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/b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/build/android/ -a -s -w --adb-path /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/third_party/android_tools/sdk/platform-tools/adb in dir /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w: allow_subannotations: False cmd: ['/b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/build/android/', '-a', '-s', '-w', '--adb-path', '/b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/third_party/android_tools/sdk/platform-tools/adb'] env: FrozenDict([('PATH', '/b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/third_party/android_tools/sdk/platform-tools:/b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/build/android:%(PATH)s'), ('CHROMIUM_OUTPUT_DIR', '/b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/out/Debug')]) env_prefixes: {'mapping': FrozenDict([('PATH', ('/b/cipd_client', '/b/cipd_path_tools', '/b/cipd_path_tools/bin'))]), 'pathsep': ':'} env_suffixes: {'mapping': FrozenDict([]), 'pathsep': ':'} infra_step: True name_tokens: ['stack_tool_for_tombstones'] ok_ret: frozenset([0]) trigger_specs: [] full environment: AWS_CREDENTIAL_FILE: /b/build/site_config/.boto BOTO_CONFIG: /b/build/site_config/.boto BUILDBOT_BLAMELIST: [u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u''] BUILDBOT_BRANCH: master BUILDBOT_BUILDBOTURL: BUILDBOT_BUILDERNAME: Android Cronet Builder (dbg) BUILDBOT_BUILDNUMBER: 12487 BUILDBOT_CLOBBER: BUILDBOT_GOT_REVISION: None BUILDBOT_MASTERNAME: BUILDBOT_REVISION: af4feec96e13e1046509568743c3c8859a40f3d0 BUILDBOT_SCHEDULER: chromium_commits BUILDBOT_SLAVENAME: build69-b1 CHROME_HEADLESS: 1 CHROMIUM_OUTPUT_DIR: /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/out/Debug CIPD_CACHE_DIR: /b/c/cipd DISPLAY: :0.0 GIT_USER_AGENT: git/2.11.0 linux2 HOME: /home/chrome-bot INFRA_BUILDBOT_MASTER_CLASS_NAME: ChromiumAndroid INFRA_BUILDBOT_SLAVE_ACTIVE_SUBDIR: INFRA_BUILDBOT_SLAVE_NAME: build69-b1 LANG: en_US.UTF-8 LOGDOG_COORDINATOR_HOST: LOGDOG_STREAM_PREFIX: bb/ LOGDOG_STREAM_PROJECT: chromium LOGDOG_STREAM_SERVER_PATH: unix:/b/build/rr/tmpfomdSB/butler.sock LOGNAME: chrome-bot PAGER: cat PATH: /b/cipd_client:/b/cipd_path_tools:/b/cipd_path_tools/bin:/b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/third_party/android_tools/sdk/platform-tools:/b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/build/android:/b/cipd_path_tools:/b/cipd_path_tools/bin:/b/cipd_client:/home/chrome-bot/slavebin:/b/depot_tools:/usr/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin PWD: /b/build/slave/Android_Cronet_Builder__dbg_/build PYTHONIOENCODING: UTF-8 PYTHONUNBUFFERED: 1 SHELL: /bin/bash USER: chrome-bot VPYTHON_VIRTUALENV_ROOT: /b/c/vpython I 0.005s TimeoutThread-1-for-MainThread condition '<lambda>' met (0.0s) I 1.119s Thread-1 tombstone_01 created on 1971-12-23 18:10:00, about this long ago: 17290 days, 2:36:04 Device: 05c34aa83444c162 I 1.119s Thread-2 tombstone_00 created on 1971-12-23 18:09:00, about this long ago: 17290 days, 2:37:04 Device: 05c34aa83444c162 I 1.119s Thread-1 Resolving... I 1.120s Thread-2 Resolving... I 1.318s Main Total time spent symbolizing: 0.36s I 1.318s Main tombstone_01 created on 1971-12-23 18:10:00, about this long ago: 17290 days, 2:36:04 Device: 05c34aa83444c162 I 1.318s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src I 1.318s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/out/Debug I 1.318s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmpLx54IP I 1.318s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 1.318s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/out/Debug I 1.319s Main pid: 834, tid: 834, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 1.319s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 1.319s Main r0 00000000 r1 00000342 r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 1.319s Main r4 00000006 r5 00000000 r6 00000342 r7 0000010c I 1.319s Main r8 00000004 r9 bee48b91 sl bee48b9d fp bee48b85 I 1.319s Main ip 4022f438 sp bee48628 lr 400c9fe5 pc 400d8f90 I 1.319s Main I 1.319s Main Stack Trace: I 1.319s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.319s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.319s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.319s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.319s Main I 1.319s Main Stack Data: I 1.319s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.320s Main bee485e8 40222168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.320s Main bee485ec 00000002 I 1.320s Main bee485f0 4022f438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.320s Main bee485f4 00000004 I 1.320s Main bee485f8 bee48b91 [stack] I 1.320s Main bee485fc bee48b9d [stack] I 1.320s Main bee48600 bee48b85 [stack] I 1.320s Main bee48604 400dd159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.320s Main bee48608 34203020 I 1.320s Main bee4860c 20323136 I 1.320s Main bee48610 bee48684 [stack] I 1.320s Main bee48614 00000000 I 1.320s Main bee48618 00000000 I 1.320s Main bee4861c 37312030 I 1.320s Main bee48620 00004000 I 1.320s Main bee48624 bee48692 [stack] I 1.320s Main bee48628 00000006 I 1.320s Main bee4862c 00000000 I 1.320s Main bee48630 00000342 I 1.320s Main bee48634 4022f438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.320s Main bee48638 4022f438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.320s Main bee4863c 400c9fe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.320s Main bee48640 00000006 I 1.320s Main bee48644 00000000 I 1.321s Main bee48648 00000002 I 1.321s Main bee4864c 400ca1f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.321s Main bee48650 bee4865c [stack] I 1.321s Main bee48654 400c8f2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.321s Main bee48658 00000000 I 1.321s Main bee4865c ffffffdf I 1.321s Main bee48660 401012c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.321s Main bee48664 4010122c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.321s Main bee48668 00000000 I 1.321s Main bee4866c 400cbaef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.321s Main bee48670 4158e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.321s Main bee48674 4158e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.321s Main bee48678 40222168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.321s Main bee4867c 400d8848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.321s Main bee48680 00000000 I 1.321s Main bee48684 41524ccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.321s Main bee48688 4010f324 I 1.321s Main bee4868c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.321s Main bee48690 0000296c I 1.321s Main bee48694 00000000 I 1.321s Main bee48698 00000000 I 1.321s Main bee4869c 00000000 I 1.321s Main bee486a0 00000000 I 1.321s Main bee486a4 00000000 I 1.322s Main bee486a8 00000000 I 1.322s Main bee486ac 00000000 I 1.322s Main bee486b0 00000000 I 1.322s Main bee486b4 00000000 I 1.322s Main bee486b8 00000000 I 1.322s Main bee486bc 00000000 I 1.322s Main bee486c0 00000000 I 1.322s Main bee486c4 00000000 I 1.322s Main bee48898 000000c8 I 1.322s Main bee4889c 6f82fef0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.322s Main bee488a0 41fc7f28 [heap] I 1.322s Main bee488a4 00000000 I 1.322s Main bee488a8 000000c8 I 1.322s Main bee488ac 40225560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.322s Main bee488b0 40225740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.322s Main bee488b4 41fc7f28 [heap] I 1.322s Main bee488b8 4008e328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.322s Main bee488bc 401cad27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.322s Main bee488c0 41fc7f28 [heap] I 1.322s Main bee488c4 00000000 I 1.322s Main bee488c8 bee48988 [stack] I 1.322s Main bee488cc 401cb015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.322s Main bee488d0 4008e3cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.322s Main bee488d4 401cba65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.322s Main bee488d8 41fc7f28 [heap] I 1.323s Main bee488dc 00000000 I 1.323s Main bee488e0 41591004 I 1.323s Main bee488e4 4152ca8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.323s Main bee488e8 4152cabd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.323s Main bee488ec 4152ca95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.323s Main bee488f0 000000bb I 1.323s Main bee488f4 00000000 I 1.323s Main bee488f8 41fc7dd8 [heap] I 1.323s Main bee488fc 400c7e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.323s Main bee48900 000000b0 I 1.323s Main bee48904 00000000 I 1.323s Main bee48908 400c6dcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.323s Main bee4890c 000000a0 I 1.323s Main bee48910 00000014 I 1.323s Main bee48914 402273d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.323s Main bee48960 00000000 I 1.323s Main bee48964 00000000 I 1.323s Main bee48968 00000000 I 1.323s Main bee4896c bee48a7c [stack] I 1.323s Main bee48970 40105384 I 1.323s Main bee48974 4008e372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.323s Main bee48978 4008e300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.323s Main bee4897c 4008e37b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.323s Main bee48980 4008e391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.324s Main bee48984 4008e39f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.324s Main bee48988 4008fe08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.324s Main bee4898c 40225520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.324s Main bee48990 41fc7de8 [heap] I 1.324s Main bee48994 00000013 I 1.324s Main bee48998 00000000 I 1.324s Main bee4899c 00000008 I 1.324s Main bee48a40 00000000 I 1.324s Main bee48a44 00000000 I 1.324s Main bee48a48 00000000 I 1.324s Main bee48a4c 00000000 I 1.324s Main bee48a50 00000000 I 1.324s Main bee48a54 4008dd80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.324s Main bee48a58 4008fde8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.324s Main bee48a5c 4008fdf0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.324s Main bee48a60 4008fdf8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.324s Main bee48a64 bee48a70 [stack] I 1.324s Main bee48a68 00000000 I 1.324s Main bee48a6c 40092881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 1.324s Main bee48a70 00000005 I 1.324s Main bee48a74 bee48b85 [stack] I 1.324s Main bee48a78 bee48b91 [stack] I 1.324s Main bee48a7c bee48b9d [stack] I 1.324s Main bee48a80 bee48bb8 [stack] I 1.325s Main bee48a84 bee48bbd [stack] I 1.325s Main bee48a88 00000000 I 1.325s Main bee48a8c bee48bc5 [stack] I 1.325s Main bee48a90 bee48bdf [stack] I 1.325s Main bee48a94 bee48c0b [stack] I 1.325s Main I 1.325s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.325s Main I 1.325s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000342 (code=-6), thread 834 (app_process) I 1.325s Main I 1.325s Main pid: 834, tid: 836, name: ReferenceQueueD I 1.325s Main r0 41d943b0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.325s Main r4 41d943b0 r5 41d943a0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.325s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d6772b0 sl 00000000 fp 41fe41d0 I 1.325s Main ip 00000000 sp 710eeba0 lr 400c5ec8 pc 400d8904 I 1.325s Main I 1.325s Main Stack Trace: I 1.325s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.325s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.325s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.325s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.325s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.325s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.325s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.325s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.326s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.326s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.326s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.326s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.326s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.326s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.326s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.326s Main I 1.326s Main Stack Data: I 1.326s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.326s Main 710eeb60 0000002b I 1.326s Main 710eeb64 000001a8 I 1.326s Main 710eeb68 41e8be38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.326s Main 710eeb6c 400c7e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.326s Main 710eeb70 00000020 I 1.326s Main 710eeb74 00000000 I 1.326s Main 710eeb78 00000021 I 1.326s Main 710eeb7c 00000020 I 1.326s Main 710eeb80 00000020 I 1.326s Main 710eeb84 41fcf640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.326s Main 710eeb88 00000001 I 1.326s Main 710eeb8c 41d94020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.326s Main 710eeb90 41d943b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.326s Main 710eeb94 41d943a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.326s Main 710eeb98 00000000 I 1.327s Main 710eeb9c 400c5eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.327s Main 710eeba0 00000000 I 1.327s Main 710eeba0 00000000 I 1.327s Main 710eeba4 41d943a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.327s Main 710eeba8 41d943b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.327s Main 710eebac 41d94010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.327s Main 710eebb0 41e8be38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.327s Main 710eebb4 400c5f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.327s Main 710eebb8 41d943a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.327s Main 710eebbc 00000000 I 1.327s Main 710eebc0 41d943a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.327s Main 710eebc4 41d943a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.327s Main 710eebc8 00000000 I 1.327s Main 710eebcc 41531d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.327s Main 710eebd0 41d94010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.327s Main 710eebd4 41e8be38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.327s Main 710eebd8 70ff0f74 I 1.327s Main 710eebdc 70ff0f78 I 1.327s Main 710eebe0 41fcf640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.327s Main 710eebe4 41d94010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.327s Main 710eebe8 41d94020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.327s Main 710eebec 70ff0f74 I 1.327s Main 710eebf0 41589c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.327s Main 710eebf4 41546655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.328s Main 710eebf8 00000000 I 1.328s Main 710eebfc 00000001 I 1.328s Main 710eec00 00000000 I 1.328s Main 710eec04 00000000 I 1.328s Main 710eec08 6d6772b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.328s Main 710eec0c 41fca890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.328s Main 710eec10 4154662f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.328s Main 710eec14 4152eacf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.328s Main 710eec18 70ff0f74 I 1.328s Main 710eec1c 41d94020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.328s Main 710eec20 6e6eae8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.328s Main 710eec24 70ff0f98 I 1.328s Main 710eec28 41d94010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.328s Main 710eec2c 41fca890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.328s Main 710eec30 414fcd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.328s Main 710eec34 00000000 I 1.328s Main 710eec38 70ff0f60 I 1.328s Main 710eec3c 41505fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.328s Main 710eec40 00000000 I 1.328s Main 710eec44 41d94010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.328s Main 710eec48 4150cf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.328s Main 710eec4c 00000000 I 1.328s Main 710eec50 710eed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.328s Main 710eec54 41d94010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.328s Main 710eec58 710eec94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.329s Main 710eec5c 6d67beb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.329s Main 710eec60 41fe41d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.329s Main 710eec64 4150cfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.329s Main 710eec68 00000000 I 1.329s Main 710eec6c 00000000 I 1.329s Main 710eec70 00000000 I 1.329s Main 710eec74 00000000 I 1.329s Main 710eec78 00000000 I 1.329s Main 710eec7c fffffea0 I 1.329s Main 710eec80 4150cf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.329s Main 710eec84 4150a63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.329s Main 710eec88 00000000 I 1.329s Main 710eec8c 00000000 I 1.329s Main 710eec90 00000000 I 1.329s Main 710eec94 00000000 I 1.329s Main 710eec98 70ff0fe4 I 1.329s Main 710eec9c 00000000 I 1.329s Main 710eeca0 00000000 I 1.329s Main 710eeca4 00000000 I 1.329s Main 710eeca8 00000000 I 1.329s Main 710eecac 00000000 I 1.329s Main 710eecb0 00000000 I 1.329s Main 710eecb4 00000000 I 1.329s Main 710eecb8 00000000 I 1.330s Main 710eecbc 00000000 I 1.330s Main 710eecc0 00000000 I 1.330s Main 710eecc4 00000000 I 1.330s Main 710eed18 0000001d I 1.330s Main 710eed1c 0000001c I 1.330s Main 710eed20 0000001c I 1.330s Main 710eed24 41d94010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.330s Main 710eed28 40105384 I 1.330s Main 710eed2c 4154ead3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.330s Main 710eed30 70ff1000 I 1.330s Main 710eed34 710eed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.330s Main 710eed38 4158e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.330s Main 710eed3c 40105384 I 1.330s Main 710eed40 4158e500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.330s Main 710eed44 4158e4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.330s Main 710eed48 70ff1000 I 1.330s Main 710eed4c bee47e14 [stack] I 1.330s Main 710eed50 401032ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.330s Main 710eed54 4153f5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.330s Main 710eed58 710eed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.330s Main 710eed5c 710eed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.330s Main 710eed60 41d94010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.330s Main 710eed64 710eed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.330s Main 710eed68 40105384 I 1.330s Main 710eed6c 41d94010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.331s Main 710eed70 4153428f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.331s Main 710eed74 710eed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.331s Main 710eed78 00000003 I 1.331s Main 710eed7c 41d94468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.331s Main 710eed80 00000000 I 1.331s Main 710eed84 41fc2e38 [heap] I 1.331s Main 710eed88 41d94010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.331s Main 710eed8c 400c40ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.331s Main 710eed90 00000000 I 1.331s Main 710eed94 41fc2e34 [heap] I 1.331s Main 710eed98 41fc2e20 [heap] I 1.331s Main 710eed9c b776ee94 I 1.331s Main 710eeda0 710eedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.331s Main 710eeda4 41d94468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.331s Main 710eeda8 415341ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.331s Main 710eedac 41d94010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.331s Main 710eedb0 415341ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.331s Main 710eedb4 400c4174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.331s Main 710eedb8 41d94010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.331s Main 710eedbc 41d94468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.331s Main 710eedc0 710eedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.331s Main 710eedc4 0000000d I 1.331s Main 710eedc8 00000078 I 1.331s Main 710eedcc 400c430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.331s Main 710eedd0 710eedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.332s Main 710eedd4 41d94468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.332s Main 710eedd8 00000000 I 1.332s Main 710eeddc 00000000 I 1.332s Main 710eede0 00000000 I 1.332s Main 710eede4 b776ee94 I 1.332s Main 710eede8 00000000 I 1.332s Main 710eedec 00000000 I 1.332s Main 710eedf0 00000000 I 1.332s Main 710eedf4 00000000 I 1.332s Main 710eedf8 00000000 I 1.332s Main 710eedfc 00000000 I 1.332s Main 710eee00 00000000 I 1.332s Main 710eee04 00000000 I 1.332s Main 710eee08 00000000 I 1.332s Main 710eee0c 41d94010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.332s Main I 1.332s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.332s Main I 1.332s Main I 1.332s Main pid: 834, tid: 837, name: FinalizerDaemon I 1.332s Main r0 6f82aee0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.332s Main r4 6f82aee0 r5 6f82aed0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.332s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d6772b0 sl 00000000 fp 41fe44a0 I 1.332s Main ip 00000000 sp 711f2bc8 lr 400c5ec8 pc 400d8904 I 1.333s Main I 1.333s Main Stack Trace: I 1.333s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.333s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.333s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.333s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.333s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.333s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.333s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.333s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.333s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.333s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.333s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.333s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.333s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.333s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.333s Main I 1.333s Main Stack Data: I 1.333s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.333s Main 711f2b88 0000002b I 1.333s Main 711f2b8c 000000d8 I 1.333s Main 711f2b90 41e8bf08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.333s Main 711f2b94 400c7e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.333s Main 711f2b98 00000020 I 1.333s Main 711f2b9c 00000000 I 1.334s Main 711f2ba0 00000021 I 1.334s Main 711f2ba4 00000020 I 1.334s Main 711f2ba8 00000020 I 1.334s Main 711f2bac 41fcf718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.334s Main 711f2bb0 00000001 I 1.334s Main 711f2bb4 414fcd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.334s Main 711f2bb8 6f82aee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.334s Main 711f2bbc 6f82aed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.334s Main 711f2bc0 00000000 I 1.334s Main 711f2bc4 400c5eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.334s Main 711f2bc8 00000000 I 1.334s Main 711f2bc8 00000000 I 1.334s Main 711f2bcc 6f82aed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.334s Main 711f2bd0 6f82aee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.334s Main 711f2bd4 6f82ab40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.334s Main 711f2bd8 41e8bf08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.334s Main 711f2bdc 400c5f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.334s Main 711f2be0 6f82aed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.334s Main 711f2be4 00000000 I 1.334s Main 711f2be8 6f82aed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.334s Main 711f2bec 6f82aed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.334s Main 711f2bf0 00000000 I 1.334s Main 711f2bf4 41531d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.334s Main 711f2bf8 6f82ab40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.335s Main 711f2bfc 41e8bf08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.335s Main 711f2c00 710f4f10 I 1.335s Main 711f2c04 710f4f14 I 1.335s Main 711f2c08 41fcf718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.335s Main 711f2c0c 41fca890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.335s Main 711f2c10 414fcd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.335s Main 711f2c14 00000000 I 1.335s Main 711f2c18 710f4efc I 1.335s Main 711f2c1c 41546655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.335s Main 711f2c20 00000000 I 1.335s Main 711f2c24 00000001 I 1.335s Main 711f2c28 00000000 I 1.335s Main 711f2c2c 00000000 I 1.335s Main 711f2c30 6e6eaea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.335s Main 711f2c34 710f4f34 I 1.335s Main 711f2c38 6f82ab40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.335s Main 711f2c3c 41505fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.335s Main 711f2c40 00000000 I 1.335s Main 711f2c44 6f82ab40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.335s Main 711f2c48 4150cf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.335s Main 711f2c4c 00000000 I 1.335s Main 711f2c50 711f2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.335s Main 711f2c54 6f82ab40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.335s Main 711f2c58 711f2c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.335s Main 711f2c5c 6d67beb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.336s Main 711f2c60 41fe44a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.336s Main 711f2c64 4150cfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.336s Main 711f2c68 00000000 I 1.336s Main 711f2c6c 00000000 I 1.336s Main 711f2c70 00000000 I 1.336s Main 711f2c74 00000000 I 1.336s Main 711f2c78 00000000 I 1.336s Main 711f2c7c fffffea0 I 1.336s Main 711f2c80 4150cf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.336s Main 711f2c84 4150a63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.336s Main 711f2c88 00000000 I 1.336s Main 711f2c8c 00000000 I 1.336s Main 711f2c90 00000000 I 1.336s Main 711f2c94 00000000 I 1.336s Main 711f2c98 710f4fe4 I 1.336s Main 711f2c9c 00000000 I 1.336s Main 711f2ca0 00000000 I 1.336s Main 711f2ca4 00000000 I 1.336s Main 711f2ca8 00000000 I 1.336s Main 711f2cac 00000000 I 1.336s Main 711f2cb0 00000000 I 1.336s Main 711f2cb4 00000000 I 1.336s Main 711f2cb8 00000000 I 1.336s Main 711f2cbc 00000000 I 1.337s Main 711f2cc0 00000000 I 1.337s Main 711f2cc4 00000000 I 1.337s Main 711f2d18 0000001d I 1.337s Main 711f2d1c 0000001c I 1.337s Main 711f2d20 0000001c I 1.337s Main 711f2d24 6f82ab40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.337s Main 711f2d28 40105384 I 1.337s Main 711f2d2c 4154ead3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.337s Main 711f2d30 710f5000 I 1.337s Main 711f2d34 711f2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.337s Main 711f2d38 4158e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.337s Main 711f2d3c 40105384 I 1.337s Main 711f2d40 4158e500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.337s Main 711f2d44 4158e4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.337s Main 711f2d48 710f5000 I 1.337s Main 711f2d4c bee47e3c [stack] I 1.337s Main 711f2d50 401032ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.337s Main 711f2d54 4153f5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.337s Main 711f2d58 711f2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.337s Main 711f2d5c 711f2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.337s Main 711f2d60 6f82ab40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.337s Main 711f2d64 711f2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.337s Main 711f2d68 40105384 I 1.337s Main 711f2d6c 6f82ab40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.337s Main 711f2d70 4153428f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.338s Main 711f2d74 711f2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.338s Main 711f2d78 00000003 I 1.338s Main 711f2d7c 6f82af98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.338s Main 711f2d80 00000000 I 1.338s Main 711f2d84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.338s Main 711f2d88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.338s Main 711f2d8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.338s Main 711f2d90 006e6f6d I 1.338s Main 711f2d94 711f2d93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.338s Main 711f2d98 711f2d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.338s Main 711f2d9c b776ee94 I 1.338s Main 711f2da0 711f2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.338s Main 711f2da4 6f82af98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.338s Main 711f2da8 415341ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.338s Main 711f2dac 6f82ab40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.338s Main 711f2db0 415341ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.338s Main 711f2db4 400c4174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.338s Main 711f2db8 6f82ab40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.338s Main 711f2dbc 6f82af98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.338s Main 711f2dc0 711f2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.338s Main 711f2dc4 0000000d I 1.338s Main 711f2dc8 00000078 I 1.338s Main 711f2dcc 400c430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.338s Main 711f2dd0 711f2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.338s Main 711f2dd4 6f82af98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.339s Main 711f2dd8 00000000 I 1.339s Main 711f2ddc 00000000 I 1.339s Main 711f2de0 00000000 I 1.339s Main 711f2de4 b776ee94 I 1.339s Main 711f2de8 00000000 I 1.339s Main 711f2dec 00000000 I 1.339s Main 711f2df0 00000000 I 1.339s Main 711f2df4 00000000 I 1.339s Main 711f2df8 00000000 I 1.339s Main 711f2dfc 00000000 I 1.339s Main 711f2e00 00000000 I 1.339s Main 711f2e04 00000000 I 1.339s Main 711f2e08 00000000 I 1.339s Main 711f2e0c 6f82ab40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.339s Main I 1.339s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.339s Main I 1.339s Main I 1.339s Main