 2.078s Main 6fc90bc8 00000000 I 2.078s Main 6fc90bcc 6e3d2ba8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.078s Main 6fc90bd0 6e3d2bb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.078s Main 6fc90bd4 6e3d2818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.078s Main 6fc90bd8 6d3bcf78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.078s Main 6fc90bdc 40039f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.078s Main 6fc90be0 6e3d2ba8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.078s Main 6fc90be4 00000000 I 2.078s Main 6fc90be8 6e3d2ba8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.078s Main 6fc90bec 6e3d2ba8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.078s Main 6fc90bf0 00000000 I 2.078s Main 6fc90bf4 414abd77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.078s Main 6fc90bf8 6e3d2818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.078s Main 6fc90bfc 6d3bcf78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.078s Main 6fc90c00 6fb92f54 I 2.078s Main 6fc90c04 6fb92f58 I 2.078s Main 6fc90c08 41528730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.079s Main 6fc90c0c 4150e890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.079s Main 6fc90c10 41476d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.079s Main 6fc90c14 00000000 I 2.079s Main 6fc90c18 6fb92f40 I 2.079s Main 6fc90c1c 414c0655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.079s Main 6fc90c20 00000000 I 2.079s Main 6fc90c24 00000001 I 2.079s Main 6fc90c28 00000000 I 2.079s Main 6fc90c2c 00000000 I 2.079s Main 6fc90c30 6e453e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.079s Main 6fc90c34 6fb92f78 I 2.079s Main 6fc90c38 6e3d2818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.079s Main 6fc90c3c 4147ffe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.079s Main 6fc90c40 00000000 I 2.079s Main 6fc90c44 6e3d2818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.079s Main 6fc90c48 41486f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.079s Main 6fc90c4c 00000000 I 2.079s Main 6fc90c50 6fc90d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.079s Main 6fc90c54 6e3d2818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.079s Main 6fc90c58 6fc90c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.079s Main 6fc90c5c 6d3cdeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.079s Main 6fc90c60 41528740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.079s Main 6fc90c64 41486fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.079s Main 6fc90c68 00000000 I 2.079s Main 6fc90c6c 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fc90c70 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fc90c74 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fc90c78 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fc90c7c fffffea0 I 2.080s Main 6fc90c80 41486f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.080s Main 6fc90c84 4148463c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.080s Main 6fc90c88 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fc90c8c 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fc90c90 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fc90c94 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fc90c98 6fb92fe4 I 2.080s Main 6fc90c9c 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fc90ca0 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fc90ca4 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fc90ca8 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fc90cac 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fc90cb0 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fc90cb4 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fc90cb8 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fc90cbc 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fc90cc0 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fc90cc4 00000000 I 2.080s Main 6fc90d18 0000001d I 2.080s Main 6fc90d1c 0000001c I 2.080s Main 6fc90d20 0000001c I 2.081s Main 6fc90d24 6e3d2818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.081s Main 6fc90d28 40079384 I 2.081s Main 6fc90d2c 414c8ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.081s Main 6fc90d30 6fb93000 I 2.081s Main 6fc90d34 6fc90d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.081s Main 6fc90d38 415081f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.081s Main 6fc90d3c 40079384 I 2.081s Main 6fc90d40 41508500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.081s Main 6fc90d44 415084fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.081s Main 6fc90d48 6fb93000 I 2.081s Main 6fc90d4c beccee3c [stack] I 2.081s Main 6fc90d50 400772ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.081s Main 6fc90d54 414b95a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.081s Main 6fc90d58 6fc90d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.081s Main 6fc90d5c 6fc90d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.081s Main 6fc90d60 6e3d2818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.081s Main 6fc90d64 6fc90d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.081s Main 6fc90d68 40079384 I 2.081s Main 6fc90d6c 6e3d2818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.081s Main 6fc90d70 414ae28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.081s Main 6fc90d74 6fc90d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.081s Main 6fc90d78 00000003 I 2.081s Main 6fc90d7c 6e3d2c70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.081s Main 6fc90d80 00000000 I 2.082s Main 6fc90d84 41452a10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.082s Main 6fc90d88 6e3d2818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.082s Main 6fc90d8c 400380ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.082s Main 6fc90d90 00000000 I 2.082s Main 6fc90d94 41452a0f <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.082s Main 6fc90d98 414529f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.082s Main 6fc90d9c fa7083d7 I 2.082s Main 6fc90da0 6fc90dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.082s Main 6fc90da4 6e3d2c70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.082s Main 6fc90da8 414ae1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.082s Main 6fc90dac 6e3d2818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.082s Main 6fc90db0 414ae1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.082s Main 6fc90db4 40038174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.082s Main 6fc90db8 6e3d2818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.082s Main 6fc90dbc 6e3d2c70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.082s Main 6fc90dc0 6fc90dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.082s Main 6fc90dc4 0000000d I 2.082s Main 6fc90dc8 00000078 I 2.082s Main 6fc90dcc 4003830c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.082s Main 6fc90dd0 6fc90dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.082s Main 6fc90dd4 6e3d2c70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.082s Main 6fc90dd8 00000000 I 2.082s Main 6fc90ddc 00000000 I 2.082s Main 6fc90de0 00000000 I 2.082s Main 6fc90de4 fa7083d7 I 2.083s Main 6fc90de8 00000000 I 2.083s Main 6fc90dec 00000000 I 2.083s Main 6fc90df0 00000000 I 2.083s Main 6fc90df4 00000000 I 2.083s Main 6fc90df8 00000000 I 2.083s Main 6fc90dfc 00000000 I 2.083s Main 6fc90e00 00000000 I 2.083s Main 6fc90e04 00000000 I 2.083s Main 6fc90e08 00000000 I 2.083s Main 6fc90e0c 6e3d2818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.083s Main I 2.083s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.083s Main I 2.083s Main I 2.083s Main pid: 497, tid: 613, name: GC I 2.083s Main r0 414583d4 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.083s Main r4 414583d4 r5 414583d0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.083s Main r8 4150a100 r9 4150a100 sl 414583c8 fp 400772ec I 2.083s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fd90d40 lr 40039ec8 pc 4004c904 I 2.083s Main I 2.083s Main Stack Trace: I 2.083s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.083s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.083s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.084s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.084s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.084s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.084s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.084s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.084s Main I 2.084s Main Stack Data: I 2.084s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.084s Main 6fd90d00 00000000 I 2.084s Main 6fd90d04 6fd90ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.084s Main 6fd90d08 6fd90cb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.084s Main 6fd90d0c 00000018 I 2.084s Main 6fd90d10 6d3cd66c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.084s Main 6fd90d14 6fd90d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.084s Main 6fd90d18 415081f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.084s Main 6fd90d1c 6e3d39f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.084s Main 6fd90d20 41528940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.084s Main 6fd90d24 415289b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.084s Main 6fd90d28 41528940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.084s Main 6fd90d2c 4004e2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.084s Main 6fd90d30 414583d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.084s Main 6fd90d34 414583d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.084s Main 6fd90d38 00000000 I 2.084s Main 6fd90d3c 40039eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 6fd90d40 00000000 I 2.085s Main 6fd90d40 00000000 I 2.085s Main 6fd90d44 414583d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.085s Main 6fd90d48 414583d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.085s Main 6fd90d4c 00000000 I 2.085s Main 6fd90d50 4150a100 I 2.085s Main 6fd90d54 40039f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 6fd90d58 41503c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 6fd90d5c 415081f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 6fd90d60 beccef10 [stack] I 2.085s Main 6fd90d64 41503c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 6fd90d68 415081f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 6fd90d6c 414cb783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 6fd90d70 00000000 I 2.085s Main 6fd90d74 00000000 I 2.085s Main 6fd90d78 414cb735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 6fd90d7c 6d3bcca0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.085s Main 6fd90d80 415081f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 6fd90d84 beccef10 [stack] I 2.085s Main 6fd90d88 6d3bcca0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.085s Main 6fd90d8c 414ad921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 6fd90d90 6fc93000 I 2.085s Main 6fd90d94 414ad96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.085s Main 6fd90d98 6d3bcca0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.085s Main 6fd90d9c 00010002 I 2.086s Main 6fd90da0 6d3bcd18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.086s Main 6fd90da4 4151d880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.086s Main 6fd90da8 6fd90dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.086s Main 6fd90dac 6e3d3148 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.086s Main 6fd90db0 414ad921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.086s Main 6fd90db4 40038174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.086s Main 6fd90db8 6d3bcca0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.086s Main 6fd90dbc 6e3d3148 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.086s Main 6fd90dc0 6fd90dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.086s Main 6fd90dc4 0000000d I 2.086s Main 6fd90dc8 00000078 I 2.086s Main 6fd90dcc 4003830c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.086s Main 6fd90dd0 6fd90dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.086s Main 6fd90dd4 6e3d3148 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.086s Main 6fd90dd8 00000000 I 2.086s Main 6fd90ddc 00000000 I 2.086s Main 6fd90de0 00000000 I 2.086s Main 6fd90de4 fa7083d7 I 2.086s Main 6fd90de8 00000000 I 2.086s Main 6fd90dec 00000000 I 2.086s Main 6fd90df0 00000000 I 2.086s Main 6fd90df4 00000000 I 2.086s Main 6fd90df8 00000000 I 2.086s Main 6fd90dfc 00000000 I 2.087s Main 6fd90e00 00000000 I 2.087s Main 6fd90e04 00000000 I 2.087s Main 6fd90e08 00000000 I 2.087s Main 6fd90e0c 6e3d3390 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.087s Main I 2.087s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.087s Main I 2.087s Main I 2.087s Main pid: 497, tid: 614, name: Signal Catcher I 2.087s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 2.087s Main r4 6fe94d08 r5 6fe94d48 r6 beccef20 r7 000000b1 I 2.087s Main r8 6e3d3cd8 r9 41503c74 sl 41508694 fp 414e7cdc I 2.087s Main ip 6fe94d44 sp 6fe94d08 lr 4003e351 pc 4004c170 I 2.087s Main I 2.087s Main Stack Trace: I 2.087s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.087s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.087s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.087s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.087s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.087s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.087s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.087s Main I 2.087s Main Stack Data: I 2.088s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.088s Main 6fe94cc8 00000000 I 2.088s Main 6fe94ccc 00000000 I 2.088s Main 6fe94cd0 00000000 I 2.088s Main 6fe94cd4 00000000 I 2.088s Main 6fe94cd8 6fe94d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.088s Main 6fe94cdc 00000000 I 2.088s Main 6fe94ce0 6e3d3cd8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.088s Main 6fe94ce4 6fe9afc4 I 2.088s Main 6fe94ce8 00000000 I 2.088s Main 6fe94cec 6fe94d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.088s Main 6fe94cf0 00000000 I 2.088s Main 6fe94cf4 414b958b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.088s Main 6fe94cf8 414e9239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.088s Main 6fe94cfc 00000000 I 2.088s Main 6fe94d00 00000000 I 2.088s Main 6fe94d04 6fe94ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.088s Main 6fe94d08 00000204 I 2.088s Main 6fe94d08 00000204 I 2.088s Main 6fe94d0c 00000000 I 2.088s Main 6fe94d10 fffffea0 I 2.088s Main 6fe94d14 6d3bcfc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.088s Main 6fe94d18 415081f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.088s Main 6fe94d1c 414aaf57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.088s Main 6fe94d20 41528a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.089s Main 6fe94d24 41528a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.089s Main 6fe94d28 41528a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.089s Main 6fe94d2c 4004e2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.089s Main 6fe94d30 6e3d4044 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.089s Main 6fe94d34 414aa9a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.089s Main 6fe94d38 6e3d3cd8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.089s Main 6fe94d3c 414ae94b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.089s Main 6fe94d40 41528a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.089s Main 6fe94d44 00000204 I 2.089s Main 6fe94d48 00000004 I 2.089s Main 6fe94d4c 6e3d3cd8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.089s Main 6fe94d50 415081f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.089s Main 6fe94d54 414ace11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.089s Main 6fe94d58 4151d880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.089s Main 6fe94d5c 41528a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.089s Main 6fe94d98 6d3bcfc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.089s Main 6fe94d9c 00010002 I 2.089s Main 6fe94da0 6e3d3a78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.089s Main 6fe94da4 4151d880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.089s Main 6fe94da8 6fe94dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.089s Main 6fe94dac 6e3d3a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.089s Main 6fe94db0 414ad921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.089s Main 6fe94db4 40038174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.089s Main 6fe94db8 6d3bcfc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.090s Main 6fe94dbc 6e3d3a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.090s Main 6fe94dc0 6fe94dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.090s Main 6fe94dc4 0000000d I 2.090s Main 6fe94dc8 00000078 I 2.090s Main 6fe94dcc 4003830c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.090s Main 6fe94dd0 6fe94dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.090s Main 6fe94dd4 6e3d3a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.090s Main 6fe94dd8 00000000 I 2.090s Main 6fe94ddc 00000000 I 2.090s Main 6fe94de0 00000000 I 2.090s Main 6fe94de4 fa7083d7 I 2.090s Main 6fe94de8 00000000 I 2.090s Main 6fe94dec 00000000 I 2.090s Main 6fe94df0 00000000 I 2.090s Main 6fe94df4 00000000 I 2.090s Main 6fe94df8 00000000 I 2.090s Main 6fe94dfc 00000000 I 2.090s Main 6fe94e00 00000000 I 2.090s Main 6fe94e04 00000000 I 2.090s Main 6fe94e08 00000000 I 2.090s Main 6fe94e0c 6e3d3cd8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.090s Main I 2.090s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.090s Main I 2.090s Main I 2.091s Main pid: 497, tid: 615, name: JDWP I 2.091s Main r0 00000008 r1 6ff98d10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 2.091s Main r4 6e3d4498 r5 40079384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 2.091s Main r8 6e3d64b8 r9 000003e8 sl 6e3d4434 fp 400772ec I 2.091s Main ip 6e3d6498 sp 6ff98cf8 lr 414ba087 pc 4004c3d8 I 2.091s Main I 2.091s Main Stack Trace: I 2.091s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.091s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.091s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.091s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.091s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.091s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.091s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.091s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.091s Main I 2.091s Main Stack Data: I 2.091s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.091s Main 6ff98cb8 6e3d6498 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.091s Main 6ff98cbc 6e3d64b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.091s Main 6ff98cc0 000003e8 I 2.091s Main 6ff98cc4 6e3d4434 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.091s Main 6ff98cc8 400772ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.091s Main 6ff98ccc 40051159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.092s Main 6ff98cd0 00000000 I 2.092s Main 6ff98cd4 00000000 I 2.092s Main 6ff98cd8 6ff98d4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.092s Main 6ff98cdc 00000000 I 2.092s Main 6ff98ce0 00000000 I 2.092s Main 6ff98ce4 6ff9efc4 I 2.092s Main 6ff98ce8 00004000 I 2.092s Main 6ff98cec 6ff98d54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.092s Main 6ff98cf0 00000000 I 2.092s Main 6ff98cf4 00000000 I 2.092s Main 6ff98cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[vectors] I 2.092s Main 6ff98cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[vectors] I 2.092s Main 6ff98cfc 6ff98d50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.092s Main 6ff98d00 00000004 I 2.092s Main 6ff98d04 21f98ca8 I 2.092s Main 6ff98d08 6ff98d07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.092s Main 6ff98d0c 00000001 I 2.092s Main 6ff98d10 00000000 I 2.092s Main 6ff98d14 00000000 I 2.092s Main 6ff98d18 6ff98d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.092s Main 6ff98d1c 00000001 I 2.092s Main 6ff98d20 6ff98d2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.092s Main 6ff98d24 00000010 I 2.092s Main 6ff98d28 00000000 I 2.092s Main 6ff98d2c 00000010 I 2.093s Main 6ff98d30 00000001 I 2.093s Main 6ff98d34 00000001 I 2.093s Main 6ff98d50 31663130 I 2.093s Main 6ff98d54 414ba100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.093s Main 6ff98d58 00000001 I 2.093s Main 6ff98d5c 6e3d43e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.093s Main 6ff98d60 6e3d4428 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.093s Main 6ff98d64 beccef00 [stack] I 2.093s Main 6ff98d68 6e3d6530 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.093s Main 6ff98d6c 414f27c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.093s Main 6ff98d70 414f3910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.093s Main 6ff98d74 414bcf89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.093s Main 6ff98d78 00000000 I 2.093s Main 6ff98d7c 6e3d6530 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.093s Main 6ff98d80 415081f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.093s Main 6ff98d84 beccef00 [stack] I 2.093s Main 6ff98d88 6e3d6530 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.093s Main 6ff98d8c 414ad921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.093s Main 6ff98d90 6fe9b000 I 2.093s Main 6ff98d94 414ad96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.093s Main 6ff98d98 6e3d6530 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.093s Main 6ff98d9c 00010002 I 2.093s Main 6ff98da0 6d3bccc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.093s Main 6ff98da4 4151d880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.094s Main 6ff98da8 6ff98dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.094s Main 6ff98dac 6e3d6550 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.094s Main 6ff98db0 414ad921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.094s Main 6ff98db4 40038174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.094s Main 6ff98db8 6e3d6530 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.094s Main 6ff98dbc 6e3d6550 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.094s Main 6ff98dc0 6ff98dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.094s Main 6ff98dc4 0000000d I 2.094s Main 6ff98dc8 00000078 I 2.094s Main 6ff98dcc 4003830c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.094s Main 6ff98dd0 6ff98dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.094s Main 6ff98dd4 6e3d6550 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.094s Main 6ff98dd8 00000000 I 2.094s Main 6ff98ddc 00000000 I 2.094s Main 6ff98de0 00000000 I 2.094s Main 6ff98de4 fa7083d7 I 2.094s Main 6ff98de8 00000000 I 2.094s Main 6ff98dec 00000000 I 2.094s Main 6ff98df0 00000000 I 2.094s Main 6ff98df4 00000000 I 2.094s Main 6ff98df8 00000000 I 2.094s Main 6ff98dfc 00000000 I 2.094s Main 6ff98e00 00000000 I 2.094s Main 6ff98e04 00000000 I 2.095s Main 6ff98e08 00000000 I 2.095s Main 6ff98e0c 6e3d6798 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.095s Main I 2.095s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.095s Main I 2.095s Main I 2.095s Main pid: 497, tid: 616, name: Compiler I 2.095s Main r0 41508704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.095s Main r4 41508704 r5 415086fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.095s Main r8 414ad921 r9 6ff9f000 sl 415086f8 fp 400772ec I 2.095s Main ip 00000000 sp 7009cc10 lr 40039ec8 pc 4004c904 I 2.095s Main I 2.095s Main Stack Trace: I 2.095s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.095s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.095s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.095s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.095s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.095s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.095s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.095s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.095s Main I 2.095s Main Stack Data: I 2.095s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.095s Main 7009cbd0 00000000 I 2.096s Main 7009cbd4 00000000 I 2.096s Main 7009cbd8 415081f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.096s Main 7009cbdc 00000000 I 2.096s Main 7009cbe0 00000000 I 2.096s Main 7009cbe4 00000000 I 2.096s Main 7009cbe8 414eef31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.096s Main 7009cbec 414adbc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.096s Main 7009cbf0 fffffe0c I 2.096s Main 7009cbf4 6e3d1b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.096s Main 7009cbf8 6e3d1b40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.096s Main 7009cbfc ffffffef I 2.096s Main 7009cc00 41508704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.096s Main 7009cc04 415086fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.096s Main 7009cc08 00000000 I 2.096s Main 7009cc0c 40039eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.096s Main 7009cc10 00000000 I 2.096s Main 7009cc10 00000000 I 2.096s Main 7009cc14 415086fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.096s Main 7009cc18 41508704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.096s Main 7009cc1c 6e3d98f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.096s Main 7009cc20 00001000 I 2.096s Main 7009cc24 40039f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.096s Main 7009cc28 415086c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.096s Main 7009cc2c 7021a008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.097s Main 7009cc30 414e7cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.097s