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/b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/build/android/ -a -s -w --adb-path /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/third_party/android_tools/sdk/platform-tools/adb in dir /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w: allow_subannotations: False base_name: 'stack_tool_for_tombstones' cmd: ['/b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/build/android/', '-a', '-s', '-w', '--adb-path', '/b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/third_party/android_tools/sdk/platform-tools/adb'] env: {'CHROMIUM_OUTPUT_DIR': '/b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug', 'PATH': '/b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/third_party/android_tools/sdk/platform-tools:/b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/build/android:%(PATH)s'} env_prefixes: {'PATH': '/b/cipd_client:/b/cipd_path_tools:/b/cipd_path_tools/bin'} env_suffixes: {} infra_step: True name: 'stack_tool_for_tombstones' nest_level: 0 ok_ret: frozenset([0]) trigger_specs: () full environment: AWS_CREDENTIAL_FILE: /b/build/site_config/.boto BOTO_CONFIG: /b/build/site_config/.boto BUILDBOT_BLAMELIST: [u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u''] BUILDBOT_BRANCH: master BUILDBOT_BUILDBOTURL: BUILDBOT_BUILDERNAME: Android Cronet Builder (dbg) BUILDBOT_BUILDNUMBER: 11927 BUILDBOT_CLOBBER: BUILDBOT_GOT_REVISION: None BUILDBOT_MASTERNAME: BUILDBOT_REVISION: a67484f8b007ffa9c8bdf9e30a9b4de23241b91d BUILDBOT_SCHEDULER: chromium_commits BUILDBOT_SLAVENAME: build69-b1 CHROME_HEADLESS: 1 CHROMIUM_OUTPUT_DIR: /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug CIPD_CACHE_DIR: /b/c/cipd DISPLAY: :0.0 GIT_USER_AGENT: git/2.11.0 linux2 HOME: /home/chrome-bot INFRA_BUILDBOT_MASTER_CLASS_NAME: ChromiumAndroid INFRA_BUILDBOT_SLAVE_ACTIVE_SUBDIR: INFRA_BUILDBOT_SLAVE_NAME: build69-b1 LANG: en_US.UTF-8 LOGDOG_COORDINATOR_HOST: LOGDOG_STREAM_PREFIX: bb/ LOGDOG_STREAM_PROJECT: chromium LOGDOG_STREAM_SERVER_PATH: unix:/b/build/rr/tmpH2ScSd/butler.sock LOGNAME: chrome-bot PAGER: cat PATH: /b/cipd_client:/b/cipd_path_tools:/b/cipd_path_tools/bin:/b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/third_party/android_tools/sdk/platform-tools:/b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/build/android:/b/cipd_path_tools:/b/cipd_path_tools/bin:/b/cipd_client:/home/chrome-bot/slavebin:/b/depot_tools:/usr/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin PWD: /b/build/slave/Android_Cronet_Builder__dbg_/build PYTHONIOENCODING: UTF-8 PYTHONUNBUFFERED: 1 SHELL: /bin/bash USER: chrome-bot VPYTHON_VIRTUALENV_ROOT: /b/c/vpython I 0.004s TimeoutThread-1-for-MainThread condition '<lambda>' met (0.0s) I 1.009s Thread-2 tombstone_00 created on 1971-10-18 07:04:00, about this long ago: 17290 days, 1:17:46 Device: 05c34aa83444c162 I 1.010s Thread-1 tombstone_01 created on 1971-10-18 07:04:00, about this long ago: 17290 days, 1:17:46 Device: 05c34aa83444c162 I 1.010s Thread-2 Resolving... I 1.011s Thread-1 Resolving... I 1.209s Main Total time spent symbolizing: 0.38s I 1.209s Main tombstone_00 created on 1971-10-18 07:04:00, about this long ago: 17290 days, 1:17:46 Device: 05c34aa83444c162 I 1.209s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src I 1.209s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug I 1.209s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmps5bvOu I 1.209s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 1.209s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug I 1.209s Main pid: 555, tid: 555, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 1.209s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 1.209s Main r0 00000000 r1 0000022b r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 1.209s Main r4 00000006 r5 0000000d r6 0000022b r7 0000010c I 1.209s Main r8 00000004 r9 bee6bb92 sl bee6bb9e fp bee6bb86 I 1.209s Main ip 401be438 sp bee6b628 lr 40058fe5 pc 40067f90 I 1.209s Main I 1.209s Main Stack Trace: I 1.209s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.209s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.209s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.209s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.209s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.210s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.210s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.210s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.210s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.210s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.210s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.210s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.210s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.210s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.210s Main I 1.210s Main Stack Data: I 1.210s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.210s Main bee6b5e8 401b1168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.210s Main bee6b5ec 00000002 I 1.210s Main bee6b5f0 401be438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.210s Main bee6b5f4 00000004 I 1.210s Main bee6b5f8 bee6bb92 [stack] I 1.210s Main bee6b5fc bee6bb9e [stack] I 1.210s Main bee6b600 bee6bb86 [stack] I 1.210s Main bee6b604 4006c159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.210s Main bee6b608 34203020 I 1.210s Main bee6b60c 20323136 I 1.210s Main bee6b610 bee6b684 [stack] I 1.210s Main bee6b614 00000000 I 1.210s Main bee6b618 00000000 I 1.210s Main bee6b61c 37312030 I 1.210s Main bee6b620 00004000 I 1.210s Main bee6b624 bee6b692 [stack] I 1.210s Main bee6b628 00000006 I 1.210s Main bee6b62c 0000000d I 1.210s Main bee6b630 0000022b I 1.210s Main bee6b634 401be438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.210s Main bee6b638 401be438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.210s Main bee6b63c 40058fe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.210s Main bee6b640 00000006 I 1.210s Main bee6b644 00000000 I 1.210s Main bee6b648 00000002 I 1.210s Main bee6b64c 400591f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.210s Main bee6b650 bee6b65c [stack] I 1.211s Main bee6b654 40057f2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.211s Main bee6b658 00000000 I 1.211s Main bee6b65c ffffffdf I 1.211s Main bee6b660 400902c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.211s Main bee6b664 4009022c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.211s Main bee6b668 00000000 I 1.211s Main bee6b66c 4005aaef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.211s Main bee6b670 415231f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.211s Main bee6b674 415231f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.211s Main bee6b678 401b1168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.211s Main bee6b67c 40067848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.211s Main bee6b680 00000000 I 1.211s Main bee6b684 414b9ccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.211s Main bee6b688 4009e324 I 1.211s Main bee6b68c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.211s Main bee6b690 0000296c I 1.211s Main bee6b694 00000000 I 1.211s Main bee6b698 00000000 I 1.211s Main bee6b69c 00000000 I 1.211s Main bee6b6a0 00000000 I 1.211s Main bee6b6a4 00000000 I 1.211s Main bee6b6a8 00000000 I 1.211s Main bee6b6ac 00000000 I 1.211s Main bee6b6b0 00000000 I 1.211s Main bee6b6b4 00000000 I 1.211s Main bee6b6b8 00000000 I 1.211s Main bee6b6bc 00000000 I 1.211s Main bee6b6c0 00000000 I 1.211s Main bee6b6c4 00000000 I 1.211s Main bee6b898 000000c8 I 1.211s Main bee6b89c 6e3f2808 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.211s Main bee6b8a0 41471f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.211s Main bee6b8a4 00000000 I 1.211s Main bee6b8a8 000000c8 I 1.211s Main bee6b8ac 401b4560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.211s Main bee6b8b0 401b4740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.211s Main bee6b8b4 41471f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.211s Main bee6b8b8 4001d328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.211s Main bee6b8bc 40159d27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.211s Main bee6b8c0 41471f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.211s Main bee6b8c4 00000000 I 1.211s Main bee6b8c8 bee6b988 [stack] I 1.211s Main bee6b8cc 4015a015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.211s Main bee6b8d0 4001d3cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.211s Main bee6b8d4 4015aa65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.212s Main bee6b8d8 41471f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.212s Main bee6b8dc 00000000 I 1.212s Main bee6b8e0 41526004 I 1.212s Main bee6b8e4 414c1a8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.212s Main bee6b8e8 414c1abd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.212s Main bee6b8ec 414c1a95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.212s Main bee6b8f0 000000bb I 1.212s Main bee6b8f4 00000000 I 1.212s Main bee6b8f8 41471e08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.212s Main bee6b8fc 40056e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.212s Main bee6b900 000000b0 I 1.212s Main bee6b904 00000000 I 1.212s Main bee6b908 40055dcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.212s Main bee6b90c 000000a0 I 1.212s Main bee6b910 00000014 I 1.212s Main bee6b914 401b63d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.212s Main bee6b960 00000000 I 1.212s Main bee6b964 00000000 I 1.212s Main bee6b968 00000000 I 1.212s Main bee6b96c bee6ba7c [stack] I 1.212s Main bee6b970 40094384 I 1.212s Main bee6b974 4001d372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.212s Main bee6b978 4001d300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.212s Main bee6b97c 4001d37b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.212s Main bee6b980 4001d391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.212s Main bee6b984 4001d39f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.212s Main bee6b988 4001ee08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.212s Main bee6b98c 401b4520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.212s Main bee6b990 41471e18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.212s Main bee6b994 00000013 I 1.212s Main bee6b998 00000000 I 1.212s Main bee6b99c 00000008 I 1.212s Main bee6ba40 00000000 I 1.212s Main bee6ba44 00000000 I 1.212s Main bee6ba48 00000000 I 1.212s Main bee6ba4c 00000000 I 1.212s Main bee6ba50 00000000 I 1.212s Main bee6ba54 4001cd80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.212s Main bee6ba58 4001ede8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.212s Main bee6ba5c 4001edf0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.212s Main bee6ba60 4001edf8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.212s Main bee6ba64 bee6ba70 [stack] I 1.212s Main bee6ba68 00000000 I 1.212s Main bee6ba6c 40021881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 1.212s Main bee6ba70 00000005 I 1.212s Main bee6ba74 bee6bb86 [stack] I 1.212s Main bee6ba78 bee6bb92 [stack] I 1.212s Main bee6ba7c bee6bb9e [stack] I 1.212s Main bee6ba80 bee6bbb9 [stack] I 1.212s Main bee6ba84 bee6bbbe [stack] I 1.212s Main bee6ba88 00000000 I 1.212s Main bee6ba8c bee6bbc6 [stack] I 1.213s Main bee6ba90 bee6bbe0 [stack] I 1.213s Main bee6ba94 bee6bc0c [stack] I 1.213s Main I 1.213s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.213s Main I 1.213s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x0000022b (code=-6), thread 555 (app_process) I 1.213s Main I 1.213s Main pid: 555, tid: 613, name: ReferenceQueueD I 1.213s Main r0 6e3eceb8 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.213s Main r4 6e3eceb8 r5 6e3ecea8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.213s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3e42b0 sl 00000000 fp 415431d0 I 1.213s Main ip 00000000 sp 6faa3ba0 lr 40054ec8 pc 40067904 I 1.213s Main I 1.213s Main Stack Trace: I 1.213s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.213s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.213s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.213s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.213s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.213s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.213s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.213s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.213s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.213s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.213s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.213s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.213s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.213s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.213s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.213s Main I 1.213s Main Stack Data: I 1.213s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.213s Main 6faa3b60 0000002b I 1.213s Main 6faa3b64 00000158 I 1.213s Main 6faa3b68 6d3d7bd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.213s Main 6faa3b6c 40056e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.213s Main 6faa3b70 00000020 I 1.213s Main 6faa3b74 00002004 I 1.213s Main 6faa3b78 00000021 I 1.213s Main 6faa3b7c 00000020 I 1.214s Main 6faa3b80 00000020 I 1.214s Main 6faa3b84 4152e640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.214s Main 6faa3b88 00000001 I 1.214s Main 6faa3b8c 6e3ecb28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.214s Main 6faa3b90 6e3eceb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.214s Main 6faa3b94 6e3ecea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.214s Main 6faa3b98 00000000 I 1.214s Main 6faa3b9c 40054eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.214s Main 6faa3ba0 00000000 I 1.214s Main 6faa3ba0 00000000 I 1.214s Main 6faa3ba4 6e3ecea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.214s Main 6faa3ba8 6e3eceb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.214s Main 6faa3bac 6e3ecb18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.214s Main 6faa3bb0 6d3d7bd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.214s Main 6faa3bb4 40054f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.214s Main 6faa3bb8 6e3ecea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.214s Main 6faa3bbc 00000000 I 1.214s Main 6faa3bc0 6e3ecea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.214s Main 6faa3bc4 6e3ecea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.214s Main 6faa3bc8 00000000 I 1.214s Main 6faa3bcc 414c6d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.214s Main 6faa3bd0 6e3ecb18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.214s Main 6faa3bd4 6d3d7bd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.214s Main 6faa3bd8 6f9a5f74 I 1.214s Main 6faa3bdc 6f9a5f78 I 1.214s Main 6faa3be0 4152e640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.214s Main 6faa3be4 6e3ecb18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.214s Main 6faa3be8 6e3ecb28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.214s Main 6faa3bec 6f9a5f74 I 1.214s Main 6faa3bf0 4151ec74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.214s Main 6faa3bf4 414db655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.214s Main 6faa3bf8 00000000 I 1.214s Main 6faa3bfc 00000001 I 1.214s Main 6faa3c00 00000000 I 1.214s Main 6faa3c04 00000000 I 1.214s Main 6faa3c08 6d3e42b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.214s Main 6faa3c0c 41529890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.214s Main 6faa3c10 414db62f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.214s Main 6faa3c14 414c3acf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.214s Main 6faa3c18 6f9a5f74 I 1.214s Main 6faa3c1c 6e3ecb28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.214s Main 6faa3c20 6e46ee8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.214s Main 6faa3c24 6f9a5f98 I 1.214s Main 6faa3c28 6e3ecb18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.214s Main 6faa3c2c 41529890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.214s Main 6faa3c30 41491d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.214s Main 6faa3c34 00000000 I 1.214s Main 6faa3c38 6f9a5f60 I 1.214s Main 6faa3c3c 4149afe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.214s Main 6faa3c40 00000000 I 1.214s Main 6faa3c44 6e3ecb18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.214s Main 6faa3c48 414a1f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.215s Main 6faa3c4c 00000000 I 1.215s Main 6faa3c50 6faa3d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:613] I 1.215s Main 6faa3c54 6e3ecb18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.215s Main 6faa3c58 6faa3c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:613] I 1.215s Main 6faa3c5c 6d3e8eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.215s Main 6faa3c60 415431d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.215s Main 6faa3c64 414a1fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.215s Main 6faa3c68 00000000 I 1.215s Main 6faa3c6c 00000000 I 1.215s Main 6faa3c70 00000000 I 1.215s Main 6faa3c74 00000000 I 1.215s Main 6faa3c78 00000000 I 1.215s Main 6faa3c7c fffffea0 I 1.215s Main 6faa3c80 414a1f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.215s Main 6faa3c84 4149f63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.215s Main 6faa3c88 00000000 I 1.215s Main 6faa3c8c 00000000 I 1.215s Main 6faa3c90 00000000 I 1.215s Main 6faa3c94 00000000 I 1.215s Main 6faa3c98 6f9a5fe4 I 1.215s Main 6faa3c9c 00000000 I 1.215s Main 6faa3ca0 00000000 I 1.215s Main 6faa3ca4 00000000 I 1.215s Main 6faa3ca8 00000000 I 1.215s Main 6faa3cac 00000000 I 1.215s Main 6faa3cb0 00000000 I 1.215s Main 6faa3cb4 00000000 I 1.215s Main 6faa3cb8 00000000 I 1.215s Main 6faa3cbc 00000000 I 1.215s Main 6faa3cc0 00000000 I 1.215s Main 6faa3cc4 00000000 I 1.215s Main 6faa3d18 0000001d I 1.215s Main 6faa3d1c 0000001c I 1.215s Main 6faa3d20 0000001c I 1.215s Main 6faa3d24 6e3ecb18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.215s Main 6faa3d28 40094384 I 1.215s Main 6faa3d2c 414e3ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.215s Main 6faa3d30 6f9a6000 I 1.215s Main 6faa3d34 6faa3d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:613] I 1.215s Main 6faa3d38 415231f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.215s Main 6faa3d3c 40094384 I 1.215s Main 6faa3d40 41523500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.215s Main 6faa3d44 415234fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.215s Main 6faa3d48 6f9a6000 I 1.216s Main 6faa3d4c bee6ae14 [stack] I 1.216s Main 6faa3d50 400922ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.216s Main 6faa3d54 414d45a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.216s Main 6faa3d58 6faa3d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:613] I 1.216s Main 6faa3d5c 6faa3d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:613] I 1.216s Main 6faa3d60 6e3ecb18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.216s Main 6faa3d64 6faa3d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:613] I 1.216s Main 6faa3d68 40094384 I 1.216s Main 6faa3d6c 6e3ecb18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.216s Main 6faa3d70 414c928f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.216s Main 6faa3d74 6faa3d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:613] I 1.216s Main 6faa3d78 00000003 I 1.216s Main 6faa3d7c 41528d88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.216s Main 6faa3d80 00000000 I 1.216s Main 6faa3d84 4146d9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.216s Main 6faa3d88 6e3ecb18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.216s Main 6faa3d8c 400530ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.216s Main 6faa3d90 00000000 I 1.216s Main 6faa3d94 4146d9f4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.216s Main 6faa3d98 4146d9e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.216s Main 6faa3d9c 69563726 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.216s Main 6faa3da0 6faa3dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:613] I 1.216s Main 6faa3da4 41528d88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.216s Main 6faa3da8 414c91ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.216s Main 6faa3dac 6e3ecb18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.216s Main 6faa3db0 414c91ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.216s Main 6faa3db4 40053174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.216s Main 6faa3db8 6e3ecb18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.216s Main 6faa3dbc 41528d88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.216s Main 6faa3dc0 6faa3dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:613] I 1.216s Main 6faa3dc4 0000000d I 1.216s Main 6faa3dc8 00000078 I 1.216s Main 6faa3dcc 4005330c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.216s Main 6faa3dd0 6faa3dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:613] I 1.216s Main 6faa3dd4 41528d88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.216s Main 6faa3dd8 00000000 I 1.216s Main 6faa3ddc 00000000 I 1.216s Main 6faa3de0 00000000 I 1.216s Main 6faa3de4 69563726 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.216s Main 6faa3de8 00000000 I 1.216s Main 6faa3dec 00000000 I 1.216s Main 6faa3df0 00000000 I 1.217s Main 6faa3df4 00000000 I 1.217s Main 6faa3df8 00000000 I 1.217s Main 6faa3dfc 00000000 I 1.217s Main 6faa3e00 00000000 I 1.217s Main 6faa3e04 00000000 I 1.217s Main 6faa3e08 00000000 I 1.217s Main 6faa3e0c 6e3ecb18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.217s Main I 1.217s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.217s Main I 1.217s Main I 1.217s Main pid: 555, tid: 614, name: FinalizerDaemon I 1.217s Main r0 6e3ed310 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.217s Main r4 6e3ed310 r5 6e3ed300 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.217s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3e42b0 sl 00000000 fp 415434a0 I 1.217s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fba7bc8 lr 40054ec8 pc 40067904 I 1.217s Main I 1.217s Main Stack Trace: I 1.217s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.217s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.217s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.217s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.217s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.217s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.217s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.217s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.217s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.217s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.217s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.217s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.217s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.217s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.217s Main I 1.217s Main Stack Data: I 1.217s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.217s Main 6fba7b88 0000002b I 1.217s Main 6fba7b8c 00000088 I 1.217s Main 6fba7b90 6d3d7ca0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.217s Main 6fba7b94 40056e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.217s Main 6fba7b98 00000020 I 1.217s Main 6fba7b9c 00002004 I 1.217s Main 6fba7ba0 00000021 I 1.217s Main 6fba7ba4 00000020 I 1.217s Main 6fba7ba8 00000020 I 1.218s Main 6fba7bac 4152e718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.218s Main 6fba7bb0 00000001 I 1.218s Main 6fba7bb4 41491d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.218s Main 6fba7bb8 6e3ed310 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.218s Main 6fba7bbc 6e3ed300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.218s Main 6fba7bc0 00000000 I 1.218s Main 6fba7bc4 40054eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.218s Main 6fba7bc8 00000000 I 1.218s Main 6fba7bc8 00000000 I 1.218s Main 6fba7bcc 6e3ed300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.218s Main 6fba7bd0 6e3ed310 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.218s Main 6fba7bd4 6e3ecf70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.218s Main 6fba7bd8 6d3d7ca0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.218s Main 6fba7bdc 40054f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.218s Main 6fba7be0 6e3ed300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.218s Main 6fba7be4 00000000 I 1.218s Main 6fba7be8 6e3ed300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.218s Main 6fba7bec 6e3ed300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.218s Main 6fba7bf0 00000000 I 1.218s Main 6fba7bf4 414c6d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.218s Main 6fba7bf8 6e3ecf70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.218s Main 6fba7bfc 6d3d7ca0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.218s Main 6fba7c00 6faa9f10 I 1.218s Main 6fba7c04 6faa9f14 I 1.218s Main 6fba7c08 4152e718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.218s Main 6fba7c0c 41529890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.218s Main 6fba7c10 41491d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.218s Main 6fba7c14 00000000 I 1.218s Main 6fba7c18 6faa9efc I 1.219s Main 6fba7c1c 414db655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.219s Main 6fba7c20 00000000 I 1.219s Main 6fba7c24 00000001 I 1.219s Main 6fba7c28 00000000 I 1.219s Main 6fba7c2c 00000000 I 1.219s Main 6fba7c30 6e46eea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.219s Main 6fba7c34 6faa9f34 I 1.219s Main 6fba7c38 6e3ecf70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.219s Main 6fba7c3c 4149afe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.219s Main 6fba7c40 00000000 I 1.219s Main 6fba7c44 6e3ecf70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.219s Main 6fba7c48 414a1f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.219s Main 6fba7c4c 00000000 I 1.219s Main 6fba7c50 6fba7d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.219s Main 6fba7c54 6e3ecf70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.219s Main 6fba7c58 6fba7c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.219s Main 6fba7c5c 6d3e8eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.219s Main 6fba7c60 415434a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.219s Main 6fba7c64 414a1fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.219s Main 6fba7c68 00000000 I 1.219s Main 6fba7c6c 00000000 I 1.220s Main 6fba7c70 00000000 I 1.220s Main 6fba7c74 00000000 I 1.220s Main 6fba7c78 00000000 I 1.220s Main 6fba7c7c fffffea0 I 1.220s Main 6fba7c80 414a1f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.220s Main 6fba7c84 4149f63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.220s Main 6fba7c88 00000000 I 1.220s Main 6fba7c8c 00000000 I 1.220s Main 6fba7c90 00000000 I 1.220s Main 6fba7c94 00000000 I 1.220s Main 6fba7c98 6faa9fe4 I 1.220s Main 6fba7c9c 00000000 I 1.220s Main 6fba7ca0 00000000 I 1.220s Main 6fba7ca4 00000000 I 1.220s Main 6fba7ca8 00000000 I 1.220s Main 6fba7cac 00000000 I 1.220s Main 6fba7cb0 00000000 I 1.220s Main 6fba7cb4 00000000 I 1.220s Main 6fba7cb8 00000000 I 1.220s Main 6fba7cbc 00000000 I 1.221s Main 6fba7cc0 00000000 I 1.221s Main 6fba7cc4 00000000 I 1.221s Main 6fba7d18 0000001d I 1.221s Main 6fba7d1c 0000001c I 1.221s Main 6fba7d20 0000001c I 1.221s Main 6fba7d24 6e3ecf70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.221s Main 6fba7d28 40094384 I 1.221s Main 6fba7d2c 414e3ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.221s Main 6fba7d30 6faaa000 I 1.221s Main 6fba7d34 6fba7d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.221s Main 6fba7d38 415231f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.221s Main 6fba7d3c 40094384 I 1.221s Main 6fba7d40 41523500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.221s Main 6fba7d44 415234fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.221s Main 6fba7d48 6faaa000 I 1.221s Main 6fba7d4c bee6ae3c [stack] I 1.221s Main 6fba7d50 400922ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.221s Main 6fba7d54 414d45a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.221s Main 6fba7d58 6fba7d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.221s Main 6fba7d5c 6fba7d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.221s Main 6fba7d60 6e3ecf70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.221s Main 6fba7d64 6fba7d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.221s Main 6fba7d68 40094384 I 1.221s Main 6fba7d6c 6e3ecf70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.221s Main 6fba7d70 414c928f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.222s Main 6fba7d74 6fba7d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.222s Main 6fba7d78 00000003 I 1.222s Main 6fba7d7c 6e3ed3c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.222s Main 6fba7d80 00000000 I 1.222s Main 6fba7d84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-1 I 1.222s Main 6fba7d88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.222s Main 6fba7d8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.222s Main 6fba7d90 006e6f6d I 1.222s Main 6fba7d94 6fba7d93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.222s Main 6fba7d98 6fba7d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.222s Main 6fba7d9c 69563726 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.222s Main 6fba7da0 6fba7dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.222s Main 6fba7da4 6e3ed3c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.222s Main 6fba7da8 414c91ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.222s Main 6fba7dac 6e3ecf70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.222s Main 6fba7db0 414c91ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.222s Main 6fba7db4 40053174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.222s Main 6fba7db8 6e3ecf70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.222s Main 6fba7dbc 6e3ed3c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.222s Main 6fba7dc0 6fba7dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.222s Main 6fba7dc4 0000000d I 1.222s Main 6fba7dc8 00000078 I 1.222s Main 6fba7dcc 4005330c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.222s Main 6fba7dd0 6fba7dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.222s Main 6fba7dd4 6e3ed3c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.222s Main 6fba7dd8 00000000 I 1.223s Main 6fba7ddc 00000000 I 1.223s Main 6fba7de0 00000000 I 1.223s Main 6fba7de4 69563726 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.223s Main 6fba7de8 00000000 I 1.223s Main 6fba7dec 00000000 I 1.223s Main 6fba7df0 00000000 I 1.223s Main 6fba7df4 00000000 I 1.223s Main 6fba7df8 00000000 I 1.223s Main 6fba7dfc 00000000 I 1.223s Main 6fba7e00 00000000 I 1.223s Main 6fba7e04 00000000 I 1.223s Main 6fba7e08 00000000 I 1.223s Main 6fba7e0c 6e3ecf70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.223s Main I 1.223s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.223s Main I 1.223s Main I 1.223s Main pid: 555, tid: 615, name: FinalizerWatchd I 1.223s Main r0 6e3edbb8 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.223s Main r4 6e3edbb8 r5 6e3edba8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.223s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3e42b0 sl 00000000 fp 41543740 I 1.223s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fcabbc8 lr 40054ec8 pc 40067904 I 1.223s Main I 1.223s Main Stack Trace: I 1.224s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.224s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main I 1.224s Main Stack Data: I 1.224s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.224s Main 6fcabb88 6d3d7f98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.224s Main 6fcabb8c 400941c8 I 1.224s Main 6fcabb90 6d3d7f78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.224s Main 6fcabb94 40056e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.224s Main 6fcabb98 00000020 I 1.224s Main 6fcabb9c 00002004 I 1.224s Main 6fcabba0 00000021 I 1.224s Main 6fcabba4 00000020 I 1.224s Main 6fcabba8 00000020 I 1.224s Main 6fcabbac 41543730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.224s Main 6fcabbb0 00000001 I 1.224s Main 6fcabbb4 41491d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.225s Main 6fcabbb8 6e3edbb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.225s Main 6fcabbbc 6e3edba8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.225s Main 6fcabbc0 00000000 I 1.225s Main 6fcabbc4 40054eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.225s Main 6fcabbc8 00000000 I 1.225s Main 6fcabbc8 00000000 I 1.225s Main 6fcabbcc 6e3edba8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.225s Main 6fcabbd0 6e3edbb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.225s Main 6fcabbd4 6e3ed818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.225s Main 6fcabbd8 6d3d7f78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.225s Main 6fcabbdc 40054f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.225s Main 6fcabbe0 6e3edba8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.225s Main 6fcabbe4 00000000 I 1.225s Main 6fcabbe8 6e3edba8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.225s Main 6fcabbec 6e3edba8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.225s Main 6fcabbf0 00000000 I 1.225s Main 6fcabbf4 414c6d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.225s Main 6fcabbf8 6e3ed818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.225s Main 6fcabbfc 6d3d7f78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.225s Main 6fcabc00 6fbadf54 I 1.225s Main 6fcabc04 6fbadf58 I 1.225s Main 6fcabc08 41543730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.225s Main 6fcabc0c 41529890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.225s Main 6fcabc10 41491d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.225s Main 6fcabc14 00000000 I 1.225s Main 6fcabc18 6fbadf40 I 1.225s Main 6fcabc1c 414db655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.225s Main 6fcabc20 00000000 I 1.226s Main 6fcabc24 00000001 I 1.226s Main 6fcabc28 00000000 I 1.226s Main 6fcabc2c 00000000 I 1.226s Main 6fcabc30 6e46ee8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.226s Main 6fcabc34 6fbadf78 I 1.226s Main 6fcabc38 6e3ed818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.226s Main 6fcabc3c 4149afe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.226s Main 6fcabc40 00000000 I 1.226s Main 6fcabc44 6e3ed818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.226s Main 6fcabc48 414a1f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.226s Main 6fcabc4c 00000000 I 1.226s Main 6fcabc50 6fcabd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.226s Main 6fcabc54 6e3ed818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.226s Main 6fcabc58 6fcabc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.226s Main 6fcabc5c 6d3e8eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.226s Main 6fcabc60 41543740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.226s Main 6fcabc64 414a1fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.226s Main 6fcabc68 00000000 I 1.226s Main 6fcabc6c 00000000 I 1.226s Main 6fcabc70 00000000 I 1.226s Main 6fcabc74 00000000 I 1.226s Main 6fcabc78 00000000 I 1.226s Main 6fcabc7c fffffea0 I 1.226s Main 6fcabc80 414a1f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.226s Main 6fcabc84 4149f63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.226s Main 6fcabc88 00000000 I 1.226s Main 6fcabc8c 00000000 I 1.226s Main 6fcabc90 00000000 I 1.226s Main 6fcabc94 00000000 I 1.226s Main 6fcabc98 6fbadfe4 I 1.226s Main 6fcabc9c 00000000 I 1.226s Main 6fcabca0 00000000 I 1.226s Main 6fcabca4 00000000 I 1.226s Main 6fcabca8 00000000 I 1.226s Main 6fcabcac 00000000 I 1.227s Main 6fcabcb0 00000000 I 1.227s Main 6fcabcb4 00000000 I 1.227s Main 6fcabcb8 00000000 I 1.227s Main 6fcabcbc 00000000 I 1.227s Main 6fcabcc0 00000000 I 1.227s Main 6fcabcc4 00000000 I 1.227s Main 6fcabd18 0000001d I 1.227s Main 6fcabd1c 0000001c I 1.227s Main 6fcabd20 0000001c I 1.227s Main 6fcabd24 6e3ed818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.227s Main 6fcabd28 40094384 I 1.227s Main 6fcabd2c 414e3ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.227s Main 6fcabd30 6fbae000 I 1.227s Main 6fcabd34 6fcabd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.227s Main 6fcabd38 415231f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.227s Main 6fcabd3c 40094384 I 1.227s Main 6fcabd40 41523500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.227s Main 6fcabd44 415234fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.227s Main 6fcabd48 6fbae000 I 1.227s Main 6fcabd4c bee6ae3c [stack] I 1.227s Main 6fcabd50 400922ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.227s Main 6fcabd54 414d45a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.227s Main 6fcabd58 6fcabd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.227s Main 6fcabd5c 6fcabd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.227s Main 6fcabd60 6e3ed818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.227s Main 6fcabd64 6fcabd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.227s Main 6fcabd68 40094384 I 1.227s Main 6fcabd6c 6e3ed818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.227s Main 6fcabd70 414c928f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.227s Main 6fcabd74 6fcabd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.227s Main 6fcabd78 00000003 I 1.227s Main 6fcabd7c 6e3edc70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.227s Main 6fcabd80 00000000 I 1.227s Main 6fcabd84 4146da10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.227s Main 6fcabd88 6e3ed818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.227s Main 6fcabd8c 400530ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.227s Main 6fcabd90 00000000 I 1.227s Main 6fcabd94 4146da0f <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.227s Main 6fcabd98 4146d9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.227s Main 6fcabd9c 69563726 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.227s Main 6fcabda0 6fcabdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.227s Main 6fcabda4 6e3edc70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.227s Main 6fcabda8 414c91ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.227s Main 6fcabdac 6e3ed818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.227s Main 6fcabdb0 414c91ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.227s Main 6fcabdb4 40053174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.228s Main 6fcabdb8 6e3ed818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.228s Main 6fcabdbc 6e3edc70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.228s Main 6fcabdc0 6fcabdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.228s Main 6fcabdc4 0000000d I 1.228s Main 6fcabdc8 00000078 I 1.228s Main 6fcabdcc 4005330c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.228s Main 6fcabdd0 6fcabdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.228s Main 6fcabdd4 6e3edc70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.228s Main 6fcabdd8 00000000 I 1.228s Main 6fcabddc 00000000 I 1.228s Main 6fcabde0 00000000 I 1.228s Main 6fcabde4 69563726 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.228s Main 6fcabde8 00000000 I 1.228s Main 6fcabdec 00000000 I 1.228s Main 6fcabdf0 00000000 I 1.228s Main 6fcabdf4 00000000 I 1.228s Main 6fcabdf8 00000000 I 1.228s Main 6fcabdfc 00000000 I 1.228s Main 6fcabe00 00000000 I 1.228s Main 6fcabe04 00000000 I 1.228s Main 6fcabe08 00000000 I 1.228s Main 6fcabe0c 6e3ed818 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.228s Main I 1.228s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.228s Main I 1.228s Main I 1.228s Main pid: 555, tid: 616, name: GC I 1.228s Main r0 414733d4 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.228s Main r4 414733d4 r5 414733d0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.228s Main r8 41525100 r9 41525100 sl 414733c8 fp 400922ec I 1.228s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fdabd40 lr 40054ec8 pc 40067904 I 1.228s Main I 1.228s Main Stack Trace: I 1.228s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.228s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.228s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.228s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.228s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.228s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.228s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.228s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.228s Main I 1.228s Main Stack Data: I 1.228s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.228s Main 6fdabd00 00000000 I 1.228s Main 6fdabd04 6fdabca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.228s Main 6fdabd08 6fdabcb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.228s Main 6fdabd0c 00000018 I 1.228s Main 6fdabd10 6d3e866c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.229s Main 6fdabd14 6fdabd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.229s Main 6fdabd18 415231f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.229s Main 6fdabd1c 6e3ee9f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.229s Main 6fdabd20 41543940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.229s Main 6fdabd24 415439b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.229s Main 6fdabd28 41543940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.229s Main 6fdabd2c 400692d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.229s Main 6fdabd30 414733d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.229s Main 6fdabd34 414733d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.229s Main 6fdabd38 00000000 I 1.229s Main 6fdabd3c 40054eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.229s Main 6fdabd40 00000000 I 1.229s Main 6fdabd40 00000000 I 1.229s Main 6fdabd44 414733d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.229s Main 6fdabd48 414733d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.229s Main 6fdabd4c 00000000 I 1.229s Main 6fdabd50 41525100 I 1.229s Main 6fdabd54 40054f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.229s Main 6fdabd58 4151ec74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.229s Main 6fdabd5c 415231f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.229s Main 6fdabd60 bee6af10 [stack] I 1.229s Main 6fdabd64 4151ec74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.229s Main 6fdabd68 415231f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.229s Main 6fdabd6c 414e6783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.229s Main 6fdabd70 00000000 I 1.229s Main 6fdabd74 00000000 I 1.229s Main 6fdabd78 414e6735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.229s Main 6fdabd7c 6d3d7cc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.229s Main 6fdabd80 415231f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.229s Main 6fdabd84 bee6af10 [stack] I 1.229s Main 6fdabd88 6d3d7cc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.229s Main 6fdabd8c 414c8921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.229s Main 6fdabd90 6fcae000 I 1.229s Main 6fdabd94 414c896f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.229s Main 6fdabd98 6d3d7cc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.229s Main 6fdabd9c 00010002 I 1.229s Main 6fdabda0 41528fd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.229s Main 6fdabda4 41538880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.229s Main 6fdabda8 6fdabdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.229s Main 6fdabdac 6e3ee148 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.229s Main 6fdabdb0 414c8921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.229s Main 6fdabdb4 40053174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.229s Main 6fdabdb8 6d3d7cc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.229s Main 6fdabdbc 6e3ee148 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.229s Main 6fdabdc0 6fdabdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.230s Main 6fdabdc4 0000000d I 1.230s Main 6fdabdc8 00000078 I 1.230s Main 6fdabdcc 4005330c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.230s Main 6fdabdd0 6fdabdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.230s Main 6fdabdd4 6e3ee148 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.230s Main 6fdabdd8 00000000 I 1.230s Main 6fdabddc 00000000 I 1.230s Main 6fdabde0 00000000 I 1.230s Main 6fdabde4 69563726 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.230s Main 6fdabde8 00000000 I 1.230s Main 6fdabdec 