pid: 834, tid: 838, name: FinalizerWatchd I 1.339s Main r0 6f82b788 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.339s Main r4 6f82b788 r5 6f82b778 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.339s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d6772b0 sl 00000000 fp 41fe4740 I 1.339s Main ip 00000000 sp 712f6bc8 lr 400c5ec8 pc 400d8904 I 1.339s Main I 1.339s Main Stack Trace: I 1.340s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.340s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main I 1.340s Main Stack Data: I 1.340s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.340s Main 712f6b88 0000002b I 1.340s Main 712f6b8c 00000138 I 1.340s Main 712f6b90 41d946e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.340s Main 712f6b94 400c7e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.340s Main 712f6b98 00000020 I 1.340s Main 712f6b9c 00000000 I 1.340s Main 712f6ba0 00000021 I 1.341s Main 712f6ba4 00000020 I 1.341s Main 712f6ba8 00000020 I 1.341s Main 712f6bac 41fe4730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.341s Main 712f6bb0 00000001 I 1.341s Main 712f6bb4 414fcd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.341s Main 712f6bb8 6f82b788 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.341s Main 712f6bbc 6f82b778 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.341s Main 712f6bc0 00000000 I 1.341s Main 712f6bc4 400c5eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.341s Main 712f6bc8 00000000 I 1.341s Main 712f6bc8 00000000 I 1.341s Main 712f6bcc 6f82b778 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.341s Main 712f6bd0 6f82b788 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.341s Main 712f6bd4 6f82b3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.341s Main 712f6bd8 41d946e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.341s Main 712f6bdc 400c5f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.341s Main 712f6be0 6f82b778 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.341s Main 712f6be4 00000000 I 1.341s Main 712f6be8 6f82b778 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.341s Main 712f6bec 6f82b778 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.341s Main 712f6bf0 00000000 I 1.341s Main 712f6bf4 41531d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.341s Main 712f6bf8 6f82b3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.341s Main 712f6bfc 41d946e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.341s Main 712f6c00 711f8f54 I 1.342s Main 712f6c04 711f8f58 I 1.342s Main 712f6c08 41fe4730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.342s Main 712f6c0c 41fca890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.342s Main 712f6c10 414fcd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.342s Main 712f6c14 00000000 I 1.342s Main 712f6c18 711f8f40 I 1.342s Main 712f6c1c 41546655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.342s Main 712f6c20 00000000 I 1.342s Main 712f6c24 00000001 I 1.342s Main 712f6c28 00000000 I 1.342s Main 712f6c2c 00000000 I 1.342s Main 712f6c30 6e6eae8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.342s Main 712f6c34 711f8f78 I 1.342s Main 712f6c38 6f82b3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.342s Main 712f6c3c 41505fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.342s Main 712f6c40 00000000 I 1.342s Main 712f6c44 6f82b3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.342s Main 712f6c48 4150cf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.342s Main 712f6c4c 00000000 I 1.342s Main 712f6c50 712f6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.342s Main 712f6c54 6f82b3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.342s Main 712f6c58 712f6c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.342s Main 712f6c5c 6d67beb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.342s Main 712f6c60 41fe4740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.343s Main 712f6c64 4150cfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.343s Main 712f6c68 00000000 I 1.343s Main 712f6c6c 00000000 I 1.343s Main 712f6c70 00000000 I 1.343s Main 712f6c74 00000000 I 1.343s Main 712f6c78 00000000 I 1.343s Main 712f6c7c fffffea0 I 1.343s Main 712f6c80 4150cf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.343s Main 712f6c84 4150a63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.343s Main 712f6c88 00000000 I 1.343s Main 712f6c8c 00000000 I 1.343s Main 712f6c90 00000000 I 1.343s Main 712f6c94 00000000 I 1.343s Main 712f6c98 711f8fe4 I 1.343s Main 712f6c9c 00000000 I 1.343s Main 712f6ca0 00000000 I 1.343s Main 712f6ca4 00000000 I 1.343s Main 712f6ca8 00000000 I 1.343s Main 712f6cac 00000000 I 1.343s Main 712f6cb0 00000000 I 1.343s Main 712f6cb4 00000000 I 1.343s Main 712f6cb8 00000000 I 1.343s Main 712f6cbc 00000000 I 1.343s Main 712f6cc0 00000000 I 1.343s Main 712f6cc4 00000000 I 1.344s Main 712f6d18 0000001d I 1.344s Main 712f6d1c 0000001c I 1.344s Main 712f6d20 0000001c I 1.344s Main 712f6d24 6f82b3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.344s Main 712f6d28 40105384 I 1.344s Main 712f6d2c 4154ead3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.344s Main 712f6d30 711f9000 I 1.344s Main 712f6d34 712f6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.344s Main 712f6d38 4158e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.344s Main 712f6d3c 40105384 I 1.344s Main 712f6d40 4158e500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.344s Main 712f6d44 4158e4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.344s Main 712f6d48 711f9000 I 1.344s Main 712f6d4c bee47e3c [stack] I 1.344s Main 712f6d50 401032ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.344s Main 712f6d54 4153f5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.344s Main 712f6d58 712f6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.344s Main 712f6d5c 712f6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.344s Main 712f6d60 6f82b3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.344s Main 712f6d64 712f6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.344s Main 712f6d68 40105384 I 1.344s Main 712f6d6c 6f82b3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.344s Main 712f6d70 4153428f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.344s Main 712f6d74 712f6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.344s Main 712f6d78 00000003 I 1.345s Main 712f6d7c 6f82b840 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.345s Main 712f6d80 00000000 I 1.345s Main 712f6d84 41fc2e50 [heap] I 1.345s Main 712f6d88 6f82b3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.345s Main 712f6d8c 400c40ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.345s Main 712f6d90 00000000 I 1.345s Main 712f6d94 41fc2e4f [heap] I 1.345s Main 712f6d98 41fc2e38 [heap] I 1.345s Main 712f6d9c b776ee94 I 1.345s Main 712f6da0 712f6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.345s Main 712f6da4 6f82b840 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.345s Main 712f6da8 415341ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.345s Main 712f6dac 6f82b3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.345s Main 712f6db0 415341ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.345s Main 712f6db4 400c4174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.345s Main 712f6db8 6f82b3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.345s Main 712f6dbc 6f82b840 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.345s Main 712f6dc0 712f6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.345s Main 712f6dc4 0000000d I 1.345s Main 712f6dc8 00000078 I 1.345s Main 712f6dcc 400c430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.345s Main 712f6dd0 712f6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.345s Main 712f6dd4 6f82b840 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.345s Main 712f6dd8 00000000 I 1.346s Main 712f6ddc 00000000 I 1.346s Main 712f6de0 00000000 I 1.346s Main 712f6de4 b776ee94 I 1.346s Main 712f6de8 00000000 I 1.346s Main 712f6dec 00000000 I 1.346s Main 712f6df0 00000000 I 1.346s Main 712f6df4 00000000 I 1.346s Main 712f6df8 00000000 I 1.346s Main 712f6dfc 00000000 I 1.346s Main 712f6e00 00000000 I 1.346s Main 712f6e04 00000000 I 1.346s Main 712f6e08 00000000 I 1.346s Main 712f6e0c 6f82b3e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.346s Main I 1.346s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.346s Main I 1.346s Main I 1.346s Main pid: 834, tid: 839, name: GC I 1.346s Main r0 41fc9384 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.346s Main r4 41fc9384 r5 41fc9380 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.346s Main r8 41590100 r9 41590100 sl 41fc9378 fp 401032ec I 1.346s Main ip 00000000 sp 713f6d40 lr 400c5ec8 pc 400d8904 I 1.346s Main I 1.346s Main Stack Trace: I 1.346s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.347s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.347s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.347s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.347s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.347s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.347s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.347s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.347s Main I 1.347s Main Stack Data: I 1.347s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.347s Main 713f6d00 00000000 I 1.347s Main 713f6d04 713f6ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.347s Main 713f6d08 713f6cb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.347s Main 713f6d0c 00000018 I 1.347s Main 713f6d10 6d67b66c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.347s Main 713f6d14 713f6d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.347s Main 713f6d18 4158e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.347s Main 713f6d1c 41d94708 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.347s Main 713f6d20 41fe4940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.347s Main 713f6d24 41fe49b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.347s Main 713f6d28 41fe4940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.347s Main 713f6d2c 400da2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.347s Main 713f6d30 41fc9384 [heap] I 1.347s Main 713f6d34 41fc9380 [heap] I 1.348s Main 713f6d38 00000000 I 1.348s Main 713f6d3c 400c5eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.348s Main 713f6d40 00000000 I 1.348s Main 713f6d40 00000000 I 1.348s Main 713f6d44 41fc9380 [heap] I 1.348s Main 713f6d48 41fc9384 [heap] I 1.348s Main 713f6d4c 00000000 I 1.348s Main 713f6d50 41590100 I 1.348s Main 713f6d54 400c5f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.348s Main 713f6d58 41589c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.348s Main 713f6d5c 4158e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.348s Main 713f6d60 bee47f10 [stack] I 1.348s Main 713f6d64 41589c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.348s Main 713f6d68 4158e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.348s Main 713f6d6c 41551783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.348s Main 713f6d70 00000000 I 1.348s Main 713f6d74 00000000 I 1.348s Main 713f6d78 41551735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.348s Main 713f6d7c 41d946b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.348s Main 713f6d80 4158e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.348s Main 713f6d84 bee47f10 [stack] I 1.348s Main 713f6d88 41d946b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.348s Main 713f6d8c 41533921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.348s Main 713f6d90 712f9000 I 1.348s Main 713f6d94 4153396f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.349s Main 713f6d98 41d946b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.349s Main 713f6d9c 00010002 I 1.349s Main 713f6da0 41d946d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.349s Main 713f6da4 41fd9880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.349s Main 713f6da8 713f6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.349s Main 713f6dac 6f82bc90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.349s Main 713f6db0 41533921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.349s Main 713f6db4 400c4174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.349s Main 713f6db8 41d946b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.349s Main 713f6dbc 6f82bc90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.349s Main 713f6dc0 713f6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.349s Main 713f6dc4 0000000d I 1.349s Main 713f6dc8 00000078 I 1.349s Main 713f6dcc 400c430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.349s Main 713f6dd0 713f6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.349s Main 713f6dd4 6f82bc90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.349s Main 713f6dd8 00000000 I 1.349s Main 713f6ddc 00000000 I 1.349s Main 713f6de0 00000000 I 1.349s Main 713f6de4 b776ee94 I 1.349s Main 713f6de8 00000000 I 1.349s Main 713f6dec 00000000 I 1.349s Main 713f6df0 00000000 I 1.349s Main 713f6df4 00000000 I 1.350s Main 713f6df8 00000000 I 1.350s Main 713f6dfc 00000000 I 1.350s Main 713f6e00 00000000 I 1.350s Main 713f6e04 00000000 I 1.350s Main 713f6e08 00000000 I 1.350s Main 713f6e0c 6f82bed8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.350s Main I 1.350s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.350s Main I 1.350s Main I 1.350s Main pid: 834, tid: 840, name: Signal Catcher I 1.350s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 1.350s Main r4 714fad08 r5 714fad48 r6 bee47f20 r7 000000b1 I 1.350s Main r8 6f82c780 r9 41589c74 sl 4158e694 fp 4156dcdc I 1.350s Main ip 714fad44 sp 714fad08 lr 400ca351 pc 400d8170 I 1.350s Main I 1.350s Main Stack Trace: I 1.350s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.350s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.350s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.350s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.350s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.350s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.350s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.350s Main I 1.351s Main Stack Data: I 1.351s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.351s Main 714facc8 00000000 I 1.351s Main 714faccc 00000000 I 1.351s Main 714facd0 00000000 I 1.351s Main 714facd4 00000000 I 1.351s Main 714facd8 714fad68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.351s Main 714facdc 00000000 I 1.351s Main 714face0 6f82c780 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.351s Main 714face4 71500fc4 I 1.351s Main 714face8 00000000 I 1.351s Main 714facec 714fad68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.351s Main 714facf0 00000000 I 1.351s Main 714facf4 4153f58b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.351s Main 714facf8 4156f239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.351s Main 714facfc 00000000 I 1.351s Main 714fad00 00000000 I 1.351s Main 714fad04 714faca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.351s Main 714fad08 00000204 I 1.351s Main 714fad08 00000204 I 1.351s Main 714fad0c 00000000 I 1.351s Main 714fad10 fffffea0 I 1.351s Main 714fad14 41d947b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.351s Main 714fad18 4158e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.352s Main 714fad1c 41530f57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.352s Main 714fad20 41fe4a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.352s Main 714fad24 41fe4a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.352s Main 714fad28 41fe4a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.352s Main 714fad2c 400da2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.352s Main 714fad30 6f82caec <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.352s Main 714fad34 415309a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.352s Main 714fad38 6f82c780 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.352s Main 714fad3c 4153494b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.352s Main 714fad40 41fe4a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.352s Main 714fad44 00000204 I 1.352s Main 714fad48 00000004 I 1.352s Main 714fad4c 6f82c780 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.352s Main 714fad50 4158e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.352s Main 714fad54 41532e11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.352s Main 714fad58 41fd9880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.352s Main 714fad5c 41fe4a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.352s Main 714fad98 41d947b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.352s Main 714fad9c 00010002 I 1.352s Main 714fada0 41d947d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.352s Main 714fada4 41fd9880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.352s Main 714fada8 714fadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.352s Main 714fadac 6f82c538 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.352s Main 714fadb0 41533921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.352s Main 714fadb4 400c4174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.353s Main 714fadb8 41d947b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.353s Main 714fadbc 6f82c538 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.353s Main 714fadc0 714fadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.353s Main 714fadc4 0000000d I 1.353s Main 714fadc8 00000078 I 1.353s Main 714fadcc 400c430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.353s Main 714fadd0 714fadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.353s Main 714fadd4 6f82c538 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.353s Main 714fadd8 00000000 I 1.353s Main 714faddc 00000000 I 1.353s Main 714fade0 00000000 I 1.353s Main 714fade4 b776ee94 I 1.353s Main 714fade8 00000000 I 1.353s Main 714fadec 00000000 I 1.353s Main 714fadf0 00000000 I 1.353s Main 714fadf4 00000000 I 1.353s Main 714fadf8 00000000 I 1.353s Main 714fadfc 00000000 I 1.353s Main 714fae00 00000000 I 1.353s Main 714fae04 00000000 I 1.353s Main 714fae08 00000000 I 1.353s Main 714fae0c 6f82c780 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.353s Main I 1.353s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.353s Main I 1.354s Main I 1.354s Main pid: 834, tid: 841, name: JDWP I 1.354s Main r0 0000001b r1 715fed10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 1.354s Main r4 6f82cde0 r5 40105384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 1.354s Main r8 6f82ee00 r9 000003e8 sl 41deaf24 fp 401032ec I 1.354s Main ip 6f82ede0 sp 715fecf8 lr 41540087 pc 400d83d8 I 1.354s Main I 1.354s Main Stack Trace: I 1.354s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.354s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.354s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.354s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.354s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.354s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.354s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.354s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.354s Main I 1.354s Main Stack Data: I 1.354s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.354s Main 715fecb8 6f82ede0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.354s Main 715fecbc 6f82ee00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.354s Main 715fecc0 000003e8 I 1.354s Main 715fecc4 41deaf24 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.354s Main 715fecc8 401032ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.355s Main 715feccc 400dd159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.355s Main 715fecd0 00000000 I 1.355s Main 715fecd4 00000000 I 1.355s Main 715fecd8 715fed4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.355s Main 715fecdc 00000000 I 1.355s Main 715fece0 00000000 I 1.355s Main 715fece4 71604fc4 I 1.355s Main 715fece8 00004000 I 1.355s Main 715fecec 715fed54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.355s Main 715fecf0 00000000 I 1.355s Main 715fecf4 00000000 I 1.355s Main 715fecf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[vectors] I 1.355s Main 715fecf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[vectors] I 1.355s Main 715fecfc 715fed50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.355s Main 715fed00 00000004 I 1.355s Main 715fed04 215feca8 I 1.355s Main 715fed08 715fed07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.355s Main 715fed0c 00000001 I 1.355s Main 715fed10 00000000 I 1.355s Main 715fed14 00000000 I 1.355s Main 715fed18 715fed08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.355s Main 715fed1c 00000001 I 1.355s Main 715fed20 715fed2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.355s Main 715fed24 00000010 I 1.355s Main 715fed28 00000000 I 1.356s Main 715fed2c 00000010 I 1.356s Main 715fed30 00000001 I 1.356s Main 715fed34 00000001 I 1.356s Main 715fed50 32343330 I 1.356s Main 715fed54 41540100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.356s Main 715fed58 00000001 I 1.356s Main 715fed5c 41deaed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.356s Main 715fed60 41deaf18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.356s Main 715fed64 bee47f00 [stack] I 1.356s Main 715fed68 41deaf88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.356s Main 715fed6c 415787c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.356s Main 715fed70 41579910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.356s Main 715fed74 41542f89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.356s Main 715fed78 00000000 I 1.356s Main 715fed7c 41deaf88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.356s Main 715fed80 4158e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.356s Main 715fed84 bee47f00 [stack] I 1.356s Main 715fed88 41deaf88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.356s Main 715fed8c 41533921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.356s Main 715fed90 71501000 I 1.356s Main 715fed94 4153396f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.356s Main 715fed98 41deaf88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.356s Main 715fed9c 00010002 I 1.356s Main 715feda0 41deafa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.357s Main 715feda4 41fd9880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.357s Main 715feda8 715fedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.357s Main 715fedac 6f82ee78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.357s Main 715fedb0 41533921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.357s Main 715fedb4 400c4174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.357s Main 715fedb8 41deaf88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.357s Main 715fedbc 6f82ee78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.357s Main 715fedc0 715fedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.357s Main 715fedc4 0000000d I 1.357s Main 715fedc8 00000078 I 1.357s Main 715fedcc 400c430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.357s Main 715fedd0 715fedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.357s Main 715fedd4 6f82ee78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.357s Main 715fedd8 00000000 I 1.357s Main 715feddc 00000000 I 1.357s Main 715fede0 00000000 I 1.357s Main 715fede4 b776ee94 I 1.357s Main 715fede8 00000000 I 1.357s Main 715fedec 00000000 I 1.357s Main 715fedf0 00000000 I 1.357s Main 715fedf4 00000000 I 1.357s Main 715fedf8 00000000 I 1.357s Main 715fedfc 00000000 I 1.357s Main 715fee00 00000000 I 1.357s Main 715fee04 00000000 I 1.358s Main 715fee08 00000000 I 1.358s Main 715fee0c 6f82f0c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.358s Main I 1.358s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.358s Main I 1.358s Main I 1.358s Main pid: 834, tid: 842, name: Compiler I 1.358s Main r0 4158e704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.358s Main r4 4158e704 r5 4158e6fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.358s Main r8 41533921 r9 71605000 sl 4158e6f8 fp 401032ec I 1.358s Main ip 00000000 sp 71702c10 lr 400c5ec8 pc 400d8904 I 1.358s Main I 1.358s Main Stack Trace: I 1.358s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.358s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.358s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.358s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.358s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.358s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.358s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.358s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.358s Main I 1.358s Main Stack Data: I 1.358s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.359s Main 71702bd0 00000000 I 1.359s Main 71702bd4 00000000 I 1.359s Main 71702bd8 4158e1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.359s Main 71702bdc 00000000 I 1.359s Main 71702be0 00000000 I 1.359s Main 71702be4 00000000 I 1.359s Main 71702be8 41574f31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.359s Main 71702bec 41533bc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.359s Main 71702bf0 fffffe0c I 1.359s Main 71702bf4 41d94010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.359s Main 71702bf8 41d94038 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.359s Main 71702bfc ffffffef I 1.359s Main 71702c00 4158e704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.359s Main 71702c04 4158e6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.359s Main 71702c08 00000000 I 1.359s Main 71702c0c 400c5eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.359s Main 71702c10 00000000 I 1.359s Main 71702c10 00000000 I 1.359s Main 71702c14 4158e6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.359s Main 71702c18 4158e704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.359s Main 71702c1c 6fd91318 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.359s Main 71702c20 00001000 I 1.359s Main 71702c24 400c5f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.359s Main 71702c28 4158e6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.359s Main 71702c2c 71881fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.360s Main 71702c30 4156dcdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.360s Main 71702c34 4158e6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.360s Main 71702c38 71881fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.360s Main 71702c3c 41552d03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.360s Main 71702c40 71702d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:842] I 1.360s Main 71702c44 4150cfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.360s Main 71702c48 00000000 I 1.360s Main 71702c4c 41589c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.360s Main 71702c50 4157e901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.360s Main 71702c54 4156dcdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.360s Main 71702c58 00000000 I 1.360s Main 71702c5c fffffea0 I 1.360s Main 71702c60 4150cf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.360s Main 71702c64 4150a63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.360s Main 71702c68 00000000 I 1.360s Main 71702c6c 00000000 I 1.360s Main 71702c70 00000000 I 1.360s Main 71702c74 00000000 I 1.360s Main 71702c78 71708fa0 I 1.360s Main 71702c7c 00000000 I 1.360s Main 71702d98 41d947e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.360s Main 71702d9c 00010002 I 1.360s Main 71702da0 41d94808 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.360s Main 71702da4 41fd9880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.361s Main 71702da8 71702dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:842] I 1.361s Main 71702dac 6f82f7a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.361s Main 71702db0 41533921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.361s Main 71702db4 400c4174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.361s Main 71702db8 41d947e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.361s Main 71702dbc 6f82f7a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.361s Main 71702dc0 71702dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:842] I 1.361s Main 71702dc4 0000000d I 1.361s Main 71702dc8 00000078 I 1.361s Main 71702dcc 400c430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.361s Main 71702dd0 71702dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:842] I 1.361s Main 71702dd4 6f82f7a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.361s Main 71702dd8 00000000 I 1.361s Main 71702ddc 00000000 I 1.361s Main 71702de0 00000000 I 1.361s Main 71702de4 b776ee94 I 1.361s Main 71702de8 00000000 I 1.361s Main 71702dec 00000000 I 1.361s Main 71702df0 00000000 I 1.361s Main 71702df4 00000000 I 1.361s Main 71702df8 00000000 I 1.361s Main 71702dfc 00000000 I 1.361s Main 71702e00 00000000 I 1.361s Main 71702e04 00000000 I 1.361s Main 71702e08 00000000 I 1.362s Main 71702e0c 6f82f9f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.362s Main I 1.362s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.362s Main I 1.362s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 1.362s Main I 1.362s Main Stack Trace: I 1.362s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.362s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.362s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.362s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.362s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.362s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.362s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.362s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.362s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.362s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.362s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.362s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.362s Main I 1.362s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.362s