Main 7009cc34 415086c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.097s Main 7009cc38 7021a008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.097s Main 7009cc3c 414ccd03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.097s Main 7009cc40 7009cd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.097s Main 7009cc44 41486fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.097s Main 7009cc48 00000000 I 2.097s Main 7009cc4c 41503c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.097s Main 7009cc50 414f8901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.097s Main 7009cc54 414e7cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.097s Main 7009cc58 00000000 I 2.097s Main 7009cc5c fffffea0 I 2.097s Main 7009cc60 41486f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.097s Main 7009cc64 4148463c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.097s Main 7009cc68 00000000 I 2.097s Main 7009cc6c 00000000 I 2.097s Main 7009cc70 00000000 I 2.097s Main 7009cc74 00000000 I 2.097s Main 7009cc78 700a2fa0 I 2.097s Main 7009cc7c 00000000 I 2.097s Main 7009cd98 6e3d6ea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.097s Main 7009cd9c 00010002 I 2.097s Main 7009cda0 4150dfd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.097s Main 7009cda4 4151d880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.097s Main 7009cda8 7009cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.098s Main 7009cdac 6e3d6ec0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.098s Main 7009cdb0 414ad921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.098s Main 7009cdb4 40038174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.098s Main 7009cdb8 6e3d6ea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.098s Main 7009cdbc 6e3d6ec0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.098s Main 7009cdc0 7009cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.098s Main 7009cdc4 0000000d I 2.098s Main 7009cdc8 00000078 I 2.098s Main 7009cdcc 4003830c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.098s Main 7009cdd0 7009cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.098s Main 7009cdd4 6e3d6ec0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.098s Main 7009cdd8 00000000 I 2.098s Main 7009cddc 00000000 I 2.098s Main 7009cde0 00000000 I 2.098s Main 7009cde4 fa7083d7 I 2.098s Main 7009cde8 00000000 I 2.098s Main 7009cdec 00000000 I 2.098s Main 7009cdf0 00000000 I 2.098s Main 7009cdf4 00000000 I 2.098s Main 7009cdf8 00000000 I 2.098s Main 7009cdfc 00000000 I 2.098s Main 7009ce00 00000000 I 2.098s Main 7009ce04 00000000 I 2.098s Main 7009ce08 00000000 I 2.099s Main 7009ce0c 6e3d7108 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.099s Main I 2.099s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.099s Main I 2.099s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 2.099s Main I 2.099s Main Stack Trace: I 2.099s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.099s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.099s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.099s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.099s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.099s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.099s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.099s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.099s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.099s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.099s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.099s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.099s Main I 2.099s Main Stack Data: I 2.099s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.099s Main 57894322 30795679 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/127 I 2.099s Main I 2.099s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.100s Main I 2.100s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x000001f1 (code=-6), thread 497 (app_process) I 2.100s Main tombstone_01 created on 1973-06-11 11:29:00, about this long ago: 16686 days, 3:11:52 Device: 06596466005cab1a I 2.100s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src I 2.100s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release I 2.100s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmpVBJoWL I 2.100s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 2.100s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release I 2.100s Main pid: 835, tid: 835, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 2.100s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 2.100s Main r0 00000000 r1 00000343 r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 2.100s Main r4 00000006 r5 00000000 r6 00000343 r7 0000010c I 2.100s Main r8 00000004 r9 befe8b91 sl befe8b9d fp befe8b85 I 2.100s Main ip 401f0438 sp befe8628 lr 4008afe5 pc 40099f90 I 2.100s Main I 2.100s Main Stack Trace: I 2.100s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.100s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.100s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.100s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.100s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.100s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.100s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.100s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.101s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.101s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.101s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.101s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.101s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.101s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.101s Main I 2.101s Main Stack Data: I 2.101s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.101s Main befe85e8 401e3168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.101s Main befe85ec 00000002 I 2.101s Main befe85f0 401f0438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.101s Main befe85f4 00000004 I 2.101s Main befe85f8 befe8b91 [stack] I 2.101s Main befe85fc befe8b9d [stack] I 2.101s Main befe8600 befe8b85 [stack] I 2.101s Main befe8604 4009e159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.101s Main befe8608 34203020 I 2.101s Main befe860c 20323136 I 2.101s Main befe8610 befe8684 [stack] I 2.101s Main befe8614 00000000 I 2.101s Main befe8618 00000000 I 2.101s Main befe861c 37312030 I 2.101s Main befe8620 00004000 I 2.101s Main befe8624 befe8692 [stack] I 2.102s Main befe8628 00000006 I 2.102s Main befe862c 00000000 I 2.102s Main befe8630 00000343 I 2.102s Main befe8634 401f0438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main befe8638 401f0438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main befe863c 4008afe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main befe8640 00000006 I 2.102s Main befe8644 00000000 I 2.102s Main befe8648 00000002 I 2.102s Main befe864c 4008b1f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main befe8650 befe865c [stack] I 2.102s Main befe8654 40089f2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main befe8658 00000000 I 2.102s Main befe865c ffffffdf I 2.102s Main befe8660 400c22c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main befe8664 400c222c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main befe8668 00000000 I 2.102s Main befe866c 4008caef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main befe8670 4154f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main befe8674 4154f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main befe8678 401e3168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main befe867c 40099848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.102s Main befe8680 00000000 I 2.102s Main befe8684 414e5ccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.103s Main befe8688 400d0324 I 2.103s Main befe868c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.103s Main befe8690 0000296c I 2.103s Main befe8694 00000000 I 2.103s Main befe8698 00000000 I 2.103s Main befe869c 00000000 I 2.103s Main befe86a0 00000000 I 2.103s Main befe86a4 00000000 I 2.103s Main befe86a8 00000000 I 2.103s Main befe86ac 00000000 I 2.103s Main befe86b0 00000000 I 2.103s Main befe86b4 00000000 I 2.103s Main befe86b8 00000000 I 2.103s Main befe86bc 00000000 I 2.103s Main befe86c0 00000000 I 2.103s Main befe86c4 00000000 I 2.103s Main befe8898 000000c8 I 2.103s Main befe889c 6f7efef0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.103s Main befe88a0 41bf7f28 [heap] I 2.103s Main befe88a4 00000000 I 2.103s Main befe88a8 000000c8 I 2.103s Main befe88ac 401e6560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.103s Main befe88b0 401e6740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.103s Main befe88b4 41bf7f28 [heap] I 2.103s Main befe88b8 4004f328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.104s Main befe88bc 4018bd27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.104s Main befe88c0 41bf7f28 [heap] I 2.104s Main befe88c4 00000000 I 2.104s Main befe88c8 befe8988 [stack] I 2.104s Main befe88cc 4018c015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.104s Main befe88d0 4004f3cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.104s Main befe88d4 4018ca65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.104s Main befe88d8 41bf7f28 [heap] I 2.104s Main befe88dc 00000000 I 2.104s Main befe88e0 41552004 I 2.104s Main befe88e4 414eda8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.104s Main befe88e8 414edabd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.104s Main befe88ec 414eda95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.104s Main befe88f0 000000bb I 2.104s Main befe88f4 00000000 I 2.104s Main befe88f8 41bf7dd8 [heap] I 2.104s Main befe88fc 40088e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.104s Main befe8900 000000b0 I 2.104s Main befe8904 00000000 I 2.104s Main befe8908 40087dcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.104s Main befe890c 000000a0 I 2.104s Main befe8910 00000014 I 2.104s Main befe8914 401e83d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.104s Main befe8960 00000000 I 2.105s Main befe8964 00000000 I 2.105s Main befe8968 00000000 I 2.105s Main befe896c befe8a7c [stack] I 2.105s Main befe8970 400c6384 I 2.105s Main befe8974 4004f372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.105s Main befe8978 4004f300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.105s Main befe897c 4004f37b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.105s Main befe8980 4004f391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.105s Main befe8984 4004f39f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.105s Main befe8988 40050e08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.105s Main befe898c 401e6520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.105s Main befe8990 41bf7de8 [heap] I 2.105s Main befe8994 00000013 I 2.105s Main befe8998 00000000 I 2.105s Main befe899c 00000008 I 2.105s Main befe8a40 00000000 I 2.105s Main befe8a44 00000000 I 2.105s Main befe8a48 00000000 I 2.105s Main befe8a4c 00000000 I 2.105s Main befe8a50 00000000 I 2.105s Main befe8a54 4004ed80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.105s Main befe8a58 40050de8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.105s Main befe8a5c 40050df0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.105s Main befe8a60 40050df8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.106s Main befe8a64 befe8a70 [stack] I 2.106s Main befe8a68 00000000 I 2.106s Main befe8a6c 40053881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 2.106s Main befe8a70 00000005 I 2.106s Main befe8a74 befe8b85 [stack] I 2.106s Main befe8a78 befe8b91 [stack] I 2.106s Main befe8a7c befe8b9d [stack] I 2.106s Main befe8a80 befe8bb8 [stack] I 2.106s Main befe8a84 befe8bbd [stack] I 2.106s Main befe8a88 00000000 I 2.106s Main befe8a8c befe8bc5 [stack] I 2.106s Main befe8a90 befe8bdf [stack] I 2.106s Main befe8a94 befe8c0b [stack] I 2.106s Main I 2.106s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.106s Main I 2.106s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000343 (code=-6), thread 835 (app_process) I 2.106s Main I 2.106s Main pid: 835, tid: 838, name: ReferenceQueueD I 2.106s Main r0 419563b0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.106s Main r4 419563b0 r5 419563a0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.106s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d6a62b0 sl 00000000 fp 41c141d0 I 2.106s Main ip 00000000 sp 710bcba0 lr 40086ec8 pc 40099904 I 2.106s Main I 2.106s Main Stack Trace: I 2.107s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.107s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main I 2.107s Main Stack Data: I 2.107s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.107s Main 710bcb60 0000002b I 2.107s Main 710bcb64 000001a8 I 2.107s Main 710bcb68 41a4de38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.107s Main 710bcb6c 40088e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.107s Main 710bcb70 00000020 I 2.107s Main 710bcb74 00000000 I 2.108s Main 710bcb78 00000021 I 2.108s Main 710bcb7c 00000020 I 2.108s Main 710bcb80 00000020 I 2.108s Main 710bcb84 41bff640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.108s Main 710bcb88 00000001 I 2.108s Main 710bcb8c 41956020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.108s Main 710bcb90 419563b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.108s Main 710bcb94 419563a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.108s Main 710bcb98 00000000 I 2.108s Main 710bcb9c 40086eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.108s Main 710bcba0 00000000 I 2.108s Main 710bcba0 00000000 I 2.108s Main 710bcba4 419563a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.108s Main 710bcba8 419563b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.108s Main 710bcbac 41956010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.108s Main 710bcbb0 41a4de38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.108s Main 710bcbb4 40086f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.108s Main 710bcbb8 419563a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.108s Main 710bcbbc 00000000 I 2.108s Main 710bcbc0 419563a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.108s Main 710bcbc4 419563a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.108s Main 710bcbc8 00000000 I 2.108s Main 710bcbcc 414f2d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.108s Main 710bcbd0 41956010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.108s Main 710bcbd4 41a4de38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.109s Main 710bcbd8 6fbebf74 I 2.109s Main 710bcbdc 6fbebf78 I 2.109s Main 710bcbe0 41bff640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.109s Main 710bcbe4 41956010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.109s Main 710bcbe8 41956020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.109s Main 710bcbec 6fbebf74 I 2.109s Main 710bcbf0 4154ac74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.109s Main 710bcbf4 41507655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.109s Main 710bcbf8 00000000 I 2.109s Main 710bcbfc 00000001 I 2.109s Main 710bcc00 00000000 I 2.109s Main 710bcc04 00000000 I 2.109s Main 710bcc08 6d6a62b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.109s Main 710bcc0c 41bfa890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.109s Main 710bcc10 4150762f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.109s Main 710bcc14 414efacf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.109s Main 710bcc18 6fbebf74 I 2.109s Main 710bcc1c 41956020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.109s Main 710bcc20 6e719e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.109s Main 710bcc24 6fbebf98 I 2.109s Main 710bcc28 41956010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.109s Main 710bcc2c 41bfa890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.109s Main 710bcc30 414bdd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.109s Main 710bcc34 00000000 I 2.110s Main 710bcc38 6fbebf60 I 2.110s Main 710bcc3c 414c6fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.110s Main 710bcc40 00000000 I 2.110s Main 710bcc44 41956010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.110s Main 710bcc48 414cdf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.110s Main 710bcc4c 00000000 I 2.110s Main 710bcc50 710bcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.110s Main 710bcc54 41956010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.110s Main 710bcc58 710bcc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.110s Main 710bcc5c 6d6aaeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.110s Main 710bcc60 41c141d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.110s Main 710bcc64 414cdfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.110s Main 710bcc68 00000000 I 2.110s Main 710bcc6c 00000000 I 2.110s Main 710bcc70 00000000 I 2.110s Main 710bcc74 00000000 I 2.110s Main 710bcc78 00000000 I 2.110s Main 710bcc7c fffffea0 I 2.110s Main 710bcc80 414cdf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.110s Main 710bcc84 414cb63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.110s Main 710bcc88 00000000 I 2.110s Main 710bcc8c 00000000 I 2.110s Main 710bcc90 00000000 I 2.110s Main 710bcc94 00000000 I 2.111s Main 710bcc98 6fbebfe4 I 2.111s Main 710bcc9c 00000000 I 2.111s Main 710bcca0 00000000 I 2.111s Main 710bcca4 00000000 I 2.111s Main 710bcca8 00000000 I 2.111s Main 710bccac 00000000 I 2.111s Main 710bccb0 00000000 I 2.111s Main 710bccb4 00000000 I 2.111s Main 710bccb8 00000000 I 2.111s Main 710bccbc 00000000 I 2.111s Main 710bccc0 00000000 I 2.111s Main 710bccc4 00000000 I 2.111s Main 710bcd18 0000001d I 2.111s Main 710bcd1c 0000001c I 2.111s Main 710bcd20 0000001c I 2.111s Main 710bcd24 41956010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.111s Main 710bcd28 400c6384 I 2.111s Main 710bcd2c 4150fad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.111s Main 710bcd30 70fbf000 I 2.111s Main 710bcd34 710bcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.111s Main 710bcd38 4154f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.111s Main 710bcd3c 400c6384 I 2.111s Main 710bcd40 4154f500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.111s Main 710bcd44 4154f4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.111s Main 710bcd48 70fbf000 I 2.112s Main 710bcd4c befe7e14 [stack] I 2.112s Main 710bcd50 400c42ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.112s Main 710bcd54 415005a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.112s Main 710bcd58 710bcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.112s Main 710bcd5c 710bcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.112s Main 710bcd60 41956010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.112s Main 710bcd64 710bcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.112s Main 710bcd68 400c6384 I 2.112s Main 710bcd6c 41956010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.112s Main 710bcd70 414f528f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.112s Main 710bcd74 710bcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.112s Main 710bcd78 00000003 I 2.112s Main 710bcd7c 41956468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.112s Main 710bcd80 00000000 I 2.112s Main 710bcd84 41bf2e38 [heap] I 2.112s Main 710bcd88 41956010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.112s Main 710bcd8c 400850ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.112s Main 710bcd90 00000000 I 2.112s Main 710bcd94 41bf2e34 [heap] I 2.112s Main 710bcd98 41bf2e20 [heap] I 2.112s Main 710bcd9c 7e9b36ed I 2.112s Main 710bcda0 710bcdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.112s Main 710bcda4 41956468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.112s Main 710bcda8 414f51ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.113s Main 710bcdac 41956010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.113s Main 710bcdb0 414f51ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.113s Main 710bcdb4 40085174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.113s Main 710bcdb8 41956010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.113s Main 710bcdbc 41956468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.113s Main 710bcdc0 710bcdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.113s Main 710bcdc4 0000000d I 2.113s Main 710bcdc8 00000078 I 2.113s Main 710bcdcc 4008530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.113s Main 710bcdd0 710bcdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.113s Main 710bcdd4 41956468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.113s Main 710bcdd8 00000000 I 2.113s Main 710bcddc 00000000 I 2.113s Main 710bcde0 00000000 I 2.113s Main 710bcde4 7e9b36ed I 2.113s Main 710bcde8 00000000 I 2.113s Main 710bcdec 00000000 I 2.113s Main 710bcdf0 00000000 I 2.113s Main 710bcdf4 00000000 I 2.113s Main 710bcdf8 00000000 I 2.113s Main 710bcdfc 00000000 I 2.113s Main 710bce00 00000000 I 2.113s Main 710bce04 00000000 I 2.113s Main 710bce08 00000000 I 2.113s Main 710bce0c 41956010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.114s Main I 2.114s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.114s Main I 2.114s Main I 2.114s Main pid: 835, tid: 839, name: FinalizerDaemon I 2.114s Main r0 6f7eaee0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.114s Main r4 6f7eaee0 r5 6f7eaed0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.114s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d6a62b0 sl 00000000 fp 41c144a0 I 2.114s Main ip 00000000 sp 711babc8 lr 40086ec8 pc 40099904 I 2.114s Main I 2.114s Main Stack Trace: I 2.114s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.114s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.114s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.114s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.114s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.114s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.114s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.114s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.114s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.114s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.114s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.114s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.114s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.115s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.115s Main I 2.115s Main Stack Data: I 2.115s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.115s Main 711bab88 0000002b I 2.115s Main 711bab8c 000000d8 I 2.115s Main 711bab90 41a4df08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.115s Main 711bab94 40088e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.115s Main 711bab98 00000020 I 2.115s Main 711bab9c 00000000 I 2.115s Main 711baba0 00000021 I 2.115s Main 711baba4 00000020 I 2.115s Main 711baba8 00000020 I 2.115s Main 711babac 41bff718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.115s Main 711babb0 00000001 I 2.115s Main 711babb4 414bdd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.115s Main 711babb8 6f7eaee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.115s Main 711babbc 6f7eaed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.115s Main 711babc0 00000000 I 2.115s Main 711babc4 40086eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.115s Main 711babc8 00000000 I 2.115s Main 711babc8 00000000 I 2.115s Main 711babcc 6f7eaed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.115s Main 711babd0 6f7eaee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.115s Main 711babd4 6f7eab40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.116s Main 711babd8 41a4df08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.116s Main 711babdc 40086f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.116s Main 711babe0 6f7eaed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.116s Main 711babe4 00000000 I 2.116s Main 711babe8 6f7eaed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.116s Main 711babec 6f7eaed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.116s Main 711babf0 00000000 I 2.116s Main 711babf4 414f2d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.116s Main 711babf8 6f7eab40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.116s Main 711babfc 41a4df08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.116s Main 711bac00 6fbf1f10 I 2.116s Main 711bac04 6fbf1f14 I 2.116s Main 711bac08 41bff718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.116s Main 711bac0c 41bfa890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.116s Main 711bac10 414bdd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.116s Main 711bac14 00000000 I 2.116s Main 711bac18 6fbf1efc I 2.116s Main 711bac1c 41507655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.116s Main 711bac20 00000000 I 2.116s Main 711bac24 00000001 I 2.116s Main 711bac28 00000000 I 2.116s Main 711bac2c 00000000 I 2.116s Main 711bac30 6e719ea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.116s Main 711bac34 6fbf1f34 I 2.117s Main 711bac38 6f7eab40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.117s Main 711bac3c 414c6fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.117s Main 711bac40 00000000 I 2.117s Main 711bac44 6f7eab40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.117s Main 711bac48 414cdf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.117s Main 711bac4c 00000000 I 2.117s Main 711bac50 711bad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.117s Main 711bac54 