00000000 I 1.230s Main 6fdabdf0 00000000 I 1.230s Main 6fdabdf4 00000000 I 1.230s Main 6fdabdf8 00000000 I 1.230s Main 6fdabdfc 00000000 I 1.230s Main 6fdabe00 00000000 I 1.230s Main 6fdabe04 00000000 I 1.230s Main 6fdabe08 00000000 I 1.230s Main 6fdabe0c 6e3ee390 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.230s Main I 1.230s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.230s Main I 1.230s Main I 1.230s Main pid: 555, tid: 617, name: Signal Catcher I 1.230s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 1.230s Main r4 6feafd08 r5 6feafd48 r6 bee6af20 r7 000000b1 I 1.230s Main r8 6e3eecc0 r9 4151ec74 sl 41523694 fp 41502cdc I 1.230s Main ip 6feafd44 sp 6feafd08 lr 40059351 pc 40067170 I 1.230s Main I 1.230s Main Stack Trace: I 1.230s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.230s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.230s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.230s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.230s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.230s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.230s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.230s Main I 1.230s Main Stack Data: I 1.230s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.230s Main 6feafcc8 00000000 I 1.230s Main 6feafccc 00000000 I 1.230s Main 6feafcd0 00000000 I 1.231s Main 6feafcd4 00000000 I 1.231s Main 6feafcd8 6feafd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:617] I 1.231s Main 6feafcdc 00000000 I 1.231s Main 6feafce0 6e3eecc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.231s Main 6feafce4 6feb5fc4 I 1.231s Main 6feafce8 00000000 I 1.231s Main 6feafcec 6feafd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:617] I 1.231s Main 6feafcf0 00000000 I 1.231s Main 6feafcf4 414d458b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.231s Main 6feafcf8 41504239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.231s Main 6feafcfc 00000000 I 1.231s Main 6feafd00 00000000 I 1.231s Main 6feafd04 6feafca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:617] I 1.231s Main 6feafd08 00000204 I 1.231s Main 6feafd08 00000204 I 1.231s Main 6feafd0c 00000000 I 1.231s Main 6feafd10 fffffea0 I 1.231s Main 6feafd14 6d3d7fa0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.231s Main 6feafd18 415231f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.231s Main 6feafd1c 414c5f57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.231s Main 6feafd20 41543a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.231s Main 6feafd24 41543a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.231s Main 6feafd28 41543a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.231s Main 6feafd2c 400692d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.231s Main 6feafd30 6e3ef02c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.231s Main 6feafd34 414c59a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.231s Main 6feafd38 6e3eecc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.231s Main 6feafd3c 414c994b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.231s Main 6feafd40 41543a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.231s Main 6feafd44 00000204 I 1.231s Main 6feafd48 00000004 I 1.231s Main 6feafd4c 6e3eecc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.231s Main 6feafd50 415231f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.231s Main 6feafd54 414c7e11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.231s Main 6feafd58 41538880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.231s Main 6feafd5c 41543a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.231s Main 6feafd98 6d3d7fa0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.231s Main 6feafd9c 00010002 I 1.231s Main 6feafda0 6d3d7fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.231s Main 6feafda4 41538880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.231s Main 6feafda8 6feafdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:617] I 1.231s Main 6feafdac 6e3eea78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.232s Main 6feafdb0 414c8921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.232s Main 6feafdb4 40053174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.232s Main 6feafdb8 6d3d7fa0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.232s Main 6feafdbc 6e3eea78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.232s Main 6feafdc0 6feafdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:617] I 1.232s Main 6feafdc4 0000000d I 1.232s Main 6feafdc8 00000078 I 1.232s Main 6feafdcc 4005330c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.232s Main 6feafdd0 6feafdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:617] I 1.232s Main 6feafdd4 6e3eea78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.232s Main 6feafdd8 00000000 I 1.232s Main 6feafddc 00000000 I 1.232s Main 6feafde0 00000000 I 1.232s Main 6feafde4 69563726 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.232s Main 6feafde8 00000000 I 1.232s Main 6feafdec 00000000 I 1.232s Main 6feafdf0 00000000 I 1.232s Main 6feafdf4 00000000 I 1.232s Main 6feafdf8 00000000 I 1.232s Main 6feafdfc 00000000 I 1.232s Main 6feafe00 00000000 I 1.232s Main 6feafe04 00000000 I 1.232s Main 6feafe08 00000000 I 1.232s Main 6feafe0c 6e3eecc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.232s Main I 1.232s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.232s Main I 1.232s Main I 1.232s Main pid: 555, tid: 618, name: JDWP I 1.232s Main r0 00000008 r1 6ffb3d10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 1.232s Main r4 6e3ef480 r5 40094384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 1.232s Main r8 6e3f14a0 r9 000003e8 sl 6e3ef41c fp 400922ec I 1.232s Main ip 6e3f1480 sp 6ffb3cf8 lr 414d5087 pc 400673d8 I 1.232s Main I 1.232s Main Stack Trace: I 1.232s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.232s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.232s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.232s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.232s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.232s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.232s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.232s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.232s Main I 1.232s Main Stack Data: I 1.232s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.232s Main 6ffb3cb8 6e3f1480 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.232s Main 6ffb3cbc 6e3f14a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.233s Main 6ffb3cc0 000003e8 I 1.233s Main 6ffb3cc4 6e3ef41c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.233s Main 6ffb3cc8 400922ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.233s Main 6ffb3ccc 4006c159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.233s Main 6ffb3cd0 00000000 I 1.233s Main 6ffb3cd4 00000000 I 1.233s Main 6ffb3cd8 6ffb3d4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:618] I 1.233s Main 6ffb3cdc 00000000 I 1.233s Main 6ffb3ce0 00000000 I 1.233s Main 6ffb3ce4 6ffb9fc4 I 1.233s Main 6ffb3ce8 00004000 I 1.233s Main 6ffb3cec 6ffb3d54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:618] I 1.233s Main 6ffb3cf0 00000000 I 1.233s Main 6ffb3cf4 00000000 I 1.233s Main 6ffb3cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[vectors] I 1.233s Main 6ffb3cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[vectors] I 1.233s Main 6ffb3cfc 6ffb3d50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:618] I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d00 00000004 I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d04 21fb3ca8 I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d08 6ffb3d07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:618] I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d0c 00000001 I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d10 00000000 I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d14 00000000 I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d18 6ffb3d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:618] I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d1c 00000001 I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d20 6ffb3d2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:618] I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d24 00000010 I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d28 00000000 I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d2c 00000010 I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d30 00000001 I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d34 00000001 I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d50 62323230 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-2 I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d54 414d5100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d58 00000001 I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d5c 6e3ef3c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d60 6e3ef410 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d64 bee6af00 [stack] I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d68 6e3f1518 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d6c 4150d7c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d70 4150e910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.233s Main 6ffb3d74 414d7f89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.234s Main 6ffb3d78 00000000 I 1.234s Main 6ffb3d7c 6e3f1518 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.234s Main 6ffb3d80 415231f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.234s Main 6ffb3d84 bee6af00 [stack] I 1.234s Main 6ffb3d88 6e3f1518 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.234s Main 6ffb3d8c 414c8921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.234s Main 6ffb3d90 6feb6000 I 1.234s Main 6ffb3d94 414c896f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.234s Main 6ffb3d98 6e3f1518 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.234s Main 6ffb3d9c 00010002 I 1.234s Main 6ffb3da0 6d3d7e60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.234s Main 6ffb3da4 41538880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.234s Main 6ffb3da8 6ffb3dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:618] I 1.234s Main 6ffb3dac 6e3f1538 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.234s Main 6ffb3db0 414c8921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.234s Main 6ffb3db4 40053174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.234s Main 6ffb3db8 6e3f1518 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.234s Main 6ffb3dbc 6e3f1538 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.234s Main 6ffb3dc0 6ffb3dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:618] I 1.234s Main 6ffb3dc4 0000000d I 1.234s Main 6ffb3dc8 00000078 I 1.234s Main 6ffb3dcc 4005330c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.234s Main 6ffb3dd0 6ffb3dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:618] I 1.234s Main 6ffb3dd4 6e3f1538 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.234s Main 6ffb3dd8 00000000 I 1.234s Main 6ffb3ddc 00000000 I 1.234s Main 6ffb3de0 00000000 I 1.234s Main 6ffb3de4 69563726 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.234s Main 6ffb3de8 00000000 I 1.234s Main 6ffb3dec 00000000 I 1.234s Main 6ffb3df0 00000000 I 1.234s Main 6ffb3df4 00000000 I 1.234s Main 6ffb3df8 00000000 I 1.234s Main 6ffb3dfc 00000000 I 1.234s Main 6ffb3e00 00000000 I 1.234s Main 6ffb3e04 00000000 I 1.234s Main 6ffb3e08 00000000 I 1.234s Main 6ffb3e0c 6e3f1780 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.234s Main I 1.234s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.234s Main I 1.234s Main I 1.235s Main pid: 555, tid: 619, name: Compiler I 1.235s Main r0 41523704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.235s Main r4 41523704 r5 415236fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.235s Main r8 414c8921 r9 6ffba000 sl 415236f8 fp 400922ec I 1.235s Main ip 00000000 sp 700b7c10 lr 40054ec8 pc 40067904 I 1.235s Main I 1.235s Main Stack Trace: I 1.235s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.235s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.235s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.235s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.235s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.235s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.235s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.235s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.235s Main I 1.235s Main Stack Data: I 1.235s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.235s Main 700b7bd0 00000000 I 1.235s Main 700b7bd4 00000000 I 1.235s Main 700b7bd8 415231f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.235s Main 700b7bdc 00000000 I 1.235s Main 700b7be0 00000000 I 1.235s Main 700b7be4 00000000 I 1.235s Main 700b7be8 41509f31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.235s Main 700b7bec 414c8bc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.235s Main 700b7bf0 fffffe0c I 1.235s Main 700b7bf4 6e3ecb18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.235s Main 700b7bf8 6e3ecb40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.235s Main 700b7bfc ffffffef I 1.235s Main 700b7c00 41523704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.235s Main 700b7c04 415236fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.235s Main 700b7c08 00000000 I 1.235s Main 700b7c0c 40054eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.235s Main 700b7c10 00000000 I 1.235s Main 700b7c10 00000000 I 1.235s Main 700b7c14 415236fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.235s Main 700b7c18 41523704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.235s Main 700b7c1c 6e3f69e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.235s Main 700b7c20 00001000 I 1.235s Main 700b7c24 40054f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.235s Main 700b7c28 415236c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.235s Main 700b7c2c 70235008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.236s Main 700b7c30 41502cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.236s Main 700b7c34 415236c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.236s Main 700b7c38 70235008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.236s Main 700b7c3c 414e7d03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.236s Main 700b7c40 700b7d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:619] I 1.236s Main 700b7c44 414a1fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.236s Main 700b7c48 00000000 I 1.236s Main 700b7c4c 4151ec74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.236s Main 700b7c50 41513901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.236s Main 700b7c54 41502cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.236s Main 700b7c58 00000000 I 1.236s Main 700b7c5c fffffea0 I 1.236s Main 700b7c60 414a1f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.236s Main 700b7c64 4149f63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.236s Main 700b7c68 00000000 I 1.236s Main 700b7c6c 00000000 I 1.236s Main 700b7c70 00000000 I 1.236s Main 700b7c74 00000000 I 1.236s Main 700b7c78 700bdfa0 I 1.236s Main 700b7c7c 00000000 I 1.236s Main 700b7d98 6e3f1e88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.236s Main 700b7d9c 00010002 I 1.236s Main 700b7da0 6e3f1ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.236s Main 700b7da4 41538880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.236s Main 700b7da8 700b7dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:619] I 1.236s Main 700b7dac 6e3f1eb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.236s Main 700b7db0 414c8921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.236s Main 700b7db4 40053174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.236s Main 700b7db8 6e3f1e88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.236s Main 700b7dbc 6e3f1eb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.236s Main 700b7dc0 700b7dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:619] I 1.236s Main 700b7dc4 0000000d I 1.236s Main 700b7dc8 00000078 I 1.236s Main 700b7dcc 4005330c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.236s Main 700b7dd0 700b7dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:619] I 1.236s Main 700b7dd4 6e3f1eb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.236s Main 700b7dd8 00000000 I 1.236s Main 700b7ddc 00000000 I 1.236s Main 700b7de0 00000000 I 1.236s Main 700b7de4 69563726 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.236s Main 700b7de8 00000000 I 1.236s Main 700b7dec 00000000 I 1.236s Main 700b7df0 00000000 I 1.236s Main 700b7df4 00000000 I 1.236s Main 700b7df8 00000000 I 1.237s Main 700b7dfc 00000000 I 1.237s Main 700b7e00 00000000 I 1.237s Main 700b7e04 00000000 I 1.237s Main 700b7e08 00000000 I 1.237s Main 700b7e0c 6e3f2100 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.237s Main I 1.237s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.237s Main I 1.237s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 1.237s Main I 1.237s Main Stack Trace: I 1.237s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.237s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.237s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.237s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.237s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.237s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.237s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.237s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.237s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.237s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.237s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.237s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.237s Main I 1.237s Main Stack Data: I 1.237s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.237s Main 79765414 21202763 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/145 I 1.237s Main I 1.237s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.237s Main I 1.237s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x0000022b (code=-6), thread 555 (app_process) I 1.237s Main tombstone_01 created on 1971-10-18 07:04:00, about this long ago: 17290 days, 1:17:46 Device: 05c34aa83444c162 I 1.237s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src I 1.237s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug I 1.237s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmpWs7ZXl I 1.237s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 1.237s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug I 1.237s Main pid: 832, tid: 832, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 1.237s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 1.237s Main r0 00000000 r1 00000340 r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 1.237s Main r4 00000006 r5 00000000 r6 00000340 r7 0000010c I 1.237s Main r8 00000004 r9 bebd4b92 sl bebd4b9e fp bebd4b86 I 1.237s Main ip 40260438 sp bebd4628 lr 400fafe5 pc 40109f90 I 1.237s Main I 1.237s Main Stack Trace: I 1.237s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.237s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.237s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.237s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.237s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.237s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.238s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.238s Main I 1.238s Main Stack Data: I 1.238s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.238s Main bebd45e8 40253168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main bebd45ec 00000002 I 1.238s Main bebd45f0 40260438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main bebd45f4 00000004 I 1.238s Main bebd45f8 bebd4b92 [stack] I 1.238s Main bebd45fc bebd4b9e [stack] I 1.238s Main bebd4600 bebd4b86 [stack] I 1.238s Main bebd4604 4010e159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main bebd4608 34203020 I 1.238s Main bebd460c 20323136 I 1.238s Main bebd4610 bebd4684 [stack] I 1.238s Main bebd4614 00000000 I 1.238s Main bebd4618 00000000 I 1.238s Main bebd461c 37312030 I 1.238s Main bebd4620 00004000 I 1.238s Main bebd4624 bebd4692 [stack] I 1.238s Main bebd4628 00000006 I 1.238s Main bebd462c 00000000 I 1.238s Main bebd4630 00000340 I 1.238s Main bebd4634 40260438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main bebd4638 40260438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main bebd463c 400fafe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main bebd4640 00000006 I 1.238s Main bebd4644 00000000 I 1.238s Main bebd4648 00000002 I 1.238s Main bebd464c 400fb1f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main bebd4650 bebd465c [stack] I 1.238s Main bebd4654 400f9f2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main bebd4658 00000000 I 1.238s Main bebd465c ffffffdf I 1.238s Main bebd4660 401322c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main bebd4664 4013222c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main bebd4668 00000000 I 1.238s Main bebd466c 400fcaef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.238s Main bebd4670 415c51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.239s Main bebd4674 415c51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.239s Main bebd4678 40253168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.239s Main bebd467c 40109848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.239s Main bebd4680 00000000 I 1.239s Main bebd4684 4155bccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.239s Main bebd4688 40140324 I 1.239s Main bebd468c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.239s Main bebd4690 0000296c I 1.239s Main bebd4694 00000000 I 1.239s Main bebd4698 00000000 I 1.239s Main bebd469c 00000000 I 1.239s Main bebd46a0 00000000 I 1.239s Main bebd46a4 00000000 I 1.239s Main bebd46a8 00000000 I 1.239s Main bebd46ac 00000000 I 1.239s Main bebd46b0 00000000 I 1.239s Main bebd46b4 00000000 I 1.239s Main bebd46b8 00000000 I 1.239s Main bebd46bc 00000000 I 1.239s Main bebd46c0 00000000 I 1.239s Main bebd46c4 00000000 I 1.239s Main bebd4898 000000c8 I 1.239s Main bebd489c 6f85dc38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.239s Main bebd48a0 41513f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.239s Main bebd48a4 00000000 I 1.239s Main bebd48a8 000000c8 I 1.239s Main bebd48ac 40256560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.239s Main bebd48b0 40256740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.239s Main bebd48b4 41513f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.239s Main bebd48b8 400bf328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.239s Main bebd48bc 401fbd27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.239s Main bebd48c0 41513f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.239s Main bebd48c4 00000000 I 1.239s Main bebd48c8 bebd4988 [stack] I 1.239s Main bebd48cc 401fc015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.239s Main bebd48d0 400bf3cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.239s Main bebd48d4 401fca65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.239s Main bebd48d8 41513f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.239s Main bebd48dc 00000000 I 1.239s Main bebd48e0 415c8004 I 1.239s Main bebd48e4 41563a8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.239s Main bebd48e8 41563abd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.239s Main bebd48ec 41563a95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.239s Main bebd48f0 000000bb I 1.239s Main bebd48f4 00000000 I 1.239s Main bebd48f8 41513e08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.239s Main bebd48fc 400f8e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.239s Main bebd4900 000000b0 I 1.239s Main bebd4904 00000000 I 1.239s Main bebd4908 400f7dcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.239s Main bebd490c 000000a0 I 1.239s Main bebd4910 00000014 I 1.239s Main bebd4914 402583d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.239s Main bebd4960 00000000 I 1.240s Main bebd4964 00000000 I 1.240s Main bebd4968 00000000 I 1.240s Main bebd496c bebd4a7c [stack] I 1.240s Main bebd4970 40136384 I 1.240s Main bebd4974 400bf372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.240s Main bebd4978 400bf300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.240s Main bebd497c 400bf37b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.240s Main bebd4980 400bf391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.240s Main bebd4984 400bf39f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.240s Main bebd4988 400c0e08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.240s Main bebd498c 40256520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.240s Main bebd4990 41513e18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.240s Main bebd4994 00000013 I 1.240s Main bebd4998 00000000 I 1.240s Main bebd499c 00000008 I 1.240s Main bebd4a40 00000000 I 1.240s Main bebd4a44 00000000 I 1.240s Main bebd4a48 00000000 I 1.240s Main bebd4a4c 00000000 I 1.240s Main bebd4a50 00000000 I 1.240s Main bebd4a54 400bed80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.240s Main bebd4a58 400c0de8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.240s Main bebd4a5c 400c0df0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.240s Main bebd4a60 400c0df8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.240s Main bebd4a64 bebd4a70 [stack] I 1.240s Main bebd4a68 00000000 I 1.240s Main bebd4a6c 400c3881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 1.240s Main bebd4a70 00000005 I 1.240s Main bebd4a74 bebd4b86 [stack] I 1.240s Main bebd4a78 bebd4b92 [stack] I 1.240s Main bebd4a7c bebd4b9e [stack] I 1.240s Main bebd4a80 bebd4bb9 [stack] I 1.240s Main bebd4a84 bebd4bbe [stack] I 1.240s Main bebd4a88 00000000 I 1.240s Main bebd4a8c bebd4bc6 [stack] I 1.240s Main bebd4a90 bebd4be0 [stack] I 1.240s Main bebd4a94 bebd4c0c [stack] I 1.240s Main I 1.240s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.240s Main I 1.240s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000340 (code=-6), thread 832 (app_process) I 1.240s Main I 1.240s Main pid: 832, tid: 835, name: ReferenceQueueD I 1.240s Main r0 415cac30 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.240s Main r4 415cac30 r5 415cac20 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.241s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4862b0 sl 00000000 fp 415e51d0 I 1.241s Main ip 00000000 sp 71122ba0 lr 400f6ec8 pc 40109904 I 1.241s Main I 1.241s Main Stack Trace: I 1.241s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.241s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.241s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.241s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.241s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.241s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.241s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.241s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.241s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.241s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.241s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.241s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.241s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.241s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.241s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.241s Main I 1.241s Main Stack Data: I 1.241s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.241s Main 71122b60 0000002b I 1.241s Main 71122b64 000000e8 I 1.241s Main 71122b68 6e888ef8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.241s Main 71122b6c 400f8e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.241s Main 71122b70 00000020 I 1.241s Main 71122b74 00480000 I 1.241s Main 71122b78 00000021 I 1.241s Main 71122b7c 00000020 I 1.241s Main 71122b80 00000020 I 1.241s Main 71122b84 415d0640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.241s Main 71122b88 00000001 I 1.241s Main 71122b8c 415ca8a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.241s Main 71122b90 415cac30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.241s Main 71122b94 415cac20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.241s Main 71122b98 00000000 I 1.242s Main 71122b9c 400f6eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.242s Main 71122ba0 00000000 I 1.242s Main 71122ba0 00000000 I 1.242s Main 71122ba4 415cac20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.242s Main 71122ba8 415cac30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.242s Main 71122bac 415ca890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.242s Main 71122bb0 6e888ef8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.242s Main 71122bb4 400f6f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.242s Main 71122bb8 415cac20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.242s Main 71122bbc 00000000 I 1.242s Main 71122bc0 415cac20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.242s Main 71122bc4 415cac20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.242s Main 71122bc8 00000000 I 1.242s Main 71122bcc 41568d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.242s Main 71122bd0 415ca890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.242s Main 71122bd4 6e888ef8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.242s Main 71122bd8 6f88bf74 I 1.242s Main 71122bdc 6f88bf78 I 1.242s Main 71122be0 415d0640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.242s Main 71122be4 415ca890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.242s Main 71122be8 415ca8a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.242s Main 71122bec 6f88bf74 I 1.242s Main 71122bf0 415c0c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.242s Main 71122bf4 4157d655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.242s Main 71122bf8 00000000 I 1.242s Main 71122bfc 00000001 I 1.242s Main 71122c00 00000000 I 1.242s Main 71122c04 00000000 I 1.242s Main 71122c08 6d4862b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.242s Main 71122c0c 415cb890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.242s Main 71122c10 4157d62f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.242s Main 71122c14 41565acf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.242s Main 71122c18 6f88bf74 I 1.242s Main 71122c1c 415ca8a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.242s Main 71122c20 6e510e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.242s Main 71122c24 6f88bf98 I 1.242s Main 71122c28 415ca890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.242s Main 71122c2c 415cb890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.242s Main 71122c30 41533d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.242s Main 71122c34 00000000 I 1.242s Main 71122c38 6f88bf60 I 1.242s Main 71122c3c 4153cfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.242s Main 71122c40 00000000 I 1.242s Main 71122c44 415ca890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.242s Main 71122c48 41543f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.242s Main 71122c4c 00000000 I 1.242s Main 71122c50 71122d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:835] I 1.243s Main 71122c54 415ca890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.243s Main 71122c58 71122c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:835] I 1.243s Main 71122c5c 6d48aeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.243s Main 71122c60 415e51d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.243s Main 71122c64 41543fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.243s Main 71122c68 00000000 I 1.243s Main 71122c6c 00000000 I 1.243s Main 71122c70 00000000 I 1.243s Main 71122c74 00000000 I 1.243s Main 71122c78 00000000 I 1.243s Main 71122c7c fffffea0 I 1.243s Main 71122c80 41543f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.243s Main 71122c84 4154163c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.243s Main 71122c88 00000000 I 1.243s Main 71122c8c 00000000 I 1.243s Main 71122c90 00000000 I 1.243s Main 71122c94 00000000 I 1.243s Main 71122c98 6f88bfe4 I 1.243s Main 71122c9c 00000000 I 1.243s Main 71122ca0 00000000 I 1.243s Main 71122ca4 00000000 I 1.243s Main 71122ca8 00000000 I 1.243s Main 71122cac 00000000 I 1.243s Main 71122cb0 00000000 I 1.243s Main 71122cb4 00000000 I 1.243s Main 71122cb8 00000000 I 1.243s Main 71122cbc 00000000 I 1.243s Main 71122cc0 00000000 I 1.243s Main 71122cc4 00000000 I 1.243s Main 71122d18 0000001d I 1.243s Main 71122d1c 0000001c I 1.243s Main 71122d20 0000001c I 1.243s Main 71122d24 415ca890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.243s Main 71122d28 40136384 I 1.243s Main 71122d2c 41585ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.243s Main 71122d30 71025000 I 1.243s Main 71122d34 71122d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:835] I 1.243s Main 71122d38 415c51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.243s Main 71122d3c 40136384 I 1.243s Main 71122d40 415c5500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.243s Main 71122d44 415c54fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.243s Main 71122d48 71025000 I 1.243s Main 71122d4c bebd3e14 [stack] I 1.244s Main 71122d50 401342ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.244s Main 71122d54 415765a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.244s Main 71122d58 71122d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:835] I 1.244s Main 71122d5c 71122d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:835] I 1.244s Main 71122d60 415ca890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.244s Main 71122d64 71122d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:835] I 1.244s Main 71122d68 40136384 I 1.244s Main 71122d6c 415ca890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.244s Main 71122d70 4156b28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.244s Main 71122d74 71122d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:835] I 1.244s Main 71122d78 00000003 I 1.244s Main 71122d7c 415cace8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.244s Main 71122d80 00000000 I 1.244s Main 71122d84 4150f9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.244s Main 71122d88 415ca890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.244s Main 71122d8c 400f50ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.244s Main 71122d90 00000000 I 1.244s Main 71122d94 4150f9f4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.244s Main 71122d98 4150f9e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.244s Main 71122d9c 10471514 I 1.244s Main 71122da0 71122dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:835] I 1.244s Main 71122da4 415cace8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.244s Main 71122da8 4156b1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.244s Main 71122dac 415ca890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.244s Main 71122db0 4156b1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.244s Main 71122db4 400f5174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.244s Main 71122db8 415ca890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.244s Main 71122dbc 415cace8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.244s Main 71122dc0 71122dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:835] I 1.244s Main 71122dc4 0000000d I 1.244s Main 71122dc8 00000078 I 1.244s Main 71122dcc 400f530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.244s Main 71122dd0 71122dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:835] I 1.244s Main 71122dd4 415cace8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.244s Main 71122dd8 00000000 I 1.244s Main 71122ddc 00000000 I 1.244s Main 71122de0 00000000 I 1.244s Main 71122de4 10471514 I 1.244s Main 71122de8 00000000 I 1.244s Main 71122dec 00000000 I 1.244s Main 71122df0 00000000 I 1.244s Main 71122df4 00000000 I 1.244s Main 71122df8 00000000 I 1.245s Main 71122dfc 00000000 I 1.245s Main 71122e00 00000000 I 1.245s Main 71122e04 00000000 I 1.245s Main 71122e08 00000000 I 1.245s Main 71122e0c 415ca890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.245s Main I 1.245s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.245s Main I 1.245s Main I 1.245s Main pid: 832, tid: 836, name: FinalizerDaemon I 1.245s Main r0 6e489db8 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.245s Main r4 6e489db8 r5 6e489da8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.245s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4862b0 sl 00000000 fp 415e54a0 I 1.245s Main ip 00000000 sp 71224bc8 lr 400f6ec8 pc 40109904 I 1.245s Main I 1.245s Main Stack Trace: I 1.245s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.245s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main I 1.245s Main Stack Data: I 1.245s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.245s Main 71224b88 0000002b I 1.245s Main 71224b8c 00000098 I 1.245s Main 71224b90 41515d28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.245s Main 71224b94 400f8e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.245s Main 71224b98 00000020 I 1.245s Main 71224b9c 00400008 I 1.245s Main 71224ba0 00000021 I 1.246s Main 71224ba4 00000020 I 1.246s Main 71224ba8 00000020 I 1.246s Main 71224bac 415d0718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.246s Main 71224bb0 00000001 I 1.246s Main 71224bb4 41533d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.246s Main 71224bb8 6e489db8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.246s Main 71224bbc 6e489da8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.246s Main 71224bc0 00000000 I 1.246s Main 71224bc4 400f6eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.246s Main 71224bc8 00000000 I 1.246s Main 71224bc8 00000000 I 1.246s Main 71224bcc 6e489da8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.246s Main 71224bd0 6e489db8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.246s Main 71224bd4 6e489a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.246s Main 71224bd8 41515d28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.246s Main 71224bdc 400f6f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.246s Main 71224be0 6e489da8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.246s Main 71224be4 00000000 I 1.246s Main 71224be8 6e489da8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.246s Main 71224bec 6e489da8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.246s Main 71224bf0 00000000 I 1.246s Main 71224bf4 41568d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.246s Main 71224bf8 6e489a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.246s Main 71224bfc 41515d28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.246s Main 71224c00 71126f10 I 1.246s Main 71224c04 71126f14 I 1.246s Main 71224c08 415d0718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.246s Main 71224c0c 415cb890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.246s Main 71224c10 41533d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.246s Main 71224c14 00000000 I 1.246s Main 71224c18 71126efc I 1.246s Main 71224c1c 4157d655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.246s Main 71224c20 00000000 I 1.246s Main 71224c24 00000001 I 1.246s Main 71224c28 00000000 I 1.246s Main 71224c2c 00000000 I 1.246s Main 71224c30 6e510ea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.246s Main 71224c34 71126f34 I 1.246s Main 71224c38 6e489a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.246s Main 71224c3c 4153cfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.246s Main 71224c40 00000000 I 1.246s Main 71224c44 6e489a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.247s Main 71224c48 41543f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.247s Main 71224c4c 00000000 I 1.247s Main 71224c50 71224d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.247s Main 71224c54 6e489a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.247s Main 71224c58 71224c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.247s Main 71224c5c 6d48aeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.247s Main 71224c60 415e54a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.247s Main 71224c64 41543fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.247s Main 71224c68 00000000 I 1.247s Main 71224c6c 00000000 I 1.247s Main 71224c70 00000000 I 1.247s Main 71224c74 00000000 I 1.247s Main 71224c78 00000000 I 1.247s Main 71224c7c fffffea0 I 1.247s Main 71224c80 41543f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.247s Main 71224c84 4154163c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.247s Main 71224c88 00000000 I 1.247s Main 71224c8c 00000000 I 1.247s Main 71224c90 00000000 I 1.247s Main 71224c94 00000000 I 1.247s Main 71224c98 71126fe4 I 1.247s Main 71224c9c 00000000 I 1.247s Main 71224ca0 00000000 I 1.247s Main 71224ca4 00000000 I 1.247s Main 71224ca8 00000000 I 1.247s Main 71224cac 00000000 I 1.247s Main 71224cb0 00000000 I 1.247s Main 71224cb4 00000000 I 1.247s Main 71224cb8 00000000 I 1.247s Main 71224cbc 00000000 I 1.247s Main 71224cc0 00000000 I 1.247s Main 71224cc4 00000000 I 1.247s Main 71224d18 0000001d I 1.247s Main 71224d1c 0000001c I 1.247s Main 71224d20 0000001c I 1.247s Main 71224d24 6e489a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.247s Main 71224d28 40136384 I 1.247s Main 71224d2c 41585ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.247s Main 71224d30 71127000 I 1.247s Main 71224d34 71224d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.248s Main 71224d38 415c51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.248s Main 71224d3c 40136384 I 1.248s Main 71224d40 415c5500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.248s Main 71224d44 415c54fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.248s Main 71224d48 71127000 I 1.248s Main 71224d4c bebd3e3c [stack] I 1.248s Main 71224d50 401342ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.248s Main 71224d54 415765a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.248s Main 71224d58 71224d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.248s Main 71224d5c 71224d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.248s Main 71224d60 6e489a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.248s Main 71224d64 71224d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.248s Main 71224d68 40136384 I 1.248s Main 71224d6c 6e489a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.248s Main 71224d70 4156b28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.248s Main 71224d74 71224d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.248s Main 71224d78 00000003 I 1.248s Main 71224d7c 6f8580d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.248s Main 71224d80 00000000 I 1.248s Main 71224d84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-1 I 1.248s Main 71224d88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.248s Main 71224d8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.248s Main 71224d90 006e6f6d I 1.248s Main 71224d94 71224d93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.248s Main 71224d98 71224d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.248s Main 71224d9c 10471514 I 1.248s Main 71224da0 71224dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.248s Main 71224da4 6f8580d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.248s Main 71224da8 4156b1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.248s Main 71224dac 6e489a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.248s Main 71224db0 4156b1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.248s Main 71224db4 400f5174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.248s Main 71224db8 6e489a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.248s Main 71224dbc 6f8580d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.248s Main 71224dc0 71224dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.248s Main 71224dc4 0000000d I 1.248s Main 71224dc8 00000078 I 1.248s Main 71224dcc 400f530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.248s Main 71224dd0 71224dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.248s Main 71224dd4 6f8580d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.248s Main 71224dd8 00000000 I 1.248s Main 71224ddc 00000000 I 1.248s Main 71224de0 00000000 I 1.249s Main 71224de4 10471514 I 1.249s Main 71224de8 00000000 I 1.249s Main 71224dec 00000000 I 1.249s Main 71224df0 00000000 I 1.249s Main 71224df4 00000000 I 1.249s Main 71224df8 00000000 I 1.249s Main 71224dfc 00000000 I 1.249s Main 71224e00 00000000 I 1.249s Main 71224e04 00000000 I 1.249s Main 71224e08 00000000 I 1.249s Main 71224e0c 6e489a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.249s Main I 