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/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/build/android/ -a -s -w --adb-path /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/third_party/android_tools/sdk/platform-tools/adb in dir /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w: allow_subannotations: False base_name: 'stack_tool_for_tombstones' cmd: ['/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/build/android/', '-a', '-s', '-w', '--adb-path', '/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/third_party/android_tools/sdk/platform-tools/adb'] env: {'CHROMIUM_OUTPUT_DIR': '/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug', 'PATH': '/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/third_party/android_tools/sdk/platform-tools:/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/build/android:%(PATH)s'} env_prefixes: {'PATH': '/b/cipd_client:/b/cipd_path_tools:/b/cipd_path_tools/bin'} env_suffixes: {} infra_step: True name: 'stack_tool_for_tombstones' nest_level: 0 ok_ret: frozenset([0]) trigger_specs: () full environment: AWS_CREDENTIAL_FILE: /b/build/site_config/.boto BOTO_CONFIG: /b/build/site_config/.boto BUILDBOT_BLAMELIST: [u''] BUILDBOT_BRANCH: master BUILDBOT_BUILDBOTURL: BUILDBOT_BUILDERNAME: Android Cronet Builder (dbg) BUILDBOT_BUILDNUMBER: 11857 BUILDBOT_CLOBBER: BUILDBOT_GOT_REVISION: None BUILDBOT_MASTERNAME: BUILDBOT_REVISION: 99d98c846f9b5f762151277d8c24fbab1add0d31 BUILDBOT_SCHEDULER: chromium_commits BUILDBOT_SLAVENAME: build69-b1 CHROME_HEADLESS: 1 CHROMIUM_OUTPUT_DIR: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug CIPD_CACHE_DIR: /b/c/cipd DISPLAY: :0.0 GIT_USER_AGENT: git/2.11.0 linux2 HOME: /home/chrome-bot INFRA_BUILDBOT_MASTER_CLASS_NAME: ChromiumAndroid INFRA_BUILDBOT_SLAVE_ACTIVE_SUBDIR: INFRA_BUILDBOT_SLAVE_NAME: build69-b1 LANG: en_US.UTF-8 LOGDOG_COORDINATOR_HOST: LOGDOG_STREAM_PREFIX: bb/ LOGDOG_STREAM_PROJECT: chromium LOGDOG_STREAM_SERVER_PATH: unix:/b/build/rr/tmpXAR0NB/butler.sock LOGNAME: chrome-bot PAGER: cat PATH: /b/cipd_client:/b/cipd_path_tools:/b/cipd_path_tools/bin:/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/third_party/android_tools/sdk/platform-tools:/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/build/android:/b/cipd_path_tools:/b/cipd_path_tools/bin:/b/cipd_client:/home/chrome-bot/slavebin:/b/depot_tools:/usr/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin PWD: /b/build/slave/Android_Cronet_Builder__dbg_/build PYTHONIOENCODING: UTF-8 PYTHONUNBUFFERED: 1 SHELL: /bin/bash USER: chrome-bot VPYTHON_VIRTUALENV_ROOT: /b/c/vpython I 0.005s TimeoutThread-1-for-MainThread condition '<lambda>' met (0.0s) I 1.271s Thread-2 tombstone_02 created on 2019-02-09 06:15:00, about this long ago: 8:18:57 Device: 05c34aa83444c162 I 1.272s Thread-3 tombstone_00 created on 1971-10-09 13:16:00, about this long ago: 17290 days, 1:17:57 Device: 05c34aa83444c162 I 1.272s Thread-1 tombstone_01 created on 1971-10-09 13:16:00, about this long ago: 17290 days, 1:17:57 Device: 05c34aa83444c162 I 1.273s Thread-2 Resolving... I 1.273s Thread-1 Resolving... I 1.274s Thread-3 Resolving... I 1.771s Main Total time spent symbolizing: 0.86s I 1.771s Main tombstone_02 created on 2019-02-09 06:15:00, about this long ago: 8:18:57 Device: 05c34aa83444c162 I 1.771s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src I 1.771s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug I 1.771s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmpGfyv9j I 1.771s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 1.772s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug I 1.772s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1656, name: Thread-91 >>> <<< I 1.772s Main signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR), fault addr fffffffc I 1.772s Main r0 00000000 r1 000015d8 r2 884560c8 r3 22115832 I 1.772s Main r4 22115832 r5 000015d8 r6 00000000 r7 00000000 I 1.772s Main r8 7312971c r9 77bbbb4c sl 77ba7310 fp 78521b24 I 1.772s Main ip 73127e98 sp 785210f4 lr 4006a2d4 pc 40080e68 I 1.772s Main I 1.772s Main Stack Trace: I 1.772s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.772s Main 00039e68 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.772s Main 000232d0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.772s Main 001870dd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.772s Main 001bb9b3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.772s Main 002a6cd3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.772s Main 002b8cad <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.772s Main 002b91d1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.772s Main 002b92c9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.772s Main 002b5103 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.772s Main 0019e09d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.772s Main 0001dbcc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.772s Main 0004e123 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.772s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.772s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.772s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.772s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.772s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.772s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.772s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.772s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.772s Main I 1.772s Main Stack Data: I 1.772s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.772s Main 785210b4 00000000 I 1.772s Main 785210b8 00000000 I 1.772s Main 785210bc 00000000 I 1.772s Main 785210c0 00000000 I 1.772s Main 785210c4 00000000 I 1.772s Main 785210c8 00000000 I 1.772s Main 785210cc 00000000 I 1.772s Main 785210d0 00000000 I 1.772s Main 785210d4 00000000 I 1.772s Main 785210d8 0000001f I 1.772s Main 785210dc 7852110c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.772s Main 785210e0 77bab510 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.772s Main 785210e4 7852110c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.772s Main 785210e8 402533ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.772s Main 785210ec 4024bbcb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.772s Main 785210f0 7852111c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.772s Main 785210f4 77bab510 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.773s Main 785210f8 00000001 I 1.773s Main 785210fc 77bab510 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.773s Main 78521100 00000000 I 1.773s Main 78521104 4006a2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.773s Main 78521108 884560c8 I 1.773s Main 7852110c 720060e1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.773s Main 78521110 77ba2668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.773s Main 78521114 7203a9b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.773s Main 78521118 77ba2668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.773s Main 7852111c 00000008 I 1.773s Main 78521120 00000000 I 1.773s Main 78521124 731451b8 I 1.773s Main 78521128 7312971c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.773s Main 7852112c 78521184 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.773s Main 78521130 00000000 I 1.773s Main 78521134 72125cd7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.773s Main 78521138 00000001 I 1.773s Main 7852113c 00000001 I 1.773s Main 78521140 02217afc I 1.773s Main 78521144 00000068 I 1.773s Main 78521148 00000001 I 1.773s Main 7852114c 72137cb1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.773s Main 78521150 731e51a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.773s Main 78521154 731e51a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.773s Main 78521158 78521aac <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.773s Main 7852115c 721381d5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.773s Main 78521160 731e51a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.773s Main 78521164 78521a04 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.773s Main 78521168 78521aac <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.773s Main 7852116c 00000000 I 1.773s Main 78521170 00000000 I 1.773s Main 78521174 721382cd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.773s Main 78521178 00000000 I 1.773s Main 7852117c 00000000 I 1.773s Main 78521180 000000fd I 1.773s Main 78521184 00000000 I 1.773s Main 78521188 00000004 I 1.773s Main 7852118c 00000000 I 1.773s Main 78521190 ffffffff I 1.773s Main 78521194 00000000 I 1.773s Main 78521198 ffffffff I 1.773s Main 7852119c 00000000 I 1.773s Main 785211a0 ffffffff I 1.773s Main 785211a4 00000000 I 1.773s Main 785211a8 ffffffff I 1.773s Main 785211ac 00000000 I 1.773s Main 785211b0 ffffffff I 1.773s Main 785211b4 00000000 I 1.773s Main 785219f8 78521aac <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.773s Main 785219fc 2597d120 I 1.773s Main 78521a00 78521a50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.773s Main 78521a04 7307bcd0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.773s Main 78521a08 731d5b30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.773s Main 78521a0c 0000011d I 1.773s Main 78521a10 00000000 I 1.774s Main 78521a14 78521a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.774s Main 78521a18 78521a78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.774s Main 78521a1c 78521a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.774s Main 78521a20 40095384 I 1.774s Main 78521a24 77bbbb54 I 1.774s Main 78521a28 77ba3998 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.774s Main 78521a2c 7201d0a1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.774s Main 78521a30 78521af8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.774s Main 78521a34 00000000 I 1.774s Main 78521a38 731e3f08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.774s Main 78521a3c 4067e72d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.774s Main 78521a40 78521af8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.774s Main 78521a44 00000000 I 1.774s Main 78521a48 731e35b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.774s Main 78521a4c 78521af8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.774s Main 78521a50 731e539c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.774s Main 78521a54 4067e8c3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.774s Main 78521a58 78521a7c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.774s Main 78521a5c 78521a7c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.774s Main 78521a60 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.774s Main 78521a64 414be3c3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.774s Main 78521a68 42702da8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.774s Main 78521a6c 414be413 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.774s Main 78521b10 77bbbb48 I 1.774s Main 78521b14 00000001 I 1.774s Main 78521b18 6fd84885 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@webviewchromium.jar@classes.dex I 1.774s Main 78521b1c 425c2aa0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.774s Main 78521b20 00000035 I 1.774s Main 78521b24 414c3127 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.774s Main 78521b28 77bbbb48 I 1.774s Main 78521b2c 6fd84883 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@webviewchromium.jar@classes.dex I 1.774s Main 78521b30 7201d079 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.774s Main 78521b34 77ba7310 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.774s Main 78521b38 00000000 I 1.774s Main 78521b3c 6eded14a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@framework.jar@classes.dex I 1.774s Main 78521b40 00000000 I 1.774s Main 78521b44 00000000 I 1.774s Main 78521b48 6e712000 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-aux-structure I 1.774s Main 78521b4c 40095384 I 1.774s Main 78521b50 00000002 I 1.774s Main 78521b54 78521c40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.774s Main 78521b58 00000000 I 1.774s Main 78521b5c 78521c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.774s Main 78521b60 00000000 I 1.774s Main 78521b64 00000000 I 1.774s Main 78521c40 00000000 I 1.774s Main 78521c44 77ba7300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.774s Main 78521c48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.774s Main 78521c4c 00000000 I 1.774s Main 78521c50 78521d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.774s Main 78521c54 77ba7300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.774s Main 78521c58 78521c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.774s Main 78521c5c 6d747a40 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.774s Main 78521c60 42599ae8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.774s Main 78521c64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.774s Main 78521c68 00000000 I 1.774s Main 78521c6c 00000000 I 1.774s Main 78521c70 00000000 I 1.774s Main 78521c74 00000000 I 1.774s Main 78521c78 00000000 I 1.774s Main 78521c7c fffffea0 I 1.775s Main 78521c80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.775s Main 78521c84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.775s Main 78521c88 00000000 I 1.775s Main 78521c8c 00000000 I 1.775s Main 78521c90 00000000 I 1.775s Main 78521c94 00000000 I 1.775s Main 78521c98 77bbbfe4 I 1.775s Main 78521c9c 00000000 I 1.775s Main 78521ca0 00000000 I 1.775s Main 78521ca4 00000000 I 1.775s Main 78521ca8 00000000 I 1.775s Main 78521cac 00000000 I 1.775s Main 78521cb0 00000000 I 1.775s Main 78521cb4 00000000 I 1.775s Main 78521cb8 00000000 I 1.775s Main 78521cbc 00000000 I 1.775s Main 78521cc0 00000000 I 1.775s Main 78521cc4 00000000 I 1.775s Main 78521d18 0000001d I 1.775s Main 78521d1c 0000001c I 1.775s Main 78521d20 0000001c I 1.775s Main 78521d24 77ba7300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.775s Main 78521d28 40095384 I 1.775s Main 78521d2c 414e4ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.775s Main 78521d30 78424000 I 1.775s Main 78521d34 78521d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.775s Main 78521d38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.775s Main 78521d3c 40095384 I 1.775s Main 78521d40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.775s Main 78521d44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.775s Main 78521d48 78424000 I 1.775s Main 78521d4c be8095f4 [stack] I 1.775s Main 78521d50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.775s Main 78521d54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.775s Main 78521d58 78521d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.775s Main 78521d5c 78521d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.775s Main 78521d60 77ba7300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.775s Main 78521d64 78521d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.775s Main 78521d68 40095384 I 1.775s Main 78521d6c 77ba7300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.775s Main 78521d70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.775s Main 78521d74 78521d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.775s Main 78521d78 00000003 I 1.775s Main 78521d7c 77ba7758 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.775s Main 78521d80 00000000 I 1.775s Main 78521d84 65726854 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.775s Main 78521d88 392d6461 I 1.775s Main 78521d8c 40050031 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.775s Main 78521d90 00000000 I 1.775s Main 78521d94 78521d8d <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.775s Main 78521d98 78521d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.775s Main 78521d9c 2597d120 I 1.775s Main 78521da0 78521dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.775s Main 78521da4 77ba7758 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.775s Main 78521da8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.775s Main 78521dac 77ba7300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.775s Main 78521db0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.775s Main 78521db4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.775s Main 78521db8 77ba7300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.775s Main 78521dbc 77ba7758 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.776s Main 78521dc0 78521dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.776s Main 78521dc4 00000002 I 1.776s Main 78521dc8 00000078 I 1.776s Main 78521dcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.776s Main 78521dd0 78521dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1656] I 1.776s Main 78521dd4 77ba7758 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.776s Main 78521dd8 00000000 I 1.776s Main 78521ddc 00000000 I 1.776s Main 78521de0 00000000 I 1.776s Main 78521de4 2597d120 I 1.776s Main 78521de8 00000000 I 1.776s Main 78521dec 00000000 I 1.776s Main 78521df0 00000000 I 1.776s Main 78521df4 00000000 I 1.776s Main 78521df8 00000000 I 1.776s Main 78521dfc 00000000 I 1.776s Main 78521e00 00000000 I 1.776s Main 78521e04 00000000 I 1.776s Main 78521e08 00000000 I 1.776s Main 78521e0c 77ba7300 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.776s Main I 1.776s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.776s Main I 1.776s Main signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0xfffffffc (code=1), thread 1656 (Thread-91) I 1.776s Main I 1.776s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1323, name: earchbox:search I 1.776s Main r0 fffffffc r1 be8093a8 r2 00000010 r3 00001eab I 1.776s Main r4 74cc1bc0 r5 00000000 r6 74cc1bd4 r7 000000fc I 1.776s Main r8 74cc1c08 r9 00000014 sl 414744a8 fp be80951c I 1.776s Main ip be8093a8 sp be809388 lr 400cf643 pc 4006873c I 1.776s Main I 1.776s Main Stack Trace: I 1.776s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.776s Main 0002173c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.776s Main 0001063f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.776s Main 00010869 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.776s Main 0006a121 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.776s Main 0001dbcc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.776s Main 0004e123 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.776s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.776s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.776s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.776s Main 00060865 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.776s Main 000687c7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.776s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.776s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.776s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.776s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.776s Main 00049d0b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.776s Main 0004cde7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.776s Main 0004db0b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.776s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.776s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.776s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.776s Main I 1.776s Main Stack Data: I 1.776s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.776s Main be809348 731e88c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.776s Main be80934c 731e88d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.776s Main be809350 be80936c [stack] I 1.777s Main be809354 4154e358 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.777s Main be809358 4010cdf0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.777s Main be80935c 77bca008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.777s Main be809360 be80937c [stack] I 1.777s Main be809364 77bca008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.777s Main be809368 7fffffff I 1.777s Main be80936c 74cc1bc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.777s Main be809370 00000000 I 1.777s Main be809374 00001eab I 1.777s Main be809378 be8093a8 [stack] I 1.777s Main be80937c 74cc1c08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.777s Main be809380 00000014 I 1.777s Main be809384 400cf62b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.777s Main be809388 00000000 I 1.777s Main be809388 00000000 I 1.777s Main be80938c 40101327 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.777s Main be809390 77bca008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.777s Main be809394 6f7b7ef8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.777s Main be809398 00000004 I 1.777s Main be80939c 77bca008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.777s Main be8093a0 00000000 I 1.777s Main be8093a4 00000000 I 1.777s Main be8093a8 74abf618 <UNKNOWN> /dev/binder I 1.777s Main be8093ac 40101347 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.777s Main be8093b0 77bca008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.777s Main be8093b4 74abf618 <UNKNOWN> /dev/binder I 1.777s Main be8093b8 00000004 I 1.777s Main be8093bc 77bca008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.777s Main be8093c0 00000004 I 1.777s Main be8093c4 4010138d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.777s Main be8094d0 00000000 I 1.777s Main be8094d4 74cc1b68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.777s Main be8094d8 00000000 I 1.777s Main be8094dc 41472e78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.777s Main be8094e0 6d3dee20 I 1.777s Main be8094e4 be809508 [stack] I 1.777s Main be8094e8 6d3dee18 I 1.777s Main be8094ec 40178125 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.777s Main be8094f0 00000000 I 1.777s Main be8094f4 41472e78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.777s Main be8094f8 6d447178 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.777s Main be8094fc 41474498 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.777s Main be809500 00000000 I 1.777s Main be809504 41492bd0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.777s Main be809508 6d3dee18 I 1.777s Main be80950c 00000001 I 1.777s Main be809510 00000008 I 1.777s Main be809514 41551318 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.777s Main be809518 425895f4 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.777s Main be80951c 414c3127 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.777s Main be809520 6d3dee18 I 1.777s Main be809524 6f0b3ae0 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@framework.jar@classes.dex I 1.777s Main be809528 4017813f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.777s Main be80952c 414744a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.777s Main be809530 00000000 I 1.777s Main be809534 6d7c7eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.777s Main be809538 9b100019 I 1.778s Main be80953c 00000000 I 1.778s Main be809540 00000000 I 1.778s Main be809544 40095384 I 1.778s Main be809548 be8095cc [stack] I 1.778s Main be80954c 00000000 I 1.778s Main be809550 415135bd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.778s Main be809554 00000000 I 1.778s Main be809558 00000000 I 1.778s Main be80955c be809540 [stack] I 1.778s Main be809638 00000923 I 1.778s Main be80963c 41474498 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.778s Main be809640 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.778s Main be809644 00000000 I 1.778s Main be809648 be809728 [stack] I 1.778s Main be80964c 41474498 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.778s Main be809650 be80968c [stack] I 1.778s Main be809654 6d4c53f0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.778s Main be809658 425895f4 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.778s Main be80965c 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.778s Main be809660 2f617661 I 1.778s Main be809664 676e616c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.778s Main be809668 7274532f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.778s Main be80966c 3b676e69 I 1.778s Main be809670 6d005629 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-card-table I 1.778s Main be809674 fffffea0 I 1.778s Main be809678 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.778s Main be80967c 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.778s Main be809680 4151fc74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.778s Main be809684 00000000 I 1.778s Main be809688 41474540 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.778s Main be80968c 6f4fd5a8 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@framework2.jar@classes.dex I 1.778s Main be809690 6d3deec4 I 1.778s Main be809694 6d3f05e8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.778s Main be809698 6e712000 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-aux-structure I 1.778s Main be80969c 42589560 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.778s Main be8096a0 2597d120 I 1.778s Main be8096a4 be8097c0 [stack] I 1.778s Main be8096a8 00000000 I 1.778s Main be8096ac be809814 [stack] I 1.778s Main be8096b0 00000000 I 1.778s Main be8096b4 00000000 I 1.778s Main be8096b8 00000000 I 1.778s Main be8096bc 00000000 I 1.778s Main be809710 00000014 I 1.778s Main be809714 4257b008 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.778s Main be809718 6d3deed4 I 1.778s Main be80971c 40095384 I 1.778s Main be809720 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.778s Main be809724 6d3def60 I 1.778s Main be809728 be809918 [stack] I 1.778s Main be80972c 425895e0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.778s Main be809730 ffffffff I 1.778s Main be809734 425895e0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.778s Main be809738 414743a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.778s Main be80973c 414e819d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.778s Main be809740 4151fc74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.779s Main be809744 4151fc74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.779s Main be809748 4152ae90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.779s Main be80974c 00000014 I 1.779s Main be809790 4152a2a8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.779s Main be809794 00000000 I 1.779s Main be809798 6d3f0148 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.779s Main be80979c 6e4a96ee <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.779s Main be8097a0 6d3def34 I 1.779s Main be8097a4 41474498 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.779s Main be8097a8 4152e3b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.779s Main be8097ac 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.779s Main be8097b0 00000006 I 1.779s Main be8097b4 6d3deeec I 1.779s Main be8097b8 be809918 [stack] I 1.779s Main be8097bc 4149bfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.779s Main be8097c0 415a8ee8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.779s Main be8097c4 41474498 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.779s Main be8097c8 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.779s Main be8097cc 00000000 I 1.779s Main be8097d0 be8098e8 [stack] I 1.779s Main be8097d4 41474498 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.779s Main be8097d8 be809814 [stack] I 1.779s Main be8097dc 6d4b9448 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.779s Main be8097e0 be809918 [stack] I 1.779s Main be8097e4 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.779s Main be8097e8 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.779s Main be8097ec 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.779s Main be8097f0 6f01fc91 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@framework.jar@classes.dex I 1.779s Main be8097f4 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.779s Main be8097f8 41474498 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.779s Main be8097fc fffffea0 I 1.779s Main be809800 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.779s Main be809804 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.779s Main be809808 00000000 I 1.779s Main be80980c be8097f0 [stack] I 1.779s Main be809810 00000000 I 1.779s Main be809814 00000000 I 1.779s Main be809818 6d3defa8 I 1.779s Main be80981c 00000000 I 1.779s Main be809820 00000000 I 1.779s Main be809824 00000000 I 1.779s Main be809828 00000000 I 1.779s Main be80982c 00000000 I 1.779s Main be809830 00000000 I 1.779s Main be809834 00000000 I 1.779s Main be809838 00000000 I 1.779s Main be80983c 00000000 I 1.779s Main be809840 00000000 I 1.779s Main be809844 00000000 I 1.779s Main be809898 be809860 [stack] I 1.779s Main be80989c 0000001c I 1.779s Main be8098a0 6d4b945c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.779s Main be8098a4 6f54c204 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@framework2.jar@classes.dex I 1.779s Main be8098a8 00000001 I 1.779s Main be8098ac 00000001 I 1.779s Main be8098b0 415260d0 I 1.780s Main be8098b4 6d4b9448 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.780s Main be8098b8 be809914 [stack] I 1.780s Main be8098bc 1df00009 I 1.780s Main be8098c0 1d500015 I 1.780s Main be8098c4 00000004 I 1.780s Main be8098c8 be809be2 [stack] I 1.780s Main be8098cc 00000000 I 1.780s Main be8098d0 be809bc1 [stack] I 1.780s Main be8098d4 414bed0f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.780s Main be8098d8 be8098e8 [stack] I 1.780s Main be8098dc be809914 [stack] I 1.780s Main be8098e0 6d4b9448 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.780s Main be8098e4 41474498 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.780s Main be8098e8 41542ef8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.780s Main be8098ec 414be52d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.780s Main be8098f0 1d500015 I 1.780s Main be8098f4 414beced <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.780s Main be8098f8 71356130 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.780s Main be8098fc 4015ade9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.780s Main be809900 41472e78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.780s Main be809904 be809914 [stack] I 1.780s Main be809908 4001e3ac <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.780s Main be80990c 4015bb0f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.780s Main be809910 6d4b9448 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.780s Main be809914 1df00009 I 1.780s Main be809918 41472e78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.780s Main be80991c 00000000 I 1.780s Main be809920 41527004 I 1.780s Main be809924 414c2a8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.780s Main be809928 414c2abd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.780s Main be80992c 414c2a95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.780s Main be809930 000000bb I 1.780s Main be809934 00000000 I 1.780s Main be809938 41472e08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.780s Main be80993c 40057e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.780s Main be809940 00000000 I 1.780s Main be809944 be8099cc [stack] I 1.780s Main be809948 00000000 I 1.780s Main be80994c 400ce885 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.780s Main be809950 00000000 I 1.780s Main be809954 400ce4eb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.780s Main be8099a0 00000001 I 1.780s Main be8099a4 00000001 I 1.780s Main be8099a8 00000000 I 1.780s Main be8099ac be809ac4 [stack] I 1.780s Main be8099b0 40095384 I 1.780s Main be8099b4 4001e372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.780s Main be8099b8 4001e300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.780s Main be8099bc 4001e37b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.780s Main be8099c0 4001e391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.780s Main be8099c4 4001e39f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.780s Main be8099c8 4001fe08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.780s Main be8099cc 401b5520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.780s Main be8099d0 41474018 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.780s Main be8099d4 00000015 I 1.780s Main be8099d8 00000000 I 1.781s Main be8099dc 00000008 I 1.781s Main be809a80 00000000 I 1.781s Main be809a84 00000000 I 1.781s Main be809a88 00000000 I 1.781s Main be809a8c 00000000 I 1.781s Main be809a90 00000000 I 1.781s Main be809a94 4001dd80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.781s Main be809a98 4001fde8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.781s Main be809a9c 4001fdf0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.781s Main be809aa0 4001fdf8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.781s Main be809aa4 be809ab0 [stack] I 1.781s Main be809aa8 00000000 I 1.781s Main be809aac 40022881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 1.781s Main be809ab0 00000005 I 1.781s Main be809ab4 be809bc1 [stack] I 1.781s Main be809ab8 be809bd9 [stack] I 1.781s Main be809abc be809be2 [stack] I 1.781s Main be809ac0 be809bee [stack] I 1.781s Main be809ac4 be809bf7 [stack] I 1.781s Main be809ac8 00000000 I 1.781s Main be809acc be809c0d [stack] I 1.781s Main be809ad0 be809c4a [stack] I 1.781s Main be809ad4 be809c72 [stack] I 1.781s Main I 1.781s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.781s Main I 1.781s Main I 1.781s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1327, name: GC I 1.781s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000080 r2 fffff49a r3 7113dd40 I 1.781s Main r4 41474454 r5 41474450 r6 fffff49a r7 000000f0 I 1.781s Main r8 41526100 r9 41526100 sl 41474448 fp 400932ec I 1.781s Main ip 7113dd40 sp 7113dd28 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068908 I 1.781s Main I 1.781s Main Stack Trace: I 1.781s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.781s Main 00021908 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.781s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.781s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.781s Main 000528dd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.781s Main 00072773 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.781s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.781s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.781s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.781s Main I 1.781s Main Stack Data: I 1.781s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.781s Main 7113dce8 00000000 I 1.781s Main 7113dcec 000003e8 I 1.781s Main 7113dcf0 00000000 I 1.781s Main 7113dcf4 7113dd58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1327] I 1.781s Main 7113dcf8 38680753 I 1.781s Main 7113dcfc 00001388 I 1.781s Main 7113dd00 00000000 I 1.781s Main 7113dd04 400826c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.781s Main 7113dd08 00000000 I 1.781s Main 7113dd0c 00000011 I 1.782s Main 7113dd10 00000016 I 1.782s Main 7113dd14 7ffffffe I 1.782s Main 7113dd18 41474454 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.782s Main 7113dd1c 41474450 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.782s Main 7113dd20 fffff49a I 1.782s Main 7113dd24 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.782s Main 7113dd28 00000001 I 1.782s Main 7113dd28 00000001 I 1.782s Main 7113dd2c 41474450 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.782s Main 7113dd30 41474454 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.782s Main 7113dd34 00000001 I 1.782s Main 7113dd38 41526100 I 1.782s Main 7113dd3c 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.782s Main 7113dd40 00000004 I 1.782s Main 7113dd44 3b9ac140 I 1.782s Main 7113dd48 41526100 I 1.782s Main 7113dd4c 41474450 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.782s Main 7113dd50 41474454 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.782s Main 7113dd54 414c78e1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.782s Main 7113dd58 00000016 I 1.782s Main 7113dd5c 38680753 I 1.782s Main 7113dd60 00001388 I 1.782s Main 7113dd64 4151fc74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.782s Main 7113dd68 00000000 I 1.782s Main 7113dd6c 414e7777 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.782s Main 7113dd70 00000000 I 1.782s Main 7113dd74 00000000 I 1.782s Main 7113dd78 414e7735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.782s Main 7113dd7c 6e3e8810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.782s Main 7113dd80 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.782s Main 7113dd84 be809658 [stack] I 1.782s Main 7113dd88 6e3e8810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.782s Main 7113dd8c 414c9921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.782s Main 7113dd90 71040000 I 1.782s Main 7113dd94 414c996f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.782s Main 7113dd98 6e3e8810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.782s Main 7113dd9c 00010002 I 1.782s Main 7113dda0 7136c258 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.782s Main 7113dda4 41539880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.782s Main 7113dda8 7113ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1327] I 1.782s Main 7113ddac 41529028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.782s Main 7113ddb0 414c9921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.782s Main 7113ddb4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.782s Main 7113ddb8 6e3e8810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.782s Main 7113ddbc 41529028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.782s Main 7113ddc0 7113ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1327] I 1.782s Main 7113ddc4 00000000 I 1.782s Main 7113ddc8 00000078 I 1.782s Main 7113ddcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.782s Main 7113ddd0 7113ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1327] I 1.782s Main 7113ddd4 41529028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.782s Main 7113ddd8 00000000 I 1.782s Main 7113dddc 00000000 I 1.782s Main 7113dde0 00000000 I 1.782s Main 7113dde4 2597d120 I 1.782s Main 7113dde8 00000000 I 1.782s Main 7113ddec 00000000 I 1.783s Main 7113ddf0 00000000 I 1.783s Main 7113ddf4 00000000 I 1.783s Main 7113ddf8 00000000 I 1.783s Main 7113ddfc 00000000 I 1.783s Main 7113de00 00000000 I 1.783s Main 7113de04 00000000 I 1.783s Main 7113de08 00000000 I 1.783s Main 7113de0c 71375490 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.783s Main I 1.783s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.783s Main I 1.783s Main I 1.783s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1328, name: Signal Catcher I 1.783s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 1.783s Main r4 7123bd08 r5 7123bd48 r6 be809668 r7 000000b1 I 1.783s Main r8 71374c80 r9 4151fc74 sl 41524694 fp 41503cdc I 1.783s Main ip 7123bd44 sp 7123bd08 lr 4005a351 pc 40068170 I 1.783s Main I 1.783s Main Stack Trace: I 1.783s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.783s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.783s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.783s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.783s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.783s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.783s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.783s Main I 1.783s Main Stack Data: I 1.783s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.783s Main 7123bcc8 00000000 I 1.783s Main 7123bccc 00000000 I 1.783s Main 7123bcd0 00000000 I 1.783s Main 7123bcd4 00000000 I 1.783s Main 7123bcd8 7123bd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1328] I 1.783s Main 7123bcdc 00000000 I 1.783s Main 7123bce0 71374c80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.783s Main 7123bce4 71241fc4 I 1.783s Main 7123bce8 00000000 I 1.783s Main 7123bcec 7123bd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1328] I 1.783s Main 7123bcf0 00000000 I 1.783s Main 7123bcf4 414d558b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.783s Main 7123bcf8 41505239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.783s Main 7123bcfc 00000000 I 1.783s Main 7123bd00 00000000 I 1.783s Main 7123bd04 7123bca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1328] I 1.783s Main 7123bd08 00000204 I 1.783s Main 7123bd08 00000204 I 1.783s Main 7123bd0c 00000000 I 1.783s Main 7123bd10 fffffea0 I 1.783s Main 7123bd14 6e3e8850 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.783s Main 7123bd18 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.783s Main 7123bd1c 414c6f57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.783s Main 7123bd20 42585740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.783s Main 7123bd24 425857b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.783s Main 7123bd28 42585740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.783s Main 7123bd2c 4006a2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.784s Main 7123bd30 71374fec <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.784s Main 7123bd34 414c69a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.784s Main 7123bd38 71374c80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.784s Main 7123bd3c 414ca94b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.784s Main 7123bd40 425857b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.784s Main 7123bd44 00000204 I 1.784s Main 7123bd48 00000004 I 1.784s Main 7123bd4c 71374c80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.784s Main 7123bd50 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.784s Main 7123bd54 414c8e11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.784s Main 7123bd58 41539880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.784s Main 7123bd5c 425857b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.784s Main 7123bd98 6e3e8850 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.784s Main 7123bd9c 00010002 I 1.784s Main 7123bda0 6e3e8870 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.784s Main 7123bda4 41539880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.784s Main 7123bda8 7123bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1328] I 1.784s Main 7123bdac 6f7b78f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.784s Main 7123bdb0 414c9921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.784s Main 7123bdb4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.784s Main 7123bdb8 6e3e8850 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.784s Main 7123bdbc 6f7b78f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.784s Main 7123bdc0 7123bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1328] I 1.784s Main 7123bdc4 00000000 I 1.784s Main 7123bdc8 00000078 I 1.784s Main 7123bdcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.784s Main 7123bdd0 7123bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1328] I 1.784s Main 7123bdd4 6f7b78f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.784s Main 7123bdd8 00000000 I 1.784s Main 7123bddc 00000000 I 1.784s Main 7123bde0 00000000 I 1.784s Main 7123bde4 2597d120 I 1.784s Main 7123bde8 00000000 I 1.784s Main 7123bdec 00000000 I 1.784s Main 7123bdf0 00000000 I 1.784s Main 7123bdf4 00000000 I 1.784s Main 7123bdf8 00000000 I 1.784s Main 7123bdfc 00000000 I 1.784s Main 7123be00 00000000 I 1.784s Main 7123be04 00000000 I 1.784s Main 7123be08 00000000 I 1.784s Main 7123be0c 71374c80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.784s Main I 1.784s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.784s Main I 1.784s Main I 1.784s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1329, name: JDWP I 1.784s Main r0 fffffffc r1 7133fd40 r2 000f423f r3 000f4240 I 1.784s Main r4 000003e8 r5 00000005 r6 000001f4 r7 000000a2 I 1.784s Main r8 745085a8 r9 000003e8 sl 6e3e8984 fp 400932ec I 1.784s Main ip 74508588 sp 7133fd40 lr 400765cb pc 40067e84 I 1.784s Main I 1.784s Main Stack Trace: I 1.784s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.784s Main 00020e84 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.785s Main 0002f5c7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.785s Main 00061299 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.785s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.785s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.785s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.785s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.785s Main I 1.785s Main Stack Data: I 1.785s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.785s Main 7133fd00 00000004 I 1.785s Main 7133fd04 2133fca8 I 1.785s Main 7133fd08 7133fd07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1329] I 1.785s Main 7133fd0c 00000001 I 1.785s Main 7133fd10 00000000 I 1.785s Main 7133fd14 00000000 I 1.785s Main 7133fd18 7133fd08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1329] I 1.785s Main 7133fd1c 7133fcdc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1329] I 1.785s Main 7133fd20 7133fd2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1329] I 1.785s Main 7133fd24 00000000 I 1.785s Main 7133fd28 00000000 I 1.785s Main 7133fd2c 00000010 I 1.785s Main 7133fd30 00000001 I 1.785s Main 7133fd34 00000001 I 1.785s Main 7133fd38 ffffffff I 1.785s Main 7133fd3c 2597d120 I 1.785s Main 7133fd40 00000000 I 1.785s Main 7133fd40 00000000 I 1.785s Main 7133fd44 133ff97c I 1.785s Main 7133fd48 74506588 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.785s Main 7133fd4c 414d629d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.785s Main 7133fd50 62323530 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-2 I 1.785s Main 7133fd54 414d6100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.785s Main 7133fd58 00000001 I 1.785s Main 7133fd5c 6e3e8930 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.785s Main 7133fd60 6e3e8978 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.785s Main 7133fd64 be809648 [stack] I 1.785s Main 7133fd68 6e3e89e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.785s Main 7133fd6c 4150e7c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.785s Main 7133fd70 4150f910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.785s Main 7133fd74 414d8f89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.785s Main 7133fd78 00000000 I 1.785s Main 7133fd7c 6e3e89e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.785s Main 7133fd80 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.785s Main 7133fd84 be809648 [stack] I 1.785s Main 7133fd88 6e3e89e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.785s Main 7133fd8c 414c9921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.785s Main 7133fd90 71242000 I 1.785s Main 7133fd94 414c996f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.785s Main 7133fd98 6e3e89e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.785s Main 7133fd9c 00010002 I 1.785s Main 7133fda0 7136bbc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.785s Main 7133fda4 41539880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.785s Main 7133fda8 7133fdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1329] I 1.785s Main 7133fdac 6f7b7b40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.785s Main 7133fdb0 414c9921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.785s Main 7133fdb4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.786s Main 7133fdb8 6e3e89e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.786s Main 7133fdbc 6f7b7b40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.786s Main 7133fdc0 7133fdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1329] I 1.786s Main 7133fdc4 00000000 I 1.786s Main 7133fdc8 00000078 I 1.786s Main 7133fdcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.786s Main 7133fdd0 7133fdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1329] I 1.786s Main 7133fdd4 6f7b7b40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.786s Main 7133fdd8 0000006f I 1.786s Main 7133fddc 00000000 I 1.786s Main 7133fde0 00000000 I 1.786s Main 7133fde4 2597d120 I 1.786s Main 7133fde8 00000000 I 1.786s Main 7133fdec 00000000 I 1.786s Main 7133fdf0 00000000 I 1.786s Main 7133fdf4 00000000 I 1.786s Main 7133fdf8 00000000 I 1.786s Main 7133fdfc 00000000 I 1.786s Main 7133fe00 00000000 I 1.786s Main 7133fe04 00000000 I 1.786s Main 7133fe08 00000000 I 1.786s Main 7133fe0c 74508620 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.786s Main I 1.786s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.786s Main I 1.786s Main I 1.786s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1330, name: Compiler I 1.786s Main r0 41524704 r1 00000080 r2 fffffd38 r3 00000000 I 1.786s Main r4 41524704 r5 415246fc r6 fffffd38 r7 000000f0 I 1.786s Main r8 414c9921 r9 746ba000 sl 415246f8 fp 400932ec I 1.786s Main ip 00000000 sp 747b7c10 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068904 I 1.786s Main I 1.786s Main Stack Trace: I 1.786s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.786s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.786s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.786s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.786s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.786s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.786s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.786s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.786s Main I 1.786s Main Stack Data: I 1.786s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.786s Main 747b7bd0 00000000 I 1.786s Main 747b7bd4 00000000 I 1.786s Main 747b7bd8 00000000 I 1.786s Main 747b7bdc 00000000 I 1.786s Main 747b7be0 00000000 I 1.786s Main 747b7be4 00000000 I 1.786s Main 747b7be8 00000000 I 1.786s Main 747b7bec 00000000 I 1.786s Main 747b7bf0 00000000 I 1.786s Main 747b7bf4 00000000 I 1.786s Main 747b7bf8 00000000 I 1.786s Main 747b7bfc 00000000 I 1.787s Main 747b7c00 41524704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.787s Main 747b7c04 415246fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.787s Main 747b7c08 fffffd38 I 1.787s Main 747b7c0c 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.787s Main 747b7c10 00000000 I 1.787s Main 747b7c10 00000000 I 1.787s Main 747b7c14 415246fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.787s Main 747b7c18 41524704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.787s Main 747b7c1c 764c81d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.787s Main 747b7c20 00001000 I 1.787s Main 747b7c24 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.787s Main 747b7c28 415246c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.787s Main 747b7c2c 00000001 I 1.787s Main 747b7c30 00000000 I 1.787s Main 747b7c34 415246c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.787s Main 747b7c38 00000001 I 1.787s Main 747b7c3c 414e8d03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.787s Main 747b7c40 0000000a I 1.787s Main 747b7c44 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.787s Main 747b7c48 00000000 I 1.787s Main 747b7c4c 4151fc74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.787s Main 747b7c50 41514901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.787s Main 747b7c54 41503cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.787s Main 747b7c58 757e8b94 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@priv-app@Velvet.apk@classes.dex I 1.787s Main 747b7c5c 00000002 I 1.787s Main 747b7c60 731ea160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.787s Main 747b7c64 769f09ef <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-jit-code-cache I 1.787s Main 747b7c68 00000003 I 1.787s Main 747b7c6c 0000000a I 1.787s Main 747b7c70 00000000 I 1.787s Main 747b7c74 77bd2008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.787s Main 747b7c78 00000000 I 1.787s Main 747b7c7c 747b7c80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1330] I 1.787s Main 747b7d98 6f7b7e30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.787s Main 747b7d9c 00010002 I 1.787s Main 747b7da0 74503fa0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.787s Main 747b7da4 41539880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.787s Main 747b7da8 747b7dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1330] I 1.787s Main 747b7dac 74508c80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.787s Main 747b7db0 414c9921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.787s Main 747b7db4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.787s Main 747b7db8 6f7b7e30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.787s Main 747b7dbc 74508c80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.787s Main 747b7dc0 747b7dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1330] I 1.787s Main 747b7dc4 00000000 I 1.787s Main 747b7dc8 00000078 I 1.787s Main 747b7dcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.787s Main 747b7dd0 747b7dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1330] I 1.787s Main 747b7dd4 74508c80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.787s Main 747b7dd8 00000000 I 1.787s Main 747b7ddc 00000000 I 1.787s Main 747b7de0 00000000 I 1.787s Main 747b7de4 2597d120 I 1.787s Main 747b7de8 00000000 I 1.787s Main 747b7dec 00000000 I 1.787s Main 747b7df0 00000000 I 1.788s Main 747b7df4 00000000 I 1.788s Main 747b7df8 00000000 I 1.788s Main 747b7dfc 00000000 I 1.788s Main 747b7e00 00000000 I 1.788s Main 747b7e04 00000000 I 1.788s Main 747b7e08 00000000 I 1.788s Main 747b7e0c 7450b008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.788s Main I 1.788s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.788s Main I 1.788s Main I 1.788s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1331, name: ReferenceQueueD I 1.788s Main r0 7450ba08 r1 00000080 r2 fffffff4 r3 00000000 I 1.788s Main r4 7450ba08 r5 7450b9f8 r6 fffffff4 r7 000000f0 I 1.788s Main r8 00000008 r9 6d426fc8 sl 00000000 fp 42585a10 I 1.788s Main ip 00000000 sp 748b5bc8 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068904 I 1.788s Main I 1.788s Main Stack Trace: I 1.788s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.788s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.788s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.788s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.788s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.788s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.788s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.788s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.788s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.788s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.788s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.788s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.788s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.788s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.788s Main I 1.788s Main Stack Data: I 1.788s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.788s Main 748b5b88 00000002 I 1.788s Main 748b5b8c 00000001 I 1.788s Main 748b5b90 00000000 I 1.788s Main 748b5b94 6d3e5198 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.788s Main 748b5b98 00000001 I 1.788s Main 748b5b9c 00000005 I 1.788s Main 748b5ba0 00000000 I 1.788s Main 748b5ba4 00000000 I 1.788s Main 748b5ba8 00000001 I 1.788s Main 748b5bac 00000001 I 1.788s Main 748b5bb0 000000f7 I 1.788s Main 748b5bb4 00000009 I 1.788s Main 748b5bb8 7450ba08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.788s Main 748b5bbc 7450b9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.788s Main 748b5bc0 fffffff4 I 1.788s Main 748b5bc4 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.788s Main 748b5bc8 00000000 I 1.788s Main 748b5bc8 00000000 I 1.788s Main 748b5bcc 7450b9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.788s Main 748b5bd0 7450ba08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.788s Main 748b5bd4 7450b668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.789s Main 748b5bd8 6e7f1f78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.789s Main 748b5bdc 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.789s Main 748b5be0 7450b9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.789s Main 748b5be4 00000000 I 1.789s Main 748b5be8 7450b9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.789s Main 748b5bec 7450b9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.789s Main 748b5bf0 00000000 I 1.789s Main 748b5bf4 414c7d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.789s Main 748b5bf8 7450b668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.789s Main 748b5bfc 6e7f1f78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.789s Main 748b5c00 74513f74 I 1.789s Main 748b5c04 74513f78 I 1.789s Main 748b5c08 4152f640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.789s Main 748b5c0c 4152a890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.789s Main 748b5c10 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.789s Main 748b5c14 00000000 I 1.789s Main 748b5c18 74513f60 I 1.789s Main 748b5c1c 414dc655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.789s Main 748b5c20 00000000 I 1.789s Main 748b5c24 00000001 I 1.789s Main 748b5c28 00000000 I 1.789s Main 748b5c2c 00000000 I 1.789s Main 748b5c30 6e46fe8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.789s Main 748b5c34 74513f98 I 1.789s Main 748b5c38 7450b668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.789s Main 748b5c3c 4149bfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.789s Main 748b5c40 00000000 I 1.789s Main 748b5c44 7450b668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.789s Main 748b5c48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.789s Main 748b5c4c 00000000 I 1.789s Main 748b5c50 748b5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1331] I 1.789s Main 748b5c54 7450b668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.789s Main 748b5c58 748b5c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1331] I 1.789s Main 748b5c5c 6d3e9eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.789s Main 748b5c60 42585a10 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.789s Main 748b5c64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.789s Main 748b5c68 00000000 I 1.789s Main 748b5c6c 00000000 I 1.789s Main 748b5c70 00000000 I 1.789s Main 748b5c74 00000000 I 1.789s Main 748b5c78 00000000 I 1.789s Main 748b5c7c fffffea0 I 1.789s Main 748b5c80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.789s Main 748b5c84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.789s Main 748b5c88 00000000 I 1.789s Main 748b5c8c 00000000 I 1.789s Main 748b5c90 00000000 I 1.789s Main 748b5c94 00000000 I 1.789s Main 748b5c98 74513fe4 I 1.789s Main 748b5c9c 00000000 I 1.789s Main 748b5ca0 00000000 I 1.789s Main 748b5ca4 00000000 I 1.789s Main 748b5ca8 00000000 I 1.789s Main 748b5cac 00000000 I 1.789s Main 748b5cb0 00000000 I 1.789s Main 748b5cb4 00000000 I 1.790s Main 748b5cb8 00000000 I 1.790s Main 748b5cbc 00000000 I 1.790s Main 748b5cc0 00000000 I 1.790s Main 748b5cc4 00000000 I 1.790s Main 748b5d18 0000001d I 1.790s Main 748b5d1c 0000001c I 1.790s Main 748b5d20 0000001c I 1.790s Main 748b5d24 7450b668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.790s Main 748b5d28 40095384 I 1.790s Main 748b5d2c 414e4ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.790s Main 748b5d30 747b8000 I 1.790s Main 748b5d34 748b5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1331] I 1.790s Main 748b5d38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.790s Main 748b5d3c 40095384 I 1.790s Main 748b5d40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.790s Main 748b5d44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.790s Main 748b5d48 747b8000 I 1.790s Main 748b5d4c be80977c [stack] I 1.790s Main 748b5d50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.790s Main 748b5d54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.790s Main 748b5d58 748b5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1331] I 1.790s Main 748b5d5c 748b5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1331] I 1.790s Main 748b5d60 7450b668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.790s Main 748b5d64 748b5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1331] I 1.790s Main 748b5d68 40095384 I 1.790s Main 748b5d6c 7450b668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.790s Main 748b5d70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.790s Main 748b5d74 748b5d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1331] I 1.790s Main 748b5d78 00000003 I 1.790s Main 748b5d7c 7450bac0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.790s Main 748b5d80 00000000 I 1.790s Main 748b5d84 4146e9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.790s Main 748b5d88 7450b668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.790s Main 748b5d8c 400540ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.790s Main 748b5d90 00000000 I 1.790s Main 748b5d94 4146e9f4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.790s Main 748b5d98 4146e9e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.790s Main 748b5d9c 2597d120 I 1.790s Main 748b5da0 748b5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1331] I 1.790s Main 748b5da4 7450bac0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.790s Main 748b5da8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.790s Main 748b5dac 7450b668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.790s Main 748b5db0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.790s Main 748b5db4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.790s Main 748b5db8 7450b668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.790s Main 748b5dbc 7450bac0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.790s Main 748b5dc0 748b5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1331] I 1.790s Main 748b5dc4 00000000 I 1.790s Main 748b5dc8 00000078 I 1.790s Main 748b5dcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.790s Main 748b5dd0 748b5dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1331] I 1.790s Main 748b5dd4 7450bac0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.790s Main 748b5dd8 00000000 I 1.790s Main 748b5ddc 00000000 I 1.790s Main 748b5de0 00000000 I 1.791s Main 748b5de4 2597d120 I 1.791s Main 748b5de8 00000000 I 1.791s Main 748b5dec 00000000 I 1.791s Main 748b5df0 00000000 I 1.791s Main 748b5df4 00000000 I 1.791s Main 748b5df8 00000000 I 1.791s Main 748b5dfc 00000000 I 1.791s Main 748b5e00 00000000 I 1.791s Main 748b5e04 00000000 I 1.791s Main 748b5e08 00000000 I 1.791s Main 748b5e0c 7450b668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.791s Main I 1.791s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.791s Main I 1.791s Main I 1.791s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1332, name: FinalizerDaemon I 1.791s Main r0 745163a8 r1 00000080 r2 fffffff4 r3 00000000 I 1.791s Main r4 745163a8 r5 74516398 r6 fffffff4 r7 000000f0 I 1.791s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3f58e8 sl 00000000 fp 42585b78 I 1.791s Main ip 00000000 sp 749b7bc8 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068904 I 1.791s Main I 1.791s Main Stack Trace: I 1.791s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.791s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.791s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.791s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.791s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.791s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.791s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.791s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.791s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.791s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.791s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.791s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.791s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.791s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.791s Main I 1.791s Main Stack Data: I 1.791s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.791s Main 749b7b88 00000001 I 1.791s Main 749b7b8c 0000000d I 1.791s Main 749b7b90 00000000 I 1.791s Main 749b7b94 00000000 I 1.791s Main 749b7b98 00000001 I 1.791s Main 749b7b9c 00000001 I 1.791s Main 749b7ba0 749b7c24 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1332] I 1.791s Main 749b7ba4 00000000 I 1.791s Main 749b7ba8 74516008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.791s Main 749b7bac 748b9f38 I 1.791s Main 749b7bb0 000000f8 I 1.791s Main 749b7bb4 00000008 I 1.791s Main 749b7bb8 745163a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.791s Main 749b7bbc 74516398 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.791s Main 749b7bc0 fffffff4 I 1.791s Main 749b7bc4 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.791s Main 749b7bc8 00000000 I 1.792s Main 749b7bc8 00000000 I 1.792s Main 749b7bcc 74516398 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.792s Main 749b7bd0 745163a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.792s Main 749b7bd4 74516008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.792s Main 749b7bd8 6e3e8f18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.792s Main 749b7bdc 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.792s Main 749b7be0 74516398 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.792s Main 749b7be4 00000000 I 1.792s Main 749b7be8 74516398 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.792s Main 749b7bec 74516398 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.792s Main 749b7bf0 00000000 I 1.792s Main 749b7bf4 414c7d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.792s Main 749b7bf8 74516008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.792s Main 749b7bfc 6e3e8f18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.792s Main 749b7c00 748b9f10 I 1.792s Main 749b7c04 748b9f14 I 1.792s Main 749b7c08 4152f718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.792s Main 749b7c0c 4152a890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.792s Main 749b7c10 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.792s Main 749b7c14 00000000 I 1.792s Main 749b7c18 748b9efc I 1.792s Main 749b7c1c 414dc655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.792s Main 749b7c20 00000000 I 1.792s Main 749b7c24 00000001 I 1.792s Main 749b7c28 00000000 I 1.792s Main 749b7c2c 00000000 I 1.792s Main 749b7c30 6e46fea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.792s Main 749b7c34 748b9f34 I 1.792s Main 749b7c38 74516008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.792s Main 749b7c3c 4149bfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.792s Main 749b7c40 00000000 I 1.792s Main 749b7c44 74516008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.792s Main 749b7c48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.792s Main 749b7c4c 00000000 I 1.792s Main 749b7c50 749b7d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1332] I 1.792s Main 749b7c54 74516008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.792s Main 749b7c58 749b7c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1332] I 1.792s Main 749b7c5c 6d3e9eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.792s Main 749b7c60 42585b78 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.792s Main 749b7c64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.792s Main 749b7c68 00000000 I 1.792s Main 749b7c6c 00000000 I 1.792s Main 749b7c70 00000000 I 1.792s Main 749b7c74 00000000 I 1.792s Main 749b7c78 00000000 I 1.792s Main 749b7c7c fffffea0 I 1.792s Main 749b7c80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.792s Main 749b7c84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.792s Main 749b7c88 00000000 I 1.792s Main 749b7c8c 00000000 I 1.792s Main 749b7c90 00000000 I 1.792s Main 749b7c94 00000000 I 1.792s Main 749b7c98 748b9fe4 I 1.792s Main 749b7c9c 00000000 I 1.792s Main 749b7ca0 00000000 I 1.792s Main 749b7ca4 00000000 I 1.792s Main 749b7ca8 00000000 I 1.793s Main 749b7cac 00000000 I 1.793s Main 749b7cb0 00000000 I 1.793s Main 749b7cb4 00000000 I 1.793s Main 749b7cb8 00000000 I 1.793s Main 749b7cbc 00000000 I 1.793s Main 749b7cc0 00000000 I 1.793s Main 749b7cc4 00000000 I 1.793s Main 749b7d18 0000001d I 1.793s Main 749b7d1c 0000001c I 1.793s Main 749b7d20 0000001c I 1.793s Main 749b7d24 74516008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.793s Main 749b7d28 40095384 I 1.793s Main 749b7d2c 414e4ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.793s Main 749b7d30 748ba000 I 1.793s Main 749b7d34 749b7d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1332] I 1.793s Main 749b7d38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.793s Main 749b7d3c 40095384 I 1.793s Main 749b7d40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.793s Main 749b7d44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.793s Main 749b7d48 748ba000 I 1.793s Main 749b7d4c be80977c [stack] I 1.793s Main 749b7d50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.793s Main 749b7d54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.793s Main 749b7d58 749b7d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1332] I 1.793s Main 749b7d5c 749b7d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1332] I 1.793s Main 749b7d60 74516008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.793s Main 749b7d64 749b7d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1332] I 1.793s Main 749b7d68 40095384 I 1.793s Main 749b7d6c 74516008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.793s Main 749b7d70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.793s Main 749b7d74 749b7d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1332] I 1.793s Main 749b7d78 00000003 I 1.793s Main 749b7d7c 74516460 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.793s Main 749b7d80 00000000 I 1.793s Main 749b7d84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-1 I 1.793s Main 749b7d88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.793s Main 749b7d8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.793s Main 749b7d90 006e6f6d I 1.793s Main 749b7d94 749b7d93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1332] I 1.793s Main 749b7d98 749b7d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1332] I 1.793s Main 749b7d9c 2597d120 I 1.793s Main 749b7da0 749b7dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1332] I 1.793s Main 749b7da4 74516460 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.793s Main 749b7da8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.793s Main 749b7dac 74516008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.793s Main 749b7db0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.793s Main 749b7db4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.793s Main 749b7db8 74516008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.793s Main 749b7dbc 74516460 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.793s Main 749b7dc0 749b7dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1332] I 1.793s Main 749b7dc4 00000000 I 1.793s Main 749b7dc8 00000078 I 1.793s Main 749b7dcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.793s Main 749b7dd0 749b7dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1332] I 1.793s Main 749b7dd4 74516460 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.793s Main 749b7dd8 00000000 I 1.794s Main 749b7ddc 00000000 I 1.794s Main 749b7de0 00000000 I 1.794s Main 749b7de4 2597d120 I 1.794s Main 749b7de8 00000000 I 1.794s Main 749b7dec 00000000 I 1.794s Main 749b7df0 00000000 I 1.794s Main 749b7df4 00000000 I 1.794s Main 749b7df8 00000000 I 1.794s Main 749b7dfc 00000000 I 1.794s Main 749b7e00 00000000 I 1.794s Main 749b7e04 00000000 I 1.794s Main 749b7e08 00000000 I 1.794s Main 749b7e0c 74516008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.794s Main I 1.794s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.794s Main I 1.794s Main I 1.794s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1333, name: FinalizerWatchd I 1.794s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000080 r2 fffffffe r3 74abbbe0 I 1.794s Main r4 74516c50 r5 74516c40 r6 fffffffe r7 000000f0 I 1.794s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3eadb8 sl 00000000 fp 42585d28 I 1.794s Main ip 74abbbe0 sp 74abbbc8 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068908 I 1.794s Main I 1.794s Main Stack Trace: I 1.794s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.794s Main 00021908 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.794s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.794s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.794s Main 00052d7b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.794s Main 00052e3f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.794s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.794s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.794s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.794s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.794s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.794s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.794s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.794s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.794s Main I 1.794s Main Stack Data: I 1.794s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.794s Main 74abbb88 00000000 I 1.794s Main 74abbb8c 000003e8 I 1.794s Main 74abbb90 00000000 I 1.794s Main 74abbb94 74abbbf8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1333] I 1.794s Main 74abbb98 0081bd49 I 1.794s Main 74abbb9c 0000270f I 1.794s Main 74abbba0 00000000 I 1.794s Main 74abbba4 400826c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.794s Main 74abbba8 00000000 I 1.794s Main 74abbbac 00000010 I 1.794s Main 74abbbb0 00000019 I 1.794s Main 74abbbb4 7ffffffe I 1.794s Main 74abbbb8 74516c50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.794s Main 74abbbbc 74516c40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.794s Main 74abbbc0 fffffffe I 1.795s Main 74abbbc4 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.795s Main 74abbbc8 00000001 I 1.795s Main 74abbbc8 00000001 I 1.795s Main 74abbbcc 74516c40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.795s Main 74abbbd0 74516c50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.795s Main 74abbbd4 745168b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.795s Main 74abbbd8 41474460 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.795s Main 74abbbdc 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.795s Main 74abbbe0 00000009 I 1.795s Main 74abbbe4 3b8b80d5 I 1.795s Main 74abbbe8 74516c40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.795s Main 74abbbec 74516c40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.795s Main 74abbbf0 00000001 I 1.795s Main 74abbbf4 414c7d7f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.795s Main 74abbbf8 0000001a I 1.795s Main 74abbbfc 00727b09 I 1.795s Main 74abbc00 0000270f I 1.795s Main 74abbc04 00000000 I 1.795s Main 74abbc08 00000000 I 1.795s Main 74abbc0c 41474460 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.795s Main 74abbc10 745168b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.795s Main 74abbc14 00000000 I 1.795s Main 74abbc18 749bded4 I 1.795s Main 74abbc1c 414c7e43 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.795s Main 74abbc20 00000000 I 1.795s Main 74abbc24 00000001 I 1.795s Main 74abbc28 6e49c964 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.795s Main 74abbc2c 749bdf08 I 1.795s Main 74abbc30 745168b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.795s Main 74abbc34 4152b698 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.795s Main 74abbc38 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.795s Main 74abbc3c 4149bfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.795s Main 74abbc40 00000000 I 1.795s Main 74abbc44 745168b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.795s Main 74abbc48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.795s Main 74abbc4c 00000000 I 1.795s Main 74abbc50 74abbd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1333] I 1.795s Main 74abbc54 745168b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.795s Main 74abbc58 74abbc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1333] I 1.795s Main 74abbc5c 6d3e9eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.795s Main 74abbc60 42585d28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.795s Main 74abbc64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.795s Main 74abbc68 00000000 I 1.795s Main 74abbc6c 00000000 I 1.795s Main 74abbc70 00000000 I 1.795s Main 74abbc74 00000000 I 1.795s Main 74abbc78 00000000 I 1.795s Main 74abbc7c fffffea0 I 1.795s Main 74abbc80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.795s Main 74abbc84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.795s Main 74abbc88 00000000 I 1.795s Main 74abbc8c 00000000 I 1.795s Main 74abbc90 00000000 I 1.795s Main 74abbc94 00000000 I 1.795s Main 74abbc98 749bdfe4 I 1.795s Main 74abbc9c 00000000 I 1.795s Main 74abbca0 00000000 I 1.796s Main 74abbca4 00000000 I 1.796s Main 74abbca8 00000000 I 1.796s Main 74abbcac 00000000 I 1.796s Main 74abbcb0 00000000 I 1.796s Main 74abbcb4 00000000 I 1.796s Main 74abbcb8 00000000 I 1.796s Main 74abbcbc 00000000 I 1.796s Main 74abbcc0 00000000 I 1.796s Main 74abbcc4 00000000 I 1.796s Main 74abbd18 0000001d I 1.796s Main 74abbd1c 0000001c I 1.796s Main 74abbd20 0000001c I 1.796s Main 74abbd24 745168b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.796s Main 74abbd28 40095384 I 1.796s Main 74abbd2c 414e4ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.796s Main 74abbd30 749be000 I 1.796s Main 74abbd34 74abbd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1333] I 1.796s Main 74abbd38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.796s Main 74abbd3c 40095384 I 1.796s Main 74abbd40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.796s Main 74abbd44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.796s Main 74abbd48 749be000 I 1.796s Main 74abbd4c be80977c [stack] I 1.796s Main 74abbd50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.796s Main 74abbd54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.796s Main 74abbd58 74abbd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1333] I 1.796s Main 74abbd5c 74abbd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1333] I 1.796s Main 74abbd60 745168b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.796s Main 74abbd64 74abbd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1333] I 1.796s Main 74abbd68 40095384 I 1.796s Main 74abbd6c 745168b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.796s Main 74abbd70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.796s Main 74abbd74 74abbd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1333] I 1.796s Main 74abbd78 00000003 I 1.796s Main 74abbd7c 74516d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.796s Main 74abbd80 00000000 I 1.796s Main 74abbd84 4146ea10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.796s Main 74abbd88 745168b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.796s Main 74abbd8c 400540ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.796s Main 74abbd90 00000000 I 1.796s Main 74abbd94 4146ea0f <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.796s Main 74abbd98 4146e9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.796s Main 74abbd9c 2597d120 I 1.796s Main 74abbda0 74abbdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1333] I 1.796s Main 74abbda4 74516d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.796s Main 74abbda8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.796s Main 74abbdac 745168b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.796s Main 74abbdb0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.796s Main 74abbdb4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.796s Main 74abbdb8 745168b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.796s Main 74abbdbc 74516d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.796s Main 74abbdc0 74abbdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1333] I 1.796s Main 74abbdc4 00000000 I 1.796s Main 74abbdc8 00000078 I 1.796s Main 74abbdcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.796s Main 74abbdd0 74abbdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1333] I 1.797s Main 74abbdd4 74516d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.797s Main 74abbdd8 00000000 I 1.797s Main 74abbddc 00000000 I 1.797s Main 74abbde0 00000000 I 1.797s Main 74abbde4 2597d120 I 1.797s Main 74abbde8 00000000 I 1.797s Main 74abbdec 00000000 I 1.797s Main 74abbdf0 00000000 I 1.797s Main 74abbdf4 00000000 I 1.797s Main 74abbdf8 00000000 I 1.797s Main 74abbdfc 00000000 I 1.797s Main 74abbe00 00000000 I 1.797s Main 74abbe04 00000000 I 1.797s Main 74abbe08 00000000 I 1.797s Main 74abbe0c 745168b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.797s Main I 1.797s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.797s Main I 1.797s Main I 1.797s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1334, name: Binder_1 I 1.797s Main r0 00000026 r1 c0186201 r2 74cbacf0 r3 74cbace8 I 1.797s Main r4 74abec78 r5 74abec48 r6 74abeca8 r7 00000036 I 1.797s Main r8 00000001 r9 74bbd000 sl be8095dc fp 400932ec I 1.797s Main ip 00000001 sp 74cbacd8 lr 40073b3b pc 40067588 I 1.797s Main I 1.797s Main Stack Trace: I 1.797s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.797s Main 00020588 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.797s Main 0002cb37 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.797s Main 0001d375 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.797s Main 0001da7f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.797s Main 0001db15 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.797s Main 00021921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.797s Main 0000ea5d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.797s Main 0004cd81 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.797s Main 0000e58f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.797s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.797s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.797s Main I 1.797s Main Stack Data: I 1.797s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.797s Main 74cbac98 00000001 I 1.797s Main 74cbac9c 00000001 I 1.797s Main 74cbaca0 74010001 <UNKNOWN> /system/usr/icu/icudt51l.dat I 1.797s Main 74cbaca4 400fe21d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.797s Main 74cbaca8 74abec48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.797s Main 74cbacac 00000000 I 1.797s Main 74cbacb0 00000000 I 1.797s Main 74cbacb4 00000000 I 1.797s Main 74cbacb8 00000000 I 1.797s Main 74cbacbc 00000000 I 1.797s Main 74cbacc0 00000000 I 1.797s Main 74cbacc4 00000000 I 1.797s Main 74cbacc8 00000001 I 1.797s Main 74cbaccc 00000001 I 1.797s Main 74cbacd0 0000000a I 1.798s Main 74cbacd4 4003bb51 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.798s Main 74cbacd8 00000026 I 1.798s Main 74cbacd8 00000026 I 1.798s Main 74cbacdc 74cbace8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1334] I 1.798s Main 74cbace0 400fe379 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.798s Main 74cbace4 c0186201 I 1.798s Main 74cbace8 74cbacf0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1334] I 1.798s Main 74cbacec 00000018 I 1.798s Main 74cbacf0 00000018 I 1.798s Main 74cbacf4 00000018 I 1.798s Main 74cbacf8 74abedf8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.798s Main 74cbacfc 00000100 I 1.798s Main 74cbad00 00000000 I 1.798s Main 74cbad04 74abecf0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.798s Main 74cbad08 74abec48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.798s Main 74cbad0c 74abeca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.798s Main 74cbad10 00000001 I 1.798s Main 74cbad14 4010c9ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.798s Main 74cbad18 400cd559 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.798s Main 74cbad1c 400fea83 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.798s Main 74cbad20 74abec48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.798s Main 74cbad24 74abeca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.798s Main 74cbad28 00000001 I 1.798s Main 74cbad2c 400feb19 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.798s Main 74cbad30 74abec48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.798s Main 74cbad34 00000001 I 1.798s Main 74cbad38 74508f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.798s Main 74cbad3c 74cbad50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1334] I 1.798s Main 74cbad40 00000001 I 1.798s Main 74cbad44 40102925 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.798s Main 74cbad48 74508f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.798s Main 74cbad4c 400cda5f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.798s Main 74cbad50 74508f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.798s Main 74cbad54 00008000 I 1.798s Main 74cbad58 74508f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.798s Main 74cbad5c 74508fa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.798s Main 74cbad60 7136f590 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.798s Main 74cbad64 7136f590 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.798s Main 74cbad68 400cd985 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.798s Main 74cbad6c 401bf5d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.798s Main 74cbad70 74508f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.798s Main 74cbad74 4015ad83 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.798s Main 74cbad78 74508fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.798s Main 74cbad7c 00010004 I 1.798s Main 74cbad80 7136f590 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.798s Main 74cbad84 00000000 I 1.798s Main 74cbad88 74506500 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.798s Main 74cbad8c 74506500 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.798s Main 74cbad90 00000000 I 1.798s Main 74cbad94 4015ad3d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.798s Main 74cbad98 7136e9d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.798s Main 74cbad9c 400cd591 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.798s Main 74cbada0 00000000 I 1.798s Main 74cbada4 74cbadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1334] I 1.798s Main 74cbada8 74abe318 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.798s Main 74cbadac 400cd559 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.798s Main 74cbadb0 74508fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.799s Main 74cbadb4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.799s Main 74cbadb8 74508fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.799s Main 74cbadbc 74abe318 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.799s Main 74cbadc0 74cbadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1334] I 1.799s Main 74cbadc4 00000000 I 1.799s Main 74cbadc8 00000078 I 1.799s Main 74cbadcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.799s Main 74cbadd0 74cbadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1334] I 1.799s Main 74cbadd4 74abe318 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.799s Main 74cbadd8 00000000 I 1.799s Main 74cbaddc 00000000 I 1.799s Main 74cbade0 00000000 I 1.799s Main 74cbade4 2597d120 I 1.799s Main 74cbade8 00000000 I 1.799s Main 74cbadec 00000000 I 1.799s Main 74cbadf0 00000000 I 1.799s Main 74cbadf4 00000000 I 1.799s Main 74cbadf8 00000000 I 1.799s Main 74cbadfc 00000000 I 1.799s Main 74cbae00 00000000 I 1.799s Main 74cbae04 00000000 I 1.799s Main 74cbae08 00000000 I 1.799s Main 74cbae0c 74abe560 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.799s Main I 1.799s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.799s Main I 1.799s Main I 1.799s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1335, name: Binder_2 I 1.799s Main r0 00000026 r1 c0186201 r2 74dbfcf0 r3 74dbfce8 I 1.799s Main r4 74cc18e0 r5 74cc18b0 r6 74cc1910 r7 00000036 I 1.799s Main r8 00000001 r9 74cc2000 sl 74cbabd4 fp 400932ec I 1.799s Main ip 00000001 sp 74dbfcd8 lr 40073b3b pc 40067588 I 1.799s Main I 1.799s Main Stack Trace: I 1.799s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.799s Main 00020588 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.799s Main 0002cb37 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.799s Main 0001d375 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.799s Main 0001da7f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.799s Main 0001db15 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.799s Main 00021921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.799s Main 0000ea5d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.799s Main 0004cd81 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.799s Main 0000e58f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.799s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.799s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.799s Main I 1.799s Main Stack Data: I 1.799s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.799s Main 74dbfc98 00000001 I 1.799s Main 74dbfc9c 00000001 I 1.799s Main 74dbfca0 74010001 <UNKNOWN> /system/usr/icu/icudt51l.dat I 1.799s Main 74dbfca4 400fe21d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.799s Main 74dbfca8 74cc18b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.799s Main 74dbfcac 00000000 I 1.799s Main 74dbfcb0 00000000 I 1.800s Main 74dbfcb4 00000000 I 1.800s Main 74dbfcb8 00000000 I 1.800s Main 74dbfcbc 00000000 I 1.800s Main 74dbfcc0 00000000 I 1.800s Main 74dbfcc4 00000000 I 1.800s Main 74dbfcc8 00000001 I 1.800s Main 74dbfccc 00000001 I 1.800s Main 74dbfcd0 0000000a I 1.800s Main 74dbfcd4 4003bb51 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.800s Main 74dbfcd8 00000026 I 1.800s Main 74dbfcd8 00000026 I 1.800s Main 74dbfcdc 74dbfce8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1335] I 1.800s Main 74dbfce0 400fe379 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.800s Main 74dbfce4 c0186201 I 1.800s Main 74dbfce8 74dbfcf0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1335] I 1.800s Main 74dbfcec 00000018 I 1.800s Main 74dbfcf0 00000018 I 1.800s Main 74dbfcf4 00000018 I 1.800s Main 74dbfcf8 74cc1a60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.800s Main 74dbfcfc 00000100 I 1.800s Main 74dbfd00 00000000 I 1.800s Main 74dbfd04 74cc1958 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.800s Main 74dbfd08 74cc18b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.800s Main 74dbfd0c 74cc1910 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.800s Main 74dbfd10 00000000 I 1.800s Main 74dbfd14 4010c9ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.800s Main 74dbfd18 400cd559 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.800s Main 74dbfd1c 400fea83 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.800s Main 74dbfd20 74cc18b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.800s Main 74dbfd24 74cc1910 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.800s Main 74dbfd28 00000000 I 1.800s Main 74dbfd2c 400feb19 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.800s Main 74dbfd30 74cc18b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.800s Main 74dbfd34 00000000 I 1.800s Main 74dbfd38 74abef00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.800s Main 74dbfd3c 74dbfd50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1335] I 1.800s Main 74dbfd40 00000001 I 1.800s Main 74dbfd44 40102925 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.800s Main 74dbfd48 74abef00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.800s Main 74dbfd4c 400cda5f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.800s Main 74dbfd50 74abef00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.800s Main 74dbfd54 00008000 I 1.800s Main 74dbfd58 74abef00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.800s Main 74dbfd5c 74abef38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.800s Main 74dbfd60 74503b50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.800s Main 74dbfd64 74503b50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.800s Main 74dbfd68 400cd985 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.800s Main 74dbfd6c 401bf5d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.800s Main 74dbfd70 74abef00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.800s Main 74dbfd74 4015ad83 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.800s Main 74dbfd78 6e3e8a38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.800s Main 74dbfd7c 00010004 I 1.800s Main 74dbfd80 74503b50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.800s Main 74dbfd84 00000000 I 1.800s Main 74dbfd88 74503928 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.801s Main 74dbfd8c 74503928 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.801s Main 74dbfd90 00000000 I 1.801s Main 74dbfd94 4015ad3d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.801s Main 74dbfd98 74506500 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.801s Main 74dbfd9c 400cd591 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.801s Main 74dbfda0 00000000 I 1.801s Main 74dbfda4 74dbfdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1335] I 1.801s Main 74dbfda8 74cc1008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.801s Main 74dbfdac 400cd559 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.801s Main 74dbfdb0 74abef50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.801s Main 74dbfdb4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.801s Main 74dbfdb8 74abef50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.801s Main 74dbfdbc 74cc1008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.801s Main 74dbfdc0 74dbfdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1335] I 1.801s Main 74dbfdc4 00000000 I 1.801s Main 74dbfdc8 00000078 I 1.801s Main 74dbfdcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.801s Main 74dbfdd0 74dbfdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1335] I 1.801s Main 74dbfdd4 74cc1008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.801s Main 74dbfdd8 00000000 I 1.801s Main 74dbfddc 00000000 I 1.801s Main 74dbfde0 00000000 I 1.801s Main 74dbfde4 2597d120 I 1.801s Main 74dbfde8 00000000 I 1.801s Main 74dbfdec 00000000 I 1.801s Main 74dbfdf0 00000000 I 1.801s Main 74dbfdf4 00000000 I 1.801s Main 74dbfdf8 00000000 I 1.801s Main 74dbfdfc 00000000 I 1.801s Main 74dbfe00 00000000 I 1.801s Main 74dbfe04 00000000 I 1.801s Main 74dbfe08 00000000 I 1.801s Main 74dbfe0c 74cc1250 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.801s Main I 1.801s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.801s Main I 1.801s Main I 1.801s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1356, name: Thread-67 I 1.801s Main r0 754cda10 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.801s Main r4 754cda10 r5 754cda00 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.801s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3e52b0 sl 00000000 fp 425b9590 I 1.801s Main ip 00000000 sp 75faebc8 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068904 I 1.801s Main I 1.801s Main Stack Trace: I 1.801s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.801s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.801s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.801s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.801s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.801s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.801s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.801s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.801s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.801s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.801s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.801s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.802s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.802s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.802s Main I 1.802s Main Stack Data: I 1.802s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.802s Main 75faeb88 400951d0 I 1.802s Main 75faeb8c 00000020 I 1.802s Main 75faeb90 