6f7eab40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.117s Main 711bac58 711bac94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.117s Main 711bac5c 6d6aaeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.117s Main 711bac60 41c144a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.117s Main 711bac64 414cdfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.117s Main 711bac68 00000000 I 2.117s Main 711bac6c 00000000 I 2.117s Main 711bac70 00000000 I 2.117s Main 711bac74 00000000 I 2.117s Main 711bac78 00000000 I 2.117s Main 711bac7c fffffea0 I 2.117s Main 711bac80 414cdf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.117s Main 711bac84 414cb63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.117s Main 711bac88 00000000 I 2.117s Main 711bac8c 00000000 I 2.117s Main 711bac90 00000000 I 2.117s Main 711bac94 00000000 I 2.118s Main 711bac98 6fbf1fe4 I 2.118s Main 711bac9c 00000000 I 2.118s Main 711baca0 00000000 I 2.118s Main 711baca4 00000000 I 2.118s Main 711baca8 00000000 I 2.118s Main 711bacac 00000000 I 2.118s Main 711bacb0 00000000 I 2.118s Main 711bacb4 00000000 I 2.118s Main 711bacb8 00000000 I 2.118s Main 711bacbc 00000000 I 2.118s Main 711bacc0 00000000 I 2.118s Main 711bacc4 00000000 I 2.118s Main 711bad18 0000001d I 2.118s Main 711bad1c 0000001c I 2.118s Main 711bad20 0000001c I 2.118s Main 711bad24 6f7eab40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.118s Main 711bad28 400c6384 I 2.118s Main 711bad2c 4150fad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.118s Main 711bad30 710bd000 I 2.118s Main 711bad34 711bad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.118s Main 711bad38 4154f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.118s Main 711bad3c 400c6384 I 2.118s Main 711bad40 4154f500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.118s Main 711bad44 4154f4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.118s Main 711bad48 710bd000 I 2.119s Main 711bad4c befe7e3c [stack] I 2.119s Main 711bad50 400c42ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.119s Main 711bad54 415005a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.119s Main 711bad58 711bad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.119s Main 711bad5c 711bad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.119s Main 711bad60 6f7eab40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.119s Main 711bad64 711bad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.119s Main 711bad68 400c6384 I 2.119s Main 711bad6c 6f7eab40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.119s Main 711bad70 414f528f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.119s Main 711bad74 711bad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.119s Main 711bad78 00000003 I 2.119s Main 711bad7c 6f7eaf98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.119s Main 711bad80 00000000 I 2.119s Main 711bad84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.119s Main 711bad88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.119s Main 711bad8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.119s Main 711bad90 006e6f6d I 2.119s Main 711bad94 711bad93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.119s Main 711bad98 711bad84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.119s Main 711bad9c 7e9b36ed I 2.119s Main 711bada0 711badd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.119s Main 711bada4 6f7eaf98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.119s Main 711bada8 414f51ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.120s Main 711badac 6f7eab40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.120s Main 711badb0 414f51ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.120s Main 711badb4 40085174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.120s Main 711badb8 6f7eab40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.120s Main 711badbc 6f7eaf98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.120s Main 711badc0 711badd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.120s Main 711badc4 0000000d I 2.120s Main 711badc8 00000078 I 2.120s Main 711badcc 4008530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.120s Main 711badd0 711badd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.120s Main 711badd4 6f7eaf98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.120s Main 711badd8 00000000 I 2.120s Main 711baddc 00000000 I 2.120s Main 711bade0 00000000 I 2.120s Main 711bade4 7e9b36ed I 2.120s Main 711bade8 00000000 I 2.120s Main 711badec 00000000 I 2.120s Main 711badf0 00000000 I 2.120s Main 711badf4 00000000 I 2.120s Main 711badf8 00000000 I 2.120s Main 711badfc 00000000 I 2.120s Main 711bae00 00000000 I 2.120s Main 711bae04 00000000 I 2.120s Main 711bae08 00000000 I 2.120s Main 711bae0c 6f7eab40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.121s Main I 2.121s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.121s Main I 2.121s Main I 2.121s Main pid: 835, tid: 840, name: FinalizerWatchd I 2.121s Main r0 6f7eb788 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.121s Main r4 6f7eb788 r5 6f7eb778 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.121s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d6a62b0 sl 00000000 fp 41c14740 I 2.121s Main ip 00000000 sp 712b8bc8 lr 40086ec8 pc 40099904 I 2.121s Main I 2.121s Main Stack Trace: I 2.121s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.121s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.121s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.121s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.121s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.121s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.121s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.121s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.121s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.121s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.121s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.121s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.121s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.122s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.122s Main I 2.122s Main Stack Data: I 2.122s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.122s Main 712b8b88 0000002b I 2.122s Main 712b8b8c 00000138 I 2.122s Main 712b8b90 419566e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.122s Main 712b8b94 40088e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.122s Main 712b8b98 00000020 I 2.122s Main 712b8b9c 00000000 I 2.122s Main 712b8ba0 00000021 I 2.122s Main 712b8ba4 00000020 I 2.122s Main 712b8ba8 00000020 I 2.122s Main 712b8bac 41c14730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.122s Main 712b8bb0 00000001 I 2.122s Main 712b8bb4 414bdd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.122s Main 712b8bb8 6f7eb788 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.122s Main 712b8bbc 6f7eb778 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.122s Main 712b8bc0 00000000 I 2.122s Main 712b8bc4 40086eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.122s Main 712b8bc8 00000000 I 2.122s Main 712b8bc8 00000000 I 2.122s Main 712b8bcc 6f7eb778 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.122s Main 712b8bd0 6f7eb788 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.123s Main 712b8bd4 6f7eb3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.123s Main 712b8bd8 419566e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.123s Main 712b8bdc 40086f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.123s Main 712b8be0 6f7eb778 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.123s Main 712b8be4 00000000 I 2.123s Main 712b8be8 6f7eb778 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.123s Main 712b8bec 6f7eb778 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.123s Main 712b8bf0 00000000 I 2.123s Main 712b8bf4 414f2d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.123s Main 712b8bf8 6f7eb3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.123s Main 712b8bfc 419566e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.123s Main 712b8c00 6fbf7f54 I 2.123s Main 712b8c04 6fbf7f58 I 2.123s Main 712b8c08 41c14730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.123s Main 712b8c0c 41bfa890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.123s Main 712b8c10 414bdd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.123s Main 712b8c14 00000000 I 2.123s Main 712b8c18 6fbf7f40 I 2.123s Main 712b8c1c 41507655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.123s Main 712b8c20 00000000 I 2.123s Main 712b8c24 00000001 I 2.123s Main 712b8c28 00000000 I 2.123s Main 712b8c2c 00000000 I 2.123s Main 712b8c30 6e719e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.123s Main 712b8c34 6fbf7f78 I 2.124s Main 712b8c38 6f7eb3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.124s Main 712b8c3c 414c6fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.124s Main 712b8c40 00000000 I 2.124s Main 712b8c44 6f7eb3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.124s Main 712b8c48 414cdf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.124s Main 712b8c4c 00000000 I 2.124s Main 712b8c50 712b8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.124s Main 712b8c54 6f7eb3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.124s Main 712b8c58 712b8c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.124s Main 712b8c5c 6d6aaeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.124s Main 712b8c60 41c14740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.124s Main 712b8c64 414cdfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.124s Main 712b8c68 00000000 I 2.124s Main 712b8c6c 00000000 I 2.124s Main 712b8c70 00000000 I 2.124s Main 712b8c74 00000000 I 2.124s Main 712b8c78 00000000 I 2.124s Main 712b8c7c fffffea0 I 2.124s Main 712b8c80 414cdf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.124s Main 712b8c84 414cb63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.124s Main 712b8c88 00000000 I 2.124s Main 712b8c8c 00000000 I 2.124s Main 712b8c90 00000000 I 2.124s Main 712b8c94 00000000 I 2.125s Main 712b8c98 6fbf7fe4 I 2.125s Main 712b8c9c 00000000 I 2.125s Main 712b8ca0 00000000 I 2.125s Main 712b8ca4 00000000 I 2.125s Main 712b8ca8 00000000 I 2.125s Main 712b8cac 00000000 I 2.125s Main 712b8cb0 00000000 I 2.125s Main 712b8cb4 00000000 I 2.125s Main 712b8cb8 00000000 I 2.125s Main 712b8cbc 00000000 I 2.125s Main 712b8cc0 00000000 I 2.125s Main 712b8cc4 00000000 I 2.125s Main 712b8d18 0000001d I 2.125s Main 712b8d1c 0000001c I 2.125s Main 712b8d20 0000001c I 2.125s Main 712b8d24 6f7eb3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.125s Main 712b8d28 400c6384 I 2.125s Main 712b8d2c 4150fad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.125s Main 712b8d30 711bb000 I 2.125s Main 712b8d34 712b8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.125s Main 712b8d38 4154f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.125s Main 712b8d3c 400c6384 I 2.125s Main 712b8d40 4154f500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.125s Main 712b8d44 4154f4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.125s Main 712b8d48 711bb000 I 2.126s Main 712b8d4c befe7e3c [stack] I 2.126s Main 712b8d50 400c42ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.126s Main 712b8d54 415005a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.126s Main 712b8d58 712b8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.126s Main 712b8d5c 712b8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.126s Main 712b8d60 6f7eb3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.126s Main 712b8d64 712b8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.126s Main 712b8d68 400c6384 I 2.126s Main 712b8d6c 6f7eb3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.126s Main 712b8d70 414f528f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.126s Main 712b8d74 712b8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.126s Main 712b8d78 00000003 I 2.126s Main 712b8d7c 6f7eb840 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.126s Main 712b8d80 00000000 I 2.126s Main 712b8d84 41bf2e50 [heap] I 2.126s Main 712b8d88 6f7eb3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.126s Main 712b8d8c 400850ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.126s Main 712b8d90 00000000 I 2.126s Main 712b8d94 41bf2e4f [heap] I 2.126s Main 712b8d98 41bf2e38 [heap] I 2.126s Main 712b8d9c 7e9b36ed I 2.126s Main 712b8da0 712b8dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.126s Main 712b8da4 6f7eb840 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.126s Main 712b8da8 414f51ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.127s Main 712b8dac 6f7eb3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.127s Main 712b8db0 414f51ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.127s Main 712b8db4 40085174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.127s Main 712b8db8 6f7eb3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.127s Main 712b8dbc 6f7eb840 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.127s Main 712b8dc0 712b8dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.127s Main 712b8dc4 0000000d I 2.127s Main 712b8dc8 00000078 I 2.127s Main 712b8dcc 4008530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.127s Main 712b8dd0 712b8dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.127s Main 712b8dd4 6f7eb840 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.127s Main 712b8dd8 00000000 I 2.127s Main 712b8ddc 00000000 I 2.127s Main 712b8de0 00000000 I 2.127s Main 712b8de4 7e9b36ed I 2.127s Main 712b8de8 00000000 I 2.127s Main 712b8dec 00000000 I 2.127s Main 712b8df0 00000000 I 2.127s Main 712b8df4 00000000 I 2.127s Main 712b8df8 00000000 I 2.127s Main 712b8dfc 00000000 I 2.127s Main 712b8e00 00000000 I 2.127s Main 712b8e04 00000000 I 2.127s Main 712b8e08 00000000 I 2.127s Main 712b8e0c 6f7eb3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.128s Main I 2.128s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.128s Main I 2.128s Main I 2.128s Main pid: 835, tid: 841, name: GC I 2.128s Main r0 41bf9384 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.128s Main r4 41bf9384 r5 41bf9380 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.128s Main r8 41551100 r9 41551100 sl 41bf9378 fp 400c42ec I 2.128s Main ip 00000000 sp 713b8d40 lr 40086ec8 pc 40099904 I 2.128s Main I 2.128s Main Stack Trace: I 2.128s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.128s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.128s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.128s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.128s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.128s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.128s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.128s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.128s Main I 2.128s Main Stack Data: I 2.128s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.128s Main 713b8d00 00000000 I 2.128s Main 713b8d04 713b8ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.129s Main 713b8d08 713b8cb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.129s Main 713b8d0c 00000018 I 2.129s Main 713b8d10 6d6aa66c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.129s Main 713b8d14 713b8d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.129s Main 713b8d18 4154f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.129s Main 713b8d1c 41956708 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.129s Main 713b8d20 41c14940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.129s Main 713b8d24 41c149b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.129s Main 713b8d28 41c14940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.129s Main 713b8d2c 4009b2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.129s Main 713b8d30 41bf9384 [heap] I 2.129s Main 713b8d34 41bf9380 [heap] I 2.129s Main 713b8d38 00000000 I 2.129s Main 713b8d3c 40086eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.129s Main 713b8d40 00000000 I 2.129s Main 713b8d40 00000000 I 2.129s Main 713b8d44 41bf9380 [heap] I 2.129s Main 713b8d48 41bf9384 [heap] I 2.129s Main 713b8d4c 00000000 I 2.129s Main 713b8d50 41551100 I 2.129s Main 713b8d54 40086f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.129s Main 713b8d58 4154ac74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.129s Main 713b8d5c 4154f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.129s Main 713b8d60 befe7f10 [stack] I 2.129s Main 713b8d64 4154ac74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.130s Main 713b8d68 4154f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.130s Main 713b8d6c 41512783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.130s Main 713b8d70 00000000 I 2.130s Main 713b8d74 00000000 I 2.130s Main 713b8d78 41512735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.130s Main 713b8d7c 419566b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.130s Main 713b8d80 4154f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.130s Main 713b8d84 befe7f10 [stack] I 2.130s Main 713b8d88 419566b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.130s Main 713b8d8c 414f4921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.130s Main 713b8d90 712bb000 I 2.130s Main 713b8d94 414f496f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.130s Main 713b8d98 419566b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.130s Main 713b8d9c 00010002 I 2.130s Main 713b8da0 419566d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.130s Main 713b8da4 41c09880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.130s Main 713b8da8 713b8dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.130s Main 713b8dac 6f7ebc90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.130s Main 713b8db0 414f4921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.130s Main 713b8db4 40085174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.130s Main 713b8db8 419566b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.130s Main 713b8dbc 6f7ebc90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.130s Main 713b8dc0 713b8dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.130s Main 713b8dc4 0000000d I 2.131s Main 713b8dc8 00000078 I 2.131s Main 713b8dcc 4008530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.131s Main 713b8dd0 713b8dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.131s Main 713b8dd4 6f7ebc90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.131s Main 713b8dd8 00000000 I 2.131s Main 713b8ddc 00000000 I 2.131s Main 713b8de0 00000000 I 2.131s Main 713b8de4 7e9b36ed I 2.131s Main 713b8de8 00000000 I 2.131s Main 713b8dec 00000000 I 2.131s Main 713b8df0 00000000 I 2.131s Main 713b8df4 00000000 I 2.131s Main 713b8df8 00000000 I 2.131s Main 713b8dfc 00000000 I 2.131s Main 713b8e00 00000000 I 2.131s Main 713b8e04 00000000 I 2.131s Main 713b8e08 00000000 I 2.131s Main 713b8e0c 6f7ebed8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.131s Main I 2.131s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.131s Main I 2.131s Main I 2.131s Main pid: 835, tid: 842, name: Signal Catcher I 2.131s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 2.132s Main r4 714bcd08 r5 714bcd48 r6 befe7f20 r7 000000b1 I 2.132s Main r8 6f7ec780 r9 4154ac74 sl 4154f694 fp 4152ecdc I 2.132s Main ip 714bcd44 sp 714bcd08 lr 4008b351 pc 40099170 I 2.132s Main I 2.132s Main Stack Trace: I 2.132s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.132s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.132s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.132s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.132s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.132s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.132s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.132s Main I 2.132s Main Stack Data: I 2.132s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.132s Main 714bccc8 00000000 I 2.132s Main 714bcccc 00000000 I 2.132s Main 714bccd0 00000000 I 2.132s Main 714bccd4 00000000 I 2.132s Main 714bccd8 714bcd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:842] I 2.132s Main 714bccdc 00000000 I 2.132s Main 714bcce0 6f7ec780 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.132s Main 714bcce4 714c2fc4 I 2.132s Main 714bcce8 00000000 I 2.132s Main 714bccec 714bcd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:842] I 2.133s Main 714bccf0 00000000 I 2.133s Main 714bccf4 4150058b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.133s Main 714bccf8 41530239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.133s Main 714bccfc 00000000 I 2.133s Main 714bcd00 00000000 I 2.133s Main 714bcd04 714bcca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:842] I 2.133s Main 714bcd08 00000204 I 2.133s Main 714bcd08 00000204 I 2.133s Main 714bcd0c 00000000 I 2.133s Main 714bcd10 fffffea0 I 2.133s Main 714bcd14 419567b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.133s Main 714bcd18 4154f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.133s Main 714bcd1c 414f1f57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.133s Main 714bcd20 41c14a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.133s Main 714bcd24 41c14a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.133s Main 714bcd28 41c14a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.133s Main 714bcd2c 4009b2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.133s Main 714bcd30 6f7ecaec <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.133s Main 714bcd34 414f19a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.133s Main 714bcd38 6f7ec780 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.133s Main 714bcd3c 414f594b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.133s Main 714bcd40 41c14a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.133s Main 714bcd44 00000204 I 2.133s Main 714bcd48 00000004 I 2.134s Main 714bcd4c 6f7ec780 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.134s Main 714bcd50 4154f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.134s Main 714bcd54 414f3e11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.134s Main 714bcd58 41c09880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.134s Main 714bcd5c 41c14a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.134s Main 714bcd98 419567b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.134s Main 714bcd9c 00010002 I 2.134s Main 714bcda0 419567d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.134s Main 714bcda4 41c09880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.134s Main 714bcda8 714bcdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:842] I 2.134s Main 714bcdac 6f7ec538 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.134s Main 714bcdb0 414f4921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.134s Main 714bcdb4 40085174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.134s Main 714bcdb8 419567b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.134s Main 714bcdbc 6f7ec538 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.134s Main 714bcdc0 714bcdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:842] I 2.134s Main 714bcdc4 0000000d I 2.134s Main 714bcdc8 00000078 I 2.134s Main 714bcdcc 4008530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.134s Main 714bcdd0 714bcdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:842] I 2.134s Main 714bcdd4 6f7ec538 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.134s Main 714bcdd8 00000000 I 2.134s Main 714bcddc 00000000 I 2.134s Main 714bcde0 00000000 I 2.135s Main 714bcde4 7e9b36ed I 2.135s Main 714bcde8 00000000 I 2.135s Main 714bcdec 00000000 I 2.135s Main 714bcdf0 00000000 I 2.135s Main 714bcdf4 00000000 I 2.135s Main 714bcdf8 00000000 I 2.135s Main 714bcdfc 00000000 I 2.135s Main 714bce00 00000000 I 2.135s Main 714bce04 00000000 I 2.135s Main 714bce08 00000000 I 2.135s Main 714bce0c 6f7ec780 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.135s Main I 2.135s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.135s Main I 2.135s Main I 2.135s Main pid: 835, tid: 843, name: JDWP I 2.135s Main r0 0000001b r1 715c0d10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 2.135s Main r4 6f7ecde0 r5 400c6384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 2.135s Main r8 6f7eee00 r9 000003e8 sl 419acf24 fp 400c42ec I 2.135s Main ip 6f7eede0 sp 715c0cf8 lr 41501087 pc 400993d8 I 2.135s Main I 2.135s Main Stack Trace: I 2.135s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.135s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.135s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.136s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.136s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.136s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.136s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.136s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.136s Main I 2.136s Main Stack Data: I 2.136s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.136s Main 715c0cb8 6f7eede0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.136s Main 715c0cbc 6f7eee00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.136s Main 715c0cc0 000003e8 I 2.136s Main 715c0cc4 419acf24 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.136s Main 715c0cc8 400c42ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.136s Main 715c0ccc 4009e159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.136s Main 715c0cd0 00000000 I 2.136s Main 715c0cd4 00000000 I 2.136s Main 715c0cd8 715c0d4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:843] I 2.136s Main 715c0cdc 00000000 I 2.136s Main 715c0ce0 00000000 I 2.136s Main 715c0ce4 715c6fc4 I 2.136s Main 