1.249s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.249s Main I 1.249s Main I 1.249s Main pid: 832, tid: 837, name: FinalizerWatchd I 1.249s Main r0 6f8588c0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.249s Main r4 6f8588c0 r5 6f8588b0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.249s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4862b0 sl 00000000 fp 415e5740 I 1.249s Main ip 00000000 sp 71328bc8 lr 400f6ec8 pc 40109904 I 1.249s Main I 1.249s Main Stack Trace: I 1.249s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.249s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.249s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.249s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.249s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.249s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.249s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.249s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.249s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.249s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.249s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.249s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.249s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.249s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.249s Main I 1.250s Main Stack Data: I 1.250s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.250s Main 71328b88 0000002b I 1.250s Main 71328b8c 00000050 I 1.250s Main 71328b90 41515d70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.250s Main 71328b94 400f8e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.250s Main 71328b98 00000020 I 1.250s Main 71328b9c 00000000 I 1.250s Main 71328ba0 00000021 I 1.250s Main 71328ba4 00000020 I 1.250s Main 71328ba8 00000020 I 1.250s Main 71328bac 415e5730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.250s Main 71328bb0 00000001 I 1.250s Main 71328bb4 41533d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.250s Main 71328bb8 6f8588c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.250s Main 71328bbc 6f8588b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.250s Main 71328bc0 00000000 I 1.250s Main 71328bc4 400f6eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.250s Main 71328bc8 00000000 I 1.250s Main 71328bc8 00000000 I 1.250s Main 71328bcc 6f8588b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.250s Main 71328bd0 6f8588c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.250s Main 71328bd4 6f858520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.250s Main 71328bd8 41515d70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.250s Main 71328bdc 400f6f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.250s Main 71328be0 6f8588b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.250s Main 71328be4 00000000 I 1.250s Main 71328be8 6f8588b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.250s Main 71328bec 6f8588b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.250s Main 71328bf0 00000000 I 1.250s Main 71328bf4 41568d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.250s Main 71328bf8 6f858520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.250s Main 71328bfc 41515d70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.250s Main 71328c00 7122af54 I 1.250s Main 71328c04 7122af58 I 1.250s Main 71328c08 415e5730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.250s Main 71328c0c 415cb890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.250s Main 71328c10 41533d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.250s Main 71328c14 00000000 I 1.250s Main 71328c18 7122af40 I 1.250s Main 71328c1c 4157d655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.250s Main 71328c20 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328c24 00000001 I 1.251s Main 71328c28 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328c2c 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328c30 6e510e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.251s Main 71328c34 7122af78 I 1.251s Main 71328c38 6f858520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.251s Main 71328c3c 4153cfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.251s Main 71328c40 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328c44 6f858520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.251s Main 71328c48 41543f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.251s Main 71328c4c 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328c50 71328d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.251s Main 71328c54 6f858520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.251s Main 71328c58 71328c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.251s Main 71328c5c 6d48aeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.251s Main 71328c60 415e5740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.251s Main 71328c64 41543fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.251s Main 71328c68 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328c6c 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328c70 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328c74 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328c78 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328c7c fffffea0 I 1.251s Main 71328c80 41543f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.251s Main 71328c84 4154163c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.251s Main 71328c88 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328c8c 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328c90 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328c94 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328c98 7122afe4 I 1.251s Main 71328c9c 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328ca0 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328ca4 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328ca8 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328cac 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328cb0 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328cb4 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328cb8 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328cbc 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328cc0 00000000 I 1.251s Main 71328cc4 00000000 I 1.252s Main 71328d18 0000001d I 1.252s Main 71328d1c 0000001c I 1.252s Main 71328d20 0000001c I 1.252s Main 71328d24 6f858520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.252s Main 71328d28 40136384 I 1.252s Main 71328d2c 41585ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.252s Main 71328d30 7122b000 I 1.252s Main 71328d34 71328d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.252s Main 71328d38 415c51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.252s Main 71328d3c 40136384 I 1.252s Main 71328d40 415c5500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.252s Main 71328d44 415c54fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.252s Main 71328d48 7122b000 I 1.252s Main 71328d4c bebd3e3c [stack] I 1.252s Main 71328d50 401342ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.252s Main 71328d54 415765a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.252s Main 71328d58 71328d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.252s Main 71328d5c 71328d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.252s Main 71328d60 6f858520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.252s Main 71328d64 71328d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.252s Main 71328d68 40136384 I 1.252s Main 71328d6c 6f858520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.252s Main 71328d70 4156b28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.252s Main 71328d74 71328d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.252s Main 71328d78 00000003 I 1.252s Main 71328d7c 6f858978 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.252s Main 71328d80 00000000 I 1.252s Main 71328d84 4150fa10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.252s Main 71328d88 6f858520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.252s Main 71328d8c 400f50ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.252s Main 71328d90 00000000 I 1.252s Main 71328d94 4150fa0f <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.252s Main 71328d98 4150f9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.252s Main 71328d9c 10471514 I 1.252s Main 71328da0 71328dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.252s Main 71328da4 6f858978 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.252s Main 71328da8 4156b1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.253s Main 71328dac 6f858520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.253s Main 71328db0 4156b1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.253s Main 71328db4 400f5174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.253s Main 71328db8 6f858520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.253s Main 71328dbc 6f858978 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.253s Main 71328dc0 71328dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.253s Main 71328dc4 0000000d I 1.253s Main 71328dc8 00000078 I 1.253s Main 71328dcc 400f530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.253s Main 71328dd0 71328dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.253s Main 71328dd4 6f858978 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.253s Main 71328dd8 00000000 I 1.253s Main 71328ddc 00000000 I 1.253s Main 71328de0 00000000 I 1.253s Main 71328de4 10471514 I 1.253s Main 71328de8 00000000 I 1.253s Main 71328dec 00000000 I 1.253s Main 71328df0 00000000 I 1.253s Main 71328df4 00000000 I 1.253s Main 71328df8 00000000 I 1.253s Main 71328dfc 00000000 I 1.253s Main 71328e00 00000000 I 1.253s Main 71328e04 00000000 I 1.253s Main 71328e08 00000000 I 1.253s Main 71328e0c 6f858520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.253s Main I 1.253s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.253s Main I 1.253s Main I 1.253s Main pid: 832, tid: 838, name: GC I 1.253s Main r0 415153d4 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.253s Main r4 415153d4 r5 415153d0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.253s Main r8 415c7100 r9 415c7100 sl 415153c8 fp 401342ec I 1.253s Main ip 00000000 sp 71428d40 lr 400f6ec8 pc 40109904 I 1.253s Main I 1.253s Main Stack Trace: I 1.253s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.253s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main I 1.254s Main Stack Data: I 1.254s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.254s Main 71428d00 00000000 I 1.254s Main 71428d04 71428ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.254s Main 71428d08 71428cb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.254s Main 71428d0c 00000018 I 1.254s Main 71428d10 6d48a66c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.254s Main 71428d14 71428d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.254s Main 71428d18 415c51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main 71428d1c 6e489e70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.254s Main 71428d20 415e5940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.254s Main 71428d24 415e59b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.254s Main 71428d28 415e5940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.254s Main 71428d2c 4010b2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main 71428d30 415153d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.254s Main 71428d34 415153d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.254s Main 71428d38 00000000 I 1.254s Main 71428d3c 400f6eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main 71428d40 00000000 I 1.254s Main 71428d40 00000000 I 1.254s Main 71428d44 415153d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.254s Main 71428d48 415153d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.254s Main 71428d4c 00000000 I 1.254s Main 71428d50 415c7100 I 1.254s Main 71428d54 400f6f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main 71428d58 415c0c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main 71428d5c 415c51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main 71428d60 bebd3f10 [stack] I 1.254s Main 71428d64 415c0c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main 71428d68 415c51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main 71428d6c 41588783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main 71428d70 00000000 I 1.254s Main 71428d74 00000000 I 1.254s Main 71428d78 41588735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main 71428d7c 415cafb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.254s Main 71428d80 415c51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main 71428d84 bebd3f10 [stack] I 1.254s Main 71428d88 415cafb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.254s Main 71428d8c 4156a921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.254s Main 71428d90 7132b000 I 1.254s Main 71428d94 4156a96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.255s Main 71428d98 415cafb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.255s Main 71428d9c 00010002 I 1.255s Main 71428da0 6e888fc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.255s Main 71428da4 415da880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.255s Main 71428da8 71428dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.255s Main 71428dac 6f858dc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.255s Main 71428db0 4156a921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.255s Main 71428db4 400f5174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.255s Main 71428db8 415cafb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.255s Main 71428dbc 6f858dc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.255s Main 71428dc0 71428dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.255s Main 71428dc4 0000000d I 1.255s Main 71428dc8 00000078 I 1.255s Main 71428dcc 400f530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.255s Main 71428dd0 71428dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.255s Main 71428dd4 6f858dc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.255s Main 71428dd8 00000000 I 1.255s Main 71428ddc 00000000 I 1.255s Main 71428de0 00000000 I 1.255s Main 71428de4 10471514 I 1.255s Main 71428de8 00000000 I 1.255s Main 71428dec 00000000 I 1.255s Main 71428df0 00000000 I 1.255s Main 71428df4 00000000 I 1.255s Main 71428df8 00000000 I 1.255s Main 71428dfc 00000000 I 1.255s Main 71428e00 00000000 I 1.255s Main 71428e04 00000000 I 1.255s Main 71428e08 00000000 I 1.255s Main 71428e0c 6f859010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.255s Main I 1.255s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.255s Main I 1.255s Main I 1.255s Main pid: 832, tid: 839, name: Signal Catcher I 1.255s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 1.255s Main r4 7152cd08 r5 7152cd48 r6 bebd3f20 r7 000000b1 I 1.255s Main r8 6f8598b8 r9 415c0c74 sl 415c5694 fp 415a4cdc I 1.255s Main ip 7152cd44 sp 7152cd08 lr 400fb351 pc 40109170 I 1.256s Main I 1.256s Main Stack Trace: I 1.256s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.256s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.256s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.256s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.256s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.256s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.256s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.256s Main I 1.256s Main Stack Data: I 1.256s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.256s Main 7152ccc8 00000000 I 1.256s Main 7152cccc 00000000 I 1.256s Main 7152ccd0 00000000 I 1.256s Main 7152ccd4 00000000 I 1.256s Main 7152ccd8 7152cd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.256s Main 7152ccdc 00000000 I 1.256s Main 7152cce0 6f8598b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.256s Main 7152cce4 71532fc4 I 1.256s Main 7152cce8 00000000 I 1.256s Main 7152ccec 7152cd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.256s Main 7152ccf0 00000000 I 1.256s Main 7152ccf4 4157658b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.256s Main 7152ccf8 415a6239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.256s Main 7152ccfc 00000000 I 1.256s Main 7152cd00 00000000 I 1.256s Main 7152cd04 7152cca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.256s Main 7152cd08 00000204 I 1.256s Main 7152cd08 00000204 I 1.256s Main 7152cd0c 00000000 I 1.256s Main 7152cd10 fffffea0 I 1.256s Main 7152cd14 6e489ef8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.256s Main 7152cd18 415c51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.256s Main 7152cd1c 41567f57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.256s Main 7152cd20 415e5a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.256s Main 7152cd24 415e5a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.256s Main 7152cd28 415e5a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.256s Main 7152cd2c 4010b2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.256s Main 7152cd30 6f859c24 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.256s Main 7152cd34 415679a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.256s Main 7152cd38 6f8598b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.256s Main 7152cd3c 4156b94b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.256s Main 7152cd40 415e5a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.256s Main 7152cd44 00000204 I 1.256s Main 7152cd48 00000004 I 1.256s Main 7152cd4c 6f8598b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.256s Main 7152cd50 415c51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.256s Main 7152cd54 41569e11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.256s Main 7152cd58 415da880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.256s Main 7152cd5c 415e5a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.257s Main 7152cd98 6e489ef8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.257s Main 7152cd9c 00010002 I 1.257s Main 7152cda0 6e489f18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.257s Main 7152cda4 415da880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.257s Main 7152cda8 7152cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.257s Main 7152cdac 6f859670 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.257s Main 7152cdb0 4156a921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.257s Main 7152cdb4 400f5174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.257s Main 7152cdb8 6e489ef8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.257s Main 7152cdbc 6f859670 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.257s Main 7152cdc0 7152cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.257s Main 7152cdc4 0000000d I 1.257s Main 7152cdc8 00000078 I 1.257s Main 7152cdcc 400f530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.257s Main 7152cdd0 7152cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.257s Main 7152cdd4 6f859670 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.257s Main 7152cdd8 00000000 I 1.257s Main 7152cddc 00000000 I 1.257s Main 7152cde0 00000000 I 1.257s Main 7152cde4 10471514 I 1.257s Main 7152cde8 00000000 I 1.257s Main 7152cdec 00000000 I 1.257s Main 7152cdf0 00000000 I 1.257s Main 7152cdf4 00000000 I 1.257s Main 7152cdf8 00000000 I 1.257s Main 7152cdfc 00000000 I 1.257s Main 7152ce00 00000000 I 1.257s Main 7152ce04 00000000 I 1.257s Main 7152ce08 00000000 I 1.257s Main 7152ce0c 6f8598b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.257s Main I 1.257s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.257s Main I 1.257s Main I 1.257s Main pid: 832, tid: 840, name: JDWP I 1.257s Main r0 0000001b r1 71630d10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 1.257s Main r4 6f859f18 r5 40136384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 1.257s Main r8 6f85bf38 r9 000003e8 sl 6e499e7c fp 401342ec I 1.257s Main ip 6f85bf18 sp 71630cf8 lr 41577087 pc 401093d8 I 1.257s Main I 1.257s Main Stack Trace: I 1.257s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.257s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.257s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.257s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.258s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.258s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.258s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.258s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.258s Main I 1.258s Main Stack Data: I 1.258s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.258s Main 71630cb8 6f85bf18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.258s Main 71630cbc 6f85bf38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.258s Main 71630cc0 000003e8 I 1.258s Main 71630cc4 6e499e7c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.258s Main 71630cc8 401342ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.258s Main 71630ccc 4010e159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.258s Main 71630cd0 00000000 I 1.258s Main 71630cd4 00000000 I 1.258s Main 71630cd8 71630d4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.258s Main 71630cdc 00000000 I 1.258s Main 71630ce0 00000000 I 1.258s Main 71630ce4 71636fc4 I 1.258s Main 71630ce8 00004000 I 1.258s Main 71630cec 71630d54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.258s Main 71630cf0 00000000 I 1.258s Main 71630cf4 00000000 I 1.258s Main 71630cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[vectors] I 1.258s Main 71630cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[vectors] I 1.258s Main 71630cfc 71630d50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.258s Main 71630d00 00000004 I 1.258s Main 71630d04 21630ca8 I 1.258s Main 71630d08 71630d07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.258s Main 71630d0c 00000001 I 1.258s Main 71630d10 00000000 I 1.258s Main 71630d14 00000000 I 1.258s Main 71630d18 71630d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.258s Main 71630d1c 00000001 I 1.258s Main 71630d20 71630d2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.258s Main 71630d24 00000010 I 1.258s Main 71630d28 00000000 I 1.258s Main 71630d2c 00000010 I 1.258s Main 71630d30 00000001 I 1.258s Main 71630d34 00000001 I 1.258s Main 71630d50 30343330 I 1.258s Main 71630d54 41577100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.258s Main 71630d58 00000001 I 1.258s Main 71630d5c 6e499e28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.259s Main 71630d60 6e499e70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.259s Main 71630d64 bebd3f00 [stack] I 1.259s Main 71630d68 6e499ee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.259s Main 71630d6c 415af7c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.259s Main 71630d70 415b0910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.259s Main 71630d74 41579f89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.259s Main 71630d78 00000000 I 1.259s Main 71630d7c 6e499ee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.259s Main 71630d80 415c51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.259s Main 71630d84 bebd3f00 [stack] I 1.259s Main 71630d88 6e499ee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.259s Main 71630d8c 4156a921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.259s Main 71630d90 71533000 I 1.259s Main 71630d94 4156a96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.259s Main 71630d98 6e499ee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.259s Main 71630d9c 00010002 I 1.259s Main 71630da0 6e499f00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.259s Main 71630da4 415da880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.259s Main 71630da8 71630dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.259s Main 71630dac 6f85bfb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.259s Main 71630db0 4156a921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.259s Main 71630db4 400f5174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.259s Main 71630db8 6e499ee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.259s Main 71630dbc 6f85bfb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.259s Main 71630dc0 71630dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.259s Main 71630dc4 0000000d I 1.259s Main 71630dc8 00000078 I 1.259s Main 71630dcc 400f530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.259s Main 71630dd0 71630dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.259s Main 71630dd4 6f85bfb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.259s Main 71630dd8 00000000 I 1.259s Main 71630ddc 00000000 I 1.259s Main 71630de0 00000000 I 1.259s Main 71630de4 10471514 I 1.259s Main 71630de8 00000000 I 1.259s Main 71630dec 00000000 I 1.259s Main 71630df0 00000000 I 1.259s Main 71630df4 00000000 I 1.259s Main 71630df8 00000000 I 1.259s Main 71630dfc 00000000 I 1.259s Main 71630e00 00000000 I 1.259s Main 71630e04 00000000 I 1.259s Main 71630e08 00000000 I 1.260s Main 71630e0c 6f85c1f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.260s Main I 1.260s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.260s Main I 1.260s Main I 1.260s Main pid: 832, tid: 841, name: Compiler I 1.260s Main r0 415c5704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.260s Main r4 415c5704 r5 415c56fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.260s Main r8 4156a921 r9 71637000 sl 415c56f8 fp 401342ec I 1.260s Main ip 00000000 sp 71734c10 lr 400f6ec8 pc 40109904 I 1.260s Main I 1.260s Main Stack Trace: I 1.260s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.260s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.260s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.260s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.260s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.260s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.260s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.260s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.260s Main I 1.260s Main Stack Data: I 1.260s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.260s Main 71734bd0 00000000 I 1.260s Main 71734bd4 00000000 I 1.260s Main 71734bd8 415c51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.260s Main 71734bdc 00000000 I 1.260s Main 71734be0 00000000 I 1.260s Main 71734be4 00000000 I 1.260s Main 71734be8 415abf31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.260s Main 71734bec 4156abc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.260s Main 71734bf0 fffffe0c I 1.260s Main 71734bf4 415ca890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.260s Main 71734bf8 415ca8b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.260s Main 71734bfc ffffffef I 1.260s Main 71734c00 415c5704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.260s Main 71734c04 415c56fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.260s Main 71734c08 00000000 I 1.260s Main 71734c0c 400f6eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.260s Main 71734c10 00000000 I 1.261s Main 71734c10 00000000 I 1.261s Main 71734c14 415c56fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.261s Main 71734c18 415c5704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.261s Main 71734c1c 6f85d328 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.261s Main 71734c20 00001000 I 1.261s Main 71734c24 400f6f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.261s Main 71734c28 415c56c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.261s Main 71734c2c 718b3fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.261s Main 71734c30 415a4cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.261s Main 71734c34 415c56c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.261s Main 71734c38 718b3fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.261s Main 71734c3c 41589d03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.261s Main 71734c40 71734d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.261s Main 71734c44 41543fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.261s Main 71734c48 00000000 I 1.261s Main 71734c4c 415c0c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.261s Main 71734c50 415b5901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.261s Main 71734c54 415a4cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.261s Main 71734c58 00000000 I 1.261s Main 71734c5c fffffea0 I 1.261s Main 71734c60 41543f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.261s Main 71734c64 4154163c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.261s Main 71734c68 00000000 I 1.261s Main 71734c6c 00000000 I 1.261s Main 71734c70 00000000 I 1.261s Main 71734c74 00000000 I 1.261s Main 71734c78 7173afa0 I 1.261s Main 71734c7c 00000000 I 1.261s Main 71734d98 6e499fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.261s Main 71734d9c 00010002 I 1.261s Main 71734da0 6f85c858 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.261s Main 71734da4 415da880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.261s Main 71734da8 71734dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.261s Main 71734dac 6f85c868 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.261s Main 71734db0 4156a921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.261s Main 71734db4 400f5174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.261s Main 71734db8 6e499fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.261s Main 71734dbc 6f85c868 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.261s Main 71734dc0 71734dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.261s Main 71734dc4 0000000d I 1.261s Main 71734dc8 00000078 I 1.261s Main 71734dcc 400f530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.261s Main 71734dd0 71734dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.261s Main 71734dd4 6f85c868 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.261s Main 71734dd8 00000000 I 1.261s Main 71734ddc 00000000 I 1.261s Main 71734de0 00000000 I 1.262s Main 71734de4 10471514 I 1.262s Main 71734de8 00000000 I 1.262s Main 71734dec 00000000 I 1.262s Main 71734df0 00000000 I 1.262s Main 71734df4 00000000 I 1.262s Main 71734df8 00000000 I 1.262s Main 71734dfc 00000000 I 1.262s Main 71734e00 00000000 I 1.262s Main 71734e04 00000000 I 1.262s Main 71734e08 00000000 I 1.262s Main 71734e0c 6f85cab0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.262s Main I 1.262s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.262s Main I 1.262s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 1.262s Main I 1.262s Main Stack Trace: I 1.262s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.262s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.262s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.262s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.262s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.262s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.262s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.262s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.262s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.262s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.262s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.262s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.262s Main I 1.262s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.262s Main I 1.262s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000340 (code=-6), thread 832 (app_process) I 1.750s Thread-8 tombstone_00 created on 1973-06-13 05:08:00, about this long ago: 16686 days, 3:13:47 Device: 06596466005cab1a I 1.750s Thread-9 tombstone_01 created on 1973-06-13 05:08:00, about this long ago: 16686 days, 3:13:47 Device: 06596466005cab1a I 1.750s Thread-8 Resolving... I 1.750s Thread-9 Resolving... I 1.950s Main Total time spent symbolizing: 0.37s I 1.950s Main tombstone_00 created on 1973-06-13 05:08:00, about this long ago: 16686 days, 3:13:47 Device: 06596466005cab1a I 1.950s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src I 1.951s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug I 1.951s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmpzGp8tI I 1.951s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 1.951s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug I 1.951s Main pid: 593, tid: 593, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 1.951s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 1.951s Main r0 00000000 r1 00000251 r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 1.951s Main r4 00000006 r5 00000000 r6 00000251 r7 0000010c I 1.951s Main r8 00000004 r9 bee93b91 sl bee93b9d fp bee93b85 I 1.951s Main ip 40270438 sp bee93628 lr 4010afe5 pc 40119f90 I 1.951s Main I 1.951s Main Stack Trace: I 1.951s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.951s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.951s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.951s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.951s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.951s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.951s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.951s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.951s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.951s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.951s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.951s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.951s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.951s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.951s Main I 1.951s Main Stack Data: I 1.951s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.951s Main bee935e8 40263168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.951s Main bee935ec 00000002 I 1.951s Main bee935f0 40270438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.951s Main bee935f4 00000004 I 1.951s Main bee935f8 bee93b91 [stack] I 1.951s Main bee935fc bee93b9d [stack] I 1.951s Main bee93600 bee93b85 [stack] I 1.951s Main bee93604 4011e159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.951s Main bee93608 20302036 I 1.951s Main bee9360c 32313634 I 1.951s Main bee93610 bee93684 [stack] I 1.951s Main bee93614 00000000 I 1.951s Main bee93618 00000000 I 1.951s Main bee9361c 31203020 I 1.951s Main bee93620 00004000 I 1.951s Main bee93624 bee93692 [stack] I 1.951s Main bee93628 00000006 I 1.951s Main bee9362c 00000000 I 1.951s Main bee93630 00000251 I 1.951s Main bee93634 40270438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.951s Main bee93638 40270438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.951s Main bee9363c 4010afe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.951s Main bee93640 00000006 I 1.951s Main bee93644 00000000 I 1.951s Main bee93648 00000002 I 1.951s Main bee9364c 4010b1f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.951s Main bee93650 bee9365c [stack] I 1.951s Main bee93654 40109f2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.951s Main bee93658 00000000 I 1.951s Main bee9365c ffffffdf I 1.951s Main bee93660 401422c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.952s Main bee93664 4014222c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.952s Main bee93668 00000000 I 1.952s Main bee9366c 4010caef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.952s Main bee93670 415d51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.952s Main bee93674 415d51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.952s Main bee93678 40263168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.952s Main bee9367c 40119848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.952s Main bee93680 00000000 I 1.952s Main bee93684 4156bccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.952s Main bee93688 40150324 I 1.952s Main bee9368c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.952s Main bee93690 0000296c I 1.952s Main bee93694 00000000 I 1.952s Main bee93698 00000000 I 1.952s Main bee9369c 00000000 I 1.952s Main bee936a0 00000000 I 1.952s Main bee936a4 00000000 I 1.952s Main bee936a8 00000000 I 1.952s Main bee936ac 00000000 I 1.952s Main bee936b0 00000000 I 1.952s Main bee936b4 00000000 I 1.952s Main bee936b8 00000000 I 1.952s Main bee936bc 00000000 I 1.952s Main bee936c0 00000000 I 1.952s Main bee936c4 00000000 I 1.952s Main bee93898 000000c8 I 1.952s Main bee9389c 6e8a1008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.952s Main bee938a0 41523f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.952s Main bee938a4 00000000 I 1.952s Main bee938a8 000000c8 I 1.952s Main bee938ac 40266560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.952s Main bee938b0 40266740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.952s Main bee938b4 41523f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.952s Main bee938b8 400cf328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.952s Main bee938bc 4020bd27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.952s Main bee938c0 41523f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.952s Main bee938c4 00000000 I 1.952s Main bee938c8 bee93988 [stack] I 1.952s Main bee938cc 4020c015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.952s Main bee938d0 400cf3cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.952s Main bee938d4 4020ca65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.952s Main bee938d8 41523f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.952s Main bee938dc 00000000 I 1.952s Main bee938e0 415d8004 I 1.952s Main bee938e4 41573a8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.952s Main bee938e8 41573abd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.952s Main bee938ec 41573a95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.952s Main bee938f0 000000bb I 1.952s Main bee938f4 00000000 I 1.952s Main bee938f8 41523e08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.952s Main bee938fc 40108e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.952s Main bee93900 000000b0 I 1.952s Main bee93904 00000000 I 1.952s Main bee93908 40107dcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.952s Main bee9390c 000000a0 I 1.952s Main bee93910 00000014 I 1.952s Main bee93914 402683d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.952s Main bee93960 00000000 I 1.952s Main bee93964 00000000 I 1.952s Main bee93968 00000000 I 1.953s Main bee9396c bee93a7c [stack] I 1.953s Main bee93970 40146384 I 1.953s Main bee93974 400cf372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.953s Main bee93978 400cf300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.953s Main bee9397c 400cf37b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.953s Main bee93980 400cf391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.953s Main bee93984 400cf39f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.953s Main bee93988 400d0e08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.953s Main bee9398c 40266520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.953s Main bee93990 41523e18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.953s Main bee93994 00000013 I 1.953s Main bee93998 00000000 I 1.953s Main bee9399c 00000008 I 1.953s Main bee93a40 00000000 I 1.953s Main bee93a44 00000000 I 1.953s Main bee93a48 00000000 I 1.953s Main bee93a4c 00000000 I 1.953s Main bee93a50 00000000 I 1.953s Main bee93a54 400ced80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.953s Main bee93a58 400d0de8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.953s Main bee93a5c 400d0df0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.953s Main bee93a60 400d0df8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.953s Main bee93a64 bee93a70 [stack] I 1.953s Main bee93a68 00000000 I 1.953s Main bee93a6c 400d3881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 1.953s Main bee93a70 00000005 I 1.953s Main bee93a74 bee93b85 [stack] I 1.953s Main bee93a78 bee93b91 [stack] I 1.953s Main bee93a7c bee93b9d [stack] I 1.953s Main bee93a80 bee93bb8 [stack] I 1.953s Main bee93a84 bee93bbd [stack] I 1.953s Main bee93a88 00000000 I 1.953s Main bee93a8c bee93bc5 [stack] I 1.953s Main bee93a90 bee93bdf [stack] I 1.953s Main bee93a94 bee93c0b [stack] I 1.953s Main I 1.953s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.953s Main I 1.953s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000251 (code=-6), thread 593 (app_process) I 1.953s Main I 1.953s Main pid: 593, tid: 611, name: ReferenceQueueD I 1.953s Main r0 6e88d808 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.953s Main r4 6e88d808 r5 6e88d7f8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.953s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4962b0 sl 00000000 fp 415f51d0 I 1.953s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fc00ba0 lr 40106ec8 pc 40119904 I 1.953s Main I 1.953s Main Stack Trace: I 1.953s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.953s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.953s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.953s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.953s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.953s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.953s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.953s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.953s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.953s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.953s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.953s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.953s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.953s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.954s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.954s Main I 1.954s Main Stack Data: I 1.954s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.954s Main 6fc00b60 0000002b I 1.954s Main 6fc00b64 000001d8 I 1.954s Main 6fc00b68 6e499e08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.954s Main 6fc00b6c 40108e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.954s Main 6fc00b70 00000020 I 1.954s Main 6fc00b74 00000010 I 1.954s Main 6fc00b78 00000021 I 1.954s Main 6fc00b7c 00000020 I 1.954s Main 6fc00b80 00000020 I 1.954s Main 6fc00b84 415e0640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.954s Main 6fc00b88 00000001 I 1.954s Main 6fc00b8c 6e88d478 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.954s Main 6fc00b90 6e88d808 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.954s Main 6fc00b94 6e88d7f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.954s Main 6fc00b98 00000000 I 1.954s Main 6fc00b9c 40106eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.954s Main 6fc00ba0 00000000 I 1.954s Main 6fc00ba0 00000000 I 1.954s Main 6fc00ba4 6e88d7f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.954s Main 6fc00ba8 6e88d808 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.954s Main 6fc00bac 6e88d468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.954s Main 6fc00bb0 6e499e08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.954s Main 6fc00bb4 40106f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.954s Main 6fc00bb8 6e88d7f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.954s Main 6fc00bbc 00000000 I 1.954s Main 6fc00bc0 6e88d7f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.954s Main 6fc00bc4 6e88d7f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.954s Main 6fc00bc8 00000000 I 1.954s Main 6fc00bcc 41578d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.954s Main 6fc00bd0 6e88d468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.954s Main 6fc00bd4 6e499e08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.954s Main 6fc00bd8 6fb02f74 I 1.954s Main 6fc00bdc 6fb02f78 I 1.954s Main 6fc00be0 415e0640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.954s Main 6fc00be4 6e88d468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.954s Main 6fc00be8 6e88d478 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.954s Main 6fc00bec 6fb02f74 I 1.954s Main 6fc00bf0 415d0c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.954s Main 6fc00bf4 4158d655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.954s Main 6fc00bf8 00000000 I 1.954s Main 6fc00bfc 00000001 I 1.954s Main 6fc00c00 00000000 I 1.954s Main 6fc00c04 00000000 I 1.954s Main 6fc00c08 6d4962b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.954s Main 6fc00c0c 415db890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.954s Main 6fc00c10 4158d62f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.954s Main 6fc00c14 41575acf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.954s Main 6fc00c18 6fb02f74 I 1.954s Main 6fc00c1c 6e88d478 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.954s Main 6fc00c20 6e520e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.954s Main 6fc00c24 6fb02f98 I 1.954s Main 6fc00c28 6e88d468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.954s Main 6fc00c2c 