Main I 1.362s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000342 (code=-6), thread 834 (app_process) I 1.362s Main tombstone_00 created on 1971-12-23 18:09:00, about this long ago: 17290 days, 2:37:04 Device: 05c34aa83444c162 I 1.363s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src I 1.363s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/out/Debug I 1.363s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmpxjlZ_I I 1.363s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 1.363s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/out/Debug I 1.363s Main pid: 526, tid: 526, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 1.363s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 1.363s Main r0 00000000 r1 0000020e r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 1.363s Main r4 00000006 r5 0000000d r6 0000020e r7 0000010c I 1.363s Main r8 00000004 r9 be954b91 sl be954b9d fp be954b85 I 1.363s Main ip 40240438 sp be954628 lr 400dafe5 pc 400e9f90 I 1.363s Main I 1.363s Main Stack Trace: I 1.363s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.363s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.363s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.363s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.363s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.363s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.363s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.363s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.363s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.363s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.363s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.363s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.364s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.364s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.364s Main I 1.364s Main Stack Data: I 1.364s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.364s Main be9545e8 40233168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.364s Main be9545ec 00000002 I 1.364s Main be9545f0 40240438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.364s Main be9545f4 00000004 I 1.364s Main be9545f8 be954b91 [stack] I 1.364s Main be9545fc be954b9d [stack] I 1.364s Main be954600 be954b85 [stack] I 1.364s Main be954604 400ee159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.364s Main be954608 20302038 I 1.364s Main be95460c 32313634 I 1.364s Main be954610 be954684 [stack] I 1.364s Main be954614 00000000 I 1.364s Main be954618 00000000 I 1.364s Main be95461c 31203020 I 1.364s Main be954620 00004000 I 1.364s Main be954624 be954692 [stack] I 1.364s Main be954628 00000006 I 1.364s Main be95462c 0000000d I 1.364s Main be954630 0000020e I 1.365s Main be954634 40240438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.365s Main be954638 40240438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.365s Main be95463c 400dafe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.365s Main be954640 00000006 I 1.365s Main be954644 00000000 I 1.365s Main be954648 00000002 I 1.365s Main be95464c 400db1f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.365s Main be954650 be95465c [stack] I 1.365s Main be954654 400d9f2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.365s Main be954658 00000000 I 1.365s Main be95465c ffffffdf I 1.365s Main be954660 401122c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.365s Main be954664 4011222c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.365s Main be954668 00000000 I 1.365s Main be95466c 400dcaef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.365s Main be954670 4159f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.365s Main be954674 4159f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.365s Main be954678 40233168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.365s Main be95467c 400e9848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.365s Main be954680 00000000 I 1.365s Main be954684 41535ccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.365s Main be954688 40120324 I 1.365s Main be95468c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.365s Main be954690 0000296c I 1.365s Main be954694 00000000 I 1.366s Main be954698 00000000 I 1.366s Main be95469c 00000000 I 1.366s Main be9546a0 00000000 I 1.366s Main be9546a4 00000000 I 1.366s Main be9546a8 00000000 I 1.366s Main be9546ac 00000000 I 1.366s Main be9546b0 00000000 I 1.366s Main be9546b4 00000000 I 1.366s Main be9546b8 00000000 I 1.366s Main be9546bc 00000000 I 1.366s Main be9546c0 00000000 I 1.366s Main be9546c4 00000000 I 1.366s Main be954898 000000c8 I 1.366s Main be95489c 419f8798 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.366s Main be9548a0 41a89f28 [heap] I 1.366s Main be9548a4 00000000 I 1.366s Main be9548a8 000000c8 I 1.366s Main be9548ac 40236560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.366s Main be9548b0 40236740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.366s Main be9548b4 41a89f28 [heap] I 1.366s Main be9548b8 4009f328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.366s Main be9548bc 401dbd27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.366s Main be9548c0 41a89f28 [heap] I 1.366s Main be9548c4 00000000 I 1.366s Main be9548c8 be954988 [stack] I 1.367s Main be9548cc 401dc015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.367s Main be9548d0 4009f3cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.367s Main be9548d4 401dca65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.367s Main be9548d8 41a89f28 [heap] I 1.367s Main be9548dc 00000000 I 1.367s Main be9548e0 415a2004 I 1.367s Main be9548e4 4153da8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.367s Main be9548e8 4153dabd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.367s Main be9548ec 4153da95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.367s Main be9548f0 000000bb I 1.367s Main be9548f4 00000000 I 1.367s Main be9548f8 41a89dd8 [heap] I 1.367s Main be9548fc 400d8e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.367s Main be954900 000000b0 I 1.367s Main be954904 00000000 I 1.367s Main be954908 400d7dcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.367s Main be95490c 000000a0 I 1.367s Main be954910 00000014 I 1.367s Main be954914 402383d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.367s Main be954960 00000000 I 1.367s Main be954964 00000000 I 1.367s Main be954968 00000000 I 1.367s Main be95496c be954a7c [stack] I 1.367s Main be954970 40116384 I 1.368s Main be954974 4009f372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.368s Main be954978 4009f300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.368s Main be95497c 4009f37b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.368s Main be954980 4009f391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.368s Main be954984 4009f39f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.368s Main be954988 400a0e08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.368s Main be95498c 40236520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.368s Main be954990 41a89de8 [heap] I 1.368s Main be954994 00000013 I 1.368s Main be954998 00000000 I 1.368s Main be95499c 00000008 I 1.368s Main be954a40 00000000 I 1.368s Main be954a44 00000000 I 1.368s Main be954a48 00000000 I 1.368s Main be954a4c 00000000 I 1.368s Main be954a50 00000000 I 1.368s Main be954a54 4009ed80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.368s Main be954a58 400a0de8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.368s Main be954a5c 400a0df0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.368s Main be954a60 400a0df8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.368s Main be954a64 be954a70 [stack] I 1.368s Main be954a68 00000000 I 1.368s Main be954a6c 400a3881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 1.368s Main be954a70 00000005 I 1.368s Main be954a74 be954b85 [stack] I 1.369s Main be954a78 be954b91 [stack] I 1.369s Main be954a7c be954b9d [stack] I 1.369s Main be954a80 be954bb8 [stack] I 1.369s Main be954a84 be954bbd [stack] I 1.369s Main be954a88 00000000 I 1.369s Main be954a8c be954bc5 [stack] I 1.369s Main be954a90 be954bdf [stack] I 1.369s Main be954a94 be954c0b [stack] I 1.369s Main I 1.369s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.369s Main I 1.369s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x0000020e (code=-6), thread 526 (app_process) I 1.369s Main I 1.369s Main pid: 526, tid: 603, name: ReferenceQueueD I 1.369s Main r0 419f2ca8 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.369s Main r4 419f2ca8 r5 419f2c98 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.369s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d5382b0 sl 00000000 fp 41aa61d0 I 1.369s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fb72ba0 lr 400d6ec8 pc 400e9904 I 1.369s Main I 1.369s Main Stack Trace: I 1.369s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.369s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.369s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.369s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.370s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.370s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.370s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.370s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.370s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.370s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.370s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.370s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.370s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.370s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.370s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.370s Main I 1.370s Main Stack Data: I 1.370s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.370s Main 6fb72b60 0000002b I 1.370s Main 6fb72b64 00000060 I 1.370s Main 6fb72b68 419b6f80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.370s Main 6fb72b6c 400d8e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.370s Main 6fb72b70 00000020 I 1.370s Main 6fb72b74 0000000c I 1.370s Main 6fb72b78 00000021 I 1.370s Main 6fb72b7c 00000020 I 1.370s Main 6fb72b80 00000020 I 1.370s Main 6fb72b84 41a91640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.370s Main 6fb72b88 00000001 I 1.371s Main 6fb72b8c 419f2918 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.371s Main 6fb72b90 419f2ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.371s Main 6fb72b94 419f2c98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.371s Main 6fb72b98 00000000 I 1.371s Main 6fb72b9c 400d6eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.371s Main 6fb72ba0 00000000 I 1.371s Main 6fb72ba0 00000000 I 1.371s Main 6fb72ba4 419f2c98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.371s Main 6fb72ba8 419f2ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.371s Main 6fb72bac 419f2908 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.371s Main 6fb72bb0 419b6f80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.371s Main 6fb72bb4 400d6f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.371s Main 6fb72bb8 419f2c98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.371s Main 6fb72bbc 00000000 I 1.371s Main 6fb72bc0 419f2c98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.371s Main 6fb72bc4 419f2c98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.371s Main 6fb72bc8 00000000 I 1.371s Main 6fb72bcc 41542d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.371s Main 6fb72bd0 419f2908 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.371s Main 6fb72bd4 419b6f80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.371s Main 6fb72bd8 41a35f74 I 1.371s Main 6fb72bdc 41a35f78 I 1.371s Main 6fb72be0 41a91640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.371s Main 6fb72be4 419f2908 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.372s Main 6fb72be8 419f2918 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.372s Main 6fb72bec 41a35f74 I 1.372s Main 6fb72bf0 4159ac74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.372s Main 6fb72bf4 41557655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.372s Main 6fb72bf8 00000000 I 1.372s Main 6fb72bfc 00000001 I 1.372s Main 6fb72c00 00000000 I 1.372s Main 6fb72c04 00000000 I 1.372s Main 6fb72c08 6d5382b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.372s Main 6fb72c0c 41a8c890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.372s Main 6fb72c10 4155762f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.372s Main 6fb72c14 4153facf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.372s Main 6fb72c18 41a35f74 I 1.372s Main 6fb72c1c 419f2918 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.372s Main 6fb72c20 6e5abe8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.372s Main 6fb72c24 41a35f98 I 1.372s Main 6fb72c28 419f2908 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.372s Main 6fb72c2c 41a8c890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.372s Main 6fb72c30 4150dd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.372s Main 6fb72c34 00000000 I 1.372s Main 6fb72c38 41a35f60 I 1.372s Main 6fb72c3c 41516fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.372s Main 6fb72c40 00000000 I 1.372s Main 6fb72c44 419f2908 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.372s Main 6fb72c48 4151df54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.373s Main 6fb72c4c 00000000 I 1.373s Main 6fb72c50 6fb72d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:603] I 1.373s Main 6fb72c54 419f2908 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.373s Main 6fb72c58 6fb72c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:603] I 1.373s Main 6fb72c5c 6d53ceb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.373s Main 6fb72c60 41aa61d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.373s Main 6fb72c64 4151dfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.373s Main 6fb72c68 00000000 I 1.373s Main 6fb72c6c 00000000 I 1.373s Main 6fb72c70 00000000 I 1.373s Main 6fb72c74 00000000 I 1.373s Main 6fb72c78 00000000 I 1.373s Main 6fb72c7c fffffea0 I 1.373s Main 6fb72c80 4151df54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.373s Main 6fb72c84 4151b63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.373s Main 6fb72c88 00000000 I 1.373s Main 6fb72c8c 00000000 I 1.373s Main 6fb72c90 00000000 I 1.373s Main 6fb72c94 00000000 I 1.373s Main 6fb72c98 41a35fe4 I 1.373s Main 6fb72c9c 00000000 I 1.373s Main 6fb72ca0 00000000 I 1.373s Main 6fb72ca4 00000000 I 1.373s Main 6fb72ca8 00000000 I 1.373s Main 6fb72cac 00000000 I 1.374s Main 6fb72cb0 00000000 I 1.374s Main 6fb72cb4 00000000 I 1.374s Main 6fb72cb8 00000000 I 1.374s Main 6fb72cbc 00000000 I 1.374s Main 6fb72cc0 00000000 I 1.374s Main 6fb72cc4 00000000 I 1.374s Main 6fb72d18 0000001d I 1.374s Main 6fb72d1c 0000001c I 1.374s Main 6fb72d20 0000001c I 1.374s Main 6fb72d24 419f2908 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.374s Main 6fb72d28 40116384 I 1.374s Main 6fb72d2c 4155fad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.374s Main 6fb72d30 6fa75000 I 1.374s Main 6fb72d34 6fb72d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:603] I 1.374s Main 6fb72d38 4159f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.374s Main 6fb72d3c 40116384 I 1.374s Main 6fb72d40 4159f500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.374s Main 6fb72d44 4159f4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.374s Main 6fb72d48 6fa75000 I 1.374s Main 6fb72d4c be953e14 [stack] I 1.374s Main 6fb72d50 401142ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.374s Main 6fb72d54 415505a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.374s Main 6fb72d58 6fb72d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:603] I 1.374s Main 6fb72d5c 6fb72d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:603] I 1.375s Main 6fb72d60 419f2908 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.375s Main 6fb72d64 6fb72d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:603] I 1.375s Main 6fb72d68 40116384 I 1.375s Main 6fb72d6c 419f2908 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.375s Main 6fb72d70 4154528f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.375s Main 6fb72d74 6fb72d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:603] I 1.375s Main 6fb72d78 00000003 I 1.375s Main 6fb72d7c 419b6908 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.375s Main 6fb72d80 00000000 I 1.375s Main 6fb72d84 41a84e38 [heap] I 1.375s Main 6fb72d88 419f2908 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.375s Main 6fb72d8c 400d50ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.375s Main 6fb72d90 00000000 I 1.375s Main 6fb72d94 41a84e34 [heap] I 1.375s Main 6fb72d98 41a84e20 [heap] I 1.375s Main 6fb72d9c 66dc8a9c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.375s Main 6fb72da0 6fb72dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:603] I 1.375s Main 6fb72da4 419b6908 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.375s Main 6fb72da8 415451ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.375s Main 6fb72dac 419f2908 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.375s Main 6fb72db0 415451ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.375s Main 6fb72db4 400d5174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.375s Main 6fb72db8 419f2908 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.375s Main 6fb72dbc 419b6908 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.375s Main 6fb72dc0 6fb72dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:603] I 1.376s Main 6fb72dc4 0000000d I 1.376s Main 6fb72dc8 00000078 I 1.376s Main 6fb72dcc 400d530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.376s Main 6fb72dd0 6fb72dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:603] I 1.376s Main 6fb72dd4 419b6908 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.376s Main 6fb72dd8 00000000 I 1.376s Main 6fb72ddc 00000000 I 1.376s Main 6fb72de0 00000000 I 1.376s Main 6fb72de4 66dc8a9c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.376s Main 6fb72de8 00000000 I 1.376s Main 6fb72dec 00000000 I 1.376s Main 6fb72df0 00000000 I 1.376s Main 6fb72df4 00000000 I 1.376s Main 6fb72df8 00000000 I 1.376s Main 6fb72dfc 00000000 I 1.376s Main 6fb72e00 00000000 I 1.376s Main 6fb72e04 00000000 I 1.376s Main 6fb72e08 00000000 I 1.376s Main 6fb72e0c 419f2908 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.376s Main I 1.376s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.376s Main I 1.376s Main I 1.376s Main pid: 526, tid: 604, name: FinalizerDaemon I 1.377s Main r0 419f3308 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.377s Main r4 419f3308 r5 419f32f8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.377s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d5382b0 sl 00000000 fp 41aa64a0 I 1.377s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fc70bc8 lr 400d6ec8 pc 400e9904 I 1.377s Main I 1.377s Main Stack Trace: I 1.377s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.377s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.377s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.377s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.377s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.377s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.377s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.377s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.377s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.377s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.377s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.377s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.377s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.377s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.377s Main I 1.377s Main Stack Data: I 1.377s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.377s Main 6fc70b88 0000002b I 1.377s Main 6fc70b8c 00000118 I 1.378s Main 6fc70b90 419b6bf8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.378s Main 6fc70b94 400d8e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.378s Main 6fc70b98 00000020 I 1.378s Main 6fc70b9c 0000008c I 1.378s Main 6fc70ba0 00000021 I 1.378s Main 6fc70ba4 00000020 I 1.378s Main 6fc70ba8 00000020 I 1.378s Main 6fc70bac 41a91718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.378s Main 6fc70bb0 00000001 I 1.378s Main 6fc70bb4 4150dd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.378s Main 6fc70bb8 419f3308 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.378s Main 6fc70bbc 419f32f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.378s Main 6fc70bc0 00000000 I 1.378s Main 6fc70bc4 400d6eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.378s Main 6fc70bc8 00000000 I 1.378s Main 6fc70bc8 00000000 I 1.378s Main 6fc70bcc 419f32f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.378s Main 6fc70bd0 419f3308 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.378s Main 6fc70bd4 419f2f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.378s Main 6fc70bd8 419b6bf8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.378s Main 6fc70bdc 400d6f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.378s Main 6fc70be0 419f32f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.378s Main 6fc70be4 00000000 I 1.378s Main 6fc70be8 419f32f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.378s Main 6fc70bec 419f32f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.379s Main 6fc70bf0 00000000 I 1.379s Main 6fc70bf4 41542d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.379s Main 6fc70bf8 419f2f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.379s Main 6fc70bfc 419b6bf8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.379s Main 6fc70c00 41a3bf10 I 1.379s Main 6fc70c04 41a3bf14 I 1.379s Main 6fc70c08 41a91718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.379s Main 6fc70c0c 41a8c890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.379s Main 6fc70c10 4150dd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.379s Main 6fc70c14 00000000 I 1.379s Main 6fc70c18 41a3befc I 1.379s Main 6fc70c1c 41557655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.379s Main 6fc70c20 00000000 I 1.379s Main 6fc70c24 00000001 I 1.379s Main 6fc70c28 00000000 I 1.379s Main 6fc70c2c 00000000 I 1.379s Main 6fc70c30 6e5abea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.379s Main 6fc70c34 41a3bf34 I 1.379s Main 6fc70c38 419f2f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.379s Main 6fc70c3c 41516fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.379s Main 6fc70c40 00000000 I 1.379s Main 6fc70c44 419f2f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.379s Main 6fc70c48 4151df54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.379s Main 6fc70c4c 00000000 I 1.380s Main 6fc70c50 6fc70d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:604] I 1.380s Main 6fc70c54 419f2f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.380s Main 6fc70c58 6fc70c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:604] I 1.380s Main 6fc70c5c 6d53ceb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.380s Main 6fc70c60 41aa64a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.380s Main 6fc70c64 4151dfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.380s Main 6fc70c68 00000000 I 1.380s Main 6fc70c6c 00000000 I 1.380s Main 6fc70c70 00000000 I 1.380s Main 6fc70c74 00000000 I 1.380s Main 6fc70c78 00000000 I 1.380s Main 6fc70c7c fffffea0 I 1.380s Main 6fc70c80 4151df54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.380s Main 6fc70c84 4151b63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.380s Main 6fc70c88 00000000 I 1.380s Main 6fc70c8c 00000000 I 1.380s Main 6fc70c90 00000000 I 1.380s Main 6fc70c94 00000000 I 1.380s Main 6fc70c98 41a3bfe4 I 1.380s Main 6fc70c9c 00000000 I 1.380s Main 6fc70ca0 00000000 I 1.380s Main 6fc70ca4 00000000 I 1.380s Main 6fc70ca8 00000000 I 1.380s Main 6fc70cac 00000000 I 1.380s Main 6fc70cb0 00000000 I 1.381s Main 6fc70cb4 00000000 I 1.381s Main 6fc70cb8 00000000 I 1.381s Main 6fc70cbc 00000000 I 1.381s Main 6fc70cc0 00000000 I 1.381s Main 6fc70cc4 00000000 I 1.381s Main 6fc70d18 0000001d I 1.381s Main 6fc70d1c 0000001c I 1.381s Main 6fc70d20 0000001c I 1.381s Main 6fc70d24 419f2f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.381s Main 6fc70d28 40116384 I 1.381s Main 6fc70d2c 4155fad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.381s Main 6fc70d30 6fb73000 I 1.381s Main 6fc70d34 6fc70d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:604] I 1.381s Main 6fc70d38 4159f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.381s Main 6fc70d3c 40116384 I 1.381s Main 6fc70d40 4159f500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.381s Main 6fc70d44 4159f4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.381s Main 6fc70d48 6fb73000 I 1.381s Main 6fc70d4c be953e3c [stack] I 1.381s Main 6fc70d50 401142ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.381s Main 6fc70d54 415505a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.381s Main 6fc70d58 6fc70d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:604] I 1.381s Main 6fc70d5c 6fc70d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:604] I 1.381s Main 6fc70d60 419f2f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.382s Main 6fc70d64 6fc70d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:604] I 1.382s Main 6fc70d68 40116384 I 1.382s Main 6fc70d6c 419f2f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.382s Main 6fc70d70 4154528f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.382s Main 6fc70d74 6fc70d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:604] I 1.382s Main 6fc70d78 00000003 I 1.382s Main 6fc70d7c 419f33c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.382s Main 6fc70d80 00000000 I 1.382s Main 6fc70d84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.382s Main 6fc70d88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.382s Main 6fc70d8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.382s Main 6fc70d90 006e6f6d I 1.382s Main 6fc70d94 6fc70d93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:604] I 1.382s Main 6fc70d98 6fc70d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:604] I 1.382s Main 6fc70d9c 66dc8a9c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.382s Main 6fc70da0 6fc70dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:604] I 1.382s Main 6fc70da4 419f33c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.382s Main 6fc70da8 415451ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.382s Main 6fc70dac 419f2f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.382s Main 6fc70db0 415451ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.382s Main 6fc70db4 400d5174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.382s Main 6fc70db8 419f2f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.382s Main 6fc70dbc 419f33c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.382s Main 6fc70dc0 6fc70dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:604] I 1.382s Main 6fc70dc4 0000000d I 1.383s Main 6fc70dc8 00000078 I 1.383s Main 6fc70dcc 400d530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.383s Main 6fc70dd0 6fc70dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:604] I 1.383s Main 6fc70dd4 419f33c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.383s Main 6fc70dd8 00000000 I 1.383s Main 6fc70ddc 00000000 I 1.383s Main 6fc70de0 00000000 I 1.383s Main 6fc70de4 66dc8a9c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.383s Main 6fc70de8 00000000 I 1.383s Main 6fc70dec 00000000 I 1.383s Main 6fc70df0 00000000 I 1.383s Main 6fc70df4 00000000 I 1.383s Main 6fc70df8 00000000 I 1.383s Main 6fc70dfc 00000000 I 1.383s Main 6fc70e00 00000000 I 1.383s Main 6fc70e04 00000000 I 1.383s Main 6fc70e08 00000000 I 1.383s Main 6fc70e0c 419f2f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.383s Main I 1.383s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.383s Main I 1.383s Main I 1.383s Main pid: 526, tid: 606, name: FinalizerWatchd I 1.383s Main r0 419f3bb0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.384s Main r4 419f3bb0 r5 419f3ba0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.384s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d5382b0 sl 00000000 fp 41aa6740 I 1.384s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fd6ebc8 lr 400d6ec8 pc 400e9904 I 1.384s Main I 1.384s Main Stack Trace: I 1.384s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.384s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.384s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.384s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.384s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.384s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.384s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.384s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.384s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.384s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.384s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.384s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.384s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.384s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.384s Main I 1.384s Main Stack Data: I 1.384s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.384s Main 6fd6eb88 00000028 I 1.384s Main 6fd6eb8c 00000028 I 1.384s Main 6fd6eb90 419b6ce8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.385s Main 6fd6eb94 400d8e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.385s Main 6fd6eb98 00000020 I 1.385s Main 6fd6eb9c 00000088 I 1.385s Main 6fd6eba0 00000021 I 1.385s Main 6fd6eba4 00000020 I 1.385s Main 6fd6eba8 00000020 I 1.385s Main 6fd6ebac 41aa6730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.385s Main 6fd6ebb0 00000001 I 1.385s Main 6fd6ebb4 4150dd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.385s Main 6fd6ebb8 419f3bb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.385s Main 