715c0ce8 00004000 I 2.136s Main 715c0cec 715c0d54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:843] I 2.136s Main 715c0cf0 00000000 I 2.136s Main 715c0cf4 00000000 I 2.137s Main 715c0cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[vectors] I 2.137s Main 715c0cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[vectors] I 2.137s Main 715c0cfc 715c0d50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:843] I 2.137s Main 715c0d00 00000004 I 2.137s Main 715c0d04 215c0ca8 I 2.137s Main 715c0d08 715c0d07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:843] I 2.137s Main 715c0d0c 00000001 I 2.137s Main 715c0d10 00000000 I 2.137s Main 715c0d14 00000000 I 2.137s Main 715c0d18 715c0d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:843] I 2.137s Main 715c0d1c 00000001 I 2.137s Main 715c0d20 715c0d2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:843] I 2.137s Main 715c0d24 00000010 I 2.137s Main 715c0d28 00000000 I 2.137s Main 715c0d2c 00000010 I 2.137s Main 715c0d30 00000001 I 2.137s Main 715c0d34 00000001 I 2.137s Main 715c0d50 33343330 I 2.137s Main 715c0d54 41501100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.137s Main 715c0d58 00000001 I 2.137s Main 715c0d5c 419aced0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.137s Main 715c0d60 419acf18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.137s Main 715c0d64 befe7f00 [stack] I 2.137s Main 715c0d68 419acf88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.137s Main 715c0d6c 415397c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.138s Main 715c0d70 4153a910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.138s Main 715c0d74 41503f89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.138s Main 715c0d78 00000000 I 2.138s Main 715c0d7c 419acf88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.138s Main 715c0d80 4154f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.138s Main 715c0d84 befe7f00 [stack] I 2.138s Main 715c0d88 419acf88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.138s Main 715c0d8c 414f4921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.138s Main 715c0d90 714c3000 I 2.138s Main 715c0d94 414f496f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.138s Main 715c0d98 419acf88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.138s Main 715c0d9c 00010002 I 2.138s Main 715c0da0 419acfa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.138s Main 715c0da4 41c09880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.138s Main 715c0da8 715c0dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:843] I 2.138s Main 715c0dac 6f7eee78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.138s Main 715c0db0 414f4921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.138s Main 715c0db4 40085174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.138s Main 715c0db8 419acf88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.138s Main 715c0dbc 6f7eee78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.138s Main 715c0dc0 715c0dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:843] I 2.138s Main 715c0dc4 0000000d I 2.138s Main 715c0dc8 00000078 I 2.138s Main 715c0dcc 4008530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.139s Main 715c0dd0 715c0dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:843] I 2.139s Main 715c0dd4 6f7eee78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.139s Main 715c0dd8 00000000 I 2.139s Main 715c0ddc 00000000 I 2.139s Main 715c0de0 00000000 I 2.139s Main 715c0de4 7e9b36ed I 2.139s Main 715c0de8 00000000 I 2.139s Main 715c0dec 00000000 I 2.139s Main 715c0df0 00000000 I 2.139s Main 715c0df4 00000000 I 2.139s Main 715c0df8 00000000 I 2.139s Main 715c0dfc 00000000 I 2.139s Main 715c0e00 00000000 I 2.139s Main 715c0e04 00000000 I 2.139s Main 715c0e08 00000000 I 2.139s Main 715c0e0c 6f7ef0c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.139s Main I 2.139s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.139s Main I 2.139s Main I 2.139s Main pid: 835, tid: 844, name: Compiler I 2.139s Main r0 4154f704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.139s Main r4 4154f704 r5 4154f6fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.139s Main r8 414f4921 r9 715c7000 sl 4154f6f8 fp 400c42ec I 2.139s Main ip 00000000 sp 716c4c10 lr 40086ec8 pc 40099904 I 2.140s Main I 2.140s Main Stack Trace: I 2.140s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.140s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.140s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.140s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.140s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.140s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.140s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.140s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.140s Main I 2.140s Main Stack Data: I 2.140s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.140s Main 716c4bd0 00000000 I 2.140s Main 716c4bd4 00000000 I 2.140s Main 716c4bd8 4154f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.140s Main 716c4bdc 00000000 I 2.140s Main 716c4be0 00000000 I 2.140s Main 716c4be4 00000000 I 2.140s Main 716c4be8 41535f31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.140s Main 716c4bec 414f4bc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.140s Main 716c4bf0 fffffe0c I 2.140s Main 716c4bf4 41956010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.140s Main 716c4bf8 41956038 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.141s Main 716c4bfc ffffffef I 2.141s Main 716c4c00 4154f704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.141s Main 716c4c04 4154f6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.141s Main 716c4c08 00000000 I 2.141s Main 716c4c0c 40086eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.141s Main 716c4c10 00000000 I 2.141s Main 716c4c10 00000000 I 2.141s Main 716c4c14 4154f6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.141s Main 716c4c18 4154f704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.141s Main 716c4c1c 41bf1318 [heap] I 2.141s Main 716c4c20 00001000 I 2.141s Main 716c4c24 40086f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.141s Main 716c4c28 4154f6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.141s Main 716c4c2c 71843fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.141s Main 716c4c30 4152ecdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.141s Main 716c4c34 4154f6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.141s Main 716c4c38 71843fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.141s Main 716c4c3c 41513d03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.141s Main 716c4c40 716c4d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:844] I 2.141s Main 716c4c44 414cdfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.141s Main 716c4c48 00000000 I 2.141s Main 716c4c4c 4154ac74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.141s Main 716c4c50 4153f901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.141s Main 716c4c54 4152ecdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.141s Main 716c4c58 00000000 I 2.142s Main 716c4c5c fffffea0 I 2.142s Main 716c4c60 414cdf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.142s Main 716c4c64 414cb63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.142s Main 716c4c68 00000000 I 2.142s Main 716c4c6c 00000000 I 2.142s Main 716c4c70 00000000 I 2.142s Main 716c4c74 00000000 I 2.142s Main 716c4c78 716cafa0 I 2.142s Main 716c4c7c 00000000 I 2.142s Main 716c4d98 419567e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.142s Main 716c4d9c 00010002 I 2.142s Main 716c4da0 41956808 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.142s Main 716c4da4 41c09880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.142s Main 716c4da8 716c4dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:844] I 2.142s Main 716c4dac 6f7ef7a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.142s Main 716c4db0 414f4921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.142s Main 716c4db4 40085174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.142s Main 716c4db8 419567e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.142s Main 716c4dbc 6f7ef7a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.142s Main 716c4dc0 716c4dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:844] I 2.142s Main 716c4dc4 0000000d I 2.142s Main 716c4dc8 00000078 I 2.142s Main 716c4dcc 4008530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.142s Main 716c4dd0 716c4dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:844] I 2.143s Main 716c4dd4 6f7ef7a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.143s Main 716c4dd8 00000000 I 2.143s Main 716c4ddc 00000000 I 2.143s Main 716c4de0 00000000 I 2.143s Main 716c4de4 7e9b36ed I 2.143s Main 716c4de8 00000000 I 2.143s Main 716c4dec 00000000 I 2.143s Main 716c4df0 00000000 I 2.143s Main 716c4df4 00000000 I 2.143s Main 716c4df8 00000000 I 2.143s Main 716c4dfc 00000000 I 2.143s Main 716c4e00 00000000 I 2.143s Main 716c4e04 00000000 I 2.143s Main 716c4e08 00000000 I 2.143s Main 716c4e0c 6f7ef9f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.143s Main I 2.143s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.143s Main I 2.143s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 2.143s Main I 2.143s Main Stack Trace: I 2.143s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.143s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.143s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.144s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.144s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.144s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.144s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.144s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.144s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.144s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.144s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.144s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.144s Main I 2.144s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.144s Main I 2.144s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000343 (code=-6), thread 835 (app_process) I 2.598s Thread-15 tombstone_00 created on 1972-12-01 18:18:00, about this long ago: 16877 days, 20:22:54 Device: 0aa6b19043e4b976 I 2.598s Thread-15 Resolving... I 2.599s Thread-16 tombstone_01 created on 1972-12-01 18:18:00, about this long ago: 16877 days, 20:22:54 Device: 0aa6b19043e4b976 I 2.599s Thread-16 Resolving... I 2.898s Main Total time spent symbolizing: 0.43s I 2.898s Main tombstone_00 created on 1972-12-01 18:18:00, about this long ago: 16877 days, 20:22:54 Device: 0aa6b19043e4b976 I 2.898s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src I 2.898s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release I 2.898s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmpcO2hAx I 2.898s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 2.898s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release I 2.898s Main pid: 587, tid: 587, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 2.898s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 2.898s Main r0 00000000 r1 0000024b r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 2.898s Main r4 00000006 r5 00000000 r6 0000024b r7 0000010c I 2.898s Main r8 00000004 r9 bea1eb91 sl bea1eb9d fp bea1eb85 I 2.899s Main ip 40255438 sp bea1e628 lr 400effe5 pc 400fef90 I 2.899s Main I 2.899s Main Stack Trace: I 2.899s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.899s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.899s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.899s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.899s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.899s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.899s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.899s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.899s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.899s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.899s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.899s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.899s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.899s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.899s Main I 2.899s Main Stack Data: I 2.899s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.899s Main bea1e5e8 40248168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.899s Main bea1e5ec 00000002 I 2.899s Main bea1e5f0 40255438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.899s Main bea1e5f4 00000004 I 2.899s Main bea1e5f8 bea1eb91 [stack] I 2.899s Main bea1e5fc bea1eb9d [stack] I 2.899s Main bea1e600 bea1eb85 [stack] I 2.899s Main bea1e604 40103159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.899s Main bea1e608 34203020 I 2.899s Main bea1e60c 20323136 I 2.899s Main bea1e610 bea1e684 [stack] I 2.899s Main bea1e614 00000000 I 2.899s Main bea1e618 00000000 I 2.899s Main bea1e61c 37312030 I 2.899s Main bea1e620 00004000 I 2.899s Main bea1e624 bea1e692 [stack] I 2.899s Main bea1e628 00000006 I 2.900s Main bea1e62c 00000000 I 2.900s Main bea1e630 0000024b I 2.900s Main bea1e634 40255438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.900s Main bea1e638 40255438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.900s Main bea1e63c 400effe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.900s Main bea1e640 00000006 I 2.900s Main bea1e644 00000000 I 2.900s Main bea1e648 00000002 I 2.900s Main bea1e64c 400f01f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.900s Main bea1e650 bea1e65c [stack] I 2.900s Main bea1e654 400eef2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.900s Main bea1e658 00000000 I 2.900s Main bea1e65c ffffffdf I 2.900s Main bea1e660 401272c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.900s Main bea1e664 4012722c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.900s Main bea1e668 00000000 I 2.900s Main bea1e66c 400f1aef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.900s Main bea1e670 415ba1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.900s Main bea1e674 415ba1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.900s Main bea1e678 40248168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.900s Main bea1e67c 400fe848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.900s Main bea1e680 00000000 I 2.900s Main bea1e684 41550ccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.900s Main bea1e688 40135324 I 2.900s Main bea1e68c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.900s Main bea1e690 0000296c I 2.900s Main bea1e694 00000000 I 2.900s Main bea1e698 00000000 I 2.900s Main bea1e69c 00000000 I 2.900s Main bea1e6a0 00000000 I 2.900s Main bea1e6a4 00000000 I 2.900s Main bea1e6a8 00000000 I 2.900s Main bea1e6ac 00000000 I 2.900s Main bea1e6b0 00000000 I 2.900s Main bea1e6b4 00000000 I 2.900s Main bea1e6b8 00000000 I 2.901s Main bea1e6bc 00000000 I 2.901s Main bea1e6c0 00000000 I 2.901s Main bea1e6c4 00000000 I 2.901s Main bea1e898 000000c8 I 2.901s Main bea1e89c 6e48c1f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.901s Main bea1e8a0 41508f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.901s Main bea1e8a4 00000000 I 2.901s Main bea1e8a8 000000c8 I 2.901s Main bea1e8ac 4024b560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.901s Main bea1e8b0 4024b740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.901s Main bea1e8b4 41508f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.901s Main bea1e8b8 400b4328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.901s Main bea1e8bc 401f0d27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.901s Main bea1e8c0 41508f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.901s Main bea1e8c4 00000000 I 2.901s Main bea1e8c8 bea1e988 [stack] I 2.901s Main bea1e8cc 401f1015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.901s Main bea1e8d0 400b43cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.901s Main bea1e8d4 401f1a65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.901s Main bea1e8d8 41508f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.901s Main bea1e8dc 00000000 I 2.901s Main bea1e8e0 415bd004 I 2.901s Main bea1e8e4 41558a8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.901s Main bea1e8e8 41558abd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.901s Main bea1e8ec 41558a95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.901s Main bea1e8f0 000000bb I 2.901s Main bea1e8f4 00000000 I 2.901s Main bea1e8f8 41508e08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.901s Main bea1e8fc 400ede6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.901s Main bea1e900 000000b0 I 2.901s Main bea1e904 00000000 I 2.901s Main bea1e908 400ecdcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.901s Main bea1e90c 000000a0 I 2.901s Main bea1e910 00000014 I 2.901s Main bea1e914 4024d3d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.901s Main bea1e960 00000000 I 2.901s Main bea1e964 00000000 I 2.901s Main bea1e968 00000000 I 2.902s Main bea1e96c bea1ea7c [stack] I 2.902s Main bea1e970 4012b384 I 2.902s Main bea1e974 400b4372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.902s Main bea1e978 400b4300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.902s Main bea1e97c 400b437b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.902s Main bea1e980 400b4391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.902s Main bea1e984 400b439f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.902s Main bea1e988 400b5e08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.902s Main bea1e98c 4024b520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.902s Main bea1e990 41508e18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.902s Main bea1e994 00000013 I 2.902s Main bea1e998 00000000 I 2.902s Main bea1e99c 00000008 I 2.902s Main bea1ea40 00000000 I 2.902s Main bea1ea44 00000000 I 2.902s Main bea1ea48 00000000 I 2.902s Main bea1ea4c 00000000 I 2.902s Main bea1ea50 00000000 I 2.902s Main bea1ea54 400b3d80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.902s Main bea1ea58 400b5de8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.902s Main bea1ea5c 400b5df0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.902s Main bea1ea60 400b5df8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.902s Main bea1ea64 bea1ea70 [stack] I 2.902s Main bea1ea68 00000000 I 2.902s Main bea1ea6c 400b8881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 2.902s Main bea1ea70 00000005 I 2.902s Main bea1ea74 bea1eb85 [stack] I 2.902s Main bea1ea78 bea1eb91 [stack] I 2.902s Main bea1ea7c bea1eb9d [stack] I 2.902s Main bea1ea80 bea1ebb8 [stack] I 2.902s Main bea1ea84 bea1ebbd [stack] I 2.902s Main bea1ea88 00000000 I 2.902s Main bea1ea8c bea1ebc5 [stack] I 2.902s Main bea1ea90 bea1ebdf [stack] I 2.902s Main bea1ea94 bea1ec0b [stack] I 2.902s Main I 2.903s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.903s Main I 2.903s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x0000024b (code=-6), thread 587 (app_process) I 2.903s Main I 2.903s Main pid: 587, tid: 611, name: ReferenceQueueD I 2.903s Main r0 6e483eb8 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.903s Main r4 6e483eb8 r5 6e483ea8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.903s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d47b2b0 sl 00000000 fp 415da1d0 I 2.903s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fb3aba0 lr 400ebec8 pc 400fe904 I 2.903s Main I 2.903s Main Stack Trace: I 2.903s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.903s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main I 2.903s Main Stack Data: I 2.903s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.903s Main 6fb3ab60 0000002b I 2.903s Main 6fb3ab64 00000158 I 2.903s Main 6fb3ab68 6d46ebd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.903s Main 6fb3ab6c 400ede6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 6fb3ab70 00000020 I 2.903s Main 6fb3ab74 00002004 I 2.903s Main 6fb3ab78 00000021 I 2.903s Main 6fb3ab7c 00000020 I 2.904s Main 6fb3ab80 00000020 I 2.904s Main 6fb3ab84 415c5640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.904s Main 6fb3ab88 00000001 I 2.904s Main 6fb3ab8c 6e483b28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.904s Main 6fb3ab90 6e483eb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.904s Main 6fb3ab94 6e483ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.904s Main 6fb3ab98 00000000 I 2.904s Main 6fb3ab9c 400ebeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.904s Main 6fb3aba0 00000000 I 2.904s Main 6fb3aba0 00000000 I 2.904s Main 6fb3aba4 6e483ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.904s Main 6fb3aba8 6e483eb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.904s Main 6fb3abac 6e483b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.904s Main 6fb3abb0 6d46ebd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.904s Main 6fb3abb4 400ebf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.904s Main 6fb3abb8 6e483ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.904s Main 6fb3abbc 00000000 I 2.904s Main 6fb3abc0 6e483ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.904s Main 6fb3abc4 6e483ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.904s Main 6fb3abc8 00000000 I 2.904s Main 6fb3abcc 4155dd77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.904s Main 6fb3abd0 6e483b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.904s Main 6fb3abd4 6d46ebd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.904s Main 6fb3abd8 6fa3cf74 I 2.904s Main 6fb3abdc 6fa3cf78 I 2.904s Main 6fb3abe0 415c5640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.904s Main 6fb3abe4 6e483b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.904s Main 6fb3abe8 6e483b28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.904s Main 6fb3abec 6fa3cf74 I 2.904s Main 6fb3abf0 415b5c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.904s Main 6fb3abf4 41572655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.904s Main 6fb3abf8 00000000 I 2.904s Main 6fb3abfc 00000001 I 2.904s Main 6fb3ac00 00000000 I 2.904s Main 6fb3ac04 00000000 I 2.904s Main 6fb3ac08 6d47b2b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.904s Main 6fb3ac0c 415c0890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac10 4157262f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac14 4155aacf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac18 6fa3cf74 I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac1c 6e483b28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac20 6e505e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac24 6fa3cf98 I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac28 6e483b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac2c 415c0890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac30 41528d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac34 00000000 I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac38 6fa3cf60 I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac3c 41531fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac40 00000000 I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac44 6e483b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac48 41538f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac4c 00000000 I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac50 6fb3ad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac54 6e483b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac58 6fb3ac94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac5c 6d47feb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac60 415da1d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac64 41538fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac68 00000000 I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac6c 00000000 I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac70 00000000 I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac74 00000000 I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac78 00000000 I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac7c fffffea0 I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac80 41538f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac84 4153663c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac88 00000000 I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac8c 00000000 I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac90 00000000 I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac94 00000000 I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac98 6fa3cfe4 I 2.905s Main 6fb3ac9c 00000000 I 2.906s Main 6fb3aca0 00000000 I 2.906s Main 6fb3aca4 00000000 I 2.906s Main 6fb3aca8 00000000 I 2.906s Main 6fb3acac 00000000 I 2.906s Main 6fb3acb0 00000000 I 2.906s Main 6fb3acb4 00000000 I 2.906s Main 6fb3acb8 00000000 I 2.906s Main 6fb3acbc 00000000 I 2.906s Main 6fb3acc0 00000000 I 2.906s Main 6fb3acc4 00000000 I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad18 0000001d I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad1c 0000001c I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad20 0000001c I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad24 6e483b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad28 4012b384 I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad2c 4157aad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad30 6fa3d000 I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad34 6fb3ad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad38 415ba1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad3c 4012b384 I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad40 