7136fc30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.802s Main 75faeb94 40057e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.802s Main 75faeb98 00000020 I 1.802s Main 75faeb9c 0230ac64 I 1.802s Main 75faeba0 00000021 I 1.802s Main 75faeba4 00000020 I 1.802s Main 75faeba8 00000020 I 1.802s Main 75faebac 425b9768 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.802s Main 75faebb0 00000001 I 1.802s Main 75faebb4 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.802s Main 75faebb8 754cda10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.802s Main 75faebbc 754cda00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.802s Main 75faebc0 00000000 I 1.802s Main 75faebc4 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.802s Main 75faebc8 00000000 I 1.802s Main 75faebc8 00000000 I 1.802s Main 75faebcc 754cda00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.802s Main 75faebd0 754cda10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.802s Main 75faebd4 754cd670 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.802s Main 75faebd8 7136fc30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.802s Main 75faebdc 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.802s Main 75faebe0 754cda00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.802s Main 75faebe4 00000000 I 1.802s Main 75faebe8 754cda00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.802s Main 75faebec 754cda00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.802s Main 75faebf0 00000000 I 1.802s Main 75faebf4 414c7d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.802s Main 75faebf8 754cd670 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.802s Main 75faebfc 7136fc30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.802s Main 75faec00 75eb0dec I 1.802s Main 75faec04 75eb0df0 I 1.802s Main 75faec08 425b9768 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.802s Main 75faec0c 4152a890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.802s Main 75faec10 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.802s Main 75faec14 00000000 I 1.802s Main 75faec18 75eb0dd8 I 1.802s Main 75faec1c 414dc655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.802s Main 75faec20 00000000 I 1.802s Main 75faec24 00000001 I 1.802s Main 75faec28 00000000 I 1.802s Main 75faec2c 00000000 I 1.802s Main 75faec30 6e49ce1c <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.802s Main 75faec34 75eb0e10 I 1.802s Main 75faec38 754cd670 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.802s Main 75faec3c 4149bfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.802s Main 75faec40 00000000 I 1.802s Main 75faec44 754cd670 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.802s Main 75faec48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.802s Main 75faec4c 00000000 I 1.803s Main 75faec50 75faed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1356] I 1.803s Main 75faec54 754cd670 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.803s Main 75faec58 75faec94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1356] I 1.803s Main 75faec5c 6d747a40 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.803s Main 75faec60 425b9590 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.803s Main 75faec64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.803s Main 75faec68 00000000 I 1.803s Main 75faec6c 00000000 I 1.803s Main 75faec70 00000000 I 1.803s Main 75faec74 00000000 I 1.803s Main 75faec78 00000000 I 1.803s Main 75faec7c fffffea0 I 1.803s Main 75faec80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.803s Main 75faec84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.803s Main 75faec88 00000000 I 1.803s Main 75faec8c 00000000 I 1.803s Main 75faec90 00000000 I 1.803s Main 75faec94 00000000 I 1.803s Main 75faec98 75eb0fe4 I 1.803s Main 75faec9c 00000000 I 1.803s Main 75faeca0 00000000 I 1.803s Main 75faeca4 00000000 I 1.803s Main 75faeca8 00000000 I 1.803s Main 75faecac 00000000 I 1.803s Main 75faecb0 00000000 I 1.803s Main 75faecb4 00000000 I 1.803s Main 75faecb8 00000000 I 1.803s Main 75faecbc 00000000 I 1.803s Main 75faecc0 00000000 I 1.803s Main 75faecc4 00000000 I 1.803s Main 75faed18 0000001d I 1.803s Main 75faed1c 0000001c I 1.803s Main 75faed20 0000001c I 1.803s Main 75faed24 754cd670 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.803s Main 75faed28 40095384 I 1.803s Main 75faed2c 414e4ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.803s Main 75faed30 75eb1000 I 1.803s Main 75faed34 75faed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1356] I 1.803s Main 75faed38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.803s Main 75faed3c 40095384 I 1.803s Main 75faed40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.803s Main 75faed44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.803s Main 75faed48 75eb1000 I 1.803s Main 75faed4c be8095f4 [stack] I 1.803s Main 75faed50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.803s Main 75faed54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.803s Main 75faed58 75faed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1356] I 1.803s Main 75faed5c 75faed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1356] I 1.803s Main 75faed60 754cd670 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.803s Main 75faed64 75faed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1356] I 1.803s Main 75faed68 40095384 I 1.803s Main 75faed6c 754cd670 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.803s Main 75faed70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.803s Main 75faed74 75faed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1356] I 1.803s Main 75faed78 00000003 I 1.803s Main 75faed7c 754cdac8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.803s Main 75faed80 00000000 I 1.804s Main 75faed84 65726854 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.804s Main 75faed88 362d6461 I 1.804s Main 75faed8c 40050037 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.804s Main 75faed90 00000000 I 1.804s Main 75faed94 75faed8d <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1356] I 1.804s Main 75faed98 75faed84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1356] I 1.804s Main 75faed9c 2597d120 I 1.804s Main 75faeda0 75faedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1356] I 1.804s Main 75faeda4 754cdac8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.804s Main 75faeda8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.804s Main 75faedac 754cd670 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.804s Main 75faedb0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.804s Main 75faedb4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.804s Main 75faedb8 754cd670 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.804s Main 75faedbc 754cdac8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.804s Main 75faedc0 75faedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1356] I 1.804s Main 75faedc4 00000000 I 1.804s Main 75faedc8 00000078 I 1.804s Main 75faedcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.804s Main 75faedd0 75faedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1356] I 1.804s Main 75faedd4 754cdac8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.804s Main 75faedd8 00000000 I 1.804s Main 75faeddc 00000000 I 1.804s Main 75faede0 00000000 I 1.804s Main 75faede4 2597d120 I 1.804s Main 75faede8 00000000 I 1.804s Main 75faedec 00000000 I 1.804s Main 75faedf0 00000000 I 1.804s Main 75faedf4 00000000 I 1.804s Main 75faedf8 00000000 I 1.804s Main 75faedfc 00000000 I 1.804s Main 75faee00 00000000 I 1.804s Main 75faee04 00000000 I 1.804s Main 75faee08 00000000 I 1.804s Main 75faee0c 754cd670 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.804s Main I 1.804s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.804s Main I 1.804s Main I 1.804s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1357, name: Thread-68 I 1.804s Main r0 754cd3b0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.804s Main r4 754cd3b0 r5 754cd3a0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.804s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3e52b0 sl 00000000 fp 425bd598 I 1.804s Main ip 00000000 sp 75eacbc8 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068904 I 1.804s Main I 1.804s Main Stack Trace: I 1.804s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.804s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.804s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.804s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.804s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.804s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.804s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.804s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.804s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.804s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.805s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.805s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.805s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.805s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.805s Main I 1.805s Main Stack Data: I 1.805s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.805s Main 75eacb88 400951d0 I 1.805s Main 75eacb8c 00000020 I 1.805s Main 75eacb90 7136cb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.805s Main 75eacb94 40057e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.805s Main 75eacb98 00000020 I 1.805s Main 75eacb9c 0230a464 I 1.805s Main 75eacba0 00000021 I 1.805s Main 75eacba4 00000020 I 1.805s Main 75eacba8 00000020 I 1.805s Main 75eacbac 425bd6f0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.805s Main 75eacbb0 00000001 I 1.805s Main 75eacbb4 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.805s Main 75eacbb8 754cd3b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.805s Main 75eacbbc 754cd3a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.805s Main 75eacbc0 00000000 I 1.805s Main 75eacbc4 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.805s Main 75eacbc8 00000000 I 1.805s Main 75eacbc8 00000000 I 1.805s Main 75eacbcc 754cd3a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.805s Main 75eacbd0 754cd3b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.805s Main 75eacbd4 754cd010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.805s Main 75eacbd8 7136cb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.805s Main 75eacbdc 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.805s Main 75eacbe0 754cd3a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.805s Main 75eacbe4 00000000 I 1.805s Main 75eacbe8 754cd3a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.805s Main 75eacbec 754cd3a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.805s Main 75eacbf0 00000000 I 1.805s Main 75eacbf4 414c7d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.805s Main 75eacbf8 754cd010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.805s Main 75eacbfc 7136cb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.805s Main 75eacc00 75daedec I 1.805s Main 75eacc04 75daedf0 I 1.805s Main 75eacc08 425bd6f0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.805s Main 75eacc0c 4152a890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.805s Main 75eacc10 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.805s Main 75eacc14 00000000 I 1.805s Main 75eacc18 75daedd8 I 1.805s Main 75eacc1c 414dc655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.805s Main 75eacc20 00000000 I 1.805s Main 75eacc24 00000001 I 1.805s Main 75eacc28 00000000 I 1.805s Main 75eacc2c 00000000 I 1.805s Main 75eacc30 6e49ce1c <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.805s Main 75eacc34 75daee10 I 1.805s Main 75eacc38 754cd010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.805s Main 75eacc3c 4149bfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.805s Main 75eacc40 00000000 I 1.805s Main 75eacc44 754cd010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.806s Main 75eacc48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.806s Main 75eacc4c 00000000 I 1.806s Main 75eacc50 75eacd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1357] I 1.806s Main 75eacc54 754cd010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.806s Main 75eacc58 75eacc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1357] I 1.806s Main 75eacc5c 6d747a40 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.806s Main 75eacc60 425bd598 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.806s Main 75eacc64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.806s Main 75eacc68 00000000 I 1.806s Main 75eacc6c 00000000 I 1.806s Main 75eacc70 00000000 I 1.806s Main 75eacc74 00000000 I 1.806s Main 75eacc78 00000000 I 1.806s Main 75eacc7c fffffea0 I 1.806s Main 75eacc80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.806s Main 75eacc84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.806s Main 75eacc88 00000000 I 1.806s Main 75eacc8c 00000000 I 1.806s Main 75eacc90 00000000 I 1.806s Main 75eacc94 00000000 I 1.806s Main 75eacc98 75daefe4 I 1.806s Main 75eacc9c 00000000 I 1.806s Main 75eacca0 00000000 I 1.806s Main 75eacca4 00000000 I 1.806s Main 75eacca8 00000000 I 1.806s Main 75eaccac 00000000 I 1.806s Main 75eaccb0 00000000 I 1.806s Main 75eaccb4 00000000 I 1.806s Main 75eaccb8 00000000 I 1.806s Main 75eaccbc 00000000 I 1.806s Main 75eaccc0 00000000 I 1.806s Main 75eaccc4 00000000 I 1.806s Main 75eacd18 0000001d I 1.806s Main 75eacd1c 0000001c I 1.806s Main 75eacd20 0000001c I 1.806s Main 75eacd24 754cd010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.806s Main 75eacd28 40095384 I 1.806s Main 75eacd2c 414e4ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.806s Main 75eacd30 75daf000 I 1.806s Main 75eacd34 75eacd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1357] I 1.806s Main 75eacd38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.806s Main 75eacd3c 40095384 I 1.806s Main 75eacd40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.806s Main 75eacd44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.806s Main 75eacd48 75daf000 I 1.806s Main 75eacd4c be8095f4 [stack] I 1.806s Main 75eacd50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.806s Main 75eacd54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.806s Main 75eacd58 75eacd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1357] I 1.806s Main 75eacd5c 75eacd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1357] I 1.806s Main 75eacd60 754cd010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.806s Main 75eacd64 75eacd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1357] I 1.806s Main 75eacd68 40095384 I 1.806s Main 75eacd6c 754cd010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.806s Main 75eacd70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.806s Main 75eacd74 75eacd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1357] I 1.807s Main 75eacd78 00000003 I 1.807s Main 75eacd7c 754cdd10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.807s Main 75eacd80 00000000 I 1.807s Main 75eacd84 65726854 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.807s Main 75eacd88 362d6461 I 1.807s Main 75eacd8c 40050038 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.807s Main 75eacd90 00000000 I 1.807s Main 75eacd94 75eacd8d <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1357] I 1.807s Main 75eacd98 75eacd84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1357] I 1.807s Main 75eacd9c 2597d120 I 1.807s Main 75eacda0 75eacdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1357] I 1.807s Main 75eacda4 754cdd10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.807s Main 75eacda8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.807s Main 75eacdac 754cd010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.807s Main 75eacdb0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.807s Main 75eacdb4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.807s Main 75eacdb8 754cd010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.807s Main 75eacdbc 754cdd10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.807s Main 75eacdc0 75eacdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1357] I 1.807s Main 75eacdc4 00000000 I 1.807s Main 75eacdc8 00000078 I 1.807s Main 75eacdcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.807s Main 75eacdd0 75eacdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1357] I 1.807s Main 75eacdd4 754cdd10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.807s Main 75eacdd8 00000000 I 1.807s Main 75eacddc 00000000 I 1.807s Main 75eacde0 00000000 I 1.807s Main 75eacde4 2597d120 I 1.807s Main 75eacde8 00000000 I 1.807s Main 75eacdec 00000000 I 1.807s Main 75eacdf0 00000000 I 1.807s Main 75eacdf4 00000000 I 1.807s Main 75eacdf8 00000000 I 1.807s Main 75eacdfc 00000000 I 1.807s Main 75eace00 00000000 I 1.807s Main 75eace04 00000000 I 1.807s Main 75eace08 00000000 I 1.807s Main 75eace0c 754cd010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.807s Main I 1.807s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.807s Main I 1.807s Main I 1.807s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1358, name: Thread-69 I 1.807s Main r0 754ce2f8 r1 00000080 r2 fffffffe r3 00000000 I 1.807s Main r4 754ce2f8 r5 754ce2e8 r6 fffffffe r7 000000f0 I 1.807s Main r8 0000000b r9 6d3e9d98 sl 00000000 fp 425c1d90 I 1.807s Main ip 00000000 sp 760b2bc8 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068904 I 1.807s Main I 1.807s Main Stack Trace: I 1.807s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.807s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.807s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.807s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.807s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.807s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.807s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.808s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.808s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.808s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.808s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.808s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.808s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.808s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.808s Main I 1.808s Main Stack Data: I 1.808s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.808s Main 760b2b88 00000002 I 1.808s Main 760b2b8c 0000000c I 1.808s Main 760b2b90 426c84e8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.808s Main 760b2b94 000000c0 I 1.808s Main 760b2b98 00000000 I 1.808s Main 760b2b9c 414ca8f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.808s Main 760b2ba0 426c84e8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.808s Main 760b2ba4 00000000 I 1.808s Main 760b2ba8 426c84e8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.808s Main 760b2bac 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.808s Main 760b2bb0 00000039 I 1.808s Main 760b2bb4 00000001 I 1.808s Main 760b2bb8 754ce2f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.808s Main 760b2bbc 754ce2e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.808s Main 760b2bc0 fffffffe I 1.808s Main 760b2bc4 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.808s Main 760b2bc8 00000000 I 1.808s Main 760b2bc8 00000000 I 1.808s Main 760b2bcc 754ce2e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.808s Main 760b2bd0 754ce2f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.808s Main 760b2bd4 754cdf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.808s Main 760b2bd8 71387428 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.808s Main 760b2bdc 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.808s Main 760b2be0 754ce2e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.808s Main 760b2be4 00000000 I 1.808s Main 760b2be8 754ce2e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.808s Main 760b2bec 754ce2e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.808s Main 760b2bf0 00000000 I 1.808s Main 760b2bf4 414c7d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.808s Main 760b2bf8 754cdf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.808s Main 760b2bfc 71387428 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.808s Main 760b2c00 75fb4dec I 1.808s Main 760b2c04 75fb4df0 I 1.808s Main 760b2c08 425c1ee8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.808s Main 760b2c0c 4152a890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.808s Main 760b2c10 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.808s Main 760b2c14 00000000 I 1.808s Main 760b2c18 75fb4dd8 I 1.808s Main 760b2c1c 414dc655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.808s Main 760b2c20 00000000 I 1.808s Main 760b2c24 00000001 I 1.808s Main 760b2c28 00000000 I 1.808s Main 760b2c2c 00000000 I 1.808s Main 760b2c30 6e49ce1c <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.808s Main 760b2c34 75fb4e10 I 1.809s Main 760b2c38 754cdf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.809s Main 760b2c3c 4149bfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.809s Main 760b2c40 00000000 I 1.809s Main 760b2c44 754cdf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.809s Main 760b2c48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.809s Main 760b2c4c 00000000 I 1.809s Main 760b2c50 760b2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1358] I 1.809s Main 760b2c54 754cdf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.809s Main 760b2c58 760b2c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1358] I 1.809s Main 760b2c5c 6d747a40 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.809s Main 760b2c60 425c1d90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.809s Main 760b2c64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.809s Main 760b2c68 00000000 I 1.809s Main 760b2c6c 00000000 I 1.809s Main 760b2c70 00000000 I 1.809s Main 760b2c74 00000000 I 1.809s Main 760b2c78 00000000 I 1.809s Main 760b2c7c fffffea0 I 1.809s Main 760b2c80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.809s Main 760b2c84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.809s Main 760b2c88 00000000 I 1.809s Main 760b2c8c 00000000 I 1.809s Main 760b2c90 00000000 I 1.809s Main 760b2c94 00000000 I 1.809s Main 760b2c98 75fb4fe4 I 1.809s Main 760b2c9c 00000000 I 1.809s Main 760b2ca0 00000000 I 1.809s Main 760b2ca4 00000000 I 1.809s Main 760b2ca8 00000000 I 1.809s Main 760b2cac 00000000 I 1.809s Main 760b2cb0 00000000 I 1.809s Main 760b2cb4 00000000 I 1.809s Main 760b2cb8 00000000 I 1.809s Main 760b2cbc 00000000 I 1.809s Main 760b2cc0 00000000 I 1.809s Main 760b2cc4 00000000 I 1.809s Main 760b2d18 0000001d I 1.809s Main 760b2d1c 0000001c I 1.809s Main 760b2d20 0000001c I 1.809s Main 760b2d24 754cdf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.809s Main 760b2d28 40095384 I 1.809s Main 760b2d2c 414e4ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.809s Main 760b2d30 75fb5000 I 1.809s Main 760b2d34 760b2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1358] I 1.809s Main 760b2d38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.809s Main 760b2d3c 40095384 I 1.809s Main 760b2d40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.809s Main 760b2d44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.809s Main 760b2d48 75fb5000 I 1.809s Main 760b2d4c be8095f4 [stack] I 1.809s Main 760b2d50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.809s Main 760b2d54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.809s Main 760b2d58 760b2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1358] I 1.809s Main 760b2d5c 760b2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1358] I 1.809s Main 760b2d60 754cdf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.810s Main 760b2d64 760b2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1358] I 1.810s Main 760b2d68 40095384 I 1.810s Main 760b2d6c 754cdf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.810s Main 760b2d70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.810s Main 760b2d74 760b2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1358] I 1.810s Main 760b2d78 00000003 I 1.810s Main 760b2d7c 754ce3b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.810s Main 760b2d80 00000000 I 1.810s Main 760b2d84 65726854 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.810s Main 760b2d88 362d6461 I 1.810s Main 760b2d8c 40050039 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.810s Main 760b2d90 00000000 I 1.810s Main 760b2d94 760b2d8d <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1358] I 1.810s Main 760b2d98 760b2d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1358] I 1.810s Main 760b2d9c 2597d120 I 1.810s Main 760b2da0 760b2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1358] I 1.810s Main 760b2da4 754ce3b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.810s Main 760b2da8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.810s Main 760b2dac 754cdf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.810s Main 760b2db0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.810s Main 760b2db4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.810s Main 760b2db8 754cdf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.810s Main 760b2dbc 754ce3b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.810s Main 760b2dc0 760b2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1358] I 1.810s Main 760b2dc4 00000000 I 1.810s Main 760b2dc8 00000078 I 1.810s Main 760b2dcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.810s Main 760b2dd0 760b2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1358] I 1.810s Main 760b2dd4 754ce3b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.810s Main 760b2dd8 0000000c I 1.810s Main 760b2ddc 00000000 I 1.810s Main 760b2de0 00000000 I 1.810s Main 760b2de4 2597d120 I 1.810s Main 760b2de8 00000000 I 1.810s Main 760b2dec 00000000 I 1.810s Main 760b2df0 00000000 I 1.810s Main 760b2df4 00000000 I 1.810s Main 760b2df8 00000000 I 1.810s Main 760b2dfc 00000000 I 1.810s Main 760b2e00 00000000 I 1.810s Main 760b2e04 00000000 I 1.810s Main 760b2e08 00000000 I 1.810s Main 760b2e0c 754cdf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.810s Main I 1.810s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.810s Main I 1.810s Main I 1.810s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1372, name: Thread-70 I 1.810s Main r0 754cef58 r1 00000080 r2 fffffffc r3 00000000 I 1.810s Main r4 754cef58 r5 754cef48 r6 fffffffc r7 000000f0 I 1.810s Main r8 0000000b r9 6d3e9d98 sl 00000000 fp 425c71d0 I 1.810s Main ip 00000000 sp 761b6bc8 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068904 I 1.810s Main I 1.810s Main Stack Trace: I 1.810s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.810s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.811s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.811s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.811s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.811s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.811s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.811s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.811s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.811s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.811s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.811s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.811s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.811s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.811s Main I 1.811s Main Stack Data: I 1.811s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.811s Main 761b6b88 00000000 I 1.811s Main 761b6b8c 00000020 I 1.811s Main 761b6b90 00000020 I 1.811s Main 761b6b94 4257b008 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.811s Main 761b6b98 00000001 I 1.811s Main 761b6b9c 00000020 I 1.811s Main 761b6ba0 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.811s Main 761b6ba4 760b8cc4 I 1.811s Main 761b6ba8 425c71d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.811s Main 761b6bac 425a3798 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.811s Main 761b6bb0 ffffffff I 1.811s Main 761b6bb4 425a3798 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.811s Main 761b6bb8 754cef58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.811s Main 761b6bbc 754cef48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.811s Main 761b6bc0 fffffffc I 1.811s Main 761b6bc4 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.811s Main 761b6bc8 00000000 I 1.811s Main 761b6bc8 00000000 I 1.811s Main 761b6bcc 754cef48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.811s Main 761b6bd0 754cef58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.811s Main 761b6bd4 754cebb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.811s Main 761b6bd8 74dc7290 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.811s Main 761b6bdc 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.811s Main 761b6be0 754cef48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.811s Main 761b6be4 00000000 I 1.811s Main 761b6be8 754cef48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.811s Main 761b6bec 754cef48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.811s Main 761b6bf0 00000000 I 1.811s Main 761b6bf4 414c7d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.811s Main 761b6bf8 754cebb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.811s Main 761b6bfc 74dc7290 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.811s Main 761b6c00 760b8dec I 1.811s Main 761b6c04 760b8df0 I 1.811s Main 761b6c08 425c7328 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.811s Main 761b6c0c 4152a890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.811s Main 761b6c10 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.811s Main 761b6c14 00000000 I 1.811s Main 761b6c18 760b8dd8 I 1.811s Main 761b6c1c 414dc655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.811s Main 761b6c20 00000000 I 1.811s Main 761b6c24 00000001 I 1.812s Main 761b6c28 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6c2c 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6c30 6e49ce1c <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.812s Main 761b6c34 760b8e10 I 1.812s Main 761b6c38 754cebb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.812s Main 761b6c3c 4149bfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.812s Main 761b6c40 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6c44 754cebb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.812s Main 761b6c48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.812s Main 761b6c4c 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6c50 761b6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1372] I 1.812s Main 761b6c54 754cebb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.812s Main 761b6c58 761b6c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1372] I 1.812s Main 761b6c5c 6d747a40 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.812s Main 761b6c60 425c71d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.812s Main 761b6c64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.812s Main 761b6c68 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6c6c 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6c70 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6c74 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6c78 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6c7c fffffea0 I 1.812s Main 761b6c80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.812s Main 761b6c84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.812s Main 761b6c88 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6c8c 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6c90 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6c94 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6c98 760b8fe4 I 1.812s Main 761b6c9c 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6ca0 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6ca4 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6ca8 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6cac 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6cb0 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6cb4 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6cb8 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6cbc 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6cc0 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6cc4 00000000 I 1.812s Main 761b6d18 0000001d I 1.812s Main 761b6d1c 0000001c I 1.812s Main 761b6d20 0000001c I 1.812s Main 761b6d24 754cebb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.812s Main 761b6d28 40095384 I 1.812s Main 761b6d2c 414e4ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.812s Main 761b6d30 760b9000 I 1.812s Main 761b6d34 761b6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1372] I 1.812s Main 761b6d38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.812s Main 761b6d3c 40095384 I 1.812s Main 761b6d40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.812s Main 761b6d44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.812s Main 761b6d48 760b9000 I 1.812s Main 761b6d4c be8095f4 [stack] I 1.812s Main 761b6d50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.812s Main 761b6d54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.813s Main 761b6d58 761b6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1372] I 1.813s Main 761b6d5c 761b6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1372] I 1.813s Main 761b6d60 754cebb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.813s Main 761b6d64 761b6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1372] I 1.813s Main 761b6d68 40095384 I 1.813s Main 761b6d6c 754cebb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.813s Main 761b6d70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.813s Main 761b6d74 761b6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1372] I 1.813s Main 761b6d78 00000003 I 1.813s Main 761b6d7c 754cf010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.813s Main 761b6d80 00000000 I 1.813s Main 761b6d84 65726854 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.813s Main 761b6d88 372d6461 I 1.813s Main 761b6d8c 40050030 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.813s Main 761b6d90 00000000 I 1.813s Main 761b6d94 761b6d8d <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1372] I 1.813s Main 761b6d98 761b6d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1372] I 1.813s Main 761b6d9c 2597d120 I 1.813s Main 761b6da0 761b6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1372] I 1.813s Main 761b6da4 754cf010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.813s Main 761b6da8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.813s Main 761b6dac 754cebb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.813s Main 761b6db0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.813s Main 761b6db4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.813s Main 761b6db8 754cebb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.813s Main 761b6dbc 754cf010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.813s Main 761b6dc0 761b6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1372] I 1.813s Main 761b6dc4 00000000 I 1.813s Main 761b6dc8 00000078 I 1.813s Main 761b6dcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.813s Main 761b6dd0 761b6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1372] I 1.813s Main 761b6dd4 754cf010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.813s Main 761b6dd8 00000000 I 1.813s Main 761b6ddc 00000000 I 1.813s Main 761b6de0 00000000 I 1.813s Main 761b6de4 2597d120 I 1.813s Main 761b6de8 00000000 I 1.813s Main 761b6dec 00000000 I 1.813s Main 761b6df0 00000000 I 1.813s Main 761b6df4 00000000 I 1.813s Main 761b6df8 00000000 I 1.813s Main 761b6dfc 00000000 I 1.813s Main 761b6e00 00000000 I 1.813s Main 761b6e04 00000000 I 1.813s Main 761b6e08 00000000 I 1.813s Main 761b6e0c 754cebb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.813s Main I 1.813s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.813s Main I 1.813s Main I 1.813s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1377, name: Thread-71 I 1.813s Main r0 754d13a8 r1 00000080 r2 fffffffe r3 00000000 I 1.813s Main r4 754d13a8 r5 754d1398 r6 fffffffe r7 000000f0 I 1.813s Main r8 0000000b r9 6d3e9d98 sl 00000000 fp 425dc4e8 I 1.813s Main ip 00000000 sp 762babc8 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068904 I 1.813s Main I 1.814s Main Stack Trace: I 1.814s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.814s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.814s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.814s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.814s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.814s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.814s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.814s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.814s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.814s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.814s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.814s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.814s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.814s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.814s Main I 1.814s Main Stack Data: I 1.814s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.814s Main 762bab88 0000002b I 1.814s Main 762bab8c 00003348 I 1.814s Main 762bab90 754d2c98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.814s Main 762bab94 40057e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.814s Main 762bab98 00000020 I 1.814s Main 762bab9c 02180400 I 1.814s Main 762baba0 00000021 I 1.814s Main 762baba4 00000020 I 1.814s Main 762baba8 00000020 I 1.814s Main 762babac 425dc678 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.814s Main 762babb0 00000000 I 1.814s Main 762babb4 754d1398 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.814s Main 762babb8 754d13a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.814s Main 762babbc 754d1398 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.814s Main 762babc0 fffffffe I 1.814s Main 762babc4 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.814s Main 762babc8 00000000 I 1.814s Main 762babc8 00000000 I 1.814s Main 762babcc 754d1398 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.814s Main 762babd0 754d13a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.814s Main 762babd4 754d1008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.814s Main 762babd8 754d2c98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.814s Main 762babdc 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.814s Main 762babe0 754d1398 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.814s Main 762babe4 00000000 I 1.814s Main 762babe8 754d1398 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.814s Main 762babec 754d1398 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.814s Main 762babf0 00000000 I 1.814s Main 762babf4 414c7d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.814s Main 762babf8 754d1008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.814s Main 762babfc 754d2c98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.814s Main 762bac00 761bcdec I 1.814s Main 762bac04 761bcdf0 I 1.814s Main 762bac08 425dc678 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.814s Main 762bac0c 4152a890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.814s Main 762bac10 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.814s Main 762bac14 00000000 I 1.814s Main 762bac18 761bcdd8 I 1.814s Main 762bac1c 414dc655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.815s Main 762bac20 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762bac24 00000001 I 1.815s Main 762bac28 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762bac2c 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762bac30 6e49ce1c <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.815s Main 762bac34 761bce10 I 1.815s Main 762bac38 754d1008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.815s Main 762bac3c 4149bfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.815s Main 762bac40 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762bac44 754d1008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.815s Main 762bac48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.815s Main 762bac4c 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762bac50 762bad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1377] I 1.815s Main 762bac54 754d1008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.815s Main 762bac58 762bac94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1377] I 1.815s Main 762bac5c 6d747a40 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.815s Main 762bac60 425dc4e8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.815s Main 762bac64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.815s Main 762bac68 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762bac6c 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762bac70 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762bac74 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762bac78 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762bac7c fffffea0 I 1.815s Main 762bac80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.815s Main 762bac84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.815s Main 762bac88 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762bac8c 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762bac90 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762bac94 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762bac98 761bcfe4 I 1.815s Main 762bac9c 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762baca0 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762baca4 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762baca8 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762bacac 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762bacb0 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762bacb4 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762bacb8 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762bacbc 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762bacc0 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762bacc4 00000000 I 1.815s Main 762bad18 0000001d I 1.815s Main 762bad1c 0000001c I 1.815s Main 762bad20 0000001c I 1.815s Main 762bad24 754d1008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.815s Main 762bad28 40095384 I 1.815s Main 762bad2c 414e4ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.815s Main 762bad30 761bd000 I 1.815s Main 762bad34 762bad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1377] I 1.815s Main 762bad38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.815s Main 762bad3c 40095384 I 1.815s Main 762bad40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.815s Main 762bad44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.815s Main 762bad48 761bd000 I 1.816s Main 762bad4c be8095f4 [stack] I 1.816s Main 762bad50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.816s Main 762bad54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.816s Main 762bad58 762bad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1377] I 1.816s Main 762bad5c 762bad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1377] I 1.816s Main 762bad60 754d1008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.816s Main 762bad64 762bad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1377] I 1.816s Main 762bad68 40095384 I 1.816s Main 762bad6c 754d1008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.816s Main 762bad70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.816s Main 762bad74 762bad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1377] I 1.816s Main 762bad78 00000003 I 1.816s Main 762bad7c 754cf9a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.816s Main 762bad80 00000000 I 1.816s Main 762bad84 65726854 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.816s Main 762bad88 372d6461 I 1.816s Main 762bad8c 40050031 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.816s Main 762bad90 00000000 I 1.816s Main 762bad94 762bad8d <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1377] I 1.816s Main 762bad98 762bad84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1377] I 1.816s Main 762bad9c 2597d120 I 1.816s Main 762bada0 762badd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1377] I 1.816s Main 762bada4 754cf9a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.816s Main 762bada8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.816s Main 762badac 754d1008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.816s Main 762badb0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.816s Main 762badb4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.816s Main 762badb8 754d1008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.816s Main 762badbc 754cf9a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.816s Main 762badc0 762badd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1377] I 1.816s Main 762badc4 00000000 I 1.816s Main 762badc8 00000078 I 1.816s Main 762badcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.816s Main 762badd0 762badd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1377] I 1.816s Main 762badd4 754cf9a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.816s Main 762badd8 00000000 I 1.816s Main 762baddc 00000000 I 1.816s Main 762bade0 00000000 I 1.816s Main 762bade4 2597d120 I 1.816s Main 762bade8 00000000 I 1.816s Main 762badec 00000000 I 1.816s Main 762badf0 00000000 I 1.816s Main 762badf4 00000000 I 1.816s Main 762badf8 00000000 I 1.816s Main 762badfc 00000000 I 1.816s Main 762bae00 00000000 I 1.816s Main 762bae04 00000000 I 1.816s Main 762bae08 00000000 I 1.816s Main 762bae0c 754d1008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.816s Main I 1.816s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.816s Main I 1.816s Main I 1.816s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1387, name: Thread-73 I 1.816s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000080 r2 fffffff2 r3 763bebe0 I 1.816s Main r4 754d1a08 r5 754d19f8 r6 fffffff2 r7 000000f0 I 1.817s Main r8 0000000b r9 6d3e9d98 sl 00000000 fp 0000000b I 1.817s Main ip 763bebe0 sp 763bebc8 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068908 I 1.817s Main I 1.817s Main Stack Trace: I 1.817s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.817s Main 00021908 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.817s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.817s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.817s Main 00052d7b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.817s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.817s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.817s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.817s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.817s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.817s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.817s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.817s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.817s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.817s Main I 1.817s Main Stack Data: I 1.817s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.817s Main 763beb88 00000000 I 1.817s Main 763beb8c 000003e8 I 1.817s Main 763beb90 00000000 I 1.817s Main 763beb94 763bebf8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1387] I 1.817s Main 763beb98 3a338ad3 I 1.817s Main 763beb9c 0000ea5f I 1.817s Main 763beba0 00000000 I 1.817s Main 763beba4 400826c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.817s Main 763beba8 00000000 I 1.817s Main 763bebac 00000011 I 1.817s Main 763bebb0 0000004c I 1.817s Main 763bebb4 7ffffffe I 1.817s Main 763bebb8 754d1a08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.817s Main 763bebbc 754d19f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.817s Main 763bebc0 fffffff2 I 1.817s Main 763bebc4 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.817s Main 763bebc8 00000001 I 1.817s Main 763bebc8 00000001 I 1.817s Main 763bebcc 754d19f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.817s Main 763bebd0 754d1a08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.817s Main 763bebd4 754d1668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.817s Main 763bebd8 754d3090 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.817s Main 763bebdc 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.817s Main 763bebe0 0000003b I 1.817s Main 763bebe4 3b9a12b1 I 1.817s Main 763bebe8 754d19f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.817s Main 763bebec 754d19f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.817s Main 763bebf0 00000001 I 1.817s Main 763bebf4 414c7d7f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.817s Main 763bebf8 0000004d I 1.817s Main 763bebfc 3a244893 I 1.817s Main 763bec00 762c0d94 I 1.817s Main 763bec04 762c0d98 I 1.817s Main 763bec08 425ad450 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.817s Main 763bec0c 4152a890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.818s Main 763bec10 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.818s Main 763bec14 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763bec18 762c0d80 I 1.818s Main 763bec1c 414dc655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.818s Main 763bec20 000e8f9f I 1.818s Main 763bec24 00000001 I 1.818s Main 763bec28 0000ea5f I 1.818s Main 763bec2c 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763bec30 6e49ce1c <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.818s Main 763bec34 762c0db8 I 1.818s Main 763bec38 754d1668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.818s Main 763bec3c 4149bfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.818s Main 763bec40 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763bec44 754d1668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.818s Main 763bec48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.818s Main 763bec4c 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763bec50 763bed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1387] I 1.818s Main 763bec54 754d1668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.818s Main 763bec58 763bec94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1387] I 1.818s Main 763bec5c 6d747a40 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.818s Main 763bec60 42598838 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.818s Main 763bec64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.818s Main 763bec68 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763bec6c 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763bec70 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763bec74 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763bec78 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763bec7c fffffea0 I 1.818s Main 763bec80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.818s Main 763bec84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.818s Main 763bec88 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763bec8c 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763bec90 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763bec94 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763bec98 762c0fe4 I 1.818s Main 763bec9c 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763beca0 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763beca4 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763beca8 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763becac 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763becb0 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763becb4 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763becb8 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763becbc 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763becc0 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763becc4 00000000 I 1.818s Main 763bed18 0000001d I 1.818s Main 763bed1c 0000001c I 1.818s Main 763bed20 0000001c I 1.818s Main 763bed24 754d1668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.818s Main 763bed28 40095384 I 1.818s Main 763bed2c 414e4ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.818s Main 763bed30 762c1000 I 1.818s Main 763bed34 763bed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1387] I 1.818s Main 763bed38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.818s Main 763bed3c 40095384 I 1.818s Main 763bed40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.819s Main 763bed44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.819s Main 763bed48 762c1000 I 1.819s Main 763bed4c be8095f4 [stack] I 1.819s Main 763bed50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.819s Main 763bed54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.819s Main 763bed58 763bed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1387] I 1.819s Main 763bed5c 763bed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1387] I 1.819s Main 763bed60 754d1668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.819s Main 763bed64 763bed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1387] I 1.819s Main 763bed68 40095384 I 1.819s Main 763bed6c 754d1668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.819s Main 763bed70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.819s Main 763bed74 763bed78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1387] I 1.819s Main 763bed78 00000003 I 1.819s Main 763bed7c 754d0b28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.819s Main 763bed80 00000000 I 1.819s Main 763bed84 65726854 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.819s Main 763bed88 372d6461 I 1.819s Main 763bed8c 40050033 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.819s Main 763bed90 00000000 I 1.819s Main 763bed94 763bed8d <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1387] I 1.819s Main 763bed98 763bed84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1387] I 1.819s Main 763bed9c 2597d120 I 1.819s Main 763beda0 763bedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1387] I 1.819s Main 763beda4 754d0b28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.819s Main 763beda8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.819s Main 763bedac 754d1668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.819s Main 763bedb0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.819s Main 763bedb4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.819s Main 763bedb8 754d1668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.819s Main 763bedbc 754d0b28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.819s Main 763bedc0 763bedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1387] I 1.819s Main 763bedc4 00000000 I 1.819s Main 763bedc8 00000078 I 1.819s Main 763bedcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.819s Main 763bedd0 763bedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1387] I 1.819s Main 763bedd4 754d0b28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.819s Main 763bedd8 00000000 I 1.819s Main 763beddc 00000000 I 1.819s Main 763bede0 00000000 I 1.819s Main 763bede4 2597d120 I 1.819s Main 763bede8 00000000 I 1.819s Main 763bedec 00000000 I 1.819s Main 763bedf0 00000000 I 1.819s Main 763bedf4 00000000 I 1.819s Main 763bedf8 00000000 I 1.819s Main 763bedfc 00000000 I 1.819s Main 763bee00 00000000 I 1.819s Main 763bee04 00000000 I 1.819s Main 763bee08 00000000 I 1.819s Main 763bee0c 754d1668 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.819s Main I 1.819s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.819s Main I 1.819s Main I 1.819s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1393, name: ContainerSchedu I 1.819s Main r0 754d5650 r1 00000080 r2 fffffffe r3 00000000 I 1.820s Main r4 754d5650 r5 754d5640 r6 fffffffe r7 000000f0 I 1.820s Main r8 0000000b r9 6d3e9d98 sl 00000000 fp 00000016 I 1.820s Main ip 00000000 sp 764c2bc8 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068904 I 1.820s Main I 1.820s Main Stack Trace: I 1.820s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.820s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.820s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.820s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.820s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.820s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.820s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.820s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.820s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.820s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.820s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.820s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.820s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.820s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.820s Main I 1.820s Main Stack Data: I 1.820s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.820s Main 764c2b88 00000000 I 1.820s Main 764c2b8c 00000014 I 1.820s Main 764c2b90 00000014 I 1.820s Main 764c2b94 4257b008 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.820s Main 764c2b98 00000001 I 1.820s Main 764c2b9c 00000014 I 1.820s Main 764c2ba0 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.820s Main 764c2ba4 763c4df8 I 1.820s Main 764c2ba8 00000016 I 1.820s Main 764c2bac 42627490 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.820s Main 764c2bb0 ffffffff I 1.820s Main 764c2bb4 42627490 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.820s Main 764c2bb8 754d5650 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.820s Main 764c2bbc 754d5640 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.820s Main 764c2bc0 fffffffe I 1.820s Main 764c2bc4 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.820s Main 764c2bc8 00000000 I 1.820s Main 764c2bc8 00000000 I 1.820s Main 764c2bcc 754d5640 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.820s Main 764c2bd0 754d5650 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.820s Main 764c2bd4 754d52b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.820s Main 764c2bd8 754d4e48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.820s Main 764c2bdc 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.820s Main 764c2be0 754d5640 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.820s Main 764c2be4 00000000 I 1.820s Main 764c2be8 754d5640 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.820s Main 764c2bec 754d5640 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.820s Main 764c2bf0 00000000 I 1.820s Main 764c2bf4 414c7d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.820s Main 764c2bf8 754d52b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.820s Main 764c2bfc 754d4e48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.820s Main 764c2c00 763c4e08 I 1.820s Main 764c2c04 763c4e0c I 1.820s Main 764c2c08 425ed958 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.821s Main 764c2c0c 4152a890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.821s Main 764c2c10 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.821s Main 764c2c14 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2c18 763c4df4 I 1.821s Main 764c2c1c 414dc655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.821s Main 764c2c20 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2c24 00000001 I 1.821s Main 764c2c28 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2c2c 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2c30 6e49ce1c <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.821s Main 764c2c34 763c4e2c I 1.821s Main 764c2c38 754d52b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.821s Main 764c2c3c 4149bfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.821s Main 764c2c40 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2c44 754d52b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.821s Main 764c2c48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.821s Main 764c2c4c 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2c50 764c2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1393] I 1.821s Main 764c2c54 754d52b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.821s Main 764c2c58 764c2c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1393] I 1.821s Main 764c2c5c 6d77d440 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.821s Main 764c2c60 425ed720 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.821s Main 764c2c64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.821s Main 764c2c68 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2c6c 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2c70 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2c74 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2c78 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2c7c fffffea0 I 1.821s Main 764c2c80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.821s Main 764c2c84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.821s Main 764c2c88 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2c8c 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2c90 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2c94 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2c98 763c4fe4 I 1.821s Main 764c2c9c 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2ca0 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2ca4 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2ca8 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2cac 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2cb0 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2cb4 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2cb8 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2cbc 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2cc0 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2cc4 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2d18 00000005 I 1.821s Main 764c2d1c 00000571 I 1.821s Main 764c2d20 00000000 I 1.821s Main 764c2d24 754d52b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.821s Main 764c2d28 40095384 I 1.821s Main 764c2d2c 414e4ae1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.821s Main 764c2d30 763c5000 I 1.821s Main 764c2d34 764c2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1393] I 1.821s Main 764c2d38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.821s Main 764c2d3c 40095384 I 1.822s Main 764c2d40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.822s Main 764c2d44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.822s Main 764c2d48 763c5000 I 1.822s Main 764c2d4c 763bebfc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1387] I 1.822s Main 764c2d50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.822s Main 764c2d54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.822s Main 764c2d58 764c2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1393] I 1.822s Main 764c2d5c 764c2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1393] I 1.822s Main 764c2d60 754d52b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.822s Main 764c2d64 764c2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1393] I 1.822s Main 764c2d68 40095384 I 1.822s Main 764c2d6c 754d52b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.822s Main 764c2d70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.822s Main 764c2d74 764c2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1393] I 1.822s Main 764c2d78 00000003 I 1.822s Main 764c2d7c 754d1cc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.822s Main 764c2d80 00000000 I 1.822s Main 764c2d84 4146ec68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.822s Main 764c2d88 754d52b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.822s Main 764c2d8c 400540ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.822s Main 764c2d90 00000000 I 1.822s Main 764c2d94 4146ec64 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.822s Main 764c2d98 4146ec48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.822s Main 764c2d9c 2597d120 I 1.822s Main 764c2da0 764c2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1393] I 1.822s Main 764c2da4 754d1cc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.822s Main 764c2da8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.822s Main 764c2dac 754d52b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.822s Main 764c2db0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.822s Main 764c2db4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.822s Main 764c2db8 754d52b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.822s Main 764c2dbc 754d1cc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.822s Main 764c2dc0 764c2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1393] I 1.822s Main 764c2dc4 00000000 I 1.822s Main 764c2dc8 00000078 I 1.822s Main 764c2dcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.822s Main 764c2dd0 764c2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1393] I 1.822s Main 764c2dd4 754d1cc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.822s Main 764c2dd8 00000002 I 1.822s Main 764c2ddc 00000000 I 1.822s Main 764c2de0 00000000 I 1.822s Main 764c2de4 2597d120 I 1.822s Main 764c2de8 00000000 I 1.822s Main 764c2dec 00000000 I 1.822s Main 764c2df0 00000000 I 1.822s Main 764c2df4 00000000 I 1.822s Main 764c2df8 00000000 I 1.822s Main 764c2dfc 00000000 I 1.822s Main 764c2e00 00000000 I 1.822s Main 764c2e04 00000000 I 1.822s Main 764c2e08 00000000 I 1.822s Main 764c2e0c 754d52b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.822s Main I 1.822s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.822s Main I 1.822s Main I 1.823s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1399, name: IcingConnection I 1.823s Main r0 fffffffc r1 765d29b0 r2 00000010 r3 ffffffff I 1.823s Main r4 754d4c78 r5 00000000 r6 754d4c8c r7 000000fc I 1.823s Main r8 754d4cc0 r9 00000014 sl 75da5d68 fp 765d2b24 I 1.823s Main ip 765d29b0 sp 765d2990 lr 400cf643 pc 4006873c I 1.823s Main I 1.823s Main Stack Trace: I 1.823s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.823s Main 0002173c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.823s Main 0001063f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.823s Main 00010869 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.823s Main 0006a121 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.823s Main 0001dbcc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.823s Main 0004e123 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.823s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.823s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.823s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.823s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.823s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.823s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.823s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.823s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.823s Main I 1.823s Main Stack Data: I 1.823s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.823s Main 765d2950 00000000 I 1.823s Main 765d2954 00000000 I 1.823s Main 765d2958 00000000 I 1.823s Main 765d295c 00000000 I 1.823s Main 765d2960 00000000 I 1.823s Main 765d2964 00000000 I 1.823s Main 765d2968 00000000 I 1.823s Main 765d296c 00000057 I 1.823s Main 765d2970 7fffffff I 1.823s Main 765d2974 754d4c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.823s Main 765d2978 00000000 I 1.823s Main 765d297c ffffffff I 1.823s Main 765d2980 765d29b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1399] I 1.823s Main 765d2984 754d4cc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.823s Main 765d2988 00000014 I 1.823s Main 765d298c 400cf62b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.823s Main 765d2990 00000000 I 1.823s Main 765d2990 00000000 I 1.823s Main 765d2994 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.823s Main 765d2998 00000000 I 1.823s Main 765d299c 40095384 I 1.823s Main 765d29a0 00000000 I 1.823s Main 765d29a4 400d170a <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.823s Main 765d29a8 00000000 I 1.823s Main 765d29ac 00000000 I 1.823s Main 765d29b0 00000001 I 1.823s Main 765d29b4 00000000 I 1.823s Main 765d29b8 0000002d I 1.823s Main 765d29bc 00000000 I 1.823s Main 765d29c0 00000000 I 1.823s Main 765d29c4 00000000 I 1.823s Main 765d29c8 00000000 I 1.824s Main 765d29cc 00000000 I 1.824s Main 765d2ad8 00000000 I 1.824s Main 765d2adc 75da6460 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.824s Main 765d2ae0 00000000 I 1.824s Main 765d2ae4 75da6440 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.824s Main 765d2ae8 764d4f40 I 1.824s Main 765d2aec 765d2b10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1399] I 1.824s Main 765d2af0 764d4f38 I 1.824s Main 765d2af4 40178125 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.824s Main 765d2af8 00000000 I 1.824s Main 765d2afc 75da6440 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.824s Main 765d2b00 6d447178 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.824s Main 765d2b04 75da5d58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.824s Main 765d2b08 00000000 I 1.824s Main 765d2b0c 41492bd0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.824s Main 765d2b10 764d4f38 I 1.824s Main 765d2b14 00000001 I 1.824s Main 765d2b18 00000008 I 1.824s Main 765d2b1c 41551318 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.824s Main 765d2b20 426167e8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.824s Main 765d2b24 414c3127 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.824s Main 765d2b28 764d4f38 I 1.824s Main 765d2b2c 6f0b3ae0 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@framework.jar@classes.dex I 1.824s Main 765d2b30 4017813f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.824s Main 765d2b34 75da5d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.824s Main 765d2b38 00000000 I 1.824s Main 765d2b3c 6ee48a34 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@framework.jar@classes.dex I 1.824s Main 765d2b40 1e600001 I 1.824s Main 765d2b44 00000000 I 1.824s Main 765d2b48 6f3d2000 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-aux-structure I 1.824s Main 765d2b4c 40095384 I 1.824s Main 765d2b50 764d4fcc I 1.824s Main 765d2b54 765d2c40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1399] I 1.824s Main 765d2b58 00000000 I 1.824s Main 765d2b5c 765d2c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1399] I 1.824s Main 765d2b60 00000000 I 1.824s Main 765d2b64 00000000 I 1.824s Main 765d2c40 00000000 I 1.824s Main 765d2c44 75da5d58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.824s Main 765d2c48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.824s Main 765d2c4c 00000000 I 1.824s Main 765d2c50 765d2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1399] I 1.824s Main 765d2c54 75da5d58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.824s Main 765d2c58 765d2c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1399] I 1.824s Main 765d2c5c 6d5df598 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.824s Main 765d2c60 426167e8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.824s Main 765d2c64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.824s Main 765d2c68 00000000 I 1.824s Main 765d2c6c 00000000 I 1.824s Main 765d2c70 00000000 I 1.824s Main 765d2c74 00000000 I 1.824s Main 765d2c78 00000000 I 1.824s Main 765d2c7c fffffea0 I 1.824s Main 765d2c80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.824s Main 765d2c84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.824s Main 765d2c88 00000000 I 1.825s Main 765d2c8c 00000000 I 1.825s Main 765d2c90 00000000 I 1.825s Main 765d2c94 00000000 I 1.825s Main 765d2c98 764d4fe4 I 1.825s Main 765d2c9c 00000000 I 1.825s Main 765d2ca0 00000000 I 1.825s Main 765d2ca4 00000000 I 1.825s Main 765d2ca8 00000000 I 1.825s Main 765d2cac 00000000 I 1.825s Main 765d2cb0 00000000 I 1.825s Main 765d2cb4 00000000 I 1.825s Main 765d2cb8 00000000 I 1.825s Main 765d2cbc 00000000 I 1.825s Main 765d2cc0 00000000 I 1.825s Main 765d2cc4 00000000 I 1.825s Main 765d2d18 0000001d I 1.825s Main 765d2d1c 0000001c I 1.825s Main 765d2d20 0000001c I 1.825s Main 765d2d24 75da5d58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.825s Main 765d2d28 40095384 I 1.825s Main 765d2d2c 414e4ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.825s Main 765d2d30 764d5000 I 1.825s Main 765d2d34 765d2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1399] I 1.825s Main 765d2d38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.825s Main 765d2d3c 40095384 I 1.825s Main 765d2d40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.825s Main 765d2d44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.825s Main 765d2d48 764d5000 I 1.825s Main 765d2d4c be8095f4 [stack] I 1.825s Main 765d2d50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.825s Main 765d2d54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.825s Main 765d2d58 765d2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1399] I 1.825s Main 765d2d5c 765d2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1399] I 1.825s Main 765d2d60 75da5d58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.825s Main 765d2d64 765d2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1399] I 1.825s Main 765d2d68 40095384 I 1.825s Main 765d2d6c 75da5d58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.825s Main 765d2d70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.825s Main 765d2d74 765d2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1399] I 1.825s Main 765d2d78 00000003 I 1.825s Main 765d2d7c 75da5878 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.825s Main 765d2d80 00000000 I 1.825s Main 765d2d84 4146ea28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.825s Main 765d2d88 75da5d58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.825s Main 765d2d8c 400540ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.825s Main 765d2d90 00000000 I 1.825s Main 765d2d94 4146ea25 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.825s Main 765d2d98 4146ea10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.825s Main 765d2d9c 2597d120 I 1.825s Main 765d2da0 765d2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1399] I 1.825s Main 765d2da4 75da5878 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.825s Main 765d2da8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.825s Main 765d2dac 75da5d58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.825s Main 765d2db0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.825s Main 765d2db4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.825s Main 765d2db8 75da5d58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.826s Main 765d2dbc 75da5878 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.826s Main 765d2dc0 765d2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1399] I 1.826s Main 765d2dc4 00000002 I 1.826s Main 765d2dc8 00000078 I 1.826s Main 765d2dcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.826s Main 765d2dd0 765d2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1399] I 1.826s Main 765d2dd4 75da5878 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.826s Main 765d2dd8 00000000 I 1.826s Main 765d2ddc 00000000 I 1.826s Main 765d2de0 00000000 I 1.826s Main 765d2de4 2597d120 I 1.826s Main 765d2de8 00000000 I 1.826s Main 765d2dec 00000000 I 1.826s Main 765d2df0 00000000 I 1.826s Main 765d2df4 00000000 I 1.826s Main 765d2df8 00000000 I 1.826s Main 765d2dfc 00000000 I 1.826s Main 765d2e00 00000000 I 1.826s Main 765d2e04 00000000 I 1.826s Main 765d2e08 00000000 I 1.826s Main 765d2e0c 75da5d58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.826s Main I 1.826s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.826s Main I 1.826s Main I 1.826s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1401, name: ContainerSchedu I 1.826s Main r0 75da7430 r1 00000080 r2 fffffffe r3 00000000 I 1.826s Main r4 75da7430 r5 75da7420 r6 fffffffe r7 000000f0 I 1.826s Main r8 0000000b r9 6d3e9d98 sl 00000000 fp 00000016 I 1.826s Main ip 00000000 sp 767dabc8 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068904 I 1.826s Main I 1.826s Main Stack Trace: I 1.826s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.826s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.826s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.826s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.826s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.826s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.826s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.826s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.826s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.826s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.826s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.826s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.826s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.826s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.826s Main I 1.826s Main Stack Data: I 1.826s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.826s Main 767dab88 00000000 I 1.826s Main 767dab8c 00000010 I 1.826s Main 767dab90 00000010 I 1.826s Main 767dab94 4257b008 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.826s Main 767dab98 00000001 I 1.826s Main 767dab9c 00000010 I 1.826s Main 767daba0 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.826s Main 767daba4 766dcdf8 I 1.827s Main 767daba8 00000016 I 1.827s Main 767dabac 4264f1c8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.827s Main 767dabb0 ffffffff I 1.827s Main 767dabb4 4264f1c8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.827s Main 767dabb8 75da7430 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.827s Main 767dabbc 75da7420 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.827s Main 767dabc0 fffffffe I 1.827s Main 767dabc4 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.827s Main 767dabc8 00000000 I 1.827s Main 767dabc8 00000000 I 1.827s Main 767dabcc 75da7420 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.827s Main 767dabd0 75da7430 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.827s Main 767dabd4 75da7090 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.827s Main 767dabd8 75da5590 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.827s Main 767dabdc 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.827s Main 767dabe0 75da7420 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.827s Main 767dabe4 00000000 I 1.827s Main 767dabe8 75da7420 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.827s Main 767dabec 75da7420 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.827s Main 767dabf0 00000000 I 1.827s Main 767dabf4 414c7d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.827s Main 767dabf8 75da7090 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.827s Main 767dabfc 75da5590 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.827s Main 767dac00 766dce08 I 1.827s Main 767dac04 766dce0c I 1.827s Main 767dac08 425f9bb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.827s Main 767dac0c 4152a890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.827s Main 767dac10 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.827s Main 767dac14 00000000 I 1.827s Main 767dac18 766dcdf4 I 1.827s Main 767dac1c 414dc655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.827s Main 767dac20 00000000 I 1.827s Main 767dac24 00000001 I 1.827s Main 767dac28 00000000 I 1.827s Main 767dac2c 00000000 I 1.827s Main 767dac30 6e49ce1c <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.827s Main 767dac34 766dce2c I 1.827s Main 767dac38 75da7090 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.827s Main 767dac3c 4149bfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.827s Main 767dac40 00000000 I 1.827s Main 767dac44 75da7090 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.827s Main 767dac48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.827s Main 767dac4c 00000000 I 1.827s Main 767dac50 767dad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1401] I 1.827s Main 767dac54 75da7090 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.827s Main 767dac58 767dac94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1401] I 1.827s Main 767dac5c 6d77d440 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.827s Main 767dac60 42599008 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.827s Main 767dac64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.827s Main 767dac68 00000000 I 1.827s Main 767dac6c 00000000 I 1.827s Main 767dac70 00000000 I 1.827s Main 767dac74 00000000 I 1.827s Main 767dac78 00000000 I 1.827s Main 767dac7c fffffea0 I 1.827s Main 767dac80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.827s Main 767dac84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.828s Main 767dac88 00000000 I 1.828s Main 767dac8c 00000000 I 1.828s Main 767dac90 00000000 I 1.828s Main 767dac94 00000000 I 1.828s Main 767dac98 766dcfe4 I 1.828s Main 767dac9c 00000000 I 1.828s Main 767daca0 00000000 I 1.828s Main 767daca4 00000000 I 1.828s Main 767daca8 00000000 I 1.828s Main 767dacac 00000000 I 1.828s Main 767dacb0 00000000 I 1.828s Main 767dacb4 00000000 I 1.828s Main 767dacb8 00000000 I 1.828s Main 767dacbc 00000000 I 1.828s Main 767dacc0 00000000 I 1.828s Main 767dacc4 00000000 I 1.828s Main 767dad18 0000001d I 1.828s Main 767dad1c 0000001c I 1.828s Main 767dad20 0000001c I 1.828s Main 767dad24 75da7090 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.828s Main 767dad28 40095384 I 1.828s Main 767dad2c 414e4ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.828s Main 767dad30 766dd000 I 1.828s Main 767dad34 767dad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1401] I 1.828s Main 767dad38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.828s Main 767dad3c 40095384 I 1.828s Main 767dad40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.828s Main 767dad44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.828s Main 767dad48 766dd000 I 1.828s Main 767dad4c be8095f4 [stack] I 1.828s Main 767dad50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.828s Main 767dad54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.828s Main 767dad58 767dad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1401] I 1.828s Main 767dad5c 767dad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1401] I 1.828s Main 767dad60 75da7090 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.828s Main 767dad64 767dad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1401] I 1.828s Main 767dad68 40095384 I 1.828s Main 767dad6c 75da7090 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.828s Main 767dad70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.828s Main 767dad74 767dad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1401] I 1.828s Main 767dad78 00000003 I 1.828s Main 767dad7c 75da74e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.828s Main 767dad80 00000000 I 1.828s Main 767dad84 4146ecc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.828s Main 767dad88 75da7090 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.828s Main 767dad8c 400540ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.828s Main 767dad90 00000000 I 1.828s Main 767dad94 4146ecc4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.828s Main 767dad98 4146eca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.828s Main 767dad9c 2597d120 I 1.828s Main 767dada0 767dadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1401] I 1.828s Main 767dada4 75da74e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.828s Main 767dada8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.828s Main 767dadac 75da7090 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.828s Main 767dadb0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.828s Main 767dadb4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.829s Main 767dadb8 75da7090 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.829s Main 767dadbc 75da74e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.829s Main 767dadc0 767dadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1401] I 1.829s Main 767dadc4 00000002 I 1.829s Main 767dadc8 00000078 I 1.829s Main 767dadcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.829s Main 767dadd0 767dadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1401] I 1.829s Main 767dadd4 75da74e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.829s Main 767dadd8 00000002 I 1.829s Main 767daddc 00000000 I 1.829s Main 767dade0 00000000 I 1.829s Main 767dade4 2597d120 I 1.829s Main 767dade8 00000000 I 1.829s Main 767dadec 00000000 I 1.829s Main 767dadf0 00000000 I 1.829s Main 767dadf4 00000000 I 1.829s Main 767dadf8 00000000 I 1.829s Main 767dadfc 00000000 I 1.829s Main 767dae00 00000000 I 1.829s Main 767dae04 00000000 I 1.829s Main 767dae08 00000000 I 1.829s Main 767dae0c 75da7090 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.829s Main I 1.829s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.829s Main I 1.829s Main I 1.829s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1402, name: AudioRouter-0 I 1.829s Main r0 75da8e00 r1 00000080 r2 fffffff4 r3 00000000 I 1.829s Main r4 75da8e00 r5 75da8df0 r6 fffffff4 r7 000000f0 I 1.829s Main r8 0000000b r9 6d3e9d98 sl 00000000 fp 425f9270 I 1.829s Main ip 00000000 sp 768debc8 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068904 I 1.829s Main I 1.829s Main Stack Trace: I 1.829s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.829s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.829s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.829s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.829s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.829s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.829s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.829s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.829s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.829s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.829s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.829s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.829s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.829s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.829s Main I 1.829s Main Stack Data: I 1.829s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.829s Main 768deb88 00000000 I 1.829s Main 768deb8c 00000001 I 1.829s Main 768deb90 71375fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.829s Main 768deb94 40057e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.829s Main 768deb98 00001301 I 1.829s Main 768deb9c 10808544 I 1.829s Main 768deba0 00000021 I 1.830s Main 768deba4 00000020 I 1.830s Main 768deba8 00000020 I 1.830s Main 768debac 425f8a68 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.830s Main 768debb0 00000000 I 1.830s Main 768debb4 75da8df0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.830s Main 768debb8 75da8e00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.830s Main 768debbc 75da8df0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.830s Main 768debc0 fffffff4 I 1.830s Main 768debc4 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.830s Main 768debc8 00000000 I 1.830s Main 768debc8 00000000 I 1.830s Main 768debcc 75da8df0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.830s Main 768debd0 75da8e00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.830s Main 768debd4 75da8a60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.830s Main 768debd8 71375fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.830s Main 768debdc 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.830s Main 768debe0 75da8df0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.830s Main 768debe4 00000000 I 1.830s Main 768debe8 75da8df0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.830s Main 768debec 75da8df0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.830s Main 768debf0 00000000 I 1.830s Main 768debf4 414c7d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.830s Main 768debf8 75da8a60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.830s Main 768debfc 71375fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.830s Main 768dec00 767e0e08 I 1.830s Main 768dec04 767e0e0c I 1.830s Main 768dec08 425f8a68 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.830s Main 768dec0c 4152a890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.830s Main 768dec10 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.830s Main 768dec14 00000000 I 1.830s Main 768dec18 767e0df4 I 1.830s Main 768dec1c 414dc655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.830s Main 768dec20 00000000 I 1.830s Main 768dec24 00000001 I 1.830s Main 768dec28 00000000 I 1.830s Main 768dec2c 00000000 I 1.830s Main 768dec30 6e49ce1c <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.830s Main 768dec34 767e0e2c I 1.830s Main 768dec38 75da8a60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.830s Main 768dec3c 4149bfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.830s Main 768dec40 00000000 I 1.830s Main 768dec44 75da8a60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.830s Main 768dec48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.830s Main 768dec4c 00000000 I 1.830s Main 768dec50 768ded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1402] I 1.830s Main 768dec54 75da8a60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.830s Main 768dec58 768dec94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1402] I 1.830s Main 768dec5c 6d3e9eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.830s Main 768dec60 425f9270 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.830s Main 768dec64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.830s Main 768dec68 00000000 I 1.830s Main 768dec6c 00000000 I 1.830s Main 768dec70 00000000 I 1.830s Main 768dec74 00000000 I 1.830s Main 768dec78 00000000 I 1.830s Main 768dec7c fffffea0 I 1.830s Main 768dec80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.831s Main 768dec84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.831s Main 768dec88 00000000 I 1.831s Main 768dec8c 00000000 I 1.831s Main 768dec90 00000000 I 1.831s Main 768dec94 00000000 I 1.831s Main 768dec98 767e0fe4 I 1.831s Main 768dec9c 00000000 I 1.831s Main 768deca0 00000000 I 1.831s Main 768deca4 00000000 I 1.831s Main 768deca8 00000000 I 1.831s Main 768decac 00000000 I 1.831s Main 768decb0 00000000 I 1.831s Main 768decb4 00000000 I 1.831s Main 768decb8 00000000 I 1.831s Main 768decbc 00000000 I 1.831s Main 768decc0 00000000 I 1.831s Main 768decc4 00000000 I 1.831s Main 768ded18 0000001d I 1.831s Main 768ded1c 0000001c I 1.831s Main 768ded20 0000001c I 1.831s Main 768ded24 75da8a60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.831s Main 768ded28 40095384 I 1.831s Main 768ded2c 414e4ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.831s Main 768ded30 767e1000 I 1.831s Main 768ded34 768ded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1402] I 1.831s Main 768ded38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.831s Main 768ded3c 40095384 I 1.831s Main 768ded40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.831s Main 768ded44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.831s Main 768ded48 767e1000 I 1.831s Main 768ded4c be8095f4 [stack] I 1.831s Main 768ded50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.831s Main 768ded54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.831s Main 768ded58 768ded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1402] I 1.831s Main 768ded5c 768ded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1402] I 1.831s Main 768ded60 75da8a60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.831s Main 768ded64 768ded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1402] I 1.831s Main 768ded68 40095384 I 1.831s Main 768ded6c 75da8a60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.831s Main 768ded70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.831s Main 768ded74 768ded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1402] I 1.831s Main 768ded78 00000003 I 1.831s Main 768ded7c 764c5008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.831s Main 768ded80 00000000 I 1.831s Main 768ded84 69647541 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.831s Main 768ded88 756f526f <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@priv-app@Velvet.apk@classes.dex I 1.831s Main 768ded8c 2d726574 I 1.831s Main 768ded90 00000030 I 1.831s Main 768ded94 768ded91 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1402] I 1.831s Main 768ded98 768ded84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1402] I 1.831s Main 768ded9c 2597d120 I 1.831s Main 768deda0 768dedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1402] I 1.831s Main 768deda4 764c5008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.831s Main 768deda8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.831s Main 768dedac 75da8a60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.831s Main 768dedb0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.831s Main 768dedb4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.832s Main 768dedb8 75da8a60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.832s Main 768dedbc 764c5008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.832s Main 768dedc0 768dedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1402] I 1.832s Main 768dedc4 00000002 I 1.832s Main 768dedc8 00000078 I 1.832s Main 768dedcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.832s Main 768dedd0 768dedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1402] I 1.832s Main 768dedd4 764c5008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.832s Main 768dedd8 00000000 I 1.832s Main 768deddc 00000000 I 1.832s Main 768dede0 00000000 I 1.832s Main 768dede4 2597d120 I 1.832s Main 768dede8 00000000 I 1.832s Main 768dedec 00000000 I 1.832s Main 768dedf0 00000000 I 1.832s Main 768dedf4 00000000 I 1.832s Main 768dedf8 00000000 I 1.832s Main 768dedfc 00000000 I 1.832s Main 768dee00 00000000 I 1.832s Main 768dee04 00000000 I 1.832s Main 768dee08 00000000 I 1.832s Main 768dee0c 75da8a60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.832s Main I 1.832s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.832s Main I 1.832s Main I 1.832s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1403, name: Sidekick_Locati I 1.832s Main r0 fffffffc r1 769e29b0 r2 00000010 r3 0008ab7f I 1.832s Main r4 754d2f98 r5 00000000 r6 754d2fac r7 000000fc I 1.832s Main r8 754d2fe0 r9 00000014 sl 764c5468 fp 769e2b24 I 1.832s Main ip 769e29b0 sp 769e2990 lr 400cf643 pc 4006873c I 1.832s Main I 1.832s Main Stack Trace: I 1.832s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.832s Main 0002173c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.832s Main 0001063f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.832s Main 00010869 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.832s Main 0006a121 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.832s Main 0001dbcc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.832s Main 0004e123 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.832s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.832s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.832s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.832s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.832s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.832s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.832s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.832s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.832s Main I 1.832s Main Stack Data: I 1.832s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.832s Main 769e2950 75da8020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.832s Main 769e2954 75da8028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.832s Main 769e2958 80000000 I 1.832s Main 769e295c 75da8028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.832s Main 769e2960 4010cdf0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.832s Main 769e2964 77bcaec0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.833s Main 769e2968 769e2984 