6fd6ebbc 419f3ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.385s Main 6fd6ebc0 00000000 I 1.385s Main 6fd6ebc4 400d6eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.385s Main 6fd6ebc8 00000000 I 1.385s Main 6fd6ebc8 00000000 I 1.385s Main 6fd6ebcc 419f3ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.385s Main 6fd6ebd0 419f3bb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.385s Main 6fd6ebd4 419f3810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.385s Main 6fd6ebd8 419b6ce8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.385s Main 6fd6ebdc 400d6f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.385s Main 6fd6ebe0 419f3ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.385s Main 6fd6ebe4 00000000 I 1.385s Main 6fd6ebe8 419f3ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.385s Main 6fd6ebec 419f3ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.386s Main 6fd6ebf0 00000000 I 1.386s Main 6fd6ebf4 41542d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.386s Main 6fd6ebf8 419f3810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.386s Main 6fd6ebfc 419b6ce8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.386s Main 6fd6ec00 41a41f54 I 1.386s Main 6fd6ec04 41a41f58 I 1.386s Main 6fd6ec08 41aa6730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.386s Main 6fd6ec0c 41a8c890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.386s Main 6fd6ec10 4150dd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.386s Main 6fd6ec14 00000000 I 1.386s Main 6fd6ec18 41a41f40 I 1.386s Main 6fd6ec1c 41557655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.386s Main 6fd6ec20 00000000 I 1.386s Main 6fd6ec24 00000001 I 1.386s Main 6fd6ec28 00000000 I 1.386s Main 6fd6ec2c 00000000 I 1.386s Main 6fd6ec30 6e5abe8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.386s Main 6fd6ec34 41a41f78 I 1.386s Main 6fd6ec38 419f3810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.386s Main 6fd6ec3c 41516fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.386s Main 6fd6ec40 00000000 I 1.386s Main 6fd6ec44 419f3810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.386s Main 6fd6ec48 4151df54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.386s Main 6fd6ec4c 00000000 I 1.386s Main 6fd6ec50 6fd6ed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:606] I 1.387s Main 6fd6ec54 419f3810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.387s Main 6fd6ec58 6fd6ec94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:606] I 1.387s Main 6fd6ec5c 6d53ceb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.387s Main 6fd6ec60 41aa6740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.387s Main 6fd6ec64 4151dfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.387s Main 6fd6ec68 00000000 I 1.387s Main 6fd6ec6c 00000000 I 1.387s Main 6fd6ec70 00000000 I 1.387s Main 6fd6ec74 00000000 I 1.387s Main 6fd6ec78 00000000 I 1.387s Main 6fd6ec7c fffffea0 I 1.387s Main 6fd6ec80 4151df54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.387s Main 6fd6ec84 4151b63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.387s Main 6fd6ec88 00000000 I 1.387s Main 6fd6ec8c 00000000 I 1.387s Main 6fd6ec90 00000000 I 1.387s Main 6fd6ec94 00000000 I 1.387s Main 6fd6ec98 41a41fe4 I 1.387s Main 6fd6ec9c 00000000 I 1.387s Main 6fd6eca0 00000000 I 1.387s Main 6fd6eca4 00000000 I 1.387s Main 6fd6eca8 00000000 I 1.387s Main 6fd6ecac 00000000 I 1.387s Main 6fd6ecb0 00000000 I 1.388s Main 6fd6ecb4 00000000 I 1.388s Main 6fd6ecb8 00000000 I 1.388s Main 6fd6ecbc 00000000 I 1.388s Main 6fd6ecc0 00000000 I 1.388s Main 6fd6ecc4 00000000 I 1.388s Main 6fd6ed18 0000001d I 1.388s Main 6fd6ed1c 0000001c I 1.388s Main 6fd6ed20 0000001c I 1.388s Main 6fd6ed24 419f3810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.388s Main 6fd6ed28 40116384 I 1.388s Main 6fd6ed2c 4155fad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.388s Main 6fd6ed30 6fc71000 I 1.388s Main 6fd6ed34 6fd6ed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:606] I 1.388s Main 6fd6ed38 4159f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.388s Main 6fd6ed3c 40116384 I 1.388s Main 6fd6ed40 4159f500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.388s Main 6fd6ed44 4159f4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.388s Main 6fd6ed48 6fc71000 I 1.388s Main 6fd6ed4c be953e3c [stack] I 1.388s Main 6fd6ed50 401142ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.388s Main 6fd6ed54 415505a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.388s Main 6fd6ed58 6fd6ed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:606] I 1.388s Main 6fd6ed5c 6fd6ed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:606] I 1.388s Main 6fd6ed60 419f3810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.388s Main 6fd6ed64 6fd6ed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:606] I 1.389s Main 6fd6ed68 40116384 I 1.389s Main 6fd6ed6c 419f3810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.389s Main 6fd6ed70 4154528f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.389s Main 6fd6ed74 6fd6ed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:606] I 1.389s Main 6fd6ed78 00000003 I 1.389s Main 6fd6ed7c 419f3c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.389s Main 6fd6ed80 00000000 I 1.389s Main 6fd6ed84 41a84e50 [heap] I 1.389s Main 6fd6ed88 419f3810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.389s Main 6fd6ed8c 400d50ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.389s Main 6fd6ed90 00000000 I 1.389s Main 6fd6ed94 41a84e4f [heap] I 1.389s Main 6fd6ed98 41a84e38 [heap] I 1.389s Main 6fd6ed9c 66dc8a9c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.389s Main 6fd6eda0 6fd6edd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:606] I 1.389s Main 6fd6eda4 419f3c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.389s Main 6fd6eda8 415451ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.389s Main 6fd6edac 419f3810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.389s Main 6fd6edb0 415451ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.389s Main 6fd6edb4 400d5174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.389s Main 6fd6edb8 419f3810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.389s Main 6fd6edbc 419f3c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.389s Main 6fd6edc0 6fd6edd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:606] I 1.389s Main 6fd6edc4 0000000d I 1.389s Main 6fd6edc8 00000078 I 1.390s Main 6fd6edcc 400d530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.390s Main 6fd6edd0 6fd6edd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:606] I 1.390s Main 6fd6edd4 419f3c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.390s Main 6fd6edd8 00000000 I 1.390s Main 6fd6eddc 00000000 I 1.390s Main 6fd6ede0 00000000 I 1.390s Main 6fd6ede4 66dc8a9c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.390s Main 6fd6ede8 00000000 I 1.390s Main 6fd6edec 00000000 I 1.390s Main 6fd6edf0 00000000 I 1.390s Main 6fd6edf4 00000000 I 1.390s Main 6fd6edf8 00000000 I 1.390s Main 6fd6edfc 00000000 I 1.390s Main 6fd6ee00 00000000 I 1.390s Main 6fd6ee04 00000000 I 1.390s Main 6fd6ee08 00000000 I 1.390s Main 6fd6ee0c 419f3810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.390s Main I 1.390s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.390s Main I 1.390s Main I 1.390s Main pid: 526, tid: 607, name: GC I 1.390s Main r0 41a8b384 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.390s Main r4 41a8b384 r5 41a8b380 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.391s Main r8 415a1100 r9 415a1100 sl 41a8b378 fp 401142ec I 1.391s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fe6cd40 lr 400d6ec8 pc 400e9904 I 1.391s Main I 1.391s Main Stack Trace: I 1.391s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.391s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.391s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.391s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.391s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.391s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.391s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.391s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.391s Main I 1.391s Main Stack Data: I 1.391s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.391s Main 6fe6cd00 00000000 I 1.391s Main 6fe6cd04 6fe6cca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:607] I 1.391s Main 6fe6cd08 6fe6ccb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:607] I 1.391s Main 6fe6cd0c 00000018 I 1.391s Main 6fe6cd10 6d53c66c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.391s Main 6fe6cd14 6fe6cd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:607] I 1.391s Main 6fe6cd18 4159f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.391s Main 6fe6cd1c 419f4960 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.391s Main 6fe6cd20 41aa6940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.391s Main 6fe6cd24 41aa69b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd28 41aa6940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd2c 400eb2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd30 41a8b384 [heap] I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd34 41a8b380 [heap] I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd38 00000000 I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd3c 400d6eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd40 00000000 I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd40 00000000 I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd44 41a8b380 [heap] I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd48 41a8b384 [heap] I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd4c 00000000 I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd50 415a1100 I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd54 400d6f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd58 4159ac74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd5c 4159f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd60 be953f10 [stack] I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd64 4159ac74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd68 4159f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd6c 41562783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd70 00000000 I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd74 00000081 I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd78 41562735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd7c 419b6ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.392s Main 6fe6cd80 4159f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.393s Main 6fe6cd84 be953f10 [stack] I 1.393s Main 6fe6cd88 419b6ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.393s Main 6fe6cd8c 41544921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.393s Main 6fe6cd90 6fd6f000 I 1.393s Main 6fe6cd94 4154496f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.393s Main 6fe6cd98 419b6ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.393s Main 6fe6cd9c 00010002 I 1.393s Main 6fe6cda0 419b6e48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.393s Main 6fe6cda4 41a9b880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.393s Main 6fe6cda8 6fe6cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:607] I 1.393s Main 6fe6cdac 419f40b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.393s Main 6fe6cdb0 41544921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.393s Main 6fe6cdb4 400d5174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.393s Main 6fe6cdb8 419b6ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.393s Main 6fe6cdbc 419f40b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.393s Main 6fe6cdc0 6fe6cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:607] I 1.393s Main 6fe6cdc4 0000000d I 1.393s Main 6fe6cdc8 00000078 I 1.393s Main 6fe6cdcc 400d530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.393s Main 6fe6cdd0 6fe6cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:607] I 1.393s Main 6fe6cdd4 419f40b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.393s Main 6fe6cdd8 00000000 I 1.393s Main 6fe6cddc 00000000 I 1.393s Main 6fe6cde0 00000000 I 1.393s Main 6fe6cde4 66dc8a9c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.394s Main 6fe6cde8 00000000 I 1.394s Main 6fe6cdec 00000000 I 1.394s Main 6fe6cdf0 00000000 I 1.394s Main 6fe6cdf4 00000000 I 1.394s Main 6fe6cdf8 00000000 I 1.394s Main 6fe6cdfc 00000000 I 1.394s Main 6fe6ce00 00000000 I 1.394s Main 6fe6ce04 00000000 I 1.394s Main 6fe6ce08 00000000 I 1.394s Main 6fe6ce0c 419f4300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.394s Main I 1.394s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.394s Main I 1.394s Main I 1.394s Main pid: 526, tid: 608, name: Signal Catcher I 1.394s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 1.394s Main r4 6ff6ad08 r5 6ff6ad48 r6 be953f20 r7 000000b1 I 1.394s Main r8 419f4c50 r9 4159ac74 sl 4159f694 fp 4157ecdc I 1.394s Main ip 6ff6ad44 sp 6ff6ad08 lr 400db351 pc 400e9170 I 1.394s Main I 1.394s Main Stack Trace: I 1.394s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.394s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.394s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.394s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.395s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.395s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.395s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.395s Main I 1.395s Main Stack Data: I 1.395s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.395s Main 6ff6acc8 00000000 I 1.395s Main 6ff6accc 00000000 I 1.395s Main 6ff6acd0 00000000 I 1.395s Main 6ff6acd4 00000000 I 1.395s Main 6ff6acd8 6ff6ad68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:608] I 1.395s Main 6ff6acdc 00000000 I 1.395s Main 6ff6ace0 419f4c50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.395s Main 6ff6ace4 41a4ffc4 I 1.395s Main 6ff6ace8 00000000 I 1.395s Main 6ff6acec 6ff6ad68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:608] I 1.395s Main 6ff6acf0 00000000 I 1.395s Main 6ff6acf4 4155058b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.395s Main 6ff6acf8 41580239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.395s Main 6ff6acfc 00000000 I 1.395s Main 6ff6ad00 00000000 I 1.395s Main 6ff6ad04 6ff6aca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:608] I 1.395s Main 6ff6ad08 00000204 I 1.395s Main 6ff6ad08 00000204 I 1.396s Main 6ff6ad0c 00000000 I 1.396s Main 6ff6ad10 fffffea0 I 1.396s Main 6ff6ad14 419f49e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.396s Main 6ff6ad18 4159f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.396s Main 6ff6ad1c 41541f57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.396s Main 6ff6ad20 41aa6a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.396s Main 6ff6ad24 41aa6a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.396s Main 6ff6ad28 41aa6a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.396s Main 6ff6ad2c 400eb2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.396s Main 6ff6ad30 419f4fbc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.396s Main 6ff6ad34 415419a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.396s Main 6ff6ad38 419f4c50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.396s Main 6ff6ad3c 4154594b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.396s Main 6ff6ad40 41aa6a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.396s Main 6ff6ad44 00000204 I 1.396s Main 6ff6ad48 00000004 I 1.396s Main 6ff6ad4c 419f4c50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.396s Main 6ff6ad50 4159f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.396s Main 6ff6ad54 41543e11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.396s Main 6ff6ad58 41a9b880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.396s Main 6ff6ad5c 41aa6a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.396s Main 6ff6ad98 419f49e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.396s Main 6ff6ad9c 00010002 I 1.396s Main 6ff6ada0 419a6800 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.396s Main 6ff6ada4 41a9b880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.397s Main 6ff6ada8 6ff6add0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:608] I 1.397s Main 6ff6adac 419f4a08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.397s Main 6ff6adb0 41544921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.397s Main 6ff6adb4 400d5174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.397s Main 6ff6adb8 419f49e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.397s Main 6ff6adbc 419f4a08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.397s Main 6ff6adc0 6ff6add0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:608] I 1.397s Main 6ff6adc4 0000000d I 1.397s Main 6ff6adc8 00000078 I 1.397s Main 6ff6adcc 400d530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.397s Main 6ff6add0 6ff6add0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:608] I 1.397s Main 6ff6add4 419f4a08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.397s Main 6ff6add8 00000000 I 1.397s Main 6ff6addc 00000000 I 1.397s Main 6ff6ade0 00000000 I 1.397s Main 6ff6ade4 66dc8a9c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.397s Main 6ff6ade8 00000000 I 1.397s Main 6ff6adec 00000000 I 1.397s Main 6ff6adf0 00000000 I 1.397s Main 6ff6adf4 00000000 I 1.397s Main 6ff6adf8 00000000 I 1.397s Main 6ff6adfc 00000000 I 1.397s Main 6ff6ae00 00000000 I 1.397s Main 6ff6ae04 00000000 I 1.398s Main 6ff6ae08 00000000 I 1.398s Main 6ff6ae0c 419f4c50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.398s Main I 1.398s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.398s Main I 1.398s Main I 1.398s Main pid: 526, tid: 609, name: JDWP I 1.398s Main r0 00000008 r1 70068d10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 1.398s Main r4 419f5410 r5 40116384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 1.398s Main r8 419f7430 r9 000003e8 sl 419f53ac fp 401142ec I 1.398s Main ip 419f7410 sp 70068cf8 lr 41551087 pc 400e93d8 I 1.398s Main I 1.398s Main Stack Trace: I 1.398s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.398s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.398s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.398s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.398s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.398s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.398s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.398s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.398s Main I 1.398s Main Stack Data: I 1.398s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.398s Main 70068cb8 419f7410 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.399s Main 70068cbc 419f7430 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.399s Main 70068cc0 000003e8 I 1.399s Main 70068cc4 419f53ac <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.399s Main 70068cc8 401142ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.399s Main 70068ccc 400ee159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.399s Main 70068cd0 00000000 I 1.399s Main 70068cd4 00000000 I 1.399s Main 70068cd8 70068d4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:609] I 1.399s Main 70068cdc 00000000 I 1.399s Main 70068ce0 00000000 I 1.399s Main 70068ce4 41a55fc4 I 1.399s Main 70068ce8 00004000 I 1.399s Main 70068cec 70068d54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:609] I 1.399s Main 70068cf0 00000000 I 1.399s Main 70068cf4 00000000 I 1.399s Main 70068cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[vectors] I 1.399s Main 70068cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[vectors] I 1.399s Main 70068cfc 70068d50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:609] I 1.399s Main 70068d00 00000004 I 1.399s Main 70068d04 21068ca8 I 1.399s Main 70068d08 70068d07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:609] I 1.399s Main 70068d0c 00000001 I 1.399s Main 70068d10 00000000 I 1.399s Main 70068d14 00000000 I 1.400s Main 70068d18 70068d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:609] I 1.400s Main 70068d1c 00000001 I 1.400s Main 70068d20 70068d2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:609] I 1.400s Main 70068d24 00000010 I 1.400s Main 70068d28 00000000 I 1.400s Main 70068d2c 00000010 I 1.400s Main 70068d30 00000001 I 1.400s Main 70068d34 00000001 I 1.400s Main 70068d50 65303230 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.400s Main 70068d54 41551100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.400s Main 70068d58 00000001 I 1.400s Main 70068d5c 419f5358 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.400s Main 70068d60 419f53a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.400s Main 70068d64 be953f00 [stack] I 1.400s Main 70068d68 419f74a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.400s Main 70068d6c 415897c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.400s Main 70068d70 4158a910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.400s Main 70068d74 41553f89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.400s Main 70068d78 00000001 I 1.400s Main 70068d7c 419f74a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.400s Main 70068d80 4159f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.400s Main 70068d84 be953f00 [stack] I 1.400s Main 70068d88 419f74a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.400s Main 70068d8c 41544921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.400s Main 70068d90 6ff6b000 I 1.401s Main 70068d94 4154496f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.401s Main 70068d98 419f74a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.401s Main 70068d9c 00010002 I 1.401s Main 70068da0 419b6fc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.401s Main 70068da4 41a9b880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.401s Main 70068da8 70068dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:609] I 1.401s Main 70068dac 419f74c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.401s Main 70068db0 41544921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.401s Main 70068db4 400d5174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.401s Main 70068db8 419f74a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.401s Main 70068dbc 419f74c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.401s Main 70068dc0 70068dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:609] I 1.401s Main 70068dc4 0000000d I 1.401s Main 70068dc8 00000078 I 1.401s Main 70068dcc 400d530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.401s Main 70068dd0 70068dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:609] I 1.401s Main 70068dd4 419f74c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.401s Main 70068dd8 00000000 I 1.401s Main 70068ddc 00000000 I 1.401s Main 70068de0 00000000 I 1.401s Main 70068de4 66dc8a9c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.401s Main 70068de8 00000000 I 1.401s Main 70068dec 00000000 I 1.401s Main 70068df0 00000000 I 1.402s Main 70068df4 00000000 I 1.402s Main 70068df8 00000000 I 1.402s Main 70068dfc 00000000 I 1.402s Main 70068e00 00000000 I 1.402s Main 70068e04 00000000 I 1.402s Main 70068e08 00000000 I 1.402s Main 70068e0c 419f7710 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.402s Main I 1.402s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.402s Main I 1.402s Main I 1.402s Main pid: 526, tid: 610, name: Compiler I 1.402s Main r0 4159f704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.402s Main r4 4159f704 r5 4159f6fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.402s Main r8 41544921 r9 70069000 sl 4159f6f8 fp 401142ec I 1.402s Main ip 00000000 sp 70166c10 lr 400d6ec8 pc 400e9904 I 1.402s Main I 1.402s Main Stack Trace: I 1.402s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.402s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.402s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.402s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.402s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.402s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.402s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.403s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.403s Main I 1.403s Main Stack Data: I 1.403s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.403s Main 70166bd0 00000000 I 1.403s Main 70166bd4 00000000 I 1.403s Main 70166bd8 4159f1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.403s Main 70166bdc 00000000 I 1.403s Main 70166be0 00000000 I 1.403s Main 70166be4 00000000 I 1.403s Main 70166be8 41585f31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.403s Main 70166bec 41544bc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.403s Main 70166bf0 fffffe0c I 1.403s Main 70166bf4 419f2908 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.403s Main 70166bf8 419f2930 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.403s Main 70166bfc ffffffef I 1.403s Main 70166c00 4159f704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.403s Main 70166c04 4159f6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.403s Main 70166c08 00000000 I 1.403s Main 70166c0c 400d6eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.403s Main 70166c10 00000000 I 1.403s Main 70166c10 00000000 I 1.403s Main 70166c14 4159f6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.403s Main 70166c18 4159f704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.403s Main 70166c1c 419fbca0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.404s Main 70166c20 00001000 I 1.404s Main 70166c24 400d6f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.404s Main 70166c28 4159f6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.404s Main 70166c2c 41a5dfc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.404s Main 70166c30 4157ecdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.404s Main 70166c34 4159f6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.404s Main 70166c38 41a5dfc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.404s Main 70166c3c 41563d03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.404s Main 70166c40 70166d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:610] I 1.404s Main 70166c44 4151dfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.404s Main 70166c48 00000000 I 1.404s Main 70166c4c 4159ac74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.404s Main 70166c50 4158f901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.404s Main 70166c54 4157ecdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.404s Main 70166c58 00000000 I 1.404s Main 70166c5c fffffea0 I 1.404s Main 70166c60 4151df54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.404s Main 70166c64 4151b63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.404s Main 70166c68 00000000 I 1.404s Main 70166c6c 00000000 I 1.404s Main 70166c70 00000000 I 1.404s Main 70166c74 00000000 I 1.404s Main 70166c78 41a5bfa0 I 1.404s Main 70166c7c 00000000 I 1.405s Main 70166d98 419f7e18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.405s Main 70166d9c 00010002 I 1.405s Main 70166da0 419f7e38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.405s Main 70166da4 41a9b880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.405s Main 70166da8 70166dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:610] I 1.405s Main 70166dac 419f7e48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.405s Main 70166db0 41544921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.405s Main 70166db4 400d5174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.405s Main 70166db8 419f7e18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.405s Main 70166dbc 419f7e48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.405s Main 70166dc0 70166dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:610] I 1.405s Main 70166dc4 0000000d I 1.405s Main 70166dc8 00000078 I 1.405s Main 70166dcc 400d530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.405s Main 70166dd0 70166dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:610] I 1.405s Main 70166dd4 419f7e48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.405s Main 70166dd8 00000000 I 1.405s Main 70166ddc 00000000 I 1.405s Main 70166de0 00000000 I 1.405s Main 70166de4 66dc8a9c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.405s Main 70166de8 00000000 I 1.405s Main 70166dec 00000000 I 1.405s Main 70166df0 00000000 I 1.405s Main 70166df4 00000000 I 1.405s Main 70166df8 00000000 I 1.406s Main 70166dfc 00000000 I 1.406s Main 70166e00 00000000 I 1.406s Main 70166e04 00000000 I 1.406s Main 70166e08 00000000 I 1.406s Main 70166e0c 419f8090 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.406s Main I 1.406s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.406s Main I 1.406s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 1.406s Main I 1.406s Main Stack Trace: I 1.406s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.406s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.406s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.406s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.406s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.406s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.406s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.406s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.406s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.406s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.406s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.406s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.406s Main I 1.407s Main Stack Data: I 1.407s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.407s Main 90025415 28554956 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/204 I 1.407s Main I 1.407s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.407s Main I 1.407s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x0000020e (code=-6), thread 526 (app_process) W 1.487s Main No tombstones. W 1.487s Main No tombstones to