415ba500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad44 415ba4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad48 6fa3d000 I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad4c bea1de14 [stack] I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad50 401292ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad54 4156b5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad58 6fb3ad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad5c 6fb3ad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad60 6e483b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad64 6fb3ad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad68 4012b384 I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad6c 6e483b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad70 4156028f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad74 6fb3ad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad78 00000003 I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad7c 415bfd88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.906s Main 6fb3ad80 00000000 I 2.907s Main 6fb3ad84 415049f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.907s Main 6fb3ad88 6e483b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.907s Main 6fb3ad8c 400ea0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.907s Main 6fb3ad90 00000000 I 2.907s Main 6fb3ad94 415049f4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.907s Main 6fb3ad98 415049e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.907s Main 6fb3ad9c e37b7680 I 2.907s Main 6fb3ada0 6fb3add0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.907s Main 6fb3ada4 415bfd88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.907s Main 6fb3ada8 415601ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.907s Main 6fb3adac 6e483b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.907s Main 6fb3adb0 415601ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.907s Main 6fb3adb4 400ea174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.907s Main 6fb3adb8 6e483b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.907s Main 6fb3adbc 415bfd88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.907s Main 6fb3adc0 6fb3add0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.907s Main 6fb3adc4 0000000d I 2.907s Main 6fb3adc8 00000078 I 2.907s Main 6fb3adcc 400ea30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.907s Main 6fb3add0 6fb3add0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.907s Main 6fb3add4 415bfd88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.907s Main 6fb3add8 00000000 I 2.907s Main 6fb3addc 00000000 I 2.907s Main 6fb3ade0 00000000 I 2.907s Main 6fb3ade4 e37b7680 I 2.907s Main 6fb3ade8 00000000 I 2.907s Main 6fb3adec 00000000 I 2.907s Main 6fb3adf0 00000000 I 2.907s Main 6fb3adf4 00000000 I 2.907s Main 6fb3adf8 00000000 I 2.907s Main 6fb3adfc 00000000 I 2.907s Main 6fb3ae00 00000000 I 2.907s Main 6fb3ae04 00000000 I 2.907s Main 6fb3ae08 00000000 I 2.907s Main 6fb3ae0c 6e483b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.907s Main I 2.908s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.908s Main I 2.908s Main I 2.908s Main pid: 587, tid: 612, name: FinalizerDaemon I 2.908s Main r0 6e484310 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.908s Main r4 6e484310 r5 6e484300 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.908s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d47b2b0 sl 00000000 fp 415da4a0 I 2.908s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fc3ebc8 lr 400ebec8 pc 400fe904 I 2.908s Main I 2.908s Main Stack Trace: I 2.908s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.908s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.908s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.908s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.908s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.908s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.908s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.908s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.908s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.908s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.908s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.908s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.908s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.908s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.908s Main I 2.908s Main Stack Data: I 2.908s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.908s Main 6fc3eb88 0000002b I 2.908s Main 6fc3eb8c 00000088 I 2.908s Main 6fc3eb90 6d46eca0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.908s Main 6fc3eb94 400ede6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.908s Main 6fc3eb98 00000020 I 2.908s Main 6fc3eb9c 00002004 I 2.908s Main 6fc3eba0 00000021 I 2.908s Main 6fc3eba4 00000020 I 2.908s Main 6fc3eba8 00000020 I 2.908s Main 6fc3ebac 415c5718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.909s Main 6fc3ebb0 00000001 I 2.909s Main 6fc3ebb4 41528d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.909s Main 6fc3ebb8 6e484310 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.909s Main 6fc3ebbc 6e484300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.909s Main 6fc3ebc0 00000000 I 2.909s Main 6fc3ebc4 400ebeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.909s Main 6fc3ebc8 00000000 I 2.909s Main 6fc3ebc8 00000000 I 2.909s Main 6fc3ebcc 6e484300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.909s Main 6fc3ebd0 6e484310 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.909s Main 6fc3ebd4 6e483f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.909s Main 6fc3ebd8 6d46eca0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.909s Main 6fc3ebdc 400ebf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.909s Main 6fc3ebe0 6e484300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.909s Main 6fc3ebe4 00000000 I 2.909s Main 6fc3ebe8 6e484300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.909s Main 6fc3ebec 6e484300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.909s Main 6fc3ebf0 00000000 I 2.909s Main 6fc3ebf4 4155dd77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.909s Main 6fc3ebf8 6e483f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.909s Main 6fc3ebfc 6d46eca0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.909s Main 6fc3ec00 6fb40f10 I 2.909s Main 6fc3ec04 6fb40f14 I 2.909s Main 6fc3ec08 415c5718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.909s Main 6fc3ec0c 415c0890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.909s Main 6fc3ec10 41528d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.909s Main 6fc3ec14 00000000 I 2.909s Main 6fc3ec18 6fb40efc I 2.909s Main 6fc3ec1c 41572655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.909s Main 6fc3ec20 00000000 I 2.909s Main 6fc3ec24 00000001 I 2.909s Main 6fc3ec28 00000000 I 2.909s Main 6fc3ec2c 00000000 I 2.909s Main 6fc3ec30 6e505ea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.909s Main 6fc3ec34 6fb40f34 I 2.909s Main 6fc3ec38 6e483f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec3c 41531fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec40 00000000 I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec44 6e483f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec48 41538f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec4c 00000000 I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec50 6fc3ed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec54 6e483f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec58 6fc3ec94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec5c 6d47feb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec60 415da4a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec64 41538fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec68 00000000 I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec6c 00000000 I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec70 00000000 I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec74 00000000 I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec78 00000000 I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec7c fffffea0 I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec80 41538f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec84 4153663c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec88 00000000 I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec8c 00000000 I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec90 00000000 I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec94 00000000 I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec98 6fb40fe4 I 2.910s Main 6fc3ec9c 00000000 I 2.910s Main 6fc3eca0 00000000 I 2.910s Main 6fc3eca4 00000000 I 2.910s Main 6fc3eca8 00000000 I 2.910s Main 6fc3ecac 00000000 I 2.910s Main 6fc3ecb0 00000000 I 2.910s Main 6fc3ecb4 00000000 I 2.910s Main 6fc3ecb8 00000000 I 2.910s Main 6fc3ecbc 00000000 I 2.910s Main 6fc3ecc0 00000000 I 2.910s Main 6fc3ecc4 00000000 I 2.910s Main 6fc3ed18 0000001d I 2.910s Main 6fc3ed1c 0000001c I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed20 0000001c I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed24 6e483f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed28 4012b384 I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed2c 4157aad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed30 6fb41000 I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed34 6fc3ed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed38 415ba1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed3c 4012b384 I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed40 415ba500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed44 415ba4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed48 6fb41000 I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed4c bea1de3c [stack] I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed50 401292ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed54 4156b5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed58 6fc3ed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed5c 6fc3ed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed60 6e483f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed64 6fc3ed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed68 4012b384 I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed6c 6e483f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed70 4156028f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed74 6fc3ed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed78 00000003 I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed7c 6e4843c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed80 00000000 I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-1 I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed90 006e6f6d I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed94 6fc3ed93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed98 6fc3ed84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.911s Main 6fc3ed9c e37b7680 I 2.911s Main 6fc3eda0 6fc3edd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.911s Main 6fc3eda4 6e4843c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.911s Main 6fc3eda8 415601ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.911s Main 6fc3edac 6e483f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.912s Main 6fc3edb0 415601ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.912s Main 6fc3edb4 400ea174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.912s Main 6fc3edb8 6e483f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.912s Main 6fc3edbc 6e4843c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.912s Main 6fc3edc0 6fc3edd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.912s Main 6fc3edc4 0000000d I 2.912s Main 6fc3edc8 00000078 I 2.912s Main 6fc3edcc 400ea30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.912s Main 6fc3edd0 6fc3edd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.912s Main 6fc3edd4 6e4843c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.912s Main 6fc3edd8 00000000 I 2.912s Main 6fc3eddc 00000000 I 2.912s Main 6fc3ede0 00000000 I 2.912s Main 6fc3ede4 e37b7680 I 2.912s Main 6fc3ede8 00000000 I 2.912s Main 6fc3edec 00000000 I 2.912s Main 6fc3edf0 00000000 I 2.912s Main 6fc3edf4 00000000 I 2.912s Main 6fc3edf8 00000000 I 2.912s Main 6fc3edfc 00000000 I 2.912s Main 6fc3ee00 00000000 I 2.912s Main 6fc3ee04 00000000 I 2.912s Main 6fc3ee08 00000000 I 2.912s Main 6fc3ee0c 6e483f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.912s Main I 2.912s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.912s Main I 2.912s Main I 2.912s Main pid: 587, tid: 613, name: FinalizerWatchd I 2.912s Main r0 6e484bb8 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.912s Main r4 6e484bb8 r5 6e484ba8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.912s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d47b2b0 sl 00000000 fp 415da740 I 2.912s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fd42bc8 lr 400ebec8 pc 400fe904 I 2.912s Main I 2.912s Main Stack Trace: I 2.912s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.912s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.913s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.913s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.913s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.913s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.913s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.913s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.913s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.913s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.913s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.913s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.913s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.913s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.913s Main I 2.913s Main Stack Data: I 2.913s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.913s Main 6fd42b88 6d46ef98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.913s Main 6fd42b8c 4012b1c8 I 2.913s Main 6fd42b90 6d46ef78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.913s Main 6fd42b94 400ede6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.913s Main 6fd42b98 00000020 I 2.913s Main 6fd42b9c 00002004 I 2.913s Main 6fd42ba0 00000021 I 2.913s Main 6fd42ba4 00000020 I 2.913s Main 6fd42ba8 00000020 I 2.913s Main 6fd42bac 415da730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.913s Main 6fd42bb0 00000001 I 2.913s Main 6fd42bb4 41528d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.913s Main 6fd42bb8 6e484bb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.913s Main 6fd42bbc 6e484ba8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.913s Main 6fd42bc0 00000000 I 2.913s Main 6fd42bc4 400ebeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.913s Main 6fd42bc8 00000000 I 2.913s Main 6fd42bc8 00000000 I 2.913s Main 6fd42bcc 6e484ba8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.913s Main 6fd42bd0 6e484bb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.913s Main 6fd42bd4 6e484818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.914s Main 6fd42bd8 6d46ef78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.914s Main 6fd42bdc 400ebf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.914s Main 6fd42be0 6e484ba8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.914s Main 6fd42be4 00000000 I 2.914s Main 6fd42be8 6e484ba8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.914s Main 6fd42bec 6e484ba8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.914s Main 6fd42bf0 00000000 I 2.914s Main 6fd42bf4 4155dd77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.914s Main 6fd42bf8 6e484818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.914s Main 6fd42bfc 6d46ef78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.914s Main 6fd42c00 6fc44f54 I 2.914s Main 6fd42c04 6fc44f58 I 2.914s Main 6fd42c08 415da730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.914s Main 6fd42c0c 415c0890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.914s Main 6fd42c10 41528d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.914s Main 6fd42c14 00000000 I 2.914s Main 6fd42c18 6fc44f40 I 2.914s Main 6fd42c1c 41572655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.914s Main 6fd42c20 00000000 I 2.914s Main 6fd42c24 00000001 I 2.914s Main 6fd42c28 00000000 I 2.914s Main 6fd42c2c 00000000 I 2.914s Main 6fd42c30 6e505e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.914s Main 6fd42c34 6fc44f78 I 2.914s Main 6fd42c38 6e484818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.914s Main 6fd42c3c 41531fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.914s Main 6fd42c40 00000000 I 2.914s Main 6fd42c44 6e484818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.914s Main 6fd42c48 41538f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.914s Main 6fd42c4c 00000000 I 2.914s Main 6fd42c50 6fd42d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.914s Main 6fd42c54 6e484818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.914s Main 6fd42c58 6fd42c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.914s Main 6fd42c5c 6d47feb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.914s Main 6fd42c60 415da740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.914s Main 6fd42c64 41538fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.915s Main 6fd42c68 00000000 I 2.915s Main 6fd42c6c 00000000 I 2.915s Main 6fd42c70 00000000 I 2.915s Main 6fd42c74 00000000 I 2.915s Main 6fd42c78 00000000 I 2.915s Main 6fd42c7c fffffea0 I 2.915s Main 6fd42c80 41538f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.915s Main 6fd42c84 4153663c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.915s Main 6fd42c88 00000000 I 2.915s Main 6fd42c8c 00000000 I 2.915s Main 6fd42c90 00000000 I 2.915s Main 6fd42c94 00000000 I 2.915s Main 6fd42c98 6fc44fe4 I 2.915s Main 6fd42c9c 00000000 I 2.915s Main 6fd42ca0 00000000 I 2.915s Main 6fd42ca4 00000000 I 2.915s Main 6fd42ca8 00000000 I 2.915s Main 6fd42cac 00000000 I 2.915s Main 6fd42cb0 00000000 I 2.915s Main 6fd42cb4 00000000 I 2.915s Main 6fd42cb8 00000000 I 2.915s Main 6fd42cbc 00000000 I 2.915s Main 6fd42cc0 00000000 I 2.915s Main 6fd42cc4 00000000 I 2.915s Main 6fd42d18 0000001d I 2.915s Main 6fd42d1c 0000001c I 2.915s Main 6fd42d20 0000001c I 2.915s Main 6fd42d24 6e484818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.915s Main 6fd42d28 4012b384 I 2.915s Main 6fd42d2c 4157aad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.915s Main 6fd42d30 6fc45000 I 2.915s Main 6fd42d34 6fd42d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.915s Main 6fd42d38 415ba1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.915s Main 6fd42d3c 4012b384 I 2.915s Main 6fd42d40 415ba500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.915s Main 6fd42d44 415ba4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.915s Main 6fd42d48 6fc45000 I 2.916s Main 6fd42d4c bea1de3c [stack] I 2.916s Main 6fd42d50 401292ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.916s Main 6fd42d54 4156b5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.916s Main 6fd42d58 6fd42d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.916s Main 6fd42d5c 6fd42d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.916s Main 6fd42d60 6e484818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.916s Main 6fd42d64 6fd42d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.916s Main 6fd42d68 4012b384 I 2.916s Main 6fd42d6c 6e484818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.916s Main 6fd42d70 4156028f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.916s Main 6fd42d74 6fd42d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.916s Main 6fd42d78 00000003 I 2.916s Main 6fd42d7c 6e484c70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.916s Main 6fd42d80 00000000 I 2.916s Main 6fd42d84 41504a10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.916s Main 6fd42d88 6e484818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.916s Main 6fd42d8c 400ea0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.916s Main 6fd42d90 00000000 I 2.916s Main 6fd42d94 41504a0f <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.916s Main 6fd42d98 415049f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.916s Main 6fd42d9c e37b7680 I 2.916s Main 6fd42da0 6fd42dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.916s Main 6fd42da4 6e484c70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.916s Main 6fd42da8 415601ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.916s Main 6fd42dac 6e484818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.916s Main 6fd42db0 415601ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.916s Main 6fd42db4 400ea174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.916s Main 6fd42db8 6e484818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.916s Main 6fd42dbc 6e484c70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.916s Main 6fd42dc0 6fd42dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.916s Main 6fd42dc4 0000000d I 2.916s Main 6fd42dc8 00000078 I 2.916s Main 6fd42dcc 400ea30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.916s Main 6fd42dd0 6fd42dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:613] I 2.916s Main 6fd42dd4 6e484c70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.916s Main 6fd42dd8 00000000 I 2.916s Main 6fd42ddc 00000000 I 2.917s Main 6fd42de0 00000000 I 2.917s Main 6fd42de4 e37b7680 I 2.917s Main 6fd42de8 00000000 I 2.917s Main 6fd42dec 00000000 I 2.917s Main 6fd42df0 00000000 I 2.917s Main 6fd42df4 00000000 I 2.917s Main 6fd42df8 00000000 I 2.917s Main 6fd42dfc 00000000 I 2.917s Main 6fd42e00 00000000 I 2.917s Main 6fd42e04 00000000 I 2.917s Main 6fd42e08 00000000 I 2.917s Main 6fd42e0c 6e484818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.917s Main I 2.917s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.917s Main I 2.917s Main I 2.917s Main pid: 587, tid: 614, name: GC I 2.917s Main r0 4150a3d4 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.917s Main r4 4150a3d4 r5 4150a3d0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.917s Main r8 415bc100 r9 415bc100 sl 4150a3c8 fp 401292ec I 2.917s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fe42d40 lr 400ebec8 pc 400fe904 I 2.917s Main I 2.917s Main Stack Trace: I 2.917s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.917s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.917s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.917s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.917s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.917s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.917s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.917s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.917s Main I 2.917s Main Stack Data: I 2.917s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.917s Main 6fe42d00 00000000 I 2.917s Main 6fe42d04 6fe42ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.918s Main 6fe42d08 6fe42cb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.918s Main 6fe42d0c 00000018 I 2.918s Main 6fe42d10 6d47f66c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.918s Main 6fe42d14 6fe42d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.918s Main 6fe42d18 415ba1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.918s Main 6fe42d1c 6e4859f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.918s Main 6fe42d20 415da940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.918s Main 6fe42d24 415da9b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.918s Main 6fe42d28 415da940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.918s Main 6fe42d2c 401002d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.918s Main 6fe42d30 4150a3d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.918s Main 6fe42d34 4150a3d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.918s Main 6fe42d38 00000000 I 2.918s Main 6fe42d3c 400ebeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.918s Main 6fe42d40 00000000 I 2.918s Main 6fe42d40 00000000 I 2.918s Main 6fe42d44 4150a3d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.918s Main 6fe42d48 4150a3d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.918s Main 6fe42d4c 00000000 I 2.918s Main 6fe42d50 415bc100 I 2.918s Main 6fe42d54 400ebf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.918s Main 6fe42d58 415b5c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.918s Main 6fe42d5c 415ba1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.918s Main 6fe42d60 bea1df10 [stack] I 2.918s Main 6fe42d64 415b5c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.918s Main 6fe42d68 415ba1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.918s Main 6fe42d6c 4157d783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.918s Main 6fe42d70 00000000 I 2.918s Main 6fe42d74 00000000 I 2.918s Main 6fe42d78 4157d735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.918s Main 6fe42d7c 6d46ece8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.918s Main 6fe42d80 415ba1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.918s Main 6fe42d84 bea1df10 [stack] I 2.918s Main 6fe42d88 6d46ece8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.918s Main 6fe42d8c 4155f921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.918s Main 6fe42d90 6fd45000 I 2.918s Main 6fe42d94 4155f96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.919s Main 6fe42d98 6d46ece8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.919s Main 6fe42d9c 00010002 I 2.919s Main 