415db890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.954s Main 6fc00c30 41543d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.954s Main 6fc00c34 00000000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00c38 6fb02f60 I 1.955s Main 6fc00c3c 4154cfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.955s Main 6fc00c40 00000000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00c44 6e88d468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.955s Main 6fc00c48 41553f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.955s Main 6fc00c4c 00000000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00c50 6fc00d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:611] I 1.955s Main 6fc00c54 6e88d468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.955s Main 6fc00c58 6fc00c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:611] I 1.955s Main 6fc00c5c 6d49aeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.955s Main 6fc00c60 415f51d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.955s Main 6fc00c64 41553fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.955s Main 6fc00c68 00000000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00c6c 00000000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00c70 00000000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00c74 00000000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00c78 00000000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00c7c fffffea0 I 1.955s Main 6fc00c80 41553f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.955s Main 6fc00c84 4155163c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.955s Main 6fc00c88 00000000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00c8c 00000000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00c90 00000000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00c94 00000000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00c98 6fb02fe4 I 1.955s Main 6fc00c9c 00000000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00ca0 00000000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00ca4 00000000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00ca8 00000000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00cac 00000000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00cb0 00000000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00cb4 00000000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00cb8 00000000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00cbc 00000000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00cc0 00000000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00cc4 00000000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00d18 0000001d I 1.955s Main 6fc00d1c 0000001c I 1.955s Main 6fc00d20 0000001c I 1.955s Main 6fc00d24 6e88d468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.955s Main 6fc00d28 40146384 I 1.955s Main 6fc00d2c 41595ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.955s Main 6fc00d30 6fb03000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00d34 6fc00d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:611] I 1.955s Main 6fc00d38 415d51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.955s Main 6fc00d3c 40146384 I 1.955s Main 6fc00d40 415d5500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.955s Main 6fc00d44 415d54fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.955s Main 6fc00d48 6fb03000 I 1.955s Main 6fc00d4c bee92e14 [stack] I 1.955s Main 6fc00d50 401442ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.955s Main 6fc00d54 415865a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.955s Main 6fc00d58 6fc00d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:611] I 1.955s Main 6fc00d5c 6fc00d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:611] I 1.955s Main 6fc00d60 6e88d468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.955s Main 6fc00d64 6fc00d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:611] I 1.955s Main 6fc00d68 40146384 I 1.955s Main 6fc00d6c 6e88d468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.955s Main 6fc00d70 4157b28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.956s Main 6fc00d74 6fc00d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:611] I 1.956s Main 6fc00d78 00000003 I 1.956s Main 6fc00d7c 6e88d8c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.956s Main 6fc00d80 00000000 I 1.956s Main 6fc00d84 4151f9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.956s Main 6fc00d88 6e88d468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.956s Main 6fc00d8c 401050ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.956s Main 6fc00d90 00000000 I 1.956s Main 6fc00d94 4151f9f4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.956s Main 6fc00d98 4151f9e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.956s Main 6fc00d9c ac0f7621 I 1.956s Main 6fc00da0 6fc00dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:611] I 1.956s Main 6fc00da4 6e88d8c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.956s Main 6fc00da8 4157b1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.956s Main 6fc00dac 6e88d468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.956s Main 6fc00db0 4157b1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.956s Main 6fc00db4 40105174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.956s Main 6fc00db8 6e88d468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.956s Main 6fc00dbc 6e88d8c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.956s Main 6fc00dc0 6fc00dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:611] I 1.956s Main 6fc00dc4 0000000d I 1.956s Main 6fc00dc8 00000078 I 1.956s Main 6fc00dcc 4010530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.956s Main 6fc00dd0 6fc00dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:611] I 1.956s Main 6fc00dd4 6e88d8c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.956s Main 6fc00dd8 00000000 I 1.956s Main 6fc00ddc 00000000 I 1.956s Main 6fc00de0 00000000 I 1.956s Main 6fc00de4 ac0f7621 I 1.956s Main 6fc00de8 00000000 I 1.956s Main 6fc00dec 00000000 I 1.956s Main 6fc00df0 00000000 I 1.956s Main 6fc00df4 00000000 I 1.956s Main 6fc00df8 00000000 I 1.956s Main 6fc00dfc 00000000 I 1.956s Main 6fc00e00 00000000 I 1.956s Main 6fc00e04 00000000 I 1.956s Main 6fc00e08 00000000 I 1.956s Main 6fc00e0c 6e88d468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.956s Main I 1.956s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.956s Main I 1.956s Main I 1.956s Main pid: 593, tid: 612, name: FinalizerDaemon I 1.956s Main r0 415da3c8 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.956s Main r4 415da3c8 r5 415da3b8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.956s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4962b0 sl 00000000 fp 415f54a0 I 1.956s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fd04bc8 lr 40106ec8 pc 40119904 I 1.956s Main I 1.956s Main Stack Trace: I 1.956s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.956s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.956s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.956s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.956s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.956s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.956s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.956s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.956s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.956s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.956s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.957s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.957s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.957s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.957s Main I 1.957s Main Stack Data: I 1.957s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.957s Main 6fd04b88 0000002b I 1.957s Main 6fd04b8c 00000180 I 1.957s Main 6fd04b90 6e499e60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.957s Main 6fd04b94 40108e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.957s Main 6fd04b98 00000020 I 1.957s Main 6fd04b9c 00000000 I 1.957s Main 6fd04ba0 00000021 I 1.957s Main 6fd04ba4 00000020 I 1.957s Main 6fd04ba8 00000020 I 1.957s Main 6fd04bac 415e0718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.957s Main 6fd04bb0 00000001 I 1.957s Main 6fd04bb4 41543d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.957s Main 6fd04bb8 415da3c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.957s Main 6fd04bbc 415da3b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.957s Main 6fd04bc0 00000000 I 1.957s Main 6fd04bc4 40106eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.957s Main 6fd04bc8 00000000 I 1.957s Main 6fd04bc8 00000000 I 1.957s Main 6fd04bcc 415da3b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.957s Main 6fd04bd0 415da3c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.957s Main 6fd04bd4 415da028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.957s Main 6fd04bd8 6e499e60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.957s Main 6fd04bdc 40106f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.957s Main 6fd04be0 415da3b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.957s Main 6fd04be4 00000000 I 1.957s Main 6fd04be8 415da3b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.957s Main 6fd04bec 415da3b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.957s Main 6fd04bf0 00000000 I 1.957s Main 6fd04bf4 41578d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.957s Main 6fd04bf8 415da028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.957s Main 6fd04bfc 6e499e60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.957s Main 6fd04c00 6fc06f10 I 1.957s Main 6fd04c04 6fc06f14 I 1.957s Main 6fd04c08 415e0718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.957s Main 6fd04c0c 415db890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.957s Main 6fd04c10 41543d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.957s Main 6fd04c14 00000000 I 1.957s Main 6fd04c18 6fc06efc I 1.957s Main 6fd04c1c 4158d655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.957s Main 6fd04c20 00000000 I 1.957s Main 6fd04c24 00000001 I 1.957s Main 6fd04c28 00000000 I 1.957s Main 6fd04c2c 00000000 I 1.957s Main 6fd04c30 6e520ea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.957s Main 6fd04c34 6fc06f34 I 1.957s Main 6fd04c38 415da028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.957s Main 6fd04c3c 4154cfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.957s Main 6fd04c40 00000000 I 1.957s Main 6fd04c44 415da028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.957s Main 6fd04c48 41553f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.957s Main 6fd04c4c 00000000 I 1.957s Main 6fd04c50 6fd04d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:612] I 1.957s Main 6fd04c54 415da028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.957s Main 6fd04c58 6fd04c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:612] I 1.958s Main 6fd04c5c 6d49aeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.958s Main 6fd04c60 415f54a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.958s Main 6fd04c64 41553fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.958s Main 6fd04c68 00000000 I 1.958s Main 6fd04c6c 00000000 I 1.958s Main 6fd04c70 00000000 I 1.958s Main 6fd04c74 00000000 I 1.958s Main 6fd04c78 00000000 I 1.958s Main 6fd04c7c fffffea0 I 1.958s Main 6fd04c80 41553f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.958s Main 6fd04c84 4155163c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.958s Main 6fd04c88 00000000 I 1.958s Main 6fd04c8c 00000000 I 1.958s Main 6fd04c90 00000000 I 1.958s Main 6fd04c94 00000000 I 1.958s Main 6fd04c98 6fc06fe4 I 1.958s Main 6fd04c9c 00000000 I 1.958s Main 6fd04ca0 00000000 I 1.958s Main 6fd04ca4 00000000 I 1.958s Main 6fd04ca8 00000000 I 1.958s Main 6fd04cac 00000000 I 1.958s Main 6fd04cb0 00000000 I 1.958s Main 6fd04cb4 00000000 I 1.958s Main 6fd04cb8 00000000 I 1.958s Main 6fd04cbc 00000000 I 1.958s Main 6fd04cc0 00000000 I 1.958s Main 6fd04cc4 00000000 I 1.958s Main 6fd04d18 0000001d I 1.958s Main 6fd04d1c 0000001c I 1.958s Main 6fd04d20 0000001c I 1.958s Main 6fd04d24 415da028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.958s Main 6fd04d28 40146384 I 1.958s Main 6fd04d2c 41595ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.958s Main 6fd04d30 6fc07000 I 1.958s Main 6fd04d34 6fd04d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:612] I 1.958s Main 6fd04d38 415d51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.958s Main 6fd04d3c 40146384 I 1.958s Main 6fd04d40 415d5500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.958s Main 6fd04d44 415d54fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.958s Main 6fd04d48 6fc07000 I 1.958s Main 6fd04d4c bee92e3c [stack] I 1.958s Main 6fd04d50 401442ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.958s Main 6fd04d54 415865a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.958s Main 6fd04d58 6fd04d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:612] I 1.958s Main 6fd04d5c 6fd04d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:612] I 1.958s Main 6fd04d60 415da028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.958s Main 6fd04d64 6fd04d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:612] I 1.958s Main 6fd04d68 40146384 I 1.958s Main 6fd04d6c 415da028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.958s Main 6fd04d70 4157b28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.958s Main 6fd04d74 6fd04d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:612] I 1.958s Main 6fd04d78 00000003 I 1.958s Main 6fd04d7c 6e88dd10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.958s Main 6fd04d80 00000000 I 1.958s Main 6fd04d84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-1 I 1.958s Main 6fd04d88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.958s Main 6fd04d8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.958s Main 6fd04d90 006e6f6d I 1.958s Main 6fd04d94 6fd04d93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:612] I 1.959s Main 6fd04d98 6fd04d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:612] I 1.959s Main 6fd04d9c ac0f7621 I 1.959s Main 6fd04da0 6fd04dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:612] I 1.959s Main 6fd04da4 6e88dd10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.959s Main 6fd04da8 4157b1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.959s Main 6fd04dac 415da028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.959s Main 6fd04db0 4157b1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.959s Main 6fd04db4 40105174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.959s Main 6fd04db8 415da028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.959s Main 6fd04dbc 6e88dd10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.959s Main 6fd04dc0 6fd04dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:612] I 1.959s Main 6fd04dc4 0000000d I 1.959s Main 6fd04dc8 00000078 I 1.959s Main 6fd04dcc 4010530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.959s Main 6fd04dd0 6fd04dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:612] I 1.959s Main 6fd04dd4 6e88dd10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.959s Main 6fd04dd8 00000000 I 1.959s Main 6fd04ddc 00000000 I 1.959s Main 6fd04de0 00000000 I 1.959s Main 6fd04de4 ac0f7621 I 1.959s Main 6fd04de8 00000000 I 1.959s Main 6fd04dec 00000000 I 1.959s Main 6fd04df0 00000000 I 1.959s Main 6fd04df4 00000000 I 1.959s Main 6fd04df8 00000000 I 1.959s Main 6fd04dfc 00000000 I 1.959s Main 6fd04e00 00000000 I 1.959s Main 6fd04e04 00000000 I 1.959s Main 6fd04e08 00000000 I 1.959s Main 6fd04e0c 415da028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.959s Main I 1.959s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.959s Main I 1.959s Main I 1.959s Main pid: 593, tid: 613, name: FinalizerWatchd I 1.959s Main r0 415daa28 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.959s Main r4 415daa28 r5 415daa18 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.959s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4962b0 sl 00000000 fp 415f5740 I 1.959s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fe08bc8 lr 40106ec8 pc 40119904 I 1.959s Main I 1.959s Main Stack Trace: I 1.959s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.959s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.959s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.959s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.959s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.959s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.959s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.959s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.959s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.959s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.959s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.959s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.959s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.959s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.959s Main I 1.959s Main Stack Data: I 1.959s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.959s Main 6fe08b88 0000002b I 1.959s Main 6fe08b8c 00000090 I 1.959s Main 6fe08b90 415daf50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.960s Main 6fe08b94 40108e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.960s Main 6fe08b98 00000020 I 1.960s Main 6fe08b9c 0000000c I 1.960s Main 6fe08ba0 00000021 I 1.960s Main 6fe08ba4 00000020 I 1.960s Main 6fe08ba8 00000020 I 1.960s Main 6fe08bac 415f5730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.960s Main 6fe08bb0 00000001 I 1.960s Main 6fe08bb4 41543d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.960s Main 6fe08bb8 415daa28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.960s Main 6fe08bbc 415daa18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.960s Main 6fe08bc0 00000000 I 1.960s Main 6fe08bc4 40106eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.960s Main 6fe08bc8 00000000 I 1.960s Main 6fe08bc8 00000000 I 1.960s Main 6fe08bcc 415daa18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.960s Main 6fe08bd0 415daa28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.960s Main 6fe08bd4 415da688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.960s Main 6fe08bd8 415daf50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.960s Main 6fe08bdc 40106f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.960s Main 6fe08be0 415daa18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.960s Main 6fe08be4 00000000 I 1.960s Main 6fe08be8 415daa18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.960s Main 6fe08bec 415daa18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.960s Main 6fe08bf0 00000000 I 1.960s Main 6fe08bf4 41578d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.960s Main 6fe08bf8 415da688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.960s Main 6fe08bfc 415daf50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.960s Main 6fe08c00 6fd0af54 I 1.960s Main 6fe08c04 6fd0af58 I 1.960s Main 6fe08c08 415f5730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.960s Main 6fe08c0c 415db890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.960s Main 6fe08c10 41543d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.960s Main 6fe08c14 00000000 I 1.960s Main 6fe08c18 6fd0af40 I 1.960s Main 6fe08c1c 4158d655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.960s Main 6fe08c20 00000000 I 1.960s Main 6fe08c24 00000001 I 1.960s Main 6fe08c28 00000000 I 1.960s Main 6fe08c2c 00000000 I 1.960s Main 6fe08c30 6e520e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.960s Main 6fe08c34 6fd0af78 I 1.960s Main 6fe08c38 415da688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.960s Main 6fe08c3c 4154cfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.960s Main 6fe08c40 00000000 I 1.960s Main 6fe08c44 415da688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.960s Main 6fe08c48 41553f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.960s Main 6fe08c4c 00000000 I 1.960s Main 6fe08c50 6fe08d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:613] I 1.960s Main 6fe08c54 415da688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.960s Main 6fe08c58 6fe08c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:613] I 1.960s Main 6fe08c5c 6d49aeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.960s Main 6fe08c60 415f5740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.960s Main 6fe08c64 41553fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.960s Main 6fe08c68 00000000 I 1.960s Main 6fe08c6c 00000000 I 1.960s Main 6fe08c70 00000000 I 1.960s Main 6fe08c74 00000000 I 1.960s Main 6fe08c78 00000000 I 1.960s Main 6fe08c7c fffffea0 I 1.960s Main 6fe08c80 41553f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.961s Main 6fe08c84 4155163c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.961s Main 6fe08c88 00000000 I 1.961s Main 6fe08c8c 00000000 I 1.961s Main 6fe08c90 00000000 I 1.961s Main 6fe08c94 00000000 I 1.961s Main 6fe08c98 6fd0afe4 I 1.961s Main 6fe08c9c 00000000 I 1.961s Main 6fe08ca0 00000000 I 1.961s Main 6fe08ca4 00000000 I 1.961s Main 6fe08ca8 00000000 I 1.961s Main 6fe08cac 00000000 I 1.961s Main 6fe08cb0 00000000 I 1.961s Main 6fe08cb4 00000000 I 1.961s Main 6fe08cb8 00000000 I 1.961s Main 6fe08cbc 00000000 I 1.961s Main 6fe08cc0 00000000 I 1.961s Main 6fe08cc4 00000000 I 1.961s Main 6fe08d18 0000001d I 1.961s Main 6fe08d1c 0000001c I 1.961s Main 6fe08d20 0000001c I 1.961s Main 6fe08d24 415da688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.961s Main 6fe08d28 40146384 I 1.961s Main 6fe08d2c 41595ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.961s Main 6fe08d30 6fd0b000 I 1.961s Main 6fe08d34 6fe08d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:613] I 1.961s Main 6fe08d38 415d51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.961s Main 6fe08d3c 40146384 I 1.961s Main 6fe08d40 415d5500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.961s Main 6fe08d44 415d54fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.961s Main 6fe08d48 6fd0b000 I 1.961s Main 6fe08d4c bee92e3c [stack] I 1.961s Main 6fe08d50 401442ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.961s Main 6fe08d54 415865a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.961s Main 6fe08d58 6fe08d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:613] I 1.961s Main 6fe08d5c 6fe08d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:613] I 1.961s Main 6fe08d60 415da688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.961s Main 6fe08d64 6fe08d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:613] I 1.961s Main 6fe08d68 40146384 I 1.961s Main 6fe08d6c 415da688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.961s Main 6fe08d70 4157b28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.961s Main 6fe08d74 6fe08d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:613] I 1.961s Main 6fe08d78 00000003 I 1.961s Main 6fe08d7c 415daae0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.961s Main 6fe08d80 00000000 I 1.961s Main 6fe08d84 4151fa10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.961s Main 6fe08d88 415da688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.961s Main 6fe08d8c 401050ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.961s Main 6fe08d90 00000000 I 1.961s Main 6fe08d94 4151fa0f <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.961s Main 6fe08d98 4151f9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.961s Main 6fe08d9c ac0f7621 I 1.961s Main 6fe08da0 6fe08dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:613] I 1.961s Main 6fe08da4 415daae0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.961s Main 6fe08da8 4157b1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.961s Main 6fe08dac 415da688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.961s Main 6fe08db0 4157b1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.961s Main 6fe08db4 40105174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.961s Main 6fe08db8 415da688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.961s Main 6fe08dbc 415daae0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.961s Main 6fe08dc0 6fe08dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:613] I 1.962s Main 6fe08dc4 0000000d I 1.962s Main 6fe08dc8 00000078 I 1.962s Main 6fe08dcc 4010530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.962s Main 6fe08dd0 6fe08dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:613] I 1.962s Main 6fe08dd4 415daae0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.962s Main 6fe08dd8 00000000 I 1.962s Main 6fe08ddc 00000000 I 1.962s Main 6fe08de0 00000000 I 1.962s Main 6fe08de4 ac0f7621 I 1.962s Main 6fe08de8 00000000 I 1.962s Main 6fe08dec 00000000 I 1.962s Main 6fe08df0 00000000 I 1.962s Main 6fe08df4 00000000 I 1.962s Main 6fe08df8 00000000 I 1.962s Main 6fe08dfc 00000000 I 1.962s Main 6fe08e00 00000000 I 1.962s Main 6fe08e04 00000000 I 1.962s Main 6fe08e08 00000000 I 1.962s Main 6fe08e0c 415da688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.962s Main I 1.962s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.962s Main I 1.962s Main I 1.962s Main pid: 593, tid: 614, name: GC I 1.962s Main r0 415253d4 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.962s Main r4 415253d4 r5 415253d0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.962s Main r8 415d7100 r9 415d7100 sl 415253c8 fp 401442ec I 1.962s Main ip 00000000 sp 6ff08d40 lr 40106ec8 pc 40119904 I 1.962s Main I 1.962s Main Stack Trace: I 1.962s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.962s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.962s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.962s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.962s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.962s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.962s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.962s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.962s Main I 1.962s Main Stack Data: I 1.962s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.963s Main 6ff08d00 00000000 I 1.963s Main 6ff08d04 6ff08ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.963s Main 6ff08d08 6ff08cb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.963s Main 6ff08d0c 00000018 I 1.963s Main 6ff08d10 6d49a66c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.963s Main 6ff08d14 6ff08d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.963s Main 6ff08d18 415d51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.963s Main 6ff08d1c 6e499f40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.963s Main 6ff08d20 415f5940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.963s Main 6ff08d24 415f59b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.963s Main 6ff08d28 415f5940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.963s Main 6ff08d2c 4011b2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.963s Main 6ff08d30 415253d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.963s Main 6ff08d34 415253d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.963s Main 6ff08d38 00000000 I 1.963s Main 6ff08d3c 40106eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.963s Main 6ff08d40 00000000 I 1.963s Main 6ff08d40 00000000 I 1.963s Main 6ff08d44 415253d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.963s Main 6ff08d48 415253d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.963s Main 6ff08d4c 00000000 I 1.963s Main 6ff08d50 415d7100 I 1.963s Main 6ff08d54 40106f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.963s Main 6ff08d58 415d0c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.963s Main 6ff08d5c 415d51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.964s Main 6ff08d60 bee92f10 [stack] I 1.964s Main 6ff08d64 415d0c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.964s Main 6ff08d68 415d51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.964s Main 6ff08d6c 41598783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.964s Main 6ff08d70 00000000 I 1.964s Main 6ff08d74 00000000 I 1.964s Main 6ff08d78 41598735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.964s Main 6ff08d7c 6e499f10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.964s Main 6ff08d80 415d51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.964s Main 6ff08d84 bee92f10 [stack] I 1.964s Main 6ff08d88 6e499f10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.964s Main 6ff08d8c 4157a921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.964s Main 6ff08d90 6fe0b000 I 1.964s Main 6ff08d94 4157a96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.964s Main 6ff08d98 6e499f10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.964s Main 6ff08d9c 00010002 I 1.964s Main 6ff08da0 6e499f30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.964s Main 6ff08da4 415ea880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.964s Main 6ff08da8 6ff08dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.964s Main 6ff08dac 6e89a020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.964s Main 6ff08db0 4157a921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.964s Main 6ff08db4 40105174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.964s Main 6ff08db8 6e499f10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.964s Main 6ff08dbc 6e89a020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.964s Main 6ff08dc0 6ff08dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.965s Main 6ff08dc4 0000000d I 1.965s Main 6ff08dc8 00000078 I 1.965s Main 6ff08dcc 4010530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.965s Main 6ff08dd0 6ff08dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:614] I 1.965s Main 6ff08dd4 6e89a020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.965s Main 6ff08dd8 00000000 I 1.965s Main 6ff08ddc 00000000 I 1.965s Main 6ff08de0 00000000 I 1.965s Main 6ff08de4 ac0f7621 I 1.965s Main 6ff08de8 00000000 I 1.965s Main 6ff08dec 00000000 I 1.965s Main 6ff08df0 00000000 I 1.965s Main 6ff08df4 00000000 I 1.965s Main 6ff08df8 00000000 I 1.965s Main 6ff08dfc 00000000 I 1.965s Main 6ff08e00 00000000 I 1.965s Main 6ff08e04 00000000 I 1.965s Main 6ff08e08 00000000 I 1.965s Main 6ff08e0c 6e89a268 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.965s Main I 1.965s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.965s Main I 1.965s Main I 1.965s Main pid: 593, tid: 615, name: Signal Catcher I 1.966s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 1.966s Main r4 7000cd08 r5 7000cd48 r6 bee92f20 r7 000000b1 I 1.966s Main r8 6e89ab10 r9 415d0c74 sl 415d5694 fp 415b4cdc I 1.966s Main ip 7000cd44 sp 7000cd08 lr 4010b351 pc 40119170 I 1.966s Main I 1.966s Main Stack Trace: I 1.966s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.966s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.966s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.966s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.966s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.966s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.966s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.966s Main I 1.966s Main Stack Data: I 1.966s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.966s Main 7000ccc8 00000000 I 1.966s Main 7000cccc 00000000 I 1.966s Main 7000ccd0 00000000 I 1.966s Main 7000ccd4 00000000 I 1.966s Main 7000ccd8 7000cd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.966s Main 7000ccdc 00000000 I 1.966s Main 7000cce0 6e89ab10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.966s Main 7000cce4 70012fc4 I 1.966s Main 7000cce8 00000000 I 1.967s Main 7000ccec 7000cd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.967s Main 7000ccf0 00000000 I 1.967s Main 7000ccf4 4158658b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.967s Main 7000ccf8 415b6239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.967s Main 7000ccfc 00000000 I 1.967s Main 7000cd00 00000000 I 1.967s Main 7000cd04 7000cca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.967s Main 7000cd08 00000204 I 1.967s Main 7000cd08 00000204 I 1.967s Main 7000cd0c 00000000 I 1.967s Main 7000cd10 fffffea0 I 1.967s Main 7000cd14 415daf78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.967s Main 7000cd18 415d51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.967s Main 7000cd1c 41577f57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.967s Main 7000cd20 415f5a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.967s Main 7000cd24 415f5a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.967s Main 7000cd28 415f5a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.967s Main 7000cd2c 4011b2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.967s Main 7000cd30 6e89ae7c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.967s Main 7000cd34 415779a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.967s Main 7000cd38 6e89ab10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.967s Main 7000cd3c 4157b94b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.967s Main 7000cd40 415f5a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.967s Main 7000cd44 00000204 I 1.968s Main 7000cd48 00000004 I 1.968s Main 7000cd4c 6e89ab10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.968s Main 7000cd50 415d51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.968s Main 7000cd54 41579e11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.968s Main 7000cd58 415ea880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.968s Main 7000cd5c 415f5a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.968s Main 7000cd98 415daf78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.968s Main 7000cd9c 00010002 I 1.968s Main 7000cda0 6e499fc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.968s Main 7000cda4 415ea880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.968s Main 7000cda8 7000cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.968s Main 7000cdac 6e89a8c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.968s Main 7000cdb0 4157a921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.968s Main 7000cdb4 40105174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.968s Main 7000cdb8 415daf78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.968s Main 7000cdbc 6e89a8c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.968s Main 7000cdc0 7000cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.968s Main 7000cdc4 0000000d I 1.968s Main 7000cdc8 00000078 I 1.968s Main 7000cdcc 4010530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.968s Main 7000cdd0 7000cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:615] I 1.968s Main 7000cdd4 6e89a8c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.968s Main 7000cdd8 00000000 I 1.968s Main 7000cddc 00000000 I 1.968s Main 7000cde0 00000000 I 1.969s Main 7000cde4 ac0f7621 I 1.969s Main 7000cde8 00000000 I 1.969s Main 7000cdec 00000000 I 1.969s Main 7000cdf0 00000000 I 1.969s Main 7000cdf4 00000000 I 1.969s Main 7000cdf8 00000000 I 1.969s Main 7000cdfc 00000000 I 1.969s Main 7000ce00 00000000 I 1.969s Main 7000ce04 00000000 I 1.969s Main 7000ce08 00000000 I 1.969s Main 7000ce0c 6e89ab10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.969s Main I 1.969s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.969s Main I 1.969s Main I 1.969s Main pid: 593, tid: 616, name: JDWP I 1.969s Main r0 00000011 r1 70110d10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 1.969s Main r4 6e89b2b0 r5 40146384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 1.969s Main r8 6e89d2d0 r9 000003e8 sl 6e89b24c fp 401442ec I 1.969s Main ip 6e89d2b0 sp 70110cf8 lr 41587087 pc 401193d8 I 1.969s Main I 1.969s Main Stack Trace: I 1.969s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.969s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.969s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.970s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.970s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.970s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.970s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.970s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.970s Main I 1.970s Main Stack Data: I 1.970s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.970s Main 70110cb8 6e89d2b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.970s Main 70110cbc 6e89d2d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.970s Main 70110cc0 000003e8 I 1.970s Main 70110cc4 6e89b24c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.970s Main 70110cc8 401442ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.970s Main 70110ccc 4011e159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.970s Main 70110cd0 00000000 I 1.970s Main 70110cd4 00000000 I 1.970s Main 70110cd8 70110d4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.970s Main 70110cdc 00000000 I 1.970s Main 70110ce0 00000000 I 1.970s Main 70110ce4 70116fc4 I 1.970s Main 70110ce8 00004000 I 1.970s Main 70110cec 70110d54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.970s Main 70110cf0 00000000 I 1.970s Main 70110cf4 00000000 I 1.971s Main 70110cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[vectors] I 1.971s Main 70110cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[vectors] I 1.971s Main 70110cfc 70110d50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.971s Main 70110d00 00000004 I 1.971s Main 70110d04 21110ca8 I 1.971s Main 70110d08 70110d07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.971s Main 70110d0c 00000001 I 1.971s Main 70110d10 00000000 I 1.971s Main 70110d14 00000000 I 1.971s Main 70110d18 70110d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.971s Main 70110d1c 00000001 I 1.971s Main 70110d20 70110d2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.971s Main 70110d24 00000010 I 1.971s Main 70110d28 00000000 I 1.971s Main 70110d2c 00000010 I 1.971s Main 70110d30 00000001 I 1.971s Main 70110d34 00000001 I 1.971s Main 70110d50 31353230 I 1.971s Main 70110d54 41587100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.971s Main 70110d58 00000001 I 1.971s Main 70110d5c 6e89b1f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.971s Main 70110d60 6e89b240 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.971s Main 70110d64 bee92f00 [stack] I 1.971s Main 70110d68 415dafb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.972s Main 70110d6c 415bf7c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.972s Main 70110d70 415c0910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.972s Main 70110d74 41589f89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.972s Main 70110d78 00000000 I 1.972s Main 70110d7c 415dafb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.972s Main 70110d80 415d51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.972s Main 70110d84 bee92f00 [stack] I 1.972s Main 70110d88 415dafb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.972s Main 70110d8c 4157a921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.972s Main 70110d90 70013000 I 1.972s Main 70110d94 4157a96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.972s Main 70110d98 415dafb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.972s Main 70110d9c 00010002 I 1.972s Main 70110da0 6e499e50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.972s Main 70110da4 415ea880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.972s Main 70110da8 70110dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.972s Main 70110dac 6e89d348 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.972s Main 70110db0 4157a921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.972s Main 70110db4 40105174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.972s Main 70110db8 415dafb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.972s Main 70110dbc 6e89d348 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.972s Main 70110dc0 70110dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.972s Main 70110dc4 0000000d I 1.972s Main 70110dc8 00000078 I 1.972s Main 70110dcc 4010530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.973s Main 70110dd0 70110dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:616] I 1.973s Main 70110dd4 6e89d348 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.973s Main 70110dd8 00000000 I 1.973s Main 70110ddc 00000000 I 1.973s Main 70110de0 00000000 I 1.973s Main 70110de4 ac0f7621 I 1.973s Main 70110de8 00000000 I 1.973s Main 70110dec 00000000 I 1.973s Main 70110df0 00000000 I 1.973s Main 70110df4 00000000 I 1.973s Main 70110df8 00000000 I 1.973s Main 70110dfc 00000000 I 1.973s Main 70110e00 00000000 I 1.973s Main 70110e04 00000000 I 1.973s Main 70110e08 00000000 I 1.973s Main 70110e0c 6e89d590 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.973s Main I 1.973s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.973s Main I 1.973s Main I 1.973s Main pid: 593, tid: 617, name: Compiler I 1.973s Main r0 415d5704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.973s Main r4 415d5704 r5 415d56fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.973s Main r8 4157a921 r9 70117000 sl 415d56f8 fp 401442ec I 1.973s Main ip 00000000 sp 70214c10 lr 40106ec8 pc 40119904 I 1.974s Main I 1.974s Main Stack Trace: I 1.974s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.974s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.974s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.974s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.974s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.974s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.974s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.974s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.974s Main I 1.974s Main Stack Data: I 1.974s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.974s Main 70214bd0 00000000 I 1.974s Main 70214bd4 00000000 I 1.974s Main 70214bd8 415d51f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.974s Main 70214bdc 00000000 I 1.974s Main 70214be0 00000000 I 1.974s Main 70214be4 00000000 I 1.974s Main 70214be8 415bbf31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.974s Main 70214bec 4157abc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.974s Main 70214bf0 fffffe0c I 1.974s Main 70214bf4 6e88d468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.974s Main 70214bf8 6e88d490 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.975s Main 70214bfc ffffffef I 1.975s Main 70214c00 415d5704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.975s Main 70214c04 415d56fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.975s Main 70214c08 00000000 I 1.975s Main 70214c0c 40106eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.975s Main 70214c10 00000000 I 1.975s Main 70214c10 00000000 I 1.975s Main 70214c14 415d56fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.975s Main 70214c18 415d5704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.975s Main 70214c1c 6e8a06f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.975s Main 70214c20 00001000 I 1.975s Main 70214c24 40106f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.975s Main 70214c28 415d56c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.975s Main 70214c2c 70392008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.975s Main 70214c30 415b4cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.975s Main 70214c34 415d56c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.975s Main 70214c38 70392008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.975s Main 70214c3c 41599d03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.975s Main 70214c40 70214d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:617] I 1.975s Main 70214c44 41553fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.975s Main 70214c48 00000000 I 1.975s Main 70214c4c 415d0c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.975s Main 70214c50 415c5901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.975s Main 70214c54 415b4cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.975s Main 70214c58 00000000 I 1.976s Main 70214c5c fffffea0 I 1.976s Main 70214c60 41553f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.976s Main 70214c64 4155163c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.976s Main 70214c68 00000000 I 1.976s Main 70214c6c 00000000 I 1.976s Main 70214c70 00000000 I 1.976s Main 70214c74 00000000 I 1.976s Main 70214c78 7021afa0 I 1.976s Main 70214c7c 00000000 I 1.976s Main 70214d98 6e89dc98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.976s Main 70214d9c 00010002 I 1.976s Main 70214da0 6e89dcb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.976s Main 70214da4 415ea880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.976s Main 70214da8 70214dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:617] I 1.976s Main 70214dac 6e89dcc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.976s