resolve. W 1.684s Main No tombstones. W 1.684s Main No tombstones to resolve. I 2.247s Thread-8 tombstone_01 created on 1973-12-16 02:06:00, about this long ago: 16566 days, 18:40:04 Device: 0accc2af43e4affc I 2.248s Thread-9 tombstone_00 created on 1973-12-16 02:05:00, about this long ago: 16566 days, 18:41:04 Device: 0accc2af43e4affc I 2.248s Thread-8 Resolving... I 2.249s Thread-9 Resolving... I 2.447s Main Total time spent symbolizing: 0.37s I 2.448s Main tombstone_01 created on 1973-12-16 02:06:00, about this long ago: 16566 days, 18:40:04 Device: 0accc2af43e4affc I 2.448s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src I 2.448s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/out/Debug I 2.448s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmpXCLeKQ I 2.448s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 2.448s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/out/Debug I 2.448s Main pid: 831, tid: 831, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 2.448s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 2.448s Main r0 00000000 r1 0000033f r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 2.448s Main r4 00000006 r5 00000000 r6 0000033f r7 0000010c I 2.448s Main r8 00000004 r9 bee6eb91 sl bee6eb9d fp bee6eb85 I 2.448s Main ip 40216438 sp bee6e628 lr 400b0fe5 pc 400bff90 I 2.448s Main I 2.448s Main Stack Trace: I 2.448s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.448s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.448s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.448s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.448s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.448s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.448s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.448s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.449s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.449s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.449s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.449s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.449s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.449s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.449s Main I 2.449s Main Stack Data: I 2.449s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.449s Main bee6e5e8 40209168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.449s Main bee6e5ec 00000002 I 2.449s Main bee6e5f0 40216438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.449s Main bee6e5f4 00000004 I 2.449s Main bee6e5f8 bee6eb91 [stack] I 2.449s Main bee6e5fc bee6eb9d [stack] I 2.449s Main bee6e600 bee6eb85 [stack] I 2.449s Main bee6e604 400c4159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.449s Main bee6e608 34203020 I 2.449s Main bee6e60c 20323136 I 2.449s Main bee6e610 bee6e684 [stack] I 2.449s Main bee6e614 00000000 I 2.449s Main bee6e618 00000000 I 2.449s Main bee6e61c 37312030 I 2.449s Main bee6e620 00004000 I 2.450s Main bee6e624 bee6e692 [stack] I 2.450s Main bee6e628 00000006 I 2.450s Main bee6e62c 00000000 I 2.450s Main bee6e630 0000033f I 2.450s Main bee6e634 40216438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.450s Main bee6e638 40216438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.450s Main bee6e63c 400b0fe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.450s Main bee6e640 00000006 I 2.450s Main bee6e644 00000000 I 2.450s Main bee6e648 00000002 I 2.450s Main bee6e64c 400b11f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.450s Main bee6e650 bee6e65c [stack] I 2.450s Main bee6e654 400aff2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.450s Main bee6e658 00000000 I 2.450s Main bee6e65c ffffffdf I 2.450s Main bee6e660 400e82c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.450s Main bee6e664 400e822c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.450s Main bee6e668 00000000 I 2.450s Main bee6e66c 400b2aef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.450s Main bee6e670 4157b1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.450s Main bee6e674 4157b1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.450s Main bee6e678 40209168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.450s Main bee6e67c 400bf848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.450s Main bee6e680 00000000 I 2.450s Main bee6e684 41511ccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.451s Main bee6e688 400f6324 I 2.451s Main bee6e68c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.451s Main bee6e690 0000296c I 2.451s Main bee6e694 00000000 I 2.451s Main bee6e698 00000000 I 2.451s Main bee6e69c 00000000 I 2.451s Main bee6e6a0 00000000 I 2.451s Main bee6e6a4 00000000 I 2.451s Main bee6e6a8 00000000 I 2.451s Main bee6e6ac 00000000 I 2.451s Main bee6e6b0 00000000 I 2.451s Main bee6e6b4 00000000 I 2.451s Main bee6e6b8 00000000 I 2.451s Main bee6e6bc 00000000 I 2.451s Main bee6e6c0 00000000 I 2.451s Main bee6e6c4 00000000 I 2.451s Main bee6e898 000000c8 I 2.451s Main bee6e89c 6f813c38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.451s Main bee6e8a0 414c9f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.451s Main bee6e8a4 00000000 I 2.451s Main bee6e8a8 000000c8 I 2.451s Main bee6e8ac 4020c560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.451s Main bee6e8b0 4020c740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.451s Main bee6e8b4 414c9f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.452s Main bee6e8b8 40075328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.452s Main bee6e8bc 401b1d27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.452s Main bee6e8c0 414c9f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.452s Main bee6e8c4 00000000 I 2.452s Main bee6e8c8 bee6e988 [stack] I 2.452s Main bee6e8cc 401b2015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.452s Main bee6e8d0 400753cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.452s Main bee6e8d4 401b2a65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.452s Main bee6e8d8 414c9f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.452s Main bee6e8dc 00000000 I 2.452s Main bee6e8e0 4157e004 I 2.452s Main bee6e8e4 41519a8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.452s Main bee6e8e8 41519abd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.452s Main bee6e8ec 41519a95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.452s Main bee6e8f0 000000bb I 2.452s Main bee6e8f4 00000000 I 2.452s Main bee6e8f8 414c9e08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.452s Main bee6e8fc 400aee6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.452s Main bee6e900 000000b0 I 2.452s Main bee6e904 00000000 I 2.452s Main bee6e908 400addcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.452s Main bee6e90c 000000a0 I 2.452s Main bee6e910 00000014 I 2.452s Main bee6e914 4020e3d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.452s Main bee6e960 00000000 I 2.453s Main bee6e964 00000000 I 2.453s Main bee6e968 00000000 I 2.453s Main bee6e96c bee6ea7c [stack] I 2.453s Main bee6e970 400ec384 I 2.453s Main bee6e974 40075372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.453s Main bee6e978 40075300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.453s Main bee6e97c 4007537b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.453s Main bee6e980 40075391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.453s Main bee6e984 4007539f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.453s Main bee6e988 40076e08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.453s Main bee6e98c 4020c520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.453s Main bee6e990 414c9e18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.453s Main bee6e994 00000013 I 2.453s Main bee6e998 00000000 I 2.453s Main bee6e99c 00000008 I 2.453s Main bee6ea40 00000000 I 2.453s Main bee6ea44 00000000 I 2.453s Main bee6ea48 00000000 I 2.453s Main bee6ea4c 00000000 I 2.453s Main bee6ea50 00000000 I 2.453s Main bee6ea54 40074d80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.453s Main bee6ea58 40076de8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.453s Main bee6ea5c 40076df0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.453s Main bee6ea60 40076df8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.454s Main bee6ea64 bee6ea70 [stack] I 2.454s Main bee6ea68 00000000 I 2.454s Main bee6ea6c 40079881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 2.454s Main bee6ea70 00000005 I 2.454s Main bee6ea74 bee6eb85 [stack] I 2.454s Main bee6ea78 bee6eb91 [stack] I 2.454s Main bee6ea7c bee6eb9d [stack] I 2.454s Main bee6ea80 bee6ebb8 [stack] I 2.454s Main bee6ea84 bee6ebbd [stack] I 2.454s Main bee6ea88 00000000 I 2.454s Main bee6ea8c bee6ebc5 [stack] I 2.454s Main bee6ea90 bee6ebdf [stack] I 2.454s Main bee6ea94 bee6ec0b [stack] I 2.454s Main I 2.454s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.454s Main I 2.454s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x0000033f (code=-6), thread 831 (app_process) I 2.454s Main I 2.454s Main pid: 831, tid: 833, name: ReferenceQueueD I 2.454s Main r0 41580c30 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.454s Main r4 41580c30 r5 41580c20 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.454s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d43c2b0 sl 00000000 fp 4159b1d0 I 2.454s Main ip 00000000 sp 710d8ba0 lr 400acec8 pc 400bf904 I 2.454s Main I 2.454s Main Stack Trace: I 2.455s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.455s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.455s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.455s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.455s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.455s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.455s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.455s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.455s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.455s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.455s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.455s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.455s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.455s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.455s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.455s Main I 2.455s Main Stack Data: I 2.455s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.455s Main 710d8b60 0000002b I 2.455s Main 710d8b64 00000098 I 2.455s Main 710d8b68 414cbd28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.455s Main 710d8b6c 400aee6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.455s Main 710d8b70 00000020 I 2.455s Main 710d8b74 00400008 I 2.456s Main 710d8b78 00000021 I 2.456s Main 710d8b7c 00000020 I 2.456s Main 710d8b80 00000020 I 2.456s Main 710d8b84 41586640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.456s Main 710d8b88 00000001 I 2.456s Main 710d8b8c 415808a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.456s Main 710d8b90 41580c30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.456s Main 710d8b94 41580c20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.456s Main 710d8b98 00000000 I 2.456s Main 710d8b9c 400aceb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.456s Main 710d8ba0 00000000 I 2.456s Main 710d8ba0 00000000 I 2.456s Main 710d8ba4 41580c20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.456s Main 710d8ba8 41580c30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.456s Main 710d8bac 41580890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.456s Main 710d8bb0 414cbd28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.456s Main 710d8bb4 400acf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.456s Main 710d8bb8 41580c20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.456s Main 710d8bbc 00000000 I 2.456s Main 710d8bc0 41580c20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.456s Main 710d8bc4 41580c20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.456s Main 710d8bc8 00000000 I 2.456s Main 710d8bcc 4151ed77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.456s Main 710d8bd0 41580890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.456s Main 710d8bd4 414cbd28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.457s Main 710d8bd8 6f841f74 I 2.457s Main 710d8bdc 6f841f78 I 2.457s Main 710d8be0 41586640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.457s Main 710d8be4 41580890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.457s Main 710d8be8 415808a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.457s Main 710d8bec 6f841f74 I 2.457s Main 710d8bf0 41576c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.457s Main 710d8bf4 41533655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.457s Main 710d8bf8 00000000 I 2.457s Main 710d8bfc 00000001 I 2.457s Main 710d8c00 00000000 I 2.457s Main 710d8c04 00000000 I 2.457s Main 710d8c08 6d43c2b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.457s Main 710d8c0c 41581890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.457s Main 710d8c10 4153362f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.457s Main 710d8c14 4151bacf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.457s Main 710d8c18 6f841f74 I 2.457s Main 710d8c1c 415808a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.457s Main 710d8c20 6e4c6e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.457s Main 710d8c24 6f841f98 I 2.457s Main 710d8c28 41580890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.457s Main 710d8c2c 41581890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.457s Main 710d8c30 414e9d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.457s Main 710d8c34 00000000 I 2.458s Main 710d8c38 6f841f60 I 2.458s Main 710d8c3c 414f2fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.458s Main 710d8c40 00000000 I 2.458s Main 710d8c44 41580890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.458s Main 710d8c48 414f9f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.458s Main 710d8c4c 00000000 I 2.458s Main 710d8c50 710d8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:833] I 2.458s Main 710d8c54 41580890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.458s Main 710d8c58 710d8c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:833] I 2.458s Main 710d8c5c 6d440eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.458s Main 710d8c60 4159b1d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.458s Main 710d8c64 414f9fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.458s Main 710d8c68 00000000 I 2.458s Main 710d8c6c 00000000 I 2.458s Main 710d8c70 00000000 I 2.458s Main 710d8c74 00000000 I 2.458s Main 710d8c78 00000000 I 2.458s Main 710d8c7c fffffea0 I 2.458s Main 710d8c80 414f9f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.458s Main 710d8c84 414f763c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.458s Main 710d8c88 00000000 I 2.458s Main 710d8c8c 00000000 I 2.458s Main 710d8c90 00000000 I 2.458s Main 710d8c94 00000000 I 2.458s Main 710d8c98 6f841fe4 I 2.459s Main 710d8c9c 00000000 I 2.459s Main 710d8ca0 00000000 I 2.459s Main 710d8ca4 00000000 I 2.459s Main 710d8ca8 00000000 I 2.459s Main 710d8cac 00000000 I 2.459s Main 710d8cb0 00000000 I 2.459s Main 710d8cb4 00000000 I 2.459s Main 710d8cb8 00000000 I 2.459s Main 710d8cbc 00000000 I 2.459s Main 710d8cc0 00000000 I 2.459s Main 710d8cc4 00000000 I 2.459s Main 710d8d18 0000001d I 2.459s Main 710d8d1c 0000001c I 2.459s Main 710d8d20 0000001c I 2.459s Main 710d8d24 41580890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.459s Main 710d8d28 400ec384 I 2.459s Main 710d8d2c 4153bad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.459s Main 710d8d30 70fdb000 I 2.459s Main 710d8d34 710d8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:833] I 2.459s Main 710d8d38 4157b1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.459s Main 710d8d3c 400ec384 I 2.459s Main 710d8d40 4157b500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.459s Main 710d8d44 4157b4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.459s Main 710d8d48 70fdb000 I 2.459s Main 710d8d4c bee6de14 [stack] I 2.460s Main 710d8d50 400ea2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.460s Main 710d8d54 4152c5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.460s Main 710d8d58 710d8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:833] I 2.460s Main 710d8d5c 710d8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:833] I 2.460s Main 710d8d60 41580890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.460s Main 710d8d64 710d8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:833] I 2.460s Main 710d8d68 400ec384 I 2.460s Main 710d8d6c 41580890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.460s Main 710d8d70 4152128f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.460s Main 710d8d74 710d8d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:833] I 2.460s Main 710d8d78 00000003 I 2.460s Main 710d8d7c 41580ce8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.460s Main 710d8d80 00000000 I 2.460s Main 710d8d84 414c59f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.460s Main 710d8d88 41580890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.460s Main 710d8d8c 400ab0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.460s Main 710d8d90 00000000 I 2.460s Main 710d8d94 414c59f4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.460s Main 710d8d98 414c59e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.460s Main 710d8d9c fef7c640 I 2.460s Main 710d8da0 710d8dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:833] I 2.460s Main 710d8da4 41580ce8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.460s Main 710d8da8 415211ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.460s Main 710d8dac 41580890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.461s Main 710d8db0 415211ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.461s Main 710d8db4 400ab174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.461s Main 710d8db8 41580890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.461s Main 710d8dbc 41580ce8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.461s Main 710d8dc0 710d8dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:833] I 2.461s Main 710d8dc4 0000000d I 2.461s Main 710d8dc8 00000078 I 2.461s Main 710d8dcc 400ab30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.461s Main 710d8dd0 710d8dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:833] I 2.461s Main 710d8dd4 41580ce8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.461s Main 710d8dd8 00000000 I 2.461s Main 710d8ddc 00000000 I 2.461s Main 710d8de0 00000000 I 2.461s Main 710d8de4 fef7c640 I 2.461s Main 710d8de8 00000000 I 2.461s Main 710d8dec 00000000 I 2.461s Main 710d8df0 00000000 I 2.461s Main 710d8df4 00000000 I 2.461s Main 710d8df8 00000000 I 2.461s Main 710d8dfc 00000000 I 2.461s Main 710d8e00 00000000 I 2.461s Main 710d8e04 00000000 I 2.461s Main 710d8e08 00000000 I 2.461s Main 710d8e0c 41580890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.461s Main I 2.462s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.462s Main I 2.462s Main I 2.462s Main pid: 831, tid: 834, name: FinalizerDaemon I 2.462s Main r0 6e43fdb8 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.462s Main r4 6e43fdb8 r5 6e43fda8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.462s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d43c2b0 sl 00000000 fp 4159b4a0 I 2.462s Main ip 00000000 sp 711dabc8 lr 400acec8 pc 400bf904 I 2.462s Main I 2.462s Main Stack Trace: I 2.462s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.462s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.462s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.462s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.462s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.462s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.462s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.462s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.462s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.462s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.462s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.462s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.462s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.462s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.463s Main I 2.463s Main Stack Data: I 2.463s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.463s Main 711dab88 0000002b I 2.463s Main 711dab8c 00000040 I 2.463s Main 711dab90 6e83efa0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.463s Main 711dab94 400aee6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.463s Main 711dab98 00000020 I 2.463s Main 711dab9c 00480000 I 2.463s Main 711daba0 00000021 I 2.463s Main 711daba4 00000020 I 2.463s Main 711daba8 00000020 I 2.463s Main 711dabac 41586718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.463s Main 711dabb0 00000001 I 2.463s Main 711dabb4 414e9d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.463s Main 711dabb8 6e43fdb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.463s Main 711dabbc 6e43fda8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.463s Main 711dabc0 00000000 I 2.463s Main 711dabc4 400aceb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.463s Main 711dabc8 00000000 I 2.463s Main 711dabc8 00000000 I 2.463s Main 711dabcc 6e43fda8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.463s Main 711dabd0 6e43fdb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.463s Main 711dabd4 6e43fa18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.463s Main 711dabd8 6e83efa0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.464s Main 711dabdc 400acf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.464s Main 711dabe0 6e43fda8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.464s Main 711dabe4 00000000 I 2.464s Main 711dabe8 6e43fda8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.464s Main 711dabec 6e43fda8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.464s Main 711dabf0 00000000 I 2.464s Main 711dabf4 4151ed77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.464s Main 711dabf8 6e43fa18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.464s Main 711dabfc 6e83efa0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.464s Main 711dac00 710dcf10 I 2.464s Main 711dac04 710dcf14 I 2.464s Main 711dac08 41586718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.464s Main 711dac0c 41581890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.464s Main 711dac10 414e9d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.464s Main 711dac14 00000000 I 2.464s Main 711dac18 710dcefc I 2.464s Main 711dac1c 41533655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.464s Main 711dac20 00000000 I 2.464s Main 711dac24 00000001 I 2.464s Main 711dac28 00000000 I 2.464s Main 711dac2c 00000000 I 2.464s Main 711dac30 6e4c6ea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.464s Main 711dac34 710dcf34 I 2.464s Main 711dac38 6e43fa18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.465s Main 711dac3c 414f2fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.465s Main 711dac40 00000000 I 2.465s Main 711dac44 6e43fa18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.465s Main 711dac48 414f9f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.465s Main 711dac4c 00000000 I 2.465s Main 711dac50 711dad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:834] I 2.465s Main 711dac54 6e43fa18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.465s Main 711dac58 711dac94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:834] I 2.465s Main 711dac5c 6d440eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.465s Main 711dac60 4159b4a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.465s Main 711dac64 414f9fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.465s Main 711dac68 00000000 I 2.465s Main 711dac6c 00000000 I 2.465s Main 711dac70 00000000 I 2.465s Main 711dac74 00000000 I 2.465s Main 711dac78 00000000 I 2.465s Main 711dac7c fffffea0 I 2.465s Main 711dac80 414f9f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.465s Main 711dac84 414f763c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.465s Main 711dac88 00000000 I 2.465s Main 711dac8c 00000000 I 2.465s Main 711dac90 00000000 I 2.465s Main 711dac94 00000000 I 2.465s Main 711dac98 710dcfe4 I 2.465s Main 711dac9c 00000000 I 2.466s Main 711daca0 00000000 I 2.466s Main 711daca4 00000000 I 2.466s Main 711daca8 00000000 I 2.466s Main 711dacac 00000000 I 2.466s Main 711dacb0 00000000 I 2.466s Main 711dacb4 00000000 I 2.466s Main 711dacb8 00000000 I 2.466s Main 711dacbc 00000000 I 2.466s Main 711dacc0 00000000 I 2.466s Main 711dacc4 00000000 I 2.466s Main 711dad18 0000001d I 2.466s Main 711dad1c 0000001c I 2.466s Main 711dad20 0000001c I 2.466s Main 711dad24 6e43fa18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.466s Main 711dad28 400ec384 I 2.466s Main 711dad2c 4153bad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.466s Main 711dad30 710dd000 I 2.466s Main 711dad34 711dad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:834] I 2.466s Main 711dad38 4157b1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.466s Main 711dad3c 400ec384 I 2.466s Main 711dad40 4157b500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.466s Main 711dad44 4157b4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.466s Main 711dad48 710dd000 I 2.466s Main 711dad4c bee6de3c [stack] I 2.467s Main 711dad50 400ea2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.467s Main 711dad54 4152c5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.467s Main 711dad58 711dad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:834] I 2.467s Main 711dad5c 711dad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:834] I 2.467s Main 711dad60 6e43fa18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.467s Main 711dad64 711dad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:834] I 2.467s Main 711dad68 400ec384 I 2.467s Main 711dad6c 6e43fa18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.467s Main 711dad70 4152128f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.467s Main 711dad74 711dad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:834] I 2.467s Main 711dad78 00000003 I 2.467s Main 711dad7c 6f80e0d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.467s Main 711dad80 00000000 I 2.467s Main 711dad84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-1 I 2.467s Main 711dad88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.467s Main 711dad8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.467s Main 711dad90 006e6f6d I 2.467s Main 711dad94 711dad93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:834] I 2.467s Main 711dad98 711dad84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:834] I 2.467s Main 711dad9c fef7c640 I 2.467s Main 711dada0 711dadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:834] I 2.467s Main 711dada4 6f80e0d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.467s Main 711dada8 415211ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.467s Main 711dadac 6e43fa18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.467s Main 711dadb0 415211ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.468s Main 711dadb4 400ab174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.468s Main 711dadb8 6e43fa18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.468s Main 711dadbc 6f80e0d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.468s Main 711dadc0 711dadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:834] I 2.468s Main 711dadc4 0000000d I 2.468s Main 711dadc8 00000078 I 2.468s Main 711dadcc 400ab30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.468s Main 711dadd0 711dadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:834] I 2.468s Main 711dadd4 6f80e0d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.468s Main 711dadd8 00000000 I 2.468s Main 711daddc 00000000 I 2.468s Main 711dade0 00000000 I 2.468s Main 711dade4 fef7c640 I 2.468s Main 711dade8 00000000 I 2.468s Main 711dadec 00000000 I 2.468s Main 711dadf0 00000000 I 2.468s Main 711dadf4 00000000 I 2.468s Main 711dadf8 00000000 I 2.468s Main 711dadfc 00000000 I 2.468s Main 711dae00 00000000 I 2.468s Main 711dae04 00000000 I 2.468s Main 711dae08 00000000 I 2.468s Main 711dae0c 6e43fa18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.468s Main I 2.469s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.469s Main I 2.469s Main I 2.469s Main pid: 831, tid: 835, name: FinalizerWatchd I 2.469s Main r0 6f80e8c0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.469s Main r4 6f80e8c0 r5 6f80e8b0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.469s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d43c2b0 sl 00000000 fp 4159b740 I 2.469s Main ip 00000000 sp 712debc8 lr 400acec8 pc 400bf904 I 2.469s Main I 2.469s Main Stack Trace: I 2.469s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.469s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.469s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.469s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.469s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.469s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.469s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.469s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.469s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.469s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.469s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.469s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.469s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.469s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.469s Main I 2.470s Main Stack Data: I 2.470s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.470s Main 712deb88 0000002b I 2.470s Main 712deb8c 00000050 I 2.470s Main 712deb90 414cbd70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.470s Main 712deb94 400aee6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.470s Main 712deb98 00000020 