6fe42da0 415bffd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.919s Main 6fe42da4 415cf880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.919s Main 6fe42da8 6fe42dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.919s Main 6fe42dac 6e485148 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.919s Main 6fe42db0 4155f921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.919s Main 6fe42db4 400ea174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.919s Main 6fe42db8 6d46ece8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.919s Main 6fe42dbc 6e485148 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.919s Main 6fe42dc0 6fe42dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.919s Main 6fe42dc4 0000000d I 2.919s Main 6fe42dc8 00000078 I 2.919s Main 6fe42dcc 400ea30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.919s Main 6fe42dd0 6fe42dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.919s Main 6fe42dd4 6e485148 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.919s Main 6fe42dd8 00000000 I 2.919s Main 6fe42ddc 00000000 I 2.919s Main 6fe42de0 00000000 I 2.919s Main 6fe42de4 e37b7680 I 2.919s Main 6fe42de8 00000000 I 2.919s Main 6fe42dec 00000000 I 2.919s Main 6fe42df0 00000000 I 2.919s Main 6fe42df4 00000000 I 2.919s Main 6fe42df8 00000000 I 2.919s Main 6fe42dfc 00000000 I 2.919s Main 6fe42e00 00000000 I 2.919s Main 6fe42e04 00000000 I 2.919s Main 6fe42e08 00000000 I 2.919s Main 6fe42e0c 6e485390 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.919s Main I 2.919s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.919s Main I 2.919s Main I 2.919s Main pid: 587, tid: 615, name: Signal Catcher I 2.919s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 2.920s Main r4 6ff46d08 r5 6ff46d48 r6 bea1df20 r7 000000b1 I 2.920s Main r8 6e485cc0 r9 415b5c74 sl 415ba694 fp 41599cdc I 2.920s Main ip 6ff46d44 sp 6ff46d08 lr 400f0351 pc 400fe170 I 2.920s Main I 2.920s Main Stack Trace: I 2.920s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.920s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.920s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.920s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.920s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.920s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.920s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.920s Main I 2.920s Main Stack Data: I 2.920s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.920s Main 6ff46cc8 00000000 I 2.920s Main 6ff46ccc 00000000 I 2.920s Main 6ff46cd0 00000000 I 2.920s Main 6ff46cd4 00000000 I 2.920s Main 6ff46cd8 6ff46d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.920s Main 6ff46cdc 00000000 I 2.920s Main 6ff46ce0 6e485cc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.920s Main 6ff46ce4 6ff4cfc4 I 2.920s Main 6ff46ce8 00000000 I 2.920s Main 6ff46cec 6ff46d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.920s Main 6ff46cf0 00000000 I 2.920s Main 6ff46cf4 4156b58b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.920s Main 6ff46cf8 4159b239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.920s Main 6ff46cfc 00000000 I 2.920s Main 6ff46d00 00000000 I 2.920s Main 6ff46d04 6ff46ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.920s Main 6ff46d08 00000204 I 2.920s Main 6ff46d08 00000204 I 2.920s Main 6ff46d0c 00000000 I 2.920s Main 6ff46d10 fffffea0 I 2.920s Main 6ff46d14 6d46efa0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.920s Main 6ff46d18 415ba1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.921s Main 6ff46d1c 4155cf57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.921s Main 6ff46d20 415daa20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.921s Main 6ff46d24 415daa90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.921s Main 6ff46d28 415daa20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.921s Main 6ff46d2c 401002d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.921s Main 6ff46d30 6e48602c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.921s Main 6ff46d34 4155c9a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.921s Main 6ff46d38 6e485cc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.921s Main 6ff46d3c 4156094b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.921s Main 6ff46d40 415daa90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.921s Main 6ff46d44 00000204 I 2.921s Main 6ff46d48 00000004 I 2.921s Main 6ff46d4c 6e485cc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.921s Main 6ff46d50 415ba1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.921s Main 6ff46d54 4155ee11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.921s Main 6ff46d58 415cf880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.921s Main 6ff46d5c 415daa90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.921s Main 6ff46d98 6d46efa0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.921s Main 6ff46d9c 00010002 I 2.921s Main 6ff46da0 6d46efc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.921s Main 6ff46da4 415cf880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.921s Main 6ff46da8 6ff46dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.921s Main 6ff46dac 6e485a78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.921s Main 6ff46db0 4155f921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.921s Main 6ff46db4 400ea174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.921s Main 6ff46db8 6d46efa0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.921s Main 6ff46dbc 6e485a78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.921s Main 6ff46dc0 6ff46dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.921s Main 6ff46dc4 0000000d I 2.921s Main 6ff46dc8 00000078 I 2.921s Main 6ff46dcc 400ea30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.921s Main 6ff46dd0 6ff46dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.921s Main 6ff46dd4 6e485a78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.921s Main 6ff46dd8 00000000 I 2.921s Main 6ff46ddc 00000000 I 2.921s Main 6ff46de0 00000000 I 2.922s Main 6ff46de4 e37b7680 I 2.922s Main 6ff46de8 00000000 I 2.922s Main 6ff46dec 00000000 I 2.922s Main 6ff46df0 00000000 I 2.922s Main 6ff46df4 00000000 I 2.922s Main 6ff46df8 00000000 I 2.922s Main 6ff46dfc 00000000 I 2.922s Main 6ff46e00 00000000 I 2.922s Main 6ff46e04 00000000 I 2.922s Main 6ff46e08 00000000 I 2.922s Main 6ff46e0c 6e485cc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.922s Main I 2.922s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.922s Main I 2.922s Main I 2.922s Main pid: 587, tid: 616, name: JDWP I 2.922s Main r0 00000008 r1 7004ad10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 2.922s Main r4 6e486480 r5 4012b384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 2.922s Main r8 6e4884a0 r9 000003e8 sl 6e48641c fp 401292ec I 2.922s Main ip 6e488480 sp 7004acf8 lr 4156c087 pc 400fe3d8 I 2.922s Main I 2.922s Main Stack Trace: I 2.922s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.922s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.922s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.922s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.922s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.922s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.922s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.922s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.922s Main I 2.922s Main Stack Data: I 2.922s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.922s Main 7004acb8 6e488480 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.922s Main 7004acbc 6e4884a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.922s Main 7004acc0 000003e8 I 2.923s Main 7004acc4 6e48641c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.923s Main 7004acc8 401292ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.923s Main 7004accc 40103159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.923s Main 7004acd0 00000000 I 2.923s Main 7004acd4 00000000 I 2.923s Main 7004acd8 7004ad4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.923s Main 7004acdc 00000000 I 2.923s Main 7004ace0 00000000 I 2.923s Main 7004ace4 70050fc4 I 2.923s Main 7004ace8 00004000 I 2.923s Main 7004acec 7004ad54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.923s Main 7004acf0 00000000 I 2.923s Main 7004acf4 00000000 I 2.923s Main 7004acf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[vectors] I 2.923s Main 7004acf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[vectors] I 2.923s Main 7004acfc 7004ad50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.923s Main 7004ad00 00000004 I 2.923s Main 7004ad04 2104aca8 I 2.923s Main 7004ad08 7004ad07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.923s Main 7004ad0c 00000001 I 2.923s Main 7004ad10 00000000 I 2.923s Main 7004ad14 00000000 I 2.923s Main 7004ad18 7004ad08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.923s Main 7004ad1c 00000001 I 2.923s Main 7004ad20 7004ad2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.923s Main 7004ad24 00000010 I 2.923s Main 7004ad28 00000000 I 2.924s Main 7004ad2c 00000010 I 2.924s Main 7004ad30 00000001 I 2.924s Main 7004ad34 00000001 I 2.924s Main 7004ad50 62343230 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-2 I 2.924s Main 7004ad54 4156c100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.924s Main 7004ad58 00000001 I 2.924s Main 7004ad5c 6e4863c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.924s Main 7004ad60 6e486410 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.924s Main 7004ad64 bea1df00 [stack] I 2.924s Main 7004ad68 6e488518 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.924s Main 7004ad6c 415a47c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.924s Main 7004ad70 415a5910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.924s Main 7004ad74 4156ef89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.924s Main 7004ad78 00000000 I 2.924s Main 7004ad7c 6e488518 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.924s Main 7004ad80 415ba1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.924s Main 7004ad84 bea1df00 [stack] I 2.924s Main 7004ad88 6e488518 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.924s Main 7004ad8c 4155f921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.924s Main 7004ad90 6ff4d000 I 2.924s Main 7004ad94 4155f96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.924s Main 7004ad98 6e488518 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.924s Main 7004ad9c 00010002 I 2.924s Main 7004ada0 6d46ee60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.924s Main 7004ada4 415cf880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.925s Main 7004ada8 7004add0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.925s Main 7004adac 6e488538 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.925s Main 7004adb0 4155f921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.925s Main 7004adb4 400ea174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.925s Main 7004adb8 6e488518 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.925s Main 7004adbc 6e488538 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.925s Main 7004adc0 7004add0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.925s Main 7004adc4 0000000d I 2.925s Main 7004adc8 00000078 I 2.925s Main 7004adcc 400ea30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.925s Main 7004add0 7004add0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.925s Main 7004add4 6e488538 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.925s Main 7004add8 00000000 I 2.925s Main 7004addc 00000000 I 2.925s Main 7004ade0 00000000 I 2.925s Main 7004ade4 e37b7680 I 2.925s Main 7004ade8 00000000 I 2.925s Main 7004adec 00000000 I 2.925s Main 7004adf0 00000000 I 2.925s Main 7004adf4 00000000 I 2.925s Main 7004adf8 00000000 I 2.925s Main 7004adfc 00000000 I 2.925s Main 7004ae00 00000000 I 2.925s Main 7004ae04 00000000 I 2.926s Main 7004ae08 00000000 I 2.926s Main 7004ae0c 6e488780 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.926s Main I 2.926s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.926s Main I 2.926s Main I 2.926s Main pid: 587, tid: 617, name: Compiler I 2.926s Main r0 415ba704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.926s Main r4 415ba704 r5 415ba6fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.926s Main r8 4155f921 r9 70051000 sl 415ba6f8 fp 401292ec I 2.926s Main ip 00000000 sp 7014ec10 lr 400ebec8 pc 400fe904 I 2.926s Main I 2.926s Main Stack Trace: I 2.926s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.926s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.926s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.926s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.926s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.926s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.926s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.926s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.926s Main I 2.926s Main Stack Data: I 2.926s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.926s Main 7014ebd0 00000000 I 2.927s Main 7014ebd4 00000000 I 2.927s Main 7014ebd8 415ba1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.927s Main 7014ebdc 00000000 I 2.927s Main 7014ebe0 00000000 I 2.927s Main 7014ebe4 00000000 I 2.927s Main 7014ebe8 415a0f31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.927s Main 7014ebec 4155fbc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.927s Main 7014ebf0 fffffe0c I 2.927s Main 7014ebf4 6e483b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.927s Main 7014ebf8 6e483b40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.927s Main 7014ebfc ffffffef I 2.927s Main 7014ec00 415ba704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.927s Main 7014ec04 415ba6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.927s Main 7014ec08 00000000 I 2.927s Main 7014ec0c 400ebeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.927s Main 7014ec10 00000000 I 2.927s Main 7014ec10 00000000 I 2.927s Main 7014ec14 415ba6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.927s Main 7014ec18 415ba704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.927s Main 7014ec1c 6e48b8e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.927s Main 7014ec20 00001000 I 2.927s Main 7014ec24 400ebf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.927s Main 7014ec28 415ba6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.927s Main 7014ec2c 702cc008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.928s Main 7014ec30 41599cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.928s Main 7014ec34 415ba6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.928s Main 7014ec38 702cc008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.928s Main 7014ec3c 4157ed03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.928s Main 7014ec40 7014ed68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:617] I 2.928s Main 7014ec44 41538fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.928s Main 7014ec48 00000000 I 2.928s Main 7014ec4c 415b5c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.928s Main 7014ec50 415aa901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.928s Main 7014ec54 41599cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.928s Main 7014ec58 00000000 I 2.928s Main 7014ec5c fffffea0 I 2.928s Main 7014ec60 41538f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.928s Main 7014ec64 4153663c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.928s Main 7014ec68 00000000 I 2.928s Main 7014ec6c 00000000 I 2.928s Main 7014ec70 00000000 I 2.928s Main 7014ec74 00000000 I 2.928s Main 7014ec78 70154fa0 I 2.928s Main 7014ec7c 00000000 I 2.928s Main 7014ed98 6e488e88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.928s Main 7014ed9c 00010002 I 2.928s Main 7014eda0 6e488ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.928s Main 7014eda4 415cf880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.928s Main 7014eda8 7014edd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:617] I 2.929s Main 7014edac 6e488eb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.929s Main 7014edb0 4155f921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.929s Main 7014edb4 400ea174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.929s Main 7014edb8 6e488e88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.929s Main 7014edbc 6e488eb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.929s Main 7014edc0 7014edd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:617] I 2.929s Main 7014edc4 0000000d I 2.929s Main 7014edc8 00000078 I 2.929s Main 7014edcc 400ea30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.929s Main 7014edd0 7014edd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:617] I 2.929s Main 7014edd4 6e488eb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.929s Main 7014edd8 00000000 I 2.929s Main 7014eddc 00000000 I 2.929s Main 7014ede0 00000000 I 2.929s Main 7014ede4 e37b7680 I 2.929s Main 7014ede8 00000000 I 2.929s Main 7014edec 00000000 I 2.929s Main 7014edf0 00000000 I 2.929s Main 7014edf4 00000000 I 2.929s Main 7014edf8 00000000 I 2.929s Main 7014edfc 00000000 I 2.929s Main 7014ee00 00000000 I 2.929s Main 7014ee04 00000000 I 2.929s Main 7014ee08 00000000 I 2.930s Main 7014ee0c 6e489100 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.930s Main I 2.930s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.930s Main I 2.930s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 2.930s Main I 2.930s Main Stack Trace: I 2.930s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.930s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.930s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.930s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.930s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.930s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.930s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.930s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.930s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.930s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.930s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.930s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.930s Main I 2.930s Main Stack Data: I 2.930s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.930s Main 43962285 10265163 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/159 I 2.930s Main I 2.931s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.931s Main I 2.931s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x0000024b (code=-6), thread 587 (app_process) I 2.931s Main tombstone_01 created on 1972-12-01 18:18:00, about this long ago: 16877 days, 20:22:54 Device: 0aa6b19043e4b976 I 2.931s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src I 2.931s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release I 2.931s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmp7gZno7 I 2.931s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 2.931s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/out/Release I 2.931s Main pid: 830, tid: 830, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 2.931s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 2.931s Main r0 00000000 r1 0000033e r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 2.931s Main r4 00000006 r5 00000000 r6 0000033e r7 0000010c I 2.931s Main r8 00000004 r9 beb16b91 sl beb16b9d fp beb16b85 I 2.931s Main ip 40238438 sp beb16628 lr 400d2fe5 pc 400e1f90 I 2.931s Main I 2.931s Main Stack Trace: I 2.931s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.931s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.931s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.931s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.931s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.931s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.931s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.931s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.932s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.932s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.932s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.932s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.932s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.932s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.932s Main I 2.932s Main Stack Data: I 2.932s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.932s Main beb165e8 4022b168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.932s Main beb165ec 00000002 I 2.932s Main beb165f0 40238438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.932s Main beb165f4 00000004 I 2.932s Main beb165f8 beb16b91 [stack] I 2.932s Main beb165fc beb16b9d [stack] I 2.932s Main beb16600 beb16b85 [stack] I 2.932s Main beb16604 400e6159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.932s Main beb16608 34203020 I 2.932s Main beb1660c 20323136 I 2.932s Main beb16610 beb16684 [stack] I 2.932s Main beb16614 00000000 I 2.932s Main beb16618 00000000 I 2.932s Main beb1661c 37312030 I 2.932s Main beb16620 00004000 I 2.933s Main beb16624 beb16692 [stack] I 2.933s Main beb16628 00000006 I 2.933s Main beb1662c 00000000 I 2.933s Main beb16630 0000033e I 2.933s Main beb16634 40238438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main beb16638 40238438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main beb1663c 400d2fe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main beb16640 00000006 I 2.933s Main beb16644 00000000 I 2.933s Main beb16648 00000002 I 2.933s Main beb1664c 400d31f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main beb16650 beb1665c [stack] I 2.933s Main beb16654 400d1f2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main beb16658 00000000 I 2.933s Main beb1665c ffffffdf I 2.933s Main beb16660 4010a2c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main beb16664 4010a22c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main beb16668 00000000 I 2.933s Main beb1666c 400d4aef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main beb16670 415971f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main beb16674 415971f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main beb16678 4022b168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main beb1667c 400e1848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main beb16680 00000000 I 2.934s Main beb16684 4152dccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.934s Main beb16688 40118324 I 2.934s Main beb1668c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.934s Main beb16690 0000296c I 2.934s Main beb16694 00000000 I 2.934s Main beb16698 00000000 I 2.934s Main beb1669c 00000000 I 2.934s Main beb166a0 00000000 I 2.934s Main beb166a4 00000000 I 2.934s Main beb166a8 00000000 I 2.934s Main beb166ac 00000000 I 2.934s Main beb166b0 00000000 I 2.934s Main beb166b4 00000000 I 2.934s Main beb166b8 00000000 I 2.934s Main beb166bc 00000000 I 2.934s Main beb166c0 00000000 I 2.934s Main beb166c4 00000000 I 2.934s Main beb16898 000000c8 I 2.934s Main beb1689c 6fc3fcb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.934s Main beb168a0 4180bf28 [heap] I 2.934s Main beb168a4 00000000 I 2.934s Main beb168a8 000000c8 I 2.934s Main beb168ac 4022e560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.934s Main beb168b0 4022e740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.934s Main beb168b4 4180bf28 [heap] I 2.935s Main beb168b8 40097328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.935s Main beb168bc 401d3d27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.935s Main beb168c0 4180bf28 [heap] I 2.935s Main beb168c4 00000000 I 2.935s Main beb168c8 beb16988 [stack] I 2.935s Main beb168cc 401d4015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.935s Main beb168d0 400973cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.935s Main beb168d4 401d4a65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.935s Main beb168d8 4180bf28 [heap] I 2.935s Main beb168dc 00000000 I 2.935s Main beb168e0 4159a004 I 2.935s Main beb168e4 41535a8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.935s Main beb168e8 41535abd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.935s Main beb168ec 41535a95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.935s Main beb168f0 000000bb I 2.935s Main beb168f4 00000000 I 2.935s Main beb168f8 4180bdd8 [heap] I 2.935s Main beb168fc 400d0e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.935s Main beb16900 000000b0 I 2.935s Main beb16904 00000000 I 2.935s Main beb16908 400cfdcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.935s Main beb1690c 000000a0 I 2.935s Main beb16910 00000014 I 2.935s Main beb16914 402303d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.936s Main beb16960 00000000 I 2.936s Main beb16964 00000000 I 2.936s Main beb16968 00000000 I 2.936s Main beb1696c beb16a7c [stack] I 2.936s Main beb16970 4010e384 I 2.936s Main beb16974 40097372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.936s Main beb16978 40097300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.936s Main beb1697c 4009737b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.936s Main beb16980 40097391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.936s Main beb16984 4009739f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.936s Main beb16988 40098e08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.936s Main beb1698c 4022e520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.936s Main beb16990 4180bde8 [heap] I 2.936s Main beb16994 00000013 I 2.936s Main beb16998 00000000 I 2.936s Main beb1699c 00000008 I 2.936s Main beb16a40 00000000 I 2.936s Main beb16a44 00000000 I 2.936s Main