Main 70214db0 4157a921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.976s Main 70214db4 40105174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.976s Main 70214db8 6e89dc98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.976s Main 70214dbc 6e89dcc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.976s Main 70214dc0 70214dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:617] I 1.976s Main 70214dc4 0000000d I 1.976s Main 70214dc8 00000078 I 1.976s Main 70214dcc 4010530c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.976s Main 70214dd0 70214dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:617] I 1.977s Main 70214dd4 6e89dcc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.977s Main 70214dd8 00000000 I 1.977s Main 70214ddc 00000000 I 1.977s Main 70214de0 00000000 I 1.977s Main 70214de4 ac0f7621 I 1.977s Main 70214de8 00000000 I 1.977s Main 70214dec 00000000 I 1.977s Main 70214df0 00000000 I 1.977s Main 70214df4 00000000 I 1.977s Main 70214df8 00000000 I 1.977s Main 70214dfc 00000000 I 1.977s Main 70214e00 00000000 I 1.977s Main 70214e04 00000000 I 1.977s Main 70214e08 00000000 I 1.977s Main 70214e0c 6e89df10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.977s Main I 1.977s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.977s Main I 1.977s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 1.977s Main I 1.977s Main Stack Trace: I 1.977s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.977s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.977s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.977s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.978s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.978s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.978s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.978s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.978s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.978s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.978s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.978s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.978s Main I 1.978s Main Stack Data: I 1.978s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.978s Main 04758902 13329688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/101 I 1.978s Main I 1.978s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.978s Main I 1.978s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000251 (code=-6), thread 593 (app_process) I 1.978s Main tombstone_01 created on 1973-06-13 05:08:00, about this long ago: 16686 days, 3:13:47 Device: 06596466005cab1a I 1.978s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src I 1.978s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug I 1.978s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmpv8ejYQ I 1.978s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 1.978s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug I 1.978s Main pid: 828, tid: 828, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 1.978s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 1.979s Main r0 00000000 r1 0000033c r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 1.979s Main r4 00000006 r5 0000000d r6 0000033c r7 0000010c I 1.979s Main r8 00000004 r9 bed10b92 sl bed10b9e fp bed10b86 I 1.979s Main ip 4028f438 sp bed10628 lr 40129fe5 pc 40138f90 I 1.979s Main I 1.979s Main Stack Trace: I 1.979s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.979s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.979s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.979s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.979s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.979s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.979s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.979s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.979s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.979s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.979s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.979s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.979s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.979s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.979s Main I 1.979s Main Stack Data: I 1.979s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.979s Main bed105e8 40282168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.979s Main bed105ec 00000002 I 1.980s Main bed105f0 4028f438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.980s Main bed105f4 00000004 I 1.980s Main bed105f8 bed10b92 [stack] I 1.980s Main bed105fc bed10b9e [stack] I 1.980s Main bed10600 bed10b86 [stack] I 1.980s Main bed10604 4013d159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.980s Main bed10608 34203020 I 1.980s Main bed1060c 20323136 I 1.980s Main bed10610 bed10684 [stack] I 1.980s Main bed10614 00000000 I 1.980s Main bed10618 00000000 I 1.980s Main bed1061c 37312030 I 1.980s Main bed10620 00004000 I 1.980s Main bed10624 bed10692 [stack] I 1.980s Main bed10628 00000006 I 1.980s Main bed1062c 0000000d I 1.980s Main bed10630 0000033c I 1.980s Main bed10634 4028f438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.980s Main bed10638 4028f438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.980s Main bed1063c 40129fe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.980s Main bed10640 00000006 I 1.980s Main bed10644 00000000 I 1.980s Main bed10648 00000002 I 1.980s Main bed1064c 4012a1f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.980s Main bed10650 bed1065c [stack] I 1.981s Main bed10654 40128f2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.981s Main bed10658 00000000 I 1.981s Main bed1065c ffffffdf I 1.981s Main bed10660 401612c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.981s Main bed10664 4016122c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.981s Main bed10668 00000000 I 1.981s Main bed1066c 4012baef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.981s Main bed10670 415f41f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.981s Main bed10674 415f41f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.981s Main bed10678 40282168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.981s Main bed1067c 40138848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.981s Main bed10680 00000000 I 1.981s Main bed10684 4158accb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.981s Main bed10688 4016f324 [heap] I 1.981s Main bed1068c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.981s Main bed10690 0000296c I 1.981s Main bed10694 00000000 I 1.981s Main bed10698 00000000 I 1.981s Main bed1069c 00000000 I 1.981s Main bed106a0 00000000 I 1.981s Main bed106a4 00000000 I 1.981s Main bed106a8 00000000 I 1.981s Main bed106ac 00000000 I 1.981s Main bed106b0 00000000 I 1.981s Main bed106b4 00000000 I 1.982s Main bed106b8 00000000 I 1.982s Main bed106bc 00000000 I 1.982s Main bed106c0 00000000 I 1.982s Main bed106c4 00000000 I 1.982s Main bed10898 000000c8 I 1.982s Main bed1089c 6f88c2b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.982s Main bed108a0 41542f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.982s Main bed108a4 00000000 I 1.982s Main bed108a8 000000c8 I 1.982s Main bed108ac 40285560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.982s Main bed108b0 40285740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.982s Main bed108b4 41542f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.982s Main bed108b8 400ee328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.982s Main bed108bc 4022ad27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.982s Main bed108c0 41542f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.982s Main bed108c4 00000000 I 1.982s Main bed108c8 bed10988 [stack] I 1.982s Main bed108cc 4022b015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.982s Main bed108d0 400ee3cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.982s Main bed108d4 4022ba65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.982s Main bed108d8 41542f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.982s Main bed108dc 00000000 I 1.982s Main bed108e0 415f7004 I 1.982s Main bed108e4 41592a8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.983s Main bed108e8 41592abd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.983s Main bed108ec 41592a95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.983s Main bed108f0 000000bb I 1.983s Main bed108f4 00000000 I 1.983s Main bed108f8 41542e08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.983s Main bed108fc 40127e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.983s Main bed10900 000000b0 I 1.983s Main bed10904 00000000 I 1.983s Main bed10908 40126dcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.983s Main bed1090c 000000a0 I 1.983s Main bed10910 00000014 I 1.983s Main bed10914 402873d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.983s Main bed10960 00000000 I 1.983s Main bed10964 00000000 I 1.983s Main bed10968 00000000 I 1.983s Main bed1096c bed10a7c [stack] I 1.983s Main bed10970 40165384 [heap] I 1.983s Main bed10974 400ee372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.983s Main bed10978 400ee300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.983s Main bed1097c 400ee37b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.983s Main bed10980 400ee391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.983s Main bed10984 400ee39f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.983s Main bed10988 400efe08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.983s Main bed1098c 40285520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.983s Main bed10990 41542e18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.984s Main bed10994 00000013 I 1.984s Main bed10998 00000000 I 1.984s Main bed1099c 00000008 I 1.984s Main bed10a40 00000000 I 1.984s Main bed10a44 00000000 I 1.984s Main bed10a48 00000000 I 1.984s Main bed10a4c 00000000 I 1.984s Main bed10a50 00000000 I 1.984s Main bed10a54 400edd80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.984s Main bed10a58 400efde8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.984s Main bed10a5c 400efdf0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.984s Main bed10a60 400efdf8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.984s Main bed10a64 bed10a70 [stack] I 1.984s Main bed10a68 00000000 I 1.984s Main bed10a6c 400f2881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 1.984s Main bed10a70 00000005 I 1.984s Main bed10a74 bed10b86 [stack] I 1.984s Main bed10a78 bed10b92 [stack] I 1.984s Main bed10a7c bed10b9e [stack] I 1.984s Main bed10a80 bed10bb9 [stack] I 1.984s Main bed10a84 bed10bbe [stack] I 1.984s Main bed10a88 00000000 I 1.984s Main bed10a8c bed10bc6 [stack] I 1.984s Main bed10a90 bed10be0 [stack] I 1.985s Main bed10a94 bed10c0c [stack] I 1.985s Main I 1.985s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.985s Main I 1.985s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x0000033c (code=-6), thread 828 (app_process) I 1.985s Main I 1.985s Main pid: 828, tid: 832, name: ReferenceQueueD I 1.985s Main r0 6e4b8bb0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.985s Main r4 6e4b8bb0 r5 6e4b8ba0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.985s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4b52b0 sl 00000000 fp 416141d0 I 1.985s Main ip 00000000 sp 7120dba0 lr 40125ec8 pc 40138904 I 1.985s Main I 1.985s Main Stack Trace: I 1.985s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.985s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.985s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.985s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.985s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.985s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.985s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.985s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.985s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.985s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.985s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.985s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.986s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.986s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.986s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.986s Main I 1.986s Main Stack Data: I 1.986s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.986s Main 7120db60 40165180 [heap] I 1.986s Main 7120db64 00000010 I 1.986s Main 7120db68 6e4b8eb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.986s Main 7120db6c 40127e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.986s Main 7120db70 00000020 I 1.986s Main 7120db74 00000000 I 1.986s Main 7120db78 00000021 I 1.986s Main 7120db7c 00000020 I 1.986s Main 7120db80 00000020 I 1.986s Main 7120db84 415ff640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.986s Main 7120db88 00000001 I 1.986s Main 7120db8c 6e4b8820 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.986s Main 7120db90 6e4b8bb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.986s Main 7120db94 6e4b8ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.986s Main 7120db98 00000000 I 1.986s Main 7120db9c 40125eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.986s Main 7120dba0 00000000 I 1.986s Main 7120dba0 00000000 I 1.987s Main 7120dba4 6e4b8ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.987s Main 7120dba8 6e4b8bb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.987s Main 7120dbac 6e4b8810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.987s Main 7120dbb0 6e4b8eb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.987s Main 7120dbb4 40125f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.987s Main 7120dbb8 6e4b8ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.987s Main 7120dbbc 00000000 I 1.987s Main 7120dbc0 6e4b8ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.987s Main 7120dbc4 6e4b8ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.987s Main 7120dbc8 00000000 I 1.987s Main 7120dbcc 41597d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.987s Main 7120dbd0 6e4b8810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.987s Main 7120dbd4 6e4b8eb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.987s Main 7120dbd8 6f8bbf74 I 1.987s Main 7120dbdc 6f8bbf78 I 1.987s Main 7120dbe0 415ff640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.987s Main 7120dbe4 6e4b8810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.987s Main 7120dbe8 6e4b8820 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.987s Main 7120dbec 6f8bbf74 I 1.987s Main 7120dbf0 415efc74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.987s Main 7120dbf4 415ac655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.987s Main 7120dbf8 00000000 I 1.987s Main 7120dbfc 00000001 I 1.987s Main 7120dc00 00000000 I 1.987s Main 7120dc04 00000000 I 1.988s Main 7120dc08 6d4b52b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.988s Main 7120dc0c 415fa890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.988s Main 7120dc10 415ac62f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.988s Main 7120dc14 41594acf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.988s Main 7120dc18 6f8bbf74 I 1.988s Main 7120dc1c 6e4b8820 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.988s Main 7120dc20 6e53fe8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.988s Main 7120dc24 6f8bbf98 I 1.988s Main 7120dc28 6e4b8810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.988s Main 7120dc2c 415fa890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.988s Main 7120dc30 41562d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.988s Main 7120dc34 00000000 I 1.988s Main 7120dc38 6f8bbf60 I 1.988s Main 7120dc3c 4156bfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.988s Main 7120dc40 00000000 I 1.988s Main 7120dc44 6e4b8810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.988s Main 7120dc48 41572f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.988s Main 7120dc4c 00000000 I 1.988s Main 7120dc50 7120dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:832] I 1.988s Main 7120dc54 6e4b8810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.988s Main 7120dc58 7120dc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:832] I 1.988s Main 7120dc5c 6d4b9eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.988s Main 7120dc60 416141d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.988s Main 7120dc64 41572fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.989s Main 7120dc68 00000000 I 1.989s Main 7120dc6c 00000000 I 1.989s Main 7120dc70 00000000 I 1.989s Main 7120dc74 00000000 I 1.989s Main 7120dc78 00000000 I 1.989s Main 7120dc7c fffffea0 I 1.989s Main 7120dc80 41572f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.989s Main 7120dc84 4157063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.989s Main 7120dc88 00000000 I 1.989s Main 7120dc8c 00000000 I 1.989s Main 7120dc90 00000000 I 1.989s Main 7120dc94 00000000 I 1.989s Main 7120dc98 6f8bbfe4 I 1.989s Main 7120dc9c 00000000 I 1.989s Main 7120dca0 00000000 I 1.989s Main 7120dca4 00000000 I 1.989s Main 7120dca8 00000000 I 1.989s Main 7120dcac 00000000 I 1.989s Main 7120dcb0 00000000 I 1.989s Main 7120dcb4 00000000 I 1.989s Main 7120dcb8 00000000 I 1.989s Main 7120dcbc 00000000 I 1.989s Main 7120dcc0 00000000 I 1.989s Main 7120dcc4 00000000 I 1.989s Main 7120dd18 0000001d I 1.990s Main 7120dd1c 0000001c I 1.990s Main 7120dd20 0000001c I 1.990s Main 7120dd24 6e4b8810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.990s Main 7120dd28 40165384 [heap] I 1.990s Main 7120dd2c 415b4ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.990s Main 7120dd30 71110000 I 1.990s Main 7120dd34 7120dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:832] I 1.990s Main 7120dd38 415f41f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.990s Main 7120dd3c 40165384 [heap] I 1.990s Main 7120dd40 415f4500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.990s Main 7120dd44 415f44fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.990s Main 7120dd48 71110000 I 1.990s Main 7120dd4c bed0fe14 [stack] I 1.990s Main 7120dd50 401632ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.990s Main 7120dd54 415a55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.990s Main 7120dd58 7120dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:832] I 1.990s Main 7120dd5c 7120dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:832] I 1.990s Main 7120dd60 6e4b8810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.990s Main 7120dd64 7120dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:832] I 1.990s Main 7120dd68 40165384 [heap] I 1.990s Main 7120dd6c 6e4b8810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.990s Main 7120dd70 4159a28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.990s Main 7120dd74 7120dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:832] I 1.990s Main 7120dd78 00000003 I 1.990s Main 7120dd7c 6e4b8c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.991s Main 7120dd80 00000000 I 1.991s Main 7120dd84 4153e9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.991s Main 7120dd88 6e4b8810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.991s Main 7120dd8c 401240ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.991s Main 7120dd90 00000000 I 1.991s Main 7120dd94 4153e9f4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.991s Main 7120dd98 4153e9e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.991s Main 7120dd9c a370ff7a I 1.991s Main 7120dda0 7120ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:832] I 1.991s Main 7120dda4 6e4b8c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.991s Main 7120dda8 4159a1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.991s Main 7120ddac 6e4b8810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.991s Main 7120ddb0 4159a1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.991s Main 7120ddb4 40124174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.991s Main 7120ddb8 6e4b8810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.991s Main 7120ddbc 6e4b8c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.991s Main 7120ddc0 7120ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:832] I 1.991s Main 7120ddc4 0000000d I 1.991s Main 7120ddc8 00000078 I 1.991s Main 7120ddcc 4012430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.991s Main 7120ddd0 7120ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:832] I 1.991s Main 7120ddd4 6e4b8c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.991s Main 7120ddd8 00000000 I 1.991s Main 7120dddc 00000000 I 1.991s Main 7120dde0 00000000 I 1.992s Main 7120dde4 a370ff7a I 1.992s Main 7120dde8 00000000 I 1.992s Main 7120ddec 00000000 I 1.992s Main 7120ddf0 00000000 I 1.992s Main 7120ddf4 00000000 I 1.992s Main 7120ddf8 00000000 I 1.992s Main 7120ddfc 00000000 I 1.992s Main 7120de00 00000000 I 1.992s Main 7120de04 00000000 I 1.992s Main 7120de08 00000000 I 1.992s Main 7120de0c 6e4b8810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.992s Main I 1.992s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.992s Main I 1.992s Main I 1.992s Main pid: 828, tid: 833, name: FinalizerDaemon I 1.992s Main r0 415f95d0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.992s Main r4 415f95d0 r5 415f95c0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.992s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4b52b0 sl 00000000 fp 416144a0 I 1.992s Main ip 00000000 sp 7130fbc8 lr 40125ec8 pc 40138904 I 1.992s Main I 1.992s Main Stack Trace: I 1.992s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.992s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.993s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.993s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.993s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.993s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.993s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.993s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.993s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.993s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.993s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.993s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.993s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.993s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.993s Main I 1.993s Main Stack Data: I 1.993s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.993s Main 7130fb88 0000002b I 1.993s Main 7130fb8c 00000080 I 1.993s Main 7130fb90 6e4b8f60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.993s Main 7130fb94 40127e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.993s Main 7130fb98 00000020 I 1.993s Main 7130fb9c 00000000 I 1.993s Main 7130fba0 00000021 I 1.993s Main 7130fba4 00000020 I 1.993s Main 7130fba8 00000020 I 1.993s Main 7130fbac 415ff718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.994s Main 7130fbb0 00000001 I 1.994s Main 7130fbb4 41562d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.994s Main 7130fbb8 415f95d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.994s Main 7130fbbc 415f95c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.994s Main 7130fbc0 00000000 I 1.994s Main 7130fbc4 40125eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.994s Main 7130fbc8 00000000 I 1.994s Main 7130fbc8 00000000 I 1.994s Main 7130fbcc 415f95c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.994s Main 7130fbd0 415f95d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.994s Main 7130fbd4 415f9230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.994s Main 7130fbd8 6e4b8f60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.994s Main 7130fbdc 40125f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.994s Main 7130fbe0 415f95c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.994s Main 7130fbe4 00000000 I 1.994s Main 7130fbe8 415f95c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.994s Main 7130fbec 415f95c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.994s Main 7130fbf0 00000000 I 1.994s Main 7130fbf4 41597d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.994s Main 7130fbf8 415f9230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.994s Main 7130fbfc 6e4b8f60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.994s Main 7130fc00 71211f10 I 1.994s Main 7130fc04 71211f14 I 1.994s Main 7130fc08 415ff718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.994s Main 7130fc0c 415fa890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.995s Main 7130fc10 41562d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.995s Main 7130fc14 00000000 I 1.995s Main 7130fc18 71211efc I 1.995s Main 7130fc1c 415ac655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.995s Main 7130fc20 00000000 I 1.995s Main 7130fc24 00000001 I 1.995s Main 7130fc28 00000000 I 1.995s Main 7130fc2c 00000000 I 1.995s Main 7130fc30 6e53fea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.995s Main 7130fc34 71211f34 I 1.995s Main 7130fc38 415f9230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.995s Main 7130fc3c 4156bfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.995s Main 7130fc40 00000000 I 1.995s Main 7130fc44 415f9230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.995s Main 7130fc48 41572f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.995s Main 7130fc4c 00000000 I 1.995s Main 7130fc50 7130fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:833] I 1.995s Main 7130fc54 415f9230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.995s Main 7130fc58 7130fc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:833] I 1.995s Main 7130fc5c 6d4b9eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.995s Main 7130fc60 416144a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.995s Main 7130fc64 41572fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.995s Main 7130fc68 00000000 I 1.995s Main 7130fc6c 00000000 I 1.996s Main 7130fc70 00000000 I 1.996s Main 7130fc74 00000000 I 1.996s Main 7130fc78 00000000 I 1.996s Main 7130fc7c fffffea0 I 1.996s Main 7130fc80 41572f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.996s Main 7130fc84 4157063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.996s Main 7130fc88 00000000 I 1.996s Main 7130fc8c 00000000 I 1.996s Main 7130fc90 00000000 I 1.996s Main 7130fc94 00000000 I 1.996s Main 7130fc98 71211fe4 I 1.996s Main 7130fc9c 00000000 I 1.996s Main 7130fca0 00000000 I 1.996s Main 7130fca4 00000000 I 1.996s Main 7130fca8 00000000 I 1.996s Main 7130fcac 00000000 I 1.996s Main 7130fcb0 00000000 I 1.996s Main 7130fcb4 00000000 I 1.996s Main 7130fcb8 00000000 I 1.996s Main 7130fcbc 00000000 I 1.996s Main 7130fcc0 00000000 I 1.996s Main 7130fcc4 00000000 I 1.996s Main 7130fd18 0000001d I 1.996s Main 7130fd1c 0000001c I 1.996s Main 7130fd20 0000001c I 1.997s Main 7130fd24 415f9230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.997s Main 7130fd28 40165384 [heap] I 1.997s Main 7130fd2c 415b4ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.997s Main 7130fd30 71212000 I 1.997s Main 7130fd34 7130fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:833] I 1.997s Main 7130fd38 415f41f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.997s Main 7130fd3c 40165384 [heap] I 1.997s Main 7130fd40 415f4500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.997s Main 7130fd44 415f44fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.997s Main 7130fd48 71212000 I 1.997s Main 7130fd4c bed0fe3c [stack] I 1.997s Main 7130fd50 401632ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.997s Main 7130fd54 415a55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.997s Main 7130fd58 7130fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:833] I 1.997s Main 7130fd5c 7130fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:833] I 1.997s Main 7130fd60 415f9230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.997s Main 7130fd64 7130fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:833] I 1.997s Main 7130fd68 40165384 [heap] I 1.997s Main 7130fd6c 415f9230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.997s Main 7130fd70 4159a28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.997s Main 7130fd74 7130fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:833] I 1.997s Main 7130fd78 00000003 I 1.997s Main 7130fd7c 415f9688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.997s Main 7130fd80 00000000 I 1.997s Main 7130fd84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-1 I 1.998s Main 7130fd88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.998s Main 7130fd8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.998s Main 7130fd90 006e6f6d I 1.998s Main 7130fd94 7130fd93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:833] I 1.998s Main 7130fd98 7130fd84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:833] I 1.998s Main 7130fd9c a370ff7a I 1.998s Main 7130fda0 7130fdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:833] I 1.998s Main 7130fda4 415f9688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.998s Main 7130fda8 4159a1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.998s Main 7130fdac 415f9230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.998s Main 7130fdb0 4159a1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.998s Main 7130fdb4 40124174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.998s Main 7130fdb8 415f9230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.998s Main 7130fdbc 415f9688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.998s Main 7130fdc0 7130fdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:833] I 1.998s Main 7130fdc4 0000000d I 1.998s Main 7130fdc8 00000078 I 1.998s Main 7130fdcc 4012430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.998s Main 7130fdd0 7130fdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:833] I 1.998s Main 7130fdd4 415f9688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.998s Main 7130fdd8 00000000 I 1.998s Main 7130fddc 00000000 I 1.998s Main 7130fde0 00000000 I 1.998s Main 7130fde4 a370ff7a I 1.999s Main 7130fde8 00000000 I 1.999s Main 7130fdec 00000000 I 1.999s Main 7130fdf0 00000000 I 1.999s Main 7130fdf4 00000000 I 1.999s Main 7130fdf8 00000000 I 1.999s Main 7130fdfc 00000000 I 1.999s Main 7130fe00 00000000 I 1.999s Main 7130fe04 00000000 I 1.999s Main 7130fe08 00000000 I 1.999s Main 7130fe0c 415f9230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.999s Main I 1.999s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.999s Main I 1.999s Main I 1.999s Main pid: 828, tid: 834, name: FinalizerWatchd I 1.999s Main r0 415f9e78 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.999s Main r4 415f9e78 r5 415f9e68 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.999s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4b52b0 sl 00000000 fp 41614740 I 1.999s Main ip 00000000 sp 71413bc8 lr 40125ec8 pc 40138904 I 1.999s Main I 1.999s Main Stack Trace: I 1.999s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.999s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.999s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.999s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.000s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.000s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.000s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.000s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.000s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.000s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.000s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.000s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.000s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.000s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.000s Main I 2.000s Main Stack Data: I 2.000s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.000s Main 71413b88 00000028 I 2.000s Main 71413b8c 00000028 I 2.000s Main 71413b90 6e4b8fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.000s Main 71413b94 40127e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.000s Main 71413b98 00000020 I 2.000s Main 71413b9c 00000000 I 2.000s Main 71413ba0 00000021 I 2.000s Main 71413ba4 00000020 I 2.000s Main 71413ba8 00000020 I 2.000s Main 71413bac 41614730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.000s Main 71413bb0 00000001 I 2.001s Main 71413bb4 41562d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.001s Main 71413bb8 415f9e78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.001s Main 71413bbc 415f9e68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.001s Main 71413bc0 00000000 I 2.001s Main 71413bc4 40125eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.001s Main 71413bc8 00000000 I 2.001s Main 71413bc8 00000000 I 2.001s Main 71413bcc 415f9e68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.001s Main 71413bd0 415f9e78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.001s Main 71413bd4 415f9ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.001s Main 71413bd8 6e4b8fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.001s Main 71413bdc 40125f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.001s Main 71413be0 415f9e68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.001s Main 71413be4 00000000 I 2.001s Main 71413be8 415f9e68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.001s Main 71413bec 415f9e68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.001s Main 71413bf0 00000000 I 2.001s Main 71413bf4 41597d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.001s Main 71413bf8 415f9ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.001s Main 71413bfc 6e4b8fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.001s Main 71413c00 71315f54 I 2.001s Main 71413c04 71315f58 I 2.001s Main 71413c08 41614730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.001s Main 71413c0c 415fa890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.001s Main 71413c10 41562d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.002s Main 71413c14 00000000 I 2.002s Main 71413c18 71315f40 I 2.002s Main 71413c1c 415ac655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.002s Main 71413c20 00000000 I 2.002s Main 71413c24 00000001 I 2.002s Main 71413c28 00000000 I 2.002s Main 71413c2c 00000000 I 2.002s Main 71413c30 6e53fe8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.002s Main 71413c34 71315f78 I 2.002s Main 71413c38 415f9ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.002s Main 71413c3c 4156bfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.002s Main 71413c40 00000000 I 2.002s Main 71413c44 415f9ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.002s Main 71413c48 41572f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.002s Main 71413c4c 00000000 I 2.002s Main 71413c50 71413d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:834] I 2.002s Main 71413c54 415f9ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.002s Main 71413c58 71413c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:834] I 2.002s Main 71413c5c 6d4b9eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.002s Main 71413c60 41614740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.002s Main 71413c64 41572fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.002s Main 71413c68 00000000 I 2.002s Main 71413c6c 00000000 I 2.002s Main 71413c70 00000000 I 2.002s Main 71413c74 00000000 I 2.003s Main 71413c78 00000000 I 2.003s Main 71413c7c fffffea0 I 2.003s Main 71413c80 41572f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.003s Main 71413c84 4157063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.003s Main 71413c88 00000000 I 2.003s Main 71413c8c 00000000 I 2.003s Main 71413c90 00000000 I 2.003s Main 71413c94 00000000 I 2.003s Main 71413c98 71315fe4 I 2.003s Main 71413c9c 00000000 I 2.003s Main 71413ca0 00000000 I 2.003s Main 71413ca4 00000000 I 2.003s Main 71413ca8 00000000 I 2.003s Main 71413cac 00000000 I 2.003s Main 71413cb0 00000000 I 2.003s Main 71413cb4 00000000 I 2.003s Main 71413cb8 00000000 I 2.003s Main 71413cbc 00000000 I 2.003s Main 71413cc0 00000000 I 2.003s Main 71413cc4 00000000 I 2.003s Main 71413d18 0000001d I 2.003s Main 71413d1c 0000001c I 2.003s Main 71413d20 0000001c I 2.003s Main 71413d24 415f9ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.004s Main 71413d28 40165384 [heap] I 2.004s Main 71413d2c 415b4ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.004s Main 71413d30 71316000 I 2.004s Main 71413d34 71413d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:834] I 2.004s Main 71413d38 415f41f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.004s Main 71413d3c 40165384 [heap] I 2.004s Main 71413d40 415f4500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.004s Main 71413d44 415f44fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.004s Main 71413d48 71316000 I 2.004s Main 71413d4c bed0fe3c [stack] I 2.004s Main 71413d50 401632ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.004s Main 71413d54 415a55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.004s Main 71413d58 71413d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:834] I 2.004s Main 71413d5c 71413d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:834] I 2.004s Main 71413d60 415f9ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.004s Main 71413d64 71413d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:834] I 2.004s Main 71413d68 40165384 [heap] I 2.004s Main 71413d6c 415f9ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.004s Main 71413d70 4159a28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.004s Main 71413d74 71413d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:834] I 2.004s Main 71413d78 00000003 I 2.004s Main 71413d7c 6f8878f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.004s Main 71413d80 00000000 I 2.004s Main 71413d84 4153ea10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.004s Main 71413d88 415f9ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.005s Main 71413d8c 401240ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.005s Main 71413d90 00000000 I 2.005s Main 71413d94 4153ea0f <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.005s Main 71413d98 4153e9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.005s Main 71413d9c a370ff7a I 2.005s Main 71413da0 71413dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:834] I 2.005s Main 71413da4 6f8878f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.005s Main 71413da8 4159a1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.005s Main 71413dac 415f9ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.005s Main 71413db0 4159a1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.005s Main 71413db4 40124174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.005s Main 71413db8 415f9ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.005s Main 71413dbc 6f8878f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.005s Main 71413dc0 71413dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:834] I 2.005s Main 71413dc4 0000000d I 2.005s Main 71413dc8 00000078 I 2.005s Main 71413dcc 4012430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.005s Main 71413dd0 71413dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:834] I 2.005s Main 71413dd4 6f8878f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.005s Main 71413dd8 00000000 I 2.005s Main 71413ddc 00000000 I 2.005s Main 71413de0 00000000 I 2.005s Main 71413de4 a370ff7a I 2.005s Main 71413de8 00000000 I 2.005s Main 71413dec 00000000 I 2.006s Main 71413df0 00000000 I 2.006s Main 71413df4 00000000 I 2.006s Main 71413df8 00000000 I 2.006s Main 71413dfc 00000000 I 2.006s Main 71413e00 00000000 I 2.006s Main 71413e04 00000000 I 2.006s Main 71413e08 00000000 I 2.006s Main 71413e0c 415f9ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.006s Main I 2.006s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.006s Main I 2.006s Main I 2.006s Main pid: 828, tid: 835, name: GC I 2.006s Main r0 415443d4 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.006s Main r4 415443d4 r5 415443d0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.006s Main r8 415f6100 r9 415f6100 sl 415443c8 fp 401632ec I 2.006s Main ip 00000000 sp 71513d40 lr 40125ec8 pc 40138904 I 2.006s Main I 2.006s Main Stack Trace: I 2.006s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.006s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.006s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.006s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.006s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.007s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.007s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.007s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.007s Main I 2.007s Main Stack Data: I 2.007s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.007s Main 71513d00 00000000 I 2.007s Main 71513d04 71513ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.007s Main 71513d08 71513cb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.007s Main 71513d0c 00000018 I 2.007s Main 71513d10 6d4b966c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.007s Main 71513d14 71513d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.007s Main 71513d18 415f41f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.007s Main 71513d1c 6e4c8e28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.007s Main 71513d20 41614940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.007s Main 71513d24 416149b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.007s Main 71513d28 41614940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.007s Main 71513d2c 4013a2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.007s Main 71513d30 415443d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.007s Main 71513d34 415443d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.007s Main 71513d38 00000000 I 2.007s Main 71513d3c 40125eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.007s Main 71513d40 00000000 I 2.007s Main 71513d40 00000000 I 2.007s Main 71513d44 415443d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.008s Main 71513d48 415443d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.008s Main 71513d4c 00000000 I 2.008s Main 71513d50 415f6100 I 2.008s Main 71513d54 40125f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.008s Main 71513d58 415efc74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.008s Main 71513d5c 415f41f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.008s Main 71513d60 bed0ff10 [stack] I 2.008s Main 71513d64 415efc74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.008s Main 71513d68 415f41f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.008s Main 71513d6c 415b7783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.008s Main 71513d70 00000000 I 2.008s Main 71513d74 00000000 I 2.008s Main 71513d78 415b7735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.008s Main 71513d7c 6e4b8f88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.008s Main 71513d80 415f41f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.008s Main 71513d84 bed0ff10 [stack] I 2.008s Main 71513d88 6e4b8f88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.008s Main 71513d8c 41599921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.008s Main 71513d90 71416000 I 2.008s Main 71513d94 4159996f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.008s Main 71513d98 6e4b8f88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.008s Main 71513d9c 00010002 I 2.008s Main 71513da0 6e4b8fa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.008s Main 71513da4 41609880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.009s Main 71513da8 71513dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.009s Main 71513dac 6f887d48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.009s Main 71513db0 41599921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.009s Main 71513db4 40124174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.009s Main 71513db8 6e4b8f88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.009s Main 71513dbc 6f887d48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.009s Main 71513dc0 71513dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.009s Main 71513dc4 0000000d I 2.009s Main 71513dc8 00000078 I 2.009s Main 71513dcc 4012430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.009s Main 71513dd0 71513dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:835] I 2.009s Main 71513dd4 6f887d48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.009s Main 71513dd8 00000000 I 2.009s Main 71513ddc 00000000 I 2.009s Main 71513de0 00000000 I 2.009s Main 71513de4 a370ff7a I 2.009s Main 71513de8 00000000 I 2.009s Main 71513dec 00000000 I 2.009s Main 71513df0 00000000 I 2.009s Main 71513df4 00000000 I 2.009s Main 71513df8 00000000 I 2.009s Main 71513dfc 00000000 I 2.009s Main 71513e00 00000000 I 2.009s Main 71513e04 00000000 I 2.009s Main 71513e08 