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1403] I 1.833s Main 769e296c 77bcaec0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.833s Main 769e2970 7fffffff I 1.833s Main 769e2974 754d2f98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.833s Main 769e2978 00000000 I 1.833s Main 769e297c 0008ab7f I 1.833s Main 769e2980 769e29b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1403] I 1.833s Main 769e2984 754d2fe0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.833s Main 769e2988 00000014 I 1.833s Main 769e298c 400cf62b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.833s Main 769e2990 00000000 I 1.833s Main 769e2990 00000000 I 1.833s Main 769e2994 40101327 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.833s Main 769e2998 77bcaec0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.833s Main 769e299c 6f7b7ef8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.833s Main 769e29a0 00000008 I 1.833s Main 769e29a4 77bcaec0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.833s Main 769e29a8 00000000 I 1.833s Main 769e29ac 00000000 I 1.833s Main 769e29b0 74abf5e8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/binder I 1.833s Main 769e29b4 40101347 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.833s Main 769e29b8 77bcaec0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.833s Main 769e29bc 74abf5e8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/binder I 1.833s Main 769e29c0 00000008 I 1.833s Main 769e29c4 77bcaec0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.833s Main 769e29c8 00000008 I 1.833s Main 769e29cc 4010138d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.833s Main 769e2ad8 00000000 I 1.833s Main 769e2adc 74dc7ef0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.833s Main 769e2ae0 00000000 I 1.833s Main 769e2ae4 754d4e70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.833s Main 769e2ae8 768e4f40 I 1.833s Main 769e2aec 769e2b10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1403] I 1.833s Main 769e2af0 768e4f38 I 1.833s Main 769e2af4 40178125 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.833s Main 769e2af8 00000000 I 1.833s Main 769e2afc 754d4e70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.833s Main 769e2b00 6d447178 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.833s Main 769e2b04 764c5458 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.833s Main 769e2b08 00000000 I 1.833s Main 769e2b0c 41492bd0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.833s Main 769e2b10 768e4f38 I 1.833s Main 769e2b14 00000001 I 1.833s Main 769e2b18 00000008 I 1.833s Main 769e2b1c 41551318 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.833s Main 769e2b20 00000040 I 1.833s Main 769e2b24 414c3127 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.833s Main 769e2b28 768e4f38 I 1.833s Main 769e2b2c 6f0b3ae0 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@framework.jar@classes.dex I 1.833s Main 769e2b30 4017813f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.833s Main 769e2b34 764c5468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.833s Main 769e2b38 00000000 I 1.833s Main 769e2b3c 0000001e I 1.833s Main 769e2b40 30400001 I 1.833s Main 769e2b44 00000000 I 1.833s Main 769e2b48 00000000 I 1.833s Main 769e2b4c 40095384 I 1.833s Main 769e2b50 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.833s Main 769e2b54 00000000 I 1.833s Main 769e2b58 764c57c4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.833s Main 769e2b5c 4261eda8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.834s Main 769e2b60 00000000 I 1.834s Main 769e2b64 00000060 I 1.834s Main 769e2c40 00000000 I 1.834s Main 769e2c44 764c5458 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.834s Main 769e2c48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.834s Main 769e2c4c 00000000 I 1.834s Main 769e2c50 769e2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1403] I 1.834s Main 769e2c54 764c5458 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.834s Main 769e2c58 769e2c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1403] I 1.834s Main 769e2c5c 6d5df598 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.834s Main 769e2c60 4261ba18 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.834s Main 769e2c64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.834s Main 769e2c68 00000000 I 1.834s Main 769e2c6c 00000000 I 1.834s Main 769e2c70 00000000 I 1.834s Main 769e2c74 00000000 I 1.834s Main 769e2c78 00000000 I 1.834s Main 769e2c7c fffffea0 I 1.834s Main 769e2c80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.834s Main 769e2c84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.834s Main 769e2c88 00000000 I 1.834s Main 769e2c8c 00000000 I 1.834s Main 769e2c90 00000000 I 1.834s Main 769e2c94 00000000 I 1.834s Main 769e2c98 768e4fe4 I 1.834s Main 769e2c9c 00000000 I 1.834s Main 769e2ca0 00000000 I 1.834s Main 769e2ca4 00000000 I 1.834s Main 769e2ca8 00000000 I 1.834s Main 769e2cac 00000000 I 1.834s Main 769e2cb0 00000000 I 1.834s Main 769e2cb4 00000000 I 1.834s Main 769e2cb8 00000000 I 1.834s Main 769e2cbc 00000000 I 1.834s Main 769e2cc0 00000000 I 1.834s Main 769e2cc4 00000000 I 1.834s Main 769e2d18 0000001d I 1.834s Main 769e2d1c 0000001c I 1.834s Main 769e2d20 0000001c I 1.834s Main 769e2d24 764c5458 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.834s Main 769e2d28 40095384 I 1.834s Main 769e2d2c 414e4ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.834s Main 769e2d30 768e5000 I 1.834s Main 769e2d34 769e2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1403] I 1.834s Main 769e2d38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.834s Main 769e2d3c 40095384 I 1.834s Main 769e2d40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.834s Main 769e2d44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.834s Main 769e2d48 768e5000 I 1.834s Main 769e2d4c be8095f4 [stack] I 1.834s Main 769e2d50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.834s Main 769e2d54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.834s Main 769e2d58 769e2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1403] I 1.834s Main 769e2d5c 769e2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1403] I 1.834s Main 769e2d60 764c5458 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.834s Main 769e2d64 769e2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1403] I 1.834s Main 769e2d68 40095384 I 1.834s Main 769e2d6c 764c5458 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.834s Main 769e2d70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.834s Main 769e2d74 769e2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1403] I 1.835s Main 769e2d78 00000003 I 1.835s Main 769e2d7c 764c58b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.835s Main 769e2d80 00000000 I 1.835s Main 769e2d84 4146ece8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.835s Main 769e2d88 764c5458 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.835s Main 769e2d8c 400540ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.835s Main 769e2d90 00000000 I 1.835s Main 769e2d94 4146ece3 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.835s Main 769e2d98 4146ecc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.835s Main 769e2d9c 2597d120 I 1.835s Main 769e2da0 769e2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1403] I 1.835s Main 769e2da4 764c58b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.835s Main 769e2da8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.835s Main 769e2dac 764c5458 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.835s Main 769e2db0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.835s Main 769e2db4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.835s Main 769e2db8 764c5458 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.835s Main 769e2dbc 764c58b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.835s Main 769e2dc0 769e2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1403] I 1.835s Main 769e2dc4 00000002 I 1.835s Main 769e2dc8 00000078 I 1.835s Main 769e2dcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.835s Main 769e2dd0 769e2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1403] I 1.835s Main 769e2dd4 764c58b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.835s Main 769e2dd8 00000002 I 1.835s Main 769e2ddc 00000000 I 1.835s Main 769e2de0 00000000 I 1.835s Main 769e2de4 2597d120 I 1.835s Main 769e2de8 00000000 I 1.835s Main 769e2dec 00000000 I 1.835s Main 769e2df0 00000000 I 1.835s Main 769e2df4 00000000 I 1.835s Main 769e2df8 00000000 I 1.835s Main 769e2dfc 00000000 I 1.835s Main 769e2e00 00000000 I 1.835s Main 769e2e04 00000000 I 1.835s Main 769e2e08 00000000 I 1.835s Main 769e2e0c 764c5458 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.835s Main I 1.835s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.835s Main I 1.835s Main I 1.835s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1405, name: GrecoExecutor-1 I 1.835s Main r0 75da7ad0 r1 00000080 r2 fffffff2 r3 00000000 I 1.835s Main r4 75da7ad0 r5 75da7ac0 r6 fffffff2 r7 000000f0 I 1.835s Main r8 0000000b r9 6d3e9d98 sl 00000000 fp 4263b5a8 I 1.835s Main ip 00000000 sp 766d6bc8 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068904 I 1.835s Main I 1.835s Main Stack Trace: I 1.835s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.835s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.835s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.835s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.835s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.835s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.835s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.835s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.835s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.835s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.835s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.835s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.836s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.836s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.836s Main I 1.836s Main Stack Data: I 1.836s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.836s Main 766d6b88 00000000 I 1.836s Main 766d6b8c 414d5895 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.836s Main 766d6b90 764c9920 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.836s Main 766d6b94 6d3ead48 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.836s Main 766d6b98 765d8eb4 I 1.836s Main 766d6b9c 40095384 I 1.836s Main 766d6ba0 42641f40 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.836s Main 766d6ba4 4263cb48 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.836s Main 766d6ba8 00000000 I 1.836s Main 766d6bac 00000000 I 1.836s Main 766d6bb0 4263cb48 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.836s Main 766d6bb4 40095384 I 1.836s Main 766d6bb8 75da7ad0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.836s Main 766d6bbc 75da7ac0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.836s Main 766d6bc0 fffffff2 I 1.836s Main 766d6bc4 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.836s Main 766d6bc8 00000000 I 1.836s Main 766d6bc8 00000000 I 1.836s Main 766d6bcc 75da7ac0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.836s Main 766d6bd0 75da7ad0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.836s Main 766d6bd4 75da7730 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.836s Main 766d6bd8 764c9920 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.836s Main 766d6bdc 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.836s Main 766d6be0 75da7ac0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.836s Main 766d6be4 00000000 I 1.836s Main 766d6be8 75da7ac0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.836s Main 766d6bec 75da7ac0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.836s Main 766d6bf0 00000000 I 1.836s Main 766d6bf4 414c7d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.836s Main 766d6bf8 75da7730 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.836s Main 766d6bfc 764c9920 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.836s Main 766d6c00 765d8e30 I 1.836s Main 766d6c04 765d8e34 I 1.836s Main 766d6c08 4263b6f8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.836s Main 766d6c0c 4152a890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.836s Main 766d6c10 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.836s Main 766d6c14 00000000 I 1.836s Main 766d6c18 765d8e1c I 1.836s Main 766d6c1c 414dc655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.836s Main 766d6c20 00000000 I 1.836s Main 766d6c24 00000001 I 1.836s Main 766d6c28 00000000 I 1.836s Main 766d6c2c 00000000 I 1.836s Main 766d6c30 6e49ce1c <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.836s Main 766d6c34 765d8e54 I 1.836s Main 766d6c38 75da7730 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.836s Main 766d6c3c 4149bfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.836s Main 766d6c40 00000000 I 1.836s Main 766d6c44 75da7730 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.836s Main 766d6c48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.836s Main 766d6c4c 00000000 I 1.836s Main 766d6c50 766d6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1405] I 1.836s Main 766d6c54 75da7730 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.836s Main 766d6c58 766d6c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1405] I 1.836s Main 766d6c5c 6d77d440 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.836s Main 766d6c60 4263b5a8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.837s Main 766d6c64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.837s Main 766d6c68 00000000 I 1.837s Main 766d6c6c 00000000 I 1.837s Main 766d6c70 00000000 I 1.837s Main 766d6c74 00000000 I 1.837s Main 766d6c78 00000000 I 1.837s Main 766d6c7c fffffea0 I 1.837s Main 766d6c80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.837s Main 766d6c84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.837s Main 766d6c88 00000000 I 1.837s Main 766d6c8c 00000000 I 1.837s Main 766d6c90 00000000 I 1.837s Main 766d6c94 00000000 I 1.837s Main 766d6c98 765d8fe4 I 1.837s Main 766d6c9c 00000000 I 1.837s Main 766d6ca0 00000000 I 1.837s Main 766d6ca4 00000000 I 1.837s Main 766d6ca8 00000000 I 1.837s Main 766d6cac 00000000 I 1.837s Main 766d6cb0 00000000 I 1.837s Main 766d6cb4 00000000 I 1.837s Main 766d6cb8 00000000 I 1.837s Main 766d6cbc 00000000 I 1.837s Main 766d6cc0 00000000 I 1.837s Main 766d6cc4 00000000 I 1.837s Main 766d6d18 0000001d I 1.837s Main 766d6d1c 0000001c I 1.837s Main 766d6d20 0000001c I 1.837s Main 766d6d24 75da7730 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.837s Main 766d6d28 40095384 I 1.837s Main 766d6d2c 414e4ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.837s Main 766d6d30 765d9000 I 1.837s Main 766d6d34 766d6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1405] I 1.837s Main 766d6d38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.837s Main 766d6d3c 40095384 I 1.837s Main 766d6d40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.837s Main 766d6d44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.837s Main 766d6d48 765d9000 I 1.837s Main 766d6d4c be80944c [stack] I 1.837s Main 766d6d50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.837s Main 766d6d54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.837s Main 766d6d58 766d6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1405] I 1.837s Main 766d6d5c 766d6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1405] I 1.837s Main 766d6d60 75da7730 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.837s Main 766d6d64 766d6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1405] I 1.837s Main 766d6d68 40095384 I 1.837s Main 766d6d6c 75da7730 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.837s Main 766d6d70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.837s Main 766d6d74 766d6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1405] I 1.837s Main 766d6d78 00000003 I 1.837s Main 766d6d7c 75da6760 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.837s Main 766d6d80 00000000 I 1.837s Main 766d6d84 63657247 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.837s Main 766d6d88 6578456f <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.837s Main 766d6d8c 6f747563 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@telephony-common.jar@classes.dex I 1.837s Main 766d6d90 00312d72 I 1.837s Main 766d6d94 766d6d93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1405] I 1.837s Main 766d6d98 766d6d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1405] I 1.837s Main 766d6d9c 2597d120 I 1.837s Main 766d6da0 766d6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1405] I 1.838s Main 766d6da4 75da6760 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.838s Main 766d6da8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.838s Main 766d6dac 75da7730 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.838s Main 766d6db0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.838s Main 766d6db4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.838s Main 766d6db8 75da7730 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.838s Main 766d6dbc 75da6760 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.838s Main 766d6dc0 766d6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1405] I 1.838s Main 766d6dc4 00000002 I 1.838s Main 766d6dc8 00000078 I 1.838s Main 766d6dcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.838s Main 766d6dd0 766d6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1405] I 1.838s Main 766d6dd4 75da6760 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.838s Main 766d6dd8 00000000 I 1.838s Main 766d6ddc 00000000 I 1.838s Main 766d6de0 00000000 I 1.838s Main 766d6de4 2597d120 I 1.838s Main 766d6de8 00000000 I 1.838s Main 766d6dec 00000000 I 1.838s Main 766d6df0 00000000 I 1.838s Main 766d6df4 00000000 I 1.838s Main 766d6df8 00000000 I 1.838s Main 766d6dfc 00000000 I 1.838s Main 766d6e00 00000000 I 1.838s Main 766d6e04 00000000 I 1.838s Main 766d6e08 00000000 I 1.838s Main 766d6e0c 75da7730 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.838s Main I 1.838s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.838s Main I 1.838s Main I 1.838s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1415, name: LocalEngine-1 I 1.838s Main r0 764c9390 r1 00000080 r2 fffffffe r3 00000000 I 1.838s Main r4 764c9390 r5 764c9380 r6 fffffffe r7 000000f0 I 1.838s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3e52b0 sl 00000000 fp 426428c0 I 1.838s Main ip 00000000 sp 76c6abc8 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068904 I 1.838s Main I 1.838s Main Stack Trace: I 1.838s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.838s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.838s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.838s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.838s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.838s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.838s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.838s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.838s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.838s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.838s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.838s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.838s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.838s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.838s Main I 1.838s Main Stack Data: I 1.838s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.838s Main 76c6ab88 0000002b I 1.838s Main 76c6ab8c 00000088 I 1.839s Main 76c6ab90 777c1960 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.839s Main 76c6ab94 40057e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.839s Main 76c6ab98 00000020 I 1.839s Main 76c6ab9c 20400d04 I 1.839s Main 76c6aba0 00000021 I 1.839s Main 76c6aba4 00000020 I 1.839s Main 76c6aba8 00000020 I 1.839s Main 76c6abac 42642a88 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.839s Main 76c6abb0 00000001 I 1.839s Main 76c6abb4 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.839s Main 76c6abb8 764c9390 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.839s Main 76c6abbc 764c9380 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.839s Main 76c6abc0 fffffffe I 1.839s Main 76c6abc4 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.839s Main 76c6abc8 00000000 I 1.839s Main 76c6abc8 00000000 I 1.839s Main 76c6abcc 764c9380 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.839s Main 76c6abd0 764c9390 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.839s Main 76c6abd4 764c8ff0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.839s Main 76c6abd8 777c1960 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.839s Main 76c6abdc 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.839s Main 76c6abe0 764c9380 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.839s Main 76c6abe4 00000000 I 1.839s Main 76c6abe8 764c9380 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.839s Main 76c6abec 764c9380 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.839s Main 76c6abf0 00000000 I 1.839s Main 76c6abf4 414c7d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.839s Main 76c6abf8 764c8ff0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.839s Main 76c6abfc 777c1960 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.839s Main 76c6ac00 76b6ce08 I 1.839s Main 76c6ac04 76b6ce0c I 1.839s Main 76c6ac08 42642a88 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.839s Main 76c6ac0c 4152a890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.839s Main 76c6ac10 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.839s Main 76c6ac14 00000000 I 1.839s Main 76c6ac18 76b6cdf4 I 1.839s Main 76c6ac1c 414dc655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.839s Main 76c6ac20 00000000 I 1.839s Main 76c6ac24 00000001 I 1.839s Main 76c6ac28 00000000 I 1.839s Main 76c6ac2c 00000000 I 1.839s Main 76c6ac30 6e49ce1c <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.839s Main 76c6ac34 76b6ce2c I 1.839s Main 76c6ac38 764c8ff0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.839s Main 76c6ac3c 4149bfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.839s Main 76c6ac40 00000000 I 1.839s Main 76c6ac44 764c8ff0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.839s Main 76c6ac48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.839s Main 76c6ac4c 00000000 I 1.839s Main 76c6ac50 76c6ad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1415] I 1.839s Main 76c6ac54 764c8ff0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.839s Main 76c6ac58 76c6ac94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1415] I 1.839s Main 76c6ac5c 6d77d440 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.839s Main 76c6ac60 426428c0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.839s Main 76c6ac64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.839s Main 76c6ac68 00000000 I 1.839s Main 76c6ac6c 00000000 I 1.840s Main 76c6ac70 00000000 I 1.840s Main 76c6ac74 00000000 I 1.840s Main 76c6ac78 00000000 I 1.840s Main 76c6ac7c fffffea0 I 1.840s Main 76c6ac80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.840s Main 76c6ac84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.840s Main 76c6ac88 00000000 I 1.840s Main 76c6ac8c 00000000 I 1.840s Main 76c6ac90 00000000 I 1.840s Main 76c6ac94 00000000 I 1.840s Main 76c6ac98 76b6cfe4 I 1.840s Main 76c6ac9c 00000000 I 1.840s Main 76c6aca0 00000000 I 1.840s Main 76c6aca4 00000000 I 1.840s Main 76c6aca8 00000000 I 1.840s Main 76c6acac 00000000 I 1.840s Main 76c6acb0 00000000 I 1.840s Main 76c6acb4 00000000 I 1.840s Main 76c6acb8 00000000 I 1.840s Main 76c6acbc 00000000 I 1.840s Main 76c6acc0 00000000 I 1.840s Main 76c6acc4 00000000 I 1.840s Main 76c6ad18 00000005 I 1.840s Main 76c6ad1c 00000587 I 1.840s Main 76c6ad20 00000000 I 1.840s Main 76c6ad24 764c8ff0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.840s Main 76c6ad28 40095384 I 1.840s Main 76c6ad2c 414e4ae1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.840s Main 76c6ad30 76b6d000 I 1.840s Main 76c6ad34 76c6ad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1415] I 1.840s Main 76c6ad38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.840s Main 76c6ad3c 40095384 I 1.840s Main 76c6ad40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.840s Main 76c6ad44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.840s Main 76c6ad48 76b6d000 I 1.840s Main 76c6ad4c 766d68cc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1405] I 1.840s Main 76c6ad50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.840s Main 76c6ad54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.840s Main 76c6ad58 76c6ad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1415] I 1.840s Main 76c6ad5c 76c6ad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1415] I 1.840s Main 76c6ad60 764c8ff0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.840s Main 76c6ad64 76c6ad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1415] I 1.840s Main 76c6ad68 40095384 I 1.840s Main 76c6ad6c 764c8ff0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.840s Main 76c6ad70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.840s Main 76c6ad74 76c6ad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1415] I 1.840s Main 76c6ad78 00000003 I 1.840s Main 76c6ad7c 764c9448 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.840s Main 76c6ad80 00000000 I 1.840s Main 76c6ad84 61636f4c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-1 I 1.840s Main 76c6ad88 676e456c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.840s Main 76c6ad8c 2d656e69 I 1.840s Main 76c6ad90 00000031 I 1.840s Main 76c6ad94 76c6ad91 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1415] I 1.840s Main 76c6ad98 76c6ad84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1415] I 1.840s Main 76c6ad9c 2597d120 I 1.840s Main 76c6ada0 76c6add0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1415] I 1.841s Main 76c6ada4 764c9448 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.841s Main 76c6ada8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.841s Main 76c6adac 764c8ff0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.841s Main 76c6adb0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.841s Main 76c6adb4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.841s Main 76c6adb8 764c8ff0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.841s Main 76c6adbc 764c9448 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.841s Main 76c6adc0 76c6add0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1415] I 1.841s Main 76c6adc4 00000000 I 1.841s Main 76c6adc8 00000078 I 1.841s Main 76c6adcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.841s Main 76c6add0 76c6add0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1415] I 1.841s Main 76c6add4 764c9448 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.841s Main 76c6add8 0000000c I 1.841s Main 76c6addc 00000000 I 1.841s Main 76c6ade0 00000000 I 1.841s Main 76c6ade4 2597d120 I 1.841s Main 76c6ade8 00000000 I 1.841s Main 76c6adec 00000000 I 1.841s Main 76c6adf0 00000000 I 1.841s Main 76c6adf4 00000000 I 1.841s Main 76c6adf8 00000000 I 1.841s Main 76c6adfc 00000000 I 1.841s Main 76c6ae00 00000000 I 1.841s Main 76c6ae04 00000000 I 1.841s Main 76c6ae08 00000000 I 1.841s Main 76c6ae0c 764c8ff0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.841s Main I 1.841s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.841s Main I 1.841s Main I 1.841s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1441, name: ContainerSchedu I 1.841s Main r0 776b65a8 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.841s Main r4 776b65a8 r5 776b6598 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.841s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3e52b0 sl 00000000 fp 42646078 I 1.841s Main ip 00000000 sp 777bcbc8 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068904 I 1.841s Main I 1.841s Main Stack Trace: I 1.841s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.841s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.841s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.841s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.841s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.841s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.841s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.841s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.841s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.841s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.841s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.841s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.841s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.841s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.841s Main I 1.841s Main Stack Data: I 1.841s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.841s Main 777bcb88 0000002b I 1.841s Main 777bcb8c 00003480 I 1.842s Main 777bcb90 776b70a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.842s Main 777bcb94 40057e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.842s Main 777bcb98 00000020 I 1.842s Main 777bcb9c 00000000 I 1.842s Main 777bcba0 00000021 I 1.842s Main 777bcba4 00000020 I 1.842s Main 777bcba8 00000020 I 1.842s Main 777bcbac 426462a8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.842s Main 777bcbb0 00000001 I 1.842s Main 777bcbb4 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.842s Main 777bcbb8 776b65a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.842s Main 777bcbbc 776b6598 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.842s Main 777bcbc0 00000000 I 1.842s Main 777bcbc4 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.842s Main 777bcbc8 00000000 I 1.842s Main 777bcbc8 00000000 I 1.842s Main 777bcbcc 776b6598 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.842s Main 777bcbd0 776b65a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.842s Main 777bcbd4 776b6208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.842s Main 777bcbd8 776b70a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.842s Main 777bcbdc 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.842s Main 777bcbe0 776b6598 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.842s Main 777bcbe4 00000000 I 1.842s Main 777bcbe8 776b6598 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.842s Main 777bcbec 776b6598 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.842s Main 777bcbf0 00000000 I 1.842s Main 777bcbf4 414c7d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.842s Main 777bcbf8 776b6208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.842s Main 777bcbfc 776b70a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.842s Main 777bcc00 776bee08 I 1.842s Main 777bcc04 776bee0c I 1.842s Main 777bcc08 426462a8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.842s Main 777bcc0c 4152a890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.842s Main 777bcc10 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.842s Main 777bcc14 00000000 I 1.842s Main 777bcc18 776bedf4 I 1.842s Main 777bcc1c 414dc655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.842s Main 777bcc20 00000000 I 1.842s Main 777bcc24 00000001 I 1.842s Main 777bcc28 00000000 I 1.842s Main 777bcc2c 00000000 I 1.842s Main 777bcc30 6e49ce1c <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.842s Main 777bcc34 776bee2c I 1.842s Main 777bcc38 776b6208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.842s Main 777bcc3c 4149bfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.842s Main 777bcc40 00000000 I 1.842s Main 777bcc44 776b6208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.842s Main 777bcc48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.842s Main 777bcc4c 00000000 I 1.842s Main 777bcc50 777bcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1441] I 1.842s Main 777bcc54 776b6208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.842s Main 777bcc58 777bcc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1441] I 1.842s Main 777bcc5c 6d77d440 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.842s Main 777bcc60 42646078 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.842s Main 777bcc64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.842s Main 777bcc68 00000000 I 1.842s Main 777bcc6c 00000000 I 1.843s Main 777bcc70 00000000 I 1.843s Main 777bcc74 00000000 I 1.843s Main 777bcc78 00000000 I 1.843s Main 777bcc7c fffffea0 I 1.843s Main 777bcc80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.843s Main 777bcc84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.843s Main 777bcc88 00000000 I 1.843s Main 777bcc8c 00000000 I 1.843s Main 777bcc90 00000000 I 1.843s Main 777bcc94 00000000 I 1.843s Main 777bcc98 776befe4 I 1.843s Main 777bcc9c 00000000 I 1.843s Main 777bcca0 00000000 I 1.843s Main 777bcca4 00000000 I 1.843s Main 777bcca8 00000000 I 1.843s Main 777bccac 00000000 I 1.843s Main 777bccb0 00000000 I 1.843s Main 777bccb4 00000000 I 1.843s Main 777bccb8 00000000 I 1.843s Main 777bccbc 00000000 I 1.843s Main 777bccc0 00000000 I 1.843s Main 777bccc4 00000000 I 1.843s Main 777bcd18 00000005 I 1.843s Main 777bcd1c 000005a1 I 1.843s Main 777bcd20 00000000 I 1.843s Main 777bcd24 776b6208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.843s Main 777bcd28 40095384 I 1.843s Main 777bcd2c 414e4ae1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.843s Main 777bcd30 776bf000 I 1.843s Main 777bcd34 777bcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1441] I 1.843s Main 777bcd38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.843s Main 777bcd3c 40095384 I 1.843s Main 777bcd40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.843s Main 777bcd44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.843s Main 777bcd48 776bf000 I 1.843s Main 777bcd4c 76c6aa74 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1415] I 1.843s Main 777bcd50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.843s Main 777bcd54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.843s Main 777bcd58 777bcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1441] I 1.843s Main 777bcd5c 777bcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1441] I 1.843s Main 777bcd60 776b6208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.843s Main 777bcd64 777bcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1441] I 1.843s Main 777bcd68 40095384 I 1.843s Main 777bcd6c 776b6208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.843s Main 777bcd70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.843s Main 777bcd74 777bcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1441] I 1.843s Main 777bcd78 00000003 I 1.843s Main 777bcd7c 776b66a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.843s Main 777bcd80 00000000 I 1.843s Main 777bcd84 4146ed28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.843s Main 777bcd88 776b6208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.843s Main 777bcd8c 400540ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.843s Main 777bcd90 00000000 I 1.843s Main 777bcd94 4146ed24 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.843s Main 777bcd98 4146ed08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.843s Main 777bcd9c 2597d120 I 1.843s Main 777bcda0 777bcdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1441] I 1.844s Main 777bcda4 776b66a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.844s Main 777bcda8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.844s Main 777bcdac 776b6208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.844s Main 777bcdb0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.844s Main 777bcdb4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.844s Main 777bcdb8 776b6208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.844s Main 777bcdbc 776b66a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.844s Main 777bcdc0 777bcdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1441] I 1.844s Main 777bcdc4 00000002 I 1.844s Main 777bcdc8 00000078 I 1.844s Main 777bcdcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.844s Main 777bcdd0 777bcdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1441] I 1.844s Main 777bcdd4 776b66a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.844s Main 777bcdd8 00000000 I 1.844s Main 777bcddc 00000000 I 1.844s Main 777bcde0 00000000 I 1.844s Main 777bcde4 2597d120 I 1.844s Main 777bcde8 00000000 I 1.844s Main 777bcdec 00000000 I 1.844s Main 777bcdf0 00000000 I 1.844s Main 777bcdf4 00000000 I 1.844s Main 777bcdf8 00000000 I 1.844s Main 777bcdfc 00000000 I 1.844s Main 777bce00 00000000 I 1.844s Main 777bce04 00000000 I 1.844s Main 777bce08 00000000 I 1.844s Main 777bce0c 776b6208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.844s Main I 1.844s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.844s Main I 1.844s Main I 1.844s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1448, name: MicrophoneReade I 1.844s Main r0 77ddd008 r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.844s Main r4 00000000 r5 77b62d18 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.844s Main r8 40aad6f8 r9 00000001 sl 00000000 fp 77ddd000 I 1.844s Main ip 77cdea7c sp 77cdea00 lr 40a887a5 pc 40068904 I 1.844s Main I 1.844s Main Stack Trace: I 1.844s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.844s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.844s Main 000487a1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.844s Main 00050d7d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.844s Main 000512cb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.844s Main 000801df <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.844s Main 0001dbcc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.844s Main 0004e123 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.844s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.844s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.844s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.844s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.844s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.844s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.844s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.844s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.844s Main I 1.844s Main Stack Data: I 1.845s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.845s Main 77cde9c0 77cde9fc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1448] I 1.845s Main 77cde9c4 6d3efee0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.845s Main 77cde9c8 77cdeafc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1448] I 1.845s Main 77cde9cc 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.845s Main 77cde9d0 77cdeb24 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1448] I 1.845s Main 77cde9d4 400fea6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.845s Main 77cde9d8 00000002 I 1.845s Main 77cde9dc 77cdea60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1448] I 1.845s Main 77cde9e0 4010cdf0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.845s Main 77cde9e4 fffffea0 I 1.845s Main 77cde9e8 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.845s Main 77cde9ec 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.845s Main 77cde9f0 77cdea1c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1448] I 1.845s Main 77cde9f4 400fa895 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.845s Main 77cde9f8 00000000 I 1.845s Main 77cde9fc 6e4f2e2c <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.845s Main 77cdea00 77b84f70 I 1.845s Main 77cdea00 77b84f70 I 1.845s Main 77cdea04 6d7b0d68 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.845s Main 77cdea08 00000000 I 1.845s Main 77cdea0c 00000000 I 1.845s Main 77cdea10 77cdea30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1448] I 1.845s Main 77cdea14 00000000 I 1.845s Main 77cdea18 00000000 I 1.845s Main 77cdea1c 00000000 I 1.845s Main 77cdea20 00000001 I 1.845s Main 77cdea24 00000018 I 1.845s Main 77cdea28 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.845s Main 77cdea2c 75d56238 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-aux-structure I 1.845s Main 77cdea30 77cdebdc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1448] I 1.845s Main 77cdea34 425abb00 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.845s Main 77cdea38 ffffffff I 1.845s Main 77cdea3c 777c17f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.845s Main 77cdea60 00000000 I 1.845s Main 77cdea64 00000000 I 1.845s Main 77cdea68 40acabb4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.845s Main 77cdea6c 00000000 I 1.845s Main 77cdea70 77b62d18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.845s Main 77cdea74 77b5b508 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.845s Main 77cdea78 777c1804 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.845s Main 77cdea7c 000000a0 I 1.845s Main 77cdea80 415260d0 I 1.845s Main 77cdea84 22600001 I 1.845s Main 77cdea88 22600001 I 1.845s Main 77cdea8c 00000140 I 1.845s Main 77cdea90 00000000 I 1.845s Main 77cdea94 42656b50 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.845s Main 77cdea98 777c17f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.845s Main 77cdea9c 00005b40 I 1.845s Main 77cdeab0 00000000 I 1.845s Main 77cdeab4 77bd2008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.845s Main 77cdeab8 41524564 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.845s Main 77cdeabc 000000a0 I 1.845s Main 77cdeac0 42651000 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.845s Main 77cdeac4 414be52d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.845s Main 77cdeac8 00000140 I 1.846s Main 77cdeacc 777c17b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.846s Main 77cdead0 21c00005 I 1.846s Main 77cdead4 42651010 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.846s Main 77cdead8 00005b40 I 1.846s Main 77cdeadc 77b84e44 I 1.846s Main 77cdeae0 77bd2018 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.846s Main 77cdeae4 4018e1e3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.846s Main 77cdeae8 777c17b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.846s Main 77cdeaec 777c17f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.846s Main 77cdeaf0 6d4be3b8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.846s Main 77cdeaf4 77bd2008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.846s Main 77cdeaf8 00000004 I 1.846s Main 77cdeafc 77b84e50 I 1.846s Main 77cdeb00 77cdeb0c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1448] I 1.846s Main 77cdeb04 41492bd0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.846s Main 77cdeb08 00000140 I 1.846s Main 77cdeb0c 414be111 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.846s Main 77cdeb10 77b84e40 I 1.846s Main 77cdeb14 00000001 I 1.846s Main 77cdeb18 6f020e01 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@framework.jar@classes.dex I 1.846s Main 77cdeb1c 4263e928 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.846s Main 77cdeb20 426402e8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.846s Main 77cdeb24 414c3127 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.846s Main 77cdeb28 77b84e40 I 1.846s Main 77cdeb2c 6f020dfd <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@framework.jar@classes.dex I 1.846s Main 77cdeb30 4018e169 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.846s Main 77cdeb34 77bd2018 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.846s Main 77cdeb38 731ea160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.846s Main 77cdeb3c 40057e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.846s Main 77cdeb40 00000000 I 1.846s Main 77cdeb44 00000000 I 1.846s Main 77cdeb48 415246c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.846s Main 77cdeb4c 40095384 I 1.846s Main 77cdeb50 77bd2030 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.846s Main 77cdeb54 ffffbfff I 1.846s Main 77cdeb58 77bd2030 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.846s Main 77cdeb5c 414e8919 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.846s Main 77cdeb60 77bd2008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.846s Main 77cdeb64 731ea160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.846s Main 77cdec40 00000000 I 1.846s Main 77cdec44 77bd2008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.846s Main 77cdec48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.846s Main 77cdec4c 00000000 I 1.846s Main 77cdec50 77cded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1448] I 1.846s Main 77cdec54 77bd2008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.846s Main 77cdec58 77cdec94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1448] I 1.846s Main 77cdec5c 6d7b0d68 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.846s Main 77cdec60 426402e8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.846s Main 77cdec64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.846s Main 77cdec68 00000000 I 1.846s Main 77cdec6c 00000000 I 1.846s Main 77cdec70 00000000 I 1.846s Main 77cdec74 00000000 I 1.846s Main 77cdec78 00000000 I 1.846s Main 77cdec7c fffffea0 I 1.846s Main 77cdec80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.846s Main 77cdec84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.847s Main 77cdec88 00000000 I 1.847s Main 77cdec8c 00000000 I 1.847s Main 77cdec90 00000000 I 1.847s Main 77cdec94 00000000 I 1.847s Main 77cdec98 77b84fd4 I 1.847s Main 77cdec9c 00000000 I 1.847s Main 77cdeca0 00000000 I 1.847s Main 77cdeca4 00000000 I 1.847s Main 77cdeca8 00000000 I 1.847s Main 77cdecac 00000000 I 1.847s Main 77cdecb0 00000000 I 1.847s Main 77cdecb4 00000000 I 1.847s Main 77cdecb8 00000000 I 1.847s Main 77cdecbc 00000000 I 1.847s Main 77cdecc0 00000000 I 1.847s Main 77cdecc4 00000000 I 1.847s Main 77cded18 00000005 I 1.847s Main 77cded1c 000005a8 I 1.847s Main 77cded20 00000000 I 1.847s Main 77cded24 77bd2008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.847s Main 77cded28 40095384 I 1.847s Main 77cded2c 414e4ae1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.847s Main 77cded30 77be1000 I 1.847s Main 77cded34 77cded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1448] I 1.847s Main 77cded38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.847s Main 77cded3c 40095384 I 1.847s Main 77cded40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.847s Main 77cded44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.847s Main 77cded48 77be1000 I 1.847s Main 77cded4c 76c6aa74 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1415] I 1.847s Main 77cded50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.847s Main 77cded54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.847s Main 77cded58 77cded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1448] I 1.847s Main 77cded5c 77cded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1448] I 1.847s Main 77cded60 77bd2008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.847s Main 77cded64 77cded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1448] I 1.847s Main 77cded68 40095384 I 1.847s Main 77cded6c 77bd2008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.847s Main 77cded70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.847s Main 77cded74 77cded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1448] I 1.847s Main 77cded78 00000003 I 1.847s Main 77cded7c 77b42680 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.847s Main 77cded80 00000000 I 1.847s Main 77cded84 4146ea70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.847s Main 77cded88 77bd2008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.847s Main 77cded8c 400540ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.847s Main 77cded90 00000000 I 1.847s Main 77cded94 4146ea68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.847s Main 77cded98 4146ea58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.847s Main 77cded9c 2597d120 I 1.847s Main 77cdeda0 77cdedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1448] I 1.847s Main 77cdeda4 77b42680 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.847s Main 77cdeda8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.847s Main 77cdedac 77bd2008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.847s Main 77cdedb0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.847s Main 77cdedb4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.848s Main 77cdedb8 77bd2008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.848s Main 77cdedbc 77b42680 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.848s Main 77cdedc0 77cdedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1448] I 1.848s Main 77cdedc4 0000000c I 1.848s Main 77cdedc8 00000078 I 1.848s Main 77cdedcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.848s Main 77cdedd0 77cdedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1448] I 1.848s Main 77cdedd4 77b42680 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.848s Main 77cdedd8 00000000 I 1.848s Main 77cdeddc 00000000 I 1.848s Main 77cdede0 00000000 I 1.848s Main 77cdede4 2597d120 I 1.848s Main 77cdede8 00000000 I 1.848s Main 77cdedec 00000000 I 1.848s Main 77cdedf0 00000000 I 1.848s Main 77cdedf4 00000000 I 1.848s Main 77cdedf8 00000000 I 1.848s Main 77cdedfc 00000000 I 1.848s Main 77cdee00 00000000 I 1.848s Main 77cdee04 00000000 I 1.848s Main 77cdee08 00000000 I 1.848s Main 77cdee0c 77bd2008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.848s Main I 1.848s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.848s Main I 1.848s Main I 1.848s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1449, name: Greco3Thread-1 I 1.848s Main r0 77b61020 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.848s Main r4 77b61020 r5 400953a0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.848s Main r8 77b42f50 r9 00000000 sl 7768cd48 fp 77ddc1e8 I 1.848s Main ip 00000000 sp 77ddc108 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068904 I 1.848s Main I 1.848s Main Stack Trace: I 1.848s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.848s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.848s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.848s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.848s Main 00012f73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.848s Main 0077b704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.848s Main I 1.848s Main Stack Data: I 1.848s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.848s Main 77ddc0c8 754d4f18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.848s Main 77ddc0cc 40057e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.848s Main 77ddc0d0 0000003c I 1.848s Main 77ddc0d4 0000082c I 1.848s Main 77ddc0d8 764c5ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.848s Main 77ddc0dc 754d4f18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.848s Main 77ddc0e0 7769f0dc I 1.848s Main 77ddc0e4 764c5eb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.848s Main 77ddc0e8 77b42fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.848s Main 77ddc0ec 40058257 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.848s Main 77ddc0f0 40091000 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.848s Main 77ddc0f4 764c5eb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.848s Main 77ddc0f8 77b61020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.848s Main 77ddc0fc 400953a0 I 1.848s Main 77ddc100 00000000 I 1.849s Main 77ddc104 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.849s Main 77ddc108 00000000 I 1.849s Main 77ddc108 00000000 I 1.849s Main 77ddc10c 400953a0 I 1.849s Main 77ddc110 77b61020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.849s Main 77ddc114 77b61020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.849s Main 77ddc118 400953a0 I 1.849s Main 77ddc11c 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.849s Main 77ddc120 77ddc1e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1449] I 1.849s Main 77ddc124 00000000 I 1.849s Main 77ddc128 77b60ff8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.849s Main 77ddc12c 77b60ff8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.849s Main 77ddc130 00000000 I 1.849s Main 77ddc134 40059f77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.849s Main 77ddc138 00001000 I 1.849s Main 77ddc13c 77ddc1e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1449] I 1.849s Main 77ddc140 77b619b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.849s Main 77ddc144 77b60d00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.849s Main 77ddc148 77bdd530 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.849s Main 77ddc14c 773e9708 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.849s Main 77ddc150 77b619b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.849s Main 77ddc154 777c13d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.849s Main 77ddc158 77bdd530 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.849s Main 77ddc15c 77b60ce8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.849s Main 77ddc160 77b619b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.849s Main 77ddc164 777c13d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.849s Main 77ddc168 77bdd530 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.849s Main 77ddc16c 773a101c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.849s Main 77ddc170 00000000 I 1.849s Main 77ddc174 00000000 I 1.849s Main 77ddc178 77b42fc4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.849s Main 77ddc17c 77b42fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.849s Main 77ddc180 00000000 I 1.849s Main 77ddc184 77b42fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.849s Main 77ddc188 754cfd20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.849s Main 77ddc18c 776704f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.849s Main I 1.849s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.849s Main I 1.849s Main I 1.849s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1451, name: AudioRecord I 1.849s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000080 r2 fffffffe r3 77fdad30 I 1.849s Main r4 77b58ed4 r5 77b58ed0 r6 fffffffe r7 000000f0 I 1.849s Main r8 77b58ea8 r9 77edd000 sl 77cde9d4 fp 400932ec I 1.849s Main ip 77fdad30 sp 77fdad08 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068908 I 1.849s Main I 1.849s Main Stack Trace: I 1.849s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.849s Main 00021908 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.849s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.849s Main 000511a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.849s Main 0000e9ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.849s Main 0004cd81 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.849s Main 0000e58f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.849s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.849s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.850s Main I 1.850s Main Stack Data: I 1.850s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.850s Main 77fdacc8 3b9aca00 I 1.850s Main 77fdaccc 00000000 I 1.850s Main 77fdacd0 3b9aca00 I 1.850s Main 77fdacd4 3b9aca00 I 1.850s Main 77fdacd8 00000000 I 1.850s Main 77fdacdc 3b9aca00 I 1.850s Main 77fdace0 00000000 I 1.850s Main 77fdace4 77b58ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.850s Main 77fdace8 77edd000 I 1.850s Main 77fdacec 77cde9d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1448] I 1.850s Main 77fdacf0 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.850s Main 77fdacf4 400826c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.850s Main 77fdacf8 77b58ed4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.850s Main 77fdacfc 77b58ed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.850s Main 77fdad00 fffffffe I 1.850s Main 77fdad04 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.850s Main 77fdad08 00000000 I 1.850s Main 77fdad08 00000000 I 1.850s Main 77fdad0c 3b9aca00 I 1.850s Main 77fdad10 00000000 I 1.850s Main 77fdad14 77b58ed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.850s Main 77fdad18 77fdad2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1451] I 1.850s Main 77fdad1c 40a911a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.850s Main 77fdad20 77fdad3c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1451] I 1.850s Main 77fdad24 00000000 I 1.850s Main 77fdad28 00000001 I 1.850s Main 77fdad2c 77b58ed0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.850s Main 77fdad30 00000001 I 1.850s Main 77fdad34 00000000 I 1.850s Main 77fdad38 77b58ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.850s Main 77fdad3c 77fdad50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1451] I 1.850s Main 77fdad40 40abd13c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.850s Main 77fdad44 77b58eb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.850s Main 77fdad48 400cd559 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.850s Main 77fdad4c 400cd9ef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.850s Main 77fdad50 77b58ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.850s Main 77fdad54 77b58ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.850s Main 77fdad58 77b58ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.850s Main 77fdad5c 77b63360 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.850s Main 77fdad60 77b63458 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.850s Main 77fdad64 77b63458 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.850s Main 77fdad68 400cd985 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.850s Main 77fdad6c 401bf5d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.850s Main 77fdad70 77b58ea8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.850s Main 77fdad74 4015ad83 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.850s Main 77fdad78 77b64f00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.850s Main 77fdad7c 00010004 I 1.850s Main 77fdad80 77b63458 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.850s Main 77fdad84 00000000 I 1.850s Main 77fdad88 77b634b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.850s Main 77fdad8c 77b634b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.850s Main 77fdad90 fffffff0 I 1.850s Main 77fdad94 4015ad3d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.851s Main 77fdad98 77b63438 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.851s Main 77fdad9c 400cd591 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.851s Main 77fdada0 00000000 I 1.851s Main 77fdada4 77fdadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1451] I 1.851s Main 77fdada8 77b5bf68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.851s Main 77fdadac 400cd559 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.851s Main 77fdadb0 77b63478 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.851s Main 77fdadb4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.851s Main 77fdadb8 77b63478 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.851s Main 77fdadbc 77b5bf68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.851s Main 77fdadc0 77fdadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1451] I 1.851s Main 77fdadc4 00000000 I 1.851s Main 77fdadc8 00000078 I 1.851s Main 77fdadcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.851s Main 77fdadd0 77fdadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1451] I 1.851s Main 77fdadd4 77b5bf68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.851s Main 77fdadd8 00000000 I 1.851s Main 77fdaddc 00000000 I 1.851s Main 77fdade0 00000000 I 1.851s Main 77fdade4 2597d120 I 1.851s Main 77fdade8 00000000 I 1.851s Main 77fdadec 00000000 I 1.851s Main 77fdadf0 00000000 I 1.851s Main 77fdadf4 00000000 I 1.851s Main 77fdadf8 00000000 I 1.851s Main 77fdadfc 00000000 I 1.851s Main 77fdae00 00000000 I 1.851s Main 77fdae04 00000000 I 1.851s Main 77fdae08 00000000 I 1.851s Main 77fdae0c 77b5c980 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.851s Main I 1.851s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.851s Main I 1.851s Main I 1.851s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1452, name: Greco3Thread-1 I 1.851s Main r0 77b61df8 r1 00000080 r2 ffffff94 r3 00000000 I 1.851s Main r4 77b61df8 r5 77b61de8 r6 ffffff94 r7 000000f0 I 1.851s Main r8 00000002 r9 6d7b47e8 sl 00000000 fp 78124b48 I 1.851s Main ip 00000000 sp 78124970 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068904 I 1.851s Main I 1.851s Main Stack Trace: I 1.851s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.851s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.851s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.851s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.851s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.851s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.851s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.851s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.851s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.851s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.851s Main 0004cac5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.851s Main 00079fc8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.851s Main 0007a5fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.851s Main I 1.851s Main Stack Data: I 1.851s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.852s Main 78124930 00000002 I 1.852s Main 78124934 00000010 I 1.852s Main 78124938 426e2c70 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.852s Main 7812493c 6d7b1ba0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.852s Main 78124940 40095384 I 1.852s Main 78124944 00000001 I 1.852s Main 78124948 00000004 I 1.852s Main 7812494c 77b9ef34 I 1.852s Main 78124950 78124a08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1452] I 1.852s Main 78124954 414c69a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.852s Main 78124958 00000000 I 1.852s Main 7812495c 77b61de8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.852s Main 78124960 77b61df8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.852s Main 78124964 77b61de8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.852s Main 78124968 ffffff94 I 1.852s Main 7812496c 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.852s Main 78124970 00000000 I 1.852s Main 78124970 00000000 I 1.852s Main 78124974 77b61de8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.852s Main 78124978 77b61df8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.852s Main 7812497c 77b61a58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.852s Main 78124980 777c17d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.852s Main 78124984 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.852s Main 78124988 77b61de8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.852s Main 7812498c 00000000 I 1.852s Main 78124990 77b61de8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.852s Main 78124994 77b61de8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.852s Main 78124998 00000000 I 1.852s Main 7812499c 414c7d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.852s Main 781249a0 77b61a58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.852s Main 781249a4 777c17d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.852s Main 781249a8 77b9ee8c I 1.852s Main 781249ac 77b9ee90 I 1.852s Main 781249b0 4264e850 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.852s Main 781249b4 4152a890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.852s Main 781249b8 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.852s Main 781249bc 00000001 I 1.852s Main 781249c0 77b9ee78 I 1.852s Main 781249c4 414dc655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.852s Main 781249c8 00000000 I 1.852s Main 781249cc 00000001 I 1.852s Main 781249d0 00000000 I 1.852s Main 781249d4 00000000 I 1.852s Main 781249d8 6e46fe8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.852s Main 781249dc 77b9eeb0 I 1.852s Main 781249e0 77b61a58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.852s Main 781249e4 4149bfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.852s Main 781249e8 781254a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1452] I 1.852s Main 781249ec 77b61a58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.852s Main 781249f0 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.852s Main 781249f4 00000000 I 1.852s Main 781249f8 78124b10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1452] I 1.852s Main 781249fc 77b61a58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.852s Main 78124a00 78124a3c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1452] I 1.852s Main 78124a04 6d7b1ea0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.852s Main 78124a08 78124b48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1452] I 1.852s Main 78124a0c 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.853s Main 78124a10 4151a29d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.853s Main 78124a14 00008000 I 1.853s Main 78124a18 00000000 I 1.853s Main 78124a1c 00000000 I 1.853s Main 78124a20 7768cd48 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.853s Main 78124a24 fffffea0 I 1.853s Main 78124a28 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.853s Main 78124a2c 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.853s Main 78124a30 78125348 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1452] I 1.853s Main 78124a34 770ebc78 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.853s Main 78124a38 00000000 I 1.853s Main 78124a3c 00000000 I 1.853s Main 78124a40 77b9efa0 I 1.853s Main 78124a44 00000000 I 1.853s Main 78124a48 00000000 I 1.853s Main 78124a4c 00000000 I 1.853s Main 78124a50 00000000 I 1.853s Main 78124a54 00000000 I 1.853s Main 78124a58 00000000 I 1.853s Main 78124a5c 00000000 I 1.853s Main 78124a60 00000000 I 1.853s Main 78124a64 00000000 I 1.853s Main 78124a68 00000000 I 1.853s Main 78124a6c 00000000 I 1.853s Main 78124ac0 00000000 I 1.853s Main 78124ac4 41524508 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.853s Main 78124ac8 4152450c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.853s Main 78124acc 00000001 I 1.853s Main 78124ad0 78124aec <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1452] I 1.853s Main 78124ad4 42631ce0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.853s Main 78124ad8 6d7b1ea0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.853s Main 78124adc 42631ce0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.853s Main 78124ae0 78124b44 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1452] I 1.853s Main 78124ae4 6d7b1ea0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.853s Main 78124ae8 77b620b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.853s Main 78124aec 777c13d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.853s Main 78124af0 781254a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1452] I 1.853s Main 78124af4 78125340 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1452] I 1.853s Main 78124af8 77699fec I 1.853s Main 78124afc 414c1ac9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.853s Main 78124b00 78124b10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1452] I 1.853s Main 78124b04 78124b44 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1452] I 1.853s Main 78124b08 78124b24 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1452] I 1.853s Main 78124b0c 77b61a58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.853s Main 78124b10 415260d0 I 1.853s Main 78124b14 78124b3c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1452] I 1.853s Main 78124b18 77b60d90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.853s Main 78124b1c 77b620b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.853s Main 78124b20 77b60d90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.853s Main 78124b24 7768cd48 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.853s Main 78124b28 78125348 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1452] I 1.853s Main 78124b2c 76ce7fcc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.853s Main 78124b30 77b620b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.853s Main 78124b34 78124b44 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1452] I 1.853s Main 78124b38 77b620b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.853s Main 78124b3c 76ce8600 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.854s Main 78124b40 6d7b1ea0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.854s Main 78124b44 1d3003ea I 1.854s Main 78124b48 00000000 I 1.854s Main 78124b4c 000000a0 I 1.854s Main 78124b50 000000a0 I 1.854s Main 78124b54 00000000 I 1.854s Main 78124b58 00000000 I 1.854s Main 78124b5c 777c14d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.854s Main 78124b60 77b60db0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.854s Main 78124b64 00000000 I 1.854s Main 78124b68 00000000 I 1.854s Main 78124b6c 00000000 I 1.854s Main 78124b70 00000000 I 1.854s Main 78124b74 00000000 I 1.854s Main 78124b78 00000000 I 1.854s Main 78124b7c 00000000 I 1.854s Main 78124b80 00000000 I 1.854s Main 78124b84 00000000 I 1.854s Main I 1.854s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.854s Main I 1.854s Main I 1.854s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1453, name: Greco3Thread-1 I 1.854s Main r0 77b5991c r1 00000080 r2 ffffff14 r3 00000000 I 1.854s Main r4 77b5991c r5 77b59918 r6 ffffff14 r7 000000f0 I 1.854s Main r8 77b5991c r9 77ba3290 sl 77b59918 fp 7768cd48 I 1.854s Main ip 00000000 sp 78227250 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068904 I 1.854s Main I 1.854s Main Stack Trace: I 1.854s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.854s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.854s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.854s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.854s Main 0077d7f4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.854s Main I 1.854s Main Stack Data: I 1.854s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.854s Main 78227210 00000000 I 1.854s Main 78227214 77670734 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.854s Main 78227218 77b5ad50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.854s Main 7822721c 776705a0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.854s Main 78227220 782278a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1453] I 1.854s Main 78227224 774736fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.854s Main 78227228 77b9f478 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.854s Main 7822722c 776705a0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.854s Main 78227230 77b9f478 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.854s Main 78227234 7822723c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1453] I 1.854s Main 78227238 00000006 I 1.854s Main 7822723c 77b9f478 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.854s Main 78227240 77b5991c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.854s Main 78227244 77b59918 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.854s Main 78227248 ffffff14 I 1.854s Main 7822724c 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.854s Main 78227250 00000000 I 1.854s Main 78227250 00000000 I 1.854s Main 78227254 77b59918 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.854s Main 78227258 77b5991c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.855s Main 7822725c 77ba3288 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.855s Main 78227260 77b59990 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.855s Main 78227264 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.855s Main 78227268 00000002 I 1.855s Main 7822726c 773eaa1c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.855s Main 78227270 77ba4fe8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.855s Main 78227274 77b59930 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.855s Main 78227278 7768cd48 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.855s Main 7822727c 773eb7f8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.855s Main 78227280 77b59918 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.855s Main 78227284 773ea584 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.855s Main 78227288 00000000 I 1.855s Main 7822728c 00000000 I 1.855s Main 78227290 00000000 I 1.855s Main 78227294 00000000 I 1.855s Main 78227298 00000000 I 1.855s Main 7822729c 00000000 I 1.855s Main 782272a0 00000000 I 1.855s Main 782272a4 77b5ad50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.855s Main 782272a8 77ba4fe8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.855s Main 782272ac 77ba4fec <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.855s Main 782272b0 76dba9a4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.855s Main 782272b4 76dba9d0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.855s Main 782272b8 00000000 I 1.855s Main 782272bc 00000000 I 1.855s Main I 1.855s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.855s Main I 1.855s Main I 1.855s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1454, name: Greco3Thread-1 I 1.855s Main r0 77b5991c r1 00000080 r2 ffffff14 r3 00000000 I 1.855s Main r4 77b5991c r5 77b59918 r6 ffffff14 r7 000000f0 I 1.855s Main r8 77b5991c r9 731e6ee8 sl 77b59918 fp 7768cd48 I 1.855s Main ip 00000000 sp 78324c40 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068904 I 1.855s Main I 1.855s Main Stack Trace: I 1.855s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.855s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.855s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.855s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.855s Main 0077d7f4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.855s Main I 1.855s Main Stack Data: I 1.855s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.855s Main 78324c00 00000000 I 1.855s Main 78324c04 77670734 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.855s Main 78324c08 77b5a9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.855s Main 78324c0c 776705a0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.855s Main 78324c10 78325290 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1454] I 1.855s Main 78324c14 774736fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.855s Main 78324c18 77b619c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.855s Main 78324c1c 776705a0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.855s Main 78324c20 77b619c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.855s Main 78324c24 78324c2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1454] I 1.855s Main 78324c28 00000006 I 1.855s Main 78324c2c 77b619c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.855s Main 78324c30 77b5991c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.856s Main 78324c34 77b59918 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.856s Main 78324c38 ffffff14 I 1.856s Main 78324c3c 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.856s Main 78324c40 00000000 I 1.856s Main 78324c40 00000000 I 1.856s Main 78324c44 77b59918 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.856s Main 78324c48 77b5991c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.856s Main 78324c4c 731e6ee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.856s Main 78324c50 77b6b2a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.856s Main 78324c54 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.856s Main 78324c58 00000002 I 1.856s Main 78324c5c 773eaa1c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.856s Main 78324c60 77ba47c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.856s Main 78324c64 77b59930 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.856s Main 78324c68 7768cd48 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.856s Main 78324c6c 773eb7f8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.856s Main 78324c70 77b59918 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.856s Main 78324c74 773ea584 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.856s Main 78324c78 00000000 I 1.856s Main 78324c7c 00000000 I 1.856s Main 78324c80 00000000 I 1.856s Main 78324c84 00000000 I 1.856s Main 78324c88 00000000 I 1.856s Main 78324c8c 00000000 I 1.856s Main 78324c90 00000000 I 1.856s Main 78324c94 77b5a9f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.856s Main 78324c98 77ba47c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.856s Main 78324c9c 77ba47cc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.856s Main 78324ca0 76dba9a4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.856s Main 78324ca4 76dba9d0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.856s Main 78324ca8 00000000 I 1.856s Main 78324cac 00000000 I 1.856s Main I 1.856s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.856s Main I 1.856s Main I 1.856s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1455, name: Greco3Thread-1 I 1.856s Main r0 77b6ae3c r1 00000080 r2 fffffffe r3 00000000 I 1.856s Main r4 77b6ae3c r5 77b6ae38 r6 fffffffe r7 000000f0 I 1.856s Main r8 77b6ae3c r9 784234c8 sl 77b6ae38 fp 7768cd48 I 1.856s Main ip 00000000 sp 78423208 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068904 I 1.856s Main I 1.856s Main Stack Trace: I 1.856s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.856s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.856s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.856s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.856s Main 0077d7f4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.856s Main I 1.856s Main Stack Data: I 1.856s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.856s Main 784231c8 00000000 I 1.856s Main 784231cc 00000000 I 1.856s Main 784231d0 00000000 I 1.856s Main 784231d4 00000000 I 1.856s Main 784231d8 00000000 I 1.857s Main 784231dc 00000000 I 1.857s Main 784231e0 00000000 I 1.857s Main 784231e4 00000000 I 1.857s Main 784231e8 00000000 I 1.857s Main 784231ec 00000000 I 1.857s Main 784231f0 00000000 I 1.857s Main 784231f4 77b6ae38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.857s Main 784231f8 77b6ae3c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.857s Main 784231fc 77b6ae38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.857s Main 78423200 fffffffe I 1.857s Main 78423204 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.857s Main 78423208 00000000 I 1.857s Main 78423208 00000000 I 1.857s Main 7842320c 77b6ae38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.857s Main 78423210 77b6ae3c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.857s Main 78423214 77b6199c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.857s Main 78423218 77b6aeb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.857s Main 7842321c 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.857s Main 78423220 00000004 I 1.857s Main 78423224 773eaa1c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.857s Main 78423228 77b61998 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.857s Main 7842322c 77b6ae50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.857s Main 78423230 7768cd48 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.857s Main 78423234 773eb7f8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.857s Main 78423238 77b6ae38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.857s Main 7842323c 773ea584 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.857s Main 78423240 00000000 I 1.857s Main 78423244 00000000 I 1.857s Main 78423248 00000000 I 1.857s Main 7842324c 00000000 I 1.857s Main 78423250 00000000 I 1.857s Main 78423254 00000000 I 1.857s Main 78423258 00000000 I 1.857s Main 7842325c 00000000 I 1.857s Main 78423260 00000000 I 1.857s Main 78423264 00000000 I 1.857s Main 78423268 00000000 I 1.857s Main 7842326c 00000000 I 1.857s Main 78423270 00000000 I 1.857s Main 78423274 00000000 I 1.857s Main I 1.857s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.857s Main I 1.857s Main I 1.857s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1742, name: roundTasksImpl] I 1.857s Main r0 77ba8e30 r1 00000080 r2 fffffffe r3 00000000 I 1.857s Main r4 77ba8e30 r5 77ba8e20 r6 fffffffe r7 000000f0 I 1.857s Main r8 00000002 r9 6d780790 sl 00000000 fp 00000004 I 1.857s Main ip 00000000 sp 7861fbc8 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068904 I 1.857s Main I 1.857s Main Stack Trace: I 1.857s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.857s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.857s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.857s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.857s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.858s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.858s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.858s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.858s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.858s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.858s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.858s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.858s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.858s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.858s Main I 1.858s Main Stack Data: I 1.858s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.858s Main 7861fb88 00000000 I 1.858s Main 7861fb8c 00000001 I 1.858s Main 7861fb90 00000018 I 1.858s Main 7861fb94 4257b008 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.858s Main 7861fb98 0000000c I 1.858s Main 7861fb9c 00000001 I 1.858s Main 7861fba0 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.858s Main 7861fba4 77bc1cf8 I 1.858s Main 7861fba8 0000001a I 1.858s Main 7861fbac 4261abd0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.858s Main 7861fbb0 00000011 I 1.858s Main 7861fbb4 00000001 I 1.858s Main 7861fbb8 77ba8e30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.858s Main 7861fbbc 77ba8e20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.858s Main 7861fbc0 fffffffe I 1.858s Main 7861fbc4 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.858s Main 7861fbc8 00000000 I 1.858s Main 7861fbc8 00000000 I 1.858s Main 7861fbcc 77ba8e20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.858s Main 7861fbd0 77ba8e30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.858s Main 7861fbd4 77ba8a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.858s Main 7861fbd8 77baf430 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.858s Main 7861fbdc 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.858s Main 7861fbe0 77ba8e20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.858s Main 7861fbe4 00000000 I 1.858s Main 7861fbe8 77ba8e20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.858s Main 7861fbec 77ba8e20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.858s Main 7861fbf0 00000000 I 1.858s Main 7861fbf4 414c7d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.858s Main 7861fbf8 77ba8a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.858s Main 7861fbfc 77baf430 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.858s Main 7861fc00 77bc1e80 I 1.858s Main 7861fc04 77bc1e84 I 1.858s Main 7861fc08 425a8c78 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.858s Main 7861fc0c 4152a890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.858s Main 7861fc10 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.858s Main 7861fc14 00000000 I 1.858s Main 7861fc18 77bc1e6c I 1.858s Main 7861fc1c 414dc655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.858s Main 7861fc20 00000000 I 1.858s Main 7861fc24 00000001 I 1.858s Main 7861fc28 00000000 I 1.858s Main 7861fc2c 00000000 I 1.858s Main 7861fc30 6e46fe8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.858s Main 7861fc34 77bc1ea4 I 1.859s Main 7861fc38 77ba8a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.859s Main 7861fc3c 4149bfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.859s Main 7861fc40 00000000 I 1.859s Main 7861fc44 77ba8a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.859s Main 7861fc48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.859s Main 7861fc4c 00000000 I 1.859s Main 7861fc50 7861fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1742] I 1.859s Main 7861fc54 77ba8a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.859s Main 7861fc58 7861fc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1742] I 1.859s Main 7861fc5c 6d5df598 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.859s Main 7861fc60 425da100 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.859s Main 7861fc64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.859s Main 7861fc68 00000000 I 1.859s Main 7861fc6c 00000000 I 1.859s Main 7861fc70 00000000 I 1.859s Main 7861fc74 00000000 I 1.859s Main 7861fc78 00000000 I 1.859s Main 7861fc7c fffffea0 I 1.859s Main 7861fc80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.859s Main 7861fc84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.859s Main 7861fc88 00000000 I 1.859s Main 7861fc8c 00000000 I 1.859s Main 7861fc90 00000000 I 1.859s Main 7861fc94 00000000 I 1.859s Main 7861fc98 77bc1fe4 I 1.859s Main 7861fc9c 00000000 I 1.859s Main 7861fca0 00000000 I 1.859s Main 7861fca4 00000000 I 1.859s Main 7861fca8 00000000 I 1.859s Main 7861fcac 00000000 I 1.859s Main 7861fcb0 00000000 I 1.859s Main 7861fcb4 00000000 I 1.859s Main 7861fcb8 00000000 I 1.859s Main 7861fcbc 00000000 I 1.859s Main 7861fcc0 00000000 I 1.859s Main 7861fcc4 00000000 I 1.859s Main 7861fd18 0000001d I 1.859s Main 7861fd1c 0000001c I 1.859s Main 7861fd20 0000001c I 1.859s Main 7861fd24 77ba8a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.859s Main 7861fd28 40095384 I 1.859s Main 7861fd2c 414e4ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.859s Main 7861fd30 78522000 I 1.859s Main 7861fd34 7861fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1742] I 1.859s Main 7861fd38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.859s Main 7861fd3c 40095384 I 1.859s Main 7861fd40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.859s Main 7861fd44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.859s Main 7861fd48 78522000 I 1.859s Main 7861fd4c be8095f4 [stack] I 1.859s Main 7861fd50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.859s Main 7861fd54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.859s Main 7861fd58 7861fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1742] I 1.859s Main 7861fd5c 7861fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1742] I 1.859s Main 7861fd60 77ba8a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.859s Main 7861fd64 7861fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1742] I 1.860s Main 7861fd68 40095384 I 1.860s Main 7861fd6c 77ba8a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.860s Main 7861fd70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.860s Main 7861fd74 7861fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1742] I 1.860s Main 7861fd78 00000003 I 1.860s Main 7861fd7c 77ba5788 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.860s Main 7861fd80 00000000 I 1.860s Main 7861fd84 4146ee58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.860s Main 7861fd88 77ba8a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.860s Main 7861fd8c 400540ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.860s Main 7861fd90 00000000 I 1.860s Main 7861fd94 4146ee57 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.860s Main 7861fd98 4146ee28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.860s Main 7861fd9c 2597d120 I 1.860s Main 7861fda0 7861fdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1742] I 1.860s Main 7861fda4 77ba5788 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.860s Main 7861fda8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.860s Main 7861fdac 77ba8a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.860s Main 7861fdb0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.860s Main 7861fdb4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.860s Main 7861fdb8 77ba8a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.860s Main 7861fdbc 77ba5788 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.860s Main 7861fdc0 7861fdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1742] I 1.860s Main 7861fdc4 00000002 I 1.860s Main 7861fdc8 00000078 I 1.860s Main 7861fdcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.860s Main 7861fdd0 7861fdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1742] I 1.860s Main 7861fdd4 77ba5788 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.860s Main 7861fdd8 00000000 I 1.860s Main 7861fddc 00000000 I 1.860s Main 7861fde0 00000000 I 1.860s Main 7861fde4 2597d120 I 1.860s Main 7861fde8 00000000 I 1.860s Main 7861fdec 00000000 I 1.860s Main 7861fdf0 00000000 I 1.860s Main 7861fdf4 00000000 I 1.860s Main 7861fdf8 00000000 I 1.860s Main 7861fdfc 00000000 I 1.860s Main 7861fe00 00000000 I 1.860s Main 7861fe04 00000000 I 1.860s Main 7861fe08 00000000 I 1.860s Main 7861fe0c 77ba8a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.860s Main I 1.860s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.860s Main I 1.860s Main I 1.860s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1753, name: Thread-93 I 1.860s Main r0 00000047 r1 78e65008 r2 00001000 r3 4006d209 I 1.860s Main r4 4009ed8c r5 00000004 r6 00000004 r7 00000003 I 1.860s Main r8 00000004 r9 7871d990 sl 00000001 fp 00000000 I 1.860s Main ip 4009f324 sp 7871d910 lr 4006d215 pc 400672c4 I 1.860s Main I 1.860s Main Stack Trace: I 1.860s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.860s Main 000202c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.860s Main 00026211 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.860s Main 00026067 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.861s Main 0002570f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.861s Main 00036c8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.861s Main 00036f57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.861s Main 0001e48f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.861s Main 0001dbcc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.861s Main 0004e123 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.861s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.861s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.861s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.861s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.861s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.861s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.861s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.861s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.861s Main I 1.861s Main Stack Data: I 1.861s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.861s Main 7871d8d0 7871d9c4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.861s Main 7871d8d4 77b59ae8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.861s Main 7871d8d8 7871d9c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.861s Main 7871d8dc 2597d120 I 1.861s Main 7871d8e0 77b59ae8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.861s Main 7871d8e4 00000000 I 1.861s Main 7871d8e8 00000000 I 1.861s Main 7871d8ec 00000000 I 1.861s Main 7871d8f0 00000000 I 1.861s Main 7871d8f4 4009ed8c I 1.861s Main 7871d8f8 4009f324 I 1.861s Main 7871d8fc 7871d940 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.861s Main 7871d900 4008a418 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.861s Main 7871d904 00000000 I 1.861s Main 7871d908 4009ed8c I 1.861s Main 7871d90c 00000004 I 1.861s Main 7871d910 4009ed8c I 1.861s Main 7871d910 4009ed8c I 1.861s Main 7871d914 4006d069 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.861s Main 7871d918 4009ed8c I 1.861s Main 7871d91c 4006c713 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.861s Main 7871d920 4009ed8c I 1.861s Main 7871d924 4009ed8c I 1.861s Main 7871d928 00000000 I 1.861s Main 7871d92c 40089535 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.861s Main 7871d930 40089535 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.861s Main 7871d934 7871dac8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.861s Main 7871d938 40090d9c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.861s Main 7871d93c ffffffff I 1.861s Main 7871d940 00000000 I 1.861s Main 7871d944 4007dc91 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.861s Main 7871d948 00000400 I 1.861s Main 7871d94c 00000000 I 1.861s Main 7871d950 00000001 I 1.861s Main 7871d954 00000000 I 1.861s Main 7871d958 40089535 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.861s Main 7871d95c 6d424498 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.861s Main 7871d960 7871d9c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.861s Main 7871d964 00000000 I 1.862s Main 7871d968 00000000 I 1.862s Main 7871d96c 7871d9a4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.862s Main 7871d970 40090ce8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.862s Main 7871d974 7871dc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.862s Main 7871d978 7871dab0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.862s Main 7871d97c 40089535 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.862s Main 7871d980 00000000 I 1.862s Main 7871d984 40095384 I 1.862s Main 7871daa0 00000000 I 1.862s Main 7871daa4 7871dab0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.862s Main 7871daa8 77baf410 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.862s Main 7871daac 6fe03493 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.862s Main 7871dab0 00000000 I 1.862s Main 7871dab4 fffffea0 I 1.862s Main 7871dab8 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.862s Main 7871dabc 77baf410 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.862s Main 7871dac0 24100005 I 1.862s Main 7871dac4 77b59ae8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.862s Main 7871dac8 00000400 I 1.862s Main 7871dacc 00000000 I 1.862s Main 7871dad0 00000001 I 1.862s Main 7871dad4 00000000 I 1.862s Main 7871dad8 00000000 I 1.862s Main 7871dadc 00000000 I 1.862s Main 7871dae0 00000000 I 1.862s Main 7871dae4 00000000 I 1.862s Main 7871dae8 00000000 I 1.862s Main 7871daec 6d410770 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.862s Main 7871db10 77bc7a78 I 1.862s Main 7871db14 00000001 I 1.862s Main 7871db18 6e5cb476 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.862s Main 7871db1c 41541050 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.862s Main 7871db20 425e6a48 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.862s Main 7871db24 414c3127 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.862s Main 7871db28 77bc7a78 I 1.862s Main 7871db2c 6e5cb473 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.862s Main 7871db30 6fe03349 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.862s Main 7871db34 77baeaf0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.862s Main 7871db38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.862s Main 7871db3c 00000000 I 1.862s Main 7871db40 00000000 I 1.862s Main 7871db44 00000000 I 1.862s Main 7871db48 41531af0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.862s Main 7871db4c 40095384 I 1.862s Main 7871db50 00000000 I 1.862s Main 7871db54 414decc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.862s Main 7871db58 00000000 I 1.862s Main 7871db5c 414c69a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.862s Main 7871db60 759f8943 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@priv-app@Velvet.apk@classes.dex I 1.862s Main 7871db64 42590c80 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.862s Main 7871dc40 00000000 I 1.862s Main 7871dc44 77baeae0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.862s Main 7871dc48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.862s Main 7871dc4c 00000000 I 1.862s Main 7871dc50 7871dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.862s Main 7871dc54 77baeae0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.862s Main 7871dc58 7871dc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.863s Main 7871dc5c 6d747a40 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.863s Main 7871dc60 425f2830 