beb16a48 00000000 I 2.936s Main beb16a4c 00000000 I 2.936s Main beb16a50 00000000 I 2.936s Main beb16a54 40096d80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.936s Main beb16a58 40098de8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.936s Main beb16a5c 40098df0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.936s Main beb16a60 40098df8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.937s Main beb16a64 beb16a70 [stack] I 2.937s Main beb16a68 00000000 I 2.937s Main beb16a6c 4009b881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 2.937s Main beb16a70 00000005 I 2.937s Main beb16a74 beb16b85 [stack] I 2.937s Main beb16a78 beb16b91 [stack] I 2.937s Main beb16a7c beb16b9d [stack] I 2.937s Main beb16a80 beb16bb8 [stack] I 2.937s Main beb16a84 beb16bbd [stack] I 2.937s Main beb16a88 00000000 I 2.937s Main beb16a8c beb16bc5 [stack] I 2.937s Main beb16a90 beb16bdf [stack] I 2.937s Main beb16a94 beb16c0b [stack] I 2.937s Main I 2.937s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.937s Main I 2.937s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x0000033e (code=-6), thread 830 (app_process) I 2.937s Main I 2.937s Main pid: 830, tid: 836, name: ReferenceQueueD I 2.937s Main r0 4159d3b0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.937s Main r4 4159d3b0 r5 4159d3a0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.937s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d6bb2b0 sl 00000000 fp 418281d0 I 2.937s Main ip 00000000 sp 711b4ba0 lr 400ceec8 pc 400e1904 I 2.937s Main I 2.938s Main Stack Trace: I 2.938s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.938s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.938s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.938s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.938s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.938s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.938s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.938s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.938s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.938s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.938s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.938s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.938s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.938s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.938s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.938s Main I 2.938s Main Stack Data: I 2.938s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.938s Main 711b4b60 0000002b I 2.938s Main 711b4b64 00000060 I 2.938s Main 711b4b68 41694f80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.938s Main 711b4b6c 400d0e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.938s Main 711b4b70 00000020 I 2.938s Main 711b4b74 00000000 I 2.939s Main 711b4b78 00000021 I 2.939s Main 711b4b7c 00000020 I 2.939s Main 711b4b80 00000020 I 2.939s Main 711b4b84 41813640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.939s Main 711b4b88 00000001 I 2.939s Main 711b4b8c 4159d020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.939s Main 711b4b90 4159d3b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.939s Main 711b4b94 4159d3a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.939s Main 711b4b98 00000000 I 2.939s Main 711b4b9c 400ceeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.939s Main 711b4ba0 00000000 I 2.939s Main 711b4ba0 00000000 I 2.939s Main 711b4ba4 4159d3a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.939s Main 711b4ba8 4159d3b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.939s Main 711b4bac 4159d010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.939s Main 711b4bb0 41694f80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.939s Main 711b4bb4 400cef28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.939s Main 711b4bb8 4159d3a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.939s Main 711b4bbc 00000000 I 2.939s Main 711b4bc0 4159d3a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.939s Main 711b4bc4 4159d3a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.939s Main 711b4bc8 00000000 I 2.939s Main 711b4bcc 4153ad77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.939s Main 711b4bd0 4159d010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.940s Main 711b4bd4 41694f80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.940s Main 711b4bd8 710b6f74 I 2.940s Main 711b4bdc 710b6f78 I 2.940s Main 711b4be0 41813640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.940s Main 711b4be4 4159d010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.940s Main 711b4be8 4159d020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.940s Main 711b4bec 710b6f74 I 2.940s Main 711b4bf0 41592c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.940s Main 711b4bf4 4154f655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.940s Main 711b4bf8 00000000 I 2.940s Main 711b4bfc 00000001 I 2.940s Main 711b4c00 00000000 I 2.940s Main 711b4c04 00000000 I 2.940s Main 711b4c08 6d6bb2b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.940s Main 711b4c0c 4180e890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.940s Main 711b4c10 4154f62f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.940s Main 711b4c14 41537acf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.940s Main 711b4c18 710b6f74 I 2.940s Main 711b4c1c 4159d020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.940s Main 711b4c20 6e72ee8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.940s Main 711b4c24 710b6f98 I 2.940s Main 711b4c28 4159d010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.940s Main 711b4c2c 4180e890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.940s Main 711b4c30 41505d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.941s Main 711b4c34 00000000 I 2.941s Main 711b4c38 710b6f60 I 2.941s Main 711b4c3c 4150efe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.941s Main 711b4c40 00000000 I 2.941s Main 711b4c44 4159d010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.941s Main 711b4c48 41515f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.941s Main 711b4c4c 00000000 I 2.941s Main 711b4c50 711b4d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.941s Main 711b4c54 4159d010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.941s Main 711b4c58 711b4c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.941s Main 711b4c5c 6d6bfeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.941s Main 711b4c60 418281d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.941s Main 711b4c64 41515fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.941s Main 711b4c68 00000000 I 2.941s Main 711b4c6c 00000000 I 2.941s Main 711b4c70 00000000 I 2.941s Main 711b4c74 00000000 I 2.941s Main 711b4c78 00000000 I 2.941s Main 711b4c7c fffffea0 I 2.941s Main 711b4c80 41515f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.941s Main 711b4c84 4151363c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.941s Main 711b4c88 00000000 I 2.941s Main 711b4c8c 00000000 I 2.941s Main 711b4c90 00000000 I 2.941s Main 711b4c94 00000000 I 2.942s Main 711b4c98 710b6fe4 I 2.942s Main 711b4c9c 00000000 I 2.942s Main 711b4ca0 00000000 I 2.942s Main 711b4ca4 00000000 I 2.942s Main 711b4ca8 00000000 I 2.942s Main 711b4cac 00000000 I 2.942s Main 711b4cb0 00000000 I 2.942s Main 711b4cb4 00000000 I 2.942s Main 711b4cb8 00000000 I 2.942s Main 711b4cbc 00000000 I 2.942s Main 711b4cc0 00000000 I 2.942s Main 711b4cc4 00000000 I 2.942s Main 711b4d18 0000001d I 2.942s Main 711b4d1c 0000001c I 2.942s Main 711b4d20 0000001c I 2.942s Main 711b4d24 4159d010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.942s Main 711b4d28 4010e384 I 2.942s Main 711b4d2c 41557ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.942s Main 711b4d30 710b7000 I 2.942s Main 711b4d34 711b4d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.942s Main 711b4d38 415971f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.942s Main 711b4d3c 4010e384 I 2.942s Main 711b4d40 41597500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.942s Main 711b4d44 415974fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.943s Main 711b4d48 710b7000 I 2.943s Main 711b4d4c beb15e14 [stack] I 2.943s Main 711b4d50 4010c2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.943s Main 711b4d54 415485a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.943s Main 711b4d58 711b4d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.943s Main 711b4d5c 711b4d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.943s Main 711b4d60 4159d010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.943s Main 711b4d64 711b4d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.943s Main 711b4d68 4010e384 I 2.943s Main 711b4d6c 4159d010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.943s Main 711b4d70 4153d28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.943s Main 711b4d74 711b4d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.943s Main 711b4d78 00000003 I 2.943s Main 711b4d7c 4159d468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.943s Main 711b4d80 00000000 I 2.943s Main 711b4d84 41806e38 [heap] I 2.943s Main 711b4d88 4159d010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.943s Main 711b4d8c 400cd0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.943s Main 711b4d90 00000000 I 2.943s Main 711b4d94 41806e34 [heap] I 2.943s Main 711b4d98 41806e20 [heap] I 2.943s Main 711b4d9c f6e3747b I 2.943s Main 711b4da0 711b4dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.943s Main 711b4da4 4159d468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.943s Main 711b4da8 4153d1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.944s Main 711b4dac 4159d010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.944s Main 711b4db0 4153d1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.944s Main 711b4db4 400cd174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.944s Main 711b4db8 4159d010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.944s Main 711b4dbc 4159d468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.944s Main 711b4dc0 711b4dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.944s Main 711b4dc4 0000000d I 2.944s Main 711b4dc8 00000078 I 2.944s Main 711b4dcc 400cd30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.944s Main 711b4dd0 711b4dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.944s Main 711b4dd4 4159d468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.944s Main 711b4dd8 00000000 I 2.944s Main 711b4ddc 00000000 I 2.944s Main 711b4de0 00000000 I 2.944s Main 711b4de4 f6e3747b I 2.944s Main 711b4de8 00000000 I 2.944s Main 711b4dec 00000000 I 2.944s Main 711b4df0 00000000 I 2.944s Main 711b4df4 00000000 I 2.944s Main 711b4df8 00000000 I 2.944s Main 711b4dfc 00000000 I 2.944s Main 711b4e00 00000000 I 2.944s Main 711b4e04 00000000 I 2.944s Main 711b4e08 00000000 I 2.945s Main 711b4e0c 4159d010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.945s Main I 2.945s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.945s Main I 2.945s Main I 2.945s Main pid: 830, tid: 837, name: FinalizerDaemon I 2.945s Main r0 417feea0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.945s Main r4 417feea0 r5 417fee90 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.945s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d6bb2b0 sl 00000000 fp 418284a0 I 2.945s Main ip 00000000 sp 712b8bc8 lr 400ceec8 pc 400e1904 I 2.945s Main I 2.945s Main Stack Trace: I 2.945s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.945s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.945s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.945s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.945s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.945s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.945s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.945s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.945s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.945s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.945s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.945s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.945s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.946s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.946s Main I 2.946s Main Stack Data: I 2.946s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.946s Main 712b8b88 0000002b I 2.946s Main 712b8b8c 000000c0 I 2.946s Main 712b8b90 4159d758 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.946s Main 712b8b94 400d0e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.946s Main 712b8b98 00000020 I 2.946s Main 712b8b9c 00000080 I 2.946s Main 712b8ba0 00000021 I 2.946s Main 712b8ba4 00000020 I 2.946s Main 712b8ba8 00000020 I 2.946s Main 712b8bac 41813718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.946s Main 712b8bb0 00000001 I 2.946s Main 712b8bb4 41505d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.946s Main 712b8bb8 417feea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.946s Main 712b8bbc 417fee90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.946s Main 712b8bc0 00000000 I 2.946s Main 712b8bc4 400ceeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.946s Main 712b8bc8 00000000 I 2.946s Main 712b8bc8 00000000 I 2.946s Main 712b8bcc 417fee90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.946s Main 712b8bd0 417feea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.947s Main 712b8bd4 417feb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.947s Main 712b8bd8 4159d758 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.947s Main 712b8bdc 400cef28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.947s Main 712b8be0 417fee90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.947s Main 712b8be4 00000000 I 2.947s Main 712b8be8 417fee90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.947s Main 712b8bec 417fee90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.947s Main 712b8bf0 00000000 I 2.947s Main 712b8bf4 4153ad77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.947s Main 712b8bf8 417feb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.947s Main 712b8bfc 4159d758 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.947s Main 712b8c00 711baf10 I 2.947s Main 712b8c04 711baf14 I 2.947s Main 712b8c08 41813718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.947s Main 712b8c0c 4180e890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.947s Main 712b8c10 41505d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.947s Main 712b8c14 00000000 I 2.947s Main 712b8c18 711baefc I 2.947s Main 712b8c1c 4154f655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.947s Main 712b8c20 00000000 I 2.947s Main 712b8c24 00000001 I 2.947s Main 712b8c28 00000000 I 2.947s Main 712b8c2c 00000000 I 2.947s Main 712b8c30 6e72eea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.948s Main 712b8c34 711baf34 I 2.948s Main 712b8c38 417feb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.948s Main 712b8c3c 4150efe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.948s Main 712b8c40 00000000 I 2.948s Main 712b8c44 417feb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.948s Main 712b8c48 41515f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.948s Main 712b8c4c 00000000 I 2.948s Main 712b8c50 712b8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.948s Main 712b8c54 417feb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.948s Main 712b8c58 712b8c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.948s Main 712b8c5c 6d6bfeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.948s Main 712b8c60 418284a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.948s Main 712b8c64 41515fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.948s Main 712b8c68 00000000 I 2.948s Main 712b8c6c 00000000 I 2.948s Main 712b8c70 00000000 I 2.948s Main 712b8c74 00000000 I 2.948s Main 712b8c78 00000000 I 2.948s Main 712b8c7c fffffea0 I 2.948s Main 712b8c80 41515f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.948s Main 712b8c84 4151363c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.948s Main 712b8c88 00000000 I 2.948s Main 712b8c8c 00000000 I 2.948s Main 712b8c90 00000000 I 2.948s Main 712b8c94 00000000 I 2.949s Main 712b8c98 711bafe4 I 2.949s Main 712b8c9c 00000000 I 2.949s Main 712b8ca0 00000000 I 2.949s Main 712b8ca4 00000000 I 2.949s Main 712b8ca8 00000000 I 2.949s Main 712b8cac 00000000 I 2.949s Main 712b8cb0 00000000 I 2.949s Main 712b8cb4 00000000 I 2.949s Main 712b8cb8 00000000 I 2.949s Main 712b8cbc 00000000 I 2.949s Main 712b8cc0 00000000 I 2.949s Main 712b8cc4 00000000 I 2.949s Main 712b8d18 0000001d I 2.949s Main 712b8d1c 0000001c I 2.949s Main 712b8d20 0000001c I 2.949s Main 712b8d24 417feb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.949s Main 712b8d28 4010e384 I 2.949s Main 712b8d2c 41557ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.949s Main 712b8d30 711bb000 I 2.949s Main 712b8d34 712b8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.949s Main 712b8d38 415971f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.949s Main 712b8d3c 4010e384 I 2.949s Main 712b8d40 41597500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.949s Main 712b8d44 415974fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.950s Main 712b8d48 711bb000 I 2.950s Main 712b8d4c beb15e3c [stack] I 2.950s Main 712b8d50 4010c2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.950s Main 712b8d54 415485a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.950s Main 712b8d58 712b8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.950s Main 712b8d5c 712b8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.950s Main 712b8d60 417feb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.950s Main 712b8d64 712b8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.950s Main 712b8d68 4010e384 I 2.950s Main 712b8d6c 417feb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.950s Main 712b8d70 4153d28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.950s Main 712b8d74 712b8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.950s Main 712b8d78 00000003 I 2.950s Main 712b8d7c 417fef58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.950s Main 712b8d80 00000000 I 2.950s Main 712b8d84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.950s Main 712b8d88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.950s Main 712b8d8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.950s Main 712b8d90 006e6f6d I 2.950s Main 712b8d94 712b8d93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.950s Main 712b8d98 712b8d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.950s Main 712b8d9c f6e3747b I 2.950s Main 712b8da0 712b8dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.950s Main 712b8da4 417fef58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.950s Main 712b8da8 4153d1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.951s Main 712b8dac 417feb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.951s Main 712b8db0 4153d1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.951s Main 712b8db4 400cd174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.951s Main 712b8db8 417feb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.951s Main 712b8dbc 417fef58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.951s Main 712b8dc0 712b8dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.951s Main 712b8dc4 0000000d I 2.951s Main 712b8dc8 00000078 I 2.951s Main 712b8dcc 400cd30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.951s Main 712b8dd0 712b8dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.951s Main 712b8dd4 417fef58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.951s Main 712b8dd8 00000000 I 2.951s Main 712b8ddc 00000000 I 2.951s Main 712b8de0 00000000 I 2.951s Main 712b8de4 f6e3747b I 2.951s Main 712b8de8 00000000 I 2.951s Main 712b8dec 00000000 I 2.951s Main 712b8df0 00000000 I 2.951s Main 712b8df4 00000000 I 2.951s Main 712b8df8 00000000 I 2.951s Main 712b8dfc 00000000 I 2.951s Main 712b8e00 00000000 I 2.951s Main 712b8e04 00000000 I 2.951s Main 712b8e08 00000000 I 2.952s Main 712b8e0c 417feb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.952s Main I 2.952s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.952s Main I 2.952s Main I 2.952s Main pid: 830, tid: 838, name: FinalizerWatchd I 2.952s Main r0 417ff748 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.952s Main r4 417ff748 r5 417ff738 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.952s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d6bb2b0 sl 00000000 fp 41828740 I 2.952s Main ip 00000000 sp 713bcbc8 lr 400ceec8 pc 400e1904 I 2.952s Main I 2.952s Main Stack Trace: I 2.952s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.952s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.952s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.952s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.952s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.952s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.952s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.952s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.952s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.952s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.952s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.952s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.952s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.953s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.953s Main I 2.953s Main Stack Data: I 2.953s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.953s Main 713bcb88 0000002b I 2.953s Main 713bcb8c 00000198 I 2.953s Main 713bcb90 415f3e48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.953s Main 713bcb94 400d0e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.953s Main 713bcb98 00000020 I 2.953s Main 713bcb9c 00000008 I 2.953s Main 713bcba0 00000021 I 2.953s Main 713bcba4 00000020 I 2.953s Main 713bcba8 00000020 I 2.953s Main 713bcbac 41828730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.953s Main 713bcbb0 00000001 I 2.953s Main 713bcbb4 41505d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.953s Main 713bcbb8 417ff748 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.953s Main 713bcbbc 417ff738 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.953s Main 713bcbc0 00000000 I 2.953s Main 713bcbc4 400ceeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.953s Main 713bcbc8 00000000 I 2.953s Main 713bcbc8 00000000 I 2.953s Main 713bcbcc 417ff738 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.953s Main 713bcbd0 417ff748 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.954s Main 713bcbd4 417ff3a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.954s Main 713bcbd8 415f3e48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.954s Main 713bcbdc 400cef28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.954s Main 713bcbe0 417ff738 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.954s Main 713bcbe4 00000000 I 2.954s Main 713bcbe8 417ff738 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.954s Main 713bcbec 417ff738 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.954s Main 713bcbf0 00000000 I 2.954s Main 713bcbf4 4153ad77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.954s Main 713bcbf8 417ff3a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.954s Main 713bcbfc 415f3e48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.954s Main 713bcc00 712bef54 I 2.954s Main 713bcc04 712bef58 I 2.954s Main 713bcc08 41828730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.954s Main 713bcc0c 4180e890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.954s Main 713bcc10 41505d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.954s Main 713bcc14 00000000 I 2.954s Main 713bcc18 712bef40 I 2.954s Main 713bcc1c 4154f655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.954s Main 713bcc20 00000000 I 2.954s Main 713bcc24 00000001 I 2.954s Main 713bcc28 00000000 I 2.954s Main 713bcc2c 00000000 I 2.954s Main 713bcc30 6e72ee8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.955s Main 713bcc34 712bef78 I 2.955s Main 713bcc38 417ff3a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.955s Main 713bcc3c 4150efe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.955s Main 713bcc40 00000000 I 2.955s Main 713bcc44 417ff3a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.955s Main 713bcc48 41515f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.955s Main 713bcc4c 00000000 I 2.955s Main 713bcc50 713bcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.955s Main 713bcc54 417ff3a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.955s Main 713bcc58 713bcc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.955s Main 713bcc5c 6d6bfeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.955s Main 713bcc60 41828740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.955s Main 713bcc64 41515fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.955s Main 713bcc68 00000000 I 2.955s Main 713bcc6c 00000000 I 2.955s Main 713bcc70 00000000 I 2.955s Main 713bcc74 00000000 I 2.955s Main 713bcc78 00000000 I 2.955s Main 713bcc7c fffffea0 I 2.955s Main 713bcc80 41515f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.955s Main 713bcc84 4151363c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.955s Main 713bcc88 00000000 I 2.955s Main 713bcc8c 00000000 I 2.955s Main 713bcc90 00000000 I 2.955s Main 713bcc94 00000000 I 2.956s Main 713bcc98 712befe4 I 2.956s Main 713bcc9c 00000000 I 2.956s Main 713bcca0 00000000 I 2.956s Main 713bcca4 00000000 I 2.956s Main 713bcca8 00000000 I 2.956s Main 713bccac 