00000000 I 2.010s Main 71513e0c 6f887f90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.010s Main I 2.010s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.010s Main I 2.010s Main I 2.010s Main pid: 828, tid: 836, name: Signal Catcher I 2.010s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 2.010s Main r4 71617d08 r5 71617d48 r6 bed0ff20 r7 000000b1 I 2.010s Main r8 6f888838 r9 415efc74 sl 415f4694 fp 415d3cdc I 2.010s Main ip 71617d44 sp 71617d08 lr 4012a351 pc 40138170 I 2.010s Main I 2.010s Main Stack Trace: I 2.010s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.010s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.010s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.010s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.010s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.010s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.010s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.010s Main I 2.010s Main Stack Data: I 2.010s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.010s Main 71617cc8 00000000 I 2.010s Main 71617ccc 00000000 I 2.011s Main 71617cd0 00000000 I 2.011s Main 71617cd4 00000000 I 2.011s Main 71617cd8 71617d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.011s Main 71617cdc 00000000 I 2.011s Main 71617ce0 6f888838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.011s Main 71617ce4 7161dfc4 I 2.011s Main 71617ce8 00000000 I 2.011s Main 71617cec 71617d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.011s Main 71617cf0 00000000 I 2.011s Main 71617cf4 415a558b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.011s Main 71617cf8 415d5239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.011s Main 71617cfc 00000000 I 2.011s Main 71617d00 00000000 I 2.011s Main 71617d04 71617ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.011s Main 71617d08 00000204 I 2.011s Main 71617d08 00000204 I 2.011s Main 71617d0c 00000000 I 2.011s Main 71617d10 fffffea0 I 2.011s Main 71617d14 6e4c8ed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.011s Main 71617d18 415f41f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.011s Main 71617d1c 41596f57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.011s Main 71617d20 41614a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.011s Main 71617d24 41614a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.011s Main 71617d28 41614a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.011s Main 71617d2c 4013a2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.012s Main 71617d30 6f888ba4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.012s Main 71617d34 415969a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.012s Main 71617d38 6f888838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.012s Main 71617d3c 4159a94b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.012s Main 71617d40 41614a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.012s Main 71617d44 00000204 I 2.012s Main 71617d48 00000004 I 2.012s Main 71617d4c 6f888838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.012s Main 71617d50 415f41f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.012s Main 71617d54 41598e11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.012s Main 71617d58 41609880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.012s Main 71617d5c 41614a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.012s Main 71617d98 6e4c8ed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.012s Main 71617d9c 00010002 I 2.012s Main 71617da0 6e4c8ef0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.012s Main 71617da4 41609880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.012s Main 71617da8 71617dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.012s Main 71617dac 6f8885f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.012s Main 71617db0 41599921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.012s Main 71617db4 40124174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.012s Main 71617db8 6e4c8ed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.012s Main 71617dbc 6f8885f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.012s Main 71617dc0 71617dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.012s Main 71617dc4 0000000d I 2.012s Main 71617dc8 00000078 I 2.013s Main 71617dcc 4012430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.013s Main 71617dd0 71617dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.013s Main 71617dd4 6f8885f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.013s Main 71617dd8 00000000 I 2.013s Main 71617ddc 00000000 I 2.013s Main 71617de0 00000000 I 2.013s Main 71617de4 a370ff7a I 2.013s Main 71617de8 00000000 I 2.013s Main 71617dec 00000000 I 2.013s Main 71617df0 00000000 I 2.013s Main 71617df4 00000000 I 2.013s Main 71617df8 00000000 I 2.013s Main 71617dfc 00000000 I 2.013s Main 71617e00 00000000 I 2.013s Main 71617e04 00000000 I 2.013s Main 71617e08 00000000 I 2.013s Main 71617e0c 6f888838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.013s Main I 2.013s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.013s Main I 2.013s Main I 2.013s Main pid: 828, tid: 837, name: JDWP I 2.013s Main r0 00000018 r1 7171bd10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 2.013s Main r4 6f888f50 r5 40165384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 2.014s Main r8 6f88af70 r9 000003e8 sl 6f888eec fp 401632ec I 2.014s Main ip 6f88af50 sp 7171bcf8 lr 415a6087 pc 401383d8 I 2.014s Main I 2.014s Main Stack Trace: I 2.014s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.014s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.014s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.014s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.014s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.014s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.014s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.014s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.014s Main I 2.014s Main Stack Data: I 2.014s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.014s Main 7171bcb8 6f88af50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.014s Main 7171bcbc 6f88af70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.014s Main 7171bcc0 000003e8 I 2.014s Main 7171bcc4 6f888eec <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.014s Main 7171bcc8 401632ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.014s Main 7171bccc 4013d159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.014s Main 7171bcd0 00000000 I 2.014s Main 7171bcd4 00000000 I 2.014s Main 7171bcd8 7171bd4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.014s Main 7171bcdc 00000000 I 2.015s Main 7171bce0 00000000 I 2.015s Main 7171bce4 71721fc4 I 2.015s Main 7171bce8 00004000 I 2.015s Main 7171bcec 7171bd54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.015s Main 7171bcf0 00000000 I 2.015s Main 7171bcf4 00000000 I 2.015s Main 7171bcf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[vectors] I 2.015s Main 7171bcf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[vectors] I 2.015s Main 7171bcfc 7171bd50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.015s Main 7171bd00 00000004 I 2.015s Main 7171bd04 2171bca8 I 2.015s Main 7171bd08 7171bd07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.015s Main 7171bd0c 00000001 I 2.015s Main 7171bd10 00000000 I 2.015s Main 7171bd14 00000000 I 2.015s Main 7171bd18 7171bd08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.015s Main 7171bd1c 00000001 I 2.015s Main 7171bd20 7171bd2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.015s Main 7171bd24 00000010 I 2.015s Main 7171bd28 00000000 I 2.015s Main 7171bd2c 00000010 I 2.015s Main 7171bd30 00000001 I 2.015s Main 7171bd34 00000001 I 2.015s Main 7171bd50 63333330 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.015s Main 7171bd54 415a6100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.016s Main 7171bd58 00000001 I 2.016s Main 7171bd5c 6f888e98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.016s Main 7171bd60 6f888ee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.016s Main 7171bd64 bed0ff00 [stack] I 2.016s Main 7171bd68 6e4c8fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.016s Main 7171bd6c 415de7c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.016s Main 7171bd70 415df910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.016s Main 7171bd74 415a8f89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.016s Main 7171bd78 00000000 I 2.016s Main 7171bd7c 6e4c8fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.016s Main 7171bd80 415f41f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.016s Main 7171bd84 bed0ff00 [stack] I 2.016s Main 7171bd88 6e4c8fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.016s Main 7171bd8c 41599921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.016s Main 7171bd90 7161e000 I 2.016s Main 7171bd94 4159996f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.016s Main 7171bd98 6e4c8fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.016s Main 7171bd9c 00010002 I 2.016s Main 7171bda0 6e4c8fd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.016s Main 7171bda4 41609880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.016s Main 7171bda8 7171bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.016s Main 7171bdac 6f88afe8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.016s Main 7171bdb0 41599921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.016s Main 7171bdb4 40124174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.017s Main 7171bdb8 6e4c8fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.017s Main 7171bdbc 6f88afe8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.017s Main 7171bdc0 7171bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.017s Main 7171bdc4 0000000d I 2.017s Main 7171bdc8 00000078 I 2.017s Main 7171bdcc 4012430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.017s Main 7171bdd0 7171bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.017s Main 7171bdd4 6f88afe8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.017s Main 7171bdd8 00000000 I 2.017s Main 7171bddc 00000000 I 2.017s Main 7171bde0 00000000 I 2.017s Main 7171bde4 a370ff7a I 2.017s Main 7171bde8 00000000 I 2.017s Main 7171bdec 00000000 I 2.017s Main 7171bdf0 00000000 I 2.017s Main 7171bdf4 00000000 I 2.017s Main 7171bdf8 00000000 I 2.017s Main 7171bdfc 00000000 I 2.017s Main 7171be00 00000000 I 2.017s Main 7171be04 00000000 I 2.017s Main 7171be08 00000000 I 2.017s Main 7171be0c 6f88b230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.017s Main I 2.017s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.017s Main I 2.018s Main I 2.018s Main pid: 828, tid: 838, name: Compiler I 2.018s Main r0 415f4704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.018s Main r4 415f4704 r5 415f46fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.018s Main r8 41599921 r9 71722000 sl 415f46f8 fp 401632ec I 2.018s Main ip 00000000 sp 7181fc10 lr 40125ec8 pc 40138904 I 2.018s Main I 2.018s Main Stack Trace: I 2.018s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.018s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.018s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.018s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.018s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.018s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.018s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.018s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.018s Main I 2.018s Main Stack Data: I 2.018s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.018s Main 7181fbd0 00000000 I 2.018s Main 7181fbd4 00000000 I 2.018s Main 7181fbd8 415f41f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.018s Main 7181fbdc 00000000 I 2.018s Main 7181fbe0 00000000 I 2.019s Main 7181fbe4 00000000 I 2.019s Main 7181fbe8 415daf31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.019s Main 7181fbec 41599bc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.019s Main 7181fbf0 fffffe0c I 2.019s Main 7181fbf4 6e4b8810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.019s Main 7181fbf8 6e4b8838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.019s Main 7181fbfc ffffffef I 2.019s Main 7181fc00 415f4704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.019s Main 7181fc04 415f46fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.019s Main 7181fc08 00000000 I 2.019s Main 7181fc0c 40125eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.019s Main 7181fc10 00000000 I 2.019s Main 7181fc10 00000000 I 2.019s Main 7181fc14 415f46fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.019s Main 7181fc18 415f4704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.019s Main 7181fc1c 719aafc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.019s Main 7181fc20 00001000 I 2.019s Main 7181fc24 40125f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.019s Main 7181fc28 415f46c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.019s Main 7181fc2c 7199efc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.019s Main 7181fc30 415d3cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.019s Main 7181fc34 415f46c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.019s Main 7181fc38 7199efc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.019s Main 7181fc3c 415b8d03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.019s Main 7181fc40 7181fd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.020s Main 7181fc44 41572fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.020s Main 7181fc48 00000000 I 2.020s Main 7181fc4c 415efc74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.020s Main 7181fc50 415e4901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.020s Main 7181fc54 415d3cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.020s Main 7181fc58 00000000 I 2.020s Main 7181fc5c fffffea0 I 2.020s Main 7181fc60 41572f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.020s Main 7181fc64 4157063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.020s Main 7181fc68 00000000 I 2.020s Main 7181fc6c 00000000 I 2.020s Main 7181fc70 00000000 I 2.020s Main 7181fc74 00000000 I 2.020s Main 7181fc78 71825fa0 I 2.020s Main 7181fc7c 00000000 I 2.020s Main 7181fd98 6f88b938 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.020s Main 7181fd9c 00010002 I 2.020s Main 7181fda0 6f88b958 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.020s Main 7181fda4 41609880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.020s Main 7181fda8 7181fdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.020s Main 7181fdac 6f88b968 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.020s Main 7181fdb0 41599921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.020s Main 7181fdb4 40124174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.020s Main 7181fdb8 6f88b938 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.020s Main 7181fdbc 6f88b968 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.021s Main 7181fdc0 7181fdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.021s Main 7181fdc4 0000000d I 2.021s Main 7181fdc8 00000078 I 2.021s Main 7181fdcc 4012430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.021s Main 7181fdd0 7181fdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.021s Main 7181fdd4 6f88b968 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.021s Main 7181fdd8 00000000 I 2.021s Main 7181fddc 00000000 I 2.021s Main 7181fde0 00000000 I 2.021s Main 7181fde4 a370ff7a I 2.021s Main 7181fde8 00000000 I 2.021s Main 7181fdec 00000000 I 2.021s Main 7181fdf0 00000000 I 2.021s Main 7181fdf4 00000000 I 2.021s Main 7181fdf8 00000000 I 2.021s Main 7181fdfc 00000000 I 2.021s Main 7181fe00 00000000 I 2.021s Main 7181fe04 00000000 I 2.021s Main 7181fe08 00000000 I 2.021s Main 7181fe0c 6f88bbb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.021s Main I 2.021s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.021s Main I 2.021s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 2.022s Main I 2.022s Main Stack Trace: I 2.022s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.022s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.022s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.022s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.022s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.022s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.022s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.022s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.022s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.022s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.022s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.022s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.022s Main I 2.022s Main Stack Data: I 2.022s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.022s Main 60436036 10314223 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/79 I 2.022s Main I 2.022s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.022s Main I 2.022s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x0000033c (code=-6), thread 828 (app_process) I 2.508s Thread-15 tombstone_00 created on 1972-12-03 11:58:00, about this long ago: 16877 days, 20:23:48 Device: 0aa6b19043e4b976 I 2.508s Thread-15 Resolving... I 2.509s Thread-16 tombstone_01 created on 1972-12-03 11:58:00, about this long ago: 16877 days, 20:23:48 Device: 0aa6b19043e4b976 I 2.509s Thread-16 Resolving... I 2.708s Main Total time spent symbolizing: 0.38s I 2.708s Main tombstone_00 created on 1972-12-03 11:58:00, about this long ago: 16877 days, 20:23:48 Device: 0aa6b19043e4b976 I 2.708s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src I 2.708s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug I 2.708s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmpY138OI I 2.708s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 2.708s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug I 2.708s Main pid: 615, tid: 615, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 2.708s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 2.708s Main r0 00000000 r1 00000267 r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 2.708s Main r4 00000006 r5 00000000 r6 00000267 r7 0000010c I 2.708s Main r8 00000004 r9 be87cb92 sl be87cb9e fp be87cb86 I 2.708s Main ip 4020b438 sp be87c628 lr 400a5fe5 pc 400b4f90 I 2.708s Main I 2.709s Main Stack Trace: I 2.709s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.709s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.709s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.709s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.709s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.709s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.709s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.709s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.709s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.709s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.709s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.709s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.709s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.709s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.709s Main I 2.709s Main Stack Data: I 2.709s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.709s Main be87c5e8 401fe168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.709s Main be87c5ec 00000002 I 2.709s Main be87c5f0 4020b438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.709s Main be87c5f4 00000004 I 2.709s Main be87c5f8 be87cb92 [stack] I 2.709s Main be87c5fc be87cb9e [stack] I 2.709s Main be87c600 be87cb86 [stack] I 2.710s Main be87c604 400b9159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.710s Main be87c608 34203020 I 2.710s Main be87c60c 20323136 I 2.710s Main be87c610 be87c684 [stack] I 2.710s Main be87c614 00000000 I 2.710s Main be87c618 00000000 I 2.710s Main be87c61c 37312030 I 2.710s Main be87c620 00004000 I 2.710s Main be87c624 be87c692 [stack] I 2.710s Main be87c628 00000006 I 2.710s Main be87c62c 00000000 I 2.710s Main be87c630 00000267 I 2.710s Main be87c634 4020b438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.710s Main be87c638 4020b438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.710s Main be87c63c 400a5fe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.710s Main be87c640 00000006 I 2.710s Main be87c644 00000000 I 2.710s Main be87c648 00000002 I 2.710s Main be87c64c 400a61f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.710s Main be87c650 be87c65c [stack] I 2.710s Main be87c654 400a4f2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.710s Main be87c658 00000000 I 2.710s Main be87c65c ffffffdf I 2.710s Main be87c660 400dd2c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.711s Main be87c664 400dd22c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.711s Main be87c668 00000000 I 2.711s Main be87c66c 400a7aef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.711s Main be87c670 415701f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.711s Main be87c674 415701f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.711s Main be87c678 401fe168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.711s Main be87c67c 400b4848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.711s Main be87c680 00000000 I 2.711s Main be87c684 41506ccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.711s Main be87c688 400eb324 I 2.711s Main be87c68c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.711s Main be87c690 0000296c I 2.711s Main be87c694 00000000 I 2.711s Main be87c698 00000000 I 2.711s Main be87c69c 00000000 I 2.711s Main be87c6a0 00000000 I 2.711s Main be87c6a4 00000000 I 2.711s Main be87c6a8 00000000 I 2.711s Main be87c6ac 00000000 I 2.711s Main be87c6b0 00000000 I 2.711s Main be87c6b4 00000000 I 2.711s Main be87c6b8 00000000 I 2.711s Main be87c6bc 00000000 I 2.711s Main be87c6c0 00000000 I 2.711s Main be87c6c4 00000000 I 2.712s Main be87c898 000000c8 I 2.712s Main be87c89c 6f6884b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.712s Main be87c8a0 414bef58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.712s Main be87c8a4 00000000 I 2.712s Main be87c8a8 000000c8 I 2.712s Main be87c8ac 40201560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.712s Main be87c8b0 40201740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.712s Main be87c8b4 414bef58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.712s Main be87c8b8 4006a328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.712s Main be87c8bc 401a6d27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.712s Main be87c8c0 414bef58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.712s Main be87c8c4 00000000 I 2.712s Main be87c8c8 be87c988 [stack] I 2.712s Main be87c8cc 401a7015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.712s Main be87c8d0 4006a3cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.712s Main be87c8d4 401a7a65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.712s Main be87c8d8 414bef58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.712s Main be87c8dc 00000000 I 2.712s Main be87c8e0 41573004 I 2.712s Main be87c8e4 4150ea8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.712s Main be87c8e8 4150eabd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.712s Main be87c8ec 4150ea95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.712s Main be87c8f0 000000bb I 2.712s Main be87c8f4 00000000 I 2.713s Main be87c8f8 414bee08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.713s Main be87c8fc 400a3e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.713s Main be87c900 000000b0 I 2.713s Main be87c904 00000000 I 2.713s Main be87c908 400a2dcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.713s Main be87c90c 000000a0 I 2.713s Main be87c910 00000014 I 2.713s Main be87c914 402033d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.713s Main be87c960 00000000 I 2.713s Main be87c964 00000000 I 2.713s Main be87c968 00000000 I 2.713s Main be87c96c be87ca7c [stack] I 2.713s Main be87c970 400e1384 I 2.713s Main be87c974 4006a372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.713s Main be87c978 4006a300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.713s Main be87c97c 4006a37b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.713s Main be87c980 4006a391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.713s Main be87c984 4006a39f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.713s Main be87c988 4006be08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.713s Main be87c98c 40201520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.713s Main be87c990 414bee18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.713s Main be87c994 00000013 I 2.713s Main be87c998 00000000 I 2.713s Main be87c99c 00000008 I 2.713s Main be87ca40 00000000 I 2.714s Main be87ca44 00000000 I 2.714s Main be87ca48 00000000 I 2.714s Main be87ca4c 00000000 I 2.714s Main be87ca50 00000000 I 2.714s Main be87ca54 40069d80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.714s Main be87ca58 4006bde8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.714s Main be87ca5c 4006bdf0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.714s Main be87ca60 4006bdf8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.714s Main be87ca64 be87ca70 [stack] I 2.714s Main be87ca68 00000000 I 2.714s Main be87ca6c 4006e881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 2.714s Main be87ca70 00000005 I 2.714s Main be87ca74 be87cb86 [stack] I 2.714s Main be87ca78 be87cb92 [stack] I 2.714s Main be87ca7c be87cb9e [stack] I 2.714s Main be87ca80 be87cbb9 [stack] I 2.714s Main be87ca84 be87cbbe [stack] I 2.714s Main be87ca88 00000000 I 2.714s Main be87ca8c be87cbc6 [stack] I 2.714s Main be87ca90 be87cbe0 [stack] I 2.714s Main be87ca94 be87cc0c [stack] I 2.714s Main I 2.714s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.714s Main I 2.715s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000267 (code=-6), thread 615 (app_process) I 2.715s Main I 2.715s Main pid: 615, tid: 795, name: ReferenceQueueD I 2.715s Main r0 41575eb0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.715s Main r4 41575eb0 r5 41575ea0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.715s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4312b0 sl 00000000 fp 415901d0 I 2.715s Main ip 00000000 sp 709e1ba0 lr 400a1ec8 pc 400b4904 I 2.715s Main I 2.715s Main Stack Trace: I 2.715s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.715s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.715s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.715s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.715s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.715s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.715s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.715s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.715s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.715s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.715s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.715s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.715s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.715s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.715s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.715s Main I 2.716s Main Stack Data: I 2.716s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.716s Main 709e1b60 0000002b I 2.716s Main 709e1b64 00000110 I 2.716s Main 709e1b68 6e833ed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.716s Main 709e1b6c 400a3e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.716s Main 709e1b70 00000020 I 2.716s Main 709e1b74 01008004 I 2.716s Main 709e1b78 00000021 I 2.716s Main 709e1b7c 00000020 I 2.716s Main 709e1b80 00000020 I 2.716s Main 709e1b84 4157b640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.716s Main 709e1b88 00000001 I 2.716s Main 709e1b8c 41575b20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.716s Main 709e1b90 41575eb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.716s Main 709e1b94 41575ea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.716s Main 709e1b98 00000000 I 2.716s Main 709e1b9c 400a1eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.716s Main 709e1ba0 00000000 I 2.716s Main 709e1ba0 00000000 I 2.716s Main 709e1ba4 41575ea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.716s Main 709e1ba8 41575eb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.716s Main 709e1bac 41575b10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.716s Main 709e1bb0 6e833ed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.717s Main 709e1bb4 400a1f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.717s Main 709e1bb8 41575ea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.717s Main 709e1bbc 00000000 I 2.717s Main 709e1bc0 41575ea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.717s Main 709e1bc4 41575ea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.717s Main 709e1bc8 00000000 I 2.717s Main 709e1bcc 41513d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.717s Main 709e1bd0 41575b10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.717s Main 709e1bd4 6e833ed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.717s Main 709e1bd8 6e839f74 I 2.717s Main 709e1bdc 6e839f78 I 2.717s Main 709e1be0 4157b640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.717s Main 709e1be4 41575b10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.717s Main 709e1be8 41575b20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.717s Main 709e1bec 6e839f74 I 2.717s Main 709e1bf0 4156bc74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.717s Main 709e1bf4 41528655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.717s Main 709e1bf8 00000000 I 2.717s Main 709e1bfc 00000001 I 2.717s Main 709e1c00 00000000 I 2.717s Main 709e1c04 00000000 I 2.717s Main 709e1c08 6d4312b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.717s Main 709e1c0c 41576890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.717s Main 709e1c10 4152862f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.717s Main 709e1c14 41510acf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.718s Main 709e1c18 6e839f74 I 2.718s Main 709e1c1c 41575b20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.718s Main 709e1c20 6e4bbe8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.718s Main 709e1c24 6e839f98 I 2.718s Main 709e1c28 41575b10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.718s Main 709e1c2c 41576890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.718s Main 709e1c30 414ded40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.718s Main 709e1c34 00000000 I 2.718s Main 709e1c38 6e839f60 I 2.718s Main 709e1c3c 414e7fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.718s Main 709e1c40 00000000 I 2.718s Main 709e1c44 41575b10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.718s Main 709e1c48 414eef54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.718s Main 709e1c4c 00000000 I 2.718s Main 709e1c50 709e1d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:795] I 2.718s Main 709e1c54 41575b10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.718s Main 709e1c58 709e1c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:795] I 2.718s Main 709e1c5c 6d435eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.718s Main 709e1c60 415901d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.718s Main 709e1c64 414eefa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.718s Main 709e1c68 00000000 I 2.718s Main 709e1c6c 00000000 I 2.718s Main 709e1c70 00000000 I 2.718s Main 709e1c74 00000000 I 2.719s Main 709e1c78 00000000 I 2.719s Main 709e1c7c fffffea0 I 2.719s Main 709e1c80 414eef54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.719s Main 709e1c84 414ec63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.719s Main 709e1c88 00000000 I 2.719s Main 709e1c8c 00000000 I 2.719s Main 709e1c90 00000000 I 2.719s Main 709e1c94 00000000 I 2.719s Main 709e1c98 6e839fe4 I 2.719s Main 709e1c9c 00000000 I 2.719s Main 709e1ca0 00000000 I 2.719s Main 709e1ca4 00000000 I 2.719s Main 709e1ca8 00000000 I 2.719s Main 709e1cac 00000000 I 2.719s Main 709e1cb0 00000000 I 2.719s Main 709e1cb4 00000000 I 2.719s Main 709e1cb8 00000000 I 2.719s Main 709e1cbc 00000000 I 2.719s Main 709e1cc0 00000000 I 2.719s Main 709e1cc4 00000000 I 2.719s Main 709e1d18 0000001d I 2.719s Main 709e1d1c 0000001c I 2.719s Main 709e1d20 0000001c I 2.719s Main 709e1d24 41575b10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.719s Main 709e1d28 400e1384 I 2.720s Main 709e1d2c 41530ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.720s Main 709e1d30 708e4000 I 2.720s Main 709e1d34 709e1d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:795] I 2.720s Main 709e1d38 415701f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.720s Main 709e1d3c 400e1384 I 2.720s Main 709e1d40 41570500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.720s Main 709e1d44 415704fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.720s Main 709e1d48 708e4000 I 2.720s Main 709e1d4c be87be14 [stack] I 2.720s Main 709e1d50 400df2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.720s Main 709e1d54 415215a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.720s Main 709e1d58 709e1d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:795] I 2.720s Main 709e1d5c 709e1d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:795] I 2.720s Main 709e1d60 41575b10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.720s Main 709e1d64 709e1d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:795] I 2.720s Main 709e1d68 400e1384 I 2.720s Main 709e1d6c 41575b10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.720s Main 709e1d70 4151628f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.720s Main 709e1d74 709e1d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:795] I 2.720s Main 709e1d78 00000003 I 2.720s Main 709e1d7c 6e828cd8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.720s Main 709e1d80 00000000 I 2.720s Main 709e1d84 414ba9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.720s Main 709e1d88 41575b10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.720s Main 709e1d8c 400a00ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.721s Main 709e1d90 00000000 I 2.721s Main 709e1d94 414ba9f4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.721s Main 709e1d98 414ba9e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.721s Main 709e1d9c d1bc3505 I 2.721s Main 709e1da0 709e1dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:795] I 2.721s Main 709e1da4 6e828cd8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.721s Main 709e1da8 415161ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.721s Main 709e1dac 41575b10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.721s Main 709e1db0 415161ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.721s Main 709e1db4 400a0174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.721s Main 709e1db8 41575b10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.721s Main 709e1dbc 6e828cd8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.721s Main 709e1dc0 709e1dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:795] I 2.721s Main 709e1dc4 0000000d I 2.721s Main 709e1dc8 00000078 I 2.721s Main 709e1dcc 400a030c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.721s Main 709e1dd0 709e1dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:795] I 2.721s Main 709e1dd4 6e828cd8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.721s Main 709e1dd8 00000000 I 2.721s Main 709e1ddc 00000000 I 2.721s Main 709e1de0 00000000 I 2.721s Main 709e1de4 d1bc3505 I 2.721s Main 709e1de8 00000000 I 2.721s Main 709e1dec 00000000 I 2.722s Main 709e1df0 00000000 I 2.722s Main 709e1df4 00000000 I 2.722s Main 709e1df8 00000000 I 2.722s Main 709e1dfc 00000000 I 2.722s Main 709e1e00 00000000 I 2.722s Main 709e1e04 00000000 I 2.722s Main 709e1e08 00000000 I 2.722s Main 709e1e0c 41575b10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.722s Main I 2.722s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.722s Main I 2.722s Main I 2.722s Main pid: 615, tid: 796, name: FinalizerDaemon I 2.722s Main r0 6e434db8 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.722s Main r4 6e434db8 r5 6e434da8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.722s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4312b0 sl 00000000 fp 415904a0 I 2.722s Main ip 00000000 sp 70adfbc8 lr 400a1ec8 pc 400b4904 I 2.722s Main I 2.722s Main Stack Trace: I 2.722s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.722s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.722s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.722s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.722s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.722s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.722s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.722s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.722s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.722s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.722s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.722s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.722s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.722s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.722s Main I 2.722s Main Stack Data: I 2.722s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.722s Main 70adfb88 0000002b I 2.722s Main 70adfb8c 00000040 I 2.722s Main 70adfb90 6e833fa0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.722s Main 70adfb94 400a3e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.722s Main 70adfb98 00000020 I 2.722s Main 70adfb9c 01008004 I 2.723s Main 70adfba0 00000021 I 2.723s Main 70adfba4 00000020 I 2.723s Main 70adfba8 00000020 I 2.723s Main 70adfbac 4157b718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.723s Main 70adfbb0 00000001 I 2.723s Main 70adfbb4 414ded40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.723s Main 70adfbb8 6e434db8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.723s Main 70adfbbc 6e434da8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.723s Main 70adfbc0 00000000 I 2.723s Main 70adfbc4 400a1eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.723s Main 70adfbc8 00000000 I 2.723s Main 70adfbc8 00000000 I 2.723s Main 70adfbcc 6e434da8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.723s Main 70adfbd0 6e434db8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.723s Main 70adfbd4 6e434a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.723s Main 70adfbd8 6e833fa0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.723s Main 70adfbdc 400a1f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.723s Main 70adfbe0 6e434da8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.723s Main 70adfbe4 00000000 I 2.723s Main 70adfbe8 6e434da8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.723s Main 70adfbec 6e434da8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.723s Main 70adfbf0 00000000 I 2.723s Main 70adfbf4 41513d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.723s Main 70adfbf8 6e434a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.723s Main 70adfbfc 6e833fa0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.723s Main 70adfc00 6e83ff10 I 2.723s Main 70adfc04 6e83ff14 I 2.723s Main 70adfc08 4157b718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.723s Main 70adfc0c 41576890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.723s Main 70adfc10 414ded40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.723s Main 70adfc14 00000000 I 2.723s Main 70adfc18 6e83fefc I 2.723s Main 70adfc1c 41528655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.723s Main 70adfc20 00000000 I 2.723s Main 70adfc24 00000001 I 2.723s Main 70adfc28 00000000 I 2.723s Main 70adfc2c 00000000 I 2.723s Main 70adfc30 6e4bbea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.723s Main 70adfc34 6e83ff34 I 2.723s Main 70adfc38 6e434a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.723s Main 70adfc3c 414e7fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.723s Main 70adfc40 00000000 I 2.723s Main 70adfc44 6e434a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.723s Main 70adfc48 414eef54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.723s Main 70adfc4c 00000000 I 2.723s Main 70adfc50 70adfd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:796] I 2.723s Main 70adfc54 6e434a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.723s Main 70adfc58 70adfc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:796] I 2.723s Main 70adfc5c 6d435eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.723s Main 70adfc60 415904a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.723s Main 70adfc64 414eefa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.723s Main 70adfc68 00000000 I 2.723s Main 70adfc6c 00000000 I 2.723s Main 70adfc70 00000000 I 2.723s Main 70adfc74 00000000 I 2.723s Main 70adfc78 00000000 I 2.723s Main 70adfc7c fffffea0 I 2.723s Main 70adfc80 414eef54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.723s Main 70adfc84 414ec63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.723s Main 70adfc88 00000000 I 2.723s Main 70adfc8c 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70adfc90 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70adfc94 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70adfc98 6e83ffe4 I 2.724s Main 70adfc9c 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70adfca0 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70adfca4 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70adfca8 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70adfcac 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70adfcb0 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70adfcb4 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70adfcb8 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70adfcbc 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70adfcc0 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70adfcc4 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70adfd18 0000001d I 2.724s Main 70adfd1c 0000001c I 2.724s Main 70adfd20 0000001c I 2.724s Main 70adfd24 6e434a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.724s Main 70adfd28 400e1384 I 2.724s Main 70adfd2c 41530ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.724s Main 70adfd30 709e2000 I 2.724s Main 70adfd34 70adfd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:796] I 2.724s Main 70adfd38 415701f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.724s Main 70adfd3c 400e1384 I 2.724s Main 70adfd40 41570500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.724s Main 70adfd44 415704fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.724s Main 70adfd48 709e2000 I 2.724s Main 70adfd4c be87be3c [stack] I 2.724s Main 70adfd50 400df2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.724s Main 70adfd54 415215a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.724s Main 70adfd58 70adfd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:796] I 2.724s Main 70adfd5c 70adfd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:796] I 2.724s Main 70adfd60 6e434a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.724s Main 70adfd64 70adfd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:796] I 2.724s Main 70adfd68 400e1384 I 2.724s Main 70adfd6c 6e434a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.724s Main 70adfd70 4151628f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.724s Main 70adfd74 70adfd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:796] I 2.724s Main 70adfd78 00000003 I 2.724s Main 70adfd7c 6f680828 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.724s Main 70adfd80 00000000 I 2.724s Main 70adfd84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-1 I 2.724s Main 70adfd88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.724s Main 70adfd8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.724s Main 70adfd90 006e6f6d I 2.724s Main 70adfd94 70adfd93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:796] I 2.724s Main 70adfd98 70adfd84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:796] I 2.724s Main 70adfd9c d1bc3505 I 2.724s Main 70adfda0 70adfdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:796] I 2.724s Main 70adfda4 6f680828 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.724s Main 70adfda8 415161ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.724s Main 70adfdac 6e434a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.724s Main 70adfdb0 415161ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.724s Main 70adfdb4 400a0174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.724s Main 70adfdb8 6e434a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.724s Main 70adfdbc 6f680828 