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.863s Main 7871dc64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.863s Main 7871dc68 00000000 I 1.863s Main 7871dc6c 00000000 I 1.863s Main 7871dc70 00000000 I 1.863s Main 7871dc74 00000000 I 1.863s Main 7871dc78 00000000 I 1.863s Main 7871dc7c fffffea0 I 1.863s Main 7871dc80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.863s Main 7871dc84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.863s Main 7871dc88 00000000 I 1.863s Main 7871dc8c 00000000 I 1.863s Main 7871dc90 00000000 I 1.863s Main 7871dc94 00000000 I 1.863s Main 7871dc98 77bc7fe4 I 1.863s Main 7871dc9c 00000000 I 1.863s Main 7871dca0 00000000 I 1.863s Main 7871dca4 00000000 I 1.863s Main 7871dca8 00000000 I 1.863s Main 7871dcac 00000000 I 1.863s Main 7871dcb0 00000000 I 1.863s Main 7871dcb4 00000000 I 1.863s Main 7871dcb8 00000000 I 1.863s Main 7871dcbc 00000000 I 1.863s Main 7871dcc0 00000000 I 1.863s Main 7871dcc4 00000000 I 1.863s Main 7871dd18 0000001d I 1.863s Main 7871dd1c 0000001c I 1.863s Main 7871dd20 0000001c I 1.863s Main 7871dd24 77baeae0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.863s Main 7871dd28 40095384 I 1.863s Main 7871dd2c 414e4ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.863s Main 7871dd30 78620000 I 1.863s Main 7871dd34 7871dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.863s Main 7871dd38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.863s Main 7871dd3c 40095384 I 1.863s Main 7871dd40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.863s Main 7871dd44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.863s Main 7871dd48 78620000 I 1.863s Main 7871dd4c 7861fbfc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1742] I 1.863s Main 7871dd50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.863s Main 7871dd54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.863s Main 7871dd58 7871dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.863s Main 7871dd5c 7871dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.863s Main 7871dd60 77baeae0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.863s Main 7871dd64 7871dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.863s Main 7871dd68 40095384 I 1.863s Main 7871dd6c 77baeae0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.863s Main 7871dd70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.863s Main 7871dd74 7871dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.863s Main 7871dd78 00000003 I 1.863s Main 7871dd7c 77baef38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.863s Main 7871dd80 00000000 I 1.863s Main 7871dd84 65726854 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.863s Main 7871dd88 392d6461 I 1.864s Main 7871dd8c 40050033 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.864s Main 7871dd90 00000000 I 1.864s Main 7871dd94 7871dd8d <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.864s Main 7871dd98 7871dd84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.864s Main 7871dd9c 2597d120 I 1.864s Main 7871dda0 7871ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.864s Main 7871dda4 77baef38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.864s Main 7871dda8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.864s Main 7871ddac 77baeae0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.864s Main 7871ddb0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.864s Main 7871ddb4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.864s Main 7871ddb8 77baeae0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.864s Main 7871ddbc 77baef38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.864s Main 7871ddc0 7871ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.864s Main 7871ddc4 00000000 I 1.864s Main 7871ddc8 00000078 I 1.864s Main 7871ddcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.864s Main 7871ddd0 7871ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.864s Main 7871ddd4 77baef38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.864s Main 7871ddd8 00000000 I 1.864s Main 7871dddc 00000000 I 1.864s Main 7871dde0 00000000 I 1.864s Main 7871dde4 2597d120 I 1.864s Main 7871dde8 00000000 I 1.864s Main 7871ddec 00000000 I 1.864s Main 7871ddf0 00000000 I 1.864s Main 7871ddf4 00000000 I 1.864s Main 7871ddf8 00000000 I 1.864s Main 7871ddfc 00000000 I 1.864s Main 7871de00 00000000 I 1.864s Main 7871de04 00000000 I 1.864s Main 7871de08 00000000 I 1.864s Main 7871de0c 77baeae0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.864s Main I 1.864s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.864s Main I 1.864s Main I 1.864s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1755, name: IntentService[U I 1.864s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 7881bbe0 I 1.864s Main r4 77bca4e8 r5 77bca4d8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.864s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3e52b0 sl 00000000 fp 0000000b I 1.864s Main ip 7881bbe0 sp 7881bbc8 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068908 I 1.864s Main I 1.864s Main Stack Trace: I 1.864s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.864s Main 00021908 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.864s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.864s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.864s Main 00052d7b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.864s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.864s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.864s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.864s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.864s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.864s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.864s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.865s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.865s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.865s Main I 1.865s Main Stack Data: I 1.865s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.865s Main 7881bb88 00000000 I 1.865s Main 7881bb8c 000003e8 I 1.865s Main 7881bb90 00000000 I 1.865s Main 7881bb94 7881bbf8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1755] I 1.865s Main 7881bb98 39b2920f I 1.865s Main 7881bb9c 00007530 I 1.865s Main 7881bba0 00000000 I 1.865s Main 7881bba4 400826c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.865s Main 7881bba8 00000000 I 1.865s Main 7881bbac 00000011 I 1.865s Main 7881bbb0 0000002f I 1.865s Main 7881bbb4 7ffffffe I 1.865s Main 7881bbb8 77bca4e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.865s Main 7881bbbc 77bca4d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.865s Main 7881bbc0 00000000 I 1.865s Main 7881bbc4 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.865s Main 7881bbc8 00000001 I 1.865s Main 7881bbc8 00000001 I 1.865s Main 7881bbcc 77bca4d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.865s Main 7881bbd0 77bca4e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.865s Main 7881bbd4 77bca148 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.865s Main 7881bbd8 731e82a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.865s Main 7881bbdc 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.865s Main 7881bbe0 0000001d I 1.865s Main 7881bbe4 3b9ac315 I 1.865s Main 7881bbe8 77bca4d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.865s Main 7881bbec 77bca4d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.865s Main 7881bbf0 00000001 I 1.865s Main 7881bbf4 414c7d7f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.865s Main 7881bbf8 0000002f I 1.865s Main 7881bbfc 39b2920f I 1.865s Main 7881bc00 77bcebcc I 1.865s Main 7881bc04 77bcebd0 I 1.865s Main 7881bc08 425a13b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.865s Main 7881bc0c 4152a890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.865s Main 7881bc10 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.865s Main 7881bc14 00000000 I 1.865s Main 7881bc18 77bcebb8 I 1.865s Main 7881bc1c 414dc655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.865s Main 7881bc20 00000000 I 1.865s Main 7881bc24 00000001 I 1.865s Main 7881bc28 00007530 I 1.865s Main 7881bc2c 00000000 I 1.865s Main 7881bc30 6e46fea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.865s Main 7881bc34 77bcebf0 I 1.865s Main 7881bc38 77bca148 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.865s Main 7881bc3c 4149bfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.865s Main 7881bc40 00000000 I 1.865s Main 7881bc44 77bca148 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.865s Main 7881bc48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.865s Main 7881bc4c 00000000 I 1.865s Main 7881bc50 7881bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1755] I 1.866s Main 7881bc54 77bca148 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.866s Main 7881bc58 7881bc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1755] I 1.866s Main 7881bc5c 6d5df598 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.866s Main 7881bc60 425ff0b8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.866s Main 7881bc64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.866s Main 7881bc68 00000000 I 1.866s Main 7881bc6c 00000000 I 1.866s Main 7881bc70 00000000 I 1.866s Main 7881bc74 00000000 I 1.866s Main 7881bc78 00000000 I 1.866s Main 7881bc7c fffffea0 I 1.866s Main 7881bc80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.866s Main 7881bc84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.866s Main 7881bc88 00000000 I 1.866s Main 7881bc8c 00000000 I 1.866s Main 7881bc90 00000000 I 1.866s Main 7881bc94 00000000 I 1.866s Main 7881bc98 77bcefe4 I 1.866s Main 7881bc9c 00000000 I 1.866s Main 7881bca0 00000000 I 1.866s Main 7881bca4 00000000 I 1.866s Main 7881bca8 00000000 I 1.866s Main 7881bcac 00000000 I 1.866s Main 7881bcb0 00000000 I 1.866s Main 7881bcb4 00000000 I 1.866s Main 7881bcb8 00000000 I 1.866s Main 7881bcbc 00000000 I 1.866s Main 7881bcc0 00000000 I 1.866s Main 7881bcc4 00000000 I 1.866s Main 7881bd18 0000001d I 1.866s Main 7881bd1c 0000001c I 1.866s Main 7881bd20 0000001c I 1.866s Main 7881bd24 77bca148 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.866s Main 7881bd28 40095384 I 1.866s Main 7881bd2c 414e4ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.866s Main 7881bd30 7871e000 I 1.866s Main 7881bd34 7881bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1755] I 1.866s Main 7881bd38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.866s Main 7881bd3c 40095384 I 1.866s Main 7881bd40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.866s Main 7881bd44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.866s Main 7881bd48 7871e000 I 1.866s Main 7881bd4c be8095f4 [stack] I 1.866s Main 7881bd50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.866s Main 7881bd54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.866s Main 7881bd58 7881bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1755] I 1.866s Main 7881bd5c 7881bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1755] I 1.866s Main 7881bd60 77bca148 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.866s Main 7881bd64 7881bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1755] I 1.866s Main 7881bd68 40095384 I 1.866s Main 7881bd6c 77bca148 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.866s Main 7881bd70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.866s Main 7881bd74 7881bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1755] I 1.866s Main 7881bd78 00000003 I 1.866s Main 7881bd7c 77bca5a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.866s Main 7881bd80 00000000 I 1.867s Main 7881bd84 754d4578 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.867s Main 7881bd88 77bca148 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.867s Main 7881bd8c 400540ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.867s Main 7881bd90 00000000 I 1.867s Main 7881bd94 754d4573 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.867s Main 7881bd98 754d4550 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.867s Main 7881bd9c 2597d120 I 1.867s Main 7881bda0 7881bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1755] I 1.867s Main 7881bda4 77bca5a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.867s Main 7881bda8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.867s Main 7881bdac 77bca148 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.867s Main 7881bdb0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.867s Main 7881bdb4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.867s Main 7881bdb8 77bca148 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.867s Main 7881bdbc 77bca5a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.867s Main 7881bdc0 7881bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1755] I 1.867s Main 7881bdc4 00000002 I 1.867s Main 7881bdc8 00000078 I 1.867s Main 7881bdcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.867s Main 7881bdd0 7881bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1755] I 1.867s Main 7881bdd4 77bca5a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.867s Main 7881bdd8 0000000c I 1.867s Main 7881bddc 00000000 I 1.867s Main 7881bde0 00000000 I 1.867s Main 7881bde4 2597d120 I 1.867s Main 7881bde8 00000000 I 1.867s Main 7881bdec 00000000 I 1.867s Main 7881bdf0 00000000 I 1.867s Main 7881bdf4 00000000 I 1.867s Main 7881bdf8 00000000 I 1.867s Main 7881bdfc 00000000 I 1.867s Main 7881be00 00000000 I 1.867s Main 7881be04 00000000 I 1.867s Main 7881be08 00000000 I 1.867s Main 7881be0c 77bca148 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.867s Main I 1.867s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.867s Main I 1.867s Main I 1.867s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1782, name: CookieSyncManag I 1.867s Main r0 fffffffc r1 78a5f9b0 r2 00000010 r3 000493e0 I 1.867s Main r4 77ba7a00 r5 00000000 r6 77ba7a14 r7 000000fc I 1.867s Main r8 77ba7a48 r9 00000014 sl 77ba8ef8 fp 78a5fb24 I 1.867s Main ip 78a5f9b0 sp 78a5f990 lr 400cf643 pc 4006873c I 1.867s Main I 1.867s Main Stack Trace: I 1.867s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.867s Main 0002173c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.867s Main 0001063f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.867s Main 00010869 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.867s Main 0006a121 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.867s Main 0001dbcc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.867s Main 0004e123 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.867s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.867s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.867s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.867s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.868s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.868s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.868s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.868s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.868s Main I 1.868s Main Stack Data: I 1.868s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.868s Main 78a5f950 77ba9bd8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.868s Main 78a5f954 00000001 I 1.868s Main 78a5f958 731436ac <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.868s Main 78a5f95c 4024ba6f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.868s Main 78a5f960 77ba1bcc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.868s Main 78a5f964 77b9f3d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.868s Main 78a5f968 77b9f3d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.868s Main 78a5f96c 00000001 I 1.868s Main 78a5f970 7fffffff I 1.868s Main 78a5f974 77ba7a00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.868s Main 78a5f978 00000000 I 1.868s Main 78a5f97c 000493e0 I 1.868s Main 78a5f980 78a5f9b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1782] I 1.868s Main 78a5f984 77ba7a48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.868s Main 78a5f988 00000014 I 1.868s Main 78a5f98c 400cf62b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.868s Main 78a5f990 77ba2480 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.868s Main 78a5f990 77ba2480 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.868s Main 78a5f994 7204dde5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.868s Main 78a5f998 731ee7b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.868s Main 78a5f99c 720632f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.868s Main 78a5f9a0 78a5f9bc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1782] I 1.868s Main 78a5f9a4 77baf4f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.868s Main 78a5f9a8 78a5f9bc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1782] I 1.868s Main 78a5f9ac 7201c323 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.868s Main 78a5f9b0 77bd192c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.868s Main 78a5f9b4 7205cfdf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.868s Main 78a5f9b8 77bd1908 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.868s Main 78a5f9bc 77bd1974 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.868s Main 78a5f9c0 00000012 I 1.868s Main 78a5f9c4 017c810b I 1.868s Main 78a5f9c8 77bd1908 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.868s Main 78a5f9cc 00000070 I 1.868s Main 78a5fad8 00000000 I 1.868s Main 78a5fadc 77ba3920 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.868s Main 78a5fae0 00000000 I 1.868s Main 78a5fae4 77b9f458 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.868s Main 78a5fae8 731dbf00 I 1.868s Main 78a5faec 78a5fb10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1782] I 1.868s Main 78a5faf0 731dbef8 I 1.868s Main 78a5faf4 40178125 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.868s Main 78a5faf8 00000000 I 1.868s Main 78a5fafc 77b9f458 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.868s Main 78a5fb00 6d447178 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.868s Main 78a5fb04 77ba8ee8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.868s Main 78a5fb08 00000000 I 1.868s Main 78a5fb0c 41492bd0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.868s Main 78a5fb10 731dbef8 I 1.868s Main 78a5fb14 00000001 I 1.869s Main 78a5fb18 00000008 I 1.869s Main 78a5fb1c 41551318 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.869s Main 78a5fb20 426d6e08 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.869s Main 78a5fb24 414c3127 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.869s Main 78a5fb28 731dbef8 I 1.869s Main 78a5fb2c 6f0b3ae0 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@framework.jar@classes.dex I 1.869s Main 78a5fb30 4017813f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.869s Main 78a5fb34 77ba8ef8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.869s Main 78a5fb38 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fb3c 6e4a5fc8 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.869s Main 78a5fb40 1e600001 I 1.869s Main 78a5fb44 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fb48 6f3d2000 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-aux-structure I 1.869s Main 78a5fb4c 40095384 I 1.869s Main 78a5fb50 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fb54 78a5fc40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1782] I 1.869s Main 78a5fb58 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fb5c 78a5fc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1782] I 1.869s Main 78a5fb60 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fb64 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fc40 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fc44 77ba8ee8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.869s Main 78a5fc48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.869s Main 78a5fc4c 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fc50 78a5fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1782] I 1.869s Main 78a5fc54 77ba8ee8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.869s Main 78a5fc58 78a5fc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1782] I 1.869s Main 78a5fc5c 6d3e9eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.869s Main 78a5fc60 426d6e08 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.869s Main 78a5fc64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.869s Main 78a5fc68 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fc6c 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fc70 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fc74 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fc78 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fc7c fffffea0 I 1.869s Main 78a5fc80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.869s Main 78a5fc84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.869s Main 78a5fc88 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fc8c 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fc90 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fc94 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fc98 731dbfe4 I 1.869s Main 78a5fc9c 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fca0 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fca4 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fca8 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fcac 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fcb0 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fcb4 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fcb8 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fcbc 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fcc0 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fcc4 00000000 I 1.869s Main 78a5fd18 00000005 I 1.869s Main 78a5fd1c 000006f6 I 1.870s Main 78a5fd20 00000000 I 1.870s Main 78a5fd24 77ba8ee8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.870s Main 78a5fd28 40095384 I 1.870s Main 78a5fd2c 414e4ae1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.870s Main 78a5fd30 78962000 I 1.870s Main 78a5fd34 78a5fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1782] I 1.870s Main 78a5fd38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.870s Main 78a5fd3c 40095384 I 1.870s Main 78a5fd40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.870s Main 78a5fd44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.870s Main 78a5fd48 78962000 I 1.870s Main 78a5fd4c 7871dbfc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.870s Main 78a5fd50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.870s Main 78a5fd54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.870s Main 78a5fd58 78a5fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1782] I 1.870s Main 78a5fd5c 78a5fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1782] I 1.870s Main 78a5fd60 77ba8ee8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.870s Main 78a5fd64 78a5fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1782] I 1.870s Main 78a5fd68 40095384 I 1.870s Main 78a5fd6c 77ba8ee8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.870s Main 78a5fd70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.870s Main 78a5fd74 78a5fd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1782] I 1.870s Main 78a5fd78 00000003 I 1.870s Main 78a5fd7c 77ba1978 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.870s Main 78a5fd80 00000000 I 1.870s Main 78a5fd84 4146ea88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.870s Main 78a5fd88 77ba8ee8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.870s Main 78a5fd8c 400540ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.870s Main 78a5fd90 00000000 I 1.870s Main 78a5fd94 4146ea81 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.870s Main 78a5fd98 4146ea70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.870s Main 78a5fd9c 2597d120 I 1.870s Main 78a5fda0 78a5fdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1782] I 1.870s Main 78a5fda4 77ba1978 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.870s Main 78a5fda8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.870s Main 78a5fdac 77ba8ee8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.870s Main 78a5fdb0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.870s Main 78a5fdb4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.870s Main 78a5fdb8 77ba8ee8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.870s Main 78a5fdbc 77ba1978 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.870s Main 78a5fdc0 78a5fdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1782] I 1.870s Main 78a5fdc4 00000000 I 1.870s Main 78a5fdc8 00000078 I 1.870s Main 78a5fdcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.870s Main 78a5fdd0 78a5fdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1782] I 1.870s Main 78a5fdd4 77ba1978 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.870s Main 78a5fdd8 00000000 I 1.870s Main 78a5fddc 00000000 I 1.870s Main 78a5fde0 00000000 I 1.870s Main 78a5fde4 2597d120 I 1.870s Main 78a5fde8 00000000 I 1.870s Main 78a5fdec 00000000 I 1.870s Main 78a5fdf0 00000000 I 1.870s Main 78a5fdf4 00000000 I 1.870s Main 78a5fdf8 00000000 I 1.870s Main 78a5fdfc 00000000 I 1.870s Main 78a5fe00 00000000 I 1.871s Main 78a5fe04 00000000 I 1.871s Main 78a5fe08 00000000 I 1.871s Main 78a5fe0c 77ba8ee8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.871s Main I 1.871s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.871s Main I 1.871s Main I 1.871s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1785, name: Thread-93 I 1.871s Main r0 78b5dc00 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.871s Main r4 78b5dc00 r5 78b5dbfc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.871s Main r8 77b9f3d8 r9 78b5dc00 sl 00000000 fp 400932ec I 1.871s Main ip 00000000 sp 78b5dbb0 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068904 I 1.871s Main I 1.871s Main Stack Trace: I 1.871s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.871s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.871s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.871s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.871s Main 001d989d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.871s Main 001d98bd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.871s Main 001cff9f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.871s Main 001cf515 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.871s Main 001d401b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.871s Main 001ced4f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.871s Main 001dc3f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.871s Main 001da233 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.871s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.871s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.871s Main I 1.871s Main Stack Data: I 1.871s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.871s Main 78b5db70 77b9f9c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.871s Main 78b5db74 78b5dc08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1785] I 1.871s Main 78b5db78 78b5dc9c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1785] I 1.871s Main 78b5db7c 77b9f9d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.871s Main 78b5db80 77b9f3d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.871s Main 78b5db84 40058257 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.871s Main 78b5db88 40091000 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.871s Main 78b5db8c 77b9f9d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.871s Main 78b5db90 77b9f9d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.871s Main 78b5db94 78b5dc08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1785] I 1.871s Main 78b5db98 0000000f I 1.871s Main 78b5db9c 78b5dbcc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1785] I 1.871s Main 78b5dba0 78b5dc00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1785] I 1.871s Main 78b5dba4 78b5dbfc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1785] I 1.871s Main 78b5dba8 00000000 I 1.871s Main 78b5dbac 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.871s Main 78b5dbb0 00000000 I 1.871s Main 78b5dbb0 00000000 I 1.871s Main 78b5dbb4 78b5dbfc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1785] I 1.871s Main 78b5dbb8 78b5dc00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1785] I 1.871s Main 78b5dbbc fd74bc5c I 1.871s Main 78b5dbc0 002ee00c I 1.871s Main 78b5dbc4 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.871s Main 78b5dbc8 77b9f3d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.871s Main 78b5dbcc fff0bdc0 I 1.872s Main 78b5dbd0 ffffffff I 1.872s Main 78b5dbd4 fff0bdc0 I 1.872s Main 78b5dbd8 ffffffff I 1.872s Main 78b5dbdc 720588a1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.872s Main 78b5dbe0 fd83fe9e I 1.872s Main 78b5dbe4 002ee00c I 1.872s Main 78b5dbe8 78b5dc08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1785] I 1.872s Main 78b5dbec 7204ee0b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.872s Main 78b5dbf0 7307b250 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.872s Main 78b5dbf4 00000000 I 1.872s Main 78b5dbf8 00000000 I 1.872s Main 78b5dbfc 00000000 I 1.872s Main 78b5dc00 00000000 I 1.872s Main 78b5dc04 78b5dbfc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1785] I 1.872s Main 78b5dc08 00000000 I 1.872s Main 78b5dc0c 7205b141 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.872s Main 78b5dc10 78b5dc90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1785] I 1.872s Main 78b5dc14 77b9f3e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.872s Main 78b5dc18 77b9f3d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.872s Main 78b5dc1c 78b5dd24 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1785] I 1.872s Main 78b5dc28 fff0bdc0 I 1.872s Main 78b5dc2c ffffffff I 1.872s Main 78b5dc30 7204e32b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.872s Main 78b5dc34 7204efa3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.872s Main 78b5dc38 77b9f3d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.872s Main 78b5dc3c 78b5dc90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1785] I 1.872s Main 78b5dc40 7204ef4b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.872s Main 78b5dc44 7307b018 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.872s Main 78b5dc48 78b5dc90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1785] I 1.872s Main 78b5dc4c 7205b141 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.872s Main 78b5dc50 00000017 I 1.872s Main 78b5dc54 4146e9c7 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.872s Main 78b5dc58 40095384 I 1.872s Main 78b5dc5c 7204e517 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.872s Main 78b5dc60 78b5dc70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1785] I 1.872s Main 78b5dc64 7205301f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.872s Main 78b5dc68 77b9ff10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.872s Main 78b5dc6c 7204dd53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.872s Main 78b5dc70 78b5dc90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1785] I 1.872s Main 78b5dc74 00000000 I 1.872s Main 78b5dc78 78b5dc70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1785] I 1.872s Main 78b5dc7c 00000000 I 1.872s Main 78b5dc80 00000001 I 1.872s Main 78b5dc84 00010001 I 1.872s Main 78b5dc88 00000017 I 1.872s Main 78b5dc8c 7205b3fb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.872s Main 78b5dc90 7307afc0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.872s Main 78b5dc94 77b9f3d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.872s Main 78b5dc98 00000000 I 1.872s Main 78b5dc9c 4146e158 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.872s Main 78b5dca0 4146e158 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.872s Main 78b5dca4 4146e1c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.872s Main 78b5dca8 4146ed58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.872s Main 78b5dcac 4146e158 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.872s Main 78b5dcb0 4146e158 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.872s Main 78b5dcb4 4146e1c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.872s Main 78b5dcb8 4146ed58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.873s Main 78b5dcbc 4146ed48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.873s Main 78b5dcc0 00000008 I 1.873s Main 78b5dcc4 00000000 I 1.873s Main 78b5dcc8 00000000 I 1.873s Main 78b5dccc 00000000 I 1.873s Main 78b5dd90 77bae700 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.873s Main 78b5dd94 000006f9 I 1.873s Main 78b5dd98 00000000 I 1.873s Main 78b5dd9c 731de000 I 1.873s Main 78b5dda0 00000000 I 1.873s Main 78b5dda4 78b5ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1785] I 1.873s Main 78b5dda8 77bae700 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.873s Main 78b5ddac 720591cd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.873s Main 78b5ddb0 7871d93c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.873s Main 78b5ddb4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.873s Main 78b5ddb8 7871d93c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.873s Main 78b5ddbc 77bae700 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.873s Main 78b5ddc0 78b5ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1785] I 1.873s Main 78b5ddc4 00000000 I 1.873s Main 78b5ddc8 00000078 I 1.873s Main 78b5ddcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.873s Main 78b5ddd0 78b5ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1785] I 1.873s Main 78b5ddd4 77bae700 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.873s Main 78b5ddd8 00000000 I 1.873s Main 78b5dddc 00000000 I 1.873s Main 78b5dde0 00000000 I 1.873s Main 78b5dde4 2597d120 I 1.873s Main 78b5dde8 00000000 I 1.873s Main 78b5ddec 00000000 I 1.873s Main 78b5ddf0 00000000 I 1.873s Main 78b5ddf4 00000000 I 1.873s Main 78b5ddf8 00000000 I 1.873s Main 78b5ddfc 00000000 I 1.873s Main 78b5de00 00000000 I 1.873s Main 78b5de04 00000000 I 1.873s Main 78b5de08 00000000 I 1.873s Main 78b5de0c 00000000 I 1.873s Main I 1.873s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.873s Main I 1.873s Main I 1.873s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1786, name: Thread-93 I 1.873s Main r0 78c5bc00 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.873s Main r4 78c5bc00 r5 78c5bbfc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.873s Main r8 764c5e70 r9 78c5bc00 sl 00000000 fp 400932ec I 1.873s Main ip 00000000 sp 78c5bbb0 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068904 I 1.873s Main I 1.873s Main Stack Trace: I 1.873s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.873s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.873s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.873s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.873s Main 001d989d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.873s Main 001d98bd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.873s Main 001cff9f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.873s Main 001cf515 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.874s Main 001d401b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.874s Main 001ced4f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.874s Main 001dc3f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.874s Main 001da233 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.874s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.874s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.874s Main I 1.874s Main Stack Data: I 1.874s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.874s Main 78c5bb70 0000fa00 I 1.874s Main 78c5bb74 00004669 I 1.874s Main 78c5bb78 7278a4a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.874s Main 78c5bb7c 00000000 I 1.874s Main 78c5bb80 000003e8 I 1.874s Main 78c5bb84 01114dcb I 1.874s Main 78c5bb88 402533ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.874s Main 78c5bb8c 402533fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.874s Main 78c5bb90 00000000 I 1.874s Main 78c5bb94 00000008 I 1.874s Main 78c5bb98 0000000f I 1.874s Main 78c5bb9c 78c5bbcc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1786] I 1.874s Main 78c5bba0 78c5bc00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1786] I 1.874s Main 78c5bba4 78c5bbfc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1786] I 1.874s Main 78c5bba8 00000000 I 1.874s Main 78c5bbac 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.874s Main 78c5bbb0 00000000 I 1.874s Main 78c5bbb0 00000000 I 1.874s Main 78c5bbb4 78c5bbfc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1786] I 1.874s Main 78c5bbb8 78c5bc00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1786] I 1.874s Main 78c5bbbc fd74bc83 I 1.874s Main 78c5bbc0 002ee00c I 1.874s Main 78c5bbc4 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.874s Main 78c5bbc8 764c5e70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.874s Main 78c5bbcc fff0bdc0 I 1.874s Main 78c5bbd0 ffffffff I 1.874s Main 78c5bbd4 fff0bdc0 I 1.874s Main 78c5bbd8 ffffffff I 1.874s Main 78c5bbdc 720588a1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.874s Main 78c5bbe0 fd83fec5 I 1.874s Main 78c5bbe4 002ee00c I 1.874s Main 78c5bbe8 78c5bc08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1786] I 1.874s Main 78c5bbec 7204ee0b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.874s Main 78c5bbf0 7307b250 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.874s Main 78c5bbf4 77ba0d00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.874s Main 78c5bbf8 00000000 I 1.874s Main 78c5bbfc 00000000 I 1.874s Main 78c5bc00 00000000 I 1.874s Main 78c5bc04 78c5bbfc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1786] I 1.874s Main 78c5bc08 00000000 I 1.874s Main 78c5bc0c 7205b141 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.874s Main 78c5bc10 78c5bc90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1786] I 1.874s Main 78c5bc14 764c5e78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.874s Main 78c5bc18 764c5e68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.874s Main 78c5bc1c 78c5bd24 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1786] I 1.874s Main 78c5bc28 fff0bdc0 I 1.874s Main 78c5bc2c ffffffff I 1.874s Main 78c5bc30 7204e32b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.875s Main 78c5bc34 7204efa3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.875s Main 78c5bc38 764c5e68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.875s Main 78c5bc3c 78c5bc90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1786] I 1.875s Main 78c5bc40 7204ef4b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.875s Main 78c5bc44 7307b018 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.875s Main 78c5bc48 78c5bc90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1786] I 1.875s Main 78c5bc4c 7205b141 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.875s Main 78c5bc50 00000018 I 1.875s Main 78c5bc54 754d4c48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.875s Main 78c5bc58 40095384 I 1.875s Main 78c5bc5c 7204e517 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.875s Main 78c5bc60 78c5bc70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1786] I 1.875s Main 78c5bc64 7205301f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.875s Main 78c5bc68 764c5e30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.875s Main 78c5bc6c 7204dd53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.875s Main 78c5bc70 78c5bc90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1786] I 1.875s Main 78c5bc74 00000000 I 1.875s Main 78c5bc78 78c5bc70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1786] I 1.875s Main 78c5bc7c 00000000 I 1.875s Main 78c5bc80 00000001 I 1.875s Main 78c5bc84 00010001 I 1.875s Main 78c5bc88 00000018 I 1.875s Main 78c5bc8c 7205b3fb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.875s Main 78c5bc90 7307afc0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.875s Main 78c5bc94 764c5e68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.875s Main 78c5bc98 00000000 I 1.875s Main 78c5bc9c 4146e0b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.875s Main 78c5bca0 4146e078 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.875s Main 78c5bca4 4146e0e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.875s Main 78c5bca8 754d4c60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.875s Main 78c5bcac 4146e0b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.875s Main 78c5bcb0 4146e078 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.875s Main 78c5bcb4 4146e0e8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.875s Main 78c5bcb8 754d4c60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.875s Main 78c5bcbc 754d4c50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.875s Main 78c5bcc0 00000008 I 1.875s Main 78c5bcc4 00000000 I 1.875s Main 78c5bcc8 00000000 I 1.875s Main 78c5bccc 00000000 I 1.875s Main 78c5bd90 77ba9340 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.875s Main 78c5bd94 000006fa I 1.875s Main 78c5bd98 00000000 I 1.875s Main 78c5bd9c 731e0000 I 1.875s Main 78c5bda0 00000000 I 1.875s Main 78c5bda4 78c5bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1786] I 1.875s Main 78c5bda8 77ba9340 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.875s Main 78c5bdac 720591cd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.875s Main 78c5bdb0 7871d93c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.875s Main 78c5bdb4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.875s Main 78c5bdb8 7871d93c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.875s Main 78c5bdbc 77ba9340 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.875s Main 78c5bdc0 78c5bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1786] I 1.875s Main 78c5bdc4 00000000 I 1.875s Main 78c5bdc8 00000078 I 1.875s Main 78c5bdcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.875s Main 78c5bdd0 78c5bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1786] I 1.875s Main 78c5bdd4 77ba9340 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.876s Main 78c5bdd8 00000002 I 1.876s Main 78c5bddc 00000000 I 1.876s Main 78c5bde0 00000000 I 1.876s Main 78c5bde4 2597d120 I 1.876s Main 78c5bde8 00000000 I 1.876s Main 78c5bdec 00000000 I 1.876s Main 78c5bdf0 00000000 I 1.876s Main 78c5bdf4 00000000 I 1.876s Main 78c5bdf8 00000000 I 1.876s Main 78c5bdfc 00000000 I 1.876s Main 78c5be00 00000000 I 1.876s Main 78c5be04 00000000 I 1.876s Main 78c5be08 00000000 I 1.876s Main 78c5be0c 00000000 I 1.876s Main I 1.876s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.876s Main I 1.876s Main I 1.876s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1794, name: Gservices I 1.876s Main r0 fffffffc r1 78d5d9b0 r2 00000010 r3 ffffffff I 1.876s Main r4 731e6e08 r5 00000000 r6 731e6e1c r7 000000fc I 1.876s Main r8 731e6e50 r9 00000014 sl 731eb440 fp 78d5db24 I 1.876s Main ip 78d5d9b0 sp 78d5d990 lr 400cf643 pc 4006873c I 1.876s Main I 1.876s Main Stack Trace: I 1.876s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.876s Main 0002173c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.876s Main 0001063f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.876s Main 00010869 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.876s Main 0006a121 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.876s Main 0001dbcc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.876s Main 0004e123 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.876s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.876s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.876s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.876s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.876s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.876s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.876s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.876s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.876s Main I 1.876s Main Stack Data: I 1.876s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.876s Main 78d5d950 41529fa0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.876s Main 78d5d954 6efc6b48 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@framework.jar@classes.dex I 1.876s Main 78d5d958 00000001 I 1.876s Main 78d5d95c 75a1aaab <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@priv-app@Velvet.apk@classes.dex I 1.876s Main 78d5d960 4010cdf0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.876s Main 78d5d964 77baf468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.876s Main 78d5d968 78d5d984 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1794] I 1.876s Main 78d5d96c 77baf468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.876s Main 78d5d970 7fffffff I 1.876s Main 78d5d974 731e6e08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.876s Main 78d5d978 00000000 I 1.876s Main 78d5d97c ffffffff I 1.877s Main 78d5d980 78d5d9b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1794] I 1.877s Main 78d5d984 731e6e50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.877s Main 78d5d988 00000014 I 1.877s Main 78d5d98c 400cf62b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.877s Main 78d5d990 00000000 I 1.877s Main 78d5d990 00000000 I 1.877s Main 78d5d994 40101327 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.877s Main 78d5d998 77baf468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.877s Main 78d5d99c 6f7b7ef8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.877s Main 78d5d9a0 00000004 I 1.877s Main 78d5d9a4 77baf468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.877s Main 78d5d9a8 00000000 I 1.877s Main 78d5d9ac 00000000 I 1.877s Main 78d5d9b0 74abf5e8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/binder I 1.877s Main 78d5d9b4 40101347 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.877s Main 78d5d9b8 77baf468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.877s Main 78d5d9bc 74abf5e8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/binder I 1.877s Main 78d5d9c0 00000004 I 1.877s Main 78d5d9c4 77baf468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.877s Main 78d5d9c8 00000004 I 1.877s Main 78d5d9cc 4010138d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.877s Main 78d5dad8 00000000 I 1.877s Main 78d5dadc 77b9f6b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.877s Main 78d5dae0 00000000 I 1.877s Main 78d5dae4 77ba1f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.877s Main 78d5dae8 78c5ff2c I 1.877s Main 78d5daec 78d5db10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1794] I 1.877s Main 78d5daf0 78c5ff24 I 1.877s Main 78d5daf4 40178125 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.877s Main 78d5daf8 00000000 I 1.877s Main 78d5dafc 77ba1f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.877s Main 78d5db00 6d447178 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.877s Main 78d5db04 731eb430 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.877s Main 78d5db08 00000000 I 1.877s Main 78d5db0c 41492bd0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.877s Main 78d5db10 78c5ff24 I 1.877s Main 78d5db14 00000001 I 1.877s Main 78d5db18 00000008 I 1.877s Main 78d5db1c 41551318 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.877s Main 78d5db20 425f87d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.877s Main 78d5db24 414c3127 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.877s Main 78d5db28 78c5ff24 I 1.877s Main 78d5db2c 6f0b3ae0 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@framework.jar@classes.dex I 1.877s Main 78d5db30 4017813f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.877s Main 78d5db34 731eb440 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.877s Main 78d5db38 00000000 I 1.877s Main 78d5db3c 756ee360 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@priv-app@Velvet.apk@classes.dex I 1.877s Main 78d5db40 1e500001 I 1.877s Main 78d5db44 00000000 I 1.877s Main 78d5db48 6f3d2000 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-aux-structure I 1.877s Main 78d5db4c 40095384 I 1.877s Main 78d5db50 1d300001 I 1.877s Main 78d5db54 78d5dc40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1794] I 1.877s Main 78d5db58 00000000 I 1.877s Main 78d5db5c 78d5dc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1794] I 1.877s Main 78d5db60 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5db64 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dc40 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dc44 731eb430 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.878s Main 78d5dc48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.878s Main 78d5dc4c 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dc50 78d5dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1794] I 1.878s Main 78d5dc54 731eb430 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.878s Main 78d5dc58 78d5dc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1794] I 1.878s Main 78d5dc5c 6d7c90a8 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.878s Main 78d5dc60 425f87d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.878s Main 78d5dc64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.878s Main 78d5dc68 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dc6c 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dc70 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dc74 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dc78 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dc7c fffffea0 I 1.878s Main 78d5dc80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.878s Main 78d5dc84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.878s Main 78d5dc88 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dc8c 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dc90 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dc94 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dc98 78c5ffd0 I 1.878s Main 78d5dc9c 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dca0 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dca4 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dca8 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dcac 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dcb0 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dcb4 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dcb8 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dcbc 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dcc0 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dcc4 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dd18 00000005 I 1.878s Main 78d5dd1c 00000702 I 1.878s Main 78d5dd20 00000000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dd24 731eb430 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.878s Main 78d5dd28 40095384 I 1.878s Main 78d5dd2c 414e4ae1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.878s Main 78d5dd30 78c60000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dd34 78d5dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1794] I 1.878s Main 78d5dd38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.878s Main 78d5dd3c 40095384 I 1.878s Main 78d5dd40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.878s Main 78d5dd44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.878s Main 78d5dd48 78c60000 I 1.878s Main 78d5dd4c 7871dbfc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.878s Main 78d5dd50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.878s Main 78d5dd54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.878s Main 78d5dd58 78d5dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1794] I 1.878s Main 78d5dd5c 78d5dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1794] I 1.878s Main 78d5dd60 731eb430 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.878s Main 78d5dd64 78d5dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1794] I 1.878s Main 78d5dd68 40095384 I 1.879s Main 78d5dd6c 731eb430 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.879s Main 78d5dd70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.879s Main 78d5dd74 78d5dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1794] I 1.879s Main 78d5dd78 00000003 I 1.879s Main 78d5dd7c 731eba90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.879s Main 78d5dd80 00000000 I 1.879s Main 78d5dd84 72657347 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.879s Main 78d5dd88 65636976 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.879s Main 78d5dd8c 40050073 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.879s Main 78d5dd90 00000000 I 1.879s Main 78d5dd94 78d5dd8d <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1794] I 1.879s Main 78d5dd98 78d5dd84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1794] I 1.879s Main 78d5dd9c 2597d120 I 1.879s Main 78d5dda0 78d5ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1794] I 1.879s Main 78d5dda4 731eba90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.879s Main 78d5dda8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.879s Main 78d5ddac 731eb430 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.879s Main 78d5ddb0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.879s Main 78d5ddb4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.879s Main 78d5ddb8 731eb430 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.879s Main 78d5ddbc 731eba90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.879s Main 78d5ddc0 78d5ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1794] I 1.879s Main 78d5ddc4 00000002 I 1.879s Main 78d5ddc8 00000078 I 1.879s Main 78d5ddcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.879s Main 78d5ddd0 78d5ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1794] I 1.879s Main 78d5ddd4 731eba90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.879s Main 78d5ddd8 00000000 I 1.879s Main 78d5dddc 00000000 I 1.879s Main 78d5dde0 00000000 I 1.879s Main 78d5dde4 2597d120 I 1.879s Main 78d5dde8 00000000 I 1.879s Main 78d5ddec 00000000 I 1.879s Main 78d5ddf0 00000000 I 1.879s Main 78d5ddf4 00000000 I 1.879s Main 78d5ddf8 00000000 I 1.879s Main 78d5ddfc 00000000 I 1.879s Main 78d5de00 00000000 I 1.879s Main 78d5de04 00000000 I 1.879s Main 78d5de08 00000000 I 1.879s Main 78d5de0c 731eb430 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.879s Main I 1.879s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.879s Main I 1.879s Main I 1.879s Main pid: 1323, tid: 1796, name: OkHttp Connecti I 1.879s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 78e62be0 I 1.879s Main r4 731eedf0 r5 731eede0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.879s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3e52b0 sl 00000000 fp 42626438 I 1.879s Main ip 78e62be0 sp 78e62bc8 lr 40055ec8 pc 40068908 I 1.879s Main I 1.879s Main Stack Trace: I 1.879s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.879s Main 00021908 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.879s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.879s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.880s Main 00052d7b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.880s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.880s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.880s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.880s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.880s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.880s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.880s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.880s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.880s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.880s Main I 1.880s Main Stack Data: I 1.880s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.880s Main 78e62b88 00000000 I 1.880s Main 78e62b8c 000003e8 I 1.880s Main 78e62b90 00000000 I 1.880s Main 78e62b94 78e62bf8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1796] I 1.880s Main 78e62b98 00bf5e43 I 1.880s Main 78e62b9c 0000ea60 I 1.880s Main 78e62ba0 00000000 I 1.880s Main 78e62ba4 400826c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.880s Main 78e62ba8 00000000 I 1.880s Main 78e62bac 00000012 I 1.880s Main 78e62bb0 0000004e I 1.880s Main 78e62bb4 7ffffffe I 1.880s Main 78e62bb8 731eedf0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.880s Main 78e62bbc 731eede0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.880s Main 78e62bc0 00000000 I 1.880s Main 78e62bc4 40055eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.880s Main 78e62bc8 00000001 I 1.880s Main 78e62bc8 00000001 I 1.880s Main 78e62bcc 731eede0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.880s Main 78e62bd0 731eedf0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.880s Main 78e62bd4 731eea50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.880s Main 78e62bd8 731ee588 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.880s Main 78e62bdc 40055f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.880s Main 78e62be0 0000003b I 1.880s Main 78e62be4 3b9ac4ea I 1.880s Main 78e62be8 731eede0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.880s Main 78e62bec 731eede0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.880s Main 78e62bf0 00000001 I 1.880s Main 78e62bf4 414c7d7f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.880s Main 78e62bf8 0000004e I 1.880s Main 78e62bfc 00bf5e43 I 1.880s Main 78e62c00 78d64e04 I 1.880s Main 78e62c04 78d64e08 I 1.880s Main 78e62c08 425d3408 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.880s Main 78e62c0c 4152a890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-zygote I 1.880s Main 78e62c10 41492d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.880s Main 78e62c14 00000000 I 1.880s Main 78e62c18 78d64df0 I 1.880s Main 78e62c1c 414dc655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.880s Main 78e62c20 00000000 I 1.880s Main 78e62c24 00000001 I 1.880s Main 78e62c28 0000ea60 I 1.881s Main 78e62c2c 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62c30 6e49ce1c <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.881s Main 78e62c34 78d64e28 I 1.881s Main 78e62c38 731eea50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.881s Main 78e62c3c 4149bfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.881s Main 78e62c40 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62c44 731eea50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.881s Main 78e62c48 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.881s Main 78e62c4c 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62c50 78e62d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1796] I 1.881s Main 78e62c54 731eea50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.881s Main 78e62c58 78e62c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1796] I 1.881s Main 78e62c5c 6d3e9eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.881s Main 78e62c60 42626438 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.881s Main 78e62c64 414a2fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.881s Main 78e62c68 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62c6c 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62c70 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62c74 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62c78 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62c7c fffffea0 I 1.881s Main 78e62c80 414a2f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.881s Main 78e62c84 414a063c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.881s Main 78e62c88 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62c8c 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62c90 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62c94 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62c98 78d64fe4 I 1.881s Main 78e62c9c 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62ca0 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62ca4 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62ca8 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62cac 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62cb0 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62cb4 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62cb8 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62cbc 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62cc0 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62cc4 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62d18 00000005 I 1.881s Main 78e62d1c 00000704 I 1.881s Main 78e62d20 00000000 I 1.881s Main 78e62d24 731eea50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.881s Main 78e62d28 40095384 I 1.881s Main 78e62d2c 414e4ae1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.881s Main 78e62d30 78d65000 I 1.881s Main 78e62d34 78e62d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1796] I 1.881s Main 78e62d38 415241f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.881s Main 78e62d3c 40095384 I 1.881s Main 78e62d40 41524500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.881s Main 78e62d44 415244fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.881s Main 78e62d48 78d65000 I 1.881s Main 78e62d4c 7871dbfc <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1753] I 1.881s Main 78e62d50 400932ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.881s Main 78e62d54 414d55a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.881s Main 78e62d58 78e62d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1796] I 1.881s Main 78e62d5c 78e62d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1796] I 1.882s Main 78e62d60 731eea50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.882s Main 78e62d64 78e62d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1796] I 1.882s Main 78e62d68 40095384 I 1.882s Main 78e62d6c 731eea50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.882s Main 78e62d70 414ca28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.882s Main 78e62d74 78e62d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1796] I 1.882s Main 78e62d78 00000003 I 1.882s Main 78e62d7c 78d60418 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.882s Main 78e62d80 00000000 I 1.882s Main 78e62d84 77bab3c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.882s Main 78e62d88 731eea50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.882s Main 78e62d8c 400540ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.882s Main 78e62d90 00000000 I 1.882s Main 78e62d94 77bab3c5 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.882s Main 78e62d98 77bab3b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.882s Main 78e62d9c 2597d120 I 1.882s Main 78e62da0 78e62dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1796] I 1.882s Main 78e62da4 78d60418 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.882s Main 78e62da8 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.882s Main 78e62dac 731eea50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.882s Main 78e62db0 414ca1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.882s Main 78e62db4 40054174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.882s Main 78e62db8 731eea50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.882s Main 78e62dbc 78d60418 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.882s Main 78e62dc0 78e62dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1796] I 1.882s Main 78e62dc4 00000002 I 1.882s Main 78e62dc8 00000078 I 1.882s Main 78e62dcc 4005430c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.882s Main 78e62dd0 78e62dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:1796] I 1.882s Main 78e62dd4 78d60418 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.882s Main 78e62dd8 00000000 I 1.882s Main 78e62ddc 00000000 I 1.882s Main 78e62de0 00000000 I 1.882s Main 78e62de4 2597d120 I 1.882s Main 78e62de8 00000000 I 1.882s Main 78e62dec 00000000 I 1.882s Main 78e62df0 00000000 I 1.882s Main 78e62df4 00000000 I 1.882s Main 78e62df8 00000000 I 1.882s Main 78e62dfc 00000000 I 1.882s Main 78e62e00 00000000 I 1.882s Main 78e62e04 00000000 I 1.882s Main 78e62e08 00000000 I 1.882s Main 78e62e0c 731eea50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.882s Main I 1.882s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.882s Main I 1.882s Main signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0xfffffffc (code=1), thread 1656 (Thread-91) I 1.882s Main tombstone_00 created on 1971-10-09 13:16:00, about this long ago: 17290 days, 1:17:57 Device: 05c34aa83444c162 I 1.882s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src I 1.882s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug I 1.882s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmpwSiohP I 1.882s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 1.882s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug I 1.882s Main pid: 490, tid: 490, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 1.882s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 1.883s Main r0 00000000 r1 000001ea r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 1.883s Main r4 00000006 r5 00000000 r6 000001ea r7 0000010c I 1.883s Main r8 00000004 r9 bee32b92 sl bee32b9e fp bee32b86 I 1.883s Main ip 4028e438 sp bee32628 lr 40128fe5 pc 40137f90 I 1.883s Main I 1.883s Main Stack Trace: I 1.883s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.883s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.883s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.883s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.883s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.883s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.883s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.883s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.883s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.883s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.883s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.883s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.883s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.883s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.883s Main I 1.883s Main Stack Data: I 1.883s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.883s Main bee325e8 40281168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.883s Main bee325ec 00000002 I 1.883s Main bee325f0 4028e438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.883s Main bee325f4 00000004 I 1.883s Main bee325f8 bee32b92 [stack] I 1.883s Main bee325fc bee32b9e [stack] I 1.883s Main bee32600 bee32b86 [stack] I 1.883s Main bee32604 4013c159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.883s Main bee32608 20302036 I 1.883s Main bee3260c 32313634 I 1.883s Main bee32610 bee32684 [stack] I 1.883s Main bee32614 00000000 I 1.883s Main bee32618 00000000 I 1.883s Main bee3261c 31203020 I 1.883s Main bee32620 00004000 I 1.883s Main bee32624 bee32692 [stack] I 1.883s Main bee32628 00000006 I 1.883s Main bee3262c 00000000 I 1.883s Main bee32630 000001ea I 1.883s Main bee32634 4028e438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.883s Main bee32638 4028e438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.883s Main bee3263c 40128fe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.883s Main bee32640 00000006 I 1.883s Main bee32644 00000000 I 1.883s Main bee32648 00000002 I 1.883s Main bee3264c 401291f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.883s Main bee32650 bee3265c [stack] I 1.883s Main bee32654 40127f2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.883s Main bee32658 00000000 I 1.883s Main bee3265c ffffffdf I 1.883s Main bee32660 401602c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.883s Main bee32664 4016022c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.883s Main bee32668 00000000 I 1.884s Main bee3266c 4012aaef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.884s Main bee32670 415ed1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.884s Main bee32674 415ed1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.884s Main bee32678 40281168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.884s Main bee3267c 40137848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.884s Main bee32680 00000000 I 1.884s Main bee32684 41583ccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.884s Main bee32688 4016e324 I 1.884s Main bee3268c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.884s Main bee32690 0000296c I 1.884s Main bee32694 00000000 I 1.884s Main bee32698 00000000 I 1.884s Main bee3269c 00000000 I 1.884s Main bee326a0 00000000 I 1.884s Main bee326a4 00000000 I 1.884s Main bee326a8 00000000 I 1.884s Main bee326ac 00000000 I 1.884s Main bee326b0 00000000 I 1.884s Main bee326b4 00000000 I 1.884s Main bee326b8 00000000 I 1.884s Main bee326bc 00000000 I 1.884s Main bee326c0 00000000 I 1.884s Main bee326c4 00000000 I 1.884s Main bee32898 000000c8 I 1.884s Main bee3289c 41eb3b78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.884s Main bee328a0 41ebef28 [heap] I 1.884s Main bee328a4 00000000 I 1.884s Main bee328a8 000000c8 I 1.884s Main bee328ac 40284560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.884s Main bee328b0 40284740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.884s Main bee328b4 41ebef28 [heap] I 1.884s Main bee328b8 400ed328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.884s Main bee328bc 40229d27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.884s Main bee328c0 41ebef28 [heap] I 1.884s Main bee328c4 00000000 I 1.884s Main bee328c8 bee32988 [stack] I 1.884s Main bee328cc 4022a015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.884s Main bee328d0 400ed3cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.884s Main bee328d4 4022aa65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.884s Main bee328d8 41ebef28 [heap] I 1.884s Main bee328dc 00000000 I 1.884s Main bee328e0 415f0004 I 1.884s Main bee328e4 4158ba8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.884s Main bee328e8 4158babd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.884s Main bee328ec 4158ba95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.884s Main bee328f0 000000bb I 1.884s Main bee328f4 00000000 I 1.884s Main bee328f8 41ebedd8 [heap] I 1.884s Main bee328fc 40126e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.884s Main bee32900 000000b0 I 1.884s Main bee32904 00000000 I 1.884s Main bee32908 40125dcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.884s Main bee3290c 000000a0 I 1.884s Main bee32910 00000014 I 1.884s Main bee32914 402863d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.884s Main bee32960 00000000 I 1.885s Main bee32964 00000000 I 1.885s Main bee32968 00000000 I 1.885s Main bee3296c bee32a7c [stack] I 1.885s Main bee32970 40164384 I 1.885s Main bee32974 400ed372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.885s Main bee32978 400ed300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.885s Main bee3297c 400ed37b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.885s Main bee32980 400ed391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.885s Main bee32984 400ed39f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.885s Main bee32988 400eee08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.885s Main bee3298c 40284520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.885s Main bee32990 41ebede8 [heap] I 1.885s Main bee32994 00000013 I 1.885s Main bee32998 00000000 I 1.885s Main bee3299c 00000008 I 1.885s Main bee32a40 00000000 I 1.885s Main bee32a44 00000000 I 1.885s Main bee32a48 00000000 I 1.885s Main bee32a4c 00000000 I 1.885s Main bee32a50 00000000 I 1.885s Main bee32a54 400ecd80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.885s Main bee32a58 400eede8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.885s Main bee32a5c 400eedf0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.885s Main bee32a60 400eedf8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.885s Main bee32a64 bee32a70 [stack] I 1.885s Main bee32a68 00000000 I 1.885s Main bee32a6c 400f1881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 1.885s Main bee32a70 00000005 I 1.885s Main bee32a74 bee32b86 [stack] I 1.885s Main bee32a78 bee32b92 [stack] I 1.885s Main bee32a7c bee32b9e [stack] I 1.885s Main bee32a80 bee32bb9 [stack] I 1.885s Main bee32a84 bee32bbe [stack] I 1.885s Main bee32a88 00000000 I 1.885s Main bee32a8c bee32bc6 [stack] I 1.885s Main bee32a90 bee32be0 [stack] I 1.885s Main bee32a94 bee32c0c [stack] I 1.885s Main I 1.885s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.885s Main I 1.885s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x000001ea (code=-6), thread 490 (app_process) I 1.885s Main I 1.885s Main pid: 490, tid: 579, name: ReferenceQueueD I 1.885s Main r0 41e449b8 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.885s Main r4 41e449b8 r5 41e449a8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.885s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d56e2b0 sl 00000000 fp 41edb1d0 I 1.885s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fbdcba0 lr 40124ec8 pc 40137904 I 1.885s Main I 1.885s Main Stack Trace: I 1.885s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.885s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.885s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.885s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.885s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.885s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.885s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.885s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.886s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.886s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.886s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.886s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.886s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.886s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.886s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.886s Main I 1.886s Main Stack Data: I 1.886s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.886s Main 6fbdcb60 0000002b I 1.886s Main 6fbdcb64 00000060 I 1.886s Main 6fbdcb68 41e03f80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.886s Main 6fbdcb6c 40126e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.886s Main 6fbdcb70 00000020 I 1.886s Main 6fbdcb74 00001004 I 1.886s Main 6fbdcb78 00000021 I 1.886s Main 6fbdcb7c 00000020 I 1.886s Main 6fbdcb80 00000020 I 1.886s Main 6fbdcb84 41ec6640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.886s Main 6fbdcb88 00000001 I 1.886s Main 6fbdcb8c 41e44628 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.886s Main 6fbdcb90 41e449b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.886s Main 6fbdcb94 41e449a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.886s Main 6fbdcb98 00000000 I 1.886s Main 6fbdcb9c 40124eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.886s Main 6fbdcba0 00000000 I 1.886s Main 6fbdcba0 00000000 I 1.886s Main 6fbdcba4 41e449a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.886s Main 6fbdcba8 41e449b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.886s Main 6fbdcbac 41e44618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.886s Main 6fbdcbb0 41e03f80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.886s Main 6fbdcbb4 40124f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.886s Main 6fbdcbb8 41e449a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.886s Main 6fbdcbbc 00000000 I 1.886s Main 6fbdcbc0 41e449a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.886s Main 6fbdcbc4 41e449a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.886s Main 6fbdcbc8 00000000 I 1.886s Main 6fbdcbcc 41590d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.886s Main 6fbdcbd0 41e44618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.886s Main 6fbdcbd4 41e03f80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.886s Main 6fbdcbd8 41e48f74 I 1.886s Main 6fbdcbdc 41e48f78 I 1.886s Main 6fbdcbe0 41ec6640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.886s Main 6fbdcbe4 41e44618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.886s Main 6fbdcbe8 41e44628 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.886s Main 6fbdcbec 41e48f74 I 1.886s Main 6fbdcbf0 415e8c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.886s Main 6fbdcbf4 415a5655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.886s Main 6fbdcbf8 00000000 I 1.886s Main 6fbdcbfc 00000001 I 1.886s Main 6fbdcc00 00000000 I 1.886s Main 6fbdcc04 00000000 I 1.886s Main 6fbdcc08 6d56e2b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.886s Main 6fbdcc0c 41ec1890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.886s Main 6fbdcc10 415a562f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc14 4158dacf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc18 41e48f74 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc1c 41e44628 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc20 6e5e1e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc24 41e48f98 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc28 41e44618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc2c 41ec1890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc30 4155bd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc34 00000000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc38 41e48f60 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc3c 41564fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc40 00000000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc44 41e44618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc48 4156bf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc4c 00000000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc50 6fbdcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:579] I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc54 41e44618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc58 6fbdcc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:579] I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc5c 6d572eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc60 41edb1d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc64 4156bfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc68 00000000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc6c 00000000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc70 00000000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc74 00000000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc78 00000000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc7c fffffea0 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc80 4156bf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc84 4156963c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc88 00000000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc8c 00000000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc90 00000000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc94 00000000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc98 41e48fe4 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcc9c 00000000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcca0 00000000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcca4 00000000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcca8 00000000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdccac 00000000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdccb0 00000000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdccb4 00000000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdccb8 00000000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdccbc 00000000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdccc0 00000000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdccc4 00000000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcd18 0000001d I 1.887s Main 6fbdcd1c 0000001c I 1.887s Main 6fbdcd20 0000001c I 1.887s Main 6fbdcd24 41e44618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.887s Main 6fbdcd28 40164384 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcd2c 415adad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.887s Main 6fbdcd30 6fadf000 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcd34 6fbdcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:579] I 1.887s Main 6fbdcd38 415ed1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.887s Main 6fbdcd3c 40164384 I 1.887s Main 6fbdcd40 415ed500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.887s Main 6fbdcd44 415ed4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.888s Main 6fbdcd48 6fadf000 I 1.888s Main 6fbdcd4c bee31e14 [stack] I 1.888s Main 6fbdcd50 401622ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.888s Main 6fbdcd54 4159e5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.888s Main 6fbdcd58 6fbdcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:579] I 1.888s Main 6fbdcd5c 6fbdcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:579] I 1.888s Main 6fbdcd60 41e44618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.888s Main 6fbdcd64 6fbdcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:579] I 1.888s Main 6fbdcd68 40164384 I 1.888s Main 6fbdcd6c 41e44618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.888s Main 6fbdcd70 4159328f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.888s Main 6fbdcd74 6fbdcd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:579] I 1.888s Main 6fbdcd78 00000003 I 1.888s Main 6fbdcd7c 41e03c90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.888s Main 6fbdcd80 00000000 I 1.888s Main 6fbdcd84 41eb9e38 [heap] I 1.888s Main 6fbdcd88 41e44618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.888s Main 6fbdcd8c 401230ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.888s Main 6fbdcd90 00000000 I 1.888s Main 6fbdcd94 41eb9e34 [heap] I 1.888s Main 6fbdcd98 41eb9e20 [heap] I 1.888s Main 6fbdcd9c dedde7dc I 1.888s Main 6fbdcda0 6fbdcdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:579] I 1.888s Main 6fbdcda4 41e03c90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.888s Main 6fbdcda8 415931ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.888s Main 6fbdcdac 41e44618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.888s Main 6fbdcdb0 415931ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.888s Main 6fbdcdb4 40123174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.888s Main 6fbdcdb8 41e44618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.888s Main 6fbdcdbc 41e03c90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.888s Main 6fbdcdc0 6fbdcdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:579] I 1.888s Main 6fbdcdc4 0000000d I 1.888s Main 6fbdcdc8 00000078 I 1.888s Main 6fbdcdcc 4012330c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.888s Main 6fbdcdd0 6fbdcdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:579] I 1.888s Main 6fbdcdd4 41e03c90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.888s Main 6fbdcdd8 00000000 I 1.888s Main 6fbdcddc 00000000 I 1.888s Main 6fbdcde0 00000000 I 1.888s Main 6fbdcde4 dedde7dc I 1.888s Main 6fbdcde8 00000000 I 1.888s Main 6fbdcdec 00000000 I 1.888s Main 6fbdcdf0 00000000 I 1.888s Main 6fbdcdf4 00000000 I 1.888s Main 6fbdcdf8 00000000 I 1.888s Main 6fbdcdfc 00000000 I 1.888s Main 6fbdce00 00000000 I 1.888s Main 6fbdce04 00000000 I 1.888s Main 6fbdce08 00000000 I 1.888s Main 6fbdce0c 41e44618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.888s Main I 1.888s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.888s Main I 1.888s Main I 1.888s Main pid: 490, tid: 580, name: FinalizerDaemon I 1.888s Main r0 41eabea0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.889s Main r4 41eabea0 r5 41eabe90 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.889s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d56e2b0 sl 00000000 fp 41edb4a0 I 1.889s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fcdabc8 lr 40124ec8 pc 40137904 I 1.889s Main I 1.889s Main Stack Trace: I 1.889s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.889s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.889s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.889s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.889s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.889s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.889s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.889s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.889s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.889s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.889s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.889s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.889s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.889s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.889s Main I 1.889s Main Stack Data: I 1.889s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.889s Main 6fcdab88 0000002b I 1.889s Main 6fcdab8c 00000078 I 1.889s Main 6fcdab90 41e44f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.889s Main 6fcdab94 40126e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.889s Main 6fcdab98 00000020 I 1.889s Main 6fcdab9c 00001084 I 1.889s Main 6fcdaba0 00000021 I 1.889s Main 6fcdaba4 00000020 I 1.889s Main 6fcdaba8 00000020 I 1.889s Main 6fcdabac 41ec6718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.889s Main 6fcdabb0 00000001 I 1.889s Main 6fcdabb4 4155bd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.889s Main 6fcdabb8 41eabea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.889s Main 6fcdabbc 41eabe90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.889s Main 6fcdabc0 00000000 I 1.889s Main 6fcdabc4 40124eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.889s Main 6fcdabc8 00000000 I 1.889s Main 6fcdabc8 00000000 I 1.889s Main 6fcdabcc 41eabe90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.889s Main 6fcdabd0 41eabea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.889s Main 6fcdabd4 41eabb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.889s Main 6fcdabd8 41e44f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.889s Main 6fcdabdc 40124f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.889s Main 6fcdabe0 41eabe90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.889s Main 6fcdabe4 00000000 I 1.889s Main 6fcdabe8 41eabe90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.889s Main 6fcdabec 41eabe90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.889s Main 6fcdabf0 00000000 I 1.889s Main 6fcdabf4 41590d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.889s Main 6fcdabf8 41eabb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.889s Main 6fcdabfc 41e44f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.889s Main 6fcdac00 41eb8f10 [heap] I 1.889s Main 6fcdac04 41eb8f14 [heap] I 1.889s Main 6fcdac08 41ec6718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.890s Main 6fcdac0c 41ec1890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.890s Main 6fcdac10 4155bd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.890s Main 6fcdac14 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdac18 41eb8efc [heap] I 1.890s Main 6fcdac1c 415a5655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.890s Main 6fcdac20 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdac24 00000001 I 1.890s Main 6fcdac28 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdac2c 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdac30 6e5e1ea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.890s Main 6fcdac34 41eb8f34 [heap] I 1.890s Main 6fcdac38 41eabb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.890s Main 6fcdac3c 41564fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.890s Main 6fcdac40 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdac44 41eabb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.890s Main 6fcdac48 4156bf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.890s Main 6fcdac4c 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdac50 6fcdad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:580] I 1.890s Main 6fcdac54 41eabb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.890s Main 6fcdac58 6fcdac94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:580] I 1.890s Main 6fcdac5c 6d572eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.890s Main 6fcdac60 41edb4a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.890s Main 6fcdac64 4156bfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.890s Main 6fcdac68 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdac6c 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdac70 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdac74 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdac78 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdac7c fffffea0 I 1.890s Main 6fcdac80 4156bf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.890s Main 6fcdac84 4156963c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.890s Main 6fcdac88 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdac8c 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdac90 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdac94 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdac98 41eb8fe4 [heap] I 1.890s Main 6fcdac9c 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdaca0 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdaca4 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdaca8 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdacac 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdacb0 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdacb4 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdacb8 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdacbc 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdacc0 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdacc4 00000000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdad18 0000001d I 1.890s Main 6fcdad1c 0000001c I 1.890s Main 6fcdad20 0000001c I 1.890s Main 6fcdad24 41eabb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.890s Main 6fcdad28 40164384 I 1.890s Main 6fcdad2c 415adad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.890s Main 6fcdad30 6fbdd000 I 1.890s Main 6fcdad34 6fcdad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:580] I 1.890s Main 6fcdad38 415ed1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.890s Main 6fcdad3c 40164384 I 1.891s Main 6fcdad40 415ed500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.891s Main 6fcdad44 415ed4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.891s Main 6fcdad48 6fbdd000 I 1.891s Main 6fcdad4c bee31e3c [stack] I 1.891s Main 6fcdad50 401622ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.891s Main 6fcdad54 4159e5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.891s Main 6fcdad58 6fcdad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:580] I 1.891s Main 6fcdad5c 6fcdad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:580] I 1.891s Main 6fcdad60 41eabb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.891s Main 6fcdad64 6fcdad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:580] I 1.891s Main 6fcdad68 40164384 I 1.891s Main 6fcdad6c 41eabb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.891s Main 6fcdad70 4159328f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.891s Main 6fcdad74 6fcdad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:580] I 1.891s Main 6fcdad78 00000003 I 1.891s Main 6fcdad7c 41e44c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.891s Main 6fcdad80 00000000 I 1.891s Main 6fcdad84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.891s Main 6fcdad88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.891s Main 6fcdad8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.891s Main 6fcdad90 006e6f6d I 1.891s Main 6fcdad94 6fcdad93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:580] I 1.891s Main 6fcdad98 6fcdad84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:580] I 1.891s Main 6fcdad9c dedde7dc I 1.891s Main 6fcdada0 6fcdadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:580] I 1.891s Main 6fcdada4 41e44c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.891s Main 6fcdada8 415931ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.891s Main 6fcdadac 41eabb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.891s Main 6fcdadb0 415931ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.891s Main 6fcdadb4 40123174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.891s Main 6fcdadb8 41eabb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.891s Main 6fcdadbc 41e44c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.891s Main 6fcdadc0 6fcdadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:580] I 1.891s Main 6fcdadc4 0000000d I 1.891s Main 6fcdadc8 00000078 I 1.891s Main 6fcdadcc 4012330c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.891s Main 6fcdadd0 6fcdadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:580] I 1.891s Main 6fcdadd4 41e44c78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.891s Main 6fcdadd8 00000000 I 1.891s Main 6fcdaddc 00000000 I 1.891s Main 6fcdade0 00000000 I 1.891s Main 6fcdade4 dedde7dc I 1.891s Main 6fcdade8 00000000 I 1.891s Main 6fcdadec 00000000 I 1.891s Main 6fcdadf0 00000000 I 1.891s Main 6fcdadf4 00000000 I 1.891s Main 6fcdadf8 00000000 I 1.891s Main 6fcdadfc 00000000 I 1.891s Main 6fcdae00 00000000 I 1.891s Main 6fcdae04 00000000 I 1.891s Main 6fcdae08 00000000 I 1.891s Main 6fcdae0c 41eabb00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.891s Main I 1.891s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.891s Main I 1.891s Main I 1.891s Main pid: 490, tid: 581, name: FinalizerWatchd I 1.892s Main r0 41eac500 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.892s Main r4 41eac500 r5 41eac4f0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.892s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d56e2b0 sl 00000000 fp 41edb740 I 1.892s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fddebc8 lr 40124ec8 pc 40137904 I 1.892s Main I 1.892s Main Stack Trace: I 1.892s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.892s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.892s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.892s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.892s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.892s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.892s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.892s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.892s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.892s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.892s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.892s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.892s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.892s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.892s Main I 1.892s Main Stack Data: I 1.892s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.892s Main 6fddeb88 41e03fc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.892s Main 6fddeb8c 41ec0d68 [heap] I 1.892s Main 6fddeb90 41e03fa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.892s Main 6fddeb94 40126e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.892s Main 6fddeb98 00000020 I 1.892s Main 6fddeb9c 00001084 I 1.892s Main 6fddeba0 00000021 I 1.892s Main 6fddeba4 00000020 I 1.892s Main 6fddeba8 00000020 I 1.892s Main 6fddebac 41edb730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.892s Main 6fddebb0 00000001 I 1.892s Main 6fddebb4 4155bd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.892s Main 6fddebb8 41eac500 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.892s Main 6fddebbc 41eac4f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.892s Main 6fddebc0 00000000 I 1.892s Main 6fddebc4 40124eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.892s Main 6fddebc8 00000000 I 1.892s Main 6fddebc8 00000000 I 1.892s Main 6fddebcc 41eac4f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.892s Main 6fddebd0 41eac500 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.892s Main 6fddebd4 41eac160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.892s Main 6fddebd8 41e03fa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.892s Main 6fddebdc 