00000000 I 2.956s Main 713bccb0 00000000 I 2.956s Main 713bccb4 00000000 I 2.956s Main 713bccb8 00000000 I 2.956s Main 713bccbc 00000000 I 2.956s Main 713bccc0 00000000 I 2.956s Main 713bccc4 00000000 I 2.956s Main 713bcd18 0000001d I 2.956s Main 713bcd1c 0000001c I 2.956s Main 713bcd20 0000001c I 2.956s Main 713bcd24 417ff3a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.956s Main 713bcd28 4010e384 I 2.956s Main 713bcd2c 41557ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.956s Main 713bcd30 712bf000 I 2.956s Main 713bcd34 713bcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.956s Main 713bcd38 415971f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.956s Main 713bcd3c 4010e384 I 2.956s Main 713bcd40 41597500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.956s Main 713bcd44 415974fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.957s Main 713bcd48 712bf000 I 2.957s Main 713bcd4c beb15e3c [stack] I 2.957s Main 713bcd50 4010c2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.957s Main 713bcd54 415485a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.957s Main 713bcd58 713bcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.957s Main 713bcd5c 713bcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.957s Main 713bcd60 417ff3a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.957s Main 713bcd64 713bcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.957s Main 713bcd68 4010e384 I 2.957s Main 713bcd6c 417ff3a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.957s Main 713bcd70 4153d28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.957s Main 713bcd74 713bcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.957s Main 713bcd78 00000003 I 2.957s Main 713bcd7c 417ff800 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.957s Main 713bcd80 00000000 I 2.957s Main 713bcd84 41806e50 [heap] I 2.957s Main 713bcd88 417ff3a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.957s Main 713bcd8c 400cd0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.957s Main 713bcd90 00000000 I 2.957s Main 713bcd94 41806e4f [heap] I 2.957s Main 713bcd98 41806e38 [heap] I 2.957s Main 713bcd9c f6e3747b I 2.957s Main 713bcda0 713bcdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.957s Main 713bcda4 417ff800 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.958s Main 713bcda8 4153d1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.958s Main 713bcdac 417ff3a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.958s Main 713bcdb0 4153d1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.958s Main 713bcdb4 400cd174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.958s Main 713bcdb8 417ff3a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.958s Main 713bcdbc 417ff800 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.958s Main 713bcdc0 713bcdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.958s Main 713bcdc4 0000000d I 2.958s Main 713bcdc8 00000078 I 2.958s Main 713bcdcc 400cd30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.958s Main 713bcdd0 713bcdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.958s Main 713bcdd4 417ff800 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.958s Main 713bcdd8 00000000 I 2.958s Main 713bcddc 00000000 I 2.958s Main 713bcde0 00000000 I 2.958s Main 713bcde4 f6e3747b I 2.958s Main 713bcde8 00000000 I 2.958s Main 713bcdec 00000000 I 2.958s Main 713bcdf0 00000000 I 2.958s Main 713bcdf4 00000000 I 2.958s Main 713bcdf8 00000000 I 2.958s Main 713bcdfc 00000000 I 2.958s Main 713bce00 00000000 I 2.958s Main 713bce04 00000000 I 2.958s Main 713bce08 00000000 I 2.959s Main 713bce0c 417ff3a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.959s Main I 2.959s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.959s Main I 2.959s Main I 2.959s Main pid: 830, tid: 839, name: GC I 2.959s Main r0 4180d384 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.959s Main r4 4180d384 r5 4180d380 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.959s Main r8 41599100 r9 41599100 sl 4180d378 fp 4010c2ec I 2.959s Main ip 00000000 sp 714bcd40 lr 400ceec8 pc 400e1904 I 2.959s Main I 2.959s Main Stack Trace: I 2.959s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.959s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.959s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.959s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.959s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.959s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.959s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.959s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.959s Main I 2.959s Main Stack Data: I 2.959s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.959s Main 714bcd00 00000000 I 2.960s Main 714bcd04 714bcca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.960s Main 714bcd08 714bccb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.960s Main 714bcd0c 00000018 I 2.960s Main 714bcd10 6d6bf66c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.960s Main 714bcd14 714bcd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.960s Main 714bcd18 415971f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.960s Main 714bcd1c 415f3e70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.960s Main 714bcd20 41828940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.960s Main 714bcd24 418289b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.960s Main 714bcd28 41828940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.960s Main 714bcd2c 400e32d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.960s Main 714bcd30 4180d384 [heap] I 2.960s Main 714bcd34 4180d380 [heap] I 2.960s Main 714bcd38 00000000 I 2.960s Main 714bcd3c 400ceeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.960s Main 714bcd40 00000000 I 2.960s Main 714bcd40 00000000 I 2.960s Main 714bcd44 4180d380 [heap] I 2.960s Main 714bcd48 4180d384 [heap] I 2.960s Main 714bcd4c 00000000 I 2.960s Main 714bcd50 41599100 I 2.960s Main 714bcd54 400cef28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.960s Main 714bcd58 41592c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.960s Main 714bcd5c 415971f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.961s Main 714bcd60 beb15f10 [stack] I 2.961s Main 714bcd64 41592c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.961s Main 714bcd68 415971f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.961s Main 714bcd6c 4155a783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.961s Main 714bcd70 00000000 I 2.961s Main 714bcd74 00000000 I 2.961s Main 714bcd78 4155a735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.961s Main 714bcd7c 415f3e28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.961s Main 714bcd80 415971f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.961s Main 714bcd84 beb15f10 [stack] I 2.961s Main 714bcd88 415f3e28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.961s Main 714bcd8c 4153c921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.961s Main 714bcd90 713bf000 I 2.961s Main 714bcd94 4153c96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.961s Main 714bcd98 415f3e28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.961s Main 714bcd9c 00010002 I 2.961s Main 714bcda0 4159d808 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.961s Main 714bcda4 4181d880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.961s Main 714bcda8 714bcdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.961s Main 714bcdac 417ffc50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.961s Main 714bcdb0 4153c921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.961s Main 714bcdb4 400cd174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.961s Main 714bcdb8 415f3e28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.961s Main 714bcdbc 417ffc50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.961s Main 714bcdc0 714bcdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.962s Main 714bcdc4 0000000d I 2.962s Main 714bcdc8 00000078 I 2.962s Main 714bcdcc 400cd30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.962s Main 714bcdd0 714bcdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.962s Main 714bcdd4 417ffc50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.962s Main 714bcdd8 00000000 I 2.962s Main 714bcddc 00000000 I 2.962s Main 714bcde0 00000000 I 2.962s Main 714bcde4 f6e3747b I 2.962s Main 714bcde8 00000000 I 2.962s Main 714bcdec 00000000 I 2.962s Main 714bcdf0 00000000 I 2.962s Main 714bcdf4 00000000 I 2.962s Main 714bcdf8 00000000 I 2.962s Main 714bcdfc 00000000 I 2.962s Main 714bce00 00000000 I 2.962s Main 714bce04 00000000 I 2.962s Main 714bce08 00000000 I 2.962s Main 714bce0c 417ffe98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.962s Main I 2.962s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.962s Main I 2.962s Main I 2.962s Main pid: 830, tid: 840, name: Signal Catcher I 2.963s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 2.963s Main r4 715c0d08 r5 715c0d48 r6 beb15f20 r7 000000b1 I 2.963s Main r8 41800740 r9 41592c74 sl 41597694 fp 41576cdc I 2.963s Main ip 715c0d44 sp 715c0d08 lr 400d3351 pc 400e1170 I 2.963s Main I 2.963s Main Stack Trace: I 2.963s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.963s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.963s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.963s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.963s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.963s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.963s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.963s Main I 2.963s Main Stack Data: I 2.963s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.963s Main 715c0cc8 00000000 I 2.963s Main 715c0ccc 00000000 I 2.963s Main 715c0cd0 00000000 I 2.963s Main 715c0cd4 00000000 I 2.963s Main 715c0cd8 715c0d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.963s Main 715c0cdc 00000000 I 2.963s Main 715c0ce0 41800740 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.963s Main 715c0ce4 715c6fc4 I 2.963s Main 715c0ce8 00000000 I 2.964s Main 715c0cec 715c0d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.964s Main 715c0cf0 00000000 I 2.964s Main 715c0cf4 4154858b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.964s Main 715c0cf8 41578239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.964s Main 715c0cfc 00000000 I 2.964s Main 715c0d00 00000000 I 2.964s Main 715c0d04 715c0ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.964s Main 715c0d08 00000204 I 2.964s Main 715c0d08 00000204 I 2.964s Main 715c0d0c 00000000 I 2.964s Main 715c0d10 fffffea0 I 2.964s Main 715c0d14 415f3f18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.964s Main 715c0d18 415971f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.964s Main 715c0d1c 41539f57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.964s Main 715c0d20 41828a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.964s Main 715c0d24 41828a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.964s Main 715c0d28 41828a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.964s Main 715c0d2c 400e32d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.964s Main 715c0d30 41800aac <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.964s Main 715c0d34 415399a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.964s Main 715c0d38 41800740 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.964s Main 715c0d3c 4153d94b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.964s Main 715c0d40 41828a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.964s Main 715c0d44 00000204 I 2.965s Main 715c0d48 00000004 I 2.965s Main 715c0d4c 41800740 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.965s Main 715c0d50 415971f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.965s Main 715c0d54 4153be11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.965s Main 715c0d58 4181d880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.965s Main 715c0d5c 41828a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.965s Main 715c0d98 415f3f18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.965s Main 715c0d9c 00010002 I 2.965s Main 715c0da0 41694fc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.965s Main 715c0da4 4181d880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.965s Main 715c0da8 715c0dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.965s Main 715c0dac 418004f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.965s Main 715c0db0 4153c921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.965s Main 715c0db4 400cd174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.965s Main 715c0db8 415f3f18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.965s Main 715c0dbc 418004f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.965s Main 715c0dc0 715c0dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.965s Main 715c0dc4 0000000d I 2.965s Main 715c0dc8 00000078 I 2.965s Main 715c0dcc 400cd30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.965s Main 715c0dd0 715c0dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.965s Main 715c0dd4 418004f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.965s Main 715c0dd8 00000000 I 2.965s Main 715c0ddc 00000000 I 2.966s Main 715c0de0 00000000 I 2.966s Main 715c0de4 f6e3747b I 2.966s Main 715c0de8 00000000 I 2.966s Main 715c0dec 00000000 I 2.966s Main 715c0df0 00000000 I 2.966s Main 715c0df4 00000000 I 2.966s Main 715c0df8 00000000 I 2.966s Main 715c0dfc 00000000 I 2.966s Main 715c0e00 00000000 I 2.966s Main 715c0e04 00000000 I 2.966s Main 715c0e08 00000000 I 2.966s Main 715c0e0c 41800740 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.966s Main I 2.966s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.966s Main I 2.966s Main I 2.966s Main pid: 830, tid: 841, name: JDWP I 2.966s Main r0 0000001c r1 716c4d10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 2.966s Main r4 41800e58 r5 4010e384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 2.966s Main r8 41802e78 r9 000003e8 sl 41800df4 fp 4010c2ec I 2.966s Main ip 41802e58 sp 716c4cf8 lr 41549087 pc 400e13d8 I 2.966s Main I 2.966s Main Stack Trace: I 2.966s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.966s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.967s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.967s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.967s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.967s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.967s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.967s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.967s Main I 2.967s Main Stack Data: I 2.967s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.967s Main 716c4cb8 41802e58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.967s Main 716c4cbc 41802e78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.967s Main 716c4cc0 000003e8 I 2.967s Main 716c4cc4 41800df4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.967s Main 716c4cc8 4010c2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.967s Main 716c4ccc 400e6159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.967s Main 716c4cd0 00000000 I 2.967s Main 716c4cd4 00000000 I 2.967s Main 716c4cd8 716c4d4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.967s Main 716c4cdc 00000000 I 2.967s Main 716c4ce0 00000000 I 2.967s Main 716c4ce4 716cafc4 I 2.967s Main 716c4ce8 00004000 I 2.967s Main 716c4cec 716c4d54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.967s Main 716c4cf0 00000000 I 2.968s Main 716c4cf4 00000000 I 2.968s Main 716c4cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[vectors] I 2.968s Main 716c4cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[vectors] I 2.968s Main 716c4cfc 716c4d50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.968s Main 716c4d00 00000004 I 2.968s Main 716c4d04 216c4ca8 I 2.968s Main 716c4d08 716c4d07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.968s Main 716c4d0c 00000001 I 2.968s Main 716c4d10 00000000 I 2.968s Main 716c4d14 00000000 I 2.968s Main 716c4d18 716c4d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.968s Main 716c4d1c 00000001 I 2.968s Main 716c4d20 716c4d2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.968s Main 716c4d24 00000010 I 2.968s Main 716c4d28 00000000 I 2.968s Main 716c4d2c 00000010 I 2.968s Main 716c4d30 00000001 I 2.968s Main 716c4d34 00000001 I 2.968s Main 716c4d50 65333330 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.968s Main 716c4d54 41549100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.968s Main 716c4d58 00000001 I 2.968s Main 716c4d5c 41800da0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.968s Main 716c4d60 41800de8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.968s Main 716c4d64 beb15f00 [stack] I 2.968s Main 716c4d68 41802ef0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.969s Main 716c4d6c 415817c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.969s Main 716c4d70 41582910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.969s Main 716c4d74 4154bf89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.969s Main 716c4d78 00000000 I 2.969s Main 716c4d7c 41802ef0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.969s Main 716c4d80 415971f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.969s Main 716c4d84 beb15f00 [stack] I 2.969s Main 716c4d88 41802ef0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.969s Main 716c4d8c 4153c921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.969s Main 716c4d90 715c7000 I 2.969s Main 716c4d94 4153c96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.969s Main 716c4d98 41802ef0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.969s Main 716c4d9c 00010002 I 2.969s Main 716c4da0 41802f10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.969s Main 716c4da4 4181d880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.969s Main 716c4da8 716c4dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.969s Main 716c4dac 41802f20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.969s Main 716c4db0 4153c921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.969s Main 716c4db4 400cd174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.969s Main 716c4db8 41802ef0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.969s Main 716c4dbc 41802f20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.969s Main 716c4dc0 716c4dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.969s Main 716c4dc4 0000000d I 2.969s Main 716c4dc8 00000078 I 2.970s Main 716c4dcc 400cd30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.970s Main 716c4dd0 716c4dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.970s Main 716c4dd4 41802f20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.970s Main 716c4dd8 00000000 I 2.970s Main 716c4ddc 00000000 I 2.970s Main 716c4de0 00000000 I 2.970s Main 716c4de4 f6e3747b I 2.970s Main 716c4de8 00000000 I 2.970s Main 716c4dec 00000000 I 2.970s Main 716c4df0 00000000 I 2.970s Main 716c4df4 00000000 I 2.970s Main 716c4df8 00000000 I 2.970s Main 716c4dfc 00000000 I 2.970s Main 716c4e00 00000000 I 2.970s Main 716c4e04 00000000 I 2.970s Main 716c4e08 00000000 I 2.970s Main 716c4e0c 41803168 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.970s Main I 2.970s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.970s Main I 2.970s Main I 2.970s Main pid: 830, tid: 842, name: Compiler I 2.970s Main r0 41597704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.970s Main r4 41597704 r5 415976fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.971s Main r8 4153c921 r9 716cb000 sl 415976f8 fp 4010c2ec I 2.971s Main ip 00000000 sp 717c8c10 lr 400ceec8 pc 400e1904 I 2.971s Main I 2.971s Main Stack Trace: I 2.971s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.971s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.971s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.971s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.971s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.971s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.971s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.971s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.971s Main I 2.971s Main Stack Data: I 2.971s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.971s Main 717c8bd0 00000000 I 2.971s Main 717c8bd4 00000000 I 2.971s Main 717c8bd8 415971f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.971s Main 717c8bdc 00000000 I 2.971s Main 717c8be0 00000000 I 2.971s Main 717c8be4 00000000 I 2.971s Main 717c8be8 4157df31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.971s Main 717c8bec 4153cbc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.971s Main 717c8bf0 fffffe0c I 2.971s Main 717c8bf4 4159d010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.972s Main 717c8bf8 4159d038 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.972s Main 717c8bfc ffffffef I 2.972s Main 717c8c00 41597704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.972s Main 717c8c04 415976fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.972s Main 717c8c08 00000000 I 2.972s Main 717c8c0c 400ceeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.972s Main 717c8c10 00000000 I 2.972s Main 717c8c10 00000000 I 2.972s Main 717c8c14 415976fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.972s Main 717c8c18 41597704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.972s Main 717c8c1c 6fc3f3a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.972s Main 717c8c20 00001000 I 2.972s Main 717c8c24 400cef28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.972s Main 717c8c28 415976c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.972s Main 717c8c2c 71947fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.972s Main 717c8c30 41576cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.972s Main 717c8c34 415976c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.972s Main 717c8c38 71947fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.972s Main 717c8c3c 4155bd03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.972s Main 717c8c40 717c8d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:842] I 2.972s Main 717c8c44 41515fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.972s Main 717c8c48 00000000 I 2.972s Main 717c8c4c 41592c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.972s Main 717c8c50 41587901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.973s Main 717c8c54 41576cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.973s Main 717c8c58 00000000 I 2.973s Main 717c8c5c fffffea0 I 2.973s Main 717c8c60 41515f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.973s Main 717c8c64 4151363c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.973s Main 717c8c68 00000000 I 2.973s Main 717c8c6c 00000000 I 2.973s Main 717c8c70 00000000 I 2.973s Main 717c8c74 00000000 I 2.973s Main 717c8c78 717cefa0 I 2.973s Main 717c8c7c 00000000 I 2.973s Main 717c8d98 41803870 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.973s Main 717c8d9c 00010002 I 2.973s Main 717c8da0 41803890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.973s Main 717c8da4 4181d880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.973s Main 717c8da8 717c8dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:842] I 2.973s Main 717c8dac 418038a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.973s Main 717c8db0 4153c921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.973s Main 717c8db4 400cd174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.973s Main 717c8db8 41803870 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.973s Main 717c8dbc 418038a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.973s Main 717c8dc0 717c8dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:842] I 2.973s Main 717c8dc4 0000000d I 2.973s Main 717c8dc8 00000078 I 2.974s Main 717c8dcc 400cd30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.974s Main 717c8dd0 717c8dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[stack:842] I 2.974s Main 717c8dd4 418038a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.974s Main 717c8dd8 00000000 I 2.974s Main 717c8ddc 00000000 I 2.974s Main 717c8de0 00000000 I 2.974s Main 717c8de4 f6e3747b I 2.974s Main 717c8de8 00000000 I 2.974s Main 717c8dec 00000000 I 2.974s Main 717c8df0 00000000 I 2.974s Main 717c8df4 00000000 I 2.974s Main 717c8df8 00000000 I 2.974s Main 717c8dfc 00000000 I 2.974s Main 717c8e00 00000000 I 2.974s Main 717c8e04 00000000 I 2.974s Main 717c8e08 00000000 I 2.974s Main 717c8e0c 41803ae8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpuOnzxi/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.974s Main I 2.974s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.974s Main I 2.974s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 2.974s Main I 2.974s Main Stack Trace: I 2.974s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.974s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.975s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.975s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.975s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.975s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.975s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.975s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.975s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.975s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.975s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.975s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.975s Main I 2.975s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.975s Main I 2.975s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x0000033e (code=-6), thread 830 (app_process)