I 2.470s Main 712deb9c 00000000 I 2.470s Main 712deba0 00000021 I 2.470s Main 712deba4 00000020 I 2.470s Main 712deba8 00000020 I 2.470s Main 712debac 4159b730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.470s Main 712debb0 00000001 I 2.470s Main 712debb4 414e9d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.470s Main 712debb8 6f80e8c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.470s Main 712debbc 6f80e8b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.470s Main 712debc0 00000000 I 2.470s Main 712debc4 400aceb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.470s Main 712debc8 00000000 I 2.470s Main 712debc8 00000000 I 2.470s Main 712debcc 6f80e8b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.470s Main 712debd0 6f80e8c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.470s Main 712debd4 6f80e520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.470s Main 712debd8 414cbd70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.470s Main 712debdc 400acf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.471s Main 712debe0 6f80e8b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.471s Main 712debe4 00000000 I 2.471s Main 712debe8 6f80e8b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.471s Main 712debec 6f80e8b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.471s Main 712debf0 00000000 I 2.471s Main 712debf4 4151ed77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.471s Main 712debf8 6f80e520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.471s Main 712debfc 414cbd70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.471s Main 712dec00 711e0f54 I 2.471s Main 712dec04 711e0f58 I 2.471s Main 712dec08 4159b730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.471s Main 712dec0c 41581890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.471s Main 712dec10 414e9d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.471s Main 712dec14 00000000 I 2.471s Main 712dec18 711e0f40 I 2.471s Main 712dec1c 41533655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.471s Main 712dec20 00000000 I 2.471s Main 712dec24 00000001 I 2.471s Main 712dec28 00000000 I 2.471s Main 712dec2c 00000000 I 2.471s Main 712dec30 6e4c6e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.471s Main 712dec34 711e0f78 I 2.471s Main 712dec38 6f80e520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.471s Main 712dec3c 414f2fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.472s Main 712dec40 00000000 I 2.472s Main 712dec44 6f80e520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.472s Main 712dec48 414f9f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.472s Main 712dec4c 00000000 I 2.472s Main 712dec50 712ded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.472s Main 712dec54 6f80e520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.472s Main 712dec58 712dec94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.472s Main 712dec5c 6d440eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.472s Main 712dec60 4159b740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.472s Main 712dec64 414f9fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.472s Main 712dec68 00000000 I 2.472s Main 712dec6c 00000000 I 2.472s Main 712dec70 00000000 I 2.472s Main 712dec74 00000000 I 2.472s Main 712dec78 00000000 I 2.472s Main 712dec7c fffffea0 I 2.472s Main 712dec80 414f9f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.472s Main 712dec84 414f763c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.472s Main 712dec88 00000000 I 2.472s Main 712dec8c 00000000 I 2.472s Main 712dec90 00000000 I 2.472s Main 712dec94 00000000 I 2.472s Main 712dec98 711e0fe4 I 2.472s Main 712dec9c 00000000 I 2.472s Main 712deca0 00000000 I 2.473s Main 712deca4 00000000 I 2.473s Main 712deca8 00000000 I 2.473s Main 712decac 00000000 I 2.473s Main 712decb0 00000000 I 2.473s Main 712decb4 00000000 I 2.473s Main 712decb8 00000000 I 2.473s Main 712decbc 00000000 I 2.473s Main 712decc0 00000000 I 2.473s Main 712decc4 00000000 I 2.473s Main 712ded18 0000001d I 2.473s Main 712ded1c 0000001c I 2.473s Main 712ded20 0000001c I 2.473s Main 712ded24 6f80e520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.473s Main 712ded28 400ec384 I 2.473s Main 712ded2c 4153bad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.473s Main 712ded30 711e1000 I 2.473s Main 712ded34 712ded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.473s Main 712ded38 4157b1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.473s Main 712ded3c 400ec384 I 2.473s Main 712ded40 4157b500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.473s Main 712ded44 4157b4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.473s Main 712ded48 711e1000 I 2.473s Main 712ded4c bee6de3c [stack] I 2.473s Main 712ded50 400ea2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.474s Main 712ded54 4152c5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.474s Main 712ded58 712ded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.474s Main 712ded5c 712ded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.474s Main 712ded60 6f80e520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.474s Main 712ded64 712ded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.474s Main 712ded68 400ec384 I 2.474s Main 712ded6c 6f80e520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.474s Main 712ded70 4152128f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.474s Main 712ded74 712ded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.474s Main 712ded78 00000003 I 2.474s Main 712ded7c 6f80e978 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.474s Main 712ded80 00000000 I 2.474s Main 712ded84 414c5a10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.474s Main 712ded88 6f80e520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.474s Main 712ded8c 400ab0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.474s Main 712ded90 00000000 I 2.474s Main 712ded94 414c5a0f <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.474s Main 712ded98 414c59f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.474s Main 712ded9c fef7c640 I 2.474s Main 712deda0 712dedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.474s Main 712deda4 6f80e978 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.474s Main 712deda8 415211ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.474s Main 712dedac 6f80e520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.474s Main 712dedb0 415211ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.474s Main 712dedb4 400ab174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.475s Main 712dedb8 6f80e520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.475s Main 712dedbc 6f80e978 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.475s Main 712dedc0 712dedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.475s Main 712dedc4 0000000d I 2.475s Main 712dedc8 00000078 I 2.475s Main 712dedcc 400ab30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.475s Main 712dedd0 712dedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.475s Main 712dedd4 6f80e978 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.475s Main 712dedd8 00000000 I 2.475s Main 712deddc 00000000 I 2.475s Main 712dede0 00000000 I 2.475s Main 712dede4 fef7c640 I 2.475s Main 712dede8 00000000 I 2.475s Main 712dedec 00000000 I 2.475s Main 712dedf0 00000000 I 2.475s Main 712dedf4 00000000 I 2.475s Main 712dedf8 00000000 I 2.475s Main 712dedfc 00000000 I 2.475s Main 712dee00 00000000 I 2.475s Main 712dee04 00000000 I 2.475s Main 712dee08 00000000 I 2.475s Main 712dee0c 6f80e520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.475s Main I 2.475s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.476s Main I 2.476s Main I 2.476s Main pid: 831, tid: 836, name: GC I 2.476s Main r0 414cb3d4 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.476s Main r4 414cb3d4 r5 414cb3d0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.476s Main r8 4157d100 r9 4157d100 sl 414cb3c8 fp 400ea2ec I 2.476s Main ip 00000000 sp 713ded40 lr 400acec8 pc 400bf904 I 2.476s Main I 2.476s Main Stack Trace: I 2.476s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.476s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.476s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.476s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.476s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.476s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.476s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.476s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.476s Main I 2.476s Main Stack Data: I 2.476s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.476s Main 713ded00 00000000 I 2.476s Main 713ded04 713deca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.476s Main 713ded08 713decb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.476s Main 713ded0c 00000018 I 2.477s Main 713ded10 6d44066c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.477s Main 713ded14 713ded68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.477s Main 713ded18 4157b1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.477s Main 713ded1c 6e43fe70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.477s Main 713ded20 4159b940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.477s Main 713ded24 4159b9b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.477s Main 713ded28 4159b940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.477s Main 713ded2c 400c12d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.477s Main 713ded30 414cb3d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.477s Main 713ded34 414cb3d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.477s Main 713ded38 00000000 I 2.477s Main 713ded3c 400aceb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.477s Main 713ded40 00000000 I 2.477s Main 713ded40 00000000 I 2.477s Main 713ded44 414cb3d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.477s Main 713ded48 414cb3d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.477s Main 713ded4c 00000000 I 2.477s Main 713ded50 4157d100 I 2.477s Main 713ded54 400acf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.477s Main 713ded58 41576c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.477s Main 713ded5c 4157b1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.477s Main 713ded60 bee6df10 [stack] I 2.477s Main 713ded64 41576c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.477s Main 713ded68 4157b1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.477s Main 713ded6c 4153e783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.478s Main 713ded70 00000000 I 2.478s Main 713ded74 00000000 I 2.478s Main 713ded78 4153e735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.478s Main 713ded7c 414cbd50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.478s Main 713ded80 4157b1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.478s Main 713ded84 bee6df10 [stack] I 2.478s Main 713ded88 414cbd50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.478s Main 713ded8c 41520921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.478s Main 713ded90 712e1000 I 2.478s Main 713ded94 4152096f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.478s Main 713ded98 414cbd50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.478s Main 713ded9c 00010002 I 2.478s Main 713deda0 6e83efc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.478s Main 713deda4 41590880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.478s Main 713deda8 713dedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.478s Main 713dedac 6f80edc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.478s Main 713dedb0 41520921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.478s Main 713dedb4 400ab174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.478s Main 713dedb8 414cbd50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.478s Main 713dedbc 6f80edc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.478s Main 713dedc0 713dedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.478s Main 713dedc4 0000000d I 2.478s Main 713dedc8 00000078 I 2.478s Main 713dedcc 400ab30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.478s Main 713dedd0 713dedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.479s Main 713dedd4 6f80edc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.479s Main 713dedd8 00000000 I 2.479s Main 713deddc 00000000 I 2.479s Main 713dede0 00000000 I 2.479s Main 713dede4 fef7c640 I 2.479s Main 713dede8 00000000 I 2.479s Main 713dedec 00000000 I 2.479s Main 713dedf0 00000000 I 2.479s Main 713dedf4 00000000 I 2.479s Main 713dedf8 00000000 I 2.479s Main 713dedfc 00000000 I 2.479s Main 713dee00 00000000 I 2.479s Main 713dee04 00000000 I 2.479s Main 713dee08 00000000 I 2.479s Main 713dee0c 6f80f010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.479s Main I 2.479s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.479s Main I 2.479s Main I 2.479s Main pid: 831, tid: 837, name: Signal Catcher I 2.479s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 2.479s Main r4 714e2d08 r5 714e2d48 r6 bee6df20 r7 000000b1 I 2.479s Main r8 6f80f8b8 r9 41576c74 sl 4157b694 fp 4155acdc I 2.479s Main ip 714e2d44 sp 714e2d08 lr 400b1351 pc 400bf170 I 2.480s Main I 2.480s Main Stack Trace: I 2.480s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.480s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.480s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.480s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.480s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.480s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.480s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.480s Main I 2.480s Main Stack Data: I 2.480s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.480s Main 714e2cc8 00000000 I 2.480s Main 714e2ccc 00000000 I 2.480s Main 714e2cd0 00000000 I 2.480s Main 714e2cd4 00000000 I 2.480s Main 714e2cd8 714e2d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.480s Main 714e2cdc 00000000 I 2.480s Main 714e2ce0 6f80f8b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.480s Main 714e2ce4 714e8fc4 I 2.480s Main 714e2ce8 00000000 I 2.480s Main 714e2cec 714e2d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.480s Main 714e2cf0 00000000 I 2.480s Main 714e2cf4 4152c58b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.480s Main 714e2cf8 4155c239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.481s Main 714e2cfc 00000000 I 2.481s Main 714e2d00 00000000 I 2.481s Main 714e2d04 714e2ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.481s Main 714e2d08 00000204 I 2.481s Main 714e2d08 00000204 I 2.481s Main 714e2d0c 00000000 I 2.481s Main 714e2d10 fffffea0 I 2.481s Main 714e2d14 6e43fef8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.481s Main 714e2d18 4157b1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.481s Main 714e2d1c 4151df57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.481s Main 714e2d20 4159ba20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.481s Main 714e2d24 4159ba90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.481s Main 714e2d28 4159ba20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.481s Main 714e2d2c 400c12d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.481s Main 714e2d30 6f80fc24 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.481s Main 714e2d34 4151d9a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.481s Main 714e2d38 6f80f8b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.481s Main 714e2d3c 4152194b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.481s Main 714e2d40 4159ba90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.481s Main 714e2d44 00000204 I 2.481s Main 714e2d48 00000004 I 2.481s Main 714e2d4c 6f80f8b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.481s Main 714e2d50 4157b1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.481s Main 714e2d54 4151fe11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.482s Main 714e2d58 41590880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.482s Main 714e2d5c 4159ba90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.482s Main 714e2d98 6e43fef8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.482s Main 714e2d9c 00010002 I 2.482s Main 714e2da0 6e43ff18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.482s Main 714e2da4 41590880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.482s Main 714e2da8 714e2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.482s Main 714e2dac 6f80f670 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.482s Main 714e2db0 41520921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.482s Main 714e2db4 400ab174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.482s Main 714e2db8 6e43fef8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.482s Main 714e2dbc 6f80f670 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.482s Main 714e2dc0 714e2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.482s Main 714e2dc4 0000000d I 2.482s Main 714e2dc8 00000078 I 2.482s Main 714e2dcc 400ab30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.482s Main 714e2dd0 714e2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.482s Main 714e2dd4 6f80f670 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.482s Main 714e2dd8 00000000 I 2.482s Main 714e2ddc 00000000 I 2.482s Main 714e2de0 00000000 I 2.482s Main 714e2de4 fef7c640 I 2.482s Main 714e2de8 00000000 I 2.482s Main 714e2dec 00000000 I 2.482s Main 714e2df0 00000000 I 2.483s Main 714e2df4 00000000 I 2.483s Main 714e2df8 00000000 I 2.483s Main 714e2dfc 00000000 I 2.483s Main 714e2e00 00000000 I 2.483s Main 714e2e04 00000000 I 2.483s Main 714e2e08 00000000 I 2.483s Main 714e2e0c 6f80f8b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.483s Main I 2.483s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.483s Main I 2.483s Main I 2.483s Main pid: 831, tid: 838, name: JDWP I 2.483s Main r0 0000001b r1 715e6d10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 2.483s Main r4 6f80ff18 r5 400ec384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 2.483s Main r8 6f811f38 r9 000003e8 sl 6e44fe7c fp 400ea2ec I 2.483s Main ip 6f811f18 sp 715e6cf8 lr 4152d087 pc 400bf3d8 I 2.483s Main I 2.483s Main Stack Trace: I 2.483s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.483s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.483s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.483s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.483s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.483s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.484s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.484s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.484s Main I 2.484s Main Stack Data: I 2.484s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.484s Main 715e6cb8 6f811f18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.484s Main 715e6cbc 6f811f38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.484s Main 715e6cc0 000003e8 I 2.484s Main 715e6cc4 6e44fe7c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.484s Main 715e6cc8 400ea2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.484s Main 715e6ccc 400c4159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.484s Main 715e6cd0 00000000 I 2.484s Main 715e6cd4 00000000 I 2.484s Main 715e6cd8 715e6d4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.484s Main 715e6cdc 00000000 I 2.484s Main 715e6ce0 00000000 I 2.484s Main 715e6ce4 715ecfc4 I 2.484s Main 715e6ce8 00004000 I 2.484s Main 715e6cec 715e6d54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.484s Main 715e6cf0 00000000 I 2.484s Main 715e6cf4 00000000 I 2.484s Main 715e6cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[vectors] I 2.484s Main 715e6cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[vectors] I 2.484s Main 715e6cfc 715e6d50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.484s Main 715e6d00 00000004 I 2.485s Main 715e6d04 215e6ca8 I 2.485s Main 715e6d08 715e6d07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.485s Main 715e6d0c 00000001 I 2.485s Main 715e6d10 00000000 I 2.485s Main 715e6d14 00000000 I 2.485s Main 715e6d18 715e6d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.485s Main 715e6d1c 00000001 I 2.485s Main 715e6d20 715e6d2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.485s Main 715e6d24 00000010 I 2.485s Main 715e6d28 00000000 I 2.485s Main 715e6d2c 00000010 I 2.485s Main 715e6d30 00000001 I 2.485s Main 715e6d34 00000001 I 2.485s Main 715e6d50 66333330 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.485s Main 715e6d54 4152d100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.485s Main 715e6d58 00000001 I 2.485s Main 715e6d5c 6e44fe28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.485s Main 715e6d60 6e44fe70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.485s Main 715e6d64 bee6df00 [stack] I 2.485s Main 715e6d68 6e44fee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.485s Main 715e6d6c 415657c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.485s Main 715e6d70 41566910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.485s Main 715e6d74 4152ff89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.485s Main 715e6d78 00000000 I 2.485s Main 715e6d7c 6e44fee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.486s Main 715e6d80 4157b1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.486s Main 715e6d84 bee6df00 [stack] I 2.486s Main 715e6d88 6e44fee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.486s Main 715e6d8c 41520921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.486s Main 715e6d90 714e9000 I 2.486s Main 715e6d94 4152096f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.486s Main 715e6d98 6e44fee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.486s Main 715e6d9c 00010002 I 2.486s Main 715e6da0 6e44ff00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.486s Main 715e6da4 41590880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.486s Main 715e6da8 715e6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.486s Main 715e6dac 6f811fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.486s Main 715e6db0 41520921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.486s Main 715e6db4 400ab174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.486s Main 715e6db8 6e44fee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.486s Main 715e6dbc 6f811fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.486s Main 715e6dc0 715e6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.486s Main 715e6dc4 0000000d I 2.486s Main 715e6dc8 00000078 I 2.486s Main 715e6dcc 400ab30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.486s Main 715e6dd0 715e6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.486s Main 715e6dd4 6f811fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.486s Main 715e6dd8 00000000 I 2.486s Main 715e6ddc 00000000 I 2.487s Main 715e6de0 00000000 I 2.487s Main 715e6de4 fef7c640 I 2.487s Main 715e6de8 00000000 I 2.487s Main 715e6dec 00000000 I 2.487s Main 715e6df0 00000000 I 2.487s Main 715e6df4 00000000 I 2.487s Main 715e6df8 00000000 I 2.487s Main 715e6dfc 00000000 I 2.487s Main 715e6e00 00000000 I 2.487s Main 715e6e04 00000000 I 2.487s Main 715e6e08 00000000 I 2.487s Main 715e6e0c 6f8121f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.487s Main I 2.487s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.487s Main I 2.487s Main I 2.487s Main pid: 831, tid: 839, name: Compiler I 2.487s Main r0 4157b704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.487s Main r4 4157b704 r5 4157b6fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.487s Main r8 41520921 r9 715ed000 sl 4157b6f8 fp 400ea2ec I 2.487s Main ip 00000000 sp 716eac10 lr 400acec8 pc 400bf904 I 2.487s Main I 2.487s Main Stack Trace: I 2.487s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.487s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.488s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.488s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.488s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.488s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.488s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.488s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.488s Main I 2.488s Main Stack Data: I 2.488s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.488s Main 716eabd0 00000000 I 2.488s Main 716eabd4 00000000 I 2.488s Main 716eabd8 4157b1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.488s Main 716eabdc 00000000 I 2.488s Main 716eabe0 00000000 I 2.488s Main 716eabe4 00000000 I 2.488s Main 716eabe8 41561f31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.488s Main 716eabec 41520bc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.488s Main 716eabf0 fffffe0c I 2.488s Main 716eabf4 41580890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.488s Main 716eabf8 415808b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.488s Main 716eabfc ffffffef I 2.488s Main 716eac00 4157b704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.488s Main 716eac04 4157b6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.488s Main 716eac08 00000000 I 2.489s Main 716eac0c 400aceb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.489s Main 716eac10 00000000 I 2.489s Main 716eac10 00000000 I 2.489s Main 716eac14 4157b6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.489s Main 716eac18 4157b704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.489s Main 716eac1c 6f813328 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.489s Main 716eac20 00001000 I 2.489s Main 716eac24 400acf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.489s Main 716eac28 4157b6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.489s Main 716eac2c 71869fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.489s Main 716eac30 4155acdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.489s Main 716eac34 4157b6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.489s Main 716eac38 71869fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.489s Main 716eac3c 4153fd03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.489s Main 716eac40 716ead68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.489s Main 716eac44 414f9fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.489s Main 716eac48 00000000 I 2.489s Main 716eac4c 41576c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.489s Main 716eac50 4156b901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.489s Main 716eac54 4155acdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.489s Main 716eac58 00000000 I 2.489s Main 716eac5c fffffea0 I 2.489s Main 716eac60 414f9f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.489s Main 716eac64 414f763c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.489s Main 716eac68 00000000 I 2.490s Main 716eac6c 00000000 I 2.490s Main 716eac70 00000000 I 2.490s Main 716eac74 00000000 I 2.490s Main 716eac78 716f0fa0 I 2.490s Main 716eac7c 00000000 I 2.490s Main 716ead98 6e44ffb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.490s Main 716ead9c 00010002 I 2.490s Main 716eada0 6f812858 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.490s Main 716eada4 41590880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.490s Main 716eada8 716eadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.490s Main 716eadac 6f812868 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.490s Main 716eadb0 41520921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.490s Main 716eadb4 400ab174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.490s Main 716eadb8 6e44ffb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.490s Main 716eadbc 6f812868 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.490s Main 716eadc0 716eadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.490s Main 716eadc4 0000000d I 2.490s Main 716eadc8 00000078 I 2.490s Main 716eadcc 400ab30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.490s Main 716eadd0 716eadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.490s Main 716eadd4 6f812868 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.490s Main 716eadd8 00000000 I 2.490s Main 716eaddc 00000000 I 2.490s Main 716eade0 00000000 I 2.491s Main 716eade4 fef7c640 I 2.491s Main 716eade8 00000000 I 2.491s Main 716eadec 00000000 I 2.491s Main 716eadf0 00000000 I 2.491s Main 716eadf4 00000000 I 2.491s Main 716eadf8 00000000 I 2.491s Main 716eadfc 00000000 I 2.491s Main 716eae00 00000000 I 2.491s Main 716eae04 00000000 I 2.491s Main 716eae08 00000000 I 2.491s Main 716eae0c 6f812ab0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.491s Main I 2.491s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.491s Main I 2.491s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 2.491s Main I 2.491s Main Stack Trace: I 2.491s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.491s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.491s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.491s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.491s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.491s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.491s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.491s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.492s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.492s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.492s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.492s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.492s Main I 2.492s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.492s Main I 2.492s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x0000033f (code=-6), thread 831 (app_process) I 2.492s Main tombstone_00 created on 1973-12-16 02:05:00, about this long ago: 16566 days, 18:41:04 Device: 0accc2af43e4affc I 2.492s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src I 2.492s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/out/Debug I 2.492s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmpC2WY9w I 2.492s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 