40124f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.892s Main 6fddebe0 41eac4f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.892s Main 6fddebe4 00000000 I 1.892s Main 6fddebe8 41eac4f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.892s Main 6fddebec 41eac4f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.892s Main 6fddebf0 00000000 I 1.892s Main 6fddebf4 41590d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.892s Main 6fddebf8 41eac160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.892s Main 6fddebfc 41e03fa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.892s Main 6fddec00 6fce0f54 I 1.892s Main 6fddec04 6fce0f58 I 1.893s Main 6fddec08 41edb730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.893s Main 6fddec0c 41ec1890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.893s Main 6fddec10 4155bd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.893s Main 6fddec14 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddec18 6fce0f40 I 1.893s Main 6fddec1c 415a5655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.893s Main 6fddec20 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddec24 00000001 I 1.893s Main 6fddec28 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddec2c 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddec30 6e5e1e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.893s Main 6fddec34 6fce0f78 I 1.893s Main 6fddec38 41eac160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.893s Main 6fddec3c 41564fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.893s Main 6fddec40 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddec44 41eac160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.893s Main 6fddec48 4156bf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.893s Main 6fddec4c 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddec50 6fdded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:581] I 1.893s Main 6fddec54 41eac160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.893s Main 6fddec58 6fddec94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:581] I 1.893s Main 6fddec5c 6d572eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.893s Main 6fddec60 41edb740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.893s Main 6fddec64 4156bfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.893s Main 6fddec68 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddec6c 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddec70 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddec74 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddec78 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddec7c fffffea0 I 1.893s Main 6fddec80 4156bf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.893s Main 6fddec84 4156963c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.893s Main 6fddec88 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddec8c 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddec90 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddec94 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddec98 6fce0fe4 I 1.893s Main 6fddec9c 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddeca0 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddeca4 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddeca8 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddecac 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddecb0 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddecb4 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddecb8 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddecbc 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddecc0 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fddecc4 00000000 I 1.893s Main 6fdded18 0000001d I 1.893s Main 6fdded1c 0000001c I 1.893s Main 6fdded20 0000001c I 1.893s Main 6fdded24 41eac160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.893s Main 6fdded28 40164384 I 1.893s Main 6fdded2c 415adad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.893s Main 6fdded30 6fce1000 I 1.893s Main 6fdded34 6fdded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:581] I 1.894s Main 6fdded38 415ed1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.894s Main 6fdded3c 40164384 I 1.894s Main 6fdded40 415ed500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.894s Main 6fdded44 415ed4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.894s Main 6fdded48 6fce1000 I 1.894s Main 6fdded4c bee31e3c [stack] I 1.894s Main 6fdded50 401622ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.894s Main 6fdded54 4159e5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.894s Main 6fdded58 6fdded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:581] I 1.894s Main 6fdded5c 6fdded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:581] I 1.894s Main 6fdded60 41eac160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.894s Main 6fdded64 6fdded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:581] I 1.894s Main 6fdded68 40164384 I 1.894s Main 6fdded6c 41eac160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.894s Main 6fdded70 4159328f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.894s Main 6fdded74 6fdded78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:581] I 1.894s Main 6fdded78 00000003 I 1.894s Main 6fdded7c 41eac5b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.894s Main 6fdded80 00000000 I 1.894s Main 6fdded84 41eb9e50 [heap] I 1.894s Main 6fdded88 41eac160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.894s Main 6fdded8c 401230ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.894s Main 6fdded90 00000000 I 1.894s Main 6fdded94 41eb9e4f [heap] I 1.894s Main 6fdded98 41eb9e38 [heap] I 1.894s Main 6fdded9c dedde7dc I 1.894s Main 6fddeda0 6fddedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:581] I 1.894s Main 6fddeda4 41eac5b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.894s Main 6fddeda8 415931ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.894s Main 6fddedac 41eac160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.894s Main 6fddedb0 415931ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.894s Main 6fddedb4 40123174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.894s Main 6fddedb8 41eac160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.894s Main 6fddedbc 41eac5b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.894s Main 6fddedc0 6fddedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:581] I 1.894s Main 6fddedc4 0000000d I 1.894s Main 6fddedc8 00000078 I 1.894s Main 6fddedcc 4012330c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.894s Main 6fddedd0 6fddedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:581] I 1.894s Main 6fddedd4 41eac5b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.894s Main 6fddedd8 00000000 I 1.894s Main 6fddeddc 00000000 I 1.894s Main 6fddede0 00000000 I 1.894s Main 6fddede4 dedde7dc I 1.894s Main 6fddede8 00000000 I 1.894s Main 6fddedec 00000000 I 1.894s Main 6fddedf0 00000000 I 1.894s Main 6fddedf4 00000000 I 1.894s Main 6fddedf8 00000000 I 1.894s Main 6fddedfc 00000000 I 1.894s Main 6fddee00 00000000 I 1.894s Main 6fddee04 00000000 I 1.894s Main 6fddee08 00000000 I 1.894s Main 6fddee0c 41eac160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.894s Main I 1.894s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.894s Main I 1.895s Main I 1.895s Main pid: 490, tid: 582, name: GC I 1.895s Main r0 41ec0384 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.895s Main r4 41ec0384 r5 41ec0380 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.895s Main r8 415ef100 r9 415ef100 sl 41ec0378 fp 401622ec I 1.895s Main ip 00000000 sp 6feded40 lr 40124ec8 pc 40137904 I 1.895s Main I 1.895s Main Stack Trace: I 1.895s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.895s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.895s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.895s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.895s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.895s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.895s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.895s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.895s Main I 1.895s Main Stack Data: I 1.895s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.895s Main 6feded00 00000000 I 1.895s Main 6feded04 6fedeca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:582] I 1.895s Main 6feded08 6fedecb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:582] I 1.895s Main 6feded0c 00000018 I 1.895s Main 6feded10 6d57266c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.895s Main 6feded14 6feded68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:582] I 1.895s Main 6feded18 415ed1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.895s Main 6feded1c 41ead338 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.895s Main 6feded20 41edb940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.895s Main 6feded24 41edb9b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.895s Main 6feded28 41edb940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.895s Main 6feded2c 401392d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.895s Main 6feded30 41ec0384 [heap] I 1.895s Main 6feded34 41ec0380 [heap] I 1.895s Main 6feded38 00000000 I 1.895s Main 6feded3c 40124eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.895s Main 6feded40 00000000 I 1.895s Main 6feded40 00000000 I 1.895s Main 6feded44 41ec0380 [heap] I 1.895s Main 6feded48 41ec0384 [heap] I 1.895s Main 6feded4c 00000000 I 1.895s Main 6feded50 415ef100 I 1.895s Main 6feded54 40124f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.895s Main 6feded58 415e8c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.895s Main 6feded5c 415ed1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.895s Main 6feded60 bee31f10 [stack] I 1.895s Main 6feded64 415e8c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.895s Main 6feded68 415ed1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.895s Main 6feded6c 415b0783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.895s Main 6feded70 00000000 I 1.895s Main 6feded74 00000081 I 1.895s Main 6feded78 415b0735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.895s Main 6feded7c 41e44fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.895s Main 6feded80 415ed1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.895s Main 6feded84 bee31f10 [stack] I 1.895s Main 6feded88 41e44fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.895s Main 6feded8c 41592921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.896s Main 6feded90 6fde1000 I 1.896s Main 6feded94 4159296f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.896s Main 6feded98 41e44fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.896s Main 6feded9c 00010002 I 1.896s Main 6fededa0 41ec0cc8 [heap] I 1.896s Main 6fededa4 41ed0880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.896s Main 6fededa8 6fededd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:582] I 1.896s Main 6fededac 41eaca90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.896s Main 6fededb0 41592921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.896s Main 6fededb4 40123174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.896s Main 6fededb8 41e44fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.896s Main 6fededbc 41eaca90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.896s Main 6fededc0 6fededd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:582] I 1.896s Main 6fededc4 0000000d I 1.896s Main 6fededc8 00000078 I 1.896s Main 6fededcc 4012330c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.896s Main 6fededd0 6fededd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:582] I 1.896s Main 6fededd4 41eaca90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.896s Main 6fededd8 00000000 I 1.896s Main 6fededdc 00000000 I 1.896s Main 6fedede0 00000000 I 1.896s Main 6fedede4 dedde7dc I 1.896s Main 6fedede8 00000000 I 1.896s Main 6fededec 00000000 I 1.896s Main 6fededf0 00000000 I 1.896s Main 6fededf4 00000000 I 1.896s Main 6fededf8 00000000 I 1.896s Main 6fededfc 00000000 I 1.896s Main 6fedee00 00000000 I 1.896s Main 6fedee04 00000000 I 1.896s Main 6fedee08 00000000 I 1.896s Main 6fedee0c 41eaccd8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.896s Main I 1.896s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.896s Main I 1.896s Main I 1.896s Main pid: 490, tid: 584, name: Signal Catcher I 1.896s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 1.896s Main r4 6ffe2d08 r5 6ffe2d48 r6 bee31f20 r7 000000b1 I 1.896s Main r8 41ead608 r9 415e8c74 sl 415ed694 fp 415cccdc I 1.896s Main ip 6ffe2d44 sp 6ffe2d08 lr 40129351 pc 40137170 I 1.896s Main I 1.896s Main Stack Trace: I 1.896s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.896s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.896s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.896s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.896s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.896s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.896s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.896s Main I 1.896s Main Stack Data: I 1.896s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.896s Main 6ffe2cc8 00000000 I 1.896s Main 6ffe2ccc 00000000 I 1.896s Main 6ffe2cd0 00000000 I 1.896s Main 6ffe2cd4 00000000 I 1.897s Main 6ffe2cd8 6ffe2d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:584] I 1.897s Main 6ffe2cdc 00000000 I 1.897s Main 6ffe2ce0 41ead608 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.897s Main 6ffe2ce4 6ffe8fc4 I 1.897s Main 6ffe2ce8 00000000 I 1.897s Main 6ffe2cec 6ffe2d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:584] I 1.897s Main 6ffe2cf0 00000000 I 1.897s Main 6ffe2cf4 4159e58b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.897s Main 6ffe2cf8 415ce239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.897s Main 6ffe2cfc 00000000 I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d00 00000000 I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d04 6ffe2ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:584] I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d08 00000204 I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d08 00000204 I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d0c 00000000 I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d10 fffffea0 I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d14 41df37d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d18 415ed1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d1c 4158ff57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d20 41edba20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d24 41edba90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d28 41edba20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d2c 401392d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d30 41ead974 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d34 4158f9a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d38 41ead608 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d3c 4159394b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d40 41edba90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d44 00000204 I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d48 00000004 I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d4c 41ead608 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d50 415ed1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d54 41591e11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d58 41ed0880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d5c 41edba90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d98 41df37d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.897s Main 6ffe2d9c 00010002 I 1.897s Main 6ffe2da0 41df37f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.897s Main 6ffe2da4 41ed0880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.897s Main 6ffe2da8 6ffe2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:584] I 1.897s Main 6ffe2dac 41ead3c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.897s Main 6ffe2db0 41592921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.897s Main 6ffe2db4 40123174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.897s Main 6ffe2db8 41df37d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.897s Main 6ffe2dbc 41ead3c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.897s Main 6ffe2dc0 6ffe2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:584] I 1.897s Main 6ffe2dc4 0000000d I 1.897s Main 6ffe2dc8 00000078 I 1.897s Main 6ffe2dcc 4012330c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.897s Main 6ffe2dd0 6ffe2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:584] I 1.897s Main 6ffe2dd4 41ead3c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.897s Main 6ffe2dd8 00000000 I 1.897s Main 6ffe2ddc 00000000 I 1.897s Main 6ffe2de0 00000000 I 1.897s Main 6ffe2de4 dedde7dc I 1.897s Main 6ffe2de8 00000000 I 1.897s Main 6ffe2dec 00000000 I 1.898s Main 6ffe2df0 00000000 I 1.898s Main 6ffe2df4 00000000 I 1.898s Main 6ffe2df8 00000000 I 1.898s Main 6ffe2dfc 00000000 I 1.898s Main 6ffe2e00 00000000 I 1.898s Main 6ffe2e04 00000000 I 1.898s Main 6ffe2e08 00000000 I 1.898s Main 6ffe2e0c 41ead608 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.898s Main I 1.898s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.898s Main I 1.898s Main I 1.898s Main pid: 490, tid: 585, name: JDWP I 1.898s Main r0 00000011 r1 700e6d10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 1.898s Main r4 41eaddc8 r5 40164384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 1.898s Main r8 41eafde8 r9 000003e8 sl 41eadd64 fp 401622ec I 1.898s Main ip 41eafdc8 sp 700e6cf8 lr 4159f087 pc 401373d8 I 1.898s Main I 1.898s Main Stack Trace: I 1.898s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.898s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.898s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.898s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.898s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.898s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.898s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.898s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.898s Main I 1.898s Main Stack Data: I 1.898s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.898s Main 700e6cb8 41eafdc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.898s Main 700e6cbc 41eafde8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.898s Main 700e6cc0 000003e8 I 1.898s Main 700e6cc4 41eadd64 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.898s Main 700e6cc8 401622ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.898s Main 700e6ccc 4013c159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.898s Main 700e6cd0 00000000 I 1.898s Main 700e6cd4 00000000 I 1.898s Main 700e6cd8 700e6d4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:585] I 1.898s Main 700e6cdc 00000000 I 1.898s Main 700e6ce0 00000000 I 1.898s Main 700e6ce4 700ecfc4 I 1.898s Main 700e6ce8 00004000 I 1.898s Main 700e6cec 700e6d54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:585] I 1.898s Main 700e6cf0 00000000 I 1.898s Main 700e6cf4 00000000 I 1.898s Main 700e6cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[vectors] I 1.898s Main 700e6cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[vectors] I 1.898s Main 700e6cfc 700e6d50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:585] I 1.898s Main 700e6d00 00000004 I 1.898s Main 700e6d04 210e6ca8 I 1.898s Main 700e6d08 700e6d07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:585] I 1.898s Main 700e6d0c 00000001 I 1.898s Main 700e6d10 00000000 I 1.898s Main 700e6d14 00000000 I 1.898s Main 700e6d18 700e6d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:585] I 1.899s Main 700e6d1c 00000001 I 1.899s Main 700e6d20 700e6d2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:585] I 1.899s Main 700e6d24 00000010 I 1.899s Main 700e6d28 00000000 I 1.899s Main 700e6d2c 00000010 I 1.899s Main 700e6d30 00000001 I 1.899s Main 700e6d34 00000001 I 1.899s Main 700e6d50 61653130 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.899s Main 700e6d54 4159f100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.899s Main 700e6d58 00000001 I 1.899s Main 700e6d5c 41eadd10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.899s Main 700e6d60 41eadd58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.899s Main 700e6d64 bee31f00 [stack] I 1.899s Main 700e6d68 41eafe60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.899s Main 700e6d6c 415d77c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.899s Main 700e6d70 415d8910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.899s Main 700e6d74 415a1f89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.899s Main 700e6d78 00000001 I 1.899s Main 700e6d7c 41eafe60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.899s Main 700e6d80 415ed1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.899s Main 700e6d84 bee31f00 [stack] I 1.899s Main 700e6d88 41eafe60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.899s Main 700e6d8c 41592921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.899s Main 700e6d90 6ffe9000 I 1.899s Main 700e6d94 4159296f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.899s Main 700e6d98 41eafe60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.899s Main 700e6d9c 00010002 I 1.899s Main 700e6da0 41e03fd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.899s Main 700e6da4 41ed0880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.899s Main 700e6da8 700e6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:585] I 1.899s Main 700e6dac 41eafe80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.899s Main 700e6db0 41592921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.899s Main 700e6db4 40123174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.899s Main 700e6db8 41eafe60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.899s Main 700e6dbc 41eafe80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.899s Main 700e6dc0 700e6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:585] I 1.899s Main 700e6dc4 0000000d I 1.899s Main 700e6dc8 00000078 I 1.899s Main 700e6dcc 4012330c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.899s Main 700e6dd0 700e6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:585] I 1.899s Main 700e6dd4 41eafe80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.899s Main 700e6dd8 00000000 I 1.899s Main 700e6ddc 00000000 I 1.899s Main 700e6de0 00000000 I 1.899s Main 700e6de4 dedde7dc I 1.899s Main 700e6de8 00000000 I 1.899s Main 700e6dec 00000000 I 1.899s Main 700e6df0 00000000 I 1.899s Main 700e6df4 00000000 I 1.899s Main 700e6df8 00000000 I 1.899s Main 700e6dfc 00000000 I 1.899s Main 700e6e00 00000000 I 1.899s Main 700e6e04 00000000 I 1.899s Main 700e6e08 00000000 I 1.899s Main 700e6e0c 41eb00c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.899s Main I 1.899s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.900s Main I 1.900s Main I 1.900s Main pid: 490, tid: 586, name: Compiler I 1.900s Main r0 415ed704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.900s Main r4 415ed704 r5 415ed6fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.900s Main r8 41592921 r9 700ed000 sl 415ed6f8 fp 401622ec I 1.900s Main ip 00000000 sp 701eac10 lr 40124ec8 pc 40137904 I 1.900s Main I 1.900s Main Stack Trace: I 1.900s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.900s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main I 1.900s Main Stack Data: I 1.900s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.900s Main 701eabd0 00000000 I 1.900s Main 701eabd4 00000000 I 1.900s Main 701eabd8 415ed1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main 701eabdc 00000000 I 1.900s Main 701eabe0 00000000 I 1.900s Main 701eabe4 00000000 I 1.900s Main 701eabe8 415d3f31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main 701eabec 41592bc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main 701eabf0 fffffe0c I 1.900s Main 701eabf4 41e44618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.900s Main 701eabf8 41e44640 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.900s Main 701eabfc ffffffef I 1.900s Main 701eac00 415ed704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main 701eac04 415ed6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main 701eac08 00000000 I 1.900s Main 701eac0c 40124eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main 701eac10 00000000 I 1.900s Main 701eac10 00000000 I 1.900s Main 701eac14 415ed6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main 701eac18 415ed704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main 701eac1c 41eb3268 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.900s Main 701eac20 00001000 I 1.900s Main 701eac24 40124f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main 701eac28 415ed6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main 701eac2c 70368008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.900s Main 701eac30 415cccdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main 701eac34 415ed6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main 701eac38 70368008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.900s Main 701eac3c 415b1d03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main 701eac40 701ead68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:586] I 1.900s Main 701eac44 4156bfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main 701eac48 00000000 I 1.900s Main 701eac4c 415e8c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main 701eac50 415dd901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main 701eac54 415cccdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.900s Main 701eac58 00000000 I 1.901s Main 701eac5c fffffea0 I 1.901s Main 701eac60 4156bf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.901s Main 701eac64 4156963c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.901s Main 701eac68 00000000 I 1.901s Main 701eac6c 00000000 I 1.901s Main 701eac70 00000000 I 1.901s Main 701eac74 00000000 I 1.901s Main 701eac78 701f0fa0 I 1.901s Main 701eac7c 00000000 I 1.901s Main 701ead98 41eb07d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.901s Main 701ead9c 00010002 I 1.901s Main 701eada0 41e44fd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.901s Main 701eada4 41ed0880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.901s Main 701eada8 701eadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:586] I 1.901s Main 701eadac 41eb07f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.901s Main 701eadb0 41592921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.901s Main 701eadb4 40123174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.901s Main 701eadb8 41eb07d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.901s Main 701eadbc 41eb07f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.901s Main 701eadc0 701eadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:586] I 1.901s Main 701eadc4 0000000d I 1.901s Main 701eadc8 00000078 I 1.901s Main 701eadcc 4012330c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.901s Main 701eadd0 701eadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:586] I 1.901s Main 701eadd4 41eb07f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.901s Main 701eadd8 00000000 I 1.901s Main 701eaddc 00000000 I 1.901s Main 701eade0 00000000 I 1.901s Main 701eade4 dedde7dc I 1.901s Main 701eade8 00000000 I 1.901s Main 701eadec 00000000 I 1.901s Main 701eadf0 00000000 I 1.901s Main 701eadf4 00000000 I 1.901s Main 701eadf8 00000000 I 1.901s Main 701eadfc 00000000 I 1.901s Main 701eae00 00000000 I 1.901s Main 701eae04 00000000 I 1.901s Main 701eae08 00000000 I 1.901s Main 701eae0c 41eb0a38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.901s Main I 1.901s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.901s Main I 1.901s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 1.901s Main I 1.901s Main Stack Trace: I 1.901s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.901s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.901s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.901s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.901s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.901s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.901s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.901s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.901s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.901s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.901s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.901s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.902s Main I 1.902s Main Stack Data: I 1.902s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.902s Main 95151761 55091567 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/223 I 1.902s Main I 1.902s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.902s Main I 1.902s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x000001ea (code=-6), thread 490 (app_process) I 1.902s Main tombstone_01 created on 1971-10-09 13:16:00, about this long ago: 17290 days, 1:17:57 Device: 05c34aa83444c162 I 1.902s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src I 1.902s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug I 1.902s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmpiwoEfK I 1.902s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 1.902s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug I 1.902s Main pid: 833, tid: 833, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 1.902s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 1.902s Main r0 00000000 r1 00000341 r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 1.902s Main r4 00000006 r5 00000000 r6 00000341 r7 0000010c I 1.902s Main r8 00000004 r9 beee2b91 sl beee2b9d fp beee2b85 I 1.902s Main ip 40299438 sp beee2628 lr 40133fe5 pc 40142f90 I 1.902s Main I 1.902s Main Stack Trace: I 1.902s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.902s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.902s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.902s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.902s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.902s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.902s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.902s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.902s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.902s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.902s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.902s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.902s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.902s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.902s Main I 1.902s Main Stack Data: I 1.902s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.902s Main beee25e8 4028c168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.902s Main beee25ec 00000002 I 1.902s Main beee25f0 40299438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.902s Main beee25f4 00000004 I 1.902s Main beee25f8 beee2b91 [stack] I 1.902s Main beee25fc beee2b9d [stack] I 1.902s Main beee2600 beee2b85 [stack] I 1.902s Main beee2604 40147159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.902s Main beee2608 34203020 I 1.902s Main beee260c 20323136 I 1.902s Main beee2610 beee2684 [stack] I 1.902s Main beee2614 00000000 I 1.902s Main beee2618 00000000 I 1.902s Main beee261c 37312030 I 1.902s Main beee2620 00004000 I 1.902s Main beee2624 beee2692 [stack] I 1.902s Main beee2628 00000006 I 1.903s Main beee262c 00000000 I 1.903s Main beee2630 00000341 I 1.903s Main beee2634 40299438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.903s Main beee2638 40299438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.903s Main beee263c 40133fe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.903s Main beee2640 00000006 I 1.903s Main beee2644 00000000 I 1.903s Main beee2648 00000002 I 1.903s Main beee264c 401341f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.903s Main beee2650 beee265c [stack] I 1.903s Main beee2654 40132f2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.903s Main beee2658 00000000 I 1.903s Main beee265c ffffffdf I 1.903s Main beee2660 4016b2c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.903s Main beee2664 4016b22c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.903s Main beee2668 00000000 I 1.903s Main beee266c 40135aef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.903s Main beee2670 415fe1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.903s Main beee2674 415fe1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.903s Main beee2678 4028c168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.903s Main beee267c 40142848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.903s Main beee2680 00000000 I 1.903s Main beee2684 41594ccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.903s Main beee2688 40179324 I 1.903s Main beee268c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.903s Main beee2690 0000296c I 1.903s Main beee2694 00000000 I 1.903s Main beee2698 00000000 I 1.903s Main beee269c 00000000 I 1.903s Main beee26a0 00000000 I 1.903s Main beee26a4 00000000 I 1.903s Main beee26a8 00000000 I 1.903s Main beee26ac 00000000 I 1.903s Main beee26b0 00000000 I 1.903s Main beee26b4 00000000 I 1.903s Main beee26b8 00000000 I 1.903s Main beee26bc 00000000 I 1.903s Main beee26c0 00000000 I 1.903s Main beee26c4 00000000 I 1.903s Main beee2898 000000c8 I 1.903s Main beee289c 6f896c38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.903s Main beee28a0 4154cf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.903s Main beee28a4 00000000 I 1.903s Main beee28a8 000000c8 I 1.903s Main beee28ac 4028f560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.903s Main beee28b0 4028f740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.903s Main beee28b4 4154cf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.903s Main beee28b8 400f8328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.903s Main beee28bc 40234d27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.903s Main beee28c0 4154cf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.903s Main beee28c4 00000000 I 1.903s Main beee28c8 beee2988 [stack] I 1.903s Main beee28cc 40235015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.903s Main beee28d0 400f83cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.903s Main beee28d4 40235a65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.903s Main beee28d8 4154cf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.903s Main beee28dc 00000000 I 1.904s Main beee28e0 41601004 I 1.904s Main beee28e4 4159ca8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.904s Main beee28e8 4159cabd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.904s Main beee28ec 4159ca95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.904s Main beee28f0 000000bb I 1.904s Main beee28f4 00000000 I 1.904s Main beee28f8 4154ce08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.904s Main beee28fc 40131e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.904s Main beee2900 000000b0 I 1.904s Main beee2904 00000000 I 1.904s Main beee2908 40130dcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.904s Main beee290c 000000a0 I 1.904s Main beee2910 00000014 I 1.904s Main beee2914 402913d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.904s Main beee2960 00000000 I 1.904s Main beee2964 00000000 I 1.904s Main beee2968 00000000 I 1.904s Main beee296c beee2a7c [stack] I 1.904s Main beee2970 4016f384 I 1.904s Main beee2974 400f8372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.904s Main beee2978 400f8300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.904s Main beee297c 400f837b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.904s Main beee2980 400f8391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.904s Main beee2984 400f839f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.904s Main beee2988 400f9e08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.904s Main beee298c 4028f520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.904s Main beee2990 4154ce18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.904s Main beee2994 00000013 I 1.904s Main beee2998 00000000 I 1.904s Main beee299c 00000008 I 1.904s Main beee2a40 00000000 I 1.904s Main beee2a44 00000000 I 1.904s Main beee2a48 00000000 I 1.904s Main beee2a4c 00000000 I 1.904s Main beee2a50 00000000 I 1.904s Main beee2a54 400f7d80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.904s Main beee2a58 400f9de8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.904s Main beee2a5c 400f9df0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.904s Main beee2a60 400f9df8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.904s Main beee2a64 beee2a70 [stack] I 1.904s Main beee2a68 00000000 I 1.904s Main beee2a6c 400fc881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 1.904s Main beee2a70 00000005 I 1.904s Main beee2a74 beee2b85 [stack] I 1.904s Main beee2a78 beee2b91 [stack] I 1.904s Main beee2a7c beee2b9d [stack] I 1.904s Main beee2a80 beee2bb8 [stack] I 1.904s Main beee2a84 beee2bbd [stack] I 1.904s Main beee2a88 00000000 I 1.904s Main beee2a8c beee2bc5 [stack] I 1.904s Main beee2a90 beee2bdf [stack] I 1.904s Main beee2a94 beee2c0b [stack] I 1.904s Main I 1.904s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.904s Main I 1.905s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000341 (code=-6), thread 833 (app_process) I 1.905s Main I 1.905s Main pid: 833, tid: 835, name: ReferenceQueueD I 1.905s Main r0 41603c30 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.905s Main r4 41603c30 r5 41603c20 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.905s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4bf2b0 sl 00000000 fp 4161e1d0 I 1.905s Main ip 00000000 sp 7115bba0 lr 4012fec8 pc 40142904 I 1.905s Main I 1.905s Main Stack Trace: I 1.905s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.905s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.905s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.905s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.905s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.905s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.905s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.905s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.905s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.905s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.905s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.905s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.905s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.905s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.905s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.905s Main I 1.905s Main Stack Data: I 1.905s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.905s Main 7115bb60 0000002b I 1.905s Main 7115bb64 000000e8 I 1.905s Main 7115bb68 6e8c1ef8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.905s Main 7115bb6c 40131e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.905s Main 7115bb70 00000020 I 1.905s Main 7115bb74 00480000 I 1.905s Main 7115bb78 00000021 I 1.905s Main 7115bb7c 00000020 I 1.905s Main 7115bb80 00000020 I 1.905s Main 7115bb84 41609640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.905s Main 7115bb88 00000001 I 1.905s Main 7115bb8c 416038a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.905s Main 7115bb90 41603c30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.905s Main 7115bb94 41603c20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.905s Main 7115bb98 00000000 I 1.905s Main 7115bb9c 4012feb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.905s Main 7115bba0 00000000 I 1.905s Main 7115bba0 00000000 I 1.905s Main 7115bba4 41603c20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.905s Main 7115bba8 41603c30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.905s Main 7115bbac 41603890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.905s Main 7115bbb0 6e8c1ef8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.905s Main 7115bbb4 4012ff28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.905s Main 7115bbb8 41603c20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.905s Main 7115bbbc 00000000 I 1.905s Main 7115bbc0 41603c20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.905s Main 7115bbc4 41603c20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.905s Main 7115bbc8 00000000 I 1.905s Main 7115bbcc 415a1d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.905s Main 7115bbd0 41603890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.906s Main 7115bbd4 6e8c1ef8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.906s Main 7115bbd8 6f8c4f74 I 1.906s Main 7115bbdc 6f8c4f78 I 1.906s Main 7115bbe0 41609640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.906s Main 7115bbe4 41603890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.906s Main 7115bbe8 416038a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.906s Main 7115bbec 6f8c4f74 I 1.906s Main 7115bbf0 415f9c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.906s Main 7115bbf4 415b6655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.906s Main 7115bbf8 00000000 I 1.906s Main 7115bbfc 00000001 I 1.906s Main 7115bc00 00000000 I 1.906s Main 7115bc04 00000000 I 1.906s Main 7115bc08 6d4bf2b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.906s Main 7115bc0c 41604890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.906s Main 7115bc10 415b662f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.906s Main 7115bc14 4159eacf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.906s Main 7115bc18 6f8c4f74 I 1.906s Main 7115bc1c 416038a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.906s Main 7115bc20 6e549e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.906s Main 7115bc24 6f8c4f98 I 1.906s Main 7115bc28 41603890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.906s Main 7115bc2c 41604890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.906s Main 7115bc30 4156cd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.906s Main 7115bc34 00000000 I 1.906s Main 7115bc38 6f8c4f60 I 1.906s Main 7115bc3c 41575fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.906s Main 7115bc40 00000000 I 1.906s Main 7115bc44 41603890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.906s Main 7115bc48 4157cf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.906s Main 7115bc4c 00000000 I 1.906s Main 7115bc50 7115bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:835] I 1.906s Main 7115bc54 41603890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.906s Main 7115bc58 7115bc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:835] I 1.906s Main 7115bc5c 6d4c3eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.906s Main 7115bc60 4161e1d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.906s Main 7115bc64 4157cfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.906s Main 7115bc68 00000000 I 1.906s Main 7115bc6c 00000000 I 1.906s Main 7115bc70 00000000 I 1.906s Main 7115bc74 00000000 I 1.906s Main 7115bc78 00000000 I 1.906s Main 7115bc7c fffffea0 I 1.906s Main 7115bc80 4157cf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.906s Main 7115bc84 4157a63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.906s Main 7115bc88 00000000 I 1.906s Main 7115bc8c 00000000 I 1.906s Main 7115bc90 00000000 I 1.906s Main 7115bc94 00000000 I 1.906s Main 7115bc98 6f8c4fe4 I 1.906s Main 7115bc9c 00000000 I 1.906s Main 7115bca0 00000000 I 1.906s Main 7115bca4 00000000 I 1.906s Main 7115bca8 00000000 I 1.906s Main 7115bcac 00000000 I 1.906s Main 7115bcb0 00000000 I 1.907s Main 7115bcb4 00000000 I 1.907s Main 7115bcb8 00000000 I 1.907s Main 7115bcbc 00000000 I 1.907s Main 7115bcc0 00000000 I 1.907s Main 7115bcc4 00000000 I 1.907s Main 7115bd18 0000001d I 1.907s Main 7115bd1c 0000001c I 1.907s Main 7115bd20 0000001c I 1.907s Main 7115bd24 41603890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.907s Main 7115bd28 4016f384 I 1.907s Main 7115bd2c 415bead3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.907s Main 7115bd30 7105e000 I 1.907s Main 7115bd34 7115bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:835] I 1.907s Main 7115bd38 415fe1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.907s Main 7115bd3c 4016f384 I 1.907s Main 7115bd40 415fe500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.907s Main 7115bd44 415fe4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.907s Main 7115bd48 7105e000 I 1.907s Main 7115bd4c beee1e14 [stack] I 1.907s Main 7115bd50 4016d2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.907s Main 7115bd54 415af5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.907s Main 7115bd58 7115bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:835] I 1.907s Main 7115bd5c 7115bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:835] I 1.907s Main 7115bd60 41603890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.907s Main 7115bd64 7115bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:835] I 1.907s Main 7115bd68 4016f384 I 1.907s Main 7115bd6c 41603890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.907s Main 7115bd70 415a428f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.907s Main 7115bd74 7115bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:835] I 1.907s Main 7115bd78 00000003 I 1.907s Main 7115bd7c 41603ce8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.907s Main 7115bd80 00000000 I 1.907s Main 7115bd84 415489f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.907s Main 7115bd88 41603890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.907s Main 7115bd8c 4012e0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.907s Main 7115bd90 00000000 I 1.907s Main 7115bd94 415489f4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.907s Main 7115bd98 415489e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.907s Main 7115bd9c 20f03c26 I 1.907s Main 7115bda0 7115bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:835] I 1.907s Main 7115bda4 41603ce8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.907s Main 7115bda8 415a41ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.907s Main 7115bdac 41603890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.907s Main 7115bdb0 415a41ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.907s Main 7115bdb4 4012e174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.907s Main 7115bdb8 41603890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.907s Main 7115bdbc 41603ce8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.907s Main 7115bdc0 7115bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:835] I 1.907s Main 7115bdc4 0000000d I 1.907s Main 7115bdc8 00000078 I 1.907s Main 7115bdcc 4012e30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.907s Main 7115bdd0 7115bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:835] I 1.907s Main 7115bdd4 41603ce8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.907s Main 7115bdd8 00000000 I 1.907s Main 7115bddc 00000000 I 1.907s Main 7115bde0 00000000 I 1.907s Main 7115bde4 20f03c26 I 1.908s Main 7115bde8 00000000 I 1.908s Main 7115bdec 00000000 I 1.908s Main 7115bdf0 00000000 I 1.908s Main 7115bdf4 00000000 I 1.908s Main 7115bdf8 00000000 I 1.908s Main 7115bdfc 00000000 I 1.908s Main 7115be00 00000000 I 1.908s Main 7115be04 00000000 I 1.908s Main 7115be08 00000000 I 1.908s Main 7115be0c 41603890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.908s Main I 1.908s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.908s Main I 1.908s Main I 1.908s Main pid: 833, tid: 836, name: FinalizerDaemon I 1.908s Main r0 6e4c2db8 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.908s Main r4 6e4c2db8 r5 6e4c2da8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.908s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4bf2b0 sl 00000000 fp 4161e4a0 I 1.908s Main ip 00000000 sp 7125dbc8 lr 4012fec8 pc 40142904 I 1.908s Main I 1.908s Main Stack Trace: I 1.908s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.908s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.908s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.908s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.908s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.908s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.908s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.908s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.908s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.908s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.908s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.908s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.908s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.908s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.908s Main I 1.908s Main Stack Data: I 1.908s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.908s Main 7125db88 0000002b I 1.908s Main 7125db8c 00000098 I 1.908s Main 7125db90 4154ed28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.908s Main 7125db94 40131e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.908s Main 7125db98 00000020 I 1.908s Main 7125db9c 00400008 I 1.908s Main 7125dba0 00000021 I 1.908s Main 7125dba4 00000020 I 1.908s Main 7125dba8 00000020 I 1.908s Main 7125dbac 41609718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.908s Main 7125dbb0 00000001 I 1.908s Main 7125dbb4 4156cd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.908s Main 7125dbb8 6e4c2db8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.908s Main 7125dbbc 6e4c2da8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.908s Main 7125dbc0 00000000 I 1.908s Main 7125dbc4 4012feb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.908s Main 7125dbc8 00000000 I 1.908s Main 7125dbc8 00000000 I 1.908s Main 7125dbcc 6e4c2da8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.909s Main 7125dbd0 6e4c2db8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.909s Main 7125dbd4 6e4c2a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.909s Main 7125dbd8 4154ed28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.909s Main 7125dbdc 4012ff28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.909s Main 7125dbe0 6e4c2da8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.909s Main 7125dbe4 00000000 I 1.909s Main 7125dbe8 6e4c2da8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.909s Main 7125dbec 6e4c2da8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.909s Main 7125dbf0 00000000 I 1.909s Main 7125dbf4 415a1d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.909s Main 7125dbf8 6e4c2a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.909s Main 7125dbfc 4154ed28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.909s Main 7125dc00 7115ff10 I 1.909s Main 7125dc04 7115ff14 I 1.909s Main 7125dc08 41609718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.909s Main 7125dc0c 41604890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.909s Main 7125dc10 4156cd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.909s Main 7125dc14 00000000 I 1.909s Main 7125dc18 7115fefc I 1.909s Main 7125dc1c 415b6655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.909s Main 7125dc20 00000000 I 1.909s Main 7125dc24 00000001 I 1.909s Main 7125dc28 00000000 I 1.909s Main 7125dc2c 00000000 I 1.909s Main 7125dc30 6e549ea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.909s Main 7125dc34 7115ff34 I 1.909s Main 7125dc38 6e4c2a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.909s Main 7125dc3c 41575fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.909s Main 7125dc40 00000000 I 1.909s Main 7125dc44 6e4c2a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.909s Main 7125dc48 4157cf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.909s Main 7125dc4c 00000000 I 1.909s Main 7125dc50 7125dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.909s Main 7125dc54 6e4c2a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.909s Main 7125dc58 7125dc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.909s Main 7125dc5c 6d4c3eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.909s Main 7125dc60 4161e4a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.909s Main 7125dc64 4157cfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.909s Main 7125dc68 00000000 I 1.909s Main 7125dc6c 00000000 I 1.909s Main 7125dc70 00000000 I 1.909s Main 7125dc74 00000000 I 1.909s Main 7125dc78 00000000 I 1.909s Main 7125dc7c fffffea0 I 1.909s Main 7125dc80 4157cf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.909s Main 7125dc84 4157a63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.909s Main 7125dc88 00000000 I 1.909s Main 7125dc8c 00000000 I 1.909s Main 7125dc90 00000000 I 1.909s Main 7125dc94 00000000 I 1.909s Main 7125dc98 7115ffe4 I 1.909s Main 7125dc9c 00000000 I 1.909s Main 7125dca0 00000000 I 1.909s Main 7125dca4 00000000 I 1.909s Main 7125dca8 00000000 I 1.909s Main 7125dcac 00000000 I 1.910s Main 7125dcb0 00000000 I 1.910s Main 7125dcb4 00000000 I 1.910s Main 7125dcb8 00000000 I 1.910s Main 7125dcbc 00000000 I 1.910s Main 7125dcc0 00000000 I 1.910s Main 7125dcc4 00000000 I 1.910s Main 7125dd18 0000001d I 1.910s Main 7125dd1c 0000001c I 1.910s Main 7125dd20 0000001c I 1.910s Main 7125dd24 6e4c2a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.910s Main 7125dd28 4016f384 I 1.910s Main 7125dd2c 415bead3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.910s Main 7125dd30 71160000 I 1.910s Main 7125dd34 7125dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.910s Main 7125dd38 415fe1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.910s Main 7125dd3c 4016f384 I 1.910s Main 7125dd40 415fe500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.910s Main 7125dd44 415fe4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.910s Main 7125dd48 71160000 I 1.910s Main 7125dd4c beee1e3c [stack] I 1.910s Main 7125dd50 4016d2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.910s Main 7125dd54 415af5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.910s Main 7125dd58 7125dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.910s Main 7125dd5c 7125dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.910s Main 7125dd60 6e4c2a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.910s Main 7125dd64 7125dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.910s Main 7125dd68 4016f384 I 1.910s Main 7125dd6c 6e4c2a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.910s Main 7125dd70 415a428f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.910s Main 7125dd74 7125dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.910s Main 7125dd78 00000003 I 1.910s Main 7125dd7c 6f8910d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.910s Main 7125dd80 00000000 I 1.910s Main 7125dd84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-1 I 1.910s Main 7125dd88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.910s Main 7125dd8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 1.910s Main 7125dd90 006e6f6d I 1.910s Main 7125dd94 7125dd93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.910s Main 7125dd98 7125dd84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.910s Main 7125dd9c 20f03c26 I 1.910s Main 7125dda0 7125ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.910s Main 7125dda4 6f8910d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.910s Main 7125dda8 415a41ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.910s Main 7125ddac 6e4c2a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.910s Main 7125ddb0 415a41ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.910s Main 7125ddb4 4012e174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.910s Main 7125ddb8 6e4c2a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.910s Main 7125ddbc 6f8910d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.910s Main 7125ddc0 7125ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.910s Main 7125ddc4 0000000d I 1.910s Main 7125ddc8 00000078 I 1.910s Main 7125ddcc 4012e30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.910s Main 7125ddd0 7125ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:836] I 1.910s Main 7125ddd4 6f8910d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.910s Main 7125ddd8 00000000 I 1.910s Main 7125dddc 00000000 I 1.910s Main 7125dde0 00000000 I 1.911s Main 7125dde4 20f03c26 I 1.911s Main 7125dde8 00000000 I 1.911s Main 7125ddec 00000000 I 1.911s Main 7125ddf0 00000000 I 1.911s Main 7125ddf4 00000000 I 1.911s Main 7125ddf8 00000000 I 1.911s Main 7125ddfc 00000000 I 1.911s Main 7125de00 00000000 I 1.911s Main 7125de04 00000000 I 1.911s Main 7125de08 00000000 I 1.911s Main 7125de0c 6e4c2a18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.911s Main I 1.911s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.911s Main I 1.911s Main I 1.911s Main pid: 833, tid: 837, name: FinalizerWatchd I 1.911s Main r0 6f8918c0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.911s Main r4 6f8918c0 r5 6f8918b0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.911s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4bf2b0 sl 00000000 fp 4161e740 I 1.911s Main ip 00000000 sp 71361bc8 lr 4012fec8 pc 40142904 I 1.911s Main I 1.911s Main Stack Trace: I 1.911s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.911s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.911s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.911s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.911s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.911s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.911s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.911s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.911s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.911s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.911s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.911s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.911s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.911s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.911s Main I 1.911s Main Stack Data: I 1.911s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.911s Main 71361b88 0000002b I 1.911s Main 71361b8c 00000050 I 1.911s Main 71361b90 4154ed70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.911s Main 71361b94 40131e6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.911s Main 71361b98 00000020 I 1.911s Main 71361b9c 00000000 I 1.911s Main 71361ba0 00000021 I 1.911s Main 71361ba4 00000020 I 1.911s Main 71361ba8 00000020 I 1.911s Main 71361bac 4161e730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.911s Main 71361bb0 00000001 I 1.911s Main 71361bb4 4156cd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.911s Main 71361bb8 6f8918c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.911s Main 71361bbc 6f8918b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.911s Main 71361bc0 00000000 I 1.911s Main 71361bc4 4012feb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.911s Main 71361bc8 00000000 I 1.911s Main 71361bc8 00000000 I 1.912s Main 71361bcc 6f8918b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.912s Main 71361bd0 6f8918c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.912s Main 71361bd4 6f891520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.912s Main 71361bd8 4154ed70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.912s Main 71361bdc 4012ff28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.912s Main 71361be0 6f8918b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.912s Main 71361be4 00000000 I 1.912s Main 71361be8 6f8918b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.912s Main 71361bec 6f8918b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.912s Main 71361bf0 00000000 I 1.912s Main 71361bf4 415a1d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.912s Main 71361bf8 6f891520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.912s Main 71361bfc 4154ed70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.912s Main 71361c00 71263f54 I 1.912s Main 71361c04 71263f58 I 1.912s Main 71361c08 4161e730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.912s Main 71361c0c 41604890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.912s Main 71361c10 4156cd40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.912s Main 71361c14 00000000 I 1.912s Main 71361c18 71263f40 I 1.912s Main 71361c1c 415b6655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.912s Main 71361c20 00000000 I 1.912s Main 71361c24 00000001 I 1.912s Main 71361c28 00000000 I 1.912s Main 71361c2c 00000000 I 1.912s Main 71361c30 6e549e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 1.912s Main 71361c34 71263f78 I 1.912s Main 71361c38 6f891520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.912s Main 71361c3c 41575fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.912s Main 71361c40 00000000 I 1.912s Main 71361c44 6f891520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.912s Main 71361c48 4157cf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.912s Main 71361c4c 00000000 I 1.912s Main 71361c50 71361d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.912s Main 71361c54 6f891520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.912s Main 71361c58 71361c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.912s Main 71361c5c 6d4c3eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.912s Main 71361c60 4161e740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.912s Main 71361c64 4157cfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.912s Main 71361c68 00000000 I 1.912s Main 71361c6c 00000000 I 1.912s Main 71361c70 00000000 I 1.912s Main 71361c74 00000000 I 1.912s Main 71361c78 00000000 I 1.912s Main 71361c7c fffffea0 I 1.912s Main 71361c80 4157cf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.912s Main 71361c84 4157a63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.912s Main 71361c88 00000000 I 1.912s Main 71361c8c 00000000 I 1.912s Main 71361c90 00000000 I 1.912s Main 71361c94 00000000 I 1.912s Main 71361c98 71263fe4 I 1.912s Main 71361c9c 00000000 I 1.912s Main 71361ca0 00000000 I 1.912s Main 71361ca4 00000000 I 1.912s Main 71361ca8 00000000 I 1.912s Main 71361cac 00000000 I 1.913s Main 71361cb0 00000000 I 1.913s Main 71361cb4 00000000 I 1.913s Main 71361cb8 00000000 I 1.913s Main 71361cbc 00000000 I 1.913s Main 71361cc0 00000000 I 1.913s Main 71361cc4 00000000 I 1.913s Main 71361d18 0000001d I 1.913s Main 71361d1c 0000001c I 1.913s Main 71361d20 0000001c I 1.913s Main 71361d24 6f891520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.913s Main 71361d28 4016f384 I 1.913s Main 71361d2c 415bead3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.913s Main 71361d30 71264000 I 1.913s Main 71361d34 71361d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.913s Main 71361d38 415fe1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.913s Main 71361d3c 4016f384 I 1.913s Main 71361d40 415fe500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.913s Main 71361d44 415fe4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.913s Main 71361d48 71264000 I 1.913s Main 71361d4c beee1e3c [stack] I 1.913s Main 71361d50 4016d2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.913s Main 71361d54 415af5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.913s Main 71361d58 71361d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.913s Main 71361d5c 71361d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.913s Main 71361d60 6f891520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.913s Main 71361d64 71361d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.913s Main 71361d68 4016f384 I 1.913s Main 71361d6c 6f891520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.913s Main 71361d70 415a428f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.913s Main 71361d74 71361d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.913s Main 71361d78 00000003 I 1.913s Main 71361d7c 6f891978 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.913s Main 71361d80 00000000 I 1.913s Main 71361d84 41548a10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.913s Main 71361d88 6f891520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.913s Main 71361d8c 4012e0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.913s Main 71361d90 00000000 I 1.913s Main 71361d94 41548a0f <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.913s Main 71361d98 415489f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.913s Main 71361d9c 20f03c26 I 1.913s Main 71361da0 71361dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.913s Main 71361da4 6f891978 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.913s Main 71361da8 415a41ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.913s Main 71361dac 6f891520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.913s Main 71361db0 415a41ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.913s Main 71361db4 4012e174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.913s Main 71361db8 6f891520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.913s Main 71361dbc 6f891978 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.913s Main 71361dc0 71361dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.913s Main 71361dc4 0000000d I 1.913s Main 71361dc8 00000078 I 1.913s Main 71361dcc 4012e30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.913s Main 71361dd0 71361dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:837] I 1.913s Main 71361dd4 6f891978 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.913s Main 71361dd8 00000000 I 1.913s Main 71361ddc 00000000 I 1.913s Main 71361de0 00000000 I 1.913s Main 71361de4 20f03c26 I 1.914s Main 71361de8 00000000 I 1.914s Main 71361dec 00000000 I 1.914s Main 71361df0 00000000 I 1.914s Main 71361df4 00000000 I 1.914s Main 71361df8 00000000 I 1.914s Main 71361dfc 00000000 I 1.914s Main 71361e00 00000000 I 1.914s Main 71361e04 00000000 I 1.914s Main 71361e08 00000000 I 1.914s Main 71361e0c 6f891520 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.914s Main I 1.914s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.914s Main I 1.914s Main I 1.914s Main pid: 833, tid: 838, name: GC I 1.914s Main r0 4154e3d4 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.914s Main r4 4154e3d4 r5 4154e3d0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.914s Main r8 41600100 r9 41600100 sl 4154e3c8 fp 4016d2ec I 1.914s Main ip 00000000 sp 71461d40 lr 4012fec8 pc 40142904 I 1.914s Main I 1.914s Main Stack Trace: I 1.914s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.914s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.914s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.914s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.914s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.914s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.914s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.914s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.914s Main I 1.914s Main Stack Data: I 1.914s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.914s Main 71461d00 00000000 I 1.914s Main 71461d04 71461ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.914s Main 71461d08 71461cb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.914s Main 71461d0c 00000018 I 1.914s Main 71461d10 6d4c366c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 1.914s Main 71461d14 71461d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.914s Main 71461d18 415fe1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.914s Main 71461d1c 6e4c2e70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.914s Main 71461d20 4161e940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.914s Main 71461d24 4161e9b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.914s Main 71461d28 4161e940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.914s Main 71461d2c 401442d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.914s Main 71461d30 4154e3d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.914s Main 71461d34 4154e3d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.914s Main 71461d38 00000000 I 1.914s Main 71461d3c 4012feb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.914s Main 71461d40 00000000 I 1.914s Main 71461d40 00000000 I 1.914s Main 71461d44 4154e3d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.914s Main 71461d48 4154e3d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.914s Main 71461d4c 00000000 I 1.914s Main 71461d50 41600100 I 1.914s Main 71461d54 4012ff28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.914s Main 71461d58 415f9c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.914s Main 71461d5c 415fe1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.915s Main 71461d60 beee1f10 [stack] I 1.915s Main 71461d64 415f9c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.915s Main 71461d68 415fe1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.915s Main 71461d6c 415c1783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.915s Main 71461d70 00000000 I 1.915s Main 71461d74 00000000 I 1.915s Main 71461d78 415c1735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.915s Main 71461d7c 4154ed50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.915s Main 71461d80 415fe1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.915s Main 71461d84 beee1f10 [stack] I 1.915s Main 71461d88 4154ed50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.915s Main 71461d8c 415a3921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.915s Main 71461d90 71364000 I 1.915s Main 71461d94 415a396f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.915s Main 71461d98 4154ed50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.915s Main 71461d9c 00010002 I 1.915s Main 71461da0 6e8c1fc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.915s Main 71461da4 41613880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.915s Main 71461da8 71461dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.915s Main 71461dac 6f891dc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.915s Main 71461db0 415a3921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.915s Main 71461db4 4012e174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.915s Main 71461db8 4154ed50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.915s Main 71461dbc 6f891dc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.915s Main 71461dc0 71461dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.915s Main 71461dc4 0000000d I 1.915s Main 71461dc8 00000078 I 1.915s Main 71461dcc 4012e30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.915s Main 71461dd0 71461dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:838] I 1.915s Main 71461dd4 6f891dc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.915s Main 71461dd8 00000000 I 1.915s Main 71461ddc 00000000 I 1.915s Main 71461de0 00000000 I 1.915s Main 71461de4 20f03c26 I 1.915s Main 71461de8 00000000 I 1.915s Main 71461dec 00000000 I 1.915s Main 71461df0 00000000 I 1.915s Main 71461df4 00000000 I 1.915s Main 71461df8 00000000 I 1.915s Main 71461dfc 00000000 I 1.915s Main 71461e00 00000000 I 1.915s Main 71461e04 00000000 I 1.915s Main 71461e08 00000000 I 1.915s Main 71461e0c 6f892010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.915s Main I 1.915s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.915s Main I 1.915s Main I 1.915s Main pid: 833, tid: 839, name: Signal Catcher I 1.915s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 1.915s Main r4 71565d08 r5 71565d48 r6 beee1f20 r7 000000b1 I 1.915s Main r8 6f8928b8 r9 415f9c74 sl 415fe694 fp 415ddcdc I 1.915s Main ip 71565d44 sp 71565d08 lr 40134351 pc 40142170 I 1.915s Main I 1.915s Main Stack Trace: I 1.915s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.915s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.916s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.916s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.916s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.916s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.916s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.916s Main I 1.916s Main Stack Data: I 1.916s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.916s Main 71565cc8 00000000 I 1.916s Main 71565ccc 00000000 I 1.916s Main 71565cd0 00000000 I 1.916s Main 71565cd4 00000000 I 1.916s Main 71565cd8 71565d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.916s Main 71565cdc 00000000 I 1.916s Main 71565ce0 6f8928b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.916s Main 71565ce4 7156bfc4 I 1.916s Main 71565ce8 00000000 I 1.916s Main 71565cec 71565d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.916s Main 71565cf0 00000000 I 1.916s Main 71565cf4 415af58b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.916s Main 71565cf8 415df239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.916s Main 71565cfc 00000000 I 1.916s Main 71565d00 00000000 I 1.916s Main 71565d04 71565ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.916s Main 71565d08 00000204 I 1.916s Main 71565d08 00000204 I 1.916s Main 71565d0c 00000000 I 1.916s Main 71565d10 fffffea0 I 1.916s Main 71565d14 6e4c2ef8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.916s Main 71565d18 415fe1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.916s Main 71565d1c 415a0f57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.916s Main 71565d20 4161ea20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.916s Main 71565d24 4161ea90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.916s Main 71565d28 4161ea20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.916s Main 71565d2c 401442d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.916s Main 71565d30 6f892c24 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.916s Main 71565d34 415a09a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.916s Main 71565d38 6f8928b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.916s Main 71565d3c 415a494b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.916s Main 71565d40 4161ea90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.916s Main 71565d44 00000204 I 1.916s Main 71565d48 00000004 I 1.916s Main 71565d4c 6f8928b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.916s Main 71565d50 415fe1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.916s Main 71565d54 415a2e11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.916s Main 71565d58 41613880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.916s Main 71565d5c 4161ea90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.916s Main 71565d98 6e4c2ef8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.916s Main 71565d9c 00010002 I 1.916s Main 71565da0 6e4c2f18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.916s Main 71565da4 41613880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.916s Main 71565da8 71565dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.916s Main 71565dac 6f892670 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.916s Main 71565db0 415a3921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.916s Main 71565db4 4012e174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.916s Main 71565db8 6e4c2ef8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.917s Main 71565dbc 6f892670 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.917s Main 71565dc0 71565dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.917s Main 71565dc4 0000000d I 1.917s Main 71565dc8 00000078 I 1.917s Main 71565dcc 4012e30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.917s Main 71565dd0 71565dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:839] I 1.917s Main 71565dd4 6f892670 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.917s Main 71565dd8 00000000 I 1.917s Main 71565ddc 00000000 I 1.917s Main 71565de0 00000000 I 1.917s Main 71565de4 20f03c26 I 1.917s Main 71565de8 00000000 I 1.917s Main 71565dec 00000000 I 1.917s Main 71565df0 00000000 I 1.917s Main 71565df4 00000000 I 1.917s Main 71565df8 00000000 I 1.917s Main 71565dfc 00000000 I 1.917s Main 71565e00 00000000 I 1.917s Main 71565e04 00000000 I 1.917s Main 71565e08 00000000 I 1.917s Main 71565e0c 6f8928b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.917s Main I 1.917s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.917s Main I 1.917s Main I 1.917s Main pid: 833, tid: 840, name: JDWP I 1.917s Main r0 0000001b r1 71669d10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 1.917s Main r4 6f892f18 r5 4016f384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 1.917s Main r8 6f894f38 r9 000003e8 sl 6e4d2e7c fp 4016d2ec I 1.917s Main ip 6f894f18 sp 71669cf8 lr 415b0087 pc 401423d8 I 1.917s Main I 1.917s Main Stack Trace: I 1.917s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.917s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.917s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.917s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.917s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.917s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.917s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.917s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.917s Main I 1.917s Main Stack Data: I 1.917s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.917s Main 71669cb8 6f894f18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.917s Main 71669cbc 6f894f38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.917s Main 71669cc0 000003e8 I 1.917s Main 71669cc4 6e4d2e7c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.917s Main 71669cc8 4016d2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.917s Main 71669ccc 40147159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.917s Main 71669cd0 00000000 I 1.917s Main 71669cd4 00000000 I 1.917s Main 71669cd8 71669d4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.917s Main 71669cdc 00000000 I 1.917s Main 71669ce0 00000000 I 1.917s Main 71669ce4 7166ffc4 I 1.917s Main 71669ce8 00004000 I 1.917s Main 71669cec 71669d54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.918s Main 71669cf0 00000000 I 1.918s Main 71669cf4 00000000 I 1.918s Main 71669cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[vectors] I 1.918s Main 71669cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[vectors] I 1.918s Main 71669cfc 71669d50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.918s Main 71669d00 00000004 I 1.918s Main 71669d04 21669ca8 I 1.918s Main 71669d08 71669d07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.918s Main 71669d0c 00000001 I 1.918s Main 71669d10 00000000 I 1.918s Main 71669d14 00000000 I 1.918s Main 71669d18 71669d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.918s Main 71669d1c 00000001 I 1.918s Main 71669d20 71669d2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.918s Main 71669d24 00000010 I 1.918s Main 71669d28 00000000 I 1.918s Main 71669d2c 00000010 I 1.918s Main 71669d30 00000001 I 1.918s Main 71669d34 00000001 I 1.918s Main 71669d50 31343330 I 1.918s Main 71669d54 415b0100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.918s Main 71669d58 00000001 I 1.918s Main 71669d5c 6e4d2e28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.918s Main 71669d60 6e4d2e70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.918s Main 71669d64 beee1f00 [stack] I 1.918s Main 71669d68 6e4d2ee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.918s Main 71669d6c 415e87c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.918s Main 71669d70 415e9910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.918s Main 71669d74 415b2f89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.918s Main 71669d78 00000000 I 1.918s Main 71669d7c 6e4d2ee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.918s Main 71669d80 415fe1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.918s Main 71669d84 beee1f00 [stack] I 1.918s Main 71669d88 6e4d2ee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.918s Main 71669d8c 415a3921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.918s Main 71669d90 7156c000 I 1.918s Main 71669d94 415a396f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.918s Main 71669d98 6e4d2ee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.918s Main 71669d9c 00010002 I 1.918s Main 71669da0 6e4d2f00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.918s Main 71669da4 41613880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.918s Main 71669da8 71669dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.918s Main 71669dac 6f894fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.918s Main 71669db0 415a3921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.918s Main 71669db4 4012e174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.918s Main 71669db8 6e4d2ee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.918s Main 71669dbc 6f894fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.918s Main 71669dc0 71669dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.918s Main 71669dc4 0000000d I 1.918s Main 71669dc8 00000078 I 1.918s Main 71669dcc 4012e30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.918s Main 71669dd0 71669dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:840] I 1.918s Main 71669dd4 6f894fb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.918s Main 71669dd8 00000000 I 1.918s Main 71669ddc 00000000 I 1.918s Main 71669de0 00000000 I 1.918s Main 71669de4 20f03c26 I 1.919s Main 71669de8 00000000 I 1.919s Main 71669dec 00000000 I 1.919s Main 71669df0 00000000 I 1.919s Main 71669df4 00000000 I 1.919s Main 71669df8 00000000 I 1.919s Main 71669dfc 00000000 I 1.919s Main 71669e00 00000000 I 1.919s Main 71669e04 00000000 I 1.919s Main 71669e08 00000000 I 1.919s Main 71669e0c 6f8951f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.919s Main I 1.919s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.919s Main I 1.919s Main I 1.919s Main pid: 833, tid: 841, name: Compiler I 1.919s Main r0 415fe704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 1.919s Main r4 415fe704 r5 415fe6fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 1.919s Main r8 415a3921 r9 71670000 sl 415fe6f8 fp 4016d2ec I 1.919s Main ip 00000000 sp 7176dc10 lr 4012fec8 pc 40142904 I 1.919s Main I 1.919s Main Stack Trace: I 1.919s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.919s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.919s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.919s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.919s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.919s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.919s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.919s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.919s Main I 1.919s Main Stack Data: I 1.919s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.919s Main 7176dbd0 00000000 I 1.919s Main 7176dbd4 00000000 I 1.919s Main 7176dbd8 415fe1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.919s Main 7176dbdc 00000000 I 1.919s Main 7176dbe0 00000000 I 1.919s Main 7176dbe4 00000000 I 1.919s Main 7176dbe8 415e4f31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.919s Main 7176dbec 415a3bc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.919s Main 7176dbf0 fffffe0c I 1.919s Main 7176dbf4 41603890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.919s Main 7176dbf8 416038b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.919s Main 7176dbfc ffffffef I 1.919s Main 7176dc00 415fe704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.919s Main 7176dc04 415fe6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.919s Main 7176dc08 00000000 I 1.919s Main 7176dc0c 4012feb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.919s Main 7176dc10 00000000 I 1.919s Main 7176dc10 00000000 I 1.919s Main 7176dc14 415fe6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.919s Main 7176dc18 415fe704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.919s Main 7176dc1c 6f896328 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.919s Main 7176dc20 00001000 I 1.919s Main 7176dc24 4012ff28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.919s Main 7176dc28 415fe6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.919s Main 7176dc2c 718ecfc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.920s Main 7176dc30 415ddcdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.920s Main 7176dc34 415fe6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.920s Main 7176dc38 718ecfc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.920s Main 7176dc3c 415c2d03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.920s Main 7176dc40 7176dd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.920s Main 7176dc44 4157cfa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.920s Main 7176dc48 00000000 I 1.920s Main 7176dc4c 415f9c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.920s Main 7176dc50 415ee901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.920s Main 7176dc54 415ddcdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.920s Main 7176dc58 00000000 I 1.920s Main 7176dc5c fffffea0 I 1.920s Main 7176dc60 4157cf54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.920s Main 7176dc64 4157a63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.920s Main 7176dc68 00000000 I 1.920s Main 7176dc6c 00000000 I 1.920s Main 7176dc70 00000000 I 1.920s Main 7176dc74 00000000 I 1.920s Main 7176dc78 71773fa0 I 1.920s Main 7176dc7c 00000000 I 1.920s Main 7176dd98 6e4d2fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.920s Main 7176dd9c 00010002 I 1.920s Main 7176dda0 6f895858 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.920s Main 7176dda4 41613880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 1.920s Main 7176dda8 7176ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.920s Main 7176ddac 6f895868 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.920s Main 7176ddb0 415a3921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.920s Main 7176ddb4 4012e174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.920s Main 7176ddb8 6e4d2fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.920s Main 7176ddbc 6f895868 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.920s Main 7176ddc0 7176ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.920s Main 7176ddc4 0000000d I 1.920s Main 7176ddc8 00000078 I 1.920s Main 7176ddcc 4012e30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.920s Main 7176ddd0 7176ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:841] I 1.920s Main 7176ddd4 6f895868 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.920s Main 7176ddd8 00000000 I 1.920s Main 7176dddc 00000000 I 1.920s Main 7176dde0 00000000 I 1.920s Main 7176dde4 20f03c26 I 1.920s Main 7176dde8 00000000 I 1.920s Main 7176ddec 00000000 I 1.920s Main 7176ddf0 00000000 I 1.920s Main 7176ddf4 00000000 I 1.920s Main 7176ddf8 00000000 I 1.920s Main 7176ddfc 00000000 I 1.920s Main 7176de00 00000000 I 1.920s Main 7176de04 00000000 I 1.920s Main 7176de08 00000000 I 1.920s Main 7176de0c 6f895ab0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 1.920s Main I 1.920s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.920s Main I 1.920s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 1.920s Main I 1.920s Main Stack Trace: I 1.921s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 1.921s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.921s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.921s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.921s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.921s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.921s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.921s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.921s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.921s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.921s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 1.921s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 1.921s Main I 1.921s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 1.921s Main I 1.921s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000341 (code=-6), thread 833 (app_process) I 2.537s Thread-8 tombstone_00 created on 1973-06-04 11:21:00, about this long ago: 16686 days, 3:12:59 Device: 06596466005cab1a I 2.537s Thread-8 Resolving... I 2.538s Thread-10 tombstone_01 created on 1973-06-04 11:21:00, about this long ago: 16686 days, 3:12:59 Device: 06596466005cab1a I 2.538s Thread-10 Resolving... I 2.538s Thread-9 tombstone_02 created on 1973-06-04 11:21:00, about this long ago: 16686 days, 3:12:59 Device: 06596466005cab1a I 2.539s Thread-9 Resolving... I 2.836s Main Total time spent symbolizing: 0.64s I 2.837s Main tombstone_00 created on 1973-06-04 11:21:00, about this long ago: 16686 days, 3:12:59 Device: 06596466005cab1a I 2.837s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src I 2.837s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug I 2.837s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmpwHnSQM I 2.837s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 2.837s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug I 2.837s Main pid: 515, tid: 515, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 2.837s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 2.837s Main r0 00000000 r1 00000203 r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 2.837s Main r4 00000006 r5 00000000 r6 00000203 r7 0000010c I 2.837s Main r8 00000004 r9 bed3cb91 sl bed3cb9d fp bed3cb85 I 2.837s Main ip 40273438 sp bed3c628 lr 4010dfe5 pc 4011cf90 I 2.837s Main I 2.837s Main Stack Trace: I 2.837s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.837s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.837s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.837s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.837s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.837s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.837s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.837s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.837s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.837s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.838s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.838s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.838s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.838s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.838s Main I 2.838s Main Stack Data: I 2.838s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.838s Main bed3c5e8 40266168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.838s Main bed3c5ec 00000002 I 2.838s Main bed3c5f0 40273438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.838s Main bed3c5f4 00000004 I 2.838s Main bed3c5f8 bed3cb91 [stack] I 2.838s Main bed3c5fc bed3cb9d [stack] I 2.838s Main bed3c600 bed3cb85 [stack] I 2.838s Main bed3c604 40121159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.838s Main bed3c608 30203430 I 2.838s Main bed3c60c 31363420 I 2.838s Main bed3c610 bed3c684 [stack] I 2.838s Main bed3c614 00000000 I 2.838s Main bed3c618 00000000 I 2.838s Main bed3c61c 20302030 I 2.838s Main bed3c620 00004000 I 2.838s Main bed3c624 bed3c692 [stack] I 2.838s Main bed3c628 00000006 I 2.839s Main bed3c62c 00000000 I 2.839s Main bed3c630 00000203 I 2.839s Main bed3c634 40273438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.839s Main bed3c638 40273438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.839s Main bed3c63c 4010dfe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.839s Main bed3c640 00000006 I 2.839s Main bed3c644 00000000 I 2.839s Main bed3c648 00000002 I 2.839s Main bed3c64c 4010e1f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.839s Main bed3c650 bed3c65c [stack] I 2.839s Main bed3c654 4010cf2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.839s Main bed3c658 00000000 I 2.839s Main bed3c65c ffffffdf I 2.839s Main bed3c660 401452c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.839s Main bed3c664 4014522c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.839s Main bed3c668 00000000 I 2.839s Main bed3c66c 4010faef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.839s Main bed3c670 415d21f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.839s Main bed3c674 415d21f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.839s Main bed3c678 40266168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.839s Main bed3c67c 4011c848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.839s Main bed3c680 00000000 I 2.839s Main bed3c684 41568ccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.839s Main bed3c688 40153324 I 2.840s Main bed3c68c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.840s Main bed3c690 0000296c I 2.840s Main bed3c694 00000000 I 2.840s Main bed3c698 00000000 I 2.840s Main bed3c69c 00000000 I 2.840s Main bed3c6a0 00000000 I 2.840s Main bed3c6a4 00000000 I 2.840s Main bed3c6a8 00000000 I 2.840s Main bed3c6ac 00000000 I 2.840s Main bed3c6b0 00000000 I 2.840s Main bed3c6b4 00000000 I 2.840s Main bed3c6b8 00000000 I 2.840s Main bed3c6bc 00000000 I 2.840s Main bed3c6c0 00000000 I 2.840s Main bed3c6c4 00000000 I 2.840s Main bed3c898 000000c8 I 2.840s Main bed3c89c 41a99b30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.840s Main bed3c8a0 41c3bf28 [heap] I 2.840s Main bed3c8a4 00000000 I 2.840s Main bed3c8a8 000000c8 I 2.840s Main bed3c8ac 40269560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.840s Main bed3c8b0 40269740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.840s Main bed3c8b4 41c3bf28 [heap] I 2.840s Main bed3c8b8 400d2328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.841s Main bed3c8bc 4020ed27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.841s Main bed3c8c0 41c3bf28 [heap] I 2.841s Main bed3c8c4 00000000 I 2.841s Main bed3c8c8 bed3c988 [stack] I 2.841s Main bed3c8cc 4020f015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.841s Main bed3c8d0 400d23cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.841s Main bed3c8d4 4020fa65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.841s Main bed3c8d8 41c3bf28 [heap] I 2.841s Main bed3c8dc 00000000 I 2.841s Main bed3c8e0 415d5004 I 2.841s Main bed3c8e4 41570a8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.841s Main bed3c8e8 41570abd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.841s Main bed3c8ec 41570a95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.841s Main bed3c8f0 000000bb I 2.841s Main bed3c8f4 00000000 I 2.841s Main bed3c8f8 41c3bdd8 [heap] I 2.841s Main bed3c8fc 4010be6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.841s Main bed3c900 000000b0 I 2.841s Main bed3c904 00000000 I 2.841s Main bed3c908 4010adcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.841s Main bed3c90c 000000a0 I 2.841s Main bed3c910 00000014 I 2.841s Main bed3c914 4026b3d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.841s Main bed3c960 00000000 I 2.841s Main bed3c964 00000000 I 2.842s Main bed3c968 00000000 I 2.842s Main bed3c96c bed3ca7c [stack] I 2.842s Main bed3c970 40149384 I 2.842s Main bed3c974 400d2372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.842s Main bed3c978 400d2300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.842s Main bed3c97c 400d237b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.842s Main bed3c980 400d2391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.842s Main bed3c984 400d239f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.842s Main bed3c988 400d3e08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.842s Main bed3c98c 40269520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.842s Main bed3c990 41c3bde8 [heap] I 2.842s Main bed3c994 00000013 I 2.842s Main bed3c998 00000000 I 2.842s Main bed3c99c 00000008 I 2.842s Main bed3ca40 00000000 I 2.842s Main bed3ca44 00000000 I 2.842s Main bed3ca48 00000000 I 2.842s Main bed3ca4c 00000000 I 2.842s Main bed3ca50 00000000 I 2.842s Main bed3ca54 400d1d80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.842s Main bed3ca58 400d3de8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.842s Main bed3ca5c 400d3df0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.842s Main bed3ca60 400d3df8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.842s Main bed3ca64 bed3ca70 [stack] I 2.843s Main