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.724s Main 70adfdc0 70adfdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:796] I 2.724s Main 70adfdc4 0000000d I 2.724s Main 70adfdc8 00000078 I 2.724s Main 70adfdcc 400a030c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.724s Main 70adfdd0 70adfdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:796] I 2.725s Main 70adfdd4 6f680828 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.725s Main 70adfdd8 00000000 I 2.725s Main 70adfddc 00000000 I 2.725s Main 70adfde0 00000000 I 2.725s Main 70adfde4 d1bc3505 I 2.725s Main 70adfde8 00000000 I 2.725s Main 70adfdec 00000000 I 2.725s Main 70adfdf0 00000000 I 2.725s Main 70adfdf4 00000000 I 2.725s Main 70adfdf8 00000000 I 2.725s Main 70adfdfc 00000000 I 2.725s Main 70adfe00 00000000 I 2.725s Main 70adfe04 00000000 I 2.725s Main 70adfe08 00000000 I 2.725s Main 70adfe0c 6e434a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.725s Main I 2.725s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.725s Main I 2.725s Main I 2.725s Main pid: 615, tid: 797, name: FinalizerWatchd I 2.725s Main r0 6f681018 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.725s Main r4 6f681018 r5 6f681008 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.725s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4312b0 sl 00000000 fp 41590740 I 2.725s Main ip 00000000 sp 70be1bc8 lr 400a1ec8 pc 400b4904 I 2.725s Main I 2.725s Main Stack Trace: I 2.725s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.725s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main I 2.725s Main Stack Data: I 2.725s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.725s Main 70be1b88 0000002b I 2.725s Main 70be1b8c 00000058 I 2.725s Main 70be1b90 41575f88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.725s Main 70be1b94 400a3e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 70be1b98 00000020 I 2.725s Main 70be1b9c 00000008 I 2.725s Main 70be1ba0 00000021 I 2.725s Main 70be1ba4 00000020 I 2.725s Main 70be1ba8 00000020 I 2.725s Main 70be1bac 41590730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.725s Main 70be1bb0 00000001 I 2.725s Main 70be1bb4 414ded40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 70be1bb8 6f681018 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.725s Main 70be1bbc 6f681008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.725s Main 70be1bc0 00000000 I 2.725s Main 70be1bc4 400a1eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.725s Main 70be1bc8 00000000 I 2.725s Main 70be1bc8 00000000 I 2.725s Main 70be1bcc 6f681008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.726s Main 70be1bd0 6f681018 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.726s Main 70be1bd4 6f680c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.726s Main 70be1bd8 41575f88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.726s Main 70be1bdc 400a1f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.726s Main 70be1be0 6f681008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.726s Main 70be1be4 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1be8 6f681008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.726s Main 70be1bec 6f681008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.726s Main 70be1bf0 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1bf4 41513d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.726s Main 70be1bf8 6f680c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.726s Main 70be1bfc 41575f88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.726s Main 70be1c00 70ae3f54 I 2.726s Main 70be1c04 70ae3f58 I 2.726s Main 70be1c08 41590730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.726s Main 70be1c0c 41576890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.726s Main 70be1c10 414ded40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.726s Main 70be1c14 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1c18 70ae3f40 I 2.726s Main 70be1c1c 41528655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.726s Main 70be1c20 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1c24 00000001 I 2.726s Main 70be1c28 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1c2c 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1c30 6e4bbe8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.726s Main 70be1c34 70ae3f78 I 2.726s Main 70be1c38 6f680c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.726s Main 70be1c3c 414e7fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.726s Main 70be1c40 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1c44 6f680c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.726s Main 70be1c48 414eef54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.726s Main 70be1c4c 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1c50 70be1d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:797] I 2.726s Main 70be1c54 6f680c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.726s Main 70be1c58 70be1c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:797] I 2.726s Main 70be1c5c 6d435eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.726s Main 70be1c60 41590740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.726s Main 70be1c64 414eefa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.726s Main 70be1c68 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1c6c 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1c70 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1c74 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1c78 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1c7c fffffea0 I 2.726s Main 70be1c80 414eef54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.726s Main 70be1c84 414ec63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.726s Main 70be1c88 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1c8c 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1c90 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1c94 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1c98 70ae3fe4 I 2.726s Main 70be1c9c 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1ca0 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1ca4 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1ca8 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1cac 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1cb0 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1cb4 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1cb8 00000000 I 2.726s Main 70be1cbc 00000000 I 2.727s Main 70be1cc0 00000000 I 2.727s Main 70be1cc4 00000000 I 2.727s Main 70be1d18 0000001d I 2.727s Main 70be1d1c 0000001c I 2.727s Main 70be1d20 0000001c I 2.727s Main 70be1d24 6f680c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.727s Main 70be1d28 400e1384 I 2.727s Main 70be1d2c 41530ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.727s Main 70be1d30 70ae4000 I 2.727s Main 70be1d34 70be1d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:797] I 2.727s Main 70be1d38 415701f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.727s Main 70be1d3c 400e1384 I 2.727s Main 70be1d40 41570500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.727s Main 70be1d44 415704fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.727s Main 70be1d48 70ae4000 I 2.727s Main 70be1d4c be87be3c [stack] I 2.727s Main 70be1d50 400df2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.727s Main 70be1d54 415215a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.727s Main 70be1d58 70be1d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:797] I 2.727s Main 70be1d5c 70be1d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:797] I 2.727s Main 70be1d60 6f680c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.727s Main 70be1d64 70be1d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:797] I 2.727s Main 70be1d68 400e1384 I 2.727s Main 70be1d6c 6f680c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.727s Main 70be1d70 4151628f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.727s Main 70be1d74 70be1d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:797] I 2.727s Main 70be1d78 00000003 I 2.727s Main 70be1d7c 6f6810d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.727s Main 70be1d80 00000000 I 2.727s Main 70be1d84 414baa10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.727s Main 70be1d88 6f680c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.727s Main 70be1d8c 400a00ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.727s Main 70be1d90 00000000 I 2.727s Main 70be1d94 414baa0f <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.727s Main 70be1d98 414ba9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.727s Main 70be1d9c d1bc3505 I 2.727s Main 70be1da0 70be1dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:797] I 2.727s Main 70be1da4 6f6810d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.727s Main 70be1da8 415161ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.727s Main 70be1dac 6f680c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.727s Main 70be1db0 415161ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.727s Main 70be1db4 400a0174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.727s Main 70be1db8 6f680c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.727s Main 70be1dbc 6f6810d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.727s Main 70be1dc0 70be1dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:797] I 2.727s Main 70be1dc4 0000000d I 2.727s Main 70be1dc8 00000078 I 2.727s Main 70be1dcc 400a030c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.727s Main 70be1dd0 70be1dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:797] I 2.727s Main 70be1dd4 6f6810d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.727s Main 70be1dd8 00000000 I 2.727s Main 70be1ddc 00000000 I 2.727s Main 70be1de0 00000000 I 2.727s Main 70be1de4 d1bc3505 I 2.727s Main 70be1de8 00000000 I 2.727s Main 70be1dec 00000000 I 2.727s Main 70be1df0 00000000 I 2.727s Main 70be1df4 00000000 I 2.727s Main 70be1df8 00000000 I 2.727s Main 70be1dfc 00000000 I 2.727s Main 70be1e00 00000000 I 2.727s Main 70be1e04 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70be1e08 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70be1e0c 6f680c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.728s Main I 2.728s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.728s Main I 2.728s Main I 2.728s Main pid: 615, tid: 798, name: GC I 2.728s Main r0 414c03d4 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.728s Main r4 414c03d4 r5 414c03d0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.728s Main r8 41572100 r9 41572100 sl 414c03c8 fp 400df2ec I 2.728s Main ip 00000000 sp 70ce1d40 lr 400a1ec8 pc 400b4904 I 2.728s Main I 2.728s Main Stack Trace: I 2.728s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.728s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.728s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.728s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.728s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.728s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.728s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.728s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.728s Main I 2.728s Main Stack Data: I 2.728s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.728s Main 70ce1d00 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ce1d04 70ce1ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:798] I 2.728s Main 70ce1d08 70ce1cb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:798] I 2.728s Main 70ce1d0c 00000018 I 2.728s Main 70ce1d10 6d43566c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.728s Main 70ce1d14 70ce1d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:798] I 2.728s Main 70ce1d18 415701f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.728s Main 70ce1d1c 6e434e70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.728s Main 70ce1d20 41590940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.728s Main 70ce1d24 415909b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.728s Main 70ce1d28 41590940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.728s Main 70ce1d2c 400b62d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.728s Main 70ce1d30 414c03d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.728s Main 70ce1d34 414c03d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.728s Main 70ce1d38 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ce1d3c 400a1eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.728s Main 70ce1d40 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ce1d40 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ce1d44 414c03d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.728s Main 70ce1d48 414c03d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.728s Main 70ce1d4c 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ce1d50 41572100 I 2.728s Main 70ce1d54 400a1f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.728s Main 70ce1d58 4156bc74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.728s Main 70ce1d5c 415701f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.728s Main 70ce1d60 be87bf10 [stack] I 2.728s Main 70ce1d64 4156bc74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.728s Main 70ce1d68 415701f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.728s Main 70ce1d6c 41533783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.728s Main 70ce1d70 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ce1d74 00000000 I 2.728s Main 70ce1d78 41533735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.728s Main 70ce1d7c 41575f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.728s Main 70ce1d80 415701f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.728s Main 70ce1d84 be87bf10 [stack] I 2.728s Main 70ce1d88 41575f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.728s Main 70ce1d8c 41515921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.728s Main 70ce1d90 70be4000 I 2.729s Main 70ce1d94 4151596f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.729s Main 70ce1d98 41575f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.729s Main 70ce1d9c 00010002 I 2.729s Main 70ce1da0 414c0db0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.729s Main 70ce1da4 41585880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.729s Main 70ce1da8 70ce1dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:798] I 2.729s Main 70ce1dac 6f681520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.729s Main 70ce1db0 41515921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.729s Main 70ce1db4 400a0174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.729s Main 70ce1db8 41575f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.729s Main 70ce1dbc 6f681520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.729s Main 70ce1dc0 70ce1dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:798] I 2.729s Main 70ce1dc4 0000000d I 2.729s Main 70ce1dc8 00000078 I 2.729s Main 70ce1dcc 400a030c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.729s Main 70ce1dd0 70ce1dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:798] I 2.729s Main 70ce1dd4 6f681520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.729s Main 70ce1dd8 00000000 I 2.729s Main 70ce1ddc 00000000 I 2.729s Main 70ce1de0 00000000 I 2.729s Main 70ce1de4 d1bc3505 I 2.729s Main 70ce1de8 00000000 I 2.729s Main 70ce1dec 00000000 I 2.729s Main 70ce1df0 00000000 I 2.729s Main 70ce1df4 00000000 I 2.729s Main 70ce1df8 00000000 I 2.729s Main 70ce1dfc 00000000 I 2.729s Main 70ce1e00 00000000 I 2.729s Main 70ce1e04 00000000 I 2.729s Main 70ce1e08 00000000 I 2.729s Main 70ce1e0c 6f681768 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.729s Main I 2.729s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.729s Main I 2.729s Main I 2.729s Main pid: 615, tid: 799, name: Signal Catcher I 2.729s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 2.729s Main r4 70de5d08 r5 70de5d48 r6 be87bf20 r7 000000b1 I 2.729s Main r8 6f682010 r9 4156bc74 sl 41570694 fp 4154fcdc I 2.729s Main ip 70de5d44 sp 70de5d08 lr 400a6351 pc 400b4170 I 2.729s Main I 2.729s Main Stack Trace: I 2.729s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.729s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.729s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.729s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.729s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.729s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.729s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.729s Main I 2.729s Main Stack Data: I 2.729s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.729s Main 70de5cc8 00000000 I 2.729s Main 70de5ccc 00000000 I 2.729s Main 70de5cd0 00000000 I 2.729s Main 70de5cd4 00000000 I 2.729s Main 70de5cd8 70de5d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:799] I 2.729s Main 70de5cdc 00000000 I 2.729s Main 70de5ce0 6f682010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.729s Main 70de5ce4 70debfc4 I 2.729s Main 70de5ce8 00000000 I 2.729s Main 70de5cec 70de5d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:799] I 2.730s Main 70de5cf0 00000000 I 2.730s Main 70de5cf4 4152158b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.730s Main 70de5cf8 41551239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.730s Main 70de5cfc 00000000 I 2.730s Main 70de5d00 00000000 I 2.730s Main 70de5d04 70de5ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:799] I 2.730s Main 70de5d08 00000204 I 2.730s Main 70de5d08 00000204 I 2.730s Main 70de5d0c 00000000 I 2.730s Main 70de5d10 fffffea0 I 2.730s Main 70de5d14 6e434f18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.730s Main 70de5d18 415701f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.730s Main 70de5d1c 41512f57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.730s Main 70de5d20 41590a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.730s Main 70de5d24 41590a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.730s Main 70de5d28 41590a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.730s Main 70de5d2c 400b62d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.730s Main 70de5d30 6f68237c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.730s Main 70de5d34 415129a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.730s Main 70de5d38 6f682010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.730s Main 70de5d3c 4151694b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.730s Main 70de5d40 41590a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.730s Main 70de5d44 00000204 I 2.730s Main 70de5d48 00000004 I 2.730s Main 70de5d4c 6f682010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.730s Main 70de5d50 415701f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.730s Main 70de5d54 41514e11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.730s Main 70de5d58 41585880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.730s Main 70de5d5c 41590a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.730s Main 70de5d98 6e434f18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.730s Main 70de5d9c 00010002 I 2.730s Main 70de5da0 6e828fc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.730s Main 70de5da4 41585880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.730s Main 70de5da8 70de5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:799] I 2.730s Main 70de5dac 6f681dc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.730s Main 70de5db0 41515921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.730s Main 70de5db4 400a0174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.730s Main 70de5db8 6e434f18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.730s Main 70de5dbc 6f681dc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.730s Main 70de5dc0 70de5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:799] I 2.730s Main 70de5dc4 0000000d I 2.730s Main 70de5dc8 00000078 I 2.730s Main 70de5dcc 400a030c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.730s Main 70de5dd0 70de5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:799] I 2.730s Main 70de5dd4 6f681dc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.730s Main 70de5dd8 00000000 I 2.730s Main 70de5ddc 00000000 I 2.730s Main 70de5de0 00000000 I 2.730s Main 70de5de4 d1bc3505 I 2.730s Main 70de5de8 00000000 I 2.730s Main 70de5dec 00000000 I 2.730s Main 70de5df0 00000000 I 2.730s Main 70de5df4 00000000 I 2.730s Main 70de5df8 00000000 I 2.730s Main 70de5dfc 00000000 I 2.730s Main 70de5e00 00000000 I 2.730s Main 70de5e04 00000000 I 2.730s Main 70de5e08 00000000 I 2.730s Main 70de5e0c 6f682010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.730s Main I 2.730s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.731s Main I 2.731s Main I 2.731s Main pid: 615, tid: 800, name: JDWP I 2.731s Main r0 00000015 r1 70ee9d10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 2.731s Main r4 6f682728 r5 400e1384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 2.731s Main r8 6f684748 r9 000003e8 sl 6f6826c4 fp 400df2ec I 2.731s Main ip 6f684728 sp 70ee9cf8 lr 41522087 pc 400b43d8 I 2.731s Main I 2.731s Main Stack Trace: I 2.731s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.731s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.731s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.731s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.731s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.731s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.731s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.731s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.731s Main I 2.731s Main Stack Data: I 2.731s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.731s Main 70ee9cb8 6f684728 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.731s Main 70ee9cbc 6f684748 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.731s Main 70ee9cc0 000003e8 I 2.731s Main 70ee9cc4 6f6826c4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.731s Main 70ee9cc8 400df2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.731s Main 70ee9ccc 400b9159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.731s Main 70ee9cd0 00000000 I 2.731s Main 70ee9cd4 00000000 I 2.731s Main 70ee9cd8 70ee9d4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:800] I 2.731s Main 70ee9cdc 00000000 I 2.731s Main 70ee9ce0 00000000 I 2.731s Main 70ee9ce4 70eeffc4 I 2.731s Main 70ee9ce8 00004000 I 2.731s Main 70ee9cec 70ee9d54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:800] I 2.731s Main 70ee9cf0 00000000 I 2.731s Main 70ee9cf4 00000000 I 2.731s Main 70ee9cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[vectors] I 2.731s Main 70ee9cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[vectors] I 2.731s Main 70ee9cfc 70ee9d50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:800] I 2.731s Main 70ee9d00 00000004 I 2.731s Main 70ee9d04 21ee9ca8 I 2.731s Main 70ee9d08 70ee9d07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:800] I 2.731s Main 70ee9d0c 00000001 I 2.731s Main 70ee9d10 00000000 I 2.731s Main 70ee9d14 00000000 I 2.731s Main 70ee9d18 70ee9d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:800] I 2.731s Main 70ee9d1c 00000001 I 2.731s Main 70ee9d20 70ee9d2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:800] I 2.731s Main 70ee9d24 00000010 I 2.731s Main 70ee9d28 00000000 I 2.731s Main 70ee9d2c 00000010 I 2.731s Main 70ee9d30 00000001 I 2.731s Main 70ee9d34 00000001 I 2.731s Main 70ee9d50 37363230 I 2.731s Main 70ee9d54 41522100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.731s Main 70ee9d58 00000001 I 2.731s Main 70ee9d5c 6f682670 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.731s Main 70ee9d60 6f6826b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.731s Main 70ee9d64 be87bf00 [stack] I 2.731s Main 70ee9d68 41575fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.731s Main 70ee9d6c 4155a7c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.731s Main 70ee9d70 4155b910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.732s Main 70ee9d74 41524f89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.732s Main 70ee9d78 00000000 I 2.732s Main 70ee9d7c 41575fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.732s Main 70ee9d80 415701f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.732s Main 70ee9d84 be87bf00 [stack] I 2.732s Main 70ee9d88 41575fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.732s Main 70ee9d8c 41515921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.732s Main 70ee9d90 70dec000 I 2.732s Main 70ee9d94 4151596f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.732s Main 70ee9d98 41575fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.732s Main 70ee9d9c 00010002 I 2.732s Main 70ee9da0 6e833fc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.732s Main 70ee9da4 41585880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.732s Main 70ee9da8 70ee9dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:800] I 2.732s Main 70ee9dac 6f6847c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.732s Main 70ee9db0 41515921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.732s Main 70ee9db4 400a0174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.732s Main 70ee9db8 41575fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.732s Main 70ee9dbc 6f6847c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.732s Main 70ee9dc0 70ee9dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:800] I 2.732s Main 70ee9dc4 0000000d I 2.732s Main 70ee9dc8 00000078 I 2.732s Main 70ee9dcc 400a030c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.732s Main 70ee9dd0 70ee9dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:800] I 2.732s Main 70ee9dd4 6f6847c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.732s Main 70ee9dd8 00000000 I 2.732s Main 70ee9ddc 00000000 I 2.732s Main 70ee9de0 00000000 I 2.732s Main 70ee9de4 d1bc3505 I 2.732s Main 70ee9de8 00000000 I 2.732s Main 70ee9dec 00000000 I 2.732s Main 70ee9df0 00000000 I 2.732s Main 70ee9df4 00000000 I 2.732s Main 70ee9df8 00000000 I 2.732s Main 70ee9dfc 00000000 I 2.732s Main 70ee9e00 00000000 I 2.732s Main 70ee9e04 00000000 I 2.732s Main 70ee9e08 00000000 I 2.732s Main 70ee9e0c 6f684a08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.732s Main I 2.732s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.732s Main I 2.732s Main I 2.732s Main pid: 615, tid: 801, name: Compiler I 2.732s Main r0 41570704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.732s Main r4 41570704 r5 415706fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.732s Main r8 41515921 r9 70ef0000 sl 415706f8 fp 400df2ec I 2.732s Main ip 00000000 sp 70fedc10 lr 400a1ec8 pc 400b4904 I 2.732s Main I 2.732s Main Stack Trace: I 2.732s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.732s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.732s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.732s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.732s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.732s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.732s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.732s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.732s Main I 2.732s Main Stack Data: I 2.732s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.732s Main 70fedbd0 00000000 I 2.733s Main 70fedbd4 00000000 I 2.733s Main 70fedbd8 415701f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70fedbdc 00000000 I 2.733s Main 70fedbe0 00000000 I 2.733s Main 70fedbe4 00000000 I 2.733s Main 70fedbe8 41556f31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70fedbec 41515bc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70fedbf0 fffffe0c I 2.733s Main 70fedbf4 41575b10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.733s Main 70fedbf8 41575b38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.733s Main 70fedbfc ffffffef I 2.733s Main 70fedc00 41570704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70fedc04 415706fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70fedc08 00000000 I 2.733s Main 70fedc0c 400a1eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70fedc10 00000000 I 2.733s Main 70fedc10 00000000 I 2.733s Main 70fedc14 415706fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70fedc18 41570704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70fedc1c 6f687ba8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.733s Main 70fedc20 00001000 I 2.733s Main 70fedc24 400a1f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70fedc28 415706c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70fedc2c 7116b008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.733s Main 70fedc30 4154fcdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70fedc34 415706c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70fedc38 7116b008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.733s Main 70fedc3c 41534d03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70fedc40 70fedd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:801] I 2.733s Main 70fedc44 414eefa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70fedc48 00000000 I 2.733s Main 70fedc4c 4156bc74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70fedc50 41560901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70fedc54 4154fcdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70fedc58 00000000 I 2.733s Main 70fedc5c fffffea0 I 2.733s Main 70fedc60 414eef54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70fedc64 414ec63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70fedc68 00000000 I 2.733s Main 70fedc6c 00000000 I 2.733s Main 70fedc70 00000000 I 2.733s Main 70fedc74 00000000 I 2.733s Main 70fedc78 70ff3fa0 I 2.733s Main 70fedc7c 00000000 I 2.733s Main 70fedd98 6f685110 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.733s Main 70fedd9c 00010002 I 2.733s Main 70fedda0 41575fd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.733s Main 70fedda4 41585880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.733s Main 70fedda8 70feddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:801] I 2.733s Main 70feddac 6f685130 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.733s Main 70feddb0 41515921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70feddb4 400a0174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70feddb8 6f685110 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.733s Main 70feddbc 6f685130 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.733s Main 70feddc0 70feddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:801] I 2.733s Main 70feddc4 0000000d I 2.733s Main 70feddc8 00000078 I 2.733s Main 70feddcc 400a030c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.733s Main 70feddd0 70feddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:801] I 2.733s Main 70feddd4 6f685130 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.733s Main 70feddd8 00000000 I 2.733s Main 70fedddc 00000000 I 2.734s Main 70fedde0 00000000 I 2.734s Main 70fedde4 d1bc3505 I 2.734s Main 70fedde8 00000000 I 2.734s Main 70feddec 00000000 I 2.734s Main 70feddf0 00000000 I 2.734s Main 70feddf4 00000000 I 2.734s Main 70feddf8 00000000 I 2.734s Main 70feddfc 00000000 I 2.734s Main 70fede00 00000000 I 2.734s Main 70fede04 00000000 I 2.734s Main 70fede08 00000000 I 2.734s Main 70fede0c 6f685378 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.734s Main I 2.734s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.734s Main I 2.734s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 2.734s Main I 2.734s Main Stack Trace: I 2.734s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.734s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.734s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main I 2.734s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.734s Main I 2.734s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000267 (code=-6), thread 615 (app_process) I 2.734s Main tombstone_01 created on 1972-12-03 11:58:00, about this long ago: 16877 days, 20:23:48 Device: 0aa6b19043e4b976 I 2.734s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src I 2.734s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug I 2.734s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmpMCxXTV I 2.734s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 2.734s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/out/Debug I 2.734s Main pid: 838, tid: 838, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 2.734s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 2.734s Main r0 00000000 r1 00000346 r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 2.734s Main r4 00000006 r5 00000000 r6 00000346 r7 0000010c I 2.734s Main r8 00000004 r9 befd3b91 sl befd3b9d fp befd3b85 I 2.734s Main ip 40257438 sp befd3628 lr 400f1fe5 pc 40100f90 I 2.734s Main I 2.734s Main Stack Trace: I 2.734s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.734s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.734s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.734s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.735s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.735s Main I 2.735s Main Stack Data: I 2.735s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.735s Main befd35e8 4024a168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.735s Main befd35ec 00000002 I 2.735s Main befd35f0 40257438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.735s Main befd35f4 00000004 I 2.735s Main befd35f8 befd3b91 [stack] I 2.735s Main befd35fc befd3b9d [stack] I 2.735s Main befd3600 befd3b85 [stack] I 2.735s Main befd3604 40105159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.735s Main befd3608 34203020 I 2.735s Main befd360c 20323136 I 2.735s Main befd3610 befd3684 [stack] I 2.735s Main befd3614 00000000 I 2.735s Main befd3618 00000000 I 2.735s Main befd361c 37312030 I 2.735s Main befd3620 00004000 I 2.735s Main befd3624 befd3692 [stack] I 2.735s Main befd3628 00000006 I 2.735s Main befd362c 00000000 I 2.735s Main befd3630 00000346 I 2.735s Main befd3634 40257438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.735s Main befd3638 40257438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.735s Main befd363c 400f1fe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.735s Main befd3640 00000006 I 2.735s Main befd3644 00000000 I 2.735s Main befd3648 00000002 I 2.735s Main befd364c 400f21f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.735s Main befd3650 befd365c [stack] I 2.735s Main befd3654 400f0f2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.735s Main befd3658 00000000 I 2.735s Main befd365c ffffffdf I 2.735s Main befd3660 401292c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.735s Main befd3664 4012922c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.735s Main befd3668 00000000 I 2.735s Main befd366c 400f3aef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.735s Main befd3670 415bc1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.735s Main befd3674 415bc1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.735s Main befd3678 4024a168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.735s Main befd367c 40100848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.735s Main befd3680 00000000 I 2.735s Main befd3684 41552ccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.735s Main befd3688 40137324 I 2.735s Main befd368c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.735s Main befd3690 0000296c I 2.735s Main befd3694 00000000 I 2.735s Main befd3698 00000000 I 2.735s Main befd369c 00000000 I 2.735s Main befd36a0 00000000 I 2.735s Main befd36a4 00000000 I 2.735s Main befd36a8 00000000 I 2.735s Main befd36ac 00000000 I 2.735s Main befd36b0 00000000 I 2.735s Main befd36b4 00000000 I 2.735s Main befd36b8 00000000 I 2.735s Main befd36bc 00000000 I 2.735s Main befd36c0 00000000 I 2.735s Main befd36c4 00000000 I 2.735s Main befd3898 000000c8 I 2.735s Main befd389c 6f854d38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.736s Main befd38a0 4150af58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.736s Main befd38a4 00000000 I 2.736s Main befd38a8 000000c8 I 2.736s Main befd38ac 4024d560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.736s Main befd38b0 4024d740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.736s Main befd38b4 4150af58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.736s Main befd38b8 400b6328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.736s Main befd38bc 401f2d27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.736s Main befd38c0 4150af58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.736s Main befd38c4 00000000 I 2.736s Main befd38c8 befd3988 [stack] I 2.736s Main befd38cc 401f3015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.736s Main befd38d0 400b63cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.736s Main befd38d4 401f3a65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.736s Main befd38d8 4150af58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.736s Main befd38dc 00000000 I 2.736s Main befd38e0 415bf004 I 2.736s Main befd38e4 4155aa8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.736s Main befd38e8 4155aabd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.736s Main befd38ec 4155aa95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.736s Main befd38f0 000000bb I 2.736s Main befd38f4 00000000 I 2.736s Main befd38f8 4150ae08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.736s Main befd38fc 400efe6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.736s Main befd3900 000000b0 I 2.736s Main befd3904 00000000 I 2.736s Main befd3908 400eedcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.736s Main befd390c 000000a0 I 2.736s Main befd3910 00000014 I 2.736s Main befd3914 4024f3d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.736s Main befd3960 00000000 I 2.736s Main befd3964 00000000 I 2.736s Main befd3968 00000000 I 2.736s Main befd396c befd3a7c [stack] I 2.736s Main befd3970 4012d384 I 2.736s Main befd3974 400b6372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.736s Main befd3978 400b6300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.736s Main befd397c 400b637b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.736s Main befd3980 400b6391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.736s Main befd3984 400b639f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.736s Main befd3988 400b7e08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.736s Main befd398c 4024d520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.736s Main befd3990 4150ae18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.736s Main befd3994 00000013 I 2.736s Main befd3998 00000000 I 2.736s Main befd399c 00000008 I 2.736s Main befd3a40 00000000 I 2.736s Main befd3a44 00000000 I 2.736s Main befd3a48 00000000 I 2.736s Main befd3a4c 00000000 I 2.736s Main befd3a50 00000000 I 2.736s Main befd3a54 400b5d80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.736s Main befd3a58 400b7de8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.736s Main befd3a5c 400b7df0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.736s Main befd3a60 400b7df8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.736s Main befd3a64 befd3a70 [stack] I 2.736s Main befd3a68 00000000 I 2.736s Main befd3a6c 400ba881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 2.736s Main befd3a70 00000005 I 2.736s Main befd3a74 befd3b85 [stack] I 2.736s Main befd3a78 befd3b91 [stack] I 2.736s Main befd3a7c befd3b9d [stack] I 2.737s Main befd3a80 befd3bb8 [stack] I 2.737s Main befd3a84 befd3bbd [stack] I 2.737s Main befd3a88 00000000 I 2.737s Main befd3a8c befd3bc5 [stack] I 2.737s Main befd3a90 befd3bdf [stack] I 2.737s Main befd3a94 befd3c0b [stack] I 2.737s Main I 2.737s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.737s Main I 2.737s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000346 (code=-6), thread 838 (app_process) I 2.737s Main I 2.737s Main pid: 838, tid: 868, name: ReferenceQueueD I 2.737s Main r0 6e480bb0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.737s Main r4 6e480bb0 r5 6e480ba0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.737s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d47d2b0 sl 00000000 fp 415dc1d0 I 2.737s Main ip 00000000 sp 711d5ba0 lr 400edec8 pc 40100904 I 2.737s Main I 2.737s Main Stack Trace: I 2.737s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.737s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main I 2.737s Main Stack Data: I 2.737s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.737s Main 711d5b60 4012d180 I 2.737s Main 711d5b64 00000010 I 2.737s Main 711d5b68 6e480eb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.737s Main 711d5b6c 400efe6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main 711d5b70 00000020 I 2.737s Main 711d5b74 00000000 I 2.737s Main 711d5b78 00000021 I 2.737s Main 711d5b7c 00000020 I 2.737s Main 711d5b80 00000020 I 2.737s Main 711d5b84 415c7640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.737s Main 711d5b88 00000001 I 2.737s Main 711d5b8c 6e480820 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.737s Main 711d5b90 6e480bb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.737s Main 711d5b94 6e480ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.737s Main 711d5b98 00000000 I 2.737s Main 711d5b9c 400edeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main 711d5ba0 00000000 I 2.737s Main 711d5ba0 00000000 I 2.737s Main 711d5ba4 6e480ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.737s Main 711d5ba8 6e480bb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.737s Main 711d5bac 6e480810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.737s Main 711d5bb0 6e480eb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.737s Main 711d5bb4 400edf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.737s Main 711d5bb8 6e480ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.737s Main 711d5bbc 00000000 I 2.737s Main 711d5bc0 6e480ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.738s Main 711d5bc4 6e480ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.738s Main 711d5bc8 00000000 I 2.738s Main 711d5bcc 4155fd77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.738s Main 711d5bd0 6e480810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.738s Main 711d5bd4 6e480eb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.738s Main 711d5bd8 6f883f74 I 2.738s Main 711d5bdc 6f883f78 I 2.738s Main 711d5be0 415c7640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.738s Main 711d5be4 6e480810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.738s Main 711d5be8 6e480820 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.738s Main 711d5bec 6f883f74 I 2.738s Main 711d5bf0 415b7c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.738s Main 711d5bf4 41574655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.738s Main 711d5bf8 00000000 I 2.738s Main 711d5bfc 00000001 I 2.738s Main 711d5c00 00000000 I 2.738s Main 711d5c04 00000000 I 2.738s Main 711d5c08 6d47d2b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.738s Main 711d5c0c 415c2890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.738s Main 711d5c10 4157462f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.738s Main 711d5c14 4155cacf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.738s Main 711d5c18 6f883f74 I 2.738s Main 711d5c1c 6e480820 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.738s Main 711d5c20 6e507e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.738s Main 711d5c24 6f883f98 I 2.738s Main 711d5c28 6e480810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.738s Main 711d5c2c 415c2890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.738s Main 711d5c30 4152ad40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.738s Main 711d5c34 00000000 I 2.738s Main 711d5c38 6f883f60 I 2.738s Main 711d5c3c 41533fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.738s Main 711d5c40 00000000 I 2.738s Main 711d5c44 6e480810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.738s Main 711d5c48 4153af54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.738s Main 711d5c4c 00000000 I 2.738s Main 711d5c50 711d5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:868] I 2.738s Main 711d5c54 6e480810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.738s Main 711d5c58 711d5c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:868] I 2.738s Main 711d5c5c 6d481eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.738s Main 711d5c60 415dc1d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.738s Main 711d5c64 4153afa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.738s Main 711d5c68 00000000 I 2.738s Main 711d5c6c 00000000 I 2.738s Main 711d5c70 00000000 I 2.738s Main 711d5c74 00000000 I 2.738s Main 711d5c78 00000000 I 2.738s Main 711d5c7c fffffea0 I 2.738s Main 711d5c80 