2.492s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/out/Debug I 2.492s Main pid: 559, tid: 559, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 2.492s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 2.492s Main r0 00000000 r1 0000022f r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 2.492s Main r4 00000006 r5 0000000d r6 0000022f r7 0000010c I 2.492s Main r8 00000004 r9 bee93b92 sl bee93b9e fp bee93b86 I 2.492s Main ip 401c8438 sp bee93628 lr 40062fe5 pc 40071f90 I 2.492s Main I 2.492s Main Stack Trace: I 2.492s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.492s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.493s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.493s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.493s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.493s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.493s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.493s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.493s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.493s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.493s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.493s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.493s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.493s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.493s Main I 2.493s Main Stack Data: I 2.493s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.493s Main bee935e8 401bb168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.493s Main bee935ec 00000002 I 2.493s Main bee935f0 401c8438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.493s Main bee935f4 00000004 I 2.493s Main bee935f8 bee93b92 [stack] I 2.493s Main bee935fc bee93b9e [stack] I 2.493s Main bee93600 bee93b86 [stack] I 2.493s Main bee93604 40076159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.493s Main bee93608 34203020 I 2.493s Main bee9360c 20323136 I 2.494s Main bee93610 bee93684 [stack] I 2.494s Main bee93614 00000000 I 2.494s Main bee93618 00000000 I 2.494s Main bee9361c 37312030 I 2.494s Main bee93620 00004000 I 2.494s Main bee93624 bee93692 [stack] I 2.494s Main bee93628 00000006 I 2.494s Main bee9362c 0000000d I 2.494s Main bee93630 0000022f I 2.494s Main bee93634 401c8438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.494s Main bee93638 401c8438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.494s Main bee9363c 40062fe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.494s Main bee93640 00000006 I 2.494s Main bee93644 00000000 I 2.494s Main bee93648 00000002 I 2.494s Main bee9364c 400631f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.494s Main bee93650 bee9365c [stack] I 2.494s Main bee93654 40061f2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.494s Main bee93658 00000000 I 2.494s Main bee9365c ffffffdf I 2.494s Main bee93660 4009a2c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.494s Main bee93664 4009a22c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.494s Main bee93668 00000000 I 2.494s Main bee9366c 40064aef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.494s Main bee93670 4152d1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.495s Main bee93674 4152d1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.495s Main bee93678 401bb168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.495s Main bee9367c 40071848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.495s Main bee93680 00000000 I 2.495s Main bee93684 414c3ccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.495s Main bee93688 400a8324 I 2.495s Main bee9368c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.495s Main bee93690 0000296c I 2.495s Main bee93694 00000000 I 2.495s Main bee93698 00000000 I 2.495s Main bee9369c 00000000 I 2.495s Main bee936a0 00000000 I 2.495s Main bee936a4 00000000 I 2.495s Main bee936a8 00000000 I 2.495s Main bee936ac 00000000 I 2.495s Main bee936b0 00000000 I 2.495s Main bee936b4 00000000 I 2.495s Main bee936b8 00000000 I 2.495s Main bee936bc 00000000 I 2.495s Main bee936c0 00000000 I 2.495s Main bee936c4 00000000 I 2.495s Main bee93898 000000c8 I 2.495s Main bee9389c 6e3fc810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.495s Main bee938a0 4147bf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.496s Main bee938a4 00000000 I 2.496s Main bee938a8 000000c8 I 2.496s Main bee938ac 401be560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.496s Main bee938b0 401be740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.496s Main bee938b4 4147bf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.496s Main bee938b8 40027328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.496s Main bee938bc 40163d27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.496s Main bee938c0 4147bf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.496s Main bee938c4 00000000 I 2.496s Main bee938c8 bee93988 [stack] I 2.496s Main bee938cc 40164015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.496s Main bee938d0 400273cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.496s Main bee938d4 40164a65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.496s Main bee938d8 4147bf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.496s Main bee938dc 00000000 I 2.496s Main bee938e0 41530004 I 2.496s Main bee938e4 414cba8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.496s Main bee938e8 414cbabd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.496s Main bee938ec 414cba95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.496s Main bee938f0 000000bb I 2.496s Main bee938f4 00000000 I 2.496s Main bee938f8 4147be08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.496s Main bee938fc 40060e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.496s Main bee93900 000000b0 I 2.496s Main bee93904 00000000 I 2.497s Main bee93908 4005fdcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.497s Main bee9390c 000000a0 I 2.497s Main bee93910 00000014 I 2.497s Main bee93914 401c03d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.497s Main bee93960 00000000 I 2.497s Main bee93964 00000000 I 2.497s Main bee93968 00000000 I 2.497s Main bee9396c bee93a7c [stack] I 2.497s Main bee93970 4009e384 I 2.497s Main bee93974 40027372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.497s Main bee93978 40027300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.497s Main bee9397c 4002737b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.497s Main bee93980 40027391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.497s Main bee93984 4002739f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.497s Main bee93988 40028e08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.497s Main bee9398c 401be520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.497s Main bee93990 4147be18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.497s Main bee93994 00000013 I 2.497s Main bee93998 00000000 I 2.497s Main bee9399c 00000008 I 2.497s Main bee93a40 00000000 I 2.497s Main bee93a44 00000000 I 2.497s Main bee93a48 00000000 I 2.497s Main bee93a4c 00000000 I 2.498s Main bee93a50 00000000 I 2.498s Main bee93a54 40026d80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.498s Main bee93a58 40028de8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.498s Main bee93a5c 40028df0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.498s Main bee93a60 40028df8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.498s Main bee93a64 bee93a70 [stack] I 2.498s Main bee93a68 00000000 I 2.498s Main bee93a6c 4002b881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 2.498s Main bee93a70 00000005 I 2.498s Main bee93a74 bee93b86 [stack] I 2.498s Main bee93a78 bee93b92 [stack] I 2.498s Main bee93a7c bee93b9e [stack] I 2.498s Main bee93a80 bee93bb9 [stack] I 2.498s Main bee93a84 bee93bbe [stack] I 2.498s Main bee93a88 00000000 I 2.498s Main bee93a8c bee93bc6 [stack] I 2.498s Main bee93a90 bee93be0 [stack] I 2.498s Main bee93a94 bee93c0c [stack] I 2.498s Main I 2.498s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.498s Main I 2.498s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x0000022f (code=-6), thread 559 (app_process) I 2.498s Main I 2.498s Main pid: 559, tid: 614, name: ReferenceQueueD I 2.498s Main r0 6e3f6eb8 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.499s Main r4 6e3f6eb8 r5 6e3f6ea8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.499s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3ee2b0 sl 00000000 fp 4154d1d0 I 2.499s Main ip 00000000 sp 6faadba0 lr 4005eec8 pc 40071904 I 2.499s Main I 2.499s Main Stack Trace: I 2.499s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.499s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.499s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.499s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.499s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.499s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.499s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.499s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.499s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.499s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.499s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.499s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.499s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.499s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.499s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.499s Main I 2.499s Main Stack Data: I 2.499s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.499s Main 6faadb60 0000002b I 2.499s Main 6faadb64 00000158 I 2.500s Main 6faadb68 6d3e1bd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.500s Main 6faadb6c 40060e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.500s Main 6faadb70 00000020 I 2.500s Main 6faadb74 00002004 I 2.500s Main 6faadb78 00000021 I 2.500s Main 6faadb7c 00000020 I 2.500s Main 6faadb80 00000020 I 2.500s Main 6faadb84 41538640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.500s Main 6faadb88 00000001 I 2.500s Main 6faadb8c 6e3f6b28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.500s Main 6faadb90 6e3f6eb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.500s Main 6faadb94 6e3f6ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.500s Main 6faadb98 00000000 I 2.500s Main 6faadb9c 4005eeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.500s Main 6faadba0 00000000 I 2.500s Main 6faadba0 00000000 I 2.500s Main 6faadba4 6e3f6ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.500s Main 6faadba8 6e3f6eb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.500s Main 6faadbac 6e3f6b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.500s Main 6faadbb0 6d3e1bd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.500s Main 6faadbb4 4005ef28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.500s Main 6faadbb8 6e3f6ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.500s Main 6faadbbc 00000000 I 2.500s Main 6faadbc0 6e3f6ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.501s Main 6faadbc4 6e3f6ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.501s Main 6faadbc8 00000000 I 2.501s Main 6faadbcc 414d0d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.501s Main 6faadbd0 6e3f6b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.501s Main 6faadbd4 6d3e1bd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.501s Main 6faadbd8 6f9aff74 I 2.501s Main 6faadbdc 6f9aff78 I 2.501s Main 6faadbe0 41538640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.501s Main 6faadbe4 6e3f6b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.501s Main 6faadbe8 6e3f6b28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.501s Main 6faadbec 6f9aff74 I 2.501s Main 6faadbf0 41528c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.501s Main 6faadbf4 414e5655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.501s Main 6faadbf8 00000000 I 2.501s Main 6faadbfc 00000001 I 2.501s Main 6faadc00 00000000 I 2.501s Main 6faadc04 00000000 I 2.501s Main 6faadc08 6d3ee2b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.501s Main 6faadc0c 41533890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.501s Main 6faadc10 414e562f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.501s Main 6faadc14 414cdacf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.501s Main 6faadc18 6f9aff74 I 2.501s Main 6faadc1c 6e3f6b28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.501s Main 6faadc20 6e478e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.502s Main 6faadc24 6f9aff98 I 2.502s Main 6faadc28 6e3f6b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.502s Main 6faadc2c 41533890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.502s Main 6faadc30 4149bd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.502s Main 6faadc34 00000000 I 2.502s Main 6faadc38 6f9aff60 I 2.502s Main 6faadc3c 414a4fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.502s Main 6faadc40 00000000 I 2.502s Main 6faadc44 6e3f6b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.502s Main 6faadc48 414abf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.502s Main 6faadc4c 00000000 I 2.502s Main 6faadc50 6faadd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.502s Main 6faadc54 6e3f6b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.502s Main 6faadc58 6faadc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.502s Main 6faadc5c 6d3f2eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.502s Main 6faadc60 4154d1d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.502s Main 6faadc64 414abfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.502s Main 6faadc68 00000000 I 2.502s Main 6faadc6c 00000000 I 2.502s Main 6faadc70 00000000 I 2.502s Main 6faadc74 00000000 I 2.502s Main 6faadc78 00000000 I 2.502s Main 6faadc7c fffffea0 I 2.502s Main 6faadc80 414abf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.502s Main 6faadc84 414a963c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.503s Main 6faadc88 00000000 I 2.503s Main 6faadc8c 00000000 I 2.503s Main 6faadc90 00000000 I 2.503s Main 6faadc94 00000000 I 2.503s Main 6faadc98 6f9affe4 I 2.503s Main 6faadc9c 00000000 I 2.503s Main 6faadca0 00000000 I 2.503s Main 6faadca4 00000000 I 2.503s Main 6faadca8 00000000 I 2.503s Main 6faadcac 00000000 I 2.503s Main 6faadcb0 00000000 I 2.503s Main 6faadcb4 00000000 I 2.503s Main 6faadcb8 00000000 I 2.503s Main 6faadcbc 00000000 I 2.503s Main 6faadcc0 00000000 I 2.503s Main 6faadcc4 00000000 I 2.503s Main 6faadd18 0000001d I 2.503s Main 6faadd1c 0000001c I 2.503s Main 6faadd20 0000001c I 2.503s Main 6faadd24 6e3f6b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.503s Main 6faadd28 4009e384 I 2.503s Main 6faadd2c 414edad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.503s Main 6faadd30 6f9b0000 I 2.503s Main 6faadd34 6faadd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.503s Main 6faadd38 4152d1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.504s Main 6faadd3c 4009e384 I 2.504s Main 6faadd40 4152d500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.504s Main 6faadd44 4152d4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.504s Main 6faadd48 6f9b0000 I 2.504s Main 6faadd4c bee92e14 [stack] I 2.504s Main 6faadd50 4009c2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.504s Main 6faadd54 414de5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.504s Main 6faadd58 6faadd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.504s Main 6faadd5c 6faadd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.504s Main 6faadd60 6e3f6b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.504s Main 6faadd64 6faadd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.504s Main 6faadd68 4009e384 I 2.504s Main 6faadd6c 6e3f6b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.504s Main 6faadd70 414d328f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.504s Main 6faadd74 6faadd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.504s Main 6faadd78 00000003 I 2.504s Main 6faadd7c 41532d88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.504s Main 6faadd80 00000000 I 2.504s Main 6faadd84 414779f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.504s Main 6faadd88 6e3f6b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.504s Main 6faadd8c 4005d0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.504s Main 6faadd90 00000000 I 2.504s Main 6faadd94 414779f4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.504s Main 6faadd98 414779e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.505s Main 6faadd9c 45d74154 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.505s Main 6faadda0 6faaddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.505s Main 6faadda4 41532d88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.505s Main 6faadda8 414d31ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.505s Main 6faaddac 6e3f6b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.505s Main 6faaddb0 414d31ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.505s Main 6faaddb4 4005d174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.505s Main 6faaddb8 6e3f6b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.505s Main 6faaddbc 41532d88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.505s Main 6faaddc0 6faaddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.505s Main 6faaddc4 0000000d I 2.505s Main 6faaddc8 00000078 I 2.505s Main 6faaddcc 4005d30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.505s Main 6faaddd0 6faaddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.505s Main 6faaddd4 41532d88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.505s Main 6faaddd8 00000000 I 2.505s Main 6faadddc 00000000 I 2.505s Main 6faadde0 00000000 I 2.505s Main 6faadde4 45d74154 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.505s Main 6faadde8 00000000 I 2.505s Main 6faaddec 00000000 I 2.505s Main 6faaddf0 00000000 I 2.505s Main 6faaddf4 00000000 I 2.505s Main 6faaddf8 00000000 I 2.505s Main 6faaddfc 00000000 I 2.506s Main 6faade00 00000000 I 2.506s Main 6faade04 00000000 I 2.506s Main 6faade08 00000000 I 2.506s Main 6faade0c 6e3f6b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.506s Main I 2.506s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.506s Main I 2.506s Main I 2.506s Main pid: 559, tid: 615, name: FinalizerDaemon I 2.506s Main r0 6e3f7310 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.506s Main r4 6e3f7310 r5 6e3f7300 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.506s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3ee2b0 sl 00000000 fp 4154d4a0 I 2.506s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fbb1bc8 lr 4005eec8 pc 40071904 I 2.506s Main I 2.506s Main Stack Trace: I 2.506s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.506s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.506s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.506s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.506s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.506s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.506s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.506s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.506s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.507s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.507s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.507s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.507s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.507s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.507s Main I 2.507s Main Stack Data: I 2.507s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.507s Main 6fbb1b88 0000002b I 2.507s Main 6fbb1b8c 00000058 I 2.507s Main 6fbb1b90 6d3e1cd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.507s Main 6fbb1b94 40060e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.507s Main 6fbb1b98 00000020 I 2.507s Main 6fbb1b9c 00002004 I 2.507s Main 6fbb1ba0 00000021 I 2.507s Main 6fbb1ba4 00000020 I 2.507s Main 6fbb1ba8 00000020 I 2.507s Main 6fbb1bac 41538718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.507s Main 6fbb1bb0 00000001 I 2.507s Main 6fbb1bb4 4149bd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.507s Main 6fbb1bb8 6e3f7310 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.507s Main 6fbb1bbc 6e3f7300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.507s Main 6fbb1bc0 00000000 I 2.507s Main 6fbb1bc4 4005eeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.507s Main 6fbb1bc8 00000000 I 2.508s Main 6fbb1bc8 00000000 I 2.508s Main 6fbb1bcc 6e3f7300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.508s Main 6fbb1bd0 6e3f7310 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.508s Main 6fbb1bd4 6e3f6f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.508s Main 6fbb1bd8 6d3e1cd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.508s Main 6fbb1bdc 4005ef28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.508s Main 6fbb1be0 6e3f7300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.508s Main 6fbb1be4 00000000 I 2.508s Main 6fbb1be8 6e3f7300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.508s Main 6fbb1bec 6e3f7300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.508s Main 6fbb1bf0 00000000 I 2.508s Main 6fbb1bf4 414d0d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.508s Main 6fbb1bf8 6e3f6f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.508s Main 6fbb1bfc 6d3e1cd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.508s Main 6fbb1c00 6fab3f10 I 2.508s Main 6fbb1c04 6fab3f14 I 2.508s Main 6fbb1c08 41538718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.508s Main 6fbb1c0c 41533890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.508s Main 6fbb1c10 4149bd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.508s Main 6fbb1c14 00000000 I 2.508s Main 6fbb1c18 6fab3efc I 2.508s Main 6fbb1c1c 414e5655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.508s Main 6fbb1c20 00000000 I 2.508s Main 6fbb1c24 00000001 I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c28 00000000 I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c2c 00000000 I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c30 6e478ea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c34 6fab3f34 I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c38 6e3f6f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c3c 414a4fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c40 00000000 I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c44 6e3f6f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c48 414abf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c4c 00000000 I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c50 6fbb1d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c54 6e3f6f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c58 6fbb1c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c5c 6d3f2eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c60 4154d4a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c64 414abfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c68 00000000 I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c6c 00000000 I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c70 00000000 I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c74 00000000 I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c78 00000000 I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c7c fffffea0 I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c80 414abf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c84 414a963c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.509s Main 6fbb1c88 00000000 I 2.510s Main 6fbb1c8c 00000000 I 2.510s Main 6fbb1c90 00000000 I 2.510s Main 6fbb1c94 00000000 I 2.510s Main 6fbb1c98 6fab3fe4 I 2.510s Main 6fbb1c9c 00000000 I 2.510s Main 6fbb1ca0 00000000 I 2.510s Main 6fbb1ca4 00000000 I 2.510s Main 6fbb1ca8 00000000 I 2.510s Main 6fbb1cac 00000000 I 2.510s Main 6fbb1cb0 00000000 I 2.510s Main 6fbb1cb4 00000000 I 2.510s Main 6fbb1cb8 00000000 I 2.510s Main 6fbb1cbc 00000000 I 2.510s Main 6fbb1cc0 00000000 I 2.510s Main 6fbb1cc4 00000000 I 2.510s Main 6fbb1d18 0000001d I 2.510s Main 6fbb1d1c 0000001c I 2.510s Main 6fbb1d20 0000001c I 2.510s Main 6fbb1d24 6e3f6f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.510s Main 6fbb1d28 4009e384 I 2.510s Main 6fbb1d2c 414edad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.510s Main 6fbb1d30 6fab4000 I 2.510s Main 6fbb1d34 6fbb1d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.510s Main 6fbb1d38 4152d1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d3c 4009e384 I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d40 4152d500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d44 4152d4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d48 6fab4000 I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d4c bee92e3c [stack] I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d50 4009c2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d54 414de5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d58 6fbb1d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d5c 6fbb1d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d60 6e3f6f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d64 6fbb1d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d68 4009e384 I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d6c 6e3f6f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d70 414d328f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d74 6fbb1d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d78 00000003 I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d7c 6e3f73c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d80 00000000 I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-1 I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d90 006e6f6d I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d94 6fbb1d93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d98 6fbb1d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.511s Main 6fbb1d9c 45d74154 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.512s Main 6fbb1da0 6fbb1dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.512s Main 6fbb1da4 6e3f73c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.512s Main 6fbb1da8 414d31ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.512s Main 6fbb1dac 6e3f6f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.512s Main 6fbb1db0 414d31ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.512s Main 6fbb1db4 4005d174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.512s Main 6fbb1db8 6e3f6f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.512s Main 6fbb1dbc 6e3f73c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.512s Main 6fbb1dc0 6fbb1dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.512s Main 6fbb1dc4 0000000d I 2.512s Main 6fbb1dc8 00000078 I 2.512s Main 6fbb1dcc 4005d30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.512s Main 6fbb1dd0 6fbb1dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.512s Main 6fbb1dd4 6e3f73c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.512s Main 6fbb1dd8 00000000 I 2.512s Main 6fbb1ddc 00000000 I 2.512s Main 6fbb1de0 00000000 I 2.512s Main 6fbb1de4 45d74154 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.512s Main 6fbb1de8 00000000 I 2.512s Main 6fbb1dec 00000000 I 2.512s Main 6fbb1df0 00000000 I 2.512s Main 6fbb1df4 00000000 I 2.512s Main 6fbb1df8 00000000 I 2.512s Main 6fbb1dfc 00000000 I 2.513s Main 6fbb1e00 00000000 I 2.513s Main 6fbb1e04 00000000 I 2.513s Main 6fbb1e08 00000000 I 2.513s Main 6fbb1e0c 6e3f6f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.513s Main I 2.513s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.513s Main I 2.513s Main I 2.513s Main pid: 559, tid: 616, name: FinalizerWatchd I 2.513s Main r0 6e3f7bb8 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.513s Main r4 6e3f7bb8 r5 6e3f7ba8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.513s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3ee2b0 sl 00000000 fp 4154d740 I 2.513s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fcb5bc8 lr 4005eec8 pc 40071904 I 2.513s Main I 2.513s Main Stack Trace: I 2.513s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.513s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.513s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.513s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.513s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.513s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.513s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.513s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.513s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.513s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.514s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.514s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.514s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.514s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.514s Main I 2.514s Main Stack Data: I 2.514s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.514s Main 6fcb5b88 6d3e1f98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.514s Main 6fcb5b8c 6d3e1d10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.514s Main 6fcb5b90 6d3e1f78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.514s Main 6fcb5b94 40060e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.514s Main 6fcb5b98 00000020 I 2.514s Main 6fcb5b9c 00002004 I 2.514s Main 6fcb5ba0 00000021 I 2.514s Main 6fcb5ba4 00000020 I 2.514s Main 6fcb5ba8 00000020 I 2.514s Main 6fcb5bac 4154d730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.514s Main 6fcb5bb0 00000001 I 2.514s Main 6fcb5bb4 4149bd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.514s Main 6fcb5bb8 6e3f7bb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.514s Main 6fcb5bbc 6e3f7ba8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.514s Main 6fcb5bc0 00000000 I 2.514s Main 6fcb5bc4 4005eeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.514s Main 6fcb5bc8 00000000 I 2.515s Main 6fcb5bc8 00000000 I 2.515s Main 6fcb5bcc 