bed3ca68 00000000 I 2.843s Main bed3ca6c 400d6881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 2.843s Main bed3ca70 00000005 I 2.843s Main bed3ca74 bed3cb85 [stack] I 2.843s Main bed3ca78 bed3cb91 [stack] I 2.843s Main bed3ca7c bed3cb9d [stack] I 2.843s Main bed3ca80 bed3cbb8 [stack] I 2.843s Main bed3ca84 bed3cbbd [stack] I 2.843s Main bed3ca88 00000000 I 2.843s Main bed3ca8c bed3cbc5 [stack] I 2.843s Main bed3ca90 bed3cbdf [stack] I 2.843s Main bed3ca94 bed3cc0b [stack] I 2.843s Main I 2.843s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.843s Main I 2.843s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000203 (code=-6), thread 515 (app_process) I 2.843s Main I 2.843s Main pid: 515, tid: 611, name: ReferenceQueueD I 2.843s Main r0 41a2a9b8 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.843s Main r4 41a2a9b8 r5 41a2a9a8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.843s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d6ea2b0 sl 00000000 fp 41c581d0 I 2.843s Main ip 00000000 sp 41bccba0 lr 40109ec8 pc 4011c904 I 2.843s Main I 2.843s Main Stack Trace: I 2.844s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.844s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.844s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.844s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.844s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.844s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.844s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.844s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.844s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.844s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.844s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.844s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.844s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.844s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.844s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.844s Main I 2.844s Main Stack Data: I 2.844s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.844s Main 41bccb60 0000002b I 2.844s Main 41bccb64 00000060 I 2.844s Main 41bccb68 419e9f80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.844s Main 41bccb6c 4010be6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.844s Main 41bccb70 00000020 I 2.844s Main 41bccb74 00001004 I 2.844s Main 41bccb78 00000021 I 2.845s Main 41bccb7c 00000020 I 2.845s Main 41bccb80 00000020 I 2.845s Main 41bccb84 41c43640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.845s Main 41bccb88 00000001 I 2.845s Main 41bccb8c 41a2a628 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.845s Main 41bccb90 41a2a9b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.845s Main 41bccb94 41a2a9a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.845s Main 41bccb98 00000000 I 2.845s Main 41bccb9c 40109eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.845s Main 41bccba0 00000000 I 2.845s Main 41bccba0 00000000 I 2.845s Main 41bccba4 41a2a9a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.845s Main 41bccba8 41a2a9b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.845s Main 41bccbac 41a2a618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.845s Main 41bccbb0 419e9f80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.845s Main 41bccbb4 40109f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.845s Main 41bccbb8 41a2a9a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.845s Main 41bccbbc 00000000 I 2.845s Main 41bccbc0 41a2a9a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.845s Main 41bccbc4 41a2a9a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.845s Main 41bccbc8 00000000 I 2.845s Main 41bccbcc 41575d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.845s Main 41bccbd0 41a2a618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.845s Main 41bccbd4 419e9f80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.846s Main 41bccbd8 41a2ef74 I 2.846s Main 41bccbdc 41a2ef78 I 2.846s Main 41bccbe0 41c43640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.846s Main 41bccbe4 41a2a618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.846s Main 41bccbe8 41a2a628 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.846s Main 41bccbec 41a2ef74 I 2.846s Main 41bccbf0 415cdc74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.846s Main 41bccbf4 4158a655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.846s Main 41bccbf8 00000000 I 2.846s Main 41bccbfc 00000001 I 2.846s Main 41bccc00 00000000 I 2.846s Main 41bccc04 00000000 I 2.846s Main 41bccc08 6d6ea2b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.846s Main 41bccc0c 41c3e890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.846s Main 41bccc10 4158a62f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.846s Main 41bccc14 41572acf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.846s Main 41bccc18 41a2ef74 I 2.846s Main 41bccc1c 41a2a628 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.846s Main 41bccc20 6e75de8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.846s Main 41bccc24 41a2ef98 I 2.846s Main 41bccc28 41a2a618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.846s Main 41bccc2c 41c3e890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.846s Main 41bccc30 41540d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.846s Main 41bccc34 00000000 I 2.846s Main 41bccc38 41a2ef60 I 2.847s Main 41bccc3c 41549fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.847s Main 41bccc40 00000000 I 2.847s Main 41bccc44 41a2a618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.847s Main 41bccc48 41550f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.847s Main 41bccc4c 00000000 I 2.847s Main 41bccc50 41bccd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.847s Main 41bccc54 41a2a618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.847s Main 41bccc58 41bccc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.847s Main 41bccc5c 6d6eeeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.847s Main 41bccc60 41c581d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.847s Main 41bccc64 41550fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.847s Main 41bccc68 00000000 I 2.847s Main 41bccc6c 00000000 I 2.847s Main 41bccc70 00000000 I 2.847s Main 41bccc74 00000000 I 2.847s Main 41bccc78 00000000 I 2.847s Main 41bccc7c fffffea0 I 2.847s Main 41bccc80 41550f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.847s Main 41bccc84 4154e63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.847s Main 41bccc88 00000000 I 2.847s Main 41bccc8c 00000000 I 2.847s Main 41bccc90 00000000 I 2.847s Main 41bccc94 00000000 I 2.847s Main 41bccc98 41a2efe4 I 2.848s Main 41bccc9c 00000000 I 2.848s Main 41bccca0 00000000 I 2.848s Main 41bccca4 00000000 I 2.848s Main 41bccca8 00000000 I 2.848s Main 41bcccac 00000000 I 2.848s Main 41bcccb0 00000000 I 2.848s Main 41bcccb4 00000000 I 2.848s Main 41bcccb8 00000000 I 2.848s Main 41bcccbc 00000000 I 2.848s Main 41bcccc0 00000000 I 2.848s Main 41bcccc4 00000000 I 2.848s Main 41bccd18 0000001d I 2.848s Main 41bccd1c 0000001c I 2.848s Main 41bccd20 0000001c I 2.848s Main 41bccd24 41a2a618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.848s Main 41bccd28 40149384 I 2.848s Main 41bccd2c 41592ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.848s Main 41bccd30 41acf000 I 2.848s Main 41bccd34 41bccd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.848s Main 41bccd38 415d21f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.848s Main 41bccd3c 40149384 I 2.848s Main 41bccd40 415d2500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.848s Main 41bccd44 415d24fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.848s Main 41bccd48 41acf000 I 2.848s Main 41bccd4c bed3be14 [stack] I 2.849s Main 41bccd50 401472ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.849s Main 41bccd54 415835a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.849s Main 41bccd58 41bccd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.849s Main 41bccd5c 41bccd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.849s Main 41bccd60 41a2a618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.849s Main 41bccd64 41bccd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.849s Main 41bccd68 40149384 I 2.849s Main 41bccd6c 41a2a618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.849s Main 41bccd70 4157828f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.849s Main 41bccd74 41bccd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.849s Main 41bccd78 00000003 I 2.849s Main 41bccd7c 419e9c90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.849s Main 41bccd80 00000000 I 2.849s Main 41bccd84 41c36e38 [heap] I 2.849s Main 41bccd88 41a2a618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.849s Main 41bccd8c 401080ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.849s Main 41bccd90 00000000 I 2.849s Main 41bccd94 41c36e34 [heap] I 2.849s Main 41bccd98 41c36e20 [heap] I 2.849s Main 41bccd9c 585fd996 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.849s Main 41bccda0 41bccdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.849s Main 41bccda4 419e9c90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.849s Main 41bccda8 415781ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.849s Main 41bccdac 41a2a618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.850s Main 41bccdb0 415781ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.850s Main 41bccdb4 40108174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.850s Main 41bccdb8 41a2a618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.850s Main 41bccdbc 419e9c90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.850s Main 41bccdc0 41bccdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.850s Main 41bccdc4 0000000d I 2.850s Main 41bccdc8 00000078 I 2.850s Main 41bccdcc 4010830c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.850s Main 41bccdd0 41bccdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:611] I 2.850s Main 41bccdd4 419e9c90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.850s Main 41bccdd8 00000000 I 2.850s Main 41bccddc 00000000 I 2.850s Main 41bccde0 00000000 I 2.850s Main 41bccde4 585fd996 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.850s Main 41bccde8 00000000 I 2.850s Main 41bccdec 00000000 I 2.850s Main 41bccdf0 00000000 I 2.850s Main 41bccdf4 00000000 I 2.850s Main 41bccdf8 00000000 I 2.850s Main 41bccdfc 00000000 I 2.850s Main 41bcce00 00000000 I 2.850s Main 41bcce04 00000000 I 2.850s Main 41bcce08 00000000 I 2.850s Main 41bcce0c 41a2a618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.850s Main I 2.851s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.851s Main I 2.851s Main I 2.851s Main pid: 515, tid: 612, name: FinalizerDaemon I 2.851s Main r0 41a91ea0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.851s Main r4 41a91ea0 r5 41a91e90 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.851s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d6ea2b0 sl 00000000 fp 41c584a0 I 2.851s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fd24bc8 lr 40109ec8 pc 4011c904 I 2.851s Main I 2.851s Main Stack Trace: I 2.851s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.851s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.851s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.851s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.851s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.851s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.851s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.851s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.851s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.851s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.851s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.851s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.851s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.851s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.852s Main I 2.852s Main Stack Data: I 2.852s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.852s Main 6fd24b88 0000002b I 2.852s Main 6fd24b8c 00000078 I 2.852s Main 6fd24b90 41a2af68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.852s Main 6fd24b94 4010be6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.852s Main 6fd24b98 00000020 I 2.852s Main 6fd24b9c 00001084 I 2.852s Main 6fd24ba0 00000021 I 2.852s Main 6fd24ba4 00000020 I 2.852s Main 6fd24ba8 00000020 I 2.852s Main 6fd24bac 41c43718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.852s Main 6fd24bb0 00000001 I 2.852s Main 6fd24bb4 41540d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.852s Main 6fd24bb8 41a91ea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.852s Main 6fd24bbc 41a91e90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.852s Main 6fd24bc0 00000000 I 2.852s Main 6fd24bc4 40109eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.852s Main 6fd24bc8 00000000 I 2.852s Main 6fd24bc8 00000000 I 2.852s Main 6fd24bcc 41a91e90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.852s Main 6fd24bd0 41a91ea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.852s Main 6fd24bd4 41a91b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.853s Main 6fd24bd8 41a2af68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.853s Main 6fd24bdc 40109f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.853s Main 6fd24be0 41a91e90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.853s Main 6fd24be4 00000000 I 2.853s Main 6fd24be8 41a91e90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.853s Main 6fd24bec 41a91e90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.853s Main 6fd24bf0 00000000 I 2.853s Main 6fd24bf4 41575d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.853s Main 6fd24bf8 41a91b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.853s Main 6fd24bfc 41a2af68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.853s Main 6fd24c00 41bd0f10 I 2.853s Main 6fd24c04 41bd0f14 I 2.853s Main 6fd24c08 41c43718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.853s Main 6fd24c0c 41c3e890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.853s Main 6fd24c10 41540d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.853s Main 6fd24c14 00000000 I 2.853s Main 6fd24c18 41bd0efc I 2.853s Main 6fd24c1c 4158a655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.853s Main 6fd24c20 00000000 I 2.853s Main 6fd24c24 00000001 I 2.853s Main 6fd24c28 00000000 I 2.853s Main 6fd24c2c 00000000 I 2.853s Main 6fd24c30 6e75dea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.853s Main 6fd24c34 41bd0f34 I 2.853s Main 6fd24c38 41a91b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.854s Main 6fd24c3c 41549fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.854s Main 6fd24c40 00000000 I 2.854s Main 6fd24c44 41a91b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.854s Main 6fd24c48 41550f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.854s Main 6fd24c4c 00000000 I 2.854s Main 6fd24c50 6fd24d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.854s Main 6fd24c54 41a91b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.854s Main 6fd24c58 6fd24c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.854s Main 6fd24c5c 6d6eeeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.854s Main 6fd24c60 41c584a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.854s Main 6fd24c64 41550fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.854s Main 6fd24c68 00000000 I 2.854s Main 6fd24c6c 00000000 I 2.854s Main 6fd24c70 00000000 I 2.854s Main 6fd24c74 00000000 I 2.854s Main 6fd24c78 00000000 I 2.854s Main 6fd24c7c fffffea0 I 2.854s Main 6fd24c80 41550f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.854s Main 6fd24c84 4154e63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.854s Main 6fd24c88 00000000 I 2.854s Main 6fd24c8c 00000000 I 2.854s Main 6fd24c90 00000000 I 2.854s Main 6fd24c94 00000000 I 2.854s Main 6fd24c98 41bd0fe4 I 2.855s Main 6fd24c9c 00000000 I 2.855s Main 6fd24ca0 00000000 I 2.855s Main 6fd24ca4 00000000 I 2.855s Main 6fd24ca8 00000000 I 2.855s Main 6fd24cac 00000000 I 2.855s Main 6fd24cb0 00000000 I 2.855s Main 6fd24cb4 00000000 I 2.855s Main 6fd24cb8 00000000 I 2.855s Main 6fd24cbc 00000000 I 2.855s Main 6fd24cc0 00000000 I 2.855s Main 6fd24cc4 00000000 I 2.855s Main 6fd24d18 0000001d I 2.855s Main 6fd24d1c 0000001c I 2.855s Main 6fd24d20 0000001c I 2.855s Main 6fd24d24 41a91b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.855s Main 6fd24d28 40149384 I 2.855s Main 6fd24d2c 41592ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.855s Main 6fd24d30 6fc27000 I 2.855s Main 6fd24d34 6fd24d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.855s Main 6fd24d38 415d21f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.855s Main 6fd24d3c 40149384 I 2.855s Main 6fd24d40 415d2500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.855s Main 6fd24d44 415d24fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.855s Main 6fd24d48 6fc27000 I 2.855s Main 6fd24d4c bed3be3c [stack] I 2.856s Main 6fd24d50 401472ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.856s Main 6fd24d54 415835a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.856s Main 6fd24d58 6fd24d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.856s Main 6fd24d5c 6fd24d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.856s Main 6fd24d60 41a91b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.856s Main 6fd24d64 6fd24d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.856s Main 6fd24d68 40149384 I 2.856s Main 6fd24d6c 41a91b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.856s Main 6fd24d70 4157828f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.856s Main 6fd24d74 6fd24d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.856s Main 6fd24d78 00000003 I 2.856s Main 6fd24d7c 41a2ac78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.856s Main 6fd24d80 00000000 I 2.856s Main 6fd24d84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.856s Main 6fd24d88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.856s Main 6fd24d8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.856s Main 6fd24d90 006e6f6d I 2.856s Main 6fd24d94 6fd24d93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.856s Main 6fd24d98 6fd24d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.856s Main 6fd24d9c 585fd996 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.856s Main 6fd24da0 6fd24dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.856s Main 6fd24da4 41a2ac78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.856s Main 6fd24da8 415781ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.856s Main 6fd24dac 41a91b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.857s Main 6fd24db0 415781ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.857s Main 6fd24db4 40108174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.857s Main 6fd24db8 41a91b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.857s Main 6fd24dbc 41a2ac78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.857s Main 6fd24dc0 6fd24dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.857s Main 6fd24dc4 0000000d I 2.857s Main 6fd24dc8 00000078 I 2.857s Main 6fd24dcc 4010830c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.857s Main 6fd24dd0 6fd24dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:612] I 2.857s Main 6fd24dd4 41a2ac78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.857s Main 6fd24dd8 00000000 I 2.857s Main 6fd24ddc 00000000 I 2.857s Main 6fd24de0 00000000 I 2.857s Main 6fd24de4 585fd996 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.857s Main 6fd24de8 00000000 I 2.857s Main 6fd24dec 00000000 I 2.857s Main 6fd24df0 00000000 I 2.857s Main 6fd24df4 00000000 I 2.857s Main 6fd24df8 00000000 I 2.857s Main 6fd24dfc 00000000 I 2.857s Main 6fd24e00 00000000 I 2.857s Main 6fd24e04 00000000 I 2.857s Main 6fd24e08 00000000 I 2.857s Main 6fd24e0c 41a91b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.857s Main I 2.858s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.858s Main I 2.858s Main I 2.858s Main pid: 515, tid: 614, name: FinalizerWatchd I 2.858s Main r0 41a92500 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.858s Main r4 41a92500 r5 41a924f0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.858s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d6ea2b0 sl 00000000 fp 41c58740 I 2.858s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fe22bc8 lr 40109ec8 pc 4011c904 I 2.858s Main I 2.858s Main Stack Trace: I 2.858s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.858s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.858s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.858s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.858s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.858s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.858s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.858s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.858s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.858s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.858s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.858s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.858s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.858s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.859s Main I 2.859s Main Stack Data: I 2.859s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.859s Main 6fe22b88 419e9fc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.859s Main 6fe22b8c 41c3dd68 [heap] I 2.859s Main 6fe22b90 419e9fa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.859s Main 6fe22b94 4010be6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.859s Main 6fe22b98 00000020 I 2.859s Main 6fe22b9c 00001084 I 2.859s Main 6fe22ba0 00000021 I 2.859s Main 6fe22ba4 00000020 I 2.859s Main 6fe22ba8 00000020 I 2.859s Main 6fe22bac 41c58730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.859s Main 6fe22bb0 00000001 I 2.859s Main 6fe22bb4 41540d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.859s Main 6fe22bb8 41a92500 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.859s Main 6fe22bbc 41a924f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.859s Main 6fe22bc0 00000000 I 2.859s Main 6fe22bc4 40109eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.859s Main 6fe22bc8 00000000 I 2.859s Main 6fe22bc8 00000000 I 2.859s Main 6fe22bcc 41a924f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.859s Main 6fe22bd0 41a92500 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.859s Main 6fe22bd4 41a92160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.860s Main 6fe22bd8 419e9fa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.860s Main 6fe22bdc 40109f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.860s Main 6fe22be0 41a924f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.860s Main 6fe22be4 00000000 I 2.860s Main 6fe22be8 41a924f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.860s Main 6fe22bec 41a924f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.860s Main 6fe22bf0 00000000 I 2.860s Main 6fe22bf4 41575d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.860s Main 6fe22bf8 41a92160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.860s Main 6fe22bfc 419e9fa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.860s Main 6fe22c00 41bd6f54 I 2.860s Main 6fe22c04 41bd6f58 I 2.860s Main 6fe22c08 41c58730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.860s Main 6fe22c0c 41c3e890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.860s Main 6fe22c10 41540d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.860s Main 6fe22c14 00000000 I 2.860s Main 6fe22c18 41bd6f40 I 2.860s Main 6fe22c1c 4158a655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.860s Main 6fe22c20 00000000 I 2.860s Main 6fe22c24 00000001 I 2.860s Main 6fe22c28 00000000 I 2.860s Main 6fe22c2c 00000000 I 2.860s Main 6fe22c30 6e75de8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.860s Main 6fe22c34 41bd6f78 I 2.860s Main 6fe22c38 41a92160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.861s Main 6fe22c3c 41549fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.861s Main 6fe22c40 00000000 I 2.861s Main 6fe22c44 41a92160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.861s Main 6fe22c48 41550f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.861s Main 6fe22c4c 00000000 I 2.861s Main 6fe22c50 6fe22d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.861s Main 6fe22c54 41a92160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.861s Main 6fe22c58 6fe22c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.861s Main 6fe22c5c 6d6eeeb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.861s Main 6fe22c60 41c58740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.861s Main 6fe22c64 41550fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.861s Main 6fe22c68 00000000 I 2.861s Main 6fe22c6c 00000000 I 2.861s Main 6fe22c70 00000000 I 2.861s Main 6fe22c74 00000000 I 2.861s Main 6fe22c78 00000000 I 2.861s Main 6fe22c7c fffffea0 I 2.861s Main 6fe22c80 41550f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.861s Main 6fe22c84 4154e63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.861s Main 6fe22c88 00000000 I 2.861s Main 6fe22c8c 00000000 I 2.861s Main 6fe22c90 00000000 I 2.861s Main 6fe22c94 00000000 I 2.861s Main 6fe22c98 41bd6fe4 I 2.862s Main 6fe22c9c 00000000 I 2.862s Main 6fe22ca0 00000000 I 2.862s Main 6fe22ca4 00000000 I 2.862s Main 6fe22ca8 00000000 I 2.862s Main 6fe22cac 00000000 I 2.862s Main 6fe22cb0 00000000 I 2.862s Main 6fe22cb4 00000000 I 2.862s Main 6fe22cb8 00000000 I 2.862s Main 6fe22cbc 00000000 I 2.862s Main 6fe22cc0 00000000 I 2.862s Main 6fe22cc4 00000000 I 2.862s Main 6fe22d18 0000001d I 2.862s Main 6fe22d1c 0000001c I 2.862s Main 6fe22d20 0000001c I 2.862s Main 6fe22d24 41a92160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.862s Main 6fe22d28 40149384 I 2.862s Main 6fe22d2c 41592ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.862s Main 6fe22d30 6fd25000 I 2.862s Main 6fe22d34 6fe22d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.862s Main 6fe22d38 415d21f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.862s Main 6fe22d3c 40149384 I 2.862s Main 6fe22d40 415d2500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.862s Main 6fe22d44 415d24fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.862s Main 6fe22d48 6fd25000 I 2.862s Main 6fe22d4c bed3be3c [stack] I 2.863s Main 6fe22d50 401472ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.863s Main 6fe22d54 415835a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.863s Main 6fe22d58 6fe22d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.863s Main 6fe22d5c 6fe22d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.863s Main 6fe22d60 41a92160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.863s Main 6fe22d64 6fe22d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.863s Main 6fe22d68 40149384 I 2.863s Main 6fe22d6c 41a92160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.863s Main 6fe22d70 4157828f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.863s Main 6fe22d74 6fe22d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.863s Main 6fe22d78 00000003 I 2.863s Main 6fe22d7c 41a925b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.863s Main 6fe22d80 00000000 I 2.863s Main 6fe22d84 41c36e50 [heap] I 2.863s Main 6fe22d88 41a92160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.863s Main 6fe22d8c 401080ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.863s Main 6fe22d90 00000000 I 2.863s Main 6fe22d94 41c36e4f [heap] I 2.863s Main 6fe22d98 41c36e38 [heap] I 2.863s Main 6fe22d9c 585fd996 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.863s Main 6fe22da0 6fe22dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.863s Main 6fe22da4 41a925b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.863s Main 6fe22da8 415781ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.863s Main 6fe22dac 41a92160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.864s Main 6fe22db0 415781ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.864s Main 6fe22db4 40108174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.864s Main 6fe22db8 41a92160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.864s Main 6fe22dbc 41a925b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.864s Main 6fe22dc0 6fe22dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.864s Main 6fe22dc4 0000000d I 2.864s Main 6fe22dc8 00000078 I 2.864s Main 6fe22dcc 4010830c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.864s Main 6fe22dd0 6fe22dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:614] I 2.864s Main 6fe22dd4 41a925b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.864s Main 6fe22dd8 00000000 I 2.864s Main 6fe22ddc 00000000 I 2.864s Main 6fe22de0 00000000 I 2.864s Main 6fe22de4 585fd996 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.864s Main 6fe22de8 00000000 I 2.864s Main 6fe22dec 00000000 I 2.864s Main 6fe22df0 00000000 I 2.864s Main 6fe22df4 00000000 I 2.864s Main 6fe22df8 00000000 I 2.864s Main 6fe22dfc 00000000 I 2.864s Main 6fe22e00 00000000 I 2.864s Main 6fe22e04 00000000 I 2.864s Main 6fe22e08 00000000 I 2.864s Main 6fe22e0c 41a92160 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.865s Main I 2.865s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.865s Main I 2.865s Main I 2.865s Main pid: 515, tid: 615, name: GC I 2.865s Main r0 41c3d384 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.865s Main r4 41c3d384 r5 41c3d380 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.865s Main r8 415d4100 r9 415d4100 sl 41c3d378 fp 401472ec I 2.865s Main ip 00000000 sp 6ff20d40 lr 40109ec8 pc 4011c904 I 2.865s Main I 2.865s Main Stack Trace: I 2.865s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.865s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.865s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.865s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.865s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.865s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.865s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.865s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.865s Main I 2.865s Main Stack Data: I 2.865s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.865s Main 6ff20d00 00000000 I 2.865s Main 6ff20d04 6ff20ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.866s Main 6ff20d08 6ff20cb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.866s Main 6ff20d0c 00000018 I 2.866s Main 6ff20d10 6d6ee66c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.866s Main 6ff20d14 6ff20d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.866s Main 6ff20d18 415d21f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.866s Main 6ff20d1c 41a93338 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.866s Main 6ff20d20 41c58940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.866s Main 6ff20d24 41c589b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.866s Main 6ff20d28 41c58940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.866s Main 6ff20d2c 4011e2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.866s Main 6ff20d30 41c3d384 [heap] I 2.866s Main 6ff20d34 41c3d380 [heap] I 2.866s Main 6ff20d38 00000000 I 2.866s Main 6ff20d3c 40109eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.866s Main 6ff20d40 00000000 I 2.866s Main 6ff20d40 00000000 I 2.866s Main 6ff20d44 41c3d380 [heap] I 2.866s Main 6ff20d48 41c3d384 [heap] I 2.866s Main 6ff20d4c 00000000 I 2.866s Main 6ff20d50 415d4100 I 2.866s Main 6ff20d54 40109f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.866s Main 6ff20d58 415cdc74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.866s Main 6ff20d5c 415d21f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.866s Main 6ff20d60 bed3bf10 [stack] I 2.866s Main 6ff20d64 415cdc74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.867s Main 6ff20d68 415d21f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.867s Main 6ff20d6c 41595783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.867s Main 6ff20d70 00000000 I 2.867s Main 6ff20d74 00000000 I 2.867s Main 6ff20d78 41595735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.867s Main 6ff20d7c 41a2afb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.867s Main 6ff20d80 415d21f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.867s Main 6ff20d84 bed3bf10 [stack] I 2.867s Main 6ff20d88 41a2afb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.867s Main 6ff20d8c 41577921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.867s Main 6ff20d90 6fe23000 I 2.867s Main 6ff20d94 4157796f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.867s Main 6ff20d98 41a2afb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.867s Main 6ff20d9c 00010002 I 2.867s Main 6ff20da0 41c3dcc8 [heap] I 2.867s Main 6ff20da4 41c4d880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.867s Main 6ff20da8 6ff20dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.867s Main 6ff20dac 41a92a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.867s Main 6ff20db0 41577921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.867s Main 6ff20db4 40108174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.867s Main 6ff20db8 41a2afb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.867s Main 6ff20dbc 41a92a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.867s Main 6ff20dc0 6ff20dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.867s Main 6ff20dc4 0000000d I 2.868s Main 6ff20dc8 00000078 I 2.868s Main 6ff20dcc 4010830c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.868s Main 6ff20dd0 6ff20dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:615] I 2.868s Main 6ff20dd4 41a92a90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.868s Main 6ff20dd8 00000000 I 2.868s Main 6ff20ddc 00000000 I 2.868s Main 6ff20de0 00000000 I 2.868s Main 6ff20de4 585fd996 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.868s Main 6ff20de8 00000000 I 2.868s Main 6ff20dec 00000000 I 2.868s Main 6ff20df0 00000000 I 2.868s Main 6ff20df4 00000000 I 2.868s Main 6ff20df8 00000000 I 2.868s Main 6ff20dfc 00000000 I 2.868s Main 6ff20e00 00000000 I 2.868s Main 6ff20e04 00000000 I 2.868s Main 6ff20e08 00000000 I 2.868s Main 6ff20e0c 41a92cd8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.868s Main I 2.868s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.868s Main I 2.868s Main I 2.868s Main pid: 515, tid: 616, name: Signal Catcher I 2.868s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 2.868s Main r4 7001ed08 r5 7001ed48 r6 bed3bf20 r7 000000b1 I 2.869s Main r8 41a93608 r9 415cdc74 sl 415d2694 fp 415b1cdc I 2.869s Main ip 7001ed44 sp 7001ed08 lr 4010e351 pc 4011c170 I 2.869s Main I 2.869s Main Stack Trace: I 2.869s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.869s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.869s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.869s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.869s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.869s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.869s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.869s Main I 2.869s Main Stack Data: I 2.869s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.869s Main 7001ecc8 00000000 I 2.869s Main 7001eccc 00000000 I 2.869s Main 7001ecd0 00000000 I 2.869s Main 7001ecd4 00000000 I 2.869s Main 7001ecd8 7001ed68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.869s Main 7001ecdc 00000000 I 2.869s Main 7001ece0 41a93608 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.869s Main 7001ece4 41be4fc4 I 2.869s Main 7001ece8 00000000 I 2.869s Main 7001ecec 7001ed68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.870s Main 7001ecf0 00000000 I 2.870s Main 7001ecf4 4158358b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.870s Main 7001ecf8 415b3239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.870s Main 7001ecfc 00000000 I 2.870s Main 7001ed00 00000000 I 2.870s Main 7001ed04 7001eca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.870s Main 7001ed08 00000204 I 2.870s Main 7001ed08 00000204 I 2.870s Main 7001ed0c 00000000 I 2.870s Main 7001ed10 fffffea0 I 2.870s Main 7001ed14 419d97d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.870s Main 7001ed18 415d21f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.870s Main 7001ed1c 41574f57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.870s Main 7001ed20 41c58a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.870s Main 7001ed24 41c58a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.870s Main 7001ed28 41c58a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.870s Main 7001ed2c 4011e2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.870s Main 7001ed30 41a93974 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.870s Main 7001ed34 415749a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.870s Main 7001ed38 41a93608 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.870s Main 7001ed3c 4157894b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.870s Main 7001ed40 41c58a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.870s Main 7001ed44 00000204 I 2.870s Main 7001ed48 00000004 I 2.870s Main 7001ed4c 41a93608 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.871s Main 7001ed50 415d21f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.871s Main 7001ed54 41576e11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.871s Main 7001ed58 41c4d880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.871s Main 7001ed5c 41c58a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.871s Main 7001ed98 419d97d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.871s Main 7001ed9c 00010002 I 2.871s Main 7001eda0 419d97f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.871s Main 7001eda4 41c4d880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.871s Main 7001eda8 7001edd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.871s Main 7001edac 41a933c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.871s Main 7001edb0 41577921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.871s Main 7001edb4 40108174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.871s Main 7001edb8 419d97d8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.871s Main 7001edbc 41a933c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.871s Main 7001edc0 7001edd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.871s Main 7001edc4 0000000d I 2.871s Main 7001edc8 00000078 I 2.871s Main 7001edcc 4010830c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.871s Main 7001edd0 7001edd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:616] I 2.871s Main 7001edd4 41a933c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.871s Main 7001edd8 00000000 I 2.871s Main 7001eddc 00000000 I 2.871s Main 7001ede0 00000000 I 2.871s Main 7001ede4 585fd996 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.872s Main 7001ede8 00000000 I 2.872s Main 7001edec 00000000 I 2.872s Main 7001edf0 00000000 I 2.872s Main 7001edf4 00000000 I 2.872s Main 7001edf8 00000000 I 2.872s Main 7001edfc 00000000 I 2.872s Main 7001ee00 00000000 I 2.872s Main 7001ee04 00000000 I 2.872s Main 7001ee08 00000000 I 2.872s Main 7001ee0c 41a93608 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.872s Main I 2.872s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.872s Main I 2.872s Main I 2.872s Main pid: 515, tid: 617, name: JDWP I 2.872s Main r0 0000000f r1 7011cd10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 2.872s Main r4 41a93dc8 r5 40149384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 2.872s Main r8 41a95de8 r9 000003e8 sl 41a93d64 fp 401472ec I 2.872s Main ip 41a95dc8 sp 7011ccf8 lr 41584087 pc 4011c3d8 I 2.872s Main I 2.872s Main Stack Trace: I 2.872s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.872s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.872s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.872s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.873s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.873s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.873s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.873s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.873s Main I 2.873s Main Stack Data: I 2.873s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.873s Main 7011ccb8 41a95dc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.873s Main 7011ccbc 41a95de8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.873s Main 7011ccc0 000003e8 I 2.873s Main 7011ccc4 41a93d64 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.873s Main 7011ccc8 401472ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.873s Main 7011cccc 40121159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.873s Main 7011ccd0 00000000 I 2.873s Main 7011ccd4 00000000 I 2.873s Main 7011ccd8 7011cd4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:617] I 2.873s Main 7011ccdc 00000000 I 2.873s Main 7011cce0 00000000 I 2.873s Main 7011cce4 41beafc4 I 2.873s Main 7011cce8 00004000 I 2.873s Main 7011ccec 7011cd54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:617] I 2.873s Main 7011ccf0 00000000 I 2.873s Main 7011ccf4 00000000 I 2.873s Main 7011ccf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[vectors] I 2.874s Main 7011ccf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[vectors] I 2.874s Main 7011ccfc 7011cd50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:617] I 2.874s Main 7011cd00 00000004 I 2.874s Main 7011cd04 2111cca8 I 2.874s Main 7011cd08 7011cd07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:617] I 2.874s Main 7011cd0c 00000001 I 2.874s Main 7011cd10 00000000 I 2.874s Main 7011cd14 00000000 I 2.874s Main 7011cd18 7011cd08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:617] I 2.874s Main 7011cd1c 00000001 I 2.874s Main 7011cd20 7011cd2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:617] I 2.874s Main 7011cd24 00000010 I 2.874s Main 7011cd28 00000000 I 2.874s Main 7011cd2c 00000010 I 2.874s Main 7011cd30 00000001 I 2.874s Main 7011cd34 00000001 I 2.874s Main 7011cd50 33303230 I 2.874s Main 7011cd54 41584100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.874s Main 7011cd58 00000001 I 2.874s Main 7011cd5c 41a93d10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.874s Main 7011cd60 41a93d58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.874s Main 7011cd64 bed3bf00 [stack] I 2.874s Main 7011cd68 41a95e60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.874s Main 7011cd6c 415bc7c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.874s Main 7011cd70 415bd910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.875s Main 7011cd74 41586f89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.875s Main 7011cd78 00000000 I 2.875s Main 7011cd7c 41a95e60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.875s Main 7011cd80 415d21f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.875s Main 7011cd84 bed3bf00 [stack] I 2.875s Main 7011cd88 41a95e60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.875s Main 7011cd8c 41577921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.875s Main 7011cd90 7001f000 I 2.875s Main 7011cd94 4157796f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.875s Main 7011cd98 41a95e60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.875s Main 7011cd9c 00010002 I 2.875s Main 7011cda0 419e9fd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.875s Main 7011cda4 41c4d880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.875s Main 7011cda8 7011cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:617] I 2.875s Main 7011cdac 41a95e80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.875s Main 7011cdb0 41577921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.875s Main 7011cdb4 40108174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.875s Main 7011cdb8 41a95e60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.875s Main 7011cdbc 41a95e80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.875s Main 7011cdc0 7011cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:617] I 2.875s Main 7011cdc4 0000000d I 2.875s Main 7011cdc8 00000078 I 2.875s Main 7011cdcc 4010830c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.875s Main 7011cdd0 7011cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:617] I 2.876s Main 7011cdd4 41a95e80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.876s Main 7011cdd8 00000000 I 2.876s Main 7011cddc 00000000 I 2.876s Main 7011cde0 00000000 I 2.876s Main 7011cde4 585fd996 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.876s Main 7011cde8 00000000 I 2.876s Main 7011cdec 00000000 I 2.876s Main 7011cdf0 00000000 I 2.876s Main 7011cdf4 00000000 I 2.876s Main 7011cdf8 00000000 I 2.876s Main 7011cdfc 00000000 I 2.876s Main 7011ce00 00000000 I 2.876s Main 7011ce04 00000000 I 2.876s Main 7011ce08 00000000 I 2.876s Main 7011ce0c 41a960c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.876s Main I 2.876s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.876s Main I 2.876s Main I 2.876s Main pid: 515, tid: 618, name: Compiler I 2.876s Main r0 415d2704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.876s Main r4 415d2704 r5 415d26fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.876s Main r8 41577921 r9 7011d000 sl 415d26f8 fp 401472ec I 2.876s Main ip 00000000 sp 7021ac10 lr 40109ec8 pc 4011c904 I 2.877s Main I 2.877s Main Stack Trace: I 2.877s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.877s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.877s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.877s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.877s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.877s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.877s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.877s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.877s Main I 2.877s Main Stack Data: I 2.877s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.877s Main 7021abd0 00000000 I 2.877s Main 7021abd4 00000000 I 2.877s Main 7021abd8 415d21f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.877s Main 7021abdc 00000000 I 2.877s Main 7021abe0 00000000 I 2.877s Main 7021abe4 00000000 I 2.877s Main 7021abe8 415b8f31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.877s Main 7021abec 41577bc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.877s Main 7021abf0 fffffe0c I 2.877s Main 7021abf4 41a2a618 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.877s Main 7021abf8 41a2a640 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.877s Main 7021abfc ffffffef I 2.878s Main 7021ac00 415d2704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.878s Main 7021ac04 415d26fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.878s Main 7021ac08 00000000 I 2.878s Main 7021ac0c 40109eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.878s Main 7021ac10 00000000 I 2.878s Main 7021ac10 00000000 I 2.878s Main 7021ac14 415d26fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.878s Main 7021ac18 415d2704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.878s Main 7021ac1c 41a99220 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.878s Main 7021ac20 00001000 I 2.878s Main 7021ac24 40109f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.878s Main 7021ac28 415d26c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.878s Main 7021ac2c 41bf1008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.878s Main 7021ac30 415b1cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.878s Main 7021ac34 415d26c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.878s Main 7021ac38 41bf1008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.878s Main 7021ac3c 41596d03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.878s Main 7021ac40 7021ad68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:618] I 2.878s Main 7021ac44 41550fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.878s Main 7021ac48 00000000 I 2.878s Main 7021ac4c 415cdc74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.878s Main 7021ac50 415c2901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.878s Main 7021ac54 415b1cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.878s Main 7021ac58 00000000 I 2.879s Main 7021ac5c fffffea0 I 2.879s Main 7021ac60 41550f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.879s Main 7021ac64 4154e63c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.879s Main 7021ac68 00000000 I 2.879s Main 7021ac6c 00000000 I 2.879s Main 7021ac70 00000000 I 2.879s Main 7021ac74 00000000 I 2.879s Main 7021ac78 41bf0fa0 I 2.879s Main 7021ac7c 00000000 I 2.879s Main 7021ad98 41a967d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.879s Main 7021ad9c 00010002 I 2.879s Main 7021ada0 41a2afd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.879s Main 7021ada4 41c4d880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.879s Main 7021ada8 7021add0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:618] I 2.879s Main 7021adac 41a967f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.879s Main 7021adb0 41577921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.879s Main 7021adb4 40108174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.879s Main 7021adb8 41a967d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.879s Main 7021adbc 41a967f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.879s Main 7021adc0 7021add0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:618] I 2.879s Main 7021adc4 0000000d I 2.879s Main 7021adc8 00000078 I 2.879s Main 7021adcc 4010830c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.879s Main 7021add0 7021add0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:618] I 2.879s Main 7021add4 41a967f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.880s Main 7021add8 00000000 I 2.880s Main 7021addc 00000000 I 2.880s Main 7021ade0 00000000 I 2.880s Main 7021ade4 585fd996 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.880s Main 7021ade8 00000000 I 2.880s Main 7021adec 00000000 I 2.880s Main 7021adf0 00000000 I 2.880s Main 7021adf4 00000000 I 2.880s Main 7021adf8 00000000 I 2.880s Main 7021adfc 00000000 I 2.880s Main 7021ae00 00000000 I 2.880s Main 7021ae04 00000000 I 2.880s Main 7021ae08 00000000 I 2.880s Main 7021ae0c 41a96a38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.880s Main I 2.880s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.880s Main I 2.880s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 2.880s Main I 2.880s Main Stack Trace: I 2.880s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.880s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.880s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.880s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.881s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.881s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.881s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.881s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.881s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.881s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.881s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.881s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.881s Main I 2.881s Main Stack Data: I 2.881s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.881s Main 07394106 45399065 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/244 I 2.881s Main I 2.881s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.881s Main I 2.881s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000203 (code=-6), thread 515 (app_process) I 2.881s Main tombstone_01 created on 1973-06-04 11:21:00, about this long ago: 16686 days, 3:12:59 Device: 06596466005cab1a I 2.881s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src I 2.881s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug I 2.881s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmp3ChaiC I 2.881s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 2.881s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug I 2.881s Main pid: 835, tid: 835, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 2.881s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 2.882s Main r0 00000000 r1 00000343 r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 2.882s Main r4 00000006 r5 00000000 r6 00000343 r7 0000010c I 2.882s Main r8 00000004 r9 bee73b91 sl bee73b9d fp bee73b85 I 2.882s Main ip 401b7438 sp bee73628 lr 40051fe5 pc 40060f90 I 2.882s Main I 2.882s Main Stack Trace: I 2.882s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.882s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.882s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.882s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.882s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.882s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.882s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.882s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.882s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.882s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.882s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.882s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.882s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.882s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.882s Main I 2.882s Main Stack Data: I 2.882s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.882s Main bee735e8 401aa168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.882s Main bee735ec 00000002 I 2.883s Main bee735f0 401b7438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.883s Main bee735f4 00000004 I 2.883s Main bee735f8 bee73b91 [stack] I 2.883s Main bee735fc bee73b9d [stack] I 2.883s Main bee73600 bee73b85 [stack] I 2.883s Main bee73604 40065159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.883s Main bee73608 34203020 I 2.883s Main bee7360c 20323136 I 2.883s Main bee73610 bee73684 [stack] I 2.883s Main bee73614 00000000 I 2.883s Main bee73618 00000000 I 2.883s Main bee7361c 37312030 I 2.883s Main bee73620 00004000 I 2.883s Main bee73624 bee73692 [stack] I 2.883s Main bee73628 00000006 I 2.883s Main bee7362c 00000000 I 2.883s Main bee73630 00000343 I 2.883s Main bee73634 401b7438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.883s Main bee73638 401b7438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.883s Main bee7363c 40051fe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.883s Main bee73640 00000006 I 2.883s Main bee73644 00000000 I 2.883s Main bee73648 00000002 I 2.883s Main bee7364c 400521f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.884s Main bee73650 bee7365c [stack] I 2.884s Main bee73654 40050f2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.884s Main bee73658 00000000 I 2.884s Main bee7365c ffffffdf I 2.884s Main bee73660 400892c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.884s Main bee73664 4008922c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.884s Main bee73668 00000000 I 2.884s Main bee7366c 40053aef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.884s Main bee73670 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.884s Main bee73674 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.884s Main bee73678 401aa168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.884s Main bee7367c 40060848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.884s Main bee73680 00000000 I 2.884s Main bee73684 414b2ccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.884s Main bee73688 40097324 I 2.884s Main bee7368c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.884s Main bee73690 0000296c I 2.884s Main bee73694 00000000 I 2.884s Main bee73698 00000000 I 2.884s Main bee7369c 00000000 I 2.884s Main bee736a0 00000000 I 2.884s Main bee736a4 00000000 I 2.884s Main bee736a8 00000000 I 2.884s Main bee736ac 00000000 I 2.885s Main bee736b0 00000000 I 2.885s Main bee736b4 00000000 I 2.885s Main bee736b8 00000000 I 2.885s Main bee736bc 00000000 I 2.885s Main bee736c0 00000000 I 2.885s Main bee736c4 00000000 I 2.885s Main bee73898 000000c8 I 2.885s Main bee7389c 6f7b4200 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.885s Main bee738a0 4146af58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.885s Main bee738a4 00000000 I 2.885s Main bee738a8 000000c8 I 2.885s Main bee738ac 401ad560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.885s Main bee738b0 401ad740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.885s Main bee738b4 4146af58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.885s Main bee738b8 40016328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.885s Main bee738bc 40152d27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.885s Main bee738c0 4146af58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.885s Main bee738c4 00000000 I 2.885s Main bee738c8 bee73988 [stack] I 2.885s Main bee738cc 40153015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.885s Main bee738d0 400163cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.885s Main bee738d4 40153a65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.885s Main bee738d8 4146af58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.885s Main bee738dc 00000000 I 2.885s Main bee738e0 4151f004 I 2.886s Main bee738e4 414baa8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.886s Main bee738e8 414baabd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.886s Main bee738ec 414baa95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.886s Main bee738f0 000000bb I 2.886s Main bee738f4 00000000 I 2.886s Main bee738f8 4146ae08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.886s Main bee738fc 4004fe6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.886s Main bee73900 000000b0 I 2.886s Main bee73904 00000000 I 2.886s Main bee73908 4004edcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.886s Main bee7390c 000000a0 I 2.886s Main bee73910 00000014 I 2.886s Main bee73914 401af3d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.886s Main bee73960 00000000 I 2.886s Main bee73964 00000000 I 2.886s Main bee73968 00000000 I 2.886s Main bee7396c bee73a7c [stack] I 2.886s Main bee73970 4008d384 I 2.886s Main bee73974 40016372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.886s Main bee73978 40016300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.886s Main bee7397c 4001637b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.886s Main bee73980 40016391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.886s Main bee73984 4001639f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.886s Main bee73988 40017e08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.887s Main bee7398c 401ad520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.887s Main bee73990 4146ae18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.887s Main bee73994 00000013 I 2.887s Main bee73998 00000000 I 2.887s Main bee7399c 00000008 I 2.887s Main bee73a40 00000000 I 2.887s Main bee73a44 00000000 I 2.887s Main bee73a48 00000000 I 2.887s Main bee73a4c 00000000 I 2.887s Main bee73a50 00000000 I 2.887s Main bee73a54 40015d80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.887s Main bee73a58 40017de8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.887s Main bee73a5c 40017df0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.887s Main bee73a60 40017df8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.887s Main bee73a64 bee73a70 [stack] I 2.887s Main bee73a68 00000000 I 2.887s Main bee73a6c 4001a881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 2.887s Main bee73a70 00000005 I 2.887s Main bee73a74 bee73b85 [stack] I 2.887s Main bee73a78 bee73b91 [stack] I 2.887s Main bee73a7c bee73b9d [stack] I 2.887s Main bee73a80 bee73bb8 [stack] I 2.887s Main bee73a84 bee73bbd [stack] I 2.887s Main bee73a88 00000000 I 2.888s Main bee73a8c bee73bc5 [stack] I 2.888s Main bee73a90 bee73bdf [stack] I 2.888s Main bee73a94 bee73c0b [stack] I 2.888s Main I 2.888s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.888s Main I 2.888s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000343 (code=-6), thread 835 (app_process) I 2.888s Main I 2.888s Main pid: 835, tid: 836, name: ReferenceQueueD I 2.888s Main r0 41521c30 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.888s Main r4 41521c30 r5 41521c20 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.888s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3dd2b0 sl 00000000 fp 4153c1d0 I 2.888s Main ip 00000000 sp 70f10ba0 lr 4004dec8 pc 40060904 I 2.888s Main I 2.888s Main Stack Trace: I 2.888s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.888s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.888s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.888s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.888s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.888s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.888s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.888s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.888s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.888s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.889s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.889s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.889s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.889s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.889s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.889s Main I 2.889s Main Stack Data: I 2.889s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.889s Main 70f10b60 0000002b I 2.889s Main 70f10b64 00000090 I 2.889s Main 70f10b68 41521f50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.889s Main 70f10b6c 4004fe6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.889s Main 70f10b70 00000020 I 2.889s Main 70f10b74 00000004 I 2.889s Main 70f10b78 00000021 I 2.889s Main 70f10b7c 00000020 I 2.889s Main 70f10b80 00000020 I 2.889s Main 70f10b84 41527640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.889s Main 70f10b88 00000001 I 2.889s Main 70f10b8c 415218a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.889s Main 70f10b90 41521c30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.889s Main 70f10b94 41521c20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.889s Main 70f10b98 00000000 I 2.889s Main 70f10b9c 4004deb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.890s Main 70f10ba0 00000000 I 2.890s Main 70f10ba0 00000000 I 2.890s Main 70f10ba4 41521c20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.890s Main 70f10ba8 41521c30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.890s Main 70f10bac 41521890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.890s Main 70f10bb0 41521f50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.890s Main 70f10bb4 4004df28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.890s Main 70f10bb8 41521c20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.890s Main 70f10bbc 00000000 I 2.890s Main 70f10bc0 41521c20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.890s Main 70f10bc4 41521c20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.890s Main 70f10bc8 00000000 I 2.890s Main 70f10bcc 414bfd77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.890s Main 70f10bd0 41521890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.890s Main 70f10bd4 41521f50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.890s Main 70f10bd8 6f7e0f74 I 2.890s Main 70f10bdc 6f7e0f78 I 2.890s Main 70f10be0 41527640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.890s Main 70f10be4 41521890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.890s Main 70f10be8 415218a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.890s Main 70f10bec 6f7e0f74 I 2.890s Main 70f10bf0 41517c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.890s Main 70f10bf4 414d4655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.890s Main 70f10bf8 00000000 I 2.891s Main 70f10bfc 00000001 I 2.891s Main 70f10c00 00000000 I 2.891s Main 70f10c04 00000000 I 2.891s Main 70f10c08 6d3dd2b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.891s Main 70f10c0c 41522890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.891s Main 70f10c10 414d462f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.891s Main 70f10c14 414bcacf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.891s Main 70f10c18 6f7e0f74 I 2.891s Main 70f10c1c 415218a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.891s Main 70f10c20 6e467e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.891s Main 70f10c24 6f7e0f98 I 2.891s Main 70f10c28 41521890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.891s Main 70f10c2c 41522890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.891s Main 70f10c30 4148ad40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.891s Main 70f10c34 00000000 I 2.891s Main 70f10c38 6f7e0f60 I 2.891s Main 70f10c3c 41493fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.891s Main 70f10c40 00000000 I 2.891s Main 70f10c44 41521890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.891s Main 70f10c48 4149af54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.891s Main 70f10c4c 00000000 I 2.891s Main 70f10c50 70f10d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.891s Main 70f10c54 41521890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.891s Main 70f10c58 70f10c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.891s Main 70f10c5c 6d3e1eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.892s Main 70f10c60 4153c1d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.892s Main 70f10c64 4149afa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.892s Main 70f10c68 00000000 I 2.892s Main 70f10c6c 00000000 I 2.892s Main 70f10c70 00000000 I 2.892s Main 70f10c74 00000000 I 2.892s Main 70f10c78 00000000 I 2.892s Main 70f10c7c fffffea0 I 2.892s Main 70f10c80 4149af54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.892s Main 70f10c84 4149863c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.892s Main 70f10c88 00000000 I 2.892s Main 70f10c8c 00000000 I 2.892s Main 70f10c90 00000000 I 2.892s Main 70f10c94 00000000 I 2.892s Main 70f10c98 6f7e0fe4 I 2.892s Main 70f10c9c 00000000 I 2.892s Main 70f10ca0 00000000 I 2.892s Main 70f10ca4 00000000 I 2.892s Main 70f10ca8 00000000 I 2.892s Main 70f10cac 00000000 I 2.892s Main 70f10cb0 00000000 I 2.892s Main 70f10cb4 00000000 I 2.892s Main 70f10cb8 00000000 I 2.892s Main 70f10cbc 00000000 I 2.893s Main 70f10cc0 00000000 I 2.893s Main 70f10cc4 00000000 I 2.893s Main 70f10d18 0000001d I 2.893s Main 70f10d1c 0000001c I 2.893s Main 70f10d20 0000001c I 2.893s Main 70f10d24 41521890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.893s Main 70f10d28 4008d384 I 2.893s Main 70f10d2c 414dcad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.893s Main 70f10d30 70e13000 I 2.893s Main 70f10d34 70f10d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.893s Main 70f10d38 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.893s Main 70f10d3c 4008d384 I 2.893s Main 70f10d40 4151c500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.893s Main 70f10d44 4151c4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.893s Main 70f10d48 70e13000 I 2.893s Main 70f10d4c bee72e14 [stack] I 2.893s Main 70f10d50 4008b2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.893s Main 70f10d54 414cd5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.893s Main 70f10d58 70f10d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.893s Main 70f10d5c 70f10d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.893s Main 70f10d60 41521890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.893s Main 70f10d64 70f10d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.893s Main 70f10d68 4008d384 I 2.893s Main 70f10d6c 41521890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.893s Main 70f10d70 414c228f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.894s Main 70f10d74 70f10d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.894s Main 70f10d78 00000003 I 2.894s Main 70f10d7c 41521ce8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.894s Main 70f10d80 00000000 I 2.894s Main 70f10d84 414669f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.894s Main 70f10d88 41521890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.894s Main 70f10d8c 4004c0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.894s Main 70f10d90 00000000 I 2.894s Main 70f10d94 414669f4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.894s Main 70f10d98 414669e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.894s Main 70f10d9c f67deb3c I 2.894s Main 70f10da0 70f10dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.894s Main 70f10da4 41521ce8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.894s Main 70f10da8 414c21ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.894s Main 70f10dac 41521890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.894s Main 70f10db0 414c21ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.894s Main 70f10db4 4004c174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.894s Main 70f10db8 41521890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.894s Main 70f10dbc 41521ce8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.894s Main 70f10dc0 70f10dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.894s Main 70f10dc4 0000000d I 2.894s Main 70f10dc8 00000078 I 2.894s Main 70f10dcc 4004c30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.894s Main 70f10dd0 70f10dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:836] I 2.895s Main 70f10dd4 41521ce8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.895s Main 70f10dd8 00000000 I 2.895s Main 70f10ddc 00000000 I 2.895s Main 70f10de0 00000000 I 2.895s Main 70f10de4 f67deb3c I 2.895s Main 70f10de8 00000000 I 2.895s Main 70f10dec 00000000 I 2.895s Main 70f10df0 00000000 I 2.895s Main 70f10df4 00000000 I 2.895s Main 70f10df8 00000000 I 2.895s Main 70f10dfc 00000000 I 2.895s Main 70f10e00 00000000 I 2.895s Main 70f10e04 00000000 I 2.895s Main 70f10e08 00000000 I 2.895s Main 70f10e0c 41521890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.895s Main I 2.895s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.895s Main I 2.895s Main I 2.895s Main pid: 835, tid: 837, name: FinalizerDaemon I 2.895s Main r0 6e3e0bb0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.895s Main r4 6e3e0bb0 r5 6e3e0ba0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.895s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3dd2b0 sl 00000000 fp 4153c4a0 I 2.895s Main ip 00000000 sp 71012bc8 lr 4004dec8 pc 40060904 I 2.895s Main I 2.896s Main Stack Trace: I 2.896s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.896s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.896s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.896s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.896s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.896s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.896s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.896s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.896s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.896s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.896s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.896s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.896s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.896s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.896s Main I 2.896s Main Stack Data: I 2.896s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.896s Main 71012b88 0000002b I 2.896s Main 71012b8c 00000088 I 2.896s Main 71012b90 6e3e0f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.896s Main 71012b94 4004fe6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.896s Main 71012b98 00000020 I 2.896s Main 71012b9c 00002004 I 2.897s Main 71012ba0 00000021 I 2.897s Main 71012ba4 00000020 I 2.897s Main 71012ba8 00000020 I 2.897s Main 71012bac 41527718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.897s Main 71012bb0 00000001 I 2.897s Main 71012bb4 4148ad40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.897s Main 71012bb8 6e3e0bb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.897s Main 71012bbc 6e3e0ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.897s Main 71012bc0 00000000 I 2.897s Main 71012bc4 4004deb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.897s Main 71012bc8 00000000 I 2.897s Main 71012bc8 00000000 I 2.897s Main 71012bcc 6e3e0ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.897s Main 71012bd0 6e3e0bb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.897s Main 71012bd4 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.897s Main 71012bd8 6e3e0f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.897s Main 71012bdc 4004df28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.897s Main 71012be0 6e3e0ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.897s Main 71012be4 00000000 I 2.897s Main 71012be8 6e3e0ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.897s Main 71012bec 6e3e0ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.897s Main 71012bf0 00000000 I 2.897s Main 71012bf4 414bfd77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.897s Main 71012bf8 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.898s Main 71012bfc 6e3e0f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.898s Main 71012c00 70f14f10 I 2.898s Main 71012c04 70f14f14 I 2.898s Main 71012c08 41527718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.898s Main 71012c0c 41522890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.898s Main 71012c10 4148ad40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.898s Main 71012c14 00000000 I 2.898s Main 71012c18 70f14efc I 2.898s Main 71012c1c 414d4655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.898s Main 71012c20 00000000 I 2.898s Main 71012c24 00000001 I 2.898s Main 71012c28 00000000 I 2.898s Main 71012c2c 00000000 I 2.898s Main 71012c30 6e467ea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.898s Main 71012c34 70f14f34 I 2.898s Main 71012c38 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.898s Main 71012c3c 41493fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.898s Main 71012c40 00000000 I 2.898s Main 71012c44 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.898s Main 71012c48 4149af54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.898s Main 71012c4c 00000000 I 2.898s Main 71012c50 71012d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.898s Main 71012c54 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.898s Main 71012c58 71012c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.898s Main 71012c5c 6d3e1eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.899s Main 71012c60 4153c4a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.899s Main 71012c64 4149afa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.899s Main 71012c68 00000000 I 2.899s Main 71012c6c 00000000 I 2.899s Main 71012c70 00000000 I 2.899s Main 71012c74 00000000 I 2.899s Main 71012c78 00000000 I 2.899s Main 71012c7c fffffea0 I 2.899s Main 71012c80 4149af54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.899s Main 71012c84 4149863c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.899s Main 71012c88 00000000 I 2.899s Main 71012c8c 00000000 I 2.899s Main 71012c90 00000000 I 2.899s Main 71012c94 00000000 I 2.899s Main 71012c98 70f14fe4 I 2.899s Main 71012c9c 00000000 I 2.899s Main 71012ca0 00000000 I 2.899s Main 71012ca4 00000000 I 2.899s Main 71012ca8 00000000 I 2.899s Main 71012cac 00000000 I 2.899s Main 71012cb0 00000000 I 2.899s Main 71012cb4 00000000 I 2.899s Main 71012cb8 00000000 I 2.899s Main 71012cbc 00000000 I 2.900s Main 71012cc0 00000000 I 2.900s Main 71012cc4 00000000 I 2.900s Main 71012d18 0000001d I 2.900s Main 71012d1c 0000001c I 2.900s Main 71012d20 0000001c I 2.900s Main 71012d24 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.900s Main 71012d28 4008d384 I 2.900s Main 71012d2c 414dcad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.900s Main 71012d30 70f15000 I 2.900s Main 71012d34 71012d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.900s Main 71012d38 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.900s Main 71012d3c 4008d384 I 2.900s Main 71012d40 4151c500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.900s Main 71012d44 4151c4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.900s Main 71012d48 70f15000 I 2.900s Main 71012d4c bee72e3c [stack] I 2.900s Main 71012d50 4008b2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.900s Main 71012d54 414cd5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.900s Main 71012d58 71012d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.900s Main 71012d5c 71012d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.900s Main 71012d60 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.900s Main 71012d64 71012d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.900s Main 71012d68 4008d384 I 2.900s Main 71012d6c 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.901s Main 71012d70 414c228f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.901s Main 71012d74 71012d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.901s Main 71012d78 00000003 I 2.901s Main 71012d7c 6e3e0c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.901s Main 71012d80 00000000 I 2.901s Main 71012d84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-1 I 2.901s Main 71012d88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.901s Main 71012d8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.901s Main 71012d90 006e6f6d I 2.901s Main 71012d94 71012d93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.901s Main 71012d98 71012d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.901s Main 71012d9c f67deb3c I 2.901s Main 71012da0 71012dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.901s Main 71012da4 6e3e0c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.901s Main 71012da8 414c21ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.901s Main 71012dac 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.901s Main 71012db0 414c21ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.901s Main 71012db4 4004c174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.901s Main 71012db8 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.901s Main 71012dbc 6e3e0c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.901s Main 71012dc0 71012dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.901s Main 71012dc4 0000000d I 2.901s Main 71012dc8 00000078 I 2.901s Main 71012dcc 4004c30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.901s Main 71012dd0 71012dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:837] I 2.902s Main 71012dd4 6e3e0c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.902s Main 71012dd8 00000000 I 2.902s Main 71012ddc 00000000 I 2.902s Main 71012de0 00000000 I 2.902s Main 71012de4 f67deb3c I 2.902s Main 71012de8 00000000 I 2.902s Main 71012dec 00000000 I 2.902s Main 71012df0 00000000 I 2.902s Main 71012df4 00000000 I 2.902s Main 71012df8 00000000 I 2.902s Main 71012dfc 00000000 I 2.902s Main 71012e00 00000000 I 2.902s Main 71012e04 00000000 I 2.902s Main 71012e08 00000000 I 2.902s Main 71012e0c 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.902s Main I 2.902s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.902s Main I 2.902s Main I 2.902s Main pid: 835, tid: 838, name: FinalizerWatchd I 2.902s Main r0 6f7aee50 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.902s Main r4 6f7aee50 r5 6f7aee40 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.902s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3dd2b0 sl 00000000 fp 4153c740 I 2.902s Main ip 00000000 sp 71114bc8 lr 4004dec8 pc 40060904 I 2.903s Main I 2.903s Main Stack Trace: I 2.903s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.903s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main I 2.903s Main Stack Data: I 2.903s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.903s Main 71114b88 0000002b I 2.903s Main 71114b8c 000000d0 I 2.903s Main 71114b90 6e7dff10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.903s Main 71114b94 4004fe6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.903s Main 71114b98 00000020 I 2.903s Main 71114b9c 00003000 I 2.904s Main 71114ba0 00000021 I 2.904s Main 71114ba4 00000020 I 2.904s Main 71114ba8 00000020 I 2.904s Main 71114bac 4153c730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.904s Main 71114bb0 00000001 I 2.904s Main 71114bb4 4148ad40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.904s Main 71114bb8 6f7aee50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.904s Main 71114bbc 6f7aee40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.904s Main 71114bc0 00000000 I 2.904s Main 71114bc4 4004deb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.904s Main 71114bc8 00000000 I 2.904s Main 71114bc8 00000000 I 2.904s Main 71114bcc 6f7aee40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.904s Main 71114bd0 6f7aee50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.904s Main 71114bd4 6f7aeab0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.904s Main 71114bd8 6e7dff10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.904s Main 71114bdc 4004df28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.904s Main 71114be0 6f7aee40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.904s Main 71114be4 00000000 I 2.904s Main 71114be8 6f7aee40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.904s Main 71114bec 6f7aee40 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.904s Main 71114bf0 00000000 I 2.904s Main 71114bf4 414bfd77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.904s Main 71114bf8 6f7aeab0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.905s Main 71114bfc 6e7dff10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.905s Main 71114c00 71016f54 I 2.905s Main 71114c04 71016f58 I 2.905s Main 71114c08 4153c730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.905s Main 71114c0c 41522890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.905s Main 71114c10 4148ad40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.905s Main 71114c14 00000000 I 2.905s Main 71114c18 71016f40 I 2.905s Main 71114c1c 414d4655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.905s Main 71114c20 00000000 I 2.905s Main 71114c24 00000001 I 2.905s Main 71114c28 00000000 I 2.905s Main 71114c2c 00000000 I 2.905s Main 71114c30 6e467e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.905s Main 71114c34 71016f78 I 2.905s Main 71114c38 6f7aeab0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.905s Main 71114c3c 41493fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.905s Main 71114c40 00000000 I 2.905s Main 71114c44 6f7aeab0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.905s Main 71114c48 4149af54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.905s Main 71114c4c 00000000 I 2.905s Main 71114c50 71114d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.905s Main 71114c54 6f7aeab0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.905s Main 71114c58 71114c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.906s Main 71114c5c 6d3e1eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.906s Main 71114c60 4153c740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.906s Main 71114c64 4149afa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.906s Main 71114c68 00000000 I 2.906s Main 71114c6c 00000000 I 2.906s Main 71114c70 00000000 I 2.906s Main 71114c74 00000000 I 2.906s Main 71114c78 00000000 I 2.906s Main 71114c7c fffffea0 I 2.906s Main 71114c80 4149af54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.906s Main 71114c84 4149863c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.906s Main 71114c88 00000000 I 2.906s Main 71114c8c 00000000 I 2.906s Main 71114c90 00000000 I 2.906s Main 71114c94 00000000 I 2.906s Main 71114c98 71016fe4 I 2.906s Main 71114c9c 00000000 I 2.906s Main 71114ca0 00000000 I 2.906s Main 71114ca4 00000000 I 2.906s Main 71114ca8 00000000 I 2.906s Main 71114cac 00000000 I 2.906s Main 71114cb0 00000000 I 2.906s Main 71114cb4 00000000 I 2.906s Main 71114cb8 00000000 I 2.906s Main 71114cbc 00000000 I 2.907s Main 71114cc0 00000000 I 2.907s Main 71114cc4 00000000 I 2.907s Main 71114d18 0000001d I 2.907s Main 71114d1c 0000001c I 2.907s Main 71114d20 0000001c I 2.907s Main 71114d24 6f7aeab0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.907s Main 71114d28 4008d384 I 2.907s Main 71114d2c 414dcad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.907s Main 71114d30 71017000 I 2.907s Main 71114d34 71114d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.907s Main 71114d38 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.907s Main 71114d3c 4008d384 I 2.907s Main 71114d40 4151c500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.907s Main 71114d44 4151c4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.907s Main 71114d48 71017000 I 2.907s Main 71114d4c bee72e3c [stack] I 2.907s Main 71114d50 4008b2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.907s Main 71114d54 414cd5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.907s Main 71114d58 71114d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.907s Main 71114d5c 71114d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.907s Main 71114d60 6f7aeab0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.907s Main 71114d64 71114d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.907s Main 71114d68 4008d384 I 2.907s Main 71114d6c 6f7aeab0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.908s Main 71114d70 414c228f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.908s Main 71114d74 71114d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.908s Main 71114d78 00000003 I 2.908s Main 71114d7c 6f7aef08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.908s Main 71114d80 00000000 I 2.908s Main 71114d84 41466a10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.908s Main 71114d88 6f7aeab0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.908s Main 71114d8c 4004c0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.908s Main 71114d90 00000000 I 2.908s Main 71114d94 41466a0f <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.908s Main 71114d98 414669f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.908s Main 71114d9c f67deb3c I 2.908s Main 71114da0 71114dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.908s Main 71114da4 6f7aef08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.908s Main 71114da8 414c21ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.908s Main 71114dac 6f7aeab0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.908s Main 71114db0 414c21ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.908s Main 71114db4 4004c174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.908s Main 71114db8 6f7aeab0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.908s Main 71114dbc 6f7aef08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.908s Main 71114dc0 71114dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.908s Main 71114dc4 0000000d I 2.908s Main 71114dc8 00000078 I 2.908s Main 71114dcc 4004c30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.908s Main 71114dd0 71114dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:838] I 2.909s Main 71114dd4 6f7aef08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.909s Main 71114dd8 00000000 I 2.909s Main 71114ddc 00000000 I 2.909s Main 71114de0 00000000 I 2.909s Main 71114de4 f67deb3c I 2.909s Main 71114de8 00000000 I 2.909s Main 71114dec 00000000 I 2.909s Main 71114df0 00000000 I 2.909s Main 71114df4 00000000 I 2.909s Main 71114df8 00000000 I 2.909s Main 71114dfc 00000000 I 2.909s Main 71114e00 00000000 I 2.909s Main 71114e04 00000000 I 2.909s Main 71114e08 00000000 I 2.909s Main 71114e0c 6f7aeab0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.909s Main I 2.909s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.909s Main I 2.909s Main I 2.909s Main pid: 835, tid: 839, name: GC I 2.909s Main r0 4146c3d4 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.909s Main r4 4146c3d4 r5 4146c3d0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.909s Main r8 4151e100 r9 4151e100 sl 4146c3c8 fp 4008b2ec I 2.909s Main ip 00000000 sp 71214d40 lr 4004dec8 pc 40060904 I 2.910s Main I 2.910s Main Stack Trace: I 2.910s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.910s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.910s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.910s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.910s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.910s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.910s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.910s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.910s Main I 2.910s Main Stack Data: I 2.910s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.910s Main 71214d00 00000000 I 2.910s Main 71214d04 71214ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.910s Main 71214d08 71214cb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.910s Main 71214d0c 00000018 I 2.910s Main 71214d10 6d3e166c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.910s Main 71214d14 71214d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.910s Main 71214d18 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.910s Main 71214d1c 6e7dff38 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.910s Main 71214d20 4153c940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.910s Main 71214d24 4153c9b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.910s Main 71214d28 4153c940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.910s Main 71214d2c 400622d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.911s Main 71214d30 4146c3d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.911s Main 71214d34 4146c3d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.911s Main 71214d38 00000000 I 2.911s Main 71214d3c 4004deb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.911s Main 71214d40 00000000 I 2.911s Main 71214d40 00000000 I 2.911s Main 71214d44 4146c3d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.911s Main 71214d48 4146c3d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.911s Main 71214d4c 00000000 I 2.911s Main 71214d50 4151e100 I 2.911s Main 71214d54 4004df28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.911s Main 71214d58 41517c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.911s Main 71214d5c 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.911s Main 71214d60 bee72f10 [stack] I 2.911s Main 71214d64 41517c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.911s Main 71214d68 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.911s Main 71214d6c 414df783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.911s Main 71214d70 00000000 I 2.911s Main 71214d74 00000000 I 2.911s Main 71214d78 414df735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.911s Main 71214d7c 6e7dfef0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.911s Main 71214d80 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.911s Main 71214d84 bee72f10 [stack] I 2.911s Main 71214d88 6e7dfef0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.912s Main 71214d8c 414c1921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.912s Main 71214d90 71117000 I 2.912s Main 71214d94 414c196f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.912s Main 71214d98 6e7dfef0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.912s Main 71214d9c 00010002 I 2.912s Main 71214da0 4146cc50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.912s Main 71214da4 41531880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.912s Main 71214da8 71214dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.912s Main 71214dac 6f7af358 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.912s Main 71214db0 414c1921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.912s Main 71214db4 4004c174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.912s Main 71214db8 6e7dfef0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.912s Main 71214dbc 6f7af358 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.912s Main 71214dc0 71214dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.912s Main 71214dc4 0000000d I 2.912s Main 71214dc8 00000078 I 2.912s Main 71214dcc 4004c30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.912s Main 71214dd0 71214dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:839] I 2.912s Main 71214dd4 6f7af358 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.912s Main 71214dd8 00000000 I 2.912s Main 71214ddc 00000000 I 2.912s Main 71214de0 00000000 I 2.912s Main 71214de4 f67deb3c I 2.912s Main 71214de8 00000000 I 2.913s Main 71214dec 00000000 I 2.913s Main 71214df0 00000000 I 2.913s Main 71214df4 00000000 I 2.913s Main 71214df8 00000000 I 2.913s Main 71214dfc 00000000 I 2.913s Main 71214e00 00000000 I 2.913s Main 71214e04 00000000 I 2.913s Main 71214e08 00000000 I 2.913s Main 71214e0c 6f7af5a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.913s Main I 2.913s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.913s Main I 2.913s Main I 2.913s Main pid: 835, tid: 840, name: Signal Catcher I 2.913s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 2.913s Main r4 71318d08 r5 71318d48 r6 bee72f20 r7 000000b1 I 2.913s Main r8 6f7afe48 r9 41517c74 sl 4151c694 fp 414fbcdc I 2.913s Main ip 71318d44 sp 71318d08 lr 40052351 pc 40060170 I 2.913s Main I 2.913s Main Stack Trace: I 2.913s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.913s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.913s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.913s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.913s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.914s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.914s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.914s Main I 2.914s Main Stack Data: I 2.914s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.914s Main 71318cc8 00000000 I 2.914s Main 71318ccc 00000000 I 2.914s Main 71318cd0 00000000 I 2.914s Main 71318cd4 00000000 I 2.914s Main 71318cd8 71318d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.914s Main 71318cdc 00000000 I 2.914s Main 71318ce0 6f7afe48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.914s Main 71318ce4 7131efc4 I 2.914s Main 71318ce8 00000000 I 2.914s Main 71318cec 71318d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.914s Main 71318cf0 00000000 I 2.914s Main 71318cf4 414cd58b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.914s Main 71318cf8 414fd239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.914s Main 71318cfc 00000000 I 2.914s Main 71318d00 00000000 I 2.914s Main 71318d04 71318ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.914s Main 71318d08 00000204 I 2.914s Main 71318d08 00000204 I 2.914s Main 71318d0c 00000000 I 2.915s Main 71318d10 fffffea0 I 2.915s Main 71318d14 6e3e0f80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.915s Main 71318d18 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.915s Main 71318d1c 414bef57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.915s Main 71318d20 4153ca20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.915s Main 71318d24 4153ca90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.915s Main 71318d28 4153ca20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.915s Main 71318d2c 400622d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.915s Main 71318d30 6f7b01b4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.915s Main 71318d34 414be9a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.915s Main 71318d38 6f7afe48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.915s Main 71318d3c 414c294b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.915s Main 71318d40 4153ca90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.915s Main 71318d44 00000204 I 2.915s Main 71318d48 00000004 I 2.915s Main 71318d4c 6f7afe48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.915s Main 71318d50 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.915s Main 71318d54 414c0e11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.915s Main 71318d58 41531880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.915s Main 71318d5c 4153ca90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.915s Main 71318d98 6e3e0f80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.915s Main 71318d9c 00010002 I 2.915s Main 71318da0 6e3e0fa0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.915s Main 71318da4 41531880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.915s Main 71318da8 71318dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.916s Main 71318dac 6f7afc00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.916s Main 71318db0 414c1921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.916s Main 71318db4 4004c174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.916s Main 71318db8 6e3e0f80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.916s Main 71318dbc 6f7afc00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.916s Main 71318dc0 71318dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.916s Main 71318dc4 0000000d I 2.916s Main 71318dc8 00000078 I 2.916s Main 71318dcc 4004c30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.916s Main 71318dd0 71318dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:840] I 2.916s Main 71318dd4 6f7afc00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.916s Main 71318dd8 00000000 I 2.916s Main 71318ddc 00000000 I 2.916s Main 71318de0 00000000 I 2.916s Main 71318de4 f67deb3c I 2.916s Main 71318de8 00000000 I 2.916s Main 71318dec 00000000 I 2.916s Main 71318df0 00000000 I 2.916s Main 71318df4 00000000 I 2.916s Main 71318df8 00000000 I 2.916s Main 71318dfc 00000000 I 2.916s Main 71318e00 00000000 I 2.916s Main 71318e04 00000000 I 2.916s Main 71318e08 00000000 I 2.917s Main 71318e0c 6f7afe48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.917s Main I 2.917s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.917s Main I 2.917s Main I 2.917s Main pid: 835, tid: 841, name: JDWP I 2.917s Main r0 00000016 r1 7141cd10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 2.917s Main r4 6f7b04a8 r5 4008d384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 2.917s Main r8 6f7b24c8 r9 000003e8 sl 6e3f0f04 fp 4008b2ec I 2.917s Main ip 6f7b24a8 sp 7141ccf8 lr 414ce087 pc 400603d8 I 2.917s Main I 2.917s Main Stack Trace: I 2.917s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.917s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.917s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.917s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.917s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.917s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.917s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.917s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.917s Main I 2.917s Main Stack Data: I 2.917s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.917s Main 7141ccb8 6f7b24a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.918s Main 7141ccbc 6f7b24c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.918s Main 7141ccc0 000003e8 I 2.918s Main 7141ccc4 6e3f0f04 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.918s Main 7141ccc8 4008b2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.918s Main 7141cccc 40065159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.918s Main 7141ccd0 00000000 I 2.918s Main 7141ccd4 00000000 I 2.918s Main 7141ccd8 7141cd4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.918s Main 7141ccdc 00000000 I 2.918s Main 7141cce0 00000000 I 2.918s Main 7141cce4 71422fc4 I 2.918s Main 7141cce8 00004000 I 2.918s Main 7141ccec 7141cd54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.918s Main 7141ccf0 00000000 I 2.918s Main 7141ccf4 00000000 I 2.918s Main 7141ccf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[vectors] I 2.918s Main 7141ccf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[vectors] I 2.918s Main 7141ccfc 7141cd50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.918s Main 7141cd00 00000004 I 2.918s Main 7141cd04 2141cca8 I 2.918s Main 7141cd08 7141cd07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.918s Main 7141cd0c 00000001 I 2.918s Main 7141cd10 00000000 I 2.918s Main 7141cd14 00000000 I 2.918s Main 7141cd18 7141cd08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.919s Main 7141cd1c 00000001 I 2.919s Main 7141cd20 7141cd2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.919s Main 7141cd24 00000010 I 2.919s Main 7141cd28 00000000 I 2.919s Main 7141cd2c 00000010 I 2.919s Main 7141cd30 00000001 I 2.919s Main 7141cd34 00000001 I 2.919s Main 7141cd50 33343330 I 2.919s Main 7141cd54 414ce100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.919s Main 7141cd58 00000001 I 2.919s Main 7141cd5c 6e3f0eb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.919s Main 7141cd60 6e3f0ef8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.919s Main 7141cd64 bee72f00 [stack] I 2.919s Main 7141cd68 6e3f0f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.919s Main 7141cd6c 415067c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.919s Main 7141cd70 41507910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.919s Main 7141cd74 414d0f89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.919s Main 7141cd78 00000000 I 2.919s Main 7141cd7c 6e3f0f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.919s Main 7141cd80 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.919s Main 7141cd84 bee72f00 [stack] I 2.919s Main 7141cd88 6e3f0f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.919s Main 7141cd8c 414c1921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.919s Main 7141cd90 7131f000 I 2.920s Main 7141cd94 414c196f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.920s Main 7141cd98 6e3f0f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.920s Main 7141cd9c 00010002 I 2.920s Main 7141cda0 6e3f0f88 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.920s Main 7141cda4 41531880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.920s Main 7141cda8 7141cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.920s Main 7141cdac 6f7b2540 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.920s Main 7141cdb0 414c1921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.920s Main 7141cdb4 4004c174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.920s Main 7141cdb8 6e3f0f68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.920s Main 7141cdbc 6f7b2540 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.920s Main 7141cdc0 7141cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.920s Main 7141cdc4 0000000d I 2.920s Main 7141cdc8 00000078 I 2.920s Main 7141cdcc 4004c30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.920s Main 7141cdd0 7141cdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:841] I 2.920s Main 7141cdd4 6f7b2540 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.920s Main 7141cdd8 00000000 I 2.920s Main 7141cddc 00000000 I 2.920s Main 7141cde0 00000000 I 2.920s Main 7141cde4 f67deb3c I 2.920s Main 7141cde8 00000000 I 2.920s Main 7141cdec 00000000 I 2.920s Main 7141cdf0 00000000 I 2.921s Main 7141cdf4 00000000 I 2.921s Main 7141cdf8 00000000 I 2.921s Main 7141cdfc 00000000 I 2.921s Main 7141ce00 00000000 I 2.921s Main 7141ce04 00000000 I 2.921s Main 7141ce08 00000000 I 2.921s Main 7141ce0c 6f7b2788 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.921s Main I 2.921s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.921s Main I 2.921s Main I 2.921s Main pid: 835, tid: 842, name: Compiler I 2.921s Main r0 4151c704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.921s Main r4 4151c704 r5 4151c6fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.921s Main r8 414c1921 r9 71423000 sl 4151c6f8 fp 4008b2ec I 2.921s Main ip 00000000 sp 71520c10 lr 4004dec8 pc 40060904 I 2.921s Main I 2.921s Main Stack Trace: I 2.921s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.921s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.921s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.921s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.921s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.921s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.921s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.922s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.922s Main I 2.922s Main Stack Data: I 2.922s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.922s Main 71520bd0 00000000 I 2.922s Main 71520bd4 00000000 I 2.922s Main 71520bd8 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.922s Main 71520bdc 00000000 I 2.922s Main 71520be0 00000000 I 2.922s Main 71520be4 00000000 I 2.922s Main 71520be8 41502f31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.922s Main 71520bec 414c1bc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.922s Main 71520bf0 fffffe0c I 2.922s Main 71520bf4 41521890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.922s Main 71520bf8 415218b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.922s Main 71520bfc ffffffef I 2.922s Main 71520c00 4151c704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.922s Main 71520c04 4151c6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.922s Main 71520c08 00000000 I 2.922s Main 71520c0c 4004deb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.922s Main 71520c10 00000000 I 2.922s Main 71520c10 00000000 I 2.922s Main 71520c14 4151c6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.922s Main 71520c18 4151c704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.923s Main 71520c1c 6f7b38f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.923s Main 71520c20 00001000 I 2.923s Main 71520c24 4004df28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.923s Main 71520c28 4151c6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.923s Main 71520c2c 7169ffc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.923s Main 71520c30 414fbcdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.923s Main 71520c34 4151c6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.923s Main 71520c38 7169ffc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.923s Main 71520c3c 414e0d03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.923s Main 71520c40 71520d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:842] I 2.923s Main 71520c44 4149afa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.923s Main 71520c48 00000000 I 2.923s Main 71520c4c 41517c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.923s Main 71520c50 4150c901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.923s Main 71520c54 414fbcdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.923s Main 71520c58 00000000 I 2.923s Main 71520c5c fffffea0 I 2.923s Main 71520c60 4149af54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.923s Main 71520c64 4149863c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.923s Main 71520c68 00000000 I 2.923s Main 71520c6c 00000000 I 2.923s Main 71520c70 00000000 I 2.923s Main 71520c74 00000000 I 2.923s Main 71520c78 71526fa0 I 2.923s Main 71520c7c 00000000 I 2.924s Main 71520d98 6e3f0fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.924s Main 71520d9c 00010002 I 2.924s Main 71520da0 41521f78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.924s Main 71520da4 41531880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.924s Main 71520da8 71520dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:842] I 2.924s Main 71520dac 6f7b2e70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.924s Main 71520db0 414c1921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.924s Main 71520db4 4004c174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.924s Main 71520db8 6e3f0fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.924s Main 71520dbc 6f7b2e70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.924s Main 71520dc0 71520dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:842] I 2.924s Main 71520dc4 0000000d I 2.924s Main 71520dc8 00000078 I 2.924s Main 71520dcc 4004c30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.924s Main 71520dd0 71520dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:842] I 2.924s Main 71520dd4 6f7b2e70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.924s Main 71520dd8 00000000 I 2.924s Main 71520ddc 00000000 I 2.924s Main 71520de0 00000000 I 2.924s Main 71520de4 f67deb3c I 2.924s Main 71520de8 00000000 I 2.924s Main 71520dec 00000000 I 2.924s Main 71520df0 00000000 I 2.924s Main 71520df4 00000000 I 2.925s Main 71520df8 00000000 I 2.925s Main 71520dfc 00000000 I 2.925s Main 71520e00 00000000 I 2.925s Main 71520e04 00000000 I 2.925s Main 71520e08 00000000 I 2.925s Main 71520e0c 6f7b30b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.925s Main I 2.925s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.925s Main I 2.925s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 2.925s Main I 2.925s Main Stack Trace: I 2.925s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.925s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.925s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.925s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.925s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.925s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.925s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.925s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.925s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.925s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.925s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.925s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.926s Main I 2.926s Main Stack Data: I 2.926s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.926s Main 31326562 16782086 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/38 I 2.926s Main I 2.926s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.926s Main I 2.926s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000343 (code=-6), thread 835 (app_process) I 2.926s Main tombstone_02 created on 1973-06-04 11:21:00, about this long ago: 16686 days, 3:12:59 Device: 06596466005cab1a I 2.926s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src I 2.926s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug I 2.926s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmp63oWtC I 2.926s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 2.926s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug I 2.926s Main pid: 902, tid: 902, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 2.926s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 2.926s Main r0 00000000 r1 00000386 r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 2.926s Main r4 00000006 r5 00000000 r6 00000386 r7 0000010c I 2.926s Main r8 00000004 r9 be919b91 sl be919b9d fp be919b85 I 2.926s Main ip 401b7438 sp be919628 lr 40051fe5 pc 40060f90 I 2.926s Main I 2.926s Main Stack Trace: I 2.926s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.926s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.926s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.927s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.927s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.927s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.927s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.927s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.927s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.927s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.927s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.927s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.927s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.927s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.927s Main I 2.927s Main Stack Data: I 2.927s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.927s Main be9195e8 401aa168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.927s Main be9195ec 00000002 I 2.927s Main be9195f0 401b7438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.927s Main be9195f4 00000004 I 2.927s Main be9195f8 be919b91 [stack] I 2.927s Main be9195fc be919b9d [stack] I 2.927s Main be919600 be919b85 [stack] I 2.927s Main be919604 40065159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.927s Main be919608 34203020 I 2.927s Main be91960c 20323136 I 2.928s Main be919610 be919684 [stack] I 2.928s Main be919614 00000000 I 2.928s Main be919618 00000000 I 2.928s Main be91961c 37312030 I 2.928s Main be919620 00004000 I 2.928s Main be919624 be919692 [stack] I 2.928s Main be919628 00000006 I 2.928s Main be91962c 00000000 I 2.928s Main be919630 00000386 I 2.928s Main be919634 401b7438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.928s Main be919638 401b7438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.928s Main be91963c 40051fe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.928s Main be919640 00000006 I 2.928s Main be919644 00000000 I 2.928s Main be919648 00000002 I 2.928s Main be91964c 400521f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.928s Main be919650 be91965c [stack] I 2.928s Main be919654 40050f2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.928s Main be919658 00000000 I 2.928s Main be91965c ffffffdf I 2.928s Main be919660 400892c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.928s Main be919664 4008922c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.928s Main be919668 00000000 I 2.928s Main be91966c 40053aef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.929s Main be919670 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.929s Main be919674 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.929s Main be919678 401aa168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.929s Main be91967c 40060848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.929s Main be919680 00000000 I 2.929s Main be919684 414b2ccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.929s Main be919688 40097324 I 2.929s Main be91968c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.929s Main be919690 0000296c I 2.929s Main be919694 00000000 I 2.929s Main be919698 00000000 I 2.929s Main be91969c 00000000 I 2.929s Main be9196a0 00000000 I 2.929s Main be9196a4 00000000 I 2.929s Main be9196a8 00000000 I 2.929s Main be9196ac 00000000 I 2.929s Main be9196b0 00000000 I 2.929s Main be9196b4 00000000 I 2.929s Main be9196b8 00000000 I 2.929s Main be9196bc 00000000 I 2.929s Main be9196c0 00000000 I 2.929s Main be9196c4 00000000 I 2.929s Main be919898 000000c8 I 2.929s Main be91989c 6f7b4d48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.929s Main be9198a0 4146af58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.930s Main be9198a4 00000000 I 2.930s Main be9198a8 000000c8 I 2.930s Main be9198ac 401ad560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.930s Main be9198b0 401ad740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.930s Main be9198b4 4146af58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.930s Main be9198b8 40016328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.930s Main be9198bc 40152d27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.930s Main be9198c0 4146af58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.930s Main be9198c4 00000000 I 2.930s Main be9198c8 be919988 [stack] I 2.930s Main be9198cc 40153015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.930s Main be9198d0 400163cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.930s Main be9198d4 40153a65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.930s Main be9198d8 4146af58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.930s Main be9198dc 00000000 I 2.930s Main be9198e0 4151f004 I 2.930s Main be9198e4 414baa8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.930s Main be9198e8 414baabd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.930s Main be9198ec 414baa95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.930s Main be9198f0 000000bb I 2.930s Main be9198f4 00000000 I 2.930s Main be9198f8 4146ae08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.930s Main be9198fc 4004fe6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.930s Main be919900 000000b0 I 2.931s Main be919904 00000000 I 2.931s Main be919908 4004edcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.931s Main be91990c 000000a0 I 2.931s Main be919910 00000014 I 2.931s Main be919914 401af3d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.931s Main be919960 00000000 I 2.931s Main be919964 00000000 I 2.931s Main be919968 00000000 I 2.931s Main be91996c be919a7c [stack] I 2.931s Main be919970 4008d384 I 2.931s Main be919974 40016372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.931s Main be919978 40016300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.931s Main be91997c 4001637b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.931s Main be919980 40016391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.931s Main be919984 4001639f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.931s Main be919988 40017e08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.931s Main be91998c 401ad520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.931s Main be919990 4146ae18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.931s Main be919994 00000013 I 2.931s Main be919998 00000000 I 2.931s Main be91999c 00000008 I 2.931s Main be919a40 00000000 I 2.931s Main be919a44 00000000 I 2.931s Main be919a48 00000000 I 2.931s Main be919a4c 00000000 I 2.932s Main be919a50 00000000 I 2.932s Main be919a54 40015d80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.932s Main be919a58 40017de8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.932s Main be919a5c 40017df0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.932s Main be919a60 40017df8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.932s Main be919a64 be919a70 [stack] I 2.932s Main be919a68 00000000 I 2.932s Main be919a6c 4001a881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 2.932s Main be919a70 00000005 I 2.932s Main be919a74 be919b85 [stack] I 2.932s Main be919a78 be919b91 [stack] I 2.932s Main be919a7c be919b9d [stack] I 2.932s Main be919a80 be919bb8 [stack] I 2.932s Main be919a84 be919bbd [stack] I 2.932s Main be919a88 00000000 I 2.932s Main be919a8c be919bc5 [stack] I 2.932s Main be919a90 be919bdf [stack] I 2.932s Main be919a94 be919c0b [stack] I 2.932s Main I 2.932s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.932s Main I 2.932s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000386 (code=-6), thread 902 (app_process) I 2.932s Main I 2.932s Main pid: 902, tid: 908, name: ReferenceQueueD I 2.933s Main r0 6e3e0bb0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.933s Main r4 6e3e0bb0 r5 6e3e0ba0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.933s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3dd2b0 sl 00000000 fp 4153c1d0 I 2.933s Main ip 00000000 sp 71135ba0 lr 4004dec8 pc 40060904 I 2.933s Main I 2.933s Main Stack Trace: I 2.933s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.933s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.933s Main I 2.933s Main Stack Data: I 2.933s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.934s Main 71135b60 0000002b I 2.934s Main 71135b64 00000130 I 2.934s Main 71135b68 6e3e0eb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.934s Main 71135b6c 4004fe6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.934s Main 71135b70 00000020 I 2.934s Main 71135b74 00000010 I 2.934s Main 71135b78 00000021 I 2.934s Main 71135b7c 00000020 I 2.934s Main 71135b80 00000020 I 2.934s Main 71135b84 41527640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.934s Main 71135b88 00000001 I 2.934s Main 71135b8c 6e3e0820 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.934s Main 71135b90 6e3e0bb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.934s Main 71135b94 6e3e0ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.934s Main 71135b98 00000000 I 2.934s Main 71135b9c 4004deb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.934s Main 71135ba0 00000000 I 2.934s Main 71135ba0 00000000 I 2.934s Main 71135ba4 6e3e0ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.934s Main 71135ba8 6e3e0bb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.934s Main 71135bac 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.934s Main 71135bb0 6e3e0eb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.934s Main 71135bb4 4004df28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.934s Main 71135bb8 6e3e0ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.935s Main 71135bbc 00000000 I 2.935s Main 71135bc0 6e3e0ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.935s Main 71135bc4 6e3e0ba0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.935s Main 71135bc8 00000000 I 2.935s Main 71135bcc 414bfd77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.935s Main 71135bd0 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.935s Main 71135bd4 6e3e0eb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.935s Main 71135bd8 6f7e3f74 I 2.935s Main 71135bdc 6f7e3f78 I 2.935s Main 71135be0 41527640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.935s Main 71135be4 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.935s Main 71135be8 6e3e0820 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.935s Main 71135bec 6f7e3f74 I 2.935s Main 71135bf0 41517c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.935s Main 71135bf4 414d4655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.935s Main 71135bf8 00000000 I 2.935s Main 71135bfc 00000001 I 2.935s Main 71135c00 00000000 I 2.935s Main 71135c04 00000000 I 2.935s Main 71135c08 6d3dd2b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.935s Main 71135c0c 41522890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.935s Main 71135c10 414d462f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.935s Main 71135c14 414bcacf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.935s Main 71135c18 6f7e3f74 I 2.936s Main 71135c1c 6e3e0820 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.936s Main 71135c20 6e467e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.936s Main 71135c24 6f7e3f98 I 2.936s Main 71135c28 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.936s Main 71135c2c 41522890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.936s Main 71135c30 4148ad40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.936s Main 71135c34 00000000 I 2.936s Main 71135c38 6f7e3f60 I 2.936s Main 71135c3c 41493fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.936s Main 71135c40 00000000 I 2.936s Main 71135c44 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.936s Main 71135c48 4149af54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.936s Main 71135c4c 00000000 I 2.936s Main 71135c50 71135d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:908] I 2.936s Main 71135c54 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.936s Main 71135c58 71135c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:908] I 2.936s Main 71135c5c 6d3e1eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.936s Main 71135c60 4153c1d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.936s Main 71135c64 4149afa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.936s Main 71135c68 00000000 I 2.936s Main 71135c6c 00000000 I 2.936s Main 71135c70 00000000 I 2.936s Main 71135c74 00000000 I 2.936s Main 71135c78 00000000 I 2.937s Main 71135c7c fffffea0 I 2.937s Main 71135c80 4149af54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.937s Main 71135c84 4149863c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.937s Main 71135c88 00000000 I 2.937s Main 71135c8c 00000000 I 2.937s Main 71135c90 00000000 I 2.937s Main 71135c94 00000000 I 2.937s Main 71135c98 6f7e3fe4 I 2.937s Main 71135c9c 00000000 I 2.937s Main 71135ca0 00000000 I 2.937s Main 71135ca4 00000000 I 2.937s Main 71135ca8 00000000 I 2.937s Main 71135cac 00000000 I 2.937s Main 71135cb0 00000000 I 2.937s Main 71135cb4 00000000 I 2.937s Main 71135cb8 00000000 I 2.937s Main 71135cbc 00000000 I 2.937s Main 71135cc0 00000000 I 2.937s Main 71135cc4 00000000 I 2.937s Main 71135d18 0000001d I 2.937s Main 71135d1c 0000001c I 2.937s Main 71135d20 0000001c I 2.937s Main 71135d24 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.937s Main 71135d28 4008d384 I 2.937s Main 71135d2c 414dcad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.938s Main 71135d30 71038000 I 2.938s Main 71135d34 71135d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:908] I 2.938s Main 71135d38 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.938s Main 71135d3c 4008d384 I 2.938s Main 71135d40 4151c500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.938s Main 71135d44 4151c4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.938s Main 71135d48 71038000 I 2.938s Main 71135d4c be918e14 [stack] I 2.938s Main 71135d50 4008b2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.938s Main 71135d54 414cd5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.938s Main 71135d58 71135d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:908] I 2.938s Main 71135d5c 71135d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:908] I 2.938s Main 71135d60 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.938s Main 71135d64 71135d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:908] I 2.938s Main 71135d68 4008d384 I 2.938s Main 71135d6c 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.938s Main 71135d70 414c228f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.938s Main 71135d74 71135d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:908] I 2.938s Main 71135d78 00000003 I 2.938s Main 71135d7c 6e3e0c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.938s Main 71135d80 00000000 I 2.938s Main 71135d84 414669f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.938s Main 71135d88 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.938s Main 71135d8c 4004c0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.939s Main 71135d90 00000000 I 2.939s Main 71135d94 414669f4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.939s Main 71135d98 414669e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.939s Main 71135d9c ffb6ac58 I 2.939s Main 71135da0 71135dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:908] I 2.939s Main 71135da4 6e3e0c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.939s Main 71135da8 414c21ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.939s Main 71135dac 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.939s Main 71135db0 414c21ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.940s Main 71135db4 4004c174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.940s Main 71135db8 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.940s Main 71135dbc 6e3e0c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.940s Main 71135dc0 71135dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:908] I 2.940s Main 71135dc4 0000000d I 2.940s Main 71135dc8 00000078 I 2.940s Main 71135dcc 4004c30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.940s Main 71135dd0 71135dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:908] I 2.940s Main 71135dd4 6e3e0c68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.940s Main 71135dd8 00000000 I 2.940s Main 71135ddc 00000000 I 2.940s Main 71135de0 00000000 I 2.940s Main 71135de4 ffb6ac58 I 2.940s Main 71135de8 00000000 I 2.940s Main 71135dec 00000000 I 2.940s Main 71135df0 00000000 I 2.940s Main 71135df4 00000000 I 2.940s Main 71135df8 00000000 I 2.940s Main 71135dfc 00000000 I 2.941s Main 71135e00 00000000 I 2.941s Main 71135e04 00000000 I 2.941s Main 71135e08 00000000 I 2.941s Main 71135e0c 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.941s Main I 2.941s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.941s Main I 2.941s Main I 2.941s Main pid: 902, tid: 909, name: FinalizerDaemon I 2.941s Main r0 415215d0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.941s Main r4 415215d0 r5 415215c0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.941s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3dd2b0 sl 00000000 fp 4153c4a0 I 2.941s Main ip 00000000 sp 71237bc8 lr 4004dec8 pc 40060904 I 2.941s Main I 2.941s Main Stack Trace: I 2.941s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.941s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.941s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.941s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.941s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.941s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.941s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.941s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.941s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.942s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.942s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.942s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.942s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.942s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.942s Main I 2.942s Main Stack Data: I 2.942s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.942s Main 71237b88 0000002b I 2.942s Main 71237b8c 00000050 I 2.942s Main 71237b90 6e3e0f90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.942s Main 71237b94 4004fe6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.942s Main 71237b98 00000020 I 2.942s Main 71237b9c 00000000 I 2.942s Main 71237ba0 00000021 I 2.942s Main 71237ba4 00000020 I 2.942s Main 71237ba8 00000020 I 2.942s Main 71237bac 41527718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.942s Main 71237bb0 00000001 I 2.942s Main 71237bb4 4148ad40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.942s Main 71237bb8 415215d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.942s Main 71237bbc 415215c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.942s Main 71237bc0 00000000 I 2.942s Main 71237bc4 4004deb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.942s Main 71237bc8 00000000 I 2.943s Main 71237bc8 00000000 I 2.943s Main 71237bcc 415215c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.943s Main 71237bd0 415215d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.943s Main 71237bd4 41521230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.943s Main 71237bd8 6e3e0f90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.943s Main 71237bdc 4004df28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.943s Main 71237be0 415215c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.943s Main 71237be4 00000000 I 2.943s Main 71237be8 415215c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.943s Main 71237bec 415215c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.943s Main 71237bf0 00000000 I 2.943s Main 71237bf4 414bfd77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.943s Main 71237bf8 41521230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.943s Main 71237bfc 6e3e0f90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.943s Main 71237c00 71139f10 I 2.943s Main 71237c04 71139f14 I 2.943s Main 71237c08 41527718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.943s Main 71237c0c 41522890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.943s Main 71237c10 4148ad40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.943s Main 71237c14 00000000 I 2.943s Main 71237c18 71139efc I 2.943s Main 71237c1c 414d4655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.943s Main 71237c20 00000000 I 2.943s Main 71237c24 00000001 I 2.944s Main 71237c28 00000000 I 2.944s Main 71237c2c 00000000 I 2.944s Main 71237c30 6e467ea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.944s Main 71237c34 71139f34 I 2.944s Main 71237c38 41521230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.944s Main 71237c3c 41493fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.944s Main 71237c40 00000000 I 2.944s Main 71237c44 41521230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.944s Main 71237c48 4149af54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.944s Main 71237c4c 00000000 I 2.944s Main 71237c50 71237d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:909] I 2.944s Main 71237c54 41521230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.944s Main 71237c58 71237c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:909] I 2.944s Main 71237c5c 6d3e1eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.944s Main 71237c60 4153c4a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.944s Main 71237c64 4149afa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.944s Main 71237c68 00000000 I 2.944s Main 71237c6c 00000000 I 2.944s Main 71237c70 00000000 I 2.944s Main 71237c74 00000000 I 2.944s Main 71237c78 00000000 I 2.944s Main 71237c7c fffffea0 I 2.944s Main 71237c80 4149af54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.944s Main 71237c84 4149863c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.945s Main 71237c88 00000000 I 2.945s Main 71237c8c 00000000 I 2.945s Main 71237c90 00000000 I 2.945s Main 71237c94 00000000 I 2.945s Main 71237c98 71139fe4 I 2.945s Main 71237c9c 00000000 I 2.945s Main 71237ca0 00000000 I 2.945s Main 71237ca4 00000000 I 2.945s Main 71237ca8 00000000 I 2.945s Main 71237cac 00000000 I 2.945s Main 71237cb0 00000000 I 2.945s Main 71237cb4 00000000 I 2.945s Main 71237cb8 00000000 I 2.945s Main 71237cbc 00000000 I 2.945s Main 71237cc0 00000000 I 2.945s Main 71237cc4 00000000 I 2.945s Main 71237d18 0000001d I 2.945s Main 71237d1c 0000001c I 2.945s Main 71237d20 0000001c I 2.945s Main 71237d24 41521230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.945s Main 71237d28 4008d384 I 2.945s Main 71237d2c 414dcad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.945s Main 71237d30 7113a000 I 2.945s Main 71237d34 71237d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:909] I 2.945s Main 71237d38 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.946s Main 71237d3c 4008d384 I 2.946s Main 71237d40 4151c500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.946s Main 71237d44 4151c4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.946s Main 71237d48 7113a000 I 2.946s Main 71237d4c be918e3c [stack] I 2.946s Main 71237d50 4008b2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.946s Main 71237d54 414cd5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.946s Main 71237d58 71237d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:909] I 2.946s Main 71237d5c 71237d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:909] I 2.946s Main 71237d60 41521230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.946s Main 71237d64 71237d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:909] I 2.946s Main 71237d68 4008d384 I 2.946s Main 71237d6c 41521230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.946s Main 71237d70 414c228f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.946s Main 71237d74 71237d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:909] I 2.946s Main 71237d78 00000003 I 2.946s Main 71237d7c 41521688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.946s Main 71237d80 00000000 I 2.946s Main 71237d84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-1 I 2.946s Main 71237d88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.946s Main 71237d8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 2.946s Main 71237d90 006e6f6d I 2.946s Main 71237d94 71237d93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:909] I 2.946s Main 71237d98 71237d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:909] I 2.947s Main 71237d9c ffb6ac58 I 2.947s Main 71237da0 71237dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:909] I 2.947s Main 71237da4 41521688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.947s Main 71237da8 414c21ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.947s Main 71237dac 41521230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.947s Main 71237db0 414c21ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.947s Main 71237db4 4004c174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.947s Main 71237db8 41521230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.947s Main 71237dbc 41521688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.947s Main 71237dc0 71237dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:909] I 2.947s Main 71237dc4 0000000d I 2.947s Main 71237dc8 00000078 I 2.947s Main 71237dcc 4004c30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.947s Main 71237dd0 71237dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:909] I 2.947s Main 71237dd4 41521688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.947s Main 71237dd8 00000000 I 2.947s Main 71237ddc 00000000 I 2.947s Main 71237de0 00000000 I 2.947s Main 71237de4 ffb6ac58 I 2.947s Main 71237de8 00000000 I 2.947s Main 71237dec 00000000 I 2.947s Main 71237df0 00000000 I 2.947s Main 71237df4 00000000 I 2.947s Main 71237df8 00000000 I 2.948s Main 71237dfc 00000000 I 2.948s Main 71237e00 00000000 I 2.948s Main 71237e04 00000000 I 2.948s Main 71237e08 00000000 I 2.948s Main 71237e0c 41521230 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.948s Main I 2.948s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.948s Main I 2.948s Main I 2.948s Main pid: 902, tid: 910, name: FinalizerWatchd I 2.948s Main r0 41521e78 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.948s Main r4 41521e78 r5 41521e68 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.948s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d3dd2b0 sl 00000000 fp 4153c740 I 2.948s Main ip 00000000 sp 7133bbc8 lr 4004dec8 pc 40060904 I 2.948s Main I 2.948s Main Stack Trace: I 2.948s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.948s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.948s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.948s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.948s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.948s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.948s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.948s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.948s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.949s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.949s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.949s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.949s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.949s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.949s Main I 2.949s Main Stack Data: I 2.949s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.949s Main 7133bb88 4008d180 I 2.949s Main 7133bb8c 00000010 I 2.949s Main 7133bb90 6e3f0e28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.949s Main 7133bb94 4004fe6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.949s Main 7133bb98 00000020 I 2.949s Main 7133bb9c 00000000 I 2.949s Main 7133bba0 00000021 I 2.949s Main 7133bba4 00000020 I 2.949s Main 7133bba8 00000020 I 2.949s Main 7133bbac 4153c730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.949s Main 7133bbb0 00000001 I 2.949s Main 7133bbb4 4148ad40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.949s Main 7133bbb8 41521e78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.949s Main 7133bbbc 41521e68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.949s Main 7133bbc0 00000000 I 2.949s Main 7133bbc4 4004deb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.950s Main 7133bbc8 00000000 I 2.950s Main 7133bbc8 00000000 I 2.950s Main 7133bbcc 41521e68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.950s Main 7133bbd0 41521e78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.950s Main 7133bbd4 41521ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.950s Main 7133bbd8 6e3f0e28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.950s Main 7133bbdc 4004df28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.950s Main 7133bbe0 41521e68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.950s Main 7133bbe4 00000000 I 2.950s Main 7133bbe8 41521e68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.950s Main 7133bbec 41521e68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.950s Main 7133bbf0 00000000 I 2.950s Main 7133bbf4 414bfd77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.950s Main 7133bbf8 41521ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.950s Main 7133bbfc 6e3f0e28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.950s Main 7133bc00 7123df54 I 2.950s Main 7133bc04 7123df58 I 2.950s Main 7133bc08 4153c730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.950s Main 7133bc0c 41522890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.950s Main 7133bc10 4148ad40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.950s Main 7133bc14 00000000 I 2.950s Main 7133bc18 7123df40 I 2.950s Main 7133bc1c 414d4655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.950s Main 7133bc20 00000000 I 2.951s Main 7133bc24 00000001 I 2.951s Main 7133bc28 00000000 I 2.951s Main 7133bc2c 00000000 I 2.951s Main 7133bc30 6e467e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 2.951s Main 7133bc34 7123df78 I 2.951s Main 7133bc38 41521ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.951s Main 7133bc3c 41493fe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.951s Main 7133bc40 00000000 I 2.951s Main 7133bc44 41521ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.951s Main 7133bc48 4149af54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.951s Main 7133bc4c 00000000 I 2.951s Main 7133bc50 7133bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:910] I 2.951s Main 7133bc54 41521ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.951s Main 7133bc58 7133bc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:910] I 2.951s Main 7133bc5c 6d3e1eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.951s Main 7133bc60 4153c740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.951s Main 7133bc64 4149afa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.951s Main 7133bc68 00000000 I 2.951s Main 7133bc6c 00000000 I 2.951s Main 7133bc70 00000000 I 2.951s Main 7133bc74 00000000 I 2.951s Main 7133bc78 00000000 I 2.951s Main 7133bc7c fffffea0 I 2.951s Main 7133bc80 4149af54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.951s Main 7133bc84 4149863c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.952s Main 7133bc88 00000000 I 2.952s Main 7133bc8c 00000000 I 2.952s Main 7133bc90 00000000 I 2.952s Main 7133bc94 00000000 I 2.952s Main 7133bc98 7123dfe4 I 2.952s Main 7133bc9c 00000000 I 2.952s Main 7133bca0 00000000 I 2.952s Main 7133bca4 00000000 I 2.952s Main 7133bca8 00000000 I 2.952s Main 7133bcac 00000000 I 2.952s Main 7133bcb0 00000000 I 2.952s Main 7133bcb4 00000000 I 2.952s Main 7133bcb8 00000000 I 2.952s Main 7133bcbc 00000000 I 2.952s Main 7133bcc0 00000000 I 2.952s Main 7133bcc4 00000000 I 2.952s Main 7133bd18 0000001d I 2.952s Main 7133bd1c 0000001c I 2.952s Main 7133bd20 0000001c I 2.952s Main 7133bd24 41521ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.952s Main 7133bd28 4008d384 I 2.952s Main 7133bd2c 414dcad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.952s Main 7133bd30 7123e000 I 2.952s Main 7133bd34 7133bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:910] I 2.953s Main 7133bd38 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.953s Main 7133bd3c 4008d384 I 2.953s Main 7133bd40 4151c500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.953s Main 7133bd44 4151c4fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.953s Main 7133bd48 7123e000 I 2.953s Main 7133bd4c be918e3c [stack] I 2.953s Main 7133bd50 4008b2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.953s Main 7133bd54 414cd5a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.953s Main 7133bd58 7133bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:910] I 2.953s Main 7133bd5c 7133bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:910] I 2.953s Main 7133bd60 41521ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.953s Main 7133bd64 7133bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:910] I 2.953s Main 7133bd68 4008d384 I 2.953s Main 7133bd6c 41521ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.953s Main 7133bd70 414c228f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.953s Main 7133bd74 7133bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:910] I 2.953s Main 7133bd78 00000003 I 2.953s Main 7133bd7c 6f7af8f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.953s Main 7133bd80 00000000 I 2.953s Main 7133bd84 41466a10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.953s Main 7133bd88 41521ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.953s Main 7133bd8c 4004c0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.953s Main 7133bd90 00000000 I 2.953s Main 7133bd94 41466a0f <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.954s Main 7133bd98 414669f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.954s Main 7133bd9c ffb6ac58 I 2.954s Main 7133bda0 7133bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:910] I 2.954s Main 7133bda4 6f7af8f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.954s Main 7133bda8 414c21ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.954s Main 7133bdac 41521ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.954s Main 7133bdb0 414c21ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.954s Main 7133bdb4 4004c174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.954s Main 7133bdb8 41521ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.954s Main 7133bdbc 6f7af8f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.954s Main 7133bdc0 7133bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:910] I 2.954s Main 7133bdc4 0000000d I 2.954s Main 7133bdc8 00000078 I 2.954s Main 7133bdcc 4004c30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.954s Main 7133bdd0 7133bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:910] I 2.954s Main 7133bdd4 6f7af8f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.954s Main 7133bdd8 00000000 I 2.954s Main 7133bddc 00000000 I 2.954s Main 7133bde0 00000000 I 2.954s Main 7133bde4 ffb6ac58 I 2.954s Main 7133bde8 00000000 I 2.954s Main 7133bdec 00000000 I 2.954s Main 7133bdf0 00000000 I 2.954s Main 7133bdf4 00000000 I 2.954s Main 7133bdf8 00000000 I 2.955s Main 7133bdfc 00000000 I 2.955s Main 7133be00 00000000 I 2.955s Main 7133be04 00000000 I 2.955s Main 7133be08 00000000 I 2.955s Main 7133be0c 41521ad8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.955s Main I 2.955s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.955s Main I 2.955s Main I 2.955s Main pid: 902, tid: 911, name: GC I 2.955s Main r0 4146c3d4 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.955s Main r4 4146c3d4 r5 4146c3d0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.955s Main r8 4151e100 r9 4151e100 sl 4146c3c8 fp 4008b2ec I 2.955s Main ip 00000000 sp 7143bd40 lr 4004dec8 pc 40060904 I 2.955s Main I 2.955s Main Stack Trace: I 2.955s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.955s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.955s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.955s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.955s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.955s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.955s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.955s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.956s Main I 2.956s Main Stack Data: I 2.956s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.956s Main 7143bd00 00000000 I 2.956s Main 7143bd04 7143bca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:911] I 2.956s Main 7143bd08 7143bcb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:911] I 2.956s Main 7143bd0c 00000018 I 2.956s Main 7143bd10 6d3e166c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 2.956s Main 7143bd14 7143bd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:911] I 2.956s Main 7143bd18 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.956s Main 7143bd1c 6e3f0e50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.956s Main 7143bd20 4153c940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.956s Main 7143bd24 4153c9b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.956s Main 7143bd28 4153c940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.956s Main 7143bd2c 400622d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.956s Main 7143bd30 4146c3d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.956s Main 7143bd34 4146c3d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.956s Main 7143bd38 00000000 I 2.956s Main 7143bd3c 4004deb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.956s Main 7143bd40 00000000 I 2.956s Main 7143bd40 00000000 I 2.956s Main 7143bd44 4146c3d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.956s Main 7143bd48 4146c3d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.956s Main 7143bd4c 00000000 I 2.956s Main 7143bd50 4151e100 I 2.957s Main 7143bd54 4004df28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.957s Main 7143bd58 41517c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.957s Main 7143bd5c 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.957s Main 7143bd60 be918f10 [stack] I 2.957s Main 7143bd64 41517c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.957s Main 7143bd68 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.957s Main 7143bd6c 414df783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.957s Main 7143bd70 00000000 I 2.957s Main 7143bd74 00000000 I 2.957s Main 7143bd78 414df735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.957s Main 7143bd7c 41521fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.957s Main 7143bd80 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.957s Main 7143bd84 be918f10 [stack] I 2.957s Main 7143bd88 41521fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.957s Main 7143bd8c 414c1921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.957s Main 7143bd90 7133e000 I 2.957s Main 7143bd94 414c196f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.957s Main 7143bd98 41521fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.957s Main 7143bd9c 00010002 I 2.957s Main 7143bda0 6e3e0f60 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.957s Main 7143bda4 41531880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.957s Main 7143bda8 7143bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:911] I 2.957s Main 7143bdac 6f7afd48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.957s Main 7143bdb0 414c1921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.958s Main 7143bdb4 4004c174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.958s Main 7143bdb8 41521fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.958s Main 7143bdbc 6f7afd48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.958s Main 7143bdc0 7143bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:911] I 2.958s Main 7143bdc4 0000000d I 2.958s Main 7143bdc8 00000078 I 2.958s Main 7143bdcc 4004c30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.958s Main 7143bdd0 7143bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:911] I 2.958s Main 7143bdd4 6f7afd48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.958s Main 7143bdd8 00000000 I 2.958s Main 7143bddc 00000000 I 2.958s Main 7143bde0 00000000 I 2.958s Main 7143bde4 ffb6ac58 I 2.958s Main 7143bde8 00000000 I 2.958s Main 7143bdec 00000000 I 2.958s Main 7143bdf0 00000000 I 2.958s Main 7143bdf4 00000000 I 2.958s Main 7143bdf8 00000000 I 2.958s Main 7143bdfc 00000000 I 2.958s Main 7143be00 00000000 I 2.958s Main 7143be04 00000000 I 2.958s Main 7143be08 00000000 I 2.958s Main 7143be0c 6f7aff90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.958s Main I 2.959s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.959s Main I 2.959s Main I 2.959s Main pid: 902, tid: 912, name: Signal Catcher I 2.959s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 2.959s Main r4 7153fd08 r5 7153fd48 r6 be918f20 r7 000000b1 I 2.959s Main r8 6f7b0838 r9 41517c74 sl 4151c694 fp 414fbcdc I 2.959s Main ip 7153fd44 sp 7153fd08 lr 40052351 pc 40060170 I 2.959s Main I 2.959s Main Stack Trace: I 2.959s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.959s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.959s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.959s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.959s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.959s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.959s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.959s Main I 2.959s Main Stack Data: I 2.959s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.959s Main 7153fcc8 00000000 I 2.959s Main 7153fccc 00000000 I 2.959s Main 7153fcd0 00000000 I 2.959s Main 7153fcd4 00000000 I 2.959s Main 7153fcd8 7153fd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:912] I 2.960s Main 7153fcdc 00000000 I 2.960s Main 7153fce0 6f7b0838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.960s Main 7153fce4 71545fc4 I 2.960s Main 7153fce8 00000000 I 2.960s Main 7153fcec 7153fd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:912] I 2.960s Main 7153fcf0 00000000 I 2.960s Main 7153fcf4 414cd58b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.960s Main 7153fcf8 414fd239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.960s Main 7153fcfc 00000000 I 2.960s Main 7153fd00 00000000 I 2.960s Main 7153fd04 7153fca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:912] I 2.960s Main 7153fd08 00000204 I 2.960s Main 7153fd08 00000204 I 2.960s Main 7153fd0c 00000000 I 2.960s Main 7153fd10 fffffea0 I 2.960s Main 7153fd14 6e3f0ed8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.960s Main 7153fd18 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.960s Main 7153fd1c 414bef57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.960s Main 7153fd20 4153ca20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.960s Main 7153fd24 4153ca90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.960s Main 7153fd28 4153ca20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.960s Main 7153fd2c 400622d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.960s Main 7153fd30 6f7b0ba4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.960s Main 7153fd34 414be9a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.961s Main 7153fd38 6f7b0838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.961s Main 7153fd3c 414c294b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.961s Main 7153fd40 4153ca90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.961s Main 7153fd44 00000204 I 2.961s Main 7153fd48 00000004 I 2.961s Main 7153fd4c 6f7b0838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.961s Main 7153fd50 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.961s Main 7153fd54 414c0e11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.961s Main 7153fd58 41531880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.961s Main 7153fd5c 4153ca90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.961s Main 7153fd98 6e3f0ed8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.961s Main 7153fd9c 00010002 I 2.961s Main 7153fda0 6e3f0ef8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.961s Main 7153fda4 41531880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.961s Main 7153fda8 7153fdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:912] I 2.961s Main 7153fdac 6f7b05f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.961s Main 7153fdb0 414c1921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.961s Main 7153fdb4 4004c174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.961s Main 7153fdb8 6e3f0ed8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.961s Main 7153fdbc 6f7b05f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.961s Main 7153fdc0 7153fdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:912] I 2.961s Main 7153fdc4 0000000d I 2.961s Main 7153fdc8 00000078 I 2.961s Main 7153fdcc 4004c30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.961s Main 7153fdd0 7153fdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:912] I 2.962s Main 7153fdd4 6f7b05f0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.962s Main 7153fdd8 00000000 I 2.962s Main 7153fddc 00000000 I 2.962s Main 7153fde0 00000000 I 2.962s Main 7153fde4 ffb6ac58 I 2.962s Main 7153fde8 00000000 I 2.962s Main 7153fdec 00000000 I 2.962s Main 7153fdf0 00000000 I 2.962s Main 7153fdf4 00000000 I 2.962s Main 7153fdf8 00000000 I 2.962s Main 7153fdfc 00000000 I 2.962s Main 7153fe00 00000000 I 2.962s Main 7153fe04 00000000 I 2.962s Main 7153fe08 00000000 I 2.962s Main 7153fe0c 6f7b0838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.962s Main I 2.962s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.962s Main I 2.962s Main I 2.962s Main pid: 902, tid: 913, name: JDWP I 2.962s Main r0 0000001c r1 71643d10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 2.962s Main r4 6f7b0f50 r5 4008d384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 2.962s Main r8 6f7b2f70 r9 000003e8 sl 6f7b0eec fp 4008b2ec I 2.962s Main ip 6f7b2f50 sp 71643cf8 lr 414ce087 pc 400603d8 I 2.963s Main I 2.963s Main Stack Trace: I 2.963s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.963s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.963s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.963s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.963s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.963s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.963s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.963s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.963s Main I 2.963s Main Stack Data: I 2.963s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.963s Main 71643cb8 6f7b2f50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.963s Main 71643cbc 6f7b2f70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.963s Main 71643cc0 000003e8 I 2.963s Main 71643cc4 6f7b0eec <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.963s Main 71643cc8 4008b2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.963s Main 71643ccc 40065159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.963s Main 71643cd0 00000000 I 2.963s Main 71643cd4 00000000 I 2.963s Main 71643cd8 71643d4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:913] I 2.963s Main 71643cdc 00000000 I 2.963s Main 71643ce0 00000000 I 2.964s Main 71643ce4 71649fc4 I 2.964s Main 71643ce8 00004000 I 2.964s Main 71643cec 71643d54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:913] I 2.964s Main 71643cf0 00000000 I 2.964s Main 71643cf4 00000000 I 2.964s Main 71643cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[vectors] I 2.964s Main 71643cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[vectors] I 2.964s Main 71643cfc 71643d50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:913] I 2.964s Main 71643d00 00000004 I 2.964s Main 71643d04 21643ca8 I 2.964s Main 71643d08 71643d07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:913] I 2.964s Main 71643d0c 00000001 I 2.964s Main 71643d10 00000000 I 2.964s Main 71643d14 00000000 I 2.964s Main 71643d18 71643d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:913] I 2.964s Main 71643d1c 00000001 I 2.964s Main 71643d20 71643d2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:913] I 2.964s Main 71643d24 00000010 I 2.964s Main 71643d28 00000000 I 2.964s Main 71643d2c 00000010 I 2.964s Main 71643d30 00000001 I 2.964s Main 71643d34 00000001 I 2.964s Main 71643d50 36383330 I 2.964s Main 71643d54 414ce100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.964s Main 71643d58 00000001 I 2.965s Main 71643d5c 6f7b0e98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.965s Main 71643d60 6f7b0ee0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.965s Main 71643d64 be918f00 [stack] I 2.965s Main 71643d68 6e3f0fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.965s Main 71643d6c 415067c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.965s Main 71643d70 41507910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.965s Main 71643d74 414d0f89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.965s Main 71643d78 00000000 I 2.965s Main 71643d7c 6e3f0fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.965s Main 71643d80 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.965s Main 71643d84 be918f00 [stack] I 2.965s Main 71643d88 6e3f0fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.965s Main 71643d8c 414c1921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.965s Main 71643d90 71546000 I 2.965s Main 71643d94 414c196f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.965s Main 71643d98 6e3f0fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.965s Main 71643d9c 00010002 I 2.965s Main 71643da0 6f7b2fe8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.965s Main 71643da4 41531880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.965s Main 71643da8 71643dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:913] I 2.965s Main 71643dac 6f7b2ff8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.965s Main 71643db0 414c1921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.965s Main 71643db4 4004c174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.965s Main 71643db8 6e3f0fb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.966s Main 71643dbc 6f7b2ff8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.966s Main 71643dc0 71643dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:913] I 2.966s Main 71643dc4 0000000d I 2.966s Main 71643dc8 00000078 I 2.966s Main 71643dcc 4004c30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.966s Main 71643dd0 71643dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:913] I 2.966s Main 71643dd4 6f7b2ff8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.966s Main 71643dd8 00000000 I 2.966s Main 71643ddc 00000000 I 2.966s Main 71643de0 00000000 I 2.966s Main 71643de4 ffb6ac58 I 2.966s Main 71643de8 00000000 I 2.966s Main 71643dec 00000000 I 2.966s Main 71643df0 00000000 I 2.966s Main 71643df4 00000000 I 2.966s Main 71643df8 00000000 I 2.966s Main 71643dfc 00000000 I 2.966s Main 71643e00 00000000 I 2.966s Main 71643e04 00000000 I 2.966s Main 71643e08 00000000 I 2.966s Main 71643e0c 6f7b3240 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.966s Main I 2.966s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.966s Main I 2.966s Main I 2.967s Main pid: 902, tid: 914, name: Compiler I 2.967s Main r0 4151c704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 2.967s Main r4 4151c704 r5 4151c6fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 2.967s Main r8 414c1921 r9 7164a000 sl 4151c6f8 fp 4008b2ec I 2.967s Main ip 00000000 sp 71747c10 lr 4004dec8 pc 40060904 I 2.967s Main I 2.967s Main Stack Trace: I 2.967s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.967s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.967s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.967s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.967s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.967s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.967s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.967s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.967s Main I 2.967s Main Stack Data: I 2.967s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.967s Main 71747bd0 00000000 I 2.967s Main 71747bd4 00000000 I 2.967s Main 71747bd8 4151c1f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.967s Main 71747bdc 00000000 I 2.967s Main 71747be0 00000000 I 2.967s Main 71747be4 00000000 I 2.968s Main 71747be8 41502f31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.968s Main 71747bec 414c1bc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.968s Main 71747bf0 fffffe0c I 2.968s Main 71747bf4 6e3e0810 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.968s Main 71747bf8 6e3e0838 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.968s Main 71747bfc ffffffef I 2.968s Main 71747c00 4151c704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.968s Main 71747c04 4151c6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.968s Main 71747c08 00000000 I 2.968s Main 71747c0c 4004deb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.968s Main 71747c10 00000000 I 2.968s Main 71747c10 00000000 I 2.968s Main 71747c14 4151c6fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.968s Main 71747c18 4151c704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.968s Main 71747c1c 6f7b4438 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.968s Main 71747c20 00001000 I 2.968s Main 71747c24 4004df28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.968s Main 71747c28 4151c6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.968s Main 71747c2c 718c6fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.968s Main 71747c30 414fbcdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.968s Main 71747c34 4151c6c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.968s Main 71747c38 718c6fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.968s Main 71747c3c 414e0d03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.968s Main 71747c40 71747d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:914] I 2.968s Main 71747c44 4149afa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.969s Main 71747c48 00000000 I 2.969s Main 71747c4c 41517c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.969s Main 71747c50 4150c901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.969s Main 71747c54 414fbcdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.969s Main 71747c58 00000000 I 2.969s Main 71747c5c fffffea0 I 2.969s Main 71747c60 4149af54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.969s Main 71747c64 4149863c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.969s Main 71747c68 00000000 I 2.969s Main 71747c6c 00000000 I 2.969s Main 71747c70 00000000 I 2.969s Main 71747c74 00000000 I 2.969s Main 71747c78 7174dfa0 I 2.969s Main 71747c7c 00000000 I 2.969s Main 71747d98 6f7b3948 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.969s Main 71747d9c 00010002 I 2.969s Main 71747da0 6f7b3968 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.969s Main 71747da4 41531880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 2.969s Main 71747da8 71747dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:914] I 2.969s Main 71747dac 6f7b3978 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.969s Main 71747db0 414c1921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.969s Main 71747db4 4004c174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.969s Main 71747db8 6f7b3948 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.969s Main 71747dbc 6f7b3978 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.970s Main 71747dc0 71747dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:914] I 2.970s Main 71747dc4 0000000d I 2.970s Main 71747dc8 00000078 I 2.970s Main 71747dcc 4004c30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.970s Main 71747dd0 71747dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:914] I 2.970s Main 71747dd4 6f7b3978 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.970s Main 71747dd8 00000000 I 2.970s Main 71747ddc 00000000 I 2.970s Main 71747de0 00000000 I 2.970s Main 71747de4 ffb6ac58 I 2.970s Main 71747de8 00000000 I 2.970s Main 71747dec 00000000 I 2.970s Main 71747df0 00000000 I 2.970s Main 71747df4 00000000 I 2.970s Main 71747df8 00000000 I 2.970s Main 71747dfc 00000000 I 2.970s Main 71747e00 00000000 I 2.970s Main 71747e04 00000000 I 2.970s Main 71747e08 00000000 I 2.970s Main 71747e0c 6f7b3bc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 2.970s Main I 2.970s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.970s Main I 2.970s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 2.970s Main I 2.971s Main Stack Trace: I 2.971s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 2.971s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.971s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.971s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.971s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.971s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.971s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.971s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.971s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.971s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.971s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 2.971s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 2.971s Main I 2.971s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 2.971s Main I 2.971s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000386 (code=-6), thread 902 (app_process) I 3.351s Thread-15 tombstone_00 created on 1972-11-24 18:10:00, about this long ago: 16877 days, 20:24:00 Device: 0aa6b19043e4b976 I 3.351s Thread-15 Resolving... I 3.351s Thread-16 tombstone_01 created on 1972-11-24 18:10:00, about this long ago: 16877 days, 20:24:00 Device: 0aa6b19043e4b976 I 3.351s Thread-16 Resolving... I 3.552s Main Total time spent symbolizing: 0.36s I 3.552s Main tombstone_00 created on 1972-11-24 18:10:00, about this long ago: 16877 days, 20:24:00 Device: 0aa6b19043e4b976 I 3.552s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src I 3.552s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug I 3.552s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmpMtj1Q5 I 3.552s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 3.552s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug I 3.552s Main pid: 513, tid: 513, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 3.552s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 3.552s Main r0 00000000 r1 00000201 r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 3.552s Main r4 00000006 r5 00000000 r6 00000201 r7 0000010c I 3.553s Main r8 00000004 r9 be883b91 sl be883b9d fp be883b85 I 3.553s Main ip 40212438 sp be883628 lr 400acfe5 pc 400bbf90 I 3.553s Main I 3.553s Main Stack Trace: I 3.553s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.553s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.553s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.553s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.553s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.553s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.553s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.553s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.553s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.553s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.553s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.553s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.553s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.553s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.553s Main I 3.553s Main Stack Data: I 3.553s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.553s Main be8835e8 40205168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.553s Main be8835ec 00000002 I 3.553s Main be8835f0 40212438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.553s Main be8835f4 00000004 I 3.553s Main be8835f8 be883b91 [stack] I 3.553s Main be8835fc be883b9d [stack] I 3.553s Main be883600 be883b85 [stack] I 3.553s Main be883604 400c0159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.553s Main be883608 34203020 I 3.553s Main be88360c 20323136 I 3.553s Main be883610 be883684 [stack] I 3.553s Main be883614 00000000 I 3.553s Main be883618 00000000 I 3.553s Main be88361c 37312030 I 3.553s Main be883620 00004000 I 3.554s Main be883624 be883692 [stack] I 3.554s Main be883628 00000006 I 3.554s Main be88362c 00000000 I 3.554s Main be883630 00000201 I 3.554s Main be883634 40212438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.554s Main be883638 40212438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.554s Main be88363c 400acfe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.554s Main be883640 00000006 I 3.554s Main be883644 00000000 I 3.554s Main be883648 00000002 I 3.554s Main be88364c 400ad1f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.554s Main be883650 be88365c [stack] I 3.554s Main be883654 400abf2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.554s Main be883658 00000000 I 3.554s Main be88365c ffffffdf I 3.554s Main be883660 400e42c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.554s Main be883664 400e422c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.554s Main be883668 00000000 I 3.554s Main be88366c 400aeaef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.554s Main be883670 415771f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.554s Main be883674 415771f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.554s Main be883678 40205168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.554s Main be88367c 400bb848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.554s Main be883680 00000000 I 3.554s Main be883684 4150dccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.554s Main be883688 400f2324 I 3.554s Main be88368c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 3.554s Main be883690 0000296c I 3.554s Main be883694 00000000 I 3.554s Main be883698 00000000 I 3.554s Main be88369c 00000000 I 3.554s Main be8836a0 00000000 I 3.554s Main be8836a4 00000000 I 3.554s Main be8836a8 00000000 I 3.554s Main be8836ac 00000000 I 3.554s Main be8836b0 00000000 I 3.555s Main be8836b4 00000000 I 3.555s Main be8836b8 00000000 I 3.555s Main be8836bc 00000000 I 3.555s Main be8836c0 00000000 I 3.555s Main be8836c4 00000000 I 3.555s Main be883898 000000c8 I 3.555s Main be88389c 6e843008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.555s Main be8838a0 414c5f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.555s Main be8838a4 00000000 I 3.555s Main be8838a8 000000c8 I 3.555s Main be8838ac 40208560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.555s Main be8838b0 40208740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.555s Main be8838b4 414c5f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.555s Main be8838b8 40071328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.555s Main be8838bc 401add27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.555s Main be8838c0 414c5f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.555s Main be8838c4 00000000 I 3.555s Main be8838c8 be883988 [stack] I 3.555s Main be8838cc 401ae015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.555s Main be8838d0 400713cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.555s Main be8838d4 401aea65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.555s Main be8838d8 414c5f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.555s Main be8838dc 00000000 I 3.555s Main be8838e0 4157a004 I 3.555s Main be8838e4 41515a8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.555s Main be8838e8 41515abd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.555s Main be8838ec 41515a95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.555s Main be8838f0 000000bb I 3.555s Main be8838f4 00000000 I 3.555s Main be8838f8 414c5e08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.555s Main be8838fc 400aae6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.555s Main be883900 000000b0 I 3.555s Main be883904 00000000 I 3.555s Main be883908 400a9dcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.555s Main be88390c 000000a0 I 3.555s Main be883910 00000014 I 3.555s Main be883914 4020a3d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.556s Main be883960 00000000 I 3.556s Main be883964 00000000 I 3.556s Main be883968 00000000 I 3.556s Main be88396c be883a7c [stack] I 3.556s Main be883970 400e8384 I 3.556s Main be883974 40071372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.556s Main be883978 40071300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.556s Main be88397c 4007137b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.556s Main be883980 40071391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.556s Main be883984 4007139f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.556s Main be883988 40072e08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.556s Main be88398c 40208520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.556s Main be883990 414c5e18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.556s Main be883994 00000013 I 3.556s Main be883998 00000000 I 3.556s Main be88399c 00000008 I 3.556s Main be883a40 00000000 I 3.556s Main be883a44 00000000 I 3.556s Main be883a48 00000000 I 3.556s Main be883a4c 00000000 I 3.556s Main be883a50 00000000 I 3.556s Main be883a54 40070d80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.556s Main be883a58 40072de8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.556s Main be883a5c 40072df0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.556s Main be883a60 40072df8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.556s Main be883a64 be883a70 [stack] I 3.556s Main be883a68 00000000 I 3.556s Main be883a6c 40075881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 3.556s Main be883a70 00000005 I 3.556s Main be883a74 be883b85 [stack] I 3.556s Main be883a78 be883b91 [stack] I 3.556s Main be883a7c be883b9d [stack] I 3.556s Main be883a80 be883bb8 [stack] I 3.556s Main be883a84 be883bbd [stack] I 3.556s Main be883a88 00000000 I 3.556s Main be883a8c be883bc5 [stack] I 3.556s Main be883a90 be883bdf [stack] I 3.557s Main be883a94 be883c0b [stack] I 3.557s Main I 3.557s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 3.557s Main I 3.557s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000201 (code=-6), thread 513 (app_process) I 3.557s Main I 3.557s Main pid: 513, tid: 618, name: ReferenceQueueD I 3.557s Main r0 6e82f808 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 3.557s Main r4 6e82f808 r5 6e82f7f8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 3.557s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4382b0 sl 00000000 fp 415971d0 I 3.557s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fba2ba0 lr 400a8ec8 pc 400bb904 I 3.557s Main I 3.557s Main Stack Trace: I 3.557s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.557s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.557s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.557s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.557s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.557s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.557s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.557s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.557s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.557s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.557s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.557s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.557s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.557s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.557s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.557s Main I 3.557s Main Stack Data: I 3.557s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.557s Main 6fba2b60 0000002b I 3.557s Main 6fba2b64 000001d8 I 3.557s Main 6fba2b68 6e43be08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.557s Main 6fba2b6c 400aae6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.557s Main 6fba2b70 00000020 I 3.557s Main 6fba2b74 00000010 I 3.558s Main 6fba2b78 00000021 I 3.558s Main 6fba2b7c 00000020 I 3.558s Main 6fba2b80 00000020 I 3.558s Main 6fba2b84 41582640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.558s Main 6fba2b88 00000001 I 3.558s Main 6fba2b8c 6e82f478 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.558s Main 6fba2b90 6e82f808 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.558s Main 6fba2b94 6e82f7f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.558s Main 6fba2b98 00000000 I 3.558s Main 6fba2b9c 400a8eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.558s Main 6fba2ba0 00000000 I 3.558s Main 6fba2ba0 00000000 I 3.558s Main 6fba2ba4 6e82f7f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.558s Main 6fba2ba8 6e82f808 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.558s Main 6fba2bac 6e82f468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.558s Main 6fba2bb0 6e43be08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.558s Main 6fba2bb4 400a8f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.558s Main 6fba2bb8 6e82f7f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.558s Main 6fba2bbc 00000000 I 3.558s Main 6fba2bc0 6e82f7f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.558s Main 6fba2bc4 6e82f7f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.558s Main 6fba2bc8 00000000 I 3.558s Main 6fba2bcc 4151ad77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.558s Main 6fba2bd0 6e82f468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.558s Main 6fba2bd4 6e43be08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.558s Main 6fba2bd8 6faa4f74 I 3.558s Main 6fba2bdc 6faa4f78 I 3.558s Main 6fba2be0 41582640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.558s Main 6fba2be4 6e82f468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.558s Main 6fba2be8 6e82f478 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.558s Main 6fba2bec 6faa4f74 I 3.558s Main 6fba2bf0 41572c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.558s Main 6fba2bf4 4152f655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.558s Main 6fba2bf8 00000000 I 3.558s Main 6fba2bfc 00000001 I 3.558s Main 6fba2c00 00000000 I 3.559s Main 6fba2c04 00000000 I 3.559s Main 6fba2c08 6d4382b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 3.559s Main 6fba2c0c 4157d890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.559s Main 6fba2c10 4152f62f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.559s Main 6fba2c14 41517acf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.559s Main 6fba2c18 6faa4f74 I 3.559s Main 6fba2c1c 6e82f478 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.559s Main 6fba2c20 6e4c2e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 3.559s Main 6fba2c24 6faa4f98 I 3.559s Main 6fba2c28 6e82f468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.559s Main 6fba2c2c 4157d890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.559s Main 6fba2c30 414e5d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.559s Main 6fba2c34 00000000 I 3.559s Main 6fba2c38 6faa4f60 I 3.559s Main 6fba2c3c 414eefe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.559s Main 6fba2c40 00000000 I 3.559s Main 6fba2c44 6e82f468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.559s Main 6fba2c48 414f5f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.559s Main 6fba2c4c 00000000 I 3.559s Main 6fba2c50 6fba2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:618] I 3.559s Main 6fba2c54 6e82f468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.559s Main 6fba2c58 6fba2c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:618] I 3.559s Main 6fba2c5c 6d43ceb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 3.559s Main 6fba2c60 415971d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.559s Main 6fba2c64 414f5fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.559s Main 6fba2c68 00000000 I 3.559s Main 6fba2c6c 00000000 I 3.559s Main 6fba2c70 00000000 I 3.559s Main 6fba2c74 00000000 I 3.559s Main 6fba2c78 00000000 I 3.559s Main 6fba2c7c fffffea0 I 3.559s Main 6fba2c80 414f5f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.559s Main 6fba2c84 414f363c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.559s Main 6fba2c88 00000000 I 3.559s Main 6fba2c8c 00000000 I 3.559s Main 6fba2c90 00000000 I 3.560s Main 6fba2c94 00000000 I 3.560s Main 6fba2c98 6faa4fe4 I 3.560s Main 6fba2c9c 00000000 I 3.560s Main 6fba2ca0 00000000 I 3.560s Main 6fba2ca4 00000000 I 3.560s Main 6fba2ca8 00000000 I 3.560s Main 6fba2cac 00000000 I 3.560s Main 6fba2cb0 00000000 I 3.560s Main 6fba2cb4 00000000 I 3.560s Main 6fba2cb8 00000000 I 3.560s Main 6fba2cbc 00000000 I 3.560s Main 6fba2cc0 00000000 I 3.560s Main 6fba2cc4 00000000 I 3.560s Main 6fba2d18 0000001d I 3.560s Main 6fba2d1c 0000001c I 3.560s Main 6fba2d20 0000001c I 3.560s Main 6fba2d24 6e82f468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.560s Main 6fba2d28 400e8384 I 3.560s Main 6fba2d2c 41537ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.560s Main 6fba2d30 6faa5000 I 3.560s Main 6fba2d34 6fba2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:618] I 3.560s Main 6fba2d38 415771f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.560s Main 6fba2d3c 400e8384 I 3.560s Main 6fba2d40 41577500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.560s Main 6fba2d44 415774fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.560s Main 6fba2d48 6faa5000 I 3.560s Main 6fba2d4c be882e14 [stack] I 3.560s Main 6fba2d50 400e62ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.560s Main 6fba2d54 415285a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.560s Main 6fba2d58 6fba2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:618] I 3.560s Main 6fba2d5c 6fba2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:618] I 3.560s Main 6fba2d60 6e82f468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.560s Main 6fba2d64 6fba2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:618] I 3.560s Main 6fba2d68 400e8384 I 3.560s Main 6fba2d6c 6e82f468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.560s Main 6fba2d70 4151d28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.561s Main 6fba2d74 6fba2d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:618] I 3.561s Main 6fba2d78 00000003 I 3.561s Main 6fba2d7c 6e82f8c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.561s Main 6fba2d80 00000000 I 3.561s Main 6fba2d84 414c19f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.561s Main 6fba2d88 6e82f468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.561s Main 6fba2d8c 400a70ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.561s Main 6fba2d90 00000000 I 3.561s Main 6fba2d94 414c19f4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.561s Main 6fba2d98 414c19e0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.561s Main 6fba2d9c 0e70c2e4 I 3.561s Main 6fba2da0 6fba2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:618] I 3.561s Main 6fba2da4 6e82f8c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.561s Main 6fba2da8 4151d1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.561s Main 6fba2dac 6e82f468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.561s Main 6fba2db0 4151d1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.561s Main 6fba2db4 400a7174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.561s Main 6fba2db8 6e82f468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.561s Main 6fba2dbc 6e82f8c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.561s Main 6fba2dc0 6fba2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:618] I 3.561s Main 6fba2dc4 0000000d I 3.561s Main 6fba2dc8 00000078 I 3.561s Main 6fba2dcc 400a730c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.561s Main 6fba2dd0 6fba2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:618] I 3.561s Main 6fba2dd4 6e82f8c0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.561s Main 6fba2dd8 00000000 I 3.561s Main 6fba2ddc 00000000 I 3.561s Main 6fba2de0 00000000 I 3.561s Main 6fba2de4 0e70c2e4 I 3.561s Main 6fba2de8 00000000 I 3.561s Main 6fba2dec 00000000 I 3.561s Main 6fba2df0 00000000 I 3.561s Main 6fba2df4 00000000 I 3.561s Main 6fba2df8 00000000 I 3.561s Main 6fba2dfc 00000000 I 3.561s Main 6fba2e00 00000000 I 3.562s Main 6fba2e04 00000000 I 3.562s Main 6fba2e08 00000000 I 3.562s Main 6fba2e0c 6e82f468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.562s Main I 3.562s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 3.562s Main I 3.562s Main I 3.562s Main pid: 513, tid: 619, name: FinalizerDaemon I 3.562s Main r0 4157c3c8 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 3.562s Main r4 4157c3c8 r5 4157c3b8 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 3.562s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4382b0 sl 00000000 fp 415974a0 I 3.562s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fca6bc8 lr 400a8ec8 pc 400bb904 I 3.562s Main I 3.562s Main Stack Trace: I 3.562s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.562s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.562s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.562s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.562s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.562s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.562s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.562s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.562s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.562s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.562s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.562s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.562s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.562s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.562s Main I 3.562s Main Stack Data: I 3.562s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.562s Main 6fca6b88 0000002b I 3.562s Main 6fca6b8c 000001b0 I 3.562s Main 6fca6b90 6e43be30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.562s Main 6fca6b94 400aae6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.562s Main 6fca6b98 00000020 I 3.563s Main 6fca6b9c 00000000 I 3.563s Main 6fca6ba0 00000021 I 3.563s Main 6fca6ba4 00000020 I 3.563s Main 6fca6ba8 00000020 I 3.563s Main 6fca6bac 41582718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.563s Main 6fca6bb0 00000001 I 3.563s Main 6fca6bb4 414e5d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.563s Main 6fca6bb8 4157c3c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.563s Main 6fca6bbc 4157c3b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.563s Main 6fca6bc0 00000000 I 3.563s Main 6fca6bc4 400a8eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.563s Main 6fca6bc8 00000000 I 3.563s Main 6fca6bc8 00000000 I 3.563s Main 6fca6bcc 4157c3b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.563s Main 6fca6bd0 4157c3c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.563s Main 6fca6bd4 4157c028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.563s Main 6fca6bd8 6e43be30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.563s Main 6fca6bdc 400a8f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.563s Main 6fca6be0 4157c3b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.563s Main 6fca6be4 00000000 I 3.563s Main 6fca6be8 4157c3b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.563s Main 6fca6bec 4157c3b8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.563s Main 6fca6bf0 00000000 I 3.563s Main 6fca6bf4 4151ad77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.563s Main 6fca6bf8 4157c028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.563s Main 6fca6bfc 6e43be30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.563s Main 6fca6c00 6fba8f10 I 3.563s Main 6fca6c04 6fba8f14 I 3.563s Main 6fca6c08 41582718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.563s Main 6fca6c0c 4157d890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.563s Main 6fca6c10 414e5d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.563s Main 6fca6c14 00000000 I 3.563s Main 6fca6c18 6fba8efc I 3.563s Main 6fca6c1c 4152f655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.563s Main 6fca6c20 00000000 I 3.563s Main 6fca6c24 00000001 I 3.563s Main 6fca6c28 00000000 I 3.564s Main 6fca6c2c 00000000 I 3.564s Main 6fca6c30 6e4c2ea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 3.564s Main 6fca6c34 6fba8f34 I 3.564s Main 6fca6c38 4157c028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.564s Main 6fca6c3c 414eefe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.564s Main 6fca6c40 00000000 I 3.564s Main 6fca6c44 4157c028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.564s Main 6fca6c48 414f5f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.564s Main 6fca6c4c 00000000 I 3.564s Main 6fca6c50 6fca6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:619] I 3.564s Main 6fca6c54 4157c028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.564s Main 6fca6c58 6fca6c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:619] I 3.564s Main 6fca6c5c 6d43ceb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 3.564s Main 6fca6c60 415974a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.564s Main 6fca6c64 414f5fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.564s Main 6fca6c68 00000000 I 3.564s Main 6fca6c6c 00000000 I 3.564s Main 6fca6c70 00000000 I 3.564s Main 6fca6c74 00000000 I 3.564s Main 6fca6c78 00000000 I 3.564s Main 6fca6c7c fffffea0 I 3.564s Main 6fca6c80 414f5f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.564s Main 6fca6c84 414f363c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.564s Main 6fca6c88 00000000 I 3.564s Main 6fca6c8c 00000000 I 3.564s Main 6fca6c90 00000000 I 3.564s Main 6fca6c94 00000000 I 3.564s Main 6fca6c98 6fba8fe4 I 3.564s Main 6fca6c9c 00000000 I 3.564s Main 6fca6ca0 00000000 I 3.564s Main 6fca6ca4 00000000 I 3.564s Main 6fca6ca8 00000000 I 3.564s Main 6fca6cac 00000000 I 3.564s Main 6fca6cb0 00000000 I 3.564s Main 6fca6cb4 00000000 I 3.564s Main 6fca6cb8 00000000 I 3.565s Main 6fca6cbc 00000000 I 3.565s Main 6fca6cc0 00000000 I 3.565s Main 6fca6cc4 00000000 I 3.565s Main 6fca6d18 0000001d I 3.565s Main 6fca6d1c 0000001c I 3.565s Main 6fca6d20 0000001c I 3.565s Main 6fca6d24 4157c028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.565s Main 6fca6d28 400e8384 I 3.565s Main 6fca6d2c 41537ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.565s Main 6fca6d30 6fba9000 I 3.565s Main 6fca6d34 6fca6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:619] I 3.565s Main 6fca6d38 415771f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.565s Main 6fca6d3c 400e8384 I 3.565s Main 6fca6d40 41577500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.565s Main 6fca6d44 415774fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.565s Main 6fca6d48 6fba9000 I 3.565s Main 6fca6d4c be882e3c [stack] I 3.565s Main 6fca6d50 400e62ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.565s Main 6fca6d54 415285a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.565s Main 6fca6d58 6fca6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:619] I 3.565s Main 6fca6d5c 6fca6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:619] I 3.565s Main 6fca6d60 4157c028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.565s Main 6fca6d64 6fca6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:619] I 3.565s Main 6fca6d68 400e8384 I 3.565s Main 6fca6d6c 4157c028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.565s Main 6fca6d70 4151d28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.565s Main 6fca6d74 6fca6d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:619] I 3.565s Main 6fca6d78 00000003 I 3.565s Main 6fca6d7c 6e82fd10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.565s Main 6fca6d80 00000000 I 3.565s Main 6fca6d84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-bitmap-1 I 3.565s Main 6fca6d88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 3.565s Main 6fca6d8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 3.565s Main 6fca6d90 006e6f6d I 3.565s Main 6fca6d94 6fca6d93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:619] I 3.565s Main 6fca6d98 6fca6d84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:619] I 3.566s Main 6fca6d9c 0e70c2e4 I 3.566s Main 6fca6da0 6fca6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:619] I 3.566s Main 6fca6da4 6e82fd10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.566s Main 6fca6da8 4151d1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.566s Main 6fca6dac 4157c028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.566s Main 6fca6db0 4151d1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.566s Main 6fca6db4 400a7174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.566s Main 6fca6db8 4157c028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.566s Main 6fca6dbc 6e82fd10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.566s Main 6fca6dc0 6fca6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:619] I 3.566s Main 6fca6dc4 0000000d I 3.566s Main 6fca6dc8 00000078 I 3.566s Main 6fca6dcc 400a730c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.566s Main 6fca6dd0 6fca6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:619] I 3.566s Main 6fca6dd4 6e82fd10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.566s Main 6fca6dd8 00000000 I 3.566s Main 6fca6ddc 00000000 I 3.566s Main 6fca6de0 00000000 I 3.566s Main 6fca6de4 0e70c2e4 I 3.566s Main 6fca6de8 00000000 I 3.566s Main 6fca6dec 00000000 I 3.566s Main 6fca6df0 00000000 I 3.566s Main 6fca6df4 00000000 I 3.566s Main 6fca6df8 00000000 I 3.566s Main 6fca6dfc 00000000 I 3.566s Main 6fca6e00 00000000 I 3.566s Main 6fca6e04 00000000 I 3.566s Main 6fca6e08 00000000 I 3.566s Main 6fca6e0c 4157c028 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.566s Main I 3.566s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 3.566s Main I 3.566s Main I 3.566s Main pid: 513, tid: 620, name: FinalizerWatchd I 3.566s Main r0 4157ca28 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 3.566s Main r4 4157ca28 r5 4157ca18 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 3.567s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d4382b0 sl 00000000 fp 41597740 I 3.567s Main ip 00000000 sp 6fdaabc8 lr 400a8ec8 pc 400bb904 I 3.567s Main I 3.567s Main Stack Trace: I 3.567s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.567s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.567s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.567s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.567s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.567s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.567s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.567s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.567s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.567s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.567s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.567s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.567s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.567s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.567s Main I 3.567s Main Stack Data: I 3.567s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.567s Main 6fdaab88 0000002b I 3.567s Main 6fdaab8c 000000b0 I 3.567s Main 6fdaab90 6e43bf30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.567s Main 6fdaab94 400aae6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.567s Main 6fdaab98 00000020 I 3.567s Main 6fdaab9c 00400000 I 3.567s Main 6fdaaba0 00000021 I 3.567s Main 6fdaaba4 00000020 I 3.567s Main 6fdaaba8 00000020 I 3.567s Main 6fdaabac 41597730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.567s Main 6fdaabb0 00000001 I 3.567s Main 6fdaabb4 414e5d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.567s Main 6fdaabb8 4157ca28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.567s Main 6fdaabbc 4157ca18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.567s Main 6fdaabc0 00000000 I 3.568s Main 6fdaabc4 400a8eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.568s Main 6fdaabc8 00000000 I 3.568s Main 6fdaabc8 00000000 I 3.568s Main 6fdaabcc 4157ca18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.568s Main 6fdaabd0 4157ca28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.568s Main 6fdaabd4 4157c688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.568s Main 6fdaabd8 6e43bf30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.568s Main 6fdaabdc 400a8f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.568s Main 6fdaabe0 4157ca18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.568s Main 6fdaabe4 00000000 I 3.568s Main 6fdaabe8 4157ca18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.568s Main 6fdaabec 4157ca18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.568s Main 6fdaabf0 00000000 I 3.568s Main 6fdaabf4 4151ad77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.568s Main 6fdaabf8 4157c688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.568s Main 6fdaabfc 6e43bf30 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.568s Main 6fdaac00 6fcacf54 I 3.568s Main 6fdaac04 6fcacf58 I 3.568s Main 6fdaac08 41597730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.568s Main 6fdaac0c 4157d890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.568s Main 6fdaac10 414e5d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.568s Main 6fdaac14 00000000 I 3.568s Main 6fdaac18 6fcacf40 I 3.568s Main 6fdaac1c 4152f655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.568s Main 6fdaac20 00000000 I 3.568s Main 6fdaac24 00000001 I 3.568s Main 6fdaac28 00000000 I 3.568s Main 6fdaac2c 00000000 I 3.568s Main 6fdaac30 6e4c2e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 3.568s Main 6fdaac34 6fcacf78 I 3.568s Main 6fdaac38 4157c688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.568s Main 6fdaac3c 414eefe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.568s Main 6fdaac40 00000000 I 3.568s Main 6fdaac44 4157c688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.568s Main 6fdaac48 414f5f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.568s Main 6fdaac4c 00000000 I 3.569s Main 6fdaac50 6fdaad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:620] I 3.569s Main 6fdaac54 4157c688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.569s Main 6fdaac58 6fdaac94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:620] I 3.569s Main 6fdaac5c 6d43ceb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 3.569s Main 6fdaac60 41597740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.569s Main 6fdaac64 414f5fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.569s Main 6fdaac68 00000000 I 3.569s Main 6fdaac6c 00000000 I 3.569s Main 6fdaac70 00000000 I 3.569s Main 6fdaac74 00000000 I 3.569s Main 6fdaac78 00000000 I 3.569s Main 6fdaac7c fffffea0 I 3.569s Main 6fdaac80 414f5f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.569s Main 6fdaac84 414f363c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.569s Main 6fdaac88 00000000 I 3.569s Main 6fdaac8c 00000000 I 3.569s Main 6fdaac90 00000000 I 3.569s Main 6fdaac94 00000000 I 3.569s Main 6fdaac98 6fcacfe4 I 3.569s Main 6fdaac9c 00000000 I 3.569s Main 6fdaaca0 00000000 I 3.569s Main 6fdaaca4 00000000 I 3.569s Main 6fdaaca8 00000000 I 3.569s Main 6fdaacac 00000000 I 3.569s Main 6fdaacb0 00000000 I 3.569s Main 6fdaacb4 00000000 I 3.569s Main 6fdaacb8 00000000 I 3.569s Main 6fdaacbc 00000000 I 3.569s Main 6fdaacc0 00000000 I 3.569s Main 6fdaacc4 00000000 I 3.569s Main 6fdaad18 0000001d I 3.569s Main 6fdaad1c 0000001c I 3.569s Main 6fdaad20 0000001c I 3.569s Main 6fdaad24 4157c688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.569s Main 6fdaad28 400e8384 I 3.569s Main 6fdaad2c 41537ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.569s Main 6fdaad30 6fcad000 I 3.570s Main 6fdaad34 6fdaad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:620] I 3.570s Main 6fdaad38 415771f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.570s Main 6fdaad3c 400e8384 I 3.570s Main 6fdaad40 41577500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.570s Main 6fdaad44 415774fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.570s Main 6fdaad48 6fcad000 I 3.570s Main 6fdaad4c be882e3c [stack] I 3.570s Main 6fdaad50 400e62ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.570s Main 6fdaad54 415285a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.570s Main 6fdaad58 6fdaad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:620] I 3.570s Main 6fdaad5c 6fdaad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:620] I 3.570s Main 6fdaad60 4157c688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.570s Main 6fdaad64 6fdaad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:620] I 3.570s Main 6fdaad68 400e8384 I 3.570s Main 6fdaad6c 4157c688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.570s Main 6fdaad70 4151d28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.570s Main 6fdaad74 6fdaad78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:620] I 3.570s Main 6fdaad78 00000003 I 3.570s Main 6fdaad7c 4157cae0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.570s Main 6fdaad80 00000000 I 3.570s Main 6fdaad84 414c1a10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.570s Main 6fdaad88 4157c688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.570s Main 6fdaad8c 400a70ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.570s Main 6fdaad90 00000000 I 3.570s Main 6fdaad94 414c1a0f <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.570s Main 6fdaad98 414c19f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.570s Main 6fdaad9c 0e70c2e4 I 3.570s Main 6fdaada0 6fdaadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:620] I 3.570s Main 6fdaada4 4157cae0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.570s Main 6fdaada8 4151d1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.570s Main 6fdaadac 4157c688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.570s Main 6fdaadb0 4151d1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.570s Main 6fdaadb4 400a7174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.570s Main 6fdaadb8 4157c688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.570s Main 6fdaadbc 4157cae0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.571s Main 6fdaadc0 6fdaadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:620] I 3.571s Main 6fdaadc4 0000000d I 3.571s Main 6fdaadc8 00000078 I 3.571s Main 6fdaadcc 400a730c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.571s Main 6fdaadd0 6fdaadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:620] I 3.571s Main 6fdaadd4 4157cae0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.571s Main 6fdaadd8 00000000 I 3.571s Main 6fdaaddc 00000000 I 3.571s Main 6fdaade0 00000000 I 3.571s Main 6fdaade4 0e70c2e4 I 3.571s Main 6fdaade8 00000000 I 3.571s Main 6fdaadec 00000000 I 3.571s Main 6fdaadf0 00000000 I 3.571s Main 6fdaadf4 00000000 I 3.571s Main 6fdaadf8 00000000 I 3.571s Main 6fdaadfc 00000000 I 3.571s Main 6fdaae00 00000000 I 3.571s Main 6fdaae04 00000000 I 3.571s Main 6fdaae08 00000000 I 3.571s Main 6fdaae0c 4157c688 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.571s Main I 3.571s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 3.571s Main I 3.571s Main I 3.571s Main pid: 513, tid: 621, name: GC I 3.571s Main r0 414c73d4 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 3.571s Main r4 414c73d4 r5 414c73d0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 3.571s Main r8 41579100 r9 41579100 sl 414c73c8 fp 400e62ec I 3.571s Main ip 00000000 sp 6feaad40 lr 400a8ec8 pc 400bb904 I 3.571s Main I 3.571s Main Stack Trace: I 3.571s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.571s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.571s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.571s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.571s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.572s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.572s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.572s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.572s Main I 3.572s Main Stack Data: I 3.572s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.572s Main 6feaad00 00000000 I 3.572s Main 6feaad04 6feaaca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:621] I 3.572s Main 6feaad08 6feaacb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:621] I 3.572s Main 6feaad0c 00000018 I 3.572s Main 6feaad10 6d43c66c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 3.572s Main 6feaad14 6feaad68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:621] I 3.572s Main 6feaad18 415771f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.572s Main 6feaad1c 6e43bf58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.572s Main 6feaad20 41597940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.572s Main 6feaad24 415979b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.572s Main 6feaad28 41597940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.572s Main 6feaad2c 400bd2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.572s Main 6feaad30 414c73d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.572s Main 6feaad34 414c73d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.572s Main 6feaad38 00000000 I 3.572s Main 6feaad3c 400a8eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.572s Main 6feaad40 00000000 I 3.572s Main 6feaad40 00000000 I 3.572s Main 6feaad44 414c73d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.572s Main 6feaad48 414c73d4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.572s Main 6feaad4c 00000000 I 3.572s Main 6feaad50 41579100 I 3.572s Main 6feaad54 400a8f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.572s Main 6feaad58 41572c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.572s Main 6feaad5c 415771f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.572s Main 6feaad60 be882f10 [stack] I 3.572s Main 6feaad64 41572c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.572s Main 6feaad68 415771f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.572s Main 6feaad6c 4153a783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.572s Main 6feaad70 00000000 I 3.573s Main 6feaad74 00000000 I 3.573s Main 6feaad78 4153a735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.573s Main 6feaad7c 6e43bf00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.573s Main 6feaad80 415771f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.573s Main 6feaad84 be882f10 [stack] I 3.573s Main 6feaad88 6e43bf00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.573s Main 6feaad8c 4151c921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.573s Main 6feaad90 6fdad000 I 3.573s Main 6feaad94 4151c96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.573s Main 6feaad98 6e43bf00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.573s Main 6feaad9c 00010002 I 3.573s Main 6feaada0 6e43bf20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.573s Main 6feaada4 4158c880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.573s Main 6feaada8 6feaadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:621] I 3.573s Main 6feaadac 6e83c020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.573s Main 6feaadb0 4151c921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.573s Main 6feaadb4 400a7174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.573s Main 6feaadb8 6e43bf00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.573s Main 6feaadbc 6e83c020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.573s Main 6feaadc0 6feaadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:621] I 3.573s Main 6feaadc4 0000000d I 3.573s Main 6feaadc8 00000078 I 3.573s Main 6feaadcc 400a730c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.573s Main 6feaadd0 6feaadd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:621] I 3.573s Main 6feaadd4 6e83c020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.573s Main 6feaadd8 00000000 I 3.573s Main 6feaaddc 00000000 I 3.573s Main 6feaade0 00000000 I 3.573s Main 6feaade4 0e70c2e4 I 3.573s Main 6feaade8 00000000 I 3.573s Main 6feaadec 00000000 I 3.573s Main 6feaadf0 00000000 I 3.573s Main 6feaadf4 00000000 I 3.573s Main 6feaadf8 00000000 I 3.573s Main 6feaadfc 00000000 I 3.573s Main 6feaae00 00000000 I 3.573s Main 6feaae04 00000000 I 3.574s Main 6feaae08 00000000 I 3.574s Main 6feaae0c 6e83c268 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.574s Main I 3.574s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 3.574s Main I 3.574s Main I 3.574s Main pid: 513, tid: 622, name: Signal Catcher I 3.574s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 3.574s Main r4 6ffaed08 r5 6ffaed48 r6 be882f20 r7 000000b1 I 3.574s Main r8 6e83cb10 r9 41572c74 sl 41577694 fp 41556cdc I 3.574s Main ip 6ffaed44 sp 6ffaed08 lr 400ad351 pc 400bb170 I 3.574s Main I 3.574s Main Stack Trace: I 3.574s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.574s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.574s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.574s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.574s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.574s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.574s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.574s Main I 3.574s Main Stack Data: I 3.574s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.574s Main 6ffaecc8 00000000 I 3.574s Main 6ffaeccc 00000000 I 3.574s Main 6ffaecd0 00000000 I 3.574s Main 6ffaecd4 00000000 I 3.574s Main 6ffaecd8 6ffaed68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:622] I 3.574s Main 6ffaecdc 00000000 I 3.574s Main 6ffaece0 6e83cb10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.574s Main 6ffaece4 6ffb4fc4 I 3.574s Main 6ffaece8 00000000 I 3.574s Main 6ffaecec 6ffaed68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:622] I 3.574s Main 6ffaecf0 00000000 I 3.574s Main 6ffaecf4 4152858b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.574s Main 6ffaecf8 41558239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.575s Main 6ffaecfc 00000000 I 3.575s Main 6ffaed00 00000000 I 3.575s Main 6ffaed04 6ffaeca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:622] I 3.575s Main 6ffaed08 00000204 I 3.575s Main 6ffaed08 00000204 I 3.575s Main 6ffaed0c 00000000 I 3.575s Main 6ffaed10 fffffea0 I 3.575s Main 6ffaed14 4157cf50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.575s Main 6ffaed18 415771f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.575s Main 6ffaed1c 41519f57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.575s Main 6ffaed20 41597a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.575s Main 6ffaed24 41597a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.575s Main 6ffaed28 41597a20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.575s Main 6ffaed2c 400bd2d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.575s Main 6ffaed30 6e83ce7c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.575s Main 6ffaed34 415199a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.575s Main 6ffaed38 6e83cb10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.575s Main 6ffaed3c 4151d94b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.575s Main 6ffaed40 41597a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.575s Main 6ffaed44 00000204 I 3.575s Main 6ffaed48 00000004 I 3.575s Main 6ffaed4c 6e83cb10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.575s Main 6ffaed50 415771f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.575s Main 6ffaed54 4151be11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.575s Main 6ffaed58 4158c880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.575s Main 6ffaed5c 41597a90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.575s Main 6ffaed98 4157cf50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.575s Main 6ffaed9c 00010002 I 3.575s Main 6ffaeda0 4157cf70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.575s Main 6ffaeda4 4158c880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.575s Main 6ffaeda8 6ffaedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:622] I 3.575s Main 6ffaedac 6e83c8c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.575s Main 6ffaedb0 4151c921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.575s Main 6ffaedb4 400a7174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.575s Main 6ffaedb8 4157cf50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.575s Main 6ffaedbc 6e83c8c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.576s Main 6ffaedc0 6ffaedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:622] I 3.576s Main 6ffaedc4 0000000d I 3.576s Main 6ffaedc8 00000078 I 3.576s Main 6ffaedcc 400a730c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.576s Main 6ffaedd0 6ffaedd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:622] I 3.576s Main 6ffaedd4 6e83c8c8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.576s Main 6ffaedd8 00000000 I 3.576s Main 6ffaeddc 00000000 I 3.576s Main 6ffaede0 00000000 I 3.576s Main 6ffaede4 0e70c2e4 I 3.576s Main 6ffaede8 00000000 I 3.576s Main 6ffaedec 00000000 I 3.576s Main 6ffaedf0 00000000 I 3.576s Main 6ffaedf4 00000000 I 3.576s Main 6ffaedf8 00000000 I 3.576s Main 6ffaedfc 00000000 I 3.576s Main 6ffaee00 00000000 I 3.576s Main 6ffaee04 00000000 I 3.576s Main 6ffaee08 00000000 I 3.576s Main 6ffaee0c 6e83cb10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.576s Main I 3.576s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 3.576s Main I 3.576s Main I 3.576s Main pid: 513, tid: 623, name: JDWP I 3.576s Main r0 00000011 r1 700b2d10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 3.576s Main r4 6e83d2b0 r5 400e8384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 3.576s Main r8 6e83f2d0 r9 000003e8 sl 6e83d24c fp 400e62ec I 3.576s Main ip 6e83f2b0 sp 700b2cf8 lr 41529087 pc 400bb3d8 I 3.576s Main I 3.576s Main Stack Trace: I 3.576s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.576s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.576s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.576s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.577s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.577s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.577s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.577s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.577s Main I 3.577s Main Stack Data: I 3.577s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.577s Main 700b2cb8 6e83f2b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.577s Main 700b2cbc 6e83f2d0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.577s Main 700b2cc0 000003e8 I 3.577s Main 700b2cc4 6e83d24c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.577s Main 700b2cc8 400e62ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.577s Main 700b2ccc 400c0159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.577s Main 700b2cd0 00000000 I 3.577s Main 700b2cd4 00000000 I 3.577s Main 700b2cd8 700b2d4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:623] I 3.577s Main 700b2cdc 00000000 I 3.577s Main 700b2ce0 00000000 I 3.577s Main 700b2ce4 700b8fc4 I 3.577s Main 700b2ce8 00004000 I 3.577s Main 700b2cec 700b2d54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:623] I 3.577s Main 700b2cf0 00000000 I 3.577s Main 700b2cf4 00000000 I 3.577s Main 700b2cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[vectors] I 3.577s Main 700b2cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[vectors] I 3.577s Main 700b2cfc 700b2d50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:623] I 3.577s Main 700b2d00 00000004 I 3.577s Main 700b2d04 210b2ca8 I 3.577s Main 700b2d08 700b2d07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:623] I 3.577s Main 700b2d0c 00000001 I 3.577s Main 700b2d10 00000000 I 3.577s Main 700b2d14 00000000 I 3.577s Main 700b2d18 700b2d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:623] I 3.577s Main 700b2d1c 00000001 I 3.577s Main 700b2d20 700b2d2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:623] I 3.577s Main 700b2d24 00000010 I 3.577s Main 700b2d28 00000000 I 3.578s Main 700b2d2c 00000010 I 3.578s Main 700b2d30 00000001 I 3.578s Main 700b2d34 00000001 I 3.578s Main 700b2d50 31303230 I 3.578s Main 700b2d54 41529100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.578s Main 700b2d58 00000001 I 3.578s Main 700b2d5c 6e83d1f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.578s Main 700b2d60 6e83d240 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.578s Main 700b2d64 be882f00 [stack] I 3.578s Main 700b2d68 4157cfa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.578s Main 700b2d6c 415617c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.578s Main 700b2d70 41562910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.578s Main 700b2d74 4152bf89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.578s Main 700b2d78 00000000 I 3.578s Main 700b2d7c 4157cfa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.578s Main 700b2d80 415771f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.578s Main 700b2d84 be882f00 [stack] I 3.578s Main 700b2d88 4157cfa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.578s Main 700b2d8c 4151c921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.578s Main 700b2d90 6ffb5000 I 3.578s Main 700b2d94 4151c96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.578s Main 700b2d98 4157cfa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.578s Main 700b2d9c 00010002 I 3.578s Main 700b2da0 4157cfc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.578s Main 700b2da4 4158c880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.578s Main 700b2da8 700b2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:623] I 3.578s Main 700b2dac 6e83f348 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.578s Main 700b2db0 4151c921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.578s Main 700b2db4 400a7174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.578s Main 700b2db8 4157cfa8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.578s Main 700b2dbc 6e83f348 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.578s Main 700b2dc0 700b2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:623] I 3.578s Main 700b2dc4 0000000d I 3.578s Main 700b2dc8 00000078 I 3.578s Main 700b2dcc 400a730c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.579s Main 700b2dd0 700b2dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:623] I 3.579s Main 700b2dd4 6e83f348 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.579s Main 700b2dd8 00000000 I 3.579s Main 700b2ddc 00000000 I 3.579s Main 700b2de0 00000000 I 3.579s Main 700b2de4 0e70c2e4 I 3.579s Main 700b2de8 00000000 I 3.579s Main 700b2dec 00000000 I 3.579s Main 700b2df0 00000000 I 3.579s Main 700b2df4 00000000 I 3.579s Main 700b2df8 00000000 I 3.579s Main 700b2dfc 00000000 I 3.579s Main 700b2e00 00000000 I 3.579s Main 700b2e04 00000000 I 3.579s Main 700b2e08 00000000 I 3.579s Main 700b2e0c 6e83f590 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.579s Main I 3.579s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 3.579s Main I 3.579s Main I 3.579s Main pid: 513, tid: 624, name: Compiler I 3.579s Main r0 41577704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 3.579s Main r4 41577704 r5 415776fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 3.579s Main r8 4151c921 r9 700b9000 sl 415776f8 fp 400e62ec I 3.579s Main ip 00000000 sp 701b6c10 lr 400a8ec8 pc 400bb904 I 3.579s Main I 3.579s Main Stack Trace: I 3.579s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.579s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.579s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.579s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.579s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.579s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.579s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.579s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.579s Main I 3.580s Main Stack Data: I 3.580s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.580s Main 701b6bd0 00000000 I 3.580s Main 701b6bd4 00000000 I 3.580s Main 701b6bd8 415771f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.580s Main 701b6bdc 00000000 I 3.580s Main 701b6be0 00000000 I 3.580s Main 701b6be4 00000000 I 3.580s Main 701b6be8 4155df31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.580s Main 701b6bec 4151cbc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.580s Main 701b6bf0 fffffe0c I 3.580s Main 701b6bf4 6e82f468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.580s Main 701b6bf8 6e82f490 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.580s Main 701b6bfc ffffffef I 3.580s Main 701b6c00 41577704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.580s Main 701b6c04 415776fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.580s Main 701b6c08 00000000 I 3.580s Main 701b6c0c 400a8eb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.580s Main 701b6c10 00000000 I 3.580s Main 701b6c10 00000000 I 3.580s Main 701b6c14 415776fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.580s Main 701b6c18 41577704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.580s Main 701b6c1c 6e8426f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.580s Main 701b6c20 00001000 I 3.580s Main 701b6c24 400a8f28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.580s Main 701b6c28 415776c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.580s Main 701b6c2c 70334008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.580s Main 701b6c30 41556cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.580s Main 701b6c34 415776c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.580s Main 701b6c38 70334008 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.580s Main 701b6c3c 4153bd03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.580s Main 701b6c40 701b6d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:624] I 3.580s Main 701b6c44 414f5fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.580s Main 701b6c48 00000000 I 3.580s Main 701b6c4c 41572c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.580s Main 701b6c50 41567901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.581s Main 701b6c54 41556cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.581s Main 701b6c58 00000000 I 3.581s Main 701b6c5c fffffea0 I 3.581s Main 701b6c60 414f5f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.581s Main 701b6c64 414f363c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.581s Main 701b6c68 00000000 I 3.581s Main 701b6c6c 00000000 I 3.581s Main 701b6c70 00000000 I 3.581s Main 701b6c74 00000000 I 3.581s Main 701b6c78 701bcfa0 I 3.581s Main 701b6c7c 00000000 I 3.581s Main 701b6d98 6e83fc98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.581s Main 701b6d9c 00010002 I 3.581s Main 701b6da0 6e83fcb8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.581s Main 701b6da4 4158c880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.581s Main 701b6da8 701b6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:624] I 3.581s Main 701b6dac 6e83fcc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.581s Main 701b6db0 4151c921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.581s Main 701b6db4 400a7174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.581s Main 701b6db8 6e83fc98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.581s Main 701b6dbc 6e83fcc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.581s Main 701b6dc0 701b6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:624] I 3.581s Main 701b6dc4 0000000d I 3.581s Main 701b6dc8 00000078 I 3.581s Main 701b6dcc 400a730c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.581s Main 701b6dd0 701b6dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:624] I 3.581s Main 701b6dd4 6e83fcc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.581s Main 701b6dd8 00000000 I 3.581s Main 701b6ddc 00000000 I 3.581s Main 701b6de0 00000000 I 3.581s Main 701b6de4 0e70c2e4 I 3.581s Main 701b6de8 00000000 I 3.581s Main 701b6dec 00000000 I 3.581s Main 701b6df0 00000000 I 3.581s Main 701b6df4 00000000 I 3.581s Main 701b6df8 00000000 I 3.582s Main 701b6dfc 00000000 I 3.582s Main 701b6e00 00000000 I 3.582s Main 701b6e04 00000000 I 3.582s Main 701b6e08 00000000 I 3.582s Main 701b6e0c 6e83ff10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.582s Main I 3.582s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 3.582s Main I 3.582s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 3.582s Main I 3.582s Main Stack Trace: I 3.582s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.582s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.582s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.582s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.582s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.582s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.582s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.582s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.582s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.582s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.582s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.582s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.582s Main I 3.582s Main Stack Data: I 3.582s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.582s Main 77052142 54419890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/287 I 3.582s Main I 3.582s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 3.582s Main I 3.582s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000201 (code=-6), thread 513 (app_process) I 3.582s Main tombstone_01 created on 1972-11-24 18:10:00, about this long ago: 16877 days, 20:24:00 Device: 0aa6b19043e4b976 I 3.582s Main Reading Android symbols from: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src I 3.582s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug I 3.582s Main Searching for native crashes in: /tmp/tmp4rfccK I 3.582s Main Pre-M Android release detected, but --packed-lib not specified. Stack symbolization may fail. I 3.583s Main Searching for Chrome symbols from within: /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug/lib.unstripped:/b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/out/Debug I 3.583s Main pid: 840, tid: 840, name: app_process >>> app_process <<< I 3.583s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr -------- I 3.583s Main r0 00000000 r1 00000348 r2 00000006 r3 00000000 I 3.583s Main r4 00000006 r5 00000000 r6 00000348 r7 0000010c I 3.583s Main r8 00000004 r9 bead7b92 sl bead7b9e fp bead7b86 I 3.583s Main ip 401f6438 sp bead7628 lr 40090fe5 pc 4009ff90 I 3.583s Main I 3.583s Main Stack Trace: I 3.583s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.583s Main 00021f90 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.583s Main 00012fe1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.583s Main 000131f5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.583s Main 00011f2b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.583s Main 00021844 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.583s Main 00045cc7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.583s Main 00001fab <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.583s Main 0004cd25 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.583s Main 0004d011 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.583s Main 0004da61 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.583s Main 0000105b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.583s Main 0000e34b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.583s Main 00000d7c <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.583s Main I 3.583s Main Stack Data: I 3.583s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.583s Main bead75e8 401e9168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.583s Main bead75ec 00000002 I 3.583s Main bead75f0 401f6438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.583s Main bead75f4 00000004 I 3.583s Main bead75f8 bead7b92 [stack] I 3.583s Main bead75fc bead7b9e [stack] I 3.583s Main bead7600 bead7b86 [stack] I 3.583s Main bead7604 400a4159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.583s Main bead7608 34203020 I 3.583s Main bead760c 20323136 I 3.583s Main bead7610 bead7684 [stack] I 3.584s Main bead7614 00000000 I 3.584s Main bead7618 00000000 I 3.584s Main bead761c 37312030 I 3.584s Main bead7620 00004000 I 3.584s Main bead7624 bead7692 [stack] I 3.584s Main bead7628 00000006 I 3.584s Main bead762c 00000000 I 3.584s Main bead7630 00000348 I 3.584s Main bead7634 401f6438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.584s Main bead7638 401f6438 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.584s Main bead763c 40090fe5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.584s Main bead7640 00000006 I 3.584s Main bead7644 00000000 I 3.584s Main bead7648 00000002 I 3.584s Main bead764c 400911f9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.584s Main bead7650 bead765c [stack] I 3.584s Main bead7654 4008ff2f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.584s Main bead7658 00000000 I 3.584s Main bead765c ffffffdf I 3.584s Main bead7660 400c82c4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.584s Main bead7664 400c822c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.584s Main bead7668 00000000 I 3.584s Main bead766c 40092aef <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.584s Main bead7670 415551f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.584s Main bead7674 415551f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.584s Main bead7678 401e9168 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.584s Main bead767c 4009f848 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.584s Main bead7680 00000000 I 3.584s Main bead7684 414ebccb <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.584s Main bead7688 400d6324 I 3.584s Main bead768c 6c756e28 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 3.584s Main bead7690 0000296c I 3.584s Main bead7694 00000000 I 3.584s Main bead7698 00000000 I 3.584s Main bead769c 00000000 I 3.585s Main bead76a0 00000000 I 3.585s Main bead76a4 00000000 I 3.585s Main bead76a8 00000000 I 3.585s Main bead76ac 00000000 I 3.585s Main bead76b0 00000000 I 3.585s Main bead76b4 00000000 I 3.585s Main bead76b8 00000000 I 3.585s Main bead76bc 00000000 I 3.585s Main bead76c0 00000000 I 3.585s Main bead76c4 00000000 I 3.585s Main bead7898 000000c8 I 3.585s Main bead789c 7178ccb0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.585s Main bead78a0 4184df28 [heap] I 3.585s Main bead78a4 00000000 I 3.585s Main bead78a8 000000c8 I 3.585s Main bead78ac 401ec560 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.585s Main bead78b0 401ec740 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.585s Main bead78b4 4184df28 [heap] I 3.585s Main bead78b8 40055328 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.585s Main bead78bc 40191d27 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.585s Main bead78c0 4184df28 [heap] I 3.585s Main bead78c4 00000000 I 3.585s Main bead78c8 bead7988 [stack] I 3.585s Main bead78cc 40192015 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.585s Main bead78d0 400553cf <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.585s Main bead78d4 40192a65 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.585s Main bead78d8 4184df28 [heap] I 3.585s Main bead78dc 00000000 I 3.585s Main bead78e0 41558004 I 3.585s Main bead78e4 414f3a8d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.585s Main bead78e8 414f3abd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.585s Main bead78ec 414f3a95 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.585s Main bead78f0 000000bb I 3.585s Main bead78f4 00000000 I 3.585s Main bead78f8 4184ddd8 [heap] I 3.585s Main bead78fc 4008ee6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.586s Main bead7900 000000b0 I 3.586s Main bead7904 00000000 I 3.586s Main bead7908 4008ddcd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.586s Main bead790c 000000a0 I 3.586s Main bead7910 00000014 I 3.586s Main bead7914 401ee3d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.586s Main bead7960 00000000 I 3.586s Main bead7964 00000000 I 3.586s Main bead7968 00000000 I 3.586s Main bead796c bead7a7c [stack] I 3.586s Main bead7970 400cc384 I 3.586s Main bead7974 40055372 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.586s Main bead7978 40055300 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.586s Main bead797c 4005537b <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.586s Main bead7980 40055391 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.586s Main bead7984 4005539f <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.586s Main bead7988 40056e08 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.586s Main bead798c 401ec520 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.586s Main bead7990 4184dde8 [heap] I 3.586s Main bead7994 00000013 I 3.586s Main bead7998 00000000 I 3.586s Main bead799c 00000008 I 3.586s Main bead7a40 00000000 I 3.586s Main bead7a44 00000000 I 3.586s Main bead7a48 00000000 I 3.586s Main bead7a4c 00000000 I 3.586s Main bead7a50 00000000 I 3.586s Main bead7a54 40054d80 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.586s Main bead7a58 40056de8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.586s Main bead7a5c 40056df0 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.586s Main bead7a60 40056df8 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.586s Main bead7a64 bead7a70 [stack] I 3.586s Main bead7a68 00000000 I 3.586s Main bead7a6c 40059881 <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/linker I 3.586s Main bead7a70 00000005 I 3.586s Main bead7a74 bead7b86 [stack] I 3.586s Main bead7a78 bead7b92 [stack] I 3.587s Main bead7a7c bead7b9e [stack] I 3.587s Main bead7a80 bead7bb9 [stack] I 3.587s Main bead7a84 bead7bbe [stack] I 3.587s Main bead7a88 00000000 I 3.587s Main bead7a8c bead7bc6 [stack] I 3.587s Main bead7a90 bead7be0 [stack] I 3.587s Main bead7a94 bead7c0c [stack] I 3.587s Main I 3.587s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 3.587s Main I 3.587s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000348 (code=-6), thread 840 (app_process) I 3.587s Main I 3.587s Main pid: 840, tid: 846, name: ReferenceQueueD I 3.587s Main r0 4155b3b0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 3.587s Main r4 4155b3b0 r5 4155b3a0 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 3.587s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d6fd2b0 sl 00000000 fp 4186a1d0 I 3.587s Main ip 00000000 sp 7117dba0 lr 4008cec8 pc 4009f904 I 3.587s Main I 3.587s Main Stack Trace: I 3.587s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.587s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.587s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.587s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.587s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.587s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.587s Main 0004facd <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.587s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.587s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.587s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.587s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.587s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.587s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.587s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.587s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.587s Main I 3.587s Main Stack Data: I 3.588s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.588s Main 7117db60 0000002b I 3.588s Main 7117db64 00000060 I 3.588s Main 7117db68 41652f80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.588s Main 7117db6c 4008ee6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.588s Main 7117db70 00000020 I 3.588s Main 7117db74 00000000 I 3.588s Main 7117db78 00000021 I 3.588s Main 7117db7c 00000020 I 3.588s Main 7117db80 00000020 I 3.588s Main 7117db84 41855640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.588s Main 7117db88 00000001 I 3.588s Main 7117db8c 4155b020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.588s Main 7117db90 4155b3b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.588s Main 7117db94 4155b3a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.588s Main 7117db98 00000000 I 3.588s Main 7117db9c 4008ceb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.588s Main 7117dba0 00000000 I 3.588s Main 7117dba0 00000000 I 3.588s Main 7117dba4 4155b3a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.588s Main 7117dba8 4155b3b0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.588s Main 7117dbac 4155b010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.588s Main 7117dbb0 41652f80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.588s Main 7117dbb4 4008cf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.588s Main 7117dbb8 4155b3a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.588s Main 7117dbbc 00000000 I 3.588s Main 7117dbc0 4155b3a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.588s Main 7117dbc4 4155b3a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.588s Main 7117dbc8 00000000 I 3.588s Main 7117dbcc 414f8d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.588s Main 7117dbd0 4155b010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.588s Main 7117dbd4 41652f80 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.588s Main 7117dbd8 4183af74 I 3.588s Main 7117dbdc 4183af78 I 3.588s Main 7117dbe0 41855640 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.589s Main 7117dbe4 4155b010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.589s Main 7117dbe8 4155b020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.589s Main 7117dbec 4183af74 I 3.589s Main 7117dbf0 41550c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.589s Main 7117dbf4 4150d655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.589s Main 7117dbf8 00000000 I 3.589s Main 7117dbfc 00000001 I 3.589s Main 7117dc00 00000000 I 3.589s Main 7117dc04 00000000 I 3.589s Main 7117dc08 6d6fd2b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 3.589s Main 7117dc0c 41850890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.589s Main 7117dc10 4150d62f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.589s Main 7117dc14 414f5acf <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.589s Main 7117dc18 4183af74 I 3.589s Main 7117dc1c 4155b020 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.589s Main 7117dc20 6e770e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 3.589s Main 7117dc24 4183af98 I 3.589s Main 7117dc28 4155b010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.589s Main 7117dc2c 41850890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.589s Main 7117dc30 414c3d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.589s Main 7117dc34 00000000 I 3.589s Main 7117dc38 4183af60 I 3.589s Main 7117dc3c 414ccfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.589s Main 7117dc40 00000000 I 3.589s Main 7117dc44 4155b010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.589s Main 7117dc48 414d3f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.589s Main 7117dc4c 00000000 I 3.589s Main 7117dc50 7117dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:846] I 3.589s Main 7117dc54 4155b010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.589s Main 7117dc58 7117dc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:846] I 3.589s Main 7117dc5c 6d701eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 3.589s Main 7117dc60 4186a1d0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.589s Main 7117dc64 414d3fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.589s Main 7117dc68 00000000 I 3.589s Main 7117dc6c 00000000 I 3.589s Main 7117dc70 00000000 I 3.590s Main 7117dc74 00000000 I 3.590s Main 7117dc78 00000000 I 3.590s Main 7117dc7c fffffea0 I 3.590s Main 7117dc80 414d3f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.590s Main 7117dc84 414d163c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.590s Main 7117dc88 00000000 I 3.590s Main 7117dc8c 00000000 I 3.590s Main 7117dc90 00000000 I 3.590s Main 7117dc94 00000000 I 3.590s Main 7117dc98 4183afe4 I 3.590s Main 7117dc9c 00000000 I 3.590s Main 7117dca0 00000000 I 3.590s Main 7117dca4 00000000 I 3.590s Main 7117dca8 00000000 I 3.590s Main 7117dcac 00000000 I 3.590s Main 7117dcb0 00000000 I 3.590s Main 7117dcb4 00000000 I 3.590s Main 7117dcb8 00000000 I 3.590s Main 7117dcbc 00000000 I 3.590s Main 7117dcc0 00000000 I 3.590s Main 7117dcc4 00000000 I 3.590s Main 7117dd18 0000001d I 3.590s Main 7117dd1c 0000001c I 3.590s Main 7117dd20 0000001c I 3.590s Main 7117dd24 4155b010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.590s Main 7117dd28 400cc384 I 3.590s Main 7117dd2c 41515ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.590s Main 7117dd30 71080000 I 3.590s Main 7117dd34 7117dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:846] I 3.590s Main 7117dd38 415551f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.590s Main 7117dd3c 400cc384 I 3.590s Main 7117dd40 41555500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.590s Main 7117dd44 415554fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.590s Main 7117dd48 71080000 I 3.590s Main 7117dd4c bead6e14 [stack] I 3.590s Main 7117dd50 400ca2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.591s Main 7117dd54 415065a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.591s Main 7117dd58 7117dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:846] I 3.591s Main 7117dd5c 7117dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:846] I 3.591s Main 7117dd60 4155b010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.591s Main 7117dd64 7117dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:846] I 3.591s Main 7117dd68 400cc384 I 3.591s Main 7117dd6c 4155b010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.591s Main 7117dd70 414fb28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.591s Main 7117dd74 7117dd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:846] I 3.591s Main 7117dd78 00000003 I 3.591s Main 7117dd7c 4155b468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.591s Main 7117dd80 00000000 I 3.591s Main 7117dd84 41848e38 [heap] I 3.591s Main 7117dd88 4155b010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.591s Main 7117dd8c 4008b0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.591s Main 7117dd90 00000000 I 3.591s Main 7117dd94 41848e34 [heap] I 3.591s Main 7117dd98 41848e20 [heap] I 3.591s Main 7117dd9c 8cdf8748 I 3.591s Main 7117dda0 7117ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:846] I 3.591s Main 7117dda4 4155b468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.591s Main 7117dda8 414fb1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.591s Main 7117ddac 4155b010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.591s Main 7117ddb0 414fb1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.591s Main 7117ddb4 4008b174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.591s Main 7117ddb8 4155b010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.591s Main 7117ddbc 4155b468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.591s Main 7117ddc0 7117ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:846] I 3.591s Main 7117ddc4 0000000d I 3.591s Main 7117ddc8 00000078 I 3.591s Main 7117ddcc 4008b30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.591s Main 7117ddd0 7117ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:846] I 3.591s Main 7117ddd4 4155b468 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.591s Main 7117ddd8 00000000 I 3.591s Main 7117dddc 00000000 I 3.591s Main 7117dde0 00000000 I 3.591s Main 7117dde4 8cdf8748 I 3.592s Main 7117dde8 00000000 I 3.592s Main 7117ddec 00000000 I 3.592s Main 7117ddf0 00000000 I 3.592s Main 7117ddf4 00000000 I 3.592s Main 7117ddf8 00000000 I 3.592s Main 7117ddfc 00000000 I 3.592s Main 7117de00 00000000 I 3.592s Main 7117de04 00000000 I 3.592s Main 7117de08 00000000 I 3.592s Main 7117de0c 4155b010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.592s Main I 3.592s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 3.592s Main I 3.592s Main I 3.592s Main pid: 840, tid: 847, name: FinalizerDaemon I 3.592s Main r0 41826ea0 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 3.592s Main r4 41826ea0 r5 41826e90 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 3.592s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d6fd2b0 sl 00000000 fp 4186a4a0 I 3.592s Main ip 00000000 sp 7127bbc8 lr 4008cec8 pc 4009f904 I 3.592s Main I 3.592s Main Stack Trace: I 3.592s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.592s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.592s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.592s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.592s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.592s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.592s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.592s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.592s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.592s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.592s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.592s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.592s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.592s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.592s Main I 3.593s Main Stack Data: I 3.593s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.593s Main 7127bb88 0000002b I 3.593s Main 7127bb8c 000000c0 I 3.593s Main 7127bb90 4155b758 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.593s Main 7127bb94 4008ee6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.593s Main 7127bb98 00000020 I 3.593s Main 7127bb9c 00000080 I 3.593s Main 7127bba0 00000021 I 3.593s Main 7127bba4 00000020 I 3.593s Main 7127bba8 00000020 I 3.593s Main 7127bbac 41855718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.593s Main 7127bbb0 00000001 I 3.593s Main 7127bbb4 414c3d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.593s Main 7127bbb8 41826ea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.593s Main 7127bbbc 41826e90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.593s Main 7127bbc0 00000000 I 3.593s Main 7127bbc4 4008ceb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.593s Main 7127bbc8 00000000 I 3.593s Main 7127bbc8 00000000 I 3.593s Main 7127bbcc 41826e90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.593s Main 7127bbd0 41826ea0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.593s Main 7127bbd4 41826b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.593s Main 7127bbd8 4155b758 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.593s Main 7127bbdc 4008cf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.593s Main 7127bbe0 41826e90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.593s Main 7127bbe4 00000000 I 3.593s Main 7127bbe8 41826e90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.593s Main 7127bbec 41826e90 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.593s Main 7127bbf0 00000000 I 3.593s Main 7127bbf4 414f8d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.593s Main 7127bbf8 41826b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.593s Main 7127bbfc 4155b758 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.593s Main 7127bc00 41841f10 [heap] I 3.593s Main 7127bc04 41841f14 [heap] I 3.593s Main 7127bc08 41855718 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.594s Main 7127bc0c 41850890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.594s Main 7127bc10 414c3d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.594s Main 7127bc14 00000000 I 3.594s Main 7127bc18 41841efc [heap] I 3.594s Main 7127bc1c 4150d655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.594s Main 7127bc20 00000000 I 3.594s Main 7127bc24 00000001 I 3.594s Main 7127bc28 00000000 I 3.594s Main 7127bc2c 00000000 I 3.594s Main 7127bc30 6e770ea6 <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 3.594s Main 7127bc34 41841f34 [heap] I 3.594s Main 7127bc38 41826b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.594s Main 7127bc3c 414ccfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.594s Main 7127bc40 00000000 I 3.594s Main 7127bc44 41826b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.594s Main 7127bc48 414d3f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.594s Main 7127bc4c 00000000 I 3.594s Main 7127bc50 7127bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:847] I 3.594s Main 7127bc54 41826b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.594s Main 7127bc58 7127bc94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:847] I 3.594s Main 7127bc5c 6d701eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 3.594s Main 7127bc60 4186a4a0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.594s Main 7127bc64 414d3fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.594s Main 7127bc68 00000000 I 3.594s Main 7127bc6c 00000000 I 3.594s Main 7127bc70 00000000 I 3.594s Main 7127bc74 00000000 I 3.594s Main 7127bc78 00000000 I 3.594s Main 7127bc7c fffffea0 I 3.594s Main 7127bc80 414d3f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.594s Main 7127bc84 414d163c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.594s Main 7127bc88 00000000 I 3.594s Main 7127bc8c 00000000 I 3.594s Main 7127bc90 00000000 I 3.594s Main 7127bc94 00000000 I 3.594s Main 7127bc98 41841fe4 [heap] I 3.595s Main 7127bc9c 00000000 I 3.595s Main 7127bca0 00000000 I 3.595s Main 7127bca4 00000000 I 3.595s Main 7127bca8 00000000 I 3.595s Main 7127bcac 00000000 I 3.595s Main 7127bcb0 00000000 I 3.595s Main 7127bcb4 00000000 I 3.595s Main 7127bcb8 00000000 I 3.595s Main 7127bcbc 00000000 I 3.595s Main 7127bcc0 00000000 I 3.595s Main 7127bcc4 00000000 I 3.595s Main 7127bd18 0000001d I 3.595s Main 7127bd1c 0000001c I 3.595s Main 7127bd20 0000001c I 3.595s Main 7127bd24 41826b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.595s Main 7127bd28 400cc384 I 3.595s Main 7127bd2c 41515ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.595s Main 7127bd30 7117e000 I 3.595s Main 7127bd34 7127bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:847] I 3.595s Main 7127bd38 415551f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.595s Main 7127bd3c 400cc384 I 3.595s Main 7127bd40 41555500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.595s Main 7127bd44 415554fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.595s Main 7127bd48 7117e000 I 3.595s Main 7127bd4c bead6e3c [stack] I 3.595s Main 7127bd50 400ca2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.595s Main 7127bd54 415065a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.595s Main 7127bd58 7127bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:847] I 3.595s Main 7127bd5c 7127bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:847] I 3.595s Main 7127bd60 41826b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.595s Main 7127bd64 7127bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:847] I 3.595s Main 7127bd68 400cc384 I 3.595s Main 7127bd6c 41826b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.595s Main 7127bd70 414fb28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.595s Main 7127bd74 7127bd78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:847] I 3.595s Main 7127bd78 00000003 I 3.596s Main 7127bd7c 41826f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.596s Main 7127bd80 00000000 I 3.596s Main 7127bd84 616e6946 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.596s Main 7127bd88 657a696c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 3.596s Main 7127bd8c 65614472 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-mark-stack I 3.596s Main 7127bd90 006e6f6d I 3.596s Main 7127bd94 7127bd93 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:847] I 3.596s Main 7127bd98 7127bd84 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:847] I 3.596s Main 7127bd9c 8cdf8748 I 3.596s Main 7127bda0 7127bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:847] I 3.596s Main 7127bda4 41826f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.596s Main 7127bda8 414fb1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.596s Main 7127bdac 41826b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.596s Main 7127bdb0 414fb1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.596s Main 7127bdb4 4008b174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.596s Main 7127bdb8 41826b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.596s Main 7127bdbc 41826f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.596s Main 7127bdc0 7127bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:847] I 3.596s Main 7127bdc4 0000000d I 3.596s Main 7127bdc8 00000078 I 3.596s Main 7127bdcc 4008b30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.596s Main 7127bdd0 7127bdd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:847] I 3.596s Main 7127bdd4 41826f58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.596s Main 7127bdd8 00000000 I 3.596s Main 7127bddc 00000000 I 3.596s Main 7127bde0 00000000 I 3.596s Main 7127bde4 8cdf8748 I 3.596s Main 7127bde8 00000000 I 3.596s Main 7127bdec 00000000 I 3.596s Main 7127bdf0 00000000 I 3.596s Main 7127bdf4 00000000 I 3.596s Main 7127bdf8 00000000 I 3.596s Main 7127bdfc 00000000 I 3.596s Main 7127be00 00000000 I 3.596s Main 7127be04 00000000 I 3.596s Main 7127be08 00000000 I 3.596s Main 7127be0c 41826b00 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.597s Main I 3.597s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 3.597s Main I 3.597s Main I 3.597s Main pid: 840, tid: 848, name: FinalizerWatchd I 3.597s Main r0 41827748 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 3.597s Main r4 41827748 r5 41827738 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 3.597s Main r8 00000000 r9 6d6fd2b0 sl 00000000 fp 4186a740 I 3.597s Main ip 00000000 sp 71379bc8 lr 4008cec8 pc 4009f904 I 3.597s Main I 3.597s Main Stack Trace: I 3.597s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.597s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.597s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.597s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.597s Main 00052d73 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.597s Main 00067651 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.597s Main 00026fe0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.597s Main 0002dfa0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.597s Main 0002b638 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.597s Main 00060581 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.597s Main 000605a5 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.597s Main 0005528b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.597s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.597s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.597s Main I 3.597s Main Stack Data: I 3.597s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.597s Main 71379b88 0000002b I 3.597s Main 71379b8c 00000198 I 3.597s Main 71379b90 415b1e48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.597s Main 71379b94 4008ee6b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.597s Main 71379b98 00000020 I 3.597s Main 71379b9c 00000008 I 3.597s Main 71379ba0 00000021 I 3.598s Main 71379ba4 00000020 I 3.598s Main 71379ba8 00000020 I 3.598s Main 71379bac 4186a730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.598s Main 71379bb0 00000001 I 3.598s Main 71379bb4 414c3d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.598s Main 71379bb8 41827748 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.598s Main 71379bbc 41827738 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.598s Main 71379bc0 00000000 I 3.598s Main 71379bc4 4008ceb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.598s Main 71379bc8 00000000 I 3.598s Main 71379bc8 00000000 I 3.598s Main 71379bcc 41827738 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.598s Main 71379bd0 41827748 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.598s Main 71379bd4 418273a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.598s Main 71379bd8 415b1e48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.598s Main 71379bdc 4008cf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.598s Main 71379be0 41827738 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.598s Main 71379be4 00000000 I 3.598s Main 71379be8 41827738 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.598s Main 71379bec 41827738 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.598s Main 71379bf0 00000000 I 3.598s Main 71379bf4 414f8d77 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.598s Main 71379bf8 418273a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.598s Main 71379bfc 415b1e48 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.598s Main 71379c00 41847f54 [heap] I 3.598s Main 71379c04 41847f58 [heap] I 3.598s Main 71379c08 4186a730 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.598s Main 71379c0c 41850890 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.598s Main 71379c10 414c3d40 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.598s Main 71379c14 00000000 I 3.598s Main 71379c18 41847f40 [heap] I 3.598s Main 71379c1c 4150d655 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.598s Main 71379c20 00000000 I 3.598s Main 71379c24 00000001 I 3.598s Main 71379c28 00000000 I 3.598s Main 71379c2c 00000000 I 3.599s Main 71379c30 6e770e8a <UNKNOWN> /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex I 3.599s Main 71379c34 41847f78 [heap] I 3.599s Main 71379c38 418273a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.599s Main 71379c3c 414ccfe4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.599s Main 71379c40 00000000 I 3.599s Main 71379c44 418273a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.599s Main 71379c48 414d3f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.599s Main 71379c4c 00000000 I 3.599s Main 71379c50 71379d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:848] I 3.599s Main 71379c54 418273a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.599s Main 71379c58 71379c94 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:848] I 3.599s Main 71379c5c 6d701eb0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 3.599s Main 71379c60 4186a740 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.599s Main 71379c64 414d3fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.599s Main 71379c68 00000000 I 3.599s Main 71379c6c 00000000 I 3.599s Main 71379c70 00000000 I 3.599s Main 71379c74 00000000 I 3.599s Main 71379c78 00000000 I 3.599s Main 71379c7c fffffea0 I 3.599s Main 71379c80 414d3f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.599s Main 71379c84 414d163c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.599s Main 71379c88 00000000 I 3.599s Main 71379c8c 00000000 I 3.599s Main 71379c90 00000000 I 3.599s Main 71379c94 00000000 I 3.599s Main 71379c98 41847fe4 [heap] I 3.599s Main 71379c9c 00000000 I 3.599s Main 71379ca0 00000000 I 3.599s Main 71379ca4 00000000 I 3.599s Main 71379ca8 00000000 I 3.599s Main 71379cac 00000000 I 3.599s Main 71379cb0 00000000 I 3.599s Main 71379cb4 00000000 I 3.599s Main 71379cb8 00000000 I 3.599s Main 71379cbc 00000000 I 3.600s Main 71379cc0 00000000 I 3.600s Main 71379cc4 00000000 I 3.600s Main 71379d18 0000001d I 3.600s Main 71379d1c 0000001c I 3.600s Main 71379d20 0000001c I 3.600s Main 71379d24 418273a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.600s Main 71379d28 400cc384 I 3.600s Main 71379d2c 41515ad3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.600s Main 71379d30 7127c000 I 3.600s Main 71379d34 71379d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:848] I 3.600s Main 71379d38 415551f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.600s Main 71379d3c 400cc384 I 3.600s Main 71379d40 41555500 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.600s Main 71379d44 415554fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.600s Main 71379d48 7127c000 I 3.600s Main 71379d4c bead6e3c [stack] I 3.600s Main 71379d50 400ca2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.600s Main 71379d54 415065a9 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.600s Main 71379d58 71379d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:848] I 3.600s Main 71379d5c 71379d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:848] I 3.600s Main 71379d60 418273a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.600s Main 71379d64 71379d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:848] I 3.600s Main 71379d68 400cc384 I 3.600s Main 71379d6c 418273a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.600s Main 71379d70 414fb28f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.600s Main 71379d74 71379d78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:848] I 3.600s Main 71379d78 00000003 I 3.600s Main 71379d7c 41827800 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.600s Main 71379d80 00000000 I 3.600s Main 71379d84 41848e50 [heap] I 3.600s Main 71379d88 418273a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.600s Main 71379d8c 4008b0ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.600s Main 71379d90 00000000 I 3.600s Main 71379d94 41848e4f [heap] I 3.600s Main 71379d98 41848e38 [heap] I 3.600s Main 71379d9c 8cdf8748 I 3.601s Main 71379da0 71379dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:848] I 3.601s Main 71379da4 41827800 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.601s Main 71379da8 414fb1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.601s Main 71379dac 418273a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.601s Main 71379db0 414fb1ed <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.601s Main 71379db4 4008b174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.601s Main 71379db8 418273a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.601s Main 71379dbc 41827800 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.601s Main 71379dc0 71379dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:848] I 3.601s Main 71379dc4 0000000d I 3.601s Main 71379dc8 00000078 I 3.601s Main 71379dcc 4008b30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.601s Main 71379dd0 71379dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:848] I 3.601s Main 71379dd4 41827800 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.601s Main 71379dd8 00000000 I 3.601s Main 71379ddc 00000000 I 3.601s Main 71379de0 00000000 I 3.601s Main 71379de4 8cdf8748 I 3.601s Main 71379de8 00000000 I 3.601s Main 71379dec 00000000 I 3.601s Main 71379df0 00000000 I 3.601s Main 71379df4 00000000 I 3.601s Main 71379df8 00000000 I 3.601s Main 71379dfc 00000000 I 3.601s Main 71379e00 00000000 I 3.601s Main 71379e04 00000000 I 3.601s Main 71379e08 00000000 I 3.601s Main 71379e0c 418273a8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.601s Main I 3.601s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 3.601s Main I 3.601s Main I 3.601s Main pid: 840, tid: 849, name: GC I 3.601s Main r0 4184f384 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 3.601s Main r4 4184f384 r5 4184f380 r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 3.601s Main r8 41557100 r9 41557100 sl 4184f378 fp 400ca2ec I 3.602s Main ip 00000000 sp 71479d40 lr 4008cec8 pc 4009f904 I 3.602s Main I 3.602s Main Stack Trace: I 3.602s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.602s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.602s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.602s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.602s Main 0007277f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.602s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.602s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.602s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.602s Main I 3.602s Main Stack Data: I 3.602s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.602s Main 71479d00 00000000 I 3.602s Main 71479d04 71479ca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:849] I 3.602s Main 71479d08 71479cb4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:849] I 3.602s Main 71479d0c 00000018 I 3.602s Main 71479d10 6d70166c <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc I 3.602s Main 71479d14 71479d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:849] I 3.602s Main 71479d18 415551f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.602s Main 71479d1c 415b1e70 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.602s Main 71479d20 4186a940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.602s Main 71479d24 4186a9b0 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.602s Main 71479d28 4186a940 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.602s Main 71479d2c 400a12d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.602s Main 71479d30 4184f384 [heap] I 3.602s Main 71479d34 4184f380 [heap] I 3.602s Main 71479d38 00000000 I 3.602s Main 71479d3c 4008ceb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.602s Main 71479d40 00000000 I 3.602s Main 71479d40 00000000 I 3.602s Main 71479d44 4184f380 [heap] I 3.602s Main 71479d48 4184f384 [heap] I 3.602s Main 71479d4c 00000000 I 3.602s Main 71479d50 41557100 I 3.602s Main 71479d54 4008cf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.603s Main 71479d58 41550c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.603s Main 71479d5c 415551f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.603s Main 71479d60 bead6f10 [stack] I 3.603s Main 71479d64 41550c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.603s Main 71479d68 415551f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.603s Main 71479d6c 41518783 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.603s Main 71479d70 00000000 I 3.603s Main 71479d74 00000000 I 3.603s Main 71479d78 41518735 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.603s Main 71479d7c 415b1e28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.603s Main 71479d80 415551f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.603s Main 71479d84 bead6f10 [stack] I 3.603s Main 71479d88 415b1e28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.603s Main 71479d8c 414fa921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.603s Main 71479d90 7137c000 I 3.603s Main 71479d94 414fa96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.603s Main 71479d98 415b1e28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.603s Main 71479d9c 00010002 I 3.603s Main 71479da0 4155b808 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.603s Main 71479da4 4185f880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.603s Main 71479da8 71479dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:849] I 3.603s Main 71479dac 41827c50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.603s Main 71479db0 414fa921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.603s Main 71479db4 4008b174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.603s Main 71479db8 415b1e28 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.603s Main 71479dbc 41827c50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.603s Main 71479dc0 71479dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:849] I 3.603s Main 71479dc4 0000000d I 3.603s Main 71479dc8 00000078 I 3.603s Main 71479dcc 4008b30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.603s Main 71479dd0 71479dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:849] I 3.603s Main 71479dd4 41827c50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.603s Main 71479dd8 00000000 I 3.603s Main 71479ddc 00000000 I 3.603s Main 71479de0 00000000 I 3.603s Main 71479de4 8cdf8748 I 3.604s Main 71479de8 00000000 I 3.604s Main 71479dec 00000000 I 3.604s Main 71479df0 00000000 I 3.604s Main 71479df4 00000000 I 3.604s Main 71479df8 00000000 I 3.604s Main 71479dfc 00000000 I 3.604s Main 71479e00 00000000 I 3.604s Main 71479e04 00000000 I 3.604s Main 71479e08 00000000 I 3.604s Main 71479e0c 41827e98 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.604s Main I 3.604s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 3.604s Main I 3.604s Main I 3.604s Main pid: 840, tid: 850, name: Signal Catcher I 3.604s Main r0 fffffffc r1 00000000 r2 00000000 r3 00000008 I 3.604s Main r4 7157dd08 r5 7157dd48 r6 bead6f20 r7 000000b1 I 3.604s Main r8 41828740 r9 41550c74 sl 41555694 fp 41534cdc I 3.604s Main ip 7157dd44 sp 7157dd08 lr 40091351 pc 4009f170 I 3.604s Main I 3.604s Main Stack Trace: I 3.604s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.604s Main 00021170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.604s Main 0001334d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.604s Main 00051f53 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.604s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.604s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.604s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.604s Main I 3.604s Main Stack Data: I 3.604s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.604s Main 7157dcc8 00000000 I 3.604s Main 7157dccc 00000000 I 3.604s Main 7157dcd0 00000000 I 3.604s Main 7157dcd4 00000000 I 3.604s Main 7157dcd8 7157dd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:850] I 3.605s Main 7157dcdc 00000000 I 3.605s Main 7157dce0 41828740 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.605s Main 7157dce4 71583fc4 I 3.605s Main 7157dce8 00000000 I 3.605s Main 7157dcec 7157dd68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:850] I 3.605s Main 7157dcf0 00000000 I 3.605s Main 7157dcf4 4150658b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.605s Main 7157dcf8 41536239 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.605s Main 7157dcfc 00000000 I 3.605s Main 7157dd00 00000000 I 3.605s Main 7157dd04 7157dca8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:850] I 3.605s Main 7157dd08 00000204 I 3.605s Main 7157dd08 00000204 I 3.605s Main 7157dd0c 00000000 I 3.605s Main 7157dd10 fffffea0 I 3.605s Main 7157dd14 415b1f18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.605s Main 7157dd18 415551f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.605s Main 7157dd1c 414f7f57 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.605s Main 7157dd20 4186aa20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.605s Main 7157dd24 4186aa90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.605s Main 7157dd28 4186aa20 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.605s Main 7157dd2c 400a12d4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.605s Main 7157dd30 41828aac <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.605s Main 7157dd34 414f79a3 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.605s Main 7157dd38 41828740 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.605s Main 7157dd3c 414fb94b <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.605s Main 7157dd40 4186aa90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.605s Main 7157dd44 00000204 I 3.605s Main 7157dd48 00000004 I 3.605s Main 7157dd4c 41828740 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.605s Main 7157dd50 415551f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.605s Main 7157dd54 414f9e11 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.605s Main 7157dd58 4185f880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.605s Main 7157dd5c 4186aa90 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.605s Main 7157dd98 415b1f18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.605s Main 7157dd9c 00010002 I 3.605s Main 7157dda0 41652fc8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.606s Main 7157dda4 4185f880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.606s Main 7157dda8 7157ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:850] I 3.606s Main 7157ddac 418284f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.606s Main 7157ddb0 414fa921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.606s Main 7157ddb4 4008b174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.606s Main 7157ddb8 415b1f18 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.606s Main 7157ddbc 418284f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.606s Main 7157ddc0 7157ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:850] I 3.606s Main 7157ddc4 0000000d I 3.606s Main 7157ddc8 00000078 I 3.606s Main 7157ddcc 4008b30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.606s Main 7157ddd0 7157ddd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:850] I 3.606s Main 7157ddd4 418284f8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.606s Main 7157ddd8 00000000 I 3.606s Main 7157dddc 00000000 I 3.606s Main 7157dde0 00000000 I 3.606s Main 7157dde4 8cdf8748 I 3.606s Main 7157dde8 00000000 I 3.606s Main 7157ddec 00000000 I 3.606s Main 7157ddf0 00000000 I 3.606s Main 7157ddf4 00000000 I 3.606s Main 7157ddf8 00000000 I 3.606s Main 7157ddfc 00000000 I 3.606s Main 7157de00 00000000 I 3.606s Main 7157de04 00000000 I 3.606s Main 7157de08 00000000 I 3.606s Main 7157de0c 41828740 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.606s Main I 3.606s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 3.606s Main I 3.606s Main I 3.606s Main pid: 840, tid: 851, name: JDWP I 3.606s Main r0 0000001c r1 71681d10 r2 00000000 r3 ffffffff I 3.606s Main r4 41828e58 r5 400cc384 r6 000001f4 r7 00000129 I 3.606s Main r8 4182ae78 r9 000003e8 sl 41828df4 fp 400ca2ec I 3.606s Main ip 4182ae58 sp 71681cf8 lr 41507087 pc 4009f3d8 I 3.607s Main I 3.607s Main Stack Trace: I 3.607s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.607s Main 000213d8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.607s Main 00061083 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.607s Main 000612b7 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.607s Main 00063f87 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.607s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.607s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.607s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.607s Main I 3.607s Main Stack Data: I 3.607s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.607s Main 71681cb8 4182ae58 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.607s Main 71681cbc 4182ae78 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.607s Main 71681cc0 000003e8 I 3.607s Main 71681cc4 41828df4 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.607s Main 71681cc8 400ca2ec <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.607s Main 71681ccc 400a4159 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.607s Main 71681cd0 00000000 I 3.607s Main 71681cd4 00000000 I 3.607s Main 71681cd8 71681d4c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:851] I 3.607s Main 71681cdc 00000000 I 3.607s Main 71681ce0 00000000 I 3.607s Main 71681ce4 71687fc4 I 3.607s Main 71681ce8 00004000 I 3.607s Main 71681cec 71681d54 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:851] I 3.607s Main 71681cf0 00000000 I 3.607s Main 71681cf4 00000000 I 3.607s Main 71681cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[vectors] I 3.607s Main 71681cf8 ffff0208 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[vectors] I 3.607s Main 71681cfc 71681d50 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:851] I 3.607s Main 71681d00 00000004 I 3.607s Main 71681d04 21681ca8 I 3.607s Main 71681d08 71681d07 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:851] I 3.607s Main 71681d0c 00000001 I 3.608s Main 71681d10 00000000 I 3.608s Main 71681d14 00000000 I 3.608s Main 71681d18 71681d08 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:851] I 3.608s Main 71681d1c 00000001 I 3.608s Main 71681d20 71681d2c <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:851] I 3.608s Main 71681d24 00000010 I 3.608s Main 71681d28 00000000 I 3.608s Main 71681d2c 00000010 I 3.608s Main 71681d30 00000001 I 3.608s Main 71681d34 00000001 I 3.608s Main 71681d50 38343330 I 3.608s Main 71681d54 41507100 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.608s Main 71681d58 00000001 I 3.608s Main 71681d5c 41828da0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.608s Main 71681d60 41828de8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.608s Main 71681d64 bead6f00 [stack] I 3.608s Main 71681d68 4182aef0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.608s Main 71681d6c 4153f7c1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.608s Main 71681d70 41540910 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.608s Main 71681d74 41509f89 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.608s Main 71681d78 00000000 I 3.608s Main 71681d7c 4182aef0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.608s Main 71681d80 415551f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.608s Main 71681d84 bead6f00 [stack] I 3.608s Main 71681d88 4182aef0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.608s Main 71681d8c 414fa921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.608s Main 71681d90 71584000 I 3.608s Main 71681d94 414fa96f <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.608s Main 71681d98 4182aef0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.608s Main 71681d9c 00010002 I 3.608s Main 71681da0 4182af10 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.608s Main 71681da4 4185f880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.608s Main 71681da8 71681dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:851] I 3.608s Main 71681dac 4182af20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.608s Main 71681db0 414fa921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.608s Main 71681db4 4008b174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.609s Main 71681db8 4182aef0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.609s Main 71681dbc 4182af20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.609s Main 71681dc0 71681dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:851] I 3.609s Main 71681dc4 0000000d I 3.609s Main 71681dc8 00000078 I 3.609s Main 71681dcc 4008b30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.609s Main 71681dd0 71681dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:851] I 3.609s Main 71681dd4 4182af20 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.609s Main 71681dd8 00000000 I 3.609s Main 71681ddc 00000000 I 3.609s Main 71681de0 00000000 I 3.609s Main 71681de4 8cdf8748 I 3.609s Main 71681de8 00000000 I 3.609s Main 71681dec 00000000 I 3.609s Main 71681df0 00000000 I 3.609s Main 71681df4 00000000 I 3.609s Main 71681df8 00000000 I 3.609s Main 71681dfc 00000000 I 3.609s Main 71681e00 00000000 I 3.609s Main 71681e04 00000000 I 3.609s Main 71681e08 00000000 I 3.609s Main 71681e0c 4182b168 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.609s Main I 3.609s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 3.609s Main I 3.609s Main I 3.609s Main pid: 840, tid: 852, name: Compiler I 3.609s Main r0 41555704 r1 00000080 r2 00000000 r3 00000000 I 3.609s Main r4 41555704 r5 415556fc r6 00000000 r7 000000f0 I 3.609s Main r8 414fa921 r9 71688000 sl 415556f8 fp 400ca2ec I 3.609s Main ip 00000000 sp 71785c10 lr 4008cec8 pc 4009f904 I 3.609s Main I 3.609s Main Stack Trace: I 3.609s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.609s Main 00021904 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.609s Main 0000eec4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.610s Main 0000ef24 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.610s Main 00073cff <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.610s Main 0005496d <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.610s Main 0000d170 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.610s Main 0000d308 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.610s Main I 3.610s Main Stack Data: I 3.610s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.610s Main 71785bd0 00000000 I 3.610s Main 71785bd4 00000000 I 3.610s Main 71785bd8 415551f0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.610s Main 71785bdc 00000000 I 3.610s Main 71785be0 00000000 I 3.610s Main 71785be4 00000000 I 3.610s Main 71785be8 4153bf31 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.610s Main 71785bec 414fabc1 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.610s Main 71785bf0 fffffe0c I 3.610s Main 71785bf4 4155b010 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.610s Main 71785bf8 4155b038 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.610s Main 71785bfc ffffffef I 3.610s Main 71785c00 41555704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.610s Main 71785c04 415556fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.610s Main 71785c08 00000000 I 3.610s Main 71785c0c 4008ceb0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.610s Main 71785c10 00000000 I 3.610s Main 71785c10 00000000 I 3.610s Main 71785c14 415556fc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.610s Main 71785c18 41555704 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.610s Main 71785c1c 7178c3a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.610s Main 71785c20 00001000 I 3.610s Main 71785c24 4008cf28 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.610s Main 71785c28 415556c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.610s Main 71785c2c 71905fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.610s Main 71785c30 41534cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.610s Main 71785c34 415556c8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.610s Main 71785c38 71905fc0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.611s Main 71785c3c 41519d03 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.611s Main 71785c40 71785d68 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:852] I 3.611s Main 71785c44 414d3fa4 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.611s Main 71785c48 00000000 I 3.611s Main 71785c4c 41550c74 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.611s Main 71785c50 41545901 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.611s Main 71785c54 41534cdc <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.611s Main 71785c58 00000000 I 3.611s Main 71785c5c fffffea0 I 3.611s Main 71785c60 414d3f54 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.611s Main 71785c64 414d163c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.611s Main 71785c68 00000000 I 3.611s Main 71785c6c 00000000 I 3.611s Main 71785c70 00000000 I 3.611s Main 71785c74 00000000 I 3.611s Main 71785c78 7178bfa0 I 3.611s Main 71785c7c 00000000 I 3.611s Main 71785d98 4182b870 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.611s Main 71785d9c 00010002 I 3.611s Main 71785da0 4182b890 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.611s Main 71785da4 4185f880 <UNKNOWN> /dev/ashmem/dalvik-heap I 3.611s Main 71785da8 71785dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:852] I 3.611s Main 71785dac 4182b8a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.611s Main 71785db0 414fa921 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.611s Main 71785db4 4008b174 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.611s Main 71785db8 4182b870 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.611s Main 71785dbc 4182b8a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.611s Main 71785dc0 71785dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:852] I 3.611s Main 71785dc4 0000000d I 3.611s Main 71785dc8 00000078 I 3.611s Main 71785dcc 4008b30c <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.611s Main 71785dd0 71785dd0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[stack:852] I 3.611s Main 71785dd4 4182b8a0 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.611s Main 71785dd8 00000000 I 3.611s Main 71785ddc 00000000 I 3.611s Main 71785de0 00000000 I 3.612s Main 71785de4 8cdf8748 I 3.612s Main 71785de8 00000000 I 3.612s Main 71785dec 00000000 I 3.612s Main 71785df0 00000000 I 3.612s Main 71785df4 00000000 I 3.612s Main 71785df8 00000000 I 3.612s Main 71785dfc 00000000 I 3.612s Main 71785e00 00000000 I 3.612s Main 71785e04 00000000 I 3.612s Main 71785e08 00000000 I 3.612s Main 71785e0c 4182bae8 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/[anon:libc_malloc] I 3.612s Main I 3.612s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 3.612s Main I 3.612s Main "main" prio=5 tid=1 NATIVE I 3.612s Main I 3.612s Main Stack Trace: I 3.612s Main RELADDR FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.612s Main 0000132e <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.612s Main 00060652 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.612s Main 00054640 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.612s Main 000546ae <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.612s Main 000490c0 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.612s Main 00001fa8 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.612s Main 0004cd22 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.612s Main 0004d010 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.612s Main 0004da60 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.612s Main 0000105a <UNKNOWN> /system/bin/app_process32 I 3.612s Main 0000e348 <UNKNOWN> /system/lib/ I 3.612s Main I 3.612s Main Stack Data: I 3.612s Main ADDR VALUE FUNCTION FILE:LINE I 3.612s Main 39679226 16512182 <UNKNOWN> /b/rr/tmp3Sdhiz/w/src/112 I 3.612s Main I 3.612s Main ----------------------------------------------------- I 3.612s Main I 3.613s Main signal 6 (SIGABRT) at 0x00000348 (code=-6), thread 840 (app_process)