4153af54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.738s Main 711d5c84 4153863c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.738s Main 711d5c88 00000000 I 2.738s Main 711d5c8c 00000000 I 2.738s Main 711d5c90 00000000 I 2.738s Main 711d5c94 00000000 I 2.738s Main 711d5c98 6f883fe4 I 2.738s Main 711d5c9c 00000000 I 2.738s Main 711d5ca0 00000000 I 2.738s Main 711d5ca4 00000000 I 2.738s Main 711d5ca8 00000000 I 2.738s Main 711d5cac 00000000 I 2.738s Main 711d5cb0 00000000 I 2.739s Main 711d5cb4 00000000 I 2.739s Main 711d5cb8 00000000 I 2.739s Main 711d5cbc 00000000 I 2.739s Main 711d5cc0 00000000 I 2.739s Main 711d5cc4 00000000 I 2.739s Main 711d5d18 0000001d I 2.739s Main 711d5d1c 0000001c I 2.739s Main 711d5d20 0000001c I 2.739s Main 711d5d24 6e480810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.739s Main 711d5d28 4012d384 I 2.739s Main 711d5d2c 4157cad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.739s Main 711d5d30 710d8000 I 2.739s Main 711d5d34 711d5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:868] I 2.739s Main 711d5d38 415bc1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.739s Main 711d5d3c 4012d384 I 2.739s Main 711d5d40 415bc500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.739s Main 711d5d44 415bc4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.739s Main 711d5d48 710d8000 I 2.739s Main 711d5d4c befd2e14 [stack] I 2.739s Main 711d5d50 4012b2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.739s Main 711d5d54 4156d5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.739s Main 711d5d58 711d5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:868] I 2.739s Main 711d5d5c 711d5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:868] I 2.739s Main 711d5d60 6e480810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.739s Main 711d5d64 711d5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:868] I 2.739s Main 711d5d68 4012d384 I 2.739s Main 711d5d6c 6e480810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.739s Main 711d5d70 4156228f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.739s Main 711d5d74 711d5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:868] I 2.739s Main 711d5d78 00000003 I 2.739s Main 711d5d7c 6e480c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.739s Main 711d5d80 00000000 I 2.739s Main 711d5d84 415069f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.739s Main 711d5d88 6e480810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.739s Main 711d5d8c 400ec0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.739s Main 711d5d90 00000000 I 2.739s Main 711d5d94 415069f4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.739s Main 711d5d98 415069e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.739s Main 711d5d9c cc8fc1e4 I 2.739s Main 711d5da0 711d5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:868] I 2.739s Main 711d5da4 6e480c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.739s Main 711d5da8 415621ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.739s Main 711d5dac 6e480810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.739s Main 711d5db0 415621ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.739s Main 711d5db4 400ec174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.739s Main 711d5db8 6e480810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.739s Main 711d5dbc 6e480c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.739s Main 711d5dc0 711d5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:868] I 2.739s Main 711d5dc4 0000000d I 2.739s Main 711d5dc8 00000078 I 2.739s Main 711d5dcc 400ec30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.739s Main 711d5dd0 711d5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:868] I 2.739s Main 711d5dd4 6e480c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.739s Main 711d5dd8 00000000 I 2.739s Main 711d5ddc 00000000 I 2.739s Main 711d5de0 00000000 I 2.739s Main 711d5de4 cc8fc1e4 I 2.739s Main 711d5de8 00000000 I 2.739s Main 711d5dec 00000000 I 2.739s Main 711d5df0 00000000 I 2.739s Main 711d5df4 00000000 I 2.739s Main 711d5df8 00000000 I 2.740s Main 711d5dfc 00000000 I 2.740s Main 711d5e00 00000000 I 2.740s Main 711d5e04 00000000 I 2.740s Main 711d5e08 00000000 I 2.740s Main 711d5e0c 6e480810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.740s Main I 2.740s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.740s Main I 2.740s Main I 2.740s Main pid: 838, tid: 869, name: FinalizerDaemon I 2.740s Main r0 415c15d0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.740s Main r4 415c15d0 r5 415c15c0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.740s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d47d2b0 sl 00000000 fp 415dc4a0 I 2.740s Main ip 00000000 sp 712d7bc8 lr 400edec8 pc 40100904 I 2.740s Main I 2.740s Main Stack Trace: I 2.740s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.740s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.740s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.740s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.740s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.740s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.740s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.740s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.740s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.740s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.740s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.740s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.740s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.740s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.740s Main I 2.740s Main Stack Data: I 2.740s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.740s Main 712d7b88 0000002b I 2.740s Main 712d7b8c 00000080 I 2.740s Main 712d7b90 6e480f60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.740s Main 712d7b94 400efe6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.740s Main 712d7b98 00000020 I 2.740s Main 712d7b9c 00000000 I 2.740s Main 712d7ba0 00000021 I 2.740s Main 712d7ba4 00000020 I 2.740s Main 712d7ba8 00000020 I 2.740s Main 712d7bac 415c7718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.740s Main 712d7bb0 00000001 I 2.740s Main 712d7bb4 4152ad40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.740s Main 712d7bb8 415c15d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.740s Main 712d7bbc 415c15c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.740s Main 712d7bc0 00000000 I 2.740s Main 712d7bc4 400edeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.740s Main 712d7bc8 00000000 I 2.740s Main 712d7bc8 00000000 I 2.740s Main 712d7bcc 415c15c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.740s Main 712d7bd0 415c15d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.740s Main 712d7bd4 415c1230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.740s Main 712d7bd8 6e480f60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.740s Main 712d7bdc 400edf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.740s Main 712d7be0 415c15c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.740s Main 712d7be4 00000000 I 2.740s Main 712d7be8 415c15c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.740s Main 712d7bec 415c15c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.740s Main 712d7bf0 00000000 I 2.740s Main 712d7bf4 4155fd77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.741s Main 712d7bf8 415c1230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.741s Main 712d7bfc 6e480f60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.741s Main 712d7c00 711d9f10 I 2.741s Main 712d7c04 711d9f14 I 2.741s Main 712d7c08 415c7718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.741s Main 712d7c0c 415c2890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.741s Main 712d7c10 4152ad40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.741s Main 712d7c14 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7c18 711d9efc I 2.741s Main 712d7c1c 41574655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.741s Main 712d7c20 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7c24 00000001 I 2.741s Main 712d7c28 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7c2c 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7c30 6e507ea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.741s Main 712d7c34 711d9f34 I 2.741s Main 712d7c38 415c1230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.741s Main 712d7c3c 41533fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.741s Main 712d7c40 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7c44 415c1230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.741s Main 712d7c48 4153af54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.741s Main 712d7c4c 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7c50 712d7d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:869] I 2.741s Main 712d7c54 415c1230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.741s Main 712d7c58 712d7c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:869] I 2.741s Main 712d7c5c 6d481eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.741s Main 712d7c60 415dc4a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.741s Main 712d7c64 4153afa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.741s Main 712d7c68 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7c6c 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7c70 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7c74 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7c78 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7c7c fffffea0 I 2.741s Main 712d7c80 4153af54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.741s Main 712d7c84 4153863c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.741s Main 712d7c88 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7c8c 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7c90 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7c94 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7c98 711d9fe4 I 2.741s Main 712d7c9c 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7ca0 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7ca4 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7ca8 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7cac 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7cb0 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7cb4 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7cb8 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7cbc 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7cc0 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7cc4 00000000 I 2.741s Main 712d7d18 0000001d I 2.741s Main 712d7d1c 0000001c I 2.741s Main 712d7d20 0000001c I 2.741s Main 712d7d24 415c1230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.741s Main 712d7d28 4012d384 I 2.741s Main 712d7d2c 4157cad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.741s Main 712d7d30 711da000 I 2.741s Main 712d7d34 712d7d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:869] I 2.741s Main 712d7d38 415bc1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.741s Main 712d7d3c 4012d384 I 2.742s Main 712d7d40 415bc500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.742s Main 712d7d44 415bc4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.742s Main 712d7d48 711da000 I 2.742s Main 712d7d4c befd2e3c [stack] I 2.742s Main 712d7d50 4012b2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.742s Main 712d7d54 4156d5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.742s Main 712d7d58 712d7d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:869] I 2.742s Main 712d7d5c 712d7d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:869] I 2.742s Main 712d7d60 415c1230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.742s Main 712d7d64 712d7d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:869] I 2.742s Main 712d7d68 4012d384 I 2.742s Main 712d7d6c 415c1230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.742s Main 712d7d70 4156228f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.742s Main 712d7d74 712d7d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:869] I 2.742s Main 712d7d78 00000003 I 2.742s Main 712d7d7c 415c1688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.742s Main 712d7d80 00000000 I 2.742s Main 712d7d84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-1 I 2.742s Main 712d7d88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.742s Main 712d7d8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.742s Main 712d7d90 006e6f6d I 2.742s Main 712d7d94 712d7d93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:869] I 2.742s Main 712d7d98 712d7d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:869] I 2.742s Main 712d7d9c cc8fc1e4 I 2.742s Main 712d7da0 712d7dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:869] I 2.742s Main 712d7da4 415c1688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.742s Main 712d7da8 415621ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.742s Main 712d7dac 415c1230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.742s Main 712d7db0 415621ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.742s Main 712d7db4 400ec174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.742s Main 712d7db8 415c1230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.742s Main 712d7dbc 415c1688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.742s Main 712d7dc0 712d7dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:869] I 2.742s Main 712d7dc4 0000000d I 2.742s Main 712d7dc8 00000078 I 2.742s Main 712d7dcc 400ec30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.742s Main 712d7dd0 712d7dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:869] I 2.742s Main 712d7dd4 415c1688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.742s Main 712d7dd8 00000000 I 2.742s Main 712d7ddc 00000000 I 2.742s Main 712d7de0 00000000 I 2.742s Main 712d7de4 cc8fc1e4 I 2.742s Main 712d7de8 00000000 I 2.742s Main 712d7dec 00000000 I 2.742s Main 712d7df0 00000000 I 2.742s Main 712d7df4 00000000 I 2.742s Main 712d7df8 00000000 I 2.742s Main 712d7dfc 00000000 I 2.742s Main 712d7e00 00000000 I 2.742s Main 712d7e04 00000000 I 2.742s Main 712d7e08 00000000 I 2.742s Main 712d7e0c 415c1230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.742s Main I 2.742s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.742s Main I 2.742s Main I 2.742s Main pid: 838, tid: 870, name: FinalizerWatchd I 2.742s Main r0 415c1e78 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.742s Main r4 415c1e78 r5 415c1e68 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.742s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d47d2b0 sl 00000000 fp 415dc740 I 2.742s Main ip 00000000 sp 713dbbc8 lr 400edec8 pc 40100904 I 2.743s Main I 2.743s Main Stack Trace: I 2.743s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.743s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main I 2.743s Main Stack Data: I 2.743s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.743s Main 713dbb88 00000028 I 2.743s Main 713dbb8c 00000028 I 2.743s Main 713dbb90 6e480fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.743s Main 713dbb94 400efe6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 713dbb98 00000020 I 2.743s Main 713dbb9c 00000000 I 2.743s Main 713dbba0 00000021 I 2.743s Main 713dbba4 00000020 I 2.743s Main 713dbba8 00000020 I 2.743s Main 713dbbac 415dc730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.743s Main 713dbbb0 00000001 I 2.743s Main 713dbbb4 4152ad40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 713dbbb8 415c1e78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.743s Main 713dbbbc 415c1e68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.743s Main 713dbbc0 00000000 I 2.743s Main 713dbbc4 400edeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 713dbbc8 00000000 I 2.743s Main 713dbbc8 00000000 I 2.743s Main 713dbbcc 415c1e68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.743s Main 713dbbd0 415c1e78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.743s Main 713dbbd4 415c1ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.743s Main 713dbbd8 6e480fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.743s Main 713dbbdc 400edf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 713dbbe0 415c1e68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.743s Main 713dbbe4 00000000 I 2.743s Main 713dbbe8 415c1e68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.743s Main 713dbbec 415c1e68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.743s Main 713dbbf0 00000000 I 2.743s Main 713dbbf4 4155fd77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 713dbbf8 415c1ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.743s Main 713dbbfc 6e480fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.743s Main 713dbc00 712ddf54 I 2.743s Main 713dbc04 712ddf58 I 2.743s Main 713dbc08 415dc730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.743s Main 713dbc0c 415c2890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.743s Main 713dbc10 4152ad40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 713dbc14 00000000 I 2.743s Main 713dbc18 712ddf40 I 2.743s Main 713dbc1c 41574655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.743s Main 713dbc20 00000000 I 2.743s Main 713dbc24 00000001 I 2.743s Main 713dbc28 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbc2c 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbc30 6e507e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.744s Main 713dbc34 712ddf78 I 2.744s Main 713dbc38 415c1ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.744s Main 713dbc3c 41533fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.744s Main 713dbc40 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbc44 415c1ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.744s Main 713dbc48 4153af54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.744s Main 713dbc4c 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbc50 713dbd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:870] I 2.744s Main 713dbc54 415c1ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.744s Main 713dbc58 713dbc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:870] I 2.744s Main 713dbc5c 6d481eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.744s Main 713dbc60 415dc740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.744s Main 713dbc64 4153afa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.744s Main 713dbc68 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbc6c 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbc70 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbc74 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbc78 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbc7c fffffea0 I 2.744s Main 713dbc80 4153af54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.744s Main 713dbc84 4153863c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.744s Main 713dbc88 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbc8c 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbc90 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbc94 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbc98 712ddfe4 I 2.744s Main 713dbc9c 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbca0 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbca4 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbca8 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbcac 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbcb0 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbcb4 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbcb8 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbcbc 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbcc0 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbcc4 00000000 I 2.744s Main 713dbd18 0000001d I 2.744s Main 713dbd1c 0000001c I 2.744s Main 713dbd20 0000001c I 2.744s Main 713dbd24 415c1ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.744s Main 713dbd28 4012d384 I 2.744s Main 713dbd2c 4157cad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.744s Main 713dbd30 712de000 I 2.744s Main 713dbd34 713dbd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:870] I 2.744s Main 713dbd38 415bc1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.744s Main 713dbd3c 4012d384 I 2.744s Main 713dbd40 415bc500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.744s Main 713dbd44 415bc4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.744s Main 713dbd48 712de000 I 2.744s Main 713dbd4c befd2e3c [stack] I 2.744s Main 713dbd50 4012b2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.744s Main 713dbd54 4156d5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.744s Main 713dbd58 713dbd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:870] I 2.744s Main 713dbd5c 713dbd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:870] I 2.744s Main 713dbd60 415c1ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.744s Main 713dbd64 713dbd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:870] I 2.744s Main 713dbd68 4012d384 I 2.744s Main 713dbd6c 415c1ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.744s Main 713dbd70 4156228f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 713dbd74 713dbd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:870] I 2.745s Main 713dbd78 00000003 I 2.745s Main 713dbd7c 6f84f8f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.745s Main 713dbd80 00000000 I 2.745s Main 713dbd84 41506a10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.745s Main 713dbd88 415c1ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.745s Main 713dbd8c 400ec0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 713dbd90 00000000 I 2.745s Main 713dbd94 41506a0f <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.745s Main 713dbd98 415069f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.745s Main 713dbd9c cc8fc1e4 I 2.745s Main 713dbda0 713dbdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:870] I 2.745s Main 713dbda4 6f84f8f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.745s Main 713dbda8 415621ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 713dbdac 415c1ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.745s Main 713dbdb0 415621ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 713dbdb4 400ec174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 713dbdb8 415c1ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.745s Main 713dbdbc 6f84f8f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.745s Main 713dbdc0 713dbdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:870] I 2.745s Main 713dbdc4 0000000d I 2.745s Main 713dbdc8 00000078 I 2.745s Main 713dbdcc 400ec30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 713dbdd0 713dbdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:870] I 2.745s Main 713dbdd4 6f84f8f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.745s Main 713dbdd8 00000000 I 2.745s Main 713dbddc 00000000 I 2.745s Main 713dbde0 00000000 I 2.745s Main 713dbde4 cc8fc1e4 I 2.745s Main 713dbde8 00000000 I 2.745s Main 713dbdec 00000000 I 2.745s Main 713dbdf0 00000000 I 2.745s Main 713dbdf4 00000000 I 2.745s Main 713dbdf8 00000000 I 2.745s Main 713dbdfc 00000000 I 2.745s Main 713dbe00 00000000 I 2.745s Main 713dbe04 00000000 I 2.745s Main 713dbe08 00000000 I 2.745s Main 713dbe0c 415c1ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.745s Main I 2.745s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.745s Main I 2.745s Main I 2.745s Main pid: 838, tid: 871, name: GC I 2.745s Main r0 4150c3d4 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.745s Main r4 4150c3d4 r5 4150c3d0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.745s Main r8 415be100 r9 415be100 sl 4150c3c8 fp 4012b2ec I 2.745s Main ip 00000000 sp 714dbd40 lr 400edec8 pc 40100904 I 2.745s Main I 2.745s Main Stack Trace: I 2.745s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.745s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.745s Main I 2.745s Main Stack Data: I 2.745s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.745s Main 714dbd00 00000000 I 2.746s Main 714dbd04 714dbca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:871] I 2.746s Main 714dbd08 714dbcb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:871] I 2.746s Main 714dbd0c 00000018 I 2.746s Main 714dbd10 6d48166c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.746s Main 714dbd14 714dbd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:871] I 2.746s Main 714dbd18 415bc1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.746s Main 714dbd1c 6e490e28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.746s Main 714dbd20 415dc940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.746s Main 714dbd24 415dc9b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.746s Main 714dbd28 415dc940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.746s Main 714dbd2c 401022d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.746s Main 714dbd30 4150c3d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.746s Main 714dbd34 4150c3d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.746s Main 714dbd38 00000000 I 2.746s Main 714dbd3c 400edeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.746s Main 714dbd40 00000000 I 2.746s Main 714dbd40 00000000 I 2.746s Main 714dbd44 4150c3d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.746s Main 714dbd48 4150c3d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.746s Main 714dbd4c 00000000 I 2.746s Main 714dbd50 415be100 I 2.746s Main 714dbd54 400edf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.746s Main 714dbd58 415b7c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.746s Main 714dbd5c 415bc1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.746s Main 714dbd60 befd2f10 [stack] I 2.746s Main 714dbd64 415b7c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.746s Main 714dbd68 415bc1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.746s Main 714dbd6c 4157f783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.746s Main 714dbd70 00000000 I 2.746s Main 714dbd74 00000000 I 2.746s Main 714dbd78 4157f735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.746s Main 714dbd7c 6e480f88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.746s Main 714dbd80 415bc1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.746s Main 714dbd84 befd2f10 [stack] I 2.746s Main 714dbd88 6e480f88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.746s Main 714dbd8c 41561921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.746s Main 714dbd90 713de000 I 2.746s Main 714dbd94 4156196f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.746s Main 714dbd98 6e480f88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.746s Main 714dbd9c 00010002 I 2.746s Main 714dbda0 6e480fa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.746s Main 714dbda4 415d1880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.746s Main 714dbda8 714dbdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:871] I 2.746s Main 714dbdac 6f84fd48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.746s Main 714dbdb0 41561921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.746s Main 714dbdb4 400ec174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.746s Main 714dbdb8 6e480f88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.746s Main 714dbdbc 6f84fd48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.746s Main 714dbdc0 714dbdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:871] I 2.746s Main 714dbdc4 0000000d I 2.746s Main 714dbdc8 00000078 I 2.746s Main 714dbdcc 400ec30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.746s Main 714dbdd0 714dbdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:871] I 2.746s Main 714dbdd4 6f84fd48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.746s Main 714dbdd8 00000000 I 2.746s Main 714dbddc 00000000 I 2.746s Main 714dbde0 00000000 I 2.746s Main 714dbde4 cc8fc1e4 I 2.746s Main 714dbde8 00000000 I 2.746s Main 714dbdec 00000000 I 2.746s Main 714dbdf0 00000000 I 2.747s Main 714dbdf4 00000000 I 2.747s Main 714dbdf8 00000000 I 2.747s Main 714dbdfc 00000000 I 2.747s Main 714dbe00 00000000 I 2.747s Main 714dbe04 00000000 I 2.747s Main 714dbe08 00000000 I 2.747s Main 714dbe0c 6f84ff90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.747s Main I 2.747s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.747s Main I 2.747s Main I 2.747s Main pid: 838, tid: 872, name: Signal Catcher I 2.747s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 2.747s Main r4 715dfd08 r5 715dfd48 r6 befd2f20 r7 000000b1 I 2.747s Main r8 6f850838 r9 415b7c74 sl 415bc694 fp 4159bcdc I 2.747s Main ip 715dfd44 sp 715dfd08 lr 400f2351 pc 40100170 I 2.747s Main I 2.747s Main Stack Trace: I 2.747s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.747s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.747s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.747s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.747s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.747s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.747s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.747s Main I 2.747s Main Stack Data: I 2.747s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.747s Main 715dfcc8 00000000 I 2.747s Main 715dfccc 00000000 I 2.747s Main 715dfcd0 00000000 I 2.747s Main 715dfcd4 00000000 I 2.747s Main 715dfcd8 715dfd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:872] I 2.747s Main 715dfcdc 00000000 I 2.747s Main 715dfce0 6f850838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.747s Main 715dfce4 715e5fc4 I 2.747s Main 715dfce8 00000000 I 2.747s Main 715dfcec 715dfd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:872] I 2.747s Main 715dfcf0 00000000 I 2.747s Main 715dfcf4 4156d58b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.747s Main 715dfcf8 4159d239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.747s Main 715dfcfc 00000000 I 2.747s Main 715dfd00 00000000 I 2.747s Main 715dfd04 715dfca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:872] I 2.747s Main 715dfd08 00000204 I 2.747s Main 715dfd08 00000204 I 2.747s Main 715dfd0c 00000000 I 2.747s Main 715dfd10 fffffea0 I 2.747s Main 715dfd14 6e490ed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.747s Main 715dfd18 415bc1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.747s Main 715dfd1c 4155ef57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.747s Main 715dfd20 415dca20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.747s Main 715dfd24 415dca90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.747s Main 715dfd28 415dca20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.747s Main 715dfd2c 401022d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.747s Main 715dfd30 6f850ba4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.747s Main 715dfd34 4155e9a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.747s Main 715dfd38 6f850838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.747s Main 715dfd3c 4156294b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.747s Main 715dfd40 415dca90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.747s Main 715dfd44 00000204 I 2.747s Main 715dfd48 00000004 I 2.748s Main 715dfd4c 6f850838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.748s Main 715dfd50 415bc1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.748s Main 715dfd54 41560e11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.748s Main 715dfd58 415d1880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.748s Main 715dfd5c 415dca90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.748s Main 715dfd98 6e490ed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.748s Main 715dfd9c 00010002 I 2.748s Main 715dfda0 6e490ef0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.748s Main 715dfda4 415d1880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.748s Main 715dfda8 715dfdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:872] I 2.748s Main 715dfdac 6f8505f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.748s Main 715dfdb0 41561921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.748s Main 715dfdb4 400ec174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.748s Main 715dfdb8 6e490ed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.748s Main 715dfdbc 6f8505f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.748s Main 715dfdc0 715dfdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:872] I 2.748s Main 715dfdc4 0000000d I 2.748s Main 715dfdc8 00000078 I 2.748s Main 715dfdcc 400ec30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.748s Main 715dfdd0 715dfdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:872] I 2.748s Main 715dfdd4 6f8505f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.748s Main 715dfdd8 00000000 I 2.748s Main 715dfddc 00000000 I 2.748s Main 715dfde0 00000000 I 2.748s Main 715dfde4 cc8fc1e4 I 2.748s Main 715dfde8 00000000 I 2.748s Main 715dfdec 00000000 I 2.748s Main 715dfdf0 00000000 I 2.748s Main 715dfdf4 00000000 I 2.748s Main 715dfdf8 00000000 I 2.748s Main 715dfdfc 00000000 I 2.748s Main 715dfe00 00000000 I 2.748s Main 715dfe04 00000000 I 2.748s Main 715dfe08 00000000 I 2.748s Main 715dfe0c 6f850838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.748s Main I 2.748s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.748s Main I 2.748s Main I 2.748s Main pid: 838, tid: 873, name: JDWP I 2.748s Main r0 0000001c r1 716e3d10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 2.748s Main r4 6f850f50 r5 4012d384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 2.748s Main r8 6f852f70 r9 000003e8 sl 6f850eec fp 4012b2ec I 2.748s Main ip 6f852f50 sp 716e3cf8 lr 4156e087 pc 401003d8 I 2.748s Main I 2.748s Main Stack Trace: I 2.748s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.748s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.748s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.748s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.748s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.748s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.748s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.748s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.748s Main I 2.748s Main Stack Data: I 2.748s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.748s Main 716e3cb8 6f852f50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.748s Main 716e3cbc 6f852f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.748s Main 716e3cc0 000003e8 I 2.748s Main 716e3cc4 6f850eec <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.748s Main 716e3cc8 4012b2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main 716e3ccc 40105159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main 716e3cd0 00000000 I 2.749s Main 716e3cd4 00000000 I 2.749s Main 716e3cd8 716e3d4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:873] I 2.749s Main 716e3cdc 00000000 I 2.749s Main 716e3ce0 00000000 I 2.749s Main 716e3ce4 716e9fc4 I 2.749s Main 716e3ce8 00004000 I 2.749s Main 716e3cec 716e3d54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:873] I 2.749s Main 716e3cf0 00000000 I 2.749s Main 716e3cf4 00000000 I 2.749s Main 716e3cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[vectors] I 2.749s Main 716e3cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[vectors] I 2.749s Main 716e3cfc 716e3d50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:873] I 2.749s Main 716e3d00 00000004 I 2.749s Main 716e3d04 216e3ca8 I 2.749s Main 716e3d08 716e3d07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:873] I 2.749s Main 716e3d0c 00000001 I 2.749s Main 716e3d10 00000000 I 2.749s Main 716e3d14 00000000 I 2.749s Main 716e3d18 716e3d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:873] I 2.749s Main 716e3d1c 00000001 I 2.749s Main 716e3d20 716e3d2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:873] I 2.749s Main 716e3d24 00000010 I 2.749s Main 716e3d28 00000000 I 2.749s Main 716e3d2c 00000010 I 2.749s Main 716e3d30 00000001 I 2.749s Main 716e3d34 00000001 I 2.749s Main 716e3d50 36343330 I 2.749s Main 716e3d54 4156e100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main 716e3d58 00000001 I 2.749s Main 716e3d5c 6f850e98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.749s Main 716e3d60 6f850ee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.749s Main 716e3d64 befd2f00 [stack] I 2.749s Main 716e3d68 6e490fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.749s Main 716e3d6c 415a67c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main 716e3d70 415a7910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main 716e3d74 41570f89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main 716e3d78 00000000 I 2.749s Main 716e3d7c 6e490fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.749s Main 716e3d80 415bc1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main 716e3d84 befd2f00 [stack] I 2.749s Main 716e3d88 6e490fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.749s Main 716e3d8c 41561921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main 716e3d90 715e6000 I 2.749s Main 716e3d94 4156196f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main 716e3d98 6e490fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.749s Main 716e3d9c 00010002 I 2.749s Main 716e3da0 6e490fd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.749s Main 716e3da4 415d1880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.749s Main 716e3da8 716e3dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:873] I 2.749s Main 716e3dac 6f852fe8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.749s Main 716e3db0 41561921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main 716e3db4 400ec174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main 716e3db8 6e490fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.749s Main 716e3dbc 6f852fe8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.749s Main 716e3dc0 716e3dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:873] I 2.749s Main 716e3dc4 0000000d I 2.749s Main 716e3dc8 00000078 I 2.749s Main 716e3dcc 400ec30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.749s Main 716e3dd0 716e3dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:873] I 2.749s Main 716e3dd4 6f852fe8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.750s Main 716e3dd8 00000000 I 2.750s Main 716e3ddc 00000000 I 2.750s Main 716e3de0 00000000 I 2.750s Main 716e3de4 cc8fc1e4 I 2.750s Main 716e3de8 00000000 I 2.750s Main 716e3dec 00000000 I 2.750s Main 716e3df0 00000000 I 2.750s Main 716e3df4 00000000 I 2.750s Main 716e3df8 00000000 I 2.750s Main 716e3dfc 00000000 I 2.750s Main 716e3e00 00000000 I 2.750s Main 716e3e04 00000000 I 2.750s Main 716e3e08 00000000 I 2.750s Main 716e3e0c 6f853230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.750s Main I 2.750s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.750s Main I 2.750s Main I 2.750s Main pid: 838, tid: 874, name: Compiler I 2.750s Main r0 415bc704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.750s Main r4 415bc704 r5 415bc6fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.750s Main r8 41561921 r9 716ea000 sl 415bc6f8 fp 4012b2ec I 2.750s Main ip 00000000 sp 717e7c10 lr 400edec8 pc 40100904 I 2.750s Main I 2.750s Main Stack Trace: I 2.750s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.750s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main I 2.750s Main Stack Data: I 2.750s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.750s Main 717e7bd0 00000000 I 2.750s Main 717e7bd4 00000000 I 2.750s Main 717e7bd8 415bc1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main 717e7bdc 00000000 I 2.750s Main 717e7be0 00000000 I 2.750s Main 717e7be4 00000000 I 2.750s Main 717e7be8 415a2f31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main 717e7bec 41561bc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main 717e7bf0 fffffe0c I 2.750s Main 717e7bf4 6e480810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.750s Main 717e7bf8 6e480838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.750s Main 717e7bfc ffffffef I 2.750s Main 717e7c00 415bc704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main 717e7c04 415bc6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main 717e7c08 00000000 I 2.750s Main 717e7c0c 400edeb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main 717e7c10 00000000 I 2.750s Main 717e7c10 00000000 I 2.750s Main 717e7c14 415bc6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main 717e7c18 415bc704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main 717e7c1c 6f854428 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.750s Main 717e7c20 00001000 I 2.750s Main 717e7c24 400edf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main 717e7c28 415bc6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.750s Main 717e7c2c 71966fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.751s Main 717e7c30 4159bcdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.751s Main 717e7c34 415bc6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.751s Main 717e7c38 71966fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.751s Main 717e7c3c 41580d03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.751s Main 717e7c40 717e7d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:874] I 2.751s Main 717e7c44 4153afa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.751s Main 717e7c48 00000000 I 2.751s Main 717e7c4c 415b7c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.751s Main 717e7c50 415ac901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.751s Main 717e7c54 4159bcdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.751s Main 717e7c58 00000000 I 2.751s Main 717e7c5c fffffea0 I 2.751s Main 717e7c60 4153af54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.751s Main 717e7c64 4153863c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.751s Main 717e7c68 00000000 I 2.751s Main 717e7c6c 00000000 I 2.751s Main 717e7c70 00000000 I 2.751s Main 717e7c74 00000000 I 2.751s Main 717e7c78 717edfa0 I 2.751s Main 717e7c7c 00000000 I 2.751s Main 717e7d98 6f853938 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.751s Main 717e7d9c 00010002 I 2.751s Main 717e7da0 6f853958 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.751s Main 717e7da4 415d1880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.751s Main 717e7da8 717e7dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:874] I 2.751s Main 717e7dac 6f853968 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.751s Main 717e7db0 41561921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.751s Main 717e7db4 400ec174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.751s Main 717e7db8 6f853938 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.751s Main 717e7dbc 6f853968 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.751s Main 717e7dc0 717e7dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:874] I 2.751s Main 717e7dc4 0000000d I 2.751s Main 717e7dc8 00000078 I 2.751s Main 717e7dcc 400ec30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.751s Main 717e7dd0 717e7dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[stack:874] I 2.751s Main 717e7dd4 6f853968 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.751s Main 717e7dd8 00000000 I 2.751s Main 717e7ddc 00000000 I 2.751s Main 717e7de0 00000000 I 2.751s Main 717e7de4 cc8fc1e4 I 2.751s Main 717e7de8 00000000 I 2.751s Main 717e7dec 00000000 I 2.751s Main 717e7df0 00000000 I 2.751s Main 717e7df4 00000000 I 2.751s Main 717e7df8 00000000 I 2.751s Main 717e7dfc 00000000 I 2.751s Main 717e7e00 00000000 I 2.751s Main 717e7e04 00000000 I 2.751s Main 717e7e08 00000000 I 2.751s Main 717e7e0c 6f853bb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmpMF3sWL/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.751s Main I 2.751s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.751s Main I 2.751s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 2.751s Main I 2.751s Main Stack Trace: I 2.751s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.751s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.751s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.751s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.751s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.752s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.752s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.752s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.752s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.752s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.752s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.752s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.752s Main I 2.752s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.752s Main I 2.752s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000346 (code=-6), thread 838 (app_process)