6e3f7ba8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.515s Main 6fcb5bd0 6e3f7bb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.515s Main 6fcb5bd4 6e3f7818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.515s Main 6fcb5bd8 6d3e1f78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.515s Main 6fcb5bdc 4005ef28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.515s Main 6fcb5be0 6e3f7ba8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.515s Main 6fcb5be4 00000000 I 2.515s Main 6fcb5be8 6e3f7ba8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.515s Main 6fcb5bec 6e3f7ba8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.515s Main 6fcb5bf0 00000000 I 2.515s Main 6fcb5bf4 414d0d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.515s Main 6fcb5bf8 6e3f7818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.515s Main 6fcb5bfc 6d3e1f78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.515s Main 6fcb5c00 6fbb7f54 I 2.515s Main 6fcb5c04 6fbb7f58 I 2.515s Main 6fcb5c08 4154d730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.515s Main 6fcb5c0c 41533890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.515s Main 6fcb5c10 4149bd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.515s Main 6fcb5c14 00000000 I 2.515s Main 6fcb5c18 6fbb7f40 I 2.515s Main 6fcb5c1c 414e5655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.515s Main 6fcb5c20 00000000 I 2.515s Main 6fcb5c24 00000001 I 2.515s Main 6fcb5c28 00000000 I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c2c 00000000 I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c30 6e478e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c34 6fbb7f78 I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c38 6e3f7818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c3c 414a4fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c40 00000000 I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c44 6e3f7818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c48 414abf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c4c 00000000 I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c50 6fcb5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c54 6e3f7818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c58 6fcb5c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c5c 6d3f2eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c60 4154d740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c64 414abfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c68 00000000 I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c6c 00000000 I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c70 00000000 I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c74 00000000 I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c78 00000000 I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c7c fffffea0 I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c80 414abf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c84 414a963c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c88 00000000 I 2.516s Main 6fcb5c8c 00000000 I 2.517s Main 6fcb5c90 00000000 I 2.517s Main 6fcb5c94 00000000 I 2.517s Main 6fcb5c98 6fbb7fe4 I 2.517s Main 6fcb5c9c 00000000 I 2.517s Main 6fcb5ca0 00000000 I 2.517s Main 6fcb5ca4 00000000 I 2.517s Main 6fcb5ca8 00000000 I 2.517s Main 6fcb5cac 00000000 I 2.517s Main 6fcb5cb0 00000000 I 2.517s Main 6fcb5cb4 00000000 I 2.517s Main 6fcb5cb8 00000000 I 2.517s Main 6fcb5cbc 00000000 I 2.517s Main 6fcb5cc0 00000000 I 2.517s Main 6fcb5cc4 00000000 I 2.517s Main 6fcb5d18 0000001d I 2.517s Main 6fcb5d1c 0000001c I 2.517s Main 6fcb5d20 0000001c I 2.517s Main 6fcb5d24 6e3f7818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.517s Main 6fcb5d28 4009e384 I 2.517s Main 6fcb5d2c 414edad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.517s Main 6fcb5d30 6fbb8000 I 2.517s Main 6fcb5d34 6fcb5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.517s Main 6fcb5d38 4152d1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.517s Main 6fcb5d3c 4009e384 I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d40 4152d500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d44 4152d4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d48 6fbb8000 I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d4c bee92e3c [stack] I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d50 4009c2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d54 414de5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d58 6fcb5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d5c 6fcb5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d60 6e3f7818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d64 6fcb5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d68 4009e384 I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d6c 6e3f7818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d70 414d328f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d74 6fcb5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d78 00000003 I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d7c 6e3f7c70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d80 00000000 I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d84 41477a10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d88 6e3f7818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d8c 4005d0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d90 00000000 I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d94 41477a0f <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d98 414779f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.518s Main 6fcb5d9c 45d74154 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.518s Main 6fcb5da0 6fcb5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.519s Main 6fcb5da4 6e3f7c70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.519s Main 6fcb5da8 414d31ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.519s Main 6fcb5dac 6e3f7818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.519s Main 6fcb5db0 414d31ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.519s Main 6fcb5db4 4005d174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.519s Main 6fcb5db8 6e3f7818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.519s Main 6fcb5dbc 6e3f7c70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.519s Main 6fcb5dc0 6fcb5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.519s Main 6fcb5dc4 0000000d I 2.519s Main 6fcb5dc8 00000078 I 2.519s Main 6fcb5dcc 4005d30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.519s Main 6fcb5dd0 6fcb5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.519s Main 6fcb5dd4 6e3f7c70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.519s Main 6fcb5dd8 00000000 I 2.519s Main 6fcb5ddc 00000000 I 2.519s Main 6fcb5de0 00000000 I 2.519s Main 6fcb5de4 45d74154 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.519s Main 6fcb5de8 00000000 I 2.519s Main 6fcb5dec 00000000 I 2.519s Main 6fcb5df0 00000000 I 2.519s Main 6fcb5df4 00000000 I 2.519s Main 6fcb5df8 00000000 I 2.519s Main 6fcb5dfc 00000000 I 2.519s Main 6fcb5e00 00000000 I 2.520s Main 6fcb5e04 00000000 I 2.520s Main 6fcb5e08 00000000 I 2.520s Main 6fcb5e0c 6e3f7818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.520s Main I 2.520s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.520s Main I 2.520s Main I 2.520s Main pid: 559, tid: 617, name: GC I 2.520s Main r0 4147d3d4 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.520s Main r4 4147d3d4 r5 4147d3d0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.520s Main r8 4152f100 r9 4152f100 sl 4147d3c8 fp 4009c2ec I 2.520s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fdb5d40 lr 4005eec8 pc 40071904 I 2.520s Main I 2.520s Main Stack Trace: I 2.520s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.520s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.520s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.520s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.520s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.520s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.520s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.520s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.520s Main I 2.520s Main Stack Data: I 2.520s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d00 00000000 I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d04 6fdb5ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:617] I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d08 6fdb5cb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:617] I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d0c 00000018 I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d10 6d3f266c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d14 6fdb5d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:617] I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d18 4152d1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d1c 6e3f89f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d20 4154d940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d24 4154d9b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d28 4154d940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d2c 400732d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d30 4147d3d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d34 4147d3d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d38 00000000 I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d3c 4005eeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d40 00000000 I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d40 00000000 I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d44 4147d3d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d48 4147d3d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d4c 00000000 I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d50 4152f100 I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d54 4005ef28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.521s Main 6fdb5d58 41528c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.522s Main 6fdb5d5c 4152d1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.522s Main 6fdb5d60 bee92f10 [stack] I 2.522s Main 6fdb5d64 41528c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.522s Main 6fdb5d68 4152d1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.522s Main 6fdb5d6c 414f0783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.522s Main 6fdb5d70 00000000 I 2.522s Main 6fdb5d74 00000000 I 2.522s Main 6fdb5d78 414f0735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.522s Main 6fdb5d7c 6d3e1ca0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.522s Main 6fdb5d80 4152d1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.522s Main 6fdb5d84 bee92f10 [stack] I 2.522s Main 6fdb5d88 6d3e1ca0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.522s Main 6fdb5d8c 414d2921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.522s Main 6fdb5d90 6fcb8000 I 2.522s Main 6fdb5d94 414d296f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.522s Main 6fdb5d98 6d3e1ca0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.522s Main 6fdb5d9c 00010002 I 2.522s Main 6fdb5da0 6d3e1cc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.522s Main 6fdb5da4 41542880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.522s Main 6fdb5da8 6fdb5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:617] I 2.522s Main 6fdb5dac 6e3f8148 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.522s Main 6fdb5db0 414d2921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.522s Main 6fdb5db4 4005d174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.522s Main 6fdb5db8 6d3e1ca0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.522s Main 6fdb5dbc 6e3f8148 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.523s Main 6fdb5dc0 6fdb5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:617] I 2.523s Main 6fdb5dc4 0000000d I 2.523s Main 6fdb5dc8 00000078 I 2.523s Main 6fdb5dcc 4005d30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.523s Main 6fdb5dd0 6fdb5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:617] I 2.523s Main 6fdb5dd4 6e3f8148 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.523s Main 6fdb5dd8 00000000 I 2.523s Main 6fdb5ddc 00000000 I 2.523s Main 6fdb5de0 00000000 I 2.523s Main 6fdb5de4 45d74154 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.523s Main 6fdb5de8 00000000 I 2.523s Main 6fdb5dec 00000000 I 2.523s Main 6fdb5df0 00000000 I 2.523s Main 6fdb5df4 00000000 I 2.523s Main 6fdb5df8 00000000 I 2.523s Main 6fdb5dfc 00000000 I 2.523s Main 6fdb5e00 00000000 I 2.523s Main 6fdb5e04 00000000 I 2.523s Main 6fdb5e08 00000000 I 2.523s Main 6fdb5e0c 6e3f8390 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.523s Main I 2.523s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.523s Main I 2.523s Main I 2.524s Main pid: 559, tid: 618, name: Signal Catcher I 2.524s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 2.524s Main r4 6feb9d08 r5 6feb9d48 r6 bee92f20 r7 000000b1 I 2.524s Main r8 6e3f8cd8 r9 41528c74 sl 4152d694 fp 4150ccdc I 2.524s Main ip 6feb9d44 sp 6feb9d08 lr 40063351 pc 40071170 I 2.524s Main I 2.524s Main Stack Trace: I 2.524s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.524s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.524s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.524s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.524s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.524s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.524s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.524s Main I 2.524s Main Stack Data: I 2.524s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.524s Main 6feb9cc8 00000000 I 2.524s Main 6feb9ccc 00000000 I 2.524s Main 6feb9cd0 00000000 I 2.524s Main 6feb9cd4 00000000 I 2.524s Main 6feb9cd8 6feb9d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:618] I 2.524s Main 6feb9cdc 00000000 I 2.524s Main 6feb9ce0 6e3f8cd8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.524s Main 6feb9ce4 6febffc4 I 2.525s Main 6feb9ce8 00000000 I 2.525s Main 6feb9cec 6feb9d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:618] I 2.525s Main 6feb9cf0 00000000 I 2.525s Main 6feb9cf4 414de58b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.525s Main 6feb9cf8 4150e239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.525s Main 6feb9cfc 00000000 I 2.525s Main 6feb9d00 00000000 I 2.525s Main 6feb9d04 6feb9ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:618] I 2.525s Main 6feb9d08 00000204 I 2.525s Main 6feb9d08 00000204 I 2.525s Main 6feb9d0c 00000000 I 2.525s Main 6feb9d10 fffffea0 I 2.525s Main 6feb9d14 6d3e1fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.525s Main 6feb9d18 4152d1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.525s Main 6feb9d1c 414cff57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.525s Main 6feb9d20 4154da20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.525s Main 6feb9d24 4154da90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.525s Main 6feb9d28 4154da20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.525s Main 6feb9d2c 400732d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.525s Main 6feb9d30 6e3f9044 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.525s Main 6feb9d34 414cf9a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.525s Main 6feb9d38 6e3f8cd8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.525s Main 6feb9d3c 414d394b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.525s Main 6feb9d40 4154da90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.526s Main 6feb9d44 00000204 I 2.526s Main 6feb9d48 00000004 I 2.526s Main 6feb9d4c 6e3f8cd8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.526s Main 6feb9d50 4152d1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.526s Main 6feb9d54 414d1e11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.526s Main 6feb9d58 41542880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.526s Main 6feb9d5c 4154da90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.526s Main 6feb9d98 6d3e1fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.526s Main 6feb9d9c 00010002 I 2.526s Main 6feb9da0 6e3f8a78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.526s Main 6feb9da4 41542880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.526s Main 6feb9da8 6feb9dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:618] I 2.526s Main 6feb9dac 6e3f8a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.526s Main 6feb9db0 414d2921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.526s Main 6feb9db4 4005d174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.526s Main 6feb9db8 6d3e1fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.526s Main 6feb9dbc 6e3f8a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.526s Main 6feb9dc0 6feb9dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:618] I 2.526s Main 6feb9dc4 0000000d I 2.526s Main 6feb9dc8 00000078 I 2.526s Main 6feb9dcc 4005d30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.526s Main 6feb9dd0 6feb9dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:618] I 2.526s Main 6feb9dd4 6e3f8a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.526s Main 6feb9dd8 00000000 I 2.526s Main 6feb9ddc 00000000 I 2.527s Main 6feb9de0 00000000 I 2.527s Main 6feb9de4 45d74154 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.527s Main 6feb9de8 00000000 I 2.527s Main 6feb9dec 00000000 I 2.527s Main 6feb9df0 00000000 I 2.527s Main 6feb9df4 00000000 I 2.527s Main 6feb9df8 00000000 I 2.527s Main 6feb9dfc 00000000 I 2.527s Main 6feb9e00 00000000 I 2.527s Main 6feb9e04 00000000 I 2.527s Main 6feb9e08 00000000 I 2.527s Main 6feb9e0c 6e3f8cd8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.527s Main I 2.527s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.527s Main I 2.527s Main I 2.527s Main pid: 559, tid: 619, name: JDWP I 2.527s Main r0 00000008 r1 6ffbdd10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 2.527s Main r4 6e3f9498 r5 4009e384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 2.527s Main r8 6e3fb4b8 r9 000003e8 sl 6e3f9434 fp 4009c2ec I 2.527s Main ip 6e3fb498 sp 6ffbdcf8 lr 414df087 pc 400713d8 I 2.527s Main I 2.527s Main Stack Trace: I 2.527s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.528s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.528s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.528s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.528s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.528s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.528s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.528s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.528s Main I 2.528s Main Stack Data: I 2.528s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.528s Main 6ffbdcb8 6e3fb498 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.528s Main 6ffbdcbc 6e3fb4b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.528s Main 6ffbdcc0 000003e8 I 2.528s Main 6ffbdcc4 6e3f9434 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.528s Main 6ffbdcc8 4009c2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.528s Main 6ffbdccc 40076159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.528s Main 6ffbdcd0 00000000 I 2.528s Main 6ffbdcd4 00000000 I 2.528s Main 6ffbdcd8 6ffbdd4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:619] I 2.528s Main 6ffbdcdc 00000000 I 2.528s Main 6ffbdce0 00000000 I 2.528s Main 6ffbdce4 6ffc3fc4 I 2.528s Main 6ffbdce8 00004000 I 2.528s Main 6ffbdcec 6ffbdd54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:619] I 2.528s Main 6ffbdcf0 00000000 I 2.529s Main 6ffbdcf4 00000000 I 2.529s Main 6ffbdcf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[vectors] I 2.529s Main 6ffbdcf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[vectors] I 2.529s Main 6ffbdcfc 6ffbdd50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:619] I 2.529s Main 6ffbdd00 00000004 I 2.529s Main 6ffbdd04 21fbdca8 I 2.529s Main 6ffbdd08 6ffbdd07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:619] I 2.529s Main 6ffbdd0c 00000001 I 2.529s Main 6ffbdd10 00000000 I 2.529s Main 6ffbdd14 00000000 I 2.529s Main 6ffbdd18 6ffbdd08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:619] I 2.529s Main 6ffbdd1c 00000001 I 2.529s Main 6ffbdd20 6ffbdd2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:619] I 2.529s Main 6ffbdd24 00000010 I 2.529s Main 6ffbdd28 00000000 I 2.529s Main 6ffbdd2c 00000010 I 2.529s Main 6ffbdd30 00000001 I 2.529s Main 6ffbdd34 00000001 I 2.529s Main 6ffbdd50 66323230 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.529s Main 6ffbdd54 414df100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.529s Main 6ffbdd58 00000001 I 2.529s Main 6ffbdd5c 6e3f93e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.529s Main 6ffbdd60 6e3f9428 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.529s Main 6ffbdd64 bee92f00 [stack] I 2.530s Main 6ffbdd68 6e3fb530 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.530s Main 6ffbdd6c 415177c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.530s Main 6ffbdd70 41518910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.530s Main 6ffbdd74 414e1f89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.530s Main 6ffbdd78 00000000 I 2.530s Main 6ffbdd7c 6e3fb530 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.530s Main 6ffbdd80 4152d1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.530s Main 6ffbdd84 bee92f00 [stack] I 2.530s Main 6ffbdd88 6e3fb530 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.530s Main 6ffbdd8c 414d2921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.530s Main 6ffbdd90 6fec0000 I 2.530s Main 6ffbdd94 414d296f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.530s Main 6ffbdd98 6e3fb530 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.530s Main 6ffbdd9c 00010002 I 2.530s Main 6ffbdda0 6d3e1d18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.530s Main 6ffbdda4 41542880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.530s Main 6ffbdda8 6ffbddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:619] I 2.530s Main 6ffbddac 6e3fb550 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.530s Main 6ffbddb0 414d2921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.530s Main 6ffbddb4 4005d174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.530s Main 6ffbddb8 6e3fb530 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.530s Main 6ffbddbc 6e3fb550 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.530s Main 6ffbddc0 6ffbddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:619] I 2.530s Main 6ffbddc4 0000000d I 2.530s Main 6ffbddc8 00000078 I 2.531s Main 6ffbddcc 4005d30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.531s Main 6ffbddd0 6ffbddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:619] I 2.531s Main 6ffbddd4 6e3fb550 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.531s Main 6ffbddd8 00000000 I 2.531s Main 6ffbdddc 00000000 I 2.531s Main 6ffbdde0 00000000 I 2.531s Main 6ffbdde4 45d74154 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.531s Main 6ffbdde8 00000000 I 2.531s Main 6ffbddec 00000000 I 2.531s Main 6ffbddf0 00000000 I 2.531s Main 6ffbddf4 00000000 I 2.531s Main 6ffbddf8 00000000 I 2.531s Main 6ffbddfc 00000000 I 2.531s Main 6ffbde00 00000000 I 2.531s Main 6ffbde04 00000000 I 2.531s Main 6ffbde08 00000000 I 2.531s Main 6ffbde0c 6e3fb798 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.531s Main I 2.531s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.531s Main I 2.531s Main I 2.531s Main pid: 559, tid: 620, name: Compiler I 2.531s Main r0 4152d704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.531s Main r4 4152d704 r5 4152d6fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.531s Main r8 414d2921 r9 6ffc4000 sl 4152d6f8 fp 4009c2ec I 2.532s Main ip 00000000 sp 700c1c10 lr 4005eec8 pc 40071904 I 2.532s Main I 2.532s Main Stack Trace: I 2.532s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.532s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.532s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.532s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.532s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.532s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.532s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.532s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.532s Main I 2.532s Main Stack Data: I 2.532s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.532s Main 700c1bd0 00000000 I 2.532s Main 700c1bd4 00000000 I 2.532s Main 700c1bd8 4152d1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.532s Main 700c1bdc 00000000 I 2.532s Main 700c1be0 00000000 I 2.532s Main 700c1be4 00000000 I 2.532s Main 700c1be8 41513f31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.532s Main 700c1bec 414d2bc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.532s Main 700c1bf0 fffffe0c I 2.532s Main 700c1bf4 6e3f6b18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.533s Main 700c1bf8 6e3f6b40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.533s Main 700c1bfc ffffffef I 2.533s Main 700c1c00 4152d704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.533s Main 700c1c04 4152d6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.533s Main 700c1c08 00000000 I 2.533s Main 700c1c0c 4005eeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.533s Main 700c1c10 00000000 I 2.533s Main 700c1c10 00000000 I 2.533s Main 700c1c14 4152d6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.533s Main 700c1c18 4152d704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.533s Main 700c1c1c 6e3fed30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.533s Main 700c1c20 00001000 I 2.533s Main 700c1c24 4005ef28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.533s Main 700c1c28 4152d6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.533s Main 700c1c2c 7023f008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.533s Main 700c1c30 4150ccdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.533s Main 700c1c34 4152d6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.533s Main 700c1c38 7023f008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.533s Main 700c1c3c 414f1d03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.533s Main 700c1c40 700c1d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:620] I 2.533s Main 700c1c44 414abfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.533s Main 700c1c48 00000000 I 2.533s Main 700c1c4c 41528c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.533s Main 700c1c50 4151d901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.533s Main 700c1c54 4150ccdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.534s Main 700c1c58 00000000 I 2.534s Main 700c1c5c fffffea0 I 2.534s Main 700c1c60 414abf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.534s Main 700c1c64 414a963c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.534s Main 700c1c68 00000000 I 2.534s Main 700c1c6c 00000000 I 2.534s Main 700c1c70 00000000 I 2.534s Main 700c1c74 00000000 I 2.534s Main 700c1c78 700c7fa0 I 2.534s Main 700c1c7c 00000000 I 2.534s Main 700c1d98 6e3fbea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.534s Main 700c1d9c 00010002 I 2.534s Main 700c1da0 41532fd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.534s Main 700c1da4 41542880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.534s Main 700c1da8 700c1dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:620] I 2.534s Main 700c1dac 6e3fbec0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.534s Main 700c1db0 414d2921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.534s Main 700c1db4 4005d174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.534s Main 700c1db8 6e3fbea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.534s Main 700c1dbc 6e3fbec0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.534s Main 700c1dc0 700c1dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:620] I 2.534s Main 700c1dc4 0000000d I 2.534s Main 700c1dc8 00000078 I 2.534s Main 700c1dcc 4005d30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.535s Main 700c1dd0 700c1dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[stack:620] I 2.535s Main 700c1dd4 6e3fbec0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.535s Main 700c1dd8 00000000 I 2.535s Main 700c1ddc 00000000 I 2.535s Main 700c1de0 00000000 I 2.535s Main 700c1de4 45d74154 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.535s Main 700c1de8 00000000 I 2.535s Main 700c1dec 00000000 I 2.535s Main 700c1df0 00000000 I 2.535s Main 700c1df4 00000000 I 2.535s Main 700c1df8 00000000 I 2.535s Main 700c1dfc 00000000 I 2.535s Main 700c1e00 00000000 I 2.535s Main 700c1e04 00000000 I 2.535s Main 700c1e08 00000000 I 2.535s Main 700c1e0c 6e3fc108 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.535s Main I 2.535s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.535s Main I 2.535s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 2.535s Main I 2.535s Main Stack Trace: I 2.535s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.535s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.535s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.536s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.536s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.536s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.536s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.536s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.536s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.536s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.536s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.536s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.536s Main I 2.536s Main Stack Data: I 2.536s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.536s Main 88270786 49901976 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpVEDNsq/w/src/259 I 2.536s Main I 2.536s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.536s Main I 